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馃А 馃 Captivity 馃 馃А

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銆婐煍愩嬶副 Locked Away
Ratchet x Celestial
. 鈰 藲蹋- : 馃А : 鈥 猸 鈯 猸 鈥 : 馃: -藲蹋鈰 .

She was Megatron's next heiress. She was treated like royalty. No one dared lay a hand on her. Megatron raised her alone since her carrier passed away from complications from Sparkling Birth. Knockout was very sympathetic towards the ex-gladiator. Megatron always allowed his sparkling to grow up to be herself. She was going to choose her own path in life. She told Megatron she wanted to be his heiress. Megatron was proud of her. Every night after working hard on the nemesis he'd go to her berthroom and read her some Cybertronian textbooks. Then he smiled as she went to bed.

Megatron will carry this on until Celestial told him she is too old for bedtime stories. His little femme was growing up fast and he decided maybe training her will be a replacement for reading.

Her creation day was approching and he wanted to get her the perfect gift. He found the perfect gift for her. She always hated the Autobots as much as her father so he got her a Autobot.

She will love this.

Later on her creation date, Celestial opened various presents. She was unintested.

Megatron walked in.

"My Femme. Come here, I have a surprise for you." Megatron said. Celestial hesitantly got up.

They walked through the nemesis before arriving at the small room which she knew was where they keep bots in to torture in.

Megatron opened the door.

Chains were heard in the room. Her sire chuckles.

"Looks like you're awake... Vega get over here." Megatron called.

Celestial walks over. And she nods.

"Yes Sire?" She asked.

"You're old enough to have your own Autobot to torture so I got you the medic." Megatron said.

"Thank you! Thank you sire!" She hugged Megatron. He smiled.

"Anything for my heiress." He said walking away. Celestial walked up to the medic.

"Hello! My name is Celestial. What's yours?" She asked.

"My name is Ratchet." The medic said. He was chained by the neck and cuffed by the arms.

"Nice to meet you. Look I don't favor torturing. I'd rather have someone to talk to." She said embarrassed.

"You... Aren't like Megatron at all..." He said.

"Nope. I don't like torturing. He always tortures Starscream and I always have to watch him do it. It's... Sickening." She said.

"Ah..." Ratchet said. He wasn't much of a talker. He looks away from her.

"I... Should get going..." She said.

"Bye..." Ratchet said.

"I'll be back to give you energon." She states.


. 鈰 藲蹋- : 馃А : 鈥 猸 鈯 猸 鈥 : 馃: -藲蹋鈰 .

Celestial returns back to the area. She sees Ratchet asleep and she shakes him.

"Uhm... Can you wake up? I brought you some energon..." She said.

Ratchet woke up and thanked her before drinking the energon.

"I'm sorry that my sire locked you up. I promise I'll get you out of here." She said.

"Oh..." Ratchet said he finished drinking the energon.

"Alright. I'll be back in my room. Just don't try and make too much noise... My sire will kill you." She said. She closes the door leaving the medic behind.