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wolves of the revolution

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He finds the shrine part of the way up Mt Nibel. According to Tseng and the few records he could dig up, the town below worshipped here before Jenova spread like poison, uprooting the natural order. Now the town and its shrine have been left to ruin: the path is overgrown and treacherous, the paving stones cracked and crumbling, the once grand doors broken and hanging down in dismal misery. Reno wipes sweat from his brow and rolls his neck, looking warily at the darkness pooling within. At his hip, his PHS rings suddenly, shrill in the still mountain silence.

“Fuck!” He snaps the device open, hunched around it and hissing like the god he’s seeking is going to wake up and amble out to greet him, irritated at the rude noise. “What. I’m fucking busy here!”

Aeirth chirps over the line: “Did you find it yet?!”

Reno groans.

“I think you found it,” she says. “I’m right, aren’t I? Reno? Hellooo?”

He straightens out, glaring around to prove he hadn’t actually been scared. No one is there to pay him any mind, not even a bird or squirrel. He drawls, “Tell me again why I’m here and not you, what with your creepy connection to this guy and all?”

Aerith tuts. “You know why.”

“Yeah,” he says, frowning up at the shrine. It’s tucked into the rock of the mountain itself, more a facade of wood than a building. Reno hates that he's about to go inside it.

“Now listen, he might come off a little gruff okay? He’s never been very good with his words and Jenova did some major damage to him. He might be a little uh…”


“Snippy,” she says. “But I don’t think he’ll bite!”

“Not reassuring!”

She laughs, bright and easy. Reno scowls and tightens his fingers around his PHS, tempted to throw it. But it’s his only lifeline out here. Even Aerith’s bullshit is better than being up shit creek without a paddle, so he takes a deep breath in through his nose and says, “How long is this gonna take, you think?”

“Probably too long,” she says, the easiness leaving her voice. “But it’s not like we have any options left. And Cloud, he…he’s a protector. He’s strong. He’ll do everything he can.”

Reno snorts. “Fat lot of good it did him last time.”

Aerith ignores him, which is fair. They’re working on a wish and a prayer—literally. There’s nothing else they can do, not with Hojo’s great experiment and all their hopes burning a path across Gaia, devastation in his wake. Nothing less than absolute defeat would have brought Rufus to Aerith’s temple, begging guidance.

She says, “Remember your ritual! And no matter what, don’t give up. Cloud’s a curmudgeon but he has a heart of gold underneath. He’ll come around.”

“He fucking better,” Reno says.

Eventually Aerith stops nagging so Reno can hang up and turn off his PHS. The battery’s already low and he doesn’t have a power source to charge it with, so the only company Reno’s to have for the foreseeable future is an unknown god nobody has seen outside Lifestream memories in actual decades. A perfect plan, he thinks, gnashing his teeth and grabbing up his bag.

The broken maw of the shrine waits.

Reno breathes in deep. “Nothing for it I guess,” he drawls out, and then he’s stepping forward into the dark.


The ritual is simple to prepare, but Reno’s working with only a single flashlight and the shrine proves to be enormous. Reno’s steps echo too far and he trips twice over detritus, cursing himself hoarse by the time he finds the right spot: a circle of dirt inside the mountain cavern.

“Hey god,” Reno says, pitching his voice to carry. “You listening? This is a real fucking weird ass shrine to have!”

The god won’t be listening.

He’s trapped in the Lifestream, waiting to wake up. It’s the whole reason Reno has to perform: for that slender chance the god is still clinging on. Even the slimmest tether to the mortal plane would be enough to call him back, says Aerith. They only need to shine a light so he can find his way.

But in Reno’s opinion, that’s a big fucking if when the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Still, there’s nothing for it. Either perform the ritual and pray it works, or lay down and wait for death. Reno kicks at the dirt a bit, then sets down his flashlight. Starts stripping off his clothes, tugging off his hiking boots. It feels weird to get naked in this empty dark, nothing to cover him but the sweat dried on his skin. “Enjoy the freedom,” he tells his dangling balls, and then he grabs up his electro mag rod and saunters onto the dirt. Because when it comes down to surrender, Reno’s never fucking known how to give up the fight. He’s not about to start now.

He closes his eyes so the hazy light of the flashlight doesn’t throw him off. Then he flicks the switch to bring his weapon to life.

A kata was traditional, Aerith had said.

But Reno doesn’t know shit about swords or martial arts or proper training. He grew up scrapping and learned survival, none of his moves planned but honed nonetheless to lethal perfection.

What he does is think of a sparring match he’d had with Rude, back in Midgar before it burned to the ground, when Jenova was completing her rise to power and snuffing out gods one by one in the shadows, betraying them all with the hand behind her back while offering them her other in supposed benediction.

Yeah, fuck her and her alien powers.

Never trust a god you didn’t make yourself, Reno thinks, and then laughs at the irony. He’d never even heard of Cloud before Aerith. Never seen a depiction of him until Tseng’s records. But he’s of Gaia, formed by the people of this sorry, war torn planet.

It’s better than nothing.

Reno centers himself, pulls the memory to the forefront of his mind. When Rude comes forward with a sudden left hook, Reno darts away, laughing, leaving a trail of purple electricity in his wake. It’d been a good fight. Pure and unbridled, the two of them sweating and trading lazy barbs. Battling just for the fun of it, testing their limits.

Nothing at all like the desperation that fills him now. The dirt shifts and slides under Reno’s bare feet as he moves. His dick bounces and swings. Reno’s breath becomes labored, his muscles burning even without the weight of Rude’s strong arm deflecting his strikes.

The battle’s coming to a close in his memory.

Rude had kicked his ass in the end. Reno’s been planning on changing that choreography a bit, showing off for this god who’s door he’s knocking on, but now that he’s in the moment it…feels wrong. Reno’s a liar, but he doesn’t think he should lie here, in this dark and empty place, echoing and lonely. So he falls to his back, hard enough to knock the air from his lungs and leave him stunned. He lies there, blinking his eyes open as the memory of Rude’s sheepish face fades, his hand outstretched to haul Reno up.

“God,” he wheezes. “Cloud. Hear my prayer.”

This next part is the most important, only the air isn’t coming back into his lungs.

He tries to suck in a breath but his chest is too tight, like a vise around it squeezing hard. Reno whimpers, groans, digs his fingers into the loose dirt. He can’t fucking breathe for some reason. It hurts like a bitch, Reno’s heart pounding from panic now, not just exertion. But he has to say it. He can’t fail here. Literally every person still alive that he cares about is counting on him to do this. So he rasps out with the last of what strength he’s got in him, voice a weak, thin ghost of itself: “Come here, you sorry son of a bitch!”

There’s a bang.

Light floods the room as air floods Reno’s mouth, his throat, down into his lungs; sweet fucking blessed air. He gasps for it, curling onto his side and trying not to cough it back out too soon. Fuck but his chest hurts. The hell was that?

From somewhere in the distance, there’s a sound.

A soft huff.

A scrape of claws on rock.

Reno wants to ignore it in favor of breathing, but he’s starting to remember the part where he did a ritual to bring a god back from a state of catatonic not unlike death. A god he doesn’t know. A god who might be in this cavern right now, confused and snippy, while Reno’s laying here, utterly naked and alone, completely defenseless.

“Anyone there?” he croaks out, forcing himself to sit up and look around now that there’s light to see by.

Turns out the cavern isn’t quite as cavernous as it had seemed in the dark. The walls are all carved with patterns Reno can’t parse out, and the floor is littered with decayed wood and faded banners, broken pots and benches set around the dirt circle. On the opposite side of the entrance is a big, flat altar only a few feet off the ground.

A wolf is standing there.

It’s also staring down at Reno with narrow, feral looking eyes.

“Holy shit,” Reno wheezes out. “Holy shit. You are a—a big fucking beast! What the fuck. Where’s Cloud?”

A twitch of an ear is the only response.

Shit, Reno thinks. It didn’t work. He may not know much about this god, but he knows he was definitely humanoid. Shitting fuck. Reno had called on Cloud but the god hadn’t answered. The Lifestream had seen fit to only spit out his pet wolf. As massive as the illustrations suggested, and surely as full of big, sharp teeth...

Damn it.

Reno’s about to get eaten.

“Hey, hey, whoa,” Reno says, lifting both hands carefully in a show of peace. “I bet you’re hungry, huh. Been uh, incorporeal or some shit for ages. Gotta be hell on the appetite. But while I may look delicious, I swear I’m nothing but sinew and attitude! I will not be a good meal!”

It’s not his best attempt at persuasion, but Reno’s still reeling a bit. There’s no telling if the wolf even understands him. Maybe it only understood Cloud.

“I mean it,” Reno tries again. “I know I’ve got a lot of problems, but please don’t make a bitch be one of them.”

The wolf lunges.

Reno scrabbles out of the way with a startled yell, snagging his rod and flicking the switch, electricity humming to life. Pet of a god or not, Reno’s no one’s late night snack. He’ll barbecue the damn wolf if he has to.

But the wolf only lunges past him, big furry body moving supple as dark water, a shadow sprinting by. He’s out the shrine doors in a heartbeat, gone before Reno can do more than gape in surprise.

The lights go out.

“Well fuck me,” Reno complains.


The lights stay out no matter what Reno tries, so he goes the fuck outside still naked, flashlight in his mouth muffling his curses and clothes bundled in his arms. He shivers as he gets dressed. The mountain gets fucking cold at night. Which means he needs a fire. Reno scrounges around for likely twigs and branches and…

He has no idea how to start a fucking fire.

He has no idea how to do any of this, but he was the only one they could spare.

“This was a shit idea,” he yells into the sky. His voice echoes back at him, startling only a few birds. Nothing except wildlife lives on his mountain anymore, not even monsters. Reno slumps on the ground and buries his face in his hands, trying to think. Desperately trying to figure out what the fuck he does next.

The ritual half worked. Does that mean Reno can try again? That maybe Cloud just needed to hit the snooze on his alarm and the next go around will be the one that wakes him up for real?

Doubtful, but Reno has to try.

Tomorrow though. The trek up the mountain was almost more than he could handle, and that was before the ritual and the spectacular fucking failure that followed. He goes back into the shrine to grab his gear as the sun starts to sink. It’s getting even colder. There’s no sign of the wolf, not even a spooky howl ringing in the distance. Reno doesn’t care. Fuck that wolf and fuck this shrine and fuck Cloud Strife, god of—shit, Reno doesn’t even remember.

Fuck him anyway, he thinks, snuggling deeper into his lumpy sleeping bag and trying to ignore the rock digging a bruise in his ass.


In the morning there’s still no sign of the wolf.

The shrine is dark and empty, echoing like misery. Reno eats an MRE for breakfast and goes in there anyway, gets naked and sweaty in the dirt. He calls on Cloud again and it’s easy to do, no strain in his chest other than what he’s done to his own self, the usual ragged breath from a halfway decent workout.

Nothing happens. No bang, no lights, no more wolves.

Reno gets up.

Tries again.


He’s on his fifth attempt, movements sloppy and disorganized, when the wolf comes back and brings the lights with it. Reno falls to his knees and pants there a moment, letting his sight adjust so he can eye it warily.

It slinks around the dirt circle, eyeing him back.

Black all over, it looks like death in beast form, claws tap tap tapping against the rock floor. That has to be deliberate. It’d been damn well silent the day before.

“What was your name,” Reno muses out loud, in case Cloud’s pet can understand him after all. He snaps his fingers, trying to ignore the tremble of fatigue in his muscles, the fear gnawing at his belly. “Fen something, wasn't it? Fenry?”

The wolf huffs.

It keeps circling him.

“C’mon now,” Reno tries, a whine creeping into his voice. “You’re a good boy, ain’t you? What’d Aerith say. You used to let kids ride on you! Snapped the necks of monsters, not humans. Nice doggie.”

The wolf stops circling.

With a scrape of its claws it swings its body around to face Reno head on. Bares its fangs showily in a ripple of snarling muzzle.

Yeah, okay. The wolf did not like that.

At least Reno knows it can understand him now. Voice strangled, Reno asks, “Fuuuck, okay, pretty wolf? Uh. Big, beastly giant of a wolf, ohhh you’re so impressive! Bet you’ve got the biggest balls around! Just—just fucking massive balls! Huge!”

The fuck is Reno saying.

But the wolf blinks. Slowly, its muzzle smoothes out, teeth once more hidden. Its ears prick forward and it snorts a big derisive breath, looking at Reno like Reno’s a complete fucking moron.

“Hey, I’m panicking here! I don’t want you to eat me because I accidentally pissed you off. Okay?”

The wolf abruptly turns away and heads for the altar. Throws itself down on the smooth, wide expanse, it’s back to Reno. He watches as it breathes, a steady rise and fall that’s almost soothing, steady and relaxed.

It looks as if it’s gone to sleep.

“O…kay then,” Reno drawls out, both brows shooting skyward.

Seems like rambling about balls somehow worked, even though Reno’s got no clue if the wolf even has them and plans on never getting close enough to check.

This whole situation is so fucking surreal. Reno badly wants to turn his PHS back on and call up Aerith, tell her the job’s a bust and he’s ready to head back. To walk away from all this mind melting religious bullshit. But he can’t. He can’t do any of that, so instead he forces himself to ignore the enormous wolf in the room, turning his thoughts back to the ritual. If he gets chomped on, Reno will deal. In the meantime he has desperation to keep clinging to: just because the ritual hasn’t worked yet doesn’t mean it won’t.

He stumbles when he stands, covered in sweat and the dirt that clings to it. Naked, afraid of what will happen if he fails here. Hungry and alone and refusing to surrender.

Reno picks up his weapon.

Begins again.


Around try number four on Reno’s second day at the shrine, Reno realizes the wolf is watching him. Reno’s bent over with his hands clinging desperately to his burning thighs, wheezing for air, peering up through his mused and sweaty bangs at the blue eyes trained unblinkingly on him.

“What?” Reno rasps. “You got any better ideas, furbag?”

The wolf rolls its eyes and heaves itself upright.

Reno’s so preoccupied trying to wrap his brain around the wolf using such a familiar, human expression that he doesn’t even flinch as the beast comes closer than ever, right into the ring with him.

It is way, way too big.

“What…what the fuck are you doing?”

With a huffing sort of sigh, the wolf takes its massive head and swings it low, sniffing at Reno’s side.

“Oh no,” Reno yelps, struggling to lurch away.

He flails instead, his muscles like jelly after repeating the ritual so many times. He collapses hard on his hip and then onto his already bruised up back and has to grit his teeth and squeeze his eyes shut against the pain, so he doesn’t see the wolf come close again. No, he feels it, hot muggy breath that doesn’t smell like anything at all, and then a—

“Aw fuck! Gross!”

The wolf’s tongue scrapes across Reno’s chest, up his neck. When Reno tries to squirm away a paw bigger than Reno’s fucking head pins him in place, claws dimpling the skin of Reno’s tender belly.

“You lick me again and I’m gonna shove my rod so far down your throat—oh ugh, stop! Stop!”

But the wolf doesn’t stop and Reno’s weapon is out of reach. He curses and bitches and finds the strength and fury to start punching the wolf in its stupid leg, but the wolf just keeps licking every bit of skin available, all across Reno’s chest and neck and even into his armpit while Reno’s busy hitting him.

“You nasty bitch,” Reno gasps.

The wolf makes a rumbling noise, almost like it agrees.

Eventually the long day catches up with him. Reno’s stuck in place and exhausted, burned out and worn down. He gives up. Just for a moment. Just for a second while he’s pinned here getting the weirdest tongue bath of his life.

“Normally I make people buy me dinner first,” he says, letting his arms flop out to his sides.

The wolf licks under his chin. The tongue is long and thin, or would be, if not for how massive the wolf is in general. That single lick is enough to cover the entire space in one drag.

Reno hates it. He tries not to think about it. Instead he tips his head back and mumbles out, “Yeah, okay. That’s a lie. Dating isn’t really my thing. More a one and done kind of guy, y’know. Not that I’ve gotten much action lately, what with the world ending and all.”

The licking gets more intense, textured tongue grating against Reno’s skin. He winces as the wolf hunkers down lower and grumbles deep in its chest, almost a growl.

“What, don’t like the sound of that? Too fucking bad. Most of the cities have burned down by now. Towns went first, small ones no one noticed go silent. Started happening ages ago.”

That’s definitely a growl now.

“Yeah, yeah, we’re all pissed about it,” Reno sighs. “Get in line, furface. And hurry up with the licking all right, I got shit to do. This bitchass of a god won’t wake the fuck up.”

The growl cuts off. The wolf pulls back to stare at him, pale blue eyes too intelligent above such a cold, wet nose.

“What?” Reno sneers.

Huffing, the wolf licks right across Reno’s entire face.

“Aw fuck you!” Reno howls, the concept of surrender abandoned entirely so he can flail his limbs once more in outrage. He slaps at the wolf’s chest, his leg, kicking his legs up to see if he can find any balls after all. “I did not want your tongue in my mouth! Get off, get off, get off!”

The wolf actually listens, taking his tongue and his paw off Reno’s body and slinking back to the altar.

Reno heaves himself upright and watches it curl up there in a tight ball, tail flicked over its nose and freaky eyes closed as if nothing at all out of the ordinary just happened.

“Seriously?” Reno rages.

He gets no answer, but he didn’t expect one anyway. Fucking dog, he thinks, and gets up to go find a creek or something to dunk his saliva covered body in. The ritual can keep for another day. Reno needs to eat and sleep. Won’t do anyone any good if he collapses where he stands, after all.


The next three days follow a pattern: Reno gets up, stretches, and finds somewhere to take a piss. Then he eats. Goes into the cavern and strips down to skin and raw determination, electro mag rod crackling in his grip. He does the ritual two, four, half a dozen times or more.

When he gets sweaty enough, the wolf knocks him over and sets about grimly licking it all off him.

“I really don’t think you even like this,” Reno says during tongue bath number three. He’s on his front this time, paw lodged between his shoulder blades and a tongue slurping the sweat out the small of his back.

The wolf snorts.

“Yeah, see! You do shit like that and I think: this sorry sack of fleas doesn’t like it either! So why in the fuck do you keep licking me.”

In rebuttal, the wolf drags its tongue through Reno’s hair from nape to crown.

“Piece of shit!” Reno howls.

It’s a really weird three days, to say the least. And then it gets even weirder, because he goes to sleep on day five of his stay at the shrine and he wakes up in the dirt circle locked hand to hand in combat with some dude with yellow hair.

“The fuck,” Reno says.

“Finally,” growls the stranger, and then Reno’s flat on his back looking into narrowed blue eyes.

Familiar blue eyes.

Then he wakes up, bolting upright and staring in blank surprise across the lit up cavern to the altar. Those same blue eyes stare back at him, looking pissed.

“Aw fuck no,” Reno hisses.

The wolf growls, leaps to its feet and flees the shrine.


The next morning Reno’s outside, bundled in his sleeping bag under the fading stars when the wolf leaps into view. “You bitch,” Reno greets him. “Do you know how fucking cold it is out here?!”

The wolf sits down, cocking its head at him. It looks bored and tired and annoyed.

Reno can’t believe this might be a fucking god.

“Don’t give me that look,” Reno grumbles, working his way out of his cocoon. “That shrine is creepy as fuck in the dark. Of course I slept out here! It’s your fault!”

The wolf rumbles a bit and gets up, treading toward the shrine opening. As it passes Reno a big fluffy tail smacks him across the face.

“You’re a dick!” Reno sputters out, stray strands of fur in his mouth. He spits and flips that shaggy ass off; regrets the morning light filtering in for letting him know that yes, the wolf does indeed have enormous fucking balls.

Groaning, Reno starts his morning ritual. When he’s done he goes inside to find the wolf pacing around the dirt ring. It gives Reno a mutinous expression when it sees him, stopping still and rumbling a little. “What?” Reno asks, crossing his arms and cocking a hip. “I don’t gotta do the stupid ritual thing. You’re…here. Aren’t you?”

The wolf huffs.

Reno flips it off again. “When Aerith said you’re bad with words this is not what I fucking imagined! You were a shit choice. Fuck are you gonna do to Jenova? Lift your hind leg and pee on her?”

The wolf only stares at him, icy blue eyes hard and judging. Reno sneers back at it, but he doesn’t know what else to do. Something obviously went wrong with the damn fucking ritual, and now there’s a mute god that probably wants to lick him again.

The fuck is he meant to do about it?

Cut his losses and turn tail? Limp back to Rufus and admit that their best chance at defeating Jenova worked, except that Reno fucked it somehow so actually it’s game over after all?

Yeah. Fuck that.

Reno strips. Steps into the ring.

“Well come on then,” Reno drawls, beckoning the wolf with a lazy hand. “I’m sick of fighting the same imaginary battle. You want me to do something, fucking come here and make me.”

There’s a spark in those frigid eyes. Then the wolf is in the circle with him, liquid fast and dead silent. Teeth snap at Reno’s flank but Reno’s already rolling away, coming up swinging. Nothing in his arsenal except his own fists for this round, because if this actually is Cloud, the god Reno’s trying to save, then it’s probably best not to accidentally barbecue the wolf.

When Reno’s sweating and laughing, fur in his mouth and adrenaline running through him, the wolf barrels into him with a heavy shoulder.

“Aw fuck,” Reno groans.

He hits the ground like a sorry sack of potatoes, winded and pride wounded. “I hate you,” he mutters, reaching out to grab the thick fur of the wolf’s ruff. He tugs meanly. “We really gotta do this?”

The wolf just grumbles and sets about licking him.

Reno doesn’t make him hold him down this time. Only drapes an arm across his eyes and wonders to himself if it’s more or less weird now that he knows a god might be in there, tongue all over his naked body, slurping up sweat and dirt. By the time the wolf is finished, he still hasn’t decided.

“You better be fucking worth this,” Reno growls at him.


Reno throws a punch and the dude with yellow hair rolls out of the way. His skin is pale gold and shines like there’s a light trapped within, all lean muscle and compact form. He comes out of the roll with a leg sweep that Reno leaps over easily.

“You a war god or something?” Reno asks.

“No,” he says, rising to his feet. Hard blue eyes and soft dick swinging. “I am what they made me.”

“Yeah? What’s that?”

The guy moves too fast to track. Suddenly there’s heat at Reno’s back, an arm like iron wrapped around his chest. Reno gasps, arching back into him.

“A hunter,” that voice says, no inflection.

Swearing, Reno throws a wild elbow out behind him. Before he gets to find out if the blow lands or not, he wakes up.

The wolf is hunched up on the altar like its sulking.

Reno snorts. “What, you hunted bunnies for them or something? Big fucking deal.” He rolls over and goes back to sleep. But in the morning he walks the cavern walls as he munches on some crackers, the taste like dust in his mouth. Carved deep into the rock are intricate scenes not unlike the records Tseng found: Cloud as he appears in Reno’s dreams, spiky haired and with human form. He wields a sword as big as he is and rides a wolf larger than them both, hunting down monsters and demons.

“Yeah, whatever,” Reno tells the wolf still sulking on its altar, dropping the empty packaging to the shrine floor with a pointed crinkle. “So you’re a big bad protector, big whoop. I’m gonna need you to start hunting bunnies for real if this is going to take much longer. I could only carry so many MREs.”

The wolf finally stops being a petulant bitch and lifts its head, staring wearily at Reno.

“This was supposed to be a one and done kind of deal,” Reno explains. He waves a hand at the wolf’s intense wolfiness. “Obviously it’s not turning out that way. So you’re going to have to hunt for me. Go on! Be a good dog and bring me a squirrel.”

Sighing, the wolf heaves itself upright.

Gets into the dirt circle.

“Ugh, fine. Be that way! Not like I know how to start a fire out here anyway,” Reno bitches, offering up his own weary sigh. He gets naked and goes to fight a wolf, resigned to more gruesome tongue baths.


This time, it’s Reno’s opponent who speaks first. He blocks a blow with an ease that pisses Reno off and asks, “Jenova?”

“What about that bitch?”

Reno leaps out of the way of a flashing kick, then again as the guy follows too fucking damn fast. He’s snarling as he trips and then gasping when a body rides him down to the ground, the impact forcing all the breath from his lungs.

“She’s still here,” the guy says, growling a bit like the beast he currently isn’t.

“No shit,” Reno yells with his first desperate breath, thrashing like mad to try and break the hold. No give. The body pushes in harder, knee in Reno’s spine and hand clamped to his nape, the long tail of Reno’s hair caught painfully beneath. With a groan, Reno stops struggling and turns his head to rest his cheek in the dirt. “What, you didn’t know? Figured you went to check the lay of the land that first day.”

“Can’t leave the mountain.”

Fuck. Shit.

“The hell am I even doing here,” Reno asks, beyond exhausted. “What a worthless fucking god you are. Can’t do shit!”

The guy flips him over, fingers digging cruel into the meat of Reno’s shoulder. His eyes are like winter, snapping with frost, and his jaw is tight. “Fuck you,” he says, low voiced and intense. “I’m trying. But you aren’t helping.”

Reno rolls his eyes. “I let you lick me! I did the fucking ritual! What more I gotta do, huh?”

An arm comes down to press hard at the base of Reno’s throat, cutting off his breath once again. The face glaring down into his looks too pretty to be a god’s. He growls out, “Say my name.”

Reno stares up at him, chest tight like when he’d first done the ritual. Air won’t come.

Say it.”

When Reno wakes he’s gasping.

The wolf leaves before Reno can speak, curled onto his side with his eyes streaming tears, lungs burning as he sucks in air. He gets left in the dark til morning.


“I’m not forgiving you,” Reno says, snide and sneering as the wolf drags a dead deer into the shrine. Reno stumbles in after him, watching as he drops the carcass on the altar. He ignores how his stomach cramps with hunger. The deer’s dead eyes and hanging tongue are creepy as fuck but he’s been rationing out his MREs since the third day here, trying to save up enough to survive this fuckery, and even the concept of more food has him salivating.

The wolf looks at him like he’s dumb as shit.

“Shut up,” Reno hisses, hands on his hips. “The fuck am I even supposed to do with that, you dickwad!? I don’t know how to cook a deer! I can’t even make a fire, I told you already!”

Huffing, the wolf flicks its tail in his face again as it goes back outside.

“Hey! Stop turning off the fucking lights.”

The wolf ignores him of course. Reno sits in the dark with a dead deer and fumes a bit. Decides he should maybe stop referring to a sentient wolf as it when he has seen its balls swinging, clear as day. Seen his dick at night in his dreams. Knows at least some of the lore on Cloud Strife, patron god of Nibelheim before it was lost, and—

Say my name.

Reno’s possibly indulging in some problematic defense mechanisms, but hey. It’s been a real shitty end of days. He’s allowed some indulgences.

When the wolf gets back he’s got a bunch of sticks and twigs caught in his teeth, eyes murderous in his furry face. He spits them out next to the altar and then spends the next five minutes nosing them into a pattern, progressively more twitchy as they refuse to do what his big hulking muzzle wants.

Reno groans. Stomps over and shoves his furry side. “Budge over, bitch. I can take it from here.”

Moving aside, the wolf huffs and lets Reno set the sticks up how he thinks the wolf wanted them. It must be good enough, because the wolf leaves and comes back to delicately spit leaves and pine needles onto it. Tinder, Reno thinks it’s called. The fluff that catches fire first.

A single claw pushes at a leaf, trying to slide it under the painstakingly arranged wood.

“Yeah, sure,” Reno drawls, sitting back on his heels. “But is it gonna catch fire when it’s soggy from your drooling fucking dog mouth?”

The wolf stops. Swings his head to eye Reno with bright fury before looking back at the wood pile. He snarls after a moment and knocks it all over. Stalks over to the altar and grabs the deer by the throat and starts hauling it back outside, trailing blood.

“Thought so,” Reno says, tone as mocking as he can make it.


Somehow or another, the wolf teaches Reno how to start a fucking fire. They set it up outdoors which is probably a better choice than an enclosed fucking cavern. The wolf rips chunks out of the deer with teeth and claws that Reno spears onto long, supple tree limbs and gets roasting over the fire. The scent of charred fur fills his nose, and he has to go out where the wolf can’t see him to puke up bile, stomach turning at all the viscera he’s been handling.

Today feels never ending. He’s been here a week already and he hates how it feels like he’s settling in. He can’t afford to linger, and he’s afraid to check in with Aerith and give her bad news. Or find out she can't answer at all.

But there’s still no other choice.

They need Cloud.

So after Reno’s eaten as much of the charred deer meat that he can stand, they go back inside the shrine.

Fight. Lick. Rinse and repeat.

“What the fuck is even the point of this?” Reno asks during the day’s second tongue bath, knowing he’ll have to wait until he’s dreaming for the answer. But when he opens his eyes to the dirt ring, he doesn’t get a chance to ask the question again. He’s on his back too fast, a hand wrapped around his throat.

“You wanted a god,” the guy says, too calm for the fury in his eyes. “You wanted me. So pray for me already. Give me my name.”

“Cloud,” Reno gasps out. “Aw fuck. Cloud.”

The god’s pupils expand, leaving only a pale ring around the black. He glows, a muted gold. Breathes out hard so his nostrils flare, the hand around Reno’s throat weakening. Reno stares up at him, wild with surprise. He hadn’t meant to give the asshole what he wanted.

“I’m stuck,” Cloud says. “Most of me is still trapped in the Lifestream. I can use Fenrir’s body as a foothold but it’s not enough. I need a stronger tie. I need you to use my name.”

“Oh, that all?”

The fingers tighten again reflexively. Then the god lets go and stands over Reno. Is it weird, Reno wonders to himself, that he’s staring up at Cloud’s dangling dick and balls right after the guy tried to choke him, inexplicably turned on? It’s probably weird.

“It’s a start,” Cloud says.

Then he reaches out his hand to help haul Reno up. Reno thinks about spitting at him or knocking it away, standing on his own. But Cloud spent the day teaching Reno how to start a fire and cook raw food so that he doesn’t starve on this forsaken mountain. Reno takes the offered help, that firm grasp that lifts him up easily.

He sneers once they’re on even ground again. “You gonna tell me the deal with all the licking?” he asks.

Cloud makes a show of looking him up and down. His somber mouth flicks up at one corner. “You really want to know?”

Reno cocks a hip, refusing to be embarrassed by his state of dirt smothered nudity. He flips the god off for good measure and says, “Why the hell do you think I asked. Answer me, god. And be quick! These dreams don’t fucking last.”

“I’m consuming you,” Cloud says, dryly amused. “Easiest way for a god to form a connection. Consume the flesh or blood. But since we don’t have any doctors around to deal with blood loss and amputation, I’m making do with sweat.”

Oh shit.

Reno sways in place, suddenly light headed. “Ugh. Think I’m gonna hurl.”

A blonde brow raises, entirely judgemental. “Again?”

“Fuck. You. Bitch.”

Cloud rolls his eyes and adds, “There’s a better way than licking. But I don’t think you’ll like it.”

“Yeah? Well don’t leave me in suspense, the fuck is—”

He wakes.

Cloud huffs at him across the room.


Reno doesn’t know what this better way is, but he lies awake a long time thinking over his options. Truth be told, if Cloud wants to take a bite out of him… Fuck, but Reno might let him. They don’t have time to spare. Anything Reno can do to speed this along is a thing he has to do, no matter what it costs him.

He tells Cloud as much over breakfast. Berries that Cloud leads him to, halfway down the mountain.

Cloud rumbles a question.

Reno looks up at him, those blue eyes piercing in that dark furry head. Fenrir’s body, he’d said. But Fenrir’s not home anymore. That’s Cloud in there, a god fighting to come back to their world, crippled and hurting but not down for the count.

Horribly, Reno feels something like hope swell in his chest.

He clears his throat, wipes his hands off on his dirty pants. Wearing clothing is weirder now than being naked. He says, “Whatever it is. Do it. You hear me? I’m giving you permission. So if I—if I try to run, don’t let me. Finish it. You hear that, Cloud? That’s my prayer right now. You’d better fucking answer it.”

Cloud huffs, then lays down in the dirt for Reno to clamber onto his back. Reno does so, hands buried in thick fur and thighs squeezing tight around the wolf’s shoulders, holding on for dear life as Cloud rises, leaps in great bounds up the mountainside back to his shrine.

Light floods the cavern as they make their way in, Cloud not stopping until he’s at the altar. Reno drops down onto it.

“Now what?”

Teeth nip at his clothes.

“Yeah, yeah.” When Reno’s naked again, he asks “Now what—oof!”

Cloud shoves him around way too much, Reno thinks, head ringing from the impact. Altar’s a lot harder than the dirt circle. It feels weird against his skin. Significant in a way that might just be nerves, but might be something more. Cloud put him here for a reason after all and—

A paw comes down on his chest. Pins him in place.

“Okay,” Reno whispers.

He doesn’t know what he’s expecting, but it’s not the tongue that laves over his fucking dick. With an outraged howl, Reno tries to squirm to freedom. “No!” he shouts. “Fuck you, no.”

But the paw keeps him in place. The god growls, wolf-fierce and low. That tongue licks again and fuck, fuck. Reno’s breath comes in panicked gasps, those teeth so close to the tenderest part of him. He throws an arm over his face so he can’t see the form of the beast that’s licking his dick to hardness. Fuck human bodies so much, Reno thinks. They’ll get hard for damn well anything, whether you want them to or not.

And his cock definitely gets hard. It’s been weeks since he got off, no time in all the madness for even a little bit of desperate relief. That tongue is wet and the pressure firm and it feels fucking good, stroking up his shaft from base to tip.

Reno groans, hips arching fitfully.

“You bitch,” he whispers out, voice a wretched, thin thing. “I’m gonna—”

He cums all over his own belly, probably gets jizz on the paw still holding him down. It’s a brutal orgasm, miserable and hateful and it hollows him out. Leaves him limp and gasping. Reno can’t decide if he hates the god that did this to him or himself more. Then the wolf licks all the cum off his body, and Reno wants to murder him.

A cold nose eventually nudges Reno’s arm off his shame flushed face. Blue eyes look into his own. Sorry, says a faint voice in the back of his mind.

Reno gapes.

The wolf huffs. Name?

Stunned by a voice not his own twining through his thoughts, Reno obediently opens his mouth and croaks out, “Cloud. Ah, god. Cloud, what the hell.”

No, the voice says. Yours.

Reno blinks, then blinks again. “Oh, uh. Reno. I’m Reno and you’re Cloud and your fucking wolf tongue just got me off. Fuck everything so much.”


“Fuck you most of all,” Reno growls.


In his dreams that night, Reno fights with a fury that’s all shame and helplessness. He wants revenge. Cloud seems to recognize that, mouth a tight line and bright eyes dimmer than usual. He deflects more than he attacks, letting Reno work through his rage until he’s gasping, stumbling over his own feet.

When he’s down on his hands and knees, head bowed low, Cloud comes up and covers him from behind. Pushes him gentle down to the ground.

“You told me to,” he says.

“I know,” Reno bitches back. When Cloud rolls him over he lets him, and when Cloud pushes his knees open and settles between his thighs he doesn’t fight him over it. Just blinks down at that spiky blonde hair and that too pretty face, drawn in lines of grief and stubbornness.

Cloud takes his dick into his mouth and suckles at it. The god gets Reno hard again, enough so that Cloud starts bobbing his head, sucking properly. Nothing too intense, not at all fast. An unhurried slide of lips and tongue, mouth a tight suction. Reno hisses, bucking up into warmth, chasing after that heat. Sinks his fingers into the god’s stupid fluffy hair and pulls him closer.

“You want my cum again?”

Blue eyes peer up at him, hazy beneath their lashes.

There’s no voice in his head, no altar here in his dreaming mind. No paw on his chest keeping him in place. He presses Cloud’s head down so that the god’s nose is squished into the red thatch of hair at the base of his dick and keeps him there. Fucks Cloud’s face like that, hips jerking fitfully and hands cruel. The god doesn’t seem to have a damned gag reflex but he makes a broken sound anyway, letting Reno control the pace.

When he feels his orgasm pulling tight and close, he tugs Cloud’s face off his dick and gets a hand around himself to aim. Jacks himself off so that his cum splatters across Cloud’s face, cheekbone and chin, his swollen mouth. “You gonna lick it all up?” Reno asks, snide even as he pants for breath.

“No,” Cloud says. “Doesn’t work in a dream.”

“Then why the fuck did you blow me?” Reno asks, spiky inside his skin, crawling with uncertainty. Cloud only shrugs.

“Answer me,” Reno hisses.

Cloud sighs as cum slides down his cheek. He says, “I wanted to.”

“What. That’s it?”

“Yeah,” Cloud says. He’s frowning a bit, like Reno’s the weird one here.

“Fucking…C’mere,” Reno snarls, and then hauls Cloud up his body. The god’s dick is hard against his hip but Reno ignores it. Kisses Cloud’s human shaped mouth and tastes his own cum on his lower lip. He sucks it off, dives inside to find more. Cloud moans, going heavy atop him, open and receptive.

Reno wakes up hard.

“God,” he says, unzipping the sleeping bag. “Damn it.”

Cloud lifts his shaggy head and huffs at him. But he doesn’t move, blue eyes bright and watchful. Tense. Reno gnashes his teeth and scrambles upright, starts ripping his own clothes off as he stumbles over to the altar. “You need more?” he asks.


“You do, don’t you? The dreams are getting longer but they’re not—it’s not enough, right?”

Cloud watches him, wide eyed and surprised. Reno, he says, and he seems uncertain but his voice is so faint he‘s barely more than an impression in Reno’s mind.

It’s not enough.

And Reno didn’t let a wolf lick his dick clean just to give up before the job’s fucking done.

“Fucking answer me! Do you need more, Cloud?”


“Then I’ll give it to you,” Reno sneers. “As much cum as your flea bitten ass can drink.” He starts fisting himself, going down onto one knee against the side of the altar. Cloud shifts, making more space for him. A big wolf body, soft and warm. Reno leans into his side and digs his heels into the altar, eyes closed as he gets himself off. He cries out Cloud’s name when he tips over the edge, dizzy with the frenzy of this entire sordid situation.

Cloud growls. Gets to all fours up so abruptly Reno falls back onto his elbows. “Ugh,” Reno says, but he spreads his legs and stays like that as Cloud laps the cum off him, the wet slide of his tongue harsh against Reno’s sensitive skin, jangling against already jumping nerves.

Slowly, Reno sinks to his back. If they ever get out of this living hell, he thinks, he’s going to kill Cloud and bury the body, and no one will ever know Reno let a wolf have its way with him.

“You satisfied?” Reno asks when the tongue finally goes away.

Cloud looms over him and bares his teeth. No, he says, voice a little stronger inside Reno’s mind. But it’ll do.

“The hell does that—oh, oh fuck, put that away!”

Below Cloud’s furry belly is a wolf dick out of its sheathe, shining and red and as big as Reno’s fucking forearm. Cloud huffs. Gets down off the altar and lays on his belly. Go to sleep, he says.

“I’m going to have nightmares of that thing,” Reno whines.


Each day Reno feeds Cloud his cum.

Every night they fight in Reno’s dreams, and Reno gets put on his knees or his belly or his back, gasping out Cloud’s name like a prayer. Cloud answers him with a hungry mouth and grasping hands, sucking Reno’s orgasm out of him like he’ll never be satisfied, like he can’t get enough.

Reno gets used to it.

He starts saying, “Hey. I can go again,” and spreading his knees atop the altar, letting Cloud come feast on him. Starts craving that long tongue curling around his dick, under his balls. Moans out loud and curses and buries his hands in Cloud’s fur and forgets shame, begging instead for more.

Starts getting used to the sight of Cloud’s dick, red and wanting.

He gets used to it because he has to. There’s a reason they fuck on the altar. A reason Reno’s here in the first place.

He shouldn’t be biting his tongue so he doesn’t admit: Hey, I’m horny for you again.

It’s just a contract.

Only Reno sacrificing what he must.

It shouldn’t matter that Reno likes Cloud’s snappy comebacks and grumpy cold shoulder when he can’t come up with one; likes his face in dream or real life, those frozen blue eyes thawing out over the passing days. They roam the mountain while the sun is out, wrestle when they get too bored. Reno gets better at cooking over an open fire and Cloud tells him a little of Nibelheim, the town that longed so desperately for a protector against the cold and fearsome night they made Cloud. Solitary, silent and indomitable like the mountain itself. A hunter to tend them.

“Sounds lonely,” Reno says.

Cloud sits on the other side of the fire, cleaning his paws of blood. Yeah. I like this better.

“What? Being trapped here with me?”

He doesn’t reply, but that night in Reno’s mind Cloud touches his body like it’s something worth holding on to, treasure he wants to keep. He wraps Reno’s hair like a bloody leash around his knuckles and kisses his chest, his stomach, his quivering thighs, blue eyes on fire.

“Cloud,” Reno gasps. “What…?”

“You ever been worshipped by a god?” Cloud asks.

Reno hasn’t.

Cloud sets out to show him what it’s like, and when the dream ends too soon, their connection hitting its limit, Reno drags his sleeping bag over to the altar and lays down on it, wrapping his arms around Cloud’s shaggy neck and breathing him in, a clear empty scent like the night wind.

What’re you doing?

“Rubbing off on you. Got a problem with it?”

Cloud whines. Uh. No. Go ahead I guess. Can’t really lick it off you though.

Reno laughs, wild and angry and a little bit mean. “Fuck you, Cloud,” he says, and what he means is this: how dare you make me feel this way.

Seems like you already are, Cloud replies, amused and just as horny from the dream as Reno is. But he shifts, carefully adjusting so his throbbing, wet wolf dick is hidden out of sight.

Reno swears and humps Cloud’s side, burying himself in thick warm fur. It feels good. Reno likes it far too much. Gets his spunk smeared all over and then watches with heavy lidded eyes as Cloud does his best to lick it out of his pelt, head craned awkwardly to reach. “You look dumb as fuck,” Reno drawls.

You’re a fucking petty shit, Cloud replies.

That night Reno stays on the altar, tucked in against Cloud’s warmth. He keeps staying there during the following nights, dreaming of Cloud’s mouth and yellow hair, waking to a lewd tongue and black fur. It’s an imperfect solution. Reno tries not to enjoy the attention too much, but he fails at that as surely as he failed the ritual to bring Cloud back in fighting form.


“How long is this going to go on?” Reno eventually asks.

They’re out of the shrine, bathing in a river, and it’s been nearly a month since Reno first set foot on Mt Nibel. Cloud’s voice is strong as steel in his head, but he’s still little more than a wolf bound to a mountain. Reno needs a god. No matter how peaceful and serene life here seems, a war still rages beyond. Reno’s been too greedy lingering here.

Up to you, Cloud answers. He’s upriver and drinking his fill of the cold, clear water.

“The fuck does that mean?” Reno sneers, throwing a rock at him. It bounces off his flank. Cloud turns to him, entirely unamused. “No, seriously. You think I have answers? Fuck that. I have no idea! I’m just here doing what Aerith told me to. If you know a way out of this trap then stop holding out on me!”

Who’s Aerith, Cloud asks. You’ve said her name before.

“Some priestess. Old god shit, and she’s tied to the Lifestream in a way no one else is. Civil war wiped out most of her people and Sephiroth’s coming for her next, most like. Jenova fucking hates her for some reason.”


Reno raises a skeptical brow. “What, that’s it? Aerith acted like she knew you.”

Cloud rumbles a bit. Wades into the water and rolls, washing off dirt and loose fur. He comes back out looking like a sorry, sodden mess. Memories of what I once was, Cloud says. Before Jenova.

Fear grips him suddenly. “You’re not…stuck like this, right? Like. Forever?”

I will be if I can’t form a strong enough tie.

“Then do it!” Reno says, throwing his arms up. “What the hell’s stopping you, Cloud!? Aerith bound herself in order to raise defenses against Jenova and her batshit son to keep everyone safe, but it ain’t gonna hold forever! We can’t keep losing people. No one is going to be left to fight!”

You will, says Cloud.

“The fuck can I do,” Reno protests, all his angry energy deflating.

Cloud walks onto the bank, thick fur shedding water like crazy. He flicks his tail and droplets cascade over Reno, cold and shimmering. You fight. You don’t give up. Not like me.

Reno frowns. Pushes out a little deeper into the water, current tugging at him. “The hell is that supposed to mean?”

Fenrir saved me, Cloud says. My people prayed for an answer to their sudden sickness, and so I hunted. I found Jenova in their homes, the sacred trinkets of an alien god poisoning them. When I tried to take her down, I was beaten instead. But I…

Wading in a little farther, toes digging into the sludgy silt of the riverbed, Reno snorts. “Go on. Don’t stop now when it’s just getting interesting. Tell me all about how she wiped the floor with you and then tell me how anything is gonna be different now.”

You make it different.

Reno twists around, staring at Cloud. “How?”

Gaia’s gods exist when people believe in them, Cloud says, grief buried deep in his tone. My people turned from me to Jenova, letting her in, slowly pushing me out. I was weak. Hurting. A jealous fucking idiot. I failed and Fenrir swallowed what remained of my body, consumed me so our flesh became one. I fled to the Lifestream before she could come back and strike the final blow. I thought maybe, one day…

Blue eyes blink at Reno.

There’s sadness in there, loneliness haunting icy depths.

“No one came for you,” Reno realizes. “You thought they would. But no one… No one did the ritual. You were stuck there.”


“Until me.”


“So what? What does that change?”

Everything, Cloud says. You are mine and I am yours. Your god. I watched you perform the ritual a dozen times over, terrified you’d failed but refusing to give up. I won’t fail this time. You won’t let me.

Reno laughs suddenly, feeling winded and broken open by those honest, simple words. His brain is buzzing and his heart is pounding. He wades toward the shore, climbs out naked and shaking. “What the hell,” he whispers, fisting his hand into thick fur. “What the hell. So what, you’re my personal god now? If I believe in you then—”

Cloud nuzzles into his belly. I’ll answer your prayers, Reno. Don’t care what they are.

“Fuck,” Reno gasps, and then gasps again when that tongue licks at him, curling under his balls. They’re not in the shrine, not at the altar. There’s no excuse for this, except that it’s what Cloud wants. What Reno wants. Cloud’s offering him everything, so Reno digs his fingers in deeper and moans, loud and triumphant with the sun shining down on his shoulders.

“Yeah,” he whispers. “Cloud. Ah, god! Yeah, yeah. Lick me just like that.”

Know how you like it, Cloud murmurs, unbearably smug. His tongue flicks across the head of his dick, too good, and Reno clings to him and curses and lets his wolf bodied god lick at him until he cums.

“You got spunk in your fur,” Reno woozily tells him after. “Fucking disgraceful, god walking around like some slutty tart. I like it.”

Cloud snaps his teeth at him and wades back into the river to wash it out. Your fault.

“Damn straight it is,” Reno winks.


Religious rituals are stupid. Nothing but metaphor that longs for a literal translation. Cloud needs a strong tie to the mortal plane, something that will haul the rest of his power out of the Lifestream. Apparently, that means Cloud wants to fuck Reno with his massive wolf dick.

“There’s a knot,” Cloud says, cheeks burning red. Reno would be more horrified at this entire proposition if he wasn’t so busy being fascinated.

“A knot,” Reno echoes.

“Uh. Yeah. Swells up at the base of my dick. It’s meant to tie you to me, so you can’t…go. Anywhere.”

“Oh no. I see what this is! This is some weird dog breeding shit right here,” Reno realizes. “Your wolf god spunk can’t knock me up, right?”

Cloud plants his hand on Reno’s face and shoves him to the ground. He catches him though before Reno finds out if you can get concussions in dreams. The altar is hard and cold beneath his bare skin. Cloud looms over him, still red in the face and too intense.

“No,” he says, rough and thick. “You won’t whelp.”

“Oh that’s…good.”

“It’s my body,” Cloud tells him.

Reno has no idea what he’s talking about, but he wraps his arms around Cloud’s neck and pulls him closer, knees pressing into his god’s sides. “Yeah, and?”

“The wolf form. Fenrir is…gone. A part of me now. That body is mine and always will be. When you let me mount you, know that it’s my cock. My knot filling you up.”

Reno chokes a little, heat flaring in his belly and chest at the way Cloud’s speaking, grave and sincere, possessive and greedy. “Right, so. Don’t say the wrong name,” Reno manages after a moment, snickering when Cloud snorts and leans down to scrape his teeth across the front of Reno’s throat.

“I want you screaming mine.”

The way that sends arousal spiraling through him is entirely unfair. Kicking Cloud off him, Reno gasps out, “Wake me up. Right now. C’mon, before I have time to actually think about this!”

Cloud’s power releases his mind and Reno wakes at once, bolting upright to see Cloud already prowling off the altar. His big body is low and lethal, a predator on the hunt. His blue eyes are hot and hungry and Reno thinks about how many times he’s orgasmed over the last couple weeks and how Cloud…hasn’t.

“Ah god,” he says. “This is gonna be a lot of cum.”

Yes, Cloud replies, the word a growl in Reno’s thoughts, shivering through him. He stumbles up, starts taking off his clothes

“There’s no lube,” he realizes.

I’ll get you wet.

Reno curses, flinging his shirt off. “How do you want me, Cloud?”

All fours, middle of the altar. Hurry.

There’s no real urgency here except for the press of their own desire. Reno can see Cloud’s dick out of its sheathe, long and red. Narrowest at the tip and not so thick he’ll cause damage, even without prep so long as his god goes slow enough. But fuck. It’s going to be a lot. And Reno hasn’t even seen the knot yet. He’s going to be feeling it soon enough though.

“For the record, I am not attracted to dogs or wolves,” Reno babbles, climbing unsteadily atop the altar. He gets into position, back curved up self consciously. His head bows down and he glances under his own body, where his dick is half hard like it’s mocking him.

I’m not a dog, Cloud says, tongue sliding over Reno’s exposed hole without warning. Reno makes a nonsense sound of surprised pleasure. Almost doesn’t hear Cloud as he adds, Not a wolf either. I’m me.

“Cloud,” Reno whines as that tongue keeps licking at him. His spine loosens, hips tilting up.

Yes. Pray for me, Reno.

He can do that, Reno thinks dizzily. It’s easy to gasp out, “Ah! Ah fuck. Cloud!” when that tongue is licking inside him now. A little too big to fit well, but sloppy and everywhere at once. Making a mess of him. Preparing him. Reno lowers his chest to the altar with a groan that sounds wounded, offering Cloud everything.

You’re ready.

“As I’ll ever fucking be,” Reno agrees.

So Cloud clambers up the altar. Mounts him. Hot fur against Reno’s back, body hunched down low to box him in, legs a cage Reno can’t escape. A blunt pressure nudges against Reno’s taint. He whimpers as it adjusts, dragging against him.

He’s breathing too hard, too fast, trying not to think about what’s happening but so agonizingly aware of it. He’s burning up inside with the knowledge, the dread and excitement, dick so hard it hurts.

“Please,” Reno whispers. “Cloud. Do it.”

With a growl Reno feels through every inch of his body, Cloud presses in. He goes slow, waiting for Reno to stretch around his tip, to slip inside that first, desperate inch. And then he keeps going, a never ending slide, so deep Reno can’t see and can’t hear and his whole world narrows down to the hot, throbbing dick spearing him open, so full he’s overwhelmed by it.

Distantly, he realizes he’s already screaming. Cloud’s name on his tongue over and over again.

By the time Cloud actually starts fucking him Reno’s gone past his limit; come down the other side into limp surrender. Body loose and open, moaning as Cloud’s dick pushes in just as deep every time. Reno takes it like he was made for this, put on the planet exclusively for Cloud to use up.

Reno, Cloud groans. Fuck, you feel—you feel—

“Tell me,” Reno rasps out.

So good. So, so fucking good!

Reno whimpers, wanting to squirm but no way he can move with such a big dick in him. Cloud’s fur is smothering but soft. His nose is pressed cold and wet to the corner of Reno’s jaw, and Reno can’t get a hand on himself to come, but he doesn’t think he needs to. The pressure is so sweet and awful, far too much and the best thing Reno’s ever had done to him.

“Cloud. Cloud, make me cum.”

Tell me how.

Shaking his head, Reno moans again, broken down and desperate. “Like this! Don’t stop. Ah, god! Please just—”

Cloud fucks in with a sharp snap of his hips.

Reno howls at how it bullies him open, searing him alive. When Cloud does it again he doesn’t have his breath back yet to even whimper. Cloud fucks him stupid, fucks him until Reno’s one raw ache, a wet mess crying beneath him. When he comes he wails like he’s dying and squeezes down on that red dick and tries to hold it there, as far in as it’ll go. Cloud snarls but stays where Reno wants him, buried inside Reno’s ass and—

The knot starts to swell.

“Oh,” Reno pants. “Oh, oh, fuck me!”

Already did, comes Cloud’s strained voice. He sounds nearly as wrecked as Reno feels, body shaking and locked tight around Reno. He panting for breath against Reno’s neck, sharp teeth a gentle scrape on his skin. Now’s when things get—aw fuck!



Even more intense.

Reno shuts down a little. Mind blanking, filled with endorphins that soften everything to fog. That makes the swell of the knot inside his ass something sweet, a fullness he can’t get enough of, lodged so securely neither of them can move after. That makes the flood of seed inside his guts feel like the hottest damn thing that’s ever happened to him, Cloud’s dick pulsing load after load until he’s so filled up with cum he’s sloshing with it, stomach cramping at the pressure.

Shit, Cloud whimpers.

Reno drags an arm a few inches to the right. Pats Cloud’s giant paw with feeble fingers. “Good dog,” he slurs.


The knot deflates, thankfully before Reno’s able to come down from his high. He rolls onto his back, breath still unsteady and eyes tightly closed as Cloud’s thin seed spills out his body, dribbling across the altar. His lashes feel tacky. His throat is sore. His whole body is throbbing but it still feels good for now.

“Cloud,” he says. “Tell me that worked.”

“It did,” Cloud replies.

And then a soft mouth full of blunt teeth kisses up Reno’s sternum, scrapes along his neck and nips harmlessly at his jaw. Reno blinks his eyes open, sees Cloud with his pretty, sad looking face, all his spiky tufts of yellow hair. “Would you look at that,” Reno says, laughing a bit.

“Mm. A miracle.” The corner of his mouth lifts in a smirk.

Reno pokes him. Makes a low murmuring sound when Cloud captures his hand, pulls it up to his mouth to kiss his wrist, his knuckles. The tenderness burns. Feels like falling so far there’s nothing left on impact. “You’ve still got crazy eyes,” Reno decides. “So. Not a feral wolf thing.”

Cloud grunts. Bites his thumb.

Reno snorts, flapping his fingers. “Yeah, yeah. The wolf and you are one. I get it.” He brings his fingers down, twisting his wrist so he can grasp hold of Cloud, hand in hand on this shitty rock altar, in this piss poor dilapidated shrine of a once forgotten god.

“You’re cooking dinner tonight,” Reno tells him.

“Fuck off,” Cloud grumbles. “I killed bunnies for you. You cook it.”

“Like fuck! I’ve still got your wolf jizz so far up my ass I swear it’s in my damn stomach, Cloud! I’m going to be shitting you out for a week! So shut your pretty face and cook me a damn rabbit.”

Cloud’s blue gaze flickers down. Reno tilts a knee out, feeling a fresh ooze of cum slide out his loose hole. He’s starting to feel the emptiness now, the ache of having been stuffed so full he’d felt like bursting. Low in his throat, Cloud makes a hungry sound. “You’re fucking kidding me,” is Reno’s flat reply. “No way you’ve got any spank left in your tank.”

“Only one way to find out,” Cloud says.


Turns out, Cloud in human form still has a knot. But after the wolf fucking him open Reno claims he barely feels it. A lie he doesn’t have cause to regret making, as it gets Cloud rocking that knot right up against Reno’s prostate for the entire length of time it takes for the swelling to go down. Reno cries again and Cloud cooks him a rabbit after, which Reno eats while squatting, seed still making its slow way out his abused body.

He thinks that has to be it. They can’t possibly come again today. But no, he’s wrong, gods are made up of something else entirely, it seems. When Cloud comes sniffing after him when the sun’s sinking low, Reno snarls, “Fuck’s sake. Unless you’re the one getting on your belly this time, Cloud, you can well and truly fuck off.”

Cloud cocks his head. “Yeah. Sure.”

Reno gapes at him.

“Fuck me,” Cloud offers. “I want you to.”

Groaning, Reno gets up and collapses onto him. His god catches him, steel arms tight around his body. Sticks his nose against Reno’s jaw and breathes him in. “I would,” Reno grumbles. “Trust me, I would love to ream your ass. But I am human and can’t get it up again.”

Cloud makes a sad sound.

Reno has to laugh, bewildered all over again at this turn of events. When he’d entered this shrine a month ago he hadn’t expected anything except heartache and defeat. He doesn’t know what to do now with all this hope inside him. He wants to keep it though. The warmth and desire, the brutal happiness.

“You’re pathetic,” Reno tells him, reaching down to grab Cloud’s already hard dick, squeezing meanly. “Once more. Once! And then I get to sleep. In the morning I’m turning my PHS back on and we’ll see if there’s still a world out there worth saving. And then I’ll fuck you. Sound good?”

“Yeah,” Cloud gasps out.

“All right,” Reno says. “Then hurry up and fuck me already.”

His god does as he’s asked. Lifts Reno up with easy, impossible strength and carries him to the middle of the dirt circle where the floor’s a little kinder. Then he lays him down on his back and slips inside, a faint pressure that sings against Reno’s abused walls.

“Reno,” he whispers, like a prayer or something close.

“I’m here,” Reno murmurs back, tired but drifting on pleasure. Sated and blanketed by warmth. “I’m not going anywhere. And neither are you. You’re mine now.”

When Cloud gets close he does so with a wolfish whine, biting the meat of Reno’s shoulder with blunt teeth, hard enough to bruise. His knot swells. Reno pets his hair as he cums, holding him as he shakes through it. He’s not going to be able to walk right for a week at least, but fuck it he thinks. Cloud’s going to go to war for him against an alien god that’s already struck him down once. Reno’s ass can take it, if this is what Cloud needs.


In the morning, Aerith answers his call. “It worked,” she says, breathless with hope.

“Yeah,” Reno tells her. “Sure fucking did.”

Her whoop is so loud that Reno has to pull the device from his ear, wincing. Cloud grimaces across from him, magically done up in black leather that Reno’s trying real hard not to stare at. It’s weird seeing him clothed. Reno wants to undress him already.

“So,” he says when Aerith’s done. “We still on for waging war against a god? Put your money on mine, by the way. He’s real pretty, and you know pretty bitches are always the meanest.”

When Cloud glowers at him, arms crossed, Reno blows a mocking kiss his way.

“Yes, absolutely! Oh, I’ll go tell Rufus! Hang tight you two, a chopper will be there in uh…”

“I know how long it takes for a bird to fly, Aerith,” Reno drawls, amused at how she’s falling all over herself. She yells a little in agreement and then hangs up. Reno flips the PHS shut and eyes Cloud like he’s a banquet buffet and Reno’s a starving man.

“Now,” Reno purrs. “I think we had plans.”

Cloud smirks at him. “Can you limp your way here? Or do I need to go over and sit on your dick for you?”


Being a god has its perks, which means that Reno’s dick can’t hurt Cloud, not even lacking lube and with zero prep, but Reno insists Cloud get him wet with spit anyway. “You just want another blow job,” Cloud snorts, doing as he’s asked.

“Aw. Fuck,” Reno breathes, laid back on the altar to take pressure off his aching ass. “More like, don’t want you so tight the friction sets my dick on fire.”

“This would be easier if I was a wolf.”

“I’m not fucking an ass that furry, Cloud!”

Cloud pops off to give him a mocking look. “I meant the spit thing.”

Reno blinks at him, a little dazed already from even more pleasure. If you can get hungover from coming too much, Reno’s sure as fuck about to find out. “Oh. Well. Go for it?”

“Yeah?” There’s something hungry and sharp in Cloud’s gaze.

Reno pulls his arm up under his head, propped up a little to watch the show. “Sure. I mean. What hasn’t that tongue already done to me? Go the fuck ahead.”

There’s a shimmer of light, and then Cloud is a wolf once more, hulking and dark and rumbling deep in his chest. He licks at Reno’s dick, slobber fucking everywhere. “Yeah,” Reno breathes, thighs tensing up. “Yeah, Cloud. That’s good.”

Almost too good. Reno has to hit him with his knee when Cloud starts lapping at his balls. “Nu uh,” Reno hisses. “Don’t you make me come yet. Put on your skin and sit on my dick, Cloud!”

Pushy, Cloud says. Like the way you taste.

“Yeah, whatever. Let you lick me head to toe later. Want to fuck you now.”

Cloud gets up with a growl. Is still growling as that furry, heavy body clambers over Reno’s body, shuffling around. Reno catches sight of his red dick and enormous balls, his asshole beneath a raised tail, nearly hidden in all the fur. “Cloud,” Reno warns, carefully not thinking about how he…almost wouldn’t mind.

The light shimmers. Cloud’s on his knees, facing away and bent over, showing off his ass.

A gorgeous view. Golden skin that nearly glows, round cheeks with enough muscle they actually bounce a little when Reno reaches out to play with them. Pink furl of a god’s asshole fluttering in hungry anticipation.

“Better?” Cloud asks, voice rough.

“I’ll fuck your dog butt some other time,” Reno sneers. “Now sit!”

“Not a fucking dog,” Cloud snaps, but his words get eaten up by a gasp as Reno pulls him down, angling his wet and slobbery dick to press against Cloud’s rim. They both groan as the head pops in past resistance.

“God,” Reno whispers.

Cloud moans back in answer.

Sinks slowly down, letting Reno watch his ass swallow every inch. It’s so fucking good. Tight heat, those soft walls pulsing around him, squeezing like Cloud has him right he wants him. Reno starts swearing as Cloud raises his hips back up, so fucking slow, rim dragging against his length in some slutty, sordid show.

Reno doesn’t last long. Cursing and praising Cloud in turn, grinding his hips up as he cums. He hasn’t got a knot, so it leaks out as Cloud picks up the pace, bouncing up and down desperately as Reno’s dick starts to soften.

Reno moans at the too sharp sensitivity. “Cloud. God, please. Cum for me, baby.”

It’s enough. Cloud clenches up hard, moaning rough and wild and body jerking as he comes. Reno hears the first load hitting the floor.

“C’mere,” he says, and Cloud lets him slide out in a sticky mess, curls up against Reno’s side so he can bury his face in Reno’s neck, let him massage his knot as his dick keeps spurting, hot against his hip. “Where the fuck do you keep it all?” he asks, full of lewd wonder as he wrings his god dry.

Cloud just whines. Chews at his neck a little.

“Tell you what,” Reno says later, basking in filth on the altar. “You take down that bitch Jenova and I’ll fuck you in wolf form. Doubt you’ll get off from it though. So if you take down her shitstain son as well, I’ll lick your dog dick until you do.”

“Deal,” Cloud rasps.