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Defying Fate

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Beacon had fallen. No one could stop what happened, the many deaths that occurred. The loss of the Fall maiden, the headmaster, and the relic impacted all of Remnant. Leading the charge, Ruby Rose and her friends battled against the ongoing tyranny of Salem. 


However, one incident occurred that changed fate at its core. Prevented one death and changed destiny.


An Angel had defied fate at its core.


So what was a little more change to a different timeline?


The entirety of Beacon was under attack. Pyrrha Nikos made her choice, she was to fight against Cinder Fall. Headmaster Ozpin gave her the power of the Fall Maiden and told her to run while he held Cinder off. She trained as a Huntsman to follow orders, no matter what the cause was. 


Nothing about that said anything about the giant Grimm attacking the Academy. The White Fang had already invaded, bringing hordes of Grimm with them. Students were authorized to use lethal force to push them back, but it was already too late. 


Pyrrha could only watch in horror as innocent people were to shreds. She could do nothing but go forward to the CCT. To her final destiny. 

Upon stepping to the entrance, she fell with sudden pain. Her head began throbbing for no reason. 


Was it a headache? No. It was something different. 


Could it be the previous Maiden? 


Pyrrha didn't have the time to think about it, she was running out of time. Each step felt more and more painful as she continued. It was as if the world itself said to stop, but Pyrrha would not listen; she would only go forward. 


"What is this?" She said with a painful grunt. Why was it so difficult to continue? What was pushing her back? 


Pushing through, she found the lobby area, or at least what remained of it. The Elevator had been torn apart, only ashes remaining of the doors. Pyrrha walked towards them, then suddenly, she was forced apart from them and crashed to the ground. 


Getting up, she swore the air moved by itself. Ripples of air began flowing all around her as if something was moving through them. 

The movements were shaky but rhythmic, the air forming a wall between her. 


Grabbing Miló, she formed it into a spear and poked the wall. The wall suddenly jerked and began swirling around her. Her look of confusion turned to anger. Cinder could be getting away at any moment. She was angry, Cinder could not get away with her crimes. Hefting the javelin, she dove it into the ground.


"Get out of my way!" She yelled. 


Fire bloomed around her, and a pillar of fire rose from the ground. 


The fire scared away the force, and for the first time, Pyrrha saw the creature itself, or creatures. Grey-hooded figures surrounded her. They didn't look like typical Grimm, but that didn't mean they were dangerous. They got more violent, the wind whipping around the warrior. Despite everything, Pyrrha pushed through until her head began hurting again. 


She wasn't going to give up, a Nikos's never-


She stopped when she saw something; or someone. A hooded girl began crying over someone lying on the ground, she recognized it being- Penny? 


But Penny was killed already, Wasn't she? Pyrrha saw it herself. 


S he was the one to kill her.  


The hooded girl began to sob, "Penny, I'm sorry, I- I could have helped you! Why? Why can't I do anything right!" 


That voice was familiar, but she couldn't see it. She tried to get closer, only to see another figure run past. It was Blake holding someone on her back. Why couldn't they see her? Pain rocked her head again, "Why! Why are you showing me this!" Pyrrha screamed. 

The visions and pain just got louder and louder, until she saw a flurry of images pass her mind. 


Jaune, Nora, Ren, and Ruby were fighting against an amalgamation of a Grimm, A boy fighting between his mind and another, Yang cut in half. Ironwood killing Jaques Schnee with a bullet to the skull. All of these flowed in her mind, but why? 


She just wanted it all to stop. 






"NO MORE!"  Pyrrha screamed, something flowing through her. The figures tried to intercept her, but columns of flames diverted them. 

"Go away."  She said, and the figures blew away with a strong wind. 

Pyrrha managed to get herself up again and managed to walk to the elevator. She turned towards the cloaks floating around and glared at them. "I believe in destiny, and you can't stop me." she said. "this is my goal, to stop Cinder Fall." She went up, not caring about the strange visions clouding her mind, nothing.


Not even the shapes scattering away from a jet black feather slowly falling onto the ground. 


The chute was busted, but that didn't stop Pyrrha from pulling it along with her semblance. She jumped out of the shaft, and as it fell, gazed upon her opponent. 


Cinder Fall.

One must wonder what power meant. Was it for one to overpower others? Or was it to have control? No one truly knew the answer. 

However, For The One-Winged Angel, It meant nothing to him. 

He gazed upon the weak, watching them get torn apart by those strange creatures. Ever since arriving in this world, he's been more confused than ever. All because he took a wrong turn at crossroads, he ended up here. Away from Midgar, from the Lifestream, from Jenova. From Cloud. 

For the first time in a while, He felt peace. He honestly forgot what it meant to feel at rest. Was it because Cloud was gone? Or was it because he could not hear the ramblings of Jenova in his head? It did not matter. He could deal with the whole dimension displacement problem later. 

He had to mess with fate again. Turns out, the Whispers followed him here, either that or they've always been here. Harbingers of fate, one's who enforced it, guarded it with their lives. 

It mattered not to him, What mattered was finding a suitable opponent. The ones he'd been fighting were those useless beasts of bone and black mass. The only Humans were those called Huntsmen. One swing of Masamune and they were gone, yelling something about their Aura being useless before they died. 

Aura must have been their Magic here... at least that is what Sephiroth thought. 

He was wandering the outskirts of the forest when he felt a tug. It wasn't a tug like Strife's, but one of similar power. It wanted to break fate as he did. The same desire was there, and he wanted it. 


He craved it. 


And so, the Angel took off, by following his heart( More like a gut feeling, not his actual heart), he wandered upon a battleground. Perhaps this person he'd been looking for was a warrior on the Battlefield? Gazing at the ones present, he only saw the weak preyed upon by animals. With wolves of bone, Avians with sword-like wings and talons, and more. 

It was nothing special, he'd seen worse monsters. 


Suddenly, most of those creatures turned towards him and went on the offensive, looking for easy prey. 


They were all slaughtered in an instant. One swing of Masamune ripped through their forms, tearing them apart. The Wolves tried calling for aid but vaporized with a simple Fira spell. Sephiroth continued to slaughter all of these creatures without any sense of remorse. 


When he came to a large field, he felt the tug become stronger, and looking for the presence, he looked up and saw the large beast lie on the building. He felt the fear but did not show it. It came from two girls running to the tower, as they ran for their lives. The White one used some sort of magic to launch the red one into the building.


Interesting, fate is with that red girl, but I feel a more powerful pull up above. 


The tug was at its strongest, and Sephiroth had chosen to follow it. Flying, he caught a glimpse of the red girl with silver eyes, who looked at him in shock. He found her gaze with a blank stare. He grabbed Masamune and dove at the Wyvern, he already dealt with more powerful beasts before. 


One second later, and it was no more than a bug in his way.


Pyrrha had failed; there was no point in even getting up. She failed her team, failed her friends, failed Ozpin, failed Jaune. Tears began to flow from her eyes. She'd never cried this much before. 


Cinder walked over to the crying warrior and nocked an arrow, "Pitiful," she clamored, walking over to the downed invincible girl. "How could Ozpin give you the power of the Fall Maiden? A weak-willed girl?" She snarked, kicking the poor girl down. "I am more worthy of the power in the first place. So why did the other half choose you?" 


Pyrrha didn't know what to say, she had no words, only shock. Why had she been chosen? Why did she even volunteer for the role?

It didn't even matter, she was dead. Cinder would not spare her, and Pyrrha would have to live with the failure for her life. 


Cinder just looked at her despair-ridden face and laughed, actually laughed at the girl's face. "Look at you," she said, cruelty on full display, "Such a useless little girl, one who thought she could be brave." She pulled the arrow back and aimed it at Pyrrah's heart.

"Any last words from your pathetic life?" 


Pyrrha just looked at her, tears in her eyes, and said just five words.


"Do you believe in Destiny?" She cried, Now looking braver than ever before. 


Cinder didn't know what to think, but all she could say was 


"Yes. I do." Pulling back the arrow, Pyrrha closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable. 


"Goodbye, Pyrrha Nikos. I hope you find some sort of rest in the afterlife." Cinder said and pulled back. 


I'm sorry Jaune. I'm just a failure.


Play Advent, One-Winged Angel (Final Fantasy IIV Advent Children).


Moments passed, and Pyrrha didn't feel anything. Was this death? Not to feel anything? Opening her eyes, she only saw the shock on Cinder's face. The older woman's bravado was entirely gone, her mouth gaped, and her eyes shrunk, her amber pupils shrunk to a pinprick. 


Confused out of her mind, the girl turned only to see the Wyvern Grimm be ripped apart. Its two halves began to fall onto the remains of the academy. 


"WHAT! IMPOSSIBLE!" Cinder shrieked in terror. Pyrrha could only look in shock, an Ancient grim destroyed in one move? "What in the world?" She muttered, not noticing Cinder's manic look towards her. 


"YOU!" She screamed, Pulling an arrow from brother god's who knows where. "I'll kill you! I'll kill you and all your stupid little friends! Do you think you can stop what's coming?" She pulled back, all her flames congealing together to form one giant arrow, one to level the entire building. 


"I won't fail my Mission! I'll destroy this kingdom! Even if I die doing it!" She yelled out. Pyrrha grabbed the nearest piece of metal, a sheet, and hoped for the best. 




However, before Cinder could release the projectile, she failed to notice a figure diving towards her. The figure dove towards Cinder and impaled his weapon down her torso. Cinder couldn't even scream, it was so sudden. The figure lifted his sword, carrying Cinder along with it. They threw her away, the splat leaving a mark on the building's rooftop. 


Cinder was dead. Pyrrha was dead sure of it. Blood coated the figure, now revealed to be a man, who brushed it off like it was nothing. 


Looking at the man, she could see that he was tall, but only an inch higher than hers. He had long silver hair fashioned into bangs. His clothing consisted of a long black coat, silver pauldrons, and black boots with black trousers. His shirt was opened, showing off a Symbol unknown to her. The only real thing noticeable was the 7-foot long blade, covered in Cinders blood. 


"Hello Pyrrha Nikkos, it's a pleasure to meet someone like you." 


End BGM.


Pyrrha didn't know what to say, how could she say anything?

"Wh- Who are you?" She managed to stutter out. The man smirked, "I am Sephiroth, The new god of this world." He walked closer to her, not seeing Pyrrha trying to scoot away on injured legs. She didn't get far, her injuries were too severe. 


Eventually, Sephiroth stood at her feet. Before he could interact with her, the air began to ripple again. The Cloaked figures burst from the ground and began circling them both. Pyrrha was horrified, she couldn't fight back against them with her injuries. 


Sephiroth just glared at them, and taking Masamune, swung it at the cloaks. They parted like Moses to the Red Sea. They flew all around them both, circling the area around the two. Sephiroth placed his hand onto Pyrrah's leg, and Pyrrha got a look at his eyes. 


They were green, toxic green. They didn't look human, but there was a sense of compassion hidden in them. That wasn't the only thing that caught her eye, however.


It was the splotches of sliver that the eyes held. 


From what she could remember, Silver eyed warriors were considered prodigies, so did that mean Sepiroth was one of them?




In an instant, her injuries healed, and her Aura restored. She felt more invigorated. Could that be his semblance? Healing? She shakily got back up again, how was this possible?


Sephiroth looked at her shocked face and laughed, "It is odd seeing a fierce warrior as you act like a newborn fawn. Trying to walk on its legs." Pyrrha looked at him in fear, "What exactly are you? You healed my injuries, my Aura, everything?" She asked, still clearly shocked. Sephiroth placed a hand to his chin, "Do you mind telling me when I am? I'm rather unfamiliar with this world." 


"This is Beacon Academy, or what's left of it at least." She explained. Was it wrong to say Sepiroth looked more like a confused puppy than the one who killed the Wyvern Grimm with no effort? He walked to the edge of the building, "Beacon..." He muttered, "What a strange little place." He took his blade out again and went over to Cinder's body. 


"She's dead, what-"


Before Pyrrah could finish, Sephiroth dove the blade into Cinder again. When it struck, nothing came out, as only a green mist was left behind. "Illusion," he said, taking note of the girl's shocked face. "Doesn't matter, the woman's long gone. Instant Death took effect already. No form of resurrection would work." 


Was that even possible? Ressurection was an impossible task, but Cinder said she was working under higher power. 


"What do you mean?" She asked. "Instant Death? Your Semblance?"


His confused gaze gave her the answer. 


"I see. This might take a while to explain, so-" Pyrrha began, only to hear running coming from the upside of the building. A figure dove to the top in an instant, It was Ruby!


Ruby raised her scythe for battle, "Don't worry Pyrrha, I'm here to save-" Only to stop seeing Pyrrha being completely fine. "Oh," she said, "I guess you had this handled then." Ruby shyly looked away in shame, which Pyrrha found adorable. 


Pyrrha just laughed at her actions. "Not exactly, If it wasn't for this man here, I would be dead." Pointing to Sephiroth, who had his same blank stare from earlier. Rubys silver eyes lit up at the blade he was holding.


"Wow!" Ruby was fascinated at his blade, "An ōdachi! I've always wanted to see one!" She made a motion to get closer. The cloaks suddenly formed a wall between Ruby and Pyrrha, worrying the new maiden and confusing the silver-eyed girl. "Ruby, get back!" Pyrrha yelled.


Ruby was confused until one of the cloaks began nudging her away from the duo. "Hey! What's going on!" She yelled, swatting the air away, proceeding to hit nothing. 


Could Ruby not see them? Pyrrha had to do something. Who knows what those cloaked beings could do to her. She didn't have a weapon, what could she do?


Use your maiden powers Pyrrha, use it to save your friend. 


She didn't know where the soft voice came from, but she didn't care. All she cared about was saving Ruby. Flames blossomed from her aura and set ablaze the figures in her way. The flames burned into the creature's cloaks, scattering them away. Ruby's eyes widened at her power. 


Strong winds then blew, sending the flames larger and faster towards the cloaked figures. They attempted to reform before Pyrrha's eyes glowed crimson. Waves of lighting struck the horde, and they were forced to retreat. 


Ruby was in shock, how was Pyrrha able to do this? Her small frame shook with every lightning strike, and the figures disappeared into the ground. Pyrrha walked over to the girl and held out her hand, "Need help getting up?" she said, a smile forming from her face. Ruby was still confused, what exactly had Pyrrah been attacking?

She took her hand, and suddenly a flash of pain overtook her. 


"Ruby!" Pyrrha cried out, "Are you okay?" 


Ruby was a little woozy, but she was alright. "I'm fine, just a little pain. No need to worry Pyrrha." She squeaked out. 


Sepiroth watched as the two interacted with each other, some sort of sister relationship perhaps? That didn't matter though, what truly mattered was her strength. Her power over the Whispers was immense, and she shattered fate just as he did.


She was powerful but still unguided. Given enough time, She could be just as strong as him one day, but that would not happen. 


"Pyrrha that was so cool! First you flanched your flames with a  woosh!  The lightning was all, blam!" Ruby was bouncing all around her, from one point to the next. 


"Agreed," a voice spoke. Turning, it was Sephiroth, who was staring at them both. "Your power to defy fate intrigues me." When both the girls looked at him confused, Sephiroth just simply smirked. 


"The Whispers guard fate. Your will was strong enough to break it." He explained. 


"Those weird cloak things?" Pyrrha asked. Sephiroth nodded, "The harbingers of fate follow those who wish to break it." He walked towards the edge of the building and stepped onto the railing. 


"Where are you going?" Ruby asked, making the former SOLDIER slow down. He turned towards the younger girl and smiled. 


"I'm going to become a god, destroying the ones who control this world will come easy to me." 


Pyrrha's eyes grew wide, the Brother God's had abandoned Remnant, so this man was going to wage war on them?


"That's impossible," She said, "The Brother god's created the world, How can a man like you beat them?" 


Her response just landed her a smile from the ex-SOLDIER, "I have done many things, and destroying these gods is just a small part of it." He started to rise into the black sky, "Pyrrha, I hope we meet again, your strength is admirable. I will find you again someday, and maybe I will see if you live up to my expectations."


A black wing sprung out of Sepiroth's back, and he flew away, carried away by the wind. 


Pyrrha couldn't believe it, she had walked through visions of her dead friends, almost died, and was saved by a man who wanted to become a god. What else could happen?


"Hey, Pyrrha?" It was Ruby. "How'd you use fire from your Aura? I thought your semblance was Magnetism?"




She had some explaining to do.