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Ever since she can remember, Katsuki has always been with Deku. From that first moment she'd teased him on the playground for being useless and he hadn't run away, she'd always assumed they'd be together.

Especially when they ended up imprinting on one another at such a young age.

It had happened at the playground, of course. Katsuki had been swinging from the monkey bars, letting her feet dangle while she watched the other kids try to reach as far as she'd gotten.

Her arms are getting a little tired, and she can feel sweat beading up on her brow, but Katsuki has been stubborn since birth. She'll stay here all night until someone proves themselves.

Unfortunately, what with her new quirk, she's taken to sweating a lot from her palms. And right now, she can feel herself slipping.

"Hurry up already!" She barks, grunting as she repositions herself.

"What a bossy omega," one of her underlings grumbles from the ground. They'd been one of the first to fall.

Katsuki hisses at him, baring her teeth as she prepares to snark back that betas didn't get to have opinions on her, when she ends up slipping. Of course.

Katsuki yelps as one of her hands slides off of the metal bar, but her shoulders are already aching from the strain of staying in this position for so long already.

She misses when she tries to grab it, and her other hand slips as she loses balance.

Katsuki squeals as she goes plummeting a couple feet to the ground, but there's a blur of someone scrambling beneath her just before impact. A body, similar in size to her, with arms outstretched to catch her and slow her descent.

They collide with a solid 'whap', and go tumbling.

The new landing is not as hard and unforgiving as the ground would have been, but still painful. With a groan, Katsuki rolls over onto her front, and then up onto her knees as she rubs the back of her head.

Beneath her lies Deku, wincing as he does the same.

"Are you okay, Kacchan?" He asks, one eye blinking open. "I saw you falling, but I thought I wasn't gonna be fast enough to catch you."

He has a scrape on his elbow, a bit of blood blooming from the wound. He doesn't seem to notice, though, as he hovers his hands over her in worry.

Something inside of her feels content with his attention on her, and she relaxes her shoulders as a pleasant, almost sweet scent begins to drift up between them. Her throat rumbles with a noise it's never made before, and Deku's face blushes pink before he timidly begins to make the same sound.

A purr. Katsuki doesn't realize she's dopily grinning until Deku dips forward and begins to nuzzle against her chin. And then encourage her to do the same to him, letting her sniff at his scent from the source.

Katsuki begins to run her fingers through his hair, combing it gently as the two of them, without even knowing it, claim the other as their own.

The two of them had recently presented, maybe a month or so ago. Katsuki knows that scenting is something Alphas do to their Omegas to claim them— and in this case, she doesn't mind at all the Deku is announcing himself as her Alpha.

In fact, she welcomes it. She laps at his scent gland once, and then pulls away with another purr as their scents begin to mingle. Not claimed, begins neither of them had even begun to grow their fangs yet—

But, she feels closer to him, now. Tied to her alpha.

"Dummy," Katsuki had sighed, without any of her normal heat. She felt so calm and happy with Deku in front of her that she doesn't even mind when extras crowd around them to see if they're okay.

All she has eyes for is Deku.




She doesn't learn until much later what imprinting is, of course, but Katsuki recognizes that she wouldn't have minded either way if she had known.

Deku didn't seem to get that, though. All through middle school he'd assumed her bullying him came from resentment. While imprinting wasn't as powerful as actual claiming, it still warded off any potential alphas from Katsuki, and any omegas from Deku. And with how often they stayed around one another, the imprinting took years to fade.

So, of course Deku thought she hated him for it. Katsuki never really figured she'd had to tell him otherwise— 'cause she still had to show his ass that she was gonna be the Number One Hero regardless of claiming bites.

And, again, she always figured he'd end up with her— whether or not their relationship was shaky. He'd been with her for her entire life, right?




It's at U.A. that Katsuki starts to notice Deku avoiding her. After the incident at USJ, actually.

The entire situation had been fairly traumatic for a lot of the class (though Katsuki thought it was fine. She'd gotten real world experience against real world villains— and won), but especially so for Deku and his friends. He'd broken both his legs (again) and all, after he'd tried to go on his own to save All Might.

Kirishima had been really adamant, even as soon as it happened, to go and check on Deku. And, of course, Katsuki was pulled along with him. It wasn't as if she didn't wanna see how well Deku was holding up, but he was strong. He would've been fine, what with Recovery Girl looking after him too.

Recovery Girl doesn't let them see him for a long time, though. Just enough for Kirishima to say something about how brave and manly he was for flying in, and for Katsuki to speak up with a scowl and admonish him for being a reckless idiot.

Deku had gotten a bit closed off, but Katsuki assumed he was tired. So she let Kirishima drag her off again, with Kirishima promising that they'd help him with class if his injuries messed with him too badly.

Katsuki notices Izuku's expression go troubled, eyebrows pinched together and mouth drawn in a frown, before the door to the nurse's office shuts.

And the days after are strange. Troubling, if Katsuki let herself be troubled about stupid shit. She couldn't help it when it came to Deku, though.

It seems like every time she heads into a room, barring the classroom, Izuku will get up not a minute later and walk away. It doesn't matter if he had been in the middle of a card game with Uraraka or watching a show with Todoroki, he would just bow apologetically to them and then scamper off without even trying to make eye contact with her.

And, each time, whichever of them is there that day will glare at her as if it's her fault Deku was being an idiot, and chase after him with a "Deku, hold up!" on their lips. Katsuki doesn't realize how hard she scowls back until she has to start massaging her jaw muscles when they start aching.

But, on rare days, Deku will perk up when she walks in the room. His face will go all lit up and happy as if she'd just made his day, and he'll call out to her no matter the distance with a warm, "Hi, Kacchan!"

And his scent. Instead of awkwardly muted, hanging around him like smog over a city, it'll bloom out like a sunflower at dawn. Her alpha's scent will reach her from the further corner of the room and wrap around her like a safety blanket, tucking its way around her in a way that makes her relax every so minutely.

Even if Katsuki just grumbles and half-assedly ignores him, on those days he'll always greet her. Always scent her from afar. It makes her insides squirm pleasantly, completely opposite of the days when he ignores her in turn.

Katsuki doesn't realize until, maybe, a month after USJ that he only does the 'ignoring' thing when she walks into the room with Kirishima at her side.

She tests it one day, purposefully dropping a pencil before she walks into the common room. Kirishima, of course, scrambles to pick it up for her. Katsuki takes the opportunity to walk in first and scan the room, spotting Izuku sitting at the living room's kotatsu with both Uraraka and Todoroki on either side of him.

They make eye contact at the same time, and Deku is already grinning as he lifts his hand to wave at her. She sees his lips begin to make the syllables of his greeting, when Kirishima interrupts.

He places his full palm across Katsuki's shoulder and holds out the pencil, and Katsuki reflexively breaks eye contact first.

She snatches it out of the air with a sneer, and Kirishima laughs.

Katsuki watches as his eyes dart over her shoulder, but she gets distracted again because shit, that little stunt broke her pencil. How irritating.

When she looks back up, Kirishima is strangely posed. His shoulders are drawn back, making him look bigger than he is, and he's glaring down his nose over her shoulder. Towards Deku?

She watches as his lips part in what could be a grin in the right light, but looks more like a challenging sneer from where she's standing.

His scent stutters through the air, as if he's forcing it to flow further than it's meant to. Katsuki scrunches her nose up at him, but Kirishima is a little preoccupied with whatever the hell he's up to.

His hand circles around her from behind, gripping her on the shoulder furthest from him as if it was a side hug.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Katsuki frowns, hitting him upside the head.

Kirishima deflates, a startled laugh slipping out of him as he bashfully rubs where she hit.

He hooks his arm over her shoulders fully, which makes her frown turn into a loud scoff as she immediately shoves him off. "Sorry, Bakugo! Let's go study."

When Katsuki turns back to Deku, he's looking down. His eyes are hidden by the thick of his hair, but she can see how his smile has been completely wiped away, and how Uraraka is trying to shoot him with daggers with her vision alone while Todoroki nudges Deku with his elbow and begins to stand.

They all leave, making a wide berth around Katsuki and Kirishima.

Before Deku leaves completely, she reaches a hand out to him. "Oi— what the fuck is wrong with—"

"C'mon, Bakugo!" Kirishima interrupts, grabbing her wrist to tug her towards the abandoned kotatsu. They left behind half of a board game and a tangled pair of headphones, all of which Kirishima hurries to clear away.

"Bakugo?" Kirishima asks innocently, when she takes a while to sit beside him. Katsuki glares at him one last time.

"What the fuck was that?"

"What was what?"

"The fuckin'…" She gestures to him, and then to where Deku left. "Don't do that shit, Box-Dye. You look like an asshole."

"Sorry!" Kirishima laughs again, never one to let her anger get him down. "It was just… an alpha-to-alpha thing. You wouldn't get it."

Katsuki's eyebrows furrow.

"So you were doing it at Deku?"

"Uh… yeah! But, it's fine— I didn't mean to run him off."

Something about the way he says it rubs Katsuki the wrong way. She crosses her arms, and the expression that grows on her face must look murderous because Kirishima hops up, bowing quickly and gesturing at the pillow-seats to try to get her to calm.

"I'm sorry, bro! It won't happen again!"

"It better fuckin' not," Katsuki hisses.

She isn't sure where the sudden need to defend Deku's honor is coming from, but it feels right. Especially when Kirishima backs off and nods his head placatingly, wincing when she hits him again for being a dumbass.

Katsuki looks back at the way Deku went, but all that's left behind is a chill that crawls up her back and an empty feeling in her chest that makes her want to chase after him and demand he look at her, just one more time, to see if it goes away.

Instead, she sits beside Kirishima and lets him show her the worksheet he needed help on. The entire time, she thinks of Deku.




"I don't know how Midoriya-kun can stand you," Uraraka snaps at her.

It's after their battle during the sports festival, the two of them accidentally tangled in the hall after they took a brief moment to grab water and cool off with fluffy towels. Katsuki's still hangs from her shoulders, her uniform unzipped so that she can breathe.

Uraraka looks exhausted after the battle, Katsuki is pleased to note. She's still sweaty and a bit woozy after she'd passed out using her quirk so heavily like that.

But that smug sense of satisfaction is hampered by the words that Uraraka had spit at her feet.

Katsuki feels like she knows something about his relationship with Deku that Katsuki herself doesn't— and that pisses her off.

"Hah? You need me to give you another fucking beating, mochi-for-brain?"

Uraraka bites her lip, but it just proceeds to make her scowl look more vicious.

Katsuki takes a step forward, fully intending on taking her threat and turning it to reality, when Uraraka shakes her head.

"Nevermind," she snaps again, as if Katsuki is stupid. "Just— leave Deku alone."

Before Katsuki can make a comeback beyond the reflexive, "Bite me," that she spits, Uraraka twists on her heel and stomps off.

Leaving Katsuki to wonder what the hell any business of Uraraka's that it was. Her relationship with Deku was hers, and Mochi could just— could fuckin' eat shit if she cared so much.

When Katsuki gets back to the stands, she ignores Kirishima's attempts at making her sour mood go away, and shrugs him off when he tries to drag her off to more private seats. This seat was perfect for watching how Deku pointedly looks away from her.




"You really shouldn't play with Deku's feelings," Todoroki tells Katsuki at the training camp.

They're on their walk through the forest together, having just been startled by a head coming out of the ground. Stupid courage test— stupid fucking training camp. All Katsuki had done all day was explode the air or boil her fucking skin off her hands. They still ache where they're shoved in her pockets.

"What the fuck are you going on about, Ice-Breath?" Katsuki grunts, half distracted by the annoying strings someone had tied in the middle of the path to imitate spiderwebs.

"Deku. The way you act with him just stresses him out, so you should stop."

Maybe it's the deadpan way he says it, or maybe it's because she's already felt like she's been fucking up somehow with her alpha— because she stops picking at the stupid string to turn and face him fully.

"And what the fuck does that mean?"

Todoroki squares his shoulders, never one to back down from Katsuki's louder-than-thunder personality. Either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid.

Before he can stand his ground, though, the forest starts burning around them. Screams in the distance.

They have to forget their squabble for a moment. Katsuki is left with a feeling wiggling through her brain that she's a bad omega, displeasing Deku somehow— ruining their relationship somehow.

She doesn't get many chances to think about it as the night progresses. Katsuki is the villain's main target, for some reason.

After that is announced, 'Kacchan' echoing through her head via Mandalay's quirk, the only thought she has left is— win.

Even that morphs to 'survive', when she blacks out and comes to with a hand— a rotting around the edges, burning hot hand, gripping her by the back of the neck as a black, amorphous void tickles its way across her nerves.

At her front, Deku. Screaming her name, every one of his limbs shattered and purpled with pain.

"Don't come—!" She demands, even as Deku flies closer and closer to save her.

She doesn't get to say anything else before everything blacks out again.




Katsuki gets saved, of course. She'd never known she could propel herself through the air the way she did, as if she became one with the air.

All she could focus on was the hand reaching out for her, and her own connecting with it as it flew her to safety.

The adrenaline in her veins in that moment probably could have kept her going for weeks. She hopes she never has to feel so out of her element again.




The days blur together, afterwards. All Might retires. Katsuki fails her licensing exam. (All Might retires— a major blow. It was her fault, wasn't it? Just the same way it was her fault she stops seeing Deku around—)

She stops seeing Deku around.

It was Deku's plan that saved her. Kirishima gushes about it one quiet evening, his hand on her shoulder. Even when she shrugs it off, it somehow finds its way back to her, his pinky brushing across her scent gland.

Katsuki leaves it, just because that chasm in her gut— one she has begun to correlate with the absence of Deku— lessens when she learns about how desperately he'd tried to save her. A self-sacrificing dumbass to the end.

Deku still avoids her, though. Even more now. Those rare days when it was just her walking through the halls of the dorms, Deku actively avoided her presence. Katsuki has to upgrade her scent patches just to be able to get a glimpse of him outside of class.

And, every time, he'll notice her out of the corner of his eye and disappear. It makes Katsuki feel sick, as if she's been rejected from something that she needs to survive.




They end up fighting at Ground Beta. Katsuki pours her heart out to him in a way that she wasn't expecting to.

"Why was I the one that ended All Might?" She had cried to her alpha. On the tip of her tongue, 'Was I the one who ruined what you and I had?'

They kick each other's asses. Katsuki, even with her admittedly large pride, is surprised at the strides Deku has made as a hero. How powerful he's gotten.

He gets more than a few good hits in— but she wins. Of course she does— She's Bakugo fuckin' Katsuki. It's not as satisfying as she'd wanted it to be, though.

She's got him pinned, arm twisted in her grip and his head pressed to the gravel.

"How did you lose?" She bites at him as she lets go, stumbling onto her heels— and then onto her ass as she catches her breath.

The two of them breathe together, staring up at the dark sky. She can hear how Deku lungs shudder as he fills his lungs, probably bruised all over after that final impact. Serves him fuckin' right.

Still, Katsuki feels a bit guilty as she rolls onto her side, and then up onto her knees so that she can crawl closer.

She ends up right beside him, curling her knees up to her chest as she breathes in deep one more time before slowly letting it out in a calming, almost silent sigh.

The noise catches Deku's attention anyway, somehow. He twists his head, shoving his hair from his forehead to look at her fully. She pointedly looks at the ground between them, hiding the lower half of her face in her crossed arms where they rest against her knees.

When he sits up, legs splayed out in front of him, she glances straight out in front of them, towards the broken buildings of Ground Beta.

"We… we can be friends, right?" Deku asks her, cutting through the silence. "I mean… after everything. Before all this— we weren't friends like we used to be… but now—"

Katsuki clicks her tongue, and he cuts himself off. He watches her intently as she stands, dusting herself off and brushing her hands together before she holds one out to him.

"We're rivals, dumbass."

She reaches out to help him off the ground, and Izuku takes it for what it's meant to be: an acceptance. He always knew how to take her actions greater than her words.

But there's something about his resigned expression that makes her belly flutter nervously, as it always does when he's around. It feels foreboding, like seeing the body of a cyclone in the distance.

When Katsuki lifts her head, carefully taking note of his scent, it's muted. That beautiful medley of spring of familiar, happy alpha, gone.

As if he'd closed it off to her— but maybe she's just tired. She did get punched in the face back there.

Still, for the first time, Katsuki feels as though she's cemented the fact that Deku won't be in her future— not in the way that she's always expected him to. That everyone— Uraraka and Todoroki— were right to make her question her relationship.

That she has irrevocably ruined her relationship, without even realizing it.

That Deku isn't hers, anymore.




Katsuki was sure that she hated kids before this, but after dealing with them all day… they aren't that bad. They're just tiny, weirdo fuckin' humans who don't know any better yet.

Katsuki actually kinda likes them, especially the ones that rough-house and run away with a giggle after jumping all over one of the heroes that failed their licensing exam.

Unfortunately, a lot of her day is ruined by the little comments Todoroki keeps shooting her way.

"Nice to see you can be a good person for once," he says, after a kid stumbles up to her and makes her put a band-aid on an injury that doesn't exist.

Then he disappears to help Camie and Inasa with something before she can quip back.

Every. Single. Time.

She's so distracted, almost overwhelmed with having to work with the kids that she never gets to bite back in time.

Apparently, it becomes evident. One of the little rascals jumps onto her gauntlet even after she'd set it off to the side— and boy she can just imagine how fucked she'd be if they exploded themselves somehow— but she trips up and nearly tramples three other kids when they purposefully try to get in her way.

With a hiss that could rival a rattlesnake's, she bares her fangs at them and shoves them away.

One of the kids falls— but he doesn't hit his head so it's fine. When he starts bawling, Katsuki takes the distraction to grab her gauntlet and haul it where none of them can reach.

When she comes back, Todoroki and Camie are there, comforting the gaggle of children that had come to be nosy. The kid in the middle is sniffling as Todoroki tries to hand them a bandage— which they steal and run off with instead of putting on.

Camie makes a joke, and the rest of the kids get distracted with that. But Katsuki is once again clotheslined by Todoroki as he stands up straight as speaks to her.

"No wonder Midoriya doesn't want you as an omega anymore," he says, a small frown on his lips. "I knew you were cruel, but to kids?"

Katsuki staggers to a complete halt. Deku told them… he didn't want her anymore…? What?

"What?" She says aloud, uncaring of the shaky way it slips from her lips. "He really said that?"

Todoroki tilts his head. The sudden shift in her demeanor, from usual gruff and tough to something just a bit more vulnerable, makes him pause. And that tense way he's clenching his jaw— him holding in his anger, Katsuki has slowly realized throughout the day— relaxes.

"Did he say that?" She nearly shouts, stalking forward. Katsuki reaches to tug Todoroki forward and bring them eye-to-eye, but he takes a careful step back and lifts his hands placatingly.

Katsuki doesn't realize she's releasing a distressed whine until Inasa has to pick up a kid that begins whining in response.

She cuts herself off abruptly and stalks away.




Somehow, they all still work together well enough that they're able to help the kids— and convince them to stop being fucking menaces to society.

The teacher is grateful, they all pass— it's fine.

Katsuki still feels as if she's been poisoned, stumbling her down the sidewalk towards the train to head back to U.A.

Todoroki follows her, declining his father's invite to drive them both back himself.

Katsuki stares at train approaches, and sits as far away from Todoroki as she can. Todoroki doesn't try to talk to her again.

Katsuki is left to mourn the loss of a relationship she was never prepared to lose.




Deku, Kirishima, and a few other extras were called in to do their heroic duty. Katsuki isn't necessarily jealous, having missed her chance at an internship at the moment, but she finds herself worrying when a news story pops up a few hours later.

Apparently the fight had been underway for a while— and the story they were getting was delayed to prevent the villains from finding out the police force's plans, but it was still worrying.

Most of the class had gathered in the common room, watching the blurry shots a far-off camera crew had been able to catch. It's almost more frustrating than not seeing it at all.

Todoroki comes up to Katsuki.

Immediately, Katsuki's defenses raise.

"I'm sorry for what I said, before." Todoroki apologizes to her again, and Katsuki can't run off as she's done the last few times he's apologized to her.

Not if she wants to see the fight.

Todoroki continues, "I was just trying to defend Midoriya but… it's none of my business."

Katsuki eyes him warily, grunting when he straightens and stares at her. When she doesn't do anything more than that, he keeps going.

"Uraraka-san and I were just upset with you for leading him on, when you already have a chosen Alpha. But Midoriya has told us it's none of our business— we were just worried for him."

Todoroki trails off towards the end when Katsuki looks at him like his head just popped off his shoulders and walked off.

"I— have a chosen Alpha?" She furrows her brows. "Who told you that dumb shit?"

Todoroki blinks owlishly at her, in that unnerving way he does when he's thinking.

"Is Kirishima not your alpha?"

"Kirishima?" Katsuki splutters, loud enough that the noise in the room dies for a moment before it ramps back up as the heroes-in-training watch the tense battle on the news.

The building had just partially collapsed, but the news hasn't caught sight of any confirmed heroes or villains.

"Yes, Kirishima," Todoroki recaptures her attention, hesitantly. "He was always so close to you— scent-marking you, posturing… Especially when Midoriya is in the room. We thought you two were trying to make him jealous."

"Fuck that! I always push that oaf off when he does that shit— I keep telling him to quit it!"

Katsuki fumes, punching her hand in her fist to quell the oncoming explosion that threatens to build in them.

"And Deku thinks that Shitty Hair is my fucking alpha now? What the fuck."

Todoroki watches as she dissolves into a rant with herself, stepping back to give her space when her palms refuse to stop sparking.

"You should talk to Midoriya," he says, maybe in a way that was meant to be helpful but was completely deadpan. "He thinks you rejected him."

And, as if summoned, the television screen pans over to the alpha in question. It's hard to see, the battle going so fast that it's practically a blur on screen.

But Katsuki watches as Deku fights what can only be described as a monster.

She only knows it's him because she knows him. Has been watching him her whole life. Ever since she'd first imprinted on him, Katsuki has only had eyes for Deku.

And right now, she intends to watch him demolish that bastard villain— or else.

Katsuki shoves her way to the front of the room, ignoring the grumbles and irritated quips her classmates give her as she plants herself directly in front of the screen.

"You better fuckin' win, nerd." She orders.

He has to win— so she can finally fix this.




Deku wins.




So much happens in the following days that Katsuki doesn't see him until he's all healed up and released from the hospital. The villain he'd been fighting— Chisaki Kai— got attacked on transport with the police. It gets revealed that two heroes died.

And even then, she doesn't get to see him until the sky has gone dark, alight with only stars and the moonlight.

Katsuki is on edge until she sees Deku walking down the sidewalk towards the dorm, from the window of her room.

He's uninjured, nodding at something Kirishima is saying. They both look in high-spirits, but even from here Deku has eyebags that she recognizes are from him crying. And he looks tired, a smile on his face but shoulders drawn down as if the weight of the world rests on them.

Katsuki rushes from her room, slamming herself into the elevator and pressing the button to the first floor about twelve times per second.

By the time she gets down there, the rest of the class has already descended on him like birds to a feed.

She's panting from her brief sprint from her room towards the elevator— and because her heart is beating so fast in her chest at the thought of seeing him again. Of finally letting him know how she really feels.

The elevator slides open infuriatingly slow, and Katsuki is squeezing herself out from between the metal doors before it's opened all the way. They catch eyes as she does, and she straightens to her full height when he doesn't look away.

His eyes look bright when they're only on her, sparkling as he searches her face. For what, she isn't sure, but she feels her lips draw up with a teasing smirk in response.

But, of course— they get interrupted.

"Bakugo!" Kirishima calls, jolly as can be as he rushes for her.

Before he goes, he knocks shoulders with Deku. It's purposeful, the way he makes her alpha stumble off to the side. And when he turns to glance at him, shoulders squaring in that stupid way they did a couple weeks ago when he ran Deku off, Katsuki has to stop herself from snapping and kicking his ass right then.

She should have kicked his ass before this. Katsuki had never had eyes for Kirishima— and she'd let him know this.

But he doesn't seem to care as he jealously cuts between Katsuki and Deku.

His irritatingly bright hair cuts between Katsuki and her alpha for just long enough that Deku tears his eyes away— and that bright look gets quickly overshadowed with something darker. The smile that had been growing on his face— on both of their faces— abruptly dies out and gets replaced with a frown.

Just like that, he's withered up right before her.

Kirishima's arms are open as he skips over to her, but Katsuki is quick to duck beneath them and rush away— forwards. To her real alpha.

She bares her teeth as she does, keeping eye contact as she backs towards Deku— turning to him only when their shoulders brush and she can wrap her arms around him completely.

Then, she's burying her face against his neck and squeezing tight. Just in case he tries to pull away. She'd rather die than let that happen again.

"Kacchan…?" Deku asks, words soft and rumbly and just perfect as he hesitantly pulls her in closer. "What are you doing?"

Katsuki chirps at him— an omega noise, to get him to relax and hold her tighter. Deku does, a shiver rolling up his spine.

He goes almost limp in her hold as she buries her fingers in the thick of his hair, carefully carding through and picking out the tangles that have amassed from his stay at the hospital. His face is almost completely hidden against the curve of her neck, and Katsuki almost tears up when she feels the vibration of his responding rumble.

"I'm glad you're okay, nerd." Katsuki presses a shy kiss to his cheek, and Deku's arms lock behind her back. One hand curves along the top, almost cradling her, and the other grips her by her hip so that they're pressed completely together— from top to bottom.

"I missed you, Kacchan," Deku breathes.

Katsuki blames her upcoming heat for the tears that soak against her eyelashes.

Ever since all this stupid shit had happened, she'd struggled to keep track of it but… maybe it was fate? Or some shit.

Katsuki knows exactly who she wants to share it with, either way, and she has a feeling now that he'll want to be there with her, too.

"Come upstairs with me," Katsuki orders him, still quiet. She's hyperaware of the eyes on them— and the whispers growing from their classmates.

From the corner of her eye, she can see Kaminari patting Kirishima on the back, consoling him from where they've sat on the couch. She would feel bad but— she really doesn't. Not when all she's ever wanted was Izuku— and he was right there in her arms.

Kirishima knew that her heart was already taken. It was his own fault that he got his own broken by trying to steal hers.

"This is hardly appropriate—" Class Rep begins to stammer, as their hug continues to go on.

Deku's face heats up with his blush and Katsuki breaks the hug first, but grabs onto his hand so that they know she's not giving him up.

"We're leaving anyway, extras. Fuck off."

And then Katsuki drags him towards her room. Deku's luggage gets left behind, and someone calls after them but none of that matters.

Deku's hand is so warm in her palm, it's all she can focus on all the way up to her dorm.

When they get there, Katsuki wastes no time with shoving Deku in first and slamming the door shut and locked so that they won't get interrupted.

"I want you," Katsuki declares, first thing. "I've always wanted you as my alpha, Deku. Got that?"

"I—" Deku flounders, falling back against her bed as Katsuki stalks forward. When he does, looking stunned as she climbs up after him, she cups her palms against his jaw and looks him deep in the eyes.

"Ever since we imprinted when we were kids. I've only ever had eyes on you— and I… I assumed you felt the same. Do you understand?"

Deku nods dumbly. She watches him fist his fingers in her bedsheet, and he briefly shakes his head before he looks at her clearly again.

"So— Kirishima isn't…?"

"Don't even bring him up right now," Katsuki grunts. "It's just me and you. Do you want me, Deku? As your omega?"

"Of course," Deku tells her, resolutely. He sits up straight as his brain finally begins processing what she's saying, and Katsuki nearly goes tumbling from his lap.

He's quick to secure her there, tucking his palms against the back of her thighs so that she won't slip any time soon. And then he squeezes, just so that she realizes how close they are.

Her legs are spread atop his groin, and the heat of him is soaking through every inch of her skin.

Katsuki shivers, despite that, and her eyes blink shut when she dips forward just two inches more, resting all of her weight against him.

Their chests are pressed together like that. Katsuki is hyperaware of how her nipples harden beneath the layers of clothes.

"Of course I want you as my omega," Deku says, eyes darting down as if he can see her body growing aroused just from his presence. "You're all I've ever wanted."

"Then I'm yours," Katsuki urges him.

Izuku looks awe-struck at the declaration.

Then he flips them, so that she is huddled against the bed and his body hovers over her. Katsuki yelps at the sudden move, but quickly grows silent when she sees the desire built in his expression.

He lets her go for a brief moment, taking a step back to hurriedly strip himself. Katsuki would have laughed at how eager he was if she didn't feel the same.

Izuku's body is revealed to her layer by layer, but she can't really get a good look because he's back upon her again to help her undress, too.

This time, though, his hands are gentle and slow as he slides her t-shirt up over her head. Katsuki shivers as the air in the dorm washes over her bare skin, goosebumps on her arms when his warm touch ghosts over them.

He pauses to rub some of that warmth into her, his eyes angled down towards her body.

He's blushing so hard that his freckles have practically disappeared. And by his scent, Katsuki can only imagine how quickly his mind is racing now that she's staked her claim on him. It's cute.

"Deku," she sighs happily, when he lifts her legs to slide her loose pants down her hips.

"K-Kacchan," Izuku murmurs back, shyly. "Can I… take this off, too?"

As he asks, he gestures to her bra. His arms wrap around her back so that she can feel him poke at the clasp, but he does nothing more than that as she makes a show out of contemplating.

"Just don't stretch it out," she says, when she sees him start squirming. His cock is so hard that the tip glances off of her belly as he glances over her shoulder to take it off properly.

Katsuki tenses reflexively at the alien feeling, but leans into it when she realizes that it was her alpha's cock, so excited to get inside of her.

Once her breasts are free, Izuku is careful to fold it in half and lay it towards the edge of the mattress as if it was some precious thing instead of a piece of clothing Katsuki got for half off on a sales rack.

Katsuki snorts at him, but Izuku smiles so brightly that she doesn't even have it in her to ridicule him for it. It was just another endearing thing about her dork.

"Help me up," she commands instead, and Izuku is quick to stand and hold his hands out to her, to stand her up.

Katsuki holds onto one of his hands as she leans over to slide her panties off, using him to balance.

Her cunt is already wet, and he must see how her arousal has soaked thoroughly into the cotton fabric because he makes a soft, inquiring noise.

"What, you wanna sniff them?" Katsuki grins, hanging the panties off of one finger. "Pervert."

"Kacchan," Izuku says, flustered. "It's not— I mean…"

Katsuki tosses them towards a corner of the room. Then she squeezes down on Izuku's hand, which she has yet to let go of. She brings it down lower, so that it'll just barely brush against her exposed mound, already shiny with her slick.

She doesn't make him touch, but she can see how he strains to control himself so that he doesn't dive right between her hidden lips and feel just how wet he's already gotten her.

"I want…" Izuku begins. He nervously licks his lips, his eyes trailing over her naked body up and down.

"Show me what you want," She tries, instead. "Wanna touch me here?"

Katsuki brings his fingers just two inches closer, but he clenches his fist and gathers her up all at once. His strong arms wrap around her and he presses their nude bodies flush together.

His cock is a full, unignorable presence as it touches her upper thigh. Katsuki is quick to bury her face against his neck, subsequently exposing herself to his full, unfiltered scent gland. Katsuki moans as she does, her tongue passing between her lips before she even realizes she wants a taste.

Then she bites down. Not enough to break the skin, but just to bite. To leave behind a little mark that Deku will feel and remind him that he (his scent, his body, all of him) was hers, just as much as she was his.

Izuku groans at the slight pinch, his thumbs tracing up the curve of her spine before they find handholds against her hips.

Then he's ushering them forward, back to the bed.

Izuku lays her against the mattress, gentle. But his cock is so hard that it knocks against her rudely, leaving another layer of precum in its wake. The heat of it makes her shiver, and Katsuki squeezes her thighs together.

Izuku tugs them apart, so that she is bared fully to him. There's nothing keeping her eager, weeping hole from his view.

"You're mine, Kacchan? Really?"

Katsuki almost scoffs at him, but the earnest look in his eye makes her feel soft. She nods her head, shy if not for the way she doesn't close her legs again— just because she wants him to see.

"Yeah. I want you. Want you to claim me as yours so I can finally call you my alpha in front of those shitty extras."

"Since we were kids?"

Izuku's eyes sparkle, like he's about to cry. Katsuki sighs exaggeratedly, but a smile is on her lips as she nods again.

"Since forever, dumb Deku. Took you long enough to realize."

Izuku rubs his finger in a gentle circle against her thigh, where his cock had accidentally touched earlier. He spreads the precum across her skin until that part is shiny, and then he licks his thumb clean.

"I want you too, Kacchan. I'm gonna treat you well— Can I… Can I taste you, then?"

Katsuki hides her face behind her hands, to try to mask the sudden blush that overtakes her.

"Taste…? Since when are you so fuckin' forward, nerd?"

"Since I became your alpha," Izuku replies, almost smug as his face gets closer to her mound.

Katsuki doesn't even think of a retort. She just flops flat against the bed, partially to hide her expression from his view.

Izuku takes it as the permission that it is, and delves in.

First, he lays a line of kisses along her mound. His lips glide smoothly across what few spots are dry, before he moves lower to where her wet clings to her lips. The way he softly exhales tickles across her sensitive skin, and Katsuki practically jumps at that little stimulation.

He calms her down with a gentle pat against her waist. His eyes dart upwards to her, though they catch at her tits which bounce and jiggle with each gasp that she tries to keep quiet.

He keeps that eye contact as he opens his mouth wide and drags his tongue from the very top of her clit, pulling it down down down as he gathers as much slick as he can in his mouth before he pauses at the very end of her hole. Katsuki breaks eye contact first, at that.

He swallows slow, to savor the taste of it. Then he does it again, to drink down what little he missed. And then again, just because he can.

Katsuki writhes, unused to the foreign feeling of another body against hers. Especially not a tongue. It's strange and— and so good.

"Alpha," Katsuki gasps, her hand reflexively reaching down to tangle against his scalp. He nods encouragingly when she squeezes too hard, so Katsuki doesn't let go as he tugs her closer to the edge of the bed, so that her ass is almost hanging off. More room for him to eat her out as much as he wants.

Katsuki's legs catch at the ankles behind his head as he keeps eating her out, and she can feel his gaze burning against her as he watches every little motion she makes. Katsuki can't help her whorish moans when he's already making her feel so good, but she keeps her eyes clenched shut just so that she doesn't explode from embarrassment.

Then he's pulling away, breathing heavily enough that she can feel it where her thighs rest against his shoulders.

"Your pussy is so wet for me, Kacchan. You wanted my tongue that badly?" His breath is so hot against her skin as he teases her, bringing his fingers up to press against one of the puffy lips and just barely pull it apart from the other one.

His spit, mixed with her slick, must make it an arousing sight. Izuku swallows loud enough that she hears it, and then he's sliding his tongue right between her lips again so that he can lick her clean.

Katsuki shoves herself up onto one palm, so that she can watch. She can't see much beyond his green curls, but she can see how his eyes are closed in euphoria and she can feel how his free hand palms across her full hip. It squeezes down to keep her from moving too far as she shifts.

Katsuki's legs spread wider, to fit fully around his wide shoulders.

Izuku takes the opportunity to slide his wettened finger inside of her and let her feel it all the way down to the knuckle. They're so wide compared to her own when she masturbates. The knuckle protrudes, from when he was always breaking his fingers.

But it's so fucking perfect that Katsuki's moan is forced from her lungs and she tilts her head up to the ceiling to try to muffle it.

Izuku doesn't let her, slowly working that finger in and out of her as he traces her hole with his tongue, and then moves it up to her clit so that she isn't without a moment of pleasure.

"You taste so good omega," Izuku groans, hardly moving his mouth away as he praises her. The vibrations of his low register feel better than any shitty toy she'd bought online. "So perfect, Kacchan. I'm gonna make you cum so hard, baby."


Baby. It's not a petname she would have ever expected to hear for herself, and it immediately does something to her.

She stutters out a garbled mix of his name and her own moan, but Izuku seems to understand.

He slides another finger inside of her as he comes up for a quick breath. Katsuki's hips jerk up, her cunt eager to feel his mouth on her again.

"My perfect omega," Izuku praises again. He sits up higher on his knees, subsequently lifting her hips higher. He rubs the pads of his fingers against her sensitive inner walls and doesn't stop as he keeps talking to her. "I love you so much, baby. I want you to cum in my mouth and let me taste you so I can get addicted to it. Wanna eat you out every day."

Katsuki clamps her thighs together just at the thought, squeezing his face between them. Izuku's laugh is near-giddy, his eyes half-lidded when she peeks her own at him. She knows she must be blushing like a virgin (which— she is, but fuck off), but Izuku just stares at her like she's an angel as he twists his wrist before slowly sliding a third finger up against her hole.

It's a tighter fit than with just two, and Katsuki can feel the pleasure of having so many of his wider fingers inside of her dance right across every nerve ending in her body.

Katsuki falls flat against the bed again, and Izuku is quick to take her clit back between his lips.

He suckles on it and laps at the tip with his dexterous tongue, mapping it out as if he wants to memorize what each move does to her.

Shit, it's so good— she's not gonna last. She almost doesn't ever want to, just to keep his sinful mouth on her. It's addictive.

"D-Deku," she tries to warn, twisting as he buries himself back up against her pussy and slithers his tongue inside of her. "Fuck, I'm g-gonna…!"

Izuku growls in that way that only alphas can, commanding and loud, as he encourages her. His fingers piston in and out of her as he curves them slightly, rubbing in unfair little circles when they press deepest inside, right up against her g-spot.

Oh fuck— it's too good—!

"C-cumming!" She cries out, unable to help herself when she tugs Izuku's face closer with that grip she has yet to let go of in his hair. He seems to welcome the pull of it as he rubs the full width of his tongue up against her clit, feeling how it and her cunt spasms around him.

Katsuki is going crazy from it. Something strange builds up in her belly, unlike anything else she's ever felt before. She doesn't have the strength to warn him about it, or even fully prepare herself.

Katsuki squirts against his waiting tongue, her breath catching in her throat as her pleasure hits its apex and she cums harder than she ever has.

She goes stone still as the feelings earthquake through her, and Izuku doesn't stop as she squirts again and again into his thirsty mouth. He doesn't let her move an inch as he forms a seal with his lips around her hole and slides his fingers out so that he can instead circle her clit with the dripping appendages.

It's almost scary how Izuku plays with her body, if not for the reverent way he moans with each gush of slick that fills his mouth. Katsuki has a feeling that he's as addicted to it as she is to having Izuku taste her.

"Deku!?” Katsuki cries, belatedly as the pleasure drops down to something a bit less overwhelming. She tries to twist away when he doesn't stop attacking her clit, but Izuku doesn't let her go as he urges forth one last wave of her arousal.

It's only when she's boneless and almost wheezing as she pants from the experience, that he releases her.

Her legs flop to one side as he falls back onto his haunches, and he pushes her higher onto the mattress so that she isn't uncomfortable.

Then, Izuku climbs up with her. His cock is red and dripping when she peeks her eyes open, and he's jerking himself off with that same hand that had been inside of her. The sound of their arousal mixed together produces a wet, lewd sound, and Katsuki's cunt throbs. Shit.

"C'mere, baby…" Izuku murmurs softly, bending over her prone form so that all she can see is his face.

Then he's pressing his lips to hers. His jaw is dripping with her cum, and his mouth is drenched with it, and all Katsuki can taste is her essence with just a hint of her alpha behind it. She's tasting the same thing that he so happily drank down, and Katsuki spreads her legs again as he deepens the kiss to let their tongues brush together.

When they do, he's moving his dirty hand back against her mound, cupping the full width of it in his palm. He lets her rut against it briefly, and Katsuki trembles at how sensitive it's gotten.

Still, she is eager for more. And she has a feeling Izuku is, too.

"See how good you taste?" Izuku asks as he breaks the kiss. He casually wipes away the slick sliding down his chin with his shoulder, only succeeding in more thoroughly coating himself in Katsuki's scent and flavor.

It feels a possessive sort of yearning inside of Katsuki, and she preens as he does it to the other side.

She's so busy floating from it that she doesn't notice him fitting between her legs until he's already there, leaning down to kiss her again.

This one is hungrier than the last, all open-mouth and tongue and a bit of teeth when she wraps her arms around his shoulders to tug him even closer. Their chests bump together, and his weight is amazing as he feels how her tits squish against his solid pecs.

His cock rests in the valley between her thighs, his cockhead resting almost perfectly against her clit. When Katsuki breathes in deep enough, she can feel how that little shift in position makes his hard cock slide almost vulgarly through her wetness— which has already grown back to how it was originally before he cleaned her with his tongue. Shit, she was addicted to him.

"Stick it inside already," Katsuki says, though her tone is subdued, almost soft. She grimaces at how awkward she must be, but Izuku looks at her the same way he did when he got her off. Like she's perfect.

"I want you so bad, Kacchan— baby. I don't think I've ever wanted something so badly."

Katsuki wraps her legs around him, straining for a moment as she tries to find the right angle to stay in for easy penetration. Izuku hurriedly grabs a pillow and slides it beneath her, before his palms rest against her knees and he spreads her legs like that.

Once again, she has nowhere to hide from him. He can watch perfect as he jerks his hips forward and the tip of his cock catches at her fingered-open cunt.

"My omega," Izuku moans.

He kisses her. Izuku kisses her gentler this time, actually, almost chaste as he passes their lips together even when she moans and opens up to invite him in. He tilts her head up so that he can press a few softer kisses against either side of her mouth, and then slots their lips together so that they can move together.

And then he's entering her, a steady, slow slide as his cock parts her soft insides and lays claim to them. He doesn't stop until their hips meet, flush skin to skin, and then he rocks forward a bit just so that she feels every single wide inch.

Katsuki is hardly able to think beyond it. D-Deku was inside of her… her alpha's cock was about to fuck her, and— and then he would cum inside her and fill her up with his cum.

Katsuki clings to Izuku's hands when he offers them to her. They interlock, fingers between fingers, and he presses the backs of hers flat against the bed as he leans over her once again. Like this, she doesn't have to focus on anything else except him.

His hips rock in and out minutely, testing the give of her cunt. He's so fucking big, what a lucky omega she was. He's gentle as he pulls back just a few inches before he thrusts them back inside, all at once.

An influx of her slick is displaced, making an embarrassing sound as it squelches out— no room left inside of her.

Izuku's eyes practically dilate at that, and he does it again.

Then he's fucking her properly, because Katsuki clamps down on him and begins to rock towards the motions. Soon, the sound of her weeping cunt is overcome by the sound of their skin slapping together with their enthusiasm.

Katsuki would have slid up the bed by now if he hadn't been pressing her down with his weight, keeping her steady.

The only downside to this position (if one could call it that) is that Izuku gets to see every single embarrassing twitch in her expression as he fucks her almost beyond thought. He gets to see perfectly how she bites her lips to quiet her moans, and hear how useless that action is because her moans spill past them anyway.

Her eyes roll in pleasure as he finds his rhythm, fully stroking each inch in and out of her, just barely keeping the very tip of his cock inside before he's rutting it back in. It's rough, compared to his soft tongue, but it's so fucking good— exactly what she wants from her alpha now.

"Yes, yes, yes," Katsuki encourages, her nails digging into his hands. He squeezes down on hers tighter, tugging them closer until he can capture her by the wrist in one hand.

Then, with his now freed hand, he slips between them so that he can prod against her clit again.

"Ohh, fuck!" Katsuki cries out, shaking her head. "T-too much!"

"I wanna see you cum again, Kacchan," Izuku urges. "Wanna feel my baby cum all over my cock like you did earlier. You can cum for your alpha one more time, can't you?"

"Nngh— I—!" Katsuki shakes her head, unsure if she can even stand the pleasure now let alone cumming again. "Mm— I want you to cum, too…"

Izuku starts to speak but she interrupts him.

"W-want my alpha to cum in me. Fill me up and fuckin' breed me, Deku. Claim my pussy as yours."

Izuku keels over as the words cut through him, and Katsuki realizes with delight that she found his weakness.

"Fuck yeah, Deku. Breed me nice and full of your seed so that my stomach swells with it. Don't you wanna see that, alpha? Your omega full of your cum?"

Izuku kisses her again. She almost thinks it to shut her up until she realizes he's muttering against her lips, sentences that mostly get lost but she can feel him chanting 'breed' and 'omega' every so often. It just makes her pleasure crescendo.

He keeps fucking her into the mattress, keeps circling and pinching her clit, and now his tongue was dominating her mouth as he tastes every inch he can reach. He wraps their tongues together, prompting Katsuki's toes to curl where they were near her head— for Izuku practically has her bent in half.

Then he breaks the kiss. A line of their drool connects them for a brief moment, and Katsuki feels the funny feeling in her belly come back.

"You're gonna make me cum again," she whines, the tone almost accusatory.

Izuku goes feral, dropping the hold he had her hands trapped in, so that he can wrap both of his palms around her waist and really fuck her.

He pounds into her, and all Katsuki can do is grunt out little moans as he fucks the air right from her lungs. Her back arches, and Izuku leans down to catch one of her nipples in his mouth.

"Cumming!" Katsuki screams, "I'm c-cumming!"

"That's my girl," Izuku growls, as Katsuki squirts against him just like he wanted her to. It comes out warm and almost sticky as it clings to his groin, but she doesn't stop cumming as he keeps up that exact pace. She soaks her alpha with her orgasm again, along with the bed.

"Gonna breed you so fucking full," Izuku grinds out between clenched teeth. He's lifting and dropping her hips with each of his thrusts, so that she's fucking him just as hard as he's fucking her. "Take it all, Kacchan!"

Then, he's cumming with her. He pumps inside of her a handful more times, her pussy trying to milk him for it, and then holds himself balls deep as he all but collapses on her and angles her hips up so that she can get filled with all of it.

Katsuki feels it flow inside of her, thick and creamy and hot as it threatens to drown her cunt, and Izuku doesn't stop grinding their hips together in little circles as he spills inside of her.

Izuku is so close to her that Katsuki's eyes cross she opens them after a few moments of just focusing on that feeling. She realizes that his scent gland is pressed perfectly to her lips.

Her teeth ache to sink against it, permanently mark him— claim him as her alpha.

Katsuki is embarrassed as she whines for it, but she nuzzles against his chin for a moment before she kisses at the little bump in his throat before she purses her lips and presses them to the gland.

"Alpha," she purrs. "Mine. My alpha."

Izuku's chest thrums with an alpha's version of a purr in response. She can't see his face from this angle, but she can feel how even though he's stilled, his cock is still throbbing inside of her— surrounded as it is with her warmth.

Katsuki bites him. Lets her teeth burrow against the gland, and feels deep in her brain how a bond half solidifies. It's intense, and she doesn't let go even when Izuku jumps in shock. Tightens, even, when he just relaxes and his purr comes out louder and happier.

Then she feels his teeth biting into her as well, on her opposite shoulder where his own face was hidden near her scent gland. She didn't realize until just then that she'd been pumping out the most pleased pheromones that she'd ever released. Katsuki's almost surprised that neither of them were scent-drunk yet, but her limbs are like jelly so— who fuckin' knows.

What she does know is that she's never been so fucking happy.

Especially when Izuku pulls his teeth out and laps at the new wound— soon to be permanent mark. His scent would interlock with hers forever, and a part of one another would always be together.

It's romantic and sappy and— and fuck, she's so happy.

Her lower lip wobbles as the events suddenly hit her. She has an alpha now. The one she's wanted ever since she was a damn kid, and he wanted her back.

"Kacchan?!" Izuku gasps as he feels sudden tears soak against his collar, he can't move back very far because her teeth are still in him, and Katsuki hurriedly tugs them out and licks at the wound so that it'll heal sooner.

As soon as he's released, Izuku is there gathering her up and comforting him with his stupid, perfect big hands and cupping her face in his palms so that he can wipe away her tears with his thumbs.

"What's wrong, baby? D-did I hurt you?"

Katsuki shakes her head, sniffling. "I hate you so much," she grumbles, but a wide grin is cut across her lips. "Got me fuckin'… crying like a bitch 'cause I'm so happy. You rubbed off on me."

Izuku looks briefly shocked, before he's smiling with her. "Kacchan's happy?"

She nuzzles against his palm, and the two relax as they bask in the afterglow together. He's still inside of her, even though his knot hadn't popped, and it's perfect.

"You're damn right I'm happy," she sighs, lifting up to trace a gentle circle against Izuku's chest, above where his heart is. "You're my alpha, now."

"I'm your alpha," Izuku confirms, ever so soft and awed. "And— you're my omega."

"Your baby," Katsuki whispers, ducking her head as her cheeks grow pink all over again.

Izuku tilts her head up again so that she can't hide, and one last kiss is her gift as he scooches closer. He drops his hand to rub it comfortingly across her back, urging her to go soft and plaint in the bed until she, inevitably, falls asleep in his arms.

"Mhm. My baby."

And Katsuki really has never been happier.




The next day, everyone in the dorms knows what's happened. If they hadn't been paying attention when Katsuki had declared it before she stole Izuku off to her room, then they would have figured it out that morning by the way she smells only of him after the thorough scenting they'd given each other after a quick shower.

She's positively glowing as she settles on the couch after breakfast, waiting for Izuku to hurry up and finish the dishes so they can sit together before they head to class.

The body that stands in front of her is decidedly not her Deku, though, and she grimaces as Kirishima settles in beside her.

"So… You and Midoriya?"

"Yep," she snips, turning away so that she can cross her arms and scroll her phone.

Kirishima awkwardly goes through a few motions, as if he's unsure whether he should congratulate her or argue at her choice as if it would matter.

He doesn't get a chance to choose what to say, though, because a new alpha scent makes itself known shortly and Katsuki perks up when Izuku circles the couch to stand directly in front of Kirishima.

They have a glare-off as Katsuki stands, Izuku breaking the eye contact only briefly to offer a hand out to her. Katsuki rolls her eyes at it (though inwardly, she kind of loves that look on his face).

She nudges him with her elbow and he hooks his arm over her shoulder.

Katsuki isn't subtle as she reaches up to tug at the collar of her uniform. Once part of her shoulder is exposed, she twists her neck so that Kirishima can see the fresh claiming bite.

Kirishima doesn't need to see Deku's to know who it belongs to. Izuku's possessive scent ramps up to the nines as she exposes it, and he bares his teeth at Kirishima until the latter looks away.

The look on his face is stricken, heart-broken. He doesn't say a word as Izuku steps back to let her do what she has to do.

Katsuki only shrugs when Kirishima doesn't glance back up, and tugs her shirt back in place. Then she's grabbing her bag so that they can head to class early and get some peace there.

Katsuki doesn't bother wasting any more words on it, though, and tsks at Izuku as he eagerly holds the door open for her.

"I'm still gonna kick your ass as the Number One Hero," she declares, but the confident grin present on her face is gentled more into a soft teasing smirk.

Izuku doesn't look back either as he catches up with her and hugs his arm around her back again, just to touch.

"I'd like to see you try," Izuku teases back.

And Katsuki is happy. Neither have anything to prove to the other anymore. They were two halves of a whole, now.

And so the newly-mated pair walk together, towards their new future— together.