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Guide to Ghoul Detective Series

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Guide to Ghoul Detective Series


In this alternate universe, magic is mixed with modern technology. Various creatures live together side by side in peace. There are ghouls, humans, werewolves, vampires, etc. However, the threat of BO is looming over the world. Renya Karasuma and Washuu Clan cooperated to dominate the world. However, their defeat soon will be inevitable with the help of a young half-ghoul and a shrunken teenage detective.





Ghouls are the creatures who live by consuming raw meat at least once a month. They are also able to eat normal foods too. Their weapon of defense is called kagune, a special protrusion that will emerge from their backs if they are threatened or feeling other strong emotions such as depression or euphoria. They ate human flesh in ancient times, but as age progressed, they no longer have the desire to eat human flesh, although some of them still eat human flesh. They have regeneration ability, keen senses, and super speed. If they get stressed, they will turn into kakuja, a ghoul with evolved kagune. They tend to lose control whenever they use kakuja for the first few times. The other method of gaining kakuja is through cannibalism, though this method has become rare to use due to ghoul’s evolution. There are half ghouls and artificial ghouls as well, although the latter was rare because of the high risk of death.



Werewolves can shapeshift into bipedal form and quadrupedal form. Usually, they healed fast from their injuries and have enchained strength and senses even in human form. Like vampires and ghouls, they can regenerate themselves. Once a werewolf claims a mate, they become very possessive and will do anything to keep their mate safe. Werewolves refer to their friends and family as packs. When they bonded with their mates, they left marks in form of teeth marks, usually on shoulders and they share telepathic abilities with their mates.



Originally only feeding on blood, vampires in the modern age only require to drink blood at least once a month, similar to ghouls’ diet. They usually stop aging at the age of 25 years old and can share telepathic abilities with their bonded ones. Vampires are also notorious for their possessive behavior towards their mates. They usually give their mates pieces of jewelry made from precious stones as part of their courting culture. After a vampire marked their mate, they become bonded and the mark is usually left in form of two puncture wounds on the neck.



Kitsune are the ancient mischievous fox spirits who can shapeshift themselves. Usually, their descendants no matter how far the generations can shapeshift as well. They can be helpful and malignant at the same time.



Tanuki are shapeshifters, like kitsune. They were once ancient rivals in shapeshifting skills. Like kitsune, they are mischievous spirits. Their descendants are also able to shapeshift as well. In modern times, when a kitsune and a tanuki are planning something, it usually means trouble as there is no shortage of chaos and mess all around.



Most of them are tolerant of the presence of magical creatures such as ghouls and vampires while some despise them. Those who despise the creatures easily fall into BO’s trap of false promises which consists of the promise where the humans will become the dominant population of the world and that humans are far superior to any other creatures that ever existed.



While this category isn’t included in species type, elementals are separated from the others. They are a group of people who can use elemental magic, regardless of the species. This ability usually runs in family. Elementals usually control one nature element, but some of them can control two or three elements. The elementals usually discover their elements at the age between 10-15 years old.



Andalites are centaur-like creatures who have no mouth, four eyes, seven fingers, blue fur, and a tail blade. The female Andalites have purple fur while the males have blue fur. They have morphing magic, similar to kitsune and tanuki, and are technologically advanced. They can morph into any creature they touch. They are also well-known for their prideful attitude. They are very difficult to be impressed with. If one wants to learn morphing magic from an Andalite, they must work hard to impress the Andalite and thus, gain permission from them. They live in a spacious dome-like structure called a scoop. They usually teach their children morphing magic when they are five years old. They called elegant and fast morphers estreen.



Hork-Bajir are reptilian-like creatures who live in forests and harvest tree bark. Despite their scary look, Hork-Bajir are pacifists and always curious about new things. They have a tradition to pass stories about their ancestors through oral tradition and plant-based paintings. Hork-Bajir also has a rapid growth rate. There are Hork-Bajir who are able to see a glimpse of the future. They are called seers.



Hybrids are the mixtures of two different creatures or more. The hybrids usually inherited traits from both parents or with one dominant trait from one of the parents. Hybrids are considered the prized ones as they have unique nature of their own. There are also artificial hybrids, although this is rare due to the high-risk number of deaths it caused over years of experiments. Those who are included hybrids are:

  • Half-human: Human-ghoul hybrid who doesn’t possess kagune
  • Werewolf-vampire hybrid
  • Human-vampire hybrid
  • Human-werewolf hybrid
  • One-eyed ghoul: Human-ghoul hybrid who possess kagune and one kakugan
  • Werewolf-ghoul hybrid
  • Vampire-ghoul hybrid
  • Werewolf-vampire-ghoul hybrid
  • Andalite-human hybrid
  • Hork-Bajir-Andalite hybrid

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Main Characters


  • Ken Kaneki nee Morofushi/Haise Sasaki (RC Type Rinkaku): A young half-ghoul who aspires to become a law enforcement member and an estreen. He was saved by the Morofushi brothers from his abusive relatives at the age of 8 and has lived with them ever since. Initially, a shy and easily frightened boy, Kaneki aspires to become a policeman after the Morofushi brothers saved him. He likes to read and learn magic. Born from a ghoul father and a human mother, his family abused him to the point where he became unable to make his own choices. Hiromitsu gave him a matching silver sakura pendant as a gift for his 10th birthday. Due to his curiosity and strong desire to learn, he was given the name Haise Sasaki by Rei Furuya. He is a multi-talented student, mastered every single form of martial arts, basic household skills, non-academic skills, weaponry, a polyglot, and always gets perfect scores in every subject. He has a strong sense of justice and has a habit to note down every single detail of clues in every case. He also likes to touch his chin when he’s hiding something. He’s also the one who informed Ran about Shinichi’s condition shortly after he was shrunk. He has a tendency to throw himself in danger to save his friends and family, even so, more often than Shinichi, earning him the nickname ‘Suicidal Brat’ from Kansuke while his friends call him ‘Suicidal Moron’ or ‘Suicidal Bastard’. This mainly stemmed from the childhood trauma that made him develop the feeling where he feels powerless and unable to do anything, and thus, he often throws himself in danger in the hope to eliminate the feelings of powerlessness and uselessness. His common catchphrase is "I am tired of being unable to do anything", reflecting his self-loathing attitude. He is fully aware of Hiro’s involvement in the BO scandal and was sworn to secrecy by Hiro. His crush is Touka Kirishima and his best friend is Tobias Fangor.


  • Touka Kirishima (RC Type Ukaku): A fierce female ghoul who lives with her family and works as a part-time waitress in Anteiku. She is brash and rude, but beneath that, she has a golden heart. Her younger brother, Ayato is three years younger than her and she attended the same school as Kaneki and Shinichi. She usually calls Kaneki ‘Bakaneki’ (which means stupid Kaneki). First appeared as a rude and brash girl who has a nasty temper, she gradually shows her softer side as time progressed. She often berates Kaneki for his suicidal tendencies and tells him not to die so early. She slowly develops feelings for him as well. Her best friend is a human witch, Yoriko Kosaka. Besides that, she’s also a good friend with Ran Mouri, Kazuha Toyama, Sonoko Suzuki, Masumi Akai, and Aoko Nakamori. She is excellent in combat but terrible in cooking just like her mother, Hikari. Ayato described her cooking’s taste as 'a mixture of sandpaper and house paint with a little bit of asphalt', implying how inedible her cooking is. Her cooking skills finally get better thanks to Yoriko and Kaneki’s guidance. She was angry at Kaneki when she discovered that Kaneki has been involved in a dangerous mission to bring down BO but later forgave him after Hiro explained the danger of the mission.


  • Hiromitsu Morofushi (RC Type Ukaku, Bikaku, Rinkaku, Koukaku): Hiromitsu, nicknamed Hiro is Kaneki’s adoptive older brother and Komei’s younger brother. His mates are Rei Furuya, a werewolf, and Shuichi Akai, a werewolf-vampire hybrid. He and his brother have a knot, which is rare for pure-blooded vampires. This is because their paternal great-great-grandfather was a werewolf and they are the only ones who inherited the small percentage of werewolf genes. He once was an undercover agent with the code name Scotch. He stopped himself from committing suicide when he remembered the gift he gave to Kaneki. He went under the alias Daisuke Kanagawa after escaping from BO and works at Fangor Corp. as his cover. He takes an appearance of a dark-skinned young man with grey eyes and black hair as his disguise. Originally a vampire, Hiro was turned into a ghoul-vampire hybrid after a fire-building accident along with his mates. He was the best graduate of his year along with Rei, Wataru Date, Kenji Hagiwara, and Jinpei Matsuda. He mainly uses ukaku as he is a sniper and koukaku as his defense. As courting gifts, he gave Rei an amber amulet and black topaz ring and for Shuichi, he gave a jade pendant and mahogany obsidian ring while he got an amethyst pendant with a diamond ring from Shuichi. He is the one who gives Kaneki the much-needed mental support since the day he was adopted and helps him to believe in himself and others.


  • Shuichi Akai (RC Type Ukaku, Bikaku, Rinkaku, Koukaku): One of Hiro’s mates and an FBI agent who is an elemental wizard. He has water, lightning, and fire as his elemental magic. Born from a vampire mother and werewolf father, Shuichi was born in the UK and the eldest child of three siblings. His younger siblings are Shukichi Akai and Masumi Akai who have dominant vampire genes in them. A calm, cool-headed man, Shuichi is Jodie’s best friend. He always assesses the situation around him and prepares for the worst thing possible. He got this attitude from his mother, Mary Akai nee Sera. His siblings got their father’s cheerful and outgoing personality, making him the steering wheel for his siblings, especially Masumi. He helps his parents raise his siblings and cousins, Akemi and Shiho Miyano after Elena and Atsushi’s death in the hands of BO, making him the second father figure in the family. As courting gifts to his mates, he gave Hiro an amethyst pendant with a diamond ring and for Rei, he gave him a malachite pendant and jasper ring. After faking his death, he went under disguise as Subaru Okiya, a graduate student. During his days in BO, his code name was Rye. He mainly uses rinkaku and ukaku kagune. Unlike his father and siblings, Shuichi doesn’t fear his mother’s temper.


  • Rei Furuya (RC Type Ukaku, Bikaku, Rinkaku, Koukaku): Hiro’s werewolf mate and childhood friend. He knows Miyano family since his childhood because he frequently visited Elena’s clinic in his childhood. He was the best student in his class during his days in the police academy. Along with Hiro, he works at PSB. He has a strong passion for justice. His sense of justice impressed Aldrea and it made her teach him and his friends morphing magic. He is nicknamed ‘Zero’ by his friends. After Hiro’s cover was blown up along with Shuichi’s, he helped them fake their deaths and remained in BO. They got married six months after Hiro and Shuichi’s escape. He sent Hiro and Shuichi intel every now and then. He’s the one who gave Kaneki a new name, Haise Sasaki. His code name was Bourbon while his alias as a cafe worker at Anteiku is Tooru Amuro, leading Kogoro to say ‘a triad which consisted of three NOCs with three faces’. He mainly uses koukaku and bikaku in combats. His cover later got blown up during the first confrontation against Calvados and Vermouth. He gave Shuichi and Hiro matching wooden bracelets as courting gifts.


  • Taka’aki Morofushi (RC Type Koukaku): Nicknamed Komei by his friends, Taka’aki Morofushi was a vampire and an inspector of Nagano Police Force. His mates are Kansuke Yamato, a fierce temperamental werewolf, and Yui Uehara, an elemental ghoul witch. Komei is a calm-mannered inspector and always takes his job seriously. He’s the one who usually helps Yui in calming Kansuke down whenever the latter gets angry. He loves his family dearly and will do anything to protect them. He gave Kansuke a ruby pendant with red jasper ornament with tiger iron ring and he gave Yui a rose quartz pendant with Peruvian pink opal ornament, lapis earrings, and sapphire ring as courting gifts. Despite his calm composure, Komei can snap into anger when his loved ones and friends are in danger. He dislikes Kuroda, but never displays it openly, unlike Kansuke who is frontal and blunt regarding it. After being transferred to Beika, he decided to stay with Hiro and Kaneki and refused to return to Nagano to protect Kaneki from Kuroda’s influence and quickly rose through ranks once again, much to Kuroda’s dismay. Along with his mates, he is aware that Hiro is planning to take down BO and supports him wholeheartedly. He later turned into a vampire-ghoul hybrid following a fire-building incident. He can detach his kagune and create protective doom from it.


  • Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa: A famous high school detective who was poisoned with APTX 4869. After he was shrunk, he took an alias Conan Edogawa. He lives with Wataru Takagi after the Tropical Land incident. He has a great skill in deduction and is in rivalry with Heiji Hattori. He is mainly concerned about Kaneki due to the latter’s tendency in harming himself to save his friends and his sometimes-unstable mental that was caused by his childhood trauma. He has skills in playing violin but is tone-deaf. He is also a soccer fan as well. His favorite books are Sherlock Holmes and Night Baron series. He mostly uses his shoes – which was a gadget created by Agasa – to knock out culprits with his soccer skills. He oftentimes acts recklessly whenever it comes to dealing with BO, much to his friends' chagrin.


  • Ran Mouri: Shinichi’s childhood sweetheart turned girlfriend. She is the captain of the karate team in her school. She lives with her father who is a clumsy but sharp-witted police officer and her mother, who is a lawyer. Ran becomes concerned about Shinichi’s safety after she found out about his condition and BO. She becomes Shinichi’s main support in solving cases and in finding out the truth of BO. The running gag in the series is that despite being skilled in karate and magic, she is really scared of ghosts and she usually hugs Conan (Shinichi) whenever she is scared. The second running gag is when she gets angry, she usually uses her karate kick or punch which destroys objects nearby, scaring people around her.


  • Kogoro Mouri: Ran’s father and Eri’s husband. He is a clumsy police officer, earning him the nickname ‘The Jinxed Kogoro Mouri’ due to his clumsiness. He was used to be a laughing stock during his childhood and teenage years due to his clumsiness. Despite his clumsy nature, Kogoro is quite intelligent and highly skilled in judo, even he taught his daughter and wife some judo techniques. He was one of the ace students during his days in the police academy. He is Megure’s right-hand man alongside Takagi, Sato, and Chiba. Sometimes, his clumsiness helps Conan and others to find clues in difficult cases or prevents the culprits from escaping. He is also very knowledgeable about the idol world. Kogoro loves his family dearly and won’t allow any men to approach Eri and Ran, much to Eri’s fond exasperation and Ran’s annoyance. He hates perverts and womanizers the most. He also hates heights and will faint whenever he is at a high place. In 'Change', it is revealed that he also has arachnophobia.


  • Kansuke Yamato (RC Type Rinkaku, Koukaku): Komei and Yui’s werewolf mate. He is well-known for his no-nonsense attitude and fierce personality, often scaring his underlings as the result. He sometimes gets into arguments with Komei, but it never damages their bond as mates. Underneath his scary personality, Kansuke deeply cares for his family and friends. He often scolds Kaneki for throwing himself into danger. Despite that, he sometimes hugs Kaneki after giving him lengthy lectures to comfort him. He deeply hates Kuroda for his bigoted views and openly expressed his relief when he heard that Kuroda went missing, even went further by saying that the man was better dead than being found alive, much to Komei and Yui’s disagreement and Kaneki’s shock. Along with Komei, Hiro, Shuichi, Rei, Takagi, and Sato, Kansuke got trapped in a fire building incident. He was later turned into a werewolf-ghoul hybrid by Akihiro Kanou, a wretched scientist from Washuu Clan. Kansuke is a very possessive person as he won’t hesitate to beat any men who flirted with Yui into a bloody pulp, much to his mates’ exasperation. He enjoys head pats and ear scratches, something that makes other characters tease him about it on occasions, much to his embarrassment. Yui gives him the nickname ‘Kan-chan’, much to his embarrassment. He mainly uses rinkaku as his offense method after being turned into a hybrid. He gave Komei and Yui matching handmade woven bracelets as courting gifts.


  • Yui Uehara (RC Type Bikaku): A ghoul witch with water elemental magic. Yui is a calm kind-hearted witch who is an expert in healing magic. She often helps in medical assistance and forensic duties. She highly valued lives and easily gets angry when innocent people get killed or harmed. This mainly stemmed from the poisoning she experienced two months after she got married, rendering her infertile for several years. Even after recovering from the poisoning, Yui is still afraid to conceive a child and blames herself for Kansuke and Komei’s demotion and transfer. She becomes Natalie Kuruma’s best friend after her transfer to Beika. She is skilled in marksmanship, being taught by her brother-in-law, Hiro. She uses her kagune as a detachable sword or trident in fights. Yui also likes to go sightseeing in forest and painting. She gave Kansuke and Komei matching brooches as courting gifts.


  • Wataru Takagi (RC Type Koukaku): Takagi is a good-natured police officer who has a crush on Miwako Sato. He was partnered with Date in the police department. Takagi has a knack for escaping the most unfortunate moments and a strong sense of justice. He turned into an artificial ghoul following a fire incident. He took Conan into his home after the Tropical Land incident and is entrusted to keep Conan’s identity a secret. He later got transferred to PSB along with Sato, Shiratori, and Chiba after they helped PSB and the FBI captured Calvados and earned inspector rank. He greatly admired Furuya and Date as his superiors. Takagi also likes to ask Kaneki and Rei about new recipes as his cooking skills are still on average level and often gets nervous whenever he wants to ask Sato out for a date. He is skilled in marksmanship, thanks to Hiro’s tutelage. Takagi risked his life to protect the injured Kaneki from Calvados during the Halloween party case. He’s also the first one who reacted in shock upon hearing Kakashi’s true identity as an MI6 agent and Hiro and Rei’s involvement in BO’s scandal. Since being transferred to PSB, Takagi works hard to help Shinichi and his allies to uncover the truth of BO and Washuu Clan. He also gladly takes care of the shrunken Kaito and Heiji after the Vermouth incident despite the troubles the trio caused. Like Heiji, Shinichi, and Kaito who fear their girlfriends’ temper, Takagi greatly fears Sato’s temper and strength. In 'Change' he got married to Sato with Pirates of Caribbean style proposal where he proposed to Sato during their battle against Rize Kamishiro.


  • Miwako Sato (RC Type Ukaku): Sato is a dedicated police officer who worked as Jinpei Matsuda's partner during her early days. Despite being female, she has a serious no-nonsense attitude, earning respect from her co-workers. Unfortunately, almost every man in the office showers her with sweet nothings and empty words and wanted to become her boyfriend, making Megure, Chiba, Shiratori, Yumi, and Naeko worried. Her best friend is Yumi Miyamoto, Shukichi’s girlfriend. She later got transferred to PSB after the capture of Calvados. She has a habit where she screams whenever she turns her car without using hand brake, earning her nickname ‘The Silver Witch’. She didn’t know about Takagi’s feelings towards her in the first place, but later she slowly falls in love with him, much to the male officers’ chagrin (except Chiba, Shiratori, and Zero Squad). She is the second Tokyo police officer who knows about Conan’s true identity outside Rei, Date, Jinpei, Hagi, and Hiro, mostly due to Jinpei’s big mouth. After her transfer to PSB, she learns how to channel her magic into her fist or kick to strengthen her attacks and sharpen her shooting skills. She later becomes an estreen too. Her running gag is whenever she and Takagi are in a romantic moment, they usually get interrupted by fellow police officers or other characters. Her second running gag is whenever a man tries to flirt with her, she usually rejects him by telling the man that she already has a husband (Takagi). If the man insists on dating her, Sato will use her punch to emphasize her point, usually by destroying an object nearby or by punching the man to the ground, scaring people nearby. She and Ran threw themselves between Vermouth and Ai to save the shrunken teenager from being shot. In 'Change' she got married to Takagi with Pirates of Caribbean style proposal where Takagi proposed to her during their battle against Rize Kamishiro.


  • Tobias Fangor: Kaneki's best friend. He is a geeky boy who is an expert in computer programming and the son of Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul and Loren Fangor. He graduated early from Teitan High School and dreams to become a computer programmer like his father. Like Kaneki, he is a socially awkward person, making him an outcast during his childhood. That's when he met Kaneki who also had a similar situation. He loves painting, reading, and doing computer programming. His actions and words often synchronize with Kaneki, leading people around them to believe that they are fraternal twins, which he and Kaneki deny. His favorite morph is a red-tailed hawk. He is fully aware of Kaneki's involvement in the BO scandal and fully supports him. When he was a child, he used to play morphing games with Kaneki to see who could morph faster. His crush is Rachel Berenson.


  • Rachel Berenson: Tobias' childhood love interest. She's a member of the gymnastic team of her school and likes to go shopping and play combat games. She's also a member of the judo and karate teams as well. She likes Tobias and calls him 'cute'. She usually teases Kaneki and Tobias by calling them twins. She has two little sisters named Jordan and Sarah. Rachel also likes to play baseball and soccer. She has a terrifying temper which often scares male students who wanted to ask her out for a date, earning her nickname 'The Heart Queen'.

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  • Shiho Miyano/Ai Haibara: Shiho is Akai siblings’ cousin, Akemi’s younger sister, and Elena’s youngest daughter. Mary is very protective towards her and Akemi because they are the only legacy Elena left behind for Mary. Like Kaneki and Tobias, Shiho is a prodigy. Three of them graduated early from Teitan High School. She mostly appears as a stoic and expressionless girl like her aunt when it comes to facing new people. However, she will gradually open herself if she already knows them well enough. She got shrunk by Vodka whom she caught having an illegal transaction at a park. She took the alias Ai Haibara and lives with her sister and Professor Agasa ever since. She is the one who is responsible to make a temporary cure while researching her parents’ data to create a permanent cure. Like Shuichi, she doesn’t fear Mary’s temper at all, even finds it amusing. She has a pet puppy named Haro.


  • Akemi Miyano/Tara Haibara: Shiho’s older sister and Elena’s first daughter. She knows Rei Furuya since her childhood. She likes to bake cookies and sweets for her family. She is a humorous and sweet woman who dreams to open a bakery one day. After her sister got shrunk, she took alias Tara Haibara and moved to Agasa’s house ever since to protect her sister while maintaining contact with her aunt, uncle, and cousins. She begins to work as a waitress at Café Poirot and has become famous due to her baking skills. She is the one who usually tries to calm Mary whenever she gets angry.


  • Ayumi Yoshida: A sweet girl from class 1-A of Teitan Elementary School. She’s a keen observer and a cheerful girl who always supports her friends. She loves Akemi and Yoriko’s baked goods and calls them the best bakers of the town. She fully supports Sumiko’s relationship with Shiratori, but sometimes gets upset when doesn’t being taken seriously.


  • Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya: Ayumi and Genta’s friend and the brain of Detective Boys. Being a son of teachers, Mitsuhiko is very polite and formal in the matter of speech and behavior. He has an older sister. He is fast enough to solve codes and riddles whenever he finds one. Mitsuhiko loves to solve puzzles and riddles and is a fan of Taiko Meijin. Like Ayumi and Genta, he loves Akemi and Yoriko’s baked goods.


  • Genta Kojima: The brawn of Detective Boys. He is the self-proclaimed leader of Detective Boys who often acts before thinks, landing Detective Boys in trouble as the result. He loves to eat rice with eel. He also takes great pride in his father who he describes as the prime example of ‘the child of Edo’. Like Ayumi and Mitsuhiko, he loves Akemi and Yoriko’s baked goods, even sometimes, he takes more than he can eat, causing Mary to twist his ears sometimes.


  • Heiji Hattori: A school detective from Osaka. He is Shinichi’s rival and the first one who discovered Conan’s true identity outside the police department. He is the son of Heizo Hattori. A kendo master, Heiji is well-known for his skills. He speaks with Kansai accent and like Shinichi, he loves mysteries. His girlfriend is Kazuha Toyama, his childhood friend. Much like Shinichi who fears Ran’s temper and karate attacks, Heiji greatly fears Kazuha’s temper and aikido skills. He got shrunk after he followed Gin during the confrontation of the Halloween party case. After that, he lives with Takagi under the alias Amano Edogawa, posing as Conan’s twin brother. He has a running gag where whenever he gets into argument with Conan (Shinichi) and Thomas (Kaito), Ai or Kaneki will twist their ears to stop their argument. He calls Kaneki ‘The All-Capable Genius Ghoul’.


  • Kazuha Toyama: Heiji’s girlfriend. She becomes Ran’s best friend after a slight misunderstanding. She usually brings lucky charms with her. She is very skilled in aikido. She also learns karate and judo movements from Ran. In return, Ran also learns aikido movements from her. They develop a strong sister-like bond. She’s later brought into the secret of Shinichi’s condition after Heiji pointed out Conan's resemblance with Shinichi. She’s also afraid of ghosts like Ran. Kazuha has the same running gag as Ran where she usually hugs Heiji whenever she gets scared and destroys objects with her karate punch/kick which she learns from Ran, scaring everyone nearby, earning her nickname ‘Ran Mouri Number Two’ from Megure.


  • Sonoko Suzuki: Ran’s childhood best friend. Born from a wealthy family, Sonoko likes to go shopping with Rachel and usually drags Ran – along with Kazuha, Aoko, Masumi, Mikasa, Annie, Sasha, Yoriko, or Touka whenever she could – to go shopping with her and Rachel. Despite being born from a wealthy family, Sonoko knows the values of hard work and takes part-time jobs whenever school holidays come. She aspires to become a boutique chain owner and patisserie chain owner after she gets baking lessons from Yoriko. She highly values friendship and despises rich kid stereotypes and people who don’t value friendship. Her boyfriend is Makoto Kyogoku who is a karate champion undefeatable in 400 matches. She likes doing matchmaking sessions just like Yumi. Ran and Shinichi is usually her frequent victims along with Kaneki and Touka.


  • Masumi Akai: Shuichi and Shukichi’s younger sister. She is a Jeet Kune Do expert. People often mistake her for a boy due to her tomboyish appearance and flat chest. Masumi aspires to become a great detective. She sometimes acts reckless and jumps into action without a second thought. An energetic girl, Masumi often made her brothers and cousins exhausted due to her antics as a child. She loved to braid Shuichi’s long hair in the past. Masumi deeply cares for her friends and family. She is closer to her father compared with her mother. Nevertheless, Masumi still loves her parents equally. Like Shukichi and Tsutomu, she greatly fears Mary’s temper which becomes the running gag. She calls Shiho ‘cool, but cute’ and loves Akemi’s homemade sweets.


  • Shukichi Haneda nee Akai: The middle child of Akai family. He is a shogi master and is called ‘Taiko Meijin’. Haneda family adopted him after Koji Haneda’s death. He is Yumi Miyamoto’s boyfriend. He likes to joke around and usually becomes ice breaker in tense situations. Yumi gives him nickname ‘Chukichi’. He is really skilled in deductions, although like Masumi, he sometimes acts reckless and has good memorizing skills. He greatly fears his mother’s temper and usually squeaks like a mouse whenever he is scared. Like Masumi, he loves Akemi’s baked goods.


  • Ayato Kirishima (RC Type Ukaku): Touka’s younger brother who loves to get involved in brawls. Despite being a delinquent at his school, he achieves good marks in every subject, except mathematics and physics. He likes watching action movies, climbing trees, doing parkour, and having wild bicycle races. He strongly dislikes Hikari and Touka’s cooking and always tries his best to avoid it. His brash and wild behavior receded after he met Hinami Fueguchi. He has a Napoleon complex and will get angry whenever someone calls him short. He also likes recording videos and oftentimes, he shares those videos with his friends through his phone.


  • Hinami Fueguchi (RC Type Rinkaku, Koukaku): A sweet and kind ghoul girl who has water and earth element magic. Her father, Asaki Fueguchi was a doctor at Beika General Hospital. She likes four-leafed clover and Sen Takatsuki’s short stories. She wants to be a teacher and loves to cook with her mother, Ryoko Fueguchi. Her parents were brutally murdered by Shiki Kijima, BO’s mercenary and since that, Hinami lives with Date and Natalie.


  • Kaito Kuroba: A teenage boy from Ekoda who experts in illusion magic. His father, Toichi Kuroba is the famous phantom thief, Kaito Kid who searches for a jewel named Pandora that can grant its’ user immortality and has the goal to destroy it. Kaito is a mischievous young wizard who loves to pull pranks on his friends. He is also a shrewd boy who can quickly plan traps to catch the culprits. He sometimes likes to guess the color of his friends' socks. His childhood sweetheart is Aoko Nakamori and he has a phobia of fish, but slowly he becomes able to overcome it. He likes painting and doing magic tricks in his free time. He got shrunk by Gin along with Heiji and took the alias Thomas Edogawa. Just like Shinichi and Heiji, Kaito fears Aoko's temper and strength.


  • Aoko Nakamori: Kaito’s childhood sweetheart. She often wishes that her father could spend some time with her. After the death of her mother, her relationship with her father has become slightly distant. That’s when she met Kaito for the first time. She is a fire elemental witch and often uses her magic to create small fireworks whenever she feels sad or lonely. She is also an emotional person and oftentimes bursts into tears whenever she remembers about her mother. She learns karate from Ran and aikido from Kazuha.


  • Makoto Kyogoku: A karate champion undefeatable in 400 matches and is called ‘Prince of Kicks’. He is Sonoko’s boyfriend. Despite having a long-distance relationship with each other, they still love each other and usually send letters to each other with Sonoko sometimes sending little gifts and trinkets for him. He deeply respects Kaneki for his skills. Whenever Makoto is cheered by Sonoko, he usually blushes and becomes a little clumsy. He has proficiency in earth magic and sometimes uses it in combating the culprits. He fully supports Sonoko’s dream to open her own business.


  • Eren Yeager: Grisha’s second son and Zeke’s younger brother. He is a transfer student from Germany. His childhood crush is Mikasa Ackerman. Eren is a hot-blooded teenager who often gets himself into brawls like Ayato. Eren was envious of Kaneki at the first place due to the latter’s talents. However, after learning about Kaneki’s past, Eren realized his mistakes and determined to help him no matter what. Just like Shinichi and Heiji, he greatly fears Mikasa’s rage and strength.


  • Mikasa Ackerman: She is Eren’s childhood sweetheart. Mikasa is excelled in almost every subject in class. She is the one who usually knocks Eren off the peg whenever he acts recklessly. Her childhood rival is Annie Leonhart, Armin’s childhood sweetheart. She usually appears as a slightly stoic girl, but inside her heart, she truly cares about her friends. She possesses immense strength and excellent dexterity.


  • Armin Arlert: Eren’s childhood friend and the brain of the group. He is also skilled in defense magic and rune magic. He often feels insecure because of his lack of physical stamina. Despite that, he is a good leader for his friends and often warns Eren to think twice before acting.


  • Jean Kirstein: He is Eren’s rival and always seeks girls’ attention, but often failed due to his overconfident nature. Despite appearing as a self-centered individual, Jean highly valued his friends. He is also hesitant to kill enemies as well. He often supports his friends in battles and often offers them a shoulder to comfort them whenever they get down. Over time, he slowly develops respect towards Kaneki after seeing his determination to save his friends and family. He nicknamed Reiner ‘Gorilla’ because of his huge body.


  • Reiner Braun: A muscular student who joins judo club in Teitan High School. He idolizes Kogoro because of his judo skills. He grew up in an abusive family where his parents would regularly beat him on daily basis, similar to Kaneki. He later lives with his aunt and uncle at the age of 10 years old. He understands Kaneki more than his fellow transfer students because he experienced what Kaneki had experienced once. His goal to join judo club is to become stronger to defend himself and his friends.


  • Annie Leonhart: Mikasa’s childhood rival and Armin’s girlfriend. She uses boxing as her fighting style and learns under Rei’s tutelage. She is in friendly rivalry with Mikasa and often partnered with her during combats. She is skilled in swordsmanship as well, having learning fencing arts since she was twelve years old. She likes Armin because of his pure and innocent nature.


  • Bertolt Hoover: Armin's close friend and Reiner's childhood friend. They often spend time in the library. He joins the volley club in his school and like Armin, he often feels insecure about himself. He is mostly seen along with Reiner or Armin. He is a good friend of Kaneki and Tobias because they never make fun of his tall body. He and Armin sometimes tag along with Detective Boys and Tokyo policemen in solving cases.


  • Connie Springer: A jolly jock who frequently appears with Sasha Brauss. He loves to tell jokes to his friends and cheer them up. Despite being one of the dead lasts in the class, Connie is quite talented in athletic skills. He calls Hanji ‘Ms. Victor Frankenstein’ due to the latter’s fascination with surgery. He often joins his classmates to eavesdrop on Kaneki and Touka’s conversations, hoping that they will get into real dates.


  • Sasha Brauss: Connie’s best friend who always has a huge appetite. She is a cheerful girl who always accompanies Connie whenever he is present. Despite her goofy personality, she is skilled in archery, being taught by her father since she was little and is very loyal. She is also a frequent visitor of Café Poirot. Sasha likes to hang out with Mikasa and Annie during the holidays. She has an adoptive sister named Kaya who is Gabi's best friend.


  • Gabi Braun: Reiner's little cousin who aspires to become a Jeet Kune Do practitioner and idolizes Masumi. She is a high-spirited girl who always seeks thrill and sometimes joins Detective Boys in their adventures. She has a habit where she often slips away from Reiner's watch and wanders around, making Reiner panic and run to search for her. Her best friend is Kaya.


  • Falco Grice: Gabi's classmate who always tries his best to keep Gabi out of trouble. Like Armin, he is lacking self-confidence and always thinks that he is useless. He idolizes Kaneki for his talents and kindness. Behind his insecurities, Falco is talented in water magic and secretly practices it every day. He has a crush on Gabi and usually consults with Kaya regarding his feelings.


  • Kaya: Sasha's adoptive younger sister. Kaya lost her mother who died during a house robbery incident. She was saved by Sasha who found her on the streets and fought her captors. She is a calm and mature girl, a heavy contrast with the hot-blooded Gabi. Despite that, she sometimes still acts childish and easily gets distracted or impressed by something else. She loves making ikebana art and aspires to become a lawyer. She often encourages Falco to confess his love to Gabi.


  • Naruto Uzumaki; A cheerful prankster who is Edward Elric’s foster brother. He’s the dead last of the class along with Ed and is a kitsune descendant. He’s able to shapeshift and is a wind elemental wizard. He loves pranks and creating mischief but hates rules and school lessons, much to everyone’s chagrin. He fears Hanji’s eccentric behavior along with Ed. He along with Ed is really envious of Kaneki for being the police officers' favorite.


  • Edward Elric: A mischievous troublemaker who has tanuki ancestry. He can shapeshift himself and is proficient in earth magic. Ed hates school lessons and always tries to skip the lessons along with his foster brother, Naruto Uzumaki which always fails, mainly due to Kaneki’s interventions. He along with Naruto is really envious of Kaneki for being the police officers' favorite.


  • Marco Lopez: A jokester who loves to tease Tobias about Rachel. He comes from a Hispanic family where his father works for NASA and his mother is a strict but loving housewife. Despite his mischievous behavior, Marco is surprisingly very responsible. This is due to the fact that his father is constantly busy and his mother needs help in managing the house. His humor sometimes can be sarcastic and he has a big mouth. He is a good-natured person who always supports his friends in need.


  • Toby Hamee: Aldrea and Dak's great-granddaughter and a seer. She's a one-year-old Hork-Bajir who is always curious about new things. She likes being close to Aldrea, Dak, her parents, Tobias, or Kaneki. Her running gag is that she often asks so many questions (sometimes inappropriate) and sometimes interrupted romantic moments and people often mistake her as an 18-year-old girl whenever she uses her human morph, which is a quite rare occurrence since she is still a child. Her third running gag is that people often forget or do not realize her presence whenever she's around, particularly it's because she is so stealthy. In her human morph, she has short wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. Her temper is very similar to Aldrea's own temper and she is very clingy. In 'Change', she turns two years old.


  • Niccolo: Sasha's boyfriend who dreams to become a chef and owning a restaurant of his own. Sasha loves his cooking so much. When he was a child, he was bullied by his classmates who called him 'sissy' because he loves to cook instead of getting involved in brawls and doing boys' activities. His confidence was restored when Sasha tasted his cooking for the first time and called him a splendid chef. Niccolo currently works as a part-time chef at a local restaurant as part of his internship.


  • Eisuke Hondo: Hidemi's younger brother and Ethan's second child. Appears mostly as a clumsy boy, Eisuke has a sharp intelligence and keen mind. He later enrolled in the police academy in order to help his sister and father in taking down BO.


Chapter Text

Police Officers and Lawyer


  • Juzo Megure: He’s Kogoro’s superior and the leader of the 1st division. Megure is a serious person who will not stop investigating a case until the culprit is arrested. He is one of the best inspectors in Tokyo. When he found out about what happened to Shinichi after Matsuda’s slip-up, he becomes determined to bring the BO operatives to justice. He is also becoming deeply suspicious of Hyoue Kuroda after he saw him aiding Calvados and Vermouth, and thus he begins to help Kakashi and Aldrea to uncover the truth behind Kuroda. Megure is highly skilled in intel gathering. He also deeply cares about his subordinates and his beloved wife, Midori.


  • Kakashi Hatake (RC Type Rinkaku): An elemental ghoul wizard who is a member of PSB and an estreen. At the young age of six, he discovered that he has three elemental magic: fire, water, and lightning, making him the youngest elemental who has three elemental magic. He became a full-fledged inspector at age 24 years old, making him the youngest inspector in Tokyo MPD’s history, and quickly became Hyoue Kuroda’s second-in-command at the age of 28 years old. After Kuroda's disappearance, he becomes Aldrea's right-hand man in PSB. He is five years older than Shuichi. He is infamous for his no-nonsense attitude and nasty temper. In truth, he is an MI6 agent who works at PSB as part of the cooperation between PSB and MI6 to find out about Hyoue Kuroda’s true identity. He originally lived in London until his father’s death. His father was an MI6 agent, just like him who died after confronting Tsuneyoshi Washuu, Washuu Clan’s patriarch. His death became Kakashi’s main motive to join MI6. He takes interest in Kaneki and Conan after he saw their above-average intelligence and correctly deduced that Conan Edogawa is actually Shinichi Kudo. He infiltrated BO with code name Jagermeister and reported to both MI6 and PSB while occasionally also reporting to James regarding Kuroda’s activities. He’s the one who helped Rei fake Shuichi and Hiro’s deaths and maintained his and Rei’s cover. He accidentally blew his cover by shooting Calvados and protecting Takagi from the sniper. He really hates slackers, womanizers, perverts, vain people, and most of all, traitors. He usually kept Rei from acting recklessly during his days as NOC. He later revealed his true identity to Conan and Co. after the first confrontation against Vermouth and Calvados’ capture and along with Aldrea, he berated Conan, Heiji, and Matsuda for their recklessness and Matsuda’s big mouth. He also berated the rest of Zero Squad and Tsutomu for their recklessness. He later becomes Takagi and Co.’s superior after their transfer to PSB and teaches them all about spies and gives them gadgets from Hiroshi Agasa and Konosuke Jii while keeping them away from Kuroda’s reach. He is an avid fan of Sen Takatsuki’s works with Black Goat’s Egg being his favorite one. He usually talks in a heavy British accent with a bit of West Country accent when he speaks English while when he speaks Japanese, he speaks in Kanto (Tokyo) dialect with Kansai dialect sometimes slipped in, and like Kaneki, he is a polyglot. He usually speaks in West Country accent or Kansai dialect whenever he gets angry and his best friend is Alan Fangor.


  • Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan: The current managing officer of Tokyo MPD. She along with Kakashi infiltrated PSB in order to investigate Hyoue Kuroda. She became suspicious of Kuroda after he returned and allowed her to stay in the office as Kuroda never likes non-humans to take his position. She dearly loves her family and always tries her best to protect them. She helps her husband, Dak Hamee educating Hork-Bajir about modern society and dotes on her great-granddaughter, Toby Hamee. She made Tobias Toby's godfather and taught Kaneki and Zero Squad morphing magic. She is a good friend of Mary and Kakashi's mentor who taught him morphing magic. She's infamous for her temper to the point where almost everyone is scared of her with only Dak who can calm her down. She's described as 'a wild fiery female' by her fellow Andalites. Like Sato and Mary, she has a habit to shriek whenever she turns her car without using hand brake and she is very sensitive of her age. She tends to explode into temper whenever someone calls her 'old hag'. Like Kakashi and Kaneki, she is a polyglot. In her human morph, she has huge breasts and an hourglass figure with grey almond-shaped eyes and long brown hair which she tied into a ponytail. Her age is 133 years old and only two years younger than Dak. She refers to herself by using 'ore' (俺) and is a speed junkie. She refers to Dak as 'ore no dan'na' (俺の旦那) or 'my dhalashi' (both of the terms means my husband). She despises Alloran for his arrogant and narcissistic behavior.

*Note: dhalashi is a Hork-Bajir term for husband while for wife, it's kalashi.


  • Wataru Date: A werewolf and Takagi’s superior in Tokyo MPD before his transfer to PSB. His lover is Natalie Kuruma, an English teacher who is an earth elemental witch. Date is a very loyal and brave policeman. A natural-born leader, Date often gives commands to his subordinates and discusses strategies with them. He usually gives Takagi advice regarding his relationship with Sato. Date usually acts as the muscle of the group and is talented in boxing, wrestling, and judo with only Rei who can defeat him during their academy days. He usually keeps an eye on Conan and Kaneki whenever there is a case to make sure that they don’t do anything reckless.


  • Jinpei Matsuda: A wind elemental wizard and Kenji’s lover. He’s Sato’s superior in her early days as police. Matsuda along with Hagi likes to joke around and tease their co-workers. They are part of the bomb taming squad. Despite his laid-back behavior, Matsuda can be serious when it comes to his duty and the safety of his loved ones. Matsuda also tends to babble out secrets without realizing it. Through him, Sato, Megure, Chiba, Shiratori, Yumi, and Naeko learned about Shinichi’s condition. After that, Matsuda learns to control what he is saying to prevent any leaks.


  • Kenji Hagiwara: Matsuda’s lover and a rune expert. He’s usually the one who set up the barrier runes whenever a bomb is found to prevent its explosion from hurting people and to protect the polices who defuse the bomb. He sometimes drives recklessly when chasing a culprit. Along with Jinpei, he calls Kuroda ‘stinky bigoted old fart’ for his bigoted views towards magical creatures. He has an older sister named Chihaya Hagiwara. He usually calls her ‘Chihaya-neechan’ or ‘Aneki’. Hagi is a humorous and light-hearted person, but he easily gets angry when dealing with remorseless culprits.


  • Ninzaburo Shiratori (RC Type Koukaku): A ghoul inspector who’s just got promoted. He comes from a well-off family. His childhood sweetheart is Sumiko Kobayashi, Detective Boys’ homeroom teacher. Shiratori at first didn’t take Detective Boys seriously. However, after they saved Sumiko from a serial killer, Ninzaburo begins to warm up and appreciate Detective Boys. He acknowledges Conan and treats him as an equal. He has a fancy taste in wine. He usually warns Takagi about the envious male co-workers whenever Takagi goes with Sato and keeps those police officers under control. Shiratori also despises Kuroda for his bigoted views and calls him 'a delusional racist old man'.


  • Kazunobu Chiba: A chubby kind-hearted police officer who is Takagi’s close friend. His childhood sweetheart is Naeko Miike. Being a chubby person, he becomes the laughing stock of female officers at his workplace, but he pays them no mind as he already has Naeko who loves him for what he is. Megure values him because of his keen observations. Chiba was the first one who noticed Dr. Araide’s suspicious behavior during the Halloween costume party and warned his co-workers about it. He likes to watch movies and knows a lot about film studio. After he is transferred to PSB, he becomes a master hacker under Jinpei’s tutelage and lost his extra weight. He's a good friend of Akemi Miyano in his childhood.


  • Yumi Miyamoto: Miwako’s best friend and Shukichi’s girlfriend. She is the matchmaker in the MPD. She usually uses her megaphone to tell the presence of police car to the drivers at the traffic. Her friendship with Miwako is very similar to Sonoko and Ran’s friendship where Sonoko and Yumi are the matchmakers while Sato and Ran are the reserved ones. She likes to go to karaoke with her colleagues.


  • Naeko Miike: Chiba’s love interest and Yumi’s co-worker. She actually has talent in healing magic, but she’s too shy to showcase it. Under Yui’s wings, she learns to advance her magic and becomes more confident than before. She likes Chiba’s chubby form because it reminds her of ‘a fluffy, soft teddy bear’. Chiba gave her a teddy bear keychain shortly before she moved to Hokkaido during their sixth-grade summer holiday and still keeps the keychain attached to her purse.


  • Eri Mouri nee Kisaki: Kogoro’s wife and Ran’s mother. She uses her maiden name whenever she works as a lawyer. A caring mother and housewife, Eri usually will prepare a hot bath and a cup of coffee whenever Kogoro comes home. She’s terrible at cooking during her first years of marriage, but thanks to Yukiko’s tutelage, she gradually became better. She has a pet cat named Goro whom she named after Kogoro himself. Before her marriage, she called Kogoro ‘Goro-chan’ and still calls him that sometimes, much to Kogoro’s embarrassment and Ran’s amusement. She learned judo moves from her husband and is very skilled at deductions.


  • Misao Yamamura: A rookie police who idolizes Kogoro for his sharp wit and skills. Misao really wanted to be like Kogoro, but his naïve and reckless nature makes him become the laughing stock of the Gunma police department. He’s also a scaredy-cat. Despite all of those things, Misao has good morals and a strong sense of justice. He works hard and always tries to develop himself into a better person. As the result, he’s promoted as an inspector, much to his delight. He sometimes listens to Conan or Kaneki whenever they have suspicions regarding alibis and clues. The running gag in the series is that whenever he does an investigation, he easily gets scared and often jumps to wrong conclusions and he often acts cheery and goofy during investigations.


  • Ginzo Nakamori: Nakamori is an inspector of the Ekoda police department. He is Aoko’s father and a fire elemental wizard. Nakamori is a stubborn inspector. He has a friendly rivalry with Megure. He’s usually working with Megure whenever Kaito Kid pulls heist, claiming that he will be the one who will capture the thief – who is a master of illusion and disguise – although none of his solo and combined efforts work. Nakamori is really determined to find out about his wife’s murderer as he found her death is suspicious while people claim that it was a car accident that killed his wife. He became very angry when he found out that his wife was killed by people from BO. He loves his daughter dearly and always tries his best to keep Aoko away from danger. In 'Change', it is revealed that he has arachnophobia.


  • Heizo Hattori: Heiji’s father and the superintendent supervisor of the Osaka police department. He sometimes can get harsh towards his son, but he does it because he is mainly concerned about his son’s safety. His best friend is Ginshiro Toyama, Kazuha’s father. He was shocked when discovered that Heiji got shrunk due to APTX 4869. He later requested Takagi to hide and take care of his shrunken son as it will be dangerous if BO discovered that Heiji is still alive. His wife, Shizuka Hattori, is the only one who can handle his fierce and harsh behavior.


  • Yuya Kazami: Rei’s subordinate at PSB. He sometimes likes to joke with his subordinates and is a fan of Yoko Okino. He deeply cares about his subordinates’ well-being. He has a rivalry with Andre Camel, Shuichi’s subordinate, and often gets terrified by Hanji’s eccentric behavior, a common agreement he shares with Camel. He hates celery and likes curry, although sometimes he can’t handle the spiciness. When he argued with Camel after the battle against Calvados and Vermouth, Kaneki put an end to their argument by butting their foreheads with each other and scolding them, earning fear and respect from both agents.


  • Chihaya Hagiwara: Kenji’s older sister and assistant inspector of Kanagawa Prefecture. She fully supports Kenji’s relationship with Jinpei. She is also a reckless driver like Kenji. She greatly cares for Kenji and occasionally contacts him through phone calls and video calls and sometimes teases him regarding his love life. She has a crush on Jugo Yokomizo, Sango Yokomizo's younger brother.


  • Seerow Hamee: Aldrea and Dak's son, Jara's father, and Toby's grandfather. He's Matsuda and Hagi's superior in the bomb disposal unit. Seven years before the series, he and Hagi nearly got killed by the bomb set up by a serial bomber. The same thing happened four years later with Jinpei and Seerow narrowly escaping death, causing Aldrea to be paranoid. He later caught the bomber three years after the last incident, but not before Aldrea in a fit of rage tried to kill the bomber for nearly killed Seerow, but then stopped by Dak and Seerow himself.


  • Jara Hamee: Seerow's son, Aldrea's grandson, and Toby's father. He's also Kakashi's adoptive older brother. He formerly worked in the arson division under the command of inspector Yuminaga. He later got transferred to the homicide division after the Vermouth incident. He sometimes having troubles when it comes to taking care of his daughter as Toby tends to wander around whenever he isn't looking.


  • Hyoue Kuroda: A traditionalist officer who views magical creatures as lower than humans. He treats his subordinates harshly and doesn’t tolerate any kind of mistakes, even the little ones. He is greatly disliked by people around him due to his bigoted views, especially by the officers who he considered as ‘lesser beings' due to their creature traits and inheritance. He’s also the one who demoted Kansuke and Komei’s ranks and transferred them to Beika for what he called ‘insubordination’ after both men decided to take a break from their duty to support Yui who was still recovering from poisoning at that time. Kuroda later got kidnapped and disappeared without a trace and is currently impersonated by Nimura Furuta. In 'The Devil', he is finally killed by Furuta as his usefulness is ended.




  • Jodie Starling: Shuichi’s best friend who goes as an English teacher assisting Natalie Kuruma at Teitan Elementary School as her undercover job. She likes Akemi’s homemade baked goods and frequently visits her and her family. Jodie holds grudge against Vermouth who killed her father when she was a child. She calls Conan ‘Cool Kid’ and Kaneki ‘21st Century Einstein’. She likes video games and is a cheerful and kind-hearted person.


  • Andre Camel: A rival of Yuya Kazami. He is called a muscle maniac by Akai due to his habit of doing workouts wherever he is. He develops a strong liking for Japanese cuisine. He is an expert driver and a fan of Mariah Carey. He sometimes can get emotional when something happens to his comrades. His rivalry with Kazami has mellowed considerably since Shuichi is Rei and Hiro’s mate and has earned a severe scolding from Kaneki. He also fears Hanji’s eccentric behavior, calling her an experiment maniac.


  • James Black: Shuichi’s godfather and a good friend of Tsutomu and Mary. He greatly dislikes Kuroda for his behavior and views towards magical creatures. Despite that, he still cares about him and got worried when he heard about his disappearance when nobody cared about him. He puts his faith in Conan and Kaneki’s deduction skills and intelligence to help the alphabet agencies in taking down BO. He frequently contacts Kakashi who spies on Kuroda – actually Furuta in disguise – to check any suspicious acts.




  • Grisha Yeager: Eren and Zeke’s father who works as a doctor in Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital. He rarely spends time with his family as he is always busy with his works. In truth, Grisha is an undercover BND agent who mainly investigates illegal experiments performed by Washuu Clan. Grisha is an expert in healing magic and medicines. He always tries his best to keep his sons away from danger, especially Eren. Despite their distant relationship, Grisha dearly loves his sons.


  • Levi Ackerman: Mikasa’s distant relative and one of the best agents of BND. Just like Mikasa, he has immense strength and excellent dexterity. A master swordsman, Levi is well-known for being unbeatable in combats. He is so difficult to be impressed as he demands not only skills from the agents but also asks their motives to join fights. He is impressed with Kaneki because of his strong sense of justice and determination to fight for innocent people regardless of their species and status. He mostly appears as an expressionless man. This is due to the loss of his friends, Furlan and Isabel during a mission. He is the direct subordinate of Erwin Smith and Erwin’s second-in-command. He often gets irritated by Hanji’s upbeat and eccentric behavior while deep down in his heart, he does truly care for her as her personality slightly reminded him of Isabel.


  • Erwin Smith: Levi’s commander and the leader of the BND squad in Japan. Erwin originally dreamed to become a teacher when he was a kid, but after his father’s death at the hands of the Washuu Clan, Erwin decided to join BND. He is a very dedicated man and deeply cares for his comrades. His motto is ‘dedicate yourself’, a motto which Kaneki took to heart. He is mostly seen with Levi and Hanji and is one of the few people who can tolerate Hanji’s behavior.


  • Hanji Zoe: An eccentric and high-spirited scientist of BND who goes as a science teacher at Teitan High School as her undercover job. She usually likes to give long lectures to her comrades and students and sometimes invades their private space, much to Ai’s chagrin. Despite her eccentric behavior, Hanji can be serious when doing her task. She is highly impressed by Conan’s intelligence and correctly deduced that Conan is actually Shinichi. Levi and Moblit are usually the ones who keep her from crossing the line.


  • Mike Zacharias: One of Erwin’s comrades. He doesn’t speak much and has a habit of sniffing new people, leading Conan to call him ‘Blood Hound Man’. He is the second strongest member after Levi. His tactical mind enables him to make strategies for his comrades. He memorizes people by their scents and is a keen observer, enabling him to see easily through disguises and lies.


  • Nanaba: Mike’s partner and a fire elemental witch. She is a cool-headed woman who encourages her comrades to fight for justice. She has a crush on Mike who described her scent as ‘sweet and fruity with a little of floral fragrance’. She can create little explosives and uses her fire as torches to light a dark place or path.


  • Moblit Berner: A BND agent who always panics over Hanji's antics. He often tries to yank away Hanji from dangerous situations and apologizes for her behavior. He is a responsible and loyal person who is always right at Hanji's side despite her eccentric behavior. Moblit is often seen with Hanji and always brings a notebook.




  • Mary Akai nee Sera: Mother of Shuichi, Shukichi, and Masumi. She is Elena’s older sister and Tsutomu’s wife. A native British woman, she moved to Japan with her husband, Tsutomu when she got pregnant with Masumi. Mary is a strict woman who educates her children about the values of life and family. She usually scolds Tsutomu whenever he’s too lenient towards his allies or children or whenever he does something reckless. Mary has a terrifying temper which often scares people around her. Just like Sato, she has a habit where she shrieks whenever she turns her car without using hand brake, earning her nickname ‘Banshee Lady of MI6’. During her teenage years, she was called 'The Queen of Racers'. Shuichi inherited her driving skills. Rei and Hiro call her 'mum' as she is their mother-in-law. Matsuda and Hagi describe her as 'a scary blonde banshee with crazy driving skills'.


  • Tsutomu Akai: Mary’s husband. He is a light-headed and jovial man compared to his more serious wife. He is James’ childhood friend and a Jeet Kune Do expert. He taught Shuichi and Masumi since they were young. He is so clumsy yet intelligent, like Kogoro, earning him the nickname ‘MI6’s Kogoro Mouri’ from Conan and Amano. Tsutomu is a big fan of Rolling Stones and The Beatles and loves mystery puzzles. Tsutomu’s running gag is his fear of Mary’s rage which he shares with Shukichi and Masumi. He sometimes dotes on his children and nieces too much, much to Shuichi and Shiho’s embarrassment.


  • Dak Hamee: Aldrea's Hork-Bajir husband and a seer. He has a calm upbringing and never fears Aldrea's rage. He dreams to educate his people and bring them to chase the lag of technology while preserving their tradition. This quality and his pure love impressed Aldrea so much that she married him and taught him the morphing magic. Dak is very supportive of Aldrea and dotes on his great-granddaughter, Toby. He easily gets jealous whenever he sees another man flirts with his wife. Dak works as the intel gatherer of MI6 and works as an employee of Fangor Corp. as his cover. His human morph has fair skin and black eyes with black hair.


  • Sakumo Hatake (RC Type Bikaku): Kakashi’s late father. He never spent his time with his son when he was alive, having dropped his son in the orphanage when he was an infant, leading Kakashi to have a distant and severely cracked relationship with him. Despite his son’s cold behavior towards him, Sakumo still loved him dearly and greatly regretted the fact that he never spent time with his son and the fact that he abandoned him at the orphanage. Sakumo was killed by Tsuneyoshi Washuu after he foiled Tsuneyoshi’s plan to kill ghouls who lived in Scotland’s secluded community. His last words to Kakashi were that he had always dearly loved him and he apologized for being a terrible father. His death became Kakashi’s motive to join MI6.


  • Jagil Hullan and Delf Hajool: Jagil and Delf are Hork-Bajir and Dak Hamee's childhood friends. They joined MI6 shortly after Dak. Jagil and his wife, Delf are assigned to Japan to investigate BO with Aldrea and Dak's assistance. Jagil easily gets drunk whenever he drinks alcohol while Delf has stronger resistance towards alcohol, much to Jagil's embarrassment.




  • Ethan Hondou: Eisuke and Hidemi's father who works as the mole in BO and experts in recon missions. His codename is Absinthe. He deeply cares for his children and is very concerned about Eisuke's safety. He sometimes contacts Eisuke when he was alone or only with Hidemi to ask about his development.


  • Hidemi Hondou: Eisuke's older sister and Ethan's daughter. She goes under the alias 'Rena Mizunashi' and works as the reporter of Nichiuri TV. Her codename is Kir and she frequently works with Ethan in missions. She dotes on Eisuke dearly and often sends him her best wishes and regards. 


Chapter Text

BO and Washuu Clan


  • Renya Karasuma: The leader of BO and Washuu Clan’s ally. He has the ambition to create a world full of chaos and ruckus. He is the one who ordered the making of APTX 4869 and the serum which caused the mutation to happen. He is obsessed with absolute power and immortality and won’t stop at anything to achieve his goal. He sold his soul to demons to grant himself immortality and sought to kill Kaneki who was prophesied as the cause of his and Washuu Clan’s downfall.


  • Gin: A ruthless, cold-blooded man who is often seen with Vodka. He’s the one responsible for Shinichi, Heiji, and Kaito’s shrunken state. His main ambition is to find and kill every last remaining member of the Miyano family and their relatives and later, to kill Kakashi. He usually kills any member who he deems as useless to Renya’s cause or the ones he considered traitors. His sadistic tendencies make him one of the most ruthless members of the organization. He is Shinichi, Heiji, Kaito, Shuichi, Hiro, and Rei’s biggest enemy for causing Shinichi, Heiji, and Kaito to shrink and for Rei and Shuichi’s case, Elena and Atsushi’s death.


  • Vodka: Gin’s subordinate. A stocky man who always follows Gin’s command, Vodka can be pretty reckless when doing his mission. His recklessness was the one that led Shinichi and Kaneki to discover BO’s existence. Vodka usually calls Gin ‘boss’ and is responsible for Shiho’s shrunken condition.


  • Vermouth: She is a master of disguise and Renya’s favorite agent. She goes under the alias Sharon Vineyard and works as an actress. She once learned the art of disguise from Toichi. Shrewd and cunning, Vermouth is very manipulative and often uses her charm and beauty to get whatever she wanted and she is called 'Delilah' by the alphabet agents. She nearly kidnapped the tranquilized Conan when Shiratori hit her on her face, saving the boy from her.


  • Calvados: The sniper of BO who always follows Vermouth’s command. He shot Kaneki who tried to stop Vermouth from kidnapping Conan and got shot by Kakashi as the result. He later got captured by the FBI and PSB and placed under tight surveillance with 24/7 guards.


  • Akihiro Kanou: A mad scientist who created APTX 4869 by using Atsushi and Elena’s notes and mutation serum. A twisted man with a morbid fascination with science, Kanou committed illegal experiments in the past with little to none of his test subjects survived. His talents and twisted personality are what makes BO recruited him in the first place. He was glad when he found that seven of his test subjects survived his latest mutation serum, but unaware of Hiro and Shuichi’s true identities as he is still new to the BO.


  • Nimura Furuta: A man who has a morbid fascination with chaos and suffering. He has sadistic tendencies and is very manipulative. He views everyone around him as toys that he could play with but is very respectful towards Renya and Gin. Gin described him as a dangerous sociopath. He disguised himself as Kuroda after he kidnapped the man and has set his eyes on Takagi and Co. ever since but he is unable to reach them as they are aware of his suspicious behavior and they already saw him in his Kuroda disguise helping Vermouth and Calvados.


  • Tsuneyoshi Washuu: Washuu Clan’s patriarch who killed Sakumo 27 years ago. Tsuneyoshi originally planned to kill the ghouls in a secluded community in Scotland and created fear waves among the ghouls of Scotland, but he was foiled by Sakumo. His son, Furuta was very disrespectful towards him. He later got killed by Furuta after the Vermouth incident.


  • Shiki Kijima: BO’s mercenary who takes joy from killing people. He brutally killed Hinami’s parents after he discovered that Asaki had caught him red-handed killing an elderly ghoul lady and her grandchildren. He later got killed by Kansuke who avenged the Fueguchi couple’s death after having his left leg and right arm slashed by Hinami’s kagune.


  • Irish: BO member who was Pisco’s protégé. He holds grudge against Gin for killing Pisco and waited for an excellent time to kill him. He initially despised magical creatures as well. However, after he confronted Kaneki after the death of Hinami’s parents, he began to have change in his heart. He later works at Anteiku as a barista and changes his name to Hubert.


  • Curacao: A former BO agent who worked in the intel gathering unit. She spotted Kakashi tried to stop Hiro from committing suicide and talked about Kaneki, sparking pity and a genuine desire to change sides. She later betrayed BO and went under a new name, Anastasia, nicknamed Anya, and works at Anteiku under the protection of alphabet agencies. She loves to babysit Toby Hamee and make baked goods with Akemi and is an older sister figure for Touka.

Chapter Text



  • Hiroshi Agasa: Shinichi’s neighbor and an inventor. He is a kind old inventor who occasionally invites children to his house to show his inventions to them. He equipped Shinichi with various gadgets and helps him to investigate BO. He becomes deeply suspicious of Kanou after he found out about the fire incident and suspected him of various disappearances years ago. He took the Miyano sisters into his house after Shiho shrunk and likes Akemi’s baked goods.


  • Yusaku Kudo: Shinichi’s father and a famous author. He and his wife, Yukiko are aware of Shinichi’s condition and offered him to move to LA, but Shinichi refused. He sometimes lends hand to help his son to solve the mysteries behind BO. He is fully aware of Washuu Clan’s existence and has been investigating the clan ever since.


  • Yukiko Kudo: Shinichi’s mother and Yusaku’s wife. She’s a master in disguise, has learned the art from Toichi years ago. She’s Eri’s childhood friend. In the past, she along with Eri often set playdates for their children to bring them closer. She’s also a famous actress and has crazy driving skills. She sometimes calls her son from LA to curb her homesickness and to check the development of Shinichi’s progress. She taught Eri how to cook after Eri got married to Kogoro.


  • Toichi Kuroba: Kaito’s father and the infamous phantom thief, Kaito Kid. He is a master of disguise and illusion who often launches heists around the world to seek a jewel named Pandora. He taught Yukiko and Vermouth the art of disguise and was distraught when he found out that one of his students is a world-class criminal. He loves Kaito dearly and taught him the art of disguise and illusion. He is Yusaku’s best friend.


  • Chikage Kuroba: Kaito’s mother and Toichi’s wife. She assists Toichi in his heists. She loves her son dearly and occasionally contacts her son through video calls. She is well-known as ‘Phantom Lady’ and proficient in disguises and illusion as well as hand-in-hand combat. Like Yukiko, she dotes on Kaito so much, much to Kaito’s embarrassment.


  • Konosuke Jii: Toichi’s right-hand man and assistant. He sometimes helps Takagi in taking care of the kids whenever Takagi is unable to take care of the boys and takes care of the Kuroba family’s bar, Blue Parrot Bar. He sometimes acts as the fake Kid to buy Toichi time to escape. He is a good acquaintance of professor Agasa and regularly contacts Toichi and Chikage about Kaito.


  • Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul: Tobias' father and Loren's husband. He's better known as Alan Fangor. Alan is a computer software programmer who owns his own company, Fangor Corp. which mainly focuses on educating children and people with no access and money for education through software programs. He helps Aldrea and Dak in teaching Hork-Bajir about modern society. Alan loves his family dearly and fully supports Tobias' friendship with Kaneki and sometimes gives him advice about love relationships and dating when it comes to Rachel. His best friend is Kakashi Hatake whom he met when he was a child. His human morph has fair skin with brown eyes and light brown hair. Elfangor's running gag is whenever he does something reckless or stupid, Loren will hit him with her wrench.


  • Loren Fangor: Alan's wife and Tobias' mother. She has a similar personality to Rachel when she was younger and she loves baseball. She works as a computer engineer and helps her husband in running the company. She also likes to do mechanic jobs. Her son, Tobias, looks very similar to her. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She met Alan when she was kidnapped by human traffickers and Alan happened to bump into them. Since then, she fell in love with Alan and married him.


  • Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill: Tobias' uncle and Elfangor's younger brother. His human name is Alexander Fangor, nicknamed Ax. He's Estrid husband and helps her in biochemical engineering. He idolizes his older brother and aspires to become just like him. He loves to eat cinnamon buns and loves Akemi and Yoriko's baking. Aximili also helps Shiho to create the antidote and research the mutation serum that Kanou made. In his human morph, he looks just like Alan, but a little bit shorter and with darker skin. Aximili's running gag is that he often gets terrified by Estrid's temper.


  • Estrid-Corill-Darrath: An estreen and biochemical scientist. She admires Aldrea for her achievements and aspires to become a successful woman too. Estrid often gets annoyed by her husband's sometimes childish behavior, but mainly, she is annoyed by her father's arrogant nature. She helps Aximili and Ai to create APTX 4869's antidote and often warns Conan about his recklessness along with Ai.


  • Sumiko Kobayashi: Shiratori’s girlfriend and Detective Boys’ homeroom teacher. She is a kind and loving teacher, although her students call her ‘old hag’. This is due to her tendency to get angry whenever she is nervous. She makes bento lunches for Shiratori and is a fan of Edogawa Ranpo’s works. Despite her shy personality, she has a strong sense of justice and won’t hesitate to jump into dangers to save innocent people. Her great resemblance with Sato once led Conan to mistake her as Sato.


  • Natalie Kuruma: Date’s lover and an English teacher at Teitan Elementary School. She is well-liked by her fellow teachers and students. She often helps Kobayashi to boost her confidence. She’s also a good friend of Jodie and Yui. She provided Yui with mental support during her recovery period and showed her around Beika. Natalie is fully aware of Date’s involvement in the BO scandal and fully supports him to bring BO to justice.


  • Arata Kirishima (RC Type Koukaku): Ayato and Touka’s father. He is a kind ghoul who loves to tend his garden and works as an accountant. He’s the one who cooks for his family since Hikari’s cooking is terrible and inedible. His personality greatly resembles Kaneki in many ways. Despite being a pacifist, Arata is highly skilled in judo and won gold medals during his teenage and college years.


  • Hikari Kirishima nee Yomo (RC Type Ukaku): Touka and Ayato’s mother. She has a brash and rude personality like her children, though it has mostly mellowed after her marriage to Arata. Like her daughter, she is skilled in combat but horrible in cooking. Her younger brother is Renji Yomo. She is impressed with Kaneki because of his kind and gentle personality.


  • Renji Yomo (RC Type Ukaku): Touka and Ayato’s uncle. He is mostly quiet and reserved. During his youth, he and his sister were well-known for their fierceness in battles before being taken by Kuzen. After Hikari got married, he dotes on his niece and nephew. Like Ayato, he dislikes Hikari and Touka’s cooking, usually hides behind Arata whenever Hikari or Touka is about to serve their cooking.


  • Zeke Yeager: Grisha’s first son and Eren’s older brother. He works as an architect and always spends his free time with Eren, making up for Grisha’s constant absence. He usually cooks for Eren and often hugs his baby brother affectionately, much to Eren’s embarrassment. Like Eren, Zeke is unaware that his father is a BND agent.


  • Kuzen Yoshimura (RC Type Ukaku): Manager of Anteiku. He’s the one who hired Kaneki and Amuro (Rei) as employees in his café. He is aware that Conan is actually Shinichi, noting that his intelligence is on a par of an adult and is sworn to secrecy by Rei and Kaneki. He is a kind old ghoul who provides consolation to anyone who needs a shoulder to lean by. In 'Jewel of Heart', it is revealed that he is an Interpol agent.


  • Elena Miyano: Shiho and Akemi's late mother, Atsushi's wife, and Mary's late younger sister. She was a kind woman who liked to help people regardless of their species, background, and wealth. She's Rei's childhood idol and crush. Her kind personality greatly contrasts with no-nonsense and strict Mary. Despite that, the two of them were still close to each other. She later died along with Atsushi in a car accident planned by Gin and Vodka with the help of Pisco, but not before she gave Akemi Mary's phone number and told her to jump out of the car with an infant Shiho.


  • Kuroto Kai: Yui and Kansuke's childhood role model. He's an expert in archery and kendo. He was killed by Tatsue Torada when Kaneki was twelve years old. He met Kaneki once and was very impressed by his curiosity and skills and briefly taught him archery and kendo. His death led the Nagano Trio to investigate the case and resulted in Kansuke's near-death experience. Taka'aki described him as a man with an unrivaled sense of accuracy, referring to his archery skills.


  • Colt Grice: Falco's older brother who works in the theft division. He wholeheartedly supports Falco in pursuing his dream. Colt is a calm and level-headed policeman who has decent skills in deductions. He respects Taka'aki Morofushi as his senior officer despite being placed in a different department with Taka'aki.


  • Hessat Halad: Seerow's wife, Jara's mother, and Toby's grandmother. She works at home as an editor and usually helps Ket in doing house chores and taking care of Toby. Like Aldrea, she became paranoid when her husband nearly died twice and became relieved when the bomber was caught. She's a loving and caring housewife and always checks on Seerow and Jara's condition.


  • Ket Halpak: Jara's wife and Toby's mother. She works as an editor alongside her mother-in-law. She prefers to work from home as her daughter Toby is still too young to be left alone. She likes preparing bento for her family members.


  • Gafinilan-Estrif-Valad: Mertil's mate and a programmer who works in Fangor Corp from home due to his mate's condition. He owns a huge collection of plants and likes reading and giving gardening lessons. He has a huge and muscular body, but he has a gentle personality and isn't arrogant, unlike most of the Andalites. He is a frequent visitor of Anteiku and is a good friend of Kaneki and Tobias. He is the one who taught Arata gardening techniques.


  • Mertil-Iscar-Elmand: Gafinilan's mate who works as a poem writer. He enjoys spending time with Gafinilan and tries new cooking recipes. He has a thin frail body and is sickly, hence why Gafinilan works from home. He needs therapy four times a week. His therapy doctor is none other than Grisha Yeager who also helps him to find a cure for his condition. He loves to cuddle with Gafinilan and is very friendly towards new people.


  • Barafin: Aldrea's younger brother and a cloud artist. He has a jovial and cheery attitude, a stark contrast to his more serious older sister. Barafin loves to joke around and play VR games. He oftentimes tells Aldrea to be more relaxed and is unaware that Aldrea and Dak are on a mission to take down BO. He sometimes gives cloud gloves prototypes to Toby as gifts.


  • Alloran-Semitur-Corrass: Estrid's father and a former bioengineering scientist. Alloran owns a huge collection of research notes which his daughter and son-in-law used to find the formula for the permanent APTX 4869 cure. He is very arrogant and condescending towards other people, even to his own kind, much to Aximili's chagrin and Estrid's exasperation.


  • Roy Mustang: A perverted PI who always tries to woo ladies with his good-looking face and charm. An unashamed womanizer, Mustang always tries to woo ladies, even after being told that the said woman already got married or has a partner much to everyone’s disgust. He got beaten by Kansuke after the inspector caught him tried to flirt with Yui and made fun of Komei, Kaneki, and Masumi. In the end, when he tried to escape, he got kneeled by Masumi right in his crotch as payback for making fun of her flat chest, with Ayato recording the whole event, much to Kansuke and Rachel’s amusement and much to Kaneki and Tobias’ horror. Camel and Kazami called him ‘a disgusting perverted pig’ due to his behavior. The running gag of Mustang is that he always failed to woo women with his charm and often ended up getting beaten. Due to his behavior, he is called ‘Pervy Detective’ by people around him.

Chapter Text

List of People Who Know Conan’s Real Identity

  • Ken Kaneki
  • Ran Mouri
  • Kogoro Mouri
  • Eri Mouri
  • Yusaku Kudo
  • Yukiko Kudo
  • Hiroshi Agasa
  • Hiromitsu Morofushi
  • Taka’aki Morofushi
  • Kansuke Yamato
  • Yui Uehara
  • Rei Furuya
  • Wataru Date
  • Jinpei Matsuda
  • Kenji Hagiwara
  • Shuichi Akai
  • Tobias Fangor
  • Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul (through Tobias)
  • Loren Fangor (through Tobias)
  • Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill (through Tobias)
  • Estrid-Corill-Darrath (through Tobias)
  • Rachel Berenson (through Tobias)
  • Shukichi Akai (through Shuichi)
  • Masumi Akai (through Shuichi)
  • Mary Akai (through Shuichi)
  • Tsutomu Akai (through Shuichi)
  • Wataru Takagi
  • Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano
  • Tara Haibara/Akemi Miyano
  • Miwako Sato (through Jinpei)
  • Juzo Megure (through Jinpei)
  • Yumi Miyamoto (through Jinpei)
  • Naeko Miike (through Jinpei)
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Ninzaburo Shiratori (through Jinpei)
  • Kazunobu Chiba (through Jinpei)
  • Heiji Hattori
  • Kazuha Toyama
  • Touka Kirishima (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Eren Yeager (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Zeke Yeager (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Armin Arlert (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Bertolt Hoover (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Reiner Braun (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Heizo Hattori (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Shizuka Hattori (through Heizo, post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Ginshiro Toyama (through Heizo, post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Vermouth
  • Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan
  • Dak Hamee
  • Toby Hamee
  • Seerow Hamee
  • Hessat Halad
  • Jara Hamee
  • Ket Halpak
  • Ayato Kirishima (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Konosuke Jii (through Agasa)
  • Toichi Kuroba (through Yusaku)
  • Chikage Kuroba (through Yukiko)
  • Kaito Kuroba
  • Aoko Nakamori
  • Ginzo Nakamori (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • James Black (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Jodie Starling (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Andre Camel (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Yuya Kazami (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Moblit Berner (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Natalie Kuruma (through Date)
  • Sumiko Kobayashi (through Shiratori)
  • Hanji Zoe
  • Levi Ackerman (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Erwin Smith (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Mike Zacharias (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Nanaba (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Vato Falman (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Mikasa Ackerman (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Annie Leonhart (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Kuzen Yoshimura
  • Renji Yomo
  • Arata Kirishima (through Ayato and Touka, post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Hikari Kirishima (through Ayato and Touka, post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Ethan Hondou (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Hidemi Hondou (post-Halloween Party Case)
  • Anya
  • Eisuke Hondou
  • Sonoko Suzuki
  • Makoto Kyogoku
  • Jean Kirstein
  • Sasha Brauss
  • Connie Springer
  • Marco Lopez
  • Chihaya Hagiwara
  • Kiyonaga Matsumoto
  • Yuminaga
  • Misao Yamamura (post-Bell Tree Express incident)
  • Yokomizo Twins
  • Irish (Hubert)
  • Jotaro Matsuda
  • Midori Megure
  • Jagil Hullan
  • Delf Hajool


Kaneki was the one who found the shrunken Shinichi and told the Kudo couple, Mouri family, Agasa, Tobias, and his adoptive family about it. The rest of Zero Squad and Shuichi are later being told by Kaneki too. The Akai family know through Shuichi while Miyano sisters found out on their own. The Fangor family and Rachel found out through Tobias. Heiji, Kazuha, Aoko, Kaito, Kakashi, Hanji, Aldrea, Dak, Toby, Kuzen, and Yomo found out on their own. Seerow heard it from Shinichi's own confession. The rest of the Hamee family found out after the Tokyo Tower bomb incident. Eisuke and Anya deduced Conan's true identity. Takagi was told by Hiro and was sworn to secrecy while Natalie and Sumiko found out through their boyfriends. Jii and Kuroba couple found out through the Kudo couple and Agasa. Megure, Shiratori, Chiba, Yumi, Naeko, and Sato found out through Jinpei and the rest found out after the incident of Halloween party case. Jean, Sasha, Connie, and Marco found out via Eren's slip-up. Sonoko found out after she followed Ran quietly and she told Makoto about it. All of them were sworn to secrecy.

Chapter Text



  • Kaneki shares the same blood type with Tobias, AB.
  • Aldrea's married name is Aldrea Hamee, but she chooses to use her maiden name to prevent the BO from discovering her ties with Dak Hamee. She and her family live in a pretty secluded area in Tokyo to prevent BO's detection.
  • Dak's alias as a BO member is Abel Espier. Espier itself means spy in the Old French language.
  • Vermouth calls Morofushi family and Akai family 'Silver Bullet Families' due to their ties with the Whiskey Trio and Kaneki.
  • Kaneki, Shuichi, Rei, Hiro, Levi, Aldrea, Kakashi, Shinichi, Heiji, and Kaito share the same moniker, 'Silver Bullet', it's because Renya deems them as a serious threat to the BO and Washuu Clan.
  • Hikari's homemade curry once knocked Tsutomu out with a single bite.
  • Tobias has the same habit as Kaneki where he touches his chin whenever he gets nervous or hiding something.
  • Seerow Hamee is the first Hork-Bajir in history who joins the police department.
  • Aldrea is a fan of big motorcycles, she owns two Harley Davidson motorcycles.
  • Aside from drinking blood once a month, a vampire's diet in drinking blood varies between once a month, once a week, twice a month, once in two months, and once in three months.
  • When a vampire doesn't drink blood according to their drinking pattern, they will experience anemia in about three days to one week. However, some of them are also reverting to their feral state where they will suck any creature's blood to satisfy their thirst. Komei is the example of the second one.
  • Werewolves and ghouls can survive severe blood loss.
  • Eren is called 'The Crimson Arrow' by his classmates because of his hot-headed personality and tendency to rush whenever danger comes.
  • Aldrea is a fan of Sen Takatsuki's works. Besides that, she also loves Agatha Christie, Yusaku, Conan Doyle, Edogawa Ranpo, and H.P Lovecraft's works.
  • Kaneki and Tobias are ambidextrous.
  • Almost every character holds on to their dear lives whenever Aldrea pursues a culprit with her car. Camel and Kazami describe Aldrea's driving as akin to 'riding the Hell's horse chariot'.
  • Yamamura and Hanji are the only ones who can stand Hikari and Touka's cooking. That's because Yamamura took his grandmother's advice not to be a picky eater a little too literal. As for Hanji, for her, any food is okay for her regardless of whether they are edible or not.
  • An adult Hork-Bajir's height is about 5 meters on average for male and 4,5 meters for female on average, hence the reason why Dak prefers to use his human morph since his height in his natural form is 520 meters, making him the tallest Hork-Bajir ever.
  • Never call Aldrea an old hag. She's capable of hearing even the smallest utter of that nickname no matter how far it is, her hearing sense is even sharper than any member of her family.
  • Tsutomu and Shukichi once snuck into Shiho's lab and had to clean the mess as punishment for spilling Shiho's latest experiment of biofuel.
  • Tobias has a huge collection of paintings, mainly consists of his family's drawings, Rachel's portraits, and nature such as animals and plants.

Chapter Text

  • Never make fun of Kaneki in front of his extended family and friends. It serves as their berserk button, particularly for his older brothers. Harming him even the slightest, kiss your dignity goodbye.
  • Never ever make fun of Tobias or ask Rachel to go out for a date with you. She only wants to date Tobias and she will beat you into a bloody pulp if you make fun of him.
  • Aldrea and Kakashi absolutely won't tolerate any kind of excuses to skip workdays.
  • Don't call Hork-Bajir stupid or dimwit in front of Aldrea. Alloran learned it the hard way as he nearly got hit by Aldrea's destructive punch once after he called Dak 'stupid uneducated primitive reptile'.
  • Don't ever say anything that suggests sexism and ageism in front of Aldrea. She was raised in Andalite society where females were deemed as weak. A mere mention of either or both of them makes her absolutely livid.
  • Don't ask Reiner about his biological parents. He will snap at the mere mention of them as they were abusive towards him in the past.
  • Armin is a kind and meek boy, but if you ever harm his friends, he will beat you senseless. The same thing goes for Bertolt.
  • Never insult any of Levi's comrades, especially Erwin, Isabel, and Furlan.
  • Never call Ayato short, unless you are scary enough to make him cower in fear.
  • Arata is a pacifist, but he is also a judo master. Harm his family, and you will get a judo throw.
  • Don't call Armin and/or Bertolt weakling, it will make Mikasa and Annie livid.
  • Don't ever insult Niccolo's cooking or mock him. Sasha will never give you mercy if you do that.
  • Colt will go berserk if anyone harms Falco.
  • If you make Toby Hamee cry, well, be prepared for her family's wrath.
  • If you dare to insult Hanji's experiments, she will lecture you for hours.
  • Don't you ever, ever enter Shiho's lab without permission or tinkering her experiments without her consent. Tsutomu and Shukichi learned it hard way.
  • Anyone who ever tries to flirt with Yui will suffer her husbands' wrath. Just ask Roy Mustang for evidence.
  • Dak will tear any man who tries to flirt with his wife.
  • Kaneki is a sweet and kind youth, but if someone tries to harm his friends and family, he won't hesitate to tear that guy apart.
  • Shuichi is a possessive alpha. Try to take away his mates, and you are a lump of dead meat after five seconds.
  • If you are Elfangor, don't do anything stupid or dangerous, unless you want to receive a wrench thrown to your head.
  • Don't mention Alloran in front of Estrid. She has a bad relationship with him, largely due to his sexist view.
  • Don't mock Yui for her inability to have children. It serves as the berserk button for her husbands.

Chapter Text

  • Ken Kaneki
  • Tobias Fangor
  • Shuichi Akai
  • Rei Furuya
  • Hiromitsu Morofushi
  • Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan
  • Dak Hamee
  • Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill
  • Estrid-Corill-Darrath
  • Rachel Berenson
  • Marco Lopez
  • Eren Jaeger
  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Armin Arlert
  • Bertolt Hoover
  • Annie Leonhart
  • Reiner Braun
  • Jean Kirstein
  • Loren Fangor
  • Takagi Wataru
  • Miwako Sato
  • Ninzaburo Shiratori
  • Kazunobu Chiba
  • Wataru Date
  • Kenji Hagiwara
  • Jinpei Matsuda
  • Touka Kirishima
  • Ayato Kirishima
  • Masumi Akai
  • Seerow Hamee
  • Hanji Zoe
  • Taka'aki Morofushi
  • Yui Uehara
  • Kansuke Yamato

* Note: The names with bold letters are the founding members while the italic ones mean that they are estreen.

Chapter Text



  • Juzo Megure [Rank: Inspector]
  • Kogoro Mouri [Rank: Inspector]
  • Wataru Date [Rank: Assistant Inspector]
  • Misao Yamamura [Rank: Sergeant Police] (transferred from Gunma)
  • Levi Ackerman [Rank: Assistant Inspector] (transferred from Kanagawa, formerly, transferred to theft division, undercover, BND agent)
  • Jara Hamee [Rank:Assistant Inspector] (transferred from arson division)
  • Yui Uehara [Rank: Sergeant Police] (under Kogoro's command)
  • Sato's fan club (formerly, fired from the division)
  • Wataru Takagi [Rank: Inspector, formerly Sergeant Police] (formerly, transferred to PSB)
  • Ninzaburo Shiratori [Rank: Inspector] (formerly, transferred to PSB)
  • Kazunobu Chiba [Rank: Sergeant Police] (formerly, transferred to PSB)
  • Miwako Sato [Rank: Inspector, formerly Assistant Inspector] (formerly, transferred to PSB)
  • Kansuke Yamato [Rank: Inspector] (transferred from arson division)
  • Taka'aki Morofushi [Rank: Inspector] (transferred from PSB)
  • Kiyonaga Matsumoto [Rank: Superintendent]
  • Ken Kaneki [Rank: Inspector, formerly Sergeant Police]
  • Tobias Fangor [Rank: Assistant Inspector]
  • Rachel Berenson [Rank: Sergeant Police]
  • Mikasa Ackerman [Rank: Sergeant Police]
  • Annie Leonhart [Rank: Sergeant Police]
  • Aoko Nakamori [Rank: Sergeant Police]
  • Ran Mouri [Rank: Sergeant Police]
  • Kazuha Toyama [Rank: Sergeant Police]


  • Yuminaga [Rank: Inspector]
  • Jara Hamee [Rank: Assistant Inspector] (formerly, transferred to homicide division)
  • Kansuke Yamato [Rank: Inspector] (formerly, transferred to homicide division)
  • Menderash-Postill-Fastill [Rank: Sergeant Police]
  • Erwin Smith [Rank: Inspector] (formerly, transferred to theft division, undercover, BND agent)
  • Moblit Berner [Rank: Sergeant Police] (undercover, BND agent)
  • Nanaba [Rank: Assitant inspector]
  • Bertolt Hoover [Rank: Sergeant Police]
  • Armin Arlert [Rank: Sergeant Police]


  • Naeko Miike [Rank: Sergeant Police]
  • Yumi Miyamoto [Rank: Assistant Inspector]
  • Eisuke Hondo [Rank: Sergeant Police] (formerly, transferred to PSB)
  • Sasha Brauss [Rank: Sergeant Police]
  • Connie Springer [Rank: Sergeant Police]

Bomb Disposal Squad

  • Seerow Hamee [Rank: Inspector]
  • Jinpei Matsuda [Rank: Assistant Inspector]
  • Kenji Hagiwara [Rank: Assistant Inspector]
  • Reiner Braun [Rank: Sergeant Police]


  • Erwin Smith [Rank: Inspector] (transferred from arson division, undercover, BND agent)
  • Levi Ackerman [Rank: Assistant Inspector] (transferred from homicide division, undercover, BND agent)
  • Colt Grice [Rank: Sergeant Police]
  • Marco Lopez [Rank: Sergeant Police]
  • Jean Kirstein [Rank: Sergeant Police]
  • Eren Yeager [Rank: Sergeant Police]



  • Ginzo Nakamori [Rank: Inspector]



  • Heizo Hattori [Rank: Superintendent Supervisor]
  • Ginshiro Toyama [Rank: Police Chief]
  • Goro Otaki [Rank: Inspector]
  • Fumimaro Ayanokoji [Rank: Inspector]


Kanagawa and Shizuoka-Izu

  • Sango Yokomizo [Rank: Inspector]
  • Jugo Yokomizo [Rank: Inspector]
  • Chihaya Hagiwara [Rank: Assistant Inspector]



  • Yuya Kazami [Rank: Assistant Inspector]
  • Rei Furuya [Rank: Assistant Inspector]
  • Hiromitsu Morofushi [Rank: Assistant Inspector]
  • Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan [Rank: Managing Officer] (undercover, MI6 agent)
  • Kakashi Hatake [Rank: Inspector] (undercover, MI6 agent)
  • Taka'aki Morofushi [Rank: Inspector] (formerly, transferred to homicide division)
  • Wataru Takagi [Rank: Inspector, formerly Sergeant Police] (transferred from homicide division)
  • Miwako Sato [Rank: Inspector, formerly Assistant Inspector] (transferred from homicide division)
  • Kazunobu Chiba [Rank: Sergeant Police] (transferred from homicide division)
  • Ninzaburo Shiratori [Rank: Inspector] (transferred from homicide division)
  • Hyoue Kuroda [Rank: Managing Officer] (formerly, impersonated by Furuta)


*Note: All of the transfers happened after the Vermouth incident.

Chapter Text

  • Shinichi, Kaito, Heiji: To regain their normal bodies and become renowned detectives.
  • Miyano Sisters: To reunite with their parents.
  • Mary Akai: To reunite with Elena and Atsushi.
  • Ken Kaneki: To be accepted as who he is and become a policeman.
  • Rei Furuya: To reunite with Elena and Atsushi
  • The Nagano triad: To have children together.
  • Kaya Brauss: To become a lawyer.
  • Falco Grice: To confess his love to Gabi and become stronger.
  • Curacao/Anya: To help people as much as she can.
  • Sonoko Suzuki: To open her own business.
  • Toichi Kuroba: To destroy Pandora and reunite with his family.
  • Gabi Braun: To become a Jeet Kune Do master.
  • Hiromitsu Morofushi: To have a peaceful life and see his brother achieve his dream.
  • Shuichi Akai: To avenge Elena and Atsushi's death and have a peaceful life with his family.
  • Niccolo: To open his own restaurant and marry Sasha.
  • Yeager Brothers: To meet their mothers once again.
  • Bertolt Hoover and Armin Arlert: To prove their worth and become stronger.
  • Wataru Takagi: To have a family with Sato.
  • Miwako Sato: To find her dream husband and have a family.
  • Wataru Date: To marry Natalie and have a family.
  • The Detective Boys: To become famous detectives.
  • Jean Kirstein and Marco Lopez: To become popular with the girls (formerly). To become someone who is more selfless and self-conscious.
  • Naruto Uzumaki and Edward Elric: To live an absolutely free life.
  • Estrid: To become a successful woman.
  • Ninzaburo Shiratori: To make Sumiko live a happy life.
  • Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan and Dak Hamee: To bring the Hork-Bajir race to modern society while preserving their traditions.
  • Hikari Kirishima: To see her children marry their groom/bride of their choice.
  • Reiner Braun: To forget his painful past and live a happy life.
  • Misao Yamamura: To become a respected policeman.
  • Kakashi Hatake: To end the BO for good and avenge his father's death.
  • Levi Ackerman: To open a tea shop and name it after his mother, Kuchel.
  • Shukichi Akai: To win the seventh title and marry Yumi.
  • Ginzo Nakamori: To meet his wife once more.
  • Eto Yoshimura: To bring down BO and Washuu Clan for good and bring equality to everyone.
  • Jugo Yokomizo: To propose Chihaya and marry her.
  • Tobias Fangor: To marry Rachel and succeed his father as the owner of Fangor Corp.
  • Gafinilan-Estrif-Valad: To see Mertil's health restored.
  • Mertil-Iscar-Elmand: To be cured of his disease.


Chapter Text

Almighty Mom


  • Mary Akai: Mary proves herself to be one. Her temper is so terrifying to the point where her subordinates are frightened of her. All of her family members fear her except Shuichi and Shiho as they take after Mary in terms of personality and temper. They are the only ones who have the guts to talk back to Mary whenever she is angry.


  • Miwako Sato: She is this whenever she deals with the Edogawa triplets’ mischief and adventures. The trio is very terrified of her whenever she gets angry. She even frightened her superiors as she once told off Megure for forgetting his wife’s birthday, scaring the inspector off.


  • Eri Kisaki: As a renowned lawyer, Eri is a strict woman when she wants to. She scolded Kogoro severely when she found out via Megure that her husband had become a gossip mill. Kogoro himself was rendered powerless and speechless when Eri scolded him. Ran inherits her mother’s temper.


  • Loren Fangor: She’s capable of putting her husband and son on their knees with a single glare. She usually throws her wrench at poor Alan whenever he does something reckless or stupid and scolds him severely, rendering him sitting on his knees and begging for forgiveness. Her son, Tobias falls in love with Rachel Berenson, a hot-headed girl who has an eerie similarity with Loren in terms of appearance, personality, and temper.


  • Eva Lopez: Marco’s mother who works as a housewife. Whenever someone makes her angry, she will slap that person with her shoe. Classic Hispanic mother. Marco even states that his mother’s rage is much scarier than La Llorona's.


  • Yukiko Kudo: Appears as a cheerful woman, Yukiko can be scary whenever she gets angry. Her son, Shinichi was unable to argue with her when she scolded him after the elevator stunt. Even her husband, Yusaku said that her rage is equal to Eri’s rage.


  • Hikari Kirishima: Formerly known as a violent delinquent during her teenage years, her menacing aura is still the same as ever whenever she gets angry, terrifying even her husband and younger brother. She’s one of the few characters who can make Ayato cower in fear. Touka is the only one in her family who never fears her temper.


  • Yui Uehara: Appears as a kind woman most of the time, she’s capable of frightening her husbands – albeit only slightly – and her subordinates, even the superior ones. She’s also capable of making the Edogawa triplets cower in fear.


  • Shizuka Hattori: A former kendo champion, she’s capable of putting her husband and son in their place with little to no effort. Heizo and his son describe Shizuka’s rage as scarier than a demon. Even when she’s smiling, her fury could be sensed by people nearby.


  • Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano: She usually pulls this whenever she gets angry, mainly at the Edogawa triplets, the Detective Boys, or Tsutomu. It’s not a weird thing since Shiho is raised by Mary and thus, takes after her in more ways than one.


  • Mikasa Ackerman: She usually pulls this whenever Eren or any of her classmates creates trouble. Even Eren himself states that Mikasa is more like a mother hen than a normal high school girl.


  • Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan: She’s the queen of the almighty moms. Combined with the facts that she’s older than she looks, a badass action girl, a mother bear, has a hair-trigger temper, a badass grandmother, and a lady of war doesn’t help much either. May you escape unscathed if you anger her. Raised in a sexist environment, it shaped her to become the fiery female she is in the present time. As one of MI6’s best agents, she has a strict upbringing and she brings this attitude in family and work environments. Her temper is so terrifying to the point where almost every character fears her with only her husband capable of calming her down. Her son, Seerow knows better than to argue with her as shown when he wanted to go back to duty after the bomb incident, Aldrea strictly forbade him from doing so. Alloran learned it a hard way after he made fun of Toby’s dream of becoming a policewoman. He received a nasty punch at his upper stomach as the result. She’s capable of making the scariest man cower in fear and has made most of the male characters she scolded wet their pants in fear. Not to mention her berserk buttons (see chapter 9). She’s absolutely an almighty mom.


  • Ken Kaneki nee Morofushi: He’s the rare male example. As a class rep during his school years, he oftentimes scolded his classmates for misbehaving with Naruto and Ed as his most frequent victims. He is deeply feared by his former classmates for this. He’s even capable to make Kazami and Camel, the two rivals of PSB and FBI cower in fear. He got this attitude from his older brother and older brother-in-law, Taka’aki ‘Komei’ Morofushi and Kansuke Yamato who are well-known for their no-nonsense attitude. This only intensifies ever since he spends time with the alphabet agents as he spends most of his time with Mary Akai, Kakashi Hatake, Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan, and Levi Ackerman.

Chapter Text

  • Elena is the calm and kind blue oni to short-tempered and frightening Mary who is the red oni.
  • Shuichi has blue oni and red oni characteristics. He is the blue oni to his hot-blooded sister Masumi and the red oni for Hiromitsu.
  • Hiromitsu serves as the blue oni to his mates, Rei and Shuichi who are short-tempered.
  • Touka is the red oni compared to calm and patient Kaneki who is the blue oni.
  • Arata and Hikari also have this role with Arata as blue oni and Hikari as the red oni.
  • Yomo once was a red oni who was infamous for his brutal nature, but after Hikari's marriage, he becomes the blue oni.
  • Takagi is the calm and peaceful blue oni to his hot-blooded red oni girlfriend, Sato.
  • Yui and Komei are blue oni to Kansuke's red oni.
  • Rachel and Loren are red oni to Tobias and Elfangor's blue oni.
  • Armin and Mikasa serve as Eren's blue oni.
  • Elfangor also serves as Kakashi's blue oni as Kakashi tends to get angry easily.
  • Kogoro is the reckless and clumsy red oni to Eri's calm and calculative blue oni.
  • Akemi serves as the blue oni to her irritable younger sister, Shiho.
  • The patient and calm Dak Hamee serves as blue oni to short-tempered Aldrea.
  • Hagi is blue oni to Matsuda's red oni, but whenever he causes mischief, he (Hagi) is the red oni.
  • Date is a blue and red oni, just like Shuichi. He is red oni compared to Takagi and blue oni compared to Rei and Jinpei.
  • Haibara serves as blue oni to Conan's reckless red oni.
  • Megure is the calm blue oni to his hot-blooded fellow inspector, Nakamori, who is a red oni.

Chapter Text

Pre-Vermouth Incident


  • Ayato Kirishima: 150 cm
  • Touka Kirishima: 160 cm
  • MIkasa Ackerman: 170 cm
  • Armin Arlert: 168 cm
  • Annie Leonhart: 165 cm
  • Bertolt Hoover: 192 cm
  • Reiner Braun: 183 cm
  • Eren Yeager: 170 cm
  • Ken Kaneki: 175 cm
  • Sasha Brauss: 168 cm
  • Connie Springer: 158 cm
  • Jean Kirstein: 175 cm
  • Tobias Fangor: 170 cm
  • Rachel Berenson: 175 cm
  • Marco Lopez: 160 cm
  • Makoto Kyogoku: 191 cm
  • Falco Grice: 140 cm
  • Gabi Braun: 138 cm
  • Kaya Brauss: 142 cm
  • Masumi Akai: 165 cm
  • Ran Mouri: 163 cm
  • Kazuha Toyama: 163 cm
  • Aoko Nakamori: 160 cm
  • Toby Hamee: 95 cm


Post-Vermouth Incident


  • Ayato Kirishima: 156 cm
  • Touka Kirishima: 172 cm
  • Annie Leonhart: 175 cm
  • Mikasa Ackerman: 176 cm
  • Ken Kaneki: 180 cm
  • Jean Kirstein: 190 cm
  • Connie Springer: 180 cm
  • Reiner Braun: 188 cm
  • Bertolt Hoover: 205 cm
  • Armin Arlert: 180 cm
  • Eren Yeager: 183 cm
  • Makoto Kyogoku: 200 cm
  • Marco Lopez: 168 cm
  • Tobias Fangor: 183 cm
  • Rachel Berenson: 180 cm
  • Sasha Brauss: 171 cm
  • Falco Grice: 150 cm
  • Kaya Brauss: 145 cm
  • Gabi Braun: 143 cm
  • Masumi Akai: 170 cm
  • Ran Mouri: 170 cm
  • Kazuha Toyama: 170 cm
  • Aoko Nakamori: 170 cm
  • Toby Hamee: 115 cm




  • Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan: 180 cm (Andalite), 200 cm (human morph)
  • Dak Hamee: 520 cm (Hork-Bajir), 215 cm (human morph)
  • Kakashi Hatake: 180 cm
  • Wataru Takagi: 180 cm
  • Wataru Date: 195 cm
  • Mike Zacharias: 196 cm
  • Nanaba: 172 cm
  • Levi Ackerman: 160 cm
  • Hanji Zoe: 170 cm
  • Moblit Berner: 176 cm
  • Tsutomu Akai: 185 cm
  • Shukichi Akai: 181 cm
  • Mary Akai: 170 cm
  • Kuzen Yoshimura: 190 cm
  • Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul: 183 cm (Andalite and human)
  • Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill: 170 cm (Andalite), 176 cm (human morph)
  • Miwako Sato: 175 cm
  • Kazunobu Chiba: 172 cm
  • Yumi Miyamoto: 176 cm
  • Erwin Smith: 188 cm
  • Naeko Miike: 168 cm
  • Jara Hamee: 458 cm (Hork-Bajir), 203 cm (human morph)
  • Seerow Hamee: 500 cm (Hork-Bajir), 207 cm (human morph)
  • Hiromitsu Morofushi: 183 cm
  • Taka'aki Morofushi: 178 cm (formerly), 240 cm (formerly), 305 cm (currently), 120 meters (via size-shifting ability)
  • Rei Furuya: 180 cm
  • Shuichi Akai: 188 cm
  • Kansuke Yamato: 185 cm (formerly), 245 cm (formerly), 310 cm (currently), 120 meters (via size-shifting ability)
  • Yui Uehara: 172 cm (formerly), 235 cm (formerly), 300 cm (currently), 120 meters (via size-shifting ability)
  • Hikari Kirishima: 165 cm
  • Arata Kirishima: 179 cm
  • Renji Yomo: 186 cm
  • Ninzaburo Shiratori: 184 cm
  • Sumiko Kobayashi: 172 cm
  • Jinpei Matsuda: 180 cm
  • Kenji Hagiwara: 185 cm
  • Chihaya Hagiwara: 182 cm
  • Sango Yokomizo: 195 cm
  • Jugo Yokomizo: 195 cm
  • Misao Yamamura: 175 cm

Chapter Text

  • Miwako Sato to Yumi Miyamoto regarding her gossip-spreading habit:

Yumi came home exhausted. She got an extra three hours lecture from Hatake-keibu after the incident. She took out her phone and contacted Miwako, “Miwako, I need your help…” “Save it, Yumi. Your behavior at the office was totally embarrassing. I’d never expected to see my best friend would turn out to be like this, an unashamed gossip mill. To be honest, I thought you would act mature when you broke up with your boyfriend, but it turned out, no. You didn’t even consider your boyfriend’s feelings if the rumor about his brother leaked to everyone,” Miwako scowled. Yumi gaped and stuttered, “W-what? They are brothers? How did you know?” “Hatake-keibu told me after he lectured you guys. Shuichi-san’s parents are Chief Aldrea’s long-time friends,” said Miwako from her end. Yumi went pale at the revelation. She realized that she had messed things up. “Takagi-kun did the right thing. He saved your boyfriend’s older brother’s reputation from being utterly destroyed by you. More than that, he saved the whole MPD and PSB’s reputation from being tarnished. He also respects Furuya-san and Hiro-san because they were Date-san’s classmates back then at the academy. You should be ashamed of yourself, Yumi. You are the worst friend I’ve ever had in my life. From now on, I’m no longer your friend, unless you fully realized your mistake and set the things right with your ex and his family, got it?” “W-wait, Miwako…” but it was too late. Miwako already ended the call. Yumi curled up in regret and cried herself to sleep.


  • Takagi regarding Kijima's question

“How it feels like? How it feels like, you said? People like you make us suffer! You heartless people really take joy in persecuting innocent people who you considered as trash only because they’re not humans! I really hate people like that. Your narrow-minded mindset is what makes you the worst trash ever existed. Is it wrong to just want to live?”


  • Takagi to Alloran for his arrogant behavior

“How pitiful,”

Everyone was surprised when they heard it from Takagi, of all people, “Takagi?” Date was astonished.

“How pitiful. You are so insecure that you always praise yourself and you always say that nobody in this world is greater than you. Your atrocity towards Toby-chan is the proof. You can’t accept the fact that Chief Aldrea is more successful than you. You can’t accept the fact that Dak-san is very intelligent. You took out your resentment on Toby-chan by trying to destroy her dream. You humiliated Mertil-san and mocked him for being a vecol. You called the people who asked for your help as freaks. You are so narrow-minded, thinking that the world only revolves around you. You are hated by everyone, even by your own daughter. No wonder nobody likes you. You are the worst. Well, I guess you are the only one who can match Kuroda for that. Just remember this, Alloran-Semitur-Corrass. Your days are numbered. Mark my words.”

Everyone fell into silence at Takagi’s words. Alloran’s face turned dark in rage, <Fine then, one day you will crawl to me and beg for forgiveness. I’ll make sure of that,> “Just go ahead and give it a try, Alloran-san. I know you won’t.” Alloran furiously stomped away.


  • Komei and Kansuke to Yamori.

“How foolish,” Komei laughed. Yamori snapped his neck in rage, “What?!” “How foolish. Do you think you can get away scot-free after so many people you killed? You torture weak people for fun. You think that you are strong by torturing them. You are dead wrong. That only proves that you are really weak. Weak as hell. You never learn from your lesson, Jason. Your day of reckoning is about to come,” “He’s right.” Kansuke grinned mockingly at Yamori, “We werewolves are tight-knitted as a pack. If one of us gets hurt, the other members of the pack will fight for that injured member. Haise is the youngest member of the pack aside from Masumi and Shiho. If you dare to hurt any of our pups, we’ll rain you with endless pain and hell. Remember that, Yakumo Oomori!”


  • Everyone chewed Ed and Naruto for their envy towards Kaneki.

A sickening crack could be heard.

Edward Elric fell with a broken nose. Kaneki panted as his left fist clenched tightly. He was already sick of it, “Don’t you dare call me that,” “Why not?! That’s the fact, right?” Ed barked despite his bleeding nose, “Tell us something. When did he bully you?” Chiba asked. Ed and Naruto were silent. No answer at all, “If you said that Kaneki-kun is an attention whore, it was you who are the real attention whore. Pardon me for my language, but after what you did to Kaneki-kun all these years, we can’t tolerate it any longer,” Chiba continued. Bertolt then approached the duo, “I remember when I first met you. You laughed at me because I am too tall. You called me derogatory names such as giraffe and walking stick. I was so depressed after what you have done to me back then. I only had Armin, Reiner, and Annie as my close friends. The class rep was the one who approached me and offered me a shoulder to lean by. I am forever indebted to him. Thanks to him, I regained my confidence. Now, look at you. You are very miserable,”

Then Sonoko spoke up, “You said that class rep was a spoiled brat back then. Let me get this straight for you two. He is not a spoiled brat. He always does his duties cheerfully and never whines to anyone whenever he gets into trouble. He prefers to hide it from us because he doesn’t want to make us worry. I was very lonely as a child because no one wanted to befriend me because I’m a rich kid. Ran was my first friend outside my family. Then, it was the class rep. He taught me how to sew my own shirt’s buttons when the button of my shirt was off. He even taught me how to make hamburger steak for my sister’s birthday,” “Yes, she’s right. Class rep is the noblest person I’ve ever met,” Sasha piped up, “He helped me to control my impulse to eat voraciously. He kindly and patiently taught me how to do physics problems,” Tobias then spoke, “When I was a kid, I was lonely too because you bullied me for being a geek. But thanks to that, I met my shorm. We are fire-forged friends, friends for life. I won’t tolerate you for mocking my blood brother. You are still the same as ever. Never learn from your mistakes,” The girls glared at Ed. Yamaura also spoke up, “He’s right. You are nothing more than petty bullies who don’t even think about other people’s feelings!” Ed tried to speak, but his mouth got dry. Naruto was silent all time. He realized how his bullying destroyed Kaneki’s life and he was ashamed because of it.

Ed, on the other hand, was unfazed, “You’re just a lucky bastard who happens to have everything,” That’s the last straw for Kansuke. He lifted Ed by the front of his shirt and glared at him, “Listen here, you fucking maggot. Ken already suffered a lot because of your bullying for years. He often cried in his room after he returned from school when he was a kid. It was on his first week of school, nonetheless. He always believed that you can change your ways for the better no matter how many times we’ve told him that it was impossible. He is a gentle and noble soul who is always kind to people around him. He never wants to share his problems with us because he is afraid that it will burden us. His greatest fear is loneliness. Do you have any idea of how many years he must spend his childhood with his fucked up biological family?!” Ed was unable to speak. He was scared as hell. Makoto then spoke up, “He’s an honorable gentleman who accepts defeat when he knows that his opponent is stronger than him. That’s why I respect him so much,” Ed spat out, “So what?! He’s nothing more than a goody-two-shoes…” “Shut the hell up,” Kansuke hissed. Ed went silent instantly, “He’s also burdened by all of the tragedies that happened in his life. First, his abusive biological family. Second, Kai-san’s death. Third…” Kansuke’s voice trembled in rage and sadness, “Hiromitsu’s death,” Kansuke knew that he was lying for the third one, but he had no choice. It would be dangerous if those people knew that Hiromitsu was still alive. He glanced at Yamamura who nodded. Behind Yamamura, the Whiskey Trio was trying their best to not beat Ed and Naruto into bloody pulps, “W-what? Dead, you said?” Ed gulped. “Yes, dead. He died during an undercover mission,” Shiratori hissed, “Oh, and one more thing. He was sleepless for days when Yamori kidnapped both Yamato-keibu and Morofushi-keibu. He couldn’t even stay in one place and kept insisting to save them no matter what, even if it cost his own life!” Takagi exploded. Ed’s eyes widen in horror. All this time, he’s been thinking about himself only. “I’m sorry…” Ed mumbled in fear. Bertolt tsked, “You know what? It’s your fucking fault,” “What?” “The first years in school. It was a living hell for Kaneki before he met Tobias. You constantly bullied him because he was different. He was traumatized because of that. That’s why it’s your fault,” Kogoro spat. “Do you still remember how you bullied him? Hiding his things and treating him like a doormat during his early days? Oh, I forgot to mention that you also damaged his projects to sabotage him. Poor Hanji-san had to retire from her dream job because of it. It took years for him to recover from his trauma. He had to go to a psychiatrist because of it.” Komei spoke icily. Yui gave Ed a sharp glare, “Listen here, Edward Elric. You absolutely have no right to speak ill about Ken. I think you should reevaluate yourself from now on. That’s if you ever realized your mistakes,” Kansuke then dropped Ed. Ed sprawled on the ground, begging for forgiveness, “I’m really sorry. Please forgive us,” he begged. Jinpei was furious, “Do you think we’ll ever forgive you?” “Why not? He’s a nice guy. He always forgives us...” “SHUT THE FUCK UP! THERE’S NO WAY HE’LL EVER FORGIVE YOU TWO AFTER THIS! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT GREEN-EYED BASTARDS WHO ALWAYS SEEK A WAY TO DESTROY HIS LIFE!” Jinpei screamed at the top of his lungs. Hagi had to hold him back from punching Ed’s face. The other guests were disgusted by Ed’s audacity while Naruto looked very guilty.

“Forgive you?”

Kaneki’s icy cold tone answered the question, “I’m sorry but I can’t. Not until you learn from your mistakes,” He pointed towards the exit, “Now, get out of my sight right now,” Kaneki hissed, “B-but…” “I said now! Am I should make myself clear?! Don’t you ever show yourself in front of me ever again!” Ed and Naruto soon scrambled away in fear and regret. Before they could reach the fence door, Armin’s voice called out, “Oh, we forgot about one thing. You said that you don’t need advice from a grouchy old man for a start, right? Well, congratulations and be happy, because from now on, no one will help you,” And with that, the duo left the place hastily.

Chapter Text

Tarot Card


  • The Fool, upright

Zero Squad during their academy days, Kaneki during his early years as a Morofushi, Takagi, and Chiba as rookies. It symbolizes their curiosity and desire to learn more.

  • The Fool, reversed

Zero Squad, Shuichi, Kaneki, the Edogawa triplets. It symbolizes their recklessness in taking decisions.

  • The Magician, upright

Toichi Kuroba aka. Kaito Kid. He is very resourceful and a master of illusion and disguises.

  • The Magician, reversed

Renya Karasuma, Furuta, and BO. It symbolizes their manipulative nature.

  • The High Priestess, upright

Every female protagonist in the series. It symbolizes their intuition and feminine nature.

  • The High Priestess, reversed

Vermouth, Chikage, and Aldrea. They love to keep secrets.

  • The Empress, upright

Aldrea, Mary, Yukiko, Eri, Chikage, Natsue Nakamori, Shizuka Hattori, Touka, Ran, Kazuha, Aoko, Yui, and Miwako. They are the leaders and they are highly respected as well as mother figures.

  • The Empress, reversed

Vermouth. She orders other people to do her dirty works.

  • The Emperor, upright

Dak Hamee, James Black, Date Wataru, Kiyonaga Matsumoto, Kansuke Yamato, Taka’aki Morofushi, Erwin Smith, Levi Ackerman, Juzo Megure, Ginzo Nakamori, Kogoro Mouri, Yusaku Kudo, Heizo Hattori, Ginshiro Toyama, Toichi Kuroba, Shuichi Akai. It symbolizes their status as leaders and fatherly figures to their underlings and families.

  • The Emperor, reversed

Renya Karasuma. It symbolizes his excessive control over his underlings.

  • The Hierophant, upright

Tobias, Kaneki, Dak, Shiho, Eisuke, Chiba, Armin, Bertolt, Toichi, Hanji, Kakashi, Kogoro, Masumi, Shukichi, Shinichi, Heiji, Kaito, and Elfangor. Their intelligence and wisdom are highly valued by their allies and families.

  • The Hierophant, reversed

The Scouts of Freedom. They fight against racism and bigotry.

  • The Lovers, upright

Every couple in the series symbolizes this card.

  • The Lovers, reversed

Ken Kaneki, Armin Arlert, Falco Grice, and Bertolt Hoover. They have a lot of problems regarding self-love as they despised themselves more often than not.

  • The Chariot, upright

Taka’aki Morofushi, Hiromitsu Morofushi, Ken Kaneki, Juzo Megure, Matsumoto, Aldrea, Dak. They are the ones who give their comrades orders and instructions regarding the next moves.

  • The Chariot, reversed

The Scouts of Freedom. They are the opposition against BO and Washuu Clan.

  • Strength, upright

The Whiskey Trio, Kansuke Yamato, Rachel, Aldrea, Ran, Kazuha, Aoko, Gafinilan, Kaneki, Wataru Date. They have a large amount of strength and are very compassionate, especially Hiro, Kaneki, Ran, and Gafinilan.

  • Strength, reversed

Ken Kaneki, Kansuke Yamato, Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan, Rei Furuya. They often act according to their raw emotions.

  • The Hermit, upright

Ken Kaneki, Rei Furuya during his childhood, Armin Arlert, Bertolt Hoover, Takagi. They go on a self-discovery journey in order to find out where they belong to.

  • The Hermit, reversed

Ken Kaneki and Kakashi Hatake. They are way too familiar with loneliness.

  • The Wheel of Fortune, upright

Ken Kaneki, Kuroto Kai, Elena Miyano, Shiratori. The former three’s actions lead the wheel of the destiny of BO and Washuu Clan’s destruction while the latter strongly believes in destiny.

  • The Wheel of Fortune, reversed

The Nagano triad, Ken Kaneki, the Whiskey Trio. Bad luck constantly falls upon them.

  • Justice, upright

The policemen of Tokyo MPD, the alphabet agents, the Edogawa triplets, Dak Hamee, Rei Furuya, Ken Kaneki, Hiromitsu Morofushi, Chihaya Hagiwara. They have strong sense of justice.

  • Justice, reversed

Hyoue Kuroda. He is an unjust person who belittles people with creature traits.

  • The Hanged Man, upright

Ken Kaneki, Taka’aki Morofushi, Kansuke Yamato, Takagi, Sato. They experienced new perspectives in their lives. For Takagi and Sato, this takes to a whole new level as they were formerly humans who later turned into ghouls.

  • The Hanged Man, reversed

Taka’aki Morofushi. He experienced indecision after being turned into a hybrid.

  • Death, upright

Yamori, Ken Kaneki, Taka’aki Morofushi, Kansuke Yamato, Wataru Takagi, Miwako Sato, the Whiskey Trio. They experienced a wholesome transformation after tragedies befell them. Yamori is also associated with 13th Friday and likes to torture his victims.

  • Death, reversed

Ken Kaneki, Wataru Takagi, Miwako Sato. They are true to themselves despite what life throws at them.

  • The Temperance, upright

Hiromitsu Morofushi, Dak Hamee, Ken Kaneki, Yui Uehara, Kazunobu Chiba, Moblit Berner, Aldrea. They keep their comrades in balance.

  •  The Temperance, reversed

Ken Kaneki. His mental sometimes becomes unstable whenever he blames himself.

  • The Devil, upright

Renya Karasuma, BO, Rize Kamishiro, Nimura Furuta, Yamori. They tempted people and make them fall for their trap. Renya also makes the deal with devils to make himself immortal.

  • The Devil, reversed

Ken Kaneki, Reiner Braun, Kakashi Hatake. They have a dark past and don’t like to talk about it with other people.

  • The Tower, upright

Tokyo Tower is the literal symbol of this card. Takagi, Conan, and Seerow barely escaped death by a bomb in this tower. This also symbolizes the sudden change where Takagi, Sato, the Whiskey Trio, Taka’aki, and Kansuke were transformed by Kanou.

  • The Tower, reversed

Takagi, Conan, and Seerow Hamee. They successfully averted the explosion inside the lift of Tokyo Tower.

  • The Star, upright

Ken Kaneki, the Edogawa triplets, the Scouts of Freedom. They become hope bringers to bring down BO and Washuu Clan.

  • The Star, reversed

Kakashi Hatake. He has a trust issue after his traumatic childhood.

  • The Moon, upright

The Mirror of Erised, casts the illusion where the user’s deepest desire was fulfilled. Ken Kaneki also represents this card as he greatly fears losing his friends and loved ones.

  • The Moon, reversed

Ken Kaneki and Kakashi Hatake. They have repressed emotions of fear and self-loathing (for Kaneki) and deep regret (for Kakashi).

  • The Sun, upright

Tsutomu Akai, Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, Kazunobu Chiba, Shukichi Akai, Masumi Akai, Misao Yamamura, Elena Miyano, Kuroto Kai. The former six have jovial and fun attitudes towards everyone while the latter two have kind and warm personalities.

  • The Sun, reversed

Ken Kaneki, Reiner Braun. They have inner children that they repressed for so long due to the abuse they suffered.

  • The Judgement, upright

The Scouts of Freedom. They have an inner calling to fight for justice.

  • The Judgement, reversed

Ken Kaneki, Armin Arlert, Falco Grice, Bertolt Hoover, Wataru Takagi. They doubt themselves at the best of times.

  • The World, upright

The protagonists and the supporting cast of the series. They embark on a long journey to end the terror of BO and Washuu Clan.

  • The World, reversed

BO and Washuu Clan. They seek shortcuts to achieve their goals.