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Soaring Birds Struck by Lightning

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After the traveller departed,
   When the times of civil war have long flown
And the only remnants of soldiers
   Are corpses commemorated with stone,

Ei follows a strict schedule each year
   On the first day the cherry blossom blooms,
To bring two dendrobiums with her
   And lay them to rest on the Kujou tombs,

Where Tengu lie disturbed by neither
   Rain nor the ferocious clap of thunder,
Where neither one of her generals
   Can remember the terrible blunder

She constantly makes for her nation,
   That is committing theft, bloodshed and sin,
Seizing every vision and life
   While blind to the debt she plunged herself in.

Sasayuri’s life was cut before
   She could cut the snake for its obtrusion
And Sara’s wings could not outfly the
   Perseverant waves of revolution.

Clouds obscure the sunset with downpour,
   Meanwhile the downpour obscures her still tears,
She fails to realize night has fallen
   And that she changed with the weight of the years.

The moonlight snaps her out of her trance
   So she blinks and trudges back to her throne.
Even after an eternity
  of anguish,
The God of Eternity endures and
  rules alone.