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                   Lena chuckles as she hands Ruby tickets to a national women's league soccer match.  The girl loves the game and the team.  Sam usually hosts dinners, and Lena figured she should do something nice for the mother and daughter duo. 

                      Ruby beams at her.  "Can you come with mom and I?  It's the opener so it's gonna be awesome!"  Sam sighs and she touches her daughter's shoulder.  "Ruby, you know that Lena might be bus-."  Lena chuckles.  "I'd love to go with you.  We can even take my jet."  Sam glares at Lena. 

                        Lena chuckles.  "Or my limo?"  Ruby nods.  "I'm going to go pack and stuff.  Maybe we could meet some of the team!  I'd love to meet Kara Danvers.  She's my favorite!  Also, thank you Aunt Lena!  You're the best!"  She quickly hugs Lena and she runs off to her room. 

                  Sam smiles.  "You didn't have to do that."  Lena sighs.  "I wanted to.  You and Rubes are like family.  Lex suggested the idea."  Sam nods.  "Well, thank you.  And send Lex my thanks.  So, it's for this weekend?"  Lena nods.  "In National City.  I hear the weather's nice there."  Sam chuckles. 

                  She points.  "You better catch up on all of the soccer players and plays because Rubes will talk your head off."  Lena chuckles.  "I better go do some research then."  Sam nods and she chuckles. 

                    Lena gets off of the couch.  "Ruby, come say bye to Aunt Lena!"  Ruby yells a goodbye.  Sam and Lena laugh. 

Lena hugs Sam and she leaves the apartment. 

            She gets to her penthouse and she kicks off her shoes.  She groans and she lays down on her couch.

             She checks her tablet.  She looks up some of the team members on the soccer team that her, Sam, and Ruby will see.  One blonde catches her eye. 

                  The blonde is one of the most beautiful people she's ever laid eyes on.  She has a large smile and she has glasses on.  Lena looks at the name.  Kara Danvers.  Lena grins.  Ruby's favorite soccer player is defiantly Lena's now.  Lena decides to research the soccer player a little bit more. 

            She pulls up Kara's Instagram.  Damn, this woman loves action shots and workout videos.  Lena clicks on a selfie of Kara. 

                  Lena's door opens.  She sets her tablet on her coffee table and she turns to see Lex walking into the room.   He grins while holding bags from Big Belly Burger.  He shakes them.  "Hey, there's my favorite sister."  Lena rolls her eyes.  "I'm your only sister."  He laughs at Lena's remark.   

                He sits beside her and he starts to take out the food.  He sets a salad bowl on the coffee table as he takes out a burger.  "I know how you like your kale."  He notices the selfie.  "Ooh, she is pretty."  Lena nods and she grabs her salad. 

                    She points at the picture.  "Kara Danvers.  She graduated at National City University.  She was raised and born in Midvale."  He chuckles.  "Stalker much?  Isn't that the Women's National Team?"  He takes a large bite from his burger. 

                    Lena rolls her eyes.  "Shut up and eat your burger."  Lex grins, showing some of his burger. 

                 Lena groans.  "What a manchild."  He grins.  "You love me Lee."  Lena chuckles.  "Shut up Lexie."  Lex gasps.  "You swore that you would never talk of that moment again!"  Lena shrugs and she eats some of her salad. 

                  She points her fork at Lex.  "That deal was off as soon as you called me a stalker."  Lex chuckles.  "I have a great idea for L-Corp."  Lena nods.  "Okay, we're talking shop.  You have fifteen minutes for the pitch then I will hav-."  "Come on Lee, I know the rules."  Lex scoffs.  Lena nods.  "Alright then."  He smiles and he starts to pitch an idea to Lena. 


             Kara stares at her phone.  She stares at her notifications.  Some rich woman has liked several of her pictures from two to three years ago.  Must be a fan, but no fan is ever that dedicated. 

             She waves Alex over.  "Alex, check it out.  Some rich woman's a fan."  Alex laughs.  "Yeah, a fan.  Kar, come on what are you gonna order?"  "Uh, potstickers, duh."  Alex groans and she calls the order in.  The two of them wait. 

                  Kara's doors open.  Winn and James walk into Kara's loft.  Winn has some beers while James has several bags of takeout.  He grins.  "Pre game ritual?  Third one this week?"  Kara chuckles as she grabs a box of takeout.  "Yep.  I want this game to be one of the best."  Alex chuckles.  "Yep, it's the opener.  I'm not worried.  Kar, you're the best."  Kara nods.  "I know."  She eats a potsticker. 

                  Winn sits beside of her.  "Wizard of Oz?"  Kara shakes her head.  "Disney binge."  Winn claps while James and Alex groan.  Kara turns on the first movie. 

              Her door opens.  Nia and Brainy walk into the loft.  Nia immediately notices the movie.  "Disney binge?  Man, we must really need the luck!"  She walks over and she sits beside Kara. 

             Kara decides to check her phone.  She sees that the mysterious woman who had liked all of her pictures started following her.  Kara raises an eyebrow as she decides to check out the mystery woman. 

                  She looks through the woman's account.  She's the CEO of a tech company and she is absolutely stunning. She clicks on a picture and she stares at it. 

          The woman's raven black hair is tied up in a pony tail.  She has a red suit on and she's sitting down on a stool.  She has a grin and her red lipstick sticks out amongst her pale skin.  The picture is from a year ago, and it is the most recent picture on her page. 

                     Winn points.  "Lena Luthor?  I didn't know that you were into that stuff."  Kara laughs.  "I am not into technology.  Lena Luthor has liked nearly all of my pictures on Instagram for some odd reason."  Winn looks at the pictures that Lena had liked.  He snorts.  "Oh, she is definitely a big fan."  The two go back to watching a movie. 


                    Lena chuckles as she dials Sam's number.  Sam picks up.  "Is your daughter gay?"  Sam laughs.  "Well hello to you too, Lena Luthor.  And no, I do not believe my daughter is gay, why?"  Lena laughs.  "Kara Danvers is hot as hell.  Like damn, she is built like a Greek goddess.  She has amazing abs and biceps."  Sam goes silent. 

                         "Sam?"  Lena suddenly hears loud laughter.  "Oh my goodness you are so gay!"  Lena rolls her eyes. 

                She laughs.  "Well, I am really looking forward to this weekend now."  "Because of Kara?"  Lena laughs.  "Sam, she has abs.  Like really nice ones."  Lena snickers as she can practically see Sam rolling her eyes through the phone. 

                 Sam sighs.  "Well, you really don't have taste.  Her sister is hotter.  Did you just look her up or the entire team."  Lena smiles.  "I was in the process of looking through the entire team, but I got stopped while looking at one of the most beautiful woman on the planet."  Sam bursts out laughing. 

                    "Maybe you could use those flirting skills you always talk about when we get to meet Kara Danvers?"  Lena laughs.  "I was joking with Ruby."  "Uh, really?  These are Circle Insider tickets, and these are like crazy good.  You get autographs from the entire team and like box seats, holy hell Lena, three of them costs like thousands of dollars."  Lena rolls her eyes. 

           She chuckles.  "Sam I am the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  I own several racetracks and a race car.  Oh, that gives me an idea.  I could buy this team.  Think it'd be a good gift for Ruby's birthday?"  "Lena, don't you dare.  I swear to god if you buy a whole ass soccer team for Ruby I will personally beat your ass."  Lena groans. 

            She laughs.  "I'm joking.  I just tried to tell you that you had nothing to worry about when it comes to money."  She notices a notification from Instagram.  It's Kara Danvers.  Lena squints at the message. 

KDanvers:  Are you okay?  You liked several of my posts from like three or four years ago.

            Lena nearly drops her phone at the message.  "Mother fucker."  "Lena?  What's wrong?"  Lena groans as she opens the app on her phone.  "I was doing some research on Kara Danvers, and I think I accidentally liked some pictures."  Sam laughs.  "From when?"  "Maybe three or four years ago?"  Sam bursts out laughing.  Lena rolls her eyes. 

LenaLuthorOfficial:  Perhaps, uh I apologize.  I do not use Instagram often. 

KDanvers:  It's cool.  So, what made you interested in my Instagram

LenaLuthorOfficial:  I am taking a friend's daughter to your opening game and I was just curious.  I just got carried away is all. 

KDanvers:  Well, I could get you some V.I.P. passes if you'd like

LenaLuthorOfficial:  No need, unless V.IP. means that you have something else in mind ;)

KDanvers:  Maybe <3


               Kara grins at the text messages.  Alex nudges her.  "You're gonna ruin your ritual."  Kara groans.  "Shut up I am talking to that rich woman."  Alex rolls her eyes.  "Really?"  Kara nods.  Alex snatches the phone.

            Kara pauses the movie causing Winn and Nia to protest.  Alex moves back from Kara as Kara reaches for her.  "GiVE it!"  Alex laughs.  "Oh, does VIP mean something else?"  Kara grunts.  "Come on Alex."  Alex shakes her head.  "You already fucked up the ritual.  I don't mind fucking it up some more."  Alex hops off of the couch.  "Kara is flirting with one Lena Luthor!"  She says loudly.

             Winn laughs.  "Oh my god!  Lena fucking Luthor?  This is more interesting than The Lion King.  So, what's she saying?  Is our favorite soccer player being smooth?"  Nia groans.  "I'm right here."  Alex gestures to herself.  "Really Winn?"  Kara quickly grabs her phone. 

             She eats a potsticker.  She chuckles.  "Nice try.  Your ego got in the way."  Alex sticks her tongue out at Kara.  Kara throws a pillow at Alex and it hits her right in the face. 

                  Kara grins as Alex sits beside her.  Alex points at Winn.  "Okay, Winn press play and let's finish this ritual because tomorrow is game night at my place!"  Kara laughs as Alex puts her arm around her. 


             Sam doubles over laughing as Lena tells her about her short text conversation.  "So, does VIP mean something else?"  Lena groans.  "I am honestly too drunk to think of that right now.  How do you think I gained the courage to even talk to her?"  Sam laughs. 

               Ruby walks into her room.  "Mom?  What's going on?"  Sam puts her phone on mute.  "Lena was flirt texting with Kara Danvers."  Ruby snickers.  "Really?"  Sam nods.  "Be quiet."  Sam turns off mute. 

              She smiles at her daughter.  "Okay, sorry Lee, I had to talk to Ruby for a minute.  What else happened?"  Lena groans.  "I cannot believe I liked all of those pictures.  I just liked the ones with abs.  Like she is ripped as hell.  She's really hot."  Sam laughs.  "You can't wait till Saturday can you?"  "I am going to flirt my ass off when we talk to Kara.  You said her sister's hot?"  Sam instantly hangs up. 

               She looks at Ruby.  Ruby's grinning like a madman.  "You like Alex Danvers?"  Sam groans.  "Rubes, I think she's hot okay."  Ruby laughs.  "Well, good night mom."  Sam nods as Ruby leaves the room. 

                  Sam calls Lena back.  Lena picks up.  "She was in the room wasn't she?"  "Yep.  Rubes was in the room.  Maybe if you had the courage to text Kara maybe I have the courage to message Alex."  Lena scoffs.  "You know, Kara messaged me first.  I made the first move."  Sam chuckles.  "A smooth move at that.  Have you told Lex?"  "Nope, he'd just laugh in my face."  "I'm calling Lex."  Lena sighs.  "I'll call him.  I hate it when you two team up you know that?"  "I know Lee, have a good night."  "Night Sam."  Sam hangs up the phone. 


            Lena groans as she dials Lex's number.  It goes to voicemail.  "Please leave a message, nerd."  Lena laughs at the voicemail message.  "Lex, I accidentally liked a bunch of old pictures of Kara Danvers.  She texted me and I flirted with her.  I can't wait for this weekend."  She hangs the phone up. 

                She looks through some pictures of the women's team from National City.  They've been undefeated ever since Kara had joined their team.  Kara is the top scorer for the team.  She's scored the most points in the history of her team.

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         Kara grins as she kicks a goal.  She runs off to the side with their goalie.  "Lucy, you are awesome.  Maybe watch your corners."  Lucy laughs.  "You are the only person who has scored on me within the last three years."  Kara nods.  


       She drinks some water.  She smiles at Lucy.  "Do you know Lena Luthor?"  Lucy nods.  "Yeah, I think Lois did some articles about her.  She made Forbes' 30 under 30."  Kara nods.  "I know.  She's smoking hot."  Lucy laughs.  


      She starts to roll on the turf while laughing.  Kara chuckles.  "She texted me last night."  Lucy nods.  "So, what did you do?"  "I uh replied." "What'd you say?"  Kara shrugs.  "That is between me and Lena Luthor."  Lucy chuckles.  


         Alex jogs over to them.  "So, why are we making fun of Kara?"  "She is very gay for Lena Luthor."  Alex laughs.  "Kara tried pulling some smooth moves with her last night!"  Lucy throws her head back in laughter.  "Are you serious?!"  Kara laughs.  "Okay, how about we get some work done and then we can all go to Alex's game night tonight."  She runs back onto the field.  






           Sam stares at all of Lena's luggage. "You do know that a weekend is two days."  Lena points.  "You two are staying for the weekend.  I, however, will be scoping out National City for the week.  I'd like to put a branch of L-Corp there."  Sam nods.  


Lena grabs a bag and a suitcase.  "Now, get a few bags and we can put them in the limo.  Then we can pick up Rubes from school and we'll head to the airport."  Sam nods.  The two load Lena's things into the limousine.  


      Lena drinks a glass of scotch.  Sam raises an eyebrow.  "It's only three."  Lena grins.  "Sam, it's five o'clock somewhere." Sam laughs and Lena props her feet up on the seats of the limo.  


      They arrive outside of Ruby's school.  Ruby runs and she gets into the limo.  "Aunt Lena, you are so cool!”  Lena nods.  “We’re heading straight to the airport.  You ready to see one of the best soccer matches you’ll ever see?”  Ruby nods.  “Yeah.”  Sam laughs.  “I personally can’t wait for Lena to gay panic when she meets Kara Danvers.”  Ruby laughs.  


       Lena points at Sam.  “And I can’t wait to see your mom gay panicking over Alex Danvers.”  Ruby bursts out into a fit of laughter.  


               Lena’s phone rings.  It’s Lex.  She answers it.  “You finally called me back?”  “Well hello to you too.”  He answers with sass in his tone.  

       He sighs.  “What are you doing?”  “I’m in the limo with Sam and Ruby.  We’re going to that soccer game.”  “With the hot soccer player?”  Lena laughs.  “Yes, Lex.”  “So, are you going to meet her since you know.  We’re loaded.”  Lena chuckles.  “I got Sam and Ruby full access for the game.  I’ll be in National City all week if you need me.”  “Ah, scoping out for a new L-Corp remodel?”  “Yeah, think it’d be a good move?”  “Well, the west coast is a little better for technology.”  Lena groans.  


     She sighs.  “Well I’m thinking about going nation wide.  After the weekend is up, send Jess to my penthouse.  I already have her a room.”  Lex chuckles.  “You’d be lost without your assistant.  Can I go too?”  Lena sighs.  “Sure, Lex, whatever you want.  We’re pulling up to the airport.  Bye Lex.”  “Tell your crush I said hi.  Also tell Ms. Arias I said hi.”  Lena rolls her eyes.  “Bye Lex.”  “Bye.”  She hangs up.  


      Sam’s grinning.  “What did Lex have to say?”  “He said hi.”  Sam laughs. 

     The two look to see Ruby staring at Lena’s jet through the window.  “You own a jet?”  Lena chuckles.  “I own several.  This one is my favorite.” The door opens and Lena gets out.  


            They get on the jet.  Lena checks her phone.  



KDanvers:  where will the beautiful Ms. Luthor be sitting tomorrow night?


LenaLuthorOfficial:  Oh?  Well I bought Sam and Ruby a club suite.


KDanvers:  Hopefully it’s next to my friends’ maybe I could see you before my game? :)


LenaLuthorOfficial:  Alright, Kara Danvers


        Lena chuckles at the messages.  Sam points.  “See Rubes, she is very secretive and thirsty.  I think she’s texting Kara Danvers.”  Lena scoffs.  “I am am not secretive or uh, thirsty.  Kara texted me first.”  “She hitting on you?”  Lena blushes furiously.  Sam nods.  “Knew it.”  Ruby laughs.  


            They spend the flight talking together.  Ruby even gave Lena a lecture on the entire Women's National Team, National City's women's team, and Kara Danvers.    


             They touch down and they get into another limo.  The limo heads into a city.  “Are we staying downtown?”  Lena nods.  “I wanted to get a hotel close to the stadium but not too close.”  “Get a hotel?  Did you bu—.”  “Yes.”  They pass a few restaurants. 

       Ruby points.  “Hey, Aunt Lena can we get McDonalds?!”  Lena nods.  “It’ll take me a few day—.”  “She meant food, not the franchise.”  Sam quickly clarifies.  Lena nods.  


         Ruby laughs.  “I wouldn’t mind having McDonalds the franchise.”  “Ruby!”  Lena laughs.  “It’s fine, Sam.  I once almost bought out Starbucks for your mom, also Netflix.”  Sam nods.  “Always be sure to be very specific when you ask Lena to get you something.  She will accidentally buy out a franchise.”  Ruby laughs.  


              They pull up to a tower with a large ‘L’ on the front.  Lena grins.  “Welcome to L-Corp Tower.  It’s a hotel I bought.  I think I could maybe change it into L-Corp Apartments or something as a living quarters for my employees, but for now it’ll stay as a hotel.  I also bought out several other hotels in the area to expand the company.”  Sam shakes her head.  “Of course you did.”  Lena laughs.  


     They go inside.  She nods to the people at the register.  “Room is fitted with your security codes and everything Ms. Luthor.”  Her, Sam, and Ruby get in the elevator. 

       Sam scoffs.  “You fitted the hotel with security?”  Lena nods.  “Top floor.”  Ruby presses the button.  


        They arrive at the penthouse.  Sam shakes her head.  The ceilings are at least ten feet tall.  It reminds Lena of her penthouse in National City. The room is stark white.  A small artificial fire place is in the corner next to the balcony.  Lena looks around to see stairs leading up to the rest of the penthouse.  

           Sam looks at her friend.  “Lena you do know that Ruby and I don’t have to take th—.”  “I insist, Sam.  My treat. This place has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.  Full kitchen and everything.  I am glad you’re here because then I would be very lonely.”  “What about when the weekend is up?”  “Jess will be here with Lex when the weekend is up.  Now, get some rest.  Tomorrow we can go out to eat or something.”  Lena goes up the stairs.  







         Kara stares out the window.  She’s going to die tomorrow.  Lena Luthor is all she can think of.  Lena Luthor is going to her game.  


        Some of her teammates are in a heated argument over monopoly.  “Kara!”  Kara looks back to them.  She nods.  “Uh yeah?”  “Think we should change it?”  Kara nods.  “Poker or charades?”  Everyone decides on charades.  


           Kara partners with Alex.  She checks her phone.  


LenaLuthorOfficial:  I just got into town.  Any good places?


KDanvers:  Can I take you to Noonan’s tomorrow?  Or will I have to wait until tomorrow night?


LenaLuthorOfficial:  How about after your match?  I wouldn’t want to distract you 


KDanvers:  Do you know how soccer works?


LenaLuthorOfficial:  Perhaps ;)


KDanvers:  Well, Ms. Luthor I shall see you tomorrow


KDanvers:  I mean, unless you’d like to go out for dinner tonight?  I could give you a tour.


LenaLuthorOfficial:  Sure. Meet me at L-Corp Tower.



            Kara hops off the couch.  She sets her phone on the coffee table.  She goes and she grabs her purse. 

        Alex points.  “Where are you going?”  “Uh, I think I forgot to feed my dog.”  Kara leaves Alex’s apartment.  


           She drives to the new L-Corp Tower.  She parks and she gets out of her car.  She waits by the entrance.  






               Alex shakes her head.  “Kara doesn’t have a dog.”  Lucy grins while looking at a phone.  “Well, she has a hot date with one very special Lena Luthor.”  Alex and their teammates laugh.  


                  Alex points.  “How’d you get her phone?”  “Oh, she left it here.”  Lucy says while shrugging.  Alex laughs.  “Oh boy, she is going to regret this.  Phone me!”  Lucy tosses the phone to Alex.  






          Lena’s hands start to clam up.  She presses the button.  The door goes to close, but Sam rushes into the elevator last minute.  Sam chuckles.  


          She hands Lena a phone.  "You grabbed mine by accident."  Lena nods and she takes her phone.  "Thanks Sam."  Sam grins.  "You're going on a date with Kara Danvers!"  Lena rolls her eyes.  "I really hate you."  Sam laughs.  "I'm glad you're getting out there.  Banging the very first soccer player you've ever laid eyes on."  Lena shoves her.  The elevator stops.  


             "Have fun!"  Sam yells as she exits the elevator and she leaves the lobby.  “Well hey there.”  Says a voice.  


Lena turns.  God, Kara Danvers is even more beautiful in person.  She has her hair down and she’s wearing a blue blouse and jeans. 


              She blushes.  “Hello, uh I’m Kara.”  Lena nods.  “Alright, Kara.  It’s nice to meet you.”  Kara smiles.  The two walk down the street.  


              Kara chuckles.  "So, do you like Big Belly Burger?"  Lena nods.  "Please, it's all I eat in Metropolis."  Kara laughs.  "Great!  There's one a few blocks away, if you don't care for walking.  I can drive."  Lena shakes her head.  "It's fine.  We can walk, if you want to."  Kara nods.  "Walking it is."  God, Lena is in love with her.  






        Kara chuckles as Lena eats a burger.  "Usually, my brother gets me the salads here.  He is convinced that I don't like junk food, but hey, a burger doesn't hurt once in a while."  Kara laughs and she eats a fry.  


        She takes a sip of her drink.  "I piss off my sister and my trainer because I only eat junk food."  She laughs.  "Also, I love potstickers. They are definitely my favorite things to eat before and after my games."  Lena nods.  


        Lena looks beautiful when she's relaxed.   She takes one of Kara's fries.  "So, you are the forward?"  Kara nods.  "Yeah, but usually I don't talk shop.  It gets weird."  Lena nods.  "Sorry."  Kara smiles.  "It's okay, you didn't know.  I noticed that you aren't active on social media?"  Lena nods.  


      She clears her throat and takes a sip from her drink.  "I am not.  I have social media managers for the company, but I prefer keeping my life private.  If all the CEOs in the world tweeted out what they had for lunch then the world would probably go crazy.  Now, I don't mind being on a friend's or family member's social page."  She chuckles.  "My brother, he puts pictures of me out there more than paparazzi."  Kara laughs.  


       She nods.  "Yeah, I try to keep my life private.  Well, in terms of relationships and such."  Lena nods.  "Understandable.  Everyone wants to riot over those."  Kara laughs.  "Yeah, ooh, my ex.  He kind of violated that boundary so we ended up in a huge fight and whew.  I don't think I'd ever put my significant other out there unless things were serious, you know?"  Lena nods.  "Of course, and I kind of understand how you feel."  


        Kara smiles.  "So, would you and your friends like to see us warmup?  I mean like before the game?  You said your friend's daughter likes the team?"  Lena nods.  "I will have to talk to them."  Kara nods.  "Okay, and I can get her a signed jersey."  Lena laughs.  "Oh, I will definitely have to take that up with my friend.  She hates it when I spoil them."  Kara shrugs.  "Well, I mean what does she like?"  "Your sister."  Lena takes a sip from her drink and she finishes her burger.  


       Kara nods.  "I can arrange that."  Lena chuckles.  "She would kill me."  Kara nods.  She quickly finishes the rest of her fries.  She throws away their trash.  


         Kara grins.  "How about that tour?"  Lena nods.  "Of course.  I would love a tour."  The two leave.  


         They walk back to Lena's building.  Kara points at the large L on it.  "So, you bought it out?"  Lena nods.  "I bought several hotels in the area so the staff will have a place to go after I transform the building into L-Corp's West branch.  If, I like the city that is."  Kara grins.  "Oh, you'll like the city."  They walk to Kara's car.  


      Kara opens the door for Lena.  "Oh my goodness!  Mom!  It's Kara freakin' Danvers!" 

        Kara turns to see a young teenage girl running over to her.  Kara chuckles.  "Hey, how are you?"  The girl smiles.  "Good, I'm good."  Kara looks down to see some nice shoes. "I like your shoes.  Want an autograph?"  The girl nods.  


      Kara looks at Lena.  "I'm sorry, but can you get me a pen?"  Lena nods and she hands Kara a marker.  The girl takes her hat off.  


      Kara holds up her hand.  "How about I do you one better."  Kara gets in her backseat and she gets her track jacket out.  She signs one of the sleeves and she hands it to the girl.  


      The girl giggles.  "Oh my god, thank you."  Kara nods.  "Hey, it's just a day's work."  Two women who Kara assumes are with the girl run up to them.  "Hey, you can't run off like that!"  One of them points at Lena.  "Hey, you're Lena Luthor."  Lena nods.  


       She smiles.  "Hello."  "I'm a big fan, like you are a trail blazer, I love your most recent tablet."  Lena nods.  "Thank you.  My brother actually helped me with the designs."  The woman smiles.  


       She takes off her hat.  "Would you care to autograph this?"  Lena smiles.  "I would gladly autograph it."  Lena takes the hat and she signs it.  She smiles at the woman.  


       The three women walk off.  Kara chuckles.  "Well, looks like we made someone's day."  Lena smiles.  "Yeah, that felt good.  Usually I don't meet a lot of fans."  Kara nods.  


        She puts her hands on her hips.  "Well, my coach and trainer will be mad at me for giving away the jacket, but oh well."  The two get in Kara's car and they drive around.  


       Kara points out several restaurants and stores.  She drives by a park and the stadium. 

       She points at an empty parking lot.  "So, insider tickets park there.  I'd leave your place at about six thirty, maybe six if you guys want to watch us warmup.  Then you take the sidewalk and show the bouncers at the VIP entrance.  Just go in to your seats."  Lena nods.  "Alright.  I've never been to a game before, so this will be an experience."  Kara chuckles.  


      She smiles.  "I remember going to like my first match, watching.  It was awesome.  It still is.  Especially in the box.  I'll try to find yours."  Lena grins.  


          Kara drives away from the stadium.  "Any other special sights in mind?"  Lena shakes her head.  "No, not that I can think of.  Thank you, Kara."  Kara nods.  "You are welcome."  She drives back to Lena's place.  


        She parks.  Her and Lena get out.  "You don't have to."  Kara laughs.  "What kind of person would I be if I didn't walk my date back to her hotel?"  Lena smiles. 

       She opens her phone.  "What's your number?"  Kara smiles.  "I can put it in your phone.  If you're okay with that."  Lena nods and she hands Kara her phone.  


Kara puts her phone number in.  Lena tries calling Kara's phone.  They hear nothing.  Kara checks her pockets.  "Uh, I don't think I brough-." 

      "Kara Danvers!  Where the hell are you?!  Who is this?!"  Someone yells on the other end.  


       Kara blinks.  "Uh, may I?'  Lena hands Kara the phone.  "Alex, I'm on a date, I think I left my phone at your place."  "You did.  I'll see you soon?"  "You betcha.  Bye."  Kara hangs up.  


          Lena chuckles.  "Your sister?"  Kara nods.  "Yeah, I left my phone at her place and I guess she picked up."  Kara hands Lena the phone.  "Let's get to your hotel."  Lena nods.  


         They go into Lena's hotel.  "Aunt Lena!"  A teenage girl runs over to Kara and Lena. 

       Her mother's behind her.  "Hey, Ruby."  Lena waves awkwardly.  The girl laughs.  "Mom said you went on a date with The Kara Danvers, so I had to se-."  She suddenly sees Kara.  


         Kara waves.  "Hi, how are you?"  The girl grins.  "I'm Ruby, and you are Kara Danvers.  You are so cool!"  Kara laughs.  "Ruby, I have seats open tomorrow so you, your mom, and Lena can watch us warmup.  Maybe you could get a ball in?"  Ruby looks at her mother and the mother nods.  


       Kara grins.  "Alright.  I also got a signed jersey and pair of cleats with your name on them.  Size eight?"  Ruby nods.  "Thank you!  You are so freakin' cool!"  Kara chuckles.  "I've got to go, see you three tomorrow?"  Lena nods.  "We'll be there."  Kara winks just before she leaves.  






          Lena groans as she sees Sam grinning from ear to ear.  "So, how was the date?"  "Good, it was really good."  Sam pats Lena's shoulder.  "Well, I am proud of you Luthor."  Ruby nods.  "Yeah, and you got me some autographed stuff!  You are the best, Aunt Lena."  The three head into the elevator.  


       Lena's phone rings.  It's Lex.  Lena groans as she answers it.  "What?"  "How was your date?"  "Sam told you?"  Lena looks at Sam who's snickering and talking with Ruby.  


        Lex laughs.  "Of course she told me about the date.  How'd it go?"  "Good, and thanks for the suggestion.  I think it's nice here.  It'd be a nice spot for a rebranding."  Lex laughs.  "And you're saying this because you are thirsting over the hot soccer player or because it is a genuinely a good place to set up L-Corp."  "It is like a great place.  I wouldn't mind splitting some of L-Corp and putting some of corporate here."  "It's because you are thirsty, isn't it?"  Lena groans as she steps out of the elevator.  


        She opens the penthouse door.  "Lex."  She sits on the couch.  "I already wanted to come here before you transferred L-Corp to me."  "I'm glad I retired.  I am honestly having one of the best times staying in the labs."  Lena laughs.  "Okay, and thank you for suggesting this week."  "Ah, no problem, I- ah shit."  Lex hangs up.  


        Sam sits on the couch beside her.  "So, how was your date?"  Lena nods.  "Good, and I would just consider it as a local showing me the town."  Sam laughs.  "Yeah, no that was defiantly a date."  Lena rolls her eyes.  


        Sam leans on her.  "Can you hook me up with her sister?"  Lena laughs.  She shoves Sam off of her.  "I can arrange that."  Sam laughs.  Lena's phone dings.  


        She checks it to see a picture from Kara.  It's a workout picture.  Kara's wearing a sports bra and god, the picture shows off Kara's abs so well.  






         Kara walks into her sister's apartment.  Everyone from the team is still there.  Alex laughs.  "There's our favorite player!  How was shacking up with the rich bitch?"  Kara rolls her eyes.  


          Alex hands her a phone.  "Do not ever leave it here again."  Kara nods.  She opens her phone.  "What did you guys do?" 

  "Twitter and Instagram."  Lucy answers rather quickly.  Kara groans.  


        Kara quickly goes on her twitter.  Lucy, Sara, and Nia were all tweeting random nonsense from Kara's twitter.  She blinks at the tweets.  


KDanvers:  Embarrassing stories about me thread!  Drop your best KD story!


       Kara chuckles at the tweet.  "That it?"  Lucy nods.  "Check out the replies."  Kara rolls her eyes.  


ADanvers:  Kara once ate six whole ass burgers before a practice.  She took a hit to the stomach and emptied her lunch onto the field.  She's not allowed to have more than one burger before an event now.  I have more, take your pick.  


NiaNal:  One time, Kara ate mashed potatoes, thinking it was ice cream.  Then there was the time she used the excuse of feeding her nonexistent dog in order to escape game night.    


ImArdeen:  My husband was hitting on me because we were being goofy, and Kara didn't know it was him, so she kicked his shins saying that I was married.  Then after realizing it was him, she nearly had a heart attack.  He also made her run around the field five times for doing it.  That practice was enjoyable.


TheLance:  Kara once ate out a Chinese restaurant's potstickers.  I swear, that girl has a bottomless pit for a stomach, anyways, another time she ate some really old left over potstickers and she was sick for like three days.  The potstickers even had mold, like damn.



        Kara laughs at her friends and teammates telling embarrassing stories about her.  "Okay, I really think these are cute.  But Imra isn't here, how could she even kno-."  "Kar, she thinks it's you."  Kara raises an eyebrow at a text message with heart eyes.  


          She checks the message.  There's several pictures of Kara shirtless while working out.  Kara blinks, she was going to post them before the game.  Who the hell did her friends send them to?


     Kara dials the number.  "Check the instagram ones."  Nia yells while giggling.  


        Kara holds up a finger.  "Well, hello.  Couldn't get enough, huh?"  Kara sighs as she hear's Lena's voice.  "Lena, thank goodness it's you!  My teammates and sister decided to uh send some uh, pictures of me.  I'm sorry."  Lena chuckles.  "It's okay, darling.  I'm glad you got home safely."  Kara smiles.  "Thanks.  I guess I'll see you tomorrow."  "Okay then.  See you."  Kara hangs up.  


       She glares at Alex and Lucy.  "I hate you both, so fucking much.  Then again, Lena liked the ab pictures."  Alex laughs.  


       Nia points.  "Check your instagram."  Kara nods.  She opens her instagram.  A picture of everyone at game night, minus Kara, are in a group picture.  


KDanvers:  Guess what dumbass bailed out on game night?  Don't bail on game night, you'll regret it!  @ KDanvers.  -Everyone at game night


       Kara laughs.  "This is really good.  Really fun prank.  I think I am going home to get some rest tonight.  Alex, can I talk to you?"  Alex nods.  


      The two leave Alex's apartment.  Kara grins.  "As revenge, I set you up on a date."  Alex blinks.  "No."  Kara groans.  "Come on!  She's actually pretty.  One moment."  Kara goes to instagram.  She finds Lex Luthor's page.  Lena was right, her brother posts her constantly.  


       Kara finds a picture of Lena's friend.  She blinks, her friend is also the CFO of Lena's company.  


      Kara shows Alex her picture.  Alex raises an eyebrow.  "Hm, Sam Arias.  She is kind of hot."  Kara laughs.  "She has a daughter named Ruby an—."  Alex bites her lip.  "I'll see you tomorrow."  Kara nods and she leaves the apartment.  


Chapter Text


       Kara leans on the fence as she gets a drink.  Mike and Imra are talking with her. 

           Mike points.  "So, you left your phone at game night and the girls decided to play a prank on you?"  Kara nods.  "Yep, and that was not me tweeting about my embarrassing stories.  Thank you Imra for reminding me of the whole accidentally kicking Mike after he grew his beard."  Imra smiles.  


            She points a finger gun at Kara.  "No prob Kar.  I should really thank Sara for the reminder of you eating moldy potstickers.   Also, I'm sorry for not making game night.  Frankly, I can't believe that you even bailed."  Kara nods.    


            Kara groans.  "My phone blew up last night because of it.  Fans just love knowing that we do game night.  And not to point out any teammates sharing my greatest hits," Kara gestures to everyone on the field stretching, "I had a nice date though."  Mike raises an eyebrow.  


         Imra smiles.  "She hooked up with Lena Luthor."  Kara rolls her eyes.  "Oh not you too."  Imra grins.  "Hey, I am just repeated what I heard from Harry and Harry."  Kara grunts.  "Ugh, Harry!"  She shakes her fist.  


        Mike laughs.  "Hey, they should cut you some slack.  Lena's a good person for you.  I should know."  Imra and Kara look at him.  


          He scratches his beard.  "I dated her in college.  Well, my mother had set us up because she wanted a gateway into L-Corp, or Lionel Luthor's pants.  I mean, we were just like friends, nothing happened." Imra nods.  "I remember you talking about that."  Kara smiles.  


          She grins.  "Well, I will hopefully date your ex girlfriend from college soon.  She's coming to see me, well us play."  He nods.  "Well that's nice.  Also, I'll tell Harry to tease Harry about Press."  Kara laughs.  "Okay.  Are you and James staying?"  He nods.  "Yeah, and Brainy will sideline with Barry."  Kara nods.  


       He points.  "Do not get a head injury.  J’onn said that whoever gets one, then Brainy will treat em."  Kara raises an eyebrow.  Imra laughs.  "He's joking."  Kara laughs.  


              Mike smiles.  “And hey, you both will do great tonight.  I am out to get Big Belly Burger.”  Kara groans.  “And you don’t let me have any?!”  He points at her.  “You’re the one who’s on field, not me.  Besides, J’onn will kill me if I feed you anything.”  Kara rolls her eyes.  She pouts.  


         Mike gestures to her.  “How do you guys put up with her pout?”  Imra laughs.  “We always give in to the Danvers pout.”  Mike laughs.  “Alright, alright.  I’ll get you some fries and a burger, just one burger, deal?”  Kara nods.  “Dealio.”  He laughs.  "Okay, and you haven't had any yet?"  Kara shakes her head.  "Nope, and make sure they leave the mustard off this time."  He nods and leaves.  


                 Barry jogs to them.  Barry Allen is Kara's favorite trainer.  He's the most fun.  Mike is fun, but he's too serious.  Barry knows when to pull off and to quit.  He also doesn't let anyone push too hard.  


Barry grins.  “Why are you two just standing around?”  Kara laughs.  “We were talking with Mike.”  Barry nods.  “You tell him about your hot hookup?”  Kara groans.  “Harry?”  He nods.  “And Alex and Sara and Nia and like the rest of the team.  So, Lena Luthor?”  Kara shrugs.  “She’s hot.”  Imra laughs.  “I’m going to go stretch.”  


                     Barry laughs.  “I am going to embarrass your ass tonight, Kar.”  She rolls her eyes.  “Do that and I’ll have to kill you.”  He laughs.  "Hey, take a lap."  Kara laughs and points at him.  "Only if you race me."  He grins.  He takes off.  Kara groans.  "Cheater."  She runs after him.  







          Lena looks at her wardrobe with uncertainty.  “Sam!”  Sam runs into the room.  Sam's half dressed.  She has a red and blue jersey in her hands.  Lena barely catches the A. Danvers on the back of the shirt.  


Sam groans.  "What?"  "Should I wear a dress, or should I just go like simple?"  Sam rolls her eyes.  


She walks over to Lena's bags.  "You should've brought less clothes." 

         Sam sighs.  "One, it's a soccer game.  Two, it'll be hot."  "The box has an air conditioner.  Also, a private bar, and a couch."  Sam rolls her eyes.  "Okay, but I'm ruling out hoodies, suits, and black pants.  The game's just going to be a casual affair, so uh."  Sam rustles through Lena's bags.  


            She groans as she unzips a bag.  "Damn, you have a lot of baggage."  Lena chuckles.  "I know."  Sam groans and she looks through the clothes.  "You didn't bring shorts?"  "I prefer pants, skirts, and dresses.  Shorts just don't look good on me."  Sam nods.  


        She looks at Lena.  "Do you want to show cleavage?  I mean, Kara would definitely gay panic.  Maybe, I could fli-."  Lena shoots a glare at her.  "No, just no.  Maybe on a better night, hm?"  Sam grins and nods.  "Gotcha.  Hm, you always look good in red."  Sam grumbles and she looks at Lena.  


          Sam groans.  "Fuck it."  She gets a dark red button down out.  She takes out black pants.  "There you go, Lucifer."  Lena blinks.  "I hate you, Satan."  Sam grins.  "Oh, please, you love me."  Sam walks out while putting her shirt on.  Lena chuckles and she definitely sees the A. Danvers 13 on the back of Sam's shirt.  


      Lena groans.  "And I have it down bad."  She mutters to herself.  She gets dressed.  She leaves her room.  Ruby and Sam are sitting in the living room of the penthouse.  


     Ruby has a jersey identical to Sam's.  She grins.  "Okay, so the National City Wolves, or the USWNT?"  Lena raises an eyebrow.  "Is that who they're playing?"  Sam laughs.  "See, I told you she was thinking of Kara during your lecture."  Lena rolls her eyes.  


         Ruby laughs.  "It's okay Aunt Lena.  Uh, Kara plays on the National Team, and the National City Wolves.  The National Team plays all over the world, while the Wolves just play here in the states."  Lena nods.  "Ah, I see.  No wonder Kara's a big hit.  Also, I think I just looked up the National Team, so uh I may need a lecture on the way to the stadium."  Sam points.  


        She grabs the tickets.  "The game doesn't start till eight.  It's only six, and the stadium is down the street."  Lena nods.  "Kara said we could watch them train.  If that's okay."  Sam nods.  Ruby squeals in excitment.  She hugs Lena.  "God, you are really the best!"  Lena laughs and she embraces the teen.  


     The three of them leave the building.  







       Kara takes a sip of water.  Mike walks over to her and he sets a kids meal down beside Kara.  "Here." 

         Kara frowns at the tiny box.  "Took you long enough, also, what the fuck is this?"  Mike sighs.  "J'onn wants you at your best and he was scared a large burger would make you sick.  So, here's a kids meal.  Besides, I know how much you like the toys."  Kara laughs as she opens the meal.  


          Mike leans down to her.  "Don't worry about the burger, I snuck in a triple stack burger and fries."  Kara nods.  She unwraps her burger.  "Thanks Mike you're the best!"  He laughs.  "You are very much welcome, Bottomless Pit."  Kara laughs and she eats her burger.  


          One of the security guards walks up to them.  "Danvers, Daxam, we've got two women and a girl claiming that you invited them to watch you guys train."  Kara nods.  "Mm, hm yea."  She wipes some mayonnaise from her mouth. 

     Kara licks a finger.  "Lena, Ruby, and Sam?"  The guard says something into a radio and then he nods.  Kara nods. "Bring them to me."  The guard nods and walks off.  


       Kara grins and she gets up.  She finishes the burger and she inhales her fries.  Mike laughs.  "Thirsty?"  Kara hits his arm.  "Shut up."  He chuckles.  "Alright then, take your break.  I am going to go work with Press and Harry.  Do not let J'onn see the wrapper, or receipt."  Kara nods as he walks off.  


         "Hey, Kara."  Kara spins and she sees Alex.  "Woah, careful there or you'll vomit on me.  I don't feel like cleaning up puke."  Kara laughs.  "Sorry, I was just waiting."  Alex raises an eyebrow.  "Waiting?  For what?"  "Oh, Lena's here with her friend and friend's kid."  Alex's eyebrow crinkles.  "Did you clear it with the team?"  Kara blinks.  "Fuck!  They're gonna be here any minute!  Guys!"  Kara yells.  


         Alex shakes her head.  "You are so thirsty."  Kara sticks her tongue out.  "Guys!"  Everyone keeps on ignoring Kara.  


         Kara notices J'onn's whistle sitting  on top of his clipboard.  Alex shakes her head.  "Don't."  Kara groans and she grabs the whistle. 

         She blows it.  Everyone looks at her.  "Guys!  Quick, team meeting!"  Alex sighs.  Her disappointment matches with their teammates' faces.  


             Everyone huddles around Kara.  Kara takes a deep breath.  "Okay, so u-."  Alex puts her hand in front of Kara.  "In Kara's efforts to sweep Lena Luthor off her feet, she decided to invite Lena and her friends to watch us train.  Don't worry, Lena has one hot friend, who I call dibs on.  And she is with a what?  Teenage girl?"  Kara nods.  "Yeah, Ruby.  And the mom's name is Sam."  Kara adds.  "Is everyone okay with this?"  Everyone nods in agreement.  


       Sara slaps Kara's back.  "Way to go Danverses!"  Everyone walks off.  


            Alex grins.  "You are so red right now."  She laughs.  


        "Hey there, Kara."  Kara freezes up at the voice of Lena Luthor.  She blinks.  "Getting redder."  Kara nudges Alex.  The two of them turn.  


      Kara grins as she sees Alex blushing at the sight of Lena's friend. 

       Kara smiles and she walks over to Lena.  "Hey, Lena.  What's up?"  Lena sighs.   "Uh, nothing much.  Rubes here gave me a quick crash course on your team."  Kara laughs.  "Really?"  Lena nods.  "Yeah, I don't really know soccer, and well."  She gestures to Sam and Ruby fan girling over Alex.  


       Lena grins.  "I'm just their sugar daddy."  Kara laughs.  She grins.  "Oh, I wouldn't mind having you as a sugar daddy."  Lena bites her lip and she looks at Kara.  


      Kara blinks at the realization of what she said.  "Oh, shit.  Uh, I'm sorry if that uh comment made you uncomfortable."  Lena chuckles.  "It was okay."  Kara adjusts her glasses.  


         The two watch as Kara's teammates invite Ruby over to them.  They let Ruby do a drill with them.  Kara chuckles.  "Wow, Ruby is really good."  Lena nods.  "She's the star player on her high school’s soccer team."  Kara puts her hands on her hips as Ruby scores.  "She's pro material."  Lena laughs.  "I know."  Kara grins.  


           She puts her arm around Lena.  "Where's your friend?"  Lena looks around.  "Where's your sister?”  Lena retorts.  Kara chuckles.  She then looks around the field.  Alex is nowhere to be seen.  


           Kara's eyebrows raise.  "Well she did call dibs."  Lena laughs.  "Damn, and I thought you were a player."  Kara laughs.  


          Mike and Barry jog over to the two.  Mike waves.  "Hey there, Luthor."  Lena gasps.  "Mike Daxam?  It's been a long time."  Mike chuckles.  "Yep, how are you?"  The two hug.  Lena nods.  "I'm doing good, I'm doing pretty good.  You?"  He grins.  


      He points at Imra.  "I am married to one of the best soccer players in the world."  Lena grins.  "I would argue that Kara is arguably the best soccer player in the world."  Mike laughs. "I need to prep some towels, do not feed that monster."  He points at Kara and Kara scoffs at Mike's comment. 


        Barry laughs.  Kara and Lena look at him.  He holds out his hand.  "Hi, I'm Barry.  You're Lena.  The woman that Kara's head over heels, right?"  Lena laughs.  "Yeah, I guess that's me."  Barry laughs.  "Ah, I'm just trying to push Kara's buttons.  I need to get past you two.  Kara, take a lap before going into the locker rooms."  Kara groans.  


      Lena chuckles.  "I'm going to get Ruby, then we are going to find Sam."  Kara nods.  "I guess I'll look for your booth?"  Lena grins.  "Darling, I wouldn't want to distract you."  Kara stares as Lena walks over to Ruby who's in a deep conversation with Tobin and Press.   "Come on Danvers!  I'll race you!"  Kara snaps back to reality as she see Barry running ahead of her.  She follows him and she catches up to him.  







               Lena walks over to two soccer players and Ruby.  One of them has black hair and the other has brown.  Lena goes behind Ruby.  “Rubes, where’s your mom?”  Ruby shrugs.  


                 Lena looks at the soccer players.  “Hello, I’m Lena.”  The one with brown hair nods.  “Oh we’ve heard.”  She holds out her hand.  “I’m Tobin, and this is Christen.”  Lena nods.  “Uh, I think we’ll be getting concessions before heading up to our box.”


         Tobin nods.  “Hey, tell Danvers which box you guys are in or else her head’ll be in space.”  Christen laughs and shoves Tobin.  The two walk off.  


          Lena points.  “What was that?”  Ruby shrugs.  “I think they’re together.”  “You think?” Lena says with an eyebrow quirked.  Ruby laughs and the two exit the field.  They go up to the boxes.  


        Lena finds theirs.  “Cool!”  Ruby exclaims as soon as she sees a plaque with her name on it.  Lena nods.  “Only the best for my favorite kid.”  Lena opens the door. 


   “Fuck!”  Ruby and Lena hear a loud thud.


                 Alex Danvers groans and she sits up.  Her eyes widen at the sight of Ruby and Lena.  “Fuuuck.  Uh okay.  Yeah, I’m going now.  See you after the game, Sam.”  Sam stands up from the ground and she waves.  “See you.”  Alex smiles.  “Tell Kara where we are!”  Alex nods.  “A friend’s booth is next door so, she definitely knows.  I’ll tell her though.  Bye.”  She quickly leaves.  


                Lena grins.  “Sam Arias, what in the hell were you doing?”  Sam chuckles.  “Not telling.”  Lena chuckles.  “Okay.  Well, the stadium is starting to fill.  Might as well get comfy.  I requested blankets under the bar.  Rubes, can you get them?”  Ruby goes to check.  


               She comes back with three large blankets in her hands.  They all sit and watch the players train.  Lena grins as she sees Alex walking onto the field and she approaches Kara who’s drinking water.  Alex points up.  


              Kara nods and she waves.  Lena chuckles.  Sam points.  “Your girlfriend is waving at you.”  Lena nods.  “I see.”  Lena gets up and she leans closer to the railing.  She waves.  Kara hops up and down laughing.  


              The team then exits the field.  Lena goes back to sitting on the couch with the others. 

        Ruby grins.  “They’re probably going to go and take a minute.”  Lena nods.  “Who’s this team?”  She points to the field.  


           Ruby gasps.  “That’s Orlando Pride!  Alex Morgan, Ashlyn Harris, and Ali Krieger are on that one!”  Lena nods.  She has no fucking clue who those women are, but Ruby seems really excited about them.  Someone knocks on the door.  Lena sighs.  She paid for a private booth for the three of them.  Who the hell would knock?  


         Sam gets up.  She walks over to the door and she opens it.  “Well, Kara Danvers what a surprise!”  Lena gets up.  Kara walks into the room.  


                 Her brows are furrowed.  “Hey, okay I’m sorry we just met, but some jerks just kicked out my best friend and mom from their box, can they come here?  It’s okay and nothing, they can get ground sea-.”  “Sure.”  Lena answers.  Kara hugs her.  


          Lena chuckles.  “You are welcome.”  Kara walks out of the box and a man and a woman walk in.  Kara goes behind them and she warps her arms around them.  She leans towards the older woman.  “This is my mom, Eliza.”  Then she tilts her head at the man.  “And this is Winn.”  Winn and Eliza both look like they’re bursting with excitement.  


             Lena chuckles.  “It’s okay.  I don’t meet a lot of fans.  It’s nice.”  Winn lets out his breath.  “You are awesome!”  Lena chuckles.  “Thank you.”  Kara smiles.  


          She pats their backs.   “Okay, Lee, can I talk to you?”  Lena nods.  Her and Kara go outside of the box.  Fans start walking through the halls.  


          Kara hugs Lena.  “Thank you again for letting them in the box with you.”  Lena mods.  “You’re welcome.  I mean, I am trying to impress a world class soccer player.”  Kara giggles.  “Uh, I am probably needed in the locker room.  I told Winn to be nice.  Mom’s always nice and uh.  Thank you, again.”  Lena nods.  She watches Kara walking off.  


             Lena returns to her box.  Eliza smiles.  “Hello.”  Lena nods.  “So, uh what do you do for a living?  Judging by your excitement I’d assume you’re in STEM, right?”  Eliza nods.  “Winn and I are both scientists, I work in biochemical research labs and Winn works as an engineer for the team.”  Lena looks at Winn who’s talking with Sam.  


            Lena gestures to the seats.  “Let’s sit down.”  Eliza nods.  Lena sits beside Ruby.  She hears Sam excuse herself.  


             Sam leans over to Lena.  “She called you Lee.”  Lena blinks.  “Huh?”  Sam nods.  “She’s gay for you as much as you are for her.”  Lena blinks.  “And you let strangers into the booth.”  Lena groans.  “Sam, I’m going to kill you.”  Sam points.  “You need me.”  Lena rolls her eyes.  








              Kara wraps her arm around Alex.  “What’d you do with the mom?”  “We made out in their box.  God, Kara you should’ve seen the text messages she sent me last night.  I can not wait until after the game, then it’s Danvers time.”  Alex thrusts her hips.  Kara raises an eyebrow.  


                      Alex grins and Lucy hops onto Alex.  “Danvers hooked up with the mom!”  Lucy yells.  Kara chuckles.  She walks over to her locker and she grabs her contacts.  


                  She quickly puts them on.  “Alex, do you have the sign?”  Alex nods.  “Booth three.”  Kara grins.  


                      J’onn walks into the locker room with Cat Grant.  Kara leans over to Alex.  “Why is Cat freakin’ Grant here?”  Cat looks at Kara.  “Kerrah, I heard that you went on an outing with Lena Luthor.”  Kara swallows.  


              She nods. “Congratulations.  I didn’t think you had the guts, but let everyone know when you’re sneaking into a CEO’s pants.”  Alex laughs and Kara punches her. 


                     Cat groans.  “Ugh, you all are so sweaty. Kerrah I have to ask if your girlfriend would like to sponsor the team?  We could use a big sponsor like L-Corp. CatCo can’t just be the only sponsor for my girls.”  Kara nods.  “Yeah, yeah.  I’ll ask.”  Cat Grant puts her hands on her hips.  


                    She taps her foot.  “Now, Kerrah.”  Kara nods.  “Got it!  Uh Alex?”  Alex nods and the Danvers Sisters leave the locker room.  


                  They run up the steps of the stadium.  A few people stop to look.  Kara runs into the booth. “Lena!”  Alex comes right behind her and knocks Kara down. 


                        Lena chuckles and she helps Kara up.  “Yes, darling?”  “Our uh our team’s owner wants to know if you’d like to sponsor us.”  “And she is?”  “Cat Grant.”  Lena chuckles.  “Alright, Sam can get you the details and we’ll work up a paper.”  Alex gives her a thumbs up.  The two scramble back down to the locker room.  


                   Kara hops on top of Alex to give Cat a thumbs up.  The older woman just shakes her head and she walks out of the locker room.  


                   Mike pats Kara’s back and she hops off of Alex.  He pulls her outside and she sits down on the bench.  “What’s up?”  Mike holds up a mic.  “No.”  Kara immediately says. 


                     He chuckles.  “Mrs Grant’s orders.  I’m sorry?”  Kara groans.  He hands her the microphone pack.  “You know the rules?”  Kara nods.  She groans as she clips on the microphone.  


                     She looks at him.  “Any way Imra can switch me?”  He shakes his head.  “Remember what happened last time?  Besides, Cat said something about this being punishment for giving away a jacket and for going on your date.”  Kara groans.  


                       She sighs.  “Well, I can’t sit with my friends now.”  Mike laughs.  “Don’t worry, everyone knows you’re mic’d.”  Kara smiles.  The two return to the locker room.  


                           Alex punches Kara’s arm.  “Visit the girlfriend?”  Kara rolls her eyes.  


Chapter Text



                 “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Olivia Marsden Memorial Stadium!  Today we have the wonderful National City Wolves!”  A loud howling noise comes from the stadium.  


                 Kara leads the team out onto the field.  Kara poses by flexing her biceps and then Alex hops on her back.  The crowd goes wild.  “And we are hosting the terrific Orlando Pride!”  The other team comes onto the field.  


                Kara smiles at Alex Morgan a few feet away from her.  “Hi.”  Alex shoots her a smile.  Kara grins.  


                  She smiles at the cameras as the announcer announces the national anthem.  







                  Lena watches as Kara and the woman from the purple team shake hands.  “Looks like it’s gonna be a great game tonight.”   “Seems like it, Bob.  Tonight we’ve got two mic’d players, Kara Danvers from the National City Wolves, and Alex Morgan from Orlando.”  Says a woman.  


                   Lena sees Kara.  She’s ready to start.  “What’s taking so long?”  Kara says.  “It’s hot as the devil’s as—.”  “You’re mic’d.”  A woman’s voice says.  


                      The two sports anchors laugh.  “Well, this will be an interesting game.  Oh, and what’s the sign that Alex Danvers has?”  “We love U Booth 3.”  The screen zooms in on the sign.  


                Everyone in the booth chuckles.  Lena looks at Eliza and Winn.  “Do they always do this?”  Eliza nods.  “Yes, the girls do it like a ritual.  Every home game at least.”  Lena nods and she hears the whistle being blown.  “Hell yeah!”  Kara says.  Everyone laughs.  


                  The start of the game is uneventful one of Kara’s teammates passed the ball to her and then they go to take it up the field, but one of the opposing players blocks them.  


                  Kara takes the ball and she goes around some of the purple team.  She passes it to a teammate who sends it back to her.  Kara makes the goal.  


                   “Yeah!  Come on baby!”  She says.  She runs and hops into the air while pumping her fist. 

      Her teammates hug her.  “And Supergirl does it again!  She manages to score within mere minutes of the game starting!  Let’s catch that on replay, Leslie!”  The screen shows the replay.  


                      The jumbo screen then zooms in on Kara again.  She’s stretching her leg.  “Man, Bob, we’re gonna have to get a cold shower here because whew, Supergirl.”  The anchors laugh together.  


                 Lena chuckles.  “So what’s up with the Supergirl nickname?”  Ruby leans over to Lena.  “Kara Danvers got to the USWNT at like a superhuman speed.  She joined at 21 after signing with the wolves at 17.  Like it’s either that, or she has superhuman speed and strength.”  Lena nods.  “So she’s Supergirl?”  Ruby nods.  “And everyone calls Alex, Sentinel since she's a really good defender.”  Lena nods.  “Is there someone named guardian on their team?” Ruby smiles.  “Yeah, but she retired because of an injury.”  


                        They watch as one of Kara’s opponents gets slide tackled by Alex Danvers.  Sam hops up.  “Yeah!”  Everyone looks at her.  She sits down.  


                        Alex Danvers kicks the ball up field.  One of Kara’s teammates receives it.  One of the opponents steals the ball and takes it down the field.  The opponent shoots it into the goal and scores.  


                      “Yes!”  They hear a woman celebrate.  Kara laughs.  “That was certainly an Alex Morgan Goal.”  Kara says.  


                       Kara nods to her teammates.  The game is rather uneventful.  They finish at halftime tied one to one.  


              Lena leans back.  “So Kara’s part of two teams?”  Winn nods.  “Yeah, and I really don’t get it either.  I mean the game part.  She’s on the National team because she’s like amazing.”  “They’re not scoring though.”  Winn nods.  “Orlando has like the same amount of National team players as we do.  Well, they match the amount that we have.”  Lena raises an eyebrow.  


             Winn chuckles.  “Orlando has Alex Morgan, Ali Krieger, and Ashlyn Harris.  Krieger and Harris are like really good defenders.  Alex on the other hand is like one of the greatest soccer players of all time, and like she just had a baby and now she’s out there.”  Lena nods.  “And our team?”  Winn chuckles.  “I thought you did research on them.”  


               Sam touches his shoulder.  “She was too focused on studying and researching Kara.”  Lena groans.  Winn laughs.  “Awesome.  Anyways, so we have Kara, Tobin, Press, Long, and The Great Horan.”  Lena nods.  “So we have more National Team Members?”  Winn nods.  “Yeah, and we’re pretty evenly matched despite them.”  


               Lena nods.  Someone knocks on her door.  Lena sighs.  “I got it.”  She gets up and opens the door.  Kara and Alex Morgan walk in.  Lena looks at Ruby who is nearly bursting with excitement.  


                Lena smiles.  “Hi.”  Kara grins.  “Hey.”  Alex waves.  “Hi, I’m Alex.”  Alex holds her hand out.  Lena shakes it.  “I’m Lena.”  Alex crosses her arms.  “So you’re the woman who got Supergirl away from her game night?”  Lena chuckles.  “I would guess so.”  Alex smiles.  


                 She waves to Eliza.  “Hi, Eliza.”  Eliza smiles.  “Hello Alex.”  “Can I get you guys something?  Kara dragged me out of the locker room to say hi.”  Ruby grins.  “I wouldn’t mind some popcorn.”  Alex nods.  She looks at Winn.  “And for you?”  “A hotdog with like a lot of ketchup.”  Alex nods.  “Ruby, right?”  Ruby nods eagerly.  “Come with me to help order, hm?”  Ruby nearly passes out and she leaves with Alex.  


                 Kara leans against the doorframe.  “So, after the game, the team and I are going out to a restaurant for like a post match celebration or just hangout.  Wanna come?  Also Alex, well my Alex, said Sam and Ruby are welcome to come.”  Lena nods.  “I’ll have to take you up on that offer, Kara.”  Kara snaps.  “Okay, see ya.  I’m going to go find Alex and Ruby then head back.”  Lena nods as the blonde leaves.  


                 Ruby and Alex Morgan return with concessions.  Alex leaves and five minutes later both teams are on the field.  


                 The second half is as eventful as the first.  Mostly passes and throw ins.  Things finally kick in when Kara scores with five minutes left.  She hops up and hugs one of the women.  “The Great Horan and Supergirl score together!”  Kara and another blonde woman high-five and do a handshake.  


              The screen shows a replay.  A whistle blows and Kara runs off the field.  “J’onn subbed Press in.”  Winn says.  


               They hear Kara panting.  “Damn, that was something.”  She says breathlessly.  


               Within mere seconds of the game starting again, Tobin Heath and Christen Press move forward.  Tobin kicks the ball upfield to Press and Press makes a goal.  Everyone cheers.  Lena checks the clock and it’s got five seconds left.  Lena grins.  Three to one isn’t that bad.  

Chapter Text



               Lena, Sam, and Ruby walk to the restaurant that Kara and her teammates were going to.  They arrive and the restaurant is packed.  Alex greets them with a beer in hand.  “Hey, we won!”  Sam grins.  “You won!”  She hugs Alex.  


              Lena chuckles.  “I’ll be at the bar.”  Alex nods.  Sam leaves her friends in the care of the soccer player.  She walks up to the bar and sits next to Tobin Heath.  


                Tobin looks at her.  “Yes?”  Lena asks.  “Oh nothing, I thought you were someone else.”  Lena chuckles.  “Oh no, I’m sorry.  Uh I can move.”  Tobin laughs.  “It’s cool, it’s cool.”  Lena nods.  


                  She orders a glass of scotch.  “Want anything Tobin?”  Tobin shakes her head.  “My friend and I uh, we usually stay for a while and then we go to our place to work on some uh designs.”  Lena raises an eyebrow.  


           Tobin chuckles.  “I’m a creative director for a company Christen Press and I created with some help from some friends.”  Lena nods.  “Wow.  That’s cool.”  Tobin nods.  “Yeah.”  Lena points.  “Are you and Christen together?”  She asks.  


                  Tobin chuckles.  “Sorry for prying.”  Lena says.  Tobin laughs a little bit more.  “No, it’s only fair since I tease Kara about you.  Off the record, Press and I are uhm engaged.  It’s kind of a secret.  Kara and the others who play on the national team with us know.  We just prefer to keep it on the down low.”  Lena nods.  “Understandable.”  Tobin smiles.  


                   Her phone rings.  “Harry speaking.”  She says.  “Okay.  Well tell them we’re waiting.  The ones that scored the goals have to pay.”  Tobin chuckles.  “See you, Harry.”  She sets the phone down.  


                She smiles at Lena.  “Sorry, Harry, er I mean Allie Long called and told me that she’s stuck at the post-match press conference with Horan, Lance, Press, and Danvers.”  Lena nods.  “Alright.”  Tobin smiles.  “Did anyone ever show you the Twitter thread of Kara’s greatest highlights?”  Lena shakes her head.  “Alrighty, while we wait on our partners I am going to show you some good entertainment.”  Tobin pulls up Twitter on her phone.  Lena points.  “What’s the story with the Harry stuff?”  Tobin grins and she chuckles.  








               Kara looks around as her teammates answer some questions.  She always hates these post-match press conferences.  They’re so boring and people never really pay attention to her or the game.  They always want to know about her personal life.  


               “Kara.”  Kara snaps to attention.  She looks forward.  “Uh, yeah?”  “You were spotted together with CEO Lena Luthor of L-Corp.  It appears you were on a date with her.  What is your relationship to her?”  Kara clears her throat.  


                  She adjusts the microphone.  “I met Lena Luthor, yes, we’re friends.  I don’t see how this is as interesting as the match my teammates and I just played.  Though what’s interesting about that is the Tobin Heath and Christen Press assist.”  She smiles and looks at Christen who’s glaring at her.  


                   Kara chuckles.  “Another interesting thing about the match was that I was mic’d.  Usually we only do those for practices, but due to uh a lost bet I unfortunately had to be mic’d up during the game.”  Kara scratches her neck.  


             J'onn pats her back.  "Any other questions for Kara Danvers?"  He asks.  One reporter nods.  "So, how does it feel winning your first game this season?  What's the outlook?"  Kara smiles.  "Finally someone asks me my opinion on the season!"  She exclaims.  


         Everyone in the room laughs.  Kara adjusts her glasses.  "Uh, it feels good, winning.  I think we'll have a very successful season.  Especially now that Tobin's back after an injury.  We were a bit skeptical, but she's doing good.  I hope to see some improvement and bonding among my team with our game nights and our other game nights."  The reporters laugh.  


             Sara points at Kara.  "Even if this one misses the other game nights."  Everyone laughs.  J'onn pats Kara's back.  "Alright, Press and Danvers are done.  Any final questions could be directed to me, Lance, Long, and Horan."  Kara and Christen get up and they leave.  


         Christen shoves Kara.  "Thanks for the Tobin call out."  Kara grins.  "When are you guys gonna make it official?"  Christen shrugs.  "When will you and Lena make it official?"  She retorts.  


             Kara chuckles.  "When we are actually dating.  We just went on one date, and golly.  She's stunning."  Christen laughs. She points at Kara as she slings her bag over her shoulder.  "You have it down badly."  Kara grabs her bag.  


            She adjusts her glasses.  "You heading to Al's too?"  Christen nods.  "I gotta pick up Tobin from there anyways."  Kara chuckles.  


           They hear footsteps.  They come face to face with Ali Kriger, Alex Morgan, and Ashlyn Harris.  Kara waves and smiles. "Hey guys!  Good game out there!"  Ashlyn nods.  


        Alex chuckles and looks at Christen.  "Where are you guys headed?"  "A bar in town where the team usually celebrates."  Alex nods.  


          Kara grins.  "Would you guys want to join us?"  She asks.  Ashlyn, Ali, and Alex shrug.  "Sure."  Ali replies.  Kara points.  "I call having Ashlyn to ride with me.  Press, you're stuck with Ali and Alex!"  Before Ashlyn can react, Kara has grabbed her hand and they're walking out of the stadium.  


         Ashlyn chuckles as she gets in Kara's vehicle.  "So, where's your hotel?"  "The new one."  Kara raises an eyebrow.  Ashlyn nods.  "The one with the L on it."  Kara smiles.  "Oh, okay.  I know where that is.  Lena owns it."  Ashlyn looks at her.  


         Kara stops at the red light abruptly.  "Oh, I forgot to tell you guys about Lena!  She's this like really cool and debonair CEO who I'm talking to.  We went on a date last night."  Ashlyn nods.  "So, you're dating a rich and powerful CEO?"  Kara nods.  "Yep."  She says.  Ashlyn chuckles.  "And here I thought that Ali and I were a power couple.  Look at you, Ms. World Champion Gold medalist, dating one of the most powerful women in STEM!"  Kara blushes.  


       Ashlyn smiles.  "So, is this bar good?"  Kara nods.  "Yeah, uh and holy shit, how did they catch up?"  The two see Press in her car with Alex and Ali.  Alex rolls the passenger window down.  


     Kara rolls hers down.  "Race you!"  Alex yells.  Kara grins.  "You're on."  Press laughs and shakes her head.   Kara chuckles.  "Hey, losers buys drinks."   Ashlyn hits Kara's arm.  Kara looks at the light and it's green.  


        She takes off and she gets in front of Christen's car.  Christen tailgates her all the way to the bar.  Kara parks.  She and Ashlyn get out.  


         Kara points at Press, Ali, and Alex getting out.  "Hey, loser buys drinks."  Christen laughs.  "Well, I mean, we did invite some of Orlando."  "Hey!"  Ashlyn yells.  Kara and Christen chuckle as the five of them walk into the bar.


           Alex approaches them.  "Hey, I'm going to run Sam and Ruby home.  I'll call later.  By the way, your girlfriend is in a booth talking about something with Heath."  Kara nods.  Alex Danvers leaves.  


         Ali and Alex Morgan raise their eyebrows.  "Girlfriend."  Ali says a bit in disbelief. 

        Alex points.  "So, Lena's your girlfriend."  Kara sighs.  "I think?  Does one date count?"  She asks.  


           Christen laughs.  "Come on Danvers, let's go get our partners.”  Kara points.  “Ashlyn, order us some of Mewis’s beer because why not."  Ashlyn nods and points to the bar.  Ali, Alex, and Ashlyn go to the bar.  


        Christen and Kara find Lena and Tobin talking together over a bottle of scotch.  "So, by teasing the relationship, the sales spike.  I'd say that's a great marketing technique."  Tobin nods. 


          She smiles as she sees Christen and Kara.  "Hey you two."  She says.  Lena turns.  She smiles at Kara.  "Hello darling."  The two sit beside their partners.  Kara points at Tobin’s scotch.  “I didn’t know you drink scotch.”  Tobin shrugs.  


            Kara smiles.  "I hope we didn't miss much."  Tobin gestures to Lena.  "She is awesome, Kara."  Lena nods.  "I do quite enjoy Harry's company.  Also, I do like her creations.  She's very creative, I hope I could perhaps do a collaboration with your company."  Christen raises an eyebrow.  


           Kara smiles.  "Well, have you guys ate?"  Tobin nods.  "Salads.  We both had a salad."  Lena nods.  "Yeah, and I mean this is like our what?  Second glass of scotch."  Tobin nods.  


       Lena leans onto Kara and Kara instinctively wraps her arm around Lena's waist.  "So, am I the only one getting questioned about like my personal life during press conferences?"  Press nods.  "I noticed that.  Even after you made the Tobin comment."  Tobin looks at Kara funny.  


         Kara sighs.  "They asked me about Lena so I tried to deflect."  Christen points.  "And it failed, quite poorly I may add."  Kara pouts.  Lena grins.  "Oh, darling I'm sure you tried your best."  Kara smiles.  


       The four hear someone clearing their throat.  They look to see Alex Morgan, Ali, and Ashlyn.  Ashlyn's holding three cans of beer.  She hands two to Christen and Kara.  Kara gives them a thumbs up.  


       Alex grins.  "We also ordered you some cheesy fries.  We know how much you love them."  Kara hops up and hugs Alex.  "You're the best!"  Alex chuckles.  "You're welcome, Kara.  So, uh introduce us to Lena?"  Kara nods.  They make room for the three in the booth.  


Chapter Text

            Lena stirs in her sleep.  The feeling of warm light hits her face.  A strong arm is slung over her body and Lena grabs the hand.  She opens her eyes.  She's in a brick room with large windows.  

           She's definitely not at her penthouse.  Her phone rings.  She groans and answers it.  "Lena!"  The voice on the other end yells.  Lena blinks.  She groans.  "Who is this?"  She turns on her back.  

              "It's Sam!  Where are you?!  I've tried calling you all morning!"  Lena groans and she rubs her eyes.  She looks at the body to her right.  Kara's sleeping on her side and she's curled up.  "Sam, I gotta call you back."  "Wha- Lena!  NO!"  Sam shouts.  Lena ends the call anyways.  

              She shakes Kara awake.  Kara grumbles.  "No, not now.  Too early.  Too hungover."  Lena sighs.  "Hey Kara."  Kara opens her eyes.  She looks at Lena.  "Uh oh.  Please say we didn't.  Not that I wouldn't mind that, I mean uh, I just think that consent is very important for uh both parties."  Lena chuckles.  

            She sighs.  "I don't think we did.  We're both clothed."  Kara looks at Lena.  She smiles as soon as she notices Lena is wearing one of her hoodies and her sleep shorts.  She lets out a sigh of relief.  "Thank goodness."  Lena smiles.  

          She plants a soft kiss on Kara's lips.  "I can make us breakfast."  Lena gets out of bed and she walks to Kara's kitchen.  


      Kara's heart is racing.  Lena kissed her.  She could definitely wake up like this more often.  

            She groans and checks her phone.  Several texts from Alex, Ali, Press, and Alex Morgan.  Though, one text catches her eye.  

Press:   I'm pretty sure Tobes and Lena definitely drank two bottles of scotch.  Tobin passed out when we got home.  How's Lena?  

Kara:  She's good.  She's making me breakfast rn.  God, I could wake up like this like every morning

Press:   She kissed you, didn't she.  Or wait, did you guys?  ;)

Kara:   God no, we didn't.  She did kiss me though.  softly.  Press, oh my god.  Have you heard from the Orlando Trio?  

Press:  Yeah lol.  They're all pissed at you because you got them hungover and they have to fly home.  Also, I'm so telling them you called them that.  

Kara:  Lol, I'll have to check the messages I got from them.  How's Harry?

Press:  Sound asleep.  Like a baby.

Press:  Nvm.    

Press:  CYA

        Kara smiles and she checks her messages.  She reads one long one from Alex Morgan, a rant about Kara getting them all hungover and Lena out drinking everyone.  

            Kara puts her phone down and she gets out of bed.  She walks into the kitchen.  Lena is eating fruit.  Kara stretches.  "Morning."  Lena grins.  "Morning, love."  She takes a bite from the apple she's eating.  

         Kara looks around.  "Where's breakfast?"  Lena chuckles.  "I should've asked where the pancake mix was."  Kara's eyes widen.  "Oh golly, I'm sorry!  I completely forgot that you've never been here.  Okay, uh."  Someone knocks on her door.  

         Kara groans.  "I swear to god."  She walks over to the door and opens it.  Cat Grant and J'onn are there.  

          Cat just walks right in with J'onn behind her.  She looks around and her eyes land on Lena.  "Well, Kerrah, you certainly had a night."  Kara chokes.  Lena smiles.  "Hi, Cat.  This isn't what it looks like.  I must've had too much to drink and Kara brought me back here so I could sleep."  Cat nods.  "Mmhm."  Kara sighs.  

          She shuts the door.  "What's the visit for, boss?"  Kara asks.  "Nothing, I figured the Luthor would be here Kerrah.  I wanted to know her stance on sponsoring our team.  Maybe a partnership with CatCo."  Lena nods.  "I like that idea.  Let me pitch it to my CFO and my board of shareholders."  Cat nods.  

          She looks at Kara.  "Kerrah, next time, please inform Coach J'onzz and I if you and Lena Luthor decide to have another, ehm, sleepover."  Kara nods as Cat and J'onn leave.  

          Lena's phone rings.  Kara groans.  "Is that Sam?"  Lena nods.  "Yeah, I should take this.  She called and was worried."  Kara nods and she gets a pan out.  "I'll make some pancakes for us."  Lena nods and walks to the bathroom.  


          Sam paces the living room.  "Sam?"  Lena finally answers.  Sam sighs.  "Where are you?"  "Kara's loft."  "She has a loft?"  Lena groans.  "Yeah, it's nice.  Uh, what time does your plane leave?"  "I don't know.  It's your plane!"  Lena groans.  

           Sam hears shuffling.  "What was that?"  "I think Kara knocked some pans around."  "Hold on, Kara, you're with Kara right now?"  "Yes, Sam, I am with Kara right now."  Sam grins.  

            She hears Lena groaning.  "NO, not like that.  Stop grinning this instant Sam!"  Sam laughs.  "So, you slept with her?"  "No, I just slept at her loft.  Look, nothing went on."  "Well, me and you definitely need to have a talk, one about you running off in a city, and leaving me defenseless."  "You had Alex Danvers with you."  Sam scoffs.  

          She groans.  "I hate you."  "Did you and  Ale-."  "No, Ruby was there."  "In you-."  "Nope, not going there.  Text me when Kara takes you home."  "Okay Sam."  Sam ends the call.  

          She looks at Alex.  "Well, I found Lena."  Alex nods.  "Where was she?"  "With your sister."  Alex snorts.  "Figured as much.  Kara is head over heels for Lena."  Sam nods.  "Same with Lena.  Would you care to go and get her from Kara's?"  Alex shrugs.  "Sure, and I will give Kara an earful.  She got Ali Krieger, Alex Morgan, and Ashlyn Harris drunk last night.  They were pissed to say the least.  They almost missed their flight back to Orlando this morning."  Sam chuckles.  "Well, at least she can hold her drinks."  Alex laughs.  "She's a lightweight.  One beer and she's drunk.  I bet Sara or someone drove them home."  Sam nods.  

         Alex leaves.  "Call me."  Sam grins as Alex shuts the door.  


          Lena smiles as Kara eats a pancake with whipped cream and syrup.  "Want a bite?"  Kara asks with a full mouth.  

           Lena shakes her head.  "No thank you."  Kara nods.  Someone knocks on her door.  Kara groans.  "Who could it be now?" Kara opens the door.  

          Sam and Alex walk in.  Sam points at Lena.  "You and I are going home because we need to talk."  Lena chokes on her drink.  "Okay, let us eat breakfast."  Alex points at the food.  "Did Kara make it?"  Lena nods.  

          Alex grimaces.   "And you're still alive?"  Lena raises an eyebrow.  Alex groans.  She walks over to the two of them.  She grabs Kara by the arm.  "Come on lover girl.  Harris, Morgan, and Krieger are pissed at you.  Also, press caught you and Lena."  The two leave the kitchen.  

           Sam looks around.  "Nice place Kara's got here."  Lena nods as she finishes her breakfast.  Sam points.  "Andrea's gonna be pissed at you for sleeping with Kara.  Also, your brother is coming in tomorrow."  Lena groans.  "I forgot that Jess would be here Tuesday.  I have today to myself."  Sam raises an eyebrow.  "What?"  Lena groans.  

             She rolls her eyes and smiles.  "I have a day to myself and you and Ruby."  Sam nods.  Lean chuckles.  "Hey, so Cat Grant wants L-Corp to sponsor the team."  Sam nods.  "Okay, when I get back to Metropolis, then I can get to work on the papers.  I'll ask the board.  I believe it's a good investment.  I'll get a call set up, and uh oh."  "Uh oh?"  "I'm in business mode."  "Well I like it."  The two turn to see Alex standing there with her arms crossed.  

            She walks over to them.  "Hey, we ready to go?"  Lena and Sam nod.  The three leave.  

Chapter Text



         Lena felt good for the seven hours she had alone, despite those seven hours being sleep.  She checks her phone.  


           Lex has called her several times. He's also texted several messages. She peels herself out of bed and she goes to the door.  


        She opens it.  Lex groans.  "Finally!  God, Lena, I swear.  I thought you had the soccer player over!"  Lena rolls her eyes. 

         Lex nods.  "Yes, Sam had told me you two slept together.  I stood outside for like thirty minutes."  Lena groans.  "You're a loud crybaby, you do know that, right?"  She walks to the kitchen and she makes some coffee.  


        Lex points.  "Ooh, can I have a cup?"  "If you make it."  Lena takes a sip of her cup.  Lex frowns.  "I have no clue how or why you like it like that."  Lena smiles.  "I have taste, Lex."  Lex nods.  


         He leans on the countertops.  "So, Sam told me about the defininete move.  Also, you want to sponsor Kara's soccer team?"  Lena nods.  Lex raises his eyebrows.  "Have you seen the texts from Andrea?  She is fuming.  She’s even ranted to me!”  Lena glares at him from behind her coffee mug.  Lex sighs.  “Though, most of the board seems onboard with the sponsor.  They want us to have a conference call with Cat Grant, and then we can get back with what the deal will be."  Lena nods.  


        She goes to her room and she changes clothes.  She puts her dark green dress that has a slight v-neck collar to it.  Lex raises an eyebrow.  "Why are you so dressed up?  We're literally staying here all day."  


        Lena rolls her eyes.  "Kara is taking me around the city later this evening.  Also, I'd like to get your opinions on some spaces I am thinking of buying up so then I could transfer L-Corp over here.  I'd like to keep this building as like a normal living space for L-Corp employees, well until they decide to find their own place."  Lex frowns.  "Can't Jess do that with you?"  Lena nods.  


        She points at Lex.  "She can, but I want to take you out and around the city."  Lex nods.  The two leave the house.  







        Kara hops on Mike's back.  He grunts.  "Dammit, Kara did you eat a horse Saturday night?!"  Kara laughs as she hops off of it.  "No, just cheesy fries.  You can thank Alex Morgan for that."  Mike groans.  


       Kara smiles.  "So, later today I'm gonna take Lena out to Noonan's for dinner.  I'm also meeting her brother too.  He seems pretty cool, and funny."  Mike nods.  "Lex is something else."  He tosses Kara her water.  


       Kara takes a sip.  "So, how was your Saturday night?"  "Good.  Imra and I didn't see you at Al's though."  Kara chuckles.  "We sat in a booth with Tobes, Press, and The Orlando Trio."  Mike laughs.  "I see.  What'd you do yesterday?"  "Lay around the loft.  Alex grounded me because I brought Lena back to my apartment."  Mike raises an eyebrow.  


        He points at Kara.  "Aren't you going a bit too fast?"  "We were both drunk and Lindsey drove us in my car apparently."  Mike nods.  Kara crinkles her brows.  "Yeah, she was not happy about that in the voicemail I got."  Mike chuckles.  


       He points.  "Well, at least you had a nice night."  "We didn't do anything, Mike!"  Mike grins.  "Well, at least you got home safe.  How about that?"  Kara nods.  "Better."  He smiles.  


     They hear someone clearing their throat.  They turn and Kara nearly throws up at the sight of the British piece of shit standing at the bench.  


         Mike points.  "What are you doing here?  You do know that it’s a closed practice. Also, you really should not be here."  Mike crosses his arms.  


       William holds up a water.  "I brought Eve some water.  She left it at my apartment."  Kara points.  "What was Eve doing at your apartment."  William grins.  "We're dating now.  Did she not tell you that?  We have for a few weeks."  Kara clenches her jaw.  


      Kara crosses her arms.  "Eve didn't tell us anything.  She didn't even tell us that you're back in the city or anything."  William nods.  "Yeah, I got back from Man U, and then I came back to hopefully play a season or at least train yo-."  "William Dey!"  Everyone turns to them.  


        Everyone then looks at the angry J'onn J'onzz stomping towards them.  Kara clenches her jaw.  J'onn walks up to William.  "You need to leave.  Our practices aren't open."  William holds up the water.  "Jeez, J'onn, have a bit more respect.  I'm just dropping off Eve's water."  J'onn nods.  "I want you out of this stadium.  You are no longer welcome here after what you did to Kara."  William frowns.  


       He raises an eyebrow.  "I don't follow."  Eve walks over to them.  She smiles at William.  "Hey there snookams."  She walks over and kisses William.  The two don't seem to notice Kara and Mike grimacing.  


       William smiles at her.  "Well that was certainly a greeting, Angel Pie, I'll see you home."  Eve nods as he leaves.  Eve takes a drink of water and she bounces off as if nothing happens.  


        Mike points.  "Did she know what William did to Kara?!"  J'onn sighs.  "I do not know."  Kara clenches her jaw.  "I think I'm gonna go."  J'onn nods.  "Alright.  Do not miss the evening practice."  Kara nods.  "Just forwards, right?"  J'onn nods.  "Yep.  Just forwards.  And maybe Lucy and Ava as well.  Know what?  Whole team."  Kara nods.  "Okay.  I'll see you guys."  Mike nods.  "I'll walk out with you."  


      Kara grabs her bag.  "You don't have to, Mike.  I can protect myself."  Mike nods.  "I just figured, besides, I can carry your water?"  Kara groans.  "I'm stopping by the locker room too.”   


       Mike nods and the two walk together.  Kara grunts.  "You don't have to be angry for me, Mike.  I am plenty angry."  Mike nods as they walk into the locker room.  


        Kara takes her contacts out and she puts her glasses on.  Mike sighs.  "I'm actually angry myself.  We all trusted William like he was one of us and then turns out he was always a jackass.  The sheer nerve he had of even showing up."  Mike groans.  


       Kara chuckles.  "Yeah, so does Eve know what happened?"  Mike nods.  "She should, she was on the team when it happened."  Kara shivers.  "Ugh, I think I'm gonna see if Lena wants to go on our date early."  Mike chuckles.  "Date?  What's this one?"  "Date three?  I think.  I mean we were both drunk when we were on our second one, so I don't know."  Mike laughs.  


          They go out to Kara's car.  Mike puts her bag in the back seat.  "Hey, your new track jacket came in.  Also, don't give it away again."  Kara nods.  "Yes sir.  Hey, tell security to not let William in again."  Mike nods.  "Okay, see you?"  Kara nods and she drives to her loft.  


      She quickly texts Lena to know she got out of practice earlier than she thought.  






      Lena checks her phone as Lex orders a hotdog.  



Kara:  Got out of practice early, are u available?


Lena:  Sure Darling, Lex and I were just heading back to the penthouse.  He wanted to get a hot dog.


Kara:  Okay, I'll see you in ten.  XO


      Lena smiles at her phone.  Lex leans over her.  "Are you texting Kara?"  Lena moves her phone and she puts it in her purse.  "Perhaps, come on, let's go home."  They go to the penthouse.  


         Lex kicks his shoes off and he goes onto the couch.  "This hotdog is sooo good, Lena, you ought to try it."  Lena rolls her eyes.  "What the hell did you put on it?"  "Mustard, mayo, ketchup, and I think this is like some kind of chopped salad in mayo.  The hotdog vendor called it slaw."  Lena nods.  "You are disgusting."  Lex smiles.  


      He points.  "Thank you. When's your date?"  "In like five minutes.  How do I look?"  Lex raises an eyebrow.  "Oh, this is definitely serious.  You never ask how you look.  Uh, okay, you look beautiful.  No jokes there."  Lena nods.  "Thank you Lex."  Lex nods.  "You are welcome.  Also, I really like that big tower to buy.  I think it'd be nice.  Also, that company is a pharmaceutical that's doing not so hot, so are you thinking what I'm thinking?"  Lena nods.  "Contact Sam and get the board on with that.  I like it as well."  Lex holds a finger up.  


      He clears his throat as he gets up.  "I'm just throwing the hotdog paper away, I will contact Sam about it, and the board.  Enjoy your date."  Lena smiles.  


      They hear a knock at the door.  Lena goes and opens it.  Kara's wearing a nice blue shirt with tan chinos. She smiles, holding one of her hands behind her back.  "Hey, how are you?"  Lena smiles.  "I'm good, I'm good darling."  Kara moves her hand from her back to reveal flowers.  


       Lena smiles and she takes them.  "Thank you darling, but you didn't have to.  I'll just put these in water."  Kara smiles.  





      Lena walks into the penthouse.  "Come on in darling."  Kara walks in and Lena walks over to the kitchen area.  She waves at Lex.  "Hi."  Lex smiles.  "Hello.  You must be Kara."  He gets up and moves his suit.  


      He holds out his hand.  "I'm Lex Luthor, Lena's older brother."  Kara smiles and she shakes Lex's hand.  "Older brother, I'm intimidated."  Lex chuckles.  "I figured the suit would be enough intimidation."  Kara smiles.  


       Kara looks at Lena who’s just out of earshot.  "How was your guys' outing?  Lena mentioned that you guys were walking around the city."  Lex nods.  "Yeah, we're thinking of having this as an apartment building then we're buying a building from a pharmaceutical company for our new corporate office, and then we're going to look for some old factories on the industrial side of town."  Kara smiles.  


      Lex nods.  "I am having some of our people from L-Corp east come here to check some building spaces out.  Lena's making me do all of the hard work."  Kara chuckles.  She looks at the kitchen where Lena's filling a vase.  


        Lex crosses his arms.  "So, uh, where are you guys going for your date?"  "Uh, Noonan's it's a cafe.  It's really good.  Despite my coach's advice, I eat there all the time."  Lex chuckles.  


         He rubs his beard and he looks behind himself.  Lena's not there.  "I'm just using the bathroom to refreshen guys!"  Lex nods.  "Well, since Lena's completely out of earshot, what's your intention with my sister?"  Kara chuckles.  "What?"  Lex sighs.  


     He crosses his arms.  "Look, Kara, I like you a lot, but sometimes people just date Lena for her money or for her connections."  "Like Mike Daxam."  Lex nods. 

     Lex raises an eyebrow and points at Kara.  "You know Mikey?"  "He's one of my coaches."  Lex nods.  "Hm, I need to talk to him.  I haven't talked to him in a very long time."  Kara smiles.  


       Lex frowns.  "Anyways, just to be sure, you aren't after my sister for her money, right?"  Kara nods.  "Yeah, I am not after her money.  Dude, I'm a famous soccer player."  Lex chuckles.  


      He pats Kara's shoulder.  "What are your intentions then?"  "I really like her.  She's wonderful, more wonderful than I could ever imagine."  Lex smiles.  "Oh my gosh, I like you.  I like you a lot."  Kara laughs.  


       Lena returns.  She smiles.  "Kara, ready to go, darling?"  Kara nods.  "Yeah, let's go."  Lena slides her hand into the crook of Kara's arm.  "Have a great date, sis!"  Lex calls.  Kara smiles.  


       The two leave.  The get into the elevator.  Lena smiles at Kara.  "You and Lex certainly have a good relationship."  Lena chuckles.  "Well, Lex is certainly something.  Did he grill you?"  Kara smiles.  "He wanted to make sure I wasn't dating you for your money.  I had to remind him that I am a famous soccer player."  Lena chuckles.  


         Kara smiles.  "He also said that he likes me a lot."  Lena grins.  "Well, that's very good.  I'm glad Lex likes you."  Kara chuckles.  "He was quite intimidating."  Lena smiles.  "You should try living with him.  He is not intimidating at all.  The suit and business vice is just him trying to to intimidate you."  Kara smiles.  


      Kara puts her arm around Lena's waist.  "So, how much do you like potstickers?"  Lena chuckles.  "I really like them."  Kara grins.  "You are the most beautiful person I've ever went on a date with."  Lena chuckles.  


         She raises an eyebrow.  "Are potstickers a dealbreaker?"  Kara nods.  "Yeah, they are."  Lena grins.  "I will buy you as many as you want, darling."  Kara's eyes widen.  She looks at Lena.  "I could kiss you right now."  Lena smiles.  "Go ahead."  Kara leans in to kiss her, but the elevator doors ding and  they open to the lobby.  


        Kara groans.  "I really hate interruptions.  My car is outside.  I cleaned it as fast as I could."  Lena smiles.  "You didn't have to."  Kara smiles and they leave the building together.  


        Kara opens Lena's door and she walks over and gets in the driver's side.  Kara smiles at Lena.  "Can I kiss you now?"  Lena nods.  "Your windows are tinted right?"  Kara nods.  


      Lena leans over the arm rest and she touches Kara's cheek.  She kisses Kara's cheek, and she just barely brushes Kara's lips.  


      Lena pulls away grinning.  "Maybe later, darling."  Kara nods and she pulls out of the parking space.  


      Kara has a goofy grin all the way to Noonan's.  She parks and the two of them get out.  Kara walks up to the counter. 

         The barista smiles.  "Hey Kara, nice win!  Your usual?"  Kara nods.  "Sticky buns, and potstickers too."  Kara looks at Lena.  "What would you like?"  Lena smiles.  "I'll have a black coffee, and I guess I'll have some potstickers as well."  The barista nods and leaves.  


            Kara smiles and the two go and they sit in a back corner.  Kara smiles.  "So, you are moving here?"  Lena nods.  "Yeah, the corporate office, and some of our branches.  We want to expand the company up the west coast.  We have one in San Fransisco, but that's it.  Oh, wait, I'm sorry I remembered you don't like talking shop."  Kara sighs and grins.  "I could listen to you talk business all day."  Lena smiles. 


        "Kara!"  The barista yells.  Kara smiles and she taps the table.  "Be right back!"  She walks off and she goes up to the counter and she gets their stuff.  


         Kara comes back with two containers and two coffees.  "It'll be a moment on my sticky buns, but here's your potstickers and coffee."  Lena smiles.  "Thank's darling."  Kara nods.  






       She drinks her coffee quickly.  Lena raises an eyebrow.  "So, what happened at practice?  How come you got out early?"  Kara sighs.  "My ex showed up and he's dating a teammate."  Lena nods.  


       Kara frowns.  "I was going to just go and rant to you at your place, but Lex was there."  Lena chuckles.  "I could've kicked him out, darling.  What's wrong?"  Kara sighs.  "My ex he was the one who crossed my boundary and he put us out there when I told him not to.  Then, after that we were not doing to hot, and then sometime we just got too unhappy and he hit me."  Kara adjusts her glasses.  


       Lena holds Kara's hand.  "It's okay darling."  Kara nods.  "We broke up after that, and I submitted a complaint and he got fired.  He was the third coach for the forwards.  That's how we met."  Lena nods.  "Why is your teammate dating him then?"  Kara shakes her head.  "I have no clue.  I don't really like her.  She's rude to the coaches.  Especially Kelly, which I have no clue as to why she'd be mean to Kelly, Kelly's so nice."  Lena nods.  


      Lena smiles at Kara.  "It's okay darling."  The barista walks over with a bag.  "Your sticky buns are in there, Kara.  Do you guys need anything else?"  Kara shakes her head.  "No, we're good, but thanks though."  The barista leaves.  


         Kara eats her last potsticker.  "I think she knows though, Eve, I think she knows because she was on the team when it all went down."  Lena nods.  "I don't even know her and I hate her already."  Kara smiles.  


        Her phone buzzes and she nearly hops out of her seat.  Lena frowns.  "What is it, darling?"  Kara smiles.  "Our next game is home against Gotham FC!  I get to see Kate!"  Lena raises an eyebrow.  Kara grins.  "Kate Kane!  She's like one of my favorite players from Gotham.  We're like really good friends and we play on the National team together."  Lena smiles.  "Well, that's great that you get to see her."  Kara nods.  


         Her face falls.  "What's wrong?"  "I'm gonna be late for my evening practice."  Lena nods.  "Alright.  I'll just call my driver, or Lex."  Kara shakes her head.  "No, I'll drive you home.  What kind of date would I be if I didn't take you back to your place."  Lena smiles.  "Thank you, darling."  Kara nods.  She points at Lena's last potsticker.  "You gonna eat that?"  Lena shakes her head.  "All yours, darling."  Kara nods.  "I love you, Lena Luthor."  Lena chuckles.  


       The two leave.  Kara takes Lena back to her building.  Kara walks Lena up to her penthouse.  Lena opens the door and she smiles at Kara.  "Kara you didn't have to."  Kara grins.  "I know, but I just wanted to make sure you were safe.  Can I kiss you?  Like for real?"  Lena nods.  "Of course, Kara."  Kara smiles and she leans down to kiss Lena.  She kisses her and she smiles.  "I'll see you soon."  Lena nods and Kara leaves.  


      "You slept with her?"  Lex says.  Lena shoots him a glare.  "How was the date?"  "Good."  Lex nods.  "Glad it went good.  I drew you a bubble bath like right before you got home."  Lena sighs.  "Thanks Lexy."  "No problem."  Lena goes up the stairs.  






        Kara runs onto the field.  Mike and J'onn are standing together glaring at her.  Kara sighs.  "I'm sorry, I wanted to drive Lena home and make sure she got home safe."  Mike laughs.  "And Imra says that chivalry is dead.  Stretch out and then you and I will take a lap."  Kara groans.  


         She frowns.  "I just ate potstickers."  Mike and J'onn look at each other in concern.  Kara sighs.  "Guys, that was one time!  One time and I didn't see the mold."  Mike laughs.  


       He crosses his arms.  "Okay, now what is William doing here again."  Kara turns.  William's waving.  "Ev-."  J'onn sighs. 

      He stands in front of Kara and Mike.  He crosses his arms.  "William.  I do not care what Eve lost or forgot, just get out, or make a list, I don't care.  Get out now."  William holds his hands up.  "Okay J'onn, I'm going."  He leaves.  


       Mike sighs.  "I forgot to tell security."  J'onn grunts.  "I'll tell them.  You, warm her up.   Then put her with the others on shooting goals."  Mike nods.  "Yes boss!"  Kara groans.  


Chapter Text



        Lena ties her hair into a bun and she adjusts her suit.  She sits on the kitchen table.  "Okay, starting the call!"  "Okay."  Lex says from the couch.    


        She presses the start call button on her screen.  Cat, Sam, and Lex's faces soon appear.  "I will be recording this as a way of keeping a record.  Is everyone okay with this?"  Everyone nods.  Lena presses the record button.  


         She clears her throat.  "Alright, Ms. Grant did you get the papers from Sam in the email link?"  "Yes, I did.  I read over them, I signed them, and I sent them back to Ms. Arias."  Lena nods.  


       "We held an emergency board meeting.  I had seven yays and two nays, not including Lex and I.  One of the two nays being my PR manager who declined since I am currently in a relationship with one of the players, Kara Danvers.  Ms. Grant, I want to ask if you are alright with proceeding knowing about the relationship?"  "I will proceed, Ms. Luthor.  Though, I do expect you and Ms. Danvers to keep the PDA to a minimum when you are out on a date."  Lena nods.  "Alright."  Cat smiles.  


         Lena sighs.  "So, I will also like to add that CFO Sam Arias is also in a relationship with Alex Danvers, are you still alright with proceeding?"  Cat nods.  "Yes."  Lena nods.


      Lena's phone buzzes.  She checks it.  


Kara<3:  911 plz pick up 


       Lena's phone rings.  Kara's calling her.  "Excuse me, I must take this.  Lex and Samantha can finish the deal, and I will sign off."  Cat nods.  "Alright Ms. Luthor."  Lena answers the phone.  “One moment darling.”  


       She mutes her tablet and she walks in front of Lex, trying to stay out of his camera.  "Mute."  Lex nods.  "What?"  "Kara's calling, yell if something important occurs.”  He nods.  Lena leaves the room.  






                Lex unmutes himself.  “Ms. Grant since L-Corp will be sponsoring the Wolves, will Lena, Sam, and I get jerseys with L-Corp on the back?”  Cat nods.  


     Lex grins.  "Well Cat, Sam and I drafted a different deal that will benefit both CATCO and L-Corp.  We're moving almost all of L-Corp to the west coast, we were thinking of buying and co-owning the team."  Cat leans into the camera.  "I do like that idea.  What do you both have in mind?"  


    Lex smiles.  "I'm glad you asked.  As you know, Lena's a trailblazer in her field.  She's also vocal for LGBTQ+ rights.  One topic that most women's football fans enjoy."  "Soccer, Lex, we're in America." Cat corrects.  


       Lex chuckles.  "Yes, I mean soccer, but I believe that with L-Corp co-ownership then we'll see a raise in sales.  Also the relationship between my sister and Kara Danvers will lead to a most likely raise in ticket and merchandise sales."  Cat nods.  "You'll use your sister's relationship as a marketing move?"  Lex chuckles.  


      He crosses his leg.  "Cat, many couples do it.  People like the will they, won't they teasing."  Cat nods.  "I do see that a lot with two of my players.  Though, I am unsure if they are even together."  Lex nods.  "Yes, I am proposing a fifty fifty split.  Along with CATCO getting any news on any technology first.  You will get any exclusive with Lena, Sam, and I."  Cat nods.  


     She puts her hand on her cheek.  "I'd like to have new jerseys for my team."  Lex nods.  "They'll be here Thursday with both the Catco and L-Corp Logos.  Both Logos are relatively the same size.  There will be CATCO above L-Corp.  Same jersey material and colors as your current jersey.  I would like for you to design a new one that looks better, I however like the dark red and blue ombre thing.  With the yellow?  Love that."  Cat nods.  


      She smiles.  "I like it too, Lex.  What about the men's team?  CATCO owns them as well."  Lex scratches his head.  "The uh what?"  "The men's team.  The National City Lions?"  Lex nods.  "Well, I guess I didn't do enough research.  We'll sponsor them, what do you think, Sam?"  Sam nods.  "I agree with the sponsorship.  We'll get some stats on them to decide the final."  Cat nods.  


       She chews on the corner of her glasses.  "I want an answer by the end of the week for them, but this meeting is about the women's team."  Lex nods.  "Yes, and aswell as the women's jerseys, I have merchandise for the women's team.  Extra Jerseys, L-Corp/CATCO flags, and little cups and shot glasses."  Sam laughs.  


    Cat smiles.  "Well, Mr. Luthor I like your enthusiasm.  Does Lena Luthor know?"  Lex shakes his head.  "Not at all, though our board liked it.  The papers just need signed off on by at least  two major shareholders, two being Sam and I."  Cat nods.  "I just got the email, Mr. Luthor."  Lex nods.  


      Lex grins and he looks at Sam.  Cat signs something.  "I will let my media team know, as well as Coach J'onzz know so he can announce it to the girls after practice tonight.  The jerseys will be ready for when we play Gotham, correct?"  Lex nods.  "Yes ma'am.  Samantha and I will let Lena and our PR team know about the ownership."  Cat nods and ends the call.  Lex ends the recording.  


        Lex bites his lip and he looks at Sam.  "Think we're making a mistake?"  Sam shakes her head.  "Sure Lena's gonna kill us, but this will be good."  Lex nods.  "Yeah, she'll kill me because I'm with her.  As soon as she gets back to Metropolis then she's gonna kill you."  Sam grimaces.  "I'm moving to National City to help with the move."  Lex scratches his beard.  


      He frowns and looks at the steps leading up to Lena's room.  Lex groans.  "I think she's getting ready for a date?"  "Again?"  Lex nods.  "She's been gone for at least thirty minutes or so."  "Forty five minutes, Lex."  Lex chuckles.  "Damn, Kara Danvers has my sister completely changed."  Sam nods.  "Has she been eating healthy?"  Lex nods.  "Yeah, and she's getting a good amount of sleep."  Sam laughs.  


      Lena leaves her room in her suit.  "Lex, what happened with the call."  Lex looks at Sam.  "You wanna tell her?"  "Sam?  Lex?  What's going on?"  Sam sighs.  "The deal was changed."  Lena raises an eyebrow.  


      Lena goes behind Lex.  "What do you mean?"  She crosses her arms.  "When's the date?"  Like ten minutes.  Lex, what's going on?"  Lex looks at Sam and Sam shrugs.  


     Lex sighs.  "Congratulations, Lena Luthor, you are now the co-owner of The National City Wolves."  Lena's jaw drops.  "I told you to get me if something major happens!"  Sam shrugs.  "Well, congratulations Lena.  Lex and I thought that you'd like it as like a gift.  Besides, this is way more profitable than the sponsorship."  Lena glares at her.  "Sam, I swear to god if this backfires, it falls on the both of you."  Lex and Sam nod.  


     Someone knocks on Lena's door.  She walks over to the door and she opens it.  Kara is at the door.  She smiles.  "Hey Lee!  Hi Lex."  Lex waves.  He points to the computer.  "Kara, come say hi to Sam!"  Kara looks at Lena.  Lena nods and the blonde enters. 




      Kara goes behind Lex and she waves.  "Hey Sam!"  Sam smiles.  "Hi Kara, how's Alex?"  "Lonely."  Sam laughs.  "Alright, well I need to go.  Bye."  Kara and Lex wave.  


      The screen goes dark and Lex ends the final call.  He closes his laptop.  He looks at Kara.  "How are you doing?"  "GOod, I'm doing good.  Did I interrupt your guys's call?"  Lena shakes her head.  "No, darling you're fine.  Just fine, let's go."  Kara nods.  Lena puts her arm around Kara and the two walk to the elevator.  


      Kara sighs.   She looks at Lena.  Ever since she got to Lena's penthouse, Lena has had an angry expression.  "You okay?"  Lena nods.  "Yeah, just got out of a stressful meeting."  Kara nods.  


      She moves behind Lena and she places her chin on Lena's shoulder.  "Is there anything I can do, Lee?"  Lena sighs.  "No, it's okay."  She kisses Kara's forehead.  "What's the plan for today?"  Kara smiles and she gets off of Lena.  


      She leans against the elevator wall.  "I was thinking that we should go out to eat at Big Belly Burger, or maybe watch a movie?"  Lena nods.  "Alright."  The elevator shakes.  


       Kara yelps and she stops leaning on the wall.  The elevator stops abruptly.  Kara walks over and she presses the button trying to open the door.  


     Lena looks around.  "What in the world is going on?"  Kara shrugs.  She puts her palms flat on the door and she tries to move the door.  Kara grunts and steps away.  "That won't budge.  Call Lex, or maybe the fire department."  Lena nods and she takes her phone out.  


      "Yes, my girlfriend and I are stuck in an elevator."  Lena says.  Kara fiddles with her hands.  "The new L-Corp Tower."  "Yes ma'am, thank you." Kara sighs.  


      She looks at Lena.  "They'll be here darling."  Kara nods.  Kara nods.  She smiles at Lena.  "What do you think about going public about our relationship?"  Lena looks at her.  "What do you want to do, darling?"  Kara sighs.  "I'd love to, I love you.  I mean it feels fast, and sounds stupid, but I mean we haven't been discreet at all."  Lena chuckles.  


       She kisses Kara.  "Alright then. It's settled.  And I don't think it's stupid, darling."  Kara nods.  She gets out her phone.  "Hm, I don't remember taking these."  She looks at a picture of her and Lena.  Lena is kissing her cheek and they're in Al's bar.  Lena chuckles.  


       Kara looks at her.  "Would you like me to uh?"  Lena nods.  "Of course darling.  Whatever you want."  Kara smiles as she starts posting the picture with a somewhat heartfelt caption.  


     Her phone buzzes.  It's from the team's page.  She sees Lena's company logo and CATCO's logo.  "Welcome to the Wolf Pack, Luthors!  This morning CATCO's very own, Cat Grant, negotiated a deal with CEO Lena Luthor of L-Corp on co-owning The National City Wolves.  Get your new merchandise at the game on Thursday against GothamFC!"  Kara looks at Lena.  


        Lena smiles.  "Surprise, darling."  Kara points.  "Wait, so you're not sponsoring us?"  Lena shakes her head.  "Lex and Sam set it up with Cat.  I found out right after you called."  Kara smiles.  "Do you know how to own a soccer team?"  Lena shrugs.  "How hard can it be.  Besides, I'm just a co-owner.  Cat will hopefully help me."  Kara smiles.  


     She hugs Lena.  "You are amazing, Lena Luthor."  Lena smiles at her.  "You are amazing as well."  Kara laughs into Lena's shoulder.  


              Kara’s phone buzzes again.  Kara checks it.  "Alex."  Lena nods.  She smiles. 


      Kara answers it.  "Yep?"  "Why did you put a picture of you and Lena at Al's?  Also, did you hear the news?"  Kara chuckles.  "Yes, I heard the news.  I'm with Lena right now.  We're uh we're stuck in an elevator."  "I'll let J'onn know that.  So you came out online?”  “Yeah, uh yeah.”  “Congratulations dumb ass.”  Kara laughs.  “Bye Alex.”  “Bye.”  Kara hangs up and she puts her phone in her pocket.  


                The elevator lurches.  She grabs onto Lena.  Lena chuckles.  “Scared?”  “No!”  Kara’s voice cracks.  She clears her throat. “I mean no.  I’m uh protecting you?”  Lena laughs.  "It's okay darling.  I'm not judging you."  Kara wraps her arm around Lena.  "I'm just better on the flat ground.  Also, we're kind of in a metal box god knows how high up."  Lena chuckles.  


    Kara's phone starts to buzz.  She checks it.  Several likes and comments on her latest post.  


      She puts her phone back into her pocket.  She smiles at Lena.  "Well, so when do you think the fire department will be here?"  Lena sighs.  "I do not know.  I need to call Lex."  Kara nods.  


    Lena presses a button on her phone.  Lex's face appears.  "Lena!  What's going on?  I got a call from the front desk about fire fighters being here.  Why are they here?"  "Kara and I are stuck in the elevator."  Lex sighs.  


      He chuckles.  "That's hilarious."  Kara pouts.  "Lexxx, that's not funny!"  Lex nods.  "Alright.  I'm sorry, Kara.  But the fire fighters should be there.  Whatever floor you're on."  The elevator shakes.  


      Kara hugs Lena.  Lex chuckles.  "Is the great Supergirl Danvers scared?"  Kara shakes her head.  "Uh, no, I'm uh I'm just protecting your sister."  Lena nods and she places a hand on Kara's cheek.  "Yeah, she's my special protector."  Lex chuckles.  "Okay."  The doors open.  


      They're stuck between floors.  "How are you doing ma'ams?"  Kara hugs Lena.  "Not too well."  The fire fighters laugh.  "Alright ma'am.  What's your name in case you need medical assistance?"  "Lena Luthor."  Lena answers.  


       Kara sighs.  "Kara Danvers.  I'm fine, just a little bit shaken."  One firefighter yells.  "Pull it!"  The elevator lurches down and Kara yelps.  They receive a laugh from Lex.  They get to the floor where the fire fighters are.  Lena ends her call with Lex.  


      Kara walks onto the floor.  "Oh my goodness!  Thank you guys!"  She hugs a fire fighter.  He laughs.  "Man, you were really scared.  Just like your girlfriend said on the phone."  Kara steps back.  "I'm Kara Danvers, and I don't get scared."  Everyone laughs.  


       Lena smiles at Kara.  "So, is your practice open?"  Kara nods.  "Yeah, I hate that we can't go on our date."  Lena nods.  "Give me a moment darling."  Kara nods.  






      Lena walks over to a fire fighter.  "I'll have an inspector come by inspect the rest of the building."  The fire fighter raises an eyebrow.  "You own the building?"  Lena nods.  "I do, I'll arrange an appointment to get that fixed.  Can we have like caution tape on all of the elevators?"  The fire fighter nods.  "Yes ma'am I'll have one of our guys do that."  Lena nods.  "If you can't then my brother can do it."  The fire fighter nods.  "Okay then."  Lena nods.  "If your supervisor  needs anything for a report or something call the front desk ask for me."  The fire fighter nods.  


     Lena walks over to Kara.  She puts her arm around her.  "Alright ready?"  Kara nods.  They walk to the steps and they leave Lena's building.  


      Kara opens the door for Lena.  "Well, we could hang out at my place until my practice because well, they probably think I'm still stuck in the elevator."  Lena laughs.  "Oh darling I don't want you to be late."  Kara laughs.  "Well, I do need to go home because I forgot my bag."  Lena laughs.  






    Mike pats Alex's back.  "Where is your sister?"  "Well, she's stuck in an elevator at Lena's place."  Mike laughs.  "Really?"  Alex nods.  


       Mike claps and laughs.  "Seriously?  She goes to pick up her girlfriend and she gets stuck in an elevator?!"  Alex nods.  "I know right, and you know Kara?"  Mike nods. "She must be dying right now.  She hates it whenever we're up high or like anything."  Alex nods.  


      "Hi guys!"  The two turn to see Lena and Kara walking together.  Mike grins.  "Danvers!  Glad to see that you are okay.  Glad to be back on the ground?"  Kara waves and sticks her tongue out.  Mike points at the side line.  


      Kara sighs.  "Son of a fuck!"  She drops her bag and she starts running.  Lena chuckles at Kara running.  


         Lena approaches them.  Mike puts his hands on his hips.  "Sorry Luthor, but partners can't attend practices."  Lena puts her hands on her hips.  "Alright, then why are you here?"  "Ooh, burn!"  Mike shoots Alex a glare.  "Danvers, take a lap."  Alex groans.  "Seriously?"  Mike nods and Alex starts running.  


        Lena laughs.  Mike points.  "You are still not off the hook, Luthor.  I'm sorry, but J'onn and Cat set the rules af-."  "After William Dey showed up the other day."  Mike nods.  "Yes ma'am, did Kara tell you?"  Lena nods.  


      She crosses her arms.  "I did not come here for Kara though, I wanted to see my investment at work."  Mike raises an eyebrow.  Investment?  


       Lena smiles.  "I own a significant share in this team."  Mike nods.  "Significant share?"  Lena nods.  


       J'onn pats Mike's back, causing the younger man to get startled.  J'onn chuckles.  "Mike Daxam, meet the team's new co-owner."  Mike nods. 


          He smiles.  "Well, I'm glad you're the one who bought the team, or well co-owns the team.  Thinking of buying the men's team?"  Lena shrugs.  "I don't know their statistics.  I want to watch some more games of theirs before I fully invest in them.  For now, a light sponsorship for the men's team."  Mike nods.  "Well, two of us are on it.  Jimmy and I."  Lena nods.  


             She looks at J’onn.  “I wouldn’t mind looking at the playbook and perhaps learning more of the positions.”  J’onn nods.  He gestures for Lena to follow him.  The two walk off.  


               Kelly, James, Barry, and Brainy walk over to Mike.  Barry looks at him.  “What’s going on?  Why is Lena Luthor talking with J’onn?”  Mike rubs his beard.  “Well she’s our new boss.”  James opens his mouth.  


               Kelly hits his arm.  “Close your mouth!”  Mike chuckles.  “She’s just sponsoring the men’s team, Jimmy.  Anyways, she’s co-owning the team with Cat.”  Everyone nods.  They watch as J’onn shows Lena his clip board.  


              Kelly smiles.  “Nice to know a powerful woman’s in charge.”  Brainy nods.  “She seems more involved than Ms. Grant.”  Mike nods. “And she’s learning the playbook.  I hope to see her Thursday with Cat and J’onn standing on the turf.”  Barry smiles.  


              He makes a circle motion with his finger.  They look to see Kara giving them a middle finger.  Mike laughs.  He claps.  “Two more, Danvers!”  Barry laughs.  “After this one I’ll run with you!”  He turns back to the others.  


               He smiles.  “I love making Kara run.”  Kelly laughs. All of their phones buzz.  They check it.  


                Mike raises an eyebrow at the picture of Kara and Lena on his phone.  “Kara finally did it.  I never thought she’d ever have the guts.”  Kelly smiles.  “She looks so happy.”  Mike nods.  


                   James crosses his arms.  “Would you mind sharing whatever is so important to the rest of us?”  Mike hands James his phone.  James smiles.  “Wow.  Good for her.  Did you guys read the caption?”  Brainy nods.  “Yes.  Kara’s choice of words was really nice.  Much to sophisticated for her, Lena Luthor must’ve helped her.”  Mike stifles a laughter.  


                 Kelly smiles.  “I thought it was very heartfelt.  She really likes Lena.”  Barry nods.  “My god yes she does.  Do you have any idea how much she talks about Lena?!”  Kelly laughs.  


              She nods.  “Alex mentioned that.  Stating that Kara’s crush on Lena Luthor is annoying.”  Mike laughs. 


              Lena approaches them.  She smiles.  “Hi, I’m Lena.  I’ve met Mike and Barry, uh who is everyone else?”  She asks.  Brainy raises his hand.  “Brandon Doxx, but everyone calls me Brainy.  I am in charge of defense.”  Lena nods.  


            James smiles.  “James Olsen.  I’m Goal and midfielders.  I am also the goalie for The National City Lions.”  Lena raises an eyebrow.  “The men’s team, Ms. Luthor.”  Lena nods.  She looks at Kelly.  


              Kelly smiles.  “I’m James’s sister, Kelly.  I work with our defense and midfielders.  I used to play, they’d call me Guardian.  Now they call Jimmy here that.”  She nudges James.  He lets out a small laugh.  “Yeah, uh Ms. Luthor what are some changes that we as coaches could see in the future?”  Lena smiles.  


             She points at James.  “You know what kind of questions to ask Mr. Olsen.”  James nods.  “I was a business journalism major in college.”  Lena nods.  “Well, what you guys have going on now is pretty good.  I don’t think I’ll change anything but merchandise and jerseys for now.”  Mike raises an eyebrow.  


             Lena sighs.  “My Brother ordered jerseys.  Same design and everything but with a CATCO and L-Corp logo.  Along with merchandise.  Mugs and water bottles.”  Mike nods.  


            James groans.  “Don’t look now but trash is walking our way.”  Barry and Kelly make a sour face.  Lena and Mike both turn.  William is approaching them.  Lena and Mike cross their arms.  


                 Mike grunts.  “You shouldn’t be here.”  William holds a water.  “I was out for a jog and wanted to say hi to my angel pie.”  Lena groans.  “Mr.  Daxam means that we have a new rule that our players’s partners can’t be on the pitch during practice.”  William raises an eyebrow and chuckles.  “This has to be a joke.”  


              He points at Mike.  “He can be here with his wife and you can be here with Kara, but I can’t be here with my girlfriend?”  Mike nods.  “Yeah, basically.”  William scoffs.  Lena clenches her jaw.  “Dillon, is it?”  “Wil—.”  “I don’t care.  The difference between Mr. Daxam and I being at this practice is that I co-own the team with Cat Grant and Mr. Daxam works for me as a coach for our forwards.”  Mike nods.  


              Lena gestures around the field.  “And as you can see, the players are focused without their significant others, we’d like to keep it that way.  Now I am going to ask you to leave nicely before I have security to remove you.”  William nods and leaves.  


             Lena sighs.  “Goodness, I hate him.”  Mike laughs.  “Same here.”  They turn.  “Well, hopefully I can try to get William banned from the stadium.  Most likely it won’t happen since he and Eve Tessmacher are in a relationship.  I apologize.”  James crosses his arms.  “I swear if he shows up at the men’s game tomorrow I’ll leave.  He thinks he’s better than everyone else!”  Mike nods.  


              He points at Barry who’s started running with Kara.  “I like his replacement a lot better.  Barry fits right in.”  Lena nods.  “Barry’s nice company.”  Lena clears her throat.  “Sorry, so is this an open practice?”  Mike nods.  


             He points at the stands where some people are standing.  “Yeah, fans just sit and watch the team practice.”  Lena nods.  


              Kara approaches them out of breath.  “I swear to god if you guys make me run anymore laps I’ll die.”  She walks over to her bag and she grabs her water.  She drinks some.  


             She smiles. “What are we talking about?”  Mike coughs.  “Get in the drill with Heath, Press, Ardeen, and Tomaz.”  Kara does a lazy salute to Mike.  “Yessir!”  She runs onto the field.  


             Lena chuckles.  “She’s something else.”  Mike nods.  “Yeah, uh so can we uh expect anything new?  Equipment wise?”  Lena chuckles.  “I have bought out an old hotel that means you guys are free to use the gym free of charge.  I have seen pictures and it’s huge.  The building’s a fifteen?  Twenty minute walk from here.”  Mike and Kelly nod.  “We’ll check it out.”  Mike points at Barry who’s joined them.  “Work them through the drill then switch it to penalties.  Gotham’s a tough team.”  Barry nods.  


             Kelly says something to James and Brainy then her and Mike leave.  






             Lena watches as Mike and Kelly leave.  James and Brainy leave.  Lena watches Kara as she scores a goal.  


                “I know, she’s something.”  Lena laughs.  “She is.  I’m in love.”  Barry chuckles.  “You fell in love with a dork.”  Lena nods.  “That I did.”  Her phone buzzes.  It’s Andrea.  


              Lena sighs.  “Gotta take it?”  Barry asks.  Lena nods.  The man runs off.  Lena answers her phone.  


              “What the hell is this shit, Lena?!”  Lena sighs.  “Andrea.”  She says coldly.  “First off, you become a co-owner of a soccer team and then your girlfriend comes out!  This is a PR nightmare!  I am getting calls left and right!”  “Well, Andrea, you can handle it.  That’s why you’re in the position you’re in.  Look CATCO’s running the story first as an exclusive.  You need to calm down.”  “No!  Lena, you don’t get it!  You go and own a soccer team, okay cool, cool, cool.  Then your girlfriend who plays for that team decides to announce you’re dating?!   Like at least let me know these things, Lena.”  Lena sighs.  


             She looks at Kara.  “Sorry, but it was more of a spur of the moment type thing, and you can’t blame me for the ownership, Andrea.”  “Why not?”  “Sam and Lex bought it as a surprise because it was a nice financial move, we’d get more in that deal compared to what we’d get while just sponsoring the team.”  Andrea hums.  “Hm, well that certainly changes my perspective on that, but my issue is your girlfriend.”  “Oh don’t tell me you’re jealous.”  “No, I’m not jealous, just surprised.  Also, pissed off because you need to tell me shit like this!”  Lena rolls her eyes.  


               Her assistant Jess appears in front of her.  “Jesus mother fu—I am going to call you back, Andrea.”  “Okay, but we’re not done, also I’m calling Sam because this doing shit without telling the PR team first needs to stop.”  “Okay.”  Lena ends the call.  


               She looks at Jess. “Lex sent you?”  Jess nods.  “Yes Ms. Luthor.  I wanted to see where you were.  Also Lex said something about you having a nice and healthy schedule and I wanted to meet whoever transformed you.”  Lena chuckles.  


               Kara runs over to them and she grabs her water.  She smiles at Jess.  “Hi!  I’m Kara.”  Jess nods.  “I see, I made a spreadsheet of all of the team members and the most successful.”  Kara raises an eyebrow.  “Where do I rank?” “Third after Tobin Heath and Christen Press.  That’s for forwards, out of all of your teammates you rank fourth.”  Kara nods.  “Alright.”  Jess nods.  

           Lena smiles.  “Uh Kara this is my assistant, Jess.”  Jess nods.  Kara smiles.  “Nice to meet you.”  Jess nods.  “Nice to meet you as well.”  Kara smiles.  


             She hugs Lena.  “Are you going home after my practice?”  “Yep.”  “I’ll drive you there.”  Lena nods.  J’onn claps.  “Danvers!  Stop clinging to your girlfriend and start working with Barry.”  Kara smiles and she runs off.  


             Jess watches her.  “Hm, Ms. Luthor I did extensive research on this team.  They average out a twelve, seven, five.  Twelve wins is very good.  Last year they managed to have eighteen wins and six draws.  I like the investment i feel like it’ll help business.”  Lena nods.  “Thank you.  I feel like this will be a good season for them.”  Jess nods.  


              The two watch Tobin Heath score a goal.  Jess points.  “Now, Heath is good.”  Lena nods.  “A good creative designer as well.”  Jess raises an eyebrow.  


             J’onn walks over to them.  He smiles.  “Lena, who’s the friend?”  Jess holds her hand out.  “I am Jess, Lena’s assistant.  It’s a pleasure to meet you Coach J’onzz.  May I take a look at the playbook?  I watched all of last season last night I feel like having a 4-3-3 would utilize our strength in offense better than the 4-2-3-1.  Our power is in our mid field and forwards.  Especially with Kara Danvers as center forward.”  J’onn nods.  


              Jess crosses her arms.  “We can have Christen Press and Tobin Heath as outside forwards.  We can have Sawyer, Long, and Horan on the midfield and then our line of defenders.  Or a good formation would be a 4-1-4-1 since most of our opponents use a 4-2-3-1.”  Both J’onn and Lena seem to be taken aback by Jess’s knowledge of the sport.  


            J’onn chuckles and crosses his arms.  “Well you seem more of an expert in the field compared to Ms. Luthor.”  Jess nods.  “I watched a few games the other night and I did some research with Samantha Arias.  I remember her making a remark about Ms. Luthor gawking at a certain soccer player too much.”  J’onn chuckles.  


                 Lena points and chuckles.  “I could and will fire you both on the spot.”  Jess smiles.  “Ms. Luthor, you’d be useless without me.”  Lena smiles.  J’onn chuckles. “Well, Jess would you mind helping me with coaching?  Maybe a trial run then I could talk to Cat Grant about you full time.  You seem good.”  Jess nods.  “Thank you sir.”  J’onn looks at Lena.  “What do you think?”  Lena nods.  “I’d say let her at it.  Jess is quite thorough.”  J’onn nods.  


             He smiles.  “Well follow me and we can start checking the playbook out and maybe working out new plays.”  Jess nods.  


                     Lena watches as they walk off and to the locker rooms.  Kara runs over to Lena.  She smiles.  “Hey, so whg is Jess going with J’onn to the locker rooms?”  Lena crosses her arms.  “Well my assistant is now apparently an expert on soccer.  Why aren’t you practicing?”  “It’s over.”  She points to the sky where Lena sees a large streak of lightning.  


             Lena nods.  “I see.  Lightning.”  Kara nods.  She puts her arm around Lena.  She turns.  “No!”  A ball travels right between their feet.  Tobin Heath runs ahead laughing.  


             Kara groans.  “Harry!”  Kara drops her bag.  She sprints after Tobin.  Lena laughs and she grabs some if the stuff that Kara dropped.  


              Christen Press walks beside her.  “Do you need help?”  Lena shakes her head.  “No, I’m good.”  Kara tries getting the ball from Tobin.  


             Christen laughs.  “Kara and Tobin are so competitive, it’s cute.”  Lena laughs.  “Yeah they are.  Kara and Tobin walk over to them.  “I’m out of breath now.”  Tobin shoves Kara and a ball goes between her feet.  Tobin grins.  


             Kara glares at her.  She pushes Tobin.  “Last one to the locker room has to host game night!”  Tobin grunts and runs after Kara.  


               Christen smiles.  Lena looks at her.  “How do you balance being a CEO and soccer?”  Christen chuckles.  “I have no idea.  I usually just work from home.  Have you thought of thought of the collaboration?”  Lena nods.  


               She adjusts Kara’s bag.  “Most likely I will get to you about the details.  Right now we’re probably going to wait until things die down after the National City Deal.  CATCO is going to release a little piece on it then Thursday night I’m holding a press conference.  The collaboration will most likely be within a month or so.  That’s what I’m hoping at least.”  Christen nods.  


                They go to the locker room.  Tobin is grumbling while Kara fiddles with her glasses.  Lena sighs.  “What did you two do now?”  Kara points at J’onn’s office.  


             Tobin nods.  “Interrupted Jess and J’onn.  We have to run at next practice now.”  Lena nods.  Jess and J’onn walk out of the room.  Lena nods.  “Are you ready to go home?”  Jess nods.  “Yes Ms. Luthor.”  Kara smiles.  


              She waves.  “Lena do you still need a ride?”  Lena nods.  “Yeah darling.  Jess will be with me if that is okay.”  Kara nods.  “Uh sure.  Jess you okay with this?”  Jess nods.  


             Kara grabs her bag.  She smiles.  “Let’s go.”  They leave.  Lena groans as she hears the shutter of several cameras.  


             Kara smiles and she looks at her.  “It’s okay I am fine, are you?”  Lena nods.  “Just, sometimes paparazzi get very violent.  Jess how are you?”  “Ready Ms. Luthor.”  Kara holds Lena’s hand.  “We’re stronger together.”  Lena nods.  


             They go outside.  Kara and Lena rush to the car with Jess opening the door for them.  Jess gets in the back seat.  Kara drives off.  


           She drives through the city for a few minutes.  “I think that’s the last of them.”  Kara smiles at Lena as she pulls into the parking to Lena’s building.  Everyone gets out.  


            Lena walks into the hotel with Kara and Jess trailing behind them.  They see Mike and Kelly in the lobby.  Mike waves.  


            Kara and Lena walk up to him.  “Hey, why are you here?”  Kara asks.  Mike smiles.  “The new co-owner mentioned a new gym.  It needs a remodel.”  Lena nods.  


             She looks at Jess.  “Start a list with getting this building inspected then elevator and then gym.”  Jess nods.  Mike smiles.  “We walked around the hotel and things seem good.  I mean the pool needs a remodel and so does the sauna and steam room.  The spa seems fine.  Need a new massage bed or few.”  Mike rubs his neck.  


            Kara points.  “Did you two get a massage?!”  Mike nods.  “A fifteen minute one.  Maybe that’s why I still have a cramp in my neck.”  Kelly points.  “I think you should really see a chiropractor.”  Lena blinks.  “Okay so tell Jess what needs done and we’ll make a list.”  Mike nods.  


           Lena and Kara go up to one of the working elevators.  Kara smiles and crosses her fingers.  “Fingers crossed.”  Lena laughs and the two go into the elevator.  






          Kara opens the door laughing.  “I had a nice time.  Hey tomorrow is the men’s game.  Wanna go with me?”  Lena nods.  “Yes I’ll go darling.  I want to study the game some more.” Kara nods.  


         Lex is sitting on his couch.  “Guys I am working on maintenance and I need a massage.”  Lena laughs.  “Go on, and have Jess get one as well.”  Lex waves and he leaves the penthouse.  


             Lena leads Kara to the couch.  The blonde sits and Lena straddles her lap.  She kisses Kara passionately.  “We’re all alone darling.  Well at least for the next few hours.”  Lena breathes into Kara’s mouth.  


            Kara stares at Lena in awe.  “Fuck me.”  Lena bites her lip and she tugs at Kara’s shirt.  “My pleasure.”  



Chapter Text




                    Kara puts an arm around Lena as they walk into the stadium.  “There’s not much of a difference between the women and men’s teams.  Just that the men are much more dramatic.”  Lena nods.  


          They get to their seats.  Some of the women from the women’s team showed up.  Kara and Lena sit next to Tobin Heath and Christen Press.  



            They all watch the game.  A goal is scored against National City.  Tobin points.  “That wouldn’t fly during the olympics.”  Lena nods.  “I almost went to the olympics for fencing.”  Tobin nods.  


            Brainy sighs.  “James is recovering from shoulder injury.  I fear this is his last year as goalie.  He’s much slower than t—Clark yes!”  Brainy and Kara hop up.  Some man in dark hair scores a goal.  


           He waves at their seats.  He flexes.  Kara pumps her fist.  Lena chuckles.  “Who’s he?”  “Clark Kent, he’s my cousin.”  The door opens to their booth.  


                “Shit!  I missed it.”  A woman yells.  Lena turns.  It’s Lois Lane.  She interviewed Lena once.  


              Lois and Lena lock eyes.  Lois waves.  “Hello?  Why is Lena Luthor in our booth?  You are telling me it’s true?” Kara and Lena nod.  Lois grins.  “When did you guys meet?”  Kara goes to open her mouth, but Lena lets out a small laugh.  “I promised CATCO for an exclusive interview.  Sorry.”  Lois groans.  


            She sits down and eats popcorn.  Kara wraps her arm around Lena.  “When’s this?”  “Tomorrow morning.  Sam’s flying in and we’re gonna do one interview with Lex on the new deal.  Then I think Cat told me she wants you there with me for the second one on our relationship.”  Kara nods.  


           Alex kicks the back of the chair.  “Sam’s coming?  Ruby?”  Lena nods. “Ruby’s staying with a friend for a few nights.”  Alex nods.  “Cool, how do I look?”  Kara throws a Cheeto at her sister.  


         Alex sputters.  “Screw you!”  Kara laughs.  “Ha!”  “Mike!  Come on baby!”  Everyone turns to see a woman standing.  


                Kara points.  “That’s Imra, Mike’s wife.”  Lena nods. Imra hops up when Mike scores.  Kara and Brainy cheer him on.  Mike twirls his finger in a circle and then he points at them.  Kara cheers.  


                 The jumbo screen shows Mike walking off field with the team as it becomes half time.  Lena raises an eyebrow as she sees a familiar woman standing with J’onn.


               Kara points.  “I didn’t know J’onn wanted Jess to assist during the men’s game?”  Lena nods.  “Me either.”  She takes her phone out.  


            Lena calls Jess.  “Yes Ms. Luthor?”  “This is the trial run?”  Jess nods.  “Yep.  Very good one.  I need to call you back.”  Lena nods.  “Understandable, I’ll see you at home.”  Lena sets her phone down.  


             Kara grins.  “Kiss me.”  Lena laughs.  “Okay?”  She kisses Kara.  Kara pulls away and does a little celebration.  Lena smiles.  “We were on the jumbo screen weren’t we?”  Kara nods.  Lena looks at the screen.  The camera’s zoomed in on Tobin and Christen beside them.  Tobin shakes her head.  


              Kara waves and she pecks a kiss on Lena’s cheek.  The camera shoots back to them.  Lena blushes.  Then the camera changes to a different couple.  Tobin smiles at Lena and Kara.  She gives them a thumbs up.  “Thanks guys.”  Kara smiles.  “Anytime Harry.”  They continue to watch the game.  







               Lex adjusts his suit.  The door opens.  Sam Arias is standing in the doorway with Jess.  Lex sighs.  “What is it?”  “Where’s Lena?” Sam asks.  


        Lex raises an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”  “She’s not in her room.”  Lex grumbles.  


              The three leave the room.  Lex opens his sister’s door.  She is not there.  Her bed is made neatly and her suitcases are on the bed.  Lex groans.  “Call her.”  Sam sighs.  “I tried but she won’t pick up.”  Lex groans.  “I swear to god.  Where the he—.”  They all hear a loud knock on the door.  


           Lex groans again.  “Who is it now?!”  He goes down the stairs and he opens the door.  A woman with short red hair is at the door.  Sam’s face lights up.  


           She smiles.  “Alex!  Hey!”  “Hey.”  Lex groans.  “Have you seen Lena?”  “I-no!  Dammit Kara!”  Lex sighs.  “She’s at Kara’s, isn’t she?”  Alex nods.  


             Sam laughs.  Everyone shoots glares at the taller woman.  Jess groans.  “I need to get the outfit I prepared for Ms Luthor.”  Alex points.  “Damn, you can do everything.”  Jess nods.  “Yes, I think Ms. Grant is going to offer me a permanent coaching position to help Coach J’onzz.”  Alex and Sam’s mouths open.  


          Lex pats Jess’s back.  “I knew coaching that little soccer league team together definitely helped ya!”  Jess smiles.  “Thank you, Lex.  Okay let me get Ms. Luthor’s outfit and then we can go.”  Lex nods.  Jess leaves.  






             Lena holds onto Kara’s arm on her stomach.  Kara kisses the back of Lena’s neck.  “Morning.”  Lena says.  


             They hear a loud knocking at Kara’s door.  “Kara Danvers!”  Kara groans.  


             Lena turns and she touches Kara’s cheek.  “Go.  It’s fine.”  Kara gets out of the bed and she walks to the door.  Lena gets out of bed and she follows Kara.  


            Kara opens the door.  Alex Danvers, Sam, and Lex walk into the loft.  Lex points.  “Nice place you got here Kara, but we need to get Lena.”  Lena groans and rubs her eyes.  “Lex I—.”  “No buts.”  Jess comes into the loft.  “I got the dress.  If we leave now then we’ll get there just in time.”  Lena sighs as Jess hands her a garment bag.  “It’s your burgundy suit with the floral shirt.”  Lena nods and she goes to the bathroom.  






           Kara smiles.  Lex points.  “You should’ve called!”  Alex nods.  “Very irresponsible.  What did you two do last night?!”  Kara grins.  “You want details?”  “No!”  Lex and Alex say together.  


            Sam laughs.  “No thanks, but uh Jess I was right.”  Jess groans. “Ms. Arias, please don’t pester me.  Ms. Luthor needs to hurry or else we’ll be late.”  Everyone stands still.  


            Lena returns in a burgundy suit and  her hair in a high ponytail.  She smiles at Kara.  “I’ll see you later darling.”  Lena, Lex, Jess, and Sam leave together.  


             Alex slaps Kara’s back.  “Let’s get you dressed because you’re gonna interview Cat.”  Kara’s brows crinkle.  “Now!”  The two leave the living room.  


Chapter Text



             Lena checks her makeup again.  She looks at Sam.  “Do I look good?”  Sam nods.  “Yep.  You look the same as you did five minutes ago. 

         Sam sighs and she looks at Jess.  “What’s on the itinerary?”  “As soon as we get to CATCO you three will be in a interview with Cat Grant then you guys will do a photoshoot for CATCO’s magazine.”  Lena nods.  


         She looks at Jess.  “And what will you be doing?”  “Waiting, then during the photoshoot I’ll be in a job interview with Cat Grant.”  Lena nods.  “So you’re quitting L-Corp?”  Jess shakes her head.  “No, actually I was actually going to ask if you would be fine with me working until I’m needed to coach.”  Lena nods.  “That can be arranged.”  Jess smiles.  


            The limo stops.  Lex grins and sprints out of the vehicle.  Lena, Jess and Sam follow. 

        They go inside of CATCO.  A woman greets them.  “Ms. Grant is waiting for you three.” They get ushered into an elevator.  


             Sam looks at Lena.  “So what happened last night? Was it sex?”  Lena nods.  “Yes, and it was so good.  Like we did it two or thr—.”  “Do not finish that sentence please.”  Lex says.  Lena nods.  She and Sam high five.  The elevator doors open.  


             Cat Grant greets them.  “Okay you three are later than I expected let’s talk in my office.”  The four go into Cat’s office.  


           Lena, Lex, and Sam sit together on a couch.  Cat sits on the couch across from them.  She smiles.  “Coffee?”  Lena nods.  “Please.  I uh woke up late.”  “Sibohan!”  Cat yells.  Lex and Sam look at each other. 


              The woman from earlier runs into the office holding coffee.  “Yes Ms. Grant?”  “Get Ms. Luthor some coffee.”  Sibohan nods.  “Well Jess, Ms. Luthor’s assistant, already thought of that, here.”  She sits the coffee cup on the table and she leaves.  


           Cat looks at the doors.  “At least your assistant thinks ahead.  Alright, I’m going to record the interview so I can write my article later, but I got most of it from our conference call.  Mainly I'd like some input of Lena's decision."  Lena nods.  Cat places her phone on the table.  They all look at the screen as it's showing that she's recording.  


"Well, don't just stare at my phone.  What was the true deciding factor of owning the team?"  "Business."  Lex answers quickly.  Lena leans closer.  "The shares in L-Corp have risen ten percent and they keep rising.  I believe that our announcement helped."  Cat nods.  


"What do you think of owning the men's team?"  Lena shrugs.  "Most likely I will buy them, but it's just a possibility.  I was unavailable for half of the men's game last night, and I’d like to wait until I can see them in action again."  Sam snorts.  Cat looks at her.  "Anything to add?"  Sam laughs and walks out of the room with Lex who's snickering.  


Cat eyes Lena suspiciously and she stops recording.  "You didn't."  Lena nods.  "Does that concern you?"  Cat shakes her head.  "Whenever Danvers gets here we are rushing the interview and photoshoot then it's going out tonight after the game.  My god.  Go ahead and do the photo shoot with your brother and CFO."  Lena nods.  


          Lena gets up from the couch.  She leaves Cat’s office.  Sam is crying on Lex’s shoulder.  She slaps his chest.  “She froze like a deer in headlights!”  Sam laughs again.  


          Lex snickers.  “Shut up, shut up, here she comes.”  The two look at Lena.  


           Lena clenches her jaw.  “Come on we’re going to get pictures done.”  Jess approaches them.  “Third floor.  I’ll show you then I’ll be in the office with Ms. Grant.”  Lena nods.  Jess takes them to where they’ll be photographed.  


               Jess stays in the elevator.  Lena gives her a thumbs up.  “Good luck.”  Jess nods.  The elevator closes.  


              “Hey!  Lena Luthor?!”  Lena turns and she sees the photographer waving her over.  He introduces himself.  “Okay gray background.  I need you three to look serious.  Lena I wanted something more monochrome honey, but the burgundy is fine.”  The photographer points to a stool.  


            He snaps his fingers.  “Lena.  Chair in the middle.  Lex standing behind her with Arias.”  Sam nods. Lena sits on the stool.  “Cross your legs, put one arm on your chin and the other relax it on your thigh.”  Lena poses.  “Perfect!  Arias, Lex jackets off.  Roll sleeves up to the forearms and cross your arms.”  The two walk off and they set their jackets aside.  “Legs, spread them about shoulder width.  Perfect!  Camera and give me the most serious business face you guys have!”  


             Lena clenches her jaw and she glares into the camera. “Perfect!  Arias, Luthor, focus.”  The camera flashes a few times.  “I’ll get these to Ms. Grant and you two are free to go.  Lena I am hoping to get one of you and Kara Danvers in a few minutes or maybe an hour or so.”  Lena nods.  


             Lena leaves the photographer.  She walks to the elevator.  Sam and Lex are waiting by the elevator.  Lex waves.  “Okay so since Cat Grant will be working on some articles she messaged me and said that there will still be a press conference.  Lena and I will be on the field with J’onn tonight.  Then we’re staying for the post-match press conference I can cover for you if you and Kara need to uhh.”  Lena shakes her head.  “Lex, we can be professional.”  Sam raises an eyebrow.  


               The elevator opens.  Alex and Kara are there.  Lena’s jaw drops at the sight of Kara.  Kara’s in a blue suit.  Kara has a tie around her neck and it’s untied and her shirt is unbuttoned ever so slightly.  Her blonde curls rest on her shoulder and she’s wearing her glasses.  Lena bites her lip.   Lex, Sam, and Lena get in the elevator.  


                Sam snorts. “Yep, professional.”  Lena shoots her a glare.  Kara smiles.  “Ms. Grant said the interview is like really important since it’s going out tonight.”  Lena nods.  “Cat gave you the plan?”  Kara nods.  “The rundown of like what we’re doing.”  Lena nods.  


               She turns and Sam has her arm wrapped around Alex’s waist.  “Sam, be professional.”  Sam rolls her eyes.  


              They get to the floor where Cat’s office is.  They go outside of the office.  Through the glass, Lena can see Jess and Cat shaking hands.  


              Jess comes out with a smile on her face.  “I got the job!”  Kara smiles widely.  “Great job!  Can I hug you?!”  Jess nods and she hugs the blonde.  Jess looks at Lena.  Lena smiles.  “Good job.  I believed in you.”  Jess nods.  


             Cat walks out of the room behind Jess.  “Ms.  Luthor, Kerrah, let’s get this interview started.” 







         Kara fidgets with her fingers.  The confidence she had earlier is completely gone.  Lena puts her hand on Kara’s knee as it starts to bounce.  


                Cat points at the cameramen.  “Roll it.”  The cameramen nod.  Cat crosses her legs and she leans into her seat.  “You two are the hottest new couple.  Lena Luthor of L-Corp and a major LGBTQ+ activist along with Kara Danvers, World Cup Champion and Olympic gold medalist.  You both are as different as can be.  How did you both meet?”  “Online.”  Kara says.  


                 She puts her arm around Lena.  “It sounds very stupid, but we met when Lena messaged me.  Well I messaged her on Instagram after she liked all of my pictures on Instagram.” Cat raises an eyebrow.  Lena chuckles.  “I don’t use social media often,and I accidentally liked several of Kara’s photos.” Cat nods.  


           Cat nods.  “So after that interaction you two met?  Or was there just teasing?”  Lena nods.  “We met the next day.  I had come here with my friend and her daughter and Kara offered to take me around the city.”  “That was your first date?”  Kara nods. “Well we consider it our first date kind of.”  Kara laughs.  


            Cat raises an eyebrow.  “Okay, what does your team think of it?  What do they think of Ms. Luthor being the team’s co-owner?”  Kara smiles.  “Lena gets along with everyone on the team.  They love her.  Even the ones on the National Team.  The night after I basically came out, uh I got several messages from Megan Rapinoe, Kristie Mewis, and uh Kelly O’Hara.”  Lena smiles.  


             Cat looks at her.  “And what do you think of Kara’s teammates?”  “They’re great.  I’ve only met her National City teammates, Alex Morgan, Ashlyn Harris, and Ali Krieger, but I’ve had great interactions with them.  Especially Tobin Heath and Christen Press as they both own their business and we have actually talked about doing a collaborative project in the near future.”  Cat nods.  


                She adjusts her seating position.  “Alright, and you do know their company is a fashion company?”  Lena nods.  “Yes, since I’m moving L-Corp to the West Coast I was actually hoping to work things out where L-Corp expands it’s products from not just tech but to fashion, motor vehicles, and other profitable things.”  Cat nods.  “Such as buying a significant share of the soccer teams here in National City?”  Lena nods.  


            Cat leans back into the chair.  “So what does your executive board think of this?”  Lena smiles.  “They’re onboard with it.  They’re actually thrilled.  All of my board members are, well except for my PR manager.  She’s not happy at all with what I’m doing.  Or what’s going on here.  She knew about the purchase, but not about Kara and I.”  Cat chuckles.  “Well, what did she say?”  “That she would like a heads up the next time I go off and start dating my celebrity crush.  Thankfully for her there won’t be a next time.”  Lena looks at Kara.  


            Kara’s cheeks are as red as Lena’s suit.  “Kara, are you okay?”  Kara nods.  She manages a smile. “Yep.  Next question.”  “That’s it.”  Cat says.  She makes a cutting motion.  Lena sighs.  


           She smiles at Kara.  “Time for some pictures you two.  And they better be good because they’re going on the front of the CATCO magazine.”  Lena nods.  



             They get in the elevator.  Kara adjusts her glasses.  “I’m really your celebrity crush?”  She asks.  Lena smiles.  “Of course darling.”  Kara blushes.  


                Her hand brushes Lena’s and Lena holds her hand.  Kara smiles.  “I’m nervous.”  Lena kisses her cheek.  “Don’t be, darling.”  Kara nods.  She takes a deep breath and the doors open.  Kara lets out the breath.  


              The elevator opens.  The photographer greets them.  “Hello!  Let’s get started!”  








                Sam watches as Alex paces.  “I really hope they’re not shagging in the elevator.”  She says.  Sam laughs.  “Maybe they are.  They sent that text like thirty minutes ago.”  Alex sighs.  


               Lex laughs.  “What if they’re stuck?”  Alex points and laughs.  “Yes!  That would be hilarious!”  


             Sam raises an eyebrow.  “What?”  Lex grins.  “So uh okay, like Tuesday, Kara and Lena were in the elevator, a—.”  “Did they shag?!”  Sam asks.  


          Lex scrunches his nose.  “Ew, no. The elevator got stuck and Kara freaked out.”  Sam laughs.  


              Lex’s phone buzzes.  He checks it.  “Hey, the uniforms were delivered to the hotel.”  Sam grins.  “Oh hell yeah.  We got one right?”  Lex nods.  “Yep, one for me, Lena, Cat, and Ruby.”  Sam frowns.  


              Lex points.  “You get the two extra Alex Danvers Jeserys.”  Sam raises an eyebrow.  “Extra?”  Lex nods.  “I ordered six jerseys for each member.  Three for home and three for away.  I ordered Press and Kara extra because well, I have seen a lot of footage of them giving away their game jerseys.  I also got two extra Alex Danvers Jerseys, one away and one home, because I knew you’d want to wear your girlfriend’s Jersey.”  Sam’s jaw drops.  


               Alex laughs and she kisses Sam’s cheek.  Sam smiles.  Lex points.  “How long have you two been a thing?”  “Like almost a week now.”  Sam points.  “I sent a drunk text to her like a week ago.”  Alex nods.  


               The elevator doors open.  Kara steps out.  “Finally!”  Lena groans.  “I swear to god, that photographer wanted to take like six more pictures then those six turned into twelve.”


          Lex chuckles.  “Well get ready for more pictures because new uniforms.”  Kara grins.  “What?!  Are you serious?!”  Lex nods. Kara runs and hugs the older Luthor.  Lex laughs.  “Okay, get off.”  Kara smiles.  “I freaking love you, Lex!  You are my favorite Luthor!”  Lena clears her throat.  


          Kara looks back at Lena and blushes.  “N-next to Lena of course!”  Lex smiles.  “I’m flustered, Kara.  And you’re welcome.  They’re the same design, they just have L-Corp and CATCO on the front.”  Kara nods.  “Okay.  Cool! So, uh we're doing pictures?"  Alex nods.  


She slaps Kara's back.  "Yep!  J'onn just sent the text message.  Meeting at the office in an hour.  They're working on getting a green screen for individual pictures."  Kara groans.  Lex points.  "I should get home because I am going to deliver them!  See you guys!"  Lex leaves the building.  


Sam points.  "Wait, he's taking the limo."  She looks at Lena with confusion.  "What?"  Lena chuckles.  "Typical Lex."  She shakes her head.  


Jess walks out of the elevator.  Kara points.  "There she is!  The new Assistant Coach of The National City Wolves!"  Jess smiles.  "Thank you Kara."  Sam points.  "You got the job?!"  Jess nods.  


Sam walks over to her and wraps her in a hug.  "I'm so proud of you, Jess!  Congratulations!”  Jess smiles.  “Thank you Ms. Arias.  I really should thank your daughter."  Sam grins.  "At least you listen to my daughter's rants about soccer.  Lena zones out and thinks about Kara."  Lena blushes a deep shade of red.  


Alex laughs.  "That's great, okay so I will need to pick up Lucy and Nia before pictures, so I gotta go.  Sam, Jess, need a ride?"  Sam nods.  "Sure, Jess?"  Jess nods.  "Yes please."  Alex nods.  


Kara crosses her arms.  "Why not offer Lena and I a ride?"  "I assumed you two would go out for lunch.  Like a date."  Lena grins and holds Kara's hand.  "Thank you, Alex."  Alex does a short salute and turns to leave with Sam and Jess.  






Kara holds Lena's hand as the two go into Big Belly Burger.  Kara orders for the two of them.  They get their food and they sit down together.  


Kara sighs, "I just realized that we'll be at the stadium for like all day."  Lena raises an eyebrow.  Kara nods.  "Yeah, J'onn and Jess will probably make us stay to just chill before the game and then practice."  Lena nods.  


Kara eats a fry.  "I love these fries."  Lena laughs.  "Really?"  Kara nods.  "So, would you like to go to dinner tomorrow night?  Like at an upscale restaurant?  We've been eating out like almost every day, so what do you say?"  Lena smiles.  "Of course, darling."  Kara grins.  


She finishes her burger.  "I will pick you up at eight tomorrow, then?"  Lena nods.  "It's a deal."  Kara laughs.  The two finish their lunch and they leave.  

Chapter Text



           Lex sets a box down.  Mike and James sets their boxes down.  Lex groans.  "Thank you Mikey and Jimbob, the help was appreciated."  James raises an eyebrow. 

          Lex taps his box.  "Okay, these need to be opened and sorted.  Can you guys get on it?"  James nods.  "Yeah, we got this Mr. Luthor.  The photography team along with the media team that Ms. Grant sent are out on the field.  The team should be here within like fifteen minutes."  Lex gives a thumbs up.  He points at Mike.  "Sam Arias should be here in a minute and she knows the inventory so she can help."  Mike nods.  


Lex leaves the locker room.  Mike sighs.  "I thought he'd never leave."  Mike whips his phone out.  James raises an eyebrow at Mike.  "What are you doing?"  "Texting Brainy, Kelly, and Barry."  James nods.  "Fair enough."  



Mike:  Kelly, Brainy, Barry, where are you guys?


Brainiac:  Currently walking past security.  


Guardian:  Im with Barry and were just leaving the car  


Brainiac:  Why must you not use proper punctuation?


TheFlash:  We dont want 2


Guardian 2:  Just get here



       Mike sighs.  "Why are they like this?"  James points at him.  "Why am I guardian 2?"  Mike rolls his eyes.  "It's just a nickname."  Mike opens a box and removes a jersey.  He opens it.  


     It has a red fading to a deep blue.  CATCO World Wide is on the front with L-Corp under it.  Mike turns it.  17.  It's Tobin's.  Mike sets it on the bench.  


       The door opens.  Brainy walks in.  "I have arrived."  James smiles.  "Good, write down everyone's names on a sheet of paper."  "All names on a single paper or everyone's names on different paper?"  Brainy asks.  


       Mike nods.  "Different papers.  We are currently uniform sorting." Brainy nods.  "Alright, should I write the number as well?"  Mike nods.  "Yeah, do it."  He pulls another uniform from the box and he removes the plastic.  He unfolds it and checks it.  It's Press's jersey.  


       The door opens.  Mike turns.  A tall woman in a pant suit walks in.  "Okay, Lex directed me here to do like inventory or tell you what we have."  Mike waves her over.  "Thanks, and you must be Ms. Arias?"  Sam nods.  


      Mike looks at her and smiles.  "I'm Mike, and that's Jimmy."  James gives a thumbs up as he works on sorting the jerseys.  


      Sam nods.  "Okay, uh you guys can just call me Sam, and so we have three home and three away jerseys.  Then four collectables.  The four are for Cat, Lena, Lex, and my daughter."  Mike raises an eyebrow.  "Lex didn't get one for you?"  Sam nods.  "He got two extra Alex Danvers jerseys for me because we're a couple."  Mike nods.  "Well, that's Lex Luthor for you."  James raises his hand.  


     He points to a pile of Christen Press jerseys that rivals a pile of Kara Danvers jerseys.  "Uh this is way more than six jerseys."  Sam chuckles.  "Lex has seen a lot of videos of Christen and Kara giving away signed jerseys that he wanted to get extras for them.”  James gives a thumbs.  He opens another box.  


              Mike chuckles.  “Okay so six jerseys each, except for Danvers and Press.  Then Big Danvers gets two extra?”  Sam nods.  


              James turns holding a shirt with a 21 and a S. Arias on the back of it.  James smiles.  “Turns out Lex has a heart.  Okay so I think I’m opening the owner’s kit.  I’m going to just keep them together.”  Mike nods.  


             He sets a shirt down and he picks up another 21 jersey.  He puts his hand over his moth.  James and Sam look at him.  “What?”  “I love Lex.  He got me one!” He turns it around to show Daxam written on the back.  


              Sam smiles.  “I did not see that coming.”  Mike nods.  He takes another 21 jersey out.  He laughs.  “He got one for all of the coaches.  He’s pretty cool.”  Sam laughs.  “Okay I love how everyone says that Lex is cool or intimidating, just try living with him.”  Mike nods.  “He’s still the same dork he was in college?”  Sam nods.  


           Mike laughs.  Barry and Kelly walk in.  Kelly sets her purse down.  “Woah, okay what’s going on here?”  Mike points.  “Uniform sorting.  We have to do it fast because the team will be here soon.”  Barry nods and he takes his jacket off.  “Yeah, okay.”  He walks over to Mike and he sorts through the box.  James points out where everything goes and how many jerseys they have.  


          Sam points.  “Okay, it looks like you guys have it covered I am going to head out.”  Mike gives a thumbs up.  She leaves.  


             Kelly walks over to the guys and she picks up Ava’s goal shirt.  “Okay this is nice.  Lex upgraded the fabric."  Mike points.  "I knew he changed the fabric.  It feels so nice."  Kelly nods.  She sets the jersey down.  


     Brainy starts putting papers on the jerseys.  Kelly looks at Kara and Christen's jersey pile.  "Woah, that is a lot.  How many is that?"  "Twenty."  James answers.  "Ten away and ten home.  I think it is fitting.  They have to have given away at least five in one month.  Thankfully they'll leave soon for the World Cup qualifiers and for the World Cup."  Barry frowns.  

        He sighs.  "Don't remind me.  I'm gonna miss Kara when she leaves.  When does she leave?"  "Sometime in the summer.  They do the training camp and then like other stuff happens before the qualifiers."  Barry nods.  "I will be in Central City then.  Can't wait."  Mike looks at Barry funny.  


      Barry sighs.  "Iris and I are going for a race I'm going to compete in.  Then if I win that we go to Disney and maybe the Boston Marathon."  Mike nods.  He pats Barry's back.  "I have faith in you buddy."  Barry smiles.  


     Mike takes a jersey out and he throws the box.  "And we're done?"  James nods.  "Yep, you took forever."  Mike rolls his eyes.  The door opens.  


      Kara walks in.  "Hello my favorite coaches, I come bearing goodies."  Mike grins.  "Big Belly Burger?"  Kara nods and she sets some bags on the bench.  Mike opens it.  He looks at her.  "You ate only one sandwich, right?"  Kara nods.  "Yeah, Lena and I had lunch.  I think I'm gonna have a salad before the game."  Mike claps.  "Finally, you eat something healthy."  James laughs.  "She isn't as bad as Lucy.  Lucy has a bad sweet tooth."  Mike and Kelly laugh.  


       Kara looks at the jerseys.  "Woah, cool!  I'm going to go and get ready for pictures."  She takes a home jersey from her pile and she walks off.  Mike points.  "She is a menace, Jimmy.  Did you even read how many food related tweets the team put about her?"  James shakes his head.  


      The door opens and the rest of the team floods in.  Mike points.  "I gotta show you later."  James gives him a thumbs up.  


    Sara grins at her uniform.  "Damn, these look nice."  Ava picks her jersey up.  "They feel nice.  Babe, come here."  Mike nods.  "New materials, Captain Lance.  You have Kara to thank for that."  Sara grins.  






       Lena walks into the stadium.  "Ms. Luthor!"  A man yells.  He sounds pretty familiar, probably a paparazzo.  She starts to walk faster.  


     Someone taps her shoulder.  She turns to see Bruce Wayne.   He smiles.  "Ms. Luthor, hello."  Lena smiles.  "Mr. Wayne, it's been a long time.  What brings you to National City."  Bruce smiles.  "Wayne Enterprises owns Gotham FC."  Lena nods.  "I see.  I did not know this."  Bruce nods.  


      He opens the door for Lena.  "I actually want to ask you for a trade.  Allie Long for 50k allocation money and Kate Kane."  Lena sighs.  "I will have to talk with Lex and Cat Grant about that.  I will also consult with my coaches about that as well."  Bruce nods.  


    He smiles.  "Well, congratulations on the ownership.  I know I can expect great things coming to National City, Ms. Luthor.  I hope to see you sometime next week when the team comes to Gotham."  Lena smiles.  "Thank you, I will most likely be in Metropolis for next few weeks.  I am currently in the process of moving the majority of the company to the West Coast."  Bruce chuckles.  


       He nods.  "I heard.  Lex is very active on social media, you know."  Lena nods.  "I know, he will most likely be traveling with the team.  I have work to do."  Bruce nods.  "I hear, I do know of a struggling hospital here in National City.  I think that would help jumpstart a good reputation for L-Corp here."  Lena nods.  "I'll check it out, thank you Bruce."  "Brucey!"  The two business sharks are startled by Lex yelling.  


         Lex strides over to them.  "Hey Bruce, how are ya?  It has been forever, hasn't it."  Bruce nods.  "It has.  I actually need to go, Lex."  Lex nods as Bruce leaves.  


     Lena and Lex walk onto the field.  They see the team smiling in a group photo.  The staff are on both sides of the team.  


               Sam is watching the camera man.  She waves Lena and Lex over.  Lena and Lex go around the group and they go behind the cameras.  “Can we do a goofy one?”  “No.”  J’onn says quickly.  


               Kara pouts.  The photographer claps.  “Okay, coaches, off come back here.  I want to get one of just the players.”  J’onn nods and the coaches leave.  


                 J’onn approaches Lena and Lex.  “We have everything ready for your press conference.  When is it?”  “Shortly before the pre-match press conference.”  Lex answers.  


            J’onn nods.  He puts his hands on his hips.  “I’m having Coach Hoang, Kara, and Sara speak.  I was hoping you’d speak, Mr. Luthor.”  Lex nods.  “I’d love to.”  J’onn clenches his jaw.  “Well, that’s great.”  


                 Lena nods.  “Yes, it is, uh J’onn I need to talk with you and Lex in private.”  He nods.  “We can talk in my office.”  The three leave the field.  


             J’onn shuts the door to his office.  “What is it, Ms. Luthor?”  Lena sighs. “I was approached by Bruce Wayne who is willing to trade Kate Kane and 50k for Allie Long.  I want your opinion on this.”  J’onn nods.  “Kate’s a bit better, she can play all positions, why does he want the trade?”  Lena shrugs.  “No clue.  Though looking at stats from the women’s national team, Allie Long is slightly better than Kane.  I’m considering the trade.  Kate Kane’s a fan favorite.”  J’onn nods. 


             He clicks a pen.  “I will agree.  Though that will change if we put Kane on the team.  I’m going to consult with Coach Hoang along with the other coaches.  Will you get with Ms. Grant about that?”  Lex nods.  “I can do that.”  Lena smiles.  “What about Allie Long?”  J’onn sighs.  “I’ll break the news.  She played for Gotham a few years ago.  And then came here with Tobin Heath.  Her contract is up, so no wonder Bruce Wayne is jumping at the opportunity to have her back in Gotham.”  Lena nods.  


             She puts her hands on her hips.  “I think it’d be a good deal.”  J’onn nods.  “Alright then.  So anything else?”  Lena shakes her head.  “That’s it.”  J’onn nods.  Lena and Lex leave together.  








           Lena holds up her jersey with Lex and Sam.  The three smile at the cameras.  The crowd claps as Lena walks up to the podium.  


              She smiles.  “Thank you, L-Corp and my family are very happy to be accepted as the new co-owners of The National City Wolves.  I will accept two questions at this current moment, any other questions you can direct to the team and new coach during the pre-match press conference.”  A reporter lunges forward.  


           Lena laughs a little bit as she realizes that it’s Lois Lane.  “Hi, Lois Lane from the Daily Planet.  What are you planning to do with the team?  Any changes?”  Lena nods.  “Yes, I have been approached by another team for a trade.  I’m currently consulting with my coaches who are leaning towards the trade as the player’s current contract will be up soon.  Another change is transportation.  Currently the team charters a tour bus, I’m going to allow the team to use one of my personal jets.  I also plan on upgrading their equipment and several other things.”  Lois nods and steps away.  


            A reporter points.  Lena nods.  “Yes?”  “Hi, I’m Allegra Garcia with the Central City Citizen, will you plan on buying the men’s team?”  Lena chuckles.  “Wow, Central City’s quite a bit away.  Uh, currently at this time I am leaning towards no, but I had told Cat Grant I am looking to sponsor them.  In the future I hope to strike a similar deal with the men’s team, but for now my answer is no.  Alright, any further L-Corp questions can be directed to my PR team or to my brother, Lex Luthor, during the pre-match press conference.”  Lena leaves the podium.  








              Kara takes a sip of water.  Lex was just asked about his new design for the uniforms.  He had also finished how his business meeting with Cat Grant had went.  


             “Coach Jessica Hoang, what are your experiences for going into this coaching job?”  Jess clears her throat.  “Many, I was certified last fall as a coach for the USA soccer federation  and I have the basic understanding.  I had also played soccer at my university so I understand my players’ mindsets.  I’m not experienced in terms of coaching in the big leagues, but I hope I can utilize all of my assets into making this season great.”  Kara smiles.  


              “So, what are your expectations?”  “My expectations are very high, especially seeing the stats and watching my players practice.  The current outlook is very good.”  Kara nods.  “Kara Danvers.”  Kara snaps her head to attention.  


              She leans closer to the microphone.  “Yes?”  “So now that your relationship with Lena Luthor is now out, when’s the wedding?”  Kara laughs.  “Was that a serious question?  We uh, in short there won’t be one for a while.  I—we just started dating, like I just met,” she points to Lex, “that man on Monday.”  “Will there be any more content of you two?”  Kara sighs.  “I prefer, well both of us prefer having a more private love life.  We don’t want to feel as if we’re being judged.  So, there won’t be any posts of our relationship unless we both want to put it out there.”  


            “Sara what’s your opinions of how the game will go tonight and your opinion on the changes coming right at you.”  Sara nods.  “Well, Gotham FC’s a tough team.  We’re pretty evenly matched.  And I think the changes are big, but the team adapts really well.  We just muscle through it.”  She puts on a smile.  


               Kara nods and she tilts her head back.  “Kara Danvers what about the accusations of you bullying your teammate Eve Tessmacher and her boyfriend.”  Kara sits right up.  “What?”  “Yes, your teammate Eve Tessmacher recently posted and I quote ‘two timer just got my bf kicked and banned from the stadium #dontbeabully #boycottKD #hedidnothingwrong’ what’s your thoughts?”  Kara sighs.  


          She leans into the microphone. “I don’t know what to even say.  I’m very disappointed right now of the accusation.  I did not bully Eve’s boyfriend.  We have history that I would rather not dig up right now before a game.  But here’s my answer, I did not bully the boyfriend. I did get him kicked and banned from stepping onto the pitch, I do not know if he is allowed in the stadium.”  “What about the hashtag ‘he did nothing wrong’ What does that mean?”  Kara sighs.  


           Sara holds up her hand.  “She says she wishes to not go into the history with Tessmacher’s boyfriend and I ask everyone to respect that or do research on your own.  We’re done here.”  Kara shakes her head and she gets out of her seat.  She leaves.  She can hear Lex and Jess immediately shutting the press conference down.  


               She storms to the locker room.  Sara grabs her shoulder right at the locker room doors.  She turns Kara and the two women look at each other.  “Danvers, don’t you dare.  I’m pissed off too, but you go in there wanting a fight you may not be able to play in the game.  Just chill out.  I think the team’s out practicing and only Press and Heath are in there to meditate.  Maybe you should too, to calm down, okay?”  Kara nods.  


             She opens the door.  Tobin and Press are sitting on yoga mats.  Kara sighs.  “Hey guys, mind if I join you?”  Press shakes her head.  “Get a mat and just relax.  I can feel your tension from here.”  Kara sighs.  She grabs a yoga mat and she sits besides Tobin.  


Chapter Text

                  Lena sighs and she watches the players train.  Sara Lance approaches her.  "Hey, Danvers, Press, and Heath are all in the locker room.  Press usually meditates to ground herself during a game so they're just trying to zen out."  Lena nods.  "Alright."  Sara joins the rest of the team.  

            Lex approaches her.  "So, J'onn talked to Allie Long about the trade and she agreed.  She is going to be transferred to Gotham next week, and we will get Kate Kane the same time."  Lena nods.  "Alright, will this be before or after the game?"  "After our away game against the Thorns.  Thankfully, I've already put in an order as well."  Lena nods and she leaves the field.  

            Lena goes into the locker room.  Kara, Christen, and Tobin are just leaving.  Kara frowns.  “You okay darling?”  Kara nods.  “Yeah, just stress.”  Lena nods.  

            The four go out to the field.  “Kate!”  Kara yells.  A short haired woman from the other team runs and hugs Kara.  Lena smiles.  Kara moves and puts her arm around the woman.  “Lena!  This is Kate Kane!  She’s like my bff on Gotham!”  Lena smiles.  “Hi.”  Kate smiles.  “It’s nice to meet you Ms. Luthor.  Kara panic texts me all about you.”  Kara’s face turns a slight shade of pink.  

         Lena chuckles.  “Kara has told me some good things about you, Ms. Kane.”  “Kate!”  They turn to see an older woman waving.  Kate sighs and smiles.  “That’s Carli calling, I better go.  See you on the pitch, Danvers.”  Kara waves as Kate leaves.  

          Lena smiles.  “She is nice.”  Kara nods.  “Kate’s great.  I should go warm up.”  She runs onto the field.  

              Lena sighs.  Tobin Heath approaches her. “Hey, did Kara say anything during the meditation session?”   Tobin shakes her head.  “No, but she’s really tense.  Gotham is ranked just above us at second.  So if we beat them this week and next week then we will go up a ranking.  Leaving PTFC to beat.”  Lena nods.  “Understandable.  I think we’re very evenly matched.”  Tobin nods.  

               The two walk onto the field.  Everyone’s huddled around J’onn and Jess.  “Okay, so starting line up, Jess take us away.”  Jess nods.  “So you guys have definitely noticed how we’ve switched things up during practice.  That’s so we can start with a 4-3-3 and then switch into a 4-1-4-1 if we need it later.  Both of these will utilize our very strong offense.  Gotham usually plays a solid 4-3-3.  If we get desperate then we’ll revert back 4-2-3-1.  Got that?”  Everyone nods.  

              J’onn claps.  “Great, if I hear any back talk or such about our new coach then everyone will run the city lap at practice tomorrow morning.”  Everyone groans.  “Treat Coach Hoang with the respect you treat the other coaches or me.  Great, head to the locker room and chill until the game.”  Kara looks at J’onn with slight disgust.  “Please don’t say chill, ever again.”  J’onn laughs.  “Okay.  I won’t.”  Kara smiles.  

           She walks over to Lena and kisses her cheek.  “I’ll see you for the game?”  Lena nods.  “Yes, I need to talk to Bruce Wayne for a quick minute.”  Kara kisses Lena’s hand.  “Alright then.  I’ll see you.”  Lena nods.  She watches as the team goes into the locker room.  



            Kara sits on a bench in the back of the room.  Christen sits beside of her.  “Hey you good?”  Kara smiles and nods.  “Yeah, yeah I am.”  Christen raises an eyebrow. “Really?”  Kara sighs.  “No.  Eve has apparently spread several rumors about me online.  She’s blocked me from her account.”  The two look at Eve who’s talking with Maggie. 

              Christen sighs.  “Danvers, look at me.”  Kara looks into Christen’s wonderful eyes.  Lena’s eyes are pretty, but Christen has amazing eyes.  Kara’s fascinated with them because of how they’re almost a grey or green one minute and then a nice golden brown the next.  Like Christen has amazing eyes.  

              Christen snaps her fingers.  Kara blinks.  “What are you doing?”  “Your eyes are awesome.”  Christen laughs.  “Okay, just deep breath in.”  The two breathe in.  Christen exhales.  “Out.”  Kara breathes out.  

             Christen smiles.  “When you’re frustrated, think of Lena.  How she makes you happy.  Or think of someone you love.  Because it’s you and them.  Conquering the world.”  Christen smiles and looks at Tobin who’s juggling a ball while talking to Alex.  Kara nods.  “Okay.  I can do that.”  Jess walks to the front of the room.  

              She looks at her clip board.  “Danvers, Nal, and Ardeen are up front.  Kara is in the middle while Imra and Nia are wingers.”  Kara gives a thumbs up.  “Horan, Long, and Tomaz will be the mid fielders.  Two attacking mids, Horan and Long, while Tomaz stays back on defensive mid.  Finally, Lance, Vasquez, Marsh, and Spoons will play on Defense.  Lane’s starting in goal.”  Jess claps.  “We all good with this?”  Kara and Sara nod.  “Yes ma’am.”  The two answer.  

              Christen holds her hand up.  “High five?”  Kara laughs.  “Of course.”  She gives Press a high five.  The two laugh as the team leaves the locker room.  


            Lena looks at the paperwork.  “I want my lawyers and my player as well as her manager and coaches look this over.”  Bruce nods.  “Great.  I will be in touch, Ms. Luthor.”  Lena leaves Gotham’s benches.  

              “Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Olivia Marsden Memorial Stadium!  Today looks like a great day to play some soccer am I right?!”  Lena hears several cowbells and a lot of yelling.  

            She smiles.  “Let’s meet our wonderful hosts, The National City Wolves!”  A large howl comes from the stadium and Kara leads the team onto the field.  She smiles.  She slides onto the field and makes a heart with her hands at the crowd.  Everyone awes or laughs at Kara.  She smiles.  

             “Today our Wolves are facing off Gotham City FC!”  There’s a pretty loud cheer.  Lena laughs.  Kara and the team lines up as the national anthem starts.  

           The team gets into their positions.  Lena stands watching them.  She smiles as Alex gets up with her sign.  Lex goes beside her.  “So what are the odds of us winning?”  “Good, good.  Kara seems like she’s in a better mood than she was.”  Lex nods.  

                The game starts.  Lex claps.  “Come on Kara!”  Kara smiles.  She runs and steals the ball from one of Gotham’s players.  She passes the ball up to Imra and then runs ahead.  She gets to the top of the box and th the ball in the net.  

           Kara hops up.  She flexes her biceps and points at the crowd.  Lena smiles and claps.  “Supergirl does it again!  Number 14 Kara Supergirl Danvers just scored in almost mere seconds of the game starting!”  Lena chuckles.  

           Lex hops up.  He pumps his fist.  “Hell yeah!  Let’s go Supergirl!”  He claps.  Lena laughs and claps with him.  

             The players reset.  Kara claps and says something.  Kate Kane laughs and points.  Lena smiles at her girlfriend having fun.  

                Then, Gotham scores.  Carli Lloyd scored against Lucy.  Lucy shakes her head.  They score again, with Carli scoring against them, again. Halftime gets called.  Lena watches the jumbo screen showing highlights from other games going on tonight.  

            Kara sighs and shakes her head.  Alex gets put in for Zari Tomaz.  Sara and Alex quickly switch positions.  

             Lena sighs.  “Lex, how are you feeling?”  Lex groans.  “I shouldn’t have eaten that pizza and hotdog.”  Lena sighs.  

                Kara resets the ball.  She kicks it off.  She kicks it back to her sister.  Alex boots it deep into Gotham’s territory.  Kara chases the ball and she just barely kicks it out.  She yells.  

              The players retreat and the ball gets sent up field.  Alex Danvers traps it, but a player from Gotham comes and rams right into Alex.  Alex goes down grabbing her knee.  

             The ref blows the whistle.  Kara turns and Kate Kane stops the ball.  Kara and Kate both run to Alex.  J’onn runs onto the field.  



          Kara touches her sister’s shoulder as Alex cries.  J’onn moves Alex’s knee.  “Can you move it at all, Danvers?”  Alex shakes her head.  “I can’t, J’onn.  I heard a fucking click.”  Kara looks around and sighs.  J’onn looks at her.  “Okay, help me get your sister over to the medical bed on the sidelines.  Ref, we’re going to sub a player in.” The ref nods.  
                Alex wraps her arm around Kara’s shoulder.  J’onn gets the other side.  They set Alex down.  J’onn points.  “Take the kick.”  Kara nods and runs onto the field.  

                 She gets into position.  The referee calls for subs.  Tobin and Christen come in for Imra and Nia.  Kara walks up to the ball.  She raises her hand and she sees Tobin doing a run in.  Kara launches the ball at Tobin.  Tobin takes it and scores.  Kara runs and hugs her teammate.  Kara walks back to her position and she feels someone kick the back of her cleat.  

         She turns and Eve Tessmacher smiles.  Kara clenches her jaw.  Kate does kickoff.  Kara runs after her, but Eve pushes by and shoves her.  Kara throws her hands up.  She shakes her head.  Kara runs after Kate.  Tobin intercepts the ball between a pass.  Christen gets it and she takes it to the top of the box.  

             Christen shoots and scores.  Kara watches as Tobin and Christen hug. Kara walks over to Eve.  “What in the world was that?!”  “I seen my opening.”  Eve says coldly. “Have a problem?”  Kara nods.  “Yeah, I do, stop it.”  Eve shrugs.  “I don’t care.”  She hits Kara’s shoulder.  “Eve!”  Eve turns and shoves Kara.

                 Kara shoves her back.  Eve swings at Kara, but misses.  Before Kara can swing at her Sara runs between them.  She looks at Kara.  “Easy Danvers.”  A whistle gets blown.  Kara looks at the ref who’s holding up a red card.  Kara groans.  

               The ref nods.  Kara and Eve both leave the field.  Imra and  Maggie go in.  Kara holds her head down.  J’onn points at Kara.  “Pack your things.  Rules say you can’t play until we play Gotham again.  We are gonna have a talk.”  “Where’s Alex?”  “Hospital.  Nasty knee dislocation.”  Kara nods.  “I’ll go to your office.”  J’onn nods.  “Yeah do that.  No alcohol until you and I talk.”  Kara sighs and nods.  She goes to the locker room.  



        Lena groans as she watches Kara trudging back to the locker room like a sad puppy.  “This is not how I expected this game to go.  Lex nods. “Mhm.”  He grabs the trashcan beside of him and he vomits.  

        He clutches his stomach.  Lena frowns.  “Lex, go home.”  Lex nods.  “See you.”  He waves. 

Chapter Text

             Kara paces J’onn’s office.  She sits in his chair and twirls around.  She twirls a pen.  She watches the game from the office.  Tobin scores with an assist from Imra.  Kara claps.  “Yes!”  She checks the time.  Two minutes.  

              Gotham does a kickoff.  Christen takes the ball and she passes it up to Tobin.  Tobin takes it down to Gotham’s corner and one of the defenders kicks it out.  

             The teams set up for a corner kick.  Twenty seconds.  Christen Press is kicking.  Kara’s on the edge of her seat.  Christen kicks it and Tobin pops it in just as time runs out.  

             Tobin Heath hops up and she runs and hugs Christen.  Kara smiles.  Their fans must be going crazy right now.  Kara cheers.  

              She leans back in her seat.  The locker room doors open.  She comes out.  Tobin runs and hugs Kara.  “Kara did you see that last goal?!”  Kara nods.  “Yeah!  I did.”  She wraps Tobin in a hug. 

            “Danvers!”  Kara and Tobin split apart.  J’onn points to his office.  “Office, now!”  Kara goes into his office. 

            J’onn slams the doors.   “What were you thinking?!”  Kara crosses her arms.  “Ask Eve.  She started it.  I did nothing except wind up for a swing.  It’s ridiculous that I’m out!”  J’onn nods.  “I spoke to the ref when we watched the replay.  Eve will be out for four games for instigating the fight, and you’re getting off on a yellow card.  Which means you can play the Thorns on Sunday.  I expect better, Kara.  You know this, but I understand your situation.  As soon as I find a way to get Eve off the team I will.”  Kara nods.  

             J’onn opens his fridge and slides the blinds down.  He grabs two beers.  “You’ve earned it Danvers.  That first goal was stupendous.”  Kara smiles.  She looks at the beer.  “Sorry J’onn but I think I’m going to go check on Alex.”  J’onn nods.  “Your mother is with her now.  National City General.”  Kara leaves his office.  

             She heads out of the locker room.  Lena is walking through the tunnels.  Kara smiles.  “Hey.”  Lena nods.  “Hey, is dinner still on tomorrow?”  Kara nods.  “Yeah, it uh, it is.  Where’s Lex?”  Lena sighs.  “He got sick.  His food didn’t settle well.”  Kara nods.  “Alright.  I can uh walk you to your car.”  Lena nods.  The couple holds hands.  

           Kara walks Lena to her car.  “Well, see you at eight, darling.”  Kara waves as her girlfriend gets into the car.  Kara walks to her car.  

              She sighs and she drives to National City General.  She parks and she calls her mother.  “Hey Kara.”  “Hey Eliza, is Alex okay?”  “Yes, the doctor put her knee in place and she’ll be on crutches because of a splint.  Her girlfriend actually just drove her home.”  “Oh.”  Kara says.  

           Eliza sighs.  “Are you okay, dear?”  Kara clears her throat.  “Uh yeah, mom I gotta go.”  “Bye Kara, stay safe.”  “Bye.”  Kara ends the call.  

           She gets in her car and she drives to Alex’s apartment.  Alex’s car is parked outside.  Kara goes into the building and up to Alex’s apartment.  She unlocks the door with her key.  “Alex?”  She calls.  

             “Kara?  Why are you here?”  Sam says from the bedroom.  Kara shuts the door and she goes into the bedroom.  Alex has her head on Sam's chest and she's snoring.  Alex has her leg propped up and over top of the covers.  

              Kara smiles.  “How is she?"  "In pain."  Kara nods.  "How are you?"  "I feel sorry for her, that she's going through this pain."  Kara frowns.  

 Sam points.  "I seen the little scuffle you and Eve got into.  Then I found out why that scuffle happened, Kara I’m sorry.”  Kara nods.  "I think I'm going to stay here tonight, that okay with you?"  Sam gives a thumbs up.  

                Kara sighs.  “When are you going to Metropolis?”  “Saturday morning.”  Kara nods.  “If Alex isn't too hurt tomorrow how about a double date? I accidentally reserved a table for four at Table Salt and need two more people.”  Sam laughs quietly.  “Sorry I don’t know how it happened.”  Sam smiles.  “It’s alright Kara.  I will tell Alex in the morning.  Go on to bed.”  Kara nods and leaves Alex’s room.  She goes into the guest room.  

              She sits on the bed and she just stares at her phone.  She opens her Instagram and she posts some work out pictures.  She closes the app and she opens her messages to Lena.  

Kara:  Hey so tomorrow is Alex and Sam’s last day together and I invited them on a double date, is that good with you?

Lena<3:  Good with me darling.  Good night. xx

Kara:  Good night, love you x

             Kara smiles at her phone.  She sets her alarm and she sets her phone on the nightstand beside of the bed.  


          Alex is in pain.  A lot of pain.  Nonetheless, she pulls herself out of bed.  She gets on her crutches and she goes to the kitchen.  Sam is eating cereal.  

          Alex manages a smile.  “Hey.”  Sam waves.  “Hey, so was I dreaming or did Kara come here last night?" Alex asks.  Sam nods.  “Kara stayed the night.  She had to leave early for practice.”  Sam nods.  

            She wipes her mouth.  “How are you feeling?”  “Bad.”  Alex sits on the couch.  She props her knee up.  "I am so sore.  You know how I said I was going to be feeling the shit after the doctor popped it back into place?"  "Mhm."  Alex groans.  

        She looks back at Sam.  "I am feeling like shit.  I'm just glad I don't have to worry about turf burn or anything.  That would just be worse."  Sam walks over and sits beside Alex.  "I'm sorry."  Alex leans into the taller woman.  

               Sam kisses her head.  Alex smiles and looks at her.  Sam grins.  "Oh, I almost forgot."  "Forgot what?"  "Kara asked if we wanted to go on a double date last night.  I said yes, but we can cancel if you don't want to."  Alex laughs.  "I'll be fine enough to go on a double date.  Where is it?"  "Some place called Table Salt."  Alex smiles.  

           She shakes her head.  Sam raises an eyebrow.  "What is it?"  "Kara you stupid romantic."  Alex mutters.  Alex laughs.  "So, Table Salt is a really expensive restaurant and it has a very long waiting list."  Sam nods.  "Thankfully I brought a really nice suit."  Alex grins.  

           She snuggles up to Sam.  "Wanna watch Netflix?"  Sam nods.  "What ever you want.  I can get some popcorn."  Alex nods as Sam gets up.  



        Kara runs the last lap and she jogs over to Mike.  He smiles.  "I can't believe you got carded last night.  That pisses me off."  Kara nods.  "Blame Eve."  Mike nods.  "Oh, believe me, I do.  Especially what she was saying before the game."  Mike looks around as everyone starts packing up.  

              Kara takes a sip of water.  Mike leans over  to her.  "She went off on Twitter about being barred from playing the last four games.  She blames you for it."  Kara clenches her jaw.  She looks up to see Eve leaving quickly.  

           Kara sighs.  She moves her hair from her face.  "Deadass?"  Mike nods.  "Yeah, and I checked to see your post from last night.  Kara it's bad.  Her fans are attacking you."  Kara rolls her eyes.  "I can't believe she even has fans."  Mike chuckles.  Kara laughs and then frowns.  

           She sighs.  "I didn't even get to check my socials after I posted the workout pictures.  I had to go and check up on Alex.  Then text Lena about our date for tonight."  Mike nods.  "Understandable.  How is Alex doing?"  "She has to be on crutches and I'm scared she'll be out for over half of the season."  Mike nods.  

           He scratches his beard.  "J'onn is looking to sign on more players as well as some trades."  Kara nods.  She groans.  "Can I go to your house?"  Mike raises an eyebrow.  

            Kara sighs.  "You have a really good gym.  Also a pool, and I'm bored."  Mike nods.  "Ooh, if Lena isn't leaving tomorrow, let's have a cookout.  Like a little party.  I'm having Jimmy and Winn, then Lucy's coming, Sara and Ava, uh Barry and Iris, then Brainy and Nia, and like Kelly.  Come on, it'd be fun.  You can invite Lex, Alex, and Sam too."  Kara smiles and nods.  "I'll have to take you up on that offer, Mike."  Mike pats Kara's back.  

          The two laugh.  "So, since you're going to my place can I have a ride?  Imra's gone out to the store."  Kara nods.  "Yeah, come on."  She runs ahead and he follows.  

       The two go out to Kara's car.  Mike's phone dings.  "Well, the club issued a statement."  Kara hops over his shoulder.  "About what?"  "The whole story a-?"   "What?"  Kara squeaks.  

       She looks at the phone just to see something about Lena buying the team.  Kara hits Mike.  "I thought you meant about William and Eve!"  Mike chuckles.  "You didn't let me finish.  Let's get outta here."  Kara goes to the driver's side.  


Chapter Text

        Kara smoothes her hair back after she knocks on Lena's door.  She looks at Alex.  "How do I look?"  Alex gives her a thumbs up.  Kara adjusts her blazer and her glasses.  Alex laughs.  "Dork."  Kara raises an eyebrow.  

       She looks at Alex.  "I could just accidentally bump into your crutches."  Alex rolls her eyes.  Sara told me that you looked like a sad puppy all morning without me."   Kara scoffs.  "Ugh, we need to have a talk about that.  I did not look like a sad puppy."  Alex rolls her eyes.  

      The door opens.  Lex is there.  "Come on in Danvers sisters.  Sam is getting dressed while Lena is putting on makeup."  Kara nods.  

      Lex offers Alex a seat in a recliner and she takes it.  Kara smiles at him.  "How are you doing?"  "Small migrane, but other than that I'm fine."  Kara nods.  "That's nice.  How was your day?"  "Busy.  We're prepping for Sunday.  I had to talk to our pilot and everything."  Kara nods.  "Understandable.  I get to play on Sunday."  Lex points.  "You got carded though."  Kara nods.  

       She smiles.  "I got let off with just a yellow card, and now I can play.  I guess they just wanted to get me off of the field before I started another fight with Eve."  Lex points.  "You would've won that fight."  Alex nods.  

         Lex tilts his head.  "What was the score?"  "Five two.  We won.  I scored like one goal, Press got one, and then Tobin got three."  Lex nods.  "Yeah.  Good job.”  Kara gives him a thumbs up.  

            “Lex, please say you’re not bullying Kara and Alex?”  Lena calls from a hallway.  “No, I’m not, Lena.” Kara stands up and she adjusts her suit.  She looks at Lex and he winks while giving her a thumbs up.  

             Lena walks down the stairs in a beautiful black dress.  Her hair is up in a bun.  Kara grins.  Lex nudges Kara.  “You’re drooling.”  Alex laughs and slaps her good knee.  

             She points at Lex.  “You sir, you are doing my work.”  Lex smiles.  “You’re welcome.”  Kara rolls her eyes.  

            Lena walks over to Kara.  Kara grins.  “You look wonderful.”  Lena smiles and she touches Kara’s arm.  “You too, darling.”  She looks around.  “So what were we all talking about?”  Lex crosses his arms.  “About last night’s game.”  Kara nods.  “Uh about my card predicament.  I got off on a yellow since Eve started it.”  Lex nods.  

           Lena eyes him.  Kara smiles.  “So uh, Mike invited all of us to a cookout he’s having tomorrow.”  Lena nods.  “I believe Sam and I can be there.  Our plane back to Metropolis leaves at ten.”  Kara nods.  “Yeah, I—Lex when do we leave for Portland?”  Lex shrugs.  “Like the same time.”  Kara smiles.  “Babe!”  Sam walks down in a dress a bit disheveled.  

           She smiles.  “Sorry I’m late.”  Kara smiles.  “It’s fine.”  Alex grabs her crutches and she gets up.  

            Lex claps.  “Okay let’s take a picture for the Instagram and Twitter to riot over.”  Lena shoots him a glare.  Lex grins.  “Come on, it’s your fancy date night.  Lena, don’t worry, I got a hotel room at my good friend’s house.”  Lena raises an eyebrow.  

           Lex sighs.  “Mike’s letting me stay at his place to give you two privacy and Jess is coming with me.”  Lena sighs.  Lex smiles.  “Come on, Mike and Imra both said it was fine.  Now, you two, pose at the door.”  Kara smiles at Lena.  “It’ll be fun.”  Lena smiles softly.  “Alright darling.”  

           Lex points at them.  “Look at me.”  The two turn and face Lex.  Lex points.  “Kara, put your like arms around Lena’s waist.”  Kara looks to Lena for permission and Lena nods.  Lex gives a thumbs up.  “Smile.”  Kara smiles and she hears Lex’s phone camera going off.  

                   Lex claps.  “Okay, Sam, you and Alex next.  You guys can just like stand together.”  Alex laughs.  “Thanks Lex!”  He snaps his wrist down.  “Oh no problem.”  Kara and Lena move out of the way.  Sam puts her hand around Alex’s waist and the two smile.  Lex’s phone goes off again.  

            He smiles.  “Now everyone.”  Lena smiles.  She and Kara get beside of Alex and Sam.  Kara kisses Lena’s cheek and Lex takes the picture.  “Okay, have fun at date night.”  Kara waves and she opens the door.  

              Lex waves.  “Stay safe.”  Kara gives him a thumbs up.  She holds the door.  “Go on.”  Sam, Alex, and Lena all leave.   Kara leaves.  She shuts the door.  

           She puts her arm around Lena.  “Where’s your car, darling?”  “Parked out front.  Alex, do you and Sam need a ride?”  Sam shakes her head.  “Lena’s letting me use the limo.”  Kara gives Sam a thumbs up.  



            Lena looks around for Kara’s car.  “Where is your car?”  Kara smiles and she clicks her keys.  The grey Lamborghini in front of them beeps.  

            Kara grins.  “I uh, this is actually my first car I bought.  The other one is my new car, and then sometimes I’ll drive a hand me down I got years ago.  I just wanted to uh, take you in something really special for tonight.”  Lena smiles.  “Thank you, darling.”  She opens the door.  

             Kara gets in the driver’s side.  She pulls out of the parking spot.  Lena smiles at Kara.  “So how often do you drive this?”  “Almost never.  I don’t like showing off my wealth a lot.”  Lena nods.  “Understandable.”  Lena’s phone rings.  

           Lex wants to FaceTime.  She looks at Kara.  “Go ahead I don’t mind.”  Lena smiles and she answers the phone. Lex’s face appears.  “Lena!  Check what I posted.”  Lena laughs as she opens her Instagram.  “Alright.”  

           She goes to Lex’s account.  It’s a picture of Kara and Lena.  Lena laughs at the caption.  Kara looks at her.  “What’d he put?”  “Finally got Lena to let me take a pic of her and her beautiful girlfriend @ KDanvers.”  Kara laughs.  

            She leans to the phone.  “Lex, you sir are the best.”  “I know right?  And you both look stunning.”  Kara smiles.  She looks at Lena and then she turns to focus on the road.  “Thank you Lex.  I think I will hang up now.  Kara needs to focus on driving her Lamborghini.”  “Dead ass?  She has a damn Lambo?!”  Kara laughs.  

               She looks at the phone.  “Yes, Lex.”  “Why haven’t you been driving that?!  I would’ve kissed you if I seen that!”  Kara laughs.  “When we get back, we may stop by Mike and Imra’s to let you take a look.”  She hears Lex laughs.  “If my sister approves.  She may want to go straight to sexy ti—.”  “Okay Lex.  Love you bye.”  Lena ends the call.  

             Kara grins at Lena.  “You want to go straight to sexy time afterwards?”  Lena grins.  “Depends on how my night goes.”  Kara smiles and kisses Lena.  They are interrupted by honking.  Kara rolls her eyes and she looks at the light.  It’s green now.  Kara goes through the light.  


              Kara smiles.  She moves her hand off the wheel and Lena holds it.  Kara pulls up to a restaurant with a modernized exterior.  Kara puts the car in park.  The valets open the car doors.  Kara and Lena get out.  

             Kara turns off the car and she tosses the keys to the valet.  “Just park her.  Nothing fancy.”  The valet nods.  Kara sticks her hand in her pocket and she holds Lena’s with her other hand.  

              Kara watches as a limousine pulls up.  Alex and Sam step out together.  Alex looks over at the valet pulling away from the restaurant in her Lamborghini.  “No wonder you wanted to make me take an uber!”  Kara rolls her eyes.  “Let’s just go inside.”  Alex sighs.  

            The group goes inside.   Kara looks at Lena.  “Should we go to Mike and Imra’s after?”  Lena smiles.  “If you want.”  Kara nods.  

             She approaches the hostess.  “Table for four.”  “Name?”  “Danvers.  I called yesterday.”  The hostess looks through a book and nods.  “Ah, Danvers.  Follow me.”  The group follows the hostess.  

                   She sits them.  Kara and Lena sit together while Alex and Sam sit together.  Sam’s phone rings.  She looks at it and laughs.  “Lex sent pictures.  Do you two care if I give him your numbers?”  Kara shrugs.  “I don’t care.  I freaking love Lex.”  Kara looks at the menu.  

           She points.  “I love the fillet migon.  Either that or the Japanese Kobe.  That is some good beef right there.”  Lena raises an eyebrow.  “You really like steak.”  Kara laughs.  “They have chicken and excellent pastas.  Ooh they also have the most amazing potstickers.”  Lena smiles at her.  

           Alex sighs.  “Did you invite Sam and I just so then we could watch you two eye fuck?”  Kara laughs.  “Uh okay, I think I’m going to get the Japanese Kobe.  Very expensive, but delicious.”  Kara looks at Lena.  “What’d you like?”  Lena points.  “Perhaps the Blue-fin tuna with white truffle pasta.  They have everything don’t they?”  Alex nods.  

           She crosses her arms.  “Everything except for good beer.”  Kara laughs.  “You said you loved their scotch!”  Alex rolls her eyes.  A waitress comes by.  The group orders.  

             The waitress comes by with a bottle of wine.  “May I offer the house wine?  It is a bottle of ten year cabernet sauvignon.  Aged in our cellar.”  Kara smiles.  “Sure.  I’ll take some.  I don’t know about the others.”  Sam raises her hand.  “I’ll take some.”  Lena smiles.  “I’ll just have a glass of scotch please.”  Alex nods.  “Got any beer?”  The waitress hesitates.  “Uh, let me check.”  She pours a glass of wine for Sam and Kara quickly then leaves the bottle with them.  

            Kara laughs and points.  “You don’t go to a restaurant and order beer.”  Alex points.  “Do you even know how to spell sauvignon?”  Sam puts her on the table.  “Let’s be civil please.”  Kara smiles.  

                   The waitress returns with a bottle of scotch.  She smiles at Alex.  “We have Bud Light as well as some luxury beers, ma’am.”  Alex claps.  “Oh hell yeah.  You ma’am are my favorite person.”  Kara laughs.  

          Alex points.  “Just get me a tall glass of  Bud Light.”  The waitress nods and she pours the scotch for Lena.  She leaves.  Kara points as she walks off.  “Remind me to give her a huge tip for dealing with Alex’s ass.”  Lena laughs.  

                 Sam touches her girlfriend’s shoulder.  Kara grins.  She points at Alex.  “I think you’re the reason why they even have beer.  Remember the time you showed up drunk?”  Alex laughs.  “Maybe.”  Lena laughs.  

               The waitress returns with Alex’s beer and a plate of potstickers.  Kara smiles.  “Thank you.  I love potstickers.”  The waitress smiles.  “We know, anything for our favorite soccer player here at Table Salt.”  She leaves.  Alex crosses her arms.  

           She groans.  “I hate you so much.”  She takes a sip from her beer.  Lena smiles.  She crosses her arms.  “Well I love her so.”  Kara puts her arm around Lena.  She kisses her girlfriend’s cheek.  

               She rubs Kara’s hand.  Kara grins.  “She said she loves me.”  Kara pops a potsticker into her mouth.  

               The waitress comes back with their food.  Kara smiles at food.  She moves and the group starts to eat.  



               Lena smiles as she and Kara walk out of the restaurant together.  They hear cameras clicking, and for once, Lena doesn’t mind the paparazzi.  Kara stops a few times to sign things, but other than that, the couple just goes straight to Kara’s car.  

            The Lamborghini is out front.  The valet tosses the keys to Kara.  Kara grins.  “Thanks.”  The two get into Kara’s car.  

             Kara smiles and looks at Lena.  “Onto Imra and Mike’s?”  Lena nods.  “I’ll call Lex.”  Kara leans towards Lena.  “You know, Lex can wait until tomorrow.”  Lena nods.  “Yeah we’ll see him at Mike and Imra’s party.”  She kisses Kara.  

             Kara pulls away with a sly grin.  “Let’s go to your place tonight.”  Lena grins as Kara speeds away from the light.  They get to Lena’s building.  The two get out.  

                Kara holds Lena’s hand.  Lena puts her hand on Kara’s chest.  “I had a great time tonight, darling.”  Kara grins as she presses the elevator button.  “I had a great time tonight too.  But let’s not end it now, hm?”  Lena grins.  She kisses Kara passionately.  Kara grins.  The elevator opens.  Lena pushes Kara into the elevator.  



                 Sam and Alex walk around the city.  Sam smiles at Alex.  “Kara gave us a nice dinner.”  Alex nods.  “Yeah.  It was good.”  The two stop.  

               Sam kisses Alex.  Alex grins and looks at Sam.  “What was that for?”  Sam sighs.  “Something’s off.  What’s wrong?”  Alex sighs.  “This definitely isn’t how I imagined our first like date date going.”  Sam smiles.  

              She shrugs.  “I thought it was perfect babe.”  Alex smiles and kisses Sam.  “Your place.”  Sam asks.  Alex grins.  “Obviously, I think Kara and Lena took over your place.”  Sam laughs.  

           The two continue on to Alex’s apartment.  


        Lena’s phone rings for the fifth time and she finally checks it.  It’s Bruce Wayne.  Lena groans and she answers it.  “Hello?”  “Ms. Luthor I thought you wouldn’t answer my call.  Neither you nor Alexander.”  Lena groans and she rubs her eyes.  

             She sighs.  “Sorry, I was asleep.  What do you need, Mr. Wayne.”  “I am willing to take Allie Long and Eve Tessmacher from your team.  I’ve seen the things that uh Tessmacher has said about Kara Danvers.”  Lena groans.  

              Kara stirs beside her and she touches Lena’s waist.  Lena shifts.  “If you were to kick Tessmacher it’d seem biased.  I have no relationship with Ms. Danvers so there wouldn’t be that much backlash.”  “Great idea Mr. Wayne, but we’re handling it in house.  National City is planning on doing some more trading and signing.  We’ll handle it.”  Kara kisses Lena’s neck.  

              She groans.  “Babe who’s calling you at this hour?”  Lena smiles.  “Mr. Wayne I’ll get in touch with you tomorrow.”  “Ah, yes, my apologies Ms. Luthor.  Have a nice night.”  Lena hangs up.  

                   Lena kisses Kara’s head.  “No one, darling.”  Kara wraps her arms around Lena.  “Go back to sleep babe.”  She nuzzles Lena’s neck.  The once confident Kara Danvers has turned into a tired puppy.  Lena chuckles.  “I love you, Kara.”  Lena turns and kisses Kara’s forehead.  

            Kara smiles.  She opens her eyes.  She looks up at Lena.  She kisses her girlfriend tenderly.  “I love you too.”  Kara smiles.  Lena lays on Kara’s chest.  “Good night, darling.”  She falls asleep to Kara’s steady heartbeat.  



               Sam opens Lena’s apartment door for Jess.  Kara’s jacket is on the floor.  Sam steps over it and she moves by Kara’s tie.  She grins.  “Oh man, Alex is gonna flip.”  Jess rolls her eyes.  

              Jess picks up Kara’s jacket.  “Ms. Danvers is quite messy.”  Sam laughs as she sees Lena’s dress on the couch and her red lace panties on the stairs.  Sam closes her eyes.  

             Jess bumps into Sam.  “Well, I am going to get my things, and I am moving out.”  Sam laughs.  “Jess, she’s leaving tonight, you’ll have the whole place to yourself for a whole week.”  Jess sighs.  

               They hear a loud moan from the upstairs bedroom.  Sam chuckles.  “I’m surprised you of all people forgot something.”  Jess sighs.  “Lex drug me out of bed at ten o’clock when I was half asleep.  To be honest I thought the building was on fire.  Also, I never want to see Lena’s lingerie again.”  Jess storms off to her room.  

              Sam shakes her head.  She laughs and picks up Lena’s lingerie as she goes up the stairs.  She knocks on the door.  She hears a large thud.  Sam tries holding in her laughter.  

             The door opens.  Lena is there covering herself with a robe.  “What are you doing here?!”  Sam holds the lingerie up.  “Here.  Jess was disgusted.”  Lena smiles.  “Thank you for ruining the mind blowing orgasm I was having.”  Sam laughs.  

               Lena groans.  “Why are you even here?”  “Jess forgot some stuff and admittedly so did I.”  Lena laughs.  “Deadass?”  Sam nods.  “Yeah.”  “Jess forgot something?”  Sam nods.  

               Lena’s eyes go wide.  “Show me.”  Sam nods.  Lena comes out of her room.  “I’ll be right back, darling.”  “Yeah okay.”  Kara answers.  

         Sam laughs.  Lena walks down the steps.  “How’s the sex like?”  Lena grins.  “Mind blowing.  Oh god we did it like four times last night.”  They go down the hall to Jess’s room.  

                    She opens the door to Jess’s room.  “Hey Jess.”  Jess glares at Lena.  “You and your girlfriend need to clean before you both leave.  Please.”  Lena nods.  “Of course.”  Sam turns and she sees Kara.  Kara’s in a sports bra and shorts.  She hugs Lena from behind.  

              Lena smiles.  “Darling.”  Kara kisses Lena’s neck.  “Yeah?”  “Go uh clean up.  I’ll be there.”  Kara looks at Jess who is clearly unhappy about her affections.  Kara nods.  “Got it.”  Kara leaves.  

              Sam laughs.  “I interrupted their apparent mind blowing orgasm.”  Lena and Jess sigh together.  Sam smiles at the two. “I had a good night last night.  It was like really good sleep.”  Lena sighs.  “I had a good night as well.  Probably one of the best nights I’ve had in a while.”  Jess nods.  “Mike and Imra have a nice guest bedroom.  It was very comfortable.”  Lena sighs.  “I’m going to help uh Kara.”  Lena leaves.  

              Sam laughs.  She points. “Let’s hurry because we both know what’s going to happen.”  Jess nods.  “Yeah.”  The two leave quickly.  



               Kara puts her arm around Lena.  She rubs Lena’s shoulder.  “Jess is going to hate me.”  Kara laughs.  She moves Lena’s chin towards her.  She kisses her. “Oh well, it’s not like she’s going to walk into the bathroom.”  Lena chuckles.  

                She climbs on top of Kara.  Kara grins up at Lena.  “Well I guess I can cross off having sex in a jacuzzi off my bucket list.”  Lena grins and she kisses Kara.  Kara holds Lena up with her arm.  “You are so beautiful.”  She moves her hands down Lena’s torso.  


Chapter Text

             Alex looks at Sam and Jess sitting on some floats.  “Dead ass?”  Sam nods.  Alex laughs and claps her hands.  

              Lucy sighs from her towel.  She turns and looks the three.  “She is Kara you know.  They’re probably fucking each other’s brains out right now.”  

                  Jess sighs.  “Okay, that’s enough of this conversation.  I really don’t want to hear more of my boss’s sex life.”  She gets out of the pool and she goes inside.  

                 Alex laughs.  “Well, she stayed here this long.”  Sam claps.  “She was dying to get out of the penthouse earlier.”  Alex laughs.  She points.  “I’m pretty sure you keep on holding the poor girl hostage.”  Sam laughs.  

            Lex floats over.  “Hey, what’s going on?”  Lucy points.  “We’re talking about Kara and Lena having sex.”  Lex hums. “I assume that’s why they’re not here.”  Sam nods.  “They were having sex like right as we go there and we interrupted their orgasm.”  Lex nods.  

           Alex points.  “Ten dollars says they had sex in Lena’s awesome jacuzzi bathtub.”  Lex points.  “How do you know about that?”  Alex grins.  

           Lucy moves her sunglasses down.  She laughs.  “Danvers you didn’t.”  Sam and Alex look at each other.  Lex laughs.  “That’s hilarious.”  

           “Hey party people!”  Alex turns to see Kara in swim shorts and a bikini top.  

          Kara’s hair is tied up in a bun.  She waves.  She’s holding hands with Lena.  Lena has large sunglasses on and she’s in a bikini.  

            Sam pops her head up and does a wolf whistle.  “I might just have to trade you Danvers, Lena.”  Lena laughs.  Alex kicks Sam’s float with her good foot causing the brunette to fall out of the float.  She surfaces while laughing.  

              Lucy grins she moves her glasses down as Kara approaches.  She grins.  “Care to share, Luthor?  I always love seeing Supergirl’s abs.”  Kara laughs.  

           Alex watches as Barry and Mike go behind Kara.  The two guys pick her up and they toss her into the pool.  Lena laughs.  

            Kara surfaces.  She climbs out of the pool.  She manages to get Barry into the pool.  Mike and her wrestle at the edge.  Lucy claps.  “Come on Danvers!”  Lena laughs.  She sits next to Alex at the edge of the pool.  

             Sara runs out of the house and she tackles the two of them into the pool.  Everyone laughs.  Kara surfaces.  She laughs.  The four of them wrestle on the other end of the pool.  

               Lena chuckles.  “Get on his back, darling!”  She yells.  Lucy laughs.  “James and Mike were out here fighting earlier.  Imra and Winn are very violent trophy wives.  Especially Imra.”  Alex chuckles.  

             Lex groans.  “I’m going to go and get a hotdog.”  He gets out of the pool.  He goes inside.  

          Alex points.  “So what were you and Kara doing?”  “When?”  “Like last night and this morning?”  Lena smiles.  “Not much.”  Sam rolls her eyes.  

                Imra, Ava, and Iris walk out of the house.  Imra pumps her fist.  “Get them honey!”  The two women walk over to the small group.  Ava and Iris introduce themselves to Lena.  

           Iris claps.  “Barry come on you’re faster!”  Lena chuckles. She looks at the three women standing next to her.  “I believe we all know Kara’s winning this fight.” Lena pumps her fist.  “Come on darling!”  Mike surfaces and he gets pulled down.  

           Barry surfaces closer to the group.  He holds his hands up.  “Forfeiting.”  Kara surfaces and points.  “Losers!”  She swims over to the group.  

          Kara laughs.  She hops out of the pool and sits between Lena and Alex.  She wraps her arm around Lena.  The two kiss.  

            Sam points.  “If Jess sees you then she’ll lose it.”  Kara nods.  “Yeah she almost murdered me when I kissed Lena right outside of her room.”  Sam shrugs.  “To be fair, you two left clothes everywhere.  You know, seeing Lena's red lace lingerie on the steps really scarred her for life.”  Kara laughs.  

                Lucy points.  “How was the dinner last night?  Kara was so excited about it.”  Lena smiles.  Kara puts her arm around Lena.  “It was great, amazing. Better with Alex too.  I think she gave our waitress a run for her money.”  Everyone laughs.  

              Lena points.  “How much was the bill, darling?”  Kara shrugs.  “Almost two grand.  Thankfully Alex chose the cheap meal and just got a beer and lobster.”  Lucy points.  “That seems like an Alex thing.”  Kara laughs.  

                Winn and James walk out holding a beer each.  “Guys, want any beer?!”  Winn asks.  Alex raises her hand.  “Beer me, Jimmy!”  James laughs and he goes inside.  



                  Lex drinks some beer.  Jess looks past him and out the window.  “What do you think they’re talking about?”  Lex smiles.   “Lena and Kara’s sex life.”  He takes a sip of beer.   

             The two watch as Alex hits Lena’s arm and the group laughs. Lex nods.  “Definitely talking about sex.”  Imra walks into the house.  

               She points outside.  “Why aren’t you two out there?”  Lex sighs. “Got tired of hearing about my sister’s sex life.”  Jess nods.  “Same here.  I’m tired of hearing about Lena’s sex life.”  Imra nods.  “Understandable.”  Jess laughs.  

             Jess watches outside.  “What are they talking about now?”  Imra laughs.  “Mike and Kara were going to wrestle again.  But before that they were talking about sex.”  Jess nods.  “Of course.  I was at the penthouse this morning, and they were practically undressing each other with their eyes.”  Imra and Lex laugh together.  

             They hear a loud splashing.  Imra laughs.  “I believe Kara just jumped into the pool. I’m supposed to be getting like everyone a beer.  Mind helping me?”  Lex gives a thumbs up.  Jess sighs.  “Of course.  They do know that almost everyone will be on a plane tonight?”  Imra nods.  “It’s only noon.  I’m sure we’ll be fine.”  Jess laughs.  “Okay.”  She gets up from her seat.  



                Kara stretches out on her float.  She looks at Lena in a similar float next to her.  “I can’t wait for the away game.”  Lena smiles.  “I am glad, darling.  I on the other hand will be sitting through board meeting all week.”  Kara floats over to her girlfriend.  She kisses Lena.  “I’m sorry babe.”  Kara holds Lena’s hand.  


Chapter Text

               Lena sits doing paperwork.  It’s been four days since her stay in National City and she’s honestly lonely.  Kara and Lex aren’t there to distract her from work.  And Jess isn’t there to help her with the move, she’s on her own.  

               Her door swings open.  There stands Lillian Luthor.  Lena groans.  “Just when I was having a good day.  Hello, mother.”  Lillian smiles.  “Hello, Lena.  I see you’re running the company into the ground still.  Your approval ratings will never be up if you keep seeing that soccer player.”  Lena chuckles.  “My approval ratings have actually risen since Kara and I have started dating.”  Lena leans in her seat.  

            She smiles.  “Turns out, dating a soccer player actually helps the company.  Kara’s fans wish to know a lot about me, and so they research L-Corp and all of the good that L-Corp has done.  I actually got to number two on Twitter trending yesterday.”  Lillian stands there.  “Well I didn’t know that.  I th—.”  She gets interrupted by a knock.  

            Mike Daxam walks into Lena’s office with Andrea behind him.  Lena sighs.  “We’ll have to continue this conversation later, mother.”  Lillian leaves in a huff.  

         Lena sits up straight.  “What are you doing here, Mike?”  Mike smiles.  “Kara says hi.  Also we need a new social media strategy.”  Andrea rolls her eyes.  

             Lena looks at her.  “What are you doing here?”  “He drug me here because I think he’s wrong!”  Mike sighs.  He sits in one of the chairs across from Lena.  “I think we should change the media strategy right now.  Like our social media.  Orlando Pride has this awesome galaxy type aesthetic.  What if we applied the same technique to have it more pleasing for the eye.”  Andrea shakes her head.  

            Lena looks at Mike.  “Go on.”  Mike nods.  “Yes, well what if had like a technology theme?  With like wires or I can send you an email of a proposed idea for the social media team.”  Lena nods.  “Of course.”  She looks at Andrea.  

            She sighs.  “What do you need?”  “Any news about your relationship?”  Lena sighs.  “No, I have work to do.”  Andrea leaves in a huff.  

            Mike nods.  “I also have another statement brought to you by Lex Luthor.”  Lena groans.  “Mike I really have work to do.”  Mike sighs.  “Lex said to let me stay with you.  Kara and Jess also pushed me to come here.  They want me to make sure you’re well.  Jess especially.  She wants to make sure you are not overworking yourself.”  Lena sighs.  “I’m doing just fine, so you’re staying with me?”  Mike nods.  “Just until after the game tomorrow night.  Kara has a flight booked all the way from Gotham to here.”  Lena chuckles.  

            Mike laughs with her.  “Yeah ridiculous.  She’s, you have her messed up you know.  She has been a mopey puppy these last few practices.”  Lena smiles.  “I’m sure Alex’s injury factors into that.  How long is she out for?”  Mike sighs.  “Like ten weeks.”  Lena nods.  

         She looks at some more paperwork.  She looks at Mike.  “Lex didn’t give you a key, did he?”  Mike shakes his head.  

                 Lena sighs.  Sam opens the door.  She points at Mike.  “Woah, you’re here.”  Mike nods.  “Yeah, Alex is somewhere in the building.  She was my distraction.”  Sam grimaces.  Lena groans.  “I’ll call security.”  Sam points.  “Okay.”  Lena picks up her phone.  

              The three wait until Lena gets off the phone with security.  Lena sets her phone down.  She points at Mike.  “You, Alex, and I are going to have a long talk about breaking onto L-Corp properties.”  She looks at Sam.  “What do you need?”  Sam lays some binders on Lena’s desk.  “Went over all of our financials and we can keep our size.  No branch closings.  The past few days we have made all of our money back.  Almost.  Just from soccer.”  Lena smiles.  

           Her phone buzzes.  She checks it.  Kara had sent her a picture.  It’s a picture of Kara and an orange cat.  Lena smiles and shakes her head.  

            Mike grins.  “Is that the Golden Retriever?”  Lena nods.  She instantly sighs.  “Kara took in a stray kitten.”  Mike laughs.  “That is the most Kara Danvers thing I’ve heard.”  Lena laughs.  

           Sam smiles.  “Send that picture to me.”  She claps and points to Lena.  “Oh, so you know yesterday we showed you trending?”  Lena nods.  Sam grins.  “Well, most of them were thirst tweets.”  Lena laughs.  

                 Sam nods.  “So, I was approached about you doing a reading thirst tweets with CATCO.  Well, Cat messaged me about it.”  Lena nods.  “Send a schedule.  I’m sure they want me to do more stuff to get more in touch with the youth of today.  Our outreach programs work, but media is where we need to focus.”  Sam nods.  “I’ll let Andrea know about it.”  Sam leaves.  




             Kara lays on the turf and closes her eyes.  She hears footsteps.  She groans.  “Who is it?”  

             “It’s me, Danvers?”  Kara’s eyes open at the sound of Kate’s voice.  She grins at the figure of Kate standing over her.  Kara grins.  “It’s so cool that you got traded.”  Kate laughs.  

          Kate sits beside of Kara.  “Where’s your girlfriend?”  “Metropolis for business.  Alex and Mike went too.”  Kate nods.  “You okay?  You seem down?”  Kara sighs.  “It’s been three days and I already miss Lena.  Like too much.”  Kara sighs.  

            Kara smiles and lays next to Kara.  “Well, just call her.”  Kara laughs.  “She’s a CEO of a tech company.  She’s probably busy.”  Kate shrugs.  “So?”  Kara smiles.  She gets her phone out.  

                   She smiles and happily calls Lena.  Kate smiles.  She sits up.  “I’m going to go talk with Kelly and Jimmy.”  She leaves.  

               Kara smiles as the phone rings in.  “Hey darling.”  Lena answers.  Kara smiles.  “Hey.  How’s it going?”  “Great, great.  Mike and Alex broke into L-Corp and uh they are staying with me at my penthouse here.”  Kara chuckles.  

            She scratches her side. “Sorry about that.  I asked them because Jess and Lex were talking about how you forget to eat and take breaks.  I was just worried.”  Lena chuckles.  “It’s fine, darling.”  Kara sighs.  “I can’t wait for tomorrow night.”  Lena chuckles.  “Missing me that much?”  “Yeah.  I really miss you.”  Lena sighs.  “I miss you too.  I love you.”  Kara smiles. “Love you.  I’ll see you tomorrow?” “Yeah, love you.”  “Bye.”  “Bye.”  Kara ends the call.  Her phone buzzes.  

            Lena had sent the heart eyes emoji at the picture of Kara and the new cat which Kara named Streaky.  



                Alex waits by the entrance to a high school soccer stadium.  Sam walks behind her.  “Ruby’s really good.”  Sam nods.  “Yeah.  You giving her an autograph?”  Alex grins.  

            She pulls Sam in for a kiss.  “Of course.  Come on.”  Alex smiles and the two go across the field.  

          Ruby’s coach waves.  “Hey Ms. Arias!”  Sam waves.  The coach walks over to Sam and Alex.  The coach looks at Alex and she raises an eyebrow.  Alex smiles.  

           She chuckles.  “Yeah it’s me.”  The coach laughs.  “Well, I didn’t know Ms. Arias was dating a superstar too!  I have read all about your boss and Kara Danvers.”  Sam chuckles.  “Yeah, Lena and Kara, they’re definitely in love.”  Alex snorts.  “Yeah.  A bit too much.  So uh where’s the team?”  “Locker room.”  Alex nods.  

             Sam puts her arms around Alex.  Coach claps.  “I am going to get the girls, they’ll uh, they’ll be excited.”  Alex nods.  

           Alex groans.  Sam looks at her with concern.  “You alright?”  Alex nods.  “I just need a seat.”  Sam looks at the cooler.  “Just sit on the cooler.”  Alex nods.  She sits and holds her crutches.  She smiles.  

              Alex looks at Sam.  “I want to take you out on a date.”  Sam smiles.  “Maybe when we get back to National City.  It’s my turn to take you on a date.”  Alex laughs.  “Sure.  Lena’s cock blocking us.”  Sam raises an eyebrow.  “She wants me to stay with her so we don’t have sex.”  Sam laughs.  

            She points at Alex.  “Your sister is getting revenge.  Those two have definitely talked.”  Alex sighs.  “I hate it when Kara cock blocks me.  I’m cock blocking her next time Lena goes to National City.”  Sam laughs and kisses Alex.  

          “Woah!”  Alex looks up to see a girl standing in front of her.  Alex waves.  “Sup.”  The girl blinks.  She points.  “You are Alex Danvers.”  Alex nods.  “Yep.”  The girl grins and runs off.  

          The couple sees Ruby’s team.  The team starts to run over.  




             Lena grumbles while answering Lex’s phone call.  “What?”  “Snappy.”  Lena groans.  She watches as Mike moving boxes.  “I appreciate you sending Mike and Alex.”  Lex laughs.  

                Lena sighs.  “I can’t believe they came here because you and Kara had asked them to.”  Lex chuckles.  “Alex wanted to see Sam.”  Lena raises an eyebrow.  “What about Mike?”  “We were working on marketing.  I gave him Andrea’s number and then they got into an argument.”  Lena chuckles.  “And they brought that argument right to me.  Right in the middle of a visit from mother.”  Lex scoffs.  

              He groans.  “She complain about Kara?”  Lena sighs.  “Yep.  Let me guess, she’s trying to rope you into her little plan to break Kara and I up.”  “Yep.”  With a little pop to the “p”. 

          Lena laughs.  “Of course.  You guys heading to Gotham tonight?”  “Yeah, I guess you’ll see me on TV.  Then tomorrow night Kara, Jess, and I are heading to Metropolis and then Mike will leave.”  Lena smiles.  “Alright.  I will see you then.”  “Bye!”  Lex ends the call abruptly.  

           Mike comes back into the penthouse.  “That’s most of your boxes, anything else?”  Lena chuckles.  “No, I think the movers can get them when I’m ready.  Those boxes just have my more personal belongings.”  Mike nods.  

          Lena’s phone dings.  She checks it.  Kara sent a video of her working out in a sports bra.  Mike laughs and Lena looks at him.  “You’re drooling.  Did Kara send you a workout video?”  Lena’s phone dings again.  She looks at it.  

                  It’s a selfie of Kara in a sports bra.  Kara’s grinning in the picture and she has one arm up and flexed.  Lena quickly sends heart eyes back.    

                 Mike laughs.  Lena looks and he’s sitting beside her.  Lena smiles.  “Kara had sent me a picture of her working out.”  Mike laughs.  “I figured she did."  The door opens.  

          Alex walks in with her crutches.  She sits in Lena's recliner.  "God, soccer girls.  They wear me out."  Lena chuckles.  Alex points.  "Don't you dare make a sex joke, Luthor."  Lena laughs.  

         She nods.  "Alright, where's Sam?"  Alex sighs.  "She took Ruby home.  They want some time together, but I'll be there for dinner."  Lena nods.  She stands up. "I am going to go call Kara.  Will you two be okay?"  Mike and Alex give a thumbs up.  Lena leaves the room.  

       She FaceTimes Kara.  Kara picks up.  Kara is still wearing her sports bra, so she must've just got finished working out.  

            Kara takes a drink from her water and she smiles at Lena.  "Hey, Lee."  Lena smiles.  "You working out?"  Kara nods.  "Yep, in your gym.  It's great.  Especially after Jess like fixed almost every single piece of equipment."  Lena chuckles.  

              Kara waves and she moves into an elevator.  Lena raises an eyebrow.  "Where are you going, now?"  "Lex, Jess, and I are all going out to eat.  Lex is letting me keep some of my stuff up in your pent house.  That's okay, right?"  Lena nods.  "Of course.  Yeah, and I can't wait to see you tomorrow night."  Kara sighs.  "Me too."  She claps.  

              She looks at Lena.  "Jess also had arranged and got like a bunch of inspectors from the city."  Lena nods.  "I assume she overseen everything?"  Kara nods.  "She even missed practice for the inspections."  Lena chuckles.  "Tell her to take it easy.  Lex can do it.  Lex knows what I want done and how I want it.  Jess just is more thorough."  Kara nods.  "Alright, so just make Lex do it?"  Lena nods.  "Yeah, uh but not tonight.  Enjoy your dinner.  I'll talk to you tomorrow."  Kara waves and Lena ends the call.  

Chapter Text


       Lena sits watching the news.  Mike sits beside her.  "Is it still not on?"  Lena shakes her head.  He eats a piece of popcorn.  "I gave Barry clear instructions and I want to see if he followed them."  Lena nods.  

          Alex points.  "Luthor, pass the popcorn."  Lena hands the bowl of popcorn to Alex.  Alex groans.  "I hope we win."  Lena nods.  "We're statistically stronger with Kate Kane on our team.  I have no clue as to why Bruce Wayne wanted to trade."  Mike shrugs.  

       He takes a drink of soda.  "He should've asked for Eve Tessmacher."  Lena sighs.  "He offered to take her then remove her from Gotham, I declined."   Mike glares at Lena.  "Seriously?  We could've gotten rid of her four days ago?!  We should've done that!"  Lena frowns.  "I think we shouldn't do that, we should just flat out black list her.  Bruce wouldn't have cause, we would.  I didn't want to wish a lawsuit upon him."  Alex points.  "She's got a point."  Mike huffs.  

        He crosses his arms.  "I understand, but for the record, I am not happy knowing that information.”  Lena nods.  “That’s understandable, you’re one of Kara’s best friends.  I apologize.  I had just thought ahead as a precaution.”  Mike sighs.  The NWSL logo appears on the screen.  Mike points. “There they are!”  The screen shows Kara dancing on the side lines.  

               Tobin goes behind Kara and she kicks a ball between Kara’s legs.  Kara snaps up and laughs.  She pushes Tobin. 

                 Mike points and laughs.  “Wow.”  He claps.  He looks up at the line up.  “Jess changed up lineup.  She's bold."

             Alex claps.  “Oh hell yeah, dream team starting.”  Lena raises an eyebrow.  Alex points.  “Tobin, Christen, and Kara are our forwards; Kate, Lindsey, and Imra as our mid fielders; finally Vasquez, Nia, Sara, and Maggie are our D.”  Alex laughs and claps.  “Dream team!”  Mike laughs.  

                 The door opens.  Ruby and Sam walk in.  They’re both wearing jerseys.  Ruby sighs.  “I’m going to go to the bathroom.”  Ruby leaves.  Sam walks over and sits next to Alex.  

               Alex grins at Sam in her A. Danvers 13 jersey.  She kisses her.  “You’re hot, babe.”  Sam raises an eyebrow.  “Really?”  Alex nods and she rubs Sam’s back.  “I love your shirt.”  Lena rolls her eyes.  “Will you two be all over each other all night?”  Alex grins.  

              Lena shakes her head.  She looks up as Ruby enters.  “Hey Rubes.”  Alex and Sam split apart slightly like horny teenagers being caught.  Lena chuckles.  She pats a spot next to her.  “Rubes over here with me and Mike.”  Ruby smiles and sits next to Lena.  



                Kara pops the ball back into play and she passes the ball to Tobin.  Tobin passes back and Kara scores.  Kara jumps up and the two run and hug.  Kara pats Tobin’s pack.  The two turn.  Tobin and Kara gestures to Christen.  The two embrace her.  

                The three run and they go to half field.  Carli Lloyd yells and Gotham does a kick off.  Kara runs and Carli dodges her.  Kate slide tackles Carli and passes the ball to Kara.  Kara points up field and she sends the ball up to Christen.  Christen sends it to the top of the box where Kara receives it and she boots it in the goal.  

   Kara hops up and pumps her fist.  "Hell yeah Press!"  She claps.  "Let's go baby!"  Christen laughs and puts her arm around Kara's shoulder.  Kara flexes.  She laughs.  


      Lena chuckles and she points at Kara flexing her biceps.  "I love her so much."  Mike laughs.  "She's so happy.  All the time.  She's like a puppy."  Lena laughs.  

         Everyone watches as Allie Long takes the ball and scores.  Mike sighs and gestures.  "Damn, I can't believe she did that."  Kara laughs and claps.  She points at Allie Long.  

     Lena smiles.  "And of course Kara is cracking jokes."  Mike nods.  "Of course."  Mike points as Imra takes a ball up the field and she scores.  

      Mike jumps up.  "Hell yeah!  That's my wife!"  Mike claps.  "Hell yeah!"  Alex laughs.  Mike sits down.  

        Ruby laughs.  Mike and Ruby lean closer to the TV.  Alex points as it goes to half time.  "I've seen this story before.  Kara will do a hat trick, then Carli Lloyd scores against us."  Mike shrugs.  "Ten bucks says she doesn't.  She's older, this season's her last.  I doubt it."  Ruby rolls her eyes.  

      She sits up.  "Carli is the GOAT.  Come on, Mike.  I think she'll score."  Alex nods.  She points her beer towards Ruby.  "The kid gets it, Coach.  Carli is a GOAT, she'll get one or two on us."  Mike rolls his eyes.  

            He gestures to the TV.  "Lucy and our D were trained by the best."  They enter the second half.  Kara kicks it back.  Imra receives it and she sends it to Christen.  

        Kara runs and she receives a pass.  She pops it over her head and over Gotham's head.  Kara turns past the defender and it's just her and the goalie.  She sends it into the goal.  

          Mike points.  "Kara's hat trick."  Alex nods.  "Now, we see if Carli gets it."  Mike points.  "I get ten dollars from you Alex."  Alex nods.  "If she doesn't get it."  Mike rolls his eyes.   

       Gotham sends it down the field.  They get it into National City Territory.  One of their forwards tries to send it into the goal, but Sara Lance kicks it out.  Mike leans forward.  

       Lucy gets the ball and she kicks it up field.  Kara receives it and she passes it to Tobin.  Tobin gets it between a defender's legs, and then she gets it between the legs of the goalie.  The time runs out.  

          Tobin claps.  Kara points to her and laughs.  Mike claps.  "Hell yeah!  Queen of Nutmegs winning with a nutmeg!  Alex, you know you owe me!"  Lena chuckles.  She watches as Kara picks up Tobin on her shoulders and the two pump their fists.  



          Kara laughs as she carries Tobin on her shoulders as they enter the tunnel.  "Make way for the Queen of Nutmegs!"  Tobin laughs. Christen approaches them while holding hers and Tobin's jackets.  

         Christen smiles at Kara and Tobin.  "Can I please have the Queen of Nutmegs?"  Tobin laughs.  "Yo, she's uh so freaking strong Christen."  Christen laughs.  

      She crosses her arms and smiles up at Tobin.  "Come on, Kara has a flight to catch for her date with Lena."  Tobin hops off of Kara.  Christen starts heading for the locker room.  

        Tobin taps Kara's shoulder.  "Damn, Danvers.  You getting some tonight?"  Tobin puts on the track jacket.  Kara laughs.  "Uh, yeah it depends.  Sadly Lex and Jess are joining me."  Tobin laughs.  

     Tobin points.  "You do know that Lex and Jess probably have their own places.  They're not staying with Lena."  Kara grins.  "Oh hell yeah.  I will definitely get some."  The two high five.  

       Tobin smiles.  Kara puts her arm around Tobin.  "I just won't be able to talk to Lex about our nightly plans."  Tobin laughs.  

       Kara points.  "Did I tell you about the night before Lena left?"  Tobin raises an eyebrow.  "The one with the big date night?  With your lambo?"  Kara laughs.  "Lex told you?"  Tobin nods.  "Oh yeah."  Kara nods.  "Yeah, we did it like six times that night."  Tobin laughs.  

       They go into the locker room.  Lucy points.  "Kara, Tobin, you guys saved my ass!"  Kara laughs and hugs Lucy with Tobin.  "You're welcome, I guess."  Lucy laughs.  

         Kara grabs her bag up from the bench.  Lex and Jess walk in with J'onn.  J'onn claps.  "Good game everyone.  I'm going to let you go tonight, Sunday night is home against Houston.  I'll let everyone celebrate tonight's win for tomorrow.  You all have earned it."  Kara laughs.  

      She grins.  J'onn sighs.  "Though, I expect everyone bright and early for an all day Saturday practice."  Kara gives a thumbs up.  "I love you J'onn."  J'onn laughs.  

         He looks at Jess.  "Anything to add, Coach?"  Jess shakes her head.  "No, I thought we had a earned victory.  Currently we're undefeated, and I think we can keep it this way for Week 2."  J'onn claps.  "Let's do the howl and then get out of here to go home!"  Kara pumps her fist.  

      The women howl.  Kara removes her contacts and she puts on her glasses.  Jess comes behind her.  "Ready, Kara?"  Kara nods.  


Chapter Text


    Kara adjusts her shirt.  "Think I look good?"  Lex groans. 

     Lex moves his head up from his recliner.  "Yes, for the last time, yes you look stunning."  Kara nods.  

Kara looks at Jess.  "Should I go with the glasses?  I mean is it too much?" 

Jess laughs.  "The glasses are great.  Perfect even.  I even like the nice casual shirt and khakis."  Kara smiles.  "Thanks."  Jess sighs and lays on the couch.  "Danvers if you ask again, you'll be running the city lap."  Kara nods.  





Lena sighs as she plays chess on her laptop.  Someone knocks at her door.  "Come on in!"  "It's uh Kara, I don't have a key."  Lena laughs and gets up.  


She opens the door and Kara's standing there with flowers.  Kara has a blue blazer on with a red sweater and khakis on.


Kara has a goofy smile.  "I got these for you after a quick google search for nearby flower shops."  Lena smiles.  "Thank you, come on in."  Kara walks inside and she puts her arm around Lena.  


Lena smiles.  "It was lonely."  Kara laughs.  She kisses Lena.  Lena takes the flowers from Kara's hands and she sets them on the table.  


Kara grins and she pulls away.  "Please say that Alex went to Sam's."  Lena sighs.  "We can be quiet."  Kara grins.  


She sits on Lena's couch and Lena climbs onto her.  Kara looks at the light from the computer.  "Why are you up so late?"  "Playing chess."  Kara laughs.  "Should we take this to your bedroom?"  Lena chuckles.  "I think it'll be fine."  Kara grins as she removes Lena's top.  





Lena wakes to Kara kissing her shoulders.  Kara nuzzles into Lena's neck.  Lena groans.  "Mornin' darling."  "Mornin'.  Last night was something, huh?"  Lena laughs.  "Yeah, uh it was."  The door swings open.  


Sam is there.  "Woah, you guys destroyed this room."  Lena groans and she closes her eyes.  "Sam why are you here?"  Sam clears her throat.  "I uh I wanted to see Alex before she left.  I assume Mike left?"  "Yeah, go away."  Sam sighs.  "See you."  She leaves.  


Kara sighs.  "Where were we?"  Lena sighs.  "We were talking about last night."  "Mm."  Kara rolls on top of Lena and she kisses her tenderly. 

Lena grins and she moves her head.  "We should do a date night.  Like how you took me out in National City."  Kara smiles.  "I have all day here.  Are you coming back with me?"  Lena sighs.  "Yes, I'm doing the rest of the paperwork for this weekend then I'm handing the reigns to Sam."  Kara grins.  






Alex sits with her head in her hands.  Sam groans as they hear a loud moan.  "How long have they been going at it now?"  Alex shakes her head.  "All night to now."  Lex opens the door.  


He sighs as he hears a moan.  "They're doing it?  Seriously?"  Alex points to Lena's clothes laying around the room.  "They did it last night in here."  


Lex chuckles.  "No one's interrupted them yet?" They hear Lena screaming.  "Fuuuuuuck Kara!"  The three in the living room just stay silent.  


Alex groans.  "I didn't sleep a wink last night.  At all.  God, Kara's going to pay for my therapy."  Lex chuckles.  "Seriously?"  Sam nods.  "Holy shit!"  Sam laughs at Lena’s muffled yelling.  


She points.  "I guess Kara is really good at sex." Alex groans.  "Lex, I'm exhausted.  Can you get me like some doughnuts or something."  Lex gives her a thumbs up.  


They all hear a shower running.  Lex groans.  "Twenty bucks says thirty minutes in the shower."  Alex shakes her head.  "Fifteen and then fifteen more in the bed.  I'll give you twenty dollars and I'll get Kara to let you take a ride in the lambo if I’m wrong."  Lex nods.  "Deal."  The trio wait fifteen minutes.  


The shower stops.  Alex claps.  Lex points.  "Fifteen more."  Alex rolls her eyes.  They wait for fifteen more minutes.  Kara comes from a hallway while drying her hair.  She has a red sweater on with a blue blazer and khakis.  She looks at Lex then to Alex and Sam.  


Lena comes behind her in a grey dress.  She blinks at the audience.  Lex sighs and hands Alex twenty dollars.  


Kara points.  "You betted?"  Alex nods.  "You two kept me up all night.  You aren't allowed to be mad."  Lena smiles.  "Sorry.  My bad."  Kara grins. 

Sam groans.  "Poor Jess and Lex, you're going to National City this week."  Lena nods.  


Lex sighs and stands up.    "Okay, well, I am heading back to National City now to oversee some renovations to the stadium and hotel.”  Lena sighs. “You know what I need, right?”  Lex nods.  “Jess made a list.  She’s going to move some of her stuff to a storage in National City.”  Lena nods.  

  Kara puts her arm around Lena.  “We’re uh going out for a date, Lee’s taking me out on the town.”  Sam laughs.  “There’s not a lot of options.”  Lena chuckles.  


 Alex points at Kara.  “Dream team game was awesome last night.”  Kara laughs.  “Thanks.  Jess was in charge of lineups.”  Alex nods.  


           Lex claps.  “Okay, goodbye I’ll see you all in National City.  Kara, I’ll see you in therapy.”  Kara raises an eyebrow and Lex leaves.  


              Lena points.  “How long was he there?”  Alex groans.  “Like thirty minutes.”  Kara smiles.  She looks at Lena.  “So, where are we going first?”  The two leave.  







          Kara walks with Lena to a park.  Lena chuckles.  “Metropolis is more corporate building than romantic candlelit dinner with your girlfriend.  I apologize.”  Kara laughs.  “No need.  It’s perfect.”  


           Lena smiles.  The two go onto a walking trail.  Kara puts her arm around Lena.  “So, did you grow up here?”  Lena shakes her head.  “No, not in the city.  Just outside of the city is where my parents’s mansion is.  It’s where Lex and I grew up.”  Kara nods.  She smiles and looks around at the trees and grass.  


             She laughs.  “I love the outdoors.  Sometimes I try to go camping when I can.”  Lena smiles.  “I can’t say that I do the same.  I’ve always been a city girl.”  Kara laughs and pulls Lena close.  


               An older women approaches them.  Lena stiffens.  The woman looks to Kara.  “Who are you?”  Kara asks, glaring at the woman.  “Lillian Luthor.  I’m Lena’s mother.  I’m surprised to see you two out.  Lena was never one for outdoors.”  Lena chuckles.  “Yeah, she knows.  I was just telling her.”  Lillian nods.  


              Lena crosses her arms.  “What are you doing here, mother?”  Lena’s tone changes slightly.  “Going to enjoy nature.”  The older woman replies.  


              Lena nods.  “Right, then I will call you soon, mother.”  She pulls Kara away.  Kara follows her. 

She leans over to Lena.  “I assume you don’t have the best relationship with Lillian.”  Lena nods.  “You assume correctly.  Love, I’m not truly a Luthor.  I was adopted and Lillian never made me forget it.”  Kara nods.  “Well, I’ve seen enough of the city.  Would you like to head to National City?”  Lena nods.  “Please.”  


Chapter Text

A month later…


  Kara sighs as she leans against Lena.  Her phone rings.  She sits straight up and goes to the bathroom.  


Lena watches as Kara goes into the restroom with a concerned face.  Lena continues to look at her computer.  


  Five minutes later and Kara comes out with a grin.  “I just got called up!  That was J’onn!  I’m going to the World Cup!”  Lena laughs and she hugs Kara.  


 Kara has a dopey smile.  “What?”  Lena asks in a teasing manner.  Kara grins.  “I’m going to the World Cup.  I want you to come with, Lee.”  Lena nods.  “I will.”  She kisses her girlfriend’s cheek.  Lena smiles as she and Kara watch a soccer game on the jet’s TV.



Two months later…



  Lena hops up from her seat and she claps.  “Come on Darling!”  Alex taps her shoulder.  “No you gotta do it like this.”  She claps.  She adjusts the pride flag around her neck.  “COME ON KARA DANVERS, KICK CANADA’S ASS!”  The older Danvers screams.  


   Kara heads the ball into the penalty box and she gets tackled.  She hits the ground, hard.  


   Kate takes it and scores.  Kara’s still on the ground.  Lena holds her breath.  Christen walks over to Kara.  She says something.  Kara turns and winces.  Press waves and some people with a stretcher runs over.  






  Everything is very fuzzy for Kara.  “Danvers?”  She groans.  “Press, I’m exhausted.”  She turns and she instinctively grabs at her hip where she feels a tremendous amount of pain.  


    Press moves her finger and Kara just focuses on Press’s eyes.  Someone snaps their hand.  Kara groans.  “It hurts to move.”  








  Lena’s phone rings outside of the hospital in Australia.  “Hello?”  “Is she okay?”  Alex says quickly.


  Lena groans.  “ Alex, she has a decent concussion, so no, she’s not okay. When can you get here?”  Alex sighs.  “I’ll be there in like thirty minutes.  I have to get some of Kara’s stuff.”  Lena smiles.  “See you then.”  She puts her phone in her pocket. 


 Lena looks up to see Tobin and Christen approaching her.  Lena smiles.  “Hey.”  Tobin nods.  “Hey.  How is Danvers?”  Lena sighs.  “Concussed.”  Press nods.  


  Tobin sighs.  “I could tell.  Canada hit her pretty hard too.  She rolled far.”  Christen sighs.  “I felt terrible when she fell.”  Lena nods. 

        Lena points to the hospital behind her.  “We should go inside.”  Everyone agrees and goes into the hospital.  


 They go into Kara’s room.  She’s sleeping.  Lena sighs.  The doctor walks in.  He points.  “Family?”  Lena sighs.  “I’m her girlfriend.”  The doctor nods.  He points to Christen and Tobin.  Lena nods.  “They’re fine.  Is my girlfriend going to be okay?”  The doctor nods.  


He sighs.  “Well, yes and no.  She suffered a hip contusion in the fall. She also bruised a few ribs.  Not to mention the concussion she suffered.  Thankfully four to six weeks of bed rest will do just the trick for everything.  Though, I will prescribe crutches to help with the hip.”  Lena nods.  


   Christen watches as the doctor leaves.  “I’ll let the team know.  We bought a card in case it was bad.”  She looks at Kara.  “Then again, Supergirl is quite indestructible so.”  Lena chuckles.  “Thank you.”  Christen and Tobin leave together.  


   Kara lets out a breath and she opens her eyes.  “Are they gone?”  Lena nods.  “Yeah.”  Kara sighs.  “Good.  Lee everything hurts right now.”  Kara touches her head and starts to cry.  


  Lena frowns and she holds one of Kara’s hands.  “Shh, it’ll be okay.”  She kisses Kara’s forehead as she cries. 

Kara touches Lena’s shoulder.  “Lay with me?”  Lena nods.  She gets into the bed next to Kara.  Kara sighs and holds Lena close.  







Lena groans as some light enters the room.  Kara’s above her with her chin resting on Lena’s head.  One figure walks into the room.  Lena blinks.  It’s Christen Press.  


Lena lets out a sigh.  “Hey.”  Christen smiles.  “Hey, I got this for Kara.”  She holds a bag up.  “Well the National team did.  Thankfully we go home to get training.”  Lena nods.  “Alright.”  The door opens again.  Alex walks in.   


 Alex smiles.  “Kara up too?”  She asks Christen. Christen shakes her head.  “No, but Lena’s up.”  Lena chuckles. “Yeah.  Uh I assume you need to know about Kara’s health?”  Alex sighs.  


 Alex looks at Christen and Christen leaves.  Alex sighs.  “The doctors told me.  She can use my crutches, thankfully for her I brought them.  They’re in the rental.”  Lena nods.  “Think she can go home with the team?”  Alex nods.  “They want to monitor her for the rest of the night, and then we’ll go home with the team.”  Lena sighs.  


  Kara groans.  Her hand brushes by Lena’s side and Kara holds her.  She kisses Lena’s head.  “Hey.  I love you.”  Lena smiles.  She looks at Alex.  


 Alex is grinning.  Alex points.  “Awe, Kara that’s sweet.”  Kara blinks. 

Kara looks at her sister.  “Took you long enough.”  Alex chuckles.  “Hey, you played good.  We won by the way.”  Kara laughs.  “Score?”  “Two zero.  Just your goal and then Alex Morgan got the penalty kick.”  Kara groans.  “Okay.”  She sighs.  “How long am I out?”  Alex sighs.  


  Lena and Alex hesitate.  Kara groans.  “Just say it.”  “Four to six weeks.”  Kara sighs.  “Okay.”  Lena gets out of the bed.  “I’m going to go to the hospital cafeteria I’m a bit hungry.”  Alex nods. “Same.”  The two leave Kara.  







 The door opens to Kara’s room.  Lena and Alex shouldn’t be back.  It’s too soon.  The person has takeout.  


Tobin walks in.  She smiles.  “Hey, I was uh hoping to uh catch you alone.”  Kara nods.  She sits up.  Tobin puts the takeout on the table. 

Kara smiles.  “I love you, Tobin.”  Tobin laughs. Kara blinks “Don’t tell Lena I said that.”  Tobin nods.  “I won’t.  Uh so how are you feeling?”  Kara sighs.  “Useless.  I’m out for six weeks.”  Kara opens her takeout.  

She eats a potsticker.  Tobin opens some food and she sits down.  She points.  “I can understand your frustrations.”  Kara sighs.  “Sorry.  I forget you get taken out every other year.”  Tobin laughs.  

Tobin eats some noodles and points.  “Come with Christen and I to check out L-Corp’s stuff.  We are doing a limited time L-Corp drop.”  Kara smiles.  “Thanks for the offer.  I think I will.”  Tobin smiles.  “Lena’s awesome for letting us use a storage facility to house some of our drop.  This is huge with her funding.  If you don’t marry her, then I will.”  Kara laughs.  


 Kara eats a potsticker.  “These are amazing.  Thank you.”  Tobin smiles and the two eat together.  






          Lena sighs.  “I hate that I can’t do anything for Kara.”  Alex nods.  “I know.  Did you see the look on her face?  I hate that for her.  I know that I went stir crazy when I was injured.  She’s gonna die.”  Christen walks over to them.  


 Lena smiles.  “Here to see Kara?”  Christen shakes her head.  “Tobin is talking with her.  We wanted to see if you’d let her check on the drop instead of you.”  Lena raises an eyebrow.  “What?”  She chuckles.  


 Christen nods.  “Yeah, uh Tobin and I’ve been in the boat where one of us is injured.  I uh know how hyper Kara is and well, I think letting her check up on the L-Corp drop will give her some energy.  How long is she out?”  Alex sighs.  “Six weeks.  She’s so disappointed.”  Lena nods.  “Yeah, and I approve of her taking my spot for the drop.  It gives her something to do.”  Christen nods.  “Great, see you.”  Lena waves as Christen leaves.  








  Kara sighs as she looks at her phone.  The National team’s page has announced her injury.  Lena leans on Kara's shoulder and she softly snores.  Kara smiles and moves a hair from her girlfriend’s face.  


"That's very cute," says Alex Morgan. Kara looks at her friend in the seat across from them.  Kara nods.  "Yeah, we're uh both tired.  She insisted on staying up to watch over me last night.  And well, I slept too much, and I stayed up for hours."  Alex chuckles.  


Alex smiles.  "It's awesome that she scored a new jet for us."  Kara laughs.  She sighs.  "I think I'm going to take a nap."  Alex gives her a thumbs up.  Kara leans onto Lena and she drifts into a sleep.  


Chapter Text



Kara throws her bag on her chair.  She puts her hair up.  The door opens.  Tobin walks in.  "Ready?  It's just the drive to LA.  We're making sure the drop is ready.  Lena is also planning a gala the night of the drop."  Kara nods.  


They leave Kara's apartment and they get into a black SUV.  Kara sighs.  "Christen not going?"  Tobin chuckles.  "Yeah, she wanted to visit her family first.  She'll meet us at the warehouse."  Kara nods as Tobin drives.  


Tobin sighs.  "We're picking up Pinoe at her hotel by the way."  Kara nods.  She smiles.  







Lena walks into her penthouse.  Lex is on the couch.  He claps.  "Wonderful movie, Titanic."  Lena nods.  


Lex sighs.  "How was the Australia trip?"  Lena smiles.  "The first few days were amazing.  The beaches were nice and the hotel was amazing."  Lex grins.  "Really?  I bet.  How about the rest of your trip?"  Lena chuckles.  "Uh, the rest of the trip Kara was injured so it wasn't very fun.  I worried about her for a while."  Lex sighs.  


Lena sighs.  She sets her suitcase next to the couch.  "How's the movie going?"  Lex points.  "Almost over."  Lena sits with him.  


Jess walks into the penthouse talking on her phone.  Jess seems to be very frazzled.  She sighs as she hangs up.  "How good is the legal team?"  Lena raises an eyebrow.  

"Well, I certainly missed something."  Jess sighs.  "J'onn kicked Eve off the team.  She was fighting with Sara, and then made fun of Kara's injury which fighting ensured."  Lena nods.  


Lena points.  "And J'onn is worried over the fallout."  Lena glances at the movie,  "I really hate this part.”  She shakes her head.  


Jess sighs.  "We were able to sign Thea Queen, Kendra Saunders, and Nora Darhk as a replacement."  Lena freezes at the names.  


Lex chuckles.  "Here they are."  Lena nudges him. 

She crosses her arms and she looks at Jess.  "Thea Queen as in Oliver Queen, Queen Consolidated, now Palmer Tech?"  Jess nods.  "She's a forward who's also a mid fielder.  We really needed her."  Lena nods.  


She chuckles.  "How good is she?"  "Very good, she's had a rough time, but now that we've signed her then she's back on track."  Lena nods.  "I can recall her having drug problems.  Is there a possibility of her being a liability?"  Jess shakes her head.  


She smiles.  "She's played one game with us, and our announcers have started calling her Speedy.  She's just really fast."  Lena nods.  


She rubs her forehead.  "Who else did we sign?"  "Kendra Saunders and Nora Darhk."  Lena groans.  "Nora Darhk, why is that name so familiar?"  "Ray Palmer from Palmer Tech, she's his uh, wife."  Lena groans.  "This team is full of billionaires isn't it?"  Jess sighs.  "Ma'am, She's really good."  Lena sighs. 


She waves Jess off.  "It's okay.  I hate to add onto the workload, but I was hoping to have a L-Corp and Re Inc. gala for drop."  Jess nods.  "Yes, okay my workload is free.  Lex can handle things with legal."  Lex nods.  "I'll call them right now."  He gets up and leaves the room.  


Jess sighs and she goes and sits on the couch, taking Lex’s place.  She checks her calendar.  "Wait, Ms. Luthor you should be in LA right now checking on the drop."  Lena smiles.  "Don't worry, Kara is going in my place.  It gives her something to do rather than just lay around injured."  Jess nods.  






Kara looks at some boxes and she walks around with Tobin.  "So, what do I need to do?"  "Uh, everything is great.  We just to make sure everything is in order and such."  Kara nods.  

Kara leans on her crutches.  "Yeah, yeah.  I guess.  It's just that uh, Lena's a very thorough woman when she works."  Tobin nods.  "Don't worry, we're extremely thorough.  Probably more than her.  I have to make sure everything is in order."  Tobin checks a box.  


Tobin smiles.  "Later, uh Press and Pinoe are going up to NYC to get some more things fixed with the drop.  I'm going to help Lena with the gala if you want to help?"  Kara nods.  "I will." The two check boxes together.  


Tobin grabs a box and she checks it.  "Okay, that has to be one of the last."  Kara smiles.  She points.  "How was Australia for you?"  Tobin shrugs.  "Had fun.  There was an awesome rainbow, did you see it?"  Kara laughs and nods.  


Kara chuckles.  "It was during some awesome beach sex."  Tobin laughs and claps.  "You are crazy, Supergirl."  Kara laughs.  "I think the rainbow was worth it."  Tobin laughs. 


Kara looks at Tobin.  "So after this we do a picture?"  Tobin nods.  "Yep."  Kara nods.  "Cool, cool, cool.  Uh will we be back in time to catch the Gotham Versus National City game?"  Tobin nods.  They leave their section.  







Lena watches as Jess and Lex start to leave.  "Where are you two going?"  Lex sighs.  "Game night versus Gotham.  Go Wolves."  He chuckles while pumping his fist.  


Lena gets up.  "I'm coming with.  Is there a booth?"  Lex nods.  "Three.  That's where Winn and Mike are."  Lena raises an eyebrow.  


Lex sighs.  "You are really out of touch.  Mike tore his ACL and can't really work, he’s on crutches."  Lena nods.  She follows Lex and Jess.  


When they arrive at the stadium Lena shoots straight to the booth.  She opens the door to loud laughter.  The laughter stops as she enters.  


Winn and Mike are sitting while two other men are talking to them.  Mike turns his head.  He gets up and hops over to Lena.  “Luthor!  I'm glad you're back.  Is Kara okay?"  Lena nods.  The two hug.  


Lena smiles.  "Kara is doing great.  She went to LA with Christen and Tobin, but should be back soon."  Mike nods.  He crosses his arms.  


Winn gestures to the other two men.  "Meet Oliver Queen and Ray Palmer."  Lena nods.  She smiles.  "I know who they are.  We're all business rivals."  Mike chuckles.  


He sticks his hands in his pockets.  "Three major tech mongols walk into a room." Ray laughs and points.  "There's a joke there, right?"  Mike nods.  


He gestures to the seat.  "Uh, come and sit."  Lena nods.  She sits.  Winn laughs.  "I love this.  My three literal heroes are here.”  Lena nods.  Ray sits next to Lena and leans over her to talk to Winn.  The two start to nerd out.


Oliver goes to sit but he freezes.  Lena raises an eyebrow.  “Something wrong, Queen?”  Mike looks at Lena then to Oliver.  “Is there a problem, guys?”  Oliver shakes his head.  “Not at all.”  He adjusts his suit and sits next to Ray.

“Luthor.”  He mutters under his breath.  Lena crosses her arms.  “Queen.”  Mike groans and he grabs a pair of crutches.  “Winn, hey let’s go talk to Jimmy.”  Winn nods and the two leave.  

 Lena crosses her arms and she watches the team practice.  Oliver grunts. 

Ray sighs.  “I’m sensing some hostility here."  Lena looks at Oliver from across Ray.  "I believe that hostility is all on Mr. Queen's part.  I have the decency to not hook up with every woman I meet."  Oliver smiles.  


He crosses his arms.  "Well, I'm not called a billionaire playboy for nothing.  At least I don't scare off shareholders with an icy cold heart."  Lena rolls her eyes.  "I'm surprised you're not off shagging some woman you met in a club."  Ray chuckles.  


Ray laughs.  "So, uh how about we tune this down."  Oliver groans. 

He leans up and he points at Lena.  "You are a-"  A man walks in holding a bottle and three glasses of champagne. 

Ray chuckles, desperately hoping to get out of the arguing.  "Champagne is here."  He grabs a glass.  He raises it.  

Lena and Oliver sigh and each of them grab a glass.  The man leaves the champagne bottle and exits the booth.  

Oliver leans into his seat.  "You're an ice cold business bitch."  Lena chuckles.  "You're a adrenaline seeking bastard."  She takes a sip of champagne.  Ray looks at the two.  "Let's just enjoy some soccer.  Preferably without the name calling."  The door opens.  


Mike pops in.  He sighs.  "I'm going to go get in a different booth with Winn because Eliza is here.  Also uh Mr. Queen's bodyguard is outside and he's very scary so I'm going to stay in Eliza's booth."  Mike leaves.  


Lena looks at Oliver.  "I can't believe you need a body guard."  Oliver rolls his eyes.  "I get a lot of attempts on my life, okay?  I am also the Mayor of Star City."  Lena rolls her eyes.  "You are a pain in the ass.  An executive pain in the ass."  Oliver smiles.  "I'm a politician, people love me."  Lena rolls her eyes.  "I hate you."  She says as she points at him with her glass.  


Oliver rolls his eyes.  Ray chuckles.  The two finally notice that he's standing.  "Uh, the National Anthem was playing and I really didn't want to get in the middle of your bickering."  Lena sighs.  The anthem ends.  Ray sits down.  "Uh, let's enjoy some soccer, huh?"  Lena nods.  She looks at Oliver.  "Yes, let's enjoy some soccer."  Oliver clenches his jaw.  


The door opens.  Bruce Wayne enters.  "Hey guys.  Uh, you guys got put on jumbo screen and well, you guys looked very unhappy.  Anything I can do?"  Lena groans.  She points at Oliver.  "This is your fault."  Oliver throws his hands up.  "Oh come on now!"  Bruce walks in front of them as the two start to bicker.  


Bruce claps to get their attention.  The two look at him.  "I am going to stay here to make sure you two behave.  Obviously uh, Mr. Palmer isn't keeping you both from clawing each other's eyes out.  Mr.  Palmer, do you mind?"  Ray nods.  "I was going to go and get some uh concessions."  Bruce nods.  He sits down between Lena and Oliver.  







Kara opens the door to the booth.  Lena is watching the game with two men.  One man has a buzzcut and he's tensed up.  The other man has really nice hair and he seems more engrossed in the game, yet very tense.  Then, there’s Lena, who is also tense.  


Tobin comes and pokes Kara's ribs.  "Why are you staring?"  Kara chuckles silently.  "I'm not staring come on!"  The two go into the booth.  


Kara laughs.  "Hey Lee!"  Lena smiles.  She turns and smiles.  "Hey babe."  Kara goes and sits between Lena and one of the men.  Lena puts her arm around Kara.  


Lena leans her head on Kara.  Tobin sits behind them.  She points at the bottle.  "Is that champagne."  The man who was tense nods.  "Yeah, hi, I'm Oliver Queen, and you are?"  Tobin raises an eyebrow.  "Tobin Heath, star player for the team."  Oliver nods.  Kara looks at her and laughs. “Really?”  Tobin shrugs.  


The other man sighs.  "Oliver, please do not hit on Lena's players."  Kara raises an eyebrow and she looks at the man.  "Bruce Wayne?"  He waves and smiles.  "Hey!  Kara Danvers, how's the hip?"  Kara nods.  "Good, great even.  I mean not great because I'm injured and everything."  Bruce nods.  


Kara sighs.  "Who's winning?  How many minutes?"  Bruce smiles.  "National City has had the most possession and then we're in uh the fifth minute."  Tobin leans between them.  "What's the lineup?"  


Bruce rubs his chin.  "Uh, let me think. I know it's a 4-2-1-3 I think Imra Ardeen, Nia Nal, and Zari Tomaz are the forwards; Nora Darhk is the attacking mid; Maggie Sawyer and Sara Lance are the defensive mids; and then Vasquez, Marsh, Spooner and Charlie are all on Defense."  Kara nods.  


Tobin points.  "Sharpe's in goal too."  The door opens. 

A man who has a very nice haircut walks in.  He smiles.  "Hey!  Hi!  I'm Ray Palmer.  You two must be Kara and Tobin.  Hi."  Tobin smiles.  "Hey dude."  Ray smiles.  Kara smiles up at him.  "Hey."  Ray chuckles.  


He points at Lena.  Ray chuckles nervously.  "Is uh, she asleep?"  Kara looks at Lena again. 

Lena's softly snoring.  Kara smiles.  "Yeah.  I'm sorry."  Ray shakes his head.  "Don't be.  I'm going to uh sit back with Tobin."  Kara nods.  


Oliver chuckles.  "Of course."  Bruce nudges him.  "Be quiet."  Kara sighs.  She looks at Oliver.  "What?"  Oliver crosses his arms.  "I'm just thinking that Luthor's a workaholic.  No wonder she's fallen asleep."  Bruce sighs.  "Here we go again."  Kara raises an eyebrow.  


Oliver throws his hands up.  "Come on Brucey.  I'm just stating facts."  Kara groans.  "Insulting my girlfriend isn't stating facts."  She looks at Bruce.  "Ho-."  "All throughout the game.  Constant bickering."  Oliver smirks.  "I think Luthor just got tired."  Kara sighs.  "Well, she has been worrying about me since I got a concussion."  Kara clenches her jaw.  


Bruce groans and hangs his head.  "Please stop picking fights for once, Ollie,” Bruce turns to Kara, completely ignoring Oliver.  “Kara, he and Lena have been bickering for a while so please don’t give into his arrogance.  I have a killer headache."  Kara nods.  


Kara frowns.  "I'm sorry.  I just uh, he was insulting Lena and uh, I'm just sorry."  Bruce sighs.  "Okay.   Just, oh god we're on the jumbo screen again."  Tobin chuckles.  She taps his arm.  "Gotcha pal."  She moves her arm in an x motion and the cameras cut out.  


Bruce chuckles.  He points.  "Oh, and there goes Allie Long, and ugh."  He stomps his foot as National City gains possession. 

Kara laughs.  "Bruce, come on, Ava's our best goalie.  Let's go Defense!"  Oliver claps.  "Come on Defense!  Let's go!"  Bruce chuckles.  The ball goes up field.  Tobin hops up with Ray.  Everyone except for Bruce and Lena cheer.  


Bruce groans.  "I hate that I decided to come here in this booth."  Kara smiles. 

Bruce crosses his arms.  "How's my cousin doing?"  "Kate?"  Bruce chuckles.  "Kate, I hated trading her, but she wanted to be in National City.  How is she?"  Kara smiles.  "Great.  She got a few goals in and she's doing great."  Bruce looks back at Tobin and Tobin nods.  The game goes to half time and loud music blares from the speakers of the stadium.  


Oliver leans and looks at Kara and Lena.  He smiles.  "Damn, Luthor really is out like a light."  Bruce chuckles.  "She worked up a skill of sleeping to tone out arrogant business men like you, Ollie."  Oliver rolls his eyes.  


Bruce laughs.  "I'm sorry, I had to."  Kara laughs.  She points at Oliver.  "Karma, you cocky bastard."  Lena stirs.  


Lena blinks.  She groans.  "I-how long was I out?"  Kara smiles.  "Half time.  You just missed Bruce calling Oliver an arrogant business man."  Lena chuckles.  "It seems as if I just missed the action."  Kara kisses Lena's forehead.  "Yeah.  I love you."  Lena smiles.  


Oliver laughs.  "Welcome back to the land of the living, Luthor. You missed not much,” Oliver looks at Bruce, “Your team sucks."  Lena rolls her eyes.  Kara groans.  She gets up.  “I’ll be back.”  Kara grabs her crutches.  


Kara leaves the room.  She goes into the next booth. Her mother and Winn aren't there.  Mike is just watching the halftime.  


Mike stands up and he’s also on crutches.  "Danvers, I am so glad you're back.  Coming back we can uh do some physical therapy together."  Kara nods.  "Yeah, uh sorry I didn't come here first.  I uh, Lena fell asleep on me for the majority of the first half of the game."  Mike chuckles.  "Did you have to put up with any of their fighting?"  Kara sits down on his couch.  


Kara looks at Mike.  "Oliver is very brash."  Mike chuckles.  "It's just how he and Lena talk.  They bicker like siblings.  Constantly, it happened in college, and it still happens, but now it’s more intense."  Kara raises an eyebrow.  "They were lab partners for a week.  We all went to MIT.  Well, he dropped out because he was using daddy's money.  The daddy's money thing made Lena pissed."  Kara smiles.  


Mike points.  "Don't worry, Oliver and Lena are just buddies.  Also, Bruce uh they definitely do it to piss him off.  They're all business partners and tech mongols.  Just uh friendly competition."  Kara smiles.  


Mike pulls his phone out.  "Anyways, you are trending."  Kara raises an eyebrow.  Mike chuckles.  He shows Kara a picture of her angry, Bruce looking disappointed, Oliver mad, and then Lena snoozing.  


Kara laughs.  "That's funny."  Mike points.  Found one of Lena, because well she's trending too."  Mike shows her a picture of Lena and Oliver looking very unhappy while Ray just sits there smiling.  


Kara laughs.  Mike swipes down.  A picture of  Lena asleep on Kara.  Kara chuckles.  "Send some of those pictures to me.  Please."  Mike gives her a thumbs up.  "Shouldn't you get back?"  Kara chuckles.  She looks around.  "Where's Winn and my mom?"  Mike chuckles.  "Winn took your mom home."  Kara nods.  "Okay, wanna join us?"  Mike shrugs.  "Sure."  The two go into the other booth.  







Lena sighs.  "This game is going on forever."  Oliver nods.  She looks at him.  "Does Bruce really think we hate each other?"  Oliver nods.  "Yeah."   He laughs.  


Ray leans forward.  "Wait, you two really don't hate each other?"  Lena shrugs.  "We fight, so what?  He once hooked up with my CFO.  He's a playboy.  He annoys me."  Oliver chuckles.  "We uh we really hate each other, also, the CFO was hot."  Lena rolls her eyes.  


Tobin points.  "He hooked up with Sam?"  Lena shakes her head.  "A different woman.  Tobin laughs. 

Kara and Mike walk into the booth.  Kara waves.  "Hey."  Lena smiles.  "Hey you, the half just started."  Kara grins and she sits beside her girlfriend.  


Kara puts her arm around Lena as kickoff begins.  Lena looks at Kara.  "What's the score?"  "One zero.  Where'd uh Bruce go?"  Kara asks.  


Oliver chuckles.  "He probably went to talk to his team.  They are losing afterall."  Kara nods.  


Everyone just watches the rest of the game in peace.  National City wins with a score of one to zero.  






Kara puts her arm around Lena as they walk to the locker room.  Lena opens the door for Kara.  Kara grins.  “Why thank you.”  The two go inside the locker room.  


Sara’s down on one knee presenting a ring to Ava.  Kara smiles.  She smiles at Lena.  Ava nods and everyone in the room claps as Sara gets up and kisses her.  

Kara chuckles.  “I sometimes love watching people propose.  Especially if you watch the person that’s doing the proposal.  They’re so nervous, yet they just know that no matter what their partner will say yes.”  Lena nods.  

Lena clears her throat.  “Uh yeah, yeah.”  Sara and Ava break apart.  Sara gestures to Kara.  Kara walks and hugs Sara.  

Alex touches Lena’s shoulder.  Lena tenses quickly then relaxes.  “How long have you and Kara dated?”  “Three months.”  Alex nods.  “I’m surprised you two haven’t moved in with each other.  You guys practically sleep at your place constantly.”  Lena nods.  


Lena stares at Sara and Ava.  “Wonderful that they’re together.”  Lena says while trying to drive the conversation away from her and Kara.  Alex nods.  “Would you say yes to Kara?”  Lena nods.  “In a heartbeat.”  Alex nods.  “Good good, I’ll see you.”  Lena nods.  

 Alex walks over to Kara.  Lena smiles at her girlfriend dancing with her sister and friends.  






 Kara holds Lena in bed.  Lena’s windows let in moonlight that just hits Lena’s face perfectly.  

Kara kisses Lena’s forehead.  “You’re still awake?”  Lena asks.  “You’re one to talk,”  Kara quickly retorts.  

Lena chuckles.  “Touché.  I was thinking.”  Kara smiles.  “About what?”  Lena rolls off of Kara and she turns to Kara.  “What if you moved in with me?”  Kara laughs quietly.  “Serious?”  Lena nods.  “You practically live here.  I mean I can understand if you don’t want to leave your flat bu—.”  Kara cuts her off with a tender kiss.  Kara pulls away.  

Kara smiles.  “I’d love to move in with you, Lee.”  She leans in for another kiss.





 Lena walks into the new office.  Sam approaches her.  “Glad to get back to work?”  Lena nods.  “Of course.  I asked Kara to move in with me.”  Sam’s eyebrows raise in shock.  “Wow.  That is a big step.”  Lena nods.  


She sits at her new desk.  “I asked Kara to move in with me.”  Sam nods.  “Yeah, well good job.  This is the furthest you have ever gotten in a relationship.”  Lena rolls her eyes.  “Do we have everything for the gala ready?”  Sam nods.  


She sets a binder down on Lena’s desk.  “Jess dropped it by the hotel room this morning.  Theme and everything.  The theme for the drop is technology so Jess thought of having a black and white with optional blues.  She was able to get the park for right outside of the building.  She also bought everything and is setting it up for tomorrow night.”  Lena nods.  

Lena smiles.  “That girl works too hard.  Give her a raise.  Also tell her to go ahead and cancel all meetings during the World Cup.  If the US gets to the final four then I’m going to Australia again.”  Sam nods.  “Understandable.  I’ll relay the message.”  Lena looks at the binder. “Let Jess know she can take a break from her assistant duties.  For at least a month.  She’s honestly outstanding.”  Sam nods.  


 Sam sits in a chair.  “So, tell me more about Kara moving in?”  Lena smiles.  “Well, Alex suggested it since Kara’s always at the penthouse, and Streaky stays there.  Then, I brought it up to her last night when we were sleeping.”  Sam grins. 

Lena points.  “Choose your next words very carefully, I have the power of firing you, Samantha.” Sam puts her hands up.  “Yes ma’am, continue.” Lena leans on the desk.  “And well we were both trying to sleep and then I asked her.”  Sam nods.  

Sam smiles. “I bet it was really hard trying to sleep after you slept for the entire first half of last night’s game.”  Lena nods.  “I argued with Oliver Queen during pre-game and then Kara came into the booth and I fell asleep.”  Sam nods.  “Yep, hey, when will you do that Lena Luthor reads thirst tweets?”  Lena rolls her eyes.  

 Lena opens her emails to distract herself.  “I am busy with work.”  Sam crosses her arms.  “Really?  Because literally almost all of the heavy lifting Lex and I have done.”  Lena raises an eyebrow.  “Okay, I have done the financial heavy lifting and Lex has literally been doing the heavy lifting with moving your apartment.”  Lena smiles. “Sam, before I went to Australia I was in back to back meetings for weeks on end closing several deals.  I just needed a vacation.”  Sam chuckles.  

  Sam points.  “Well, Jess and I scheduled the thirst tweet for Friday at CATCO.  No wiggling out of it.”  Lena sighs.  “Time?”  “Noon?”  Lena nods.  “Alright.”  Sam pumps her fist.  Lena glances at her.  Sam nods.  “I was just uh I’ll text you?”  Lena chuckles.  “I’ll see you Sam.”  Sam leaves.  

Lena checks her emails for any urgent meetings.  Nothing.  This week there’s nothing.  She’s all caught up.  Lena sighs as her stomach rumbles.  


 The door opens.  Kara walks in on crutches.  Jess follows behind with a box of pizza.  Jess sets the box on Lena’s desk and Lena thanks Jess.  Jess leaves. 


Kara smiles and she sits down in front of Lena.  Lena opens the box.  “Looks delicious, thanks darling.”  Kara grins and the two have their daily lunch.