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Kim Minjeong and Yoo Jimin were schoolmates, classmates in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Both of them were great in their own ways — popular back in their school days because of their wonderful and majestic talent in wizardry, and they both excel in many fields. And this caused an unsurprising rivalry between them. It didn’t help that the houses they were in were also great rivals even way before, and instead — it only made everything more heated. Gryffindors and Slytherins don’t exactly get along, and that was a quite known fact.


Of pride and power. Indeed.


Minjeong was brave, a little foolish and a prankster, happy-go-lucky, but serious if she knew she was in a very serious situation. Also very kind, tough, and wise. She always put other people’s well-being before her, she never prioritized her own self, always so selfless and fearless — facing every hardship, consequence, mission with courage. A true hero, a true lion. A proud muggle-born, too.


Jimin was cunning, mostly serious especially with her studies, and could be very mischievous but very calm and collected. She was highly intelligent, too smart, and very dangerous that even professors were terrified of her potential. A snake, no wonder. She liked provoking other people who thought they were better than her in many ways. Well, she came from a well-known pure-blood family, and so, she was a little bit cocky and proud, but she never once embarrassed herself as she was confident with her magic.


Hmm, no wonder. The rivalry sparked because of their blood status too, maybe.


After all, pure-bloods were too prideful, always thinking they were superior among all. Most of them hated muggle-borns, and half-bloods too actually. They have a mindset that those people were not worthy to use magic, or even learn the existence of the Wizarding World. While the muggle-borns, especially the fair ones like Minjeong, always fought back as they didn’t like being brought down by those pure-bloods because they were ‘impure’ — they also hated pure-bloods because of that very reason that they don’t like them at all, and for being too irritably selfish, and greedy.


Maybe, those were the reasons why they won’t get along. Because of their nature, different natures (and not because Minjeong accidentally fell over Jimin when they were just entering their first year in Hogwarts School, inside the Hogwarts Express’ corridor because Minjeong was running after her chocolate frog. Jimin was very pissed because the drink she was consuming that time spilled all over on her newly bought shirt, and casted a transfiguration spell she knew — turning Minjeong into a helpless puppy for an hour).


After that certain incident, they would always glare at each other across the Great Hall, classrooms, and just basically everywhere, whenever they were in the same room — tension would always intensify fiercely, even though they were not into each other’s throat. They never really talk, verbally, that is... but rather in their own strange way that even other people couldn’t understand or figure out. Sure, they did exchange a few words, only when things got more intense than usual yet they never got to have a proper, casual conversation except if it was about threatening, warning, or provoking, also boasting.


There were physical fights and banters, also a few pranks thrown over each other but they never really went too far to the point they would receive severe injuries because before things even got serious and heated, a professor would always stop them immediately. Well, the professors, and even the Headmaster all knew the damage Minjeong and Jimin might cause to the school property. Oh Merlin, the both of them almost blew off a whole building and the whole courtyard because of their petty fight over their friends’ business. That was how deadly their magic could be.


And well, after that, they got detention after classes for a month straight as their punishment (almost got expelled and banned, only if the Headmaster didn’t know how bright they were, if Minjeong and Jimin weren’t just the most talented witches of that time with huge potential). They also didn’t fight nor glance at each other’s way that year.


For seven years, it all revolved around that. And so, when they both graduated — they only nodded at each other when they bumped into each other one last time. And Minjeong was not going to lie, but she did think that finally, Merlin, finally — their rivalry was over, as their time in Hogwarts also came to an end.


Not surprising in the slightest bit, Minjeong became an Auror. It was her dream to be an Auror, to fight the bad wizards and witches. Defense Against the Dark Arts, or DADA, was her all-time favorite subject and she bloody excelled at it. When she joined the Department of Magical Law of Enforcement, and went to the Auror Office — everyone expected it already, Minjeong truly deserved to be in that field. She proved and showed her worth throughout her training for only a short few months.


Three years into working as an Auror, Minjeong gathered a lot of respect from people, her name even became known, and earned a wonderful yet scary reputation. She achieved quite a lot, and was an ace already. She never faltered, she was dubbed as one of the strongest — someone who you shouldn’t mess with. Despite her young age, she never fell behind her senior Aurors, she matched their paces even when she was just new and freshly graduated from Hogwarts, and later on, without taking too long — she definitely, and absolutely made her way to the top.


Kim Minjeong was successful. And she couldn’t wish for more.


Meanwhile, Yoo Jimin. The heiress, and only child of the famous Yoo family — disappeared from the scene after she left Hogwarts. She vanished like a bubble, leaving people wondering, especially Minjeong. She was, after all, one of the most sought witches of her age. Everyone was expecting for her to dominate, and even rebuild the Yoo family’s reputation and power after their downfall when the Yoo matriarch and patriarch died but alas! The smart, and cunning Yoo Jimin went missing.


The hope for the Yoo family faded, until it became a hint of smoke — until the name got slowly forgotten, buried under the endless depths of the abyss.


There were theories, of course. And the Ministry even tried to investigate it but nothing. They got nothing out of it. Yoo Jimin left without a trace. It was unsolvable so people just gave up, and thought that the goddess pure-blood Jimin went to the Muggle world and peacefully lived her life there, away from her family’s issues, and other acceptable reasons. But no one really knew the real reason for her disappearance. No one even knew if she was still alive and breathing.


All people just knew was that they lost a very bright, talented witch who had a huge potential of being one of the reasons for the Wizarding World’s great revolution. Probably, Hogwarts’ biggest loss. They knew if Jimin was still there, her name would be everywhere alongside her jaw-dropping achievements — always on the frontpage of the Daily Prophet. She could even be one of the greatest wizards that have ever lived if she ever enhanced her skills even further, if she trained harder. It was a pity, really.


But then, five years after the graduation — five years after Jimin was proclaimed missing.


She came back.


And as expected, Jimin became the Daily Prophet’s new favorite. Always there, and there, until her name became known again — and never would be forgotten ever again as she made a huge impact on the wizarding world. However, whenever her name and godly face was on the Daily Prophet’s front page — it was not about her getting a magnificent recognition from the public and Ministry of Magic nor an achievement of being a phenomenal witch but rather, it was all about her doing crimes.


Yoo Jimin did come back. But not as a bright, powerful witch to be looked up on, to serve as a role model to the younger generation — she came back as a Death Eater, loyally serving the Dark Lord himself. Unapologetically and proud being the new strong right hand of the Dark Lord who finally revealed himself to the world again after getting defeated decades ago, and was said to be dead already and burning in hell.


And she got a new name, an alias; Karina. She was more known as Karina after she reappeared.


She became every person’s new nightmare.


She was proud of her wrong-doings, she was proud of the damage she had done, she was proud of hurting and killing other wizards and witches who stood in their way, she was proud of casting unforgivable curses in every direction, she was proud of everything bad she did.


Jimin did all of those wicked deeds with a proud, satisfied grin plastered on her face and that smile never did once wipe off from her luscious red lips. Her dark, wild honey eyes sparkling in pride and happiness as she watched people suffer and die on her hands, as she destroyed valuable things to the Ministry of Magic. No hint of regret or pity in those eyes of hers, only hunger for kills.


People knew that Jimin was not as good as she might’ve looked, the Yoos were famous for being too unmerciful, cold-hearted, and cruel but they were not crazy. The Yoos were not entirely blood-thirsty idiots, and they did not worship the Dark Lord. The Yoo family never worshipped anyone. They were not as insane, and wicked as Jimin was. Jimin was different, she was on another whole different level.


She was not Yoo Jimin who was well-respected when she was still a mere student. She was not Yoo Jimin who would rather study and stay unbothered than blend in with people. She was not Yoo Jimin who was a confident, and bright witch. Not anymore.


That Yoo Jimin disappeared five years ago.


Now, she was Death Eater Karina. Dark Lord’s lieutenant. The crazy, unhinged, blood-thirsty witch.




Minjeong picked up the newspaper on top of her desk, slowly bringing it closer to her, and took a deep breath as she read the front headline and eyed the moving picture, it was a woman in all black flying away from the burning, destroyed building. Another crime. She clicked her tongue, tossing the Daily Prophet back to the table with a sour expression. She was not liking it at all, it was starting to become daily, and that sounded very bad.


Jimin appeared and caused chaos again, bombing Gringotts’ building which killed two poor goblins, and there were too many got injured — goblins, and people present inside the bank. She literally destroyed nearly half of the said building. And for what? Probably, for fun, for attention. Or, it was a message that the Dark Lord would soon attack again.


“Hey, Yizhuo,” She called the other Auror, and her best friend, briskly walking towards her desk, and casually leaned over the edge. “Were you in the meeting with the Head earlier?” A question was then asked.


Yizhuo looked up from the book she was reading, offering Minjeong her signature smile first before answering, “Yeah, I was there. As you expected, the meeting was all about, y’know, the recent events.” She inhaled, closing the book with a soft sound. “Mr. Park said that there’s a huge chance that Jimin will attack Hogwarts next, in a few days or so.” She added with a frustrated sigh. “That woman is a serious handful.”


Minjeong snorted, shaking her head. “Tell me about it,” She replied with a smile which made Yizhuo giggle. “I’ll roam around Hogwarts for a few days, and guard. Pay a visit too, it’s been a while since I went there.” She then said, leaning away from the desk, and started to play with the small globe placed on the shelf. “The security is tighter there than before but after seeing how powerful Jimin is now, not only her but the rest of the Dark Lord’s freaking pathetic followers — they can definitely break in. We shouldn’t be too comfortable.” She whispered, gritting her teeth, as she watched the globe slowly spin around.


“Well, the Head actually asked me to tell you that you should indeed visit Hogwarts and lurk around for a few days,” Yizhuo said, also standing up from her chair then took out her wand from her jacket — silently casting a spell, flicking her wrist. The things on Yizhuo’s desk started to move after that, organizing on its own. “Surely, Professor Bae also misses you.”


A smile crept up on Minjeong’s lips again, looking at her friend through her shoulders. “Will you drop by there too?” She questioned, and Yizhuo gave out a mere nod as a response, distracted, and staring outside the window. “Great. I’ll see you there soon, then.” She said, and took a step back — exiting the office without even waiting for Yizhuo’s reply because she saw that her friend was too lost in her own thoughts.


The young witch went back to her desk, slumping at her comfortable seat, and muttered a spell under her breath, wringing her wrist gently. “Accio parchment,” A piece of parchment instantly flung towards her, slowly falling down on top of her desk, settling on the table on its own. She then placed her wand beside the paper, taking the quill before starting to write for Professor Bae — composing a short message regarding her arrival to the school tomorrow morning.


After that, she folded the parchment neatly, and placed it inside an envelope. She sealed it with her customized wax. And when she finally made sure that it was all good, she stood up, and went to her window — smiling softly when she saw her raven, Snow, was ready to deliver another letter. The beautiful black raven was perching on his stand placed near the window, croaking gently as she approached him. He scooted closer until he was on the very edge of the stand as if he met his owner half-way.


She got Snow when she was in first year, just about to enter Hogwarts. He was her chosen pet, and messenger. Ravens were underrated messengers, they were actually faster and smarter than owls but it was just that they could be naughty, and annoying because they could mimic sounds. However, Snow was a calm, kind raven. He could be mischievous too but after all, he was different and special. Minjeong’s companion, and one of her best friends.


His name was the only questionable thing. His feathers were shiny black yet his name was Snow. Well, there was a story behind it — the first one who got him found him in the middle of a snowstorm, and thus, he named the raven Snow.


“Hey there boy,” Minjeong softly murmured as a greeting, petting the big black bird with the back of her hand gently (yes, big bird, he was bigger than the average ravens, but not really too big either. Just the same height as a fully-grown eagle). “Can you deliver this letter to Professor Bae Joohyun? Hmm?” She cooed at her pet.


Snow let out a happy croak, leaning to the touch, even closing his eyes for a moment. “Yes! Of course,” He exclaimed, and it made Minjeong chuckle a bit, rubbing the raven’s head lovingly. Well, ravens could mimic human speech — but Snow was a special one, he could understand what people were saying. He could even make an actual conversation with people too, so don’t be too surprised!


“Oh, what a good boy! Here you go, my baby,” Minjeong handed the letter with a grin, and Snow took it — biting carefully onto the letter. Rather than tying it on its foot, the raven preferred biting onto the envelope whenever he delivered letters for his owner. “No need to wait for Professor Joohyun’s response.” She then added as she opened the window.


Snow started to flap its black, shiny wings, flying over the window sill then turned to Minjeong again before nodding a bit. After that gesture, the raven flew away to deliver the letter to Joohyun. Minjeong didn’t close the window, knowing that Snow would be back after ten minutes or so, and went to Mr. Park’s office. The raven could close the window on his own anyway, he was a smart bird — even smarter than other human-beings.




She went to Hogwarts the next day, too excited. Nostalgia hit her when she entered the familiar castle, smiling ear to ear, head tilted up as she eyed the high buildings. Many memories. Hogwarts was a place full of wonderful, nice memories — negative memories were too rare.


Her smile faded a bit when she passed through the school grounds, remembering how she and Jimin fought at the exact location years ago because of some reason — definitely a petty reason. Minjeong was about to jinx Yizhuo but the latter managed to dodge it quickly, and instead, it hit Jimin. But nevertheless, that memory was quite fun yet annoying because she had a fight with a long-nosed Jimin, the Slytherin student hexed her though as revenge.


She pressed her lips together, averting her gaze away, and continued to make her way to Joohyun’s office with Snow following her, flying just above her — happy to be in Hogwarts again, too.


Joohyun was the Charms teacher in Hogwarts, and undeniably, Minjeong’s favorite teacher, like ever (don’t let Professor Park Sooyoung, Minjeong’s DADA teacher before, hear that). When Minjeong entered the school, Joohyun was fairly new too but she was a great, wise teacher. They became close because Minjeong’s witch aunt was a good friend of Joohyun.


Bae Joohyun was almost like, Minjeong’s second mother — Minjeong’s mom in wizarding world. Well, the professor always acted like she was her mom in her school days rather than a teacher too.


The moment Minjeong opened the door of Joohyun’s office, the older woman jumped on her — hugging her very tightly with a squeal, and it made Minjeong stagger a bit on her feet, surprised at the sudden weight all over her but laughed it off anyway because she also missed Joohyun so much, the last time they saw each other was two months ago. They could only send letters to each other because both of them were busy with their respective jobs. But when Joohyun started to pepper her kisses all over her face, except for lips, Minjeong started to grimace and kept pushing the woman away from her (secretly liking it because she loved affection).


“I missed you so much, my little star!” Joohyun shrieked, pinching her cheeks with a bright grin on her lips. Minjeong rolled her eyes at the old endearment, throwing Snow a glare when she heard the familiar husky, almost mocking cackle of the raven.


“I missed you too, Professor Bae,” greeted the Auror with a small huff, flexing her almost numb cheeks after Joohyun took pity on them.


The teacher giggled, pulling Minjeong for a hug again, resting her head on her chest. “You have become taller since I last saw you. You’re growing up too fast, Minjeong-ie.” She cooed, snuggling happily on the taller woman’s arms. The Auror scoffed, shaking her head, and let Joohyun do whatever she wanted. She knew that the shorter woman really loved showering Minjeong affection, well, too much.


“Thanks. You look older now,” Minjeong teased, her tone nonchalant. And it made Joohyun look up, brows furrowed, eyes sharp. The Auror barked out a laugh, and this time, initiated the hug. “Just kidding. Aging like a fine wine.” She honestly complimented while smiling. Joohyun melted.


“Much better,” The professor murmured under her breath, finally pulling away from the embrace. “Anyway. Let’s walk around as we talk. I know you missed roaming around Hogwarts.” said Joohyun, her motherly smile showing.


And they did. Walking through the silent, deserted building with a slow pace, they talked about the recent happenings. Minjeong was a little bit bothered as they walked through the empty hallway, the school was too gloomy. There were no students as they cancelled the classes last month after the first and surprise attack of Jimin and other Death Eaters as a ‘welcome’ greeting, and to tell people that they were back to create chaos and ruin the peace. The Hogwarts’ Headmaster, Lee Sooman, and the Minister decided to discontinue the school year and would only resume it once they wiped out the threats. They would never risk the students’ lives, especially knowing how capable the new generation of Death Eaters were. Unfortunately, it was taking too long as these threats were stronger than before.


Only the professors, skilled wizards and witches working under the Ministry could stay in Hogwarts for a long time.


“After they attacked Gringotts, the chance of those dark wizzies attacking Hogwarts, again, is very high.” Joohyun said, and her voice was dark, and plain. Minjeong glanced at her, not saying anything. “They know… they know that Headmaster Lee has fallen ill with an unknown, and yet incurable disease, and his health is starting to deteriorate. With that, they can destroy the school much easier because the strongest protector is slowly becoming too weak to stop them. Any time, any moment, they might infiltrate the school.” muttered Joohyun, biting her lower lip worriedly.


Headmaster Lee suddenly caught a disease that made him weak. It was an unknown sickness. And he got it after the surprise attack last month. It didn’t take long for them to realize that those dark wizards were the ones behind this, most specifically, the Dark Lord. His power became stronger, indeed. And the Death Eaters were much unstoppable at this rate. Especially the wicked Yoo Jimin who kept causing trouble everywhere, always the star of the show.


“Yeah, that’s why we should really tighten up the security even more.” Minjeong finally replied, her gaze went downcast. “I’m worried that the professors won’t be able to stop and defeat them. I asked Mr. Park if he could send more Aurors to do some rounds here, and he agreed. I might stay here for a few days too.” added the Auror.


Joohyun threw her a tight smile. “Yes. No doubt,” She whispered, almost like admitting defeat and Minjeong just pursed her lips together, eyeing the down professor. The older woman was just being realistic. They were all powerful but the enemies this time were just… terrifying, so they couldn’t be entirely confident about defeating them if they ever broke into the school. “You see how powerful Jimin is, Minjeong. She, alone, could destroy Gringotts with one freakin’ curse. Oh, Merlin!”


The Auror knew that, she very well knew — since their school days but Minjeong would admit, Jimin was way more powerful than she was before. Even Joohyun was very aware of it, and was slightly scared of wicked Jimin’s capabilities.


“It was such a waste that Jimin went to the dark side, such a disgrace she served the Dark Lord instead! She’s a huge, huge loss, and a deadly threat. Why did she have to be this… evil? I thought there was no evil bone in her. I was her teacher of Charms for seven years, Minjeong. Yes, she was cunning, too confident, and prideful but I’ve always thought she had a golden heart. Heh, I knew her well… but not enough, I guess.” Joohyun said, her solemn voice trailing off, and shoulders slumping — her face was crestfallen, very defeated.


Besides Minjeong, Jimin was Joohyun’s favorite student when the both of them were still attending Hogwarts. Joohyun and Jimin were also close, maybe not too close like she had with Minjeong but they created a bond. That was why she was so annoyed that Minjeong and Jimin didn’t get along before because they would be good and powerful partners. And it made her sad that her favorite students kept fighting each other instead of being great friends. When Jimin went missing after graduation, Joohyun was one of the few people who stubbornly begged the Ministry of Magic to not stop the investigation, and search operation until Jimin was found, and not just because a brilliant student like Jimin could develop, and help the wizarding world and its people, that she was needed in this world for wizardry-related purposes — but because Joohyun treated Jimin like her little sister of her own.


And so, when Jimin appeared again, and as a deranged Death Eater — the professor was in great shock, and very much heartbroken to learn that the ever so beautiful, and intelligent Yoo Jimin turned into a monster named Karina. “That’s not Jimin. She’s not our Jimin.” She once wrote to Minjeong after the attack.


Silence engulfed the both of them for a few moments before the Auror spoke, breaking it. “Do you really think she went mad?” whispered by Minjeong, and Joohyun snorted at that, slightly shaking her head.


“I don’t know, to be honest. I can’t read her. Yes, she’s showing that she went bonkers. Her actions, behavior all screamed ‘madness’ but there’s just something in her that I can’t pinpoint at all.” Joohyun replied, bringing her hand up to her face, and pushed her glasses to her nose further to avoid it from falling. “But Jimin… she’s, or she was, not the type of person who would lose her mind even in the toughest, terrifying circumstances. Oh dear Merlin, that brilliant woman mastered both Occlumency and Legilimency even way before she entered Hogwarts. She has an indestructible mind, I tell you. I’m sure even the Dark Lord himself can’t enter her mind.” She paused to take a deep breath. “So, as much as I want to use Legilimency to her, too — I’m afraid I’ll get the wrong answers. She herself only knows if she’s really insane or just faking it. Unless, she honestly reveals it to us.”


Minjeong blinked, nodding as she muttered something under her breath. “She’s really something else, no?”


Joohyun flashed a smile. “Yes. She is.” A sad, regretful smile.




Minjeong stayed the night in the school; she slept in Gryffindor’s common room. Heck, she didn’t even get a wink of sleep because her mind was running. Snow kept her company, and the lit fireplace warmed her enough. Despite nostalgia and familiarity always hitting her, she was restless — afraid that the Death Eaters might attack that time.


When morning came, she freshened up and went to the Great Hall with a small smile plastered on her face. She was greeted by the other professors and wizards eating their breakfasts. Her morning was not that bland, thankfully because Yizhuo came, alongside Aeri. The three of them wasted their time walking around the school while talking about almost everything. They laughed at the memories they created, and shared in the school. Despite being sorted into different houses (Yizhuo was a Hufflepuff while Aeri was a Ravenclaw), they still became close friends.


And things went smoothly for everyone after that, and that was, until the sun set down — the moon replacing it, and twinkling stars scattered across the night skies. Minjeong felt it. She felt the presence. And it made her halt, sensing something weird and she focused onto that weird feeling. She was on the school grounds where the wind was chilly, and she could freely star-gaze.


At first, she thought it was just dark clouds forming — but then, she heard a familiar rumble, soon followed by a faint cackle, and a harsh gust of wind passed through. Minjeong’s heart froze as the clouds, or rather, the smoke covering the beautiful night sky faded — presenting the people not more than fifty flying above, descending towards the school with great speed.


Well, shit. They were finally here. Dark Lord’s minions, his loyal followers.


Minjeong took out her wand from her robe, and casted a spell to warn the people inside Hogwarts to prepare for the upcoming attack. And like a true Gryffindor she was, she didn’t run or anything, bracing herself as she angrily watched the group of — definitely, Death Eaters — rush through the school with their wands, masks on. She didn’t wait for them to land on the ground to attack them, even if she was just alone.


With her wand pointed to the coming group of people, Minjeong gritted her teeth, and her eyes were flaming in anger. “Confringo!” She roared, an orange light formed in the tip of her wand — blasting to the air with a speed of light, towards the group, and it exploded, hitting at least three people. She saw the damaged wizards falling down, unconscious and badly injured, or dead but she cared less.


She casted another deadly spell, “Bombarda Maxima!” Minjeong shouted, and soon, an explosion could be heard, and another two fell down to the ground. And by that time, some of the Death Eaters already landed on different spots which made Minjeong curse under her breath — running towards the dark wizard that landed nearby, mumbling another spell that sent the poor guy flying across the school grounds, and hit the wall.


A Death Eater landed behind her and did a silent spell towards her, but Minjeong was way faster, casting a defensive charm. “Protego,” And instantly, after blocking the spell thrown to her, she casted a hex towards the masked guy — a knee-reversing hex.


The person squealed in surprise, and Minjeong ran towards him then gave him a blow that knocked him out cold on the ground. The Auror let out a huff, not even glancing at the guy, and ran towards inside the building, she could hear some screams, and explosions all over the school. Hmm, the fight has begun.


She ran through the corridor, and was stopped by an explosion beside her. She jumped away, turning to face the culprit, and immediately casted a spell, “Stupefy!” She sent the dark wizard across the hall, stunned, and continued running, trying to find the others.


And throughout, Minjeong faced quite some, she knocked six in total when she finally spotted Yizhuo and Aeri, fighting much stronger wizards in the hall. She hissed, breathlessly dashing to the scene, avoiding some spells thrown to her.


Protego!” Minjeong cried, casting the shield charm to Aeri before she could even be hit by a curse and then threw another spell towards the enemy that knocked him down. Yizhuo and Aeri were delighted to see her.


“Minjeong!” The red-haired woman called, almost happily, and yelped, crouching down to avoid the curse casted towards her then hex-ed the person who did it. “Merlin, come here!” She squeaked, fighting off the bad guys. Minjeong went closer, and the three of them stayed close with one another as they fought.


“Where’s Joohyun!? Did you guys see her!?” The youngest Auror shouted, throwing them questions, almost frantic as she repeatedly kept throwing curses at the wizards that were attacking them. Aeri casted a shield charm for the three of them when a strong Death Eater threw a powerful spell towards their direction, hissing under her breath.


Yizhuo huffed, “She’s at the courtyard with some other Aurors and professors! I’m sure she’ll be alright! She can definitely bust em’ asses!” She answered, shouting in the middle of the fight so she could be heard. “Bloody hell, why are they too many!?” whined by the red-haired Auror, but continued casting offensive spells.


Aeri silently focused on protecting the three of them instead because the dark wizards were starting to get even stronger and stronger to that point she couldn’t even throw an offensive curse anymore. She let Minjeong and Yizhuo do the offense, knocking every dark wizard they saw. After all, she was great in defensive charms.


When they thought they already defeated all of the wizards in that place, oh boy, they were wrong. Another person entered the hall, chin held up high, and wearing a very familiar silver mask. This person was a high-ranking Death Eater, and he proved it by destroying Aeri’s shield charm with one powerful spell.


“Looks like the stronger ones are slowly appearing,” Yizhuo whispered, taking a deep breath as she rolled her strained shoulders, obviously tired but not enough to make her wobble. She readied her wand, and Minjeong did too beside her, silently casting a healing spell towards Aeri because the beige-haired Auror received cuts all over her skin after her shield charm got blasted off. The latter murmured a word of gratitude before preparing herself once again, glaring at the wizard before them. Oh, they could feel the smirk under that annoying skull mask.


The dark wizard let out a hum, wringing his hands, like a warm-up. “Ah, the Aurors,” He said in recognition, his voice baritone, and deep. “Ready to die, you little dimwits?” He mocked, a small laugh escaping from him.


Frowning, Yizhuo’s ears perked up at the familiar voice. “That man is Park Chanyeol. He was five years senior when I first entered Hogwarts. Tsk, this cocky man. I knew that he’s on the dark side when he did a hex on me for fun.” She mumbled, and leaned over to Minjeong’s side. “Go to the courtyard. Jeongin sent me a signal. Some of the Aurors are already down.” whispered Yizhuo, and Minjeong gritted her teeth, her heart drumming in nervousness knowing Joohyun was there.


“But this guy…” The older Auror hesitated, and Yizhuo just hissed at her, giving her dagger looks.


The red-haired Auror took a glance at Chanyeol, standing across the hall, playing with his wand boredly — surprisingly giving them time to talk with each other. “Me and Aeri can handle this big man. Go. Your help is much needed there.” She said, and Minjeong gulped, turning to Aeri, and the latter just gave her a short nod.


Taking a deep breath, Minjeong bit her lower lip. “We’ll see each other later, alright? Keep safe, please.” She quietly uttered with slight strain, and closed her eyes, ready to apparate out of the place, and to the courtyard — the Death Eater must’ve sensed it, and threw a curse towards Minjeong’s direction but Aeri was ready for the upcoming attack, “Protego!”


Minjeong felt her body being stretched, even years of doing apparition, the young Auror was still not very much used to the sickly feeling of it. It would always make her feel dizzy, and stretched out.


When she opened her eyes, she was greeted by another mess, much messier than inside the hall with Yizhuo and Aeri. She gasped when she saw some of the Aurors, guards, and professors down and scattered on the ground, some were still breathing… but some were not even moving anymore, frozen and pale. Dead. And it made the burning anger in Minjeong flare up even more.


She spotted Joohyun fighting alongside the other remaining professors and Aurors but the dark wizards and witches present in the place were too strong and powerful. She spotted some familiar pure-bloods, and unsurprisingly, they were Death Eaters. But still, Headmaster Lee was nowhere to be found.


And then, Minjeong spotted a dark wizard casting an unforgivable spell towards a professor who was struggling standing up straight. “Say your last words already, dear professor! Avada Kedavra!”


But before the terrifying green lightning could even hit the poor, scared professor, Minjeong casted a spell towards him. “Descendo!” And the guy fell downwards, just barely dodging the curse, and instead (fortunately), it hit another Death Eater, killing him off instantly. But before she could even let the caster of the Killing Curse to move, she murmured another spell. “Aqua Eructo.” A violent jet of water zoomed to the enemy, sending him crashing to the wall.


After that, she ran towards the professor and helped him stand up. “Thank you, thank you, Kim.” He said, too grateful, and Minjeong just nodded, picking up his wand then handed it to him.


“Don’t thank me yet, dear Professor. There’s still a fight behind you.” said the Auror, and looked over the mess, giving the teacher one last glance. “Be safe.” She uttered, and went past him, running towards the middle of the fight.


Bombarda!” Joohyun casted, creating an explosion near the ground where her enemy stood, but it was not enough. The guy barely dodged it, wobbling but before the professor could end it, she heard another incantation being shouted just behind her.


And it was from a familiar voice. “Ebublio!” A blue lightning passed through her and it landed on the guy in front of her, and a huge bubble appeared, trapping him whole in there. “Confringo!” Then another lightning passed through her side, now orange, hitting the man trapped inside the large bubble — it exploded, bursting into flames, and the man was thrown, landing on the ground, unconscious or dead with burns all over his well-built body.


Joohyun finally got the time to turn around, spotting Minjeong walking over her, and immediately greeted the Auror. “Minjeong!” She called, relieved to see that the younger woman was not badly hurt, just dirty, and there were small cuts on her hands and face. She looked tired already but Joohyun could see the flames inside her eyes.


“Are you okay, Hyun?” Minjeong asked, almost breathless. And the professor nodded, walking closer to the younger woman, to show she was not badly injured.


“I’m all good, Minjeong-ah,” Joohyun softly reassured, taking a huge deep breath. “We need to be more careful and brave… the school… it’s locked by a strong barrier spell. The back-up team we asked for earlier couldn’t enter the property, and they couldn’t break it in either. It’s a very powerful magic, Minjeong. We only got ourselves, and there are still some of the strongest out there. Jimin is still not around, and hopefully, she’s not here or else — we’re freaking dead. Most of our allies are on the ground now.” She explained frantically while still fighting, helping the others from the other dark wizards.


Minjeong’s jaw clenched. “Oh for Merlin’s sake, where the hell is Headmaster Lee? Maybe he can freaking break the barrier!” She shouted, very frustrated, as she casted a shield charm when a spell was thrown towards their direction, protecting them from damage.


Joohyun shook her head, biting her lower lip. “We don’t know where the hell is he… when we got your signal earlier, we went to his office but he was not there.” She answered, and casted a powerful hex.


Cursing under her breath, Minjeong finally casted another spell, hitting the last standing dark wizard on the courtyard. Her eyes roamed around, there were other two Aurors standing and one professor except for her and Joohyun. Hopefully, the others were all good too, especially Yizhuo and Aeri — but before she could even say anything once again, a very familiar voice entered her ears, making her whole body tense, same goes for Joohyun.


“Looking for him?”


It was sultry, mocking, playful, but too melodic, and a little bit brash. But it made Minjeong’s ears perk up. Heh, it was just almost the same but a little bit huskier and deeper now, but it was the same voice that always shouted and cursed at her years ago.


Minjeong’s eyes flickered upwards, to the second floor of the building, where there was a balcony, and her heart halted momentarily at the sight. There were two figures on the balcony. It was too dark but the Auror could see them clearly. Her brows twitched, the corner of her lips tugged to form a sneer.


The person standing wobbly and unstable on the left was definitely Headmaster Lee, he looked pale, and weak, heavily breathing, and also sweating hard. While beside him, there was a woman clad in black — holding him very harshly, and pointing her wand over his face.


Of course, none other than the famous wicked Yoo Jimin.


Jimin was grinning almost too happily while looking down at the courtyard, too amazed at the sight of tons of bodies lying on the ground, either lifeless or unconscious. She was wearing a long-sleeved beautiful black dress, elegant and dark, just reaching above her knees — a leather corset wrapped around her flat stomach, a black lace choker fitly snuggling on her neck, and her signature black witch hat resting on top of her head (rather than a skull mask, she wore this hat). Her long black locks were curled beautifully, her lips were painted deep red like blood, teeth pearl white as she grinned, and her dark honey eyes almost glowed in the dark, sparkling lightly in amusement.


“Headmaster Lee!” the male Auror yelled, and the said man tried to get away from the witch’s strong grip but failed, and because of his movement, Jimin pricked the tip of the wand into his cheek, making the old man grumble in pain and discomfort.


Minjeong and Joohyun were too struck to see Jimin in flesh again that they didn’t even notice the male Auror silently casting a spell towards Jimin, a poor attempt to help the Headmaster.


But the witch simply pointed the wand towards the upcoming spell, muttering a counter-spell, and put an end to the curse thrown to her by the male Auror, and then gently twisted her wand — without a warning, a green lightning zoomed, bolting towards the Auror with a light of speed. The male Auror fell into his knees, eyes dead, and soon, fell down with a soft thud.


Minjeong was stunned, and Joohyun was sweating so hard. Jimin could silently cast the Killing Curse just like that, with a limited hand movement, and very fast too that even a blink was slower than it.


Jimin’s grin even went wider, casting spells again — two more green lightning zoomed, one after another. And when Minjeong turned around — the last two remaining allies of them were already on the ground, both lifeless. The young Auror’s breath hitched, and she heard Joohyun gulped soundly beside her. Jimin purposely didn’t strike them both with the Killing Curse.


“Hmm, what do we have here?” The wicked witch mumbled, but loud enough for the two of them to hear from the ground. “A little reunion?” added by Jimin with an innocent honey-ed voice before letting out a mad laugh that echoed around the empty, silent courtyard of Hogwarts.


The wicked laugh made the hair on the back of Minjeong’s neck stand up, a shiver running along her spine. Her hold on her wand tightening as she became tense like Joohyun. The deranged cackle lasted for a few seconds until it faded, and once again, Jimin’s eyes were down on them, pinning them.


“Professor Bae Joohyun, my favorite teacher,” purred Jimin, smiling sweetly but venomously, but her eyes lit up. Joohyun took a deep breath, not responding yet. “It’s been a while, yes? Oh, dear professor, we have a lot to talk about! And it’s all about magic, and charms. Most specifically, the spells that I discovered, and created all by myself.” She said, tilting her head as she twisted her wand over Headmaster Lee’s cheek once again. Then, her sharp foxy eyes landed on Minjeong, her smile faded a bit.


“And of course, my greatest rival,” uttered Jimin, a sneer forming on her red lips. “Kim Minjeong.” The way Minjeong’s name rolled out from Jimin’s tongue was too sweet, but poisonous yet it never failed to make the young Auror shiver, her heart flipped all of a sudden. And then, a grin formed on her lips again as she eyed Minjeong. “I see that you’re an Auror now, well — congrats, dearest. Your  petty dream before came true, would you look at that.” Jimin said with a mocking tone but Minjeong was not affected at all, just glaring.


Whistling, Jimin nodded as she roamed her gaze around the courtyard, giggling. “Wow, you guys defeated almost all of our well-trained and notable Death Eaters, I’ll give you guys thumbs up for that,” She complimented with a curt smile, raising her brow up to show that she was very, very amused, and in awe. “Well, that’s alright, I can definitely take the both of you, and the rest scattered around, down just all by myself.” whispered Jimin but Minjeong and Joohyun heard it from below, making the both of them draw their wands again, posing a defensive stance, preparing for the upcoming sudden attack. The movements made Jimin giggle, but the giggle slowly faded in the background, her expression turning into a scowl, venomous sneer on her lips. “Let me just take care of this oldie first,” The witch announced, and shoved Headmaster Lee to the stone railings as she took a step back.


“Good bye, Headmaster Lee! I really didn’t like you even way before, you doofus, always trying to use Legilimency on me. You’re also such a creep for stalking me when I was still your student. By the way, you’re not actually ill. I just cursed you with a powerful dark magic I created alongside the Dark Lord so your health and magic will slowly but painfully deteriorate.” Jimin cackled, already pointing her wand (the tip of it already glowing green) towards the old man while he was trying to stand up, leaning his full weight to the railing — great fear shown on his old, wrinkly pale face.


Minjeong’s eyes widened, alerted, and swiftly casted a spell upwards. Bombarda Maxima!


Jimin managed to dodge the explosion behind her, like she already expected, then jumped on top of the railing, harshly grabbing Headmaster Lee’s hair so he wouldn’t be able to escape. However, she was not so pleased at the interruption. “Hmm, that almost caught me. That’s great, you’re faster now, Kim.” hissed Jimin, there was a slight amazement in her tone. “Let me deal with you, just wait a bit.” She added, turning to the old man again, and then raised her wand, flipping it until the tip was placed downwards.


Before Minjeong or Joohyun could even cast a spell, Jimin already swung her hand — piercing the wand to Headmaster Lee’s throat, until half of it was dug into his neck then swiftly took it out, crimson blood violently sprayed out of the small hole from his throat. “Protego.” She murmured under her breath, shielding herself from the spells thrown by Minjeong and Joohyun from below.


Minjeong and Joohyun were horrified, witnessing Headmaster Lee clutching his throat desperately, making disgusting choking sounds as he fell into his knees — bleeding hard, and when he dropped on the cold floor, he was not breathing anymore. Headmaster Lee, one of the most powerful wizards of his generation, got killed by a Death Eater without using magic.


“Hmm, this is so… muggle-way,” Jimin murmured then let out a laugh, grimacing as she wiped her bloody wand on her dress then grinned when she saw the lifeless old man on the ground, pool of blood surrounding him.


Joohyun trembled, “Headmaster Lee!” She shrieked, mortified, and pointed her wand to Jimin — her hand was trembling, but despite the hesitation running in her veins, she casted a curse. “Sectumsempra!” roared Joohyun, a bolt of white lightning bursted towards Jimin — and it didn’t hit the latter since she jumped out of the balcony.


The witch, while on air, did a spell. “Petrificus Totalus!” She roughly said, a purple mist-like quickly landed on Joohyun — and instantly, the professor’s body became paralyzed, falling down on her back with a thud while stiff and straight as a wand, and at the same time, Jimin landed on the ground softly on her feet.


Minjeong didn’t have the time to do something to Joohyun because her utmost priority was to vanquish Yoo Jimin. And she knew the professor would not appreciate it if the Auror wouldn’t do something to Jimin first, and after all, she was just paralyzed, and not badly injured or something.


Stupefy!” The Auror casted, but Jimin also casted another defensive spell, shield charm, then threw a curse at her after the spell perished — which Minjeong also silently blocked with the same shield charm. Protego! When the curse hit the shield, it exploded alongside with the charm, and then gray smoke lingered around for a bit.


After the smoke slowly faded, Jimin came into Minjeong’s view, grinning devilishly while standing across the courtyard, not too far but not too close either. Familiarity struck her a bit, and it seemed like it was not only her who suddenly remembered a few bits of memory.


“Ah, just like the old times, Kim…” Jimin cooed, chuckling as she tilted her head, her expression turned a little bit soft and Minjeong knew she was reminiscing.


The young Auror couldn’t help but to smile a bit. “Indeed, Yoo. Time flies so quickly,” replied Minjeong, but she didn’t falter with her stance, remaining ready if the other witch ever attacked.


Giggling, Jimin nodded. “We used to fight here before, too… it’s almost the same but now, it’s rather — more intense, yes? Years ago, whenever we fought, we only threw hexes and jinxes, and now, dangerous curses, with the real intent to kill and not just because of petty reasons and rivalry.” She muttered, raising her free hand to fix her hat on her head. “And there were no dead or unconscious bodies laying around whenever we fought here before.” added Jimin, and then let out a small giggle that turned into a laugh. “What a huge change, hmm?”


The corner of Minjeong’s lip twitched, huffing out. “And,” She piped in, her grip on her wand tightening as ever. Hogwarts was oddly quiet now, she noticed, she just hoped her friends were alright. The fight all around the school was probably finished already, and this would be the last battle — well, Jimin was the last boss after all, this time, not the coward Dark Lord who kept hiding in the shadows. “Before, we were just students — the usual Gryffindor, and Slytherin rivals. But now… I’m an Auror working for the Ministry, and you’re a fucking Death Eater serving the bloody Dark Lord, slave of the darkness. Funny, isn’t it?” She continued with a mocking tone, as if to strike Jimin’s heart, and she smirked when the grin on Jimin’s lips disappeared, turning into an annoyed sneer because Minjeong made it sound like being a Death Eater was the lowest, and most pathetic thing to do.


Well, somehow, it was. For a loss like Jimin, who could be doing better rather than being the Dark Lord’s dog.


“Shut your bloody mouth, Kim,” Jimin hissed, rolling her eyes, and took a step forward but stayed there. She was obviously annoyed.


Minjeong’s smirk went bigger. “Yeah?” She blinked. “A Death Eater, Jimin, really? You disappeared for five years, and because you were training to be the Dark Lord’s dog? How low of you.” provoked the Auror, a fake pity lingered under her tone to edge the witch even more. It was an insult, and hell, Jimin was offended. “And what’s with the name change? Karina. Hm. That’s absolutely unnecessary.”


“We’re just the same, Minjeong,” Jimin replied back, her voice deeper and darker. “Both slaves. Me, with the evil, and you — a slave of the Ministry.” added by her, mirroring her smirk.


Minjeong frowned at that, “Piss off,” She exclaimed. “At least what I’m doing is for the good. Protecting people. And you? Killing them. I’ve never thought a brilliant witch like you, would become a monster. Hmm, I think you really became mentally ill, Yoo.” She argued, and antagonized the other witch once again.


Jimin was definitely angry, her eyes were flaring, just like Minjeong’s… but hers were flaming in fury while Minjeong’s eyes were burning in determination to defeat Jimin, and remove the threat in this world. It was enough that Jimin killed tons, and destroyed a lot of things — Death Eaters should perish. And that was Minjeong’s job, kill them or throw them into Azkaban.


“Talk less, and fight more, Kim!” the wicked witch exclaimed, and pointed the wand on her. “Crucio!” She casted an unforgivable spell once again but Minjeong was not surprised, she was ready to dodge and fight back. And that was the mark that the fight between them finally had begun.


Minjeong avoided it swiftly, and threw a shield charm to Joohyun first, not risking the paralyzed woman to be open and vulnerable like this in the middle of their dangerous fight, then did a levitation spell to take Joohyun to somewhere safer. Jimin saw what she was doing, and did nothing, focused on her, and was not interested in targeting the professor.


The Auror hid a small smile. After all, Jimin still had a tiny soft spot for Joohyun. If she really didn’t care then she probably killed Joohyun too earlier rather than just paralyzing her. And Minjeong was slightly thankful for that.


Imperio!” Minjeong casted, and unfortunately, it didn’t hit Jimin. The latter dodged it almost swiftly, throwing a curse towards the Auror. Minjeong cursed, and ran to avoid it. She actually needed Jimin alive, that was Mr. Park’s strict order. They need her alive, and interrogate her, then throw her to Azkaban — where she really belonged. But if not, then it was okay to kill her too. Jimin was, after all, one of the biggest threats. They needed her gone.


She knew the fight would be difficult, Jimin was scary powerful, and much to Minjeong’s annoyance, stronger than her. She would admit that but Jimin always lacked determination even way before because she was always so confident, and that was how Minjeong could always get herself out of bad situations, and win, or escape, at least. And bravery, heck, Minjeong got tons of it. She was never afraid of death, rather — she was afraid of not being able to protect innocent people, and failing her job.


They fought skillfully — dodge, cast, shield, cast, cast, shield. Just like that, the both of them, basically alternating. But they did not falter, even though they kept using magic all the time, and it kept draining their energy. They had great stamina, they were well-trained, they were strong.


For the last few minutes, it was all like that. Minjeong managed to at least wound Jimin two times, and the witch managed to injure her leg with her dark curse, thankfully — the Auror was also a great healer so she could still stand up bravely, and fight back. Well, this was a little bit odd for Minjeong, because usually when they fought before, it wouldn’t even last five minutes until they were dragged to the Headmaster’s office. The longest time they fought was here, in the courtyard too, Minjeong could remember that. Their fight lasted for no longer than five minutes, even the professors couldn’t even stop them that day. And they fought because Jimin’s friend broke Yizhuo’s heart, it left Minjeong so pissed but Jimin also stood up for her friend. In the end, they were the ones who fought and got detention.


Avada Kedavra!”


Minjeong yipped, scrambling onto her feet, and dodged it — almost barely, but there was no time to lose and be relieved, “Levicorpus.” She murmured under her breath, and striked Jimin, although she failed.


The Death Eater was amused though. “Oh? A jinx? Should I just use jinxes or hexes too?” She asked with a mad cackle, followed by a hand movement and cast of hex. “Colloshoo!” She casted, giggling.


And Minjeong got hit, and when she was about to run, her feet were stuck on the ground, and before she could even counter it or anything. Jimin threw another curse, and Minjeong — out of desperation to dodge — slipped off from her shoes, and stumbled backwards, avoiding the curse in the process. She scrambled on her feet, trying to stand up, and her face was burning in embarrassment as Jimin’s laugh filled the dead silent courtyard.


“Well, hexes and jinxes do make everything more fun.” Jimin commented with a hum, and her eyes darkened once again. “But I don’t want to waste more time, let’s get this over with, Kim the barefoot. I want to go home already, I’ve done enough damage to this forsaken school.” She added, and did an unfamiliar hand movement — Minjeong had no idea what the spell was because Jimin casted it silently.


The Auror waited, focusing on sensing, and soon — she heard multiple light footsteps, and shit. The statues all over the corridors came to life, and were ready to attack her. She turned to Jimin, and spotted that the witch was calmly watching her with a small smirk on her lips.


Bombarda Maxima!” Minjeong casted with a loud cry, and explosions all over the place intensified. And not going to lie, it drained her energy a lot. Plus, it was not the end, the other stone statues started to attack her, and fuckery fuck! The flying lion statue was friggin’ flying, for heaven’s sake.


Minjeong had a hard time destroying them, and on top of it all, Jimin kept throwing curses at her from her spot. Her wrist was already stinging from all of that movement, she had to cast spells repeatedly. Her feet were already numb because of the pebbles, and sharp pieces of stones that she couldn’t avoid stepping onto because it was all over the ground. Her legs were all wobbly and jelly. All of her muscles were burning, and her open fresh wounds were on fire. She could feel pain all over, and finally, exhaustion was already creeping up to her already but she remained standing and fighting even when she was hurting.


She couldn’t heal her wounds anymore, too busy throwing curses and casting defensive charms, plus, tiredness was already sipping through her veins that made her a little bit sluggish.


Once she destroyed the last statue, she let out a sharp inhale before turning to Jimin, chest heaving. Jimin stared at her in awe, still looking so beautiful under the moonlight. “As expected from you. Too stubborn and determined.” She said, and flashed an impressed smile.


Minjeong blew the stray hair out of her sight, and posed another stance, pointing her hand towards Jimin — her vision became blurred a bit for a moment. “Yeah, I’ve been told countless times.” She replied smugly, still panting.


Cracking a grin, Jimin tilted her head. “Well then, I’ll finish you off.” She muttered, and also pointed her wand towards Minjeong. “Cruci—”


Confringo!” the Auror beat her, she casted a curse before Jimin could even finish her incantation. And much to her relief, it hit Jimin — the witch stumbled at the blast, it sent her sliding for a few feet but remained standing, hissing as fire engulfed her dress and hat. But before the woman could even recover, Minjeong blasted another curse. “Crucio!”


Jimin stilled for a moment, breathing heavily but she didn’t convulse or fell into the ground. But Minjeong knew that she definitely managed to hit the witch again, she could see how the witch got even more irked, her hand twitching — resisting the full-blown effect of the curse.


“That curse can’t do any much harm to me, Kim. Try again.” Jimin then said, letting out a laugh, and she could already move fully, like she was not under the Cruciatus Curse just a few seconds ago. “Fiendfyre!” She casted, and soon, flames started to dance just above them. Minjeong’s blood ran cold.


The flames started to form into something gigantic, into something dangerous, into something terrifying. Jimin cackled as the flames started to swirl around until it took the form of a deadly dragon. This powerful curse was one of the curses that mostly terrified the Auror.


Minjeong tried, even though she knew that Fiendfyre could be indestructible, and with a size like that? Merlin, save her! She couldn’t even cast a Fiendfyre the size of a lion, she could only do a raven one. And she knew that water spells wouldn’t work but still she casted, “Aqua Eructo!” A jet of water splashed towards the fire dragon but once it hit its flaming stomach, the water just evaporated. Minjeong’s face dropped. And Jimin let out another annoying mad cackle.


“Oh, Merlin…” the helpless Auror mumbled, shoulders slumping as the fire dragon roared, flying in circles for a bit before it dashed towards her with its mouth open like it was ready to devour and burn her whole.


Minjeong’s feet moved on their own accord, not wanting to die yet. No. She barely avoided the attack as she dived into the ground — she hissed, feeling a wound forming on her knee but it was the least of her concerns that moment because the dragon already turned back, letting out a rattling roar before bolting towards her direction again.


The Auror stood up, running for her life, and entered the destroyed corridors — yelping when the dragon followed her even though it was too big to fit inside — destroying, and burning the walls, and archways in the process of chasing Minjeong. She couldn’t help but to scoff when she heard Jimin’s loud laugh, shouting gibberish shits to anger Minjeong even more or distract her, probably.


But now, she needed to extinguish this motherducking fiendfyre. She wouldn’t allow for this fire beast to kill her. She only got one resort, one powerful spell that could save her from this dragon — hopefully, it would work, knowing that the fiendfyre curse was too strong. Minjeong turned, exiting the corridors, and ran back to the courtyard where there was wide, open space — the dragon was still following her, and bursted out of the corridors, destroying it completely as it roared.


She spotted Jimin, standing still on her spot while waving her wand smoothly as she controlled the dragon, smirking as her eyes intently watched her. Minjeong took a deep breath, closing her eyes, and finally her numb wounded feet halted — she could hear the vicious roar of the dragon behind her, and it almost made her cower but as a true Gryffindor she was — she bravely turned around to face the burning beast, and raised her wand. “Expecto Patronum!”


This spell was the only thing she could only think of. Hoping that the Patronus Charm would help her defeat this cursed fire.


A bright silver light burst from Minjeong’s wand, and her patronus, a Siberian Husky — howled, also charging towards the dragon bravely, ready to protect her at all costs. And when they both collided mid-air, a huge eardrums-shattering explosion could be heard alongside a blinding light irritating their eyes.


The explosion and blinding light soon faded, and it left Minjeong’s ears ringing for a few seconds. She slowly retracted her arm away from her eyes, the light was too much that she had to use her arm as another cover — and fluttered her eyes open, panting and squinting. Finally, there was no fire dragon anymore in sight.


Ashes fell like snow in winter, and it made her flash a relieved, proud smile because it worked. Her Patronus Charm managed to defeat that cursed fire. She turned around and saw fire everywhere, but thankfully, just small, and smoldering. She spotted that Joohyun was still unharmed, still paralyzed though she could see that the professor’s mouth, and eyes were moving already, twitching ever so slightly.


“I didn’t know the Patronus Charm could fight off Fiendfyre,” Jimin’s voice reached her sensitive ears. Minjeong instantly twisted her body around to face Jimin, and her gaze hardened at the sight of the witch who attempted to kill her, and to think that she was still smirking, and looking so impressed that Minjeong managed to escape death once again.


The Auror took a deep breath, sluggishly, taking a step forward. Her body was all burning despite not being burned by the dragon. She was just so exhausted but she wouldn’t give up, not when she was too close to Jimin now. She saw that the witch was also looking a little bit paler, and her shoulders were tense. Obviously, she was also a little bit drained after summoning that powerful curse earlier. “Well, now you know.” She replied sheepishly, and readied her wand despite her body protesting, screaming for her to stop moving already.


Jimin snorted. “You don’t really know when to give up, hmm?” She whispered, and Minjeong let out a grin at that, giving her a curt nod. “Let’s just freaking end this, Kim.” added Jimin, and casted a curse, letting it blast towards Minjeong who blocked it with the shield charm, and then attacked.


Minjeong managed to hold on for two minutes but when she was hit by a huge rock behind her, oblivious that Jimin was casting Wingardium Leviosa while the both of them were chasing one another. A sharp pain intensified on her back, making her spit out blood because of the impact of the big rock on her back, and she groaned as she fell on the ashy ground. However, because she was in too much pain — she didn’t manage to recover that quickly, she couldn’t even do a healing spell for herself.




She froze because she knew Jimin already got her. Ropes started to slither all over her body, tying her up, tight enough that she couldn’t move her arms or legs anymore. The grip of her wand remained tight, not wanting to lose it, ever — because it was her only hope.


Minjeong felt her body being levitated to stand, and she was greeted by Jimin when she was once again vertical. She eyed the witch, and she saw that she did some damage, at least.


Jimin’s hat was long gone from her head, the burnt witch hat fell off in the middle of their fight. There were some cuts on her godly flawless face, bleeding lightly — black smudge of ashes too, tainting her pale skin. Her beautiful dress was slightly burnt, and ripped at some places. Her gloves were still intact on her hands and forearms but torn too. But even so, she remained the most gorgeous ever. Minjeong has eyes, even way before — her greatest rival was the most beautiful witch to ever exist, that was a freaking fact.


“I’m very much impressed, Minjeong. You managed to fight back for a long, long time. Longer than I had expected. You’re really indeed a spectacular Auror, I give you that,” Jimin started to speak, and surprisingly, in a very gentle manner. Too soft, that Minjeong was almost hypnotized and fooled. “You’re strong, you managed to tire me out, and give me damage. You broke my rib, I think, I received a huge wound on my outer thigh too.” She said, and the Auror just silently stared, jaw clenching. “You still put on a great show with me despite being incredibly worn out already. You really are a hard-headed, determined fool.” added the witch, and took a step forward, closing their gap even more.


“Undeniably strong and powerful. That you are,” Jimin complimented with a sincere tone, and Minjeong could feel her chest swell in pride but the next thing the wicked Death Eater said made her deflate. “But still not enough to defeat me.” She continued as a smirk made its way to her lips.


Minjeong huffed out a breath, she could feel blood dripping off her nose — mixing with the blood leaking from her mouth. Yeah, she was too worn-out, she pushed herself past her limit. She always got nose-bleeds whenever she was too exhausted, and drained to the brink. Her head was pounding but feeling light, her vision was slightly hazy but she fought the drowsiness. She remained awake, glaring at Jimin, and silently casted a spell. Expelliarmus!


Jimin was not even slightly surprised when her wand flew out of her hand — gliding across the courtyard. She just blinked, still staring at Minjeong intently, her smirk went bigger after the small stunt Minjeong did. “Heh, also great at silent spell casting, and minimal wand movement.” She commented, and raised her palm.


For a second, Minjeong thought the witch was going to slap her but no — what she did next shocked her a bit.


Bombarda Maxima!” Jimin casted, moving her fingers, and there was an explosion to the nearby wall. The pebbles, small pieces of stones from the destroyed wall hitting them. Minjeong’s eyes widened while the Death Eater just smiled. “I don’t need a wand, Minjeong. I can perfectly cast a spell without it, easily,” She revealed, and the Auror was not really surprised that Jimin mastered wandless magic. She could actually do it too but the effects of it without the wand were too small, she knew how hard it was to master such stuff and it was draining. “But of course, I need to fit in. And with a wand, it’s more… fun? A lil’ bit stronger, I guess. Anyway, where are we? Ah, yes. Not good enough.” She shrugged, and then went back to her serious demeanor.


Jimin took another step forward, and Minjeong’s breath hitched because the witch was too close. And her foxy stare was too much for the Auror, her heart was drumming so wildly in her chest. “You know, back in our Hogwarts days,” She started once again, almost whispering a secret to Minjeong. “I really thought, no — I treated you, I saw you as my equal, Kim Minjeong.”


The Auror didn’t react at that, remaining calm, and all. Jimin smiled, and continued. “You were the only one who could match my pace. You were the only one who bravely fought, and bickered with me. You were too smart, too wise, and we almost had the same grade every year. It irked me, yes, but it also intrigued me — because we were definitely equal.” She murmured, and licked her lower lip. “Even now, I still do think that. You managed to almost defeat me, somehow. You could block my spell, hell — the Fiendfyre, you freaking killed it. I’m so, so impressed. I thought nobody could match me except the Dark Lord. But you proved me wrong, you always proved me wrong, Kim.”


Jimin lifted her both hands, stretching them to reach for the young Auror’s dirty cheeks. Minjeong shivered under the touch, arching her brow a bit in confusion, but she warmed — almost averting her gaze away because Jimin’s intense gaze was too much. The witch started to wipe the blood off her nose, lips, and chin with a charm. “You’re the good equivalent of mine, Minjeong. Always has been. My goody two-shoes counterpart.” She murmured, leaning in even closer with a wicked smile, but tone with full genuineness.


Minjeong gulped, not wanting to get fooled by those sweet words. She reminded herself that the woman in front of her was crazy, and unhinged. “I’m going to throw you to Azkaban, Jimin. Remember that. I will catch you next time.” She slurred, and it was a direct answer that this time, she finally gave up.


Jimin grinned, rubbing Minjeong’s cheeks lovingly to soothe and probably annoy her. “How sweet of you, baby,” She purred, and the Auror blushed at the sudden pet name — instead of getting disgusted, she.. somehow liked it. “But nope~ No Azkaban for me!” She squeaked with a giggle.


Irritated, Minjeong was about to spit on Jimin but the latter leaned her face again closer, thrusting it close enough to make the Auror hold her breath. Because of their crazy close proximity — she could see her own reflection in the pools of honey orbs, too clear, too wild, too beautiful. She could almost see the galaxies in those.


“Also,” the witch had started again. “I really do think it was better that we were not friends back then, that we were not on good terms, and always angry with each other. I thought it was for the better that we hated each other’s guts.” revealed Jimin, wearing a very sultry smile, not even breaking eye contact.


Minjeong shivered, gulping down her own tangy, bloody saliva. Jimin’s other hand moved lower, slender fingers sliding over her tense jaw, until it crawled on her neck.


The Death Eater licked her lower lip, almost painfully slowly. “Because if we were ever friends or on very good terms — I might develop strong romantic feelings for you.” She blurted, and it was too sincere that Minjeong couldn’t even tell herself that Jimin was just fooling her. But it was the truth, she knew that herself. “You were attractive, fearless, and smart… a lil’ bit playful too, hmm, even until now. Who wouldn’t fall in love instantly with you, Kim Minjeong? It wasn’t surprising that half of the students in the school fell head over heels to you. Although, you were oblivious to your charm and popularity.” She continued, cooing.


Blushing, Minjeong shook her head, not wanting to fall into that trap. “Piss off,” She spat. “Why do you keep telling me this, huh? You thought you could lure me into something, huh? Is that it? Let me break it to you, it’s not working at all, Yoo.” She harshly responded, and Jimin gave her a weird look.


“You thought I was just… sweet talking to you or something?” The witch rolled her eyes, obliviously a little bit pissed. “I was just being honest because there might be no chance for us to meet again, Minjeong.” She added, and a smile crept up to her lips. A sad one. “And well, I really love your reaction whenever I was being too bold, and honest with my words—”


She was cut off when suddenly, there was a big explosion in the sky. Minjeong looked up, and saw another explosion. She heard Jimin cursing under her breath, “Well, the barrier is starting to go weak now. They’re starting to destroy it…” She mumbled, and the Auror sharply turned to her. “Hmm, I took longer than I should anyway.” added by her sheepishly then turned again to the tied Minjeong, her hands still not retreating from caressing the other woman. “No one really won today. But next time, I won’t let it pass anymore — the Dark Lord won’t let it pass anymore. He’ll destroy everything.”


Jimin leaned in closer until her front was flushed with Minjeong’s front. “And one more thing,” She tilted her chin a bit. “It has been my secret desire. Being with you, romantically — that is. Until now. It’s still you who occupy my mind all the time, Kim Minjeong.” She whispered to Minjeong’s reddening ear, gently biting her earlobe, and then pressed a kiss on her neck before leaning away for a bit so they were facing each other again.


For sure, Minjeong was red all over, and that thought was confirmed when Jimin giggled. “Cute—” Another explosion, and the witch hissed, obviously annoyed at the disturbance. “Well, I guess this is goodbye, for now. I want our paths to cross again, Kim.” She murmured, and when Minjeong wasn’t expecting it — Jimin leaned in again, fully enclosing the gap between them, and crashed their lips together for a passionate, almost hungry-like kiss.


Minjeong’s mind went blank, and could feel her body went rigid, tensing, and freezing out of great shock as a pair of warm, soft lips dominated hers in a very hurried, harsh manner — Jimin kissed her like she had been wanting, craving to for years, Jimin kissed her like it was a need, Jimin kissed her like it was the way for her to survive, Jimin kissed her like it was their last.


(Hopefully, it won’t be their first and last. Minjeong prayed.)


The shaken Auror didn’t even manage to respond back to the kisses, she was just a whole ass statue while Jimin kissed her fiercely, pouring her utmost feelings — pouring all the secret feelings buried underneath her heart for long years. And thankfully, it seemed like Jimin didn’t even mind one bit that she didn’t kiss her back, she probably sensed that Minjeong was too taken aback.


When Jimin pulled away with a soft smooch, she was smiling widely, and finally detached herself from the frozen, beet red Minjeong. She took steps backwards, and raised her hand — instantly, the wand that was thrown away levitated and bolted towards Jimin’s hand. And a broom appeared from nowhere.


Minjeong could only watch Jimin ride her broom, dumbfounded.


Jimin threw Minjeong a wink, and a flirty grin before ascending to the air — laughing heartily as she zoomed upwards. Her laugh faded as her figure did, disappearing into the night sky while Minjeong was left to watch below with her heart fluttering, and shimmering.


Well, a lot of things happened that day. And Minjeong wasn’t sure if she could still function well after all of that. Her lips still felt a little bit damp, and tingly after that bruising, scorching kiss she received from Jimin. But it felt nice, too nice that Minjeong could feel herself reddening again at the memory. She badly wanted to touch her own swollen lips, trace it but her hands were still tied. She never got thoroughly kissed like that in her life.


It was so funny that they were just literally fighting and trying to kill each other earlier, and a few moments later, they were kissing and all. Ironic. Minjeong felt like laughing, miserable.


She only got herself back when she heard Joohyun’s voice behind her, “Minjeong!”


The Auror tried to turn around despite the tight ropes restraining her body. She saw Joohyun on the ground, sitting but there were people around now — probably the newly-arrived Aurors, and the back-ups that were trapped outside for a while. They assisted Joohyun to stand up, and the others rushed to her to get her out of the ropes.


When she was not tied up anymore, she thanked the Aurors who helped her then walked to Joohyun, feeling her body ache — her muscles were all sore but she still went to the professor, engulfing her in a hug. “I’m glad you’re okay…” Joohyun whispered to her, and Minjeong just melted, feeling more relieved. “More than okay, even.” the professor teased, and she knew what she was talking about and that made her blush again.


“Y-You saw it?” Minjeong stammered, breaking the hug.


Joohyun sneered, “I witnessed everything, dimwit.” She rolled her eyes but Joohyun didn’t look mad at all, instead a little bit satisfied. “I’ve always known that Jimin had a small crush on you before but damn, I didn’t know her feelings were that strong…” She said then took a deep breath, then sighed, almost dreamy.


Minjeong gulped at that, she didn’t even feel that. When they were still students, all Minjeong could feel from Jimin was burning hatred, loathing. So, knowing that the woman had liked her even way before really shocked her to the core. She needed to sit and think, oh Merlin!


Joohyun didn’t tease her anymore after that because people from the Ministry of Magic had arrived, spotting them, and immediately asked them what happened. Minjeong rolled her eyes, wanting to hex those people because what they needed was rest first before talking.


After a few interrogations, and exchanges, they were escorted to the carriage, and halfway through — they saw Yizhuo, and Aeri — both badly injured but alive and kicking. They were even bickering when Joohyun spotted them. Minjeong pulled the both of them for a hug, carefully, because she saw that they were equally exhausted, and they were badly bruised, and all.


On the way home, Minjeong couldn’t help but to be lost in her own thoughts. Well, a certain wicked witch was terrorizing her mind. And a certain kiss kept replaying in her mind.


She was surprised when she heard Snow’s familiar cry, and saw the raven perching on the window of the magical carriage. “Snow! Hey!” She called, petting the black raven happily. She forgot her pet there, to be honest, she was too busy fighting, and all. But she knew that Snow would be safe.


“Hi!” Snow croaked back very loudly, and Yizhuo was startled, cradling her injured arm, and it made the healer jump a bit too. “Letter! For you, for you!” The raven exclaimed then cackled happily. That was only when Minjeong noticed that Snow already placed the parchment on her lap. Taking the letter, and unfolding it with full curiosity, Minjeong began to read silently.


you taste like blood, and marshmallows. i like it. maybe even too much.


pray tell, why do your lips taste so good? hopefully, i can taste it again soon, and if that time ever comes, i will claim it longer, and probably never stop forever.


see you in our dreams. for now.


xxx - yjm.


Minjeong was red all over again when she finished reading, she even kept rereading it until Aeri called her out. She immediately folded the parchment, hastily hiding it to her new robe, and stared outside, eyeing the starry skies as she bit her lower lip — trying to hold her grin.


Oh, Yoo Jimin, you wicked witch. You bewitched Minjeong with your kiss.