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Proving A Point

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Emma is alone with Regina in her home office, behind a closed door; there's a roaring fire in the hearth and Regina's commanding aura has power over the entire room. Even though they're alone, Emma is fascinated by the way the brunette never stops being the boss. Even when there's no one else around.

Emma's eyes shine with amusement as she watches Regina work away at her desk, while she sits on the lounger a few feet away; nursing a glass of really nice cider, her imagination running rampant. The brunette's posture is always perfect, always, and she would love nothing more than to ruin every bit of that perfection with her wild and unruly thoughts. She watches the brunette tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear and readjusts her glasses, "Screamer". Emma voices her thought out loud accidentally, nodding her head unconsciously.

The smirk on her face quickly disappears when Regina looks up with a curious face, "What was that?"

"Nothing, just thinking out loud. Ignore me." Emma gulps down the last of her drink and places the empty glass on the small table next to her.

"You sound like you have something on your mind, out with it." Regina sets down her pen and leans forward on her desk, clasping her fingers together in an authoritative way, the position isn't dominant but that's just how she comes across.

Emma licks her lips, her eyes falling to the cleavage that's been put on display because of Regina's current position, "You wouldn't like hearing what I'm thinking."

"When do I ever?" Regina teases in good nature.

"Good point." Emma snickers and tilts her head, considering for a moment longer, whether or not she should voice her true thoughts. Regina might not have her superpower but she knows Emma well enough to know when she's lying, so she opts to be bluntly honest, "You strike me as a screamer." Emma says confidently, her eyes locked onto Regina's.

"Excuse me?" the brunette raises both her eyebrows at the bold and extremely untrue admission. Emma shrugs when Regina uncharacteristically snorts, "And how exactly did you draw up that conclusion?" she leans back in her chair, her goddess-like aura on full blast.

"Truthfully, it's everything about you. See, you're always the one calling the shots, the one incharge, the one in control because let's face it, no one else can do it the way Regina Mills does it or...needs it to be done. BUT, I'm willing to bet, that under the right circumstances, if you were given the opportunity to let go, you would absolutely, most definitely, be a screamer." Emma finishes, she has an intriguingly smug look on her face.

"Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but I am NOT, under ANY circumstance, a screamer. Never was, never will be." Regina informs the blonde, raising her chin in poised defiance. She swivels her chair to fully face the blonde, placing her arms on the armrests and crosses her legs at the knee.

"I happen to know several different ways in which to prove my point and most of them...can confirm it multiple times. Without fail." Emma states, taking in Regina's new position; she can tell the brunette is trying to stay in command but she's visibly flustered to Emma's delight, not that Regina is obvious, Emma can just see right through her...all the time.

Regina has always had a weak spot for the blonde, all she had to do was walk into a room and Regina would be soaked right through her underwear, "Keep telling yourself that." Regina comments as she rises from her seat and struts over to the corner of her office and pours herself a drink, her back faced to the blonde.

"That's definitely a first. You turning down an opportunity, well, several opportunities, to prove me wrong." the blonde remarks, her eyes firmly on Regina; she can clearly see her hair standing on end at the current atmosphere in the room.

Regina had learnt early on that the best way to beat Emma's lie detector, was to avoid letting her see your eyes, "It's as you said, Emma. I call the shots, I'm the one in control here." Regina's dark voice reverberates off the walls, making Emma's spine shiver.

"Are you though?..." Emma stands and silently steps up behind the brunette, leaving only a breath of space between them, "...Because I'm not feeling all that controlled." Emma goads her, taunts her and it works.

The brunette abruptly spins on her heel, ready to argue, but she comes face to face with the most smug look she's ever seen on the blonde's face; the brunette smirks evilly, knowingly, "Says the woman beating around a bush, instead of just taking what she so obviously wants. Seems controlled to me." Regina lifts her glass to her lips, leaning against the table behind her, taking a generous sip, swallowing slowly, her eyes never leaving Emma's; they were in dangerous territory now, if Emma touches her, she would definitely lose it. She wouldn't be able to stop herself from unraveling.

"You know better than anyone, that I am many things. I'm the type of person that GIVES without restraint or restriction BUT I will NEVER take, without EXPLICIT CONSENT. I like to get a clear: 'yes' or 'no'." Emma iterates, raising a brow, her heart thudding in her chest when an answer escapes plump lips immediately.

"Yes." The word leaves no room for confusion, there's no hesitation, no doubt, "What? Were you expecting me to be coy?" Regina quirks a brow, lifting her glass once more but a pale hand stops her movement. Emma removes the glass from Regina's hold and places it on the table behind her, she takes a firm hold of vivacious curves and tugs; the brunette flush against her, their faces mere millimeters apart, Emma starts to lead Regina.

The blonde walks her backwards slowly, when Regina is finally pressed firmly against the wall just a few feet away from the door, "Not at all. It's a turn on when a woman knows what she wants and you, well, lets just say that you, do it better than anyone else." Emma's lips brush against Regina's as she talks, her warm breath tickling the brunette's skin.

Emma waits, an open invitation to the brunette; they look at one another for a few seconds longer. The blonde wants the queen before her, to relinquish all her control willingly, she wants her to submit of her own free will, so she waits and she doesn't have to wait long. Regina lifts her hands and fists them in the lapels of Emma's satin, green shirt, pulling the blonde closer. The nonexistent distance between them is completely erased. The feeling is magnificent, Emma's lips are intoxicating; Regina inhales slowly as the blonde thrusts her whole body against her.

Perfect teeth nip at a plump bottom lip and causes a hungry hiss, it's loud and promising of all the things that will ABSOLUTELY be happening if this continues. A warm, silky tongue brushes the inside rim of the brunette's top lip and she gasps; she's had many a lover, both men and women, she's experienced many different things. She can confidently say that she's experienced in the world of sexual adventures, but Emma was right...she was always in control, always the one calling the shots.

She made people come undone just by looking at them, she made people scream and groan but no one has ever made HER want it that much. No one has ever made her crave to be touched this badly, no one has ever driven her to the brink of exploding with the simplest of touches, not the way Emma does. Emma is her undoing, in every sense of the word. She enjoys the way this woman makes her blood boil, makes her skin burn, makes her brain short-circuit and she is absolutely, most definitely going to enjoy letting Emma take control over her. It made her feel more powerful than she's ever felt in her entire life, not even magic has made her feel this free.

Emma stiffens her tongue and flicks it, pulling back, making the brunette chase its attention; she grins, repeating the movement, she pulls Regina's hips away from the wall and pushes it back again with her own. When Regina gasps again, Emma crashes her mouth with the brunette's, her tongue diving deep, meeting Regina's within; the blonde moans at the taste of homemade apple cider and something uniquely 'Regina'. She was definitely going to kiss Regina like this again if she tasted this heavenly.

Emma's hands move up, tugging Regina's white shirt out from its prim and proper place, in the black slacks that have always complimented the brunette's assets perfectly; she takes a firm hold just above the first button and roughly rips the shirt open, making buttons fly in every direction. Regina's breathing quickens even further, her body excited to be ravished; she shivers as nimble fingers snake around her waist and up her back, unclasping her bra with expert precision.

Emma drags her nails down Regina's back, kissing her way to her neck, she presses a feather light kiss against Regina's pulse point, feeling the thrum against her lips. She slides her hands gently up the brunette's sides, her hands disappearing under a lace bra. The blonde firmly bites down on the pulse point and sucks hard, she has every intention of leaving a mark; her thumbs brushing over rock hard nipples. The brunette's arms circle around Emma's neck, pulling her impossibly close; she moans, audibly approving of the blonde's actions. She feels the lips on her neck moving to another spot, a space just behind her ear that NO ONE has ever discovered. Her groan is guttural as Emma basically makes out with her most sensitive spot, she tilts her head to give the blonde better access and she accepts it gladly; the blonde gives her another mark, it's bigger and darker, there will be no hiding it. Emma wants to show her who's she is. Who would want to hide a mark like that in any case?

Regina's fingers slip into Emma's hair, she needs to hold onto something, she's losing herself and fast. She thrusts against Emma with her hips, silently urging the blonde onwards; she knows that she's supposed to be trying to prove the blonde wrong but she also desperately wants the woman to make her scream uncontrollably, so she lets the blonde have her way; her mind struggles to process this new development. She's waited too long for this to fight Emma.

"Get us upstairs." the words are whispered against the skin of Regina's neck and the command is obeyed instantly. As the cloud of magic dissipates, Regina is backed up against her bedroom door; Emma reaches out to the handle and locks the door.

Regina reaches for the hem of Emma's shirt but hands catch both her wrists, the brunette's arms are raised above her head and held there, "I'm in charge now, Regina. I'm calling the shots. I'm the one in control, which means you, don't get to do whatever you want."

"Good luck with that." the brunette's voice is husky, Emma loves the way it sounds. It always turned her insides out.

"The only control you have here, is to say 'stop' when you want me to stop, other than that, all I wanna hear from you is screaming." Emma presses her leg between Regina's thighs, making her buck against her.

"I repeat, good luck with that." Regina quips with a sexy humour Emma cannot resist. Emma spun Regina around and pulled her against her front, then pushing her forward, her hands still pinned above her head. Emma nipped at the flesh in the crook of Regina's neck, moving a hand down to the zipper of her slacks, once undone, the pants fell to the floor with a silent whisper. The blonde moved her to step away from the door, she walked them over to the foot of the bed; Regina lifted her arms and found purchase on the blonde behind her, her shirt ripped and hanging open, her bra hanging in much the same way. Emma's hands on her hips made her shiver, her lace thong completely ruined; she still had her black pump heels on.

Emma made a move to remove Regina's shirt, quickly getting rid of the bra as well; the brunette stood now in nothing but her heels and thong. Black really was her colour, it was sexy as fucking hell, it made her mentally drool and it also momentarily made her lose focus; Regina was able to turn and lock their lips, she undid and removed Emma's belt and undid her jeans. Emma was so lost in the taste of this woman that she didn't notice how quickly the brunette had stripped her down to her underwear. How the hell did she even get her jeans off without letting go?

Regina's skin was burning against her own, it made her head spin; a warm tongue on her neck made her growl, she grabbed Regina by her ample ass cheeks and lifted her like she was nothing. She crawled onto the bed with her, laying her down, "Nice try." she smirked when the brunette growled at the sudden shift in power.

Emma was like a kitten with a ball of yarn, she kept biting at Regina, making her mewl; bronze skin was covered in dark spots wherever pink lips could gain purchase. Emma made it hard for Regina to remember she was supposed to be fighting but the fact she had no intention of fighting was her secret alone; the brunette dug her nails into the skin of the blonde's back, dragging along flexed muscles. Regina melted at the effect she caused, she drove Emma crazy with the knowledge that she was definitely approving of what was being done to her.

"Perhaps you should try NOT teasing me..." Regina cooed into Emma's ear.

"I could, but I just love the way you react. Like when I touch you here.." Emma ghosted her fingers against the skin under Regina's breast, snaking over her ribs. "I like the way you shiver... mhmm, when I touch you here.." Emma brushed over her hardened nipple, the brunette arching into the touch. "I wonder what would happen if I touched you here...?" she asked rhetorically and her hand slowly made its way down Regina's body, over her hip and up to her knee; Emma lowered her mouth onto Regina's other breast, tugging softly with her teeth, flicking with her tongue as her other hand continued its journey across Regina's body.

A pale hand moved up the inside of a sun kissed thigh, hand suddenly firmly grabbing the limb behind the knee and pressing it flat against the bed; the brunette was unable to control the way her other leg suddenly pulled Emma closer between her legs, the heel of her shoe digging into the back of Emma's legs. "Why don't you find out?" Regina says to her, not ashamed in the slightest as her body arches into Emma when deft fingers tease around the place she needs it most over her underwear. They both know that she's helplessly soaked already; Regina pulls Emma down, kissing her senseless, she moans into her mouth when her underwear is pushed to the side. Without warning, two fingers fill Regina with smooth ease; Emma pulls out slowly but not completely, thrusting back in, adding a third finger with no resistance, "Aahaah! Ffffuck!" Regina growls, her walls clenching around the appendages inside her.

"There's a sound, I've been DYING to hear. I could almost say 'I told you so'..." Emma grins as she nips at Regina's chin.

The brunette roughly scrapes her nails down Emma's back, "Don't....ruin it." Regina grits out, her breathing harsh and her voice hoarse.

Emma thrusts into Regina, the movement the most normal thing in the world, their bodies rocking together in perfect tandem, as though this wasn't the first time they'd ever been together like this. Regina grabs a hold of Emma's neck, Emma is building her up to an edge she's never been to before, she's gone beyond a high she had no idea she was cable of going; when the blonde kisses her, its fuelled with fire and passion, it's messy and perfect all at the same time. "I'm officially in love with the way you feel. I wish you could see yourself right now." Emma's words are gentle and almost too thoughtful for the moment. She needs to shut up, lest she blurt out the way she feels about the brunette in her heart.

"You look like you're very much ready to scream." Emma adds, hoping that Regina doesn't notice the soft emotions she'd almost displayed.

"Then make me scream already!" Regina grins against her mouth, she doesn't miss the way Emma tried to hide her emotions behind a flirtation, she'll let it go for now, they can discuss it when neither of them are high.

Emma kisses already kiss-swollen lips once more, making her way down the perfect body under her; her fingers slowing their movement but never stopping, never breaking the rhythm. Regina's hands find their way into blonde curls when she realises what's about to happen; she's never allowed anyone to go down on her before, but then again she's never wanted anyone to. This is Emma though, she'd be crazy if she lied to herself about wanting to give in to Emma like this; this was not an act of submission but an act of appraisal, the blonde was trying to praise her, so she gladly let her. She still had her underwear on, so when Emma tugged at it, she lifted her hips and the soaked garment was slid down her legs and tossed aside.

Before Regina could recover from the sudden change in pace, Emma pulled Regina towards her by her hips, the brunette was surprisingly light but then again, Emma was extremely fit; Emma looped Regina's legs over her shoulders and dove in head first. She peered up at the brunette as she slid her tongue over her clit in slow circles; she worked Regina up with her fingers but she had every intention of taking her over the edge orally. Regina fisted her hands in the ruined bedding under her, her heels digging into the material; she hates shoes on her bed but she's more than willing to accept it if that's how Emma wants her.

Her hands flew back to Emma's head when a tongue swiped across her sex, it was warm and velvety. Emma kept her tongue flat as she swiped up through silky folds, sucking on the brunette's sensitive bundle of nerves, never lingering longer than a few seconds, it made the woman make sounds she didn't know Regina was even capable of making. Her moans became lengthier when Emma moaned into her, the vibration making her shiver; she rocked against Emma's mouth as the blonde's tongue started making slow circles around her entrance, "Emmmm, Ah! NGGG, mmm, HA! AAH, MMMfff," she mumbled Emma's name repeatedly, becoming more and more incoherent the more the blonde's actions sped up. Suddenly, Emma thrust into her with her tongue, the world became nonexistent as Emma fucked her into absolute oblivion; her back arched deeply and her muscles stiffened, her inner walls clenching onto the part of Emma that moved expertly inside of her.

Regina came undone like never before, like she never knew was possible at all, "EMMAAAAA!" there was no holding it back, even if she wanted to try. Emma was extremely good at what she was doing between her legs, her orgasm was out of this world. The blonde's lips latched onto her clit before she could properly come down, sucking hard and moaning at the feeling of Regina dripping down her chin; Regina screamed even louder than she did before, Emma grinned between the brunette's legs, she felt smug at making the queen submit to her, at making her scream. Without any warning, she thrust into Regina once more with three fingers, "Aaaah, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! FUUUUUUCK!" Regina came a third but not final time.

Regina's body went completely limp, she was absolutely spent after three orgasms but Emma never stopped, only slowing; Emma kissed a path back up Regina's body, her fingers moving gently in and out of the brunette, keeping her on the brink and ready to topple over. Regina slowly rocked with her, she had no idea how she could still want more after three mind blowing orgasms; she wrapped her arms around Emma's neck when the blonde locked their lips. Her breathing starting to calm, she could taste herself on Emma's tongue mixed with apple cider. Emma bit her lip and sucked at it, making her moan, her voice was going to be gone in the morning at this rate; she wrapped her legs around the blonde, fingers still buried deep inside her, she loved how connected they felt.

Emma reached her free hand behind her, removing Regina's heels, finally; once again wrapping the arm around Regina's waist she lifted them into a sitting position, the woman now on her lap, "Hold on tight, the ride is FAR from over." Emma smirked against her lips, it was exciting to hear her gasp when her fingers were replaced with something hard and warm. Regina could tell that it was definitely Emma's skin. When both of Emma's arms were around her, she leaned her head on Emma's shoulder, looking down between them, she saw a magically conjured dick attached to Emma; Regina moaned deeply, their rhythm not once being interrupted, even with the new addition to their bubble.

Emma was sat back on her knees, she was buried deep inside Regina and she loved it in a way she could barely fathom, to be immersed in warmth like this, to be completely connected to Regina in a way she'd only ever dreamt of. She held the brunette impossibly close by her waist; Regina became annoyed with the sports bra that kept her from feeling Emma's skin on her own, she snapped her fingers and all barriers between them disappeared. She moved her legs so that she was on her knees like Emma, it spread her wider, giving Emma even more access, it made them both moan deeply; Emma bit into Regina's shoulder, causing her to make yet another new sound.

With an arm around Regina's waist to hold her close and a hand on her hip to guide their rhythm, Emma began to speed up the movement, rocking Regina harder against her, "Fuck, you feel so good!" the sound barely came out. Her mouth latched onto a hard nipple as the brunette rode her; Emma hadn't come yet and she was all but ready to explode, they were both close, Emma could feel Regina's walls clenching around her.

Regina grabbed the hair at the nape of Emma's neck and pulled, she crashed their lips together, her tongue diving in deep as Emma filled her exactly the way she never knew she needed. Regina came first and hard, throwing her head back, screaming Emma's name into the air; the moment Regina clenched tightly around her, Emma exploded, screaming alongside Regina as everything in the world felt right. For the both of them, suddenly everything made more sense than it ever did before. Both women kept going right through their Earth shattering orgasm, neither one able to find the strength to let their connection end, so Emma did the only thing that made sense; she sat up, lifting Regina with her and crashed their bodies onto the mattress.

Emma pounded into her and all it did was drive Regina further; she grasped tighter at her, her moans and growls never stopping, the air continuously filled with the sound of her satisfied screams. Emma felt legs tighten around her, she knew Regina was close again and so was she; right before the brunette climaxed, Emma looked deep into brown orbs, her lips ghosting against Regina's as she spoke in a whisper, only loud enough for Regina to hear, "I love you." Regina placed a hand on Emma's cheek before the blonde could kiss her, to silence her. Regina made sure their rhythm never slowed or stopped, "I love you." she whispered back against pink lips. Regina pulled her down, kissing her senseless as they went over the edge together, they climaxed as though they were one.

Both moaning into the other's mouth, Regina's toes curled when Emma continued to thrust into her, their orgasm lasting longer than usual. Neither wanted it to end but their movements slowed. Regina had come several times, just like Emma said she would and she had screamed...just like Emma said she absolutely, most definitely would. Regina kissed her, her body spent and twitching and still wanting more, "Say it again" she spoke against Emma's lips, their breathing synchronised.

"I love you" Regina's walls clenched and her back arched again at the words, making her groan and grind gently. Emma couldn't bare it to remove herself.

"Again." Regina commanded and Emma obeyed, "I love you."

They continued to do this, both saying 'I love you', making the other twitch for more until they fell asleep from utter exhaustion. Wrapped in the warmth of one another, Regina fell asleep; completely okay with being a screamer, because she was a screamer, but...just for Emma.


The next morning...

Sometime during the night, Emma's spell had worn off and Regina was no longer filled with her, while she was disappointed at the loss, she was more than happy to open her eyes to the sight of the blonde in her arms. Emma looked most at peace when she was asleep, she looked absolutely breathtaking. Emma had ended up at the bottom somehow while they were asleep, strong arms were wrapped around the brunette, protecting her, keeping her safe. She lifted her head from Emma's neck, smiling down at her.

"Stop staring." Emma mumbled with closed eyes but a small smile on her lips.

"Make me." Regina responded, a beaming smile on her face. Completely mesmerised by the way the sun made Emma glow in her bed. Emma's eyes snapped open and she flipped them over without warning, making Regina laugh with surprise; she kissed her soundly, feeling her body relax and mould against her, "I love the sound of your laugh." The statement made Regina blush and bite her lip.

"What time is it anyway?" the blonde inquired, turning to look in the direction that Regina was.

The brunette's eyes bulged at the clock reading 7:30, "Oh shit! I'm late!" the brunette jumped up, making Emma roll sideways to avoid getting knocked over. She ran towards her dresser and pulled out a t-shirt and shorts which she threw in the blonde's direction before slipping into a set of body shorts and a t-shirt of her own. Emma smiled to herself as she watched the brunette scurry around the room; she was covered in purple spots from their activities and she daren't mention them. Emma just pulled on the items that were given to her, not bothering to look for her underwear.

When Emma was finished getting dressed, she looked up to find Regina coming towards her; she looked really cute with all of her hair pulled up into a bun atop her head. She was momentarily surprised by the firm kiss that was planted on her lips. Emma responded in kind, wrapping her arms around the brunette's waist, they both exhaled after a moment when Regina pulled away, "Good morning." Regina breathed against a smiling set of pink lips, "Come along." she continued as she strut away from

Emma smiled at what had just happened, she smiled shaking her head and followed after the brunette; they padded hurriedly down the stairs and rounded the corner to the kitchen, both coming to a halt when they saw Henry sitting at the counter with his back faced to them, "Good morning, Mom...and Ma."

Regina cleared her throat, "Morning sweetheart. Sorry I'm late, I didn't hear my alarm. Let me fix you..." Regina trailed off as she rounded the counter to see her son eating a bowl of cereal.

"Oh, it's okay Mom, I got myself breakfast, I also switched on the coffee machine for you." he beamed at her stunned face, "I've gotta go so I can catch the bus."

"You want a ride to the bus stop?" Emma asks trying to prevent any awkwardness.

"I'll be okay Ma, besides, you two should really have breakfast." Henry places his cereal bowl in the sink and kisses both his mothers before heading for the door. He comes to a sudden halt in the doorway and turns to look at both his mothers, "Also, I'm honestly the happiest person about this new development but next time, MAYBE use a silencing spell. Sleeping with earphones is really uncomfortable. Oh might want to cover those before you leave the house." Henry finally takes his exit, leaving behind a horrified Regina and a smug Emma.

Regina's eyes were wide as she listened to the front door close, turning towards the blonde who was pouring them both a cup of coffee, "Why the hell are you smiling? We traumatised our child!"

"He seemed more than okay to me, he even said so himself. I'm smiling because you're cute when your nervous." Emma tried to be reassuring as she slid a cup towards the brunette.

"I am not cute!" Regina argued.

Emma approached the brunette, pinning her against the counter, "Need I remind you what happened the last time you tried to deny something I told you?"

"Oh bite me! You're not as smooth as - AH..." Regina was silenced when Emma bit into the flesh of her shoulder, making it very hard for her to concentrate. Her cup was hastily placed on the counter before it fell from her weakening grip, "You are going to be the death of me."

"I love it when you try to fight me." Emma praises as she lifts Regina and carries her back towards the nest they had created, the world outside being the last thing on either of their minds now, "Now where was I?" Emma asks as she gets Regina back on the bed.

"I believe you were trying to prove a point. Too bad it's my turn." Regina flipped Emma with a strength that took the blonde completely by surprise, "It's time to show you just how evil I can be." The brunette's smile was dark and promising as she claimed the blonde, giving her as good as she had gotten.