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xiao wears a maid dress and gets pounded into oblivion

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“this is humiliating.”

xiao stepped out of the bathroom, a maid dress hugging his form. it was rather short— to the point where if he bent over, his ass would be very visible to whoever was looking his way. the dress was adorned with countless bows and frills, but that wasn’t even the worst thing. if the dress wasn’t humiliating enough… fluffy black cat ears sat atop his head.

“but it looks great on you!” aether replied enthusiastically, cock hard in his slacks. despite that, he didn’t seem the least bit focused on his erection, instead staring holes into his boyfriend. xiao was both impressed and irritated that aether had convinced him to wear it… he’d begged and begged for days, and eventually his birthday came up, and… who was xiao to refuse him a birthday gift?

in contrast to his objections, xiao actually did not mind the dress, although he would never admit it. his cock strained against the dress, nearly painful against the fabric.

looking away, xiao huffed. his face was hot. “now, how about you come sit down?” aether smiled warmly, and xiao found himself walking over obediently before he registered it. he was about to slump onto the bed when aether frowned. “no, xiao. on the ground. here,” a soft but firm hand gripped his arm and guided him to the floor.

once xiao was sitting in between his boyfriend’s legs, aether smiled. “good kitty,” xiao felt his face grow warm at the pet name, and he averted his eyes. gentle fingers ran through his hair, basically petting him. much to xiao’s disdain, it was… enjoyable. he slightly leaned into the touch, trying to be as subtle as possible.

it seemed that after about a minute of the gentle treatment, aether had grown tired of it, because soon the previously gentle fingers were tightening around his hair and shoving his face into the fabric of aether’s pants. “get me off,” aether allowed his boyfriend to lift his head as he kicked his pants and underwear off. his erection sprang up and aether sighed in relief.

the hand returned to xiao’s hair and pushed his face down. his cock rubbed against xiao’s cheek. turning to face his boyfriend’s erection, xiao parted his lips and took the head into his mouth. he was about to take it further into his mouth before the hand on his head pushed him down suddenly. “fuck, that’s it,” aether groaned as he forced his cock down xiao’s throat.

xiao gagged around him, tears springing to his eyes. he enjoyed being treated like this, and of course aether knew it— they've had sex before hundreds of times, so it’d be a little strange if aether didn’t know. and, even if aether wasn’t aware by now (he was), the erection against the dress was definitely a good point in the right direction

trying to breath through his nose, xiao’s throat spasmed around the intrusion, struggling to grow accustomed to it. “you okay down there?” the hand in his hair loosened, and he ran his palm over his hair soothingly before moving to wipe the sweat forming on xiao’s forehead. “tap once for yes, twice for no.” he tapped only once, and aether smiled warmly.

and then he began to fuck his throat. movements harsh and seemingly uncaring if xiao was hurt by this, aether fucked into him cruelly, groaning and sighing in pleasure in the process. drool dribbled down xiao’s chin and tears streaked his face.

“you’re so good for me, so sweet,” xiao made a muffled noise at the praise, eyes nearly rolling bask in his head. shaking hands went to touch his cock, which was currently leaking and neglected. aether only watched as he jerked himself off, entranced by the sight. he could feel the vibrations of the muffled noises on his cock bringing him closer and closer to the edge.

vision growing blurry, xiao tried to pull back instinctively— only to be met with another harsh thrust of aether’s hips. relentless and uncaring, aether fucked into him like he was some toy. just as xiao felt he was going to pass out, aether pulled out, jerking off furiously. xiao’s chest heaved as he desperately tried to get air into his lungs.

aether came with a long moan, cum landing on xiao’s face and in his mouth— and even some landed in his hair an on the cat ears. “o-oh, sorry…!” aether gasped, moving to wipe some of it off with his thumb. xiao made a soft noise, leaning into his hand. his vision was still a little fuzzy, and the contact felt nice.

“i wanna cum,” xiao said softly, and aether’s entire face turned red all the way up to his ears.

nodding frantically, aether stuttered out his reply. “y-yeah, i got you, don’t worry,” pressing soft kisses against xiao, he lifted him up onto the bed and laid him down. “did you put in the plug?” xiao nodded at that, and his boyfriend let out a shaky breath.

“turn over, kitty,” obediently, xiao rolled over so he was on his stomach and raised his hips. as aether lifted his boyfriend’s dress, he could feel himself growing harder and harder again. “fuck,” he whispered, in awe. xiao had put in the plug— it matched his outfit. attached to the actual plug part was a long black cat’s tail. the plug stretched xiao’s ass open, so he would be ready to take aether’s cock immediately.

aether gripped the plug firmly and began to pull it out, tearing a soft whine from xiao. he eased it out slowly, half of the reason being so he wouldn’t hurt xiao, and the other half being that he wanted to savour the noises xiao was making. once it was fully out, aether tossed it aside on the bed and shifted closer to xiao.

he positioned his cock at xiao’s entrance and let out a shaky sigh. “i’m gonna fuck you now, okay?” a soft noise of acknowledgment came from below him, and aether began to push in slowly. a long whine came from xiao as he suddenly snapped his hips forward.

aether began to fuck into him at a relentless pace, his hands gripping xiao’s hips so hard his knuckles turned white. “w-wait… slow, nnnh, s-slow down…!! a-ae—” he cut himself off as aether suddenly pushed his entire cock in, burying it to the hilt and pressing his hips against xiao’s ass. “nnhg—! th-tha... a-aethe..r…” babbling out unintelligible words, xiao felt tears begin to bubble up.

“such a good good at, ungh, taking my c-cock, so good,” aether grunted and moaned as he slammed into xiao, pulling various noises from him as he did so. xiao did not seem capable of replying, only able to moan and sob and wail as his boyfriend fucked into him.

the maid dress bounced whenever he thrust into xiao, revealing more of xiao’s pale skin. aether never thought he would wanna get xiao out of a maid dress so bad. he wanted to see his body in it’s entirety, but the dress also looked really cute on him.

shaking those thoughts away, aether’s hand snaked around to the back of xiao’s head, pushing him into the sheets. soon, he would lose oxygen and would start struggling. both of them seemed to have a thing for asphyxiation, but it was mostly aether. he loved to see xiao struggle and try desperately to get a breath in— loved making him cry, seeing him in pain. spurred on, aether began to fuck into him faster, breathing becoming more erratic.

it didn’t take long for xiao to start thrashing against aether’s hand, his own hands trying to push himself up from his spot on the bed. if xiao really didn’t want him to do this, they had a safe word or a hand gesture to tell him when to stop, but aether didn’t think he would use it. his cock was still hard, and when xiao managed to suck in a bit of air, he would moan or whimper.

free hand wrapping against xiao’s cock, aether began to jerk him off, desperate to see him come undone beneath him. at that, keened into the sheets, back arching. aether pulled his hand away from xiao’s hair and moved it to return to his hip instead. as soon as xiao pulled his head up, he started sobbing and whining, hole clenching around his cock.

“i-i’m…!” xiao came with a wail, cum coating aether’s hand and dripping down onto the sheets. groaning, aether picked up the pace, frantically trying to come again as soon as possible.

when aether came he let out a long, low noise and pulled xiao closer to him by the hips, cum spurting out into xiao’s ass and filling him up. letting out a small whimper, xiao squirmed away from the weird feeling of cum filling his ass. it oozed out as aether pulled out of him.

xiao slumped against the bed, eyes slipping shut.

“eh? xiao, don’t sleep. we’re not done yet. i wanna cum on your dress. now, hold still…”