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Battles Within

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Red-k-infected Kara was the most terrifying version of her, Cat had ever seen. Yet she still loved her...

Cat was playing a board game with her son when Supergirl landed on the living room balcony, chest heaving with anger, and lips curled back in a snarl.

“Carter,” Cat said quietly. “Go get ready for bed and stay in your room until I come get you.” Carter knew something wasn’t right and immediately did as he was told. Blue eyes ringed with red watched the boy leave but Cat stepped onto the balcony to draw the Kryptonian’s attention to her and away from him. “Kara, what’s wrong?” She glanced over her shoulder to make sure her son was out of earshot

“I’m not here for the boy,” Kara growled. “I’m here only for my mate. My omega.”

And Cat suddenly realized that this WASN’T Kara, but instead, the rawest, most primal part of her.

Her Alpha.

“Where’s Kara?” Cat asked softly.

The younger blonde blinked, and her eyebrow quirked slightly. Cat knew that her girlfriend was in there somewhere. “You wish for the weakling?”

“The weakling?” Cat snorted a laugh and folded her arms, lifting her chin defiantly. “Hardly. She’s the most powerful being on this planet...” She tilted her head. “And she controls you.”

Alpha bristled and shook its head. “You dare to speak to me that way. Perhaps I should teach you to submit, Omega.” It strode forward to grab Cat by her jaw and lean down to gaze into her eyes. “Submit and I will not hurt you.”

Cat’s omega wanted to submit. Every instinct inside her wanted to submit to her alpha but she shook her head. “This is not what Kara would want. I refuse to submit until she asks me herself.”

“WEAKLINGS!” Alpha spat, shoving the older blonde away, then moving with super speed to catch her as she almost tumbled over the balcony railing. “Cat!” Kara cried.

“Kara!” Cat exclaimed, grabbing for her. But it was a fleeting glimpse of her lover and Alpha reasserted itself immediately, shaking its head and snarling again. Then it shoved its mate onto a ratan couch and ran Kara’s hand over her /sahkhyf/. It was getting hard inside her boxers.

Cat was suddenly frightened, and she got up, holding her hands up and shaking her head. “I’m not having sex with you.”

Alpha chuckled dangerously. “Why? You’ve never turned me down in the past, Omega.”

The older woman examined that statement for a moment, the complexities of primal energy forcing her to admit to herself that it was true. But that was just it. It was complex. Cat had never turned KARA down because Kara was amazing and loving and always in control of her alpha. She treated Cat with more love and respect that any other alpha Cat had ever been with.

Alpha alone, without Kara’s influence, was something else. Cat knew she had to do something. She surged forward and took her girlfriend’s face between her hands, looking into her eyes. “Help me, Kara,” she said. “Don’t let it do this.” Then she kissed the younger woman’s lips.

Alpha grinned and kissed her back, pushing Kara’s tongue into Cat’s mouth and then pulling back to deeply inhale her scent. “You say you don’t want this... but your scent tells me otherwise.”

“I have no control over that,” the older woman replied. “But I do have control over what I do. LET. ME. GO.” She pulled out of the alpha’s grip and perched her hands on her hips. Then she blinked, realizing that she shouldn’t have been able to pull away from Kryptonian strength. She didn’t understand what was...

“Cat,” Kara suddenly said, face strained as she grappled internally with her alpha. Her hands were fisted and shaking with the effort of holding still. “I’m in control but I’m not going to be able to hold it for long. Take Carter with you and go to Alex. The DEO knows how to stop me. Tell Alex... red kryptonite.”

And Cat didn’t wait. “I love you, Kara.” She ran to Carter’s bedroom and grabbed him by the hands to look into his eyes. “Supergirl is not herself, Carter. We need to go now. Put your sneakers on. I’ll be right back.” Then she ran back into the living room to grab her phone and purse. Her eyes moved to Kara, who was still frozen on the balcony, eyes closed and lips moving as she fought an internal battle of epic proportions.

Carter had hastily pulled on jeans and a t-shirt and was tying his laces when Cat reentered his bedroom. “Mom, what’s wrong with Supergirl?” he asked, eyes frightened.

“Something happened to her, Sweetheart, and I’m not sure what. But we’re going to try to help her, ok? We’re going to talk to a close friend of hers who can help.” Cat was already dialing Alex’s number as she got herself and her son into the express elevator to speed down to the ground floor of the apartment building. “Alex, listen to me,” she said succinctly as the director picked up. “Something’s wrong with Supergirl. I was able to get through to her for a moment and she told me to contact you and tell you... red kryptonite?”

Then Cat was glad she didn’t have the phone on speaker because the expletives coming from her lover’s sister weren’t fit for anyone’s ears.

“Ok, Cat. Come to the DEO. We’ll make sure you and Carter are protected. Supergirl would never forgive herself if...”

“I know,” Cat replied as she and Carter jogged across the parking level to her car. She unlocked it and jumped in, quickly getting the engine started. “We’re already on our way and...” But she stopped suddenly when she looked up to find Kara... no... Alpha standing in front of the car, eyes glowing. “Alex... shit... she’s here. I think you’ll have to come to us.”

“Mom,” Carter said, scared of the look on the Kryptonian’s face. “What’s happening?”

“We’re on our way, Cat. Where are you?”

“Parking deck...” Cat ended the call as Alpha stalked closer to the car.

“Thought you could get away, Omega? The weakling is gone now and you’re mine.”

Cat looked at Carter. “Baby,” she said. “Go, ok? I’ll be ok.”

“Mom, no...”

“Carter, go right now.” Cat jumped as Alpha ripped her door off the car. “I love you. Go.”

Carter was already out his door and running when Alpha pulled Cat out of the car and shoved her back to lie on the hood. It was grinning terrifyingly, and Cat closed her eyes, not wanting to see the look in the normally gentle, blue gaze.


The alpha’s hand cupped Cat’s breast, squeezing it hard and making her gasp. “Stop, you’re hurting me.”

It pushed the waistbands of Kara’s hose and boxers down, letting her /sahkhyf/ spring free. “Like I care.”

Cat shook her head. “You DO care, Alpha! I’ve experienced it. I’ve felt it! I’ve felt your gentle energy after Kara and I have made love.”

Another thought suddenly popped into her mind. If Kara had been altered by the red kryptonite, maybe the alpha had been altered too. She reached out and cupped Kara’s cheek. “Alpha, this isn’t the real you either. The red kryptonite has changed you, just like it changed Kara.”

“Weakling,” Alpha said, but its tone was less certain.

“No...” Cat replied gently. “Kara treasures you... and so do I. Don’t do this, ok? Don't rape me.”

Alpha hesitated and its hand left Cat’s chest. “R-rape?”

“Don’t force me...” The older woman slowly relaxed. “I don’t want this, Alpha. Not like this. Put Kara’s /sahkhyf/ away... please.”

“Cat,” Kara groaned. “I’m trying... Alpha please... stop this.”

Then Alpha nodded and tucked Kara’s length away, taking a deep, shuddering breath as it stepped back. “I don’t want... to hurt you,” it said.

Just then, sirens deafened them as the DEO pulled into the garage. Alex was out of her vehicle and across the parking deck in a matter of seconds, a large gun in her hands. She fired off a shot, right into Kara’s back and the Kryptonian jerked as if she’d been tased with electricity. Then her knees unlocked, and she hit the floor heavily, totally unconscious as streams of red dust seemed to float directly from her pores.

“Supergirl!” Cat screamed, dropping to her knees next to her girlfriend. Then Alex was right beside her.

“She’s going to be ok, Cat,” the director said softly, putting her arm around the older woman’s shoulders. “The energy from this weapon forced the red k out of her system. She’ll be awake soon.”

“Thank you,” Cat whispered, tears creeping down her cheeks. Then she looked around. “Where’s Carter?”

“He’s in my truck,” the director replied with a smile. “I picked him up as he was running toward the exit. “He’s fine. Are you ok, Cat? Supergirl didn’t hurt you, did she?”

“I’ll be fine,” the older woman said, settling her normal attitude back into place.

Alex smiled. “Ok, I need to get her back to the DEO to get her into recovery, but it’ll be ok. I promise.”

And with a final nod, Cat watched as the agents got Supergirl onto a gurney and took her away. Carter jumped out of Alex’s vehicle and ran to his mother to hug her hard. “Are you ok, Mom?”

“Yeah,” Cat breathed, kissing the top of his head and hugging him back. “Everything’s ok now, Darling.”


Cat was sitting in her living room, working quietly on her laptop when she heard the gentle thud of boots meeting tile on her outside balcony. She waited a moment but, when she didn’t hear anything else, she looked over her shoulder to find her girlfriend, standing outside, shifting from foot to foot and wringing her hands anxiously.

The older blonde got up and stepped outside, going to the railing to lean on it and look down on the street below. “If I know you the way I think I do,” she said quietly. “You’re kicking your own ass about what happened.”

Kara didn’t say anything, but she joined her lover to lean on the railing alongside her. They were quiet for a moment, then blue eyes full of fear and regret gazed at Cat. “You just experienced the worst version of me,” she said. “The version where I had no control except for fleeting moments of lucidity. I could apologize, Cat, but it wouldn’t be enough. Nothing is enough to express how sorry I am.” Her face crumpled into tears and the older woman pulled her into her arms.

“I love you, Kara,” she said. “And I know you had little control over your alpha. But it was altered too, and it still made the choice to not hurt me.”

“Every part of me loves every part of you,” Kara said softly, as she held Cat close and kissed her head. “And I’m so glad it didn’t hurt you... and I understand if you need time or space away from me.”

“Well, that’s the worst suggestion I’ve ever heard,” the older woman replied with a chuckle. “I was hoping you’d stay tonight. I was thinking it’s about time we fill Carter in on our relationship since I haven’t been able to come up with a plausible excuse for why Supergirl did what she did.”

“Ungh...” the hero replied. “Right. We owe him the truth.”

“He’ll be home in a couple of hours. I wonder what we could do to fill our time while we wait?” Cat let her hand trail down Kara’s chest over her breast and down further to squeeze her /sahkhyf/. “I think your alpha owes me an apol...”

But Kara was kissing her deeply then, running her fingers through Cat’s hair. “Are you sure?” she murmured after a long moment, against kiss-swollen lips.

“I’m sure,” the older blonde replied. “Make love to me... please...”

Kara scooped her lover up into her arms and carried her to the bedroom to lay her down gently. Then she made quick work of getting her suit and Cat’s clothes off so their bodies could slide sensually together and get reacquainted with each other.

But after a long span of time kissing and touching, Kara still wasn’t hard, and Cat pulled back a little to caress her cheek. “It’s ok,” she said softly. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“I just... can’t get out of my own head,” the hero replied, tears welling in her eyes. “I could have done something... awful... to you, Cat.”

“But you didn’t...” the older woman replied with a smile. “You and your alpha both controlled yourselves, even when a synthetic substance was trying to force otherwise. I’m fucking proud of you both, Kara.” She ducked her head and caught a nipple in her mouth, running her tongue around it and smiling as her lover moaned softly. “Just relax, Baby, and let me take care of you.”

After spending quality time with Kara’s breasts, Cat slid lower to run her tongue over tight abs and then settled between her thighs to take her /sahkhyf/ into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head and then sucked on it, feeling Kara’s hand move into her hair and smiling as she bobbed up and down faster. “That feels amazing,” the younger woman whispered.

“Mmmm... good girl,” Cat replied as her prize slowly hardened and lengthened under her ministrations. She slowed down a little, drawing her lips up the /sahkhyf/’s length each time and her lover’s thighs clenched. She grasped its base and squeezed gently then got up on her knees to straddle it and sink slowly down on it, letting it slowly fill her.

Kara gasped and groaned deeply, closing her eyes as Cat’s warm, silkiness enveloped her. The older woman leaned forward then and went chest-to-chest with her alpha as she began a slow rise and fall motion. She waited for Kara’s eyes to open and then spoke slowly and seriously. “I stopped taking the contraceptives a few days ago and I’m starting my heat so, if it’s still what you want, I want you to knot me now,” she said. “And when you do, I want you to mark me as yours.” She smiled as she felt her lover’s length twitch and get even harder inside her. “Mmmm... your /sahkhyf/ likes that idea, huh?”

A beaming grin rose to the hero’s face. “It really does... and so do I.”

Then the older woman gently kissed her lover’s lips. “Kara, I do want a baby with you. And with my age... we need to do it now. The odds are already against us.”

Then Kara was flipping them over, and she kissed and sucked on Cat’s neck as she thrusted into her. “The timing’s perfect,” she said. “I just started my rut. God, I love you, Cat.”

Cat closed her eyes and smiled. “I love you too... and I need it harder, Baby.”

The hero grinned and picked up her pace, loving the sounds of pleasure her lover was making as she rutted harder. She was balancing on her palms, hovering above Cat as she slammed her hips down over and over and, as she felt herself getting close to orgasm, she loosened the reins on her alpha and growled softly as her fangs extended. She bared them and Cat groaned loudly as her omega responded headily, pushing her over the edge into an orgasm that made her arch her back and grasp Kara’s breasts to keep her grounded as the waves rolled over her.

“Cat, I’m gonna come...” Kara whimpered as her lover clenched around her, dropping onto her forearms and sealing her mouth against her lover’s neck. She came with shuddering pleasure and Cat lifted her hips and pulled her in hard by her ass cheeks, relaxing as much as she could at the same time to let Kara’s swelling knot slip inside her. Then the Kryptonian’s fangs sank into her neck.

“Oh fuck, Kara!” Cat screamed as she immediately crested into another orgasm, its pulsing tightness squeezing Kara’s knot inside her.

The younger woman threw back her head, mouth open and fangs glistening with Cat’s blood as she emptied herself fully into her lover. Then she collapsed on Cat’s chest, grinning into the damp skin, as the older blonde’s hand curled around the back of her neck.

It felt like heaven and, as her fangs retracted and her breathing settled, she dropped gentle kisses on her lover’s breasts. “Alpha says thank you... and so do I.” She rolled them over then and let Cat just relax on top of her. They were locked together for now and she just stroked her fingertips up and down the older woman’s back. “I love you, Cat Grant.”

“Mmm...” Cat replied, eyes closed as the pulsing aftershocks of her orgasm sent little bolts of pleasure through her. “I love you too, my little vampire.”

Kara sucked in a breath. “Fuck, you’re not still bleeding, are you?”

Cat raised herself onto her forearms and smiled happily as she tilted her head to show the hero her neck. The mark had already healed, and a beautiful, intricate symbol of their souls’ bond had formed.

“Wow, it’s gorgeous, Cat,” Kara whispered in awe.

And Cat’s smile just broadened. “Of course, Honey, I knew it would be.”