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Don't bully me

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When Bellatrix finally put the tearful Delphi to sleep and returned to the bedroom exhausted, she found the little witch who was supposed to be asleep in bed was nowhere to be seen.

The dim light overflowed through the bathroom door, and there were muffled gasps.

She eased her steps like she was afraid of scaring Hermione and walked slowly to the door of the bathroom. Sure enough, the thin figure was sitting on the toilet with his back to her, his arms laboriously resting on his chest, and the hem of his nightgown was pulled up all the way down his spine, the Shadows of the two waistlines were visible in the light as she moved.


The woman's movements paused at the sound of her soft call "Is she asleep?"

“Sound asleep,”said Bellatrix, nodding, and stepping forward, putting her hands on her shoulders and rubbing her chin against the crown of her head, then she heard a rustling of electricity from below. “ The milk won't come out ? ”

“Hmm...”Hermione said, with a voice that sounded vaguely plaintive. “I can’t Sleep... I’ll have to suck it out first.”

The witch sighed and turned to Bellatrix.

Two electromagnetic patches were vibrating against the side of her breasts, and it occurred to the Dark Witch that they appeared to have been sent to her by Ginny to ease the pain of her rising breasts, but from the looks of things it wasn't doing much good either.

But what caught Bellatrix's eye more than anything else were the two glass suction cups sucking on the tips of Hermione's breasts, the engorged nipples quivering gently as the suction cups sucked, the milky fluid dripping shakily onto the glass, and with Hermione's whimper of pain, the dark witch's fingers at her side spasmed and her throat went dry.

"I'll be ready in a go to sleep Bella..." slightly uncomfortable by the other man's hot eyes, Hermione turned sideways and covered herself up with her nightgown, her voice still slightly breathy "I'm fine..."

"Oh... oh..." Bellatrix nodded as if wide awake and turned in a hurry to get out of the bathroom, her breath shuddering at the tingle from the warmth that quietly stood up between her legs as it brushed against her thighs.

'Calm down Bellatrix...' The dark witch lay back on her pillow with her eyes closed adjusting her breathing, her legs clenched together while her mind was filled with the images she had just seen, the pulsing of the cock coming up through the skin of her inner thighs, she even felt her pajama trousers getting a little wet.

Some time passed before Hermione returned slowly to the bed, the other side of the thin duvet pulled back, the mattress beside her dented after her, and the familiar smell came over her.

Bellatrix immediately turned and took Hermione into her arms, the witch was clearly taken aback and froze in her arms for a moment as if she were a frightened bunny, before gently touching the back of her hand "Still not asleep? I'm very sleepy...hiss..."

Feeling her swollen chest being gently held from below, Hermione frowned and lowered her voice " let go of me..."

"The massage will soothe..." Bellatrix closed her eyes and buried her face in the nape of Hermione's neck, her lips brushing back and forth against the glands at the back of her neck "Don't worry, just leave it to me... "

The dark witch's massage was very much to Hermione's liking, and she sighed softly as she shrank back into the other woman's arms, only to suddenly feel her cock pressing hard against her waistline, still carefully rubbing down along the line of her waistline ......

The witch chuckled lightly, somewhat helplessly "Why do I get the impression that you have ulterior motives, Bellatrix Black?"

"So... is that okay?" Bellatrix grinned wickedly and nibbled gently along the bones of her cervical spine, and her hand probed along the hem of her nightgown, kneading gently at her somewhat hot skin.

The witch ticked the corner of her mouth without replying, but matched her movements by pulling her panties down. The cock, which had long since peeked over the edge of her pajama bottoms, was also eager to get into the crevice of Hermione's closed thighs and rub back and forth against her soft petals.

" you've been planning this for a while?" Hermione gasped softly and clamped down on her, her hand probing down to gently stroke the cock that was squeezing out from between her legs, the smooth tip spitting out a stickiness that made her laugh softly "It's certainly been a while since I've done it too..."

"A while?" Bellatrix gently nibbled on her gland, her sharp canines grinding against it, and her words took on a slightly grumbling tone "It's been almost six months since you had Delphi..."

The awakening petals are rubbed open to the sides, and the hot, moist mucosa clings to the dark witch’s stiff penis, and as they move, they make a thick, lascivious sound, the sleeping clit also lifts its head with a shaky bump from cock.

The tenderly cared for breasts also burned a little, the swelling and pain gradually mixed with a touch of tingling, the tips of the breasts, which had been tortured since the nursing period, swollen to the point of almost splitting, and so excited that even the areolas swelled up just from being rubbed against the pyjamas.

Perhaps it really had been too long since she had done it, Hermione just felt her body was surprisingly sensitive and she could feel a hot fluid sliding uncontrollably down the base of her thighs, even as it tended to flow more and more.

"Ah...Bella..." the moan that came out of her mouth without permission startled Hermione and she opened her dazed eyes, skewing her eight eyebrows back as the woman behind her immediately came up, the intoxicating smell of pheromones with a cinnamon aroma immediately washes away Hermione's remaining sanity.

Hermione whimpered and closed her eyes as Bellatrix's nimble tongue invaded her, the hands that had been playing tricks on her chest squeezed the tips of her breasts and pulled them gently outwards, her fingers occasionally brushing against the cleft at the tip, the slow pumping cock beneath her still maintaining that grinding frequency, even though on a few occasions it had slid down the long-opened hole Even though on a few occasions it had "accidentally" slipped shallowly into the already open hole, it still refused to go all the way in.

"Mmm...come on..." the Omega, ground to the point of losing her mind, squirmed with impatience, and the hand squeezing the Dark Witch's arm subconsciously probed between her legs, her fingers pressing helplessly against the nub, which had become so aroused that it was fully erect, covered in nectar and not even Hermione could not easily squeeze it, so she let it slide helplessly between her fingers, only to have it throb in a few back and forth movements.

Bellatrix's eyes opened with some surprise, the witch's thinly sweating face a tinge of flush, her dark eyes slightly narrowed and watery, the cinnamon-flavoured pheromones in her hot breath. The pheromones were also strong to the point of intensity. It wasn't long before Bellatrix spotted her hand doing her dirty work hidden under the covers.

The hand that had been kneading her chest slid slowly down the line of muscle in her abdomen, then grabbed Hermione's wrist as she was about to apply force. The rushing desire was instantly stifled and a sob of mixed aggression and discontent spilled out from between the witch's slightly parted lips, her eyes opening with a frown, the watery light clouding her irises slipping from the corners of her eyes, her kissed lips skewing downwards in aggression, a soft snort with a nasal tone causing Bellatrix's heart to swell again.

"Don't bully me..." Hermione rubbed her chin ingratiatingly, and was aggravated when she found that her wrist was still immobilised "Don't you want me Bella?"

"How can it be, little one......" Bellatrix moved up to lick and suck her bottom lip, rising and pinning her down in a lingering kiss that gradually turned the aggression in Hermione's heart into a sticky gasp.

The desire that had just cooled was rekindled and she lifted her legs with difficulty to clamp Bellatrix's waist firmly in place, her hot wet petals opening and closing to swallow the cock dangling from her hole, and the dark witch stopped tormenting her and simply nibbled dotingly on the tip of her nose, then slowly sank back down.

The calves hanging from Bellatrix's waist tightened impatiently and the belt moved to lift her hips to swallow the other woman completely. The sensation of being filled made Hermione tilt her head back and curl her mouth in excitement, opening her mouth to let out a gasp of satisfaction.

The hungry inner walls are slowly widened, the inner folds are slowly ironed out, all the sensitive points have nowhere to hide and the desire that has been dry for so long is instantly ignited.

The young witch reached her breaking point almost as soon as she reached her core, her head raised in pleasure, her palms pressed hard against her mouth to silence the scream that almost escaped her lips, and her waist, which had been sunken into the mattress, met her impatiently, the sound of sticky water immediately resonating throughout the space.

"Oh" the brunette's desperate cooperation caused the dark witch to lose a bit of control and she forced down the rushing desire, the hands braced on the side of Hermione's face clenching into fists, the lines of muscle in her arms following suit.

She gave in to Hermione's movements, tilting her head back and closing her eyes, breathing deeply while enjoying the pleasure coming up from her lower body. However, the woman beneath her immediately reached out and took her face and brought her down, and her lips, which were a little red and swollen from the bite, were pressed against hers, and a titillating whisper immediately spilled out from their lips and teeth.

The tips of her breasts, which had been rubbing against her chest, grew harder and harder, leaving a trail of wetness at each brush, and Bellatrix could not resist releasing her lips and instead lowering her head to take a red fruit and suck it hard, the tingling pleasure making Hermione's whole body clench up and her already rapid breathing suddenly disrupted.

"Be...Bella...ah..." the sudden surge of shyness brought Hermione back to some semblance of sanity, and she shook her head as sheepish, feeble fingers ran through the dark witch's raven-haired Fingertips pressed futilely against her scalp.

The swelling and dull pain in both breasts turned into a different kind of pleasure with Bellatrix's sucking, like a tingling current running through the tips of her breasts and then directly into her chaotic brain.

With a jerk of her belly, her pussy, which had been gulping her cock, spasmed and spat out several streams of nectar, spraying Bellatrix's already damp cock.

Sinking into the creamy aroma, Bellatrix was suddenly surrendered to the tightness and a dull whimper couldn't help but be squeezed out of her throat.

The tightly bound walls of her flesh jerked erratically, the cavity at the end opening and closing rapidly to lick her tip, even as an inexplicable suction wrapped her tightly and kneaded her, and the indescribable pleasure made her leak.

Hermione let out a cry of sorrow and subconsciously clutched the Alpha on top of her, her whole body shaking into a ball in her arms, her heavy, sharp gasps being pressed into the dark witch's chest as hot breaths.

"Satisfied?" After a long moment, Hermione looked up at her, those amber eyes flickering in and out of the dimly lit room, the somewhat tired, husky voice of the overwhelming tide of love carrying an inexplicable sensuality.

Bellatrix smiled lightly and reached out to touch her peachy face, a wry glint in her obsidian eyes

"You guess?"


The dim light of the table lamp spilled over Hermione's sweaty back, her honey-stained skin covered in love marks, still undulating tirelessly against the dark witch's body.

Bellatrix kneaded her buttocks hard, the tip of her high nose brushing against the swollen, swollen petals, the tip of her tongue sweeping over the engorged, erect nub, and the thumb that broke the petal open nastily probing her slightly open hole, pressing and rubbing back and forth against the moist walls of her flesh.

Grassed to the point of losing her strength, Hermione lay helplessly between the dark witch's legs, her knuckled hands sliding back and forth over the other woman's from cock, occasionally turning her face sideways to suck the cloudy coloured cum and fluid spilling from the tip, but the surging waves broke her will and soon she was reduced to clutching her partner's cock and crying for mercy.

"My little witch is being lazy again?" The dark witch gently patted her pink pinch-covered bottom, her legs thoughtfully pivoting so her little witch could rest against them, then her waist jerked upwards, driving her glands to slide gently against the witch's palm.

"Mmm...I didn't...ah..." feeling the other woman's tongue suddenly probe in, Hermione braced herself and tilted her head back to gasp sharply, both arms clutching Bellatrix's bent knees , the tips of her breasts brushing hard against the skin of her thighs, leaving a trail of watery marks.

The view crossed over brunette's trembling, muscular hips, a perfect line of bone running upwards between two deep waist sockets, her butterfly bones fluttering beneath her brown curls, as if the snow-white wings hidden beneath her smooth skin were ready to spread out at any moment, looking divine and erotic.

The dark witch couldn't resist reaching out and running her hands up her tight waistline, then over her wonderfully juicy breasts that kept spilling out and gently kneading them.

The moans from the top of her head rose steeply, the petals in her mouth quivered and squeezed her tongue, and the hard, ruby-red nub kept pulsing up against her lower lip.

However Hermione was never one to be selfish and the Dark Witch saw her suddenly tilt her head back and exhale two heavy breaths, then re-activate her grip on the base of the Dark Witch's leg.

Hermione huffed and looked down at the length, her cum-dampened tiger mouth squeezing and rubbing the tip back and forth, the oozing fluid being gently rubbed away by her thumbs again. bellatrix grunted softly and took the nub and sucked it heavily twice, then sat up with a straight pinch on Hermione's waist.

Hermione was caught off guard and fell forward, dazed and with her hands on the edge of the bed.

The long-hungry pussy was penetrated again and the young witch's entire body was knocked forward and pulled back by the dark witch's strong arms around her shoulders.

Bellatrix ruffled her messy brown curls and kissed the swollen gland at the back of her neck, and Hermione's whole body spasmed as if struck by lightning, her fingers clenched tightly on the bedclothes turning white.

The sound of lapping water made Hermione even feel like an out-of-control shower, and the water marks beneath her gradually spread to the small of her back.

Bellatrix nibbled on her glands as she pumped hard, the flesh of her aroused pussy flipping in and out, the sticky flower juices slapped together by the dark witch's speed to make them stickier and stickier, hanging between their thighs and falling back down into the bed.

"" feeling the dark witch's teeth bite harder and harder on her gland, Hermione struggled to escape from her opponent's shackles and the light in her eyes grew to look "''ll go into heat ......"

"It's okay...I'm here..." said Bellatrix, licking and sucking there, and the hand cupping the tip of the brunette's breast tugged outwards with a slight effort.

"Oooh...that Delphi..."

"I'll call Luna tomorrow..."

The gland was bitten right through and injected, the extinguishing pleasure shattering all Hermione's remaining concerns, she screamed and arched her body, pushing Bellatrix's cock out of her body even from the sheer excitement, the hard end poking hard against the nub, Bellatrix just felt like the person in her arms had completely collapsed as her whole body shrank into a ball, the strong smell of pheromones spread right across the room.

Bellatrix turned her body over, her possessive eyes smiling as she admired the Omega beneath her, completely blooming for her.

Hermione's whole body looked as if she had just been fished out of the water, her messy curls cascading over the bed, her moist amber eyes looking at her somewhat laxly, the corners of her reddened eyes still streaked with tears.

The dark witch's accidentally bitten and slightly swollen lips were slightly parted and panting, a little blood and saliva that she hadn't been able to swallow still hanging from the sides of her mouth. Her violently heaving chest was covered in bite marks, and the tips of her breasts, which had been raised to the point of arousal, were still dripping with milk-white droplets, trembling as if they were about to drip down in the next moment.

The legs spread out at Bellatrix's side were still trembling gently, the painfully swollen and turned-out hole twitching and squeezing outwards with a mixture of flower and cum, the never-wearying nub still standing stiff and throbbing from time to time as if expecting the next round of the Dark Witch's caresses.

"Do you have any idea how beautiful you are right now?" Bellatrix reached out fascinated to caress Hermione's cheek, and the, young witch shuddered, moving over to nuzzle her palm like a docile cat, the pink tip of her tongue even reaching out to lick the somewhat burning wound on her lips.

Sanity was once again consumed by desire as Bellatrix hefted her thighs over her shoulders, the cock poised to pierce her once more, Hermione had no more strength to scream, just whimpered and held her tight, her arms wrapping the dark witch in a death grip as if to wrap her completely inside.

"Haaah...Bella...ahhh...cum in...ahhh...please..." Hermione Burying herself in the nape of Bellatrix's neck, the sentence that came out of her mouth was shattered by the other woman's violent ramming, so she had to cry and bite down on Bellatrix's collarbone, and her hands groped helplessly along her waistline, then cupped and kneaded her quivering breasts.

"God..." the walls nearing orgasm squeezed Bellatrix tightly, and the wet, hot, tight sensation made Bellatrix moan out.

She lowered her head and sucked hard on the tips of Hermione's breasts, swallowing the sweet milk that was squeezed out of them, her palms pressing and slapping her nubs with fury "come...come for me pet..."

Hermione huffed and closed her eyes, but the woman's demonic whisper "look at me...look at me good girl..." came to her ears.

Bellatrix ran her hands under her armpits to grip her shoulders tightly, the sound of lapping water blending with her low sensual voice, and brunette opened her eyes, tears that had long since filled her eyes sliding down the corners.

Her lax irises were gradually taken over by a white light, her sensual lips made a silent confession and Bellatrix immediately lowered her head for a kiss, the cinnamon-flavoured pheromones instantly invading Hermione's senses and sending her deep into it.

The cock slammed into the cavity, the rushing hot fluid filling Omega instantly, yet the hand that remained outside her body continued to ravage the nub, and Hermione could only feel her consciousness jerking away and could only feel Bellatrix's gentle and possessive kisses raining down on her body.

Yet the night is not over yet.


Luna finally poked her head out from under the covers when the phone rang for the third time.

"Turn that shit off..." ginny tightened his arm around her waist in displeasure, and bit her hard on the muscle of her back.

"Bellatrix?" asked Luna, giving her an elbow in the head to connect the call.

"Special circumstances...Luna,"

"Huh?" I don't know if it was an illusion, but Luna felt like she heard a strange moan from Hermione on the other end of the line.

"Hermione and I are not free to look after Delphi, can you pick her up and look after her?"

"Don't you dare?" Ginny resented re-hugging her, her hands squeezing Luna's chest tightly.

"Er...Bella, I've got something on my side..."

"For God's sake! I've been holding it in for six months, can't you just let that damn redhead of yours wait?"

L: "Ah... also, okay then..."

B: "Thank God! See you later!"

G: "Luna?!"