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Fucked Out My Mind

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It was the end of the day as I looked through papers in the class.

I didn't know what time it was, maybe eight or nine, but all I knew was that it was later than it should be. Especially, too late for someone to be walking around the school premises, which is exactly why I stopped all movements as I heard footsteps approaching.

They didn't sound angry or rushed, just a bit too sneaky for normal. I poked my head out the door only to see a woman with a black bag following behind as she fluttered towards me. "How the hell did she get in?" I thought to myself as she danced her way into my arms.

"Heya Zawa."

"Y/n what the hell are you doing here? Actually, how did you get in?"

"Don't worry about that. . ."

My face said it all as I looked at her with furrowed brows. As far as I remembered, she didn't have any other way to get in without doing something illegal.

Though knowing her, it wasn't unlikely she was fine with breaking a few laws.

"Don't tell me you hacked-"

A finger was quickly put over my mouth as she hushed me. Pushing me back inside the classroom, she quietly yet swiftly closed the door. This is when I began to be suspicious of her sudden actions. "Ya know I waited for you. . . Right?" That poor little flame of guilt lit up inside my stomach.

I hated leaving Y/n waiting, though I wasn't worried considering I knew how kind my lover was. She would never try to push any punishment on me.

Or that's what I thought anyway.

I looked over her shoulder to see the black backpack strapped to her back. I knew she wasn't the type to carry a bag while sneaking in somewhere, a backpack was specifically unusual for her. I didn't bother to ask however, as it was probably just something she used to hack into the UA security systems. I wasn't too worried because I knew she wasn't a dangerous threat to the heroes or students attending the school, she just went over the top to come see me.

"I have to finish up then we can go back to your place. You really didn't have to come here." My response was met with a mischievous giggle, causing a nervous gulp to run down my throat. Small giggles like that were never a good sign, in fact the unnecessary playfulness would have almost made me think she was Toga.

Ultimately, I wasn't so worried, later to learn there was something else I should have been worried about. She dropped the bag to the floor, walking up to me with a feral glare in her eyes. I couldn't help but question if she were drunk before quickly realizing no drunk person could have just stumbled into UA without alerting the guards or security alarms.

My breathing became uneven as she pushed me to the pedestal in front of the chalkboard. She didn't say a word of warning before quickly latching her teeth to my exposed neck. I let out a shaky breath as she bit down, playing with my flesh between her surprisingly sharp front teeth.

I grabbed onto her hips, not being able to decide if I wanted to pull her in more or push her away. It was stupid I even debated that, of course I had to push her away, we were inside the school.

My attempt was futile however, as soon as she felt a pushing force on her body, she grabbed my wrists and turned me around. I felt as my face hit the wood, my hands now under Y/n's grasp as they were held behind my back. Really, I could have easily resisted, but honestly I wasn't too concerned in the first place of what she was going to try. Ultimately it would be her to get in trouble by the school, I would just have to clear the footage if anything embarrassing of me was shown. "I was going to please you at home, but sadly you didn't show up in time. So now. . . this is your treatment for leaving me there lonely and untouched."

I let out a small gasp as I felt a hand trace under my shirt around my side. Slowly caressing my abs in admiration as she let out a satisfied 'hum'. I felt as she completely pressed up against my body, now leaning over my back with her mouth to my ear. "I'm going to make that beautiful ass of yours throb."

Many many thoughts were running through my head as her hand slowly traced down to my belly button. She unbuckled my belt excruciatingly slow, making sure to take her sweet torturing time. This was a side of Y/n I didn't see much of at all, that sweet kind hearted girl was replaced by a now sadistic devil.

Finally the buckle was undone, revealing what I now couldn't hide. Her words and rough actions made me dazed in the moment, as her cold soft hands touched my body so lightly. It was only a matter of time before my body naturally reacted to the actions of this suddenly dominant lady. The tips of her fingers lightly danced across my clothed growing erection. Taking her time slowly but softly clawing at it.

She moved her fingers underneath the elastic of my briefs, teasing my tip with the edge of her nail before snapping the elastic back to my skin. I let out a frustrated groan, while on the other hand, she was giggling right into my ear. "Fuck babe, you really are a slut for me." Her sadistic soft voice entered my ears in an almost mocking tone.

I knew she was mocking me, cause I have said those exact same words to her. She slid her hands back under my briefs cupping her hand around my shaft, now kissing the nape of my neck sending shivers down my spine. The way this made me twitch under her hand was embarrassing, so embarrassing to a point I could just run away right then. I didn't though, because I was too fucked into the moment that her domination over my own body was turning me on to a point I could nut in her hand.

"Oh?" Her inquisitive voice sang into my ear. Her hand quickly moved from the one thing I needed it on the most, a small breathy moan intruding my ears as I squirmed underneath her.

This is when I realized she wasn't there to give me pleasure, she was there to give me torture. She held to my wrists with one hand as she grabbed the bag from the floor, laying it on my back as she unzipped it with her mouth. I felt as a light rope fell over me, quickly moving to Y/n's hold as she wrapped it around my wrists.

I was hard and restrained, now relying on her touch to bring me the needed attention to my twitching bulge. "I brought you a present, Shota." Her voice was scarier than it should have been in my mind. Then I heard the ruffling of the bag, before my eyes widened.

The thing that she placed in front of me was unbelievable. It was intimidating. There was no way she was serious.

Oh, but she was serious.

It was bright red with veins protruding the sides of it. There was straps attached to the base with adjusters. Disturbingly, it had a piercing stuck in at the head, a metal bead that shone in the moonlight, but that wasn't the worst part. The size was more intimidating than anything else I had ever faced.

If I were to take a guess, I could say maybe a foot to thirteen inches. I didn't even notice I had stopped breathing until now. I felt Y/n's stare loom over me, her hair brushing against my cheek. "I hope you like it." A small soft kiss was planted under my ear as her fingers ran down my back to the rim of my pants.

"Y/n. . . You have to be kidding me."

"We'll see about that."

Before I knew it, my pants were pulled down, now resting at my ankles. She squatted down scraping her fingers down my legs, pulling the belt from the loops of my pants. I heard a scary snapping noise, the noise of leather threatening to impact my skin.

She did say she was going to make my ass throb, but I wasn't actually expecting her to be serious.

I now regretted it all, I really should have just come home on time. That stupid Mic just had to pull me over for a quick drink so he could complain about his issues with his lover. Honestly, at least I could partially be mad at him for making me keep Y/n waiting.

That's besides the point though, the matter of the fact is that my ass was in serious danger of being exploited by my lover. "Y/n please recon- mmph!" Her hand was slapped over my mouth as she raised the belt in her hand. I heard the smack of impact, that heart stopping sound of leather hitting my skin.

I would have despised her for it, but it made me twitch in my underwear. I felt ashamed and humiliated of myself, but Y/n was loving every second of it. Though she wasn't physically gaining any pleasure, my yelps and cries were enough to get her underwear soaking.

Fuck I couldn't help it, the pain translated to pleasure so damn beautifully. She was right, I am just a slut for her and her sadism. I am just a masochistic son of a bitch that likes being dominated by my significant other. The way she was clenching her thighs so whoreshly while bringing burning red marks to my plump flesh was so damn hot. I could have nutted in my half-down underwear, absolutely creaming myself under her torture, but my desire to hold it in was too high.

I had to hold it, I couldn't cum yet, I had to wait until she was gripping my head and fucking my guts. I wanted to see her lick my thick nut off her fingers as she was sending blissful waves of sin through my veins. Hell is a hot place, but I have recently decided that I like the burn of it.

Tears spilled from my intoxicated eyes, my ass burning red from her sadistic wrath. I could feel as my underwear was quickly being stained with my rushing pre, my tip being sticky and needy for attention.

"You're drooling, fucking dog." Her degrading made my heart beat with a passion to be humiliated more. I wanted her to do the most unholy things to me, right while I was in a UA school classroom.

Her hand quickly moved back to the elastic of my underwear, completely pulling them down. My erection sprang out, finally free of it's tight hold. She flicked the head causing me to let out a small whimper. I was being humiliated, but it was fucking amazing.

"You're so fucking wet already."

"I could say the same to you." I let out in a groan.

Y/n scoffed at my snarky reply, twirling her finger at my tip collecting the sticky pre. Forcefully, she opened my mouth from clenching my teeth, and stuck her finger inside.

"Suck." I did as I was told. Sucking my own pre off her finger while swirling my tongue. It was so damn lewd, but it was just making me want more. I let out a small yelp as I felt a hand grab at my balls and squeeze. She was making me suck my own erection off of her finger as she edged me further by playing with one of my weakest spots.

I was whimpering and groaning, a fucking mess if you ask me. I was letting tears run down my face, while she was taking in the sight beautifully.

"God fucking dammit Y/n. . . " I moaned out in a single breath. It was too much, the stimulation was so damn much I just wanted to cum so bad. I was at my limit, I had to release soon, the stimulation was too fucking hard it hurt. I was about to spill, about to let myself be relieved. I felt my orgasm coming so close as I was quickly being pushed over the edge. It hurt so fucking bad I just wanted to feel the relief.

"C- cumming-" I wined out as tears rushed down my cheeks and my balls throbbed along with the pain on the flesh of my ass.

That was a mistake.

She reminded me of one very important detail to this torture. . . She was in control over my body.

Her hands quickly pulled away, making sure to leave me throbbing and crying with no release. I whined out in dissatisfaction as that release never flowed out. The pain just slowly simmered down leaving no room for the immense pleasure I was meant to feel.

It was like when you're about to sneeze but then it slowly disappears without coming out. Or tilting a glass of water about to let it pour out, but then tipping it back up right just as it was on the very edge. It was unsatisfying as all hell.

"Please Y/n, please. . ." I deeply whined out, in that moment there was nothing more I wanted other than a release. I just wanted to feel myself be washed over with thick pleasure as I let it all out.

"Please what? I'm not a psychic."

"Dammit . . . Please just let me have it already!"

"Have what? Tell me what you want me to do."

"Please I just want you to hurt me till I'm mind fucked, just let me cum you slutty sadist!"

She gave my ass a hard slap then grabbed it, kneading at the soft and reddened fleshed.

"Let's see if you regret saying that or not."

I didn't care what she meant by that. I didn't care if it was a threat or a warning, I just wanted to shoot out loads as she watched me.

The kneading at my ass hurt but I loved it, the pain was too good that it was making me addicted.

In a matter of seconds, my hair was pulled and I was on the ground. The side of my face implanted on the floor while my hands were tied behind my back. I was in the doggy style position, my ass in the air all for her to see.

She had now completely removed my pants and shoes, leaving only my socks and black shirt on. I felt like such a pushover but I didn't care. I just wanted her to roughly fuck me into the floor making me see nothing but a blissed out world of painfully sexy pleasure.

I heard ruffling behind me, then what sounded like a pair of pants behind me thrown down. Next, I heard the sounds of fabric rubbing together. I was so needy, my dick was throbbing while my burning ass was in the air, waiting to be dominated by my lover even further.

My hair was grabbed once again, pulling my head back as my mouth was stuffed with something dry. It was cotton, and tasted like her.

"You're gonna want to bite down on those."

Her panties were in my mouth as my head dropped back to the floor. I helplessly sucked at the fabric, trying to get the sweet taste of Y/n on my tongue, savoring it before I could swallow.

My erection twitched as I felt a cold thick liquid pour on my ass, running down into the soft tight flesh. I was nervous, but excited. I couldn't believe I was the one taking it inside me and not the other way around, it was odd but so sexy I couldn't help but want it.

Y/n poured it on her strap on, rubbing it in to get it nice and coated as I heard her softly humming a relaxing song to herself. I felt as the thick now hot liquid poured down onto my balls, leaving a trail of sensitive burning as it dripped from my skin. The liquid began to hurt, it went from cold to being burning hot in my most vulnerable of areas, but damn it was so good.

I felt as Y/n's hands grabbed my hips, grasping them tightly as her nails dug into my skin. I felt the cold metal of the piercing press up against me, teasing the sensitive entrance.

"Are you going to be my bitch for tonight?" I couldn't tell if she was seriously or jokingly asking that, her voice being intimidatingly monotone. I didn't care what label she put on me for tonight, I was too intoxicated with anticipation to be anything else but submissive underneath her.

"Mmyesh." I tried to answer with the panties in my mouth. A small giggle was heard behind me before a large pain took my attention. I let out a loud groan, muffled by the now soaked cotton in my mouth.

It was excruciating, it was horrible, but it was so damn amazing. She didn't hold back after I gave her the words. She thrusted in and out ruthlessly, fucking good moans and whines out of me. I was tearing up once again, it hurt but I didn't want her to ever stop. The fine line between pain and pleasure disappeared, and I couldn't tell the difference anymore.

A loud 'fwopping' and 'squelching' noise echoed through the room being accented by my muffled cries. The piercing was hitting my walls pleasurably, the cold small feeling being too good to bare. Though my cock being horribly neglected, everything else was blissful.

She went faster the louder I moaned and the more I squirmed. I was so horny and desperate that I tried bucking my hips into the floor for a bit of friction, only to be stopped by Y/n's hand. She finally started giving my aching leaking erection attention, jacking it with a mixture of burning lube and my pre cum. Coating it in a scorching sensation, I felt like my tip was on fire. Her other hand moved to holding onto the rope of my restrained hands for support. Her hips thrusting into me while I fucked myself into her hand, I felt that wave of need come over me again.

Just a few more thrusts and a few more rubs and I was going to overflow. I began bucking my hips into her hand even quicker while her thrusts became sloppy.

She wasn't much better than me when it came to noise, she was moaning just as loud from the friction the strap was bringing to her throbbing swollen red clit.

The cold metal of the piercing hit into my prostate so fucking fantastically, and her soft hands were giving me the perfect feeling of pleasure. Her hand moved from my throbbing twitching cock and slapped my ass as her thrusts didn't slow, pushing the cum straight out of me.

Her thrusts came to a slow but her hand moved back to my throbbing fucked out dick and jacked me twice as fast. She was milking me dry for everything I had and it was causing me to lose it.

I would have accidentally alerted the guards if it weren't for the sweet cotton muffling my whines. I didn't stop cumming, ropes of my thick nut just kept spilling onto the floor as Y/n wouldn't stop moving her hand. The release was so good but the pain of overstimulation was unbearable.

I whined and begged for her to have mercy, but she wasn't in the mood for that. Every time I whined she just went faster, every time I begged she squeezed harder. I was pushing out everything my balls had in them at this point. Y/n's name along with curses spilled out my mouth as she praised me on how good I was cumming for her.

Cum was also dripping from her pussy, making its way around the strap squeezing between her folds and running down her leg. We both came at the same time, and it was a hot sticky mess between the two of us. I pushed the drool soaked panties from my mouth in a hope to beg for mercy.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck pleeaasseee I'm at my limit, I'm gonna fucking die-" I slurred out in a desperate attempt to be given freedom from this chain of stimulation. My balls felt like they were going to explode, it hurt so damn much.

Y/n spit on my ass then slapped it, wrapping her hands around my shaft once again with a mixture of her spit this time. I was a drooling fucked out mess, laying on the floor crying with my ass up as my lover drained me for everything I had.

Finally, when nothing was coming out anymore, she stopped. Slapping my sore flesh again for one last time.

The large strap was pulled out of my hole with an unholy 'squelch'. There I laid, still in doggy style with lube dripping out my ass, and little drops of cum dripping to meet the puddle on the floor.

"How ya doin babe?" She asked a little out of breath. I could feel her evil little smile as she looked down at my pathetic state.

"Fan-fugcking-tastig" My words were slurred beyond hell, drool and tears on my face as my blissed out expression answered Y/n's question well enough.

We definitely had to clear the camera footage.