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Drift Away

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1 • Here In The Garden~
| Third Person POV |
Published On: 06/24/21.


⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : - ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ - : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .

You followed Megatronus through the garden on Cybertron, you were a small Sparkling who enjoyed playing with him. Megatronus turned and stopped holding a hand up to you. He was telling you to stop. But you didn't understand. This ended with you grabbing Megatronus' Servo. He sighed but cracked a smile.

"Here in the garden, let's play a game!" Megatronus exclaimed.

"I'll show you how it's done, Here in the garden, Stand very still" Megatronus poked your nose and you smiled.

"This'll be so much fun!" You exclaimed. Megatronus' smiles.

And then he smiled
That's what I'm after

Megatronus smiles softly before patting your head, and walks off.

A smile in his eyes
The sound of his laughter

Megatronus edges closer to the end of the garden as he left you behind. You're Sire whom you loved (even though he isn't your Sire, but you have a close bond with him).

Happy to listen
Happy to play

Megatronus got ready to go into the portal to earth.

Happily watching him drift away...

He disappeared through the portal.

Happily waiting
All on my own

You stood in the garden where he left you, giggling occasionally as other sparklings kicked their toys around and you had to refrain from moving. A butterfly flew on your head making you giggle.

Under the endless sky
Counting the micro-killiks

You stood there. Waiting, waiting for Megatronus to return to you.

Standing alone
As milli- vorns of years go by

The garden showes obvious changes as Cybertron looked in ruins.

Happily wondering
Night after night

You thought in this state always hoping Megatronus will come back. You're not a Sparkling anymore, but you ached for some sort of attention.

Is this how it works?
Am I doing it right?

You're doubts clouded you as you wondered if you're doing what your "Sire" asked you to do correctly.

Happy to listen
Happy to stay

You looked a little tired, but you didn't allow that to show. You wanted to do this for him.

Happily watching him drift away

You began to think of the times you and Megatronus have hung out. He found you abandoned as a Sparkling in a crate and you were taken in.

You keep on turning pages for people who don't care
People who don't care about you

You were blind to even see Megatronus didn't want you around anymore. He tried to avoid you and even try to deter you away from him.

And still, it takes you ages to see that no one's there
See that no one's there

You waited, waited for ages for him to come back. He never did, you still believed he would come back for you. But the thoughts became less and less probable.

See that no one's there
Everyone's gone on without you...

You began to wait, again and again. This time he'll show up. Any slight noise you heard you turned your head towards only to see other bots that aren't him.

Finally something
Finally news

You turned your head to face the new light source where it showed Optimus Prime talking about the defeat of Megatronus and the 'Cons.

About how the story ends
He isn't free now

You watched the screen with shock, you wished this was all a dream.

Defeated by the bots
With all of his brand new friends

Your faceplate fell and you couldn't believe it.

Isn't that lovely ?
Isn't that cool ?

You began to tear your pedes free from the overturned bramble and ran towards the communication hub with tears.

And isn't that cruel ?
And aren't I a fool to have

You knelt down in in front of the communication hub as it turned off. Lubricant formed in your optics.

Happily listen
Happy to stay

You began to run through all your memories of when you were tricked in standing in this garden.

Happily watching him drift...

Your body began to change. Your eyes turned purple, your wings formed tear streaks appeared on the side of your eyes.

Drift away

You fell on your knees, in tears. You decided you needed to get to earth. And to destroy the mech that abandoned you in this fragging garden for 6 milli- vorns .



A/N: This is my first chapter of this story finished and this the readers backstory. Hope you liked! I will update this later tomorrow as it's 10:23 PM. I hope you enjoy!


- H0plessAngel


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2 • Let's Play A Game~
| Your POV |
Published On: 06/25/21


⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : - ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ - : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .


I arrived to earth and noticed the decepticons holding my weapons I smirked.


"Well well well. Let's have a look at the menagerie." I caught the attention of the others.


"You must be Soundwave, you must be Steeljaw and Megatronus' second and command he took you with him, isn't that just swell?!" I asked.


"It can't be..." Starscream said as I laughed.


"Oh but it is... I got a new style, a few new toys for me to play with. To put an end to your plans!" I said.


"This gotta be a mistake. We didn't do anything. We're just laying low because Optimus--" Soundwave started. But I cut him off.


"Yeah yeah yeah I've heard, I had Primes message to the universe ON LOOP" I spat.


"I just love that part, where Megatronus spends the rest of his days on this... nowhere planet..." I chuckled darkly before adding. "WITH A BUNCH. OF. NOBODIES." I snapped. You began to attack the decipticons.


"That's right I heard the story over and over again. Gee it's swell to finally meet his other friends. Yes I heard the story don't really like how it ends gee it's swell to finally meet his other friends!" I attacked the cons. I may only be a femme-ling but I'm fueled with rage.


"What did he say about me?
What did he say?
What did you do without me?
What did you do?
Did you play games without me?
What did you play?
Did you think all this time that I wouldn't find out about you?!" I asked Starscream poking him as he Twirls.


"Oh, that's right, I heard the story,
Over and over again,
Gee, it's swell to finally meet his other friends!" I laughed turning towards them.


"She's running circles around us." Soundwave said.


"I'm rusty GIVE ME A BREAK!" Steeljaw said being held up by a rope.


"It really is her... But she can't be serious..." Starscream said.


"You know this femme Starscream can you tell us who she is?" Soundwave asked.


I began to get angry.


"Who am I?! WHO AM I?! What are you even saying? I'm the loser of the game your leader didn't know he was playing. Let's play another game this time I get to win. Lives on the line, winner or not let's begin!" I launched my body towards the cons.


"Oh that's right I heard the story over and over again gee it's swell to finally beat his other friends." I swing my Sycthe I had towards the cons.


"Oh, that's right, I heard the story,
Don't really like how it ends
Gee, it's swell to finally beat his other,


"Other friends!" The cons fell to the ground and I smirked. I heard noises in the distance.


"STOP RIGHT THERE! DECEPTICONS!" I turned to face another bot.


"What are you?" I snickered.


"Did you beat these bots?" The bot that had a yellow and black exterior which had a red insignia on him.


"Yeah? Whatsit to ya?" I asked putting away my Sycthe.


"You have moxy. You wanna join us?" He asked. I attacked him.


"No thank you. I work alone." I hissed.


"Ow!" The other bot I struck bled out energon. He got ready to fight me. But I punched him to the ground. I held up my sword to his face. But the little bastard got up.


"What's your name?"


"Not gonna tell you, you tell me your new first."


"Alright, my name is Bumblebee."


I laughed. "The Bumblebee? That Bumblebee who couldn't speak because of my sire ripping his voicebox out? How pathetic." I snarkily responded.


"Wait, Megatron is your Sire?" He asked.


"No... I don't have one. The only one I had abandoned me in CYBERTRON for 6 milli vorns!" I began to laugh unhinged. "He wasn't even my real sire. I called him one... I guess that WAS a fragging lie. He abandoned me..." I started to grit my teeth.


"What's your name?" Bumblebee asked.


"My name is (Y/D)." I said.


"(Y/D). Come back save the earth with us. You can start over there make new friends. Someday, somewhere, somehow... You'll love again... You just need to find someone." Bumblebee sang to me.


(Bold is Bee and Italics is you)


"Someday, somewhere, somehow you'll love again you just need to find someone. Someone who treats you better. Somehow who wants you around. Someday somewhere somehow your gonna feel found."


"Someday, somewhere, somehow I'll love again I just need to find someone. Someone who treats me better. Somehow who wants me around. Someday somewhere somehow I'm gonna feel found."


"Today, right here, right now. I've already feel found..." I sang. I took Bees offer and walked with them.