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you're so small compared to akainu🥺🥺🥺

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It it had been a long day. you were right about to go to your bunk when you got an important call from headquarters.
“this is Captain Morgan, there is a war expected, come to headquarters immediatelyimmeditately.
“WHAT?!” they scream, probably loud enoughenought for gold roger to hear from his grave. you wait a few seconds for a response, until realizing that he probably hung up. on that note, you put away the transponder snail, woke up your crew, and headed for the navy headquarters.

upon arrival, the first thing you did was reach out to captain Morgan and demand AnAnn explanationexplaination.
“hey its not my fault, Sengoku just asked me to call all captains and ge their crews here stat for The war.” he says, defensively
“jump off the red line, morgy,” you say, surprising him with your words. Not many people could tell, but you were not like the other captains. Thethe other captains liked hunting pirates and always failed, but you were one of the ‘admirals’, you were stronger than those girly weaklings. they all had pecs and tits for days but you had the flattest chest ever, probably flatter than a ruler, dear lord. men and women alike were always flocking to give you what you lacked. tiddies.
Althoughalthough you appreciated the sentiment, you didn'tdidnt need it. you weren'twerent a weak captain like the others, flocking to get in a relationship and waste away, giving all of their love to less important causes. nothing could be as important as hunting pirates.
Afterafter that distasteful remark towards captain Morgan, you stormed with your swords into sengoku’s study, finding him preparing himself for war.
“oi goku, what'swhats all this about a war?” you demand, sword to his neck.
“you didn'tdidnt know already? it'sits all over the news, i suggest you read it sometime, y/n” he says, almost looking down on you. how could he look at you as if he were above you? He washe was nothinging but a fleet admiral. how could he think he was better than you? getting angrier, you scream many- er- unsavory curses, until you cancant hardly breath.
“Justjust tell me where i need to go, lazy fleetie” you say, giving up. conflict won’t get you anywhere, and you needed to find a newspaper, you could probably ask aokiji, he seemed to be kind enough.

upon reaching the admiral’s chamber, you seek out aokiji. in your way, you find admiral Akainu. despite being masculine and alpha all your life, you could feel the submissiveness creeping up your spine. you hunched your back, instinctively trying to look smaller. after a few moments of being in his alpha presence, you realized it. you were in heat. no. you couldn'tcouldnt be. you were the alpha. you didn'tdidnt have any weaknesses, yet here you were, getting more submissive and breedable by the second. you hated this feeling, yet somehow it felt, sort of… nice? you didn'tdidnt understand any of it, except for the fact that this ten foot tall man was the alpha. every ounce of independenceindependece left youryou body, and youandyou felt yourself wanting him. no.
“Excuseexcuse me, Admiral Sakazuki Akainu-“ you cursed at yourself. nobody deserved to be addressed as formally as that, especially from you. you tried again “admiral sakazuki, i need to get past you, permission to pass?” you ask, cursing yourself again. no matter what you did, this man was always going to be the alpha, and he must be addressed as such. in a hurry to get away before he realized that you were in heat, you tried you best to squeeze past his iron body. Hebody. he nudged you back.
“Give me a good reason you need to pass, and I willi will consider it. In, in the meantimemean time, you should be at your place on theont he battlefield, seeking justice from the filthyfilty pirates.” every word of it was mesmerizing. Thisthis man really wanted freedom. It was admirable. Wellwell, obviously, he was an admiral. you found yourselfyoureslf gaping at him.
“I need to find Kijikiji, sir. I expect himt to supply me with a newspaper, informing me of the state of the world and the war.” you gasp out, lowering youryou eyes and taking in every (unfortunately) clothed part of his body. every bulge, every tight crease, every delicious looking bump.
realizing what you were doing, you immediately averted your eyes.
“Looklook at me when i speak to you, lowly captain” you look back at him, finding yourself surprised at how much you enjoyed being degraded by him. you wanted to beg for more, but that could come off as disrespectfuldisrespecful, but all you wanted to do was make him enjoy himself, something he cannot do while disrespected. you didn'tdidnt just want him to enjoy himself, you wanted to-
you were cut off by him continuing his speech “why go to aokiji when i can supply you with one?” he asked, annoyed. you mentallly kicked yourself for not thinking about that. Hethat. he was just as strong, if not stronger than aokiji. he was more than capable of supplying you with a newspaper.
“sir, with all due respect, I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way for my unjustful sins of not reading the newspapers beforehand,” you say, in a rush. you completely made that up, but it was still true for the most part. you wanted this man to do everything he pleased, anywhere he wanted, and you were willing to beg for it.
he gave you a newspaper nonetheless, and you skimmed it, getting the general idea. a pirate got caught, his crew was gonna come save him, big war, blah blah blah. you could care less about a war when you had the strongest man alive right in front of you. It wasit was an honor. Justjust thinking aboutabou his presence made you want him more.
embarrassedembarassed, you ran out the door, hiding your crotch, whichwhitch had suddenlysuddely gotten damp. you couldn'tcouldnt tell what kind of liquidliqid it was, but the fact that it was there was an embarrassmentembarassment. Akainuakainu only deserved to see people at their best, anything worse was a disgrace.


After finding your place on the battlefield, it wasn'twasnt long before the WhitebeardWhiteheard pirates and all of their allies showed up. despite them being disgraceful pirates, you could admire how many people would lay their lives down for Whitebeard. not that he was good or anything. Admiral Akainu would always be better. nobody could top him, although you wished you could. in more ways than one.
Suddenlysuddenly, a bird-likebird like creature stopped your train of thought. Whowho dared exist louder than Akainu-sama? upon closer inspection, you foundfoun that it was the first division commander of the whitebeardwhitebear pirates, bounty over a million. in other words, it was Phoenix Marco. he charged towards the man about to be executed, also known as fire fist ace, who was captured and used as bait for the pirates. marc flew towards ace at an alarming speed, only to be stopped by the greatest admiral himself, Sakazuki. just watchingo watcing him in motion was enough to make your groin a little more moist. you admired every part of the admiral. everything about him was superior.
as Marco hit the ground, you met him there. you put shackles on him and started beating him until his face was covered in blood.
“how dare you disrespect admiral sakazuki akainu, filthy pirate.” It wasit was more of a statement than a question. there was no valid answer for such a sin.
as admiral akainu came down to the battlefield, he walked with dignity and superiority towards Marco and you. no attack could phase him. Hehim. he was unscathed. not a singlesinge wound. his clothes were torn to a degree, though. you rushed towards him as fast as you could, trying your best to mend his shirt. no arguments came from him.
as you were mending his shirt, you were attacked from behind, and pushed into akanus beautiful, soft, pectorals. normally you were against havinghavin yourgyour face buried into such body parts, but this was the exception.
You could hardly breathe, but the few thin breaths you could inhale were the most delicious of your life. It smelled like the Night Blooming Jasmine tree, reminding you that he took up a hobby of making miniature bonsai trees in his free time when the scum of the earth wasn’t causing him troubles.
You lay on his moobs for a few seconds, taking in the aroma, trying to squish your face in as much as possible. You look up at his face to find his mesmerizing gray eyes looking back at you. You could never tell what was going on in that wonderful brain of his, but you knew that it was something important, because he could never commit a single sin in his life of justice, even in his imagination.
You had no idea how wrong you were.
After being smacked back into the real world by the same thing that pushed you into his delicious chest, you turned around to defeat the disgusting animal that pushed you.
It was Marco. You cursed at yourself for forgetting that phoenixes can regenerate.
Damn it. Damn Marco for disrupting akainu. In your blind rage, you punch him everywhere imaginable, getting pleads for mercy. You loved that noise. You beat him more and more. Sometimes, one of his crew mates would attempt to stop you, but you either gruesomely ended their life or beat them even harder than the treatment Marco was getting.
At some point, you gave up on beating Marco. It was futile. No matter how much you hated him, he wasn’t going to wake up for days or returned to fixing the great admiral Akainu’s shirt. He was so strong. Just looking at his abs aroused you, further dampening the spot on your pants, while Akainu stared shamelessly at the moist spot, making you blush profusely. He was looking at your crotch. The greatest admiral of all time, looking at you. Or even better, your damp crotch. You pretended not to notice and continued mending his shirt, sneaking in a few “accidental” touches to the abs and pectorals.
Upon fixing up his uniform, he hotly walked towards Marco'smarco’s unconsciousunconsious body. He kicks Marcos' bodyMarcos body towards his crew, gaining stares of pain and hatred from the pirates. You loved those looks. You looked towards Akainuakainu, to see his reaction from the looks of the pirates, but his huge, delicious, body that you just wanted to devour, was not paying attention to the pirates at all, forall for he was looking at whitebeard himself. Damned whitebeard. He didn'tdidnt deserve to be looked at by the alpha male.
After having a seemingly long staring contest, they both attacked at the same time. It was over in an instantinstants. Admiral Akainuakainu was just too strong. His strength was terrifying. You could never hope to be in his presence ever again. You didn'tdidnt deserve such a sexy man to even acknowledge your existence.
You broke into tears. Akainu didn'tdidnt even care. He was so strong, you didn'tdidnt deserve his attention, so you didn'tdidnt get any. Nobody so much as looked at you, they were all looking at whitebeard's deadwhitebeard’s dead bodybody. Not everyone was applauding akainu which made your blood boil. Everyone should be applauding him. You wanted to kill them all but compared to akainu you were just so small, your fingertips could barely reach the end of his palm.
He looks back at you, disappointed. You quickly wipe youryou eyes and bow to him. He walks over to you and kicks you harder than the fated red shoe Zeff could. You are thrown across the battlefield. In most situations, this would be painful, but this was weirdly enjoyable. You knew this was supposed to happen. He was the alpha. He completely owned you. You were nothing but an omega, made only for him and his fantasies. He retrieves you, and drags you out of the battlefield, for the war was finished, and it was time for the alpha to live his wildest fantasies. You were honored that he chose you, and you would do your best to be as submissive and breedable as possible for this man, whom you had sold your life to. To your surprise, he actually just killed you and called you annoying.