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He was a melody, and together we were a song

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Despite feeling like every graspable and learnable thing had been obtained, Izumi was constantly reminded that he in fact, was incorrect. Much to his dismay, of course.


This lesson first began with singing. 


An obnoxious, unruly, unkempt pile of orange hair who barged in suddenly one day, reminiscent of some sort of falling star, claiming that Izumi’s voice required more practice, because as it stood, it was incredibly and overly out-of-tune. 


An annoyance, really is what Izumi pinned him upon their first introduction.


It was only natural that he wasn’t some sort of “genius” at singing. Hell, even dancing. He was just at the first stages after all, only dipping in his feet gingerly, getting a taste and feel for the way the water felt in between his toes before continuing in further. So, how dare this guy come in spouting opinions as if he was some sort of musical prodigy himself?


“Haah? What are you, some famous singer? Don’t think so. So why don’t you just go somewhere else if you think my singing is so bad?” The natural rudeness and straight-forwardness rolled off his tongue easily, almost like a wet bar of soap. 


The other spoke, “Huh? Well, kinda! Ish? Doesn’t really matter! Your singing might need some work but, I like your voice! It’s real pretty, you know? With some training, I’m sure it can be excellent!”


He laughed some obnoxious and overly sweet laugh, the timbre in his voice filling Izumi’s ears, annoyingly so. In an attempt to get the orange-haired kid to shut his mouth, and to mask the faint pink that seemed to have creeped its way onto Izumi’s cheeks, he tossed whatever was within his reach at the other. 



The second installment came rather unexpectedly, and more painfully than Izumi Sena would have preferred.

He learned to despise the silence and absence of the one whom he held closest to him for what felt like centuries, despite it being only over a year since their first meeting. 


..Izumi could still vividly recall the way he trotted in, triumphant and full of zest. And the way he seemed to find the brightest parts within him and make them glow with a certain splendour that was so unlike him.


Izumi Sena hadn’t fathomed that he, himself, was capable of becoming so attached to something, let alone that thing being a somebody. It was quite stupid, and incredibly annoying, according to him. He knew he wasn’t capable of being loved, so how did some self-proclaimed genius, someone so dazzling and sparkling become entranced with his being so much to the point that it was self-sacrificing?

That, Izumi wasn’t certain of. 


Perhaps he’d learn of that reason at a later point in their timeline. But for now, all that remains is a shattered heart, a torn red-thread, and an ancient iPod filled with song after song.. Each beat cracking his heart further and further…

“Come back.. I miss you.. I need you..”


Phrases that remained unspoken, yet his heart seemed to shout it out to no end.

Waiting.. Waiting.. For the return of the one whom he’d allowed himself to love.




The third installment was.. Something stranger, Izumi surmised. 


But it seemed that ever since the man named Leo Tsukinaga entered his life, everything just seemed to unfold that way. 


Graduation had felt like something far away from Izumi’s reach, something so distant it appeared like he’d never arrive at its destination.  


Until he did. 


 It came without warning, quite frankly. Everything around him had become suddenly filled with vibrance again, something that was cut-away from his life for quite some time. He’d begun getting used to having that oh so special somebody by his side once again, hoping to keep him attached to his side with glue so he couldn’t float off into the farthest reaches of the galaxy yet again. And practices were going incredibly smoothly, and it felt as if they were all living in some sort of perpetual state of bliss, something that none of them wanted to depart from, or at least, not yet.

But, time didn’t seem to pause for anyone.

Even if they asked kindly.

Requiem was reminiscent of a blaring alarm-clock which awoke you out of your rose-colored dreams and brought you back into the unfortunate reality of the real. That, and its name translating to “A Song for the Dead” didn’t really make the circumstances that much lighter. It was almost as if everyone was treating the event as one large funeral, much to Izumi’s dismay of course.

He wasn’t dying, simply growing and moving along.

Why did everyone treat it as if he was? As if they all were?




“Hey Sena, tell me one last thing.. Am I smiling..?”


“Yeah you are. And if you’re smiling.. Then I am too.”




Izumi had learned how strenuous it was to say goodbye after becoming so comfortable in one singular place, and attached to a certain group of individuals. He truly thought it didn’t matter, that getting attached to others was a waste of his energy, that he didn’t need them.


But, he was yet again proved wrong. 


Knights had become his stronghold, his home away from home, his safe-haven without even realizing it. Graduation painted him with wishy-washy feelings of melancholy and sourness. Something the cold-hearted, iron riddled Izumi Sena, wouldn’t ever had thought he’d experience.

It was truly as they say, 

“You never learn how much you truly love something until it’s gone.”


Despite the fact that he was moving onto things larger than he was able to fathom, it still stung, reminiscent of that one time in his second year where he’d strayed from his path. Though, this time he wouldn’t be without his selfish King, rather, he’d be right by his side.

And while Knights were something Izumi grew to cherish, it was truly that one special glimpse of heaven, bearing orange fiery-red hair that he grew to love the most. 




Florence was stranger , if that was even possible at this time. 


While Leo was able to financially support himself given his fame as a rather well-known composer, he chose to stay with Izumi in his one bedroom apartment. 


Not to his dismay though, not that he’d admit to that.


And despite Leo causing and wreaking his own little spells of havoc and chaos everywhere he stepped, Izumi seemed to only fall harder and longer for him, despite the way that his living room floor was covered with papers and un-capped markers at this very moment.

“Leo-kun. Haven’t I told you to clean up after yourself!? If you’re gonna be here, you need to follow my rules, alright?” he said, the name slipping off his tongue a bit softer than he might’ve preferred. 


“Ehhh? You don’t get it, Sena! When I have a sudden burst of inspiration, I can’t just ignore it?!” Leo currently, was a bundle of orange fluff encased in a large grey hoodie, rolling around their rug seemingly upset at Izumi’s nagging, per usual. “Won’t you just clean it up like you always do?!”

He was right. Izumi probably would do just that like he always did.


“Still! That isn’t an excuse!” He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose whenever he didn’t know how to tread forward, since he couldn’t ever really get mad at Leo. “Anyway, we’re going somewhere tonight so get ready, alright?”


“Somewhere..? Like, as in a surprise?! Can’t wait!”




The evening was young, as were they, two young, broken, yet bandaged souls bathing in the flushed colors which painted Florence’s skies. They walked, hand in hand as they usually did throughout all their years of being within each other's company. It was just.. comfortable. Something they’d always done, perhaps out of fear that if they didn’t one of them would run off again, or perhaps it was something more. To which Izumi hoped it was. They weren’t romantically involved with each other, despite the very few kisses they shared here and there. But after each they’d go along, living their own lives as if nothing had changed. 


Though, Izumi was frankly a bit tired of dancing around each other like they were unable to ever be closer. And despite Leo frequently reminding Izumi that he was as beautiful as the moon, they weren’t actually like the sun and moon.

They were normal people, who weren’t destined to be apart by some otherworldly power. 

They were just fearful. Both Leo and Izumi. They were afraid of shattering each other again.

But, Izumi had grown, become smarter, and changed in small ways, some going unnoticed, but still there all the while. 


He knew how much he longed, prayed, and yearned for something a bit more than normal between them two.




Their walk had finally reached its conclusion and their destination was a piano bar, one they had frequented a few times before. Leo looked, lost. But Izumi pressed on, opening the door for him and entering in after him.


Izumi walked up to the hostess counter and stated their name to which they were led to a small table which had a “reserved” card on it and sat down. And despite it being such a lovely night it didn’t seem like that many people were here.

“Woooah! It’s been so long since we last came here! I missed it! What’s the occasion though? It’s not my birthday or anything?” Leo said, stirring around the straw in the drink he was given idly.


“Nothing too big.” Izumi stated blankly.


That was a lie, but whatever.


The lights in the bar dimmed suddenly and the piano player had stepped onto the stage, holding a microphone he spoke: “This evening we were given a special song request. Hope you enjoy.” He sat down at the grand piano, fingers hovering over black and white keys before pressing onto them gently yet passionately, and he began to sing.


“You, who are suited to an eternity of purity

Your soft smile... it moves my heart because

The key I threw into the moon's reflection created ripples

These faint emotions I have stowed away..”


Leo’s mouth laid agape and he turned to look at Sena, who was already looking at him with a warm smile, one only reserved for the one whom sat in front of him. 


“Leo-kun, would you.. Like to go out with me?”


“Of course!! I’d been waiting all this time, you know?” 


As the familiar tune continued on, Izumi was freshly reminded of one of the latest things he learned. Music was something that spoke louder than words, and while Leo was a lovely, brilliant, and chaotic melody all on his lonesome, it was only when they were together when their heartbeats created one beautiful song.