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Love at first sight

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“Is it okay?” Kazutora whispers, watching Takemichi’s face for any signs of discomfort but the smaller boy merely whimpers, trembling on Kazutora’s bedsheets.

He looks immaculate like this.

Cheeks flush an apple red, lip swollen because Kazutora had lovingly nipped on them, his chest blooms like the spring flowers, his cute little nipples rock hard from Kazutora tugging and tweaking on them for god knows how long—and his cute little Takemichi had somehow managed to cum simply from being stimulated off of his nipples.

It had been all way too fast.

Takemichi had stuttered and apologized for cumming with just his nipples.

(The boy clearly didn’t know how much of a turn-on that was. Kazutora swore that his cock was going to rip a new hole in his pants).

It’s cute.

“’tora…” Takemichi whines out, trying to keep his breathing steady but it’s hard when Kazutora’s thrusting three fingers up his ass—his once upon a time, like almost thirty minutes ago, virgin ass. “Oh god, please, please…!”

Kazutora chuckles, leaning in to press a kiss at the corner of Takemichi’s mouth, his hair falling to tickle Takemichi’s face.

“Please what, love?” Kazutora purrs, eyes dripping honey.

He still couldn’t believe that Takemichi was his—his to love. His to cherish. His future.

Takemichi chose him.

The idea makes Kazutora’s head fuzzy, his stomach flipping on itself and the smile on his face widens when Takemichi tearfully glares at him, and shakily pinches at his nose.

“’on’t tease me,” Takemichi whimpers, only to choke when Kazutora’s fingers just rub the right spot.

Kazutora hums, eyes twinkling as he devoured the image of his lover breaking down underneath him.

“But, we have to make sure that you’re loose enough. Wouldn’t want to rip you open during your first time.”

Takemichi clearly had enough of the foreplay because he grabs Kazutora by the tips of his hair and tugs him down, close enough so he can bite Kazutora’s nose, surprising the older boy—but Takemichi doesn’t bite right enough to cause pain. 

With a cheeky grin, and a loud ‘angry’ huff, Takemichi orders him to “fuck me already, ‘tora, or else, I’m going to find someone else to fuck me if you don’t—”

Kazutora sees red.

Realistically, he knows that Takemichi wouldn’t do such a thing but it’s hard to think rationally when his love—his first love says things like this.

And if Takemichi wants it.

Kazutora is going to give it to him so good that Takemichi won’t be able to be satisfied with any other dick other than Kazutora’s.

With a soft growl, Kazutora tugs his fingers back, the digits glistening with a mixture of Takemichi’s juices and lube…a lot of lube. The older boy grabs the lube, generously strokes his cock because the last thing he needs is to make Takemichi’s first time painful.

A small whimper pulls Kazutora’s attention back up, a smirk slipping on his face when he sees Takemichi’s wide eyes, staring directly at his dick. Not to brag, but Kazutora’s always been average at everything else except down there.

And to see Takemichi’s reaction, well, it strokes his ego a little.

Kazutora grabs onto Takemichi’s waist, dragging him down a little until they’re pressing flush skin to skin against each other.

“W-wait…!” Takemichi yelps out, looking bewildered.

In a teasing mood, Kazutora purrs lightly, “what’s wrong, love? Backing down?”

His lover glares at him, lying between his teeth, and with a small huff, consents for Kazutora to continue. The older boy obliges, and by the time, he slides into Takemichi’s heat, he could tell that Takemichi’s senses must be overwhelmed, too inexperienced by this whole situation.

Kazutora bends down to press his forehead against Takemichi's, he knows that by doing this, his cock nudges a little deeper.

Yet, he's distracted by the bright blues of Takemichi's eyes makes Kazutora's breath hitch. They're so clear that it almost puts the sky to shame. His lover whimpers, little sweet moans slipping from his beautiful lip.

His entire body's colouring a pretty pink. 

An erotic flush that only seems to continue to spread. 

Takemichi clings onto Kazutora’s forearms as if he’s trying to anchor himself and Kazutora doesn’t move, no matter how much he wants to just fuck—no make love to Takemichi. He doesn't move. Kazutora wants to move but he doesn’t, he wants this to be the best experience for Takemichi.

“You alright, love?” Kazutora whispers, reaching up to stroke at Takemichi’s flush cheeks, carefully wiping away the crystal tears rolling down his face.

Takemichi doesn’t answer.

Kazutora has the half-mind to pull away, after all, this may be too much for Takemichi but before he could even get an inch out, Takemichi locks him in place, crossing his ankles together to keep Kazutora from leaving.

With an unsteady voice, Takemichi tries to form an answer, his eyes hazy and unbelievably full of lust and Kazutora wonders if Takemichi knows what kind of expression he's showing him.

“’fine, just…wow…”

It comes out breathless and Kazutora knows it’s a good wow.

“Need a minute?”

Takemichi nods.

Kazutora has to call upon the God of restrain to stop himself from moving. This is definitely harder than serving his time in juvenile but for Takemichi? He’s willing to try his damn hardest.

It’s agonizing.

Feeling Takemichi’s velvety walls clench down on his cock, as if they’re coaxing him to move. The contractions feel better than Kazutora could ever imagine and added on the fact that this is Hanagaki Takemichi, his first love—Kazutora feels like he’s an unbelievably high, like he's on cloud nine and nothing could ever ruin his day. 

“Okay,” Takemichi says with a harsh breath out, “Y-you can move…slowly, please?”

Kazutora smiles, and kisses Takemichi.

He starts rocking, slow, careful, not really thrusting, heck he doesn’t even pull back more than an inch. Kazutora wants to make sure that Takemichi can handle it and each gentle rock has his lover whimpering and sobbing out his name.

His name has never sounded so good before. 

“Alright?” Kazutora asks. 

Takemichi nods, reaching for something, anything really so Kazutora entwines their fingers together, and with a little more courage, he starts to pull back and thrust in. Then again. And again. Until finally he becomes a little more daringly, pulling back until only the tip of his cock teases Takemichi’s lewd entrance.

The squishy sound of their slick and generous lube echoes in the cheap apartment.

It's embarrassingly loud. 

But it's one of the evidence of their love. 

“Fuck,” Kazutora growls, releasing one hand so he can slip it towards Takemichi’s pretty cock, that's curving towards his tummy, smearing his own pre-cum all over himself. “You’re taking me so well, baby, you’re doing so good.”

Takemichi whimpers through all of Kazutora’s praises.

The older boy knows that Takemichi loves it all because each praise is followed by a small twitch of Takemichi’s dick in his hand, and a sweet clench on his cock. Kazutora starts striking Takemichi’s cock, ignoring Takemichi’s small cries of how he couldn’t cum anymore.

But Kazutora knows better and promises Takemichi that this is the last one. 

“Are you close?" Kazutora asks, moving a little faster and a little harder because he knows he’s almost there. He can feel the heat in his stomach start to bloom. “Are you, Takemichi? Babe, tell me, can you—”

Oh god, ‘tora—” Takemichi cries out, his other free hand that’s not occupied, digging harshly into Kazutora’s shoulder.

His sweet lover doesn’t get to finish his sentence before he’s spilling all over Kazutora’s hand.

Takemichi cums first.

He cums hard, toes curling, nails ripping at Kazutora's skin enough to sting Kazutora. 

Yet, Kazutora could really care less because beneath him is Takemichi, who looks so gorgeous that Kazutora still can’t believe that this…is his.

That Takemichi accepted him.

Takemichi wanted him just as much as Kazutora wanted Takemichi.

Kazutora’s eyes sting painfully, he kind of wants to cry. Because this is a blessing that he knows he doesn’t deserve.

Yet, here he is.

Making love to his first love—his thoughts are only cut off when Takemichi, in a small haze, kisses him hard, so passionately that their teeth clash against each other and for some reason that’s what pushes Kazutora over the edge.

He cums so hard that he ends up collapsing on top of Takemichi.

The younger boy lets out a small surprise grunt at the sudden weight on his chest, and hot mess of Kazutora’s cum all over his chest.

A second passes.

Or maybe a minute.

Or an hour.

Kazutora’s not counting but by the time, he rolls onto the side, lying side by side with Takemichi, the heat’s long gone.

Only the sounds of their breathy breathes remain. 

“I love you,” Takemichi says, when he meets Kazutora’s eyes.

And Kazutora blinks his tears away, careful to grab Takemichi’s hand so he can press a kiss against his knuckles. “I love you too, Takemichi.”