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Friday the Thirteenth

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day the 13th- Chapter 15

Illya Kuryakin being ever the scientist as well as an UNCLE agent extraordinaire, began thinking over this Friday the13th thing.

Once Napoleon had convinced him of the reality of it he’d let himself become nothing more than reactive, rather than being proactive with it.

Carrying around things like rabbit’s feet, four leaf clovers,  his own a small Russian-made horse shoe with tiny bells hanging from it, an Omamori which was a traditional Japanese charm inscribed with words of luck, a penny he once found laying heads up on the sidewalk…it all became a bit cumbersome.

April solved the problem for herself after having installed a number of lucky charms on her gold charm bracelet. That however was something he Napoleon or Mark had as an option.

That got the clever Russian thinking. There had to be a way to consolidate the luck charms the men stuffed in their pockets everytime this odd Friday the 13th rolled around.

He disappeared down into the belly of headquarters where the labs were located and started to work, days before the thirteenth arrived.

Napoleon called him via communicator asking where he’d been, and Illya told him just to be patient, and that he would reveal what he was designing to solve their problem.

“What problem?” Solo asked.

“You will see, now leave me be. I have work to do.”

Illya finally showed up the morning of Friday the 13th, meeting everyone in the Commissary; it was their custom to do so on this date sitting a the table in the back corner of the dining area.

As he sat down Illya tossed his lucky charms on the table and asked everyone, except April to put their charms on the table as well.

The Old man had even gotten into the spirit of the thing and tried to avoid sending anyone into the field on this somewhat ominous day. UNCLE agents were a superstitious lot, but he was rather taken aback when he found his ever pragmatic Russian was even in on the possibility of this day simply being bad luck.  Not that UNCLE came to a standstill on the thirteenth, as there were agents who didn’t believe in it at all.

Even Mister Waverly had his lucky horseshoe hanging above the door to his conference room...


“What gives mate?” Mark asked Illya. “What have you got there?”

“I have a solution to us feeling the need to carry all these cumbersome charms with us.”

“So what is it?” Napoleon smiled.

“Et voila!” Illya place a small silver disc the size of a half dollar on the table.

“So what is it?” April asked. She picked it up and squinted at it. There was something written on it but she couldn’t for the life of her read it.

Illya produced a magnifying glass and handed it to her.

Once getting a good look at it, she burst out laughing.

Mark leaned over as April held it in place for him to see. He too squinted and immediately began laughing as well.

“What?” Napoleon asked.”What’s so funny?”

“Here goose,” she handed him the magnifier.

Napoleon looked carefully and once his eyes adjusted, he let out a loud belly laugh.

“You approve then?” Illya asked.

“Well we’ll see if it works darling,” April said. “I think I’ll stick with my collection. Lucky or not, I like how my bracelet jingles, and I love my diamond horseshoe ring.”

Illya nodded. “We will see today. Now the writing is on the reverse, on the obverse side you will see engraved the image of a horseshoe, and there is a tiny four-leaved clover inlaid in the metal, and sealed. Napoleon, I have added the blue eye charm to the back of yours to ward off the malocchio.”

“What’s malocchio?”Mark asked.

“It’s the evil eye,” Napoleon gravely nodded.

“What’s so funny?” George Dennell came up to the table.

“Illya just invented a new lucky charm guv,” Slate grinned. He handed the disc to George who looked at it and read it aloud.

“If you can not read this without magnification, then you are the luckiest person in the world.”

He didn’t use the magnifying glass.

They all burst out laughing even louder.

“What?” George said, “I don’t get it.”

“Here,” Illya tossed him a few of his old charms.” You just might need these.”

“Huh?” Dennell’s eyes went wide...