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there won't be an end can't forget the start

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[ A U G U S T 23 • R I S K ] || Elliot x Olivia || 640 Words || Rating: T

 "What do you mean, it's got minimal risks involved?" She was studying him over the top of her glasses. Her former partner was standing in front of her desk, a to-go cup clutched in his left hand, his naked ring finger was staring her in the face again.   "Elliot, you're a single father, the only parent Eli has. What about Eli?"

 "Maureen and Carl said he can stay with them." Elliot took a drink of his beverage and switched hands he was holding it in. 

 Olivia took off her glasses and put her fingers against her temple. "Going undercover, it never has minimal risks." She sighed, "I mean, really?"

 "Liv, it's only two weeks."

 "It's never two weeks." She sighed , "What am supposed to do?"

 They look of confusion on his face was almost enough to make her laugh, "What do you mean?"

 "I mean, you literally just got back, we just started fixing things between us. We're exploring our options."

“There’s not a risk.” He paused, “I’m just going in to get information.”

“So you’re going to get information out of them in two weeks? C’mon, it takes months to get people to trust you in operations like this. Do they have guns?” she asks, leaning back in her chair.


“Drugs? Are they smuggling drugs?” she asks.

“Yes.” He shifts, taking another sip of his beverage.

“I’m not comfortable with this, - not at all.” She shakes her head, spinning her chair toward the right.

“Listen, you don’t have to be comfortable with it. I’m just doing my job. I thought you would understand.” His eyes darkened a shade while he surveyed the way her jaw clenched, the way her eyes closed at his accusation that she didn’t have to be comfortable with it.

“You were retired, Elliot. Safe. Secure. Alive. she countered.

“I got bored.” He answers, shaking his head and pacing back and forth. She now turns her chair toward him and watches him walk back and forth with her arms crossed over her chest.

“For fu-“ she slammed her hand down on the top of the desk, “I’m not willing for you to take the risk. I don’t want to lose you.” she angrily whispers, “Not again and definitely not permanently.” Her eyes were a raging fire.  

He scrunched his nose at this admission, and his eyes widened. “Wait a minute. A risk you’re willing to take?...” he trailed off. “Just wait a damn minute, Olivia.”

She stood now, with her fingertips on the top of the desk, her shoulders squared, looking at him with her brows furrowed. She tapped the top of her desk with her fist twice and then walked around, removing the cup out of his hands and swallowing the last sip of his hot chocolate?

“Olivia. Liv.” She didn’t respond to him, she just stood there, her chest rising and falling in deep breaths. “Dammit, Olivia.”

“Elliot. Are you willing to risk never…” she leaned into him, placing her hands on his shoulders and bringing her lips next to his ear so only he could hear what she was saying. When she leaned back, she smiled to herself because his eyes had widened exponentially and he groaned. She took his cup and tossed it in the garbage can next to her desk and then sat back down, watching as he pulled out his cell phone.

“So,” He sighed, “It’s not worth the risk. I’ll tell them to send someone else.” He pulls out his phone and dials Ayanna, “I can’t do this operation, Sarge. There’s no one available to watch Eli.”

Olivia smiles.

She just took a gamble but her risk was worth it, and she would benefit from the payoff.