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Sweetest Temptation

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It was a quiet and clear night in Polanco. Xie Lian was still warm from the luxurious bath he’d treated himself to, and stepped out onto the balcony to bask in the cool breeze. He’d been frivolous earlier in the day, and had bought himself a fancy silk robe that he was now reluctant to swap for regular nightclothes. He was usually more frugal, but he supposed there was nothing wrong with a bout of indulgence every now and then. After all, that’s what brought him here as of the other night.

Faint, distant sounds of the city further set him at ease as he looked down at the streets below. While Xie Lian was unable to enjoy the stars due to the nature of modern cities, the myriad of lights from the shops and stands that had yet to close were a suitable substitute. If he thought about it, it had been ages since he’d seen an unadulterated view of the night sky. Perhaps that was a good idea for his next destination.

He sighed and pushed away from the railing, meaning to go back inside. However, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a little book resting atop the patio table. Had the previous patron of the suite forgotten it? Curious, Xie Lian picked it up and paged through it. It was a collection of short stories, from what he could surmise through a quick skim. Most of them were horror or mystery related, and one he found amusing was of a creature labelled a vampire.

That's all wrong, he thought to himself with a smile, as he went through it more closely. But then, when had any human ever gotten it right?

He chuckled at the notion of vampires being vulnerable to flowing water, being unable to cross streams or rivers due to some mystical reasons. Along with that were the descriptions of vampires being lifeless or bloodless—which just didn’t make sense at all. Coffins as beds, though… well he had to admit there was some truth to that. It just had to do with sunlight, which was not as dangerous to vampires as the book made it seem. It certainly wasn’t instant death. (Though Xie Lian still felt bad for the vampire character who was burnt to a crisp because she was trapped with the midday sun.)

Diffuse sunlight, like through a window, was fine. It had little effect. Still, darkness was preferred by vampires for comfort, and to reduce risk. Since structures like coffins were enclosed, they were a safe option. Any similar contraption would work just as well, and nowadays, blackout curtains existed. A lot of it was just paranoia. In reality, direct sunlight was the issue. Insidiously, a vampire may not even notice any change to their constitution, but the danger lay in the fact that it rendered them mortal. In other words, they became vulnerable to death.

There was a scar on Xie Lian’s lower abdomen as proof.

He tossed the book back onto the table, concluding that he probably should have read the story about hobgoblins instead. He changed his mind about going back inside, opting to stay and enjoy the night scenery just for a moment longer to recenter himself. He closed his eyes and willed the breeze to whisk away the sudden painful memories that bubbled their way to the surface.

It was not easy being a vampire. If he could say that now, Xie Lian remembered how difficult it had been as a freshly-turned fledgling. He remembered the confusion and fear of not understanding what he had become. None of the dozen stories about vampires he’d heard growing up had been any help. They were all either useless comedy at best, or dangerously wrong. A few had almost gotten him killed.

He had been so eager to cure himself that he’d gone to a Hunter who had promised him said cure. Of course, he had been an idiot to believe the man, even if he had once trusted him like a father. There was no cure to be had, save for death.

Bleeding out and cornered, Xie Lian had been lucky to be rescued. His wounds healed almost miraculously overnight, under the gentle cover of darkness. Over time, he grew to understand that he had been given a gift. It was only that he’d been unprepared for it—naive and afraid. Now, he wouldn’t give it up for anything, regardless of any drawbacks. As a human, he had nothing to lose. Now, things were different.

As he was busy reminiscing, the people on the floor above him had come out to their balcony to enjoy the atmosphere and probably party for a while. Xie Lian couldn’t make out their conversation over the music and laughter. Well, he could if he tried, but he saw no reason to use his power so needlessly. Their jubilant mood was uplifting, and that was enough.

It was easy to let that energy calm him if he just closed his eyes. However, he had chosen a bad time to let his guard down. Later on, he would blame his complacency on the easy atmosphere, plus his own aggressive attempts to relax and unwind.

The only warning he received was a familiar and pleasant-sounding chime from behind. Despite his own superhuman reflexes, he didn’t get a chance to move before he felt a body press up against him, as a gloved hand covered his mouth. Soft leather muffled his cry of shock, and a strong arm around his waist held him in place. He was caught, and trapped.

There was a long moment where Xie Lian could do nothing but hold himself still. It felt a bit comical, given how the humans on the balcony above were partying away, entirely unaware. So skilled and silent was his assailant, and so unalarmed was Xie Lian. He didn’t think to scream, and didn’t bother to fight back. After all, there was only one person in the world who could sneak up on him. Fighting back was useless, as Xie Lian had already lost.

“Oh, Gege, how I’ve missed you,” the smooth voice of his husband crooned in his ear. The hand over his mouth slid down, fingers curling around his neck instead. A slender finger pressed against his pulse point, as if taking note of how rapid his heartbeat was.

Xie Lian gasped in a breath, aware of the arm tightening around his waist and pulling him closer. Since he was wearing nothing but a flimsy robe, he could easily feel how excited Hua Cheng was upon finding him again. However, he couldn’t ignore the thrill in his own veins. Being chased down by the most powerful vampire in existence was exhilarating like nothing else. It was something that always turned Xie Lian into a shameless mess.

This was a game they played every now and then. He couldn’t recall how it started exactly, but in essence, it was like a very elaborate version of hide and seek. Xie Lian would take off to a mystery location, leaving no clues, staying on the move. Then, Hua Cheng would track him down.

“San Lang,” Xie Lian said simply. He kept his voice quiet so that they were not overheard. “You took your time this round.”

Hua Cheng gently ran his thumb along Xie Lian’s jaw before tilting his head to the side, letting his long hair cascade away, and exposing his neck. “Did I let gege think he’d gotten away from me?” Hua Cheng asked. There was a dark confidence in his voice that made Xie Lian feel lightheaded. He pressed a kiss into Xie Lian’s neck, sucking ever so lightly, and letting his fangs just barely graze the delicate skin.

Xie Lian shivered in his hold, ever weak to Hua Cheng’s touch, especially after so many weeks of deprivation. He did not need to answer. It was a rhetorical question because it was impossible.

Being the one who turned Xie Lian, Hua Cheng would always be able to sense where he was. No matter how far away Xie Lian went, it was childsplay for Hua Cheng to track him down. The most he could do was stay on the move as randomly as possible to temporarily throw Hua Cheng off his trail. However, over the years, Hua Cheng naturally became adept at predicting Xie Lian’s movements. Lately, he’d been going purely off his vampire senses to hunt him down, just for variety’s sake. It seemed to be foolproof, even if it took just a tad longer.

“Gege can’t escape me for long. I just thought it would be interesting to prolong the game this time. That perhaps you would come to ache for me by the time we reunited. Hm?”

He was right and they both knew it.

Hua Cheng slid his hand down Xie Lian’s body as if admiring the robe he was wearing. “I’m glad to see gege is treating himself to nice clothes every now and then. You look beautiful in red.” Hua Cheng said, while teasing a nipple through the fine silk until it peaked. Xie Lian choked back a moan, still cognizant of the fact that they were out in the open. There was a building across the street and god forbid anyone look over to where they were. In the dark, it hopefully only seemed like two people embracing tightly.

However, Hua Cheng did not seem to care about that as much. He slid his hand further down, parting the robes and taking Xie Lian’s half-hard cock into his hand. Xie Lian gasped and nearly jumped from the shock of it, his breath harsh and uneven as Hua Cheng began to stroke him. The sensation of fine leather against his skin was too much for him. He couldn’t maintain his composure, but Hua Cheng was only getting started. “Gege, no underwear? How bold. What if some other scoundrel wandered into your room?”

“S-San Lang, ah—San Lang, please, not here.” Xie Lian shuddered, trying his best to not let his voice go above a whisper as his cheeks burned from the comments. Hua Cheng only hummed noncommittally, continuing his efforts. It was like he was completely deaf to the increasingly loud party goers right above them. Xie Lian was surprised he kept his voice low at all.

It took mere seconds until Xie Lian was fully erect, and he could feel the press of Hua Cheng’s own hardness against his ass. He couldn’t help the small, instinctual grinding movements of his hips against his husband. Even like this, their bodies slotted so perfectly together.

Though one of Xie Lian’s powers was not premonition, he could still predict that their current course would end up with Hua Cheng fucking him right here, right now. While that thought was appealing in its own way, it wasn’t what he had in mind for their reunion.

He swallowed with difficulty, and tried again. “San Lang, take me to bed.” Normally, he would have played it up more. This time, the clear desperation in his voice needed no assistance.

Hua Cheng rested his chin on Xie Lian’s shoulder as he slowly ceased his stroking. It left Xie Lian uncomfortably on edge, but it was kinder than if he had just stopped abruptly. Xie Lian used the opportunity to catch his breath, because he knew he had only scant seconds to do so.

“Gege sure knows how to rile a man up. A man—or a monster.” Hua Cheng pulled him away from the railing and whirled him around. It was Xie Lian’s first look at his husband in weeks. Lit from behind by only the dim lights of the hotel room, the shadows made him seem otherworldly. Sharp features accentuated by an embroidered eyepatch over his right eye. Meanwhile, his left glowed faintly in the dim light. No matter how many centuries passed, Xie Lian would always find himself awestruck by Hua Cheng’s powerful beauty.

He didn’t get to admire him for long. Hua Cheng seized him again, one arm around his waist as if it belonged there. A hand tipped his chin up and Xie Lian let his eyes fall closed again, ready. He wondered for a moment if Hua Cheng might tease his eagerness, but his husband always met earnesty with earnesty. There was no fear of being left hanging.

He finally got that searing kiss he’d been waiting for. Hua Cheng wasted no time, licking his way into Xie Lian’s mouth. Xie Lian yielded with hardly a fight, feeling a bit mad with lust. He curled his hands into Hua Cheng’s jacket, and rose up on his tiptoes, pressing into him and trying to get what friction he could. At the same time, he managed to wordlessly urge Hua Cheng out of his outer clothes, and they were tossed aside. The gloves were also lost in the process, but the warm touch of Hua Cheng’s hands on his skin was well worth it.

Hua Cheng moved his hand from Xie Lian’s chin to cup the back of his neck. He broke away, much to Xie Lian’s chagrin, but then began kissing his way down to Xie Lian’s neck again. His intentions were clear.

“Have you fed recently?”

“I have,” Xie Lian answered, swallowing hard and tipping his head to the side to give Hua Cheng better access, and permission.

“Whoever they are, I hope they know how lucky they were.” The unsuspecting soul he’d taken some blood from probably had no idea about any of it. Xie Lian always wiped their memories. Still, Hua Cheng made a jealous noise and licked where he intended to bite, giving Xie Lian a warning.

The thrill in Xie Lian’s veins in anticipation of what was to come…. It was indescribable. He could feel himself trembling from the adrenaline, and the rest of the world around him felt muted and insignificant. There was only them, right now.

He was well used to Hua Cheng’s bites. Still, when it came—when sharp fangs sunk into his flesh and blood began to pour out—he couldn’t help but whimper. Not because it hurt. No, it never hurt. On the contrary, it was sheer bliss. He tried to contain himself, but the shockwave of pleasure was too much. Xie Lian came, stifling his moan the best he could, but dizzy from the force of it. His knees gave out, but it didn’t matter. Hua Cheng was holding him in place.

Xie Lian never felt embarrassed because, well, it always felt like this with Hua Cheng. From the first bite to now, it was always a rush of pleasure.

With the aid of his powers, Hua Cheng glided them over to the small couch. The transition was smooth, allowing Hua Cheng to feed interrupted while he settled Xie Lian neatly on the soft cushions.

Before he lost himself completely, Xie Lian flicked his wrist in the direction of the balcony. The doors shut a little louder than he’d wanted, and the curtains fluttered into place, but no one would think it was out of the ordinary. The music from outside was almost entirely blocked out, and their quiet privacy returned to them. A leisurely air permeated the room, along with the sweet, metallic tang of blood.

Hua Cheng drank slowly, deliberately. If he wanted, he could have his fill in seconds, but the blood meal was only the second thing on his mind. He was, as ever, more interested in the experience of it. Xie Lian never failed to indulge him, and it resulted in an utterly spoiled husband.

Xie Lian sighed in contentment, enjoying the sensuality of the act. He had missed it. He never felt more at peace than moments such as these, as their lives were complicated. Vampires did not tend to congregate, but socializing with humans on anything but a superficial level was impossible and dangerous. Meanwhile, they had to maintain dozens of fake identities and genealogies to safeguard their privacy and belongings over the centuries. It was a messy, lonely life. However, Xie Lian could leave all those worries behind when in the arms of his soulmate.

Hua Cheng always grounded him, be it with words or with actions. Xie Lian could let go and just focus on the two of them—and on himself. It was always welcome, and Hua Cheng was always generous.

It hadn’t always been that way, as Xie Lian remembered how apprehensive he had been when Hua Cheng first turned him. Even after being saved again from his would-be killer, Xie Lian had been at a loss for what to do with his new life. Graciously, Hua Cheng was ever patient and willing to teach him not only how to be a vampire, but how to enjoy it.

And enjoy it, he did.

Xie Lian went from a sickly young master to a powerful immortal. He remembered the rush right after being turned. His lungs, weak from illness for so long, were suddenly healthy and strong once more. That first breath of air felt like he'd been reborn entirely.

Over time, he embraced his new life by Hua Cheng’s side. Of course, he had also allowed himself to be seduced. Looking back, Hua Cheng had not been subtle at any point, but Xie Lian was too young and naive to realize at first. Eventually, he found himself ensnared with desire, and there was nothing to do but give in. He had never looked back since.

Xie Lian sighed dreamily as Hua Cheng slipped a hand between his thighs. He waited for the caress and light squeeze, enjoying being directed without words. It was a natural thing that they developed over the years. Every touch was something unto its own: a question or answer, praise or plea, request or command.

Obediently, Xie Lian let his thighs part. He would have felt embarrassed at being all splayed out—right in the middle of the room—but a pleasant and familiar haze clouded his mind.

Hua Cheng seemingly had his fill, unlatching himself from Xie Lian’s neck, but not before giving a small lick to cease the bleeding and avoid a mess. Shortly, a pretty bruise would bloom there, surrounding the puncture wounds made by sharp fangs. Hua Cheng could have healed those too, but he knew Xie Lian preferred otherwise.

As he slowly stroked Xie Lian’s half-hard cock, Hua Cheng used his free hand to turn Xie Lian’s head towards him. Lost in that heady feeling, Xie Lian kept his eyes closed. They didn’t kiss immediately, as Hua Cheng enjoyed the soft gasps and stifled moans from him. “Mmm, gege, you’re divine as always. Being apart from you for that long… now I’m afraid I’m greedier than usual.” Xie Lian felt the words on his lips just before the ensuing kiss.

As vampires could taste various differences in everyone’s blood, Xie Lian always felt it odd to taste his own. It wasn’t particularly appetizing, but it was because any vampire’s blood would taste rather flat to themselves. However, Xie Lian was used to it. Whenever they had one of these sessions—which was very frequent, given Hua Cheng’s appetite—it tended to culminate in a bout of intense passion. Now that they were reunited, they naturally fell into familiar patterns.

Hua Cheng was typically a giving lover, but presently, he seemed insistent on taking. His kisses were deep and domineering, with a sense of possessiveness. So he really was in one of those moods, Xie Lian surmised. He couldn’t help but smile against Hua Cheng’s lips eagerly, like a rabbit happily hopping into a wolf’s den.

It was clear that Hua Cheng took more than usual, but that was the point. Greedy this time, indeed. It left Xie Lian feeling like he was pleasantly drunk, and it was all carefully calculated. Of course Hua Cheng knew exactly the amount to take to achieve the effect.

With the stage set and the pieces in play, Hua Cheng gathered a very pliant Xie Lian into his arms. As he was carried towards the bed, Xie Lian had the wherewithal to dim the lights with a wiggle of his toe. When he was still a young vampire, his telekinesis often caused disaster. It was only because he was so well-practiced over centuries that he still maintained a high level of control over his powers, even in such a state of giddiness.

“Thank you, gege,” Hua Cheng murmured as they approached the bed. It was of the large, four-poster variety, complete with a canopy. Very romantic, in Xie Lian’s opinion. A perfect backdrop for some debauchery.

“If you were so hungry, you could have had yourself a snack along the way,” Xie Lian said. However, he knew that Hua Cheng was far pickier than him when it came to blood meals. He much preferred taking it from Xie Lian.

Hua Cheng plopped him down on the silken sheets, and crawled on top. Like putty in his husband’s hands, Xie Lian was content to be arranged however. “There is no blood sweeter than yours, beloved. After all, no water is enough when you have crossed the sea. No cloud is beautiful but that which crowns the peak.”

Xie Lian blushed, as he always did when Hua Cheng recited parts of that poem. A true romantic, even after centuries.

“Alright, alright. In any case… whatever shall you do to me tonight?” he asked. His words were not slurred, but it was a near thing.

Hua Cheng gave him a quick peck on the cheek and whispered darkly into Xie Lian’s ear, “Whatever I please.”

Xie Lian fell silent with a shiver, feeling the mood shift. Hua Cheng pulled his arms up above his head and pinned them there with a firm hold, using one hand. Every movement was leisurely. It gave the outward sense of gentleness and consideration—but Xie Lian could recognize it for what it was.

It was a predator lulling his prey into a false sense of security.

Xie Lian wondered for a second if his own eagerness would ruin the play. He so badly wanted it. To be utterly ravished like he hadn’t been in a long time, completely at the mercy of the one person he could trust even more than himself. That—right there—was the intimacy he missed these last weeks.

Wasting no time, Hua Cheng undid the tie on Xie Lian’s robe, and guided him out of it. It was surprising that he didn’t just rip it off. “Gege looks perfect in this. Perhaps he’ll wear it again in the morning for me?” Xie Lian realized it would likely not make it past a week anyway.

“Mn, alright.”

“I wonder if anyone caught a glimpse of you in it, earlier. I would have to kill them for the transgression.”

“S-San Lang….” Xie Lian whimpered with need. Why was that so sexy? He had never managed to figure out why nothing turned him on quite like his husband being dangerous. It was not just empty words, and he knew that. Prior experiences were aplenty.

Hua Cheng smirked at him, meanwhile retrieving the sash from Xie Lian’s robe. With quick and skilled hands, he used it to tie his wrists together. It wasn't very tight at all, but was symbolic nonetheless.

“Gege will be good for me, won’t he?”

Xie Lian nodded, and let his eyes flutter close again. Hua Cheng stroked him as he spread his legs, but with the blood loss, it would take a while until Xie Lian’s body recovered enough for him to get fully hard again. Xie Lian did not mind—what mattered to him was the sensation and arousal, and that was not affected. Not at all. Especially since there was something about Hua Cheng’s bite that tended to make Xie Lian more sensitive to touch and stimulation. He never asked about it, and wasn’t sure if it was just in his head or not.

There was a bottle of lube that Xie Lian had left on top of the side table. Still woozy, he clumsily beckoned it over, but Hua Cheng caught it just fine. Before using it, Hua Cheng finally removed his clothing—thankfully, in a flash. Xie Lian was graced with the sight of a powerful vampire king’s physique, as breathtaking as always.

“It’s been a few weeks. I wonder if your body still remembers me well.” Hua Cheng slicked his fingers with lube, ready to prepare, but Xie Lian squirmed a bit. Hua Cheng caressed down his thigh with his free hand, making Xie Lian squirm even more. Feeling embarrassed, he wanted to hide his face, but with his hands tied, there was nothing he could do.

“It does. It’s ready for you—I’m ready—” he managed.

Hua Cheng made an inquisitive noise, but soon realized when his fingers circled and pressed into Xie Lian’s hole. It was met with little resistance, as the muscles relaxed easily. Xie Lian sighed with pleasure.

“Ah? Gege prepared himself already?” Hua Cheng sounded surprised but delighted. And he sounded particularly fiendish. “How bold…. I guess that explains why that bottle was right there. Did you have fun with yourself, thinking of me?”

“I could sense that you were getting closer to me. I knew that you would find me soon—though not exactly when. I thought I may as well be prepared, just… just in case….”

“Hm? Just in case what, my dear?” Hua Cheng’s grin only grew. He removed his fingers and instead slicked himself up. “Just in case I took you then and there? Just in case I had my way with you like a beast? What a delicious idea.”

He was even more riled up than before, Xie Lian could tell. But before he could ponder it further, Hua Cheng pressed into him.

Even though he was prepared, and even though Xie Lian was well aware of his husband’s size, it was still a shock to be stretched so fully and quickly. Hua Cheng gave him no time to adjust to his cock, however.

Gripping Xie Lian’s thighs and spreading them further apart, Hua Cheng fucked into him with brutal, practiced precision. Xie Lian could do nothing but cry out his name—nearly like a wail. With his arms tied, he had nothing to grab on to. When he started to writhe, Hua Cheng used his body and arms to pin him down further.

“I missed you, beloved. I missed you more than I could bear.” The words were gentle and loving, exactly the opposite of how he was wrecking Xie Lian.

As Hua Cheng continued to whisper sweet nothings, Xie Lian felt himself slip into a daydream-like state. Aware of what was happening, but like his body was floating. His mind was so focused on the pleasure—the way that Hua Cheng’s cock felt inside of him—that there was not a single thought that could be spared for anything else.

It was a delicious feeling, the way that cock dragged against his sensitive walls, and stretched him out so wonderfully. Every nerve in his body felt alight with sensation. So when Hua Cheng—still greedy for the night—turned his head to one side and exposed the unbitten side of his neck, Xie Lian hardly noticed. He only faintly felt the bite, and moaned as a new wave of bliss washed over him.

Hua Cheng didn’t take more than a thimbleful of blood. It was Xie Lian himself that Hua Cheng was hungry for, now. In all honesty, perhaps he was always that way. He slowed his thrusts, burying himself deep, and kept Xie Lian still with the bite.

It would have been torture to stop like that, if Hua Cheng didn’t also reach between them to stroke Xie Lian. His movements were slow, just keeping Xie Lian gasping and trembling on the edge, instead of bringing him to completion.

Xie Lian let out a whine and a haphazard plea, hoping it would spur Hua Cheng back into action. “Please, please, please—San Lang, Sang Lang, please make me come.”

Hua Cheng pulled away from his neck slowly, and kissed up to the corner of his mouth. “You sound so perfect when you beg for me. How can I resist?” Even if it was teasing, it was full of genuine adoration. As always, that made Xie Lian blush harder than the fact that he was being fucked into oblivion.

“I’ll never have enough of you.” Hua Cheng groaned as he resumed his thrusts, starting slow and picking up pace once again. “After this, I can think of nothing I want more than to take you again and again. Even if it’s too much. Would gege indulge me?

“Yes, ah! Always, San Lang! I want it—I want it too—” Xie Lian was able to hook his arms around Hua Cheng’s neck and pull him close again. Meeting no resistance, he drew Hua Cheng into a messy kiss. If they could stay like this for eternity, it would still not be enough.

Though his mind was lost in a sea of stars, Xie Lian wondered just what this obsessive feeling was. It had never waned over the centuries. Their passion had no right to be as fresh as their first wedding night, and yet it only grew with each passing season. It made no sense. He should have at least some resentment in his heart for being so inextricably bound to one person and one person alone, but instead, the thought of not being that way was genuinely horrifying. He could not bear to think of it.

Feeling the pressure mounting in his groin as his cock leaked between them, Xie Lian broke away for a breath. Hua Cheng repositioned them, so that they would slot better together, and Xie Lian gripped his shoulders tightly.

Soon, he neared his limit. Xie Lian had no choice but to let go, and to let his orgasm ravage through him—leaving him a trembling mess. He dragged his nails across Hua Cheng’s back without thinking, and only after registering Hua Cheng’s pleased moan realized that he probably broke skin.

Hua Cheng still fucked into him, and Xie Lian nearly wept with oversensitivity. But he was close, and it was apparent given his own wanton moans. When he came—with what sounded like a prayer of Xie Lian’s name—a burst of heat filled Xie Lian to the brim.

Almost reflexively, Xie Lian wrapped his legs around Hua Cheng’s back to keep him as close as possible, preventing him from pulling out. Hua Cheng chuckled as he lowered himself into him, letting Xie Lian embrace him fully. “Don't worry beloved, it hasn’t been so long that I’ve forgotten. To not fill you up would be a sin.”

“Yes, I would never forgive you for it.” Xie Lian brushed some of his hair out of his face and kissed his forehead. Though his voice sounded rough, he felt like he was slowly returning to lucidity. The madness from before waned gradually, but there were still remnants of it just beneath the surface, making his skin tingle. It would be a blissfully long night, at last.

It was then that Xie Lian noticed the red lines across Hua Cheng’s back. Jagged rows of what looked like claw marks, courtesy of Xie Lian himself. Oh no, he’d gotten carried away!

He wiggled his hands free of the sash and tossed it aside, but was too afraid to touch the scratches in case they stung. “San Lang, I—”

Hua Cheng just grabbed one of his hands and kissed it, completely unbothered. “Mn, thank you gege. I love it when you leave your mark on me too.” They would heal well before morning, but still.

“Fine I… guess I can be equitable.”

They stayed curled together for some time, silently listening to each other’s heartbeats and breathing. Just reminding each other that they were there, together. Another marvelous game with an equally marvelous outcome, and they were just getting started.

Eventually, they parted to clean up a little, and Xie Lian caught sight of Hua Cheng admiring the scratches on his back in the mirror. However, if his husband was shameless, then so was he.

“Gege,” Hua Cheng started as he made his way back to the bed, “let’s get married again soon.”

“Oh? Where should we do it this time?” Xie Lian rolled on top of him when he laid back against the pillows, propping himself up on Hua Cheng’s broad chest.

“You can decide.” Hua Cheng gave him a quick peck on the cheek. They had a wedding every so often, usually on the day of their anniversary. Different locations, different themes, and so on. Whatever they wished.

“Will there be an orgy again?”

“Well, we had so much fun last time. And you looked so beautiful, all spread and fucked out like that. I wonder if I have any pictures. Though, I do know I drew you from memory later on. I think it’s framed in the study of the old palace at—”

“San Lang!” Face burning, Xie Lian placed a hand over Hua Cheng’s mouth to shut him up. That had been quite the experience though, Xie Lian had to admit. Still, he pouted as Hua Cheng laughed. “So shameless! Ever since the day you crawled into my bed one night and turned me!”

“Mn, yes indeed. I decided that illness could not have you. Gege was all mine, to love and to hold, forever. Otherwise, I would have just gone with you.”

“San Lang….”

“Am I being too sentimental again?”

“You’re never too sentimental.” Xie Lian shook his head. “I think about it too, you know. I’m just glad I got to share this life with you. The world is so big, and we still have so much to see together.”

“Yes, we do. But gege, for tonight, I just want to see you.”

Xie Lian laughed, feeling warm and happy. “Of course. I just want to see San Lang, too. The world can wait a while.”

“Besides, aren't you a bit hungry, gege? I took a lot from you. You should take a bit too, or else you’ll be tired in the morning.”

Xie Lian contemplated for a moment, but ultimately decided that Hua Cheng was right. It wouldn’t hurt to take just a little. He missed the taste of his husband’s blood, too, after all. So he settled in and bit down on Hua Cheng’s neck, relishing the warm and tangy-sweet taste. He kept the flow light, so he could just enjoy it leisurely, and without hurry. Things like these were meant to be enjoyed.

After all, the best part about being a pair of immortal vampires was that they had all the time in the world.