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at the ends of the world (there you are at last)

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Gideon yells just before catching her adept in her arms, worried because the last time this happened, the both of them were cornered, tired, heavily injured and after a brokenhearted rush of words, the railing and the coming together, everything changed.


Maybe it's Harrow's shallow breathing, or the neverending flow of blood not from the usual blood sweat when Harrow uses her theorems. Maybe it's the way Harrow flutters her eyelids so weakly, the long triumphant smile on her face upon seeing Gideon. Maybe it's 'cause after so long, they're finally together again and the mimicry of what happened back in Canaan House reminds them of what had been.


Before everything went to complete utter shit.


"Harrow." Gideon says softly and so gently unlike the way she used to call her name back before coming to Canaan House.


And really, it's been so long since Harrow heard her voice and suddenly it's all she cares about. Not their current battlefield, not her aching body, not the fact that this might even be a dream but she knows, she knows . It's Gideon on her knees, holding her tiny prickly body close, golden eyes and sun-kissed face looking at her like Gideon's holding the entire universe in her hands, like she's everything.


Really, how could she even resist herself from saying, "I missed you."