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a small meow

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"Meow," the last syllable dragged on from his lips as he looked at you straight in the eye. The flustered look on your face was enough to put a satisfied smirk on his face—curious, he only said one thing and yet, you reacted so violently. He raised an eyebrow. He grew more curious, more mischievous, wanting to see your reactions if he perhaps pushed more. 


"W-What would suddenly push you to say something like that…" You let out an exasperated sigh. Trying to get yourself out of Owen's presence before he tries anything funny. Though he wasn't letting you off easily especially when he wanted to test out something for his own amusement. 


"You seem to like cats a lot." He took a step closer to you. You took a step back. You felt your heart quicken as his smirk widened when he recited his spell:


"Cur Memini."


A small cloud of smoke appeared around you, engulfing your senses into a hazy reality and the next thing you knew—something soft was wrapping itself around your wrist. You almost let out a shriek had it not been for Owen quickly pressing his palm against your mouth, promptly shushing you. You felt the heat spreading in your face when your vision slowly adjusted as the smoke faded away. 


A pair of furry ears appeared on the top of his head, twitching slightly as you realized his tail was wrapped around your wrist loosely. Owen tilted his head at you slightly, his lips forming a thin line. You let out a stuttered gasp, what happened? You barely had time to connect dots together as Owen opened his mouth and let out a small meow. 


"Nya~" his tail let go of your wrist and took another step closer to you. This time, you couldn't back away. 


"Do you like me better this way? With the cat ears and a tail? Hey…" His breath fanned your neck.


"You'll take care of me too, right?"