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It was after closing time, but Luke was still puttering around the diner when Lorelai strolled up to the door. She found it unlocked and let herself in, the jingling bells announcing her presence. Luke smiled when he caught sight of her.

“You’re here.”

“I told you I would be,” she reminded him. Shortly after returning to the diner that afternoon, the pair made tentative plans to hang out at his apartment that night.

“Yeah, well, I wasn’t sure you know.” He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. “I know Rory just got back.”

“She’s spending some time with Lane tonight,” Lorelai filled him in. Luke nodded his understanding, tucking his hands in his pockets for something to do with them.

“So uh, I’d offer you coffee, but I just cleaned out the pot.”

“I didn’t come for coffee,” she told him. Luke nodded again, took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“So…” he attempted. Lorelai quirked a small smile. Her inward nervousness was mirrored by his outward nervousness. Somehow, that made her feel better.

“It’s been seven weeks,” she said. She turned back and flipped the lock on the door before starting toward the counter. Luke anticipated her stopping at her customary stool, but instead she swung around and came to stand at the end, a few feet from him.

“Seven weeks,” Luke repeated.

“It was a long seven weeks.”

“You’re tellin’ me,” he groused, making her chuckle.

“I’m happy you’re home,” she said softly.

He offered a small smile. “Me too.”

Lorelai spared a glance out the window, finding the street more or less deserted.

“So, uh, what’s a girl gotta do to get a kiss around here?” she asked, boldly. A tiny grin played at the corner of his lips as he seemed to relax.

“Oh there’s a whole process. Paperwork, red tape…” he listed.

“Good thing I’ve got a man on the inside,” she joked lightly, making him grin wider. He took a step toward her, closing some of the distance. Lorelai leaned into his touch when his fingers gently stroked her hair back, tucking it behind her ear, before resting his hand on her cheek. His other hand found her hip, and both of hers came to rest on his waist, feeling heat radiating from beneath his clothes.

“I’m waiting for a marching band to come through,” Luke said softly.

“Not this time,” she assured him, tilting her chin up, willing him to make the final move. He claimed her lips tenderly, a stark contrast to their first kisses almost two months prior. One kiss ended, and led into a second and third, just as gentle, lips sliding easily against one another’s unhurried.

Lorelai sighed into it and felt some of his tension give way as he seemed to relax too.

Lorelai pulled back just enough to separate their lips. She peered up at him, and he watched her intently, waiting for what came next. She looked past him to the curtain, and then back to his gaze.

“I hear you’ve got a perfectly good apartment upstairs,” Lorelai said, her voice barely a whisper. Luke nodded. “Want to show me?” He smiled, nodded again before leaning in and kissing her once more, a little harder this time. Lorelai used her grip on his waist to pull their bodies flush, feeling his hard plains against her soft curves again. She wondered, not for the first time, how this would feel without barriers. She was intent on finding out.

Seven weeks was a long time, in the context of a new relationship. Usually, it was the period where you discovered your unique chemistry, and decided if there was something worth sticking around for. It was a period of sexual exploration, finding out how to make your partner tick, finding out how their hands felt on your body, finding out whether their tongue was as good as you imagined, and whether the rest of their anatomy was up to the task of pleasing you. It was a period where you decided if you liked the faces they made in the throes of passion, whether their noises were sexy or strange, whether their bodies responded to your best moves in the way previous lovers had.

For seven weeks, Luke and Lorelai had been relegated to the phone.

It started innocently enough. They talked almost every night during his absence. They filled each other in on their days the way old friends do. Luke would drop a line about missing her, almost tentatively, and she would respond in kind. It was sweet. G-rated. No children would be scarred if listening in.

By week three, Lorelai began to discover that late at night, Luke’s voice took on a particular husk that made him damn near irresistible. When he was really tired, his words would get sluggish, and she could close her eyes and imagine him laying with her, snuggled in after making love. She would imagine those tired lips lazily kissing her throat, his overworked tongue finding the hollow of her collarbone and teasing small circles into it. She imagined gentle hands touching her, not quite able to stop until sleep won out.

But when he was awake, when it was earlier in the evening and he had a good rant worked up from yet another day of dealing with weirdos, his tone hit her in a completely different way. His intensity made her imagine that wild and wicked tongue taking her to new heights. She imagined the veins in his strong forearms popping as he took her with his fingers, thrusting and curling them inside of her until she was coming apart.

But her favourite, the best one, was that moment near the end of their calls when she knew he wanted to say more. She imagined in those moments the thoughts that crossed his mind, the words he was afraid to say, lest her offend her feminine sensibilities. Every night she willed him to say those words, because she didn’t want to be the one to break. He didn’t take the leap. She knew he wouldn’t, without a push.

One night she decided to push him. That’s when she discovered that he had an affinity for a particular pair of jeans she favoured. He was an ass man, she learned. He liked to watch her walk away.

On another night, she found out that he imagined being with her every single night after they hung up.

Another night, he was a little drunk on grog. That’s when she got his fantasy out of him. After that he was freer with her. After that he initiated, once in a while. Not always. He didn’t want her to think that’s all he was thinking about – even if it was, most of the time. But sometimes he would find himself becoming hard at the sound of her voice, and sometimes he would tell her. She loved that. She loved knowing he was so attracted to her that he couldn’t control himself.

They had phone sex a few times. Not a lot, because Luke felt weird about having phone sex with someone he’d never actually had sex with, but seven weeks was a long time. At the beginning of a relationship, it was forever.

The first time Luke brought Lorelai to orgasm, it was with his voice. She had come to really love that voice.

But even those phone calls, and the progressive sexuality between them, could not compare to being with him in the flesh. Lorelai really wanted his flesh.

Luke led her upstairs.

“You want a beer?” he offered. Lorelai shook her head. He bit the inside of his cheek. “I don’t have a coffee maker up here.”

“Don’t want coffee either,” Lorelai told him. His head bobbed with a slight nod as he took this in.

“What do you want?” he asked, as boldly as he could.

“I want what we talked about,” she told him. She grinned, let him catch her checking him out. “I want to know how you feel.”

Luke swallowed, hard. He wanted this, a lot.

“You sure? I should probably take you out on a date first,” he said, weakly.

“You’re nervous,” she teased lightly.

“You’re not?” he shot back. She smiled, looked down at the floor and then back up to him.

“I am. But I don’t want to be nervous with you,” she told him. Luke relaxed a little then, relieved. Lorelai waited for him to make a decision, which thankfully didn’t take long.

“C’mere,” he beckoned, holding a hand out to her. She took it, let him guide her into his body.

When he kissed her this time, it was with intention. His lips molded to hers, drawing the kisses out of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he hugged her waist, bringing their bodies flush.

She felt all of him, for the first time. He had told her what she did to him, but she’d never been close enough to touch.

It made her moan.

Luke took advantage of her parted lips and swept his tongue inside. Lorelai met him eagerly, and their tongues wound around each other, butted up against each other, tasted each other fully. Lorelai braced a hand on the back of his head, holding his mouth to hers and not letting him move away until she’d had her fill.

They both tasted minty fresh. She smiled inwardly, knowing he was preparing for this outcome.

When she released him, Luke led them through the apartment to his bedroom. Unfortunately, his single bed was still in place, although he’d promised weeks earlier to upgrade when he was finally home. Lorelai figured it would do for now. They didn’t need a lot of room for what came next.

When they reached the bed, Lorelai pushed him back gently to sit on the edge. He watched her with wide eyes as she took hold of her shirt hem and pulled it over her head, revealing the cute blue lace bra she had chosen for this night. Her eyes darkened as Luke took in the sight before him.

“How you doin’ down there?” Lorelai asked, a mildly teasing tone, but slightly breathless. Luke let out a puff of air.

“Barely holding it together,” he said, honestly. She smiled at that and began to undo the buttons on his plaid shirt. She sunk down to her knees to get the last few buttons. His eyes followed her intently.

Luke pulled off the overshirt along with his t-shirt. Without the barrier, Lorelai could plainly see the bulge in his jeans.

“You want me,” she said. It wasn’t a question. She looked from the bulge up to his darkened eyes. 

“I want you,” he confirmed, that incredible husky tone in his voice sent a shiver up her spine. She took her hands to each of his thighs, coursed upward with a firm touch until she was inches from that tempting bulge. Luke held his breath, waiting to see if she would go for it.

She didn’t. Not just yet. Instead, she used his legs as support to stand back up, putting him once again at eye-level with her breasts.

She undid her pants and pushed them down, leaving her underwear in place. Her shoes and socks got toed off and finally she was free of the denim.

Luke grasped her hips in both hands and pulled her to the edge of the bed, between his spread legs. He kissed the dip of her abdomen, just beneath her ribs, and then higher, landing just beneath the lace covering her left breast. His kisses over her ribs tickled slightly, his scruff scraped. His calloused hands coursed upward, and before she knew what his plan was, her bra was unclasped at the back.

He backed off and watched as she lost the piece of fabric. His eyes grazed her naked breasts, and then upward to her gaze. Silently, she begged him to go there. He didn’t disappoint.

His eyes slipped shut as his lips descended on her left breast. He drew her nipple into his mouth, finding the bud delightfully hard with arousal. Lorelai watched intently as he eased back and his pink tongue came out, winding circles around the tightened tip before reclaiming it fully.

With one hand she held his head. Her other went to his left hand on her ribs, and guided it upward to her right breast where he went to work, groping and squeezing, pinching and gently pulling on her nipple.

Lorelai let out a soft moan, encased in a breath, an attempt to remain quiet in the face of pleasure. Luke smiled into her breast and swapped to the other, committing to giving it the same attention.

Lorelai’s hips began to move, finding little friction beyond her tightly clench thighs, but she needed something.

Luke pulled back, peered up at her with a small grin.

“You want me,” he teased gently. She let out an airy laugh.

“Babe, you have no idea.” Luke tilted his chin upward and she bent down to kiss him soundly, her hands planted on his cheeks. His tongue was warm and worked out, it slid against hers with finesse.

Lorelai stepped back as she pulled back.

“Okay, time for those to go,” she said, pointing to his jeans. Luke chuckled and stood up before her, making quick work of his jeans, boots and socks. When they were finally both left in their underwear, he pulled her body back into his, and they each grunted at the feel of hot skin against hot skin. This was what they had been waiting for.

She was delighted when his hands went for her ass – the ass she knew he was so fond of. He filled his palms with it and used it to pull her against his rock hard erection. She groaned at the connection, feeling a spark of arousal course through her at the intimate contact, knowing that in just a few moments, he would be inside of her.

His stormy gaze met hers and he pushed his pelvis against her, grinding with eye contact.

His hands pushed under her panties, palming the skin of her ass cheeks, squeezing them.

“Fuck,” Lorelai whispered. She grasped his hips and pulled as she pushed in. “I need you horizontal,” she told him, in no uncertain terms. Luke nodded his agreement.

Before she let him go, Lorelai slipped her thumbs into his boxers and began to push downward. Luke gave her room, and watched her intently as she took in the sight of his cock for the first time.

Seven weeks of imagining him like this didn’t do him justice.

She took hold of him and began to pump enthusiastically. His eyes squeezed shut and he moaned at the feeling of being worked by her.

“Jesus, Lorelai,” he said, with effort. He pried his eyes open, and reached down to stop her. “You’re gonna have to go easy on me if you want this last.” She chuckled and backed off.

“Sorry, got a little carried away there.” Luke shook his head, an amused, aroused grin on his lips. He leaned back in and kissed her again as he pushed her underwear over her hips.

Naked, they made it to the bed.

They started on their sides, facing each other. Luke pulled her close and they shared the single pillow as they kissed deeply. Luke let his hands roam freely, learning the curves of her figure, committing them to memory. Lorelai let her hand course over his chest, fingers tweaking a hardened nipple before slipping past his hip and over the muscular swell of his ass.

The women of Stars Hollow had been talking about that ass for years. Now it was hers to explore. Luke chuckled into their kisses.

“That tickles,” he murmured. She grinned and pulled back to see him.

“You have a ticklish butt?” He shrugged his free shoulder, and she laughed lightly. “I love that you have a ticklish butt.”

His eyes rolled, that familiar response to all things crazy that came out of her mouth. It made her feel even more at home. Made her want to make it happen again and again.

She met his gaze, a smile playing on her lips.

“Tell me something else,” she whispered.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know,” she said in a laugh. “Tell me something nobody else knows.”

“So you can use it to blackmail me?” he asked, with only marginal insincerity.

“No,” she said, as if the idea was unthinkable. “So I have something that’s just yours.”

He tried not to smile at that. “What do I get if I do?”

She peered down at their naked bodies, then back up to his amused gaze. He shook his head. “That doesn’t count.”

“Tough crowd,” she muttered. He grinned, but waited for a better offer. “Okay, you give me one and I’ll give you one, deal?”

“I can work with that,” he agreed. He thought about this for a moment, studiously trying to ignore the fact that his hardness was currently wedged between their bodies, begging for attention. He didn’t want to rush this, or seem like he was only interested in one thing. If Lorelai wanted to talk, he’d make time for that.

“Okay, got one.” He steadied himself, braced for an uncomfortable truth. “When you and I started to become friends, it was the first time since Rachel left that I actually felt like I had something worth living for.”

He paused for her reaction, saw flickers of many emotions cross her face – sadness, compassion, caring, desire.

“Wow,” Lorelai squeaked. She dropped her eyes as she considered this. Luke opted not to push for a response, not sure whether that was too real for her in this moment.

She finally spoke, not yet making eye contact. “I didn’t marry Max because he wasn’t a mower.” His brow furrowed, and she continued. “He wasn’t a mower, and he couldn’t fix things, and he’d never build me a chuppah for my wedding to another man.” She paused a moment, quirked a small grin and shared with a shrug, “He wasn’t you.”  

She forced her eyes to meet his, and found him watching her with an almost inconceivable tenderness. He leaned in and kissed her gently, made her relax before pulling back.

“I’m really glad you didn’t marry Max,” Luke said, quietly. She smiled.

“Well that would make this awkward,” she said, nodding down to their nakedness. He rolled his eyes again, and she inwardly claimed victory. She smiled wider. “Luke.” He met her gaze. “Let’s not wait another eight years, okay?”

He nodded. “That sounds good.”

She pecked his lips gently. “Still want me?”

“God, yes,” he said, aiming for a joking tone, but it came out with a tinge of desperation that made her tingle.

“You like the top or bottom?” she questioned. He huffed a laugh.

“No preference.”

“I’m only asking because I’m pretty sure trying to switch positions on this bed will end up with one or both of us on the floor,” she noted. Luke smiled, a broad, unadulterated smile that made her giggle.

“You’re something else,” he said, shaking his head in amusement. He leaned in and kissed her once, and then again before pulling back. “You choose.”

“Hmm.” Her hand began to move south as she appeared to contemplate her options. Luke’s breath hitched as she wrapped it around his shaft, her thumb swiping the tip before she began long languid strokes. “On the one hand, there’s something sexy about being on the bottom, feeling your weight on top of me, learning how your body moves.”

Luke grunted, tried not to push into her grip, but failed. He began to fondle her breast, tweaked it to get a reaction out of her just to throw of her off her game. She moaned softly and grinned at him, seeing his pleasure at bringing her pleasure.

“On the other hand,” she said, a little more breathless. “If I take top bunk, I get to set the pace. I get to take you deep and feel every inch of you, just how I want you.”

Luke moaned as she tightened her grip. His breathing started to shake.

“Jesus,” he whispered. He took her by the back of the head and pulled her in for a deep kiss, before grabbing her leg and pulling it over his hip to reorient them, him on his back, her straddling his waist. She landed with two hands on either side of his head, getting her balance.

“I didn’t make a decision yet,” she griped, while simultaneously dragging her wet core over his hardness. Luke’s hands found her hips and aided in their connection.

“You were taking too long,” he informed her. She ground harder.

“I was weighing my options.”

“Should’ve weighed faster.” He pushed upward to drag himself through her parted folds. Her mouth dropped open as he slid against her clit sinfully.

“Luke,” she breathed. She lifted herself up and grabbed his hardness, putting it at her entrance. The pair made eye contact as she sunk down onto him, stretched to accommodate until she was fully settled, a sexy and sensual moan leaving her lips as she went.

“Fuck,” Luke whispered. He pushed up and she shivered at the depth he reached. Sitting upright, she began to rise and fall in long, slow strokes. She’d take him to the brink of slipping out before settling back onto his length and circling her hips to grind her clit into his pubic bone.

Luke watched her intently, his lips parted, hot breaths falling from them as she moved on him in the lamplight. The scene was beyond erotic, and her slow pace drove him wild. He knew she was trying to make this last, but she couldn’t know how intensely sexy she was to him, how the visual of his erection disappearing into her folds ever so slowly made his entire body crave release, how that final swivel of her hips made the head of his cock touch all of her walls.

Lorelai went on for minutes like this, the incredible torment building something within Luke that made him fight for that godlike control he normal exerted over his baser instincts, where Lorelai was concerned.

“Lorelai,” he whispered, breathing heavy. She met his gaze. “You’re killing me,” he croaked. She swiveled her hips again, making him groan and thrust upward into her, hanging onto her hips for dear life.

“Oh Luke,” she breathed. Her eyes were dark, stormy. She moaned loudly at the sudden intrusion, and her illusion of control was shattered. “Fuck me,” she pled, her voice raw. “Fuck me now.”

His entire body shivered at the words, those words she’d uttered so many times in his dreams. With his ironclad grip on her hips, he bent his knees for leverage and began to fuck her thoroughly from beneath. Her hands grasped his chest, nails digging in as she met him stroke for stroke, the sounds of panting, groaning, and slapping skin filled the small apartment.

Luke spared a hand and brought it to the back of her neck, pulled her down so her face was inches from his as he continued to hit her deepest depths in hard, steady thrusts. Their gazes locked, breaths mingled in the tight space. Lorelai’s hands went to either side of him. She dropped to her forearms and their bodies were in full contact. She ground hard, supplemented each thrust to amplify her pleasure.

“Ung, Lorelai. Please tell me your close,” Luke grunted, feeling his release way too close for comfort. Her breathing became unsteady.

“I’m so close. So close. God, don’t stop.” Her hips began to move furiously, both of them bumping and grinding, filling and releasing with intensity, their entire bodies moving with the force of it. Luke’s hold on her tightened to the point of pain, but she felt none of it as she lost her battle. With a gasp, her eyes squeezed shut, her head dropped to his neck and her hips moved wildly as those intense grinds gave way to a powerful orgasm. Luke thrust through it, felt her tightening around him, her wetness becoming impossible to ignore. Her entire body seemed to shake with the force of it, and it took him hurtling over the edge.

His thrusts lost their pace, became long and uneven as he was thoroughly milked in her incredibly tight heat. That hand on the back of her neck paired with the one on her hips as he pushed her body into each thrust, enhancing that connection. Her shivers became his as his breaths came unsteady, puffs of hot air in her ear.

Movement ceased, hands relaxed but stayed planted in place until they were both able to think, if not quite able to speak. Luke’s slackened grip eventually eased and both arms came around her middle, hugging her tightly to him as they continued to breathe heavily.

He felt a kiss on his neck, smiled at that. Several more followed, and then her tongue.

“Salty,” she mumbled into his skin. He chuckled.

“Sweaty,” he countered.

“Hot,” she corrected.

“Hot,” he agreed.

With effort, she pushed herself back up, hands on either side of his head. Her broad smile was contagious.

“You’re home.”

“I’m home.”