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I Owe You (One-Shot)

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"I thought we shouldn't see each other again, JoJo."

Standing in the doorframe of your home was the last person you would least expect: Jotaro. The man who had neglected your feelings and cries and the cause of your fallout. Over one year ago, the man you broke off with over neglect and refusing to return the love you asked for him. Why is he back and why you of all people would he visit?

"You should know why I'm here (Y/N). Or maybe you weren't given anything yet." His tone hasn't changed last time you remembered. He pulls a folder that contains a letter from his jacket and hands it to you. "Here."

You guess this time he's being direct. Regardless of what it is, a part of you was curious as to what it is. If only you had known what was in that letter.

Upon inspecting the letter, the first thing you saw is your name and home address and nothing major, and a notice that this mail is urgent. The corner reveals that this letter was from the court, as in the city court. Surely it isn't anything too bad, was it? Possibly a court meeting about something related to what you did wrong, as breaking any law is the biggest of your worries.

Everything was thrown out the window as this letter was an agreement to the consent of a conservatorship.

"W-what is this..."

As you read further into the letter that your mental health was in a dilapidated state over the course of the past seven months to the point that you needed to have your necessities controlled by the conservator, signed by none other than Jotaro himself. Without your consent.

"Conservatorship" You stutter to yourself, "...but I didn't ask for this...I'm feeling fine, this must be a-"

"Finish the letter before you finish your sentence." He pulls out the folder containing additional documents, revealing he was the one to file the conservatorship. Approved by the court and was sent to you.

Before this, you recall a memory about opening up to Jotaro regarding your mental downfall and how your relationship was the reason you kept going, and ever since the break-up, you were struggling to recover on top of your depression.

You wished that you regret opening up to him.

"JoJo...I...I trusted you." You hold back your tears, struggling to hold it afloat.

"YOU PROMISED NOT TO TELL ANYONE!" You collapsed on your knees, letting the tears pour down your face. Jotaro's response remains neutral as he stands in front of you, letting it all happen in front of him before he breaks that silence by holding your arm.

"Get up. You should start packing your bags if you're done crying."

You were forced to quickly regain your balance, dropping the letter from your hands before he drags you outside.

"W-wait, where are we going?" You begged, trying to let go of his firm grip on your arm.

"Home, our home. I did this so you won't run away from me anymore." He turns to you, as he drags you over to his car. Conservators were meant for those who are unable to help themselves but in your case, this was a way for Jotaro to keep you in his arms until you love him back.

I love you, Jotaro thinks to himself, as he slowly closes the passenger door.