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Joon's Boner Emergency

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Amaryllis wasn’t trying to be sexy, or if she was, she was doing a really good job of pretending that she wasn’t. She waded into the water, pulling her hair into a tight bun as she did so, which brought her hands up over her head and showed off the muscles of her arms. She had dimples just above her butt and muscles visible along her ribs that tensed with her movements. If she’d really climbed up Sorian’s Castle it wasn’t a surprise that she was in amazing shape, but her curvature still spoke to softness and seduction. She looked back at me while she was doing up her hair with her fingers touching the back of her neck and it felt like my heart suddenly stopped when our eyes met, before it started again, pumping quite a bit faster. My breath caught in my throat.

When she twisted to look back at me it brought her breasts into view. As much as I knew I should hold her gaze, and tried desperately to do so, my eyes jerked down to take in her tits like they were being pulled by some sort of magnet. It was terrifying and mortifying that I couldn’t even control my own damned eyes, that some animal urgency had drawn my gaze down when I knew it was wrong. And yet the pleasure of that view washed over me anyway. She had startlingly large boobs for a woman of her stature, generous mounds at last set free from the confines of jealous cloth, swelling proudly and defiantly up and out. Daring anyone to try and fit a hand around them, promising to gleefully overspill even the most outstretched fingers. Guilt speared through me and I wrenched my eyes back up to her face, but she’d already turned back to the pool.

I could feel my dick hardening against my will, and my heart jumped into a panicked hammering. But I couldn’t look away.

Her toned body and well-defined musculature brought the term “gymnastic” to mind, but that wasn’t quite right. The gymnasts I saw back on Earth television were nearly boyish. In a cute way, of course. But they lacked curves, there was very little in terms of rises and falls, dips and peaks. Amaryllis was the opposite of that. After the slight cant of her ribs, her waist drew in tightly, then curved out sharply to flare into gorgeous, rolling hips. She had the proportions of a classic vase, and cried out just as strongly to be filled with something. Her ass was full, high, and tight, and a quarter bounced off of it would spring back with more velocity than it came in with. Her butt brought the soaring lines of her figure back around in a full arch.

Oh god, oh god, I was getting way too hard. I could feel my dick pressing insistently against the towel wrapped around my waist. I could not have a hard-on in public, gaping at Amaryllis like this. I forced my eyes away, and tried to control my breathing. Angling my hips back, I began to shuffle awkwardly towards the water. Could I force the blood out of my penis with blood-magic? I tried, willing a sort of backwards siphoning at my crotch, but it didn’t seem to work. If anything, it just encouraged the damn boner to creep up a little bit. That mother fucker. I glanced up to see if anyone had noticed, and dammit all if my eyes didn’t zero right in on Amaryllis, like she was a horniness gravity-well.

Amaryllis took another step into the pool, the fingertips of one hand dipping into the water, the other trailing down her neck. Maybe I could’ve survived all this, if only her hair hadn’t been quite so long. Her hair had trailed down to the top of her butt, so when she’d stopped to tie it up, she’d been just past knee-deep in the water. She had what I can only call the most intoxicating box-gap known to humankind, and it wasn’t freakin’ fair. Below that luscious ass her upper legs were separated by a gap of a couple inches, which shrunk to maybe a half inch as her well developed thighs gave her shape. Either she shaved, or princesses naturally had almost no public hair. The water of the pool wasn’t entirely still, it chopped and rocked with the continual movement of so many people within it. It climbed up and down those thighs, frantically and without rhythm. Pure white sunlight glinted off the pool’s surface, peeking between her thighs and under her sex in sporadic flashes. As she waded deeper, the rocking water slipped up her thighs, lapped greedily at her exposed pussy. It rose to meet her, kissed her gently, and fell back down, leaving her wet and dripping. Then surged up and did it again, and again.

And that did it. I was completely erect. I was pitching a taunt towel tent and no amount of angling my hips was gonna disguise it. I whipped off the towel and fumbled with it directly in front of my crotch, pretending to try to fold it up or something, as I rushed towards the water. The only thing I could do now was hide my boner. When I was knee-deep I flung the towel behind me, hoping it would land somewhere dry, and dropped onto my ass to fully submerge myself up to the waist. I scooted forward quickly, moving to deeper water where I wouldn’t look as ridiculous.

I’d been hoping that the water would be cold, like the public pools I was used to on Earth, to kill the erection. No such luck. I guess when you’re in a desert and you have abundant magic, it’s not hard to provide a warm-water pool. A few people gave me odd looks, and my face burned hot as I avoided making eye contact with anyone. I really hoped they hadn’t seen anything, but it was too late now, and nothing to be done about it but pretend it hadn’t happened. I moved deeper in, following in Amaryllis’s wake.

“You’re a bit slow on the draw, aren’t you?” a sultry voice whispered in my ear. I yelped and spun around in the water, to find Fenn besides me, grinning like a madwoman. She was so close my dick brushed over her hips when I turned, which put a devilish sparkle in her eyes.
“Anyone with your libido and half a brain would’ve charged right for the water, instead of standing around oogling the sex-doll.”

“I wasn’t expecting everyone to be naked!” I protested in an outraged whisper. “And don’t call her that!”

Fenn put on a mocking pout. “It’s not like she isn’t lots of other things too,” she replied. “No wonder you get so hard at the slightest glimpse of skin, if you can’t even talk about fucking.” She looked down pointedly, where the tip of my dick was less than an inch from her. I backed up a step.

“It’s not… you can’t… I just…” I stammered. Fenn rolled her eyes.

“Gods Joon, are you that dense?”


“Yeah, this isn’t gonna work. We need you clear-headed, and this is a problem with a simple solution. Come with me.”

Fenn looked me in the eyes and shifted a little, and I felt her hand wrap around my cock. I eep’ed involuntarily, and she laughed.

“C’mon.” She turned around, shifting her grip on my dick, and started toward Amaryllis, pulling me with her. She had a firm hold, I could feel every finger gripping my turgid shaft as she tugged me behind her. I could have broken free, if I really wanted to, but I was scrambling to stay within her reach. Every pull sent a surge of pleasure up my cock and through my body. Occasionally I would bump into her, the head of my dick pushing into her ass, and each time I was shocked I didn’t cum right there against her.

“Mary,” she called out as we neared my heart’s (and cock’s) desire. Amaryllis turned around, chest high in water, her wide, glacial blue eyes looking a bit startled. She was still getting used to Fenn’s weird nickname for her. Fenn jerked her head toward the pool’s edge. “Come with us, we’ve had something urgent come up.”

We moved to one side as a group. Relief flooded through me, but also just a touch of disappointment. As much as I didn’t want to blow my load here, my dick was still throbbing. It would be a while before I’d be able to step out of the water, once Fenn unhanded my manhood. I stopped fighting it, knowing it would be over soon, and enjoyed her gentle, insistent tugs, instead.

We weren’t going toward the shallow walk-out side, though, nor towards any of the stairs or ladders. Fenn took us to the side of the pool where the clean water entered. To keep the water fresh it continually emptied out of one side, and filled on the other. The inflow consisted of a long ledge that ran the entire length of the pool. Water was piped in from somewhere (magic?) and released all along that ledge, positioned a full foot above the pool at one edge. This resulted in a very long, pool-length waterfall that rushed down in a continuous splashing water-feature. It was noisy. Private conversation could be had if all parties kept their voices down. I noticed quite a few people had come here for just this reason. My heart began to speed up again.

Fenn came to a stop, pulled me before Amaryllis, and unwrapped her hand from my dick. It felt chilly, suddenly abandoned like that, but immediately Fenn shifted her hand to cup my balls instead. It was comforting, and brought another surge of blood into my prick.

“You and Joon have a very hard issue to discuss.”

“Oh?” Amaryllis glided one step forward. Her tits floated, their upper bulges bobbing above the waterline and glistening. She looked up at me, droplets on her cheeks, lips parted in question. I could barely concentrate, thinking of how close that gap between her thighs was to my cock. How perfectly shaped it was to fit a dick snuggly, how it called for something to please come fill it and keep it warm. My heart hammered in my chest, and I think I started to hyperventilate.

“I uh… you uh… that is, I think…”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Fenn asked. She leaned in between us and in a conspiratorial whisper said, “Joon wants to stuff you silly, but it’s against his religion to acknowledge penises exist.”

Amaryllis’s face underwent a strange contortion, and I realized she was doing her best to contain a burst of laughter. She bit her lip and looked at me coyly.

“Well Joon, I was wondering when you were going to say something. I’ve been aching to have you pushing into my little princess pussy for weeks.”

My eyes almost popped out of my head, and my dick somehow got even harder.

“Wha… what? You have?”

“Gods Joon, are you that dense?” she said, moving another step closer to me. I felt the softness of her upper thighs nudge against either side of the head of my penis. The tip of my dick was nestled against the entrance of her box-gap, and it was the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever felt.

“That’s exactly what I said!” said Fenn, now massaging my balls. “It’s an affliction or something. Blind To Lust. Minus one million perception of female randiness.”

“We can’t do this here!” I hissed. “People will see!”

“Look,” said Fenn, “you aren’t thinking straight, and that could be deadly. I’m declaring this a Boner Emergency. It needs taken care of. In the interest of keeping myself alive, I’ll stand watch.” She removed her hands from my sack, turned around, and rose up in the water slightly. With me and Amaryllis against the edge of the pool, she managed to block enough of us with her body that things didn’t look too conspicuous. Right now.

“They’ll still notice if the two of us are pressed up against each other and humping!” I protested. Amaryllis took a quarter step forward, fully wrapping her box-gap around the head of my cock and squeezing lightly with her thighs. I felt a new hand wrap around my cock, a softer, gentler hand. It began pumping up and down my length slowly.

“We don’t need to be pressed up against each other and humping,” Amaryllis breathed, her voice husky. “We can just do this for now, until you empty your balls between my thighs. We’ll work out deeper arrangements later.”

I groaned slightly, but didn’t pull back. My cockhead pressed up against her pussy lips. Warm, velvety softness rubbed against me. Her delicate fingers worked my shaft, gripping firmly but carefully. They couldn’t quite encircle my cock, which thrilled me.

“Gods you’re big,” she said, looking up at me from behind half-lidded eyes. Her cheeks had flushed a bit, and she panted lightly. “I’ve never held a cock this thick before.”

I bucked my hips slightly, just enough to rub against her pussy, to feel those folds moving against my hard-on. I was definitely bigger than I had been on Earth. Those points in PHY had increased my size along all axes, and I was damned happy for it. I wanted to leave only very satisfied women in my wake.

“Are you an experienced little cock-stroker, then?” I asked, nestling just a little deeper every few strokes. Her thighs enveloped nearly a third of my dick now. Amaryllis cast her eyes aside, and blushed deeper. She pumped a bit harder.

“I had an older girlfriend show me how, once. I didn’t want to be completely clueless when… it came time…”

“To please someone?” I breathed.

“To finally get fucked,” she replied, looking me in the eyes. My hips bucked at that, I swear on their own. My cockhead, already pressed so tightly up against her pussy, thrust just a bit further. Those sweet lips parted smoothly under the pressure, like an overripe peach bursting open at a firm touch. My head slipped inside her, just the barest tip. I felt slippery heat, the pressure against my dick fell away, replaced by soft, plush accommodation. We both gasped simultaneously. I froze, not wanting to pull out, but not willing to push in. Her hand froze on my dick as well, grabbing it tight.

At the sound of the gasp, I saw Fenn from the corner of my eye, turning back to us.

“I’m sorry,” I began, but Amaryllis, eyes closed, shook her head.

“No,” she said, her voice shaky, “don’t pull out.” Her hand began to move again, all the way down to my base, then all the way up to just below the tip buried inside her. “I need you.”

I began to rock inside her, my dick pushing against her walls. They were slippery and yielding, and she whimpered slightly as I entered her. Her fingers wrapped tight around my base and held on, as I moved back and forth, opening her up with each movement. In moments the crest of my cockhead slipped past her opening and she gasped again.

“I can’t…” she panted, “I can’t get closer. We don’t want to look like we’re fucking. But I need you so much. I need you inside me.”

Fenn had drifted closer to us. I glanced at her, standing higher to provide some privacy, her tits above the water line. When the water dripped from her hair it ran in arching rivulets that followed the scars on her shoulders and arms. Those arms were tucked in front of her at an odd angle, and moving rhythmically. I realized she was rubbing her twat, perving out on me and Amaryllis. Not that I blamed her. I was still frozen, my cockhead just past Amaryllis’s tightness, when I made eye-contact with Fenn. She lifted one eyebrow, then with exaggerated lip movements very clearly mouthed the words, “Fuck. Her. Cunt!”

I focused back on Amaryllis. “No problem,” I told her, with a sudden clarity. I grabbed her hips and lifted. “Wrap your legs around my waist. Angle back, so it looks like we’re still a decent distance apart above water.”

Amaryllis lifted her legs experimentally, and I held her weight easily in the water. As she spread her legs to wrap around me I took advantage of her opened state to push my dick deeper into her. She moaned softly and hitched her legs up around me. I shifted my hands to support her from below, grabbing two thick handfuls of luscious princess-ass. I squeezed as I did so, parting her slightly again, and probing with my cock. She leaned back, eyes fluttering, and bit her lip.

Fenn inhaled sharply at this, and her hands churned harder beneath the water.

I had full access to Amaryllis now, and she trusted me with her trembling pussy. I lifted her slightly, then dropped her just a bit, pushing further into her with each repetition. I couldn’t believe how wet she was, my dick was wrapped in throbbing silk. Her walls squeezed around me, providing pressure and friction even among all that slipperiness. Over and over I intruded into her, pushing into her quivering twat, opening her to my cock

And then she was all the way penetrated, her pussy lips resting against my very base, split open on my widest point. She bit down hard on her lip and writhed on me, impaling herself. I could feel the tip of me pushing against something, a deep place at the very end of her wet tunnel, where I couldn’t go any deeper. Still she bounced, grinding the tip of my dick into her furthest recess, grinding her clit against my chiselled body. Every inch of her vulva gripped and spasmed around my dick, straining to take all of me.

Fenn panted heavily now, her neck muscles clenching. I looked over at her slender elvish body, my gaze right on those pert tits, nipples dewed with water and standing erect in the air. I pulled my eyes back up to meet hers. Her face was flushed and her eyes wide, but she gave me a grin and a wink, egging me on.

“Oh gods,” Amaryllis whispered, squeezing her eyes tight, “oh gods I think I’m coming…” She let out a squeak and arched her back, lifting her tits completely out of the water. I looked down at her beautiful, tight belly, and knew my seed would soon be there. Her hair, tied up so neatly to stay out of the water, was submerged completely as she arched back. Her tits swayed and jiggled as spasms wracked her body. Her pussy absolutely flooded with warmth, a wetness so complete I felt like I was fucking a gushing water elemental, with just enough friction there to remind me there was still a hot, cuming pussy enveloping me. I continued to thrust, fucking the hell out of her as she came, making sure the ride didn’t stop for an instant. My penis throbbed, rock hard, drinking in her orgasm as I plundered her snatch. I heard Fenn nearby, gasping as silently as she could.

After many long, wracking shudders around my cock, Amaryllis slowly lowered herself back down into the water. I kept fucking her, feeling pressure in my balls, building up into the base of my cock.

“Oh Joon, oh gods,” her eyes fluttered open, and she looked at me in wonder. “That was… that was indescribable.” I nodded, and my balls tightened as I felt my orgasm coming. I gripped her ass harder and slammed her into me, rooting deep into her wetness. I couldn’t believe how far into her body I was. How deep my cum was going to go.

“Joon, baby. I need you to pull out now. I need you to come in my hands.”

I nodded, not hearing her. I plunged deeper, my cock growing absolutely rock hard.

“Joon? Joon, you have to pull out. You can’t come inside of me.” There was worry in her voice now, and an almost panicked look on her face. Just to the side and slightly behind her, Fenn’s mouth hung open, and she didn’t quite stifle a squeak of euphoria. I kept plowing Amaryllis, and I felt the cum release, shooting through me.

“It’s… too late…” I gasped.

“Joon! No! I can’t get pregnant! Joooooooon--”

I gripped her ass and ground into her, far up into her body, as cum exploded from my cock and filled her pussy with my hot seed. I groaned deeply, my cock twitching and throbbing, as jet after jet of semen erupted into her, packing her pussy to the gills. Distantly, I heard her squeal, a combination of horror and delight. I wrapped one hand over her waist and pumped again, my dick still spurting, getting every last drop into her sweet, royal womb. I was in her, bucking, for at least as long as she’d writhed, cumming on me. When my balls finally felt completely drained, and my dick began to soften with each twitch, I let myself slide out.

As my vision returned, I realized what I had done. I had cum inside Amaryllis, without either of us on any protection. While she’d told me not to! A horror gripped my heart. But as my focus sharpened, I saw Amaryllis looking up at me with warm doe-eyes, a smile lighting up her face.

“I… I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me, I couldn’t stop,” I said. Amaryllis shook her head, and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“No, it’s ok. It was wonderful. I knew I shouldn’t take your cum, I knew it could be complicated. And I always say and do what I know I should. But I wanted it. I know you can’t know how good it feels, but having your cum inside me… feeling you explode like that… it’s one of the best feelings in the world.” She reached down and placed a hand over her abdomen. “I love having so much of you inside me. You came so much, Juniper.”

“Well, yeah, it’s been a while for me.”

The sounds of the pool, the splashing and the chatter, came back to me. I looked around quickly to see if we’d been noticed. No one seemed any wiser, except Fenn, who was biting her lower lip, her cheeks flushed, her chest heaving.

“Fenn?” I asked. “Everything ok?”

“Yeah. You guys were so sexy, I couldn’t help myself. I came on my hand before you were done, and again when you blasted her pussy. You guys are really fucking hot.”

I blushed at that, and Amaryllis dropped her head into my chest.

“I’m going to want a front-row seat to any fucking you do,” Fenn breathed. She weakly grabbed at a soap with rope through it, floating near us. “If that’s OK with you guys. I really hope it is, a girl needs to get off regularly to keep from going crazy, ya know?”

I was about to protest that this wasn’t necessarily the start of some regular thing, it was just hormones driving us out of control, but Amaryllis laughed and reached out to take Fenn’s hand before I could say anything.

“What makes you think you wouldn’t be welcome smack dab in the middle of the action with us?” Amaryllis asked, a sparkle in her eyes. Fenn squealed in joy.

My own eyes bugged out, sudden panic touching my nerves. Like, yes, sure, this was every guy’s dream! But, also, I was from Bumblefuck, Kansas, and this was one step too far, too fast! I pulled Amaryllis back and turned to speak into her ear, privately.

Before any of this went further, though, the fighting started.

My first awareness of it was my wrist being grabbed and pulled. I tried to yank back from it, but the grip was like iron, and when I turned to look at my assailant I realized it was Fenn, who was quite a lot stronger than she looked. She was making her way through the water and trying to drag me along as though I was the world’s dumbest man for not simply following her. I saw the blood in the water shortly after that though, accompanied by screams and the movement of other people around us, which was all I needed in order to start moving as quickly as I could.