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Guide to Ghoul Detective Series

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Guide to Ghoul Detective Series


In this alternate universe, magic is mixed with modern technology. Various creatures live together side by side in peace. There are ghouls, humans, werewolves, vampires, etc. However, the threat of BO is looming over the world. Renya Karasuma and Washuu Clan cooperated to dominate the world. However, their defeat soon will be inevitable with the help of a young half-ghoul and a shrunken teenage detective.





Ghouls are the creatures who live by consuming raw meat at least once a month. They are also able to eat normal foods too. Their weapon of defense is called kagune, a special protrusion that will emerge from their backs if they are threatened or feeling other strong emotions such as depression or euphoria. They ate human flesh in ancient times, but as age progressed, they no longer have the desire to eat human flesh, although some of them still eat human flesh. They have regeneration ability, keen senses, and super speed. If they get stressed, they will turn into kakuja, a ghoul with evolved kagune. They tend to lose control whenever they use kakuja for the first few times. The other method of gaining kakuja is through cannibalism, though this method has become rare to use due to ghoul’s evolution. There are half ghouls and artificial ghouls as well, although the latter was rare because of the high risk of death.



Werewolves can shapeshift into bipedal form and quadrupedal form. Usually, they healed fast from their injuries and have enchained strength and senses even in human form. Like vampires and ghouls, they can regenerate themselves. Once a werewolf claims a mate, they become very possessive and will do anything to keep their mate safe. Werewolves refer to their friends and family as packs. When they bonded with their mates, they left marks in form of teeth marks, usually on shoulders and they share telepathic abilities with their mates.



Originally only feeding on blood, vampires in the modern age only require to drink blood at least once a month, similar to ghouls’ diet. They usually stop aging at the age of 25 years old and can share telepathic abilities with their bonded ones. Vampires are also notorious for their possessive behavior towards their mates. They usually give their mates pieces of jewelry made from precious stones as part of their courting culture. After a vampire marked their mate, they become bonded and the mark is usually left in form of two puncture wounds on the neck.



Kitsune are the ancient mischievous fox spirits who can shapeshift themselves. Usually, their descendants no matter how far the generations can shapeshift as well. They can be helpful and malignant at the same time.



Tanuki are shapeshifters, like kitsune. They were once ancient rivals in shapeshifting skills. Like kitsune, they are mischievous spirits. Their descendants are also able to shapeshift as well. In modern times, when a kitsune and a tanuki are planning something, it usually means trouble as there is no shortage of chaos and mess all around.



Most of them are tolerant of the presence of magical creatures such as ghouls and vampires while some despise them. Those who despise the creatures easily fall into BO’s trap of false promises which consists of the promise where the humans will become the dominant population of the world and that humans are far superior to any other creatures that ever existed.



While this category isn’t included in species type, elementals are separated from the others. They are a group of people who can use elemental magic, regardless of the species. This ability usually runs in family. Elementals usually control one nature element, but some of them can control two or three elements. The elementals usually discover their elements at the age between 10-15 years old.



Andalites are centaur-like creatures who have no mouth, four eyes, seven fingers, blue fur, and a tail blade. The female Andalites have purple fur while the males have blue fur. They have morphing magic, similar to kitsune and tanuki, and are technologically advanced. They can morph into any creature they touch. They are also well-known for their prideful attitude. They are very difficult to be impressed with. If one wants to learn morphing magic from an Andalite, they must work hard to impress the Andalite and thus, gain permission from them. They live in a spacious dome-like structure called a scoop. They usually teach their children morphing magic when they are five years old. They called elegant and fast morphers estreen.



Hork-Bajir are reptilian-like creatures who live in forests and harvest tree bark. Despite their scary look, Hork-Bajir are pacifists and always curious about new things. They have a tradition to pass stories about their ancestors through oral tradition and plant-based paintings. Hork-Bajir also has a rapid growth rate. There are Hork-Bajir who are able to see a glimpse of the future. They are called seers.



Hybrids are the mixtures of two different creatures or more. The hybrids usually inherited traits from both parents or with one dominant trait from one of the parents. Hybrids are considered the prized ones as they have unique nature of their own. There are also artificial hybrids, although this is rare due to the high-risk number of deaths it caused over years of experiments. Those who are included hybrids are:

  • Half-human: Human-ghoul hybrid who doesn’t possess kagune
  • Werewolf-vampire hybrid
  • Human-vampire hybrid
  • Human-werewolf hybrid
  • One-eyed ghoul: Human-ghoul hybrid who possess kagune and one kakugan
  • Werewolf-ghoul hybrid
  • Vampire-ghoul hybrid
  • Werewolf-vampire-ghoul hybrid
  • Andalite-human hybrid
  • Hork-Bajir-Andalite hybrid