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Antics of CJ.

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Two months later.

(Over at Kane tower down in the batcave both Mark and Kate are there sparring as their sparring he grabs her and throws her over his shoulder as she goes down she

looks up at him and laughs as he grabs her hand and helps her up.)

Kate: You are right?
Mark: Yeah. It's just it's been almost a year since we lost Calamity and two months since Beca gave birth to CJ.
Kate: Yeah. Mark I'm still.
Mark: No Kate come on. Her dying wasn't your fault. You tried to pull her back up but couldn't.
Kate: Kara and Clark would of gotten to me had it not been William Dey and whoever else was there stopping them.
Mark: Yeah. Look Kate. None of us blame you for what happened.
Kate: No i blame myself.
Mark: Kate come on. Why do you keep doing this to yourself?
Kate: I can't help it. I mean out of all of the people i save a nightly bases i didn't think the one person I'd end up not being able to save was the love of Beca Mitchell's life.

(He looks at her and then looks off not sure of what to say to her. Then he looks at her.)

Mark: I don't know what else we can tell you Kate. I really don't we all know how much her dying is still getting to you.

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Kate: I have never felt so damn useless in my life Mark. Well that's not true. Black Mask.
Mark: We all know the hell you went through while Black Mask had you Kate. I mean in a lot of ways we all hate the bastard as much as anyone would. But i can't hate anyone more then i hate the person who had shot and nearly killed you.
Kate: Yeah. But at least now you're back with Vera.
Mark: I am. And i couldn't be happier. You've finally opened your eyes and told Kara how you feel about her.
Kate: Yeah.
Mark: Do yourself a favor Kate.
Kate: Try and move on with my life.
Mark: Normally helps.

(She laughs at him.)

Kate: Yeah are right.
Mark: Okay. Now come on Kane before your girlfriend comes back and tells us to stop.

(She laughs at him as they get back to sparring as their sparring he smacks her in the butt getting her to turn and look at him.)

Kate: So messed up.
Mark: What not my fault you've got a cute butt.

(She laughs at him as they go back at it as their sparring continues Mark smiles at her.)

Later that night.

(Over at the Hold Up Mark walks in followed by Veracity as they walk in they head over to the counter as they get there he orders their drinks and waits.)

Mark: Babe you are right?

(She looks at him and smiles)

Veracity: Yeah. I'm just thinking is all.
Mark: You worried about Jesse and his always going after Beca now that Calamity's out of his way?
Veracity: Yeah. I really don't want her to end up with that jackass. I really don't.

(He looks at her and smiles.)

Mark: I know.
Veracity: How the hell do we keep him from always bothering her.
Mark: Wish i knew.

(Then he looks at Ryan whose walking over to them with their drinks.)

Mark: You are right Ryan?
Ryan: Yeah. I'm just worried about Beca as much as you guys are only for a completely different reason.
Veracity: What?
Mark: Circe Sionis was at the hospital two months ago.

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Veracity: What she want?
Mark: To see CJ.
Veracity: Why?
Mark: Because she's CJ's long lost aunt.

(Veracity looks at him and then to Ryan.)

Veracity: You guys sure about this?
Mark: Very sure why?
Veracity: Because Calamity actually mentioned a sister but she never knew who she was.
Mark: Oh gees.
Veracity: Mark if Circe is Cal's long lost sister. She could either help us and keep Jesse away from Beca or.
Mark: Or she could do something to hurt the baby.
Veracity: Yeah.
Mark: Well shit.
Ryan: Well we gotta do something because Circe isn't one to remain in the dark about a lot of things.
Mark: Yeah i know.

(They continue to sit there and talk. Over the next couple of hours they continue to talk and joke around as their joking around Kate walks into the bar followed by

Kara and Alex as they walk their also talking and joking around.)

Ryan: Uh-oh it's my boss. I better run and hide.

(Mark and Veracity start laughing at Kate's face.)

Kate: Oh Ryan Wilder you really are cute.
Ryan: Why thank you Kate i know.
Mark: No wonder she hits on Mary whenever she gets the chance.
Ryan: She's my girlfriend shut up.

(They continue to laugh and joke around. Meanwhile over at Beca's apartment she's sitting down on the couch thinking about the woman she had lost almost a year a

earlier and knowing she'll be raising their child on her own and wonders how Reagan managed to do it without Ares for so long. But then she really thinks about it and

knows how she managed she had Kate and the other's there for her. Including herself along with Calamity and the time both Serenity and Charity. As she's sitting

there thinking someone knocks on the door she gets up to go and answers it as she gets there she opens it to find Jesse there and quickly goes to close but he stops

the door and pushes it open.)

Beca: What the hell do you want now?
Jesse: Look Beca i'm just trying to be there for you. But you keep shutting me out.
Beca: Yeah there's a reason for that.
Jesse: Bec's come on.
Beca: Jesse i said no.

(He goes to go after her only to have someone grab him and throws him out of the room he turns to see who it is and laughs he goes to charge her but she's grabs his arm and throws him over her shoulder and he looks off in pain.)

Jesse: Whoever the hell you are I'm suing.
Sara: Oh good. So then i can have you arrested for harassment.

(She gets him and throws him down the hallway.)

Jesse: This isn't over.
Sara: It sure as hell better be. Because if it isn't it's not gonna end well for you.

(Then she closes the door in his face once it's closed she turns and looks at her as she grabs Beca into a hug getting her to smile at her then she pulls away from her.)

Beca: Thank you for that.
Sara: Anytime. What he want?
Beca: Something he's been wanting since he found out about Calamity's death.
Sara: For you to give him another chance.
Beca: Yeah and when i won't.
Sara: He gets forceful like he just did.
Beca: Yeah. I just don't know what to do.
Sara: What you mean?
Beca: I moved here to be closer to other Bellas and to final three members of the band. So that me and CJ could feel safe. But he's not letting me. And it keeps making me wish that Circe would show up every now an then.
Sara: You want the woman who Kate had to be in order to make everyone in her life miserable.
Beca: I'm not saying i want her around all the time. I mean i do have everyone else.
Sara: Beca are you saying you want Circe to have some contact with her niece?
Beca: Yeah i am. I mean i know whatever else is going to say but. I can see some good in her.
Sara: You've barely seen her since the baby was born.
Beca: Well.
Sara: Have you seen her again since the baby was born?
Beca: About three weeks ago.
Sara: And?
Beca: She seemed perfectly normal.
Sara: The crazy one's always do.
Beca: I mean since she came back. Almost like whatever she had done before.

(Sara looks at her and laughs.)

Sara: Oh my god.
Beca: What?
Sara: You're falling for her.

(Beca looks at her and laughs.)

Beca: I've barely seen her.
Sara: Beca let me ask you something.
Beca: Okay.
Sara: What you think of Calamity when you first met her.
Beca: I thought she was a complete bitch.
Sara: Okay.
Beca: Oh.
Sara: So again.
Beca: I thought she was drop dead gorgeous and i couldn't for the life of me keep the woman out of my thoughts the whole time we were on tour.
Sara: It's okay to have feelings for someone else Beca. I mean I'm sure Calamity wouldn't hold it against you if moved on with your life.
Beca: Even if i moved on with someone who had killed a number of people.
Sara: Well she might have an issue with that.

(She laughs at her.)

Beca: I just. It's been a year and i feel like if i move on I'm still going to feel like I'm cheating on her.
Sara: When you and Calamity got together.
Beca: Okay.
Sara: Did you feel like you were cheating on Jesse?

(She looks at her and laughs.)

Beca: I can honestly say no i didn't.
Sara: Why? You loved him didn't you?
Beca: I did. But Calamity was different.
Sara: How?
Beca: I don't know. I mean when i first met Jesse i thought he was annoying and very very pushy.
Sara: Okay.
Beca: But Calamity wasn't she listened to me when i needed someone to talk to. Even when we were supposed to be rival's. She still talked to me made smartass comments about Jesse which i thought were funny.
Sara: That's good to know.
Beca: I know I'm not really helping myself much here.
Sara: No you're saying. Calamity was the one for you.

(Beca looks at her and nods her head at her.)

Beca: And now she's not even here anymore. All thanks to William Dey getting in the way and preventing Kara from being able to help Kate save her.
Sara: You know even after a year Kate's still carrying around the fact that she couldn't save Calamity Beca.
Beca: Yeah i know she is. And i really don't blame her. I never have.
Sara: From what I've learned from all three of her sisters is that. Kate has always been the one person who takes things to heart and she always feels guilty until someone knocks it into her.
Beca: That's what her girlfriend is for.
Sara: True.
Beca: But i get your point.
Sara: Okay.
Beca: I just feel like maybe me and CJ need to get away from Gotham for awhile.
Mark: That so.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: Captain Lance i do believe you're flirting.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Sara: I'm trying not too i swear.
Mark: Yeah I'm sure. Anyway. You are right?
Beca: Yeah. Thanks to Sara he wasn't able to hurt me.
Mark: Okay. So you think you should Gotham for awhile?
Beca: Yeah. I mean it has nothing to do with Kate it doesn't i know she tried her hardest to save her but.
Mark: No Beca it's okay. If you think it's time for you two to leave Gotham for awhile i know just the place you can go to.
Beca: Where?

(He looks at her and smiles as Sara laughs at him.)

Mark: You remember the employee's from Baggin's?
Beca: Yes. I remember them very well given how everytime Emily or Stacie saw oh.
Mark: Yeah. She's in a new relationship so you won't have any issues there.
Beca: What about Jesse.
Mark: He tires anything we'll be there to stop him.
Beca: Okay.
Mark: Are right.
Beca: But only if you and Sara come with us.
Mark: I'll see what we can do.

(She smiles at him. As they start planning on how to get Beca out of Gotham before Jesse can get to her and to CJ again as their planning all of this little do they know

there is someone whose been trying to see them again but it's not Jesse so on the day Beca's getting ready to leave Gotham she opens the door and finds the one

woman she didn't think she'd ever see again.)

Beca: Circe!
Circe: Hi.
Beca: Hi.
Circe: You going somewhere?
Beca: Yeah I'm getting out of Gotham for awhile.

(She looks at her and nods her head.)

Circe: Oh okay. Um well I'll see you guys around.

(Seeing her so upset Beca looks around annoyed with herself.)

Beca: Come with us.

(She looks at her and laughs.)

Circe: What?
Beca: Come with us.
Circe: After everything my father did to your friends.
Beca: People can change Circe. And i can tell you have.
Circe: Not by much.
Beca: But you have. You've been there for me and CJ as much as you can be.

(She smiles at her.)

Circe: CJ!
Beca: I named her after Calamity.
Circe: Poor child.
Beca: Yeah. I have a feeling she would be thinking the same thing.
Circe: Yeah well mine isn't much better.
Beca: As she would of said. Circe is better then Calamity.
Circe: Oh wow. Okay then.
Beca: So like i said come with us.

(She smiles at her.)

Circe: After what happened I'm not so sure Mark would trust me around you and the baby.
Beca: You never know. You've helped the Bat team out a lot since you came back and i just told you who the.
Circe: Oh come on. It's okay. I won't say anything. Besides Kate Kane is a pain in the ass I'll give her that. But she's one hell of a person and protector of this city. We've needed one.
Beca: Even if your father doesn't agree.
Circe: Even if he doesn't agree.
Beca: Look I'm not gonna force you to come but i can't stay here not with my ex still trying to get me back.
Circe: Well what if you two came and stayed with me.
Mark: Circe!

(She turns and looks at him seeing the look on his face she looks off.)

Beca: She wants me and CJ to go and stay with her instead of going down to Tucson.
Mark: What you want?
Beca: I want me and my daughter to be able to walk around Gotham without Jesse getting in our way.
Mark: Well if you're here she can keep you two safe. All you have to do is want her around. And now let what other people say stop you.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Beca: Tell your friend I'm sorry.
Mark: Oh she knew there was a chance you wouldn't be going so.
Beca: She's got a lot more understanding then some people let on.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Mark: Okay well let's grab this cutie pie and get you two out of here.
Beca: Okay.

(He walks over to the baby and picks her up as they walk out of the apartment as they walk out they head off towards Mark's truck as they get there he gets the baby

set up in it and then closes the door as Beca gets into the backseat with her.)

Minutes later.

(Over at Circe's apartment she unlocks the door and they all walk in as they walk in he closes the door as Beca looks around it.)

Beca: This looks more like a penthouse.

(Mark laughs at her.)

Circe: That's because it is.
Beca: What?
Circe: My dad had this place in the city. And i just took it over.
Mark: Is this in?
Circe: It's in the Crows District. We didn't move out to the house until the whole thing with my rape and the Crows sweeping it under the rug.
Mark: Sounds about right.
Circe: Yeah.
Mark: Anyway.
Beca: Yeah.
Circe: You can have any of the rooms upstairs.
Beca: Okay.

(She walks off up the stairs as she walks up Mark looks at her.)

Mark: Why you helping her out?
Circe: I had a feeling that question would come up one of these days.
Mark: And it has. Now why you helping her?
Circe: Because i was going through my dad's old stuff and came up with this.

(She shows him the pictures and he goes through them.)

Mark: What are these?
Circe: My father had been doing a lot of searching for a long lost daughter.
Mark: So he knew Calamity was his?
Circe: I think he suspected but didn't really have the proof.
Mark: So if your dad knew there was a chance that Calamity was his.
Circe: I think in a lot of ways. He didn't want to draw any more attention to himself and with the whole thing with Snake Bite.
Mark: So what makes you believe she was your sister?
Circe: I had run a DNA test of my own.
Mark: Okay?
Circe: And the DNA matched.
Mark: So Calamity really was your sister.
Circe: Yeah and thanks to whoever was keeping Supergirl and Superman from getting to them Batwoman had lost her grip on her and she lost her life because of it.
Mark: Yeah well. I just hope we don't have to deal with them anytime soon.
Circe: Yeah. Anyway.

(She walks over to her niece and gets her out of the car seat as she gets her out she holds her and she starts playing with her face which makes her laugh.)

Circe: You're really cute you know that?

(She smiles at her getting her to laugh.)

CJ: Ga.
Mark: Oh really?
CJ: Ga.
Mark: No i don't believe you.
CJ: Ga.
Mark: Circe how dare you.
Circe: Not my fault she's so cute.

(She starts laughing along with Mark and Circe who can't help but laugh at CJ whose making them feel better about a lot of things. Then Circe feels what she's doing

and looks down at her hand.)

Circe: Mark!

(He looks at her and then sees where CJ's hand is.)

Mark: CJ!

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: Those are the wrong boobs.
CJ: Ga.
Mark: No.
CJ: Ga.
Beca: Mark it's point less to argue with a two month old.
Mark: I know. But she's got her hand on your sister in law's boob.
Beca: Lucky baby.

(Circe looks at her as Mark starts laughing then he calms down as his phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is seeing the number he answers it.)

Mark: Kate!
Kate: Hey. I just got off of the phone with Kara.
Mark: What's wrong?
Kate: Mark someone dug up a grave.

(He looks around at Beca and Circe.)

Mark: Whose?
Kate: Calamity's.