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One More Meeting for the Tianquan

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Finally, after three hours of bureaucratic nonsense, another meeting had been successfully handled. Ningguang leaned back in her plush chair and smiled to herself—having nothing else to do for the rest of the day meant a whopping entire free evening. It was rare for such occasions to present themselves in her line of work: being the Tianquan meant exhausting and busy hours, after all.

Not that the Geo Vision bearer would ever trade it out for another job. She didn't mind the long hours if it meant getting to help out her city and citizens. And, well... the pay and benefits were more than ninety percent of Teyvat could ever hope for. Ningguang could live a most lavish life in her floating palace, overlooking the entirety of her nation.

At least, she could until the thing had been destroyed in the battle against Osial.

The Tianquan huffed in annoyance at the reminder of that catastrophe. Sure, it had been inevitable and she had been the one to make the decision, but the loss of her personal haven had shaken her more than she'd liked to admit.

“These are not the thoughts I should entertain myself with when blessed with free time,” she scolded herself out loud. Her discarded schedule lay forgotten on her desk as she stood and shook a couple eraser shavings off of her robes: a warm bath and a book awaited her in her quarters, and she was not going to be late to such an important appointment with relaxation.

Ningguang's new home was a delightfully spacious mansion not far from Bubu Pharmacy. Secretary Ganyu and the Yuheng Keqing had aided her in visiting the various possible retail options back when the projects for the rebuilding of the Jade Chamber had only just started. The two women had been quite helpful with the endeavor, as the Geo Vision bearer tended to overthink her decisions, making each trip way too long: they'd just muttered 'You like this one? Yes? Then buy it.'

And that had been that.

As in all of her previous housings, Ningguang preferred her own bedroom to all other spaces. It was her personal safe space, always decorated elegantly, clean, and good-smelling. Few people were allowed to step within it other than her attendants—it was almost a physical manifestation of all the elaborate walls the Tianquan constructed around her private life. Keeping these aspects of herself secret when she led such a public existence had always been hard, but it was also a sacrifice the woman was more than willing to make if it meant keeping the important stuff to herself.

Ningguang had never been the subject of a scandal, whether economic, social, or romantic; she'd never been caught doing things she shouldn't have been; she'd never stepped over the law (at least publicly). She was known to be lenient when it was called for and harshly fiscal at all other times. It had earned her great fame and a high standing with her people—they trusted her to make the right decisions and to maintain her reputation spotless so as to remain Liyue's number one role model.

None of these thoughts plagued the Tianquan as she headed towards her quarters, nodding politely at her subordinates as they wandered through the halls, headed to whatever task they had to complete. Her long gold and black robes trailed behind her as the wind picked her silver hair up: she technically didn't need a bath at the moment, but what better way to relax was there?

Much to her surprise, she ran into none other than Keqing in one of the main halls. The Yuheng was talking to a group of young girls whom Ningguang recognized as new recruits: she looked exhausted, with a hint of eyebags under her pretty eyes.

The purple-haired woman turned towards Ningguang with a spark of recognition in her eyes. “Tianquan! I was just looking for you.”

The Geo Vision bearer raised her eyebrows in surprise and slight annoyance: was there a problem? More importantly, was said problem going to interfere with her relaxation?

Keqing crossed her arms. “Don't glare at me like that. Where are you going right now?”

“I am planning on taking a hot bath,” Ningguang replied. “Seeing as I have a moment of free time right now.”

Her colleague nodded. “Good for you! I've been worried these days, what with all of the meetings you've got...”

The Tianquan gestured towards her. “You do not appear full of zeal either.”

“Fair. I've actually got a lot to do today.” She sighed. “Just... make sure you get ready in time for the next one. And good luck with her!”

The Yuheng turned back to her students, who had walked some ways away to marvel at a tapestry. With a cry of 'Don't touch!' the Electro Vision bearer was gone... leaving Ningguang to ponder over her words.

Surely Keqing had gotten the dates mixed up? There were no more meetings for her to attend at the moment, and she had no idea who she'd meant with 'her'. Had the purple-haired woman been telling her to get ready for the two hearings with the Millelith Ningguang was to have the next day?

Of course, the woman decided, shaking her head lightly. The reminder sent a sour feeling through her—the Millelith's dealings were some of the most boring documents to go over, what with all of the battle and patrol logs. Why was it the Tianquan's job, anyway?

The Geo Vision bearer encountered no other hold-ups on her way to her chambers. The large wooden doors that separated them from the rest of the mansion were closed and flanked by two guards: they moved aside with a small dip of the head as she opened the heavy things and slipped into her personal heaven. There was no sound of anyone from inside, thankfully. She'd have the evening all to herself.

The inside of the first room—a lobby of sorts—sported white walls adorned with various ancient scrolls and paintings that Ningguang had had commissioned from the best artists in Teyvat. Three low, plush couches sat in the middle of the space, forming a half circle around a small coffee table topped with an exotic potted plant. Other vases with greenery stood in the corners of the room, and a large welcoming fireplace was built into the wall to the right of the entrance doors.

Ningguang breathed in the sweet smell of Glaze Lilies as she took her shoes off and placed them next to the wall. It didn't take much to remove the single thin hair pin that held her hairdo up: the silver locks cascaded down, hurting her scalp slightly. It was nothing the Tianquan was unaccustomed to—she always had to appear elegant, and this prerequisite included always having her hair up in an elegant cut. Noting that the pin had a little crack in it, she discarded it on a nearby vanity and made a beeline for the bathroom.

A big ceramic tub filled most of this room: it was placed next to a shaded window that allowed a wide view of the entire Harbor. This type of sight had been a must-have on Ningguang's list for a potential home. There was nothing quite like watching the city from above as she lounged in bubbly, warm water.

“Finally,” she murmured as she began peeling her robes off. When Ningguang had first moved in, she'd had difficulty adjusting to the big window: despite the real estate agent assuring her that no one would be able to see inside from the outside and even taking her to check for herself, it was still strange and a bit daunting to change right in front of all of Liyue.

The various lotions and soaps which she used were all already lined up on a small wooden nightstand next to the tub, and the Tianquan set a mental reminder to thank her attendants at dinner. She'd hired them with much care so the fact that they were so diligent shouldn't really surprise anyone, but the gesture still made her feel very grateful... especially since she owned so many of the little bottles. Two for the body, five for the hair, various for hands and face.

Ningguang sank into the perfumed water and sighed in contentment. The warm liquid lapped at her porcelain skin as she thought about her hygiene rituals: when she didn't shower, she made sure to clean her face and pores with much care so as not to develop pimples and black spots and applied creams to her hands in order to keep them in prime condition.

Nothing beat taking a bath, however.

Her shampoo and conditioner didn't take long to apply, while the three additional solutions for strength and glow needed a bit more care; she then proceeded to massage her body oil onto her arms, legs, and breasts with soft touches so as to not irritate the skin. Gentleness was a priority when it came to the body, one that she didn't intend to neglect anytime soon.

Many people had asked her how she managed to shine at every event and meeting. If the inquirer was a friend or acquaintance, Ningguang would take the time to explain most (if not all) of the steps she took to keep her skin healthy; if they weren't, she'd smile and say something about needing to keep some business secrets to herself.

The bath didn't last as long as the Tianquan would have wanted: the water cooled faster than usual, maybe due to the fact that the temperature had been dropping significantly in the past few days. With another sigh—this time of annoyance rather than happiness—she raised herself from the water, drained it, and quickly dried herself off.

Stepping out, she made sure to place her feet on the soft square of cloth that she'd laid in front of the bathtub: she wasn't in the mood to clean up any messes, which meant absolutely no water on the spotless tiles. Looking around, she leaned over to grab the pile of clothing she'd brought along with her to the bathroom.

Underclothes, check.

Alongside most of her other items of clothing, Ningguang's intimate pieces were of great quality and very expensive. Despite practically not having a sex life, she enjoyed looking elegant in every aspect... even when it came to undergarments.

With a start, the Geo Vision bearer realized she hadn't brought her silk pajamas into the bathroom with her when she'd ran in before. In her zeal to relax in the bubbles, she'd neglected to adequately prepare and would now have to walk out into her adjacent bedroom to get them. This might not seem like a particularly distressing thing, but Ningguang was an attentive observer of the rules of etiquette and never changed outside of her bathroom: it just wasn't something she was used to, and would definitely feel strange.

She obviously made sure there wasn't anyone in the room before stepping out. Her pajamas were right where she'd last left them, under the biggest pillow on her bed—folded neatly and cleanly, as usual.

There are many embarrassing scenarios than can take place while changing: putting on clothes wrong and then having someone point it out later, getting stuck in a dress and having to call for help... and, of course, being interrupted by an attendant coming into the room during the change of clothes.

As she picked up the smooth material, the worst that could happen happened.

When one is standing half-naked in their own room, you'd think they would have locked the door beforehand. In this case, Ningguang hadn't—she'd anticipated changing in the bathroom and therefore hadn't even given it a second thought.

But instead of an attendant bursting in and then running back out with a frantic apology, another person stood in the doorway, frozen still.


Now Ningguang realized what Keqing had been trying to tell her before. The Yuheng hadn't even taken into consideration that she might have forgotten that there was another meeting scheduled in the evening: after all, the Geo Vision bearer had always been very precise and attentive when it came to scheduling and important tasks. Therefore, the purple-haired woman would have had no reason to believe that today's date and what it meant could ever have slipped Ningguang's mind.

After three months of travel, today was the date on which the Alcor and her fleet had been scheduled to return. So, ready for her usual debriefing and next instructions, here Captain Beidou stood.

A moment of silence stretched between them. The Electro Vision bearer seemed to be genuinely speechless: only a pointed glance from the Tianquan managed to snap her out of her trance.

“I apologize profusely, lady Ningguang,” the captain exclaimed, bowing lower than Ningguang had ever seen her bow. “I was told that ya were in yer quarters when I got here. I didn't think ya were... uh... changing.”

The Geo Vision bearer didn't miss how the captain's eyes roved over her body as if trying to see under her skin; she definitely noticed how her gaze lingered on her chest; she certainly didn't imagine the sound of Beidou swallowing thickly. She chose to ignore said actions and simply waved her out with a frown.

Once the door closed behind the woman's red and black robes, Ningguang heaved a long sigh. It had been a while since anyone had looked at her that way: even though everyone and their mothers knew that Liyue's Tianquan was an incredibly beautiful woman, few had ever dared gaze at her with anything other than deep respect. Was that why it had felt so... good?

An image flashed in her mind for a moment: Beidou's strong, calloused hands cupping the underside of her soft breasts. She had to sit down for a moment then, internally cursing her brain. Archons. Oh, and her muscles... they were impressive everywhere: arms double the size of her own, powerful stance, and probably steel abs as well. Beidou's thighs in particular... yes, she'd noticed that they were undoubtedly very thick due to her continuous exercise.


When in the world had she even noticed such a thing? And why?

Ningguang was clenching her own legs at this point as she sat on the duvet. Archons! What had gotten into her? Sure, she hadn't had sex in a while, but...

You'd let her if she asked, her brain traitorously whispered.

Stop, the Tianquan shot back.

These were thoughts worthy of a teenager; she was an adult, damn it. No responsible person would fantasize this way over someone to whom they'd talked all of five times at maximum. Yes, Beidou had always been a rogue element in the boring and monotonous office life that the Tianquan usually led; even if they'd always met in official settings, the captain had looked at her in an ever-so-slightly different way in comparison to the other people at those events. There was respect there, of course, for she was part of the captain's government... but Ningguang had usually felt as if there were something she wasn't picking up in those instances.

Could it have been... lust?

No. Not even rowdy Beidou was improper enough to entertain such thoughts in public, and in business settings nonetheless. Well... okay, maybe she was overestimating the captain's politeness and willingness to follow etiquette, but still!

Ningguang huffed in annoyance, mostly directed at herself. Beidou was a guest, and she was making her wait. Placing the pajamas back under the bed, the Tianquan stood and walked over to the large pine wardrobe on the other side of the room.

The thoughts about the captain and what could possibly happen that night if she wanted did not remain silent for long, however: when she started pondering over what to wear, she found herself hesitating.

The rational choice would be to wear her usual robes, but those were to be washed and couldn't be worn. The rest of her clothing was meant either for high-end parties or casual wear. Ningguang cursed her lack of foresight: she'd always relied on her assistants to wash and prepare her golden dress every time she needed it, so she wasn't at all ready for a situation like the one she found herself in.

So. What to wear?

The Geo user considered her options. She could wear casual clothes—a cotton shirt and matching pants—or she could wear a short dress. The longer dresses were out of the question: they were meant for diplomatic dinner parties and would count as severely overdressing if she were to wear any one of them that evening.

Her treacherous eyes landed on a short dress that she'd tried to hide in the back of the closet: it was a thin thing, almost see-through, and—despite the fact that it technically reached to her knees—was quite scandalous due to two thin slits that opened on either side, showing the entire thigh. It had been a gag gift from Lumine and Paimon, who'd snickered while waiting for her to open the carefully wrapped package and had then burst into raucous laughter at the glare she'd sent their way once she'd seen what they'd bought her.

It was in no way fit for a business meeting, nor for any other official event Ningguang could ever possibly have to attend. She'd never used it and hadn't even tried it on, despite the continuous pleas from the two who'd purchased the dress: she simply didn't think she'd ever find herself in a situation where she could put it to use.

She unhooked it and stared at it, holding the dress at arm's length in front of her face. If the shape hadn't been ostentatious enough, the thing was entirely colored silver.

The Tianquan placed it on her bed, then pulled out a shirt and a pair of pants and laid them out to the side of the dress. There was a choice to make, now—because she wasn't stupid and knew that, if asked, the captain would be more than happy to bed her. What outcome did she want the evening to have?

There were a lot of reasons why she shouldn't have sex with Beidou—

Like what?

It wouldn't be proper of her, first of all. The captain was here on official business.

As if people don't sometimes fuck their co-workers. Plus, YOU weren't the one roving her eyes over the other's body just a few minutes ago.

The Tianquan of Liyue shouldn't behave in such ways.

The Tianquan of Liyue should just... never have sex? She paused, then sighed. There obviously wasn't any rule against it, and she was just as human as the people she passed on the street. Such impulses were normal.

It had been... a while since she'd last done something like this.

If someone used that excuse all the time, they'd never get anything done!

Okay, so there wasn't a good reason to not do this. Her hand itched towards the sheer dress, an action past her would never have believed herself capable of doing. The dress was truly scandalous...

Was there even a reason she should, instead of just going to bed afterwards?

The image from before popped into her head again, and Ningguang found herself holding her thighs closer once again.

She inhaled slowly, then exhaled in the same manner. The material was softer on her skin than she'd anticipated: it slid over her curves easily, pooling much like the metal it resembled. It wasn't too sheer in the front and back, so she wouldn't have to take off her bra. It was yet another layer that Beidou would hopefully be peeling off her skin later in the night...

Archons. It really had only taken a hungry look from the other woman for Ningguang to want to feel her body on top of hers. The power! It might also have been due to the fact that she hadn't... taken care of herself for a while now. The feeling built up, she knew that from experience.

Standing in front of the mirror, the Tianquan wondered again whether this was the right choice or not. She was aware of her overthinking problem and knew that there wouldn't be any repercussions if she were to sleep with Beidou, but... trepidation thrummed in her veins, a feeling she wasn't at all accustomed to.

The dress really was beautiful.

Ningguang opened the door to her bedroom and found herself standing in the empty corridor outside. She checked the sitting rooms first, wondering where the captain had decided to wait, then headed towards the kitchen and side rooms. It was glaringly obvious that Beidou hadn't gone to the dinner room, but the Geo user was trying to buy herself time—she knew that, subconsciously, but decided to power on and check every single room.

As should have been obvious, her guest was waiting in the meeting room. The door to it was adorned with a silver plaque that bore its name, and therefore was easy for anyone to spot. The woman was sitting in one of the chairs in front of the Tianquan's desk: she looked up with a greeting that quickly died in her throat.

For a second, Ningguang felt a bit self-conscious. As she walked towards her desk, she wondered whether she'd managed to interpret the entire situation the wrong way; was Beidou really interested in her under that aspect, or had she spent so long dressing up and worrying for nothing?

Said trepidation didn't last long, for the Geo Vision bearer caught the captain's gaze as she sat behind the desk and saw nothing but want in her dark eyes. The sight made her own breath hitch, but she managed to keep her cool despite her body temperature rising.

“Thank you for waiting,” Ningguang began, her tone blissfully official. “I am afraid you caught me at the wrong time—this meeting had slipped my mind, and for that I apologize.”

“There's no need ta say sorry,” the captain replied immediately, although her voice was a bit shaky. “The attendants said ta just go to yer room, since they knew ya were there. I didn't think twice...”

The Tianquan waved her concerns away with a motion of her hand. The movement made the fabric of the dress shift a bit, and Beidou followed it with her eyes for a second before snapping them back up to her face. “How was the trip?”

The captain grinned. “Surprisingly smooth, actually. There were fewer strong winds than anticipated. We did have ta take a detour ta Inazuma in the beginning ta drop Lumine and Paimon off there, but other than that there weren't any problems.”

Ningguang nodded, silently proud that Beidou had trusted her enough to tell her of a clearly illegal action. The Geo Vision bearer didn't approve of the Sakoku Decree or of the Vision Hunt whatsoever, so the mention of this particular violation didn't matter to her. “I hope you didn't encounter problems with the customs. No one caught you, correct?”


“Do you have your report already compiled?”

Beidou nodded. “It's right here, had all of my sailors check it as well. It's complete.” A pause. “I also added the Inazuma part in a separate folder.”

To make it easier to hide. “Thank you very much, Beidou.” The Tianquan smiled. “Diligent as always.”

They both stood, and Ningguang led the way out from the room. The captain wasn't familiar with the layout of her quarters, having never been there, so it was the perfect opportunity. Since the Electro Vision bearer was complete in her documenting, the meetings after each arrival and before each departure were usually short and to the point—the Tianquan would look over the details later and call her back if there were any errors.

This time, however, Ningguang wasn't planning on going straight to her office to pore over the folders as she usually did.

She started walking in the direction opposite the lobby and the doors to the rest of the mansion, choosing to take the long route that would eventually lead to her room. Behind her, Beidou was quiet. Was she thinking about something? Maybe she hadn't told the entire truth, and something had gone wrong?

A quick glance back had the captain snapping her eyes to Ningguang's face with a blush.


Apparently the silver dress did wonders for her ass, because she caught Beidou staring the three following times she peered over her shoulder.

There wasn't really any reason to hold back, then.

“Like the view?” she purred the next time she caught her.

The captain stopped in her tracks with wide eyes, placing a hand over her mouth. “I—oh, Archons, I'm really fuckin' sorry—“

“Don't apologize,” the Tianquan interrupted with a low laugh that she'd never heard herself make. “It's the reaction I was hoping for when I chose this dress, after all.”

The words took a couple seconds to sink in: when they did, Beidou met her gaze, wide grin on her face. “You dressed up fer me?”

“Do not think I didn't notice how you looked at me when you came into my room before,” she smiled. “It got me wondering... what expression would you make if you were allowed to peel my clothes off yourself?”

Zero to one hundred. Just the way she liked it.

The Electro user's grin turned feral, an expression that had the Tianquan's blood boiling even hotter than before. “Well, why don't we find out then?”

“Thought you'd never ask.”

Dignified ladies didn't run but Ningguang sure got close then, walking quickly towards her room with Beidou jogging behind. She just managed to close the door and lock it before the pirate's lips were pressed against her own.

The kiss was anything but chaste; the Geo Vision bearer groaned as the captain's tongue explored her mouth. Right to it, then—very well. Two could play this game.

One of Ningguang's hands flew up to the back of Beidou's head, while the other stopped low on her hip with the thumb pressing into her thigh. As expected, the muscles there were strong and taut. She felt the other woman grin again against her lips as her hands lifted the exquisite hem of the silver dress.

Shivers danced down her spine as the pirate's rough hands trailed up her thighs, so slowly it was almost torture. Her thumbs grazed their insides as they went up, and Ningguang's legs almost buckled right then and there—they would have if Beidou hadn't been holding her up. Her hands (Archons, her hands...) slid up past her panties and across her stomach, then up over her breasts as the captain finally pulled the dress off with a single careful move and tossed it onto the floor in a heap of shiny material.

This time, Beidou didn't hold back as she gazed down at her Tianquan. Her heavy gaze roved along the lines of her black lace bra, down the slope of her stomach, across her face. All with a self-assured smirk that made Ningguang want to relinquish all control to her. She didn't though, not immediately: she pulled the captain's own robe off first, marveling at her toned muscles and thick arms. If Beidou had some sort of preference for the chest—because she did, the Geo Vision bearer wasn't blind—she enjoyed the sight of strong muscles the most on women.

“Yer the sexiest thing I've ever seen,” the Electro user whispered onto her skin as she stooped down to press kisses against the Tianquan's jaw and down her neck. Ningguang moaned softly as the other woman lapped at her collarbone: that particular spot had always been a bit more sensitive for her. Heavy breaths filled the room as she kept going, sometimes leaving marks with her teeth on the more tender places.

The captain picked her up suddenly and sat her down on the edge of the bed, climbing onto her lap right after. Another long kiss followed, during which Beidou kept trailing her hands over the clasp of Ningguang's bra as if asking for permission. The gesture made the Tianquan's heart melt a little as she nodded slowly.

The clasp clicked open, but the captain didn't immediately yank it off—no, she took the straps in her mouth and pulled them down Ningguang's shoulders with her teeth. The gesture was languid and slow, all done while the Electro Vision bearer looked her right in the eyes.

The undergarment finally fell to the floor and the Tianquan felt a little cold for a moment. She watched Beidou lean back in her lap to admire the sight.

The woman was looking down at her chest as if she'd just stepped up to the altar of a god: she hadn't even started touching her there and Ningguang was already feeling much warmer, what with the captain's lidded eyes taking in every detail of her breasts. A cold breeze filtered through the room, and both of them watched as they peaked with the temperature drop. Beidou swallowed thickly, her mouth hanging slightly open as her hands settled on the Geo Vision bearer's waist: they rubbed small circles into the skin as she leisurely moved them up.

Ningguang's vision from before was about to come to life.

Her mouth betrayed her as Beidou finally reached the underside of her breasts and held them in her palms, opening in a whimper. Her arms, braced behind her on the covers, shook with the effort of remaining tense.

The captain pressed her thumbs on the curve of her chest while her other fingers splayed on the soft skin on either side of her torso. The callouses on her palms provided texture as she began massaging her breasts in small movements: it was something Ningguang had never known she'd needed but now probably wouldn't be able to go without.

The whimpers quickly turned to small gasps when Beidou's hands roamed even higher, although she seemed to be avoiding the nipple.

“Stop—teasing,” the Tianquan choked out.

“It's worth seeing yer flushed face,” the pirate murmured seductively. “And who'd ever have thought that ya'd make such sweet sounds?”

Ningguang growled at her as the pirate returned to her ministrations.

The concentric circles the captain was making with her calloused fingers were getting smaller and smaller, getting closer to the most sensitive spots: the Geo user's sounds grew louder along with the movements, and if she'd been a bit more lucid she might have worried about open windows nearby.

Finally, Beidou got to the center of her breasts. The Tianquan waited with baited breath for her hands to touch her completely, to envelop her chest in loving touch; instead, Beidou tore her face away from where she'd been licking the other woman's neck and placed her lips softly around her left nipple.

Ningguang moaned and threw her head back while her arms finally collapsed: Beidou fell atop her, not moving her mouth even as they reclined on the duvet. The pirate pulled them both up completely so that the Geo Vision bearer's head was lying on the pillow and continued lapping at her breasts. She was panting at this point, tangling her pale fingers into the captain's dark hair, arching her back against her lover almost with desperation.

Gods, she sighed, delirious.

Beidou's tongue did not leave room for much more than that single thought, licking circles around one nipple while the other sat under her heavy hand. It was such a possessive gesture that Ningguang felt like screaming her pleasure to the entirety of Liyue.

“Mm... like that, don't ya?”

The Tianquan couldn't do anything but moan in response, arching her hips up against her lover's toned stomach.

The captain continued to press kisses into her soft skin, dipping her head between her breasts and placing one there before moving to the other side. Ningguang ached for more contact even though their bodies were pressed together completely.

At least, that's what she'd thought... until Beidou shifted slightly above her and the Tianquan realized just how wet her lover was.

A small chuckle left her throat at the discovery that the pirate was just as turned on as her. The thought had her heart beating even faster than before, something the Geo user hadn't thought possible.

Seemingly jolted from her trance, the captain picked her head up and grinned. Ningguang felt rather than saw Beidou's hands trail down to her hips and lower her panties before throwing them to the side: the woman took hers off too and then stilled for a moment, kneeling tall between the Tianquan's outspread legs. Seeing that the Electro Vision bearer was looking at the entirety of her body so attentively, Ningguang arched her back, moved her hands over her head, crossing her wrists, and then gasped softly as yet another cold breeze caressed her breasts.

Archons,” Beidou moaned, and it was the sweetest sound the Tianquan had ever heard in her life.

She moved to tower over her, long black hair falling all the way down to the bed sheets. Ningguang expected her to place her mouth on her chest again, but the woman instead claimed her mouth with her own and leisurely pushed her tongue inside. There was something different about the way Beidou kissed now in comparison to before: it was more desperate and harsh, as if she were trying to reach into her lover.

The Tianquan briefly wondered what the captain was planning to do next. The respite from the breast touches left her mind a bit clearer, and she was able to feel every inch of her own body now. Her hands were curled over her head in a submissive gesture, while her legs were splayed wide open.

The pause didn't last long.

Ningguang's every thought was pushed back out of her head as Beidou pressed the back of her hand between her legs.

The captain's knuckles grazed over the silver hair, threading through it and twirling it around her fingers languidly. Their mouths were still connected, so the sounds the Tianquan started making were all swallowed by the sloppy noise of their tongues... but she was sure that if Beidou weren't kissing her then, she would have alerted all of the attendants in the house.

The pirate didn't waste time: her fingers delved deeper and deeper until they reached Ningguang's entrance. She pulled them away for a second then, glancing at them. They were glistening and wet, and Beidou's now free mouth pulled into a satisfied smirk.

“Put—them—back,” the Tianquan ordered.

“Of course, milady,” Beidou teased. “Whatever ya say.”

Her hand found its rightful place again, and Ningguang tightened her legs instinctively as Beidou's knuckles finally sank inside her. Two fingers, right off the bat: the captain wasn't playing around.

It hurt a bit, at first. Ningguang still remembered her first time, remembered how it had stung for some time at the beginning and she'd worried that she was doing something wrong. She'd been a teenager back then, and had not documented herself whatsoever before having sex. But gods... after the initial discomfort, it felt wonderful.

This time, it took less time for her to adjust to the captain's fingers. Her lover moved slowly, waiting for her to give the okay to go on: the Tianquan gave it without a moment of hesitation, moaning as Beidou's thick fingers moved within her. The Electro user's other hand was stroking the inside of her thigh as she went, stilling her hips when the rocking became too pronounced. The control did nothing to quell Ningguang's mounting arousal—she wasn't going to last much longer at this pace.

She said—well, gasped—as much, but the captain did not stop, simply shrugging. “Means I'm doing it right,” she murmured against the soft skin on her inner leg.

Beidou was experienced, it was obvious. Her movements were practiced and sure even as she added a third finger: the pressure in the Tianquan's body was rising fast, and she found herself at the edge much faster than all of her previous experiences.

“Gods,” she sighed, rocking her hips in time with the pirate's strokes. Her back was permanently arched at this point, and her lower body kept bucking up to press Beidou's fingers even deeper. And every time Ningguang's hips moved on their own, the captain would chuckle low and press a hot kiss onto her thigh, or her flattened stomach, or even right above her own thrusting hand.

Ningguang came with a scream of “Beidou!”.

Her legs tightened impossibly around the pirate's shoulders, and all of her limbs tensed: her fingers were curled tightly into the pillows above her head; her face was flushed red, mouth open and panting; her breasts quivered slightly as her torso shook with the pleasure coursing through her veins.

Beidou continued to finger her as she came down from the high of her orgasm: as she stopped trembling, the Electro user pulled her three fingers out. As Ningguang watched through the haze of the fading contentedness, the absolute bastard pulled her hand to her face and licked it all over, effectively cleaning it, all while sporting the most smug look she'd ever seen on anyone—including all of the self-centered businessmen she'd had to deal with in her line of work.

“Archons,” the Tianquan gasped. She sat up quickly, untangling her legs from the twisted duvet, and threw her arms around Beidou's shoulders with a hot kiss.

“Ah,” the captain moaned. “Ya were so... good for me...”

“I'm not done being good for you,” Ningguang replied hotly. “Lie down.”

The Electro Vision bearer tilted her head back and fell onto the bed, clasping her hands behind her head. She was trying to act nonchalant, to preserve her confident facade as much as she could, but the Tianquan knew that she was aroused and curious as to what she would do to her.

Ningguang had never used her mouth to pleasure anyone before, but she'd had a partner who'd taught her the basics in the past: plus, she could base herself off of what she preferred. That was the perk of making love to someone of her own gender.

When she bowed down between the captain's bent legs, Beidou's breath hitched as she realized what her lover was about to do.

The Tianquan didn't immediately place her tongue in the center, opting instead to lick stripes across the wide expanse of the Crux leader's thighs. The muscle hovering below the soft skin excited her, and she gripped the strong legs to steady herself as she balanced over her lover's stomach. She left hot marks here, too, leading down to her core, accompanied by the musical sounds Beidou was making as she went.

When Ningguang finally tasted her, the captain's resulting moan was almost melodic: her accented voice rose in pitch as the Tianquan continued to eat her out, the soft lapping being the only other noise in the room. It was making even her blood boil a bit even if she'd just climaxed herself—something about being in control, watching Beidou's legs tremble around her head, observing her from below as the woman's powerful hands gripped the covers harshly.

“Archons,” the Electro user gasped: Ningguang took it as a sign that she'd hit the right spot and continued there, caressing the insides of her lover's legs with soft strokes. She then traced her hips with her nails and noticed with no little amount of pride that Beidou's breaths were getting shorter and more labored—was she close?

The Tianquan moved her fingers closer to her mouth, threading through the dark hair: her mouth dipped even closer, and she found herself having to place a steadying hand on the captain's hips to stop her from bucking them up. It was the hottest thing she'd ever done, her own almost silent sounds getting swallowed by Beidou's.

The Electro user suddenly sat up a bit, reached a hand down, and threaded her thick fingers in Ningguang's hair, pushing her head down even more. The Tianquan looked up at her with a question in her eyes.

“Yes, I'm fuckin' close,” the captain moaned. “Ya don't even hafta ask...”

The Geo user smiled—although her lover couldn't see her do so—and quickened her pace slightly, caressing the underside of the captain's legs with fleeting, possessive touches. It was even hotter now that Beidou was gripping her hair, pulling at it and helping her keep it out of the way.

When the shudders and trembling of her thighs reached its climax, Ningguang took her mouth away and shuffled up to place her breasts between the captain's legs. Her gaze traveled up to watch as the Electro user came with a strangled cry, falling back onto the mattress with all of her muscles clenched impossibly.

They both laid there for a couple seconds, panting with exertion and hot pleasure: once Beidou came down from her orgasm, she pulled the Tianquan up towards her and pressed her close to her own body.

Grazing her calloused hands over Ningguang's now-wet breasts, the captain smiled tiredly and yawned. “Gods, I think that was the best sex I've ever had in... ever?”

“Mm,” the Geo user agreed. “You tasted good.”

Beidou blushed furiously at that, and the Tianquan gazed at her in surprise. “What, now you're shy?”

The other woman laughed. “Nah, it's jus' that I've never heard anyone say that.”

“...Right. I'm going to pretend I didn't just realize you have a praise kink.”

She earned a tug on her hair at that, and burst out in an uncharacteristic fit of giggles.

“I'll figure out how ta make you come even faster next time, and that's a promise,” Beidou smiled.

Next time, Ningguang's mind whooped excitedly. She was extremely glad that the Electro user had enjoyed herself as much as she had.

“All right, then,” she whispered. “I'm looking forward to it already.”

The next morning, Beidou bid her goodbyes quite early. “I didn't want to leave while ya were still sleepin', so I took the liberty of wakin' ya up,” she explained. Ningguang's heart swelled at the sweet gesture. “I hafta go back to check that none of my men have died of alcohol poisonin' somewhere out in the streets.”

She snorted in amusement. “Good luck with that. I have a feeling you're going to find at least a couple passed out in various bars.”

“Well, that's jus' routine at this point. Hopin' I won't have to go so far as fire anyone, though...”

The captain walked right out the front doors, not bothering to pretend she hadn't spent the night. Luckily there was barely anyone out and about in the halls—it was truly early in the morning—but she did meet Keqing while heading out.

Ningguang didn't know this because she followed Beidou all the way to the exit; no, she deduced that they'd met as soon as the purple-haired woman showed up at the doors to her quarters, leaning against one of the hallway walls with a raised eyebrow.

“Did Captain Beidou sleep here?” she wondered, her tone a bit too casual for her question to be genuine.

“If you know the answer, then why ask the question?” Ningguang pointed out wearily. “Yes, she did. I allowed her to sleep in one of the guest rooms, for the meeting turned out to be longer than predicted and I did not want to appear impolite.”

Keqing nodded fervently, stroking her chin in an almost comical manner. “Right, right! That makes sense, especially considering that your meetings with her have never exceeded the thirty minute mark. A sensible reason, indeed!” Ningguang was not dumb enough to hope that the woman wouldn't reach the correct conclusions... but, without proof, she wouldn't be able to do much about it.

It was her turn to raise an eyebrow. “Do you think I'm lying, Yuheng?”

The cat-eared woman shook her head. “Not at all, madam. After all, who'd lie about a boring old meeting?”

The Tianquan narrowed her eyes. “Right. Well, I'll be off—busy day today.”

“Sure, wouldn't want to keep you. One more thing: if you ever need help straightening your hair the next time around, don't hesitate to call me! I wouldn't want you hurting your poor neck like that again, after all...”

Peering in the mirror that hung at the end of the corridor in which the two of them were standing, Ningguang realized—with no small amount of horror—that the captain's hot neck kisses had left more of a mark than she'd first thought. Turning back, she watched Keqing wink conspiratorially and then jog in the direction she'd come from.

“Archons,” the Geo user sighed, placing a hand on her forehead. “How embarrassing...”