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Gorou had been restraining himself for days now, turquoise blue eyes following the traveller’s every move. Ruts in and of themselves were already a nightmare. Add in and pretty unmated Omega and they were downright torture. Even more so if it was an Omega that hit a few of the rutting Alpha’s desirable traits in a partner.

It had been infuriating. And today had been especially bad as Aether flitted around the camp of the Resistance, chatting with and helping Resistance members here and there. Then it had happened. Aether had been talking with one of the members in what appeared to be a friendly chat, which in itself had already grated on Gorou’s nerves.

Aether had blushed at something that the Resistance member had said. That had been the moment Gorou’s restraint when out the window. He had stormed over, grabbed Aether by the arm with a growl and practically hauled him off to his office.

That was how they had ended up like this. Aether was bent over Gorou’s desk with his trousers ripped to shreds, sobbing and whimpering, while Gorou was driving his thick cock into Aether’s slick hole. Tears and drool ran down his face as his insides were rearranged. Documents had been swiped off the desk, littering the floor. The Resistance General growled, moaned and snarled, claws digging into the soft flesh of Aether’s midriff to keep him in place and drawing tiny droplets of blood.

The desk shook and creaked with each of Gorou’s ferocious thrusts. He leaned down, pressing his nose into Aether’s scent gland. Weak pleas spilled from the Omega, but Gorou’s mind had submitted to the most basic instincts. Nothing but the scent of his mate and the tight heat around his cock mattered to him at this moment.

Gorou let his canines graze the skin of Aether’s neck as he lost his rhythm. He was getting close, and his knot started swelling catching on the rim of his mate’s hole with each thrust. It took only a few more until Gorou forced his fully formed knot past the rim for the last time, biting down on Aether’s scent gland while filling him with his seed.

Choked wails fell from Aether’s lips as his body convulsed from the orgasm his biology forced onto him in response to being bitten and knotted. Warmth spread through his twitching body as he could do nothing but lay there and be a good little Omega.

Seconds stretched into minutes until Aether started coming down from his climax. His half-conscious mind was barely aware of Gorou dislodging his teeth. Nor did he hear any of the sweet praises Gorou whispered into his ear.

While Aether drifted off into unconsciousness, Gorou snuggled into his mate. It was not the most comfortable position to rest, but that wasn’t important. Keeping his mate on his knot, however, was crucial. It also wouldn’t take long until he would be ready to go again. Purring, he nuzzled the bite he had given his mate making himself as comfortable as he could without crushing Aether to await the next high of his rut.