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Hollywood isn’t as glam as people say, and you’ve certainly learned that now, lining up with a bunch of other girls for an audition while the LA sun scorches you into puddles of sweat and ambition.

The movie project is brought by an indie company that celebrated LGBTQA+ issues; their films were small and had never won any awards, but one did hit the Cannes and got selected into that film festival.

The girl in front of you stops flipping her script and moves ahead. You follow, roll your script and shove it back in your handbag. There’s no need to prepare for more when you’ve done your research. Also, your gut tells you this lesbian thriller doesn’t need people who are good at memorizing lines.

By the way, the bosses of the production are Tarja Turunen and Sharon den Adel. They are a couple with a notorious reputation—swingers, as they are called.

You wonder if they’re the ones who are holding the audition today.


What you choose to wear for the audition is a red, sleeveless dress that rides up as you walk, but it flatters your figure and suits your skin tone. However, it’s so tight that you can’t wear anything underneath.

You’ve tied your hair up due to the heat, and once you move indoors, the air conditioning hit you so strong you quickly let your hair down to preserve some heat. Your feet aching in the stilettos, there are still ten girls waiting ahead of you, all agitated and ready for a catfight. All the girls that come out of the office door look either defeated, confused, or frantic. Yet, you remain in the line.

Another twenty minutes go by and there’s no sign of the line moving, which is odd. Usually, it takes less than five minutes per person.


“Yo, what the heck?”

“No idea. Can’t see what’s happening.”

“For fuck’s sake.”

“See for yourself! You blind?”



You listen to the girls barking at the front, and sigh. The next thing you know, you have shouldered them away, ignore their angry protests, and push open the door.

Courage only takes you so far; what’s playing out in front of you freezes you to the ground.

On the desk, a raven-haired woman is sitting with her blouse hanging open, and her skirt is bunched up around her waist because she has spread her legs, welcoming another woman who’s kneeling between.

The door closes behind with a click, the sound distinctive from the slurps and wet kisses produced by mouth on pussy.

You unconsciously adjust your skirt, and gulp.

The woman on the table sees you but doesn’t tell her partner to stop. Instead, she smirks as she runs her hand through the kneeling woman’s wavy hair, and smirks, “Sharon, we’ve got company.”

Gracefully, “Sharon” stands up and throws a glance at you, licking her lips unhurriedly. She’s devilishly beautiful.

“Save some for me, selfish.” Teases Tarja—that must be her then—as she tugs at Sharon’s chin to bring her mouth to hers. Amidst that steamy kiss, Tarja’s legs wrap around Sharon’s waist to pull her closer, and Sharon squeals. She says something in a low, seductive tone that makes Tarja giggle. You couldn’t stop staring. The sight is so hot.

The door rattles to open but you back it close, locking it as you do so. You don’t know why you would do that and it puts you into a very awkward position.

You’re just in time to catch both women’s gaze. Sharon’s makeup is ruined and somehow, it makes her look more alluring, and not to mention Tarja, whose cheeks are in a pink glow of hunger—no. They’re both looking at you hungrily, sizing you up and down.

You tug on your skirt again, heart pounding in your ears.

“Now that she’s locked the door for us…” Murmurs Tarja, brushing Sharon’s hair out of the way so she can kiss her. Sharon cranes her neck to grant her wife more access, and raises a brow at you, “Are you just going to stand there with your jaw on the floor?”

Fossilized, a steady beat is thudding in your cunt. You’ve never thought that something like this could happen, but yes, you have fantasized about a threesome before. The more the merrier.

Sharon shifts her interest back to her partner, dipping a hand onto Tarja’s pussy. The reaction is immediate. Tarja whines, and the sound sends a rush into your pussy. You rub your thighs together but the act is like adding fuel to your thirst. Judging by the want on Tarja’s face, she’s about to come.

“What are you waiting for, honey?” Tarja pants, beckoning you over, “Don’t you want a taste?”

You have no choice but to stumble to her, watching Sharon’s movements going wilder as she finger-bangs her wife. Tarja pushes her hips for more but Sharon presses her thighs down firmly, her nails sinking in her milky skin.

“I know you love being watched.” She growls at Tarja, “Such a slut.”

“Your slut.” Tarja kisses her again, “Make me come then we can use our new toy.”

It doesn’t take long for you to realize you’re that “new toy”—just how much trouble you’ve gotten yourself into! You couldn’t walk away because you still need to get the role. You couldn’t walk away because you want this to happen.

Abruptly, Sharon takes her fingers out of Tarja, making the raven-haired woman groan. You itch to take that blouse off of her and ravish those perky tits, taste those areolae and nipping the delicate skin until you leave marks.


“You said you want her to have a taste, didn’t you?” Sharon says matter-of-factly. Of course, she notices your lustful gaze on Tarja’s body and as a punishment (reward?), she jams her warm fingers in your mouth. You sputter at the intrusion, Tarja’s juice tangy and sweet on your tongue. But it’s like something snaps loose inside of you when you taste Tarja on Sharon’s fingers; you’ve never been this turned on before.

“Oooh, she definitely likes this.”

“Look at her go.”

Remark Sharon and Tarja as you greedily suck those fingers in, your tongue dancing around the rings and digits.

“I think her mouth would be quite useful.” Sharon takes her fingers out of your mouth and plunges them back into Tarja’s pussy. You already miss the taste.

“You want more, kitten?” Coos Tarja, “How about you take your clothes off, and let’s see what we can give you?”

You eagerly pull the hem of your dress up, revealing your naked body for Sharon and Tarja to see as you drop your garments beside.

Sharon tsks.


“My, my. Nothing underneath? Are you expecting something like this?”


You shake your head, your nipples rock hard under their attention.

“I bet she’s wet.” Tarja rests her forehead on Sharon’s shoulder, her upper body arched and she’s also holding onto the wavy-haired woman for support.

“I bet you are wetter.” Says Sharon.

You couldn’t tell what she has done with her fingers but the next minute, Tarja screams in ecstasy as she convulses, throwing her head back with a blissful expression. A feral grin leaps onto Sharon’s face as she gradually relents. Standing so close to them now, you can see the muscles flexing on Sharon’s forearm as Tarja’s orgasm subsides.

“Clean up.” Orders Sharon. You catch her fingers first and after they couldn’t satisfy you, you drop to your knees and lick every drop of Tarja’s essence like you’ve been parched for days. Tarja watches you with hooded eyes, her chest heaving and still flushed. You suppress your urge to fuck her yourself because she looks so tantalizing like this, well-fucked and boneless.

Sharon is lazily undoing her jeans, and you could hear the fabric rustle as she takes them off.




Tarja pushes you away, sending you into Sharon’s grasp.

“What do we have here?” Sharon purrs next to your ear as she cups your breasts. Your knees nearly give when she roughly pinches your nipples. Tarja clearly enjoys the hiss you give, and at the same time, you feel how curvaceous Sharon’s body is when her hefty breasts are pressed against your shoulder blades.

Leaping down the table in feline motion, Tarja takes off her blouse and leather skirt. She saunters until you are inches apart. When she dips a finger into your cunt, your breath hitches in your throat, and a series of dirty chuckles ring from Sharon when she sees her lover’s feigned surprise.

“Look at this.” As if saying voila, Tarja raises her glistening fingertips, “She gets wet so fast.”

“Lemme taste that.” Sharon requests, soothing your breasts after a particularly hard pinch while Tarja puts that finger in her wife’s mouth. When Sharon sucks on it, you moan at the sound of that and get even more embarrassed at your own voice. This has become so degrading and it only makes you hornier.

“Having fun yet?”

You thought Tarja is talking to Sharon, but when Tarja grips your throat and adds pressure, you know you’re wrong.

“Answer the question, slut.” Sharon scolds as she cups your pussy, giving the wetness there a smack.

“Yes! Yes I am.” You shout, half-whimpering because that smack on your pussy brings pain and so much pleasure. Your clit throbs even harder and there’s also a twinge in your cunt. You badly need to be fucked.

“She’s going to have more fun eating you out.” Tarja grins, giving your face some light slaps like you are a cheap whore.

“You’re absolutely right.” Sharon pulls Tarja into a kiss while you’re sandwiched between their hot bodies, and you love it, how Tarja’s bra grazes your naked breasts, how their perfume smells dark and mysterious, passionate and wild; how both are driving you crazy and wet. You’re a puppet on a string, and they’re in total control of you.

You never know playing a helpless can be this fun.

“Get on your knees.” A pair of hands push you down and then you’re face to face with Sharon’s shaved pussy. You could smell her heady feminine scent. Standing next to you, Tarja grabs ahold of your hair, impatiently guiding you into licking Sharon’s mound. She tastes amazing and the fact you are eating her out after cleaning up Tarja’s pussy makes you proud. You are proud that you can satisfy both women—if not satisfy, then being used and played with by both.

Sharon parts her leg wider when you lick her from her opening to her clit. She is dripping with desire, but she’s no pillow princess. She has unhooked Tarja’s bra because from the corner of your eye, you could see the lacy bra fall on the floor. Sharon starts to palm Tarja’s breasts, and Tarja’s grip on your hair tightens. As an incentive, you suck Sharon’s clit and swirls your tongue over the engorged nub. Sharon moans and starts to grind onto your tongue.

“Good girl.” Tarja purrs, and although you’re not sure whom she’s referring to, you hum on Sharon’s pussy as you start to lick her in earnest.

“Looks like someone has a praise kink.” Sharon sounds smug but it carries a light tremor. She reaches for Tarja’s pussy, gathering the fluids and slather them on her clit. Tarja jolts for more friction. It’s like something is connecting you three, pushing, pulling and binding you together.

“Ready to go again, love?”

“I want to come with you.” Husks Tarja, and they share a heated kiss. Seeing the sight, you sneak a hand down to relieve yourself. You’re beginning to get uncomfortably turned on.

“Who says you could do that?” Laughs Sharon, looking down at you like you’re some kind of sub-creature. You quickly take your hand out, focusing on the task at hand. Well, if you couldn’t use your hand on yourself…


“Oh fuck!”


Sharon rolls herself onto your face when you insert a finger into her heat. Meanwhile, you change your rhythm on her clit from steady licks to sucking and teasing the hood with your tongue. The wall of her pussy clenches with a gush of fluid flowing out, wetting your hand, the perfect lubrication for you to put in a second finger.

“You look gorgeous.” Tarja smiles, muffling Sharon with a kiss lest she says anything else to you. You secretly appreciate that, and you work more industrious on Sharon’s clit, tracing figure-eights on her.

“So are you. Look at you, coming again already.” Sharon teases but then curses again under her breath when you start to move your fingers, thrusting them in, curling them, taking them out, on repeat.

“How close are you?” Asks Tarja but Sharon never gets the chance to answer that—your change of pace throws her right over the brink when you curl your fingers inside of her and ram them into her pussy, stretching her hot, velvety walls while her juices are dripping down your face. You could feel her squeezing your digits and releasing a new wave of fluid that coats your chin. It feels so nice to serve such a beautiful woman, but that’s not it. Tarja is also coming with Sharon and you could hear her shouting her wife’s name while she grips your hair so tight that it hurts, but you enjoy it too much.

Being an obedient cum-slut, you wordlessly clean Sharon up without anyone asking. Tarja lets you do that, also spent after a hard climax because she’s let go of your hair. Their attention on you feels intoxicating and taboo, but it never feels so right. You surrender all your power and you’re willing to do whatever it takes. You’re theirs.


“I think that someone is being left out of the party.” Slurs Sharon as she pulls you up by grabbing your face. Seeing how brutal Sharon handles you, Tarja smirks like a cat that has eaten a canary. You stare at the both of them nervously as they exchange a look. Something is about to happen and whatever it is, you’re sure your drooling pussy would handle it.


“Let’s see if she fits the part, shall we?”



Sharon picks up the black panties she tossed to the floor earlier, and before you could ogle at her perfect backside, she gets up and gags you with her underwear. Stunned, you cough while Tarja links your wrists together just so she can drag you to the desk. It’s a clumsy walk and the pressure that has been building between your legs worsens.

“Get on the desk and bend over.” Says Sharon coldly and you have no choice but to comply. It’s a shameful climb, and you are so flushed you feel like you’re burning. On your hands and knees, with Sharon’s pussy-juice still gooey on your face, you have never felt more pathetic and exposed.

“Look at her pussy.” Tarja fondles one side of your ass cheeks, and tugs at your thigh so you could show more to them. It’s so humiliating and you love it.

“It’s so pink and swollen.” Sharon agrees, slapping your ass and make it bounce. Tarja chuckles and surprises you with a harsh slap, making you cry out.


“You like it?”

“Yes! Yes I do.” You answer, biting your lip and wishing them to fuck your already. Their gaze on your cunt is titillating, but it’d be better if they touch you.

“Of course you do. You’re a dirty little girl who doesn’t wear a thing under those clothes, always ready for a fuck.” Tarja caresses your reddening butt cheek, and Sharon presses your head down so you couldn’t see what they’re doing with your head touching the table. The air conditioning makes the wetness creaming over your pussy cold. You jolt when one of them strikes you again. This time, the blow is unforgiving. You moan and writhe when someone spreads your cheeks wide, so she can hit you directing on your cunt.

You nearly come here and there, and you’ve lost count of how many times they hit you while whispering lude come-ons to each other, or just to spite you. It’s torture, but it’s heavenly. The skin on your bottom is burning, and for sure it’s going to leave marks, reminding you that you’ve been gagged and fucked whenever you sit down.

The orgasm is just one second away but you can’t ask for it when your voice is muffled by Sharon’s panties. The realization of that makes you feel dirtier. Maybe you’re destined to be splayed out and played like this. Maybe you’re always like a dog in heat who’ll rub up against anything that will bring friction.

“She actually looks cute like this.”

“I think she’ll be perfect for our movie.”

“Since we’re going to make that kind of film, huh?”

Cool fingers enter you without preamble. You howl into the cloth, but your body is honest. You impale yourself onto the fingers again and again, sucking in those digits when there’s no time for discomfort to rob your focus away from the climax. Those digits are unfriendly tools for you to chase your climax, but it’s efficient. If you wanted something enough, you’ll eventually get it. Right now, you’re desperate.

“She’s eager, too.” Observe Tarja, so you’re guessing it’s her who starts to rub your clit in unpredictable patterns. You can’t move anymore because your whole body locks up for the climax to come. Someone smacks your ass again and the pain triggers the ache from the deep of your cunt into one big complete spasm, frying your senses into nothingness when all you could see is a wall of white lights that are made of an acute release. The orgasm is long and when it’s all over, you couldn’t move all except your pussy massaging over nothing after Sharon pulls out her fingers.

“One more thing for you to do, pet.” Sharon smears the remnants of your fluid over your ass.

“Yes?” You croak, feeling raw and spent.

“Go out there and tell everybody that you got the part.” Grins Tarja, scoring a laugh from her wife.


Looks like your life is getting a lot more interesting from now on.