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Fanfic Ideas

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So, basically, Toppat King!Henry Stickmin & co. are in the Young Justice verse. Henry & Ellie would be metahumans (Ellie has her Force powers and Henry can see every timeline) how they got those powers is up to you.
(Tell me if I need to be more descriptive next time, I have no idea what I’m doing)

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Taylor gets a power that’s inspired by both Marionette (FNaF) & Creepypasta’s Laughing Jack.
She can transform people (5-17) into grayscale crying ghosts that follow her orders, if they had powers beforehand she can give them back an altered version of their old look with a few animal features. (powers don’t necessarily come from a Shard)

Drawbacks to power include;

Reliance: She has to use her powers in order to stay alive similarly to how we have to eat.

Sanity degradation: Whilst she’d never be the second coming of the Joker, she wouldn’t be a Paragon of Stability either.

Trauma: Her powers won’t work as well on mentally/emotionally/spiritually sound people

Side Abilities include;


Illusion making

Slightly enhanced intelligence

Slightly increased strength