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even if it hurts

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it's nearly midnight by the time crepus finishes sorting through paperwork. the house is quiet and dark, lit only by the dim glow of melting candles. he puts them out, and wanders up the stairs, following the sirens call of sleep, but suddenly he's met with another.


a soft noise echoes through diluc's bedroom door as he walks by and he pauses. the silence lingers after a moment and he decides that perhaps he was hearing things. he goes to take another step when he hears it again, this time clearer.




crepus's heart nearly stops. diluc's voice is a sweet sigh, even through the wood of his door, and he can't help but take a step forward, tilting his head and pressing one ear to the door.


"ah, please," diluc's voice comes again. it's not the scared sound of his son in the throes of a nightmare, but something else - something more sinful, a low plea crepus has heard fall from the boy's lips before when they're alone together in his office sometimes.


a hushed whimper draws his attention back from his thoughts, fingers wrapping around the handle to diluc's door, and crepus quietly opens it just a crack, enough to peek in.


the sight almost makes his head spin - diluc is laying on his bed nearly naked, nightgown shoved up to his chest, thighs sprawled open with one hand working desperately between them. in the low light of his candlelit room, crepus can see the shine of slick smeared across the insides of his son's thighs. crepus's breath catches in his throat when he hears diluc moan again.


"daddy, please," he pleads to no one, unaware of his father's hungry gaze on him. " pleasepleaseplease -"


"please, what?" crepus interrupts, the door behind him closing with a soft click, and diluc nearly jumps out of his skin, hands flying up to yank his clothes down over his exposed form. he scrambles to sit up. 


"wh-wh-i, ah, what are you doing here?"


"you were calling for me, weren't you?" crepus asks. it's not accusatory, his tone. he says it so simply, as if he's handing diluc a toy he asked for for his birthday. 


"i--" diluc pauses, fisting his hands in his nightgown nervously. "i was."


"and you were touching yourself?" crepus asks. even in the dim light of the room, he can see diluc flush in embarrassment. 


"i was," he agrees again, but this time his voice is quieter, more nervous. crepus hums, bringing his hands behind his back and he approaches the bed, pacing for a moment. he eyes diluc as he does.


"and... i thought you didn't like our little play time," he says. "but here you are. playing with yourself. and begging for me?"


panic crosses diluc's face and crepus would be lying if he said that the expression doesn't make him want to tear the flimsy nightgown off of his son and just--


"i'm sorry," diluc says suddenly and even he looks surprised at his own words. "i - i just - i can't..." 


crepus raises a brow when his son trails off, glancing away nervously.


"you can't what, diluc?" he asks. 


"i can't--" diluc stops again and then runs a hand through his hair and sighs. "i - i can't cum any more. not without - um - not without you."


crepus swears he's never been so goddamn hard in his life.


"lay down," crepus orders. diluc's gaze snaps back up to him, blinking at his father in surprise.


"wh-what? but i-"


"i said lay down," crepus repeats and diluc looks panicked for a second, glancing around the room before he obliges, crawling back onto the bed. "spread your legs."


diluc hesitates again, but only for a moment before shyly letting his thighs fall open, tugging the top of his nightgown to his chin and trying to hide behind it. crepus's fingers twitch when his son looks up at him with wide, pleading eyes and all he wants to do is ruin the sweet little boy on the bed in front of him. 


"are you going to tell daddy what you were thinking about?" he asks, running a hand up one of diluc's legs, fingers slipping under the bottom of the nightgown and pushing it up. to his surprise, diluc spreads his thighs wider, showing off the mess he's made of himself.


"y-your fingers," diluc tells him quietly. crepus hums in response, hooking one hand under a knee. he yanks diluc down the bed, nightgown bunching up under him as he slides down with a surprised little yelp.


"what about my fingers?" crepus inquires. by now, diluc's ass is at the edge of the bedframe, legs spread so wide his feet are ready to slip off the bed. crepus's mouth waters at the sight, his sweet boy all spread out for him, like a meal waiting to be devoured.


"i was thinking about them i-inside me," diluc tells him, swallowing nervously. crepus runs one big hand up the inside of diluc's thigh, eyeing him.


"inside you where, diluc?" he presses. it's not like he doesn't know the answer, especially not with the way the boy cants his hips up at his father's touch. crepus ghosts his fingers over the center of diluc's core, earning a whimper. "here?"


"there," diluc responds quickly, nodding. "please."


"tell me exactly what you want, diluc."


the boy swallows nervously before he speaks again, "i - i want your fingers inside me. in my - my pussy. please, daddy." 


"good boy."


crepus offers no other warning before he presses one big finger into the soft, wet heat of his son. beneath him, diluc moans, head falling back into the covers and crepus feels his velvety walls pulse around him.


"oh, daddy-"


"does that feel good?" crepus asks softly, despite already knowing the answer. the boy is already squirming on the bed beneath him, cunt greedily squeezing around one finger and crepus has to stop a smug smile from creeping across his lips. instead he eases onto the bed with one knee, pushing his finger in deeper and curling it inside of his son. 


"yes, oh, archons, daddy," he sighs dreamily, hips wriggling. 


"you're so wet, diluc," crepus comments, gaze finding the slick space between his thighs. again his mouth waters and he swallows. "you just keep squeezing around me, sweetheart. what a needy little boy you've become."


"needy," diluc repeats dazedly and then blinks up at his father.


"that's right, my needy boy," crepus praises, sinking onto the bed as he continues working at diluc's wet heat. "needs his daddy to make him cum. isn't that right?"


the boy moans, squirming and meeting the push of crepus's finger inside of him with desperate little thrusts of his hips. crepus can hear how wet his son is, cunt making obscene noises with each slick slide of his finger in and out.


"need daddy," he murmurs, dazed with pleasure. he whines when crepus pauses in his movements. "daddy, please."


"use your words, luc," crepus reminds him. 


"wanna cum, please?" diluc pleads with wide eyes, trying to fuck himself on the single finger stuffed inside of him. "please make me cum daddy?"


crepus barely stifles his groan at diluc's pleas. he's never had him splayed out in front of him like this - desperate, needy, begging for more. it's always been hesitance, nerves even. but now here diluc is, grinding down at his touch, looking up at his father with pleading eyes.


"what does daddy get if he helps you cum?" crepus asks.


"ah - any-anything, daddy," he gasps when crepus starts slowly fingering him again. "please, i'll do anything, daddy."


crepus's cock twitches in his pants. 


anything .


"anything?" crepus repeats. diluc nods eagerly. 


"daddy, please, i-"


diluc cuts himself off with a loud whine when crepus presses a second thick finger into him with a wet noise. 


"you'll help daddy cum, too, then?" crepus inquires, his free hand slinking up his son's slim torso, teasing one nipple.


"y-yes! oh, archons, yes," diluc moans, arching up at his fathers touch. "pl-please, daddy, you can use my mouth."


"but what if daddy wants to use your pretty little pussy to cum?"


diluc's cunt tightens around his fingers and he almost swears he feels his son get wetter.


"n-no, wait, i - oh !" 


diluc breaks off with a moan when crepus brings a thumb to his neglected clit.


"but didn't you say anything, diluc?" crepus presses him. "you need to cum so bad you'll do anything?"


underneath him, diluc is trembling. he stares up at his father with a look somewhere between panic and desperation and as pretty as crepus finds it, he can't lose diluc to this now. he leans down, pressing a kiss to his son's forehead.


"i - i don't, hhhn , daddy," he whimpers when crepus starts fingering him more insistently. his little hands fist desperately in the fabric of his father's dress shirt as he gasps.


"shh. doesn't that feel good?" 


diluc nods. 


"you know daddy just wants you to feel good, don't you, diluc?" crepus murmurs quietly to him, threading a hand into his son's soft ruby waves. diluc looks up at him, all wide eyes and youth and crepus wants to fucking devour him.


"don't you think daddy's cock would make you feel even better than his fingers do?" he asks. diluc's cunt flutters around his fingers again and gods, it could not be more obvious that this sweet little boy wants it, even if he can't bring himself to say it.


crepus curls his fingers expertly and beneath him, his son sobs, hips bucking up. 


"daddy, i'm - i'm so - it feels so good, i--"


"does it? you want to cum, baby?" 


"please, please ," diluc begs breathlessly, little gasps falling from his mouth.


"go ahead, luc. be a good boy and cum for your daddy," crepus whispers, leaning forward and nuzzling against his ear. "cum for your daddy so he can fill you up with cock."


diluc slaps a hand over his mouth to muffle a scream and crepus feels him squeeze so tightly around his fingers it nearly forces them out.


crepus nearly cums in his pants when he feels his son's cunt gush over his hand, walls fluttering wildly.


fuck .


"fuck, luc, look at you," crepus mumbles breathlessly, leaning up to glance at the wet spot on the edge of the bed.


"i - hic - i'm so sorry, daddy, i didn't mean to make a mess, i don't know what happened, i - i just, i didn't mean to pee, it just felt so--"


"shhh," crepus hushes him. "you aren't in trouble, little one."


"i - i'm not?"


crepus chuckles and gives him a quick kiss before he sits up. without hesitation, he fumbles one hand to the button of his pants, the other still rubbing little circles around his son's swollen clit as the boy on the bed twitches.


"did it feel good?" he asks, undoing the buttons on his pants. "coming like that?"


diluc whimpers beneath him at the overstimulation, thighs sliding together in an attempt to avoid it, but crepus merely tuts at him in disappointment. 


"let daddy see you," he orders, prying the boy's soft thighs apart once more to reveal his swollen, wet pussy. he barely puts up a fight, still drained from the intensity of his orgasm and crepus makes a noise of appreciation in the back of his throat. 


diluc's eyes go wide when crepus pulls his cock out of his pants, a sticky line of precum dripping from the tip to a wet spot on his underwear.


"remember, diluc, you said anything," crepus reminds him when he sees a flash of hesitance on his son's flushed face. "good boys don't go back on their offers."


diluc swallows nervously. 


"don't you want to be good for me, diluc?" crepus asks, settling between the boy's thighs, one hand stroking at his cock and spreading the slick precum over it. "hm?"


diluc pauses, eyes flickering between his father's cock and his face before he swallows nervously and nods.


"good boy," crepus sighs, leaning forward and sliding the tip of his cock through his son's slick folds. beneath him, diluc gasps, hips jerking when his cock presses against his clit. "do you like that?"


"it's - you're so hard ," diluc says as if he's surprised, eyes fixated on the space between them. crepus tries to stop the way his ego swells at the thinly veiled hunger in his son's gaze but fails spectacularly, instead gripping the base of his dick and guiding it to the drenched entrance of diluc's cunt. he presses in, not even half an inch, and the boy beneath him tenses, gasping.


"daddy, i--"


diluc's thighs twitch in towards each other and crepus catches him by one knee, forcing his leg up and the boy makes a nervous little noise.


"don't," crepus demands. "keep your legs open or i will."


diluc freezes on the bed beneath him and then obeys wordlessly, spreading his legs again.


"good boy."


crepus pushes into him.


diluc is crying underneath him. tears are spilling down his cheeks as crepus fills him and for a moment he wonders if he's truly just hurting diluc. 


then diluc moans and heat flutters around him.


fuck, fuck, fuck .


"daddy i--" he gasps when crepus's hips pull back and rock forward again, fucking his slick into him and the boy trembles beneath him. "s-so big, oh, archons--"


crepus has to stop himself from coming right fucking then, his sweet little boy squeezing around him and moaning, and he briefly thinks that this is something worth going to hell for.


he pulls out for a moment, only to be met with a panicked gaze from his son. when he pushes back into the tight heat of diluc's core, the boy gasps, thighs spreading wider and for a moment crepus considers forgoing patience and simply fucking diluc like an animal. 


with a deep breath, he presses into his son until he bottoms out, and then stays there.


"dad - daddy," diluc begs. "i - i - it feels..."


"do you like it?" crepus interrupts. 


"hurts," diluc gasps when he moves again. "hurts good."




crepus scoots forward just a hair, knees catching on the blanket, and he reaches one hand down to the apex of his son's cunt, thumb finding his clit, and the noise diluc makes is loud enough he's sure it woke someone up. 


he's about to tell the boy to quiet down when his thumb circles his clit again and diluc tightens around him so divinely he's not sure if he cares who they wake up anymore.




and then diluc cums again.


with that, crepus's resolve shatters. he groans, fucking into the soft, twitching body below him, thumb clumsily working at his clit still.


"daddy - ah!"


"look at you," crepus growls, chasing his own pleasure now. "coming on my cock like a little whore."


diluc whines weakly with each thrust, his body threatening to slide up the bed before crepus reaches for his hips, fingers tightening around the boy beneath him.


" hah , ah, i'm not a whore," diluc argues in between gasps and crepus chuckles.


"are you sure, son?"


"n-no, i'm your good boy, i - i'm not a whore, please, i hhn , daddy--"


crepus slows, dragging his cock out of diluc, who immediately whines, looking up at his father with desperate eyes. 


"why - why did you stop?"


crepus sighs, leaning forward and grinding his cock against his son's dripping cunt.


"did you want me to keep going?" he asks coolly.


"yes, daddy, i--"


"but i thought you weren't a whore?" crepus offers, sliding the head of his dick down to diluc's entrance, where it catches briefly. a gasp escapes the boy and his brows furrow as he stares up at his father. "or... maybe you want to be a little whore?"


crepus is certain he's losing his fucking mind. this arrangement with diluc is fragile, dangerous - and this, this could destroy the delicate balance it requires to keep his pretty little boy under his thumb. but the way diluc opens and closes his mouth like a fish out of water and tears leak from his big red eyes make crepus stupid - stupider than he's ever been, but then diluc finally speaks and -


"i'll be your little whore, daddy," he says with a choked sob. "i'll do anything for you, daddy, please."


stupid, stupid , sweet, perfect little boy.


"good boy," crepus manages before he stuffs his son full again. a shattered wail threatens to wake the entire manor before he slaps a hand over diluc’s mouth, leaning into him and shoving both of his slim legs up, knees nearly next to his ears. 


diluc looks pretty like this, he thinks for a moment, looking down at his son. his cheeks are stained with tears, wet lashes fluttering over his big red eyes with each forceful thrust crepus makes, and it just makes him want to fuck the boy harder .


a growl escapes him before he gives into his most base nature, frantically fucking the wet heat of diluc’s cunt as he chases his own pleasure.

“my perfect little boy,” crepus groans. “can you cum on daddy’s cock again?”


he sees diluc’s fucked out gaze come back to life, eyes widening and he shakes his head frantically.


“good boys don’t lie,” crepus whispers, and then chuckles lowly, one hand worming its way between their bodies and finding his son’s slick folds, fumbling for his clit and rubbing. the reaction is immediate, diluc’s cunt squeezing around him tightly and crepus watches his son’s eyes roll back. 


he cums again.


liquid heat gushes out of him, all around his father’s cock and crepus can’t stop himself any longer.


his own orgasm hits him so hard, he’s sure the last thrust into diluc hurts - deep, uncaring of anything but his own release - and diluc cries out under his hand, muffled and desperate. crepus groans, breath catching in his chest as he spills into his son and -


and spills into his son - fuck. 


he really wasn’t thinking, was he?


his cock pulses anyway, heat filling diluc, who’s sobbing beneath him, body twitching as his own orgasm subsides. crepus shudders, giving one, two, three lazy thrusts into diluc’s cunt, which squelches obscenely as he does, cum leaking out of him.


his post orgasm haze is beginning to set in when he looks down at diluc beneath him, who’s still breathing heavily and staring up at him, teary-eyed. a pang of guilt starts in his gut but it’s startled away when he hears the door of diluc’s bedroom open. crepus and diluc both freeze, breaths catching in their lungs and crepus turns his head quickly to see a flash of cerulean disappear before the door shuts again.




crepus swallows before he turns to look back at his son on the bed beneath him, red locks fanned out underneath him, eyes looking up at him in a panic. crepus huffs an annoyed noise.


“well,” he says, slipping his hand away from diluc’s mouth. “looks like we woke your brother.”


diluc shakes his head. “no - no, don’t, daddy , don’t.”


crepus slips out of diluc with a wet noise and glances down to see the mess they’ve both made before he looks back up at his son, flushed and hot. he smiles gently before he speaks again.


“well someone has to clean up this mess we made here,” he says, rubbing a thumb over diluc’s abused clit, earning a whine. “who better than your baby brother?”


“dad - daddy, no --”


“shh,” crepus interrupts him, leaning down and pressing a chaste kiss to his damp forehead. “don’t argue now, diluc. daddy knows best, doesn’t he?”


diluc’s eyes go glassy and wet, tears threatening to spill out. 


he nods anyway.


crepus smiles down at him. "good boy."