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Twisted Wonderland Senarios

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Malleus- twisting Sleeping beauty

The king and queen had been excited for their child to be born and once that child was born they threw a big celebration where everyone in the kingdom could come see them. The child was promised in marriage to a prince so that eventually the two kingdoms could turn into one. The fairy godmothers showed up to bless the child with gifts. The gift of a beautiful voice, the gift of a beauty that is unmatched. The last fairy didn’t have time to say their blessing for the evil fairy of the Valley of Thorns who showed up and cursed the child to prick their finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. The only solution was to change the curse to a deep sleep rather than death and wake up with true love’s kiss for true love conquers all, but the child wouldn’t be safe with the evil fairy knowing where the child was so, the three fairy godmother decided to take care of her deep in the forest until they turned 16 and the curse would be lifted.
You were six when you met them, Silver and his father. Your aunts were washing clothes in the nearby river and had brought you along, they started arguing amongst themselves when you had slipped away chasing a bunny. There you saw a boy your age with silver hair and a man with black and pink hair. They appeared to be playing. The boy with silver hair would hide behind a tree and the man would appear behind him surprising him and making him laugh. You just stood there watching. It wasn’t long before they noticed you “Why it appears we have company silver” “uh-huh” you didn’t know what to do and were about to run away when the little boy spoke “want to play?” you had never seen another kid your age. Your aunts insisted on not letting you go anywhere they said it was to keep you safe. You didn’t know when this chance would come again, you nodded and he began to run and hide in the trees and you ran behind him. “How adorable” you heard the man say, a while later the man called that it was time for lunch. You were about to leave from where you thought you came from when the boy asked “you aren’t going to eat?” “yes, please join us we have enough” you were hungry so you sat down with them. Then it hit you, you didn’t know what their names were. “What's your name?” “Silver and that over there is my dad Lillia, what’s yours?” “Y/N” “What a pretty name,” said Silver’s dad and handed you a piece of bread with jam and fruit. “Y/N where did you come from? Do your parents know you are here?” you gasped realizing how much time had passed, your aunts were gonna freak out, then you heard the faint shouting of your name. The man suddenly stood up recognizing the voices “Silver we have to go now” “already” Silver sounded sad “Yes already” the man turned to you “It seems that they have come to get you dear hopefully we’ll meet each other again” they started walking deeper into the forest, silver waved goodbye. “Y/N! There you are you know how worried we were” “what did we say about running off like that” “what if something happened to you” “did you talk with any strangers” you decided to keep quiet about silver for fear that if they knew they wouldn’t let you see him again and he was your friend. You saw silver a few times that year. He always seemed to appear near wherever you were, an animal always led you to him. Those times Lillia made sure you were never gone too long so your aunts wouldn’t suspect.
The next year you met Silver’s other friend Sebek. This time it was a bluejay that led the way to silver. there you saw a boy playing with silver. A new friend! You ran up to silver “Y/N!” you both hugged each other and the boy just stood there awkwardly, you turned to him and extended your hand but he seemed reluctant to take it “Go on they don’t bite'' He was encouraged by Lillia ``I'm Y/N and you?” “...Sebek '' you turned to Silver “you didn’t tell me you had a brother” Lillia let out a loud laugh “no Sebek is my friend we are training together” responded Silver and Sebek nodded. “Training for what?” “to be Prince Malleus knights!” Sebek answered excitedly “A Prince?!” “Yes, Prince Malleus is another child I took care of. He's a bit older than you three ``'' when can we meet him?” you asked “we already have” which made you a bit sad, you hadn’t met the person your friends looked up to. Lillia noticed your sadness “Why I think I can arrange it for you two to meet but not today, Silver and Sebek still need to train '' that made you happy until you realized “They can’t play?” “Not today dear, we must stick to the schedule for now” that made you sad until you realized “What if I train with them?” “why you also want to protect Prince Malleus'' teased Lillia “I don’t know but if I can spend time with Silver and Sebek, I’ll do it!” you were determined to not lose your friendship. Lillia smiled “well that’s fine by me but I must warn you, I won't go easy on you” You nodded “Then let’s begin, we will be building up stamina today I want you to run from that end to that end” you three started running. Lillia smiled thinking of what the future might hold. What would the kingdom say when they find out that their princess is training to be a knight for Malleus, the son of the fairy that cursed you. Of course, he knew who you were but he wasn’t about to turn you over to the evil fairy. He wasn't that evil but the future looked very interesting. Plus you were his son’s friend if the prophecy had to come true then it will. “Sebek your formation is wrong” he went over to help the young boy “Y/N I think it's time for you to head back” you nodded and followed the bluejay back to where you came from. “I wanted to be with them more…” Said Sebek “there’s always next time” Silver agreed “Now for the next exercise…”
During the winter of that year, Silver came down with a terrible fever. You and Sebek kept training but you both weren’t able to give it your all, worrying over silver. Sebek sighed “I Wish silver were outside with us he would be much more a challenge at sword fighting than you” Sebek could be a little brat when he wanted to “Well I wish he were here too so I wouldn’t have to hold back on you” you both clashed swords and stared at each other intensely and then you both heard a soft voice coming from the house you knew it was Lillia’s voice but didn’t recognize the language. You both had let down your swords, looking at the cabin and then at Sebek “what language is that?” “It’s a dialect from the Valley of the Thorns, where we are from” “what’s it saying” you didn’t think he would sing it but he suddenly began
“Now for the sake of protecting you, I must become strong
To me, in the shadows of sorrows, you sang joy to me
And now the light shines, I know love, you are my dream
In your transparent eyes, I became the real me after we met
if I love with a free heart the pain also disappears
I must be strong to protect once upon a dream”
You were filled with awe “I know you both stopped! Slacking off won’t make Silver get better!” you both were caught off guard by Lillia’s voice coming from inside the house. “By the way Y/N, I think it's time to head home!”.
The years had passed eight to be exact and you still hadn’t met malleus, Lillia always said that perhaps the next time. In the meantime, you kept training with the boys. The reason you couldn’t meet Malleus was that he wasn’t allowed outside the castle. The only people allowed to see him were his mom, his guard, Lillia and his future guards. Your aunts hadn’t found out you had made contact with others and now they gave you a little freedom to roam around the forest as you got older. You used that time to be with Silver and Sebek. “Where’s your dad Silver?” you asked as you got to silver’s house ready to train “He’s got business to do in the castle, he told us to have matches with each other for training” “ready to lose again Y/N?” you could see the little smirk Sebek had as he said that “You used magic” Sebek scoffed “a knight must be ready for anything” “Then be ready to taste defeat Sebek”. Silver sighed you two really behaved like siblings.
Lillia walked into the castle ready to be met with an angry fairy queen“Lillia where have you been and why haven’t you found the child! Time is running out!” “Don’t be like that my queen, I have been searching, plus it's quite a task to train those children” “Don’t start getting attached to those kids Lillia they are not like us” Lillia really wanted to argue with her for speaking of his children like that but he held it in, he can’t risk losing Silver and he doesn’t want her to know about you. “Of course I know that. How old do you think I am my queen” The queen just stared at him intensely “I have called you here because I am going in search of the child myself, I need you to guard Malleus” Lillia’s eyes widen at that “Is it that serious my queen, I mean if the prophecy is to come true it will and I know it will” “I must make sure of that Lillia” “When are you departing your highness” “right now, I leave Malleus to you” With that the queen left. Lillia didn’t panic; he had placed a spell on his house. He walked towards the room he knew Malleus would be at, that boy was always practicing his string instruments. He smiled, you would finally meet Malleus; after all the queen did say to protect the prince, what better place to keep a watch in the prince than his house? He had plans to leave you two alone for a bit.
When you arrived the next day at Silver and Lillia’s house no one was there. You were confused they would’ve said something. You then heard the soft melody of that lullaby from the Valley of Thorns. You didn’t recognize what was making the sound but it made you want to sing so you did. The sound stopped for a moment before continuing. You sang as you followed the sound there in the middle of the forest you saw a tall boy who looked to be your age maybe a bit older. He had put his instrument down and was staring at you and you at him "you have a beautiful voice, I have never heard something like that" "thank you, you make a beautiful melody with that" you pointed at his hand "this? It's a violin". It got quiet once more "I have never seen you here before," you said "I have never been allowed outside until today" you gasped, your aunts could be overprotective at times but never like this "then have you been alone this whole time? Have you had companionship? A friend?" He shook his head "I've talked and played with the kids who will be my guards in the near future, Silver and Sebek '' you were shocked. Was the boy in front of you Malleus? "Malleus?" "Yes that's my name" you were overjoyed "I have always wanted to meet you!" He was taken aback no one has ever shown this much joy when meeting him. "And who are you" " Y/N I train with Silver and Sebek '' that's weird he thought he had met all his future guards but never you. He was about to ask but then you suddenly asked "where's silver and his dad and Sebek?!" "Oh they stepped out for a bit and said as long as I stay inside here I should be fine" you sighed they were safe. "Could you sing again? I like your voice" you smiled "of course" you began to sing and he closed his eyes, taking in your voice. He suddenly felt something grab his hands. He opened his eyes only to see you had grabbed his violin, set it carefully aside and took his hands, and began to dance as you sang. He felt his heart race and eventually joined in on the song. At that moment it was just you and him. You felt your heartbeat speed up. You both leaned in closer and closer until "PRINCE MALLEUS WE'RE BACK" "Sebek be quiet you dumbass if people didn't know he was here they now do" you recognized silver and Sebek's voice. You were about to leave when Malleus kept a hold on your hands "Wait I don't want this moment to end just yet" you smiled "there's always tomorrow". The next few days kept going like this: you would come to visit and only Malleus would be there and later the rest would be back. You learned more and more about him; how iced treats were his favorite and he really liked gargoyles. you two just kept getting closer and closer.
It was a day before your birthday and you were washing your favorite clothes to wear tomorrow and began to sing that beautiful song when suddenly a voice sounded next to you. You turned around scared "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you...I just heard your beautiful voice and had to join in" you stood up about to leave when the stranger suddenly grabbed your hands and began to dance with you. It felt different from when you dance with Malleus; it didn't feel right. The stranger finally let go after noticing you weren't feeling the same as him. "I'm sorry I got ahead of myself but I hope to see you again. It would be a shame to only meet someone like you only once in my life" he was about to leave "do you want me to take you home?" You thought about it, your aunts had gone to town to buy stuff they needed for tomorrow and the cabin was a bit far, and if he tried anything you knew how to fight so you agreed. Unbeknownst to you, many things were going on for one that was the prince you were to marry the day after tomorrow second the crow of the evil fairy had followed you and the prince to your house and that malleus had seen you and the prince dance.
It was your birthday today. Lillia got up early "today is a great day wouldn’t you guys agree" "dad why are we up so early" "why it's Y/N's birthday you wouldn't want me to bake the cake by myself would you?" Silver hurried to get himself ready at that suggestion. "Oh? It's raining but at least it isn't storming like yesterday night" mentioned silver upon looking outside "Malleus are still upset about yesterday? Malleus just looked away from Lillia "oh I wouldn't be too upset malleus, in fact, I think today is the day that you can verify those feelings" silver and malleus both liked at him confused "you'll the meantime stop this rain". Back at your house, your aunts had told you to go pick berries for they needed plenty for something they were making. You were a bit suspicious of what they could be planning but first, you would head towards silver's house, they always had something for your birthday and this year you wanted all of them to meet your aunts. As you got closer you noticed how it had been raining to that side of that forest. That’s weird, it didn’t look like it was going to rain yesterday. When you finally got to Silver’s house you were greeted by Silver, Sebek, and Lillia loud “Happy Birthday” and they presented a small cake for you. You were elated but someone was missing. Where's Malleus? Has he left already” you said with sadness in your voice “Malleus isn’t feeling so well right now dear but know that he also wishes you a happy birthday”. You took a deep breath for what you were about to say was something important “I want to present you all to my aunts, if you’re fine with it please come to the cabin after the sun has set down” Silver and Sebek were speechless finally after all this time they would finally meet your family. Lillia spoke for them “We would be happy to do so” you smiled “Malleus can come too if he wishes, I must go now my aunts want me home early today”.
Back at home your aunts had baked you a cake and sewn you an outfit worthy of royals. This day was going so well and it could get better once you let your aunts know that company would be coming over later, sure they might be mad at first that you had met strangers and made friends behind their back but you were sure you could get them to understand. It didn’t go that way. when you made mention of that your aunts gasped and told you that you wouldn’t be able to see them anymore for you were the child of the King and Queen, that you would be returned back to the castle today, and that you were to marry the Prince of the neighboring kingdom. You were overwhelmed with all of this information and ran to your room. All you could do was cry and wish for your life to be as you thought it was. The sun was beginning to set when you were dressed in your outfit and a crown placed on top of your head, you couldn’t even say goodbye. You were on top of the tower still crying, you couldn’t help it. You could see the pain in your fairy godmothers’ face as they saw you so upset and left you alone for a moment and at that moment you heard a soft voice call for you. You stood up hypnotized by it, following it and it led you to a spinning wheel. You just remember falling, the curse going through your body, and that it could only be broken by true love’s kiss. Your fairy godmothers had put you in a bed and went looking for the people you mentioned coming. Only when they approached the cabin did they see the evil fairy taking a man away and followed her. A few moments later Lillia appeared with Silver, Sebek, and Malleus, they were approaching the cabin only to see it in such a mess. “So it did happen in the end'' Lillia spoke “What did father” “Y/N is actually the child of the King and Queen and a curse was placed upon them since the birth one that can only be broken with true love’s kiss” Malleus eyes widen at that “We must find her” ‘Oh?” “Lillia you know where they are at right? Take me to them” while he seemed to not care he definitely was the one worrying the most “I see you have taken quite a liking to them Malleus” Lillia then started walking “Follow me”. Back with the fairy godmothers they had freed the prince who had gone to visit you, not being able to resist the want of seeing you again and as a result had been confused for the one you were talking about. He was fighting against the evil fairy who also believed the prince was the one who would break the curse. Lillia sensed this fight and used his senses to avoid it. Once in front of the tower you slept he pointed to a small window “They will be in a deep sleep inside that room, now boys this tower is surrounded by strong magic the only way to get up is by taking the stairs” the stairs were filled with traps but nothing they couldn’t handle. Once on top Malleus ran to you “Y/N….” he said in a small voice Silver, Sebek and Lillia just watched from the doorway. Malleus looked at your sleeping figure, so peaceful and how beautiful you looked. He leaned in but stopped right before getting to your lips; what would he do if he wasn't your true love. “Don’t hesitate now Malleus, this way you’ll know for sure” Said Lillia. He looked at your face once more, leaned in and pressed his lips against yours, eyes widening when he felt a press back. Pulling away in shock as your eyes looked back at him. At that moment you both understood you were each other's, true love. You both leaned in once more for another kiss, completely forgetting of the others outside. At the doorway not only did Malleus guards stand happy for the both of you but also a completely worn out and heartbroken prince and fairy godmothers filled with dread. You, the future ruler of the country, are kissing Malleus who was now the king of the Valley of thorns, son of the woman who had cursed you. Lillia looked at them with a smile as he said “True love conquers all”. Malleus and you knew that there was still more to know about one another but not even the end of the world could separate you both.