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Haunted House

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Dr. Vincent Waite drifted in a warm haze just on the edge of waking. He was just conscious enough to be aware of his body relaxed and warm in the blankets, the mattress under his stomach but not fully awake yet. The dream he'd been having still lingered on the edge of his mind. 

His body was being stroked, hands playing across his shoulders, massaging down his back. He shifted a little, pressing himself more firmly down on the mattress enjoying the tingle of arousal between his thighs in his cunt, making his skin prickled and his muscles loosen. The stroking touch drifted lower to massage his ass cheeks. Vince groaned a little bit into his pillow. His nipples tightened against the soft cloth of his shirt and the touch came there too, pressing and then pinching the little nubs of flesh. His cunt pulsed, and he wanted to press his hand between his thighs and rub himself but he wasn't quite awake enough to do so yet. 

Fingers tangled in his hair and pressed into his mouth. 

God, it felt good. It had been too long since he'd had sex and even longer than that since he'd had a partner who wanted to treat him how he preferred to be treated. With his heavyset frame and full beard, most of his partners wanted him to be Daddy. When what Vince really wanted was someone who wouldn't mind getting rough with him, who wouldn't mind absolutely destroying both his holes. That's what he wanted, to be held down and fucked until he couldn't think of anything else but the pounding he was getting.  

He had no doubt that was where this particular fantasy was headed. That's where they always went when he was pliant, sleepy, and horny like this. 

He finally managed to get his hand under him and press it between his legs, groaning against as he rocked himself against his own hand. 

As he woke though the phantom touches faded, leaving him groggy and frustratingly turned on. 

He rolled over onto his back and reached towards the duffle bag that sat on the floor next to the bed. He dug out the magic wand vibrator and turned it on pressing the big, plush head against his cunt, feeling the pleasure throbbing through him. He rocked his hips, riding the hard pulse of the vibrator until his orgasm crested over him. He clicked the vibrator off and gave himself a couple of minutes to bask in the afterglow before climbing out of bed. 

Outside early morning sunlight was spilling across the field and dappling the leaves of the trees. Cup of coffee in hand Vince wandered out onto the porch and stood, the breeze rustling his hair as the sun rose above the trees. 

It was a beautiful sight to wake up to and not at all what he'd expected when he'd agreed to come to live here for a week. The small, two-bedroom farmhouse behind him was supposed to be haunted, to the point where the previous five tenants had simply refused to live there. 

The owner had thought he was crazy when he'd asked to rent it for a week. They'd been trying to sell or rent the place for years without any luck. It was notorious in town and indeed Vince had experienced more than one incident of people driving by slowly or even coming stand on the lawn and gawk at the place like a tourist attraction, although no one had come any closer than that. 

There were all sorts of legends about the place. The most common one that the widower who had lived by himself for many years had been a satan worshiper and practiced all sorts of satanic rituals that had left their mark on the house and the land around it. 

The research he'd done at the local historical society hadn't dug up any indication of anything horrible happening on the property though. There hadn't been any missing persons, strange or disturbing occurrences, and the man in question had never had as much as a speeding ticket. 

The one photograph Vince had been able to find was from the nineteen-sixties. It showed a good enough looking man, if on the shortish side with a bulldog build, powerful shoulders, and dark hair in jeans and a flannel shirt.  

Over the last three days, he'd conducted every sort of paranormal test he could think of. Set up hidden motion activated cameras, taken EMF readings, monitored temperatures at different parts of the house looking for cold spots, and recorded countless hours of audio. So far all of his tests had found nothing. 

It was, as far as Vince was concerned just an old house. 

Unless vivid sex dreams counted as a haunting, and the thought of trying to explain that one to the paranormal community at large had Vince chuckling into his coffee. 

Just the same even if the house wasn't haunted he could still write about it for his book. He wasn't specifically out to prove the existence of ghosts, just to run a series of investigations so the ones that didn't go anywhere were just as useful to him as the ones that did. 

In three days he'd pack up and go on to his next case.  

Coffee finished, he went back into the house, took a shower, got dressed. 

He was going to go down into the basement today and do his full battery of tests and readings there as well. It was the only place in the house he hadn't tested yet. If there was any shred of truth to the stories, Vince figured, the basement was where the action would be. 

He gathered up his equipment and started hauling it down to the basement. 

It wasn't a particularly scary basement; just one big room with a concrete floor, with a furnace and hot water heater, stuck over in one corner, and a couple of bulbs hanging from the ceiling. It wasn't nice by any stretch of the imagination but it was well lit and as clean as could be expected in an old house. 

Vince spent a good twenty minutes carrying equipment down the wooden staircase and getting everything arranged and set up. He made sure to have his cellphone, fully charged, in his back pocket and his big heavy flashlight just in case the light went out for some mundane or paranormal reason.  

He set up his cameras and audio recorders and did a temperature reading at every key point in the room. So far nothing out of the ordinary. He took out his EMF reader and started sweeping the room. 


He swept it again and got a brief crackle at the far end of the room. Pausing at the spot he took another reading but this one came up normal. Still, there was a strange feeling pooling at the pint of his stomach, a fluttering warmth slowly radiating through him and settling between his legs. 

Memories of that morning popped into his mind, the sleepy warm arousal. The feeling of his own hands against his cunt, the stimulation of the vibrator there as well.   

Vince shook his head sharply trying to bring his mind back to the work at hand. He needed to concentrate, not daydream about sex like a teenager. 

His cunt tingled again and he shifted, pressing his thighs together a little bit unconsciously. It didn't help though, if anything it just made the arousal pitch a little bit higher. His nipples tighten against the cloth of his shirt. Vince draws in a long, shaking breath.

There's the faintest whisper of touch along his back. 

Vince wheels around but there is nothing there. He scans the area with his EMF reader but still nothing. 

He takes another long breath. 

Then his nipples throb with sudden intense pleasure, enough to drag a cry from his throat. It feels like they are being sucked, engulfed by soft, wet heat but when he looks down there is nothing there. 

His legs are shaking as the pressure on his chest increases as his nipples are sucked harder. They are stiff and aching under his shirt but still whatever is toying with them continues. 

Pressure forms between his legs, grinding against his hot aroused cunt sending shockwaves of sensation through his body.

He is vaguely aware of going to his knees against the hard concrete floor, his EMF reader dropping beside him. 

Hands stroke down his back, massage his ass through his jeans, while another hand continues to fondle him between his legs and the suckling at his nipples doesn't let up in the slightest. 

An image slams into him, do sudden and vivid, it's as if it was placed in his mind by an unseen force. It's him on his hands and knees a hard, thick cock fucking his ass, with another filling his cunt, his lips stretched around a third.

He moans, bringing a shaking hand to squeeze his nipples, adding to their stimulation.

"Fuck yeah." It's been so long since he's felt this kind of pleasure. He wants to be fucked, wants to be used.

A hand pushed down the back of his jeans to fondle his ass, fingers pressing between his cheeks and rubbing across his hole.

He groaned and rocked between the two hands cupping him.

More fingers press against his panting lips, and he opens his mouth eagerly. The fingers thrust in and Vince sucked on them immediately. They felt big, thick, and callused against his tongue, which only made him more turned on.

The hand that had been caressing his ass and fondly his cunt left him for a moment and then his jeans were being unbuttoned and pulled down to his knees along with his underwear. 

The cool air of the basement hit his overheated skin. The fingers were still in his mouth and his nipples were still being teased but the rest of his body was tensed and quivering with anticipation.

The hands touched him again, massaging his ass cheeks and then trailing between them to rub over his hole. The thick, callused feeling finger was dry but got increasingly slick as it pressed against his opening, lubing the tight ring until finally pressing into his body.

Vince groaned around the fingers still probing into his mouth, as two more slick fingers gently spread the folds of his cunt penetrating his passage. 

More fingers pinched his cock, the little sensitive nub now erect, engorged with blood, and Vince's whole body bucked. There was the pleasure of the fingers in his asshole and his cunt, pleasure from his cock being played with, pleasure from his nipples still being sucked and pleasure of his lips stretched around more thick, intruding digits. 

It was almost too much, and he was absurdly grateful when hands clamped around his wrists as well, holding him in place as the fingers pulled out of his holes. 

Vince had known where this was going but he still gasped when the fingers were replaced by the thick heads of cocks pressing against his openings. 

A long, thick, slick length eased into his cunt and Vince let out a guttural noise at how nicely it filled him, stretched him out.

The head of the second cock pressed against his asshole, but it didn't ram in, instead it pressed gently, rocking against him over and over, waiting for his body to relax and open on its own. 

Vince's large muscular arms shook and he spread his legs as wide as he could with his jeans still jammed around his knees, tilting his hips up and pressing back against the cock at his ass. 

He wanted it inside him so badly. It had been so long since he'd taken two cock at once and right now he wanted that fullness and sense of being totally taken. What he wanted more than anything was to be filled and pounded. 

The thick well lubed cock pressed into his asshole, the burn of being breached quickly giving away to the intense pleasure of fullness and stretch. 

Vince moaned and thrust back trying to take more. 

A sharp smack stung across his ass and sounding loud in the quiet room. Vince cried out as his back arched, pleasuring singing through him from the slap. 

Unseen hands gently massaged the spot, soothing the ache as the cocks inside him began to move, fucking into his stretched holes with sure, deep strokes. 

"Fuck!" Vince panted heavily, face tilted down towards the floor, ass in the air as he was taken. The cocks in his ass and in his cunt stoked the pleasure already curling in his belly. 

Fingers thrust into his mouth, rubbed across his tongue. More fingers pinched and toyed with his nipples. His asshole and cunt were stretched and plowed in steady unison. He was skewered between these thick pulsing lengths, overcome by the hands on him stroking and touching him. Both cocks rubbed against his g-spot from opposite sides forcing more pleasure into his system. 

More unseen hands forced his thighs further apart as the cock below him jackhammered into his cunt, the other burying itself deep in his ass. 

His orgasm crashed over him with such mind blowing force he saw stars. 

Vince's body slumped to the ground, gasping in air, his holes twitching, thighs slick with his release. It took him several seconds to realize that he was no longer being touched. 

The ghostly hands and cocks that had been stroking, touching, and claiming every part of his body only moments before had vanished. He reached one shaking hand back but his asshole was dry. Only the fact that it ached and gaped like it had freshly been pounded open told him it hadn't all just been some sort of hallucination. 

He pushed himself up and pulled back up his pants, collected his equipment, and left the basement. 

Upstairs, he made a beeline for the bathroom and ran the shadower. He hoped the hot water would not only wash the come off his thighs but also clear the afterglow-induced fog out of his head. 

He didn't know what had just happened, asides from the best sex of his life. 

He let his hands slip down his body as he remembered those other disembodied hands, those thick cocks he couldn't see but had definitely felt reaming his holes.

Had he just been fucked by ghosts? 

There was a good chance he had. 

Fresh out of the shower he pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a new t-shirt and went to go review the footage he'd taken in the basement. 

Settled on the couch he set up his video and audio equipment to see what he'd captured. He clicked the audio recorder on first and was treated to a downright pornographic soundtrack of his own moans, grunts, and panting breaths filling the living room. 

He shifted on the couch, cheeks heating, his cunt tingling at how good it sounded and how good it had felt. There wasn't anything else though, not static or hidden messages. He played it back slower, but still nothing, just his own voice dripping with pleasure. 

He reached for his laptop and uploaded the video footage. The grainy black and white showed him as he walked a circuit of the room and then another, taking his readings. He watched his own body stiffen and then fall to his knees, arching in pleasure as he was touched. The rest of the basement remained empty, the hands that he knew had been playing over his body were invisible. His jeans were jerked down to his knees seemingly by nothing. 

His own cock plumped, his cunt clenching in memory of being filled. His breathing was definitely coming fast as he watched himself be fucked, face down, ass in the air, right there on the basement floor. 

Suddenly there was pressure over his crotch, a phantom hand massaging him through his sweatpants. 

Vince groaned, as more hands cupped and fondled his pecs through his t-shirt. 

On the tiny screen, his asshole was being stretched by an invisible force, pried open by a cock that he couldn't see but could definitely still feel the ache from. 

The video didn't include audio but Vince hardly needed it with how rough his own breathing had become. The hands on his chest gently stroked across his nipples which still ached from their earlier rough use. The hand between his thighs slid past the waistband of his sweatpants, to stroke across the slick folds of his cunt pressing a finger into his well-used hole. His hips lifted off the couch, closer into the touch. A thumb brushed across his cock, two fingers pumping in and out of his cunt. 

On the computer screen, he was still being fucked by two cocks at the same time. 

He reached down and pulled his sweatpants off his hips, pushing them all the way to the ground this time and kicking them off. With clothes out of the way, he spread his legs as wide as they would go, hooking his hands under his thighs to pull them up and open for the hands that had continued to finger his front hole. 

Another finger skimmed across his asshole, which was still loose and aching. 

The fingers pulled out of him and then a slick, hot tongue touched his cunt, licked into his soft folds, thrusting inside him, before gliding up to circle his fat, little cock. 

Vince gasped, hands shaking as his cock was engulfed in wet heat, sucked, slick and sloppy until he thought he would come from that alone. A finger pressed inside of him again, fucked him slowly as he was sucked. 

The pleasure pulses inside of him, intense, hot, and heady. He can feel himself tightening, his cunt clamping down on the fingers inside his body. 

A second finger sinks into him as a hot tongue plays with his tip.

The pleasure was filling him up now, like a cup filled to the brim, all that sticky, sweet need about to overflow the sides. 

Two fingers hooked into the rim of his still sore asshole pulling him open. As those other fingers sank deep inside of him. 

His head fell back, body tensing, toes curling as the pleasure of being filled and made vulnerable washed over him. His release crashed through him, cunt clenching, hands clawing at his own thighs as his body shook with the power of it. 

Somehow though he didn't think this would be the last orgasm he'd have that night and he was looking forward to every moment of it. 

The unseen hands wrapped around his hips, flipping him over on the couch to bare his ass to that phantom mouth and cock. 

Vince moaned arching his hips higher, pressing his ass towards whatever awaited him. 

He was already making plans to contact the owners of the house and make a bid to buy it as the cock sank into his eager and waiting hole. 

It would be the best money he'd ever spent.