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Natural Potion

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Ava Sharpe knew she would regret being on the Waverider that day. The truth is that even before her feet touch the floor of that ship, regret has already set in, because to be close to the legends is to be close to imminent danger. It was a headache after headache every single time she had to deal with the Legends, especially the Captain of that clan of idiots. And her migraines have only gotten worse since she realized she was developing feelings for Sara Lance. I mean, anyone who sees will admit that the blonde is beautiful, that her smile lights up the whole room, that Sara's confidence is quite attractive, especially when she acts as if the world is at her feet. And Ava wanted to be at Sara's feet, kissing from her toes to her toned thighs and slowly getting closer and closer to the treasure that Captain holds between her legs... Focus Ava!

Anyway, Sara Lance was a piece of heaven on earth, sure. But she's also irresponsible, stubborn and with crazy plans that only complicated Ava Sharpe's life. So, it doesn’t matter if Ava was in love with the way Sara's eyes turned even bluer when she smiled or how much Ava wanted to have the feel of Sara's skin on her fingertips, nothing could ever happen.

That's exactly why Ava has been keeping her distance for some time now, sending Gary to keep an eye on the Legends so she has time to sort out these feelings and drown them in something, even if it's the whiskey that keeps her company every night. And it worked, for a while. Distance helps. Not having to meet those eyes helped. But here she is again, having to leave the security of her office and step onto the Waverider to rebuke the legends.

“You've done enough. Leave this mission to the professionals, Miss Lance.”

“You cannot and will not dictate which missions this team takes. If you'd like to help us, Agent Sharpe, we'll be happy to teach you how it's done.” - The Captain replied with a smile that Ava would love to wipe off her lips, with a punch or a kiss, whichever came first.

“Teach me how it's done? So breaking into the royal wedding of Elizabeth II and Philip Mountbatten in 1947, hurting the prince and causing the wedding to be postponed is the right way to rescue a very confused Catarina de Médici? I don't know what you think we're doing here Miss Lance, but causing such a fuss and letting the Queen Consort of France who should have been in 1553 escape and wander through 1947 is not keeping the timeline intact.” - Anger at what the legends managed to do on an extremely easy mission was the emotion she wanted to cling to now. Better than the butterflies that fluttered in her stomach when she saw Sara in a tight corset with a long satin skirt that was one step away from turning her into a princess.

“Alright, I admit it wasn't our best work, but we started this and we’re gonna see it through till the end. Ray managed to put a tracker on Catarina and we know where she is. You can't stop us.” - And here we go again with the arrogance of one Sara Lance.

“Look, Agent Sharpe, we apologize for what happened” – Ray, the least worst of the group of idiots said – “But you know we can help.”

Arms folded; Ava considered what to do. Unfortunately, Sara was right, she never managed to tame this team, and stopping them from doing anything was even more dangerous than letting them help under her supervision. That was the rational thought that made her agree to follow the legends to 1947, it had nothing to do with her inability to deny Sara anything when the blonde stares at her with hope in her eyes and a small smile on her lips.

She thought the regret of allowing the Legends to go back to 1947 would pass quickly, because after all, even if Ava didn't like to admit it one bit, they always managed to fix everything they screwed up. But when everyone chased after a frightened Catarina de Médici, who was running through the crowd waiting to see Elizabeth II and Philip appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, her initial regret did not match what was to come.

When Ray and Mick managed to surround the Queen Consort of France, Ava sighed in relief. She asked Mick to step aside so she could calm Catarina down, but of course the brute did not hear her and threatened to shoot the queen with his firearm if the historical character did not come with them, making Catarina feel as if she had no choice, but to attack. Ava stepped between Catarina and Mick to prevent one or even both of them from getting hurt, and it was at this point that Catarina took a small bag from her dress pocket and threw the entire content at them, clearly aiming for Rory but hitting Ava instead.

The powder that Catarina threw at Ava was dark in color and had a sweet smell, of flowers perhaps. Whatever it was, Ava had it all over her body. Her skin instantly seemed to burn, her body temperature rising rapidly and only getting worse when Ava took a deep breath and felt the powder enter all of her senses. She didn't even notice that the entire team had finally caught up with them and Catarina was already being taken to the place she should never have left. Ava didn't notice Mick's guilty look or Sara's worried look; all Ava could focus on in that instant was how her skin seemed to vibrate.

The world was paused for a few moments as Ava's body absorbed all the powder supplied by Catarina de Médici. When the noise of the crowd was picked up again by Ava, she was pretty sure that if gravity wavered for even a second, her body would float aimlessly.

“Ava? Ava! What happened? Oh God, I'm sorry, I swear, Mick feels terrible! What are you feeling?” – If Ava wasn't already in love with that woman 's voice, Sara's worried tone at that moment would make her fall in love. Opening her eyes, Ava realized how close she was to the Captain of the Waverider; the proximity made Ava feel suddenly gasping for air and taking a deep breath, all her nose could register was Sara's scent, and Ava felt the world restricted to a single person: Sara Lance and her flowing blond hair, her bright blue eyes like the sky, her thin lips and her freckled skin. – “Ava?” – Called Sara once more. All Ava could answer was a softly and breathlessly “Yeah?”, her eyes never leaving Sara's.

"Your eyes are a strange color..." - Sara made a confused face, getting even closer - "You look flushed... What are you feeling?"

"I... uh... I 'm..." - Damn, she didn't know how to say that all she could feel, was desire. A burning, uncontrollable desire. Her stomach was on fire, all her blood was concentrated in a single part of her body, and Ava could feel how badly her panties were already ruined. What was it that Catarina carried in a small cloth bag inside her dress? Was Ava going to explode with desire and that's why she felt her skin vibrate? - "I need to go!" – Ava said quickly. The Time Bureau agent put the coordinates of her apartment into her time courier with trembling fingers, but was prevented from opening the portal when Sara grabbed her elbow, sending a shiver through the taller blonde's entire body.

“We'll take you to Waverider. Gideon will examine you and see what that powder was and medicate you if necessary.” – Sara said as she continued to hold the agent's elbow and the longer the contact between them remained, the more Ava felt her body vibrate and beg for the contact between them to happen in other places.

Ava walked away from the Captain as quickly as possible in an attempt to get her brain working again. Her breathing was faster, her eyes were changing color (and that was what most frightened the legends at that time, Ava's blue gray eyes momentarily turned purple when the agent opened her eyes for the first time since coming in contact with the unknown substance, and now, as she walked away from Sara, everyone saw Ava's eyes change to an even darker color, almost black) and her skin continued to take on an even more intense blush.

"No, no..." - She licked her lips, taking a deep breath and a few more steps away from the Captain, trying to compose herself - "I'm fine, I..." - She couldn't finish her sentence, when she felt the most sensitive walls of her body contracting inside her, the desire was so much Ava thought she was going to pass out. She swallowed a moan, almost letting it out, and closed her eyes, trying to swallow her humiliation at being so turned on in front of the biggest idiots on the planet - “I just…need to go. Now."

And then Sara saw Ava Sharpe practically run toward the portal that opened. She didn't know what had happened, but she was going to find out. Once the legends were back in Waverider, Sara confiscated Mick's gun without a second thought. He knew that if he put anyone on the team in danger, the punishment was two days without fire, and over time, Ava Sharpe became an interim legend even if the agent didn't know. The woman gained a space in the heart of each of the legends, especially in the heart of Sara who did everything to murder the giant crush that her traitorous heart developed by the uptight and rule-following agent.

Exactly because of her crush that Sara felt her heart beat in anguish in her chest. She saw from a distance when Ava was hit by something Catarina de Médici threw her way, and if her heart hadn't stopped beating at that very moment, when Sara saw Ava's eyes change color, their bright blues slowly turning from purple dark to black, as if Ava's pupil had swallowed the blue of her eyes… Well, Sara felt her heart sink. And not having the woman in front of her, not being sure if she was okay and not being able to take care of her, only made things worse.

“Gideon?” – The Captain calls the AI from her private room while quickly changing her clothes.

“Yes, Captain Lance?” – Gideon replied promptly.

“Agent Sharpe was hit by something Catarina de Médici had in her dress pocket, some kind of dark powder that made Ava's eyes change color... Do you have any idea what it might be? Is there anything in the historical records?”

“I don't know if this information helps, Captain, but Catarina de Médici was known as the 'Black Queen' or the 'Witch Queen' for using astrology, spells, magic potions and natural remedies to attract Prince Henry II, her husband, to her room instead of his mistress, Diana de Poitiers'. Her potions were made from natural herbs so I believe Agent Sharpe is not in any life-threatening because of it, but the potions were also known to be strong and impossible to resist.”  

"Thank you, Gideon." – was all Sara replied, thinking about what she heard. So, Ava will need help, right? If the potion is strong, maybe Ava can't be alone - "Gideon, get the coordinates of where Ava is, please."

“Agent Sharpe is at her apartment. Sending the coordinates to your courier right now, Captain.”

"Take care of them, Gideon, and don't let anyone leave the Waverider until I get back." - Asked Sara before going through the portal.

As soon as the portal closed behind her, the blonde realized she was in the middle of a living room. She had never been to Ava's apartment before and the curiosity was big, she wanted to walk to every corner and absorb every detail that made that place a safe haven for the woman who took over her every thought. But a moan stopped her before she even took two steps towards the kitchen. If Ava was suffering, nothing else mattered but helping her.

With long, silent steps, Sara climbed the stairs to a second floor of the apartment. She heightened her senses and as she got closer to what appeared to be the master bedroom, she heard more groans that now seemed muffled and frequent. Sara was worried, but her body betrayed her and betrayed the whole worrying situation by reacting to Ava's moans.

The door was open and without thinking twice, Sara entered the room and nothing could have prepared the blonde for what she found. Lying in the middle of an unmade king bed was Ava Sharpe, her clothes crumpled and almost hanging from her body, as if Ava intended to take them off, but in her desperation, she was unable to finish pulling them off. Ava had her eyes closed, she was biting her lower lip, muffling her sighs and moans; the image seemed to have come straight out of one of the most erotic dreams Sara Lance's evil mind could conjure up. Ava Sharpe looked like the devil dressed in sin, coming straight from hell to take her to heaven in her doom.

Sara tried to take a deep breath and compose herself, tried to remember that Ava was under the influence of an unknown potion, but when the air rushed in, the scent of Ava's arousal intoxicated her and Sara almost moaned just from smelling it. Something inside her was waking up at that moment, something almost uncontrollable, a sensation taking possession of her body. She found herself stepping up to Ava's bed, her body going on automatic and Sara hadn't felt her body take over like that, since the Lazarus' pit.

Ava hadn't been able to wait for the portal to close before she started to get her clothes off, but the fire spreading through her body grew more and more uncomfortable.She decided to just lie down – after all, her legs were shaky (so shaky she didn't even know how she was able to take the few steps she took to take the portal to her apartment) and she didn't know how much longer they would be strong enough to hold herstanding – and her fingers wasted no time in tearing off her panties, abandoning the mission of getting naked.With the first touch on her swollen lips, Ava moaned so loudly that she was worried about the neighbors so she tried to contain her noise as much as she could.

That's how Sara found her, three fingers engulfing her tight channel, her skin red and sweaty, her chest rising and falling frantically as Ava chased a climax that never seemed to come. No matter how deep her fingers were, the orgasm seemed farther and farther out of her reach and Ava was on the verge of crying, desperate.

Suddenly, her eyes still closed, Ava smelled Sara’s perfume, her heady scent making her gasp. It seemed to be all she needed, the scent of the one Ava craved the most, for an orgasm to hit her like never before. Her back peeled off the bed and her eyes opened along with her lips. Deep in her throat, Ava moaned long and loud as she felt her climax trickle down her thighs. Her eyes met Sara's blue eyes, standing a few steps from her bed in the middle of her room and she didn't even want to know how Sara got there, because having Sara there, those eyes in hers, prolonged her orgasm for precious moments. Trembling from missing her fingers inside herself, Ava finds herself thrown on her own bed trying to catch her breath from one of the best orgasms of her life, as she tries to get her rational thoughts working again.

“Ava…” - Sara's voice was just a breathless whisper.

“What… But… Sara…” - The words made no sense because Ava Sharpe's mind could only repeat the same phrase over and over again: Sara Lance is seeing me half naked and she just saw me have an orgasm.

"I... uh... I wanted to help you... Gideon said the potion could be strong and... I just wanted to make sure you were okay..." - Sara couldn't keep her eyes from roving for the millionth time in all that milky, delicious and completely uncovered skin of one Ava Sharpe . She couldn't concentrate enough to pretend that the image of Ava at her climax hadn't affected her. The truth is that Sara was giving her everything at that moment not to jump on that woman and lick all her come.

“Please…” – Ava doesn't even know what exactly she was asking. Maybe it was a 'please let's pretend this never happened'? or 'please turn around and leave my apartment you just broke into'? But her breathless, undertone made Sara interpret that simple word as 'please come here and kiss me'.

Ava watched Sara slowly approach as if in a trance. Within a few steps, Sara was already on her knees on Ava's bed and neither of them dared say a word. Gently, the shorter blonde touched Ava's ankle and with just that touch, all the progress Ava had made with that orgasm went down the drain. The fire of desire hit her again with full force making her shiver and lick her dry lips. But slowly, Sara's words registered in her slow, desire-choked mind.

“No, Sara! Please, you don't have to… You can't…” – Ava didn't want Sara to feel obligated to help her, even though the taller blonde was already feeling her excitement increase exponentially. But Ava couldn't and wouldn't force someone she believes would never like her that way, to touch her just because she feels bad, even if it was all Sara's misfit team to blame. Ava didn't quite understand what that dark powder was doing to her body, but she just wanted to hide now thinking that the only thing that would make Sara want to touch her, is the obligation to correct a mistake Rory had made.

"Ava, please..." - Something in Sara's tone made Ava's eyes, filled with desire, go back to staring at Sara's blue ones. But the other woman's eyes were no longer that brilliant blue that Ava had fallen in love with so many times before; Sara now stares at her with her pupils dilated. Was it possible...? Sara interrupted her train of thought as she continued in a low, strangled tone – "Please Ava, if you don't want me... You need to tell me right now, cause... God, I'm about to attack you."

"Do you... You really want...?" – Ava started to ask as her hands tried in vain to hide her breasts while trying to close the fabric of her dress.

"I never wanted someone the way I want you, Ava. This has nothing to do with what happened today, but seeing you like this... Please..." - The tallest blonde never thought she would experience anything like that. Sara Lance was practically begging her... Unable to speak due to the confused emotions that surfaced in her chest, Ava just nodded her consent. That was all Sara needed; in the blink of an eye, Sara's lips were glued to Ava's.

Ava's moan was swallowed by Sara who took advantage of Ava's open lips to attack the blonde with her tongue. Sara had one hand buried in the soft strands of Ava's hair and the other hand took the blonde's hands away from the fabric of her dress and took the opportunity to force it in a frustrated tug. The fabric gave away and tore, freeing Ava Sharpe's full, beautiful breasts that were braless already.

The kiss was hot and left Ava shivering even more. The Waverider’s Captain show of strength, tearing at her clothing, brought another wave of desire to her center and Ava had to break the kiss to take a deep breath, or else she felt she would drown in excitement.

“Sara…” – The shorter blonde's name left her lips when she felt Sara's teeth in contact with her pulse point – “Fuck! I need you, Sara. Please!" Ava begged as she pressed Sara against her body, wanting there to be no distance between them.

“God, Ava. You're killing me!” Sara mutters, now against her breasts, pulling away quickly only to rip off her blouse and bra. Ava barely has time to absorb the amount of skin in front of her as Sara again attacks her lips in an sexy, wet kiss. Pulling off the top of Ava's garment completely, Sara glues their bodies together, moaning as she feels her breasts for the first time touching those of the woman who has turned her world upside down.

Sara wanted to be gentle, she wanted to treat Ava like a rose petal, like the most precious and fragile thing in the world because Ava Sharpe deserved that and much more. But the sounds of pleasure coming from those full lips that were now red and slightly swollen from her kisses were sounds so sinful that Sara felt she would explode if she didn't get a taste of Ava sooner.

Sara felt Ava's hips seek friction as she kissed, sucked and bit the agent's neck. Ava fidgeted impatiently as Sara's lips left her neck, trailing over her collarbone, then the valley of her breasts, only leaving the peaks after leaving them red and wet with her saliva. Sara's fingers were like feathers running down her legs, her gentle touch making Ava whimper with pleasure. When Sara sucked on the skin below her navel, Ava lifted her hips again and threaded her fingers into Sara's hair, pushing the woman south, practically begging with her moans for Sara to take her as her own already.

“What do you need, baby?” – The endearing term left her lips totally without permission, but neither of them said anything about it. Sara turned her eyes to Ava's, searching for her gaze, but Ava kept her eyes closed, her lips parted, drawing in as much air as her lungs would allow – "Ava, look at me!" – Commanded the captain, who only spoke again when Ava's eyes met hers – “Now, tell me, what do you need?”

“I…I want you. Your tongue. Please Sara!” - She couldn't stand to wait any longer. Her hips seemed to have a life of its own as it tried once more to pull away from the bed and get the blonde's attention. Sara had the nerve to smile and let out a happy giggle. If Ava hadn't been at her combustion point, she would have thought it was the cutest thing in the world.

"Ok, alright. You got me right here, baby.” - The fabric of Ava's skirt ran down her long legs, leaving her naked at last. For a few seconds, Sara just watches, trying to engrave that scene in her memory; Ava Sharpe, naked and whimpering for her, her skin marred by her bites and a few red dots that would most likely turn purple in the morning, made up the scene before her. Sara almost wanted to take a picture of that moment to make sure she never forgets any details.

Ava spreading her legs further for Sara was what snapped her out of her Ava induce-trance. Ava's pleasure trickled from her lips to her thighs and that was a vision provided straight from heaven, Sara was sure. Without any warning, the blonde placed herself between Ava's legs and then her lips wiped the liquid from the agent's thighs, driving her crazy. When Sara finally decided to taste Ava right from the fountain, Ava felt her eyes roll and all the air leave her lungs. She felt her body tense at Sara's first contact with her center, her flat tongue trailing from her entrance to her clit, sucking on it right away.

And just like that, her second orgasm of the night hit her the same way as her first, abruptly and with unimaginable force. Ava grips the sheets of her bed, her fingers turning white from the force she squeezes them. Her back arches and a sob followed by a strangled moan left her lips. When Sara ran the tip of her tongue over her clit, Ava exploded with a long, loud moan. She hadn't intended to climax so quickly, but having Sara fucking Lance fucking her on her bed, was a little too much for her self-control.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, Sara!" - Ava felt her hips dance in the air, looking for even more friction, looking for that hot, wet tongue. Sara held Ava in one arm while her other hand traveled up her belly to find her full breasts, rolling one of her nipples between her fingers as the tip of her tongue now licked around Ava's entrance, swallowing all the dripping come, moaning with the taste.

When Sara realized that Ava was about to snap back to reality, her body shuddering, Sara pressed Ava's hip even tighter against the bed and brought her other hand to Ava's center. Two fingers dug into her pussy and Ava gasped slightly, completely surprise. Without ever letting Ava recover, Sara began pushing and burying her fingers at Ava's pussy in a maddening back and forth, activating the other woman's lust once more. Ava’s body never seemed to have enough of Sara Lance.

The taller blonde tried to push her hips against Sara's fingers, tried to rub her swollen clit against Sara's lips that were inches apart from it, her breath making contact with the small pearl, making Ava shiver. Ava had always known that Sara was strong, but the more she tried to move, the more Sara's arm held her in place and the more Sara pressed her tightly against the bed, the more Ava felt close to the cliff again.

"Sara, Sara, Sara!" - The blonde's name was all that came out of her lips. Ava was no longer trying to suppress her moans, and Ava never thought she would be the type to scream between four walls, but with Sara fucking her fast and hard, in an insanely delicious rhythm, Ava felt that the third orgasm would bring a scream from the back of her throat.

Sara took advantage of her position to watch the other woman reach her peak again. After a few minutes at that pace, Sara curled her fingers into Ava's pussy and felt her sensitive walls grip her fingers, trying to suck them in and keep them there. The pressure and the pleasure building with each push of her fingers and a few back and forth afterward, Ava was coming, spasms taking over her body. Her thighs locked Sara's head between them and her fingers buried themselves in the blonde's hair who gladly connected her lips to the agent's center again and sucked on her clit, prolonging her pleasure, keeping her pace as long as Ava would let her.

Sara realized in that instant that she would be there, fucking Ava's center for the rest of her days if the blonde would let her. But soon, the stimulation became too much for Ava, who gently pushed Sara away while trying to remember her own body that air was supposed to go in and out, in and out. Ava had never felt her body so drained, so covered in sweat.

Slowly, Sara withdrew her fingers from Ava's channel and moved up her body, kissing any and all pieces of skin her lips found. When her lips met Ava’s, Sara kissed her calmly, putting all her emotions into that contact. Ava sighed contentedly into the kiss, circling Sara's neck with her arms, holding her there, and kissing her as she always wanted, with passion, love, and tenderness. The kiss was only interrupted because Ava was still trying to recover.

Sara lay down beside the agent then, her face hiding in the valley of her breasts as her fingertips traced patterns in the skin of her belly, completely content to be surrounded by Ava Sharpe. Ava, in turn, buried her nose in Sara's hair, stroking it, and allowing all her senses to be invaded by that woman. Her eyes closed and her mind was silent, because at that moment, Ava Sharpe felt at home.