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our eyes meet again (fall in love)

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Prince Byun Baekhyun sits on the comfortable cushioned chair in the advisor’s room of the Kim Court. His bright blue formal wear—a signature color of his home kingdom—has luscious silk ties adorning the garment from his wrists all the way up to his pale neck. The garment, painstakingly hand sewn to fit Baekhyun's body, is adorned with priceless gems from the Byun Kingdom. The earrings he wears clink together on his ears, and Baekhyun carefully avoids rubbing at his eyes lest he smudge the eyeshadow he painstakingly put on.

He has to make a good first impression, and he thinks his attire does everything in its capabilities to accentuate all the curves on his lithe body.

Baekhyun knows in this outfit, he looks good enough to eat.

Now, if only the awaiting Prince of the Kim Kingdom could get here faster.

He is to be married to this man soon, afterall.

Baekhyun shifts in his seat, eyeing the advisors at the table separately. This had been his parents and the King and Queen of the Kim Kingdom’s idea. After what felt like months of back and forth, of trade and land negotiations near the border of where Byun and Kim lands touched, one of the advisors to the King—Baekhyun isn’t sure who, though the man may very well be in this room—suggested an alliance formed between the two kingdoms via an arranged marriage.

And of course, as Baekhyun thought, it meant it would be him.

As the second son in the Byun Kingdom, Baekhyun knows the crown would never go to him. His older brother, Baekbeom has been preparing since adolescence to take the throne. To Baekhyun’s knowledge, the elusive Prince Kim that Baekhyun is set to marry isn’t next in line either. However, a marriage would still join both kingdoms together in an alliance beyond just the political, and since there has been decades, if not centuries of peace between both of their royal lands, the ruling Kings of both kingdoms decided this marriage would facilitate a greater understanding between the people of both realms.

There’s also, of course, the little known secret that Baekhyun is a carrier. Should… his future husband want kids, Baekhyun is fully capable of providing that, and further cementing the ties between their kingdoms.

Baekhyun thinks about how his mom explained the whole wedding ordeal to him. She held his hand, six months ago, when she approached him for a quiet dinner while his father was away with Baekbeom.

“You’re to be married, my son,” she had said softly, squeezing Baekhyun’s hand between his fingers. “It will be good for everyone.”

Baekhyun nodded his head, food in front of him going just a little untouched. He knew, as the second son, he would have more free reign than Baekbeom. He knew, in a way, an arranged marriage to join two peaceful Kingdoms is nothing compared to the weight of expectations placed on his brother.

And yet.

Baekhyun couldn’t help but feel a little bereft at losing just this little bit of freedom he had.

He remembers, back then, deciding that if he only had six months left to be a free man, he was going to make it the best six months of his life.

After that dinner with his mother, Baekhyun made a plan. He remembers, quite boldly, stumbling into CLUB X.O. in the border city between the Byun and Kim Kingdoms, a place called Effex. Baekhyun had spent much time there enjoying the sights, the stars, the fun—

And the sex.

This far away, from both crowns, the townspeople let loose and had fun, no inhibitions.

But most importantly, many of them had never seen what the faces of the Royal families on either side looked like. So Baekhyun could enjoy himself some blissful anonymity of hanging out with people his age, drinking, eating, and having lots of sex without the fear of being caught in a scandal just months away from his marriage.

It was that thought, of course, that led him to Club X.O. in the first place.

A club in Effex, that centered solely on the pleasures of the flesh, of what would be considered untowards in any other locale. The only stipulation, of course, was anonymity of the guests. Baekhyun could respect that. These were people, just like him, who didn’t want their faces recognized outside of the four walls of this sex club. But it was the thrill of the anonymity, even more so than what Effex already offered, that completely reeled Baekhyun in.

With his future marriage on his mind, Baekhyun took his birth control tonic everyday, and then spent many weekends enjoying the company of different men and women. Those who wanted him to hit them, touch them, caress them, and those who he wanted to hold him, fuck him, and tease him in return. Behind the walls of Club X.O., Baekhyun was known simply as Lux.

A minx—or as some of his friends liked to say—a vixen, who charmed his way in between anyone’s legs that happened to walk through those club doors.

However, none of those people, of course, in all the months Baekhyun had frequented X.O. ever came close to him.

And Baekhyun remembers only getting to have him just once.


At least, that was the name he gave Baekhyun the night he held him down in a grip so tight, and fucked him like nothing short of an animal. He was strong and unafraid in the way he held Baekhyun’s body between his hands. Like he would bend and break and mold Baekhyun into exactly what he craved.

And Baekhyun was more than willing.

The way Kai edged him for hours, made him cry and cry and cry until he had nothing left—but then soothed the marks on his wrist with kisses, traced over Baekhyun’s puffy nipples with the softest plump lips Baekhyun had ever seen, before switching right back into gripping Baekhyun’s throat, or tying him to the bedpost so he couldn’t move—completely at Kai’s mercy.

His gaze behind his golden costume mask he adorned made Baekhyun feel naked. Exposed.

And for the first time in all of his encounters in X.O., Baekhyun ached to see the face of the man behind the mask.

He shivers at the memory.

That had been four months ago.

And Baekhyun had been chasing after the elusive Kai ever since.

He had hoped, on his last visit in Effex a month prior, that he would be lucky enough to see Kai again. Even just for one more night. He couldn’t stop thinking about him, couldn’t stop wondering if every tall man he passed on the street in Effex could be the man he was looking for. Baekhyun fancied himself as someone who could have anyone, and knew from the beginning of this venture the only thing he wanted out of Effex was fun before the storm.

But Kai had gotten under his skin, and had gotten deep into Baekhyun’s mind.

Even in the aftermath of their night, the way Kai’s arms encircled Baekhyun and kept him close to his chest as he kissed softly against the back of Baekhyun’s neck filled him with a different kind of hunger.

One more attributed to longing than sexual desire.

Baekhyun felt it when Kai got off the bed afterwards, put on his clothes and bid him a goodbye with a smile. The chasm in his chest felt like it had been split open, and Baekhyun was unsure why. Why this specific stranger above all the others had ruined him so thoroughly.

It was the first and only time Baekhyun ever felt compelled to run after someone he’d slept with.

He’d fallen into melancholy after that, and had hoped to spot Kai’s gold masquerade mask in the crowd, to hold him, and beg him to grip him just as he had done previously. To just give him one more night. That was all Baekhyun wanted. That was all he craved.

Just once more, please. Just one more time. Hold me like you did before.

Baekhyun had spent the better part of the last four months musing to himself what he would do if he could run into Kai again. If he could beg Kai to fuck him once more. If he could tell Kai to his face you ruined me for other people. You ruined this club for me. No one after you came close. So I stopped looking at them. I kept looking for you.

But like smoke in the wind, Kai never returned to Effex, and Baekhyun left his hopes and dashing dreams there with him.

And now, Baekhyun sits here, in the Kim Court, as they await the Prince’s arrival.

Baekhyun wonders, if not for the first time, why he didn’t push, inquire harder, for more of Kai’s time. He can still remember the feel of those plush lips on his body, kissing him, sucking him—those hands touching him.

And now Baekhyun is to be married off like a bride to the third son of the Kim Kingdom.

Baekhyun only hopes his new husband will be okay with being a stand-in for a dream.

The loud wrenching open of the heavy door breaks Baekhyun’s line of thought and he finds himself standing up out of his seat, posture straight, as he and the rest of the advisors turn to watch the new arrivals as they walk in.

Baekhyun’s mom hadn’t shown him photos of his soon-to-be husband, and Baekhyun hadn’t inquired. It’s not like the prince’s looks would matter anyway, Baekhyun reasoned, when the purpose for the marriage was already established.

As Prince Kim walks in before Baekhyun however, he finds all the air in the room suddenly caught in his throat.

The first thing that strikes him is how regal Prince Kim looks. He has a debonair aura about him, a sense of purpose and strength that exudes in every aspect of how he carries himself, from the position of his posture and broad shoulders—straight and pushed back—to the way his arms and hands rest carefully yet firm at his sides. His jawline is… to die for, Baekhyun thinks, and his eyes sparkle with something beyond mirth, the seriousness and deep settling gaze he carries resting heavily on Baekhyun’s entire being. His hair is dark brown and thick, styled half off his forehead. Prince Kim’s lips look full and plush, and Baekhyun feels his errant thoughts get away and imagines what those lips may feel like on his body.

He does his best to contain his surprise, but as far as husband-to-be’s may go, Baekhyun’s thinking he received quite the blessing.

He feels himself shiver, under the Prince’s strong gaze. Feels as if all the jewelry he’s been adorned in shakes under the weight of it.

And then, the Prince does something Baekhyun isn’t expecting.

His face breaks out into a beautiful, thousand watt smile, showing off a set of pristine white teeth. His eyes crinkle up into half moons, and he offers a deep, pleasant bow to the entire entourage—

But his gaze never leaves Baekhyun’s face.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” his velvety voice says, carrying well across the room. “I’m Jongin.”

Something about it is… familiar, Baekhyun thinks, in a far distant memory that he just cannot seem to place.

Baekhyun bows deeply in return, his necklace and earrings making soft chiming noises as they flow with his movements. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Prince Jongin. I’m Baekhyun.”

“Baekhyun…” The Prince says, and his face becomes almost wistful at the word. Whatever emotion was on Jongin’s face is gone as quickly as it came, and Baekhyun watches as Jongin takes a seat on the table, right across from Baekhyun and his own home court advisor.

Baekhyun sits back down, and the rest of the table of advisors follow suit. There are a few sounds of feet and paper shuffling as everyone gets their documents in order.

“So,” Junmyeon states, from behind Baekhyun and to his left. “Everything in the aforementioned contract here has been verified and negotiated by both parties, and it is the same copy you have before you as well.”

An older gentleman standing behind Jongin nods his head along, and Baekhyun assumes this must be his close advisor as well. “Agreed,” the man states, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

He pulls a stack of papers out of his satchel on him, these ones adorned with a red wax seal on the final few pages. “His Majesty King Byun’s copy of the marriage contract, for your records.” The man pushes the contract towards Junmyeon who accepts it quickly.

Junmyeon goes over it with rapid fire ease, reading over the lines carefully before nodding his head as he reaches the final page.

“It seems as if everything is in order, Sir Taeil.” Junmyeon nods his head, placing the copy of the marriage contract signed by Jongin’s parents in his own bag for safe keeping. Junmyeon does the same, pulling out a copy of the wax seal stamped by Baekhyun’s parents before passing it over to Taeil as well.

“Right you are, Sir Junmyeon.” He offers Junmyeon a pleasant smile, before his eyes turn towards Baekhyun.

“Prince Baekhyun,” he starts, “with this contract signed by Your Majesty’s of both kingdoms, the final phase of your marriage, and therefore your addition into the royal family of the Kim House is almost complete.”

“Yes, sir.” Baekhyun nods in acceptance. Taeil offers a warm smile.

“You two will be wed in three months' time. Your Majesty King Byun and his retinue will be present for the festivities. You and Prince Jongin are now legally bound by our law standards, however, the public marriage will affirm the relationship. These next three months you will both spend getting to know each other, and Prince Jongin will teach you a bit about what the expectations are for you here.”

Baekhyun gulps.

“Collectively, we all agreed that it would be best for you, the both of you,” Junmyeon states where Taeil paused, “that you be introduced to the customs through each other.” Junmyeon gives Baekhyun’s shoulder a squeeze, knowing that this will be difficult on Baekhyun the most.

He’s the one who had to leave his kingdom and family behind afterall.

“Enough of the legalities,” Jongin says, when Taeil looks like he is about to continue down the laundry list of reminders, “I think Prince Baekhyun and I can handle it from here, don’t you think?” He sends a quick smirk Baekhyun’s way, eyes sparkling with something mystical.

Taeil’s mouth twitches in what Baekhyun thinks must be a half-smile. Perhaps this type of ambitious nature is something Jongin is known for. Taeil turns to Junmyeon and the other advisors, continuing to confer and finalize the logistics.

Baekhyun looks at Jongin. “I-I can’t help but agree,” he replies, answering Jongin’s question. Something about those eyes, he thinks. Something about that voice, he feels.

Jongin gets up from his side of the table, his long luxurious purple coat flowing behind him, as he offers a strong hand to Baekhyun.

“If you’d follow me, I’ll show you around the place.”

Baekhyun bites his lip, looking at Junmyeon where he is talking with the rest of the advisors. He gives him an imperceptible nod. Baekhyun sighs. He trusts Junmyeon to handle the rest.

Baekhyun grabs Jongin’s hand delicately, Jongin’s fingers brushing against the intricate laces on Baekhyun’s top garment.

“I’d love to see it, Prince Jongin.” Baekhyun’s voice is soft, and eager.

He gets a blinding smile in return.


Jongin takes Baekhyun around the castle, pointing out all the different things his home has to offer, and introducing Baekhyun to any of the staff they happen to pass by.

Baekhyun can tell Jongin is proud of his home, with the way his chest puffs out as he points at the stained glass windows, as he takes him through the library that seems to go on endlessly, or when he escorts Baekhyun to the largest and most beautiful flower garden he’s ever seen.

Jongin points out the different flowers, some meant for healing tonics, but most meant simply for their aesthetic beauty. He plucks a single red rose off the vine and hands it to Baekhyun in a flourish, an accompanying smile adorning his face. Baekhyun feels himself in turn getting an embarrassed flush spread across his cheeks as he takes the rose politely, careful to avoid any errant thorns on the stem and carries it delicately between his fingertips. It centers Baekhyun just a little, as it seems that Jongin wants to impress him just as badly.

He sighs in relief.

And continues to hope that Jongin is a good man.

Their tour around the castle takes them to the training grounds, and Jongin points out the different buildings where the knights live, as well as the area for which they do their physical training. There are already a few knights in a small dug out area of dirt in the field forming a semi circle as they wield practice swords and display their strengths.

When the knights notice Jongin they drop their swords and stand at attention facing him.

“No need,” Jongin says, waving them off lightly. “Continue your fun. I’m just showing our guest around.”

One of the men raises a sly eyebrow up at Jongin, who playfully ribs him in reply. “Everyone, this is Prince Baekhyun. Be nice when you see him around.” Baekhyun can almost hear the implied, don’t embarrass me, in Jongin’s tone.

They exchange just a few more pleasantries before taking off back in the direction of the castle. Baekhyun starts to feel the fatigue settle in, the previous day spent traveling to the kingdom finally catching up with him. Jongin leads him up a few staircases, both of them settled into a comfortable silence, before they stop in front of a set of double doors with a guard posted outside.

The guard nods to Jongin and then opens the door, revealing a lavish room. There’s a sitting couch on one side and a long mirror adorned on one wall. The huge, four poster bed sits in the middle, covered in lush blue bedsheets and more pillows than Baekhyun thought possible. There are small lamps hanging all over the room, as well as a balcony that overlooks the training grounds. It looks cozy, warm, and inviting.

Baekhyun sees a few of his luggages neatly put to the side next to the drawers which he presumes now hold his clothes.

“These will be your quarters,” Jongin says. “The bathroom is through that door and it has an inlaid pool tub on the floor. Just turn the faucet on.”

“Oh, thank you,” Baekhyun says, thinking about how good a warm bath would feel right now.

“Where are your things?” he asks, after looking around the room a bit more and noticing it only has his items in it.

Jongin chuckles. “In my room, of course.”

Baekhyun pauses. He looks at Jongin. “This isn’t our room? To share?”

Jongin tilts his head at Baekhyun, before shaking it slightly, a smile on his face. “Betrothed couples within my kingdom don’t share a room until they are officially married. For obvious reasons of course, had I been to marry a woman. The King and Queen gave me the option to forgo that rule, as we are both men, but I decided since this would be our first time meeting, it would be good to give each other some space.”

Baekhyun nods his head. He had come into this agreement thinking he would be living in the same room as someone else immediately, and had prepared himself for that inevitability. However, he can’t deny the relief he feels at being able to have his own space for the next few months as he grows accustomed to his new home.

“Very well,” Baekhyun says politely, offering a smile.

Jongin nods in kind.

“Does that mean then—” Baekhyun starts, then shakes his head. “I don’t want to seem rude or crass. Perhaps nevermind.”

“No, no,” Jongin says, gesturing with his hands. “Feel free to ask away. Speak your thoughts. I can’t imagine how difficult this may be.”

Baekhyun bites his lip, before nodding his head. “If people in your kingdom are not to room together until marriage, is it safe to assume that… the consummation of our… marriage will not be required until after the wedding?”

Jongin gives Baekhyun another small smile. “That’s correct, Baekhyun. Another custom here in the kingdom. Of course, had we been man and wife, there would also be the tedious requirement of… purity verification,” Jongin makes a face at those words, “but once again, we’re both men who favor the company of men.” Jongin adds a wink. “You’re pure to me, in every sense of the word, should the issue arise.”

Baekhyun feels himself blush. Born again virgin. The sex was not an area of contrition for Baekhyun, and in fact, had Jongin said anything that even hinted at them needing to consummate their betrothal right now, Baekhyun wouldn’t have objected. Jongin is the most attractive man he has ever seen.

It would be no difficult task to lie under him and be taken.

However, perhaps the rules of the Kim Kingdom may benefit Baekhyun in some way. Allowing him more time to emotionally familiarize himself with his new home and his soon-to-be husband before diving into the fun stuff.

Besides, Baekhyun thinks, isn’t it always better when you wait for it?

“Thank you, Jongin,” he says aloud. The look of gentleness that Jongin gives back, completely free of judgement in his eyes, makes Baekhyun ponder his next step.

He had no plans to tell Jongin about his secret so early, but perhaps…

As there is no requirement for them to bed each other until after the wedding, it may be good to allow Jongin the next three months to come to terms with just what Baekhyun’s body is capable of.

Better, he thinks, to rip the bandaid off earlier as well anyway.

“I am a carrier,” he says softly, and watches as Jongin’s eyes naturally widen in shock. “It is a little known secret. I am not sure whether my parents confided in yours regarding this. I trust my mother’s discretion if she had.”

“So,” Jongin says, and he seems to open and close his mouth like a fish before getting his bearings. “You could give us children?”

Us, he said, Baekhyun thinks, Not ‘me.’ Not ‘you.’ But ‘us.’

“I can,” Baekhyun says, smiling, “I could.”

“This is…” Jongin’s voice trails off a little, and he looks away towards the balcony. He has a smile on his face, one that he can’t seem to control. “Wonderful news, Baekhyun,” he settles on. He turns back to face him. “I’ve always wanted to be a father.”

Baekhyun sighs in relief. “I wasn’t expecting such a positive response,” he says, “if I’m being completely honest.”

“I won’t shame you,” Jongin replies quickly, “you would be giving me a gift. The both of us—a gift.”

Baekhyun feels his cheeks flush, warmth spreading throughout his body.

“I’ll leave you to get settled in,” Jongin says quietly, “I know you’ve had a long few days.”

“Thank you.”

“Dinner will be brought up to you in about an hour and a half or so? The guard will let the servants in, and they’ll put your food on the table.”

Baekhyun nods in acknowledgement. He watches as Jongin walks to the door, fingers clutching the handle as if to open it. He turns around once more, giving Baekhyun another once over.

“Goodnight, Prince Baekhyun,” he says, an unreadable expression in his eyes.

He is out the door before Baekhyun can muster a reply.


Baekhyun spends the next couple of weeks falling into a routine of acclimation. Breakfast is brought to his room at 8am sharp everyday, and he more or less has free reign to do his exploring as he pleases while Jongin attends to his princely duties for the day. The guard posted at his door, a man named Johnny, accompanies Baekhyun on his daily solo travels when he is alone.

Baekhyun has met most of the kitchen and other household staff in his time at the kingdom, many nice women and other men who all seem very pleased to meet him, and even more pleased to know that Prince Jongin is getting married to someone as cute as Baekhyun. The neverending stream of compliments never ceases to make Baekhyun blush, as he finds himself doing curtsy after curtsy every time someone sends a nice sentiment his way.

What surprises Baekhyun the most however, is how all of the staff he has met all have the most wonderful things to say about Jongin.

From the servants who work in the laundry room to the head chef in the kitchen, whenever Jongin is brought up, either while he is with Baekhyun or not, the never ending list of goodness, and the deep respect and utter regard they have for Jongin settles in Baekhyun’s lungs like a long breath of fresh air.

“Prince Jongin really is wonderful, isn’t he?” Baekhyun says to Johnny, as the guard accompanies him on his daily walk around the castle before he meets with Jongin for a late lunch.

The smile that breaks out on Johnny’s face is blinding. “Very much, Prince Baekhyun,” he says, “He’s extremely loved by all of us. He’s a good man.”

Baekhyun nods, finding himself agreeing deeply with that sentiment.

Even someone as prickly and standoffish at first glance as the castle’s head chef seemed to melt under Jongin’s careful smile. Chef Doh had simply rolled his eyes before pushing the tray of strawberry jam tarts closer to Jongin, who inevitably ate four in one sitting while he introduced Baekhyun to all the kitchen staff.

“Oh, look,” Johnny says, pointing out to one of the balconies overlooking the training field. “Prince Jongin is training the knights today it seems,” Johnny gives Baekhyun what he’d consider a very sinister eyebrow raise and smirk. “Care to see?” He walks his way towards the balcony and Baekhyun finds himself following suit.

Johnny starts to explain to him that it is not too often that Jongin trains the knights himself, as his duties have turned more towards managing them from afar, but every once in a while he allows himself the thrill of meeting his men in the semi circle, ready to spar.

Baekhyun tries, of course, to absorb all the things Johnny is explaining, but once his eyes catch on to Jongin's form, it is deathly hard to look away.

Jongin and the knights are standing in the dirt semi circle Baekhyun saw a few weeks prior. From this angle on one of the castle balconies, Baekhyun has a clear view of all of the knights. To his luck, the balcony they’re on is on the mezzanine between the first and second floor, so he can clearly make out the knight’s faces as Jongin shouts instructions at them.


Baekhyun can’t focus on much else, really.

The knights have backed away to allow space in the middle, and Baekhyun can see where Jongin is starting to duel another knight.

He is shirtless and covered in sweat, his exposed skin looking kissed by the sun. He keeps one hand behind his back as he parries his opponent’s movements. Where the knight is quick and fast, blows moving in a seemingly reckless way, Jongin’s movements are calm, assured, and calculated. He side steps around the other man easily, blocks or dodges his wooden sword with ease, all while keeping the calmest demeanor Baekhyun’s ever seen.

Jongin looks deadly, Baekhyun thinks, his eyes alight with fire. Baekhyun finds himself staring at Jongin’s back, watching the way the muscles dance with his movement. He watches Jongin’s face when he turns, expression serious but eyes holding a bit more mirth than he’s letting on.

He’s having fun, Baekhyun realizes, dueling with his knights, he just doesn’t want them to know at the moment.

Baekhyun gets so distracted, staring at the visible parts of Jongin’s shirtless chest, brain going a million miles a minute wondering what Jongin’s skin would feel like under his touch... what it’d feel like to run his hands up and down Jongin’s body, and dig his nails into his shoulder blades as Jongin hovered above him, fucking him relentlessly—

“Prince Baekhyun?” Johnny’s voice is like ice water in Baekhyun’s brain, bringing him exhaustingly out of his thoughts.

“Hmm? Yes?” Baekhyun clears his throat.

“Prince Jongin’s won,” he says, and Johnny points to the area in front of them where the other knight is now sprawled on the dirt, chest heaving. Jongin has his practice sword facing down into the ground and he leans on it, chatting amicably with the other knights and laughing at the poor fellow on the ground’s misfortune. Jongin bends down to offer him a hand, and when he rights himself back up he looks around the clearing. His eyes widen in recognition when he sees Baekhyun’s gaze.

Jongin gives him a luscious, mischievous smile, and a friendly wave.

Baekhyun waves back too, feeling heat rush to his cheeks, hoping that despite the distance being close, Jongin cannot see how flustered he is.

“He’s handsome isn’t he?” Johnny says from beside Baekhyun. And Baekhyun doesn’t even have to turn to face his guard to know he’s most definitely holding in a laugh.

Baekhyun doesn’t dignify him with a response to that, but instead says, “I think I’d like to return to my quarters, please. I need to get ready for my lunch date.” Baekhyun’s eyes still stay stuck on Jongin’s form for a second too long, before he turns his head towards Johnny who nods.

“I bet you do,” Johnny mumbles under his breath with a snort, and Baekhyun pretends for both of their sake that he does not hear.


Baekhyun finds himself soaking in the inlaid tub in his room, warm water up to his neck. He poured half a bottle of whatever flowery smelling body wash was on the side of the tub, before proceeding to dunk himself in the water.

It was nice and warm, the scent of jasmine gently permeating the air. Baekhyun felt all his muscles relax, the tension in his body slowly unwinding.

He could not, however, stop thinking about Jongin no matter how hard he tried.

Visages of Jongin’s toned, ripped body kept flitting in and out of his head. The practiced way he held the sword, the calculated posture of his body, the way his back muscles rippled with each movement.

Baekhyun felt his cock hardening between his legs, a shiver running through his body. He’d be a fool to say that Jongin wasn’t attractive. He'd be an utter idiot. And… Jongin’s going to be his husband anyway, right? So it should be fine then, if Baekhyun touches himself to thoughts of Jongin? Of his beautiful voice whispering everything and nothing, of his hands—oh, his hands—holding Baekhyun in place with all the strength he’s hiding, or his fingers spreading Baekhyun open, preparing him for his cock.

Jongin looks like he’s got a well sized cock. Baekhyun’s become pretty adept at guessing a man’s size by the way he carries himself, and there’s something about Jongin that exudes a quiet confidence, a tender softness that sits at the front… but there is a desire buried deep.

Baekhyun thinks he's seen it once or twice, in the looks Jongin throws at him when he thinks Baekhyun's not looking, in the way his pupils widen, his jaw firm, as if his mind is elsewhere.

Hopefully, Baekhyun thinks, elsewhere imagining doing the filthiest of things to Baekhyun's body.

He takes his dick in hand, under the cover of the bubbly warm water, and starts to slowly jerk himself off. Baekhyun knows he’s got to make it quick, he’s due to meet Jongin for lunch soon and would not want to be late in the slightest.

He knows his cock isn’t very huge, and in fact Baekhyun feels himself twitching at the idea of himself and Jongin having a size difference besides their height. The thought makes his gut clench. Despite being on the giving end of some of his trysts in Effex, Baekhyun has always preferred receiving.

“Fuck,” he whispers, mouth barely above the water. He jerks himself off faster, imagining Jongin's hands on him instead. It doesn't take much. If Baekhyun had more time and wasn't currently in the bathtub, he’d definitely start fingering himself open, too.

Another time, he thinks, finishing himself off with a few more quick jerks, before he cums with a low pitched groan, cock spurting out cum in the bathtub.

As Baekhyun drains the tub, calming bath obviously over, it dawns on him with aching clarity this is the first time in four months he’s thought of someone other than Kai to reach an orgasm.

The thought doesn’t scare him so much anymore.

He smiles.


“You’d like this one,” Jongin replies, pushing another stack of books towards Baekhyun.

“This one, he says,” Baekhyun snorts, “as he passes me four books.”

Jongin’s cheeks flush a beautiful red color, one Baekhyun can’t seem to get enough of.

They’ve become quite the pair, Baekhyun thinks. The wedding is still a month and a half away, but he’s never felt more comfortable or more content with the arranged marriage he’s been handed.

Jongin is wonderful. More wonderful than Baekhyun ever dared to hope. Their standing lunch dates every day moved from awkward to easy-going very quickly, if not for Baekhyun’s surefire tenacity at trying to make any situation more comfortable. Once he had figured out where his and Jongin’s common ground lay, it was easy enough for Baekhyun to make sure they stayed on familiar topics.

Jongin could talk for hours, Baekhyun realized, over something he was very passionate about. And his passions were as wide ranging as the man himself, from trying (but failing) to cook, to reading, to swordsmanship, and once, he even confided in Baekhyun that he used to be a dancer.

“Not so much now,” he had said over lunch once, a solemn expression covering his eyes. “It’s something I love but I never have time.”

Baekhyun reached across the table they ate on and squeezed Jongin’s hand. “We’ll make time,” Baekhyun says, “After we’re married, you’ll dance for me, won’t you?”

Jongin smiled at this. It wasn’t big nor blinding, but his eyes turned into crescents and his shoulders relaxed slightly. “You don’t think that’s weird?”

Baekhyun shook his head. “There isn’t anything about you that’s weird to me,” he said truthfully.

That time after, Jongin did in fact give Baekhyun a huge smile.

Jongin is smart, funny, sarcastic, and very well read. He loves fiction books, especially crime ones, and oftentimes recommends Baekhyun books to read. The books always look worn, as if they’ve been read over countless times, and Baekhyun has a feeling they aren't from the castle library, but from Jongin’s personal collection.

The thought makes him giddy inside.

“I just really think you’ll like these,” Jongin says, his voice bringing Baekhyun back to the present.

Baekhyun looks at Jongin softly.

“These are romance novels,” Jongin continues, “the last few ones I’ve sent you were more thriller.”

“The last few ones you sent me scared the shit out of me,” Baekhyun says plainly, and Jongin’s only response is to laugh. “I was up for weeks thinking a sentient doll was going to kill me.”

“I promise no doll is going to harm you.”

“That’s exactly what they said about Chucky.”

Jongin’s laugh is vibrant, loud, filling the room.

They’re having lunch again today, just like they do everyday. It’s become a more and more familiar sight, to see Jongin's smile, his laughter, his sparkly eyes. There's also something else there, Baekhyun thinks, something deeper, something… intriguing… a gaze that Jongin gives him when he thinks Baekhyun isn’t looking.

Something wild and unfettered that he hopes Jongin will one day let him see.

“You’ll like this one especially maybe,” Jongin points to the one on the bottom. “It’s pretty hot.” He shrugs.

Baekhyun’s eyes shoot up into his hairline. “Prince Jongin, are you recommending me porn?!”

The laugh he gets from Jongin is infectious. “It’s a love story.” He shrugs.

Silence for a beat and then, “but yes, there is a bit of fucking.”

Baekhyun’s cheeks flush bright red.

“I like it when your face betrays your embarrassment,” Jongin says, and the look of shock on his face makes Baekhyun think he didn't mean to say it.

“Yes, yes, my cheeks give me away,” Baekhyun says, giggling.

He expects Jongin’s joining giggle, but instead he meets his gaze, and sees something swirling in those beautiful brown eyes. “I wonder if…” Jongin’s voice trails off, as his eyes swoop down from Baekhyun’s face towards his body, gazing deeply at the clothing Baekhyun’s adorned in today. Another outfit from back home, this time in green, with long sleeves adorned in laces that secure it in place from right above his wrist, with the collar of the garment touching snugly against Baekhyun’s neckline. He feels an insistent desire to ask Jongin what he’s thinking of, but the moment is lost before Baekhyun can get his bearings. Jongin gives him a tiny smile.

“You’re getting along well with everyone right?” He asks softly, deftly changing the subject. Baekhyun wants to push, but lets it go. He nods. He knows Jongin has been a little too busy to escort him around the castle like before, but now that Baekhyun's grown familiar with his surroundings, he’s become much more fun and less guarded around the other staff, and even Johnny doesn’t have to accompany him so much anymore to prevent him from getting lost.

“Except Chef Doh,” Baekhyun snorts, “he’s always watching me like a hawk.”

Now that gets a laugh out of Jongin. “He’s keeping an eye out for people who steal his sweets. Growing up with me probably made him hyper aware of sticky fingers with the baked goods.”

“Growing up?”

“Yes,” Jongin nods, “Kyungsoo’s around the same age as us.”

“Huh,” Baekhyun says, “the permanent scowl etched on his face made me think he was older.”

Now Jongin really laughs. “He’s got bad eyesight! But the idiot won’t wear his glasses. Says it ‘disrupts his vision.’” Jongin makes air quotes around the words and Baekhyun can't help but laugh at him too.

“No wonder he lets you get away with stealing the strawberry tarts,” Baekhyun giggles.

“Don't worry,” he says, “soon enough, he’ll let you get away with it too.”

Baekhyun feels heat rise to his cheeks once more, but this time there is no embarrassment.


Later that night, Baekhyun finds his nose in the book that Jongin recommended. He crosses and uncrosses his legs, feeling a heat rise to his cheeks as he continues reading, unable to put the book down.

Special Agent 14 holds B’s hands above his head against the wall. “I know you like it when I pin you down, B. I know you like it when I get my hands on you.”

“Release me, Agent 14,” B replies, voice strained to his own ears.

“Won’t you tell me your real name?” Agent 14 says, eyes boring curiously into B’s face. B feels his breath quicken. Agent 14’s body is pressing his back against the wall of the safehouse.

“You know that’s against the rules,” B grits out, breathless. “Code names only.”

“I’d tell you my real name, if you like,” he says softly.

B feels an insistent hardness against his hip.

“I’d like for you to scream it later.”

“That’s against the r-rules too,” B tries again, but already he feels his resolve depleting. He’s been Fourteen’s handler for years.

“It’s just us here, no one for miles,” Fourteen breathes, “Who knows when backup will rescue us. Just you and me.”


“It’s John.”


“My name,” Fourteen says, “It’s John. Kinda funny, right? It’s pretty common. So common it could be fake. But I promise it’s real.”

B swallows. “I believe you,” he says, against his better judgement.

“You want me,” John says, and his hands move from B’s wrists, to his hips. The bed behind them is a beacon. B nods, all cards on the table.

“I’ll tell you a secret, B,” he whispers, “I want you too.”

“God,” Baekhyun mutters under his breath, turning another page. “I cannot believe he told me to read this book.”

Baekhyun continues devouring through the pages, having started it earlier only because he thought Jongin was kidding about it being porn. The more Baekhyun read, the more his cheeks turned red, and the more he fell in love with the titular main character, Agent Fourteen. He was suave and self assured, tactical and insanely cool—for lack of a better word.

He also seemed to care about his handler way more than he let on. And Baekhyun was entranced by him. He felt like a blushing virgin as he read the scenes of them fucking in the safehouse, finally completely free—finally away from any watching eyes.

Baekhyun felt himself blush at the way the author described Fourteen and B coming together, and had to put the book down at some points to touch his reddened cheeks.

The story was good, yes. In fact it was more than good.

But after reading about how Fourteen fucked B so hard—just like you like, just like you wanted, like you imagined—Baekhyun had to close the book and pace around his bedroom, exasperated with himself.

He was more than turned on. He was abysmally horny. He fiddled with the hem of his shirt as he paced in front of his bed, before letting out a deep sigh.

“Fuck it,” Baekhyun says, shucking off his pants and getting the vial of oil he had procured on one of his visits out in the market out of his nightstand. His cock was painfully hard, and he wrapped a loose fist around himself before jerking his dick slowly.

Baekhyun’s breathing hitched up slightly, before his fingers left his cock and he trailed them lower, to his hole.

He was going to kill Jongin for recommending that book to read.

But first, he was going to take care of himself.

And if he imagined Fourteen to look like the illustrious Prince Kim, well.

No one but Baekhyun would know.


“The book,” Baekhyun says, fiddling with the food on his plate.

He sits next to Jongin while they enjoy lunch, this time on a nice table overlooking the forest behind the castle.

“Hmm?” Jongin says, with a little bit of eggs on the corner of his mouth.

“The books you recommended me to read the other day.”

“Oh yes,” Jongin says, wiping his mouth. “Zero-Fourteen: Golden Eye Machine. How did you like it?”

“It was a good book,” Baekhyun says, barely above a whisper. He moves the food around on his plate, barely looking at Jongin’s eyes.

Jongin snorts at Baekhyun’s shyness.

“It was hot, wasn’t it?”

Baekhyun’s cheeks color. “Maybe.”

“Your body betrays you,” Jongin says softly, and Baekhyun meets his eyes.

“It was a good book.”

“I bet you really enjoyed it.”

“Shut up!” Baekhyun says, covering his face.

Jongin’s laugh throughout the rest of lunch is music to his ears.


After that lunch date, Baekhyun feels the dynamic with him and Jongin slowly starts to shift into something more… real and tangible.

Granted, he’s been jerking off to fantasies of Jongin fucking him for the last few weeks, but now, with what feels almost like the last wall between them nearly melting away, Baekhyun revels in the closeness that will assuredly come. He has made peace with the arranged marriage, and in fact, a part of Baekhyun is… excited for their wedding. And if the biggest factor for the excitement is because he’ll finally get to be under Prince Jongin, well. That’s neither here nor there.

Baekhyun feels the tension release from his shoulders more now than when he first set foot in this castle. He doesn’t mind it at all, he thinks, for this place to become his new home.

Baekhyun makes his way down to the kitchen, where his new form of entertainment—getting Head Chef Doh to like him—is currently underway.

He arrives to little fanfare, the entire kitchen cleared out except for Chef Doh who has an assortment of bowls and open bags of flour all over the counter. There is however, a tray of what looks like fresh strawberry tarts right on display.

Baekhyun sidles up with ease, and slowly reaches a hand out to grab a tart off the tray.

“If you want to keep your fingers,” he states, “I suggest you move your hand away.”

“But Chef Doh,” Baekhyun whines, to which he gets nothing but a roll of his eye.

“Fine!” he says, “But you can only have ONE. These are for the King’s meeting with his advisors today and I made one dozen extra for Mr. Sticky Fingers when he inevitably stops by and bothers me later.”

Baekhyun greedily grabs one of the tarts and shoves it into his mouth as he laughs at Chef Doh’s moniker for Jongin.

“I didn’t know you were the same age as us,” Baekhyun says, wiping the crumbs off his face with a napkin. “I thought you were older.”

“I am a very serious individual,” Kyungsoo states drily. There’s a moment of silence before Baekhyun breaks into laughter, and he sees the imperceptible movement of the corner of Kyungsoo’s mouth in what appears to be a smile.

“You’re very funny, Chef,” Baekhyun says, stealing another tart. “Has anyone ever told you that?”

“No, actually,” Kyungsoo says, putting flour into a bowl. “No one but the kitchen staff and Jongin--er, Prince Kim interact with me. And well now, you of course.”

“You can call him Jongin around me, I promise,” Baekhyun says, “he told me you guys were childhood friends.”

Kyungsoo nods, before adding more ingredients to the bowl. “You can call me Kyungsoo,” he says, giving Baekhyun an imperceptible smile.

Baekhyun grins, feeling like he’s just passed a test. “Whatcha making?” he asks.


“I love cookies.”

“I think you love everything I cook,” another eye roll.

“It’s true!” Baekhyun says, “it’s why I’m here everyday. Well that and also because I think the kitchen is fun. And I know my way around the castle that Sir Johnny doesn’t need to follow me around anymore.”

“And yet somehow you always end up here and hungry.”

“What can I say?” Baekhyun mumbles around his pastry tart, “I love food.”

“Fine, fine,” Kyungsoo snorts, “you can have some of the cookies when they’re done. I need a taste tester anyway.”

“YES!” Baekhyun exclaims.

“Don’t get too chummy with me,” Kyungsoo deadpans, but this time Baekhyun knows he’s only joking. He starts off into another of what is usually a one sided conversation about mostly nothing. Baekhyun talks to Kyungsoo about whatever floats through his head, from the weather, to food he used to eat back home, to life at the castle, and sometimes, but not usually, to Jongin. Kyungsoo is a great listener for all of Baekhyun’s boring rambles, and oftentimes Baekhyun thought he wasn’t listening at first, but then Kyungsoo would ask genuine questions that took Baekhyun by surprise, and assured him the man was listening to all the nonsense he spewed out on a near daily basis.

With the cookies now in the oven, Baekhyun gets Kyungsoo’s full attention, and he lapses into a conversational silence as he thinks of what else to talk about.

“I’m glad,” Kyungsoo beats him to it. He turns his gaze to Baekhyun who wears a confused expression on his face.

“Hmm?” Baekhyun asks.

“I’m glad it’s you,” Kyungsoo says, dusting his hands off on his apron. “When… Back when Jongin’s parents told him he was going to have to enter an arranged marriage, he didn’t… take it the best. He always wanted to marry for love.”

“Oh,” Baekhyun says softly, “that’s… really sweet actually.”

“He’s very much a romantic,” Kyungsoo snorts, suppressing what Baekhyun thinks is a genuine laugh. “Anyways, he would hang out here in my kitchen, much like what you’re doing—hovering and eating my damn pastries—worried about who this… future husband of his would be. So I’m here to say that I’m glad it’s you. The last month or so of seeing you around the castle, but most especially near staff, in my kitchen, and what not… Well, I think I’ve got a good idea of the kind of person you are. And I’m glad it’s you that Jongin is going to marry. God, it’s a relief.”

Baekhyun finds his mouth open, stunned into silence. He feels his cheeks are hot, and embarrassed flush on his skin. “T-Thank you, Kyungsoo,” he murmurs, “I… I don’t know what to say. I know your opinion matters to Jongin a lot.”

Kyungsoo nods his head, and turns to check on the cookies in the oven.

Baekhyun ponders his words, lost in thought. He watches as Kyungsoo takes the cookies out and places the cookie sheet on a cooling rack. He itches to grab one, and Kyungsoo must sense it, because he shoots Baekhyun something akin to a death glare and Baekhyun instantly pulls his hand back.

“You’re just like Jongin,” Kyungsoo rolls his eyes, “can you at least wait until they’re cooled? I don’t wanna hear you whining that the cookie burnt your mouth.”

“Fine, fine,” Baekhyun says, pretending to be put upon. “They smell delicious, by the way.”

“The taste is what matters.”

Baekhyun nods his head, back in thought. Suddenly, he has an idea.

“Hey, Kyungsoo, you said Jongin is a romantic, right?”

He gets a sound of affirmation.

“Do you think you could… I don’t know… help me with something? We have lunch together every day that the staff bring us, but I’ve been wanting to do something more like… cheesy, I guess. Like a picnic. But I can’t cook at all, so I was thinking some sandwiches—”

“I’ll cook it for you.”

“What?!” Baekhyun says, to his surprise. He looks up at Kyungsoo, who offers him a very small smile and a shrug.

“I meant what I said,” he continues, “I’m happy it’s you. And I’m not the only one who thinks that.”

“You’re very kind,” Baekhyun says softly. He was only going to ask Kyungsoo for the use of his kitchen to perhaps make some sandwiches for him and Jongin. He didn’t even entertain or consider the idea that Kyungsoo would offer to cook the food for them both.

“Besides,” Kyungsoo adds, “I know all his favorite food. He’ll be putty in your hands.” He gives Baekhyun a slight little smirk.

“Oh, you’re devilish, too,” Baekhyun grins, “I love that.”

They both share a laugh, before falling into a comfortable silence. Kyungsoo pushes the cookie tray closer to Baekhyun, who takes it. He picks up one—a chocolate chip cookie—and bites it slowly, closing his eyes at the taste. He moans around the cookie as it hits his taste buds, the chocolate nice and semi sweet, the cookie still warm but firm, but above all, soft and chewy.

Baekhyun’s favorite.

“Seems like I’ll have another Mr. Sticky Fingers on my hands in no time I’m sure,” Kyungsoo snorts, before pulling a dozen cookies off the tray and placing it in a box for Baekhyun to take.

“This is so fucking good, Soo,” the nickname rolls out of Baekhyun’s mouth easily. “This is literally the best cookie I’ve ever had.”

“You don’t need to butter me up, I’m already making your picnic basket.”

Baekhyun grins. “And I can’t thank you enough.”

“Hey,” he adds, after he finishes the cookie and looks at Kyungsoo intently. “Is there anyone here in the castle who catches your eye?”

Kyungsoo stiffens for a moment, before relaxing. “No,” he says.

“You’re lying,” Baekhyun laughs, “but I’ll let it go. I was only asking because I do make a great wingman. And I could help you get them. Whoever it is. One of the nice kitchen staff girls? Maybe a boy?”

“N-No such thing,” Kyungsoo turns away from Baekhyun.

“We have got to work on your lying skills,” Baekhyun breaks out into laughter.

Kyungsoo turns around, but whatever retort he was about to spit out dies in his mouth as a commotion sounds from the kitchen entryway. Baekhyun and Kyungsoo both turn in unison to face the entryway, where one of the knights, Baekhyun recognizes him as the one who teased Jongin on the field all those weeks ago when he first arrived—Chanyeol. He stands in the entryway, looking a little worse for wear. He’s got a cut on his cheek, his hair is askew, and there looks to be the beginning of mottled bruising on his shoulder and side. Chanyeol winces.

“Hey, Soo,” he says, and Baekhyun is floored by how deep his voice is.

“Chanyeol,” Kyungsoo replies, in a tone that weeks ago Baekhyun would’ve mistaken for derision, but now sees it for the veiled concern that it really is. Kyungsoo cares, Baekhyun thinks, he just hates it when people see.

“I, uh, need some ice. We got a little too carried away during training.”

Kyungsoo snorts. Baekhyun eyes Chanyeol’s bruised body again, barely suppressing a laugh. Carried away, he said. Understatement of the year.

“You know where the freezer is.”

“Thanks, Kyungsoo!” Chanyeol says, before bounding—albeit delicately—into the kitchen. From this angle, the bruising on his body is less noticeable, but his… muscles are on display even more prominently. Baekhyun chances a glance to Kyungsoo to see how he was faring, and puts a hand over his mouth to stop himself from bursting into laughter.

It was so obvious to Baekhyun, how intently Kyungsoo was trying to not look at Chanyeol. The blush on his cheeks was high and bright.

Also, Baekhyun giggles internally, Kyungsoo had been whisking a bowl of nothing but flour since the moment Chanyeol appeared in the doorway.

Chanyeol left with two ice packs, a merry wave, and a “See you later, Soo,” on his lips. Baekhyun eyes Kyungsoo carefully, who seems to have finally realized that he’d been stirring nothing in the bowl in front of him.

“I see,” Baekhyun says.

“You see nothing,” Kyungsoo replies, hotly.

They settle into silence for a while, and Baekhyun watches Kyungsoo start to relax on his shoulders.

“So,” Baekhyun says, “guess I’m not the only one who likes them big, tall, and strong, eh?”

Baekhyun breaks out into laughter as he just barely dodges the handful of flour Kyungsoo throws his way.


Baekhyun holds the picnic basket in his hands as he raises a fist above Jongin’s door ready to knock. It had been earlier in the week when Kyungsoo agreed to make the food for them, and Baekhyun spent the better part of the last four days dodging handfuls of flour and quelling his anxiety by taking more long walks around the castle.

Baekhyun felt like this was a significant step for the both of them.

It wasn’t just lunch. It wasn’t just a formality. This was a date.

And, he reasoned, the transition from accepting his marriage to Jongin to actively wanting to be married to him was finally settled anew in his skin.

There are just three and a half weeks left ‘til the wedding now. Baekhyun was buzzing with the excitement of it.

He knocks on the door.

“Come in!” Jongin’s melodic voice rang. Baekhyun opened the door and let his eyes wander around Jongin’s bedroom. He placed the picnic basket on the table, noticing Jongin was nowhere in sight.

“I’ll be out in a minute, Baekhyun,” he says, head peeking out from behind the standing partition he had set up to change clothes behind. “We got carried away in training again, so I was covered in mud.” Baekhyun’s eyes rest on the little bit of Jongin’s bare shoulder showing as he talks.

“No worry,” Baekhyun says, clearing his throat, “I’ll wait for you.”

Jongin flashes him a bright smile before disappearing back behind the partition.

Baekhyun looks around Jongin’s bedroom, which is easily twice the size of his. He’s never been inside here yet, so he tries to absorb everything in sight: the ornate, dark stained cupboards, the beautiful—and quite frankly ridiculously huge—four poster bed in the center of the room, and the red silks and various cloth curtains that hang on the windows artfully.

All of it was regal, fitting, and matched Jongin perfectly.

Baekhyun’s eyes continued aimlessly scanning around the room, not really focusing on much, until a glint out of the corner of his eye caught his attention.

He almost missed it.

Baekhyun approaches Jongin’s clothing dresser slowly, feet moving of his own volition. It can’t be. He thinks if he was still holding the picnic basket, he would have dropped it all over the floor. Baekhyun stops just short in front of the dresser, and reaches his hands out to grab the item that he can’t look away from.

The ornate golden mask is tucked behind a picture frame, and Baekhyun can’t believe he even noticed it at all. He holds it in his hands, as he runs his fingers over the gems on the mask, thumb tracing over the intricate gold letter G on the corner. The gemstones glisten in the light, almost as if mocking Baekhyun.

All of the air in his lungs threatens to run out, and Baekhyun finds that his hands can’t stop shaking.

“Baekhyun?” Jongin’s voice cuts through the fog of his brain, and Baekhyun looks up at him and meets his gaze, eyes wild. His mouth is open, unsure of what to say. He traces a thumb over the corner of the mask again, grounding himself.

Over the mask that has haunted him for months. That has plagued his mind with what ifs since the moment he left Effex behind him.

Baekhyun shudders, and finds himself staring at Jongin in a completely different light.

“It’s you,” he says softly, clutching the mask like a lifeline. Baekhyun doesn’t break eye contact, and studies Jongin’s expression once more.

“Kai,” Baekhyun breathes out, choking on the word.

That single syllable seems to spur Jongin into action, as Baekhyun watches the way shock crosses upon the prince’s features. He rushes forward, grabbing Baekhyun by the shoulders, as a hard look crosses his face.

“Who told you!?” Jongin grits out, and it registers belatedly to Baekhyun that Jongin is angry.

“No one did,” Baekhyun chokes out, nearly close to tears. And not at the anger in Jongin’s voice, but because here he is. Here, in front of him, is the man he’d been searching for for months. The man he had pined for and begged the universe to give him, for months.

And he was his husband.

He was going to be Baekhyun’s husband.

“It’s me,” Baekhyun says softly, meeting Jongin’s gaze once more. “It’s… it’s Lux.”

Baekhyun watches as the words slowly sink into Jongin, as his expression moves from anger, to shock, to… to something more.

In the same way that Baekhyun feels.

Baekhyun doesn’t have enough time to breathe before Jongin presses their lips together, stealing the breath right out of his mouth.

“No way,” Jongin says, lips running underneath Baekhyun’s jaw. He’s backed Baekhyun up all the way to the bed, and Baekhyun falls onto it softly, mask rolling out of his fingers onto the bed sheet next to him.

“Oh my god,” Jongin continues, “my pretty little vixen.”

“Kai,” Baekhyun whines, “J-Jongin—“

“Yes,” he replies, “use my real name.” Jongin lays atop Baekhyun, kissing him desperately, trying to swallow Baekhyun whole. Baekhyun’s lips feel bitten and sore, Jongin’s teeth biting them gently, opening his little mouth up how he wants. Baekhyun falls into the kiss so easily, letting Jongin lead and do whatever he wants.

He’s missed this so much. He’s missed him so much.

It’s only once Jongin’s fingers trace under the waistband of Baekhyun’s pants that Baekhyun comes back to his senses.

“W-We can’t,” Baekhyun says, pulling away from Jongin despite how little he wants to.

“I need to have you again,” Jongin whispers. He noses along Baekhyun’s neck, making him shudder. “Fuck. I’ve missed you so much.”

Baekhyun blushes, but feels a pit open in his stomach. “Why… why didn't you come back?”

Jongin pulls back and looks at him, before rolling onto the mattress—careful to move the mask out of the way—and facing Baekhyun on his side. “I couldn’t,” he says softly, cupping Baekhyun’s cheek. “If I gave myself another moment in your presence in Effex, I never would’ve gone through with this marriage.”

“But you’re getting married to me,” Baekhyun says softly.

“Not something either of us knew back then, isn't it?” Jongin smiles.

“I went back almost everyday,” Baekhyun whispers into the stillness. “I tried searching for you.”

“I never went back, not after that first night.” Jongin sighs, “the compulsion to find you was so strong but… but I had promised myself and my family I would get married. Our night together was my one night of freedom before duty.”

“After we slept together,” Baekhyun says, “I couldn't sleep with anyone else. They weren't as good. You ruined me.”

“I want to ruin you again,” Jongin says mischievously. “So give me one good reason why I can’t.”

Baekhyun blushes. “Well, your own kingdom rules aside, I… I am not on my birth control tonic anymore. If.. if we have sex, there is a ninety-percent chance I’ll get pregnant. I’m… extremely fertile.”

“Fuck,” Jongin groans, “you’re making this so hard for me.”

“It’s not easy for me either,” Baekhyun laughs. He situates himself on the bed to face Jongin. His hands trace over Jongin’s hip, touching the exposed skin there. “I’ve wanted you for months. I think we can wait a few more weeks?”

“This is about to be the longest three weeks of my life,” Jongin laughs, eyes sparkling.

“There’s no rules about kissing, right?”

“There aren’t,” Jongin says. “I would like to kiss you.”

“I’d like it, too.”

“Good,” Jongin says, rolling back over to cover Baekhyun’s slender body with his bigger one. Baekhyun shuddered at their size difference—at Jongin’s bulk compared to his soft frame.

“I should punish you,” Jongin continues, weight settled on Baekhyun, “for making me yearn for you.”

“You’re such a romantic,” Baekhyun replies. “Kiss me.”

Baekhyun feels Jongin’s laugh against his next. “That’s not how good boys get what they want. You know the drill, Baekhyun.”

Baekhyun gulps, cheeks flushed. “Kiss me, please, Daddy.”

Jongin’s eyes go wide. “Daddy, huh? I was expecting you to call me ‘Sir’ again.” He smirks as Baekhyun blushes.

“I’m sor—“

“Shh, baby,” Jongin says, “I quite like Daddy,” he rubs a hand over Baekhyun’s flat stomach, “you’ll make it a true statement soon, if I have anything to do about it.”

Baekhyun shivered under the weight of Jongin’s gaze, as his hungry eyes promised so much more.


Baekhyun can tell his relationship with Jongin has shifted once more.

They have a shared secret now, and whatever were the last walls between them have all but shattered. Baekhyun’s noticed now, Jongin’s made himself much more present in his daily routine in the castle. At least much more than before. It makes a part of Baekhyun wild, a part of him feel safe and warm and content, knowing that Jongin is just as desperate for his presence as he feels for him.

It is intoxicating, Baekhyun thinks, to be wanted so obsessively the way Jongin wants him.

They make out in hidden alcoves, against stained glass windows or the lush castle drapes. Always out in a place where people could see them, and never in private. Baekhyun assumed at first Jongin might’ve had something of an exhibitionist streak, until the time Johnny found them nearly dry humping against one of the bookshelves in the castle library. Jongin had never blushed the way he did when Johnny had cleared his throat and said, “Your Highness, the Queen is looking for you.”

Jongin had jumped back like he’d been shocked, righted his clothes and fixed his hair, before squeezing Baekhyun’s hand and bidding his leave. Baekhyun thinks it is only through the most intensive knight training Johnny received that he did not laugh throughout the entire ordeal… that is, until Jongin had left.

Baekhyun couldn’t help but join in too, and soon enough he and Johnny had been nearly close to tears laughing against the bookshelf.

“I’ve never seen the Prince quite so…” Johnny’s voice had trailed off.

“Embarrassed?” Baekhyun offered, wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes.

“No,” Johnny said, “happy.”

The warm feeling that filled Baekhyun’s stomach at those words lasted throughout the entirety of the day.

And so, Baekhyun thinks, this is how he and Jongin have spent their first week of knowing each other’s shared secret. Crammed up in tight places, tongues down each others’ throats, acting like a bunch of silly little school boys instead of the betrothed Princes of peaceful kingdoms that they are.

But it’s fun, Baekhyun surmises, and he hasn’t had this much carefree fun since Effex.

He touches himself that night in his room, after Jongin kisses him on the cheek at dinner time, eyes burning with the need to touch Baekhyun, to do something more.

Baekhyun feels it too.

He grips his cock expertly, moving his hand over himself quickly. He pants into the quiet of his room, only the moonlight through the window pane for a source of light.

“God,” Baekhyun groans out, shuddering. He imagines it’s Jongin’s hands gripping him instead and what they would feel like on his skin. Would his grip be rough, from all those years of sword practice? Or would his palms be gentle because of how good he takes care of himself? Would he be kind to Baekhyun? Tease him?

Would he punish him for touching himself without asking?

“Oh,” Baekhyun gasps, as his body is pulled tight like a bow and he comes over his stomach after chasing that particular thought. He shivers at the idea of being naughty, of Jongin having to punish him for coming without permission.

When he cleans himself up, the thought brings a smile to his face.


“J-Jongin!” Baekhyun grunts out, body bent over the armrest of the sofa in Jongin’s room.

“You always wear the most… heinous clothes,” Jongin says, his chest plastered to Baekhyun’s back. Baekhyun’s wearing a tight fitted blue long sleeve shirt that is tied with intricate laces on the back. He’s got on a pair of pants that are snug around his legs, hips, thighs, and ass.

So yes, maybe Baekhyun might be a bit evil.

He smiles to himself. “But you like my clothes,” he whispers.

“You know I do,” Jongin grits out, his wandering hands squeezing the meat of Baekhyun’s hips and thigh. “You’re doing this to me on purpose.”

“A little,” Baekhyun grins, trying to turn his body around in Jongin’s grip. He lets him, and soon they’re both facing each other.

Baekhyun smiles shyly at him. “I wanted to ask if you’d like to go to a picnic again.”

“You remember how well the last one went.” Baekhyun can hear the eye roll in Jongin’s tone.

“It was good,” he says, snorting. They had made out in the garden on top of the blanket for an hour, stopped to devour all the food that Kyungsoo had made, before making out for another hour again. It was glorious.

“I’m up for the challenge,” Baekhyun says. “And there’s strawberry pie in the basket.”

“Bastard,” Jongin says, releasing Baekhyun from his grip. He stands up and takes a step back as his gaze goes up and down Baekhyun’s body, devouring him with his eyes. “You befriending Kyungsoo was a mistake,” Jongin says, annoyed, “I love strawberry pie.”

“I know,” Baekhyun smiles.

He picks the basket up off the floor, “So,” he says. “Lunch?”


“You’d be such a sexy mommy,” Jongin murmurs, kissing under Baekhyun’s jaw. He’s got a smirk on his face when he pulls back to look at Baekhyun.

“Oh my God,” Baekhyun moans, going pliant under Jongin’s grip. They’re in Baekhyun’s bedroom this time, making out on his bed. Jongin’s on top of him, thigh slotted between Baekhyun’s legs. Baekhyun can just feel how hard Jongin is in his pants.

“Look at the mirror,” Jongin says, and they turn towards the mirror on the wall that shows them on top of Baekhyun’s bed.

“I wanna fuck you in here,” Jongin says, hand on Baekhyun’s jaw. “Fuck you in your room right where you can see your little body take me.”

“Jongin!” Baekhyun moans out, grinding against him. The fabric of Baekhyun’s clothes feels claustrophobic on his skin.

“Would you like that?” Jongin murmurs, grinding down. His hard dick presses against the outside of Baekhyun’s pants. “To watch me fuck you? To look at yourself, open my cock? I bet your face gets so red… I bet that flush goes all the way down.”

“Fuck,” Baekhyun says, as Jongin grinds down again. They kiss for so long that Baekhyun’s face feels numb.

“I need to be inside you already,” Jongin grits through his teeth. His fingers play with the edge of Baekhyun’s waistband again, and Baekhyun grabs his wrist.

He pushes Jongin back just a little. A reminder.

“O-One more week,” Baekhyun chokes out, though it feels like it takes all the strength in his body to say the words.

“You’re right,” Jongin says, pulling back. He rolls off Baekhyun and lays on his back, flopping down on the bed. Baekhyun looks at him, his body flushed, hair mussed, and lips nice and plump from so much kissing.

Baekhyun thinks he could look at him like this all day.

Jongin heaves a sigh.

“This has been so difficult for me,” he says after a few moments of silence, “keeping my hands off you.” Even as he says it he is already reaching out, running the tips of his fingers against Baekhyun’s waist.

“I noticed,” Baekhyun giggles, blushing. It’s true, Baekhyun definitely noticed, that ever since they found out each other’s secret identities, it was a lot harder for Jongin to maintain that same level of friendly and respectable distance they had prior.

“I was content,” Jongin states, and his voice is more serious now. Baekhyun turns in the bed to face him, and waits for Jongin to continue.

“I was content,” he repeats, “to marry you. I didn’t know what you’d look like. But I knew it didn’t matter. I had a duty to fulfill. But then… then I saw you on that first day,” Jongin’s eyes shine as he turns to his side to face Baekhyun. “I thought to myself, ‘oh wow, he’s beautiful. I can live with that. I hope he’s kind.’”

“I had the same thought about you,” Baekhyun blurts out. Jongin chuckles.

“You really are so beautiful,” Jongin murmurs, “I felt lucky. And then, then we started having our lunch dates. You told me you could give us children. You were kind to every single person I introduced you to, you even bowed to the staff.” Jongin smiles at the memory.

“You’re funny and charming, and you have this easy quality about you,” Jongin continues, “Something that makes everyone, even the most prickly of people, adore you.”

“Oh,” Baekhyun says, rubbing a hand over his face, embarrassed.

“But above all,” Jongin says, voice filled with mirth. “Kyungsoo approves.”

Baekhyun snorts. “He better,” he laughs.

Baekhyun reaches a hand out and touches Jongin’s face, cupping his cheek. “I pined for you like no other,” he whispers, “and you were right in front of me the whole time. I already knew you were a good man, Prince Jongin, I could tell by the way everyone speaks so highly of you. Everyone here loves you. All the staff, the knights, the guards… I knew in my heart I would be in safe hands.”

Baekhyun runs his fingers through Jongin’s mussed up hair. “I liked you already before I knew,” he says softly, “I made peace with marrying you. I was happy to do it. But… But to find out you were also Kai? That felt like a gift for me.”

Jongin holds Baekhyun’s wrist in his hand, “I understand,” he whispers back, “marrying you would be so easy. I was afraid at first, but I knew we’d be good together. And that perhaps we’d find enough common ground to really open to each other. Finding out you were Lux made you even more beautiful to me, but I need you to know, Baekhyun, that it was not necessary. I didn’t need to know you were him to be happy with our marriage. But I’m glad you’re him anyway. You don’t know how badly I pined for you, too.”

“We’re a couple of idiots, aren’t we?”

Jongin laughs, before letting go of Baekhyun’s hand and moving in. He kisses him softly on the nose. “I think we’re meant to be,” he says softly.

Baekhyun feels flush, eyes staring intently at Jongin in the comfortable silence. His eyes shine brightly, nothing short of the stars.

Baekhyun gulps, squeezing Jongin’s hand. “Kyungsoo t-told me once that you… you always wanted to marry for love.”

Jongin looks at him. “That’s true,” he says, staring into Baekhyun’s eyes, “And I think I’ll get to.”

His smile is disarming.


“Mom! Dad!” Baekhyun shouts, running towards his parents outside the wedding hall. “Ah, I m-mean, um, King and Queen Byun!” he says, scratching the back of his neck as he gets much closer to him.

“C’mere my boy,” King Byun says, smiling and pulling Baekhyun into a hug. “That’s quite alright. We missed you.”

“I missed you, too,” Baekhyun’s voice gets all choked up. He buries his face in his dad’s chest.

“My son,” Queen Byun says from the side, and Baekhyun extricates himself out of his dad’s arms and gives his mom a huge hug.

“How have you been?” she asks gently.

“Really good,” Baekhyun says, laughing. “The Prince is… he’s… he’s wonderful.”

“Oh, Baekhyun,” his mom says, tucking his hair behind his ear. “You look so happy. This is more than I could have hoped for.”

“Me too,” he replies, squeezing his mom’s hand. “You’ll meet him tonight, at dinner, with the rest of his family. They’re all wonderful.”

“Is he handsome?” his mother asks slyly.

Baekhyun blushes. “The most handsome man I’ve ever met.”

She smiles.


Dinner will be an engaging affair, as it is also the first time Baekhyun will meet Jongin’s older brothers. He’s a little bit nervous, staring at himself in his clothes in the mirror of his room. He’s changed outfits so many times now, still feeling woefully underdressed in every one. A knock interrupts him.

“Hello?” he says, turning towards the door. It opens slowly to reveal Jongin, who is already dressed impeccably in his outfit for dinner. He’s got on a lovely white silk shirt and black pants, buttons done up very nicely. His hair is styled in Baekhyun’s favorite way, half done up off his forehead, and his red dinner jacket is slung over his arm along with another garment. He offers Baekhyun a warm smile.

“You almost finished getting ready?” he asks.

“I’m nervous,” Baekhyun blurts out, “to meet your brothers. And your parents, too. My… my family will be there as well and I’m just… I don’t know what to wear.”

Jongin chuckles. “That’s actually why I’m here.” He pulls the other piece of clothing from his arms and holds it out to Baekhyun. It’s just like the same shirt Baekhyun wore on his first day here, with the beautiful gems sewn into the fabric and the laces from the arms all the way to the shoulder—however, instead of baby blue, this one is done in a lucious, dark red, the same shade as Jongin’s suit jacket.

“I had it commissioned,” Jongin says, and Baekhyun can spot the flush on his cheeks. “You seem to really like long sleeve shirts with lace on them, and your wardrobe is mostly blue but, I thought it would be nice if we matched tonight.”

“You had this,” Baekhyun says in awe, touching the fabric, “specially made for me?”

“Yes,” Jongin smiles. “Do you like it?”

Baekhyun clutches the shirt in his hands, bringing the fabric to his face. It is soft and smells like Jongin.

“I love it,” he says softly, “it’s perfect.” He traces the fingers over the strings of lace on the arms. “This is traditional wear in the Byun kingdom,” Baekhyun says softly, “that’s why I love it so much. The long sleeves. My clothes make me think of home.”

Baekhyun looks away from the clothing and at Jongin’s face. He reaches up on his tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you, Jongin,” he says softly.

“Oh,” Jongin blushes. “Y-You’re welcome, Baekhyun.”

“I’ll wait for you outside?” he adds, clearing his throat.

“Actually,” Baekhyun says, getting an idea. “Would you like to help me put it on? The laces might prove difficult for me to attach on my own.”

“You’re asking me if I want to see you shirtless,” Jongin says, mystified.

“Are you always so observant?”

“God,” Jongin says, putting his jacket on the table and helping Baekhyun out of his current outfit. “Of course I want to see you shirtless.”

“I’m sure you’ll get your fill enough after this Friday.”

“You’re right,” Jongin says, his bare fingers running over the expanse of Baekhyun’s tummy. “I know you like the way I look, too.” He snorts.

“I have eyes,” Baekhyun snorts, “of course I like the way you look.”

Jongin grins, pulling Baekhyun flush against his body. His hands dig into the soft flesh of Baekhyun’s hips. “Can we get married right this second? I want to fuck you already.”

Baekhyun bats his hands away. “You’re so crass!” He laughs. Jongin’s hands trail up his chest, pinching his nipples. Baekhyun lets out a breathy moan.

“No fair,” he says, wrestling out of Jongin’s grip. “You know all the ways to push my buttons.”

“What can I say?” Jongin smirks, “I’m desperate for you.”

Baekhyun shudders, as he slowly pulls the new shirt on himself. “Me too, for you,” he says softly.

“I know,” Jongin replies, “you’ve been touching yourself then, right? Did you ask me?”

Baekhyun knows Jongin is just joking, but the timbre of his voice reminds him so much of their time together, when he was Lux and Jongin was Kai.

“N-No I didn’t,” Baekhyun says, as Jongin ties up the laces on his arms. He walks behind Baekhyun to make sure the laces on the back are set properly.

“‘No I didn’t who’?” Baekhyun can practically hear the smirk in his voice.

“Daddy,” he says softly. “No. I didn’t ask.”

Baekhyun feels the press of Jongin’s lips against the nape of his neck.

“It’s okay,” Jongin whispers, turning Baekhyun around in his arms, and kissing under his jaw, “I’ve touched myself too, while thinking of you.” Baekhyun can feel the smile against his neck.

“Y-You have?”

“Oh yes,” Jongin says, “and now you’ve let me see you shirtless again. I’ll be good for the next three days. I promise.”

“You better be,” Baekhyun says. He reaches over to the table and grabs Jongin’s suit jacket, handing it to him. “I promise, Jongin. You can do whatever you’d like to me after we’re married.”

“God,” he says, pulling his jacket on, and bending down to kiss Baekhyun once more. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, baby.”

“I intend to keep all of them,” Baekhyun replies, lips against Jongin’s mouth. He boldly grabs Jongin’s ass, squeezing, before backing away and towards the door.

“You’re in trouble,” Jongin says, laughing as he chases after him.

“God,” Baekhyun smiles, “I hope so.”


As Baekhyun predicted, dinner was an extremely engaging affair. He and Jongin showed up together, right on time, much to the smiles of both of their mothers. Baekhyun curtsied at Jongin’s mom, who’s eyes sparkled at their matching outfits.

“You both look good together,” she said, before turning back around to continue her conversation with Baekhyun’s mom. They made their way to all the other guests who were mostly just family, and Baekhyun had a wonderful time introducing Jongin to his dad.

“I’m afraid Baekbeom is back home, holding down the fort as you kids say, while we are here for the wedding,” King Byun had said, “But I assure you, he would love to meet you as well.”

“I look forward to it, Your Majesty,” Jongin replied, bowing to Baekhyun’s father.

The rest of dinner goes by in a blur, with stories exchanged and laughs shared between the new families. Baekhyun feels nothing but an overwhelming sense of contentment, watching as his parents laugh and joke with Jongin’s. It’s so easy, he thinks, I didn’t know it’d be this easy.

The tension in his body eases, and he squeezes Jongin’s hand under the table for good measure. Baekhyun lets the din of the dining hall wash over him, as he continues to eat his fill of all the delicious food the kitchen staff bring out. He even sees Kyungsoo pop his head out every now and then as the staff make their way out with food, and he offers Baekhyun a small smile and a thumbs up. Baekhyun secretly offers him one back.

“My love,” Jongin whispers to Baekhyun, taking him out of his thoughts. The nickname makes Baekhyun preen.


“You’re awfully quiet,” Jongin says. “Everything okay?”

“Yes,” Baekhyun replies, putting his chopsticks down. “I’m excited. Happy. Really nervous,” he giggles under his breath. “A little overwhelmed. But I’m okay.”

Jongin squeezes his hand and Baekhyun feels warm inside. “I’m nervous too,” he murmurs, “but I have you here.” The gesture makes Baekhyun smile.

He can’t remember much else that happens during dinner after that, too focused on the feel of Jongin’s hand on his thigh and the promise of his comfortable bed soon. Baekhyun barely stifles a yawn throughout the desserts, and looks up when he feels eyes on him.

He looks across the table at Prince Minseok, Jongin’s eldest brother and heir to the throne. Right beside him sits Prince Jongdae, the middle son. Minseok eyes Baekhyun carefully, almost sizing him up.

Baekhyun offers him a smile, which seems to shock something out of Minseok. The guarded expression on his face falls away, and he too, offers Baekhyun a smile.

“You seem to be able to charm everyone,” Jongin whispers in his ear, obviously having seen the exchange. “Minseok’s nickname is ‘The Ice Prince.’ It’s very hard to get him to warm up to you.”

“Oh, wow.” Baekhyun says in a daze.

“I told you before, love,” Jongin murmurs, “there’s something so disarming about you. People can’t help themselves but like you.”

“You’re so sweet,” Baekhyun blushes, playing with the food on his plate. “But it’s the same for you. You made my dad laugh. I know you’ll make Baekbeom chuckle too.”

“I told you already,” Jongin squeezes Baekhyun’s thigh. “We’re meant to be.”

“We are,” Baekhyun whispers back, voice thick. “I think we really are.”


“I… I know there’s rules,” Baekhyun says to Jongin later that night in his bedroom, after the dinner is over and everyone has gone to their bedrooms to retire for the night. “But do you… do you think you could sleep with me?”

Jongin smirks. “What happened to preserving your purity?” He barely conceals his laughter.

“Not like that!” Baekhyun says, rolling his eyes. “You know what I mean… Could we… sleep in the same bed? And could you hold me?” Baekhyun looks away, embarrassed.

Jongin steps forward, hand on Baekhyun’s face. “Of course, my love,” he says, rubbing his finger against the apple of Baekhyun’s cheek. “I’ll hold you as much as you want.”

Baekhyun lays in Jongin’s arms, head on his chest, much like that time back in Effex. At least now, Baekhyun knows, when he wakes up after sleep, Jongin will still be there holding him.


Baekhyun wipes his sweaty palms on his pants as he stands outside the wedding hall with his dad.

“I can do this,” he whispers to himself, “I can do this.”

“You can do this,” King Byun says, a smirk on face. He grabs Baekhyun’s shoulder, turning him so they face each other.

“My son,” he says softly, love in his voice. “You would have made a very fine King.”

Baekhyun smiles at his father’s praise. “Thank you, Dad. But I hope I can be a fine husband instead.”

King Byun ruffles Baekhyun’s hair. “That boy is so smitten over you,” he says, making an observation. They still wait outside, waiting for the music cue to begin.

“I’m smitten, too.”

“I can tell,” King Byun ribs his son playfully. “You’ll come to visit us often won’t you?”

“Of course.”

“And bring the grandchildren, too.”


“What?” he says, barely containing a smile, “Baekbeom is taking forever and you know, I’m getting old.”

Baekhyun rolls his eyes good naturedly. “We’ll bring the grandchild.”

“Oh, it’ll definitely be children,” King Byun snorts. Before Baekhyun can retort, they hear the melodious sound of the piano playing and the doors in front of them begin to open up.

“Are you ready?” his father asks softly.

Baekhyun looks down into the large hall, at all of their families, friends, and castle staff, who occupy seats filled nearly to bursting. There is a white carpet in front of them, leading to the front of the hall where Jongin stands with a few of his knights—his best men, Jongin had said—and the wedding officiant, a man named Jeongsu.

Baekhyun meets Jongin’s gaze. He smiles. I’m right where I should be, he thinks.

“I am.” he says out loud, answering his father’s question, as they start their march down the hall.


Baekhyun faces Jongin in front of everyone. Jeongsu has allowed them to hold hands, and Baekhyun watches as Jongin struggles not to cry. It’s a battle for himself already, as the emotions threaten to overwhelm him completely. Baekhyun quickly darts his gaze out to the crowd, and catches Kyungsoo’s eyes. He’s sitting in the front, in the row of seats behind Jongin’s parents, with some of the other knights in attendance. Kyungsoo gives Baekhyun a small thumbs up, and that’s enough to get him to settle back into himself.

He just finished repeating his vows already—both standard, scripted responses provided for the arranged marriage. And now all that was left was for Jongin to repeat his.

However, of course, it wouldn’t have been Jongin had he not gone a little off script.

“I love you so much,” he blurts out, when what he was supposed to say was in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad. “I love you so much,” Jongin’s voice shakes, and there are little tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

Jeongsu looks a little shocked by Jongin’s outburst, but waves it off before continuing. Jongin’s knights standing beside him, Chanyeol and Sehun, are doing their best not to laugh. Baekhyun squeezes Jongin’s hands in reassurance, grounding him.

I love you, too, he mouths at Jongin, smiling.

Jongin looks at him like the moon was put in the sky by Baekhyun himself. The level of attention, and undivided love and adoration Jongin is giving so freely, makes something deep down inside Baekhyun warm up.

He’s so soft, Baekhyun thinks, and he’s all for me.

“In the eyes of the Kim Kingdom, in front of your friends and family who bear witness, I now pronounce you married in the eyes of our land.”

There is a long pause before—

“You can kiss your husband now, Prince Jongin.”

Baekhyun can barely hear anything Jeongsu is saying above the buzzing in his ears. He has no time to think before Jongin is pulling him forward into his arms, and crashing their lips together.

He has no time to be embarrassed either, about Jongin’s tongue down his throat while they’re in public, as the crowd around them erupts into cheers.

He kisses the tear tracks right off Jongin’s cheek, for good measure.


Baekhyun hardly remembers his own wedding reception, now that Jongin’s got his hands all over him.

“I cannot believe we have this entire villa to ourselves,” Baekhyun says. Jongin murmurs in assent, though Baekhyun knows his husband isn’t paying attention to anything other than trying to take Baekhyun’s clothes off his body.

His husband.

The thought makes him giddy inside. It’s official. Jongin is his. No one else’s. The flare of possessiveness keeps Baekhyun alive.

“Yeah, yeah, the whole villa,” Jongin says, hands pulling apart the intricate laces of Baekhyun’s wedding clothes. “Baby, let me see you naked.”

Baekhyun laughs, helping Jongin take his clothes off. They lock the door behind them and leave a trail of clothes in their wake as they make their way to the bedroom. Baekhyun barely has any time to absorb any of his surroundings before his back hits the bed and Jongin’s warm hands touch his bare skin.

“Color?” Jongin asks.

Baekhyun snorts. “We’re doing this? For our first time?”

“Technically, we already had our first time.” Jongin rubs his hands over the planes of Baekhyun’s naked chest, pinching his nipples.

“You know what I mean.”

“And you know what I mean.” He smirks.

Baekhyun rolls his eyes, but he cannot deny the serious need and desire he wants to fulfill. Jongin takes his shirt off—finally—showing the expanse of his toned chest and abs, and Baekhyun’s made up his mind.

“Okay,” he says, “but go slow, please? It’s been a while.”

“Go slow ‘who?’” Jongin says with a smirk.

“Go slow… Daddy,” Baekhyun says, shuddering.

The atmosphere shifts between them, at the utterance of that word. Jongin’s gaze changes minutely, and Baekhyun thinks he would have missed it had he not experienced this once before.

“I love that I get to see your face this time,” Jongin says, cupping Baekhyun’s jaw in his hands. “That’s the only thing I hated about the masks. I didn’t get to see you cry.”

“Ooh,” Baekhyun whimpers. Jongin gets up, pulling Baekhyun’s pants and underwear off. Baekhyun feels shy, as Jongin’s gaze bores into him. His cock is hardening between his legs, red at the tip.

“You’re so pink,” Jongin says, in awe. “That flush is full body…”

Baekhyun covers his face, “Daddy, please,” he begs, though he isn’t sure for what.

“Scoot up on the bed,” Jongin commands. Baekhyun scrambles to comply. Jongin takes his time, stripping off his pants and his socks, his shoes long forgotten by the front door. He walks around the bed, pacing back and forth, and Baekhyun takes this opportunity to take Jongin in.

His gazes runs over the tanned, sunkissed skin, the muscles of his shoulders, arms, and back—all from his exceptional work in sword fighting—to the strength of his thighs, the softness of his hands—

The hardness of his dick.

Baekhyun can’t stop staring at Jongin’s cock, where it is thick and hard, jutting up against his abdomen. There is precum leaking at the tip, and Baekhyun shudders at the thought of Jongin getting so hard simply because of looking at Baekhyun’s body. Of imagining being inside Baekhyun again.

In the instant it takes Baekhyun to blink, Jongin is on top of him, weight crushing him to the mattress.

“Your plump body was made for me,” Jongin whispers into Baekhyun’s ear, “I wonder if you still fit me like a glove.”

He reaches up into the bedside drawer, grabbing the container of lubricant. Baekhyun spreads his legs automatically, and Jongin huffs out a laugh.

“Good boys know how to listen, don’t they?”

“Y-Yes, Daddy,” Baekhyun nods furiously, “I can listen.”

“Good,” Jongin says, “Put your legs up, and hold yourself open for me.”

Baekhyun moves to comply quickly, hoisting his legs up in the air and presenting himself to Jongin. His face is flushed red, this position being so highly compromising, but the glint in Jongin’s eyes is so rewarding.

“So soft,” he says, “so pink.” Baekhyun feels Jongin’s thumb trace his hole, pushing against the muscle. “I wonder if you can take my dick again. I wonder if it’ll fit.”

“It will, Daddy,” Baekhyun whines, nodding his head, “I promise. I promise.” The rush of emotions that fills Baekhyun’s body spurs him on, his overwhelming need to please Jongin taking the forefront of his mind.

Jongin dips his fingers into the container of lube, before pressing them against Baekhyun’s hole. He pushes one in, and Baekhyun wills his body to relax at the intrusion.

“So tight,” he says, “and it’s just one finger.” Baekhyun tries to even his breathing out more, willing himself to take Jongin’s fingers easier.

“That’s better,” Jongin says, “there’s the good boy I remember.”

Baekhyun whimpers, cock spurting a little bit of precum at the tip.

Jongin works him open easily, Baekhyun relaxed enough that now his body will take Jongin’s fingers. He goes up to two quickly, and three soon after, barely giving Baekhyun any time to breathe in between.

“I want to hear you scream,” Jongin says, moving up onto his knees and getting himself into a better position. “I want them to hear you all the way at the castle. I want everyone to know you’re mine.”

“I’m yours,” Baekhyun says deliriously. “I’m only yours.”

Jongin removes his fingers, wiping the lube onto the bed sheet, before taking another generous size of lube and putting it on his dick.

“Color?” he says.

“Green,” Baekhyun replies.

“If you can’t speak and you want me to stop, what do you do?”

“I tap your shoulder three times.”

“Good boy.” The compliment makes Baekhyun preen.

Jongin presses the head of his dick against Baekhyun’s entrance, but doesn’t push it in. He teases Baekhyun, just giving him a taste, barely pushing the tip of his cock in before pulling it out.

Baekhyun whines, face red and little flecks of tears forming in his eyes.

“Don’t tease me, Daddy,” he begs, as Jongin presses the blunt head of his cock against his entrance again. “Please don’t tease me.”

“Beg me,” Jongin says, “tell me what you want. Let me hear you.”

Baekhyun gulps, embarrassment flooding his face.

“You weren’t shy like this back in Effex,” Jongin sing-songs, rubbing his dick up and down the cleft of Baekhyun’s ass. “Now tell me.”

Baekhyun's legs shake in his grip, tired from holding them up. He sighs, blinking before opening his mouth.

“I want you to f-fuck me,” Baekhyun says, “I want you to fuck me so… so hard that I can’t remember my name. That I only remember yours.”

“Mmmhmm,” Jongin says, “keep going.” His dick breaches the ring of muscle of Baekhyun’s ass, and Baekhyun can barely focus on what he’s supposed to do as the sensation of being filled takes over.

“I said,” Jongin repeats, voice hard, movement stopping completely, “keep going.”

“I want you to hold me down, tie me up, make me scream… a-and cry,” Baekhyun bites his lip, “You promised.”

“I did,” Jongin says, resuming his movements. He pushes himself all the way in, and Baekhyun feels like the wind has been knocked out of him. Jongin’s cock is so thick, he feels like he’s being split open, touched in all the right places. His tongue feels heavy in his mouth, words in his brain turning to mush at the feeling of Jongin inside him once again. He lets out a broken scream.

“I want to fuck you ‘til you’re red in the face, ‘til the only name you remember is mine.” Jongin takes pity on Baekhyun, moving his legs over his shoulders, so Baekhyun can rest his hands on the bed. He flexes his fingers against the bed sheets.

Jongin stays completely still, and Baekhyun has time to catch his breath.

“I want you to fuck me until I’m pregnant,” Baekhyun says quietly.

Jongin lets out a groan so loud, Baekhyun’s sure the castle could hear him. He pulls out and snaps his hips so roughly into Baekhyun, it takes everything in him to make sure he doesn’t fly off the bed with the force of Jongin’s thrusts.

Jongin fucks him hard and deep, fast and reckless—

But there’s a sense of calculation to his movements, the way his hand moves from the bed to Baekhyun’s chest to pinch his nipples, to squeeze the meat of his thigh, or to grip his hip blindingly tight.

“Oh, Oh, Daddy—” Baekhyun lets out a choked scream.

“That’s what I wanna hear,” Jongin says, “I wanna hear how much you want this. How much you want me.”

“I-I want you,” Baekhyun hiccups, body shaking with the force of Jongin’s thrusts. “How could I not—fuck—” Baekhyun’s words turn into a groan as Jongin continues his movements.

Jongin fucks him like they’re in the training field sparring, like he’s memorized all the ways that Baekhyun could attack, and is counter-attacking every move. Jongin’s hand sneaks up to Baekhyun’s jaw, his fingers pulling at Baekhyun’s bottom lip.

“I want to see you cry,” Jongin confesses, manhandling Baekhyun’s face. “You look so pretty when you do.”

Baekhyun whines at the comment, feeling flush.

Jongin’s movements never cease throughout the entirety, his hips moving in a staccato rhythm as he fucks Baekhyun hard. The only sound in the bedroom is the impact of Jongin’s body against Baekhyun, and Baekhyun’s aroused moans.

Baekhyun, deliriously, hopes there will be bruises on his lower body tomorrow. Imprints of Jongin’s hips against his, of Jongin’s hands on his thighs.

Jongin lowers his hand from Baekhyun’s jaw, palm resting on Baekhyun’s neck. He gives Baekhyun an inquisitive look, one eyebrow cocked up in question. Baekhyun has a moment to think that Jongin is so considerate, that he’d still ask for Baekhyun’s permission even when Baekhyun’s already said yes.

He nods, looking at Jongin. Who gives him a wink and a playful smirk.

Jongin squeezes the sides of Baekhyun’s neck and Baekhyun feels his brain fill with static. Jongin’s hips move faster, or maybe that’s just the lack of oxygen, Baekhyun thinks, as Jongin’s fingers enclose tighter and tighter, squeezing.

Tears rush to Baekhyun’s face, flowing from his eyes, his mouth open in a silent scream. Jongin moves faster, fucks him harder, and Baekhyun sees black spots on the edges of his vision before Jongin’s grip releases, and all the blood rushes back up his head.

The feeling is intoxicating.

“Again,” Baekhyun croaks, momentarily forgetting he is in no place to demand things. The tears flow freely down his cheeks.

Jongin seems to forget too, or rather lets it slide, because he squeezes Baekhyun’s throat again, gripping him tightly, until stars cross Baekhyun’s eyes and Jongin lets go once again. Baekhyun’s cock jumps against his body, leaking precum profusely. He can’t get enough of it.

He can’t seem to get enough of Jongin in any way.

Jongin does it thrice more, each time squeezing Baekhyun longer than the last, each time bringing him so close to the brink, before letting go, and letting him relax. Baekhyun feels good, mind and body adrift in nothing but an endless cycle of pleasure.

“Color?” Jongin’s voice sounds from so far away. Baekhyun doesn’t want him to stop fucking him, so he knows he must respond.

“Green,” he says, though his own voice sounds foreign to his ears. “Green, Daddy.”

He focuses his eyes in time to see Jongin give him a blinding smile.

Jongin slows his speed down, lowering his body closer to Baekhyun’s. He mouths over Baekhyun’s nipples, sucking them each into his mouth until they’re red and puffy from abuse. He bites them between his teeth, the sharp pain only amplifying the pleasure that Baekhyun feels like he’s drowning in. He whines, a scream stuck in his throat. Jongin licks up his chest, bites harshly at his collarbone, then gently kisses the underside of Baekhyun’s jaw. He does this multiple times in a row, leaving Baekhyun dizzy.

The juxtaposition is enough to make him go haywire, body on autopilot and feeling.

Jongin moves, pushing his tongue into Baekhyun’s mouth, kissing him sloppily, and Baekhyun lets him do whatever he wants. Jongin has still not ceased movements, hips rocking gently into Baekhyun’s body, stuffing him full.

“Whatever you want,” Baekhyun says out loud, “do whatever you want.”

“You’re perfect for me,” Jongin says, voice reverent. “Fuck, you’d let me do anything.”

Baekhyun nods, hands moving from the bed to caress Jongin’s shoulders. He trails his fingers up into Jongin’s hair, running his blunt nails against Jongin’s scalp. Jongin continues grinding into Baekhyun’s body, and Baekhyun scratches him on his head playfully.

“Faster, Daddy, please. Make me cum.” Baekhyun’s cock gives a pathetic twitch against his stomach, precum dripping down the side of his hip.

Jongin chuckles. “Do you deserve it?”

Baekhyun nods quickly. “I’ve been good,” he whispers. He clenches around Jongin’s dick, making him groan. “Really good.”

“Hmm,” Jongin says, smiling. He runs a soft hand down Baekhyun’s cheek, pinching him. “Your face is all red,” he observes, “I like that.” His hand traces down Baekhyun’s chest, before his palm settles on his stomach. “I wonder what you’ll look like when you're pregnant,” Jongin says, moving his hips softly, “I can’t stop thinking about how sexy you’ll be. You’ll let me fuck you, right?”

“Oh,” Baekhyun groans. “Y-Yes, yes, please. Anything.”

“I’m going to fill you up, baby,” Jongin groans, rocking his hips against Baekhyun. “Haven’t stopped thinking about it s-since you told me—fuck—can’t believe you can give us kids,” Jongin bites Baekhyun’s collarbone again. Baekhyun hopes there’s teeth marks.

“I want to fuck you like there’s no tomorrow. I bet you’d like that. Bet you’d like to do nothing but be split open by my dick all day. Just be my pretty little slut. Just naked in my bed. Doing nothing but being a warm little hole for me.”

Baekhyun clenches on Jongin’s dick, a scream bubbling out from his lips. “Daddy!” he yells, “Fuck yes please, please, I’m just your little slut.”

“I know you are,” Jongin says, moving up away from Baekhyun’s chest. He grips Baekhyun’s ankles in his hands, thrusting his dick faster into Baekhyun’s open, plump body. He brings those harsh, punishing thrusts back, and Baekhyun grips the sheets to keep himself steady.

“Just my little cockslut, just my little breeding whore.” Baekhyun cries out at every thrust.

“Bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Doing nothing all day but pampering this delicious body of yours, getting ready for me. You’d be in bed and I’d just roll you over and take.”

“All yours,” Baekhyun moans, “whenever you want,” he cries out, “even when I’m sleeping.”

“Fuck?!” Jongin says, hips stuttering. His grip around Baekhyun’s ankles is borderline painful, but Baekhyun’s so lost in the euphoria of Jongin fucking him and holding him—it’s just too good.

Baekhyun meets his gaze, eyes clear. “Even if I’m sleeping,” he repeats, “j-just roll me over. Just use me. I’ll make myself ready for you. I want you to too.”

“I’m the luckiest man in the world.” Jongin bites the flesh of Baekhyun’s calf, making Baekhyun cry out in pain that feels just this side of good. The sensation spreads throughout his body, brain static coming back once more.

Jongin grabs Baekhyun’s long forgotten cock in his hand, squeezing Baekhyun and jerking him off in time with his thrusts.

“Who do you belong to?” Jongin grits out, hand flying quickly over Baekhyun’s cock. He shakes with the feeling.


“Who gets to fuck your pretty little hole?” Jongin’s voice is deep and rough. Baekhyun preens. No one else will ever get to see Jongin like this.

“Only y-you,” Baekhyun gasps, feeling the muscles in his abdomen clench. His orgasm is so close—so close—but Jongin still hasn’t given him permission.

“Please, Daddy,” he begs once more. He doesn’t think he can hold it off any longer.

Jongin grins. He gives Baekhyun another wink.

“Come,” he says, releasing Baekhyun’s cock and slapping his hand hard across Baekhyun’s exposed thigh. Baekhyun’s vision whites out and he grinds his teeth as his orgasm washes over him, blocking out the feeling of anything else. His cock spurts cum all over his stomach and maybe Jongin’s arm. He thinks maybe he screams, but he can’t be sure, because he can’t hear anything past the roaring in his ears.

Jongin drops Baekhyun’s legs and bends his body back down, chests almost touching. He braces himself on the bed over Baekhyun as he starts to thrust in erratic movements. Baekhyun whines at the oversensitivity as Jongin’s cock brushes over his prostate. It doesn’t take long though before Jongin comes as well, filling Baekhyun up to the brim.

Jongin kisses all over Baekhyun’s face as they come down, his voice now gentle and whispering soft as he goads Baekhyun back into reality.

“You were perfect,” he says, kissing Baekhyun's ear. “You were so good for me. My cute little husband.”

“Ah,” Baekhyun whines, his thigh where Jongin slapped him still stinging. His throat and neck hurt too, and so do his nipples. Everywhere that Jongin poked and prodded and bit and touched feels alight with flame and passion.

Baekhyun doesn’t think he’s ever felt so loved.

“Come back to me my sweet pea,” Jongin sing-songs, and Baekhyun lets out a small giggle.

“Can’t feel my body,” Baekhyun says groggily, “sore.”

“Too much?” Jongin sounds concerned. He pulls out of Baekhyun’s body gently, and Baekhyun whines at the loss of fullness, whimpering at the sensation of Jongin’s cum as it starts to slowly leak out of him.

“It was just right,” Baekhyun says, reaching his hands up to cup Jongin’s cheeks. He pulls his face down and rubs their noses together.

Jongin rolls off of him but pulls Baekhyun close to his chest, petting his back.

“I imagined our second time together in so many different ways,” Jongin murmurs after a long moment of silence as they catch their breaths. “I wondered so many times if I had made you up in my head. I didn’t think anyone like you could exist for real. Maybe you were a dream.”

“I’m real,” Baekhyun says, kissing the skin of Jongin’s chest that he can reach. “You’re definitely real, too.”

Jongin laughs, and it is a joyous sound.

“Did I live up to your dream?” Baekhyun asks softly, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth.

“More than,” Jongin says, fingers running along Baekhyun’s skin, constantly touching him anywhere.

“And the sex?” Baekhyun asks.

Jongin shrugs, though he gives Baekhyun a sideways grin. “I might need to do another round, you know, just to be sure.”

“Hmmm,” Baekhyun says, snuggling up closer to Jongin, throwing one of his legs over his hip, the mess of cum on the both of them be damned. “I agree.”

A pause.

“I think I remember you saying months ago, something about tying me up?” Baekhyun gives Jongin his most mischievous smile.

“I’d say fifteen more minutes,” Jongin says, “but I think…” he looks at Baekhyun, voice trailing off. There’s a soft, almost private smile playing on Jongin’s face. Just a small twitch of his lips, as his eyes are filled with what Baekhyun has come to recognize as love.

He presses their foreheads together.

“I think we’re got all the time in the world,” Jongin says.

Baekhyun can’t help but agree.


“KIM JONGIN!” Baekhyun shouts from the bathroom where he’s hunched over the toilet throwing up the contents of his stomach.

Jongin runs into the bathroom with no shirt on, pants loose around his waist and hair sticking up in every direction. It’s been almost two months since their wedding, and Baekhyun never fails to giggle at the awful sight of Jongin’s bedhead. He laughs at a lot of small things about Jongin that he’s come to learn now that they share a living space, all of Baekhyun’s things having been moved into Jongin’s much larger, and bigger bedroom.

Jongin comes into view, and Baekhyun rolls his eyes at the way his husband looks. He’d be laughing now too, if it wasn’t for the queasiness that seems like it’s about to overtake him.

“Whargh?” Jongin says in greeting, before realizing Baekhyun’s position on the floor. His eyes widen in concern. “Oh my God, are you okay?!”

“This is the fourth time in a row I’ve woken up to vomit,” Baekhyun grumbles. He tries to get up, but a wave of nausea keeps him on the ground. He dry heaves into the toilet a few more times, Jongin’s hand rubbing soothing circles on his back.

“Shall I call the royal doctor?” Jongin asks, voice scared.

“No need,” Baekhyun says, hoping to keep up the charade of being upset just a little bit longer. “I know what it is.” He reaches for the cup of water close by to him and rinses out his mouth with it, spitting the water in the toilet. The nausea is abating now, at least until tomorrow morning. Baekhyun knows he’ll have to be more conscious of what he eats and drinks from now on, but he doesn’t think Jongin will mind that change all that much.

“What is it?” Jongin asks. “A food allergy? Stomach bug?“ his voice gets more alarmed as he lists other things, and Baekhyun keeps his head down so Jongin doesn’t see the smile on his face.

“None of those,” he says.

“Well, I assure you, Baekhyun, if you just let Yixing see to you—“

Baekhyun cuts him off, no longer wanting to torture him.

“I’m pregnant,” he says. And watches the way Jongin goes through ten different emotions all at once, before he turns to Baekhyun in wonder.

“Oh my God,” Jongin says, picking Baekhyun up off the floor and spinning them both around in a circle. “This is wonderful news!”

“Still a little nauseous!” Baekhyun says, tapping Jongin’s shoulder. Jongin places him back on solid ground, but his hands stay firmly on Baekhyun’s hips.

“Yixing confirmed it for me last night,” Baekhyun whispers.

“And he kept it from me?!”

“I asked him to,” Baekhyun snorts, “I wanted to be the one to tell you.”

“How far along?”

“Six weeks.”

Jongin smirks. “So our first night together, huh? You weren’t kidding about that fertility.”

“Jesus Christ,” Baekhyun says, burying his face in his hands, “don’t say it like that!”

“I’ll be gentle from now on, I promise. But you have to know, this makes me want you even more.” Jongin reaches behind and squeezes Baekhyun’s ass in his hands. Baekhyun moans against his chest.

“No fair,” he says, “My body is going to be more sensitive because of this.”

“I know,” Jongin grins, “I can’t wait.” He picks Baekhyun up again and walks them back to the bed, with minimal complaints from Baekhyun. Jongin gently lays him down before pulling Baekhyun’s pants off, bending down to suck and lick at his thighs.

“It is six o’clock in the morning,” Baekhyun whines, despite his protests he already feels his cock growing hard.

“Uh huh,” Jongin agrees, “but you’ve heard of breakfast in bed, right?”

“You are so dirty!”

“Fuck,” Jongin says, licking Baekhyun’s half hard dick. “I knew you’d be such a good mommy. I can’t wait to see how sexy you’ll look pregnant.”

Baekhyun covers his face. “Stop saying that!”

“You like it, don’t pretend,” Jongin licks over his dick again. “Hmmm, you’re really gonna make me a Daddy. We’re really gonna have kids.

“A kid,” Baekhyun corrects, “don’t get too ahead of yourself.”

“You’re so fucking hot right now, my little Mommy,” and Baekhyun’s dick twitches against Jongin’s mouth and he gasps.

“Fuuuuuck,” Jongin says, “you really like it when I call you that.”

Baekhyun moves his hands off his face, looking at Jongin. He nods and then gives Jongin a shrug. “You like it when I call you Daddy.”

Jongin grins. “Touché.”

He traces Baekhyun’s upper thigh with his fingers, squeezing the flesh. “We’re so good together,” Jongin says, kissing Baekhyun’s hip.

“We are,” Baekhyun agrees, running his fingers through Jongin’s hair.

“Time for me to eat,” Jongin smirks, Baekhyun rolls his eyes before allowing Jongin to flip him onto his stomach and spread his cheeks.

“You’re still so loose from last night,” Jongin says, pushing his thumb against Baekhyun’s hole.

“M-Maybe if your cock w-wasn’t so fucking thick—“

Jongin slaps his ass gently. “I was gonna make you beg for it today. But I promised I’d be gentle.” He kisses down the knobs of Baekhyun's spine before stopping at his hole, pressing his mouth there and licking the muscle with the flat of his tongue. Baekhyun shudders underneath Jongin’s ministrations. The sounds Jongin makes as he eats Baekhyun out are positively filthy, and Baekhyun knows if he wasn’t already fully hard before Jongin flipped him around he’d get hard just by the sounds.

“Fuck me,” Baekhyun says, “o-oh, Jongin, please.”

“That’s not my name,” Jongin giggles, and Baekhyun wants to kick him.

“Daddy,” he says softly, letting his troubles melt away, “fuck me please.”

“I’d do anything for a cute little Mommy like you,” Jongin says, “especially one that asks so nicely.”

Jongin presses his dick into Baekhyun in one thrust, knocking the air out of his lungs. He cradles Baekhyun to his chest, as he fucks him slowly, reverently. Unlike any of their many previous times before.

Jongin is always touching, always grabbing, his mere presence does nothing but consume.

Like this though, gently, makes Baekhyun feel as if he’s on fire.

Jongin fucks him like he is the only person in the entire world. His hands are tight against his body, mouth at Baekhyun’s ear, whispering the filthiest things in the world. Things like your body was made for me. No one makes me feel like this. Every time I fuck you feels like the first time I’m fucking you.

When Baekhyun comes on the sheets underneath them, it’s a surprise to them both.

“Extra sensitivity,” Jongin says, and Baekhyun can hear the smirk in his voice. “I might enjoy that one too much.”

He comes inside Baekhyun soon after, before rolling onto his back and turning on his side to face Baekhyun.

“I’m ruining the bedsheets with cum,” Baekhyun says, breathless.

“Any bedsheet ruined with you is a bedsheet worth ruined.”

“You’re such a romantic,” Baekhyun snorts, curling his body up to Jongin’s. He ignores the sticky feeling right now, knowing that in a little bit Jongin will carry him to the bath and bathe him. Just like he’s done every time they fucked since they got married. Jongin presses a kiss to Baekhyun’s forehead.

“I love you,” he says, “I just want you to know that.”

“I do know that,” Baekhyun replies, “and I do love you.”

Jongin squeezes Baekhyun’s body in his arms, and they lay in comfortable silence.

“I’m happy,” Baekhyun says after a few moments pass, as a conversation they had months ago flows through his mind.

“Hmm?” Jongin asks.

Baekhyun pulls back a little so that Jongin can look at his face.

“I said I’m happy,” Baekhyun repeats, smiling, “because I got to marry for love, too.”

Jongin’s answering grin is blinding, as he smothers him in kisses all over his chest.

Baekhyun has the best husband in the world.