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𝐕𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐬, 𝐇𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐨𝐫, 𝐘𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐎𝐧𝐞-𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬

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This book is for writing cool and creative fanfiction stories about different fandoms (focusing on villains, horror, and yanderes)!  It is also for writing practice and to sharpen my skills.


I used to take requests.  Requests have now been suspended indefinitely.


This is a book focusing on one-shots.  Some are long and some are short.  The one-shots are ordered from oldest to newest.  I don't have a schedule on when I publish new ones.  Updates will be slow.


In this book you will find: character x character, character x reader, angst and gore (not every one-shot will have these themes), fluff, comedy, reader inserts, AUs, and crossovers. 

There won't be any NSFW or OCs in these one-shots.


The fandoms I write for will be listed below.


Happy reading!






Fandom List

This symbol: "*" means I haven't completed the fandom yet.



  • Naruto
  • Death Note
  • Claymore
  • Beastars*
  • Soul Eater
  • My Hero Academia*
  • Sailor Moon
  • Demon Slayer*
  • Aggretsuko*




  • Paranorman
  • Scream (1996)
  • Cube
  • Halloween 1-2
  • Friday the 13th franchise
  • Maze Runner
  • Disney (Classic + modern films)
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • Jurassic Park 1-3
  • Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous
  • Coraline
  • Battle Royale (2000)
  • Alien




  • Gravity Falls
  • Miraculous Ladybug 
  • Over The Garden Wall
  • Avatar The Last Airbender
  • Ed, Edd, N' Eddy
  • The Hollow
  • Dan Vs.
  • Invader Zim (2001) + Movie



Video Games:

  • Persona 4
  • Xenoblade Chronicles*
  • Psychonauts
  • Sonic Adventure 1-2
  • Sonic Rush
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Portal 1-2
  • Dead By Daylight
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Fire Emblem: Fates
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Pokémon Emerald, Diamond/Pearl, Soul Silver
  • Super Mario Sunshine
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Animal Crossing 
  • Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  • Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild*
  • Okami
  • Stardew Valley
  • Littlewood*
  • Bravely Default
  • Bravely Default 2* 









Chapter Text

 “Jake, how are you doing?”  Dwight asked while strolling through a patch of tall cattails.  The loner shrugged and continued repairing a generator.  “After I fix this we’ll have one gen to go.  I also sabotaged a few hooks.  Did you manage to rescue Ace?”

Sadness shaped Dwight’s features.  “No.  I used up a flashlight trying to save him.  I missed my chance to blind the Wraith.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself man.  That bastard is always too reckless.  For a gambling man Ace sure has unfortunate luck.”

“I’ll…leave you to it.”  Dwight said, knowing Jake preformed tasks better solo.  Nea and Jake usually relied on stealth to win.  “Careful.  The killer was wandering by the shack.”

“Got it.  Thanks.”



            Hidden in shadows of a boulder Dwight focused on fixing a lifeless, motionless, silent generator.  Without a toolbox, machine restoration was slow.  This round could easily turn for the worst with one man down so Dwight hoped all gens would be completed shortly.  Below the hill was a small cluttered glade.  Gusts of wind and a symphony of bell rings startled the survivor.



            Cautiously glancing past the boulder he saw David dive behind a tree trunk.  Out of breath and wheezing the man huddled into a ball trying to hide.  David’s bulky muscular frame however, stuck out noticeably.  A familiar shimmering clear figure treaded around; an owl studying earth for a meal.  Quickly Dwight jammed a thumb onto a button and tore out a wire.  Light and sparks created clamor similar to a tire exploding.  Delighted at finding a survivor, Wraith ascended a slope towards the stone.



            David was grateful.  Being injured, Wraith would’ve sniffed out his blood trail effortlessly.  Though, the brawler questioned why Dwight was so willing to distract the killer.  ‘Usually the guy is really timid.  He almost never jumps into danger so recklessly like that.’ 



            Four bright orbs of light illuminated the gloomy arena.  A terrified scream rattled the survivors’ bones.  “You and Dwight get that last generator up and open the gates.  I’ll confuse Wraith.”  Dashing, Jake ran towards Dwight before bounding in another direction.  This tactic the nervous leader created lured killers away efficiently.  Uncloaking, Wraith launched to Jake.  The looming ghost thought the man was making a bold move alone and was now trapped in a chase.  David watched in awe as the strategy worked soundly.  ‘Without Dwight, we’d be in the Entity’s jaws more often.’



            Quietly, David approached the hooked survivor.  Dwight’s eyes sparkled brighter than moonlight when their gazes locked.  Smiling, David marched up, confidence emitting from him.  “I’m here t’ save you.”  Lifting his friend off of a sacrificial hook the two fled into a maze of trees.  Examining deep bleeding scars, David patched the other up with a med kit.

“I honestly thought you and Jake were going to leave me there.”

David’s brows furrowed.  “Why?”

Dwight chuckled, entangling his hands together with nervous energy.  “Because I’m obviously bad at surviving these tournaments.  Or at least when dodging killers.  Anyway, it would’ve saved you and Jake time to finish a generator and escape.”

“Are you serious Dwight?!  I’d never leave you behind.  You’re important to m- us.”



            ‘Curse this mangled effect for making healing take longer that necessary!’  David thought.  ‘I’m spilling my heart and feelings out like a silly schoolgirl!’  The muscular man shuddered.  He could imagine Kate, Nea, and Meg outfitted with delighted smiles, teasing David how adorable it was to have a crush.  ‘Ugh.  Pathetic.’



            Dwight returned a crestfallen smile.  “Me?  Please, don’t give me such fake compliments.  I know I’m worthless and well…the weakest out of everyone.”

“I’m not lying, Dwight!

The survivor’s smile flipped into a shocked expression.

Adorning bandages around glistening red wounds David said, “Don’t listen to your doubt.  It gives you the wrong mindset, you know?  I had that often when on a rugby team.  Kept me from reaching my true potential.”

“Didn’t you end up being banned from the league?”

“The point is, you guide us safely through danger.  Those fancy tactics navigate us to victory.”

“M-My strategies aren’t flawless.”

“A good leader knows how to maneuver each person with their strengths and weaknesses to win.  Even in a crazy world like this.”

A crooked cheerful smile appeared across Dwight’s face.  “No plan in amazing without a little muscle.”

David laughed.  “I guess that makes us two the brains and brawn.”



            A blaring alarm echoed in surreal woodland.  Seconds later, Jake screamed in agony when Wraith’s sharp bone bludgeon struck him down. 

“I’ll go rescue Jake and you go open an exit gate.”

“What?!”  David grabbed Dwight’s arm and the momentum yanked the smaller man back a few steps.  “Are you sniffing the Clown’s chemicals or something?!”

“We can’t just leave him.”

“I’ll get Jake.  You’ll be-”

“Safe?  Wraith will patrol both exits.”

“No, so you can escape if I fail.”



            Glancing at David sharply, Dwight responded coldly, “I appreciate your concern but I can do more than just be clumsy and run around in fear.”

Reluctant to let go David’s grip remained strongly secure.  “I won’t let you.”

“I refuse to let anyone die!”

“Jake will be back anyway!  Everyone’s spent time with Entity before, he’ll be fine!”

“No one deserves that kind of torture from a being so frightening.”  Dwight’s firm and icy voice cut David’s heart worse than a Legion’s frenzy attacks.  “Besides, what makes Jake any less significant than anyone else?”  Tearing his arm from his friend’s grasp Dwight hurried into the wilderness saying, “I can do this.”

David was stunned and baffled.  ‘Did I accidently make Dwight feel useless?  Why does he want to so desperately prove his value and bravery to us?’  Frustrated, David walked into the strange landscape.



            Presently into his adventure, David realized that he was lost.  ‘Fighting, running, and rescuing are my strong qualities.  Find my way around though, isn’t.’ Sighing, he kept searching for a familiar towering arc.  Thorny branches and leaves on trees rustled ominously above.  “Where is it?”  Colliding with an object and stumbling back, David detected he had ran into an injured Dwight.



            “Dwight?!  Quickly, let’s get you healed before Wraith-”

A hand slapped onto the Englishman’s mouth.  Leaning in, Dwight’s eyes no longer held any hint of anxiety.  “Quiet.  Pretend we’re not being pursued,” he whispered.  “And follow me.  Jake is diverting Wraith but not for long.”



            Hiking through rotting boat ruins the two looked for the exit.  The trip was too slow for David but being hasty and impatient would be certain death.  Also, he was impressed.  Dwight managed to get a lot done when the guy wasn’t stuck in constant panic.  “I have a gate open.”

“So we’ve got one shot, eh?  Alright.”

Wheezing, Dwight rested by a tall stone standing like a shark’s tooth from muddy ground.  “S-Sorry I need to recover my strength.”

“I’ll keep guard.  But Wraith is knowledgeable on stealth.  How would I spot him?”



            Blood dripped onto chilling stone surface.  Yet, Dwight seemed almost unbothered by pain for a fleeting moment.  Fascination sparkled in his soft brown eyes.  “Yes, Wraith sure has amazing abilities.”

Jealousy flared in David’s gut.  ‘How can he admire a creature -that’s serving the Entity- so affectionately?’  After all, the brawler was much more interesting than that invisible walking wind chime.  Right?



            “Hidden among vegetation Wraith can be hard to see.  However, he’s easy to avoid when you decipher his tricks.”  Dwight explained.  “There are three ways to break his camouflage besides using a flashlight.”

“Okay.  What are they?”

“Standing in generator light reflects off of Wraith like crystals under display.  If Wraith is in front of something, whatever is behind will be distorted.  Also, when a survivor is within proximity, they must listen carefully.”

“Yes, the bell-”

“The bell is a distraction.  Listen for a gust of wind.  That’s when Wraith attacks.”

David nodded.  It was a long-winded explanation but he got the foggy idea of it.



            An eerie cold chill drifted over David’s skin.  Something wasn’t right.  “Can you keep going now?”

“I think so.”

David stood rigid, frozen like dense frost suspended in air.  Dwight raised an eyebrow at his friend.  A shadow towered over the man’s thin, shaking, wobbly frame efficiently saving Dwight from Wraith’s view.  Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes David let silence direct him instead of vision.


            A bell clamored unnervingly, thunderously loud.



            A powerful hiss sliced David’s ears.  Instantly, the Englishman turned around and slammed a pallet down.  Wraith roared in pain and struck the slab of junk with his foot.  Pushing Dwight, David bought the survivor time to stumble away.  Shards of rock cut David’s face as a blade buried deep into the boulder, landing above his head.  The weapon had missed David by a hair’s length.  Pivoting on his heels the brawler sprinted from Wraith.



            Vaulting through a window frame, David ran to the gate.  Lungs burning in distress his head snapped side to side looking for danger.  During a frantic chase the terror radius had disappeared.  ‘Screw it!  I’m not going to run away like a coward!’  Dwight was still a few feet away from the exit when David saw a shimmering clear figure.  ‘Planning an ambush, eh?’  Instead of blending in perfectly Wraith’s cloaked form was now a glowing glass statue.



            Foraging for a small rock, David’s muscles bunched up, ready to spring into action. 


Bolting past Wraith, the Englishman met Dwight.  Heartbeat pounding in terror, everything unfolded at blinking speed.  Dark brown eyes matched a pair of two orbs glowing ghostly white.  ‘Not this time!’  Tall pillars and a path to safety were only a few long steps away.  Diving between survivor and killer, David tackled Dwight and took a hit.



            Jagged bone stabbed David’s shoulder tearing flesh as the weapon recoiled.  A giddy feeling of victory cancelled out any pain.  Weightless, the two men rolled out of the exit gate.  Hysterical laughter exploded from their lungs, a mixture fueled by adrenaline and disbelief.  Wiping tears from his eyes David exclaimed, “We escaped!”



            Lips crashed onto David’s.  A soft weight so light the brawler hardly registered the kiss.  In a second it was gone, nonexistent. 

“Thank you.  I really owe you one.”

Stunned, David locked eyes with Dwight.  Had that been his imagination, produced by an overload of shock from having just barley escaped such a ruthless tournament?  Dwight sheepishly smiled, obviously scared of perhaps making a wrong move.  A punch to the face for a reply wouldn’t be pleasant at all.  Especially from an opponent twice his size.



            Instead of knuckles cracking his jaw, Dwight was swept up to his feet.  Eyes shut; the scrawny delivery guy expected a swift and painful knockout. 


David wrapped his arms around an injured Dwight to keep him steady.  Briefly, the Englishman’s lips met Dwight’s, a happy but short response.  A fluttering feeling ignited in their gut, unfamiliar yet fantastic, sparkling bright, and welcoming.  For once, this feeling wasn’t followed by shaking dread or a terror radius.  This scenario was new to both; Dwight was slightly confused and David had only felt such a rush when chaotic fights started at pubs.



            “C’mon, everybody’s waitin’ for us at the campfire.  We should throw a party, in fact, haven’t had one in a while.”

“Why are we celebrating?  Wasn’t that competition like every other one?”  Dwight asked, adjusting his crooked glasses.

David rolled his eyes.  “Because we won!  Who declines a good chance to party anyway?”  Together the two jogged back to camp; the brawler pumping his fist into the air, cheering.  Both men grinned wildly while stumbling through the woodland, like lads who had pulled an epic prank.  For a moment, the Entity and suffering seemed absent.












Chapter Text

 “Such sweethearts.”  Kate smiled sweetly at Claudette and Quentin who were always dedicated to inspecting everyone’s wounds.  Jake, Bill, and David pat Quentin on his back, stating in admiration, “These two sure are the mother and father of our little group.”

Feng cheered.  “Our heroes!”

“Let’s have a drink, eh?  In honor of your altruism!”  Ace exclaimed.

“I agree!”  Meg nodded.

The two survivors bashfully smiled and absorbed compliments from their friends like trees storing vital minerals.




            In the Entity’s eternal morbid stage Claudette and Quentin were different compared to other survivors.  A dark world filled with infinite turmoil, adapting to bold and aggressive strategies was important for endurance.  However, they instead played supporting roles as healers.  If friends were in danger either one would leap in to save them.  Whenever doubt burrowed into confidence like a parasite, Claudette and Quentin would encourage allies to latch onto optimism.  Carrying a heavy load of despair was no problem if their friends survived a battle against the Entity.  Though timid, both would take a hit for other survivors in a heartbeat.




            Through countless trials meeting the Entity was unavoidable.  Every tournament revived sparks of unfathomable fear, making the bravest quiver and tremble in terror.  Sometimes it brought torment worse than Doctor’s powerful shockwaves.  Nobody could withstand constant pain forever, especially in this gloomy world.  Yet, Claudette and Quentin ran into trials scared but prepared.




            However, nothing is as frightening as watching survivors getting mori’d.  One could possibly stand a chance against Freddy in the dream world, but here?  Being stranded in this strange territory was a more difficult challenge.  Death had a new abnormal definition.  It was an event repetitive and scary but reluctantly familiar.  Even though Quentin appreciated his friends’ praises of his excellent guidance, he eventually realized that he was weak.  Powerless to stop these ever-changing games produced by the Entity.  Sitting at the campfire, his mind drifted back to Claudette.  Heart aching, Quentin grabbed his necklace charm, hoping to calm his shaking nerves.




            ‘I love her.’  That new fact struck him like Huntress’ accurate and deadly axe throws.


            How did he catch such feelings?


            Had affection been growing for a long time?


            Quentin chewed on this thought.  ‘Yes it has.’




            Meg dashed through claustrophobic corridors of the asylum, Pig at her heels.  She was doing what she did best, running.  With amazing athletic abilities Meg was buying time for Quentin and Claudette to escape.  Both gates were open.  Unfortunately, Claudette had a trap encasing her gentle pretty features.  Cold iron bit into her face and a timer slowly ticked by.  Smith never left her side.  The two survivors frantically searched for a Jigsaw box.




            Despair and panic trickled heavy and sticky in their minds; similar to a deep bleeding wound.  Every box seemed empty of a key.  Laughter from a Jigsaw doll crashed into their ears.  “There are two left!”  Quentin exclaimed.

“To the closest one!  Hurry!”




            Avoiding Meg and Pig who were dancing around a pallet, the two survivors tripped over medical equipment.  Quentin did his best to sound confident for both of them.  “You can do this Claudette!  This is the one!  When we return to the campfire I’ll heal your injuries and we’ll eat some charred stew and be telling funny stories again!”




            Quivering, Claudette stared at her bare hands.  A key wasn’t retrieved.  Eyes wide in horror she screamed.  The timer released a switch.  Metal jaws snapped shut and blood exploded, painting the room crimson.  Smith caught Claudette in his arms and sobbed.  “Am I so weak that I can’t save those I care about?!”  Glancing at the woman’s arms he noticed multiple acid burns and needle scars, all too common when facing Jigsaw’s apprentice.  The man tossed his med kit aside.  At that moment, Quentin didn’t care about escaping.




            “Where is that last survivor?”  Amanda grumbled.  Surveying the asylum corridors she said, “Perhaps looking for the hatch?”  Skidding to a stop, Pig saw Smith.  Trapped, he had nowhere to run.  Quentin didn’t seem frightened at all.  He stared at a shocked Amanda with dull cold blue eyes.




            “I’m not leaving her like this.”  Adrenaline and fear dissolving, the man slumped over, tired.  “I thought fighting Freddy was extremely terrifying but seeing this…” A tornado of bitter desolation twisted in his eyes.  “Is heartbreaking.”

Examining this strange event Pig jolted; confused and uncertain.  John’s words rang in Amanda’s ears.  Maybe not all survivors stranded in this new world were evil.  Was this another piece of Jigsaw’s tests too?




            ‘I could drag him to the hatch but Smith seems unwilling to move.’  Amanda sighed.  ‘At least you won’t be sacrificed to the Entity this time, kid.’  Pig shuddered.  ‘Everyone fears Entity’s wrath and delight when tearing a specimen apart.’  Leaping, she performed a mori.  Quentin thrashed around in agony before darkness clouded his vision and mind.




            Startled, Quentin abruptly sat up gasping for breath.  Air had somehow been violently squeezed out of his lungs and flooded back in with hurtling force.  Grey eyes locked onto stares of concerned campers. 

“You okay?”  Francis asked.

“He got mori’d.”  Dwight explained.

“Not a fun time.”  David huffed.

Jeff and Francis’ faces were ablaze with alarm and astonishment.

Standing up –though unsteady and wobbly- Quentin refused assistance.  “I’m going to the lake.”




            Pacing along the coast Smith collected flowers and branches.  Stars above glowed dim in a deep dark night sky.  Sitting on the sandbank Quentin weaved flora in elegant patterns, completely focused.  This hobby was new to him, but he gave it every ounce of effort he had.  A faint gold pink dawn ascended over pitch black woodlands.  Marching towards a small glade Smith waited.




            Sharp claws dropped from the air and delivered a figure cloaked in smoke.  Claudette took a deep breath and sat up.  Grabbing her face she searched for the instrument that had been there previously.  Seeing Quentin, fear faded and her eyes softened.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.”

“Don’t apologize.  Those traps are solved by chance.  Did…did you escape?”

Smith shook his head.  “I…I couldn’t leave you.  I know that death is normal in the Entity’s world and we’ve –the survivors- died from mori offerings at some point but…” Tears welled into the dream walker’s eyes.  “I finally realized you mean a lot to me Claudette.”  Shuffling his feet nervously he said, “All of us return to the campfire eventually but I’m afraid of losing you.”

The woman’s eyes widened in shock.  A blush highlighted her cheeks.  Warmth bloomed throughout Claudette’s features, brighter than a sunflower’s cheerful yellow petals.




            “T-the gift isn’t incredible or colorful like a rainbow but…” a yawn escaped the weary man’s mouth.  “I made you this.”  Quentin presented a bouquet decorated with amaranth, sweet williams, and primrose blossoms with branches encasing the flower arrangement. 

“This is absolutely beautiful!”  Claudette’s smile rivaled the collection of energetic flowers.  It was a grin sweet as a plate of cookies.  Pulling Quentin into a hug she planted a kiss on his cheek.  “I thought I was going to be stranded in this desolate world forever without finding true happiness from a normal life again.  But, with you at my side, together I think our days will be brighter than brilliant sunlight.”













Chapter Text

 “(Y/N)!  Don’t wander too far okay?  Food will be ready soon!”  A nervous melody hit my ears.  Must be Dwight.  Looking behind me I saw nothing but the annoying dark void as usual.  “Save a seat for me!”  Though challenging, hiking through the woods was a fun hobby for me.


            The survivors had quickly accepted me even with my glaring flaw.  They were surprised that I showed no hint of fear.  “How can you be afraid of what you can’t see?”  I couldn’t possibly imagine the horrors they’ve perceived.  I was blind since birth.



            On sight alone how could I think anything is scary?


            Sound and touch were a completely different matter.



                The other senses are amplified to a devastating degree.  No, I’m not a superhero.  In fact, I’m accident prone.  I feel like an affliction to my friends.  Why?  Because, even when the Entity gifted me powerful aura perks I still struggled. 



            Countless times I found myself lost in the arena or hanging on a hook.  I can scarcely last two seconds in a chase.  Shockingly, I held no resentment towards the Entity.  At least I had auras to guide me now instead of a shapeless, endless darkness to stare at.  Outside trials though, I remained as blind as before.



            Everyone did their best to help me get stronger.



            Dwight was always there when needed, no questions asked.  Jake cut notches into the trees, crafting pathways for me to follow.  Adam created various experiments to try and help me see, along with the assistance of Quentin’s dream walker abilities.  Meg offered running training.  Claudette patched up my wounds.  Jeff, David, and Bill lead combat practice so I could build up endurance for tournaments.  Feng collected generator gears and tools to increase my coordination.  Nea gave me tips on how to be stealthy.  Kate, Jane, and Laurie demonstrated how to be more aware of my surroundings.  All of them are so sweet and caring.  I just don’t want to be such dead weight for them.



            Still, I had trouble avoiding bumping into things.  Every footfall was hesitant.  Stumbling through the landscapes I kept my arms outstretched.  That way I wouldn’t run into trees, boulders, or other obstacles.  Sadly I tripped over the smallest uneven patches of earth.



            With all this hard work I hardly improved!



            Would I ever be strong enough to stand on my own?



            Pacing through the forest faintly calmed my nerves.  Sometimes a survivor would tag along but I mostly explored by myself.  Every day I’d walk a little further.  Silence flooded the air.  A subtle but beautiful tune drifted into my ears.



            The song was captivating.



            As if spellbound I marched towards a growing symphony.



            Wind chimes!



            Thousands of wood and metal cylinders waved in the gust.  Above me, the instruments were tied to tree branches.  The wind chimes guided me down a narrow path.  It was like an outline on a map, I guess.  Amused, I thought “Is this like lanterns showing people around at night?”  Eventually I entered a glade.



            Sitting in the meadow I listened to the pretty music.  ‘Who put up all these wind chimes?’  Leaves crunched under light footsteps behind me.  “These wind chimes are beautiful.”  I said nonchalantly.  “It’s something I don’t have to see to enjoy.”



            Tears welled up in my eyes.  Emotions rushed out like an unexpected landslide.  A cold, icy, bitter stone dropped into my gut.  Overwhelmed with grief and anger I shouted, “I hate this!  I hate being blind!”



            Embarrassed, I started sobbing.  I always kept my despair hidden, sealed away so only I could rummage through the sorrow.  The survivors were kind enough to help me constantly, even when I was dragging them down.  I didn’t want to complain or show my inner weaknesses.  Frustration stabbed my flesh and burned like generator sparks leaping onto my arms.



            “Being blind is awful!  My vision is permanently a shadowy veil I can never remove!  For once in my life I don’t want to feel so useless!”  Rubbing tears away I sniffed sadly.  ‘Don’t be selfish.  I shouldn’t be complaining.  Not when everyone is trying so hard.  They’re scared too.’



            “Sorry…I ruin everything.”



            A tall figure collapsed by my side.  At first, I thought it was Dwight, David, Jake, or Adam.  However, uncertainty quickly stated otherwise.  The survivors would’ve said something by now, right?  I don’t know.



            Instead, a voice sounding like soft petals falling onto earth said, “No need to apologize (Y/N).  I’m glad someone appreciates my wind chimes.  Music sure is wonderful isn’t it?”

Who was this guy?  He didn’t sound familiar at all.



            Yet, I wasn’t terrified.  The voice is light and whimsical.  I was curious on who this person is.  He has a pleasant aura, emitting a sense of trustworthiness.  “You’re not useless (Y/N).”



            Astonishment rippled across my face.



            “Thanks…but I’m upset I can’t help out my friends in exchange for all they sacrifice for me.  You know?”

“I’m confident you already do.”

“Huh?  How?”

“Well, your friends see how you try so hard every day, regardless of your flaws.  I think they admire that.”

“You think so?”  I asked, a blush burning my face.



            We sat in the clearing for a few moments, delighted with peaceful silence.  I felt a sense of comfort here.  A thought occurred to me.  “Ah.  This is your place isn’t it?  Sorry for intruding.”

An airy chuckle drifted by.  “Don’t worry about it.  We all need a place to sort out our thoughts.  Sometimes the quiet grants us with self-reflection and new courage.”



            Sighing, the man said “I often meditate here to clear my mind.  Besides, you’re not the only one who feels weak.”


“Among the others I believe my cloaking abilities are very subpar.”

So the mysterious friendly soul was the Wraith.  I raised an eyebrow.  “But I think your Wailing Bell is pretty cool!”



            Wraith chuckled.  Standing up he said, “You may visit here whenever you want.  I wouldn’t mind talking with you again.” 

Holding onto Wraith’s arm I looked up.  Hopefully I was staring at his face and not in an aimless direction.  “Thank you.”

“No problem.”

I laughed and bashfully brushed my neck.  Blushing, I asked “Can…can you guide me back?  I uh…I’m lost.”



            Even with the wind chimes it would be difficult to find my way back to the survivor campground; the instruments surrounded the glade in a deafening song.



            Striking the Wailing Bell, Wraith cloaked.  Polite and gentlemanlike he accepted my extended hand.  Together we treaded through morbid woodland.  Leaves crunched beneath our feet and soon I heard the pops and crackling of a distant campfire.  “I’ll see you again sometime, okay Wraith?”



            My arm remained in a firm grasp, as if he was reluctant to let go.  After a few seconds Wraith released his grip. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Wait.  I have a gift for you (Y/N).”

A small weight dropped into my palm.  I smiled.  “Thank you!”



            Sitting at my usual spot I grabbed a tree branch directly above me.  Carefully I tied the fragile metal instrument and admired its sweet song.  Dwight sat beside me and gave me a bowl of steaming hot food.  Charred fish and deer meat maybe? 

“So, how was your walk?”  The man nudged my shoulder.  “Seems you found a little trinket.”

I chuckled, grinning brighter than I ever have since being thrown into the Entity’s world.  “It was wonderful.”












Chapter Text

Highschool AU
Yandere Frank x Artist Reader


One of Us I


                Flipping through pages of a sketch book (Y/N) admires their art.  Usually they’d recoil in disgust at their designs.  Yet these specific drawings seem to shine with quality.  Maybe because their friends are whimsically captured on paper?  Each piece flowed with life.

            Everyone had been doing a cherished activity.  Anna taking care of rabbits in the park and Claudette partaking in greenhouse studies for botany club.  Meg racing Nea and Dwight playing videogames with Feng.  There’s even Quentin sleeping while Jake and Philip regard nature, pointing out ravens cawing loudly in trees.  A few blank pages remain.
            ‘What should I draw today?’

            A familiar student marches across the sports field towards (Y/N).  A pink blush darkens to scarlet.  ‘David King?!  Don’t act nervous!’
“H-Hi.”  A painful squeak rolled out instead.  ‘Great introduction!’  Their mind sarcastically scolded.
“Hey, you!”  A giant finger waves in (Y/N)’s face.
They jolt in surprise.  “Yes?”
“Are you the one who drew this?”

            (Y/N) flinched, certain that they’d get in trouble for –well, something?  David is known for his short fuse.  ‘Did I do something wrong?’
King shows them old art (Y/N) made for a school contest.  The design had placed third before fizzing out of existence.
            It stings, never being able to win a competition.

“Okay good.”  He nods as if affirming a complex calculation.  David smiles warmly.  “You see, the coach of the rugby team kicked me out.  So I’m starting my own boxing club.”
“Wait.  Wait.  Here’s the best part.  I want you to draw the mascot and emblem for it.”
“Me?!  But…” (e/c) eyes became downcast.  “There are better artists who can-”

            David’s brows furrowed and he crossed his arms.  (Y/N) sees how others can perceive King as an intimidating fellow. 
“No.  I want you to draw it.  Nobody else will do.”  The man jabbed a thumb to his chest.  “I’m team captain and I decided who’s drawing our emblem.  I like your art.”

            (Y/N)’s heart jumped and flipped.  Besides drawing album designs for their brother Jeff, nobody really cared for their art.  ‘It’s just a sweet compliment!  Why am I getting so excited?’
“Really, are you sure?”

            He scoffed.  “Well yeah!  You don’t see me asking anyone else do you?”
“I’ll start right away!”
“Good.  Follow me to the gym then.  All of us can’t decide on a good logo.”
Thrilled, (Y/N) strolls next to David.  Ideas spill form their mouth about what would fit for the rowdy bunch.

            Dark piercing eyes observe the two from afar.  Joey sighed, rubbing his forehead.  “Is that (Y/N)?”
“Yes!”  Susie chirped.  “They’re in my art class.”
“Frank isn’t going to like this.”

            Joey leaps from his seat at their usual outdoor bench.  Leaning close to his girlfriend he says, “Susie.  David is being friendly to (Y/N).”
“That means an angry Frank.  A storm of rage heading directly for us if we don’t tell him.”
“But aren’t they adorable together?”  The girl kicks her legs through dead grass, listening to lo-fi tunes from her earbuds.
“(Y/N) likes David, darling.  But Frank likes (Y/N).  You see?”
            Susie blinked.

            Slapping hand to cheek, she gasped.  “Oh!  Just like those teen dramas?”
Her boyfriend smiled.  “Yep.  Now, what do we do?”
“Report to Frank.”
Wrapping arms around Susie he plants a kiss on her temple.  “Exactly.  Grab your music.  Looks like we got some work to do.”  Glancing at David and (Y/N) he adds, “And unfortunately this isn’t going to end like a typical teen drama.”

            Frank examines a thin hallway.  Left then right.  It’s empty like geeks at a sporting event.  He kicks (Y/N)’s locker.  The metal door swings open.  No one will notice the damage.  This school is shabby.  Like some Entity puked out the gnarled, creaking structure.

            He obtains a small sketchbook.  Frank stashes it in his bag.  Such fantastic art needs to be displayed in a museum for all to see.  But the exhibit will be in Ormond and Frank will be the only one to admire it.  The student hordes these treasures warily.

            A locker slams shut, startling Frank.  Laughter echoes in the corridor and he glares at his twin sister.
“Caught you!”
“Shut it Julie!”
She rolls her tawny eyes.  Red lips purse in a pout as Julie raises an eyebrow.  “What?  Tired of pranks?  Anyway, I’m going on another run tonight.  Probably rob the Fairfield boy.  Easy target, really.  Want to go?”

            Before Frank could reply, his friends run in. 
“Dude, it’s urgent!  (Y/N) they-”
“David is hanging out with them at the gym.”
What?”  Frank’s voice strikes everyone’s nerves like steel blades colliding.
            Julie and her twin leave without a word.

            Cloaking in darkness, the two look through a gym window.  (Y/N)’s figure sticks out among a circle of muscular students.  Art supplies are set out for them.  David pats (Y/N)’s back and laughs –probably from swapping jokes.  ‘I should be the only one to get that close!’

            Gripping a blade handle Frank feels the frenzy bubbling.  Trembling, he poorly steadies himself.  It was like trying to keep gasoline from igniting –impossible.  He watches distressfully as the events unfold before him.  His sister however, is coldly calm.

            “Don’t worry brother.  I have an idea.”
“What is it?  Tell me.”
“We can bring David to our territory.  Show him a good time.”
The twins share identical grins and eyes glint eerily in approaching sunset.

            (Y/N) is focused on the task.  Frank smiles sweetly as their eyes shine.  He’s fixated on their pencil strokes.  Elegant, light, even comical –things Frank knew he could never harness as wonderfully as (Y/N) does.  Crumpled balls of paper almost bury them.  David looks at each remaining design thoughtfully.  “You have some talent here!  They’re all amazing!”

            “T-Thank you!”  (Y/N) bashfully says.  “Nobody has ever said that about my art before!”
Jealousy stabs Frank’s gut.  ‘If only I had been there to praise them, would they say the same?!’  He almost lashes out.
            It’d be so simple.
            None of them would expect it.
            His trusty blade can –no.

            Violently Frank shakes from unanswered anticipation.  ‘Not now.  They’d stop me before I could slip away.  The whole Legion must be here.’  He has to rely on his twin’s levelheadedness.  Julie’s tactics and their double brute force are frightening in application.

            “How about this one?”  (Y/N) asks.
“Look here boys!  Sums us up perfectly doesn’t it?”
The boxers mumble agreement.
“Can you finish it by tomorrow?”
“Of course.”

            The club members trickle out the gym.  David stays behind.  Waving, (Y/N) bids him farewell. 
“Wait.  How about stopping for ice cream?  I can’t let you walk away without repaying you.”

            “W-What?  Really?  You don’t have to-”
“I always repay favors.  Let’s go.”  There’s no room for argument.  (Y/N) follows, blushing and content.

            Hiding by the gym, Frank prepared to jump King.
“Hold it!”  Julie pulls him back.  “We’ll corner him tomorrow.  David always checks the equipment and trains early before school.”
Though impatient, Frank complies.




            David arrives at the gym.  The lights are shut off.  Dawn filters through grimy windows.  Yawning he grumbled, “I told Evan to set up everything before I got here.  Probably chasing Meg by the track field again.”
            Completely unaware, four figures obscured in shadow surround David.
            Reaching for a switch, the gym floods with humming light.

            “Who the hell are you?”  King asks, slightly unnerved.  These guys are students no doubt.  Club members are known for elaborate pranks but this seems off.  ‘Something tells me these pranksters are in for a serious brawl.’ 
But that’s okay, so is he.

            “We’re the Legion.”
“What do you want?”  David eyes them warily.  One steps forward.  “I’m interested in what makes you believe that you can take what’s mine.”
“Their affection is meant for me!”  Frank hissed.  Red is already seeping into his vision.  “I can’t live without it.  Without them.”
            ‘Is he talking about (Y/N)?’

            The boxer guesses the masked man must be an ex or stalker.  David glares, daring a challenge.  No way is King going to let someone as sweet as (Y/N) deal with a lunatic like that.  “I’m not afraid of you.”
“Oh?  What a pity, David.”
All four are trouble but King has muscle.  ‘They don’t stand a chance against me.’

            A fit of giggles fall from Frank’s mouth.  He’s quaking.  Drawing a blade he twirls it.  “You’ll regret getting in my way.”  Leaping, he swings the knife excitedly.  Frenzy takes control and smoothly guides Frank’s movements.

            Faking the first attack, Frank’s knuckles crack David’s jaw.  Though lean, his fist carries an explosive punch.  Stunned, King feels a blade slice his face.  The wound runs from forehead across his nose and ends at his chin. 
“I don’t know why they’d like your ugly mug.”

            Narrowly David dodges jabs from luminous blades.  Twisting and turning the metal flies past.  “AGGHHH!”  Knife plunges into flesh as David puts up his arm to block.  It saved his throat.  Grabbing Frank, King tosses him overhead.  The blade follows, tearing from its human sheathe.  Holding a badly injured arm the boxer sees Fran quickly recover.

            Frank’s knife pierces David’s gut.  It hits an unlethal yet agonizing spot.  Two fast punches send King whirling.  Coughing, blood leaks down his chin.
“Guess your training ended up being worthless huh?”  Frank taunted.  Brown orbs shimmer in sadistic glee.
            King’s vision sways.

            “(Y/N) will never love a cowardly, heartless person like you.”  Throwing all his weight into Frank they hit the ground.  Punches rain down on him.  The mask fractures but doesn’t break.  The Legion’s leader giggled darkly seemingly immune to pain.  “I’ve been watching them so, so long.  Nobody is going to replace me!”

            Julie jumps onto David and puts a cloth over his face.  King collapses.  Joey and her transfer the boxer to their misshapen vehicle.  It is vital step two doesn’t fail.  No one wants to face Frank’s wrath.  Even the nonchalant Julie withers in fear from Frank when he doesn’t get his way.



            Running to the gym (Y/N) hopes David didn’t leave.  They hate being late.  But the student had been sidetracked.  How?  The adorable, sweet, trusting Dwight got stuffed in a locker by a fuming Anna.  It took Jeff and (Y/N) to carefully remove the bewildered friend from the cramped space.  Thankfully Jeff and Jake offered to take him to the nurse’s office.

            “Sorry I’m late!  Jeff and I had to-”
Four masks swing up to meet shocked (e/c) eyes.  Dreadfully (Y/N) stares at Julie and Joey carrying David.  ‘I can’t fight these guys!  I have to run and find help!’

            Frank’s heart stumbled and flipped.  His love is only a few paces away.  Joey hesitantly wandered close.  He hopes his soothing voice will calm the trembling person.  “Please stay put dear.  Don’t run-”

            In a breathe (Y/N) sprints out the doors. 
“Well?!  Don’t let them go!”  Frank snapped.  Susie and Joey dash after (Y/N).  Staggering in alarm they weave through hallways.  They desperately want to find anybody who could rescue David.
















Chapter Text

Susie and Joey relentlessly search morbid corridors.  They are wolves tracking a strong fearful scent.  The two have become flawless at a game of chase.  It’s second nature. 
‘How have they not run out of stamina yet?!’

            First class should start soon.  Maybe (Y/N) can slip into the assembling crowd.  Pivoting on their heels they cut through some classrooms.  (Y/N) is doing their best to avoid Susie and Joey’s sight.  ‘If I can make it to the nurse’s office-’

            A stake lands inches from (Y/N)’s face.  Immediately they bolt into the opposite direction.  ‘Can it be a trap?’  Looking over their shoulder (Y/N) sees Susie following.  Shortly the Legion will catch up.

            Julie suddenly appears and blocks the way.  Surprised, (Y/N) dashes and falls into an empty classroom.  It’s a science lab!  Lungs ablaze they search for another exit.  There it is!  Only a few steps–

            Hands cup (Y/N)’s mouth and pull them close.  They elbow their captor.  No good.  The man’s grasp is as strong as a bear trap.  “I got them, Susie.”
A girl with pink hair enters the room.  She holds a sharpened ruler and a syringe.

            “Frank will be so happy!”  Susie’s airy, whimsical voice doesn’t match this unsettling atmosphere.  “(Y/N)’s going to be one of us now?”  Clasping her hands together she smiled.  “I’ll be your best friend forever –along with Julie!  Promise!  You’ll love the Legion!”
“Don’t be frightened.”  Joey assures, voice ringing despondently soft.  Is there a hint of pity?  “We’re family.”

            Leaning by their ear he whispers, “Trust us.  Okay?  The more you struggle the worse it’ll be for you in the long run.”
A needle sinks into (Y/N)’s neck.  Quickly their vision fades to nothingness.  They limply sway in Joey’s arms.



            Mind and body feel sluggish.  The world slowly falls into place, clarifying.  Past events return as a crashing headache.  Scared, (e/c) eyes lock onto a masked man.  Though visibly afraid, (Y/N) refuses to outwardly panic.

            Removing the mask Frank smiled.  Finally, what he’s wanted for so long is in front of him.  “Welcome to Ormond.  Or, the Legion hideout.”  He studies (Y/N)’s expression amusedly.  There’s a mixture of confusion, grief –a shimmer of curiosity.

            “I hope you don’t mind that I tied you up.  That’ll change if you don’t run away.”
Noted.  ‘If I want to escape I’ll have to be very, very careful.’
“So, introductions.”  He places a hand on his chest.  “I’m Frank.  You’ve met Susie and Joey.  Julie is my twin sister.  We’re the Legion.”

            Their captor outstretched his arms, adorning a wild grin.  (Y/N)’s jaw dropped.  Pages and pages of old art cover one wall of his bedroom.  Everything else is trashed with knife marks, discarded on the ground, and furniture is askew.  (Y/N)’s art is exhibited like sacred artifacts.
            “Do you like my collection?”

            Frank stuffs his hands in his pockets.  “I know you’re quiet.  Hardly anyone knows you exist.  But I notice!  Your emotions and heart shine through every piece.”  The man’s eyes cold and dull, eerily glow. 
            His facial expressions are stiff and serrated, as if he’s not used to conveying genuine feelings.

            “I always thought love was pointless.  Boring.  Nothing could best the thrill of chasing someone and stabbing them.  Watching blood spill from deep wounds is so much fun!”  A knife flickers a breath’s width around (Y/N).  They remain absolutely still, afraid of being cut.

            “Until I saw you.  Sitting alone, with no friends.  A bully was tearing up your sketch book.  I made sure they never bothered you again.”  Brushing razor short, dark hair Frank has trouble explaining this newfound unfamiliar, captivating feeling.

            “I couldn’t believe it when Susie told me –that it was love at first sight!  But she’s right.  You’re like a locked treasure box.  When I finally figure out how to break the lock, I’ll find the true, sweet and cheerful person you bashfully hide from most.”
“Why didn’t you just talk to me?”
“How was I to approach?  Quiet types are hard to talk to.”

            Hurt seeps into Frank’s eyes.  “I was afraid to mess everything up.  But when I saw your art it changed me, gave me another purpose to strive for.  Now, now I can show you how much I care.  And how much I can do for you.”
“My friends and family will-”

            “You don’t need them!”  He hissed.  “You have the Legion.  We all look out for each other.  The change is sudden, but it was for us too.”  Frank sweetly smiled.  “The others will never abandon me and neither will you.”

            Lifting (Y/N) into his arms, Frank carries them to the main room.  Julie, Susie, and Joey sit around the fireplace.  Their amused and delighted faces are very unnerving.
‘I really hope David is okay.  The Legion is crazy!’

            Wedged between Julie, Joey, and Susie, (Y/N) sinks fearfully in their seat.  Frank gifts his crush a blank mask.  ‘I can’t wait to see what they paint on it!’  Kneeling, he presents it like a marriage proposal.  “(Y/N) (L/N), I welcome you into the Legion.  I promise to be the best, most loving boyfriend for you.”

            “Isn’t this wonderful?”  Susie whispers while hugging her boyfriend.
“Finally, a new member.  I was getting tired of you dumbasses.”  Julie joked.
Frank gently puts the mask on (Y/N)’s face.
            In flickering firelight (Y/N) studies Frank’s eyes.
            They stare into shadowy depths of a vast basin.

            “C’mon,” Frank pulled up (Y/N) by their arm.  “I have a present for you!”
‘Just play along until I can get out of here!’ 
Julie, Susie, and Joey gather around them, chattering impatiently.  The Legion blocks (Y/N)’s view.  From icy winds they guess everybody is outside.

            “This is my favorite part!”  Julie exclaims.  The Legion splits and reveals a wounded David.  His wrists are tied and his body is coated in gruesome scars. 
‘This isn’t good!’
Seeing (Y/N) frightened, Susie squeezes their hand supportively.  “Don’t worry.  My first sacrifice was scary too.”
“What?  First-”

            “Hey King!”  Frank spat with a twisted smile.  He gave David a heavy kick to his side.  “Get up!  What?  No energy left?!”
Coughing up blood, the boxer glares. 
Julie giggled.
Briefly King’s gaze stays on (Y/N).  Trembling, he stands.

            Frank restlessly paces back and forth.  This is no ordinary opponent.  Turning, he looks back at (Y/N).  “I’ll make him into artwork.”  A flashing knife reflects faint moonlight.  “Just for you!”

            Screaming, David snaps the ropes and charges at Frank.  In a blink King tackles him.  Hands wrap around the leader’s throat.  Astonished, Frank struggles to break free.  Venom and rancor quivers around David.
            Julie, Susie, and Joey flinch in alarm.

            “Nobody hurts my brother, asshole!”  Julie cuts a wide scar on David’s back.  Susie and Joey flash blades upon his skin.  King doesn’t respond.  A flurry of bleeding wounds sprout yet the boxer remains unbothered.

            A ruler stabs David’s shoulder and a knife enters his side.  King recoils and collapses.  “Don’t…” he wheezed.  “Don’t hurt (Y/N) you bastards!” 
Frank laughs.  “I’d never harm my sweetheart.”

            The man pulls (Y/N) into a hug.  Holding their hand he wraps it around the knife handle.  “You’re going to be one of us!  Isn’t that wonderful, (Y/N)?”
(Y/N) shakes their head and is absolutely terrified.

            Frank is too close.  His hug is like a serpent’s death grip.  “I was going to kill him and gift you his heart.  It’s only fair.  King tried to rip mine out of me.”  Frank’s voice quivers from exhilaration and restlessness.

            A cruel smile cracks his sharp features.  “Then I got an idea.  This’ll be a perfect first date.  Nothing brings a couple closer than fun activities, right?”
“Aw, you two are so adorable!”  Julie blushed.
“Such a sweet moment!”  Susie sniffed.

            “Just stab him in the heart.  Give it your all, love.”  The knife trembles in the two’s grasp.  One fights to raise it up for a fatal swing.  The other tries to keep the weapon motionless.

            Elbowing Frank, (Y/N) breaks free and sprints for David.  They help him up and the pair flees.  A painful tug of hair sends (Y/N) stumbling backwards.  Joey’s knife hovers by their neck.
‘Why?!’ Is all they say in a glare.

            Joey sympathizes for (Y/N).  He really does.  But his loyalty for Frank is unbreakable.  Sure, the leader is ruthless and a sadist, but it’s the only home the Legion has.  ‘I’d die for him.’

            Susie and Julie latch onto David like starving lions.  Strength fading, he can’t shake them off.  Wrath and unmeasurable malice flashes in Frank’s eyes.  The darkness mimics death itself.  Instantly he tackles his adversary.

            A knife skewers David’s chest.  Blood explodes, painting the world a bitter scarlet.  Raising the blade Frank stabs David again and again.  Powerful frenzy takes over.  He lets the blade sink into King’s neck before dragging it down.

            After a few heartbeats Frank regains steady breath.  Dark eyes latch onto (e/c) hues.  ‘Why?  Out of all the people they run into his arms?!’  Blood pools beneath Frank’s kneeling form.  Standing, he ignores the substance coating his clothes and skin. 

            An odd chuckle uncurls from Frank’s lungs.  “It’s alright.  I got rid of the person trying to tear us apart.  No more problems.”
Clinging to (Y/N), tears shimmer from Susie’s eyes.  “Frank what if their brother or friends look for them?”
“Yes.  They are an insufferable bunch.”  Julie adds.

            “We’ll chase them out.”  Frank answers.  “Make them regret messing with the Legion.”
Joey releases (Y/N) who is instantly pulled into Frank’s arms.  Removing his mask he kisses them.  Then he plants smaller, fast kisses on their face.  Frank holds their hand in his.  “Don’t worry sweetheart.  You’ll be one of us someday.”














Chapter Text


Various x Reader


Fascination 1

                Besides Benedict Baker, no survivor has ever risked exploring the killer’s campsite – except (Y/N).  David, Laurie, and Nea (boldest of the crew) avoided the foreboding place like, well, the Plague!  (Y/N) couldn’t discard their bubbling curiosity.  It became pure fascination at some point.  This morbid world fashioned by the Entity, for them, was much more interesting than their old dimension.
            When they had spare time between trials (Y/N) would stroll into slasher territory.

            Baffled and slightly amused, the killers watched as (Y/N) prodded them with thousands of questions.  The survivor is practically a mouse marching unafraid into a clowder.  The rowdy, sadistic, cruel bunch felt friendliness sprout in their hearts.  Is it because this survivor harbored no bitterness and instead studied everything scientifically?  Either way, the slashers had to admit it takes guts to approach them, absent of fear.



            Evan may seem like a lofty lumbering brute, but he is agile when need be.  Besides crafting torturous traps he also builds art.  In the yard stands a labyrinth of glinting statues.  The figures are sharp, a mixture of saw blades, metal pipes, screws and bolts.  Evan’s metalwork draws in one particular admirer.

            They walk up hesitantly to the statues.  (E/c) eyes perplexed yet with a hint of awe.  In his old world, hardly anyone liked Evan’s designs.  Many thought the art tacky and monstrous.  Head swaying side to side (Y/N) paused to study each one thoughtfully.
            Astonishingly, they marched right up to Evan.

            “Um,” sheepishly the survivor rubbed their neck.  “I…really like your art.  Can…can you teach me how to,” (Y/N) pointed to the statues.  “How to do that?”
Evan chuckled.  Twirling a hammer he asked, “You mean welding?”
“Err, yeah!”  (Y/N) laughed.  “I…it’s just, your metalwork is amazing!”

            Trapper’s cheeks glowed much like a furnace.  He hid his shock from the compliment, however.  Evan shrugged nonchalantly.  “Been doing that for ages.  It’s a lot of hard work.  You up for it?”
(Y/N) nodded.  “Of course!”

            A small flame of admiration exploded into a firestorm for Evan.  (Y/N) is dedicated for sure.  Donning an apron full of tools and fireproof gloves, they sat on a stack of tires, attentively watching Trapper’s demonstration.  Listening to instructions they wrote notes.
“Leave that for blueprints.  The best way to learn is by doing.”

            Step after step (Y/N) slowly got used to every tool.  Trapper twisted metal like pretzel dough, guiding the other’s movements a little.  Their projects are simple abstract blobs with gaps, unlike Evan’s barbed and serrated statues.  ‘There’s a beauty in that though.’  Sure, none of (Y/N)’s art is perfect or complex but Evan believed the designs fit into his collection all the same.

            One night (Y/N) returned.  “Hey Evan!  What’s today’s plan?”
Trapper tossed tools aside.  “Nothing today.”  Snatching a pencil from their hand, (Y/N) turned away from some blueprints.
“Follow me.”
“Huh?  What’s going on?”

            Outside, Evan lead them to the end of the maze.  A tarp covered a project he had been working on for a while.  “This is for you.  For uh, keeping me company.  I usually like to work alone but you’re not as…irritating as the others here.”
            Removing the cover a giant statue is revealed.

            “Seriously?!”  (Y/N) cupped their mouth with a hand in disbelief.  (E/c) orbs glowed brighter than moonlight.  “Is that me?!”
“I did my best to capture your features.”
Pacing back and forth (Y/N) appreciated every angle.

            Gushing, a jumble of compliments rushed from their mouth. 
“I’m glad you-”
A lighter weight crashed into Trapper.  “Thank you so much!”
Carefully Evan wrapped his scarred arms around (Y/N).  His heartbeat mirrored a hammer crafting a symmetrical geometric piece.  “You’re welcome.”



            Resting in a meadow, Philip meditated.  It’s the only sliver of peace he can obtain for the moment.  Sorting out nonstop arguments between killers became frustrating to Wraith.  When it is quiet his annoyance and past tragedies slip away to nonexistence.  Briefly, his mind accomplished peace.

            Amidst silence Philip heard a clamor.  It started and stopped.  Started and stopped.  The pattern repeated for a while.  Deciding to investigate, Ojomo stood up and followed the sound.  On top a boulder (Y/N) is strumming an acoustic guitar.  After playing a few notes they paused to look at some papers.  Uncloaking, Wraith greeted them. 
“Oh hey Philip!  Sorry, I didn’t realize anyone else was here.”

            “What are you doing?”  It’s obvious but Ojomo wanted to seem interested.  If he found (Y/N)’s hobbies enthralling they might like him back.  Besides, it’s polite, isn’t it?  Additionally, Philip would rather avoid advising solutions to other slasher’s petty arguments all day.

            “Oh, not much.  Just trying to learn something new.  I chose a secluded part of the woods so nobody would hear how bad my music skills are.”  (Y/N) laughed contently.  ‘Oh how their laughter is attractively whimsical!  I’d give anything to the Entity to listen to that sound anytime.’

            “Kate lent me her instrument so I could practice.  I miss music.  The songs I liked in my…” hurt trickled into (Y/N)’s expression.  “In my life before.  I’m trying to remember and play them.”

            Biting their lip nervously they added, “It’s really tough though.”
“Don’t give up.”  Philip clasped (Y/N)’s hand.  “If playing music helps you remember pleasant times, continue.”
“Even if I suck at it?”
“Even so.”  Removing his hand Wraith felt a twinge of loss.
            (Y/N)’s hand was warm.  Cordiality he hasn’t felt in ages in this cold unforgiving world.
            Their uplifting smile withered Wraith’s grief.

            “Thank you Philip.  Your encouragement means a lot.”
“Hey, mind staying and helping me on the notes?”
“Yes I will.  Only if you listen to my poetry afterwards.  None of the others appreciate such art.”
“It’s a deal!”



            A cracked stopwatch lay in the palm of (Y/N)’s hand.  Shockingly it still continued to work.  Somehow it didn’t turn to ash and dust like all other items Entity has fabricated.  Standing by the sacrificial tree they smiled at Hillbilly.  Every few days (Y/N) would help test Thompson Jr.’s speed.

            Gathering some chalk (Y/N) wrote down the best times.  Billy darted through cornfields, weightless.
“Impressive, Max!  You’re doing remarkably!”
Hillbilly’s heart roared like his trusty chainsaw.

            Considering his past, Max has always been feared.  Yet, (Y/N) didn’t treat him like a grotesque monster.  Not even when they had first arrived here.  It shocked Max, initially.  Now he did his best to astound (Y/N) whenever he could.  Why?  The survivor is always supportive and adorably curious about everything.  The survivor wanted to run free just like Thompson had when he escaped cruel confinement.
            Max Jr. found it especially funny how (Y/N) stared, mystified, as he repaired his chainsaw.

            Hillbilly never said much, being the quiet type.  He loved listening to (Y/N) talk about the important to trivial.  To him, Max believed (Y/N) to be so wise!  Perhaps the Entity gifted him for preforming so well in trials?  Thompson supposed so.



            Sally heard faint humming.  At first, she guessed that Anna was singing.  It turned out not to be so.  Hovering closer to the sound she rationalized that it is actually (Y/N).  Nurse heard a faint metal clinking coupled with a light tune.

            “Darling, what are you doing?”  She inquired. 
“Huh?  Hello Sally.  Nothing.”
Smithson’s otherworldly talent caught hesitation upon their breath.  Did (Y/N) fear Sally’s wheezing or her ghostly structure?
“Sorry, I have to go.  I should really get some rest before the next trial.”

            Sorrow cut Nurse like a bone saw.  “I want to know what you’re up to!”  Sally’s voice cracked.  Why do all of Smithson’s potential lovers abandon her so quickly?
“Can it wait?  I promise to meet you tomorrow.  Right now I have to leave.”

            Wrath fizzed in Smithson’s gut.  Footsteps became fainter by the second.  Extending an arm she summoned stolen breath.  Orbs of light danced upon Sally’s palm.  Vision warping and stretching, Nurse blinked a long distance.

            Hearing the screech, (Y/N) sidestepped.  Blinking again Nurse teleported in front of them.  Wheezing, her vision flickered like dying candlelight.  “Stop!  I want to know what you’re hiding!”
(Y/N) sighed in defeat.
            “I was making a gift for you.”

            “I planned to put this in a box and hide it for a surprise.”
“A present, really?  For me?”
“Yes.  Because you always take care of my wounds after trials.”
Sally’s heart leapt with bliss.  ‘I never expected anyone to make me a gift!’

            Discarding the pillowcase on her head, Nurse brushed long blonde hair from her face.  (Y/N) presented the cutest gift Sally has ever seen!  It’s a crochet hat with pretty, colorful flowers sewn on.  She rubbed a thumb across the stitches and admired every detail.  “This is amazing!  Thank you!”

            A blush dusted (Y/N)’s cheeks.  “I noticed a lot of your fashion is torn or very, uh, morbid.  I thought some cheerful patterns would be cool.  Also, you have beautiful features, Sally.”
Now Nurse blushed.
            ‘(Y/N)’s an absolute sweetheart!’

            Putting on the hat Sally twirled, laughing.  Clasping (Y/N)’s hands they spun gracefully in midair.  “I’ll cherish it forever!”



            Anna marched through rainfall.  She isn’t hunting.  However, Huntress is tracking a specific person.  As her feet glided over uneven earth she sang a familiar lullaby.  It kept the woman focused.

            ‘I don’t like it when other killers spend time with the survivor.  It makes me angry like a ferocious bear!’  Anna would not allow these games to continue further.  Huntress will show (Y/N) that she is the best.
            But how?
            ‘They already know of my brutal strength and tracking abilities.’

            In old fairytale storybooks lovers spend time together.  Maybe they will be amazed by doing a fun activity?  Yes, it might work.  Anna is a strong huntress after all.  Her plans don’t fail.

            “Puny (Y/N).  Over this way.”  The two stopped at a patch of woodland.  Anna gathered some axes.  Pointing to the trees she said, “You.  Me.  I show you how to throw.”
Astonished, (Y/N) shouted, “Really?!  Awesome!  I can’t believe it!  This is going to be so fun!”

            “Shh!  Quiet.  Listen well.”
“Sorry!”  (Y/N) adorned a big smile.
“First, bunch up muscles.  Be like tiger ready to spring.”
“Uh-huh!  Got it.”

            “Second, aim at target.  Look sharp like owl.  Third, calculate swing.  Heavy or light?  Then swing!”  A hatchet flew through air and hit a tree.
            (Y/N)’s jaw dropped.  Clearly, they are awed.  Anna smiled confidently.  ‘I’d like to see other killers win over their affection now.’
“You make axe throwing look effortless, Anna.”

            “Try.”  Huntress handed them a hatchet.  “Fun activity, I promise.  Makes you strong!”  She flexed her muscles and (Y/N) giggled.
“I’ll give it a shot.”  (Y/N) twirled an axe, getting used to its weight.  They eyed handmade targets.  Choosing one not too far they threw the weapon.  It flew past, missing.
            (Y/N) hurled another hatchet.

            That one struck square in the middle.  Cheering, they continued.  Aiming for a difficult target (Y/N) launched another axe.  Again, it didn’t miss.  They turned to Anna.  “Pretty sharp, huh?  I think I found a new favorite hobby!”
“Good.  Mine too.  We share a similar sport now.  When you get better we’ll have a competition of points.”
“Totally!  I can’t wait until then, Anna!”



            “Hey!  Don’t touch that!”  Amanda sees (Y/N) poking her lethal instruments, as if immune to bleeding.  “Are you insane?  You’ll lose a finger!”
“Oh c’mon,” they giggled while examining a reverse bear trap.  “I die by these a lot during trials.”

            The survivor studied each device thoughtfully.  As if a bunch of traps were relics with stored cherished memories.  “One good thing about being in the Entity’s world is that none of us can die.  Permanently, that is.  So I can be as reckless as I want.”
            “What’re you here for?”  Young hissed, somewhat irritated.
            She immediately regret her question because (Y/N)’s lips curled mischievously.

            “I don’t know.  How about you?  To continue Jigsaw’s mission?”
“What’re you doing in my workshop?”  Amanda clarified.
“To help you of course.”
Amanda was startled from such a blunt answer.  “What?!”

            “The Entity’s rules are always changing.”  (Y/N) explained.  “There’s something new to learn.”
‘Okay.  I’ll admit I’m impressed by their response.’
“I want to be your guinea pig, Amanda.”
            Dark sorrel eyes analyzed (Y/N)’s (e/c) gaze, dissecting the meaning of their words.

            It reminded Young of her agonizing past.  Drug addiction, Jigsaw’s tests, eventual recovery, and rebirth.  For Amanda the experience was hell but essential and worth it in the end.  ‘Maybe (Y/N) and I are the same.  I guess they’re not as bad as I first thought.’
            John’s teachings rang in Amanda’s ears.
            ‘I must follow in his footsteps; punish those who waste life, save those who have potential to change.’

            “Okay.  I’ll accept your offer.”
“Just don’t complain if the pain becomes too much.”
(Y/N) snorted.  “I get a chainsaw in my back, stabbed with knives, and get sacrificed to a botanic deity every day.  I think us survivors have gained a little tolerance to this new lifestyle by now.”
Crossing her arms, Amanda smiled.  “Excellent.  Then these tests will be a piece of cake for you.”

            Acid burns, hallucinations, dirty needles, razor sharp blades, rusty metal machines, there are no limits to Amanda’s experiments.  Shuffling through notes she nodded, very pleased.  (Y/N) willingly stepped into every trap, put on torturous equipment, and followed instructions flawlessly.  At one point Young supposed that (Y/N) was addicted to the natural adrenaline gained during tests.  Their mood never dwindled into melancholy even as they bled from grotesque injuries.

            Young is thrilled to see how such games changed people.  No, how it displayed their true colors.  Though weighed down by a new morbid reality, (Y/N) kept going.  ‘They’re a lot like John, looking for truth in others.  Searching for people’s best qualities.’  Seeing such dedication powered Amanda to do better too.

            On an operation table (Y/N) sat, out of breath.  Blood caked their face but still carried an uplifting smile.  “Wow, Amanda.  That was a wild one.”  (Y/N) stretched their legs and arms, fingers curling and uncurling.  “That’s the first time all my limbs got severed.  Oh, what’s this?”

            With trembling hands Amanda gave (Y/N) a tray of (favorite food) and water.  Not actual gruel like one would expect.  Actual food.  “For me?”  (Y/N) poked it with a fork.  “Let me guess.  Poison?”
“No.  I made rules before the tests began.  I won’t subject you to any devices or chemicals unless you’re in the chambers specifically for games.”

            ‘Shit.  Am I really blushing right now?’  Amanda shook her head.  “I made you a meal.  For all your hard work.  Just eat it, alright?”
(Y/N)’s lips curled again.  “Thank you Amanda.  Very delicious.”
“Y-You’re welcome.”
For a moment she believed that (Y/N) is one worthy to be among Jigsaw’s disciples.
            Love planted itself in Amanda’s heart.
            ‘I plan to hold onto this feeling forever if I can.’



            A snowball fight.  None of the other slashers like to have fun.  (Y/N) does though.  Frank, Joey, Julie, and Susie believe so, anyway.  Besides it was the only activity they could agree on to get (Y/N)’s attention.

            The four of them loved that (Y/N) was up for anything.  Even silly games or pranks.  Marching through heavy snow the survivor appeared, dressed in winter clothes.  Frank explained the rules.  Simply, it’s going to be Capture the Flag.

            (Y/N) is going to be stationed on top a hill and will guard the flag.  Usually in trials alone, Legion had a difficult time wining.  Together however, the Legion is unstoppable.  Heartbeats later snowballs are tossed into icy air.  The game has begun.  Frank refused to accept anything but victory.

            Not the fastest runner, (Y/N) got pelted by snowballs.  Surprisingly their mood didn’t sour.  In fact, they dove behind a metal bin and burst into giddy laughter.  No longer is the atmosphere filled with pained screams but replaced with comical chaos.  Firing a few accurate shots (Y/N) managed to hit Susie and Julie with snowballs.

            Legion huddled behind a boulder.  Julie hurled snowballs to distract (Y/N) while they made a plan.
“Susie’s the quietest of us.  She can sneak up on (Y/N) while Jules keeps up the diversion.”  Joey suggested.  “You and I can charge head on.”
“Surround and surprise?”
“Surround and surprise.”

            Frank and Joey sprinted up the hill.  Swiftly Joey avoided snowballs, leaping gracefully.  He laughed seeing the leader take one hit after another while charging up the snow, cursing excessively.  Frank is more powerful than agile.  Both men ran when they saw an opening.

            Susie gave (Y/N) a bear hug.  “Grab the flag!”
(Y/N) whirled and broke free of the girl’s grasp, only to collide with Frank and Joey.  Snow exploded as all three rolled, limbs thrashing.  Sure, (Y/N) could take on one, maybe even two opponents, but three?  Quickly Susie, Frank, and Joey pinned them down.

            Julie captured the flag.  Jumping up and down, waving the cloth and grinning she shouted, “We won!”  Looming over (Y/N) she said, “Now you have to spend the rest of the day with us!” 
“Alright Jules.”
From the tangle of limbs, Joey mumbled sluggishly, “Forget those survivor friends of yours.”  His deep voice drifted past their left ear.  “They just waste your time anyway.”  All five stumbled inside the ski resort.

            Humming tunes playing from an old boom box, Julie ran her fingers through (Y/N)’s hair.  Susie laid her head upon their lap while twisting new friendship bracelets.  Joey showed off his art and drank in (Y/N)’s compliments.  Frank sat next to them offering some music cassettes to borrow.  Cups of hot chocolate lay scattered upon aging furniture while everyone relaxed in the cozy cabin, absorbing warmth from the fire.

            The Legion felt like (Y/N) belonged here with them.  As if they had been there since day one.  If anybody said otherwise, the doubter would answer to Frank’s fists or his knife.  (Y/N) is easy to spill troubles to, the Legion realizes this.  They’d tell Frank, Joey, Susie, and Julie what needed to be heard but offer advice with humor and compassion.  The Legion couldn’t imagine (Y/N) being without them.  So, they’d do anything to keep it this way.



            Carter is amused that (Y/N) still tries to have fun in the Entity’s world.  Whenever they gathered enough blood points they’d buy off-brand card and board games.  Immediately (Y/N) would run to Herman and ask to play.  How could he say no?  Doctor is always up for a game.

            He adores how (Y/N) is never a sore loser like some of the slashers.  Chess?  Huntress throws the board and storms off.  Freddy would rather sharpen his knives than play cards.  Ghostface brags about the smallest victory.  Michael had no reactions whatsoever, boring Carter significantly.  Amanda is tolerable, yet she has more interest inventing devices.

            It’s a learning experience for both of them.  (Y/N) tries to memorize and dissect Carter’s complex strategies while he obtains a new subject to study.  When the survivor wins a game they are allowed one question.  Anticipation shimmered in (Y/N)’s eyes when they acquire victory.  What is Herman’s past?  How did he adapt to this new lifestyle?  How did the Doctor alter his body to produce lethal charges of electricity?
            Doctor’s tremendously horrifying smile never faltered in (Y/N)’s presence.

            Somehow, blissful emotions welled up inside the scientific, calculating man.  Carter cherishes (Y/N)’s brilliance.  Their moves are usually predictable but on a rare occasion they play an unexpected, remarkable strategy.  He wants to figure out how (Y/N) perceives things.  What are their strengths and flaws?

            Carter is uncertain how these bizarre feelings occurred but he doesn’t object to them.  In fact, he takes this as a chance to study something he has never acknowledged before.


















Chapter Text



                            Fingers are unique.  Much like their owners.  How does Jeffery Hawk describe (Y/N)’s?  Surely not dainty or grotesque.  ‘They’re like artists’ hands.  Coordinated, but worn from endless work.’ 
            (Y/N) has coulrophobia like many survivors.
            Hawk believes it makes a game of chase more thrilling.

                Jeffery collects (Y/N)’s fingers the most.  In his tiny caravan he studies each one.  Some had scars or marks, hints of interesting differences.  Clown is very entranced by their fingerprints, soothing to the touch.  Storing them in flasks he admires such subtle splendor exhibited in his inventory.
            The trinkets become charms for him in trials.

            Clown has fun scaring (Y/N).  Every match they share he wears new face paint.  Crazy, frightful patterns are exceptional.  It’s the funniest thing Hawk has ever seen!  When lumbering into view, (Y/N) trembles in pure horror and holding their fingers like precious artifacts.  Strength ignites; they fight harder than anyone else to escape.

            Face pale, jaw dropping, (Y/N) sprints away.  Clown cackles raggedly.  No matter where they hid, his tonics disassembled their camouflage.  Hawk never considers himself a prankster but he prefers this new game.  (Y/N)’s reactions are priceless and more animated than other survivors.




            Family is important above all else.  Cannibal knows for certain (Y/N) believes the same.  In many trials they will sacrifice themselves to save their friends.  Bubba appreciates that, perhaps you two are the same?  He thinks that they should be part of his family.
            The Entity can change anything.
            If Sawyer made enough sacrifices he could ask Entity for a favor.

            For now, Leatherface scavenges bones and animal organs, crafting morbid little trinkets.  (Y/N) sheepishly accepts the gifts, hanging them up around camp.  Bubba’s certain they need a new family, one that isn’t apprehensive that they sneak into slasher campground.  It’ll be a challenge to get (Y/N) to tolerate eating human flesh.  Even more difficult to get accustomed to being a killer for Entity.  Sawyer will unquestionably stitch a mask together for them.




            Model worthy.  That is what (Y/N) is.  They display great courage in trials.  ‘Who laughs when getting chased by a knife wielding maniac?!’  Ghostface also can’t deny seeing a glint in their (e/c) eyes every time they explore slasher territory.
            The two of them will try and see who’s the stealthiest.
            (Y/N) though sometimes fearful, fights back even though there’s torturous punishment for breaking Entity’s rules.

            Danny thinks it’s comical.  (Y/N) becomes his obsession.  Out of all the photos Johnson collects he has more of them than anybody else.  He loves their persistent spirit.  One time when Ghostface mori’d them, (Y/N) tore off his mask and gave powerful kicks to his gut.  This made him stagger and almost lose a kill.
            The survivor keeps his metal mask as an ornament of victory by their other relics.

            Ghostface adores how fascinated they are with his stories.  Hardly anybody has ever analyzed him that closely before, not even a handful of detectives.  The insightful survivor reads Danny like a book – he views it as idolatry.  ‘(Y/N) would be an amazing partner in my endeavors.’  A painful stab of jealousy spears Danny’s gut whenever other survivors demand their devotion.
            How can (Y/N) focus on him when their friends are so distracting?
            ‘I should be the only one captivating (Y/N)’s attention!’




            Lisa isn’t similar to most of the slashers.  She’s more withdrawn and shy.  During trials however, Sherwood is very ruthless and crafty.  When (Y/N) bravely asked to hang out Lisa was surprised, yet flattered.  “As long as you don’t tear me open and eat my organs, I’ll stay.”
The promise is kept.

            Cheerfully Lisa leads (Y/N) towards a glade.  Whenever her mutated arm brushes passing foliage, stunning flowers sprout.  Her hand is aglow with bright bioluminescence. 
“Awesome!  Wow!  Claudette would be so happy if she saw this!”
Pacing around impatiently Sherwood peered over (Y/N)’s shoulder.  They are scribbling down notes and small drawings.

            Resting by a tree stump they gaze at the sky.  Beyond a cluster of trees there is a patch of midnight.  Shockingly, there are shimmering stars.  Lisa and (Y/N) point out imaginary constellations and fabricate legendary stories to attach them with.  Sometimes the two will swap myths from their worlds too.
            Sherwood and (Y/N) enjoy each other’s company.  Forgetting their morbid realty briefly, slasher and survivor are delighted by escapism.




            Rin likes strolling.  It dissolves wrath stored inside.  The landscapes hardly ever change.  That is, until she found something totally unexpected.  Looking up, Rin’s smile curls in amusement. 
            (Y/N) is stranded in a tree like a cat.

            Clawing at bark (Y/N) desperately tries to keep a steady foothold.  Rin laughs. 
“Don’t laugh at me!  I don’t like heights, okay?!”
“Then why are you climbing trees?”

            Sighing they reply, “Because Rin.  I want to get over my fear.”  (Y/N) looks over their shoulder, scared.  Spirit’s ghostly white eyes bring subtle comfort to the survivor.  The glowing specks cast warmth in shadowy woodland depths below.

            “And well, I’m stuck.”
“Yeah.  Can you borrow a ladder?  Evan should have one.”
“Unnecessary.  I can get you down.”

            Effortlessly Spirit scales the tree.  Sitting elegantly atop a branch she watches (Y/N) slowly remove themselves from the trunk.  Fleetingly, they stare at Rin mesmerized.  Yamaoka’s gravity-defying midnight locks attractively frame her icy face. 
“What’s wrong?”

            “Uh,” (Y/N) blushes.  “It’s just…underneath faint moonlight you shimmer like a crystal.”
“What kind of compliment is that?!”
Chuckling sheepishly they answered, “Sorry!  But it’s true!”

            “Ugh.  Let’s just get you down.”  Rin extends her hand.  (Y/N) brushed freezing skin, hissed and recoiled.  Crimson beads run across (Y/N)’s palm. 
“I apologize.  The glass shards are everywhere.”
“It’s alright.”

            They grab Rin’s hand.  Spirit phases and in a blink both land softly on ground.  Staggering, (Y/N) holds their head.  “Whoa.  The world is spinning.”  Recovering, (Y/N) places a hand on Rin’s arm. 

            “Thank you for helping me.  I’ve got to get this patched up.  See ya tomorrow, okay Rin?”
Nodding, the woman sees (Y/N) walking away.
“Next time I’ll bring some saboteur gloves!”  They joke.
Rin laughs.

            Yamaoka adores their awkward, clumsy humor.  They appear to have an endless kindness too.  ‘My flesh is nothing but a bag of broken glass, my heart withered and unmoving, but they still think I’m beautiful –inside and out.’  After death Spirit believed that she would never find another kind soul.  However, a warm spark melts her frozen heart, the organ beating once more.  Rin despondently watches (Y/N)’s figure fade into the distance.



The Shape:

            Absolute dread.  That is the only emotion expressed whenever Shape hovers by.  Unlike their companions (Y/N) feels differently about Myers.  The deadpan exterior is very mysterious.  Intriguing, certainly!

            Michael is a perfect subject to draw.  He looms perfectly still.  So, grabbing a satchel full of art supplies (Y/N) paints the Shape.  Surprisingly, he doesn’t mind.  In fact, Myers is content. 
            Underneath the dark eyeholes of the mask, his blue dull eyes shimmer slightly.

            (Y/N)’s paintings (abstract to realistic) catches his attention.  He hangs them up in Haddonfield.  It adds to an already eerie and unnerving atmosphere.  Everyone sees Myers as an unsympathetic inhuman shell, but (Y/N) guesses a soul is hidden there.  It must be concealed under a deep sorrow, right?

            Love doesn’t spark until they ask Michael to paint.  “I want to see what you can draw!”
Shape accepts the challenge.  At first, his portfolio is a collection of knives, gory scenery, and jack-o-lanterns.  One time he decided to paint a portrait of (Y/N). 

            Every brushstroke is alive with effort upon canvas.  Myers is thankful that (Y/N) is always very patient.  Perhaps Michael can impress them with this painting?  He hopes so –the Shape isn’t certain how romantic gestures work.  The slasher is slightly scared that (Y/N) will dislike his art.

            Finally, gathering enough courage he shows (Y/N) the finished portrait.  Michael’s elated.  (Y/N) loves the gift.  Of course, Myers clearly masks his delight.  There is a flicker of admiration in his heart, something other than eternal nothingness.  The slasher knows for certain that this has been one of the best days of his life.




            Reluctantly Steve decides to accompany (Y/N) to visit the Demogorgon.  He is the babysitter after all.  Steve can never understand why anyone would willingly tread onto Demogorgon’s land.  ‘Everybody in camp is a bunch of lunatics.’  But, the guy never says no to a good adventure.
            Marching into an isolated glade the two see the otherworldly creature.

            It perches upon a boulder, guarding a patch of territory.  Dread immediately grips Steve and he freezes.  (Y/N) doesn’t.  “Wait, (Y/N)!”  The man hisses.  Surely it won’t hesitate to attack them?  ‘Why is (Y/N) so fascinated by that thing?!’

            Alert, the Demogorgon screams viciously.  It leaps, pointy teeth flashing wildly.  Usually everybody trembles, terrified of the creature –especially (Y/N).  Now all they can do is smile and exclaim, “Wow!  So cool!”
“Are you kidding me?!”

            Confused, Demogorgon tilts its bulbous head.  A stirring emotion grows inside its surreal system.  This strange human resembles Eleven’s personality, just a little.  How can such a frail being be so bold?  Delight has never crossed a human’s features before.  At least when the Demogorgon is around.

            “Steve!  Doesn’t it look so cool?  Kind of like a Xenomorph!”
“A what?”
“You know?  From the movie?  So ferocious and clever!  I never thought I’d see something so awesome!”

            His gaze bounces between (Y/N) and Demogorgon.  Undoubtedly, Steve wants to run back to the safety of survivor camp.  ‘I’m unsure how this’ll play out.’  Startled, the guy realizes that Demogorgon is being docile.  His brows furrow with suspicion.

            “Why’d you want to come out here again?”
“To observe the Demogorgon!”  (Y/N) rolls their eyes.  “In my world there’s nothing like this.  It’s all mythology, fantasy.”
“Nancy and I already told you guys everything about it –and to stay away.”

            Hand latching onto (Y/N)’s wrist he tugs them towards the tree line.  A gut-twisting howl surprises Steve.  He stumbles.  Eye locking onto beast, Steve holds up a bat for defense.  Nothing.  Demogorgon doesn’t attack.

            “Unbelievable,” he breathes.  ‘Did it get…jealous that I –how?!’  Now Steve is curious.  Smiling slightly he shakes his head.  “Nancy will think I’m joking.”

            In the clearing Steve carefully guards (Y/N) while they examine Demogorgon.  Laughing, he watches as it opens its jaws, allowing his friend to see inside.  Writing in a notebook (Y/N) manages to gather data.  All three hold a sense of thrill and awe, like viewing whales jumping from water. 

            There is danger yes, but reward outweighs risk.  First, (Y/N) tries a simple communication system.  Second, basic tricks to perform.  Shockingly, Demogorgon loves the positive attention.  It even brings flashy trinkets to (Y/N) on a few occasions.

            Still, Steve stays at a distance.  Demogorgon violently retaliates, one time swiping sharp claws at him because of a friendly hug.  From their interactions he thinks maybe Demogorgon isn’t a heartless monster.  It’s kind of cute how the two look out for each other.  Displaying friendship believed to be previously impossible.




            Freddy isn’t one for boring battles.  He lives for the chase.  Pulling survivors into the dream world is very entertaining.  Torturous illusions to scare them right before his knives sink into their flesh.  Some fight back, most fail to escape. 

            (Y/N) is a fighter.  Feisty too.  Pure venom and hatred seeps into their features when they face Freddy.  Especially if they’re the last alive.  Krueger doesn’t mind, in fact it fires him up.
            Unlike other survivors however, Freddy has a reason to fear (Y/N).

            They hold an item in their pocket.  A lighter, scavenged from Hillbilly’s tool storage.  (Y/N) uses it as a talisman to alarm the demon while they save their friends.  It’s irritating but Krueger also holds a sliver of respect for them.  No one else has thought of this strategy.

            A worthy rival.  An opponent that Freddy anticipates combating.  Their tactics force him to improve his game.  The Nightmare gets furious whenever survivors step between, allowing (Y/N) to escape.  Particularly the love-struck Quentin.  After all, what is a villain without their heroic enemy?




            Adiris has profound eyes for outstanding presentations.  Being a powerful, charismatic priest is a role carried with pride.  Image is important.  Wearing prismatic robes and gleaming jewelry benefit her mystifying, omnipotent appearance. 
            It’s essential that all are captivated by Plague’s wisdom and grace.
            If not, her acidic powers can sway doubters.

            One day (Y/N) sneaks into the shrine, impressed by Plague reading scriptures.  Adiris’ mighty vocals ricochet off stone cavern, echoing tenfold.  Burning flora fills the air with heavy lavender clouds.  Pausing, Adiris glares, arctic eye stabbing their soul.  “What do you want?”
            Surely they came to gawk at Plague’s horrific scars?

            “I’m curious about your history and lifestyle.”
Not the answer she expected.  Maybe Entity gifted her a loyal assistant?  Interest surges through Adiris’ heart.  ‘Am I given another chance to cure the plague?’  Perhaps all her hard work amounted to something after all.  “Very well.  You may help me.”

            Sassy, elegant, and unyielding Adiris gives (Y/N) many tasks.  Preparing scriptures, creating mixtures, stitching and repairing clothes, and polishing jewelry.  (Y/N)’s favorite is painting Adiris’ face.  Her glowing beauty is amplified by an ominous, smoky make up palette.  Pouting, she fusses over details, being a perfectionist.

            Amused, (Y/N) complies to redo Plague’s entire outfit.  She values the survivor for sticking around so long.  These routines are tedious, yet (Y/N)’s hint of humor cracks Adiris’ icy exterior.  ‘No one has ever cared this much about me before.’ Failure after failure Plague finally found a new purpose to strive for, alongside the Entity’s that is.















Chapter Text

 Tendrils of fog uncurl to reveal dreams.  The dreamwalker strolls unseen.  He detects emotions, ambitions, and fears.  Looking into a clear pool and seeing a perfect reflection.  Some are hideous nightmares and others are cheerful, peaceful.

            Quentin is seething.  Everything is falling apart.  [Y/N] isn’t picking up on his feelings for them, Feng and Dwight are too friendly, and Quentin’s abilities can’t help.  He’s tried.  Smith attempts to make the two delusional with visions he’s weaved.

            Yet, Adam prods all survivors on such dreams.  Quentin will have to be more careful.  ‘I’ll deal with the scientist later.’  For now he fractures their happiness –one of the only slivers of joy in Entity’s world that can be obtained.  If he makes their friends’ act insane, [Y/N] will no longer trust them.



            Across burning firelight a pair of icy blue eyes sear into [e/c].  Every time Quentin’s gaze latches onto [Y/N] it gives them the eeriest feeling.  Is it just their imagination?  Nobody seems to notice Smith’s staring.  [Y/N] remains close with Quentin but is wary of him.  Something’s changed, but they don’t know what.  They never ignore a gut instinct no matter how out of place it is.

            It isn’t his usual, sleepy, distant gaze.  Almost doting and analytical.  Quentin carried the oddest smile too.  Shrinking, [Y/N] turns away.  David runs by just having escaped a trial.

            King tackles Smith and laughs.  Boasting about victory again.  He describes his escape in vivid detail.  Quentin transformed, sluggish and shyly optimistic.  Patting David on the back he congratulates his lumbering companion. 
            Their bond seems to be the strongest among everybody.

            Pausing, King tilts his head and leans in.  Quentin whispered in his ear.  David nodded.  “Of course!  Anything for you.”  A lopsided grin studs his features.
            [Y/N]’s eyes narrow with suspicion.

            An airy chuckle sounded behind them.  “What dorks.”
“Are you okay?”
Feng snorted and humorously plopped down beside [Y/N] and Dwight.  “Of course!  I can distract killers all day!”

            [Y/N] blushed.  Feng hugged them saying, “Thanks for caring so much.  You’re really sweet.”  Usually Min is cold and competitive, leaving others to be sacrificed just to focus on repairing gens or leading the killer away.  Yet, she has fallen for [Y/N].

            Frigid needles brush [L/N]’s skin.  Whirling, [e/c] sweep the campsite for danger. 
“What’s wrong?”  Feng giggled.
The pain dissolves.  Rubbing their neck [Y/N] says, “Nothing I guess.”
Feng yawns and rests her head upon their shoulder.  “I’m so tired!”
“Then go to your tent!”  [Y/N] playfully pushed her. 
Min laid her head on their lap.  “Nope.  It’s more comfortable here.  I’m staying.”

            Quentin’s trembling.  Light blue eyes flash violently.  Dread trickles in, seeping [Y/N]’s bones in frost.  No one else notices.  Everyone is talking or wandering the survivor grounds. 

            They walk to the fire.  Feng crosses her arms.  She’s upset that her pillow is gone. 
“Sorry.  You know we all get extra benefits if survivors enter the fog without being summoned.”
“Get back soon.”
“I’ll try.”

            Kate, Dwight, and Quentin approach everlasting flames.  “I h-hope this one goes well.”  Fairfield chirped nervously.
Kate’s smile is dazzling.  “Of course it will –with me on your side!”  She throws in a coin offering.
“I agree!  Also,” [Y/N] added.  “I believe in you!  You have a lot of brilliant tactics, Dwight.”

            They drop a firecracker into his hands.  “This will help.”
Dwight perked up instantly.  “Thanks [Y/N]!”
“No problem.”  They playfully mess up his hair.

            Hovering by is Quentin.  He’s unsure of what to say –his words failing now that [Y/N]’s standing so close.  “I’ll protect you, [Y/N].”  Smith holds up a med kit.  “I can heal any wounds.”
“Yes, I’ll be relying on you.  Let’s do or best.”
Quentin’s face lit up blissfully.


            “I’ll go save [Y/N] while Kate distracts Trapper.”
“What?  No, I’ll go unhook them.  You always screw up healing checks anyway!”  Quentin snaps.
Dwight flinches.  The sleepy survivor has never conveyed anger before. 

            Quentin expects Dwight to cower and become docile but he doesn’t.  Gazing at woods he says, “We don’t have much time.  The others are struggling to complete gens –being injured, we need everyone alive.”  Smith is about to protest.  He changes his mind, thinking Trapper will chase Dwight after rescue.  “Fine.  I’ll swing by and grab Kate.”

            Instead of helping Kate he follows Dwight.  The nervous hero runs up and unhooks [Y/N].  They hug him.  Fairfield’s a blushing mess.  Anyone would interpret this as a friendly hug –but not Quentin.  ‘I try so hard to keep us together but this universe ruins everything!’

            Trapper pops in and charges at Dwight.  The pair split up.  Soundlessly Quentin slinks into the shadows.  He follows pools of blood like bright red footprints.  ‘I’ve survived fighting Freddy many times so this should be a piece of cake.’

            A mild resentment for his rivals turns into wild, venomous animosity.  “Dwight let me heal you.”
The other doesn’t question Quentin’s dismal eyes or trembling.  Maybe the dreamwalker is just scared?

            Dwight waits patiently.  He suddenly collides with earth, his bleeding wounds making contact.  Fairfield hisses in pain.  “What was that for?!”  Hands wrap around Dwight’s throat. 

            Panicking, he struggles to break free.  Air is absent.  Black spots puncture his vision.  Alarm grips Dwight.  Smith is wearing an abnormally sweet expression!
‘The firecracker!  Where is-’

            It’s in his pocket.  Tossing the firecracker it explodes, creating blinding light.  Startled, Quentin lets go.  Fairfield runs and doesn’t look back.  At the moment he could care less if he stumbled into a bear trap.  Facing Trapper or the Entity was better than staying by the other survivor.  Baffled, Dwight sits in the shack, holding his head in his hands.  Out of all the horrors he’s seen while living in this frightening world that had been the scariest!

            All generators are repaired.  Kate is sacrificed buying the others time to open gates.  Dwight finds [Y/N] and thankfully no Quentin.  “[Y/N]!”
“What?”  They pull the lever and open the door.  “Is Trapper-”
“We have to go!”  He tugs them along, fleeing.
“Shouldn’t we wait for-”
“No, run now!”

            Sprinting through the forest, [Y/N] slows their pace.  “What’s wrong Dwight?  I didn’t hear a heartbeat.”
Dwight is normally rattled after every match.  His wide eyes and frantic breathing are frankly different this time.

            [Y/N] can only catch a few words from his mumbling. 
“I think he’s gone crazy!”
Brows furrowed they ask, “Who?”
Cautiously Dwight glances over his shoulder.  He doesn’t answer.

            “Your firecracker saved me!  I…” Dwight rubbed his neck while his eyes moved fearfully.  ‘I’ve never heard of a survivor killing another survivor.’
“Hey, hey.”  [Y/N] held Dwight’s shoulders and looked at him.  “I’m here for you.”  Terror fades.  He smiles, comforted by their soothing words.  “So am I.”


            For a few days nothing happened.  Trials go on as normal.  [Y/N] doesn’t see anything suspicious.  Dwight still seems shaken yet mostly calm.  Both refuse to let their guard down.
            Jake, Quentin, Feng, and [Y/N] are pulled into a tournament.

            A landscape unfolds into view.  Feng is by [Y/N] and spots a gen.  They repair it.  Nobody hears a heartbeat for a while.  “Do you think it’s Michael or Ghostface?”
“Or the killer is chasing someone.”

            The generator rings and Feng plants a kiss on [Y/N]’s lips.  “Focus will you?  The faster gens are done the faster we can escape.”
Surprised, [Y/N] only stutters.
Min winked.  “Bet I can get more great skill checks then you!”  She says before sprinting away.
‘Did she know that I like her?  Was it that obvious?’


            Giddy excitement burns in Feng’s gut.  Breathlessly trapped in a chase she vaults windows.  Her confidence never perishes even when injured.  Ghostface can’t keep up.  Frustrated, he bails. 

            In the shack she sees [Y/N] who is diligently working on a generator.  They turn around to heal Feng. 
“Careful,” she hissed.  “I lost Ghostface but he might’ve circled back.”
“Don’t worry, I have your back.”
She smiles.  “I know.  That’s why I always go to you when I’m in trouble.”

            Ebony cloth waved by a window.  [Y/N] pushed Feng just as Ghostface ambushed them.  A silver blade plunges into [Y/N]’s abdomen –instantly downing them.  Min whirls and quickly secures her footing.  “Hey Spitface!  Chase me!”

            Danny obliged.  A figure crashes into him.  Startled, [Y/N] sees Quentin brawling slasher and grabbing his knife.  “Smith?!”  Feng asked incredulously.

            There’s an awkward silence.  Nobody moves.  [Y/N] is writhing in a pool of their blood.  Ghostface is recovering.  Feng is staring at the survivor in bewilderment.  Icy eyes glint dangerously.  Quentin frowns.

            “Why…why won’t you go away?!”  His breath quivers.  An unsettling laugh fractures the atmosphere.  “I couldn’t manipulate you into insanity.  My abilities aren’t strong enough.  It looks like I’ll have to save [Y/N] another way!”
“What?!  That was you?!”  Feng shouted.  “I was feeling very tense lately and I wondered why.  Survivors were turning restless and sluggish.  We were all making simple mistakes that put us in danger.  I can’t believe this!”
            In a flash Quentin leapt onto Feng.

            “Why are you doing this?!”  Feng screamed.  They roll and exchange gruesome punches.  Min’s endurance shatters.  All her fight had been used earlier fleeing Ghostface.  She briefly wonders if staying here so long, playing endless brutal games has affected Quentin.

            Vivid fear reflects in his icy blue hues.  “[Y/N] is the only light I have in this world!  You’re trying to take them away from me just like Freddy!  Everybody always ends up leaving me and I won’t let it happen again!”  Smith’s voice changes into something surreal and his body is glowing with eerie blue light.

            It brought strange comfort and Feng instantly relaxed.  She no longer felt dread or a need to fight.  Images of a luxurious, successful life trickled into her vision like falling rain.  Regrets and past failures vanished completely.

            Desperately [Y/N] tried to stand.  Their body quaked from bleeding scars.  A pattern of flashing blue lights like bioluminescence, sever her legs and arms.  Quentin slices her neck as Feng screams frightfully.
Ghostface silently looms over them.  He’s startled and intrigued.  Forgetting the sole reason he’s been summoned here, Danny watches on.
“W-Why?!  You killed Feng!”
Quentin’s posture turns rigid, shocked.

            He faces [Y/N], tears spilling from his eyes.  The knife clatters to the ground.  Quentin crawls towards them.  Blood cakes his skin, mouth turned into an upside down crescent.  “I…I saved you!  Please tell me I’m good.  Right?  I at least saved you from her.”

            Ghostface doesn’t interfere.  Ominous winds scream in his ears.  Soundlessly he cloaks in shadows.  Backing away, he leaves.  Danny heeds Entity’s warning.

            Quentin supports [Y/N]’s limp body in his arms.  Tears hit their face as the man trembles.  “I’m a good person, right?  I’ll make sure nothing hurts you again.”
“Feng is our friend!” 
“No, no.”  He shook his head.  “The survivors are working with Freddy.  I know it.  They’re deceiving us, trying to kill us.  Just like Freddy did to all of my friends.”

            Blood loss disbands [Y/N]’s strength.  The world is blurry.  They want to fight back, to push Quentin away.  Vaguely [Y/N] senses him playfully tugging on their [h/c] hair.  White noise is all that’s heard.

            Pointy spider arms sprout from the ground and stab the survivors.  Quentin’s scream is muffled and pain is mute.  Shadowy carcasses are sent into the sky as offerings for the Entity.  It’s a while before either return to camp.  Eerie turmoil rings in air.

            “Where’s Feng?!”
“She hasn’t come back yet?”  Jeff asked.
Meg shrugged.  “These woods are a labyrinth.  Maybe she’s-”
Voices fading, [Y/N] pivots on their heels and runs.  Nobody is aware of the danger.

            “Feng!  Feng Min!”  No answer.  [Y/N] cursed.  ‘I should’ve asked Jake for help.  I can’t tell one path from the other!’  Entering a clearing they stop to look around.

            Strong arms wrap around [Y/N]’s waist and lift them up.
“David?!  Let me go!  You scared me!”
Genuine sadness seeps into his eyes.  “Sorry, I can’t do that.”
“Because Quentin asked me to.  I never let my pals down!”

            Fear frigidly sunk into their bones.  King sat down, still hugging [Y/N].  “He told me the others are out to hurt you!  Why didn’t you tell me?  I’d always protect one of my best friends!”
“Smith is lying!”  [Y/N] protested.
David’s brows furrowed.  “Quentin never lies!  He’s the most reliable guy I know.”

            “Quit struggling.  Quentin told me the others are lunatics.  He walks in their dreams and sees their true feelings.”
“No, he’s wrong!”  [Y/N] felt a ripple of sympathy.  David is so sweet, but he’s been manipulated because of his trusting nature.

            King’s eyes shine when Quentin appeared.  “I did exactly as you said.  Tied Dwight to a tree stump and covered your tracks.”
“I know,” Quentin smiled.  “You never let me down, David.”

            [Y/N] frantically struggled.  Blood red as miniature rubies paints his clothes.  “Where’s Dwight and Feng?!”  No answer.  Quentin fell beside the pair and hugged them.

            “You two are the only ones I can trust.”  Tears trickle down his face.  Whether fake or real, [Y/N] can’t tell.  He kisses their temple and his warm breath brushes against [Y/N]’s neck.  He relaxed, feeling that danger was finally gone.  For once the weary man is no longer paranoid, but content.

            A gust sweeps the glade.  Violent winds tear Quentin from David and [Y/N].  Terrified, he claws the earth for a steady hold.  Dark smoke surrounds everybody.  The whirlwind drags the dreamwalker away.

            “No!”  David leaps and tries to save Quentin.  Entity lashes out and stings his hand like a snake.   Horrified, they watch Smith change.  Human form remains and so does familiar eyes.  Everything else gains a surreal quality.
            “Don’t take my friends away from me!  They’re all I have left!”

            An agonized scream is muted by a barrier of clouds.  Evil whispers echo in the glade.  “The price for killing a survivor is permanent transformation.”  The world stills, smoke clears, and Quentin’s outline fades. 
“Welcome to the fog, Dreamwalker.”
















Chapter Text

Michael Myers x Angel Reader

Subtle Smile


                Even monsters have guardian angels.  [Y/N] doesn’t know how or why they’ve been assigned to Myers.  Honestly, whose wonderful idea was that?  The masked man is a slasher!  ‘I don’t think anybody, magical or not, can handle the infamous Michael Myers.’
            Yet here they are –visiting Haddonfield.  A gloomy, unwelcoming place.

            [Y/N] finds Myers in a graveyard.  His mask is equipped.  Sitting against a tombstone he’s injured and bleeding.  Bullet holes stud his body.  Crimson blood paints his entire outfit.
            The angel can’t read his expression but Myers seems fixated by the substance.

            Slightly horrified, [Y/N] hesitates to move.  Tossing human disguise aside they march towards him.  Graveyard shadows cloak Michael eerily.  So nonchalant, as if unaware.  He isn’t.

            A soft whisper spears silent darkness.  “Um, you must be Myers, right?”
Metal rings as it swoops through air.  [Y/N] dodges Michael’s knife.  He swings mercilessly.

            Frustrated, [Y/N] strikes him with their strong feathery wings.  The attacks sting.  Disarming him with a kick, [e/c] eyes glare into dull blue ones.  “Enough!  I’ve been sent to help you!”
Michael tilts his head.
            Who are they?  He doesn’t need help.
            Myers can’t deny that [Y/N]’s wings and uniform interest him.  Just a little.

            “See this?”  [Y/N] tapped a flashy pin on their suit.  “These wings and halo mean I’m an angel.  I must watch over you from now on.”
Michael stares at them blankly.

            “Don’t look at me like that!  C’mon man!  So intimidating!”  [Y/N] quivered frightfully.  “I’m an angel.  Do you see these awesome wings?”  [Favorite color] wings spread at full length and shimmer like gemstone underneath subtle patches of moonlight.
            Michael stared.

            “Argh!  Fine!  I’m not a complete angel.  We’re not fallen nor the most heroic.”  [Y/N] paced back and forth.  “My kind are –what would be a good way to describe it?  Earthly angels.  Yeah.  Let’s go with that.”

            Crestfallenly they glance at their reflection in the knife blade.  “A lot of humans forgot about us.  Our existence is crucial so neither good nor evil get too powerful.  Earthly angels are more carefree, but follow rules too.”

            As if a student trapped in a long, boring lecture, Michael stands and limps away. 
“Hey wait!”  Wings aflutter [Y/N] floats by Myers’ side.  “Strong aren’t you?  Are you even human?  Damn.”  They sighed.  At least he wasn’t swinging the knife anymore.

            “Listen, okay?  I know this is annoying but it goes with the job.”  [Y/N] flew in front of him and winked.  “You and I have to create chaos.  Well, mainly you do.  I’m just here as –what’s it called?  Medic!  I’m your support.”
            No response.

            [Y/N] placed a hand to Michael’s chest.  Shocked, they felt a steady heartbeat.  His blue eyes are strangely captivating.  “Okay dude, at least let me heal you.  Otherwise you’ll bleed out.”

            The slasher complied.  Removing bullets and sewing up wounds took forever but seeing Michael’s amazing physique was worth it.  Probably.  [Y/N] tried not to stare too much.  Laughing, they pat his back.  “All recovered!  Fantastic!”  A metal shell glinted in [Y/N]’s hand.  “I’m keeping one as a souvenir okay?”

            The pair searched for a car.  [Y/N] hovered, [e/c] eyes alert for the chariot.  Or, vehicle.  Human speak was difficult to get used to.  There was one parked on a street.  A guy was carrying groceries to his car.

            In a blink Michael loomed over his target.  He raised his knife and swung.
Blade gouged the door frame inches from the stranger’s head.  Pivoting, he screamed, dropping all the groceries and scrambled to start the ignition.  The car veered down the road –the man escaping unharmed.

            “Not good people, okay?  You can’t –quit staring at me like that!”  [Y/N] spun around to look for another car.  “Over there.  How about that one?”

            Somebody’s inside, though lights and engine are shut off.  Michael effortlessly breaks the window.  He pulls the guy out, hand clasped around his neck.  Cursing, the man punches Michael.  Flecks of spit hit Myers’ mask as the stranger struggled for air.

            Michael glances at [Y/N].  The angel studies the mortal.  They nod.  “Totally evil.  A bank robber and violent druggy.”

            Knife plunges into the criminal’s chest.  Tossing the man aside, Michael climbs into the vehicle.  [Y/N] hops in too.  “Whoo!  Road trip, road trip, road trip!”  They chant, smiling.

            [Y/N] turns on the radio.  [Music genre] blares from the speakers.  “Where are we going next?  Hungry?  I can stop and get us something-”
A finger contacts [Y/N]’s lips, silencing them.  Blinking, the angel nods.  “Right, sorry.  Silence is nice.”

            Tapping a foot to the beat, they become restless.  “Ow!”  They feel Myers tug on [h/c] locks.  [E/c] latch onto blue.  “What?  I’m being quiet.  Huh?”
Michael deposits a silver chain into [Y/N]’s hand.  “For me?  That guy must’ve been wearing this.”

            After examining the necklace [Y/N] faces Michael.  “Souvenir?”
He simply nodded.
[Y/N] pockets it.  Human trinkets are valuable in their world.  ‘Maybe I can get that new sword I’ve been eyeing at the market.’

            The angel grinned.  “I think we’ll have lots of cool adventures!  We’ll be an awesome team!  Whoo!  High-five!”
Silence.  [Y/N] shakes their head and sings along to [song] instead.  What they didn’t see was a subtle, genuine smile underneath Michael Myers’ mask.















Chapter Text

  [Y/N] [L/N], an unexciting and ordinary transfer student.  Besides speaking English and Japanese fluently she is plain.  Or, at least she thinks so.  Not outstandingly popular or wonderfully intelligent.  Quiet too.
               So much so in fact, many classmates believe she’s mute.

               It’s not that she can’t talk.  Just prefers observation over being loud.  By listening, a person learns a lot.  She’s surprised by how many openly share gossip, secrets, and insecurities.  The information is sealed away like in a safe.  [Y/N] stores it and calculates who she thinks are good people or bad.

               The girl avoids heartless monsters.  They’re everywhere.  Waiting for a perfect opportunity that comes with someone’s downfall.  Like Mitsuko and others.  She’d use anyone to get a step above everybody else.  [Y/N] doesn’t understand why Mitsuko and her gang are so mean –all she knows is that it disgusts her.

               For months Mitsuko and her gang have been bullying [Y/N].  She wants to fight back.  To punch, kick –anything!  But what’s the point?  Mitsuko’s friends would swarm [Y/N] and she’d end up a bloody disaster. 
               Even the staff is afraid of the students.

               “Speak, Mouse.”
[Y/N] glared as Mitsuko circles her in the hallway.  Injured, she hissed while holding a broken leg.  The others giggle.  Their faces remind [Y/N] of cheap goblin masks sold on Halloween. 
“How infuriating.”  Mitsuko sighed.  “Such an ugly rodent can’t –no.  Won’t even defend itself.  Why?”

               A shoe jabs [Y/N]’s side.  Curling up, tears squeeze out from [e/c] eyes. 
“Are you waiting for a prince to save you, Mouse?  Oh wait.  You’d never have one, huh?”  Mitsuko taunted.  Her gang laughed, sounding like geese.  She brandished a switch blade.

               “How cute.  You probably screw guys for favors, with a face and body like that.”
“Like that would happen!”  Another joked. 
One of them spat on [Y/N].
Bewildered, she wondered what she ever did to be Mitsuko’s target.  [Y/N] is a loner.  Fearful of everybody.

               The blade slices across [Y/N]’s face.  Red beads appear.  Another.  Three more.  Wrathfully [Y/N] trembled.  ‘Only if I had the upper hand-’
A girl screamed.  Hitting the ground she dreadfully crawled away.

               Kazuo moved extremely fast.  He pushed through the circle and twisted Mitsuko’s arm.  He flung her back.  Staggering, she contacted the wall.  Shouting, Mitsuko attacked.

               Sidestepping he punched her.  Mitsuko fell and held onto a bleeding, broken nose.  Dark eyes scowled at Kazuo.  “Wha’ tha’ hell man?!  You bastard!  Look wha’ you dhid to ma’ face!”  She spat blood.  Some teeth are missing.
               Mitsuko fled.  Her gang followed.

               Kiriyama reacted as if nothing happened.  He briefly looked at [Y/N].
“T-Thank you.” 
“W-Why did-”
He didn’t answer.  Kazuo strolled past wordlessly.

               Shocked, [Y/N] shakily stood up, using the wall for support.  That was the other transfer student.  Very mysterious and quiet.  Just like [Y/N].  She didn’t know much about him.  Nobody did.  Either way, she’s grateful for his help.  How would she thank him? 
               Limping, she slowly went to the nurse, hoping they’d be merciful enough to fix her injuries.


               Battle Royale.  The most gruesome, insane, unpredictable tournament in modern history.  Unheard of in other countries.  How was she to expect this?  The game hasn’t even started yet, and two are already dead!
               Blood soaks into unclean tiles and only a few cry for their lost friends.

               Shuya’s sobs are heart-wrenching.  [Y/N] gripped her own silver collar, [e/c] eyes fearfully glued to the scene.  She knows for certain many would willingly kill in this game.  Even strong friendships will be severed.  Survival is essential yes, so is escaping.

               ‘That’s it.  I refuse to die this way!’  [Y/N] vowed.  Within three days she’d find a way to escape.  It’d be tremendously difficult to trust anyone now.  But, some had to believe fleeing was a better option than fighting to the death, right?

               Her name is called.  Shinji grabbed her shoulder.  Concern glinted in his eyes.  “Stay alive, alright?  I won’t forgive you if you don’t.”
[Y/N] slightly smiled.  It’s the first time he’s ever really spoken to her.  Was there a hint of regret in his frightened expression?

               [Y/N] nodded before heading for the door.  A soldier tossed her a bag and she left.  Not the first to enter.  Carefully [Y/N] dashed into cover.  Woodland is perfect shelter.

               Sprinting through gnarled thickets she eventually reached an abandoned village.  Only six shabby shacks stood.  Her legs burned, her feet hurt, and her vision was blotchy.  At least it’s better than being out in the open.  Camping for the night, [Y/N] examined the bag contents.

               Sipping on water she studied the map.  Lots of grass plains and rocky coasts.  There’s a factory.  Maybe a car is among other useful supplies.  Now for a weapon or tool…
‘Please don’t be a plastic fork or something!’
               Oh.  A flyssa knife.  Awesome!

               [Y/N] fell into an apprehensive slumber.  Every few moments her body jolted awake, afraid of being attacked off-guard.  Endurance faltering she fell asleep.

               Gunshots.  Many of them.  Its dawn and light is just beginning to tint the sky blue.  Announcements blare over towering speakers.  [Y/N] crestfallenly marched on.  Map in hand she considered new danger zones.  ‘So many dead already.  How sickening…’

               On her way to the factory she ate some bread.  There’s no time to rest.  No safety.  She’d perch in some trees but they rested in a danger zone. 

               A classmate hovered into view, gun barrel pointing at [Y/N]’s face.  “Give me all your supplies now!”
Dropping her bag and weapon she recognized Hiromichi.  The guy casually talked to [Y/N] in spare moments.  They shared the same [hobby] club.

               “Can’t we talk this out?  Surely if we work together-”
“Shut up!”
‘Okay well, that was his warning.’  Unnerved, she prepared to brawl Hiromichi.

               Cautiously he approached the bag. 
‘If I mess up it’ll be over for me…’
The gun is locked onto her still.  She waits for him to pick up sack.  Hiromichi is distracted.

               [Y/N] kicks his shins, hard.  Hiromichi stumbles and fires.  Diving, a bullet grazed her leg.  Brandishing the flyssa knife she stabbed his arm.  Screaming, he let go of the gun.

               They rolled.  Hiromichi wielded a knife.  The blade missed [Y/N]’s neck by a breath’s width.  Summoning every bit of strength, plus surging adrenaline, she sliced his other arm.  The limb is severed.

               As Hiromichi counterattacked, [Y/N] slashed his chest.  He flopped over and groaned.  She quickly gathered his weapons and bag.  
“Go on!  Kill me you coward!”
[Y/N] grinned furiously.  “No.  This’ll be a better punishment.  Letting someone else find you.”


               Mimura, Keito, and Yutaka set up a makeshift base in the factory.  The others went out to retrieve supplies.  Shinji tried to hack in and fry the military’s systems.  The collar is insufferably clammy.  His mind constantly drifts to [Y/N].  Her name hadn’t been announced but Mimura still worried.  If he didn’t get this coding right…

               He hardly noticed a shadowy figure looming in the doorway.  A knife hissed inches by Shinji’s temple.
“Shit!”  Collapsing, he sees Fumika charging towards him.  “I guess some friendships don’t last, huh?”
Aiming a gun her way she froze.
               An eerie smile made Mimura shudder.  “Think you’ve outwitted me?  You’re surrounded.”

               Outside, [Y/N] felt that something is off.  Equipping Hiromichi’s gun she marched on.  Hiding by a stack of tires she risked a glance.  Two students waited at a platform, backs turned.  Two more descended a staircase.  A girl is holding Shinji hostage!
               Fumika held a knife to his neck and his face is mottled purple and blue. 

               A hand grabbed [Y/N]’s shoulder, startling her.
“It’s us, [Y/N].”  Keito whispered.
“Up for a rescue?”  Yutaka smiled.
She nodded.
“I don’t think any have a gun besides that girl.  Otherwise they’d all be flaunting ‘em.”
“I’ll go out first,” [Y/N] offered.  “Could you sneak up?”
“Leave it to us!”

               “This’ll be fun.”  A student held an axe.
Shinji faced peril with a bitter smile.  “Monsters.  You think your pact will last?”
“For now it will.”  Fumika laughed.  “Torture is more fun though so-”
“Let him go.”

               “Oh? What is this?!”  The girl pointed her gun at [Y/N].  “Your girlfriend?  How adorable, a princess rescuing a prince.”
Mimura almost cried.  He couldn’t believe it!
‘I just have to buy time!’

               All eyes are on her.  Trembling, [Y/N] kept her distance as the girl mocked her reckless bravery.  “How pathetic!  You’re outnumbered.  Even with a gun you’re powerless!”

               Smiling ominously she dragged the knife across Shinji’s throat.  Just enough to be painful.  “Boys, kill our little savior here.”
Excitedly a boy swung an axe at her legs, narrowly missing.
“I want her to watch as her boyfriend slowly dies!”
               [E/c] eyes glare at the group incredulously.  Why the hell is everybody so insane?!

               A car dashed into view.  Mimura broke free of the girl’s grasp and evaded the vehicle.  Keito and Yutaka ran over two –leaving axe boy desperately trying to crawl away.  His legs are flat like paper.  [Y/N] hovered above him, eyes glinting dangerously.  Kicking his face she chopped his neck with the flyssa.

               “Are you alright?” [Y/N] found scarce, leftover medical supplies.  Mimura smiled.  His face is swollen and lumpy.  “Now that you’re here.”
She blushed and looked away.
“Get a room!”  Yutaka complained with a groan.
“Shut up!”
Keito laughed.

               Shinji explained his plan.  He also said he’d wait for Shuya.  “I refuse to die like these cowards –killing each other for this game.”
He gazed at [Y/N] while sitting on a spare mattress.  An axe and gun lay besides him.  “All of us are getting out of here together.  You with me?”
[Y/N] laughed.  “Of course.”

               Mimura insisted [Y/N] rest but she refused.  Not when everybody else is working so hard.  Even if it was simply handing her newfound friends tools or water, she wanted to help.  Nightfall quickly obscured the island in murky darkness.  Keito stayed up on watch.

               “Can’t sleep?”  [Y/N] whispered to Mimura who sat typing away.
“No.  I guess not…”
Her brows furrowed.  Crestfallenly she asked, “Are you scared?”
Shinji sighed.  “Yeah.  This is all so…so unreal.  But I did see one cool thing.”

               He rubbed [Y/N]’s knuckles with a thumb, playfully smiling.  “A pretty girl rescued me.”
She pushed Mimura, blushing.  She couldn’t hide a grin.  “Stop!  I’m no hero.  I don’t have the greatest strength or wits.  I’m surprised I lived this long.”
“Either way, I’m glad you’re here with me.”
“Why?  We’ve hardly talked to each other.”

               Mimura has admired [Y/N] from afar.  Always hesitant to approach.  ‘There’s strength in her quiet nature.’  He doesn’t exactly know why, but Shinji gets butterflies just thinking about [Y/N].  Of course, fate decided that they both be selected for a Battle Royale.  How would he tell her now?

Yutaka’s loud snoring startled Mimura.  Brought him crashing back into reality.  “I should get some rest.  Going through all these lines of code is driving me crazy!”
“Okay, goodnight Mimura.”  [Y/N] shuffled away and he instantly missed her warmth.
“Goodnight, [Y/N].”

               Kieto and Yutaka went to grab more supplies for Mimura’s plan.  [Y/N] stayed as a guard.  Tak, tak, tak –familiar sounds of a keyboard and subtle rainfall is comforting.  Probably going to turn into a downpour.  A shadowy figure darted through soggy woodland.  Narrowing [e/c] eyes she tried to see who it is.
Shinji is by [Y/N]’s side in an instant.  His voice is an alarmed, sharp whisper.  “Is it Shuya?”

               “No I don’t think-”
“Get down!”  Shinji grabbed [Y/N] and they hit the ground.  A bullet chipped a pillar over their heads.  A girl sprinted up displaying gun and sinister smile. 

               Mitsuko is stopped by two guns aimed at her.  “Well, well, look who I found.  Little Mouse.”
Mitsuko gasped, amused.  “It can talk!  Sorry, but I’m winning the game!”
“How?”  Mimura spat.  “Two against one.”

               Quicker than a flash Mitsuko fired her gun.  Shinji folded and his leg flailed.  [Y/N] sent a bullet into the girl’s shoulder.  Dropping the gun she jumped [Y/N].  A cruel smile matched Mitsuko’s glinting eyes.

               “It’s useless trying to escape.  Like the rest of your little group, you won’t see tomorrow!”  Blood sprayed.  [Y/N] screamed a new scar appears across her torso.  Mitsuko laughed.  “Tricking Yutaka and Kieto was so easy!  A frail, pretty girl like me, you should’ve seen the shock on their faces!  Then, the utter terror as I-”

               “You bitch!”  [Y/N] endured a flurry of scars and kicked Mitsuko’s jaw.  She couldn’t wield the gun; Mitsuko might try and grab it.  Evading [Y/N]’s flyssa she tackled Shinji who had been recovering.  It’s a gruesome brawl.  Both swapping heavy punches, rolling violently, and screaming.

               Mitsuko stabbed him.
Mimura smiled through the agonizing pain.  He gripped her, making it impossible to move.  “Now!”
[Y/N] shot Mitsuko.  She slumped over dead, steam rising from her head.  Shinji collapsed, holding his stomach.

               “What can I do?!”
“Nothing.  I’m dying.  Bleeding out.”
“No, there must be a way to-”
“Shh.”  Mimura cupped [Y/N]’s cheek.  “Can…I ask you something?”
She nodded.  [Y/N] silently sobbed, quivering from grief.

               The girl held Shinji in her arms.  Blood transformed her uniform crimson, yet [Y/N] didn’t care.  “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you Shinji!”
“I’d rather die than let Mitsuko kill you.  That bitch is disgusting.”  He sinks into her warm grasp and sighed.

               His voice is hardly above a whisper.  “I love you, [Y/N].  I have for a while.  I should’ve…should’ve told you.”
“Me?  I’m nothing special!”
“To me you are.  Your wonderful laugh, when I lent you that book I think is when I realized…”
“Please don’t leave!  Please!”

               “Live, survive.  Find Shuya and run.  Be happy for me.  That’s all I want in my last moments.”
There’s a loud creak.  Someone entered the factory.  With fading strength, Shinji tackled [Y/N].  “Play dead!”

               Kazuo appeared.  He scoffed and kicked Mitsuko’s corpse like shabby junk.  His cold gaze swept the area.  They landed on Shinji and [Y/N].  Strolling up he swiped Mimura’s gun which rested in his hand.

               Then he leaned down to lift Shinji off of [Y/N].
“Don’t kill her!”  Mimura brandished her gun, eyes blazing.  Kazuo briefly acknowledged Mimura before staring at [Y/N].
“Leave!  You sick freak!  Don’t go near her!”

               “I followed the trail.”
“Your friends…the car…then Mitsuko.”
“To kill us?”
“No.  For [L/N].  I…want to protect her.”

               Baffled, Shinji glared at him.  Coughing up blood he spat, “Liar.  I know what you’ve done in this game!  You’ll-”
“The only reason why I haven’t killed you is because you’re her friend.  I don’t care about anyone else.”

               Kiriyama had fallen for [Y/N] a while ago.  Ever since she healed his injuries.  Some kids of course, thought Kazuo an easy target for some cash.  He broke their limbs and won the fight.  Gained a twisted wound on his arm.

               The quiet [Y/N] offered to help.  He studied her shy smile, memorized her comforting words, and instantly felt…light. 
“H-Hey Kiriyama.  Um, that wound looks bad.  You want me to fix it?”
No response.
She laughed.  “Are you quiet too?  That’s okay.  I’ll just…” she cleaned and bandaged his wound.  “There!  Be careful, okay?  S-See you around.”
               An indifferent cloak suddenly lifted from his being. 
               Before he could say anything, she sprinted down the steps away from school.

               “So, she’s coming with me.”
[Y/N] refused to leave Mimura.
He smiled as if to reassure her.  “Survive, okay?”
“I…I will!”
“I know this sounds cheesy but…it feels nice…being in your arms.  Thank you for…being here…”

               Still.  Silent.  No heartbeat.  Crying, [Y/N] stared distantly as the sun overpowers stormy clouds.  “I’m going to bury him.  And make a grave.”
Kazuo wordlessly complied.  He waited while she dug out a place for Shinji.  Then, gathering all the weapons she walked with Kazuo.
            It’d be a long, difficult journey to find Shuya and escape the island.















Chapter Text

Oni x Female Reader



                Grabbing [snack] and [drink] [Y/N] sat at her computer.  Fingers excitedly tapped away on a keyboard.  She couldn’t wait to play one of her favorite games: Dead By Daylight.  ‘What side should I play today?’

            Survivor for sure!  The comforting acoustic music hummed from her headphones.  Browsing the list she selected [survivor].  After equipping item, offering, and perks she waited to join a lobby.

            The screen flickered.  Surreal shapes dashed across and rippled before vanishing.  “Huh.  Another glitch, really?”
The power shut off.  Frightened, [Y/N] shot up from her seat.  Reaching for her phone to summon a light, she heard a guttural, eerie clicking.

            Looking up she sees ebony claws emerge and swoop down.  Dodging did nothing.  Pushing the chair at the beast had no effect.  Talons latch onto and lift her into heavy smoke.  Darkness veils [Y/N]’s vision like a spilled ink jar.


            “No way!  This can’t be real!”  Sitting up [Y/N]’s [e/c] eyes land on familiar faces.  Every Dead By Daylight character is present.  A wide smile stretched on her face.  The survivors stared at [Y/N] incredulously.  Who would be thrilled being stranded in Entity’s world?!

            Dwight is the first to introduce himself.  Accepting a hand, [Y/N] stands up.  The survivors are baffled by her accurate knowledge of this bizarre territory and well, of their personalities’ and past.  You just met them.  How is that possible? 

            “Entity can pull in anybody from anywhere…” Jeff scratched his beard thoughtfully.
“The strange man at the Archives said such things are possible.”  Claudette reasoned. 
“Are we really just fabrications of people’s thoughts?”  Adam asked, bewildered.
[Y/N] shrugged.  “I don’t know how else to explain it.  Maybe I’m in a dimension that makes this all real.”
“At least we don’t have to waste time showing you around.”  David heartily patted her back.  “Welcome aboard, [Y/N]!”


            Sure.  There’s slight panic –a fear of being unable to return home.  But [Y/N]’s not alone.  Everybody is friendly and supportive.  After the initial shock wears down [Y/N] starts to get used to the rhythm of a new routine: trials.  She really misses videogames and to her the tournaments are a satisfactory replacement.  ‘I have to admit the killers are scarier in person!’

            Oni is a man of surging strength, speed, and unfathomable rage.  Michael can’t even match the ancient warrior’s whimsical talent.  Watching Oni dahs across the map indoor or out is a crazy display.  Being chased is a dreadfully different challenge.

            Still she can’t stay away.  His story is a melancholy one.  Timidly [Y/N] approaches the killers’ camp.  It’s reckless –not all are as friendly as Huntress, Wraith, or Hag.  Steeling courage she treads forward.  Ahead is a place like Yamaoka’s.  Unlike survivors, killers have small pocket worlds to retreat to if they want to avoid conversation.

            Wandering among bamboo stalks she cautiously looks around.  [Y/N] hears vociferous shouts and metal hacking at straw.  Holding her breathe she’s afraid of breaking Oni’s focus.  Swinging a giant mallet he snaps rows of practice dummies.  Wood and grass fragments explode into sharp chips.
            She flinched.  The brutal club fractured bones many times.
            [Y/N] admires Kazan’s devotion.  It’s almost unreal.  Like an illusion.

            Unsheathing a sword Oni decapitates nine of the dummies.  Smoke whirls around and all damage is reversed.  His brash deep voice startles [Y/N].  “You!  Reveal yourself intruder!  I sense a fog-walker here.”

            Jumping from the bamboo she lands paces away from Oni.  Looming before her, he reminded [Y/N] of mythological Gods.  Muscular pale physique reflected silver moonlight.  Intimidating yet mesmerizing.  She stared at him.

            “What do you want trespasser?”
“I um…” [Y/N] shook her head.  “I wanted to watch.  You’re just so cool!”
The fearsome samurai sheathed his sword and sat upon cool stone.  Oni’s ivory ethereal-like hair gracefully oscillated in a light breeze.

            Scowling he snapped, “If this is a pathetic prank I’ll cut you down where you stand.”
“No, no!”  [Y/N] frantically waved her hands.  Blushing she stammered, “For real!  Your lore is interesting and well, I don’t know many dudes who can wield a sword like you Kazan.”
Suddenly Kazan laughed.

            A booming blissful laugh.  It resembled thunder and a lion roar.  “That’s a first.  Not many compliment a true samurai so brazenly!  I admire your guts fog-walker!”
‘This encounter is going better than I expected.’

            “When we meet in battle the others see me as nothing but a monster.  As an Oni.”  Kazan spat the word bitterly.  “But you fight me with tremendous spirit and fortitude –even when losing.”
She nodded, unsure of what to say.  Other killers fought mischievously or maliciously.  The tactics forged a sturdy tension between survivor and killer.  But Kazan, though brutal and cunning, it felt like he was testing everyone.
            Maybe he’s measuring a soul’s worth?  Honor, strength, intelligence, and undying dedication seem very important to Kazan.

            “I hate fake samurai.  This goes for all people.  Those who flaunt bravery and don’t show it when needed are an adversary to civility.  Don’t you agree?”
“Hmm…wise answer.  You know when I perished I believe the Entity gave me a vital resolution.  It sees my warrior spirit and gave me a chance to retain evenhandedness.”

            “Oh, why is that?”
Kazan unfolded his arms to full length.  “These are the proving grounds.  I am here to test enduring fog-walkers.  Without their honor and altruism this world will fall apart.  Thus, keeping us all alive.”
“I see.  You’re trying to shape us up to be worthy samurai in a way?”

            Again Oni laughed.  “I admire your blunt answers [L/N].  Too many show cowardice.  I like you.”
A blush bloomed on [Y/N]’s surprised face.  “T-Thanks Kazan.”

            Hissing whirled past her ears.  In a flash Rin materialized.  Ebony midnight hair catches everlasting light from stone lanterns.  Spirit’s body crunched from every movement because glass shards are fixed in pale blue flesh.  “Kazan I –oh.”  She sheepishly drummed her fingers on armor and equipment she is carrying.

            “If you were on a date you could’ve just said so.  Postponing my training isn’t a big deal.”
“What?  No I-”
“Ah, sorry Rin.  I almost forgot.”  Standing, he grinned and his eyes roguishly glimmered.  “It’s almost time for another trial.  I shall see you again sometime.”

            Returning to survivor camp, [Y/N] found Jake running.  Upon seeing her he stopped and his panic faded instantly.  It was a long trek from either territory and Jake had gotten worried.  “You alright?”
“Yeah.  I just need to rest before…before-” stumbling, her newfound friend caught her safely.  He assisted her back to the campfire.

            Sipping icy cool water from a canteen, [Y/N] headed for her tent.  Mostly everybody else is asleep.  The campfire lends a guiding light in expansive woodland.  Entering her tent she collided with a giant bouquet of flowers.

            Tsubaki and kikyou fill the small quarters.  Bunches of them.  A whole garden full.  Vivid colors and stunning arrangement.  Smiling, she wondered how Kazan managed to sneak into camp and leave these here.  Plucking a tsubaki she weaved it into [short/long] [color] curls.  [Y/N] read a small note attached to the flora.

            ‘I’m grateful that our destinies have become intertwined, [L/N].  I hope it will forever be so.  Until we meet again, warrior fog-walker…’
Laughing, she shook her head.  She didn’t know how she captured the samurai’s heart so quickly.  Yet she’s super flattered.  ‘Kazan can be romantic in his own sweet way.’
















Chapter Text

Legion x Female Reader



                Leaving a convenience store [Y/N] checked her phone.  ‘If I make it back home in time I’ll be able to catch the last few hours of the blood hunt!’  Stashing junk food and drinks in a backpack she ran faster.  Passing by a row of alleys a person collided into her.
            Falling onto concrete, she was about to scold the kid for being reckless-

            [Y/N] sees absolute fear in his eyes.  Bloody scars and bruises mottle his face.  Staggering he tries to stand but faltered.  He frantically wailed in distress.  A beer bottle flew overhead and shattered into golden fragments. 

            “Get the hell outta’ my face, kid!”
[Y/N] recognizes the teenager.  He’s the store owner’s son.  The man in the alley is also familiar.  It’s the target she’s been stalking for weeks.

            “You asshole!”  The kid’s vision is blurry with frustrated tears.  “You injured my dad!  Stabbed ‘im straight through!  I’ll-”
[Y/N] grabbed his wrist.  Hazel gaze latched onto hers, bewildered.

            “Run.  I’ll handle this.”  She unsheathed two twin swords.  The kid’s face glimmered before he exited the murky corridor.  [Y/N]’s twin blades slice fast.  Flashing crescent moons in darkness.  The criminal stumbled.  Blood soaks brick and earth.  She chased him relentlessly through every turn.

            Blind fury takes over.  The guy robbed many stores and hurt innocent people maliciously.  Tackling him, they swap gruesome punches.  Just as she was to land the final attack he whipped out a pistol and fired.

            Blade plunged into his chest.  A bullet pierced [Y/N]’s throat.  Flinging back from the shot she hit icy ground.  Faint whispers hissed in stagnant air.  Dark clouds swarm [Y/N]’s flickering vision.
            For a moment she wondered if death is just an endless nothingness.



            “Is it a survivor?  Is it?”
“No way.  The Entity would never drop a survivor here in our map.”
Warmth awakened [Y/N].  Her entire body felt stiff and cold.  Winter surrounds her.

            Two figures are carrying [Y/N]. 
“Where am I?”
“She’s up!”  The turn to face [Y/N].  She sees their masks and realization slaps her face.

            “I’m in the game!”
“Hey stop!  You’re new so it’s kind of crazy unbelievable at first but-”
“You’re Susie and Julie!”

            Silence.  The Legion girls stare incredulously.  “How’d you-”
“I’ll explain.  Can we get to the lodge first?  I’m freezing!”
Susie instantly clung onto [Y/N].  She chattered away, excited to find another friend in a gloomy world.  Julie nonchalantly strolled beside her and eyed the stranger with interest.  Not many arrive already aware of this surreal place.

            At first Frank acts coldly towards [Y/N].  He’s inwardly alarmed that she knows so much of the Legion’s backstory.  Of their pains and flaws.  Jealousy jabs his skin like hot needles.  Susie, Joey, and Julie gather to [Y/N] so quickly and affectionately.  Almost as if they had forgotten Frank.
            These are his friends.
            The leader’s initial cynicism is strong.  He’s reluctant to extend any friendship towards [Y/N].

            Julie is hooked by her past adventures.  [Y/N] displays her bullet wound confidently.  Even Frank can admire [Y/N]’s praiseworthy heroics and bravery.  It takes guts to go out and get what you want, no matter the danger ahead.  Justice seems to fuel her just as much as agony and mischief fuels the Legion.  As she shares her tales, Frank can’t help but be intrigued.  Being a proper vigilante and saving others sounds pretty cool.

            Joey is allowed to study her twin blades.  Impressed, he whistles, turning them over in his hands.  “Where’d you find these?”
She smiled.  “In [country].  They have some fancy weapons there.”
Susie snuggled closer to her, admiring her dedication and resolve.  The girl can read people well and thinks [Y/N] is an awesome, heartwarming person!

            “Can she stay, Frank?”  Susie asked. 
He turns to his second-in-command.  Frank had been considering this even before Susie had asked.  Yet, he almost always wanted input from his best friend.  Joey gifted him an energetic smile.  “No complaints from me, bro.  I can tell she can keep up with us.”

            There’s a spare room and [Y/N] quickly decorated it with her own style.  Bloodpoints seemed to be tradable for other goods than perks and offerings.  The rowdy bunch hardly ever left her side.  Julie fixed her wounds after trials, Joey helped her improve her attacks, Susie crafted art projects with her, and Frank invited her to watch him preform crazy stunts around Ormond.
            During rare quiet moments they all huddled together swapping stories, stargazing, or watching movies.

            Making friends with other survivors?  It sends them into a vicious frenzy. 
One day [Y/N] made cookies.  Nothing outstanding but delicious all the same.  She walked to survivor camp to deliver some.  Like wolves the Legion hid among a shadowy forest and evaluated the scene.  [Y/N]’s enjoying time with them, laughing with them, hanging out with them.
            What makes the survivors so special?


            After another awesome day hanging out with survivors, [Y/N] returned home.  Strolling along a dirt road she sees Frank dart out from the trees.
“What’s up Frank?”
His fists bunch up and he quivers furiously.  “What’s so special about your friends, huh?”

[Y/N] laughed.  “What?”
“What about that soft boy Quentin?”  Venom laced Frank’s words.  “Is it his eyes or cute personality?”
Totally confused, [Y/N] shook her head.  “Did you get into Clown’s chemicals again?”
“Are you going to leave the Legion?”  The second-in-command appeared from the shadows.  His face drooped crestfallenly.  Worry glints in his eyes.

            In a flash Susie tackles [Y/N].  Sobbing she clings to her [color] hoodie.  “Please don’t leave us!”
“We know we can be a handful.  But none of us want to lose you to them.  Particularly to Jake…” Joey mumbled.
Susie’s heart hurt at the thought of [Y/N] hanging out with the sweet and shy Claudette.  If she disappeared, the Legion would miss the newfound member so, so much!
Julie secretly hates the courageous and tough Yui.  Her entire personality exhibited fearless feats and wonder.

            “Guys seriously, what’s going on?  I’m not leaving.”
That’s good.  The Legion was up for cutting their rivals’ pretty faces.  Julie grabbed [Y/N]’s hand and tugged her along.  “C’mon, we have something for you.”
Susie held her arm, humming a happy tune.  Frank and Joey flanked her sides, the Legion forming a ring around [Y/N].
            Back at Ormond the Legion presented [Y/N] gifts.

            [Y/N]’s [color] eyes shimmered brightly.  She had no idea Legion cared for her so much.  She wondered why they were all brooding for a while.  Susie impatiently gave her a gift first.  “I made a hoodie for you!  It took me days to make it just right!” 
[Y/N] hugged Susie.  “It’s wonderful, thank you!”
Julie gave you a sly wink as Joey bashfully rubbed his neck.  “We made you a mixtape for your trials!”
“I’ll listen to it when I get summoned!”
Frank slid in next to her and blushed madly.  He looked angry, but really he was super nervous.  “Here.  I made you these, don’t lose them.  I won’t make another pair if you do.”  Its new twin blades.  The design was fantastic and eye-catching.  Carved on the hilt are the Legion members’ initials.  [Y/N] offered a brilliant smile and wrapped an arm around Frank.  “Thank you, you’re really sweet.”
“Sure,” he scoffed.  “Whatever.”  Frank returned the faintest of smiles.















Chapter Text

Highschool AU
Frank x Quentin


Trade Anything


            Every soul is afraid of death.  It’s an unavoidable fate…
            The atmosphere is a noisy blur.  Partiers dance to obnoxiously loud beats.  Frank feels the music rhythm underneath his feet as he navigates swaying crowds.  Alcohol, perfume, and body odor remain, sticky and repulsive.  Even here he’s unable to relax.

            Too much.  Suffocating.  He needs fresh air.  A hand grabs his shoulder and Frank hears a friend.  “You okay?”  Concern hums in Joey’s deep voice.
A single glare reveals all.
“That Julie girl bothering you again?”

            He gifts Frank a brilliant smile.  “Susie and I can distract her for a bit.”
Frank swaps hand-shakes.  “I owe you guys.”
“You’d do the same for me and Susie.  Don’t worry about it, man.”

            Frank slips outdoors.  Julie is too much.  Fake, aggressive, manipulative.  Disgusted, he avoids her at all costs.  ‘I hate leeches.’

            People don’t act real.  Sure, everybody has insecurities.  What’s a dagger without its sheathe?  Yet Frank’s tired of being lost.  He has Joey and Susie.  But there’s still a cold depthless pit, a barren basin right under where his heart beats.

            The world looms over him ominously.  A prediction of a bland future.  It scares Frank.  He stops strolling to admire the vast forest beyond.  Drawn to its beauty he takes a step.  Then another.  Soon he’s running.

            Sprinting, lungs a tornado of fire, breath ragged, he stumbles.  Knees strike earth.  Coughing and sputtering, he gazes at the horizon.  Tears burn and fall.  Not from the run.  It had cleared his mind until he eventually collapsed.
            Memories surge in faster than a train.



            Frank’s life had been unsteady until he had met him.
            Sure, the Legion had mended a lot of heartache.  Without Joey and Susie he’s certain he’d be wayward like a ship lacking a sail.  But Frank’s time with Quentin was special and euphoric.

            Their meeting was mundane and ordinary.  Nothing whimsical from an outsider’s perspective.  Quentin and Frank’s personalities shouldn’t mix but there’s a mutual bond.  Being outsiders.  They’re the school freaks.

            One day Frank got detention.  Normal routine.  He had to clean the entire gym.  Instead, Frank sat on the bleachers besides the other guy.  His whole body is wrought with distress, but what’s really captivating are his eyes.

            A clear blue.  Sleepy, but alight with lively pleasantness submerged in the depths.
Frank’s heard the rumors.
That Quentin is delusional, muttering of a creepy burned man haunting others’ dreams.  Like some old ghost story told at campfires to scare friends.  But hey, how can Frank judge?  Everybody has a fatal flaw.

            Kicking a vending machine he obtains two sodas and offers one to Smith. 
“Thanks.”  Cracking the lid open he dunks it in one shot.
A smile chips Frank’s everyday frown.  “Not a sleeper?”
“No.  You?”
“I wish.”

            Turning to Smith he asks, “How’d you get here?”
“Jake and Laurie ditched me.”  Quentin’s face ignited a scorching blush.  “F-For some uh, you know…” he laughed.  “And apparently I look suspicious on my own so.”
Frank sneered.  “Assholes.”

            He leaned in with a mischievous grin.  “Wanna guess how I got here then?”
“Oh uh,” shocked, Quentin’s eyes grew wide.  “Did you punch somebody?”  He flinched, awaiting a snappy reply.

            Frank laughed.  Tossing an empty can he hit a fist into the palm of his hand.  “I broke the guy’s nose!  You should’ve seen everybody’s faces!  That smug bustard was pissing me off.”
“For real?”  Smith chuckled, recalling seeing the injury while walking to class.  “Yeah, that coach is a jerk.”

            “So…we aren’t cleaning the gym are we?”
“Hell no.  We’re gonna find something fun to do.  C’mon,” Frank tugged Quentin along only to retract his hand.  Cool guys don’t hold other guy’s hands.  Right?
“It’s not like anybody’s gonna care about some students bailing for the day.”

            The pair wanders in sprawling woodland.  It’s peaceful.  Misty white sunlight spears heavy veils of leaves.  “Jake told me these woods have an ancient Entity watching over it.  Like at midnight, him and I often see thick fog and hear strange whispers.”
“Hmm, sounds better that the other dumb urban legends the other students make up I guess.”
“Do you think it’s real?  Something that powerful to be existing, unnoticed by everybody?”

            “I dunno’.  All I know is that when blood is on the ground here that whoever’s around gets spirited away.”
Quentin chuckled.  “Hah, that’s scary.  It’s actually kind of interesting.”
“You like the paranormal?”

            Quentin nervously wrinkled his jacket.  A melancholy smile bled onto his face.  “You can say that.  What about you?  Wouldn’t it be crazy being in another dimension?”
“It’s cool and all but honestly, I don’t care where I am as long as I’m having fun.”
Smith smiled.  “Look at that tenacity!  Inspiring!”

            Grinning, Frank pushed Quentin.  “Shut up, loser!”
Blue eyes glint lightheartedly.  Seeing this, Frank crouches into a fighting stance.  “Oh?  Playing games now, are we?”
Quentin wields lithe strength –unexpected from a scrawny, sleep-deprived, short person like him.

            With a grunt Frank fell.  They roll, laughing hysterically.  Frank eventually struggles out of Quentin’s grasp.  He totally isn’t distracted by Smith’s brilliant blue eyes or soft features.  Or his tangled brown locks.  No way.  Only girls get into mushy love stuff like that…

            “Aha!”  Frank dodged Quentin.  “Winded already?”  He pins Smith to the ground. 
“How’d you win?  It’s like you know my every move.”
Yeah.  Because Frank and his gang mug people often.


            They’d spend hours at that forest.  He’d be absent so much that Susie and Joey got worried. 
“We haven’t been on runs that much, Frank.”
“Oooh, do you have a girlfriend?”  Susie asked excitedly.  “Can they join the Legion?”

            “I don’t have a girlfriend.”
Joey, reading his best friend perfectly, didn’t prod.  Instead he set up karaoke.  He really wondered what Frank was doing in those moments though.  Frank hardly ever hid anything from the Legion.

            Weeks pass.  Frank meets Quentin in the usual clearing.  He leans in and kisses the shy, blushing Smith.  A thumb rubs over a new scar on his chin.  “He cut you again?”
“It’s not a big deal.  I can handle-”
“You constantly put your life in danger and get these horrible injuries, man!”
Quentin flinched.  “B-But I have to.  I l-lost all my friends in my old town.  I need to save everyone from Freddy.”

            “I don’t give a shit about Kruger or those dumbass classmates of ours.  They say you’re a freak and you still save them every night.”
His brows furrowed.  “To be fair, they never remember the nightmares when I save them from Freddy.”
“Dreamwalker or not I don’t want you to get hurt.”

            He tugged Quentin’s jacket cuff.  “Let me go with you.  We can fight Kruger together!”
Dread leaks into Quentin’s eyes.  He shakes his head.  “No.  I already lost my friends.  I won’t-”
Frank’s fists bunch up and his jaw sets rigidly.  “That bastard!  You telling me there’s no way to defeat him?!  You’ll be trapped in this endless cycle forever?  Just because you were the last survivor left alive?”
“Yes.  It’s something I have to do.  I’ve been trying to figure out Kruger’s weaknesses but…”

            “There has to be a way.  Something he’s afraid of.”
Yawning, Quentin’s head rests on Frank’s shoulder.  A bandaged hand rustles through curly locks. 
“I’ve been trying to find anything.  Old records, studying how he fights, how his illusion powers work.  But I get no clues.  Kruger’s getting harder to fight.”

            Smith looks up at Frank, wearing a sleepy smile.  “Thanks for, you know.  Patching me up.  If I kept going to the nurse they’d put me in a padded cell for sure.”
“By the time this is all over you’ll come back as ribbons.”
Quentin chuckled.  “Probably.”

            Every day Smith shows up with fresh scars.  Long hideous ones.  Like a demonic cat shredding a person apart.
It pisses Frank off.  He won’t let this go further.  He resolves to defeat that roasted bacon strip one way or another.


            “Here you go Frank!  I got these from the library!”  Susie dropped a stack of books at the bar at the hideout.
Joey glanced at the titles.  “I didn’t know you’re into understanding dreams and psychology.”
Frank ignores his humorous tone and flips through the books.  “It’s for something important.”  He simply said.

            Joey and Susie exchange perplexed glances.  Frank’s never been studious.  Crafty, sure.  But he left research to his friends.
The pair plays detective nowadays.  When Frank was out they’d be collecting clues.
            He’s been taking less caffeine pills.  Though his restless pacing hasn’t changed.
Disorganized notes lay scattered in the ski resort.
When he falls asleep their worried whispers create a hum over the crackling fireplace.


            “Frank?!  What’re –you scared me!”  Quentin clutched his chest in alarm, lighter in hand.  “Wait.  How’d you get here?  No,” fear filters onto his expression.  “We’re in your dreamscape.”

            “We’ll stop Kruger together.  I lured him here by falling asleep.”
“Do you know how reckless-”
“It’s reckless fighting without backup.”  Frank twirls a glinting switch blade.  “Let’s go find him.”

            The surreal boiler room unfolds into a rusty red maze.  Hot steam slows their pace.  “Hey wait, does it look like the pipes are melting?”
“They are!  Run!”
Pivoting, Frank and Quentin sprint to evade a surging wave of metal.  Drops of it hiss when contacting their shoes.  Sinister laughter rebounds off the walls, crisp and snippy. 
            Unlike in dramatic action thriller movies, this fight ends quickly.

            Freddy frequently torments his victims by illusions.  Not this time.  He senses this one brawl is vital –too vital to lose.
The traps he set up should be enough.

            Taunting Quentin and Frank of the inevitable, he attacks.
Metal talons clash with a knife blade.  The weapons clatter nosily and tremble viciously.  “Got a bodyguard this time?  Huh.  What a bitch.”  Freddy laughed.  His sunken dark eyes gleam as they land on seething brown.  A crooked smile curls.  “Ah.  Seems your boyfriend here has a troubled past.  I wondered why he uses a knife so well.”

            A cruel smile unfolds on Frank’s strong jaw.  Lunging forward he stabs Kruger twice.
In response the demon kicked Frank in the gut.
Flying backwards he lands in a pool of blood.  Arms extend and scratch Frank.  Cursing, he swipes a knife around to break out of the trap.

            “Pathetic!  You think banding together will save you?”
“It worked generations ago didn’t it?”
“The parents got lucky.”  Kruger’s blades flex in intense light.  The flames mimic his temper.  “And by then it was too late.  I’ll always return.”
            Though weary, Quentin learned many tricks by walking in dreams.  If he can endure a little longer, he can defeat Kruger.

            Crude oil drips from the walls.  The world becomes nothing but darkness.
Beyond tangled blood-arms Frank sees Quentin gift him a reassuring smile.  A light spawns from the lighter.
“No, you’re not lighting-”

            The snare dissolves.  Quentin pushed him.  Tossing the lighter they run.  Heat waves hurl them over the maze.  The explosion is blindingly bright.

            The world fractures and swirls.  It still withstands damage.
“Is he dead?”  Frank asked.
“No.  We’d be awake.”
Frank got up on his feet and warily sweeps his gaze across the ever-changing landscape.

            A figure charges out from lasting flames.  Frank clutches his lover to pull him away.  Freddy stabs Quentin, hooking him with razor claws. 
A knife slices Kruger’s neck straight down.  Blood paints Frank’s face.  The smell of iron overpowers the gigantic fires and burning oil.

            Sobbing, Frank holds Quentin.  Smith doesn’t flinch or react, as if numb from the fresh wounds.  His breath hardly reaches past his lips.  “It’s okay.”
“No, no it isn’t!  Don’t…don’t leave!”
“It’ll be okay…because I’m with you.”

            Unnoticed is the slow disintegrating of the dreamwalker’s body.  Like ash he chips apart, fracturing.  Frank holds him until there’s just air.  All he can see now is his trembling hands.
            In a breath he’s back in reality.

            Wearing the bloody varsity jacket, Frank goes into the woods.  Rage energizes him as much as grief. 
Among a still forest he collapses and bursts into tears.  He hasn’t cried like this in his entire life.  Fingers rake through soil.  Quivering, he stares up at a patch of night sky.  Golden hues of dawn are approaching.
            “I’d trade anything to get him back.  Please.  If the Entity can hear me…I swear my loyalty to you!”

            Frustrated, Frank’s about to bail.  Then a powerful gust sweeps the woods.
Gurgling whispers echo within towering flora.  Slightly frightened and shocked, Frank turns to see a beast.

            A creature from the clouds.  Pointy black tendrils lower towards earth.  Like spider limbs.  “Sacrifices…blood…” It whispered.  Rusty hooks appear and creak in the wind.  “Bring to…hook.”
“How many?”  Frank’s grip on the knife turns his knuckles white.
“If worthy,” the Entity rasped.  “You shall reunite and be immortal in my world.”
“Understood…” Slithering into the night he followed the Entity’s commands.


            Four.  Exactly four people are in a row on hooks.  Blood soaks the earth and is absorbed by smoky tendrils.  Each person had committed unforgivable violent crimes.  Frank enjoys their agonizing screams. 
            While cleaning his blade he waits for the Entity to appear.

            “Hey there he is!”  Susie exclaimed.  She runs and jumps onto Frank, unaware of the danger around them.
“Ugh!  S-Susie?  Joey?”
Almost always set in a neutral expression, Joey studies the area.  “So this is what you’ve been up to.  The myth about the Entity is real…”

            “You’re not gonna leave us are you?!”  Susie cried.  “People get spirited away in this forest!”
“It’s for someone special.  I get it.”  Joey chuckled.  He helped Frank up and swapped familiar hand-shakes.  “Why didn’t you ask us for help?”

            Bewildered, Frank stared.  “Y-You’re fine with this?!”  His arm waved at the hooks and criminals on them.
Joey smiled.  “You’re such a fool, man.  There’s nowhere else Susie and I would rather be.  We’re the Legion.”
Melancholy gleams in Susie’s eyes.  “Without you we’d have nowhere to belong to.”

            Entity’s arms impale the people, and accepts the sacrifices.  Fog arrives.
“We’ll be with you anywhere you go.”
“And hey,” Susie giggled.  “This new dimension maybe better than the old!”
Frank smiled gratefully and he pulls his friends into a group hug.  They’re cloaked by darkening smoke.
















Chapter Text

“Do you know the infamous story of these woods?” 
“Besides that it rains forever?”  [Y/N] joked.
Dwight strolls next to them while carrying a sturdy flashlight.  Always a nervous man, every slight word uttered is a stutter, every movement a tremble.  The pair often go on road trips to escape boring office jobs.

            Slowly climbing up a rocky pathway he retells the old legend.  “In these woods lives a huntress.  She downs people with flying hatchets and kidnaps children to adopt.”
[Y/N] snorted and laughed.  “Okay.  At least that one’s more interesting!  The last trip you said there’s a legion of mask-wearing teens chasing campers with knives.”
“Hey it could be true!”
“Doubt it.”

            Yawning, [Y/N] stretched.  The view is stunning!
Tall ancient trees descend a cliff, soggy ground beneath their boots satisfying, and pointed stones pierce cloudy sky.  It’s a spacious and sprightly wilderness out of gloomy folktales.  Subtle rainfall drums on wood, stone, and earth.  Ahead are vast mountains.  Giants fading into the distance.
Would the travelers see a scary witch jump out among the shrubbery, offering a deal or chanting a curse?

            No smog, no annoying bosses or rude customers, no ugly buildings blocking the horizon.  Ah, wonderful!
The air is fresh.  A symphony of croaking and lively fauna is sweet to the ears.
            ‘It’d be so cool to live out here.’

            “Oh, um…[Y/N]?”
Heavy mist seeps through gaps in the trees.  A grey veil shrouds sky.  The sun’s warmth perishes and is replaced by icy dampness.  [Y/N] grabs Dwight’s hand and pulls him into a sprint.
            Wolves and bears can be a problem.  If they run they can make it back to the hotel.  Right?

            “Shit.  Of course I’d take a wrong turn!  This map sucks.”
“Don’t worry [Y/N].  The flashlight has a strong battery.”
“Cool.  You can whack the wolves with it.”
Dwight laughed.  “We can make a fire.”
Smiling, they pat his shoulder.  “Okay.  I’ll help get firewood.”


            [Y/N] blinks and rubs their eyes.  Smoke gusts by sharp as brambles.  At least the fire cast warmth and keeps them safe.  “Sorry.  This trip isn’t going so great.  We should’ve just stayed inside and played video games.”

            Dwight squat by the fire and his hands cupped the heat.  “I don’t mind.  Anywhere with you is a good time.”
A raven suddenly rushed upwards, cawing and wings loudly flapping.  Dwight stumbled and adjusted his bulky glasses.  “Hmm…don’t they usually fly in groups?”
[Y/N] pulled up their sleeping bag and stared up at a tangle of branches.  They hoped the fog clears up soon.

            [Y/N] abruptly sat up.  Squinting, [color] eyes latch onto the mist.  A low rumble reaches their ears.  Thunder?
Faint humming.
Dwight stares at them perplexingly.
They stand and yank Dwight to his feet.  “Hear that?  What’s that?”
“I…I don’t kno-”

            A hatchet whirls through air.  Metal sinks into Dwight’s shoulder.  He screams and stumbles into [Y/N].  The pair falls and rolls.  Bruises bloom from striking rocky earth.  They run.

            The lullaby never fades.  It chases frantic footsteps.  Another hatchet flies overhead.  Looking back, [Y/N] catches sight of a towering woman. 
Most frightening aspects of her are a wooden bunny mask and a tattered soldier uniform.
It’s the woman from the legends.

            “W-We have to do something or she’ll get us!”
“Like what?”  Ragged breath heaves from burning lungs.  Stamina dwindles.  Ideas are hard to attain when fear and adrenaline command the forefront.

            [Y/N] and Dwight stagger into an icy cold brook, above ankle-deep.  Shivering their gaze whips side to side. 
From the darkness [Y/N] sees shiny white pearls stare back.
Grabbing the flashlight from Dwight they swing it up.  Huntress glides forward, her axe raised-

            It drops and slices [Y/N]’s arm.  Huntress yelps in pain and shakes her head, muttering furiously.  The flashlight plunges into the river.  Cold waves splash [Y/N]’s face as they and Dwight split up.  Huntress swings again.  The metal blade dashes inches by [Y/N]’s jaw.

            Breathing hard, [Y/N] clutches their chest.  Their heartbeat is faster than a hummingbird’s industrious wood crafting. 
No humming.  None.
The Huntress must’ve chased Dwight.  They need to find help.

            Lost.  How can one find help when grappling in pure darkness?  Every bush, tree, and crumpled road looks identical. 
Staying quiet, [Y/N] hurriedly paces the woods.

            The mist finally clears and reveals a cabin.  Is it another hotel?  Or a house?
Running up to it they desperately knock on the door.  “Open up!  My friend’s in danger!”  Remembering the tour guide’s instructions they repeat the phrase in broken Russian.
[Y/N] pleaded that whoever’s inside has something –a musket, an axe, even a spear!  Anything to rescue Dwight and leave this cursed woodland.

            Ever since they stepped into the forest, [Y/N] felt as if they were being watched.  They suspected wildlife, not an axe-wielding maniac like in horror films!
And this one is ten times scarier.

            The door creaks open.  Unnerved they take a step back.  Is the place abandoned?
Clearly not!
An ebony hook stabs forward and jabs upward.  A man wearing a wooden mask painted like a crow lunges at them.

            The long spear-hook rings as it slashes air.
‘What the hell?!  Is this whole forest full of insane killers?!’  Terror fuels movements and [Y/N] dodges speedy attacks.  They grab hold of the spear-hook to pry it away but instead get tugged towards the slasher.

            Raven Mask twirls the weapon and slaps [Y/N]’s side, metal ringing as it strikes bone.  [Y/N] falters but tackles him.  They roll.  Raven Mask seems immune to devastating punches.  Padded brown gloves wrap around [Y/N], immobilizing any escape.

            Biting his arm only gets a solid kick to the jaw.  Flung backwards they land on serrated earth.  Raven Mask unclips rope from his makeshift utility belt and ties up his opponent.  Effortlessly he lifts them up by the shoulders and drags them to the cabin.


            ‘Please don’t be cannibals.  Please don’t be-’
[Y/N] watches Raven Mask pace around a table, reorganizing furniture and starting a fire.  They are sitting up, the ropes painfully digging into their skin.  They notice how rugs, fur, and wood are favored among the décor of this old cabin.  Wooden masks, some painted and others blank line the walls.  In a small nook are a tiny chair, children toys, books, and a strong metal chain.  The legends are true.

            Raven Mask abruptly faces [Y/N] and walks up to them.  Adorning his modern rainproof clothes is a net coat, small animal bones and feathers latched on, eerily reflecting firelight.  He tilts his head side to side curiously.
[Y/N] doesn’t respond.  Only glares.

            He starts humming.  A…a fairytale tune maybe?
Is he trying to convey friendliness?
Raven Mask’s deep voice mimics a somber cello.  But it also has hints of a youthful flute.

            Lowering on his haunches he cups [Y/N]’s chin.
They flinch.
He doesn’t recoil.  “Do you speak Russian?
[Color] brows scrunch together.  “What?”
Raven Mask sighed frustratingly.  He clicked his tongue, his words now studded with hesitancy, as if he hasn’t spoken for a long time.  “Is it English then?”
“Yes.  Who…are you?”

            Bewilderment bleeds into [Y/N]’s expression when he removed the mask. 
Soft caramel skin, tawny eyes, and fluffy midnight locks.  Small scars shape his jaw and nose.  There’s no mistake.  “Y-You’re the kid from that missing poster.  Jake Park.”

            He laughed.  “My parents are still looking for me?  That’s a surprise.”  A scary resentment shimmers in his eyes.
“What?  Why?”
“I disappeared when I was twelve.  Been lost for ten years.  My father wanted me to- no.  Relentlessly insisted that I become a CEO like him.  To be the world’s next brilliant mind.”  Jake shook his head.  “I refuse to take that path.”

            Jake wistfully stared out the window.  His eyes adorned a dreamy look.  [Y/N] wouldn’t lie, the guy is handsome.  They briefly wondered what he’d be doing now if not captured by the Huntress long ago.
“The forests…called to me.  I feel more at home here.  Whenever my family and I went camping I always wandered until dusk.”  He faces them, a smile gleaming in his eyes.  “I see you too, like the woods just as much as I do.”
Unamused, they glare at Jake.  “Where’s my friend?  He’s being chased by the Huntress!”

            Frowning, Jake’s dark eyes flash irritably.  He flips the mask down.  The guy refuses to answer their question.  He paces restlessly.  The sudden change is daunting.  Jake stops, takes a deep breath, and fishes something out of a wooden locker.  A med kit, new and sealed.
            [Y/N] guesses Jake and Huntress forage items from unaware tourists and travelers.

            Wordlessly he starts untying the rope.  The hook is sheathed behind his back. 
[Y/N] feels apprehensive.  ‘I have to get out of here.  Find Dwight.  Then escape.’  But without a map, compass, or a weapon it’d be practically impossible.

            Jake smiles.  Excitement effervesces in his gut.  This hunt had gone well.  They just don’t understand that their fates are forever entangled.  Like him, it took a while to align to the forest even when he already adored nature.
He chose the right path.  It led him all this way.  Jake’s home and has found the love of his life.  The cosmic pantheon of spirits steered him in a sound direction.  Following his dad’s route would’ve gifted Jake nothing but a cold, heartlessly sophisticated, uninteresting life.

            A chain attaches to [Y/N]’s ankle.  Opening the med kit he unraveled supplies and wrapped bandages on their injured arm.
Faint humming returns.  [Y/N] tenses up and Jake grabs their wrist.  “No.  Don’t be afraid.”
“Are you kidding?!”  They hissed distressfully.

            Huntress walked in, her mask and clothes drenched in blood.  Happiness rings into her voice.  “Son!  Have a good hunt today?”  She jokes.  Anna’s proud nonetheless.  It’s very difficult to pass such arduous tests –a ritual in finding one’s lover.  Years ago Anna’s mother wandered in the woods to complete the same exam.  It’s an old tradition.

            “Yes.  I caught them with no problem.  Not a single scratch I’ve gained.
I’m proud!  The spirits gifted you a wonderful partner!
Tired of this insanity [Y/N] asks, “Where’s my friend?”  They’re fuming.  Yet fear overshadows their unyielding rage.  So does the possibility of getting a hatchet tossed at them.
Jake’s fists curl.  Ever since [Y/N] arrived at the Red Woods, he’s had eyes on them.

            Crows are his loyal followers.  They tell him everything.  The faint dance of game among foliage, approaching storms, anyone unfamiliar lurking in the woods.  In a glance the flocks can decipher an individual’s intentions. 

            A mixture of crushed flora and burning feathers reveals omnipotent visons.  It foretold a special hunt today.  A soulmate instead of an annoying trespasser.  A challenge Jake must win. 
But a disgusting weak outsider had to be with them.  Tagging along unnecessarily.  A flimsy, cowardly man.  Jake could sense his love for [Y/N] which nearly sent him in a blind fury.
The guy is prey, like most others who travel into the Red Woods.  Cowards who can’t prove anything.  They lose because they have zero willpower to keep what they’ve earned.   
Reminded Jake too much of his cold, devoid, and business-like love his parents had for him.  He was merely and investment into their futures.  An extended brand to make money off of, a topic to brag about during gaudy parties.

            An icy resentment for them remains in Jake.

            “Tell me.”
“No.  He matters no more to you.”
“What?!  He’s my friend!  If you hurt him-”
Anna wiped away a tear.  “My little one is getting married!  I’m so happy!”  She pulled open drawers and gathered various trinkets in her arms.  “How about these?
No mother.  Those are too old and falling apart.  None will fit them either.
Should I sew them something new?  You’re right.  It’s a special ceremony so old rags won’t do.


            Anna fussed over the outfit.  Eventually she found the perfect design.  [Color] cloth sewn together with shiny brass buttons and floral patterns.  Sturdy fabric torn from soldier uniforms clash with silky soft [suit/dress] outlines.  Elegant like a swan, Anna crowns [Y/N].  It’s made of bone weaved together by thin leather string, trinkets of silver, and flower petals.

            They’re dragged from the cabin into the forest.  The group enters a ring of jagged stones.  Flickering candlelight hides among tiny holes.  A tiny bowl sits upon a round table.  A man, who is tied up, is placed on a hook.
It’s Dwight.

            His eyes bulge dreadfully.  Dwight’s face is tear-stained, his nose wrought in fresh blood, his mouth hanging agape in pain.
“Dwight!  Let him go!  He did nothing to you guys!”
“Hush!  Don’t interrupt!”  Anna roared.
Jake silenced [Y/N]’s complaints with a glare.  He gripped their shoulders with a painful squeeze, keeping them in place.

            Jake is dressed in a shawl of feathers, stylish ebony and a polished suit.  One can only guess it was taken from a couple spending a honeymoon in Red Woods.  Gripping the spear-hook he prods Dwight who swings. 
Anna stands wearing a mask, round and silver like the moon.  Branching antlers rest on her head and cloth of smoky greys and stormy blues cloak her.  A deep, strong, voice much like a war drum destroys the silence.

            The man displays no hesitation.  Jake nimbly slices Dwight in half.  Blood and guts pour on earth.  The scent of hot iron is revolting.  It’s a sacrifice to seal a permanent bond between two young lovers.

            The Huntress sweeps up the bowl of fresh blood and scatters it in a circle around the newly married pair.
[Y/n] can see Jake’s grin.  So beautiful under foggy midday.  It alarmed them –this whole ritual, and his sheer joy at slaying Dwight.  Jake proudly declared his vows and pulled [Y/n] up to their feet to dance.
            Like the hiss of a dying flame on a candle, the ceremony is complete.

















Chapter Text


Yandere!Dwight + Yandere!Yui x Reader x Yandere!Ghostface




                Faint gurgling reaches [Y/N]’s ears.  Their body feels…odd.  As if they’ve been suspended and floating in a world of nothingness for a long time.  Memories languidly spin like a blandly seasoned soup.  Always out of range.

[Y/N] sits up and flinched.




            Dazzling light stabs [color] eyes.  Medical technology clutters a small room.  Silence absorbs every sound.  Wind striking the windows, machine calls, [Y/N]’s breathing, their heartbeat.  For a hospital that has power it feels strangely empty.




            They stand –only to instantly stagger.

Clumsily grappling furniture [Y/N] eventually stands.  It’s hard to walk.  Like their legs had fallen asleep.  They exit the room.  One step.  Another.  Then they’re running.  Nobody is at the reception desk or wandering the corridors.  [Y/N] stumbles past the entrance into warm air.




            What?  No cars or parking lot?  Just a patch of wild grass and beyond a forest?  Looks foreboding.  Deep shadows swathe gnarled trees.  A morbid wasteland dressed in overgrown garments of pointy flora.




            [Y/N] gazed dreadfully at obscured horizon. 

They don’t want to explore further but there’s nowhere else to go.  A subtle sensation trembles beneath their feet as if tugging them onward.  [Y/N]’s hand hesitantly reaches out into darkness.  They recoil. 




            Tendrils of smoke sprout from their arm.  Wisps of ghostly, twisting, dim branches.  Like the dying breathes of a campfire.  “Am I in purgatory or something?”  They look up again at the ethereal distance.  Taking a deep breath, [Y/N] steps into the woods.




            Agony.  [Y/N]’s last moments are wrenched, yanked out of their mind by…by some awful creature!  An unknown Entity is looming over them and analyzing every detail.  Flipping back and forth.  Back and forth through several memories.




            [Y/N] thrashes around.  Tears dash out into everlasting darkness.

“Hmm…an individual that has potential to be a survivor or killer?”  A voice similar to snapping branches, violent gusts, and hissing thunders in space. 

“Who are you?”

“You shall know in time.”




            How rare!  Few can decide which role to take.

Entity got an idea.  With a knife-like arm slices the emptiness and makes a new pocket world.






            Yui peered over some shrubbery.  Wary gaze flickers back and forth. 

“T-There a-are only t-two of us h-here.”

She ducked down and faced Dwight.  “The archives man said Entity changes things sometimes.  We get holidays and rarely days off.  Maybe Its experimenting with tournaments?”


Yui grabbed his hand reassuringly.  “We’re gonna find out.”




            She cautiously sneaks away.  Dwight nervously followed.  “I d-don’t understand.  Entity normally u-updates us on things that c-change.  Or we glimpse at memories i-in the archives.”

“Wait, look over there!”  Yui pointed to a person stumbling through woodland.




            Sprinting from cover she pulls [Y/N] to safety.  “Stay calm, okay?  I know all this is really crazy but-”

“Trials, Entity, gens, watch out for a killer.”

“What?”  Dwight’s eyebrows jerked up.  “H-How do you know about-”

“I knew something was off!”  Yui punched her palm.  She’s excited, a sleuth solving a mystery. 

“What’s g-going on?”




            To evade the killer they kept low and traversed to a stack of junked cars.  Dwight paces restlessly while Yui suspiciously checked their surroundings.  “The Entity never lets survivors know anything about Its world.”

“In t-the beginning a-anyway.”

“Who are you?”




            “I’m [Y/N] [L/N].  I don’t remember how I exactly got –wherever this is.”

“Don’t worry.  Memories slowly return after a while.”

“I know why you guys got selected.  Vaguely.”

They inched towards the gas station and sat in a claustrophobic garage.   A pallet is propped up within sprinting distance.





“Apparently, as you know, this one game is different.”

Dwight scratched his chin thoughtfully.  “There are no generators…”

“I did see some stone pillars.  We’ll have to activate those to escape.”

“Oh no.  T-That includes having t-to open the gates too.”  He rubbed his arm.  “Maybe w-we should just h-hide in the l-lockers.”

“No way!”  Yui tugged her friend’s collar, spinning him around to face her daunting stare.  “We’re gonna make it out!” 




            Yui didn’t want to lose.  It’s not in her nature.  She can’t believe Dwight still harbors nervousness, even now.  They can’t show fear in front of a new survivor.  [Y/N] is counting on their experience.  Yui refuses to let down any of her newfound crew.




            “Uh, also.”

They look at [Y/N].

“No hooks?  Only mori?  Whatever that is.”

“Shit!  For real?  Winning will be a challenge…”

Dwight face palmed.  “It’s when the slasher gets to kill instead of sacrifice.  Very, very painful.”

“If they mori us I’ll be put into the killers’ camp.”

“So whichever team wins gets a new member?”

“I think so.”

“Okay.  Let’s go find those-”




            A knife whissshes through air and pierces a lone truck.  Ebony cloth shimmers in eye-burning light.  A milky mask is concealing a wild grin.

The frantic pursuit begins!




            “Bastard!”  Yui slaps a pallet onto Ghostface.  He shakes his head and gasps.  One never gets used to being hit by a pallet.  It ruins Ghostface’s rhythm and he hates that.  “I’ll gut you, bitch!”




            He chases after her into the woods.  Dwight followed [Y/N] and warily looked behind his shoulder every few steps.  They find a stone column.  A flat object floats above.  An item chest is stuck between some trees and a boulder.  [Y/N] gave a thumbs-up before searching the box.




            Reaching out, Dwight grabbed the card.  It’s darker than an abyss and icy cold.  Shivering, he studies the other side.  A survivor symbol.  Dropping it in his pocket he sees [Y/N] return with a fire cracker.  “This should help.  Let’s find the next card.”

He rubbed his neck, suddenly sheepish.  “U-um, wouldn’t it be better if you went on alone?”

“Huh?  Why?”

“B-Because I…I just weigh everybody down.  The others think, most of the time that I’m cowardly.”

[Y/N] blinked bewilderingly.  “Anyone can get frightened or even be brave.  I’m sure your friends have been scared at one point in this world.”




            They offer a reassuring smile.  “I’m scared.  But I must keep moving.  We can win together.”  The pair begins walking again.  “You’ve got tons of knowledge being here longer than I have.  What should we do?”

Dwight is baffled.  Hardly anyone has believed in him –even though he’s been one of the first to arrive here.




            For once in his life someone is asking him for direction instead of pushing him around.  He feels valued.

Dwight pushes his glasses up and walks faster.  Purpose and confidence straighten his posture.  “Yes.  We should search this way!”




            Another card is collected.  [Y/N] gazes at Dwight who froze mid-step.  “What-”

He swings open a locker door and pushes [Y/N] inside.  “You should hold onto these.”  He dropped two cards into their hands.  The brief contact sent pleasant sparks up his arm.  “S-s-stay here u-until it’s safe!”


He shut the door and stumbled away.




            Being tracked by killers because he was the “weakest” gave Dwight some advantages.  The survivor feels uneasy.  Dwight hadn’t heard dying screams that accompany a mori.  He hopes Yui is okay.




            “Whaa!”  A knife hissed by Dwight’s ear.  Danny chuckled.  Dwight is his favorite to chase.  “Where’s the fresh-blood, hmm?”


Ghostface intersected his path and sliced Dwight’s arm.  Recoiling, the pizza man flees.  He hears Danny’s frantic footsteps behind his heels.  “You’re such a bad liar.”

Swing!  Slash!

Coils of blood fly through air.  Dwight’s good at running but not for long.  His panic overshadows his brilliant strategies.




            “I know much about you.  You can’t escape me.”  Ghostface taunted with sporadic intentionally missed swings.  “I’m superior in skill and perception.  Survivors are merely pathetic game.”  Vaulting a window, Ghostface lunged.

Dwight pivoted.

The knife sinks into his side and sends the survivor limping away.  Blood tints his clothes a heavy burgundy.  He plucks the firecracker and tosses it.




            Blinking stars from his vision Ghostface sees faint scratch marks.  Cursing, he cloaked and crawled away.

He doesn’t need the Entity’s help.  He’s Ghostface!  Danny can track anyone.






            “Thanks for healing me, [Y/N]!”

“No problem.”

Yui displayed a third card.  “This is the last one.”  Her smile mimicked a clever fox.  “Looks like Ghostface’s talents are waning.”

As they walked, [Y/N] examined Yui’s scars.  “Y-Your scars.  I think they’re pretty cool.”

“You think so?”


Yui flexed her arms.  “I’ve got plenty.  I ran a bike racing group back in Japan.”






She displayed some of the memorable ones.  “I got this wound on my very first championship race.  This one from a wild stunt I did.  These are from practice.”  Her cedar-brown eyes dreamily study [color].  “I learned to fight for what I want.  It was a rocky road for sure but I knew it was my destiny to race.”

“That’s so admirable, Yui!  So cool!” 

She winked.  “I’ve got your back!”

“Think it’ll be that easy?”

Yui gasped as Ghostface jumped them.




            Knife blade flashes in brilliant moonlight.  He rolled and landed above [Y/N].  Danny’s voice quivered from excitement.  The blade drew red beads across their face.  “Hello fresh-blood.  Aren’t you just cute?  Cuter than Dwight, even!  I’m Ghostface.”  He equipped a camera and took a picture of [Y/N]’s resentful expression.  “You’ll get to know me once I mori all of you.  Oh what fun that’ll be!”

“Let them go you sick son of a bit-”

Ghostface responded by waving the knife at Yui.  She tastes blood in her mouth.  She stumbled backwards, dazed. 




            Danny tilted his head side to side.  “Oh?  Is that resilience I see?  You’re not…afraid of me?”

“Loomis?  Or…Stu?”

Ghostface froze.  His voice changer crackled, now a venomous hiss.  “What?”  The knife plunges into [Y/N]’s arm.  Gloves poke and search for cards but find none.

“You…you’re not the real Ghostface!”

“Oh, I’m real.”

“No,” [Y/N] laughed bitterly through the agony.  “You’re not the original pair.”

“How do you know that?  Only I-”

“The Entity had to get a replica?  A fake?  Puh!  The first two were scarier than you!”




            [Y/N] screamed when the knife sliced their abdomen.  Danny’s mask almost brushed their face.  “I’ll show you that I’m the better Ghostface.  Those pathetic losers couldn’t even be on the same level as me!  But,” he dragged the knife further across.  “I’ll admit.  That was bold of you to say!  Witty, even when trapped in the grasp of a slasher.”  He raised the knife high above [Y/N]’s heart.  “I’ll show you we’ll be an extraordinary pair, grander than Billy Loomis and Stu Macher!”




            Yui screamed and tackled Ghostface.  Grunting he struggled to push the biker off.  A shard of glass stabs his shoulder.  It buried deep into his skin, past the protective padded clothes.  “Arh!  Dumbass Laurie teaching you survivors that trick is a pain in the-”

Danny sees Dwight stumble out of a locker. 

Just as he expected!  The two will risk being mori’d to save the new survivor.  Ghostface shook off Yui and wiped the blood off of his knife.  Dwight must have the cards!




            Dwight hides a smile.  The ploy is working.  He flails around, making a show of being clumsy as he runs.  The idea of being mori’d is frightening but he’s willing to sacrifice escape if it means the others make it out.  Just before he completely turns he sees Yui heal [Y/N] and split up.




            Quickly he vaults over a pallet and zig-zags through a network of trees and boulders.  He ducks as a knife whips overhead.

Dwight has been here the longest.  Along with Yui’s tenacity they can outwit Ghostface.  He’s tired of being a pushover.  It’s his turn to scare the slasher.




            Tripping, Dwight hugged the earth.

Ghostface downed him.  He mischievously waved the knife in Dwight’s face.  “Trying to interrupt my lovely conversation with the fresh-blood?”  The blade rests on Dwight’s neck.  “I don’t like that.”

Danny glared at the survivor.  “Why’re you smiling?”




            Dwight laughed.  Giggling like Ghostface is some sort of cheesy comedy show.  It’s intimidating!

Nobody has laughed in his face prior.  None.

A hand gripped his throat.

Are the survivors finally breaking?  They’re not even facing against the Doctor!

It’s against the rules to fight back like this, isn’t it?




            The knife stabs Dwight’s ribs.  Blood dyes the blade and leaks down in globs.  Ghostface has never seen them struggle this desperately before.  Dwight carries an unnerving and delighted stare. 

The survivor’s hand lands a dizzying punch!




            Sputtering, Danny got furious.  He lifts the knife for a stab when Yui tackles him, again!  A plank from a broken pallet strikes the air out from his lungs.

Ghostface flips like a slapstick cartoon.


            So this is what it feels like when the main characters team up to defeat the slasher.




            Coughing, he can’t rebound.  He sees sinister smiles.  Eerie glowing eyes pierce through the mask.  The alarm rang –signaling a door being opened.

Yui grabbed Danny’s shoulder.  “Entity never said we couldn’t fight back.  The games are all about both sides urgently fighting to win.”

Dwight laughed as he kicked Ghostface –the iconic mask bouncing away.  It revealed a dismayed, shocked man. 

“Not so brave without this are you?”  She drew a blade to Danny’s throat.

“It seems like you’re not the only one with an obsession.”




            Dwight wiped blobs of Danny’s blood from his face.  “We’re tired of being sacrificed and mori’d.”

“We can’t let the slashers add another to their ranks!  [Y/N]’s pretty cool you know?

“Buying time is an awesome strategy don’t you think?”

Realization struck Ghostface.  “You…you kids are smarter that I give you credit for.  Huh.  You knew from the very beginning.  How to outfox me.”




            His dreadful gaze landed on his captors’ wild eyes.  “Our roles are reversed.  You know killing me will only corrupt you.”

“Who said we’re gonna kill you?”

Dwight slapped a hand to his mouth, giggling.  “Torture should be plenty, Ghostface!”

Danny gained a sick mixture of fear and admiration for the pair.  They used tactics he should’ve known by heart.  It’s what the original Ghostface did.

Ghostface chuckled.  “Next time I’ll persuade Entity to place them in the slasher camp.  I refuse to accept defeat.”

Yui and Dwight lunged like amused, clever mice taking on a wounded cat.





“They said to leave them behind…” [Y/N] looked back out towards the arena.  A timer rang, clamorous bells warning of diminishing time.  “I hope they don’t stay too long.”  Looking at the three cards [Y/N] smiled.  “I owe them.”  Before stepping into the endless emptiness ahead they said, “See you at the campfire Yui, Dwight.”
















Chapter Text

Zombie Apocalypse AU

Slight Billy + Stu x Reader


 Like the Movies


         [Y/N] drives down countryside roads to Stu’s house.  [Band] music blasts loudly from the radio.  ‘I can’t believe they sent me to get groceries midway through Halloween!  That’s my favorite movie!’

Huh?  Why are most of the cars gone?




They slam their foot on the break as a shadowy figure dashes by.  Animal or person it safely ran into some bushes.  [Y/N] blinked.  Stunned briefly, they look side to side for anymore surprises.  Nothing.




Parking, [Y/N] carries handfuls of bags to the door.  Silence.  No music or excited partiers dancing around.  Did the party end? 

Walking up some steps [Y/N] realizes the door is almost torn from the hinges.  Dropping the bags they equip a switch blade.  Hey, ever since the town’s discovery of Ghostface lurking everywhere they’ve decided to be extra vigilant.  Either the house had been broken into or the partiers have wrecked the place. 




[Y/N] pushed open the door.  It creaked in protest as if a living thing in distress.  From a quick glance one can tell that something is wrong.  Furniture is tossed over, shredded, or fractured.  Halloween is still blaring from a TV in another room.  Alarmed, [Y/N]’s eyes scan the interior fearfully.  Danger.  There has to be danger.  Hearing clumsy footsteps they swing to meet a person standing by the corridor.  Randy!




Wait.  Randy’s face is sickly grey-green.  Eyes are milky white.  He’s also quivering slightly.  Randy’s jaw is slack too.  Teeth flash underneath ceiling lights eerily.  Blood is dappled upon his hands and mouth.

[Y/N] smiled amusedly.  They chuckled and relaxed their tense posture.  “Wow.  That’s an amazing prank!  I was fooled.”




            Stu, Billy, and Randy love horror movies.  They must’ve dressed Randy up and trashed the house.  Okay.  That’s dedication!  It has to have taken ages to make everything look real.  Like an actual zombie apocalypse.  [Y/N]’s anticipating Sydney and Casey to jump out and say “Did we scare you?”  Or for her friends to put on some panicked act and shouting about how the world has ended. 

[Y/N]’s impressed.  This is an elaborate prank.




            “You’re an outstanding actor Randy!  The zombie makeup looks very realistic.”  Still [Y/N] kept their distance.  Their brain said it was a prank.  Their gut said otherwise.




            Randy lunges at [Y/N].  Teeth snap aggressively inches from their neck.  [Y/N] pushes him away.  Brows furrowed, they wave the switch blade.  “Enough, Randy!  Quit joking!”

Sure, his pranks were outrageous sometimes.  But anybody can see through them.  Where is everybody?!

He lunged again, not intimidated by [Y/N]’s wavering grasp on their weapon.  [Y/N] flees to the TV room.  Alarmed they leap over the sofa and warily watch Randy.




            Arms flailing he claws at the TV.  Laurie’s shouts of terror distract Randy. 


They don’t respond.  Instead they stare on fascinated by Randy’s surreal behavior.  Slowly they sneak back to the corridor.  Footsteps frantically descend luxurious stairs.  [Y/N] sees Billy first.  Then Stu followed.




            Blood.  It covers Billy’s shirt and face.  Stu didn’t have a single drop of blood blemish his features or outfit. 

“What’s going on?!”  [Y/N] whispered.

The pair exchanges a knowing glance and then reply, “Zombie outbreak.”

“You’re joking.”

“We’re not.”

“How did this happen?!”

Billy and Stu hide hysterical smiles.  They gave [Y/N] a short, more heroic version of the event.




            Stu and Billy are Ghostface.  They decided to host a party to kill their targets.  Then pin the murders on Randy.  He’d fit so seamlessly as a fake Ghostface.  Luckily the zombie outbreak made things simpler!  Escaping under the cover of dusk would be easy.




            They never wanted to kill [Y/N], Stu and Billy’s best friend.  So they sent them on a quest for groceries.  It’d be enough time to complete their tasks.  After Casey was slain the zombies appeared. Stu and Billy feigned being unaware at first before Sydney revealed their identities.  Sydney lasted the longest, caught in a horde while fighting Stu and Billy.  That explains the injuries they acquired.  Being tossed into a table and almost speared by an umbrella was seriously irritating.  Eventually they were able to defeat her and most of the zombies.




            “Isn’t it cool?!”  Stu gushed.  “Just like the movies!”

“Shut it moron.”  Billy elbowed the taller man.  “[Y/N] just lost most of their friends.”

“Right.”  He cleared his throat.  “Sorry.”

“Are there anymore zombies around?”

“Randy.  But I don’t know if there-”  [Y/N] shook their head.  “I thought you guys were pranking me!”

“That would’ve been an aweso –ow!”  Stu rubbed his side and glared fiercely at Billy.  His friend returned a duplicate scorching look.  He then nodded at [Y/N].  “Let’s keep our guards up.”




            Billy wordlessly approached zombie Randy. 

Lanky arms hugged [Y/N].  They looked up to see Stu flashing a self-assured grin.  “I’ll protect you.”

“I can too.”  [Y/N] clasped their switch blade steadfastly.

THUMP!  Randy collapses.  Blood mottles the TV screen, dripping slowly down movie credits.  Shockingly Billy and Stu showed no grief or fear.  They were astonishingly levelheaded about this zombie outbreak.  [Y/N] had recoiled, sad that Randy had turned.  But there wasn’t anything any of them could do.




            Everybody walked to the kitchen.  Billy is fixatedly pulling drawers open searching for tools.  Stu stayed by the doorway nonchalantly. 

“We should leave.”

“Get a vehicle and drive out of here?”

“Where?”  [Y/N] asked.  “There isn’t a city within reach for…miles!”

“Better than weathering this.”  Billy said.  “The house is wrecked.  We can’t stay here.”

“And the town is probably all infected.”  Stu agreed.




            So, they hurriedly packed belongings and supplies into the car.  Food, water, makeshift weapons, and tools.  [Y/N] helped Billy as Stu stood on watch.  [Y/N] couldn’t shake an apprehensive feeling.

“I can drive.  We could-”

[Y/N] abruptly turned and saw a zombie attack Billy.  He landed lopsided, stunned.  Running over they stabbed the zombie’s neck.  Billy pushed the monster away and wiped greenish-blue blood off of his face.  “Thanks.  Your knife-wielding abilities are fantastic.  I didn’t expect that.”




Stu sprinted, carrying a med kit in his hands.  He helped Billy stand and pulled his friends close.  “Everybody okay?”

“Yeah,” he slapped Stu’s face half-heartedly and rolled his eyes.  “Get the car started.  Before anymore zombies-”

Stu catches the keys and laughed.  “Alright, alright!”

“You’re a terrible watchman.”

“Hey, at least [Y/N] was here.”

Billy narrowed his eyes but didn’t reply.  He followed Stu into the car.  [Y/N] sat in the backseat.  As the engine roared to life and the vehicle traversed over land, they wondered what other obstacles and are ahead of them in the zombie apocalypse.


















Chapter Text

Dead By Daylight + My Hero Academia

Toga Himoko x Frank


Slashers Club


                Frank never knew love could ignite so suddenly.  Love is just for grandiloquent poetry right?  He always believed the world is a cruel and morbid nothingness.  That his soul mirrors the emptiness.  This tenacious viewpoint vanished when he met Himoko.




            He had been at the movie store.  Frank disinterestedly glanced at films in the horror section.  Nothing new.  He sighed.  Susie asked for him to rent some rom-coms.  Frank turned to leave but heard a person ask, “What about the classics?”




            It’s a girl.  Bewitching honey-colored eyes.  Mischief glimmers under animated vivacity.  The most distinctive feature is her smile.  Frank bewildered, stares at her fangs.

Did he just run into something supernatural?




            “Who’re you?”

“Toga Himoko.  I’m a transfer student.”

“I’m Frank.  I like your fangs.  Are they real?”  Most are intimidated by his smile but Toga laughed.  She tugged a bunch of snacks from an opposite shelf.  “You think vampires are real?”  She joked.




            Crossing his arms he replied, “It’d be cool if they were.”  Frank’s perplexed by her mysteriousness.  “Besides, aren’t the classic horror movies tacky?”

“What?!”  A hand fell to her heart in shock.  “They’re scary!  Legendary!”  She handed him a stack of movies.  Body Snatchers, Nosferatu, The Invisible Man, and Halloween.




            “You’re a fan of horror movies?”

“They are so my thing!”

Did the universe answer his wishes?  Frank nonchalantly leans an elbow against the metal display.  “Can I get your number?”

Himoko’s eyes narrowed but her lighthearted smile is fixed.  “Okay!”  Trading numbers, Himoko noted Frank’s talents.  Who knew being thrown into another world would be so exciting?  She didn’t lose her quirk either.  And her insight is accurate –Frank would fit in with the LOV.  He’s super villain material.






            They’d find each other at the movie store on weekends or when skipping class.  Himoko quickly befriended the Legion and accompanied them on their roguish adventures.  Frank is delightfully astonished when he realized Himoko can utilize a knife deftly.  Pickpocketing is a game she never loses.




            “What next?”

“I don’t know.  You chose last time.”  Toga said.  The two movie enthusiasts look at new releases.  “How about this one?”  Frank yanked a box from a shelf.





“Yeah.  Looks amusing.  The slasher’s outfit is so cool!”

Himoko chuckled.  “Better than your guys’ costumes.”

“Only because you don’t have an awesome mask like us.  Hey.  We’re going to have a movie marathon.  Want to go?”

“Really?!”  She waves her arms excitedly.  “Toga gets to hang out with her friends today?!  Let’s get some slush drinks and candy!”

Frank laughed.




            Through snowy woodland a thin dirt pathway leads to Ormond.  Legion’s hideout.  A rundown ski lodge, scarred by unruly tricks, aging spray paint, and desertion.  It provides a comforting home that’s nonexistent in the three resident’s lives.  Himoko, still in her school uniform, isn’t troubled by cold temperatures.




            Aromatic scents of junk food floats upon air.  Legion sits around a campfire and trades scary stories.  Urban legends passed down from school yards and passersby on the streets.  Nobody’s stories outshine Toga’s.  Japanese mythology is bone-chilling!  Even to the most incandescent fans of horror.




            “But,” the storyteller’s face is alight by sinister firelight.  “The best story I’ve heard so far is from this town.”

“Seriously?”  Frank scoffed.  “Nothing fun ever happens in this town!”

“Let’s hear it!”  Susie exclaimed.  She likes the paranormal. 

Joey, normally the silent type, leans forward with anticipation.  He guesses which legend it is.




            Himoko equips a dramatic storytelling voice.  “In the woods is an Entity…”

“A ghost?!”

“Or a crazy psychopath?”

“No.  A being older than the history of mankind.  A spiderlike creature that captures wanderers.  Thick fog cloaks the lost and drags them from their dimension to Its own.  Or it can bring a slasher to our world.”

“Huh.  Sounds like a bad movie monster.”

“Is it?”




            The girl slowly paced back and forth, eyeing her skeptical friends.  “If chosen by the Entity you’re tossed into an endless game of slasher vs. survivors.”

“A monster like that can’t exist.”

“Sounds scary.  I wonder what it looks like.”




            She’s unflinchingly brave!  Frank’s gang mugs losers on the streets but they’ve never chased terrifying monsters before.  “Let’s look for It!”

“For real?”  Joey glared at his friend cynically.  “We probably won’t find anything.”

“We’re the Legion!  Not cowards.”

“Do we have anything better to do?”

“No but…”

“Then let’s go find the Entity!”






            Fog distends into muddy crepuscule.  Sludge sticks to their shoes.  Tree branches droop under murky shrubbery.  Knifelike thorns latch and tug at their clothes.  Yet they go on, anticipating a meeting with the Entity.




            “Is there a way,” Susie trips over a patch of twisted tree roots.  “To summon the Entity?”

“I don’t know.”

Himoko grinned.  “Maybe it needs a sacrifice.”

“I hope not!”  Susie jumped in alarm.




            A violent gust abruptly slices through wooded territory.  Eerie din seeps in.  Incongruous whispers and unearthly clicking.  The group equips their weapons.  “What’s going on?”




            Frank’s insightful gaze catches a recognizable milky white mask among darkness.  His jaw dropped.  The Legion is aghast.  “Ghostface?!”

Toga wielded her knife.  She exchanged glances with Frank.  Both their eyes shine knowingly.  The Entity is real.  And It sent a slasher to their world.

The Legion sprints towards Ghostface.




            Frank grabs Ghostface’s shoulder and swings his knife up.

Ghostface replies by punching his face.

Frank stumbles and Toga slices Ghostface’s abdomen.  She sings happily about blood as the crimson substance coated night air.

Another Legion stabs the slasher who stumbled.




            Ghostface has never been intimidated before.  Usually he’s the one that shocks people.  This gang is stunningly relentless!  He pries a blade from his bulletproof padded armor and hurls a kick to one of their guts.  The Legion backed away only to surround the slasher.




            A smile appeared under Ghostface’s mask.  “I’m impressed!  I’m glad the Entity sent me here.”

“So the urban legend is true!”

Frank and Toga exchanged grins. 




            “Yeah.  I got swept up into the fog a long time ago.” 

“That’s so amazing!”  Himoko hopped like a girl in line for a boyband concert.  “I’m a huge fan!”

Himoko is terrifying.  Ghostface can only guess that her friends are the same.  They even have masks and knives.

Frank pushes Toga aside protectively and hisses, “What’re you doing here?”

Ghostface chuckled.  “Weren’t you guys looking for the Entity?”

“Yeah but what’s a slasher summoned for?”




            “The Entity summons a slasher to recruit more beings.  It thinks your gang, the Legion, would be an important addition to Its world.”



“Like a slashers club?!”  Himoko asked.

“Yeah, sure.  A slashers club.”

“We can learn a lot from Ghostface!”

“And hey, he’s a lot like us.”




            Ghostface crossed his arms.  “Like you?  You’re nothing but pranksters.  I have skill you could only wish for.”

“Huh,” Frank twirled his blade.  “I’ll show you how strong I am.  Right now.  Right here.”

The slasher laughed.  “Okay, Legion.  Find the campfire.  That’s where we’ll meet again.  Just be wary,” Ghostface turned and walked into fog.  “I’m not the only slasher around.”




            Frank and Himoko sprinted after him, disappearing into the sinister paranormal fog. 

Joey cursed and looked at Susie.  “I guess we’re going too?”

She nodded and shifted from foot to foot in anticipation.  “Frank and Himoko are our friends.  We’re the Legion.  We can’t let them go on an adventure alone.”

He sighed and smiled.  “You’re right Susie.  The Legion is our only home.  Let’s go find them.”

Eventually all the Legion started tracking Ghostface, traveling into the Entity’s bizarre world.  It wasn’t long until they found a campfire in the woods. 
















Chapter Text


Brahms Heelshire x Male!Reader


Three Prisoners


                The Heelshire mansion is a desolate, dreary, decaying estate.  But it’s [Y/N]’s new home.  He and two friends reluctantly stand at the eerie entrance.

“Dude.  This place is haunted.  I bet you five-hundred bucks.”  John said.

“It’s not haunted.” 

“Sure,” Jane laughed.  “Sure.”

“Why did we buy this place again?”  John asked as everyone moved furniture in.

“Because it has a lot of land and space for our hobbies?”




            Unknown to them a silent onlooker observes every subtle change.  Strangers are wandering uninvited into his home.

By merely listening, Brahms learns a lot about the group.  Curiosity dismisses his usual defense – a violent ambush.  He’ll wait and study them from afar.




            “I’m so bored!”  Jane gazes at her reflection in a glitzy mirror.  “There’s no TV or internet!”

“Tomorrow we’ll get that.”

“At least all the furniture is indoors.”  John tiredly sat on a sofa.  He tossed some money at his girlfriend.  “Mind getting us food?  I’m starving.”

Jane winked, grabbed her car keys, and left.




            [Y/N] and John decide to explore the mansion.  Quivering, [Y/N] shrugs on a coat.  “It’s drafty in here…”

“Yeah.  It’s an old house.”

[Y/N] rubbed his neck, feeling apprehensive.  Like somebody was watching them.




            “Hey check this out!”

A fancy wooden door.  One that would be pictured in fairytales.  Elegant designs of branches, leaves, and mythical creatures are carved on the surface.  “I bet there’s treasure!  We can be rich!”

[Y/N] laughed.  “I don’t think there’s-”

Foot hits door and it opens.




            A mysterious, undiscovered, dark room.  It’s cluttered with old furniture.  John pushed the junk aside.  Tables, chairs, nothing was spared.  The materials broke apart from the slightest shove.  “This is all worthless!  Tacky.”  John made his way through the maze and froze.  [Y/N] looked around him to see why he stopped walking.




            Sitting on a tall chair is a doll.  It’s most glaring flaw is its face.  Cracked.  Though it had been restored with adept accuracy the damage is still clear.  Dark hair frames a pale face and shadowy eyes. 


“Uh yeah!  Get rid of it, man!”  John raised his arm to swipe at the doll but [Y/N] grabbed his hand.




            “It probably belongs to the old owners.  Leave it alone.”

“Seriously?!  But look at it!  It’s freaking me out!”

[Y/N] silently agreed.  But he felt sympathy.  It must mean a lot to whomever it belonged to.  “We’ll think of something in the morning okay?  I’m tired.”

“Fine.”  John sighed.  “Jane should be back soon anyway.”







            Pale blue dawn’s warmth enters through the Heelshire mansion.  [Y/N] wakes up feeling refreshed.  Yawning, they get up not minding their unruly hair and toss on a new pair of clothes.   It’s quiet.  John and Jane normally would be arguing what to cook for breakfast.




            [Y/N] just ate cereal.  There’s too much to do today.  Clean, unpack boxes, move furniture.  He sees that his friends’ cars are gone.  “Not cool.  I wanted to go to town…”




            Diligently [Y/N] sweeps and cleans.  Wiping his brow he surveyed how much was done.  “Should I make lunch?  Now’s a good time for lunch.”

Then he heard something fall upstairs.  But what?  He hadn’t put anything up there yet.




            Upstairs is a hall where everyone’s rooms are.  He expects to find some of his friends’ things scattered across the floor but-

“The doll?!”  [Y/N] runs back downstairs, goes up again, and glares at it suspiciously.  Holding the broom like a sheathed sword he walks towards it.  There’s a silver tray with a small bowl of [food] and a cold [drink].  Papers too.  [Y/N] sat down across from the doll.




            Picking up a paper he reads it out loud.  “A prince shouldn’t be working.  That’s a butler’s job.”  The letter is signed Brahms but [Y/N] guesses who really wrote it.  [Y/N] grinned.  Then laughed.  ‘Jane and John are pranking me.’  Okay.  So he’ll play along.  They’re probably hiding in one of the rooms.




            “Why thank you Mr. Brahms.”  [Y/N] sees a paper crown folded in an elegant style on the silver tray.  He grabs it and turns it around.  “Is this for me?”  [Y/N] wears the paper crown, carefully balancing the small hat on his head.  “I wish my friends could be nicer and more helpful.  They left me stuck inside all day.”  He sips on cold [drink] and cheerfully ate [food].  “But your company is delightful Mr. Brahms.”  Looking around and stifling a laugh he added, “Tell me about yourself.  You must have a very sophisticated lifestyle!”

No answer.

[Y/N] shrugged.  He expected a scarier prank.




            “Uh, dude?”

[Y/N] turned to face John and Jane.  She looked amused.  John is horrified.  “Why’re you in your pajamas, wearing a paper crown, and talking to the doll?”

[Y/N] laughed.  “Funny.  I know that you guys are pranking me.”  He waved at Brahms and the tray.  Then crossed his arms.  “You and Jane pretended to leave and parked the cars where I couldn’t see them too.”




            “What?  But we really did go into town.”

“Yeah.  Aren’t you trying to prank us?”

Brows furrowed, [Y/N] conveys bewilderment.  “No.  I left Brahms in the room.”

John and Jane’s faces paled.

[Y/N] stood up, startled.  “What’s wrong?”




            “How…how did you know its name?”

“You,” he pulled the letter from the tray and showed it to his friends.  “Wrote it on this.”

“We didn’t!”  Jane snatched the paper and tossed it.  “In town we ran into some locals that told us about this house.  Things that the seller left out.”

“The old couple…lost their son in a fire twenty-two years ago.  His name was Brahms.”

“And three years ago a woman and a butler of the mansion lived here.  They moved out quickly but didn’t explain why.”




            In a terrified whisper [Y/N] asked, “The doll…can’t really be haunted can it?”

“No.”  Jane grabbed the doll and shook it.  “See?  Not haunted.  Anyway, this thing is ugly.  What should we do with it?”

[Y/N] held his broom and leaned on it for support.  “Can you guys just help me unpack?  It is our house.”

“Hmm no.”

“C-Can you put the doll down?  It’s-”

“Oh.”  Jane held Brahms up like a mask and changed her voice to a sinister one.  “I’m Brahms and I’m going to geetttt you John.  I don’t like you.  Ooooohhhh.”




            Scowling, [Y/N] yanked the doll from Jane and glared at his friends.  “Can we focus please?!”

Jane snorted.  “Okay, prince [Y/N].”  She flicked the paper crown from his head.  “I’ll help you and John can make some food.”  The woman playfully hit her friend’s arm.  “That was a bad prank.  Couldn’t you think of anything scarier?”

“I didn’t prank you!”







            [Y/N] placed Brahms back in the room where had been.  It was a long day but the unpacking was finally done.  He spends the night on [hobby].  John and Jane are probably asleep which is rare for the partiers.




            Suddenly the door handle bobbled.  It isn’t locked and nobody entered.  He ran to the door and looked outside.  “Hello?  John?  Jane?”  A flickering tall shadow turns the corner of the hall.  Perplexed, [Y/N] follows.  He doesn’t recognize who it is.  It’s too dark.  [Y/N] reaches a dead end –the shadow mysteriously vanished.




            Where did they go? 

He hears a muffled scream.  Then another.  It’s his friends!  Are they in trouble?!  “If this is another prank…” he sprints but runs into a wall.  No.  The wall had been behind him hadn’t it?  Or are the shadows playing tricks on him?

Hands search the wall and find a door.  He opens it and stumbles back into his room.  What?  How?

“I must be tired.”  [Y/N] scratched his chin thoughtfully.  “Yeah.  Tired.  And this is a mansion.  I must be imagining things.  Or I got lost.”







            Frantic knocking at the door startled [Y/N].  Waking up he falls out of bed, tripping, and answers it.  “John?”  Blinking incredulously he sees a long scar across John’s face.  Dread is clear in his friend’s eyes.  And he’s wearing a suit.  “Breakfast will be ready soon.”

“John what’s-”

The door shuts and [Y/N] hears John quickly walk away.




            [Y/N] runs out the door.  He’s halfway down the stairs when he freezes.  Jane is setting the table.  The delicious scent of mouth-watering food almost fools him that what he’s seeing isn’t real.

That an outlandish, mask-wearing man is sitting at the table.

John pulls out a chair for [Y/N] who vigilantly takes a seat, his eyes never leaving the intimidating stranger.  “Guys what’s going on?”




            Immediately sensing danger he asks his questions carefully.  “Who is this?” 

Dark brown, short, matted locks.  Tenebrific eyes.  And a cracked mask. 

“This is…is Brahms.”  Jane’s body is visibly trembling dreadfully and so is her voice.  As she serves tea she almost spills it.  The drinkware clatters deafeningly in an insufferably silent atmosphere.

“Brahms Heelshire?”

“Yes.”  John bowed.  He took a seat after Jane.  [Y/N] tried to catch his gaze but John refused to look at him.  In fact, John looked undeniably frightened.

Baffled, [Y/N] warily studied Brahms.  Is he the doll?!  Had he been living here the whole time?!  He’d say it was another prank if it weren’t for his friends’ obvious apprehension.




            “This is your home.”

Brahms nodded.  He, like [Y/N], mechanically ate his food.  His intense gaze scared [Y/N] who shrunk under it.  ‘What is Brahms going to do?  Is he going to attack us?  Maybe I can get us out of here.’




            [Y/N] smiled.  “Sorry about that.  We didn’t know you were still living here.  We’ll leave if-”

Brahms abruptly stood and said, “No!  [Y/N] doesn’t leave!”

“Okay, okay.”  [Y/N]’s voice shook fearfully.  “We’ll stay.” 




            Heelshire promptly returned to his seat, acting as he had before.  Decorously. 

Jane’s eyes betrayed her fear, her smile too perfect.  “Brahms requests that you spend time with him.”


“Enough!”  John shouted.  He equips his chair as a makeshift weapon and says, “Jane, [Y/N]!  Let’s kick this guy’s ass!  He can’t kill us when it’s three against one!”

“No don’t-” Jane’s warning is deafened by hands gripping her throat.  Nobody moved.  [Y/N]’s shocked and John glares at Brahms.




            “If any of you move,” a threatening ominous voice replaces Brahms’s softer tone.  Hidden there is a hint of laughter.  A knife is drawn up at Jane’s throat.  “She dies.”

“Bastard!”  John muttered.

[Y/N] raised his hands and said, “Let her go Brahms.  We’ll stay.”

“Stay forever?”  Brahms asked.

“Yes just let her go.  Please.”





Brahms reluctantly released Jane who gasped for air.  She cried.  Jane looked at John who fought back tears.  He didn’t move, fearing Brahms would hold somebody else hostage.

Unlike what the locals believed, Brahms is alive.  Brahms is an unnerving, dangerous being.  If [Y/N] wanted to escape and save his friends he’d have to be insightfully wary.  For now he’d buy as much time as he could.

















Chapter Text


Dead By Daylight + My Hero Academia


Game Changer


Bakugo’s Perks:

Explosive – Bakugo’s quirk will activate a skill check when working on a generator in the terror radius.  If successful a bright explosion will blind the killer but cause the generator to be unrepairable for a short time.

            “Out of my way, extras!”



Stun Grenade – Entering a chase grants one token.  When there are three, after successful escapes, punch the killer.  This super move will send them flying a few feet away and stun them.

            “We’re not here to make friends, we’re here to fight!”



Show-off – While repairing, healing, or sabotaging when other survivors are in range, get a speed boost.  However, cause others survivors to get more skill checks.

            “I’ll be number one with my strength!”




Toga’s Perks:

The Vampire:  Main weapon is a knife.  Himiko can throw needles, but only three. 

Start out in normal form.  The power gauge will charge up the more blood is spilled.  Throwing needles will significantly increase the gauge if it hits a survivor.  When the gauge is full, Himiko can transform.

Disguised as one of the survivors Himiko has no terror radius.  When attacking the disguise will disappear, and the vampire can instantly down a survivor. 

When the survivor is downed, their dying state time meter decreases faster.



Affection – The first survivor attacked will become the obsession.  If the obsession is mori’d or sacrificed, hook time will be decreased.

            “Hi!  I’m Toga, my dear Izuku!”



Undercover –If a survivor escapes a chase, immediately become undetectable.  No terror radius and the survivor gets the oblivious status effect for a short time.

            “No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.”



Atrophy – If a survivor is holding a med kit and they get attacked, the med kit changes.  Med kits will heal slower and failed skill checks refill the power gauge.

            “Isn’t blood cute?”







            Bakugo wakes up in USJ.  He’s shocked. 

Something is off about the training facility.  No pro heroes or students are around maintaining the building.  A surreally icy cold fog clings to the air.  It feels…empty.  Abandoned.


            Was he knocked out?  Did the LOV attack again?  Where’s the rest of class 1-A?




            USJ is intact.  But the glass dome above is damaged.  Glass chips rain down glimmering like rain.  Outside is a grey, cloudy day.  Everything else remains the same.  No.  Downsized.  A mere imitation of USJ.  Spinning around bewilderingly, Bakugo counts the zones.




            Central plaza, ruins zone, downpour storm zone.  The mountain zone is clad in lively dense forest.  Dust and flecks of debris catch on a sharp wind.  Big red and yellow generators lay scattered around.  In the distance one generator’s lights wink.  The other machines are still and lifeless so someone must be working on one.  Bakugo sprints towards the plaza.




            “Who the hell are you extras?!”

“Agh!  C-Careful!  I almost m-missed that skill check!”  A scrawny guy wearing big glasses frantically pulls switches and presses buttons.  His face is a panicked expression.  Bakugo scoffed.  He reminds him of Deku and Iida.




            “You must be the new survivor…” a girl with orange braids noticed.  “I’m Meg and this is Dwight and Jake.”

“Survivor?  What?”

“It’s a little confusing but,” a quiet man with fluffy dark hair startled Katsuki.  “Just listen to us.  We’ve been in the Entity’s world a long time so-”

“Entity?  Is that some sort of pathetic villain name?!  I don’t need your help!  I’m Bakugo Katsuki and I’m going to be the number one hero!”




            “This guy is nuts…”

“What’d you say Four Eyes?!  Die!”

“Hey!”  Meg grabbed Bakugo’s arm, stopping him from punching Dwight like a BOB.  When Katsuki trained, only the stand and charred material remained.  “Just focus on repairing these gens!”

“We d-don’t even know who or w-what the killer is yet.”

“We’ll have time to explain everything later,” the woodsman hissed.  “If you don’t work together with other survivors we’ll all be sacrificed!”




            The generator is completed.  Meg asked, “Where are you going Jake?”

“To sabotage hooks.  I want to learn about the killer’s powers if I can.”

“Dwight and I will find another gen.  Hey Bakugo, do you know this map?  You-”




            She screamed.

Jake stumbled and tugged Dwight with him, running away.  Meg was hit by a needle!  She ran and in an instant disappeared.  Katsuki is baffled.  “Damn extras!  Just use your quirks!”




            Katsuki faces the murky fog, eyes narrowing mistrustfully.  He throws out his arms and –what?!  No explosions?! 

Bakugo is flung rolling across plaza stone towards the ruins zone.  A strong force had hit him.




            “I thought my wonderful, handsome, strong Izuku would be here!  But it’s you.  How boring!”

Bakugo’s muscles quiver as he desperately tries to push away a glinting knife.  It hovers just above his neck.  “I know…who you are!”

Toga grinned.  “I’m from the LOV!  Shigaraki wanted you to join but I don’t know why.  You’re powerful sure, but wouldn’t be any fun as a villain.”




            Kicking Himiko sent her flying into a rundown steel wall.  She hardly felt the pain and lunged at Katsuki.  The knife hisses as it swings past Bakugo’s face.  It slices his shoulder.  Himiko swings it again and the knife stabs his side.  Katsuki screams, his feet hardly contacting the ground as he launches down a complex road. 

“I’d be careful,” Himiko said.  “Things work differently in this world.”

His heart is pounding.  Normally it’s enthusiasm during a battle.  But now –is it fear?




            Turning a corner he slips and falls.  Debris cuts into his leg.  Bakugo’s muscular arms drag him up and around into a concrete city.  Vaulting through gaps in the stacks of junk, Bakugo dashes into a dark building. 

His heartbeat fades into a calm pulse again.




            Bakugo senses a person hovering a breath’s width from him.  He turns-

A knife sinks into his neck.  Bakugo collapses and blood pools beneath him.  Himiko laughed.  Her wild grin is pissing him off. 

‘Why can’t I get up?!  I’ve never-’




            Toga picks Bakugo up and carries him over her shoulder.  Katsuki wonders if he’ll die.  He follows his usual victory plan: punching and kicking.  Neither works.  Himiko is still walking to a…is that a hook?

‘Am I really this weak?’




            An unknown feeling of self-doubt pierces Bakugo.  He’s never been intimidated.  The hook tears through his body and Katsuki is suspended above the ground, glaring at Himiko.

His quirks have given him the false hope of being invincible.  Even from the toughest fights Katsuki could still stand up from, wearing a snobbish smile.  But this…this new reality, this ghastly world’s rules, he’s shocked!

She drinks the blood raining onto her cupped hands.  Himiko wipes her mouth and follows the sound of a generator exploding.




            Bakugo cursed.  ‘I ain’t letting some no-name villain sacrifice me!’  Every small movement sends dreadful pain though Bakugo’s body.  Like thunder.  He reaches his arms up to grab the hook.  Counting to three, he wrenches himself free.




            It failed.  Bakugo screamed and lost all feeling in his arms.  Vision blurred he sees dark claws appear as it closes in on Its sacrifice. 

‘What the hell is this place?!  Am I really gonna die?  Am I never going to be a pro hero?!’




            Arms haul Bakugo from the hook.  He stares incredulously at his rescuer.  “You-”

“I don’t know what world you’re from but,” Meg shook her head and smiled.  “You can’t be too reckless.  Let me heal you.”

Usually Katsuki would protest but he knows he can’t now.  So he accepts Meg’s help.




            Meg quickly gathers equipment from a med kit, joking about Bakugo’s wild bravery.

‘She’s a lot like Kirishima…’  Katsuki never thought he’d miss UA or his friends so much.  Even Sero, Mina, and Denki.

“So, you know the killer?”

Hurled away from melancholy, Bakugo blinked.  “Yeah.  Her name is Toga Himiko or something.  She’s crazy.  She’s part of the League of Villains and has a powerful quirk.”


“You know…like powers.”

“Powers?”  Meg’s jaw dropped.  “Do you mean that you have real-”

Dwight jogged towards them.




            He limps, fixing his cracked glasses with a bloodied arm.  “Hi g-guys.  Jake is being chased by the killer.  Let’s find another generator.”

“Sure.  But you’re injured.”

“Y-Yeah.  Could y-you heal me?”




            “Wait.”  Katsuki lifts his arm in front of Meg.  His glare scorches insightfully.  Is sinister mischief glowing in Dwight’s gaze? 

He recalls what Jake had said and asked, “Who’re the first survivors you started with?”

“What?  You, me, Jake, and Meg.”

“No, full names.  You guys have been here the longest right?  Who’s the forth survivor that started with you three?”




            Dwight laughed villainously.  His face melts.  Features of the disguise fall like shed snake skin. 

Meg leaps in front of Katsuki and gets stabbed.  Himiko’s agility is unequaled!  The survivor is downed, and Bakugo has no option but to run.  If he gets injured, he wouldn’t be much help to the others, or to Meg.




            Dodging flying needles he rolls from the ruins zone into the storm zone.  Under thunderous rainfall and violent gusts he loses Himiko. 

Wheezing, he catches his breath.  Bakugo’s never felt so useless before.  Why is he in the Entity’s world?  What happened to his quirk?

He’s usually the one to blindly run into a battle!




            Seeing a still generator, Bakugo regains his lost steadfastness.  ‘I ain’t gonna lose!’  He starts working on the generator.  Every few seconds he turns his gaze, wary of an ambush.  Bakugo can’t see Himiko out in the gloomy rainfall.







            Two generators are left.  One is almost done.  It’s rattling like one of Hatsume’s newest unstable inventions.

Dwight was sacrificed.  Jake, Bakugo, and Meg are alive. 

Meg is being chased.




            She’s sprinting around some boulders and a pallet.  Meg had used her perks but time is running out.  Himiko will catch up and attack. 

Where else could she run?

Luckily Bakugo arrived.  He crouched by the pallet, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.


            He tosses the pallet on Himiko when he saw Meg’s muddy shoes run past.




            “What?  Are you blind dumbass?”  Bakugo chuckled. 

Himiko’s cheerful smile is now an annoyed scowl.  She breaks the pallet in a few kicks.  “Where’d your quirk go?  At least the Entity let me keep mine!  You can’t stop me!”




            Katsuki runs.  Looking over his shoulder, he guesses how many seconds until the killer would attack.  He needs to buy time.  Putting trees between them hardly hindered the slasher’s search.

‘I realized even as a survivor I can still fight!’




            One generator’s alarm rings.  A knife dives towards Katsuki.  He sharply turns, offering his own crazy grin.  Flames coil up his arms to his hands.  Orange-yellow explosions materialize like broken power lines.  Bakugo’s immune to its glaring light and ferocity but the slasher is launched across the mountain zone.  He safely retreats towards a curling pathway down the zone back to the central plaza.  So the Entity let him keep his quirk too.




            Bakugo sees Jake opening a door and a wounded Meg. 

“I stunned her with my quirk.  But I’m sure she’ll be following our tracks.”

“It’s good.  Just shield us.  The gate is almost open.”




            His heartbeat drums deafeningly again.  The gate is unlocked slowly, the ancient rusty metal gears creaking noisily.

Toga ambushes them, aiming for Meg. 

Everyone dashes to the exit.  Bakugo grabs Meg by her arms and tosses her out of the arena.  Katsuki is comically sent flying by a stab wound and lands safely into endlessly dreary woodland. 




            “Congrats man.”  Jake and Meg run alongside Bakugo.  “Most new survivors don’t live their first round.”

“Thanks for saving me!”  Meg glanced behind her and shuddered.  “That killer is terrifying!”

Bakugo grinned proudly, ignoring the burning stab wound.  “I’m the game changer!  No slasher or villain is going to scare me!  Are we free?  Do we go back to our worlds?”




            Jake and Meg’s smiles drooped.  “No.  If survivors escape we run back to our camp.  Those sacrificed to the Entity are tortured before they return.”

“It’s a long story…”

“We can’t die.  Even when sacrificed or mori’d.  Death isn’t really death here.”

“The pain feels real enough.”  Jake scoffed.

 “Survivors and slashers have to keep playing these tournaments.  Otherwise the Entity’s world –and us, will disappear.

“What?!  Then how do we get back home?!”

“Don’t know.  That’s what we’re all trying to figure out.”




            “So what world do you come from?”

“What do you mean?”

“That girl, Himiko and you keep talking about quirks.  Villains and heroes.  In our worlds that’s all comic book stuff.”

“Yeah.  Our traits get turned into perks but none of us have superpowers!”

“Seriously?!”  Bakugo asked disbelievingly.  It’s been generations since his world had dramatically changed.  He can’t imagine what the world would be like if everybody was quirkless.  “Most people have quirks –or what you guys call superpowers.  But none are as great as mine or All Might’s!”




            Maybe being stranded in this world won’t be horrible.  Bakugo sees it as training.  If he can win here and surpass these changes to his quirk, then when he gets back to his world, he’ll be a number one hero for sure!

And these extras aren’t so bad either.  In fact, he thinks they’re cool.  He’ll have awesome stories to tell when he arrives at the survivor camp.



















Chapter Text

Dwight is abandoned.  Again.  How many times has it been?  It’s common that he’s lying in a pool of his own blood.  Broken glasses are discarded and muddy, leaving his vision blurry.  His heartbeat is racing, signaling the killer’s approach.  But he doesn’t care.  A sad and bitter frown tugs at his lips.  No matter what world he’s in, Dwight learned that he’s worthless.




Looking at his hands he sees the familiar dark scars.  They wind up and down his arms like cracks in glass.  Icy cold. 

Dwight doesn’t even react as the killer’s red gaze highlights his form.  He’s rather pathetic, not running, screaming, or fighting back.  Usually Dwight hides to evade a sharp blade to his gut, but now he’s accepting his fate.  If he escapes or is sacrificed, he has to be summoned into another game, like everyone else.

After all, in the Entity’s world, death isn’t an escape.




Hurled back to the campfire.  Dwight understands the Entity’s reasoning on why It captures contestants into Its world.  Without this game, It will die.  But he’s never understood the survivors.  The whole point is to stick together.  Yet, after he was here a while and others started appearing, everyone pushed him away.  Didn’t even acknowledge him or his talents.  He was their leader a long time ago.  Now they show a cold indifference to Dwight.  Even when he tries to help them at his disadvantage.  Is this new morbid life no different than the one he had before?




No one gets up from their seat to check up on him.  Claudette’s worried glance lands on him, but she doesn’t move from Jake’s side.  Dwight only stares blankly at nothing.

Discarded.  Laughed at.  Always the first to die.  Dwight’s a nervous guy.  Nobody believes in him.  Not anymore.




Wobbly standing, he notices the dark scars crawling animatedly over his arms.  Wisps of smoke cling to them.  Dwight would vanish soon.  This certainty is dreadful, but now…it’s a dull, melancholy feeling.




Sitting against a still generator he stares at the never-changing sky.  Past damp fog and tortured screaming is a beautiful horizon.  Chips of dark blue in depthless shadow.  The killer runs up, weapon raised –and abruptly freezes.  It’s Susie, the timid girl of the Legion.




“You’re not running?  Why?”

Dwight doesn’t meet her questioning stare.  Says nothing.

She doesn’t miss the obvious icy curse.  Lowering her sharpened ruler, Susie sighed.  “Look, I know you’re weak and all, but you’re not even going to try?”

He scoffed.  Susie has the least amount of kills among the Legion.  She’s not the best at chasing survivors or tracking them.  Unlike her friends, she only gets bloodthirsty if somebody pisses her off.

Ignoring the ringing of a completed generator, she studies him a moment.  Pale sickly skin, drooping posture, and eyes that are dark and hollow. 

“Aren’t you supposed to be the leader of your friends?  Don’t they depend on you?  You fix generators faster when they’re with you.  They listen to your ideas.  A lot of them escape because of your wittiness.”  Susie bashfully rubbed her neck.  “Well that and the killers catch you first most of the time.”  She couldn’t believe she was trying to give a pep talk to a survivor, but she felt like she had to.  But why?

Dwight merely shrugged.  If he didn’t do anything, it’d sabotage their escape.

Susie didn’t want to sacrifice Dwight.  She left, turning her head to look at him through her mask before tracking scratch marks.




These morbid dreary woodlands are endless.  A few landmarks are fixed, like the two camps, archives, and the market.  Dwight wanders by himself.  He used to look for a way out, like a portal that would just miraculously appear.  Or he’d go to the archives and research only to find no weaknesses.  He had wanted to go home.  But now that seems impossible.




He rests by a tree, eyes closed as he lightly sleeps.  Wind hisses through tree leaves. 

Branches and crisp leaves crunch underneath a pair of shoes.  She treads nearly invisible like the Wraith.  She sobbed, rubbing her eyes and smearing the deep mascara she wears.  “H-Hey Dwight…”


“Yeah.”  She shyly tugs at her hoodie sleeve. 

“What’re you doing here?”  His voice is cracked and faint.  Dwight hasn’t talked in –he doesn’t know how many days.

She tries to smile, but it collapses into a disconsolate frown.  Susie sat down and shrunk under Dwight’s erudite gaze.  It isn’t malicious though. 

Is it…empathy?




“You’re fading aren’t you?”  Susie asked.

Dwight’s eyes widened in shock.  Anger, bitterness, and despair, feelings he’d thought were gone now reappeared.  Dwight realizes he’s quivering.  “It…it isn’t like I have anything to go back to.”

“Me neither.”

“You have the Legion, right?”

“I thought I did.”




“Frank and the others kicked me out of the Legion.  Because I don’t make enough sacrifices.  I guess I’m not as tough, strong, fast, or as smart as them.”  Susie blinked tears away.  “I must be useless.”  She pulled up a hoodie sleeve.  Her arm –it’s the same scars as Dwight’s.  Except the scars are starting to scratch his face too.

“You’re also-”

 “I’m afraid of disappearing.”




Susie’s sobs carry an eerie tune in silent forest. 

Dwight’s gaze fell to his scars.  “When I first got here the survivors were kind.  I don’t know what happened.  Maybe I’m useless too.”  He’s shocked that out of all the people in this bizarre world that Susie would be talking to him.  They should have their own groups, the Legion and the other survivors.  But both had been ignored, betrayed, and abandoned.   

They wonder if the curse can be reversed, or if they really are going to vanish.  Even though Dwight hated his boring life, he doesn’t want to disappear.




Branches and stones are thrown together in a pile. 

“What’re you doing?”

Crackling fire became towering scorching flames.  Dwight poked it with a spare twig.  “Making a new camp.  It’s not like the others would care if I was there or not.”

“How long do you think a person has before they…”

“Die?  I don’t know.  But I don’t want to die.  I’m…I’m going to find out how to fix this curse.”









“Hey Dwight!”  Susie carried a backpack and ran towards him.  “I made you something!”

“What?  Really?”

She crafted him a friendship bracelet.  There were painted charms too.  She held up her wrist, also wearing one.  “We match.  It isn’t too girlie is it?”

“No, it’s cool!  Thank you.”  No one’s ever made him a gift before.

Susie’s metallic smile glows under the moonlight.  But it’s not scary like it is when she’s in a game.  The Legion always thought her gifts were tacky.




She sits by the fire and knits.  Dwight recalled about the last game he was in.

“Plague?  She is so terrifying!  So is Michael.  Did the survivors leave you again?”

“Yeah.  But I did see Meg faceplant while running away.  It was funny.”

Susie laughed.  “I remember chasing you and you tried to save Jake, and accidently flipped a pallet over, trapping yourself.”

Dwight rubbed his nose, remembering the pain.  But he smiled.  “Yeah, broke my nose.”

Their friendship is like a bunch of geeky exiled kids at a table –discussing their hobbies with clear enthusiasm and heart.  Tossing a few jokes here and there too.  It’s been a long time since their views were valued.




Susie perched by a river, one that ran from a lake further on in the woods, to collect water in a flask.  She’s been staying away from Legion territory and the killer camp.  Julie’s eyed her old friend suspiciously.  “Hi Susie.”

The ex-Legion member ignored them.  Wary, she waits for the right moment to run away.  Her long dyed hair hides her expression.

“Hey, don’t ignore Jules.”

“Don’t you miss us?  We just came by to see how you are doing.”

“Sorry, I’m busy.”  Her voice is sharp, angry that they were lying.  They don’t care how she’s doing.

“With what?”  Frank laughed.  “There’s nothing to do out here.”




The Legion each took a step closer.  Susie tensed, and lifted her head up to look at Julie.  Back home, she always admired Julie.  She was confident and didn’t care what others thought of her.  Nobody would say no to her and if they did, they’d lose the fight for sure.  But now she unquestionably sees how cruel and fake they all are –especially Jules.




“We’ve heard you made a lot of sacrifices.  You even made more than the Spirit this week.”

“Yeah.  Were you fooling us?  This entire time you’re such a badass!”

“We had no idea you were so cool.”

“You can come back to the lodge with us if you want.”






Susie stood up and took a soundless step back.  “You guys didn’t accept me or treat me as a good friend.  So I won’t go back.  I’m fine on my own.”

Frank laughed.  “What?  You think you’re better than us now?”

“No.  I just think that-”

Jules pursed her lips and glared at Susie.  “Thinking isn’t something you’re good at.”

“You’re an airhead, Susie.”

“It’s like you need the three of us to do anything.”

“You cling to anybody that likes you.  You can’t even stand up for yourself!”  Frank slapped Susie’s head.

Joey pushed her and she stumbled.  Julie kicked her as she fell and sneered.  “You’re just a girl pretending to fit in and be cool.”


“And what?  Without us, without the Legion, you’d have nowhere to go!”




She tackled Frank and punched him.  Everyone froze, shocked.  The Legion leader was stunned and didn’t block two fists smacking his face.  Teeth fly.  Julie and Joey lunge at her to pull Susie away but she violently thrashed around and broke free.  Susie might have escaped with only one chasing her, but all three were catching up.




Julie grabbed her arm and threw her.  Susie hit a tree and curled up to defend against a frenzy of punches and kicks.  A storm of insults crack like thunder overhead. 

“Leave her alone!”


The Legion laughed.  “Look at that.  Is big brother Dwight gonna save Susie from the group of bullies?”  Julie asked in a mocking voice.

“Two weaklings protecting each other, how funny.  That’s why the stronger people survive and make the rules.  Losers like you can’t change anything.”

“We haven’t been summoned in a game for a while.  I’m excited.”

Frank flipped his blade and caught it.  “You should’ve just left us alone.  There’s no way you can be a hero.”

Dwight pushed his glasses up his nose and glared at the Legion.  He stood in a fighting stance and remembered David and Jeff’s spars when they faced killers.  Dwight isn’t a hero.  But he won’t let somebody he cares about get bullied.




He lost.  Obviously.  Dwight had been outnumbered and he wasn’t a bulky opponent.  Surprisingly he got in a shocking punch or two.  But he’s tersely dumped onto the ground, bloody and obtaining a black eye, broken arm, and bruises.  The Legion laugh and leave, cheering and screaming about how they’re the strongest. 




Susie crouched down, med kit next to her, and healed Dwight’s wounds.  It had been hidden by one of the trees in the woods.  He must’ve brought a med kit along, sensing danger and thinking ahead, knew one would be required.

“Why’d you do that?”

“We…we have nobody.  No one back home to see if we ever return and nobody here that cares.  And I know what it’s like not having anyone standing up for me when I was in trouble.”

She smiled lopsidedly at Dwight, amused by how he looked like a mummy now.  “You’re so dumb.”

“I know,” he chuckled.  “I should’ve probably brought a flashlight to blind them first.”

Arms wrap around him in a thankful hug.  “Thanks.”  Susie decided to get stronger so she could stand up for Dwight and herself.  She’d get payback.  Payback for those who bullied Dwight.  And the Legion.  They wouldn’t be weak losers anymore.  Not if she had anything to say about it.  She wasn’t teleported to the Entity’s world for nothing.

















Chapter Text

Gravity Falls + Over the Garden Wall + Paranorman
Slight Dipper x Pacifica


Crimson Curse

               Wind slices through a cluster of tall pine trees.  Branches eerily strike an attic window as if hitting a glass drum.  Tap, tap, tap.  Darkness corrodes a peaceful summer evening.  The silver moon refuses to show.  It’s a perfect night for mischievous otherworldly creatures; crawling out of their surreal dimensions to materialize on Earth.

            Orbs of fiery light dance upon a circle of candles.  Three teens are present.  One wearing a blue cap, shorts, and a faded vest drew complex outlines on ground with chalk.  Wood panels creaked beneath his scarred knees, which were covered in bandages. 
Wirt and Norman sat across from him.

            “Dipper,” Wirt sat holding the journal.  His dark sorrel eyes flashed with apprehension.  “W-Won’t Mabel and Mr. Pines be concerned about us summoning spirits in the Mystery Shack?”
“No.  Mabel is on a date and Stan is selling ugly counterfeits in town.”  He grinned.  “Besides, it’ll be fun!  Norman is here to back us up!”

            “Also,” Norman reassured.  “We’ve all had spiritual encounters before.”
“Doesn’t mean we’re experts,” Wirt chewed his lip nervously.  “Just because we have experience with the paranormal before doesn’t mean we’ll be so lucky next time.”
“Oh c’mon!  Wirt, you escaped death!  Norman saved his town and I rescued my friends from a haunted convenience store and that time Bill entered Stan’s mind.  We’ll be fine!”

            Norman chuckled and tossed some books at Wirt.  “Or would you rather read Mabel’s romance novels instead?”
The boy recoiled from the pages brushing his skin like a demon hissing from a talisman artifact.  “No, of course not!”  Wirt tried to convince his friends to do something else.
            This risky maneuver of summoning spirits gave Wirt a peculiar, unshakable feeling.

            “We could start a new party in Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons.”  He offered.
“Already did that.”
“Video games?”
“We’ve played all of them.”
“How about some cheesy Summerween movies?”
“No way.”
“I’ve already set everything up.”  Dipper interjected.  “We’re summoning something from the journal.”
            Anticipation and a drop of fear pumped wildly in their blood, almost identical to adrenaline.

            Dipper browsed a selection of spells on weathered pages.  Black light revealed invisible ink, describing vague magic.  A lot of information was missing or incomplete.  Though, there was enough to guess what powers a creature possessed.  “Which one should we summon?”

            “How about a zombie?”  Norman asked.
Dipper shuddered.  “Not going to happen.  I will never sing pop music karaoke to stop an army of the living dead again.”
Wirt and Norman laughed.  “Why?  With your vocals it’s practically a superpower!  Ow!”
Dipper’s face twisted into a frown and bloomed into a red rose.  “Shut up guys!  Seriously…”


            Cracking open and drinking a soda, Dipper let Norman and Wirt decide on which spell to cast.
            “Okay, what do you guys think about this one?”
He shrugged.  “Sure.”  Crisp pages fluttered open for all three to view.  Glancing at the poetic spell they started chanting.  A swift gust swooped past and candlelight hissed instantly out of existence.

            Silence seeped into the dark room.  A few heartbeats later Wirt asked, “Did…did we summon anything?”
“No?  If it was a ghost at least.  I would’ve seen it.”
“Then the spell failed?”  Dipper asked despondently.

            Equipping a pocket lighter he revived lost candle fire.  Tiny flames wavered weakly then became stronger after absorbing oxygen.  Dipper sighed.  Clear disappointment was drawn on his features.  “I guess it-”
A powerful gut-punching whirlwind swept up the fire into a mini tornado.

            Strands of fire transformed into a wheel shape, glaring bright like the sun.  The Mystery Shack rattled violently.  It was as if the teens were sealed in a box and being tilted and tossed around.  Blood trickled down from the walls and quickly pooled beneath everyone’s feet.  Screaming fueled by pure horror they observed the scarlet substance dripping heavily.  In fact, giant globs of blood split apart the old rotting interior.
            The stinging metallic taste coating their mouths became unbearable.

            Eerie laughter shocked their skin cold.  Cool blue flames surrounded a silhouette.  The familiar setting was now replaced with an unusual background.  Thousands of colorful blobs leaked into the boys’ vision like a kaleidoscope.  The bizarre dazzling tones are shapeless and swirling around, a melting stained glass window.

            Worlds of rainbows dissolving, a new one is crafted.  A vast, endless, still forest sprouted around them.  The air and landscape is a mixture of grey tones.  Nothing moved.  The woods almost blended together in a blurry way upon the eyes. 

            “Um…where are we?”  Wirt asked, looking around fascinated.
“I’ve never seen anything like this before.”  Norman’s eyes swept around warily.  He gasped.  “I sense a dangerous presence!  It’s-”

            “Well, well, well.”  A tall man dressed in a golden suit and donning an eye patch appeared in the glade.  He hovered above the group of curious, astonished people. 
“Bill Cipher.”
Grinning, the mischievous creature wrapped an arm around Dipper while twirling a cane.  Nonchalantly the demon studied what he could possibly win in this endeavor. 

            “What’s with the cold greeting, sweetheart?  Quite abnormal I’ll say, since you and I seem to cross paths often.  I’m flattered though.”  Winking, Bill floated around them keeping all three within his perspective.  “You summon me a lot.  I must be your favorite demon, huh?”

            Bill prodded Dipper’s check and displayed a flashy smile to the vexed human.  “It must mean you really like me!  So, who are these guys?  Friends?  More than friends?”
“Shut up!  I know you’re just trying to distract us.”
“Why would I waste my time doing that when I could be making deals?”

            “Bill Cipher?”  Wirt is perplexed.  This guy isn’t what he imagined a demon to look like at all!  Did he change his appearance?
Cipher tipped his hat and bowed.  “Yes.  Personal dream demon at your service!  So, what would you like?  True love?  Unlimited power and knowledge?  Or to change certain past or future events?”

            Dipper glared at Bill.  “Why would I make a deal with you after the last time?  You always want something in exchange.  Any promises made are turned evil for everyone involved.  And, the injuries I received were incredibly painful!  Lethal, even!”
“Hey.  We made a trade.  That’s how trades work Pine Tree, don’t you know that?”

            Brows furrowed and simmering with irritation Dipper replied, “I have permanent scars from you possessing my body.  I didn’t like being a ghost either, Cipher.”
“Ack!”  Bill fell back dramatically as if he had been struck by a bullet in his heart.  “That wounds me, Pine Tree.  I thought we had something!  It’s not every day a person offers to swap places and lend a flesh vessel to a demon.” 
“I –you tricked me!”

            “This isn’t good…Dipper, we should leave.  Dealing with Bill is –well, you know.  Extremely dangerous.”  Norman whispered.
“I know.  I-”
“NOBODY IS LEAVING!”  A thunderous booming voice echoed in the glade. 

            Heart pounding, the boys’ trembled in fear.  Bill is emitting a vibrant neon red glow.  The demon turned into a giant and the air rippled with heat.  His golden eye became a bloody sunstone.  Bill’s gaze pierced their souls with an unstable ferocity.  “You trap me in my nightmare dimension and then immediately refuse a deal after summoning me?!”
            Norman risked studying Bill’s ethereal energy.
            A solid line of spectral aura tethered Dipper’s energy to Cipher.
            Two more materialized, mere specks like dew on a spider’s web connecting Wirt and Norman to Cipher.  They were faint, but visible.

            “Bill is attached to you Dipper.  I think our last encounter created a spiritual bond with him!”
“It must be how much you’ve been in contact with Bill.  Wirt and I helped save you but didn’t interact with Bill much.  That event only strengthened yours when he possessed your body.”
“H-How is that possible?!”

            Wirt and Norman shared a knowing glance with each other.  “Demons, poltergeists, and ghosts have certain conditions, different ways of getting attached to humans.” 
“But that doesn’t really explain why we’re connected.  Yes, we’ve fought Bill before, but hardly.”
“We…we’ve all dealt with death before and we’re close friends with Dipper.  Maybe the bond is somehow infectious?”
“What does that mean, then?!”

            “That means,” Bill said.  “You and I are inseparable!  And they are also.  Out of all my interactions with humans, I’ve never formed a connection.  It’s rare for demons.”
“We accidently created a bond with Bill.  Good news is he can’t kill us.  That’d hurt him too.”

            “Yes, this bond surely is special.  I wonder…yes, I know!  I’ll turn you all into my disciples!”
“I think a curse is a fine punishment for banishing me.”
Searing lasers sliced trees effortlessly.  The three teens dodged just in time, their shoes hissing from brief contact.  “There’s nowhere to run now.  We have to fight!”

            Crackling green electricity exploded form Norman’s fingertips.  Examining journal entries Dipper casted darting magical blue spears.  “I’ll try and make a portal just like we did in Stan’s mind!”
“Don’t assume victory will be so easy this time, Pine Tree!”
“Wirt!”  Spiritual thunder deflected illusion magic and waves of summoned underlings.  “Your help would be appreciated!”
“On it!”

            Patches of fur sprouted from Wirt.  Fangs grew and his whole figure shifted into a canine outline.  Branches gnarled and twisted, encased Wirt like armor.  Small scarlet leaves are attached like flashy trinkets.  Pointy antlers of sharp bark donned the wolf’s head like a crown.
            Ever since Wirt had survived the in-between of life and death he never left unscathed.
            Now he adorns a mark of an ominous woodland spirit.

            Agatha whispered in Norman’s ear, allowing him to evade blast waves and poison missiles.  Ethereal power charged through him as he counterattacked.  Cipher recoiled in agony when jolts fried his flesh, leaving atrocious winding scars.  Wirt entered the vicious fray.  He coordinated his moves alongside his friend.

            Glinting razor teeth shredded Bill’s human vessel.  Horns pierced his form, catching the demon like bristly brambles.  Dark blood studded with purple diamonds bobbed in the dreamscape.  Unlike regular blood it sluggishly floated heavy and weightless at the same time.  Trembling and coughing up blood, Bill saw four blue spears stab him.

            Pinned, he was being torn apart.  Internally the demon is immune to physical pain.  Sure, he could feel his nervous system being shredded, yet he enjoyed a good fight.  ‘These kids are good shots.’  Admiration fizzed through, just barely.  Lashing out the demon parried most of the attacks.
            ‘This battle’s outcome has already been determined.’

            Wirt bit the demon’s arm and quickly transformed back.  Hand locked onto golden sleeve, the teen wielded an old lantern.  Bill made one last strategic move before accepting temporary defeat.  Pupil changing into many symbols, he swiftly flipped his opponents upside down.  Red light flooded the world.

            Surreal symbols seared onto Norman, Wirt, and Dipper’s palms.  Enduring distressing pain Wirt captured Bill in the old lantern.  Sealed away, Cipher was nothing but a blob of blue gold fire.  Running, the guys leapt through a portal.  In a blink they returned to the Mystery Shack.

            Everything warped back to original form.  The world became filled with deafening silence.  Then, the air hummed with uncertainty and dread.  Dawn’s pale hues poured in from attic windows.  “We…we made it back?”

            Inspecting their hands they noticed steam rise from newly obtained scars.  Wirt held a trapped Cipher to eye level.  “What did you do to us Bill?”  He hissed.
Cackling eerily the demon replied, “A gift for my friends.  You’ll see its powers soon.”

            Brows furrowed, Norman’s eyes drifted to the side as if he is listening to something.  “Agatha recalls faint memories about these symbols.  Ancient demon magic for sure.”
“Does she know how to break the spell?”  Dipper asked.  The journal could provide a cure or potion but he needed details.
            “It’s called the Crimson Curse.  Very rare and difficult to cast.”

            Norman rubbed his neck in frustration.  “Agatha tells me it’s a reckless, unstable, unpredictable spell.”
“I’ll…I’ll find some way to remove the curse!”  Dipper reassured, flipping through various journal entries. 
“You’ll never get a remedy in time.”  Bill taunted.
“We refuse to give up!”


           Days spent in an old dusty library produced nothing.  Luck dwindled, hour after hour with uninformative research.  Clues are scarce.  Subtly Norman, Wirt, and Dipper’s personalities’ changed.  Wearing friendly masks they turned more wild and cold inside.  Instead, their ambitions changed entirely.

            Dipper had no interest in discovering who the journal’s author is.  He pursued in crafting violent experiments and bizarre inventions for knowledge.  Learning sorcery is also intertwined in his adventures.
            Wirt heard the dark violins and drum of the Beast surge.  The woodland monster abandoned the prison in his soul; now set loose.  Discarding hobbies he loved, Wirt instead lured mythical creatures under his command.
            Norman is only fascinated by dark magic and necromancy.  The undead listened to him, no questions asked.  Ghosts and zombies frightened residents by haunting places at dusk.

            Bill, still captured within the lantern, guided them to multidimensional control.  Giddy, Cipher patiently waited for the precious day Weirdmageddon would arrive.  The demon became the boys’ ominous phosphorous light among the ever-changing darkness.  The whole town openly feared Dipper, Wirt, and Norman.  Most avoided them at all costs.  Others were curious like a moth to a flame.
Mabel, Agatha, Neil, Pacifica, Candy, and Grenda sided in their endeavors.


            ‘Perhaps humans aren’t that bad after all.’  Bill mused.  The dream demon felt pride ignite in the pit where a heart should be.  ‘They’re so dedicated and strong.’  Cipher shifted in a stone throne and admired the scenery.  It isn’t as flashy as the apocalypse he imagined, but it is still amazing.

            A summoning circle lay beneath his floating throne.  All the apprentices surrounded him, wearing black robes decorated with gold.  Their faces were caked with blood yet smiles shimmered brightly in happiness.  Dipper and Pacifica, hands clasped together romantically, presented the demon a sacrifice –a fresh heart.  Bill appreciated gifts of bones and organs gathered from humans and animals.  In return, he increased their powers, and strengthened the curse.
            The apprentices sang energetically, harmoniously, charmingly about the world’s end.
            There were even a few fashioned about how much they admired the new mythical overlord.
            “Yes, this is stunningly ideal.”  Bill said over a song praising the Crimson Curse.

















Chapter Text





                Cinders.  Who knew such a small fire could wield such violence, such beauty?  So frightening.  Its unwavering calamity is far-ranging.  Raz is captivated by it.  His normally stony, dark eyes glint cheerfully when flame is ignited.  Grinning, his teeth are brighter than the moon.




            Raz’s teachers at Whisper Rocks Academy are amazed by his talents.  His marksmanship and levitation is tremendous.  But he ignores their compliments.  Doesn’t acknowledge them.  Raz’s obsession is power.  Spending hours in the forest honing his psychic deftness. 




            Bobby Zilch hates him.  Maybe it’s because Raz set him on fire.  That clown has hated Raz since he got to the academy. 

It was just so funny.  Bobby deserved it anyway.  He’s a jerk –someone who brags bravery and expertise when he has none.

So when all the students were outdoors for a class, Raz set the moldy stock on fire.  Smoke rises into the fresh air and then a scorching blaze catches Bobby’s orange hair.  He ran around, arms flailing, screaming.  Other psychonauts laughed.  Bobby had been pushing other students around and challenging them to a fight.




            That’s why he threw Raz into the pool.  Zilch is cowardly but crafty.  He learned about Raz’s curse.  Probably from rumors. 

Raz avoids bodies of water when he can but Agent Nein asked him to bring him something to the lab.  Some new invention.  And to get there, one has to navigate past a big pool in the woods.




            Telekinesis.  Arms of energy hurl Raz at icy waves.  The curse is foreboding, anxiously waiting to drown whoever crashes into its watery nadir.  Hands latch onto Raz and he plunges into murky depths.  Only an unclear circle of light hovers above and stabs the darkness. 

Coughing and sputtering, Raz desperately tries to escape.  He’s tossed around like coins in a tin can before sinking.




            Abruptly he’s wrenched from his prison.  Puking water he rolls onto tile.  Fogginess dispels from Raz’s mind.  The psychonaut is unceremoniously flung back into reality.  Death didn’t win this time and neither did the curse. 

“Are you okay Raz?”

“Yeah, you okay?”

It isn’t Lily or Dogen.  Two students hoist him up as his sense return.




            “Crystal?  Clem?”

Recognizable laughter of the academy’s cheerleaders accompanies Raz’s shock. 

“Good job!  You guessed right!”

“Gooo Raz!”

“Why’d you guys save me?”

“Because,” Crystal said as if it was the most obvious fact in the world.

“You’re our friend!”  Clem nodded. 

“We saw Bobby talking about fighting somebody and ran over to see who it was.”




            “Thanks guys.”  Raz never thought he’d make friends.  People were awed, terrified, or revolted by him.  He didn’t expect Clem or Crystal to save him but he is grateful.

“Oleander’s class is going to start soon.”

“I wonder what battle field his training will be in this time?”

“Yeah I got stuck in barbed wire yesterday!”

“Want to walk back with us?”

“Sorry, I gotta deliver this device to Sasha.”




            Oleander’s training is a replica of a muddy war zone.  A realistic, brutal, terrifying illusion.  But Raz isn’t afraid.  In fact, he’s baffled.  Like most times Raz is the first to complete the obstacle course.  Oleander’s experiences as a soldier paint morbid sights.  At the exit Raz finds something hidden in plain view.  A corridor veiled by a dark curtain.




            A glimpse of blueprints.  Oleander curtly gives Raz his psychonaut badge and he’s chucked from the soldier’s mind.

Huh.  That’s mysterious.  What are the blueprints for?




            Raz is brilliant at pickpocketing.  He swiped the device from Agent Nein’s lab.  It’s a small door, unlocking access to anyone’s mind.  In spare time he’d go out into the woods.  Night’s fresh air clears his mind.  Whispering Rocks Academy is just a gloomy stone blemish in summer wilderness.  An ancient grey scar among a lively forest.




            People sometimes travel into these woods.  Hikers.  Tourists.  The lost.  Raz will enter minds and obtain many facts in the mindscape.  Hobbies, torment, happy memories, artifacts, and phobias. 

But he discovered a power he hadn’t had before.  Transforming the mindscape.  When he teleports to the person’s mind he can subtly change things when traveling through memories.




            A cast of characters like a play.  He’s a leech to a host.  Every mind the psychonaut changed, the stronger he got.  They turn almost lifeless, indifferent, or wrathful.  Observing this newfound knowledge, Raz realizes he can control minds. 




            “Hey Raz, where’re you going?”  Clem asked.  Crystal and him are at their usual hangout on the roof.  They were stargazing.  Climbing out of a window Raz sits next to them.  “I’ve found,” his eyes sweep the landscape.  “Something interesting.”

“Oh, what?”  The two’s eyes gleam inquiringly.

“Oleander is going to steal pshychonauts’ brains for weapons.”


Raz nodded.  “To take over the world.”  He grinned.  “It’s not a bad idea.” 




            Clem and Crystal exchange glances.  They smile too.

The three teens hate this world.  Society sees them as the freaks of the outcasts. 

“But I’ve got a better one.”  Raz puts his arms around Clem and Crystal’s shoulders.  Tiny fires burn the earth before them, casting a sinister glow on their faces.  “Why don’t we take over the world?  I’ve discovered a valuable power.”

Clem laughed.  “What is it?  Can you communicate with ghosts?”

“Or make people’s head explode like Dogen?”

“No.  Brainwashing.”

“With that, we’d be the best psychonauts ever!”

“Working together,” Raz said.  “We’ll be the most revered psychonauts ever.  I can’t do this without you guys.”

“I know who we can start with.”

“Bobby Zilch?”

“Bobby Zilch.” 
















Chapter Text

Persona 4

Evil vigilante Yu x Reader





Rain drums on the windows of the school library.  To [Y/N] it’s perfect.  No trendsetting fakers, annoying gossiping, or bullies to encounter.  But in Inaba there is one hot topic that people are frequently discussing.

A murderer is in Inaba.




This news scares and shocks the dull countryside town.  Authorities can’t discover any clues.  After the popular star Risette is found dead, so are others.  [Y/N] has been interested in these cases because unlike most that follow reality, they believe something supernatural is going on.  Maybe that Midnight Channel is connected to all of this. 

Maybe there’s more than one killer.  With limited information it’s hard to tell.





“Huh?  Sorry Yukiko.”

The beautiful dark-haired woman smiled.  “It’s okay.  Is someone on your mind?”

“What?  No.  No one would like me anyway…”

Yukiko’s eyes softened sadly.  “You think so?”

“I was just thinking about the case.”

She eyed [Y/N] for a moment curiously and asked, “Is it okay if I invite my friends over for our study session?”





Chie, Yosuke, Kanji, and Yu arrive.  Yosuke flopped over and sighed.  “Ugh.  I’m so sick of exams!” 

Chie glared at her tired friend.  “Hey if we can’t skip studying neither can you!”

[Y/N]’s [color] eyes lift up from their book to see Yu.  His grey eyes are painted with slight melancholy.

Yu Narukami showed up as a mysterious newcomer.  But soon he gained terrific popularity.  He’s won many sports medals too.  Yu doesn’t brag either, unlike most.




“What should we do tomorrow?”

“Skateboarding?”  Kanji suggested.

“How about shopping?  We haven’t been to Okina City in a while.”

“But don’t we have the school festival?”

“Uh,” Chie got up and tugged Yukiko’s sleeve.  “C’mon guys.”  She yanked Yosuke’s sleeve harshly and he replied with a bitter, “Ow!” 

“Let’s find some books to help us.”

“Right…I’ve been stuck on these problems forever…” Kanji followed them, leaving Yu and [Y/N].




They’re scratching answers and notes down when Yu asked, “You ranked for the third highest score on the last exam, right?”

“Yeah.”  It isn’t a big deal.  [Y/N] doesn’t want to be the smartest but just to live life –do fun things to warmheartedly remember in a lifetime full of failures.

Yu’s smile shines brighter than the sun pushing aside the rainy clouds.  “Wow.  You’re amazing!”

“Not really.”  They shrugged.  “I’m very boring.”

His eyes darkened.  “Did anybody say that to you?”

“No?”  Baffled, they only stared at Yu.  His expression changed back to cheery sanguinity.  He held up a book.  “I’m having trouble with [subject].  Can you help?”





Why haven’t the others returned yet?  [Y/N] doesn’t mind Yu and is having a fun time talking to him, but does it take that long to get some books?  They’ve answered all the practice problems already.  So, they toss out a casual question.  “Do you think the Midnight Channel is real?”

Yu tensed up.  His face is deadpan.  “Do you?”

[Y/N] had checked out the Midnight Channel.  Everybody has.  People either believe it or are steadfastly cynical.  “The soulmate rumor is crazy.  But I think that there’s something happening.”

“It can be a scam.”

“Yeah but the murders happened right after the Midnight Channel was discovered.  I think there’s a vigilante group.”

“And what do you think of this vigilante group?”

Does Yu know more than I do?  “If they save someone then I think that’s justice.”

His eyes shine like he’s met his idol. 

Chie, Yosuke, Kanji, and Yukiko return, carrying stacks of books. 




The next day another unexpected thing happened.  Roses are stuffed in their locker.  [Y/N] is stunned and shakily reaches for a pastel-colored envelope.  Excited and terrified they feel like they’re going to puke.  Can this really be for me?

Ink and flecks of glitter vomit out from the fake roses.  [Y/N] stumbles and tries to wipe it off their face, but it just dyes their uniform sleeve.  Classmates crowd around them and start laughing. 

“Why would anyone be into you?”

“You’re looks and personality is as pathetic as you.”

“Yeah.  They’d rather watch paint dry than spend any time with you.”




Tears burn their eyes.  Why?  I hardly know anybody here!  Is it just fun to pull a prank on someone nobody cares about?  It’s true, [Y/N] doesn’t stand out academically, fashionably, or in any other way, but that doesn’t make this right.  Sprinting down the halls away from the unruly laughter, they miss a flash of gray hair.  [Y/N] runs into Kanji.  “Whoa, you okay?!”

“Everyone’s right!  I’m just…worthless and boring!”

“Hey,” he pats their back as his brows furrowed worriedly.  “Who cares what those assholes say?  They have no honor and are cowards.”

Chie and Yukiko turned the corner and their jaws dropped.  “What happened?”

“A prank,” Kanji spat.

“I’ve seen those before!”  Chie said.

“C’mon, we’ll help you remove that ink.”  Yukiko helped [Y/N] to a fountain.

“Argh!  What bastards!  Pulling a heartless prank like that!”

Kanji nodded.  They shared a glance, knowing what would be next.








“How’s the event going?”  [Y/N] asked.  There are few people who showed up for the festival.  “We’re just about to start.  You brought cake?!”  Yosuke cheered.  “You’re the best, [Y/N]!”

“Okay, everyone take a seat.”

Kanji indifferently slouched; Yosuke dove for a chair, Chie sighed, and Yu looked around, hoping for anything to disband this whole event. A girl pushed [Y/N] aside and sat across from Yu.  [Y/N] glared.  Why’d she do that?    

Yukiko said, “Why don’t you take my seat?”

“No,” [Y/N] poorly stifled a laugh.  “Looks like you guys are doing fine.” 

The girl holding onto Yu shot a knife-like glare.  But that’s not what [Y/N] is laughing at.  The whole thing was like some sitcom –cheesy discussion and long pauses between.

“At least someone is having fun here…” Kanji tiredly rests his head in his arms.




It’s fun hanging out with friends but [Y/N] is looking for the vigilantes.  They had a strong guess that they are students.  Everyone else is clueless about the Midnight Channel except classmates.  Maybe I should interact with the Midnight Channel.  There has to be something obvious yet intangibly unclear that they’re missing.  For now, the festival is a good chance to talk with other classmates and see what they know.




“Hello?”  [Y/N] answered their phone.  It’s nighttime but there’s no rain.  They hope there will be.  The Midnight Channel only tunes in on rainy days.

“Hey!”  It’s Kanji.  “We’re all gonna have a movie marathon at Yu’s.  Wanna go?”

“Really?  Yeah!  What time?”


“I’ll be there.”  They’ve never been invited to anything before.  “I’ll bring some snacks.”  [Y/N] had to go to the store anyway.  Maybe they could get back home if it rained.  But it seemed unlikely. 

What is the vigilante group really like?  And if they have supernatural powers, does that mean they can’t be defeated?




Hardly any employees are at Junes this hour.  The store’s jingle constantly plays throughout empty corridors as [Y/N] carries a basket.

Muffled cries are heard outside a metal door marked “Staff Only”.  Is there a fight going on?!  What if the person needs help or it’s an emergency?!




[Y/N] pushes through the door to find a spacious breakroom.  They freeze when they see a nightmarish thing.  Five people, some adults and some teenagers, are tied up.  Two people stand before a big box TV with deafening static.  The blindingly white light outlines the captives and captors, while shadows mask the entire room.

Many are begging for their lives and [Y/N] recognizes two of the people –both being the bullies that pranked them.  But they don’t notice [Y/N].




“P-Please!  I’ll a-apologize to all of them!  I’ll do anything you ask!  Please just don’t kill-”

“It’s too late for that.  You should’ve apologized to the people you hurt before.  Then you wouldn’t be here, about to be sacrificed to shadows!”

No!  Is that Yosuke?!

Everyone screams including the crying classmate, as Yosuke flings her through the TV.




The glass isn’t solid.  She plunges into the screen like a swimmer in a pool.  It’s like some dark magic trick –but [Y/N] understands with a cold lump of horror in their throat, that this is no magic trick.

Everything made sense now.  The Midnight Channel isn’t just some bizarre show.  Can something surreal like this actually be possible?!  I just had a guess.  I didn’t think there would be-




“Yosuke, stop!”

“[Y/N]?!  Shit!  Shit!”  He pulled at his hair in shock, his eyes wide and conveying panic.  “You weren’t supposed to see this!  Yu’s gonna be so pissed!”

“You’re the vigilantes?!  Chie –well, no.  I can see Chie being one, but you too?  Why?!”




“It’s okay Yosuke.  I was going to tell them about it one day.”  Another door opens.  Metal drags across tile.  A bat follows Yu who is covered in blood.  He turns and his eyes sweep the room.




Flee.  Call the police.  But a flicker of reason like a lamp in a dark cave disbands [Y/N]’s fear.  Yu says what they’re thinking out loud.  “Running will be pointless.  And,” he smiles sweetly.  “Something tells me you don’t really want to run away from us either.”

Gaze hardening, their mouth is set in an unbreakable frown.  “Why?”

“We’re just doing things society is too afraid –no.  Too lazy to do.”

“This isn’t justice.  Killing people like this.  If it’s to save someone who is in danger I can see that, but…”

“It is justice!”  Yosuke cried.  “Yu saved my life and in return I wanted to save others.  I couldn’t save Saki…so I killed her murderer.  Adachi had to pay!”

“Yeah,” Chie shook angrily.  “And what if we hadn’t stopped Adachi?  He would’ve gone on to kill more people.  Goodhearted people.  He already killed Risette and that news lady too.”

“If Adachi was an evil person then, okay.  You guys stopped him.  But these people, you have to let them go!”

“Let them go?!  But-”

Yu waved his hand, silencing his friends.




He turned one of the captives around to face [Y/N].  “Do you remember her?  She’s the one who pulled that prank on you.”

Snot and tears are smeared on the girl’s face as she cried.  She pleads to be released but nobody acknowledges her desperation.

“She also bullied many other people.”

“And only started apologizing now that she’s –and the other bad people here, are in danger.“  With the Midnight Channel and personas we have the power to change things.”

“Besides, it’s fun.”  Yu said.

“Fun?!  This is crazy!” 

Nonchalantly Yu asked, “Do you remember when we first met?  You were the first to notice me.  To be my friend.”








[Y/N] often goes to the roof during lunch.  In the open country air it can be very peaceful.  The view is amazing too.  The far-reaching landscape looks like a painting.

They see Yu eating alone.

Usually [Y/N] avoids others.  People are fake and traitors.  But Yu’s eyes looked despondent.

So they sit next to Yu and say, “The sky looks beautiful today.”  The depthless blue overshadows the dingy grey buildings below.  Soft white clouds mark the horizon interpreting a serene stillness.

His head bobbed up, he’s shocked.  He looks up and then at [Y/N], smiling.  “It is.”




“Um…I’m [Y/N].”


“Did you move here to Inaba?”





Yu isn’t talkative.  That’s okay.  Days go by and they always meet on the roof and slowly become friends. 

Most of the class is self-absorbed but Yu thinks [Y/N] is a glowing jewel unlike the shadowy unclear, shallow faces he hates.  His life had been very boring and he thought it’d be the same moving to Inaba.  He was wrong.  No longer does he feel stranded wading in the deep waters of mechanicalness and uncertain futures.  Yu will do all he can to change the world.  Maybe be a detective like Dojima.







Narukami chuckled.  “But who knew this would be better than being a detective?  This way I can get justice for others.”  Yu grabbed the girl by her neck and lifts her up.  “I’ll show bullies what happens when they pull such heartless pranks!”


The girl is tossed through the TV and [Y/N] lunges to try and rescue her but Chie tackled them.

“What would happen if you did save them?”  Yosuke asked.  “They won’t be grateful.  They’ll just go back to being bad people.”




“Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, and I have been fighting shadows for a long time in the Other World.  There’s no way that you’ll be able to escape.”

“Shadows?  Personas?  Other World?  What are you talking about?!”  But [Y/N] knew.  It all had to be because of that Midnight Channel.

“You’ll be joining us.  Being a vigilante will be life-changing.”  Yu said.  He drew a needle and frowned.  “For now you’ll be staying at our investigation team hideout.  But I do wonder what your persona will be.  You and I will be the antiheroes everyone will admire.”


















Chapter Text

Gravity Falls

Reverse Falls AU

+ Branching paths.

Crystal Mirror


        “What’s that Grunkle Stan?”  Mabel asked.  Stanley carried a new mysterious item into the shop.  A tall flat object was enfolded in a dusty purple cloth.  “Is it something from a famous boy band?”

Dipper scoffed.  “No way.  I bet it’s some tacky antique thing.”

“Well, a merchant was visiting Gravity Falls and I offered to buy this piece of furniture.  He said that there are magical properties or somethin’.”

Dipper raised an eyebrow and glanced at the newest addition of clutter in the Mystery Shack.  “What kind of magical properties?”

“Ya know,” Stanley scratched his chin in confusion.  “He didn’t say.”  Pointing to the new purchase Grunkle Stan asked, “Can you help me set this up?  I’ve got to drive back into town and buy some supplies.  I got some great plans for new tourist attractions!”



            For a few minutes they observed the unknown junk in silence.  Cold needles dashed across Dipper’s arm and spine.  “I don’t know Mabel.  I get an eerie feeling about that thing.”

“You scared?”  She taunted with a wide grin.

Dipper glared at his twin.



                A stunning crystal mirror immediately captured their attention.  Awe, astonishment, and curiosity bloomed upon the twins’ faces.  “Wow!  It’s beautiful!”  Mabel exclaimed.  The glass was pure crystal.  Sharp edges reflected vivid rainbow light upon the attic room.  An elegant frame completed the mirror’s pretty design with complex diamond swirls and shapes.



            “Where should we move this?  Grunkle Stan never told us.”

“Maybe over there?”  Dipper asked.  “I do wonder what ‘magical powers’ this mirror has though.  Do you think it’s like those crystals that grow and shrink anything in the light?”

Mabel shrugged.



            Preparing to lift the mirror Mabel grabbed the glass surface.  When she tried adjusting her grip her hand remained glued to the clear panel.  “Uh, Dipper?”


“I can’t move.  I’m stuck to the mirror.”

“Now is not the time for jokes Mabel.  We have a lot of work to do.”

“Dipper I’m not joking!”

“Really?”  Cautiously, the kid put a hand on the crystal mirror.



            Shouting in agony, Dipper jumped.  Removing his hand from the cursed object was like peeling fingers from a slab of ice.  “W-W-What do we do?!”

“Ask for help?”

“No, everyone’s out in town.”  A bright blue light blinded the twins and left dazzling shapes burning in their vision.



            ‘I can’t move at all!’ They thought.



            Terrified, they were frozen still.  Dipper and Mabel transformed into crystal statues!  Suddenly, they shattered into tiny crystalized fragments.  The shards were floating in the air, startling mice that scattered from wooden beams and ran into the holes in the attic.  The mirror quickly absorbed the fractured statue pieces and sent the twins to a new world similar but unlike their own.  It was a strange dimension where roles were rearranged and switched.



            In a mansion two siblings dressed in regal costumes stood in front of a mirror.  The corridor around them was cluttered with expensive gifts and furniture.  From a giant’s perspective the humans looked rather small.  The setting was also very dark and gloomy.  Tall dark curtains blocked any cheerful sunlight from entering the manor’s medieval interior.  It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that this fortress was an admirable replica of a villain’s castle.



            Mabel Gleeful pouted while staring at her fancy reflection.  The twins were adjusting their stunning outfits and the woman was upset.  Not at her gorgeous appearance, but lack of it.  “I can’t see my perfect face in this dull glass!”

Dipper Gleeful snorted.  “Sister, you already wear enough cosmetics to make a clown jealous.”

“Huh!  You spend more time over your hair and clothes than I do, brother.”  She prodded with a sneer.

Sticking a nose up in the air he replied, “At least I don’t ruin the décor with bloodshed.  A gory disaster takes forever to clean up.  Your torture techniques are far more brutal than mine.”

Ignoring her brother’s jab M.G sighed.  “Why can’t we just toss this mirror out and get a new one?”

“Because our great uncle Stanley bought it from one of his business trips in Europe.”

Crossing her arms M.G glared at D.G.  “Ugh.  It’s also because you like gaudy things like this mirror.”

“Save your complaints for later.  We can’t be late to a party.”  They strolled down a magnificent staircase towards a ballroom where party guests were waiting.



            Brilliant silver light poured into the abandoned hall.  Two confused and horrified people rolled violently out of the previously dull glass.  Air crashed into their lungs as they urgently recovered from the bizarre event of teleporting.  The glass case that had trapped them earlier now cracked and shattered.  “W-Where are we?!”

“I…I don’t know.”  Dipper studied the broken mirror behind them.  Loud classical music roared from two large doors along with voices of laughter and conversation.  Inspecting his clothes Dipper realized he was wearing a formal suit and his sister was wearing a pink ball gown with star shaped jewelry. 

“Did…did we teleport to another world?”  Mabel asked in shock.

“I think we’re trapped here until we can find another portal.”

“Do you still have the journal?”

He nodded.  “In my coat.”

Mabel smiled nervously.  “Let’s try to blend in.  Shouldn’t be too hard, right?”



            Stumbling into the ballroom Dipper and Mabel almost collided into party guests.  Quickly they followed the formal dance and weaved through twirling couples.  The entrance was a few steps away!  However, the crowd suddenly shifted speed to match the music tempo and the Pines twins pivoted on their heels to avoid crashing into partiers.  Launching back towards the center of the room they decided to look for another path.



            Dipper accidently bumped a man’s shoulder that had his back turned.  “Sorry sir.”  He mumbled, voice cracking in fear. 

“Dipper!”  Mabel whispered in terrified alarm as all four people locked eyes.  The Pines twins’ jaws dropped in disbelief and the Gleefuls studied them with piercing cold eyes.

“This can’t be real!”



            “Oh?”  A crooked evil grin rippled across M.G’s face.  “Look who it is, brother.  Did they travel dimensions just to ruin our party?  Such little pranksters!”

Staring at them with disinterest and disgust D.G said, “These versions look weak and boringly simple.”

“If the Pines twins were able to get here though, that means that another portal is open!”


“Another world is waiting to be conquered!  We’ll be twice as powerful!”

An icy smile appeared on D.G’s face.  “And twice as unstoppable.  Perhaps these Pines twins would make decent opponents for us?  Our combat style has been getting pretty plain recently.”

“Capture them!”




            Thunderous crazy laughter struck the air like a lightning bolt, signaling a start of a chase.



            “The Gleefuls have magic amulets like Gideon did!”  Mable shouted as the two desperately dashed to the exit.  Evading startled guests, collapsing furniture, and leaping over sharp flying silverware, the Pines twins glanced back to see the Gleefuls on their heels.  Turning abruptly, Dipper and Mabel avoided a giant statue falling and barricading the entrance doors.  Changing direction they ran down a new corridor.  There wasn’t much time and the two had to make a choice, fast!  The Gleeful twins were quickly catching up.  “Which way should we go?!”




                                                                                 Path A: Library

                                                                                 Path B: Garden




















Chapter Text

 Frantically the Pines twins searched for a way out of the Gleeful mansion.  They sprinted into a long corridor and entered another room.  A dark, cramped, claustrophobic library lay before them.  The shelves are stacked with books, flashy trinkets, and ancient artifacts; creating a compact labyrinth.  Glass lanterns encased bright flames and casted a warm soft glow.



            “I think we’re trapped!”

Dipper scanned the rows of books swiftly, hands inspecting for anything out of place.  “Libraries usually have secret passageways.  There may be another portal open so we can escape!”  Yanking volumes from their origin he eventually found a small switch.  Pressing the button the bookshelf rotated, swinging open to reveal a staircase.



            “Where are we?”  Mabel asked, her gut burning from running – and fear.  In awe they stared at a stadium sized room beneath the mansion; almost identical to the library above.  “This looks like a teleportation machine.”  Flipping through his journal he pursued for answers.  Sure, they were in an alternate dimension but both had a lot of similarities.  Was there a way to defeat the Gleeful twins?



            Mabel rummaged within the secret room and saw thousands of captured specimens in jars.  A putrid scent made her nose wrinkle in disgust.  Some were nothing but eyes, noses, or ears, others resembled slugs and the rest were skeletons of mythical creatures.  Horrified, Mabel backed away from the experiments.  Instead, she found a heavy cloth over the abnormal device.



            “Dipper!  Help me move this!”  She called.  Together they removed the fabric.  Four tall cylinder pillars hummed ominously.  At the center stood a glass mirror, slim and rectangular.  Various wires were attached to the columns and sparks emitted from the equipment.  Clear colorless fuel dripped into an elegant moat surrounding the futuristic instrument.



            “Do you think it could be our way back home?”

Her brother’s brows furrowed in uncertainty.  “The mirror looks sinister.  Would we even know how to operate the machine?  What if we get teleported to a world full of human cannibals that eat people’s faces off?!  Or what if it just explodes?!”

“We have to try!  There aren’t many options left!”


            Taking a deep breath he replied, “Okay.”



            Hovering closer the mirror began to shine.  Just as the twins reached out to touch the glass, a knife darted by.  Feeling weightless Dipper and Mabel floated in air.  Cold blue auras coated them, held the two in place.  Who else could it be but the Gleefuls?



            “I would suggest not going near such a delicate device.”  An icy, indifferent, steel voice said.

“Look at their adorable faces!  Isn’t it amazing seeing them twist in fear?”  The Gleefuls appeared from shrouded darkness adorning matching grins.



            Struggling, Dipper Pines shouted, “Let us go!”  Instantly his throat felt like a snake was squeezing it shut.  He could breathe, but just barely. 

“Shall we play our usual game?”  M.G asked.  “Spilling blood is so much fun!”

“Yes.  I find it thrilling seeing new specimens writhing in agonizing pain.”


            “Now.  Who should we torture first?”  Two voices echoed thunderously as one.



            Sharp glinting knives hovered around D.G.  His dull icy orbs were permanently fixed in a blank gaze.  Everything was meant to be dissected, analyzed, and destroyed.  Nothing gave him pleasure.  All there was, was a cold fascination.



            Metal sliced Dipper’s arm.  Crimson beads fell, glistening in the faint light.  The long scar would need stitches.  “That was okay,” Mabel Gleeful tapped a pointed blade on her chin thoughtfully.  “But I can do better.”



            Blue hemimorphite stone glimmered, showering sparks in the dim lab.  Coughing up drops of blood, Dipper was launched across the room.  Clutter fell upon the Pines twin like an avalanche.  Insane laughter erupted from M.G’s lungs.  “He’s much more durable than the others.”

“Yes.  Studier than other doubles.”



            Leaning forward D.G picked up the journal.  In his grasp the book burst into blue flames.  Ashes rained down onto carpet, the knowledge gone.  “We don’t need worthless copies.”

Shivering, D.P felt a ripple of frigid chills bury deep in his bones.


            Was it dread?


            Or was the magic stone sapping all his strength?


            Eyes wide with fright he stared at the Gleeful twins.



            “Don’t hurt my brother!”  Mabel shouted.  A flying knife pierced her stomach.  Curling from extreme pain she hardly noticed one enter her shoulder.  Telepathically, M.G tossed Mabel against a wall before throwing her onto the ground.  Patches of fresh blood painted the gaudy study.



            Standing, Dipper fought the aura’s hold on him.  It felt like he was carrying a thousand rocks.  Every step became unbearable.  Grabbing a tacky, heavy ornament from the pile Dipper charged at the Gleefuls.  Ten knives punctured his body.  Collapsing, blood pooled beneath him.  Shimmering like a metal porcupine he lay still, unmovable.



            Without looking back at him D.G said, “You really think you could ambush us so easily?”

“We’ve been doing this a long time.”  M.G added.  “A simple tactic like that would never work.”

Blood trickled down Dipper’s chin.  Every inch he crawled, the blades burrowed in deeper.


            Suddenly all the knives spun at incredible speeds.



            Screaming, Pines thrashed around.  Trying to remove the knives – hands trembling – was impossible.  Tears stung Dipper’s eyes.  “I’m sorry Mabel.  This is all my fault.”

“No, no, no!  Dipper!”  She wailed desolately.  “It…it isn’t your fault!”  Anger flared inside Mabel.  She couldn’t withstand seeing her brother being torn to shreds.



            Drawing a grappling hook she fired it at the Gleefuls.  The metal hooks coiled around M.G’s feet.  Tripping, her face violently smacked earth.  Almost.  Seconds before contact a blue aura held the woman frozen in place.  Tugging the line Mabel shot forward and she punched the Gleeful twin’s jaw.



            Telepathic field snapping out of existence, M.G stumbled in shock.  Ready to brawl and save her brother, Mabel sprinted towards D.G.  Instead of a swift kick to his gut however, the girl’s dress exploded into a firestorm.  Unlike regular heat the strange fire burned worse than being sealed in ice.  Dancing upon Mabel’s skin it quickly turned everything into ash.



            Falling, she screamed.  The aura grabbed Mabel Pines in a chokehold, briefly stopping the endless frenzy of flames.  Alarm swirled in her eyes.  D.G’s breathing was ragged and his orbs dangerously flickered with rage.  Pines wilted from his livid, pale, blue glare.



            “Nobody,” he hissed.  “Nobody hurts my sister!  Nobody!”

Quivering, Mabel wondered what had made Dipper Gleeful’s mood instantly flip. 

D.G helped M.G up, gentle as if she was a fragile glass statue.  Pulling twin into a hug he whispered, “I promise Mabel.  They’ll never hurt you.  No injuries, right?”


            What had changed? 


            ‘I don’t understand.  Wasn’t the pair relatively cold and indifferent towards each other?’


            An eerie stone sunk into Mabel’s stomach.


            This dimension really was a lot more unfamiliar than their own.  More violent, chaotic, and unpredictable.



            “I’m okay Dipper.  It’s just a tiny scratch.”

“Little wound or not I won’t show mercy to anyone who hurts you!”

A tear slid down M.P’s face.  This was the end.  No second chances, no way to win.  Dipper and Mabel had fallen into a world where there weren’t cheerful days or happy endings.  At least for them.



            Vicious fire revived again after Gleeful released his hold.  Powerless to stop them, the Pines could only watch as the end of their dimension unfolded.  M.G and D.G stood by the mirror and both placed a hand upon glass.  Jars rattled, objects fell, and the whole room quivered.  Dazzling sparks transported the Gleefuls to a new world.



            Left behind, Dipper Pines silently cried.  Turning to Mabel the teen said, “I’m so sorry.”

Mabel sent a sunny smile even as the fire remained brightly ablaze.  “It’s okay.  We were just unlucky.  I’m sorry I couldn’t save you…”


            Vision blurry and fading they kept their eyes glued to the sinister mirror.



            “How shabby.  This Mystery Shack is a dump!”  Mabel Gleeful crossed her arms.  Dipper seemed to return to normal, back to his common emotionlessness.  “I’ll summon Will.  For now, it’ll be best to hide from detection.”  Flipping through pages D.G found a spell.



            Casting illusion magic they transformed into exact replicas of the Pines twins.  Finding a med kit in piles of junk D.G patched up his sister’s injuries.  Entering the attic Stanley said, “Oh.  There you guys are.  Glad to see you moved that mirror.  Lunch is almost ready.”

They responded, “Okay great uncle Stan.  We’ll be down shortly.”



            Descending a few steps Stanley paused.  Shuddering, he received an icy draft brushing his arms and spine.  ‘Something is different and bizarre about those kids.’ 

The Gleefuls swapped glances and eerily grinned at each other.  This dimension would flawlessly disintegrate in their hands.  No longer could the Pines twins defend the world they so deeply cared so much about.  Together, the Gleefuls marched downstairs ominously laughing.

















Chapter Text

“The garden might lead to an exit!”  Dipper said.  Holding his twin’s hand he tugged her (hopefully) to safety.  They’ve fought an army of gnomes, a robot lake monster, and haunted wax statues before.  But this?  Pure terror set their nerves ablaze.  Though similar, this dimension seemed to craft gloomier, sadistic, desolate tales.



            Jaws dropping in awe they arrived in a stunningly beautiful garden.  Ivory marble pillars stood tall within a midnight sky.  Vibrant blue and white flowers grew in clusters.  Soft greenery and shrubs shaped a stone courtyard.  At the center stood a cylinder altar.


            The most impressive object was an oval silver mirror sitting atop.



            “Looks like the little mice got lost.”

“Did they perhaps get attracted by a shimmering mirror?”

“Mabel, that maybe our way back home!”

Nodding she replied, “Be prepared to run for it!”  The Pines twins hadn’t spent multiple weeks with their unruly Grunkle Stan for nothing.


            If one wanted to survive, tricks had to be learned.



            “Brother,” M.G giggled.  “Look how they’re shaking!  Absolutely terrified!  How cute!”

“Focus sister.  We must not let them get too close to that mirror.  It is our only portal to their world.”

“Yes, yes.  World domination and all that.  I remember.  But, wouldn’t it be fun to slice them into tiny pieces?”  Closing in, Gleefuls backed Pines into a corner.



            “Got any spells in that journal?”

“Plenty.  Still have that grappling hook?”

“Of course!  What’s the plan?”

“Don’t stop moving.  If the amulets are anything like Gideon’s, it’s easier to latch onto things if they’re still.  When we return home we break the mirror in our dimension!”



            Swiftly Mabel shot her grappling hook at D.G.  Gathering great speed she kicked him in the gut.

“Brother!”  Mabel Gleeful shouted and launched knives at a sprinting Pines.  Diving by the pillars and bushes M.P dodged a storm of pointy metal.  Every blade struck earth, stone, or marble, missing their target.



            Also running for cover, Dipper Pines casted ice blasts to parry hot blue flames.  Slipping on frozen ground D.G tripped.  Cursing, his hands ignited powerful fire.  Charging at Pines he threw fists, smacking Dipper in the jaw and gut.  Sparking embers burned like falling into a pool of acid.  Screaming, D.P brought his opponent to the floor.  Both swapped punches and kicks.



            Latching onto Gleeful’s arm Dipper chanted a spell.  Crystals grew on their arms, locking them in place.  Ice encased and weakened flame.  “Just because one power is gone doesn’t mean I’m out of tricks!”  Gleeful hissed.  Drawing a knife he swooped down to cut Dipper’s throat.


            To rescue her brother, Mabel was going to shoot grappling hook at D.G, but she was tossed into the air.



            Violently her back smacked into a marble pillar.  The décor snapped in half and collapsed.  In dust, Dipper summoned all his strength and rolled.  Sharp fragments sliced the two.  Bleeding from tiny scars D.G and D.P kept fighting.  Finding the knife in debris Dipper picked it up.



            Stunned, Mabel pines could hardly focus on what was going on.  She had been tossed around by M.G and coughed up blood.  An unbearable pain slashed across the girl’s stomach.  Looking down, a long wound tore open.  Dread paralyzed her and so did extreme agony.



            Aura fading, Mabel fell onto garden floor.  M.G gasped.  Charging surging energy she screamed, “Nobody hurts my brother!”  A bone-chilling snap echoed in the courtyard.  Then, a scream of pain.  Turning her head, M.P’s brown orbs widened in shock.



            Dipper Gleeful stood, huffing in pain, his arm perfectly intact.  The ice still coated the limb.  Attached on the other end is what sacred her.  ‘My brother’s arm!’  The appendage was severed and dripped crimson blobs.  M.G ran up to and hugged D.G.  “That pathetic worm almost killed you!  If you died brother, I’d be devastated!  Are you okay?”


            Confusion muddled the Pines’ thoughts.


            ‘What the hell is up with this dimension?’



            For now, The Gleefuls were distracted.  The mirror was only a few feet away.  Crawling, Mabel kept moving towards the portal.

“We can only rely on each other.  No one understands me like you, brother!”

Fire erupted from his hand, melting ice and turning D.P’s arm to ash.  “I’m…fine.”  He wheezed.  “I’m…the…alpha twin.”

“Of course.  You did well.”  M.G patted his back.  “Now let’s destroy these weak doubles.”



            Weightless, Dipper was carried into the sky.  Hesitantly Mabel recoiled from the mirror and looked behind her.

“No,” he mouthed.  “Don’t risk your life to save mine.  Go.”

‘I can’t leave my brother stranded here.’



            Equipping a slab of marble she stabbed the flawless glass.  Fracturing, it exploded into pieces.  Jumping in alarm, the Gleefuls spun around and dropped Dipper.  Dashing past them Mabel caught her brother. Together they ran into the woods.



            Thorns and injuries slowed their pace as they left the garden through shrubs.  Mabel and Dipper refused to stop sprinting.  Danger was not far behind.  In fact, the Gleefuls hovered above dark treetops to search for their adversaries.  Ominous towering pines concealed M.P and D.P from view.  Wobbly, they stumbled in an endless wilderness.  None rested until their adrenaline gave out.



            “I guess this is the end?”  Dipper asked with sad airy laughter. 

Mabel smiled.  “At least we stopped the Gleefuls from destroying our dimension.”

“Don’t be afraid!  You still have a chance!”

Startled by a bodiless voice the twins jumped.



            An upside-down blue triangle appeared.  The creature resembled a small lantern in the soundless darkness.  Shaking in terror Dipper asked, “Bill Cipher?”

“Sort of.  I’m Will.  Unlike Bill however, I’m a friendly dream demon.”  When Will drifted closer the Pines twins stepped back.



            “Please don’t run!  Let me heal your wounds.”

“At what cost?”  Dipper snapped.

“How do we know if you’re lying or not?!”

Will sighed and his figure sagged miserably.  “I work for the Gleefuls.  Unwillingly.  But if you don’t accept my help you’ll bleed out.”

Swapping glances, the twins nodded.



            Will’s hands emitted a soothing aromatic aura of gold light.  The wounds didn’t regenerate but recovered enough to stop bleeding.  Pain dissolved too.  “I will offer you my undying assistance.  If I help you two I may be able to break the curse.  Those horrible, evil Gleefuls put a spell on me sealing most of my powers away when they summoned me.”



            “Can we go home ever again?”

Wistfully the dream demon stared at the starless night.  “One day, but not today.  It may take weeks or years.  You’ll eventually be able to return.”


“Don’t be sad!  At least you’re alive!  C’mon now.  I know a perfect place for you two to hide for a short time.  Follow me.”



            Will faded into shrouded woodland.  The twins stared at the shadowy distance with uncertainty.  Fear was sprinkled in their eyes.  “We’re the Pines twins.  Nothing can defeat us.  Injuries and all.”

“Right,” Dipper offered a small smile.  “Let’s go.”  Together, they marched into the unknown, along with Will Cipher as their guide.





















Chapter Text



Yandere Michael Myers x female reader




Ominous Danger


Many people including friends have told [Y/N] that she should be a model.  Her beauty is compared to glass.  Flawless.  Instead she decided to go to school for [career].  She also volunteers at a rundown asylum.  The place looks haunted and the patients terrifying but [Y/N] believes in the overall good about people.  We have to look out for each other.  What’s the point of society if that isn’t supported?

You can probably see why this would be the hero’s downfall…




The infamous Michael Myers lives there.  A cryptic, frightening, sinister man who always wears a mask.  Stronger and smarter doctors have quit.  Sometimes they left running and screaming from the asylum, many with outlandish bleeding wounds.  But [Y/N] isn’t discouraged.  Not even when the owner of the asylum tried telling her to find a safer profession. 

He’s a worn-out man from years of daunting work.  His features are very morbid.  Voice crackled and sluggish he said, “The everlasting screams of the insane and evil will chase any foolishly brave person away.  And so will he.”

But he eventually gave her a key card and an armored guardsman who showed her to Michael’s room.




Myers is intimidating.  He’s practically a giant.  Depthless shadows conceal his eyes, lacking of emotion.  It’s a permanent.

[Y/N] hovers by the door just in case he lunges.  She’s read about his brutal inhuman strength and agility.  His unnerving talent for slaying anything in his path.  How for such a tall man he goes on almost unnoticeable. 




It’s been almost a year since her first day volunteering.  [Y/N] doubts Michael will ever show a hint of emotions.  The doctors utter the same truthful mantra in the hallways every day.

But the staff is surprised.  He hasn’t attacked her once.  That’s new.  Small but significant.




Michael Myers hardly moved from the plain, rusty bed attached to the wall.  But when [Y/N] visits, his posture relaxes.  He seems more attentive, if possible.  Is her voice heartening?  She reads him books from the library or talks about funny stories she’s heard. 

The doctors curiously stare and write down notes.  Is it because [Y/N] doesn’t visibly show any fear?  She talks to him as if he was an old friend.




[Y/N] talked about wonderful things.  Movies, food, [hobby], anything she thought was fun.  Her recall is so picturesque that it feels like he isn’t trapped in some dreary, eternal prison. 




The darkness contained within him is an infinite nothingness.  But now it has changed.  Slightly.  But it is different.  Fizzing, twisting, hissing, and pulsing.  Like a heartbeat?  Vicious.  Perplexing. 








It’s bitterly cold today.  The crisp air is obscured by dense fog clinging to the earth.  Not a single leaf is on the trees.  Moonlight dimly lights a route through a large park.  [Y/N] is going to meet her date here and go to the movies.




Narrowing her [color] eyes [Y/N] sees a shadow sitting on a bench.  Maybe it’s [Date Name].  But she froze when she was just a few steps away.  It isn’t [Date Name].

Her heart pounds fearfully, so loud that the thump-thump-thump mutes all other sound.  Morbid shock bleeds onto her face but she doesn’t run.




A discarded bouquet of [flowers] is thrown across the earth pathway.  A pale mask slowly turns to face [Y/N].  Michael Myers.  In an indestructible grip is a glinting knife and [Date Name]!  The knife stabs through and [Date Name] screams.  Wrenched free the metal surface is blemished with globs of crimson red.




“No!  Why did you…” her voice loses all snappiness as it evaporates into scary silence. 

[Date Name] is carelessly hurled onto the ground.  Tears sting her eyes and in a flash [Y/N] sprints.  What else can she do?!  Maybe if I had gotten to the park sooner we could’ve run away from him!

How did Michael Myers escape?!




If I can just make it to the theater where all the shops and people are I can-

The knife swings through air, ringing as it narrowly misses her face.  Stumbling, [Y/N] dives the other way and hides in the small forest.




Fear latches onto her senses as she zigzags from tree to tree.  Dense mist provides cover for her but also for the killer.  I guess I have no other option but to fight.  [Y/N] doubts Michael Myers would give up.  Looking around for a weapon she quickly grabs a heavy branch.




The eerie din is dreadful.  She runs.  Waiting to die sounds scarier. 

Like a ghastly entity a white mask peers out from the fog.  So does the knife, gleaming blindingly white against immense darkness. 

[Y/N] swings the branch only for it to break.  Wood splinters rain down and she raises her arms up to shield her face.




A hand clasps onto her throat and her back hits a tree.  Stunned, [Y/N] coughs.  Air is trapped in her throat as her brain screams for her to intake oxygen.  But she can only stare at the knife hovering above.  But a quick death doesn’t come. 

Michael Myers is still for a few heartbeats.  The knife lands inches from [Y/N]’s face. 

Somehow, [Y/N]’s fear perishes.  She’s enraged.  Glaring she asks, “If you aren’t going to kill me then what do you want?!”  What could a merciless taciturn monster want other than bloodshed?  Why spare anybody?




He slowly grabs his mask and pulls it up.  Only Michael Myers’ chin and lips are visible.  He pointed to his lips.  A kiss?

[Y/N] almost laughed.  This is insane.  If she refused, would he stab her?  She wondered how she wasn’t dead yet.  Her mind is wrought with panic still.  Trepidation and absolute hate. 

If she miraculously escaped and ran, Michael Myers would chase her.  Eventually he would find her again.  Fighting and wining is unrealistic.  But [Y/N] has to do something –and fast.  She’s dealing with the infamous Michael Myers.






















Chapter Text

My Hero Academia

Yandere Shigaraki x reader



An Old Friend




Serpent Spit – [Y/N]’s bite and spit is venomous.  They can control when it activates and they can spit venom up to 6-10ft.

Nocturnal – Speed, strength, health, and stamina are increased at night.







“This world…let’s face it.  Really sucks.  For those cast aside by society they’re labeled useless and evil.  But if you’re beautiful, rich, or lucky then every problem is easy.  It’s a bitter truth.”




Ever since childhood they had wanted to be a hero.  But years ago they dropped out of the hero program.  Why?  Their quirks are effective enough.  Peers and teachers constantly put them down.  “You’re too idealistic.  Too aggressive.  A hero must never seek revenge.”

What about pro heroes?  Only caring for money and fame. 

So [Y/N] became a vigilante.




It’s been three years and surprisingly they haven’t been captured by heroes or villains.  [Y/N] hadn’t had many friends, being a loner –except one.  Tenko Shimura.  But he vanished.  It hurts.  If anyone could’ve been a hero it would’ve been Shimura.




For some reason [Y/N] gets melancholy and drifts into the past after missions.  They sit in an alleyway.  Blood pools from fresh wounds and a broken leg.  It would take an hour for their nocturnal quirk to heal all injuries.  But it’s worth it because [Y/N] has accomplished justice for civilians; something pro heroes haven’t been able to do for years.




Shakily [Y/N] stands up to leave when another shadowy figure appears.  “Did I miss one?”

The person, cloaked in dark robes, chuckled.  “You and I have a lot of the same views about society.”  Taking a step the guy digs his boot into the injured criminals.  He grinned, eyeing each gnarled wound.  “Great work.”

“Who are you and what do you want?”




“My boss asked me to invite you to our group.”

[Y/N] narrowed their [color] eyes trying to see the guy’s face.  In agonizing pain they shift their foot –ready to run.  “Sorry.  I don’t work in teams.”




Bullets won’t work.  Dabi’s intense fire can melt them instantly.  So [Y/N] spat venom.  It narrowly misses his arm.  Wall jumping, a whirlwind of blue flames follow.  The fire strongly catches onto their coat before vanishing.  [Y/N] spits venom again and it hits.  Dabi shouted and clutched his chest.  Thankfully Shigaraki had given him armor.  The metal hissed as it corroded but stayed intact.




Fire blasts help Dabi flip through the air like an elegant gymnast.  He lands on his target.  “You’re pretty cool!  I think you’ll like working with the LOV.”

LOV?  Isn’t that the group of villains that attacked UA?

Dabi secured them up with tech that seals their quirks.  A dark portal appears and Dabi drags [Y/N] through.




“Dabi has returned.”  A shadowy being said, drying glasses at a bar.  Who is their leader?  The clips from UA provide almost no info.  But somehow, the LOV knows about [Y/N]’s quirks.  Their captor greeted Kurogiri, sat at the bar, opened a beer and took a swig.




A door swings open and a pale man enters the room.  The same guy from the UA attack.  He scratches his neck either irritated or thinking of something.  He removes a hand –a mask, from his face.  An eerie grin and red eyes stare at [color].




“Welcome to the LOV, [Y/N].  I’m sorry if Dabi caused you any trouble,”

He snorted.

“But I knew you wouldn’t wait around to talk to us.”

“Why am I here?”  [Y/N] left resentment (or dread) from their voice.




“Where’s that warm smile?  Have you forgotten your best friend?”

No!  It can’t be-

“Shimura?!”  They sputtered.  [Y/N]’s tough vigilante exterior vanished.

He laughed, amused by their cute and shocked face.  “I go by Shigaraki Tomura now.  And you, [Vigilante Name].  I guess neither of us could be a hero, huh?  We abandoned that path for similar reasons.”




[Y/N]’s gaze hardened.  Frowned somberly.  “I don’t want to completely destroy the world like you.  The good live while the evil are-”

“Don’t you think that everything has to be destroyed so that society can change?  There’s too much evil already.”  Shigaraki turns to Kurogiri.  “Toga, Spinner, and Twice have another mission.”

“I’ll go too.  Or do you need me to guard our new friend here?”


Dabi shrugged and teleported with Kurogiri.




“When I heard that you became a vigilante I was very surprised.  I thought you’d be a hero.”

[Y/N] laughed.  Both their pasts are heartbreaking but it’s funny how they ended up here.  “I thought you’d be a hero too.”

“I guess our dreams were broken when reality hit us pretty hard in the face.”  Shigaraki smiled.  “I have to say I admire your work.”  His eyes softened as he fought back tears.  “I missed you.”

They did too.  But they still can’t believe Shigaraki is the leader of the LOV.

“Will you join us?”





There’s painful silence.


“I won’t.”

“We reunite after so long and you say that?”

[Y/N]’s been that way since they were younger.  Heroic, forthright, and smart.  Shigaraki loves that about them.  But he can’t accept this.  He thought they’d be grateful.




That’s okay.  All For One taught him to never give up.  Shigaraki will apply what he’s learned.  It’s gotten him this far. 

Shigaraki’s sole purpose is to destroy the world but he also wants [Y/N] to be by his side.  His only friend that ever cared about him.




“C’mon!  You’re practically an antihero!  That’s the same as a villain!” 

“No it isn’t.”

He huffed, his arms crossed.  “You aren’t leaving.  You’ll see our values are the same as yours.”








Like a treasured artifact [Y/N] is sealed in a room only Shigaraki or Kurogiri can access.  Maybe it’s been days, weeks, or longer.  They can’t tell.  Shigaraki visits often.  Usually to bring food, talk about LOV’s victories or to complain about their failures.  He animatedly paces, throwing his arms around, which [Y/N] only rolls their eyes.




But today Shigaraki is nervous.  Silent.  It’s unnerving.  Just staring.  He holds a priceless gift.  “Maybe I wasn’t clear.”  He rubbed his neck and sighed.  “Toga said I wasn’t-” he mimicked her voice.  “Showing how much I care.  So this is for you.”




A handmade gift?

“I thought about stealing something really costly for you but then I thought that’d be tacky.”

“Thank you.”  [Y/N] is baffled.  “But it doesn’t matter what you give me.  I won’t join the-”

Shigaraki shook his head.  “I made you this because I love you.”

Out of all the reasons of Shigaraki giving a gift, they didn’t expect that one.




“When I destroy All Might you and I will watch society collapse.”

“This is a trick.”  They spat.

“It isn’t!”  Shigaraki shouted.  He scratched his neck.  Why don’t they understand?!  He abruptly turned and left, slamming the door.




Kurogiri poured some drinks.  “It didn’t go well?”

“No,” he miserably muttered and crossed his arms.  “Any other ideas?”

Dabi shrugged.

“Oh!  I know!”  Toga waved an arm.  “Go on a date!”

“A date?”

“Yeah.  Then [Y/N] will love you!  We’ll be the most awesome villains in the world!”

“[Y/N] cares about you a lot.” Kurogiri said. 

“Maybe you could rob a pastry shop.” 

“That’s…perfect!  Then I can release Nomu in the city to show them how awesome it’ll be to be in the LOV!”




Shigaraki hummed a tune as he carried pastries back to the LOV hideout.  He hears fighting.  Did [Y/N] escape?!  Dropping the bags he enters the hideout.  Pro heroes!  Four of them.  Kurogiri, Spinner, Twice, Dabi, and Himiko are injured.  They must’ve been off-guard because Kurogiri couldn’t help the LOV escape.




Cursing, Shigaraki jumps into battle.  These are no-name heroes.  He applied his quirk to one and they screamed, losing a leg.

“A hero is chasing [Y/N]!”

He runs to go find them.




Outside, he eventually finds them.  [Y/N] is wobbling and bloody.

I can’t lose them!  They’re Shigaraki’s only friend.  [Y/N] is the only person that doesn’t consider him insignificant.




Lunging, Shigaraki reaches for the pro hero.  Glowing bright red like a lantern or flecks of fire, they scream and turn to ash.

He catches [Y/N] as they fall.  They’re hurt badly.  A gaping wound in their neck and chest.  Tears sting his eyes as he holds them.  “I’ll get you healed!  Don’t die!” 

“Shimura?  I think that guy was a new pro hero.  He didn’t follow orders.”  They mumbled painfully.  “I’m just a no-name crime fighter.  Not worthy at all…”

“No,” Shigaraki shook his head.  “You’re a true hero!  Society doesn’t deserve someone as amazing as you!”

[Y/N] smiled.  “I’m happy to have been your friend Shimura.  I wish we could’ve been pro heroes together.”




Shigaraki cried.  A downhearted wail. 

Dabi ran towards him past deafening explosions and quickly looked at them.  He carried [Y/N] in his arms and shouted, “A portal is this way!”

They ran dodging weapons and quirks.  As they leapt through the portal, Shigaraki promised that he’d save [Y/N] and get payback for the pro heroes that hurt them.






















Chapter Text

Requested from Multifandom Treasury 2

Demon Slayer

Yandere Kokushibo x Half Demon Female Reader


Moon Curse


[Y/N] is known as the Magician.  Is she one?  Sort of.  She’s half demon and half human.  Very rare.  If anyone knew her secret they’d be jealous.  [Y/N] can enjoy being in both worlds.  Sunlight doesn’t scorch her skin, hindering her like the weakness that afflicts all demons.  She also looks human.  At night her powers are stronger.  As half human she can eat regular food but needs some blood as half demon.




In exchange for blood which she collects in jars, [Y/N] casts magic for visitors.  Looking for a soulmate?  Need protection charms for long travels?  Do you wish for a better crop harvest than the years before?  Her blood demon arts can fix most things.




A small cottage up in the mountains is her home.  Surrounded by thriving woodland and a river where fauna drink from –it’s picturesque paradise.  Below, stone steps lead to a village.  Peach-colored clouds drown in shadowy trees of sunset.  Above is a purple nothingness with a solemn crescent moon.

Humming a tune, [Y/N] waters a garden when she hears animals nosily scatter.  Bitter fear drenches her senses.  Someone’s around.




Concealed in shadows [color] eyes frantically search for danger.  A tall figure stumbles out from some bushes, limping.  “Why are you cowering?  I can see you,” he spat.  “I can see anything.”

A demon with six eyes?  He’s part of the Twelve Moons!  That symbol is unmistakable. 

Trembling, she leaves the tree and stands a few feet away from him.  The Twelve Moons’ stories are bone-chilling.  A violent merciless army that devotedly follows Muzan –the most feared demon.




Awkward silence seeps into air.  The man is bleeding from deep wounds.  Unlike her, demons have greater supernatural healing abilities.  Something must be blocking his demon blood arts.

He staggered, one hand gripping a sword hilt.  Six eyes narrow to observe [Y/N].




“You’re pathetic.  Not good enough to be either a demon or human.”

[Y/N] flinched.  Then frowned.  “At least I can withstand the sun and be happy.  Cleary you’ve never been.”  Her protest could seal her fate but she won’t stand for someone insulting her. 

“You’ll never reach your full potential as a half.  What kind of life is that?  Never being accepted by either demons or humans?”




Pain clutched her heart.  The demon is right.  But it’s better than being like them.  “Why’re you here?”

“I don’t need to answer you.  You’re not as powerful as me.”

[Y/N] shrugged and backed away, watching him as she slowly walked back to her cottage.  Maybe he’d leave.  What would a Twelve Moon demon want with her anyway?




Just as she closed the door and sunk down from shock and fear from the encounter, a blade stabbed through and swings the door open.  [Y/N] quickly dove as the demon pulled himself in.  Sheathing his sword he collapsed.  A crackling fireplace casted an eerie glow upon his terrifying features.  She tried not to look.  Instead she started cooking a meal for her and her uninvited guest.




She eyed his wounds and followed his gaze to her blood storage.  “Drinking blood won’t help.  You’d need to get that poison extracted and-”

“A lowly half demon like you has no right to advise me.”

“That demon slayer’s poison sealed your powers.”

“He was no match for me!”  Kokushibo laughed.  “Even wounded as I am, I still slayed them all.”

“Hah, really?  He wounded you enough that you had to get help from a ‘lowly half demon’.”




For two days [Y/N] cooked food for her guest but he mostly ignored her, still wounded and bleeding.  His last battle must’ve been one of the hardest for him.  He barely escaped alive.  He hasn’t moved from that spot once. 

Opening the door and staying by the frame she saw the demon flinch from the sun.  “You know what I realized?  You hate being a demon.  It isn’t what you thought it would be.  You’re angry that you couldn’t be powerful even as a demon slayer.”

Kokushibo looked at her in surprise.

[Y/N] just rolled her eyes.  “Demon slayers never forget their training.  Your stance and awareness says it all.”




He glared at her.  He tried to stand and attack but he instantly crumpled back onto the floor, dropping his sword.

“And you’re mad because I’ve found a good life as a half where you’ve experienced both worlds in eternal agony and grief.  It happens a lot when humans turn.”




Returning she sat across from him and opened a box full of tools.  “After I help you, you must leave.”

Kokushibo hated that a weakling was helping him.  That she’s right.

His brother outshined him in everything –from smarts to fighting to kindness.  It’s something Kokushibo hated and respected.  Has Kokushibo sacrificed everything for empty power?  Could he have been happy if he had just stayed a demon slayer?




The poisonous weapon is removed.  A sharp metal hook was lodged by his ribs.  It was blessed with talisman magic and [Y/N] carefully tossed it away.  The other wounds weren’t as bad.  Applying antidote and bandages, she packed up her medicine.

“Thank you,” the demon muttered.

She nodded.

“My name is Kokushibo.”

“I’m [Y/N].”




He left at night without a goodbye.  [Y/N]’s relieved.  But Kokushibo?  He’s thinking about her.

No opponent he’s ever faced had given such a fatal wound as she had.  Why does she stick to my mind?

In the unforgiving blood-wrought world, she’s the only person to understand his turmoil.  His undying hatred for how things in life had turned out.




Maybe since he acknowledged his flaws, that fate as heartless as it is, is rewarding him.  Wrath and bloodshed no longer are his paradigm.  When he completed his next mission Kokushibo returned to the village.




Wearing a human disguise he stopped at a smith and asked them to craft a gift.  A beautiful crescent moon encased in metal.  It shimmers like the pale eyes of a dead man and the blue of a sword in moonlight.









Opening the door a shadow looms over her.  [Color] eyes meet six golden orbs.  Her face paling she asked, “Kokushibo?”

Wordlessly he held the brooch. 

“What is that?”  Her brows furrowed.

“For you.  I want us to be together.  To be married.”




[Y/N] looked at the brooch and then back at Kokushibo.  “It’s beautiful but I won’t marry you.”

“Why?”  He asked.  “Because I’m a demon?”

“Because you’re part of Muzan’s army.  And you eat humans.”




Am I cursed?  Kokushibo wondered.  Is his life just a joke to the universe?  Will he be denied everything he wishes for?

Her daring eyes remind Kokushibo of the brave and foolish demon slayers he’s fought.  Will this be a battle too?




Hand resting on sword hilt he asked, “My life has been unlucky from the beginning.  This time things will change.”

Sensing strong bloodthirst she hardly dodges in time as her house was split in two.  Wood splinters rain down as [Y/N] runs outside into the forest.




I should’ve never healed his wounds!  Her only safety is daylight which is hours away.  Even if I was an ordinary demon there’d be no chance of escaping!  But I have to try!

Jumping from tree to tree she sees tall sharp crescent waves chasing her.  “Blood demon art…”




Forests twisted and quiver.  Gnarled roots and branches meet and create a net.  An endless maze transforms the landscape. 

Kokushibo laughed.  “A trick huh?  With my sight I can find anything.  Or I can just cut down anything in my path.”




Wild crescents decapitated the trees and reveal the half demon hiding in pointy branches.  Like a snake sensing its food through heat, Kokushibo never loses what he’s tracking.  “Let’s see if you can run from me until daylight…”



















Chapter Text


Gravity Falls

Human Bill Cipher x Reader x Dipper Pines





Dipper and Mabel have completed college and are visiting Gravity Falls for another summer.  Except this time Dipper is bringing along a friend: [Y/N] [L/N].  Someone he met the first day of college.  They love history and are specifically studying ancient civilizations across the world.  The two decided to write a book together after locating some ruins in Gravity Falls.




His twin quickly left after unpacking saying she was going to hang out with Candy, Grenda, and Pacifica.  Stopping at a pancake house [Y/N] and Dipper planned out their route and checked their supplies.  Nature can be dangerous so it’s better to be prepared.  Pines, adept at over planning and the supernatural, never left for an adventure without an outline.




“I’m so excited, Dipper!”  [Y/N] said over [genre] music.  He drove down a dusty earth path into familiar woodland that has become a second home. 

“If we find and undiscovered society our book will be award-winning!”

He nodded optimistically.  “I’ve seen a bunch of supernatural things in past summers here.  I’m sure this’ll be our greatest adventure yet!”




Parking by the old ruins they equipped useful tech for the hike.  Switching a flashlight on, carrying a pen, Dipper drew out a map.  He smiled at [Y/N].  A bright flash blinded them and they jump, blinking light from their [color] eyes. 

 “I promised Mabel I’d take pictures for a new scrapbook,” he chuckled.

[Y/N] laughed and shook their head.  “Of course you did.  Luckily it’s a beautiful day.  It’d be a crime not to take pictures.”

“Well, that and you have a great smile.”

“Ah shut it,” [Y/N] hit Dipper’s arm.  “Instead of complimenting me how about you take me to the movies?”

“Like a date?”


“It’s a deal!”




Two bars of light guide their footsteps in the unexplored cave.  Boots crunch on stone.  The ceiling is so low that the friends have to crouch and shuffle towards a dark tunnel.  Exiting the claustrophobic chamber they stumble into a long corridor.  Dipper and [Y/N] have to walk single file. 




Hand brushed icy walls.  [Y/N] studies faded paintings.  Unsophisticated shapes portray scenes of the tribe’s life but the drawings are scarred by time.  “I wonder what their society is like.  What their rituals were.  Will there be any artifacts in this cave?”




A taller cave reaches up like a triangular theater.  Square stone pillars surround a stage.  Gold symbols glow in the murky darkness.  At the center is a cylinder fixture as tall as a man.  On top is a complex triangle treasure.  Gold and decorated with small jewels. 

“Wow that’s cool!”  [Y/N] paced back and forth eyeing the object.  “I know you and Mabel found this cave by accident last summer but I’m surprised a thief hasn’t pocketed this thing.”

“Maybe it’s a trap?”

“Likely.  But I wonder what it’s for.  A tool?  Part of a weapon?  Or just some sacred charm?”

“Okay so who’s going to investigate?”

A coin flickered in Dipper’s hand.  “Let’s flip a coin.”

Tails.  [Y/N] cursed.  “Guess I’m going.”

“I’ll watch your back.”





Doubtfully [Y/N] hovered by the object.  Their distorted reflection fearfully stared back at them.  This is a bad idea.  What if I get cursed or something?  [Y/N] sighed.  It’s like every horror or action film cliché.  Quickly prodding it they jumped back.  Nothing? 




Wind rushed through the cave sounding like a deep somber voice.  “Did we summon a beast from hell or something?”

“Or started the apocalypse?”  Dipper asked.  There’s no visible change but something felt different.  His skin felt winter cold.  He sees blood pour down from the stage and he grabbed [Y/N]’s waist, pulling them back in time.  Their mouths hang agape as they stare, shocked.   




A tall man emerges from the blood dressed in gold robes and jewels.  His face is pale, thin, with a pointy jawline.  Glitter dusts his gold eyelashes and hair.  A wild and sinister smile matches his mischievous eyes.  This is nothing like the other creatures Dipper has seen in Gravity Falls.




The man twirled a staff as he observed the intruders.  Or are they guests?  They did revive him from centuries of being sealed in the temple. 

“Who are you?”  Dipper asked.

“You break into my sanctuary without respect?”  Snapping his fingers the two humans bowed.  Their muscles burned as if some entity was painfully tugging their limbs.




[Y/N]’s eyes sparkled and they smiled at the showman.  “Wow!  Are you part of this extinct civilization’s pantheon?”

“Yes.  I’m their demon god: Bill Cipher.”

“That’s awesome!  Dipper!  We actually found something!”

“Yeah.  I bet no other scientist has found a demon god before.”

Hugging their friend they ran over to Bill and got out a notebook and pen.  “We’re researchers.  Can I ask you some questions?”




Bill eyed the humans, amused.  His people had worshipped him for hundreds of years when the sun and moon were still young.  Though one leader had decided to start a war against him and sealed Bill in this old temple before scorching the rest of his city.  Dipper looked like that man.  [Y/N] though, reminded Cipher of an old friend he knew from the beginning.  “A scribe?  I’ll answer any questions you have.  The best people in any society are the knowledgeable, after all.”  The god smiles, drinking the admiration.  His old enemies are dead and he can start again, reawakened, there are no more pathetic armies to stop him from ruling the world this time.




Being sealed in the rundown temple so long, Bill’s powers are weak.  Gods gain magic through sacrifices, gifts, and devoted followers’ belief.  He is stranded in the old temple unable to explore outside.  Cipher misses [Y/N]’s humor and intelligence.  Their discussions usually go on for hours while Dipper examines the temple and any artifacts buried in rubble.  Pine Tree is bland in comparison.  Bill thinks he’s a lot like a servant rather than an honorable soldier or scribe. 




Casting a spell Bill can view the world outside, seeing how society has changed.  He’s shocked and disgusted my it’s modernism.  But what he hates more is that his scribe is dating Pine Tree.    

[Y/N] and Dipper visit a few days a week.  Bill is jealous.  They’re always laughing together.  Making jokes and references he doesn’t understand or telling him funny adventures they’ve been on.  So Cipher dismisses Dipper on meaningless jobs.  With a huff he complies because Bill promised to tell them exciting information about his tribe. 




Bill offers [Y/N] gifts.  Like costly clothes or handcrafted charms.  He boasts about his otherworldly magic which is far greater than any other being.  Hades?  Ra?  Pha!  They’re just myths!  But listening to [Y/N]’s stories gives Cipher an idea.  Gods never lose in a game of love.  Not to lowly humans.  If he turns [Y/N] into a deity then they’d fall in love with him.  So Bill relearns old and forgotten magic spells.




Stretching, [Y/N] smiled as warm sunlight reached past the towering trees on a hill by the cave.  Pines had decided to take a break and set up a picnic.  For once he’s happy not to be buried in studies or dreadful adventures. 

“Grunkle Stan is hosting a Summerween party in a week.  Mabel and I are going to try and make candy.  Want to help us?”

“Only if I can eat some.  Besides I wonder what silly costume she’ll make for you this year.”

Dipper snorted but smiled.  Opening one eye he saw that [Y/N] was distracted looking at the sky.  He lunged and pulled them into a hug.  [Y/N] tried to break free but eventually slumped dejectedly.  They crossed their arms.  “Loser, let me go.”

“Nope.  And I’ll tell Mabel to make a costume for you too.”

Dozing off in their boyfriend’s arms they said, “Well she is a great fashion designer.  Maybe I can be a [monster].”




Earth trembled.  Golden light eclipses the blue.  A giant ebony pyramid floats into the sky.  Dipper stared at it and didn’t see a tree snap in half.  [Y/N] got up and pushed him, saving him from the falling tree.  Dipper is about to jump over the tree to meet [Y/N] and run back to their vehicle when a gold force field separates them. 

[Y/N]’s voice is muffled.  “Dipper are you okay?!”

“Yeah!  I’ll get you out somehow.”




Bill Cipher exits the ruins. 

Dipper glares at him asking,” What did you do, Cipher?”

The god smiled.  “My old home is gone.  So I’m making a new one.  This new world isn’t as fun as it used to be.  It’s time for reawakening chaos.”  He winked at [Y/N].  “With you at my side of course.”




“Let them go, Cipher!”

Bill laughed and hugged [Y/N] who bitterly glared at him, as he floats up towards the pyramid.  “If you’re brave enough to fight a god then make your way to the pyramid!  You humans are so funny, so weak, thinking that your fearlessness alone will win wars.”




Did Bill just become Bowser?  Pines cursed.  He can’t save [Y/N] and the world alone.  He’s going to need help.  Running to the car and driving back to the Mystery Shack he hoped that his family and friends were up for saving the world. 





















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Villain Sasha AU

  • Intelligent and levelheaded, Sasha would be a formidable villain.  No need to remove brains like Oleander.  The scientist’s brain tumbler has access to the collective unconscious.  Sure it’s a prototype but a sturdy prototype.  Professional psychonauts have to use a ton of power to even travel through a group of minds. 



  • He had asked Raz to test the invention because he sees extraordinary potential in him.  Every great ruler needs an adjutant.  Fearless, quick-witted, and loyal, Raz is like a son to Agent Nein.



  • Raz’s journey is successful.  Exploring people’s minds he returns with useful information.  Knowledge that can hinder anyone who’s an enemy.



  • But a great villain can’t rely on just one trick.  But these other experiments, well, are catastrophic .  Comically catastrophic.  Trying to create monsters takes science and creativity.  Sasha lacks the latter.  His censors ended up going out of control and almost destroyed Whispering Rock. 



  • Later, Raz brought a friend back.  A giant fish monster.  Sasha was clearly puzzled.  The camper just walked in nonchalantly one day like a kid finding a stray cat or dog.  How did Raz, who has a curse linked to water, find such a beast?  Oh well.  Linda the fish monster will be a marvelous addition to the team.  But wait, how did he get Linda to the lab without anyone seeing him? 



  • Add wholesome episodes of Raz and Sasha taking care of Linda.  They probably made Linda a big aquarium in the lab.  And hey, he can play an instrument too.



  • Who needs brain tanks?  Agent Nein is crafty but he’d rather be straightforward with potential allies before mercilessly crushing them if they refuse to be in his army.  This guy’s mind is literally in black and white.



  • Normally a professional Psychonaut can only manipulate the mind.  But Raz learned brainwashing.  How?  Tap into an individual’s agony.  He’s also able to convince other campers to help him.



  • The campers go out to the abandoned asylum.  Raz had had mysterious visions about the place.  Some guy called Dr. Loboto led the outcasts living there.  He doesn’t anymore.  Gathering as much psitanium as they can Sasha is able to create a device where it amplifies a person’s wrath and pain –transforming all within range into a monster.



  • Raz and Sasha certainly wear super villain costumes.  Every famous villain does.  But also for the obvious reason: they don’t want anyone to discover their identities.  Especially because they’re still part of Whisper Rock camp.  For now at least.



  • With swift accuracy Agent Nein is able to take over the world.  Oleander may have been in a war but Sasha’s technology is unsurpassable.  With brains and brawn, he quickly defeats any psychonauts that try and stop him. 


















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Requested from Multifandom Treasury 2

My Hero Academia




“Ugh.  I am.  So.  Bored!”  Toga removed her knife that was buried in a dead hero.  The excitement of chasing her target and painting the streets with blood has faded recently.  Nowadays Himiko looks at the disassembled corpses without a flurry of joy in her villainous heart.




I’d ask the guys to go to karaoke or the arcades again but Shigaraki refused.  Hmph.  She crossed her arms and tapped her foot thoughtfully.  Everybody is too serious all the time.  What is the LOV?  A goth convention?  And what’s the point of trying to rule the world if you don’t have fun?




Back at the hideout she had an idea.  Pranks!  Twice, willing to abandon anything to help Himiko, offered to help her set up the pranks.  “These’ll be the most memorable pranks!  Or it’ll be catastrophic,” he said.  “What should our first prank be?”




Himiko thoughtfully considered pranks over a blood-flavored sucker.  “Maybe we could go back in time or prank the interdimensional LOV.”

“Great idea!  But what if our other selves travel through time and get revenge?  Or we destroy the timeline?”

“I guess you’re right.”  She shrugged.  “It would’ve made a cool episode though.”




“What would be terrifying for a villain?”

“Losing a fight?”  Twice suggested.  “Being defeated by your worst enemy is pretty depressing.”

“Even a hero can think of that,” Toga shook her head.  “No.  Too predictable.”

After hours of discussing pranks, Twice and Toga vanished.




Dabi and Shigaraki returned from a mission.  The bar is strangely quiet.  The stitched pyromaniac enjoyed the soundlessness.  But Shigaraki is suspicious.




“What’s this thing?”  Dabi picked up a block-shaped device.

“An old telephone.  But someone modified it.”

“Seriously?”  He snorted but jumped when it started ringing.  Shigaraki grabbed the phone and answered, “Hello?”




Hello LOV,” Himiko’s voice crackled through the phone in an amused tone.  “I want to play a game.

Twice can be heard laughing in the background.

Dabi rubbed his face, irritated.  “Just hang up on those jokesters.”

“We don’t want to play a-”

There’s a prize if you win.

Shigaraki grinned.  So this game has a prize?  Okay.  Now he’s interested.




“Fine.  What do we have to do?”

Out of the LOV you two are a team.  Solve the puzzles and get to the finish line first and you’ll win!

Go to the old house –you know the one we almost burned down?  There’ll be your first puzzle.




Walking halfway across town Dabi and Shigaraki found the house.  The door shut behind them and clicked.  Dabi turned.  “Locked?”  He sighed and summoning fire for light he kicked the door with a heavy boot.  “What is this made of?”

“Here,” Shigaraki struck the door but it didn’t rot.




Hahahahaha!  Cool huh?  Toga and I made some upgrades to the house!”  Twice shouted.

“You couldn’t use this stuff on our missions?!”

First clue: there’s a way out.  But you have to find the exit.




“I say we burn this place down and go get milkshakes or something,” flames spark in Dabi’s hands.

“There has to be a trick to this house…” Shigaraki narrowed his eyes at the interior.  The two looked around until they found a painting of Kurogiri.  It’s tall with an elegant frame.




“Is there something stored inside?  Let me burn it!”

Shigaraki elbowed Dabi.  “Why’re you such a pyromaniac?  Brute force can’t get you everywhere.”

He chuckled.  “It has so far.”

Carefully Shigaraki peeled a corner of the painting.  The canvas is just paper.  A tunnel is on the other side.  Climbing into the tunnel Dabi asked, “How much do you want to bet it’s trapped?”




It isn’t.  Eventually they met a tall cave-like wall but no ladder.  “See ya loser,” Dabi easily flew up and over the wall.  Shigaraki glared.  “Hey!  This is a co-op game!  You can’t just –ugh.”  He tries to scale the smooth stone wall but falls back to the ground.  Dabi peeked his head over.

Shigaraki smiled.  “You came back for me?”

“No.  Well.  Yes.  But only because there’s a puzzle only you can solve.”




“I tried breaking the glass to get the key but…” a video game controller is connected to a tall glass screen. 

“Now this is something I can do.  Beat the game and get the high score, huh?”  Shigaraki got to the second level when the character died to a horde of enemies. 

“Do you hear that?”

The floor rattled and slowly disappeared.





“I got it,” he frantically pressed buttons as Dabi fearfully stared into the shadowy depth.  What’s below?  Metal spikes?  A trap?




A happy tune played as Shigaraki cheered.  A key dropped into his hand.  A bridge connected to the platform leading to a new door.  They ran but entered another horror.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Dabi said.  It’s a maze.  A maze where the walls, floor, and ceiling are nothing but pictures of All Might.




Collapsing, Shigaraki curled up.  “Not going any further.  I give up.”

“We’re villains Tomura, we don’t give up.  We got this far already and I ain’t reliving that hell by going back.  I ain’t scared.  C’mon.”  Dabi grabbed his friend’s hoodie and dragged him through the maze.

“The prize probably isn’t worth it…”

“We can always kick Toga and Twice’s ass if it ain’t.”




Finding a door Dabi opened it –to find a wall.  An air horn deafeningly blared.  Fire blasts destroy it.  Going back to the start he chose a different direction.  Thirty-five melted air horns later they finally saw the exit.




Confetti exploded.  Glitter rained down on them as cake smacked their faces.  Firecrackers hit the ground and sent loud sparks everywhere.  Toga and Twice cheer.  “You made it here!  You win!”

“What’s the prize?”

“It better be a good one.”

Himiko stifled a laugh.  “There’s no prize.”

Twice chuckled.  “We’re getting you guys back for not hanging out with us last time!”




“Are we going to prank them back?”  Dabi whispered, surprisingly calm.

Shigaraki scratched his neck and nodded.  “Yes.  And I’ve got an idea.  You in?”

He grinned.  “I’m in.”




















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Writing hasn’t been fun recently.  I have many ideas for one-shots and drafts of chapters for other stories but as of now I am taking a break.  Updates will be suspended until further notice.  I don’t know if I’ll ever return to writing fanfiction.  I am thankful for all the support you guys have had for the stories I made.
















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Unexpected Friend


Frank has been watching Dwight from the shadows for a few weeks.  Regularly chuckling at the survivor’s comically terrible –what would you even call it?  Training? 

There’s not much else to do in the Entity’s morbid kill-or-be-killed world and Frank sometimes likes to go out on his own without the Legion, so he wanted to see what the weakest survivor was doing.




Dwight isn’t a complete loss.  In games his wit would be hindered by panic.  At first, Frank thought he was just a muttering fool but something fascinated him about the geek.  Pity?  Curiosity?  Boredom?  Probably the third.  Or is it that somehow, the two are similar?  Morrison can sense…darkness within Dwight.  The same effervescent darkness and rage that Frank has had his whole life.




Mud-covered and worn sneakers take a step out from the bushes.  He lunges and scared Dwight so bad the man flipped over.  Frank laughed, wheezing and clutching his sides.

Fairfield glared and brushed dirt off of his clothes.  “What, is that some prank?”




“Hell no.  My pranks are flashier than that.  Your stealth sucks.  Meg and Jake outshine every one of you lame survivors.”

Rubbing an arm over a bloody lip, he huffed.  “Your tongue is as unsympathetic as ever.”

“Why’re you out here?”  He reached down and plucked up something shimmery from the earth.  It dangled from Frank’s bandaged hands.  “What’s this, hmm?”




Eyes wide with shock, Dwight scrambled up to get the treasure from him.  “Give t-that back!”

Frank laughed, keeping it out of the way.  Every time Dwight would jump at Frank he would just easily twist and step out of his grasp.  “This doesn’t belong to you, does it?  Like someone, nerd?”

Fairfield’s voice rang so remorseless and abrupt that it made Frank hesitate.  “Give it back.”




The trinket drops into Dwight’s palm and he quickly pocketed it.  Trying to shake the uneasy feeling of fear, Frank nonchalantly shrugged.  “Hey.  I get it.  But,” he eyed Dwight knowingly.  “Your moves suck.  Your darling or enemy will find you for sure.”

Resentment flickered in Dwight’s gaze.  But if he dissected that statement, which of course he did, Dwight overthinks everything, he realized Frank is being…kind?  Wow.

“I’m going to help you.”

“Hah.  You?  What’s the price?”

“If you fail that’ll be payment will be enough.  I need a laugh.”

“But why help me at all?”

Frank loomed unnervingly like a god of death.  “Because I’m bored.”

Dwight believed that’s half true but also that Frank is in the same situation.




“Outside these woods,” Frank spun his hand to point out the small glade and surrounding forest.  “We aren’t friends.”

Dwight nodded.  It’d be a catastrophe if either their groups figured out they were hanging out.

“First rule: use your surroundings to your advantage.  Plant your feet firmly into the ground.  Feel the anticipation in the air.”

“Like this?”  Dwight crouched but his posture is marred by inhibition.

Frank snorted.  “No.  Looks like you’re taking a dump.”  He prodded the scrawny survivor’s lack of muscles.  “Only go slack when you move.”

Dwight fixed his stance.  Frank pushed him and grinned.  “Not bad.  Now we’re going to work on stealth.  Mimic my movements.”




He does, only to trip over a branch.  Frank sighed and slapped his mask –thunk!  “We’re going to have a lot of work to do…”

Hours wane into the pale golden shroud of dawn.  There’s slight improvement.  Frank gets lost in the woods while Dwight tries to track him.




The Legion leader doubles back and his mask hovers a breath’s-width from Dwight.  “C’mon, that’s the best you’ve got?  Show me some rage!  Where’s that darkness buried under all that nervousness?”

Flailing, Dwight lands a heavy punch to Frank’s jaw.  The mask pops off and flies.  Recovering from being stunned Frank follows.




Where’d he go?  No pools of blood or scratch marks guide Frank this time.  So he listens for ragged breathing.  He finds a lost shoe on the ground.  A frightened Dwight is easy to catch.  He must be close-

Fairfield tackles Frank and they roll. 

“Being brave now?  Hey wait –wahhgh!”




A vine rope tugged at Frank’s ankle and he’s lifted up.  Dangling side to side harmlessly he chuckled.  “Smart.  You have a gift I don’t: brains.  I didn’t think you’d outsmart me.”

“I watched Jake set up traps.”  Dwight scaled the tree, borrowing Frank’s knife to cut him loose.  His eyes glint sinisterly.  “I’m tired of being the weakling.  I’ll show them I’m no longer a pushover.”

Frank cheered.  He’s always up for some bloody rebellion.
















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Dead By Daylight

Wraith x Spirit

This one-shot deals with sensitive subjects (angst/death, etc.)



Would You Like To Dance?


Philip catches chips of silver-white moonlight on his lanky form.  He prefers silence and peace which seeps into the forest now, far away from camp.  No troubles or torment circle his mind during his walks.  Leaves crunch underneath his feet and subtle winds hiss through trees.  Fog drenches the winding earth like restless ghosts.




His eyes lift up to see damaged tree trunks.  Deep diagonal scars dance and overlap each other on the giants’ armor.  Nimble branches are broken into piles on the ground.  A metal blade must have sliced the woods like a violent windstorm.

In the distance and further up on a tree is Spirit atop on a limb.  Her head is buried in her folded arms, her posture curled up and melancholy.  Heart-wrenching crying rings eerily.  The type of despondency that only originates from those who’ve completely given up, who have nothing left.




“Rin?  What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.  I must deal with my own problems,” she weakly mumbled.

Wraith eyed her worriedly.  “I know life here is…insufferable but it doesn’t mean you have to be alone.”

She looked up from her arms and asked, “Really?  So you’ll listen to me?”

“Of course, Rin.”

She phased and a hiss is heard as she landed next to him.




“I’m…I’m just angry.  Angry about how my life turned out.”  Exiting the dense shadows she looked up longingly at the moon above.  “I wanted to see the world.  To have friends.  Fall in love.  But,” heartbreak fractured her beautiful features.  “I couldn’t do anything to change my death.  I tried but I still died.  Painfully.  Now I’m here and I can’t get past my agony and wrath.  I can’t be happy anymore.  I have nothing.”




Fighting back more tears Spirit trembled, her emotions bubbling like an uncontrollable storm.  “I mean look at me.  I’m so ugly and a monster!  The thousands of pieces of glass buried in my skin hurt and I’m chopped up like some shitty science project.  I hardly remember what I used to look like.”

“Rin…” Philip empathetically stared.  His gaze fell to his own arms.  They’re almost identical to the trees.  Even his face is now a mask with stemming branches.  When he accidentally ran into things (like a pallet) he sounded hollow –inhuman, lifeless.  His heartbeat, feelings, and memories are the only thing that remained when he got here.




“Not like I was some supermodel before,” Spirit laughed bitterly.  “But I was alive.  I could’ve been anything, done anything, been happy.  But any chance I had was violently ripped from my grasp.  Not by some accident.  By people.  People that should’ve cared.”

Wraith smiled sadly, understanding her pain.  “I guess a lot of us here were wrought by unexpected circumstances.  The bad people should be here in these endless games.  Not us.  But it isn’t our fault.  We’re monsters but not by our choice.”




“I look so…so frightening and strange!  I hate this life!”

Philip pats her shoulder, ignoring the sharp glass jutting out of it.  “I do too.  But you know what we have that they don’t?  We still wished to live.  To fight for what we want.  I still think that’s something cowards will never have.  And just because we’re trapped here doesn’t mean life has to be horrifying.”

“Still,” Spirit rested her head on his arm.  Her long ebony hair that defied gravity, yet waved like a beautiful river at night, tickled his nose.  “I wish I could change things.”

Philip is silent for a moment and then asked, “What’s one thing you really wanted when you were alive?”




Rin bashfully looked down at her feet and shuffled them.  Glass nosily cracked as she moved.  “It’s dumb,” she laughed.  “But one thing I really wanted to do was dance with a handsome man.  I’ve never been invited to any parties.”

Wraith blinked incredulously.  What jerks.

“I was so focused on my studies and swordsmanship that I never had time.  And nobody really liked me…”




She looked up questioningly at him.  “You aren’t laughing?”

“No.  Why?”

“Nothing.  I just thought…” she shook her head.  Suddenly the sky darkened with lively rumbling clouds.  The Entity is summoning the killers for another game.  Spirit started walking back to camp when Philip said, “It isn’t a foolish wish, Rin.”

She looked back briefly at him with a halfhearted smile before leaving.








Under his arms is a small case.  Wraith walked the path he had taken yesterday to the same place he had found Spirit.  She’s there.  Her sword is lashing at some fake target.  The strokes are filled with blinded rage and somehow, crafty style.  Chips of straw and wood go flying as she hacks away at the poor guy.  She stills, as if realizing someone was around and sheathed her sword in her hand.  “Hello Philip.”




Wraith smiled and showed her the record player he had.  Luckily Evan fixed it for him.  “Would you like to dance with me?”

Sputtering, Spirit blushed.  “Really?!”

Philip chuckled.  “I know these woods aren’t a lively party or trendy dance club but I hope you’d like it.”




Rin’s eyes expressed infinite gratitude.  She never imagined anyone would give her such a thoughtful gift.  As she was dying her mind had made a resolute belief: humans are cruel, selfish, heartless beings.  In this surreal afterlife it seemed the same, until Philip.




He elegantly bowed.  Old waltzing music played from the record.  The two did their best to duplicate unclear dance lessons they had learned years ago; they often muttered apologies and laughed as they clumsily danced. 




The unrelenting anguish and darkness that cloaked them momentarily disbanded.  How lovely it was.  Neither is weighed down by irreversible disasters.  They felt like themselves, their old selves, before being cursed to live in the Entity’s world.


The music ended and for a breath the two dancers gaze into each other’s eyes –captivated.




Spirit’s icy hand reached up to Wraith’s face.  “Thank you.  This dance was wonderful.”

“Anytime, Rin.”

“I’d like to dance with you again sometime.”  Departing she gave him a heartwarming smile and his heart a lightheartedly skipped.  Maybe life isn’t so dreadful after all.



















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Dead By Daylight

Jake x Dwight


Calm Spirit


Jake explores the morbid woods alone.  Camp can be too rowdy for him.  Admiring nature dispels Jake’s distress.  Being hurled into endless games can be wearisome at best, terrifying at worst.  Here it is mostly serene.  A good imitation of the wilderness he’d adventure through back home.




Taking out a sketch book and pencils Park’s gaze sweeps the permanent fog landscape for a subject.  The crows are restless today.  That only happens when the world changes.  He sighed and flipped to a new page.  He missed the uneven and mysterious beauty of mountains, waterfalls, and colorful sky.  Everything in these surreal woods is almost identical.




Dwight used to be the leader of their small group but now his ordinary and bland life is eclipsed by each newcomer.  He too, is drawn to the vast woods, always looking for an exit.  Maybe there’d be a magic door that leads home?  It’s doubtful but there isn’t much else to do.  He’s no longer useful to anyone.  Or at least Dwight thinks so.  Just like in his old life, nobody really cared.  Fairfield is categorized as a background character, a stand-in for greater heroes.  Today welcoming the new survivor and being their clumsy guide can be someone else’s job.




His attention is drawn to Jake who sits upon a fallen tree, the man deeply focused on the book in front of him, his posture hunched over.  Dwight wordlessly walks over to him and sits down.  Nervousness perishes when he’s around Jake.  Must be his calm spirit.  Jake has never been angry, ever.  And his levelheadedness seamlessly saved the day countless times.  It’s extraordinary because Dwight has dealt with assholes his entire life.  How can somebody be so calm all the time?




Park nodded, “Hey Dwight.”

“Hi.  We’ve got a new survivor.  Again.”

“That explains it.  The tension I felt in the air.” 

Unscrewing a metal cap Dwight asked, “I brought some hot chocolate.  Want some?”  He poured some into the lid and Jake gratefully took a sip. 

Eyeing Dwight questioningly, he stifled a smile.  “What’s with that dumb grin on your face?”

“Huh?  I don’t know…” Dwight hadn’t realized he had been smiling.

Jake waved the notebook.  “Want to see some of my drawings?”  He never really let anyone else look at them so Dwight was shocked.  Mouth agape he stared at their lifelike qualities.  How can a person perfectly capture such mesmerizing landscape on paper with a mere pencil?!





“Really?  My dad said art was a waste of time.  I never listened to his halfhearted advice,” Jake chuckled bitterly.  “But it still stung.”

Dwight let that sink in.  Jake has never told anybody about his life before, besides his hobbies.  Park is shut closed like a treasure box with a thousand locks.  But somehow, maybe it’s Dwight’s nonjudgmental personality, but he felt like he could trust Fairfield more than anybody else.  Jake admires Dwight’s honest replies.  Humans are natural liars and deceitful.  So it’s refreshing to run into a person who doesn’t cherish those ideals.

“Well your dad’s a jerk.”




Jake laughed –a real, heartwarming, upbeat laugh.  Dwight blushed.  It’s stunning.

“He is.  But it’s encouraging to hear it from you.  Sometimes….sometimes I get so many doubts, you know?  I wonder if what I’m doing is the right thing.”  He stared at Dwight a moment as if calculating his friend’s emotions before facing the sky. 

Dwight shrugged, remembering his miserably bland life back home.  “Yeah man.  You just gotta do what you think is right otherwise you’ll regret never following your dreams.”

Their conversation wandered back to things they missed; music, shows, movies, videogames, food.  Hell, this place is terrible but at least nobody can run their life.  Excluding the Entity, obviously, which as they looked at the sky; It was summoning everyone for another game.








Clang!  Three hooks down.  A good start.  Nea grabs a med kit from a chest.  “Who do you think the killer is?”

“Don’t know.  Hope it isn’t Amanda.”

“I think Jeff and Dwight got pulled in with us.  Let’s split up and work on a gen.”




It’s very silent besides the deafening sounds of the generator.  Jake hasn’t heard a heartbeat yet.  Jeff adorning long scars sneaks over to Jake to get healed. 

“Who is it?”


Jake cursed.  Nobody liked the guy.  He’s just as brutal as the Spirit and insufferably self-centered.  The pair completes the generator and run to another.




In search of another hook to dismantle Jake almost walked right into a chase.  Hugging a tree he looked around to see Trickster tossing knives at Dwight.  A few sink into his back and shoulder as he stumbles to a pallet.  The killer isn’t discouraged and his eyes light up with excitement.  They run a loop as Dwight ducks from colorful blades flying overhead.




A frantic heartbeat pounds in his ears as Jake gets closer.  He has to save Dwight somehow!  The destroyed hooks only last so long. 




Dwight screams as he falls.  Trickster laughs as his shoe digs into Dwight’s shoulders.  The bat rests by the survivor’s arm.  “Unlike all the others you make the best screams for my tracks!  It’s kind of funny,” the popstar smiled evilly.  “You’re worthless in everything else.  It’s like you were made to die.”

He’s going to mori Dwight!




Running, Jake throws a pallet.  It hits Trickster and stuns him. 

There’s no way he’d be able to heal Dwight in time but he can’t just leave him to die.  And to be honest Jake loved seeing the killers’ get what they deserved. 

Trickster cursed and glared at Jake who only wryly smiled back.  The pallet broke and exploded into sharp fragments.  




Knives sink agonizingly into Jake –yet his perk seals his screams.  This enrages most killers and twofold for the Trickster.  “Ruin my show huh?”

Jake stood still and shielded Dwight from being carried to a hook or mori’d. 

“You survivors are pathetic.  It’s your destiny to be sacrificed, to spill blood and be cut to pieces.”




The futuristic blades burn as they enter.  Two at his shoulder, five along his chest, three in each leg.  But Jake refuses to move.  He endures.  He can hardly hear the Trickster over the immense pain; it demands all his attention, muting the alarms in his senses warning him of the danger.

“Not running?”  He scoffed, amused.  “I’ll win in the end anyway.”

All of Trickster’s blades land and Jake falls.  He desperately reached out as if to attack but his arm dropped to the floor inoperably.  Survivors have died by mori countless times.  There’s nothing any of them can do to avoid it.  Maybe the Trickster is right, but then why had the Entity given them any hope at all to fight back?




The gate alarm rings and before Trickster could walk over to Dwight, the survivor jumped back up on his feet and ran.  Jake laughed.  He saw the grass move as Nea lead Dwight away to the farthest gate.  Flickering metal is in her hand: a flashlight.  So, they had a backup.  Jake smiled thankfully at his friends.  Trickster turned and angrily hoisted Jake over his shoulders.  He could practically see the effervescing wrath waving around him.  Jake is sacrificed.  Darkness conceals his vision and for a few moments he’s suspended in nothingness.  The world starts to clear and he’s dumped back in the woodlands.




Wobbly he stands and groans.  All the injuries are gone.  But the scorching fire in his throat from running and blood loss is still fresh.  Water.  Water will erase that pain.

Cold river water splashes Jake’s face.  He cups some in his hands and drinks.  It’s refreshing.  He turned to walk back to the campfire when arms wrapped around him.  Dwight.




“Thanks for saving me.”

Jake felt his heart race.  He’s used to being alone.  Relying on himself to survive nature’s lethal tests.  But being stranded here he realized that maybe he did need people after all.  That being surrounded by a bunch of caring and inspirational people isn’t so bad.  

Jake doesn’t want to lose Dwight.  Ever. 

“Don’t be so reckless.”

“I know.”  His forehead rested on Dwight’s.  Close, compassionate, loving. 

“We always come back anyway.”

“I know.”  Jake planted a kiss on his lips.  “I’m just happy to see your dumb face again.” 




Concern and anger furrowed Jake’s handsome features.  “I just hate how conceited Trickster is.  Somebody had to show him that he isn’t all-powerful.  That jerk deserved more than a pallet hitting his face.”

Dwight chuckled.  “Yeah.  But we surprised him didn’t we?  C’mon, I heard that Yui has a funny story about a game she was just in.  I need some laughs.”

“Wait,” Jake shook his head.  Sometimes he liked hanging out with the survivors but after a game, the silence cleared his mind.  “Can we stay here for a while?”

Dwight kindheartedly smiled and nodded.  The two wandered into the woodlands, deciding to go back to camp later. 



































Chapter Text

Requested from Multifandom Treasury 2

Soul Eater

Yandere Soul x meister Reader


The Kinshin Weapon

“You okay Soul?”  Maka looked up from her notes and eyed her weapon worriedly.  “You’re not listening to Marie’s lecture.”

Soul chuckled.  Nonchalant as always.  His blood-red eyes are dulcet. 




“Did you see [Y/N] win that fight against Mizu?  They’re so cool.  Mizu lost to a weaponless meister.”

Maka stifled a laugh.  She had been there at the fight watching like many other students.  Soul’s face was priceless!  “Sounds like somebody has a crush.”




It’s more than a crush.  If you count Soul’s stalking, sabotaging so that [Y/N] would go on missions with him, reckless fighting with others to show off, and leaving nameless gifts in their locker. 

Being as sharp as she is, Soul’s surprised Maka didn’t know that.




His meister returned to her notes and said, “You’re actually passing tests so I have no complaints.  Why not ask them out?”  She stared at him disbelievingly.  “Don’t tell me.  Mr. Cool Guy is scared of asking somebody out.”

Soul narrowed his eyes.  “No.  I-”

“I’ll help you.  I am your meister and friend.  I doubt Kid or Black Star would be much help.  No.  It’d be a disaster.”

“You?”  Soul scoffed.  “All you do is read books.  What do you know about-”





Soul’s teeth clack painfully as a heavy volume smacked his head.  For such a boring thing it had shocking power as a makeshift weapon.  His hands jump up to his new wound.

“I have some missions with Kid, Patty, and Liz for four weeks.  You could ask to be their weapon.”

“But…” he stared thoughtfully at [Y/N] from his seat.  “What if our wavelengths don’t match?”








“Hey Soul!  We all meeting for another study group?”

He chuckled.  Underneath indifferent surface he’s frightened.  This isn’t merely fighting kinshin.  Being a musician seemed impossible, unobtainable.  Being a weapon?  It felt like that was the only thing Soul was good at.  Self-doubt is clutching him like death’s certainty.




“No.  I was wondering if you’d be my meister for some missions.”

“Really?”  [Color] eyes gleam thankfully.  “That’d be awesome!  As a weaponless meister I don’t go on a lot of missions.”




Soul’s heart is pounding.  Light cloaks his form as he turns into a weapon.  [Y/N] catches him and they do a few practice swings. 


No explosions or bad affects.

The two friends grin.  “Let’s go slay some kinshin!”




Like a flying arrow, [Y/N] chases a group of kinshin.  Hopping from rooftop to rooftop they blast [genre] music from some earbuds.  They land on a kinshin and sever a leg.  It jumped on one foot, stumbling, screamed, and fell over.  Soul’s blade sliced it in half.  A red soul bobbed in the air.  [Y/N] collected it in their bag and ran after the other kinshin.




They’re relentless!  Three kinshin desperately try to counter attack but pointy teeth, sharp claws, and intimidating weapons offered no defense to the scythe blade.  Normally Maka examines targets from a distance but Soul liked this new type of fighting. 

It feels like a shot of adrenaline.  Undying invincibility fueled by kinshin blood.  It’s funny.  He’s never seen a kinshin fearful before.




Wait.  Wasn’t there another kinshin?

“[Y/N]!  Watch out!”

They gasped, turned around, and metal met four arms.  Sparks burn their face as they tremble from the enemy’s strength.  Its arms wrap around Soul and yank him out of his meister’s grasp.  The Kinshin lunged at [Y/N] cutting deep into their shoulder and side.





Red wrath seeps into Soul’s vision.  The black blood in his veins ignites.  Faster than a breath the kinshin’s arms are severed, bouncing uselessly.  Soul attacks mercilessly and ignores the cuts gained from the fight.  The Kinshin screams and kicks Soul away, injuring his leg.  It’s focused on him now and charges at him like a wild beast. 

“Soul!”  [Y/N] shakily recovers and pointing their hands like a gun, shoots energy at the kinshin like a bullet.  It hits the kinshin, and it veers away from Soul –along with some sharp teeth even he’d be dreadful of. 




“Are you okay?!”  [Y/N] limps over and helps him up.  Soul tries to listen to their voice but the surreal music of the black blood is deafening.

Cold tears hit his arm, clearing his senses.

“That kinshin hurt you…I’m sorry I couldn’t-”

“It’s my fault.  I’m sorry, Soul.”

“What?  But you saved me.  If you hadn’t killed that kinshin I’d be-”

“My wavelength affected you.  That’s why I don’t have a weapon.  They quit after a few missions.”  [Y/N] removed a med kit from their bag and healed Soul’s wounds.  It would at least stop the bleeding, and help them get to DWMA’s hospital.  Though in a world of magical human weapons, kinshin were dangerous enemies.




No.  It can’t be.  It has to be the black blood.  Not their wavelength.  But Soul heard the familiar goblin cackling.  They’re right, Soul.  It augmented the black blood.  Briefly increasing its magic and combative qualities.




“My wavelength makes weapons violent.  Vicious.  Sadistic.  Catastrophic.”

“[Y/N],” Soul gripped their hoodie, mainly to steady himself, but he wanted them to know he’s there.  He’s alive.  And their wavelength didn’t seem to affect him much.  He stared somberly into their disconsolate eyes.  “I don’t care.  That’s what weapons are for.  I’d go through any pain to stay with you.  Those other weapons may not be, but I’m strong.”




They smiled sadly.  “You’re the best friend I’ve ever had, Soul.  Thank you.  But I can’t be your meister.  If the wavelength affects you, it’ll be irreversible.  I have to get stronger as a meister.  Let’s go back to DWMA.”  Supporting each other they walk Death City’s streets to find a mirror to teleport back to the academy.




Soul retold the story to Maka.  “I let them down.  I’m weak.”

Maka tapped her chin thoughtfully.  “I asked Stein about it.  He said [Y/N] has a rare soul type.  If they were a weapon it would be useful.  But as a meister they can’t have the same powers we have either.  They’re immune to madness though.”  She smiled.  “I know!  You should bring them to that romantic place in Death City.”  Maka pulled him up from the sofa and pushed him.  “C’mon, Mr. Cool Guy.  We’re going shopping.  Without me you’d probably get [Y/N] something lame.”

Soul chuckled.  “You’re probably right.  Thanks, Maka.”

She saluted with a smile. 








Soul waits by his bike.  His hair shines whiter than the moon under sunset’s golden sky.

[Y/N] ran up to Soul and his lost frown revitalized to an electrified smile.  “Where are we going today?”

He hopped onto his bike and looked back at them.  “It’s a surprise.”




The engine roared as Soul drove through narrow streets.  Wind briskly whips by.  [Y/N] wraps their arms around Soul.  He wishes it could be this way forever.

And it will be.




“I didn’t know this was here!  Everything in Death City looks the same.”  Night dispels resonant sunset into cryptic crepuscular.  A small balcony stands elegantly above an endless desert.  The buildings surrounding them are trendy shops.  Lanterns cast soft light overhead.  It’s a serene silent place.  Few people walk by, most with dates or a group of friends.




“The view is extraordinary!”


They abandon the balcony and notice Soul is a breath’s-length away. 

“You’re the coolest, astounding, inspirational person I know.  I love you.”

“You…” words are lost.  Stunned, [Y/N] stares, slack-jawed, at Soul.  Finally they smile, but it isn’t what Soul expected.  It’s a sad smile.  “I’m sorry, Soul.  I don’t feel the same way.”

“Why?”  The weapon’s voice cracked, heartbroken.  “We…we’d be perfect together.”




“I failed as a meister.  You got hurt.  And I don’t want to see my friends hurt because I was too weak.  My wavelength affected you.”

“But you saved me, [Y/N].“

“I don’t want to be with anyone.  I want to see the world, be a strong meister, and focus on figuring out who I really want to be.”




In a sappy love story the two main characters would depart here.  But life is harsh. 

Soul focuses on [Y/N]’s kindhearted smile but he feels a freezing emptiness.  He stands there unmoving, soundless.




He hugs [Y/N].

[Flavor] cologne clings to him.

Shocked, they look up at Soul.  Wild viciousness bleeds into his eyes.  They sense a lurking darkness fizzing within the weapon’s soul.




“I ate their souls.  It was kind of funny honestly.  Those people at DWMA are always talking about witches and kinshin, but they never realize how dangerous weapons are.”

“You ate our friends’ souls?!”

“No,” he shook his head and laughed.  “I’m not a heartless monster like Asura.  I only ate the souls of people I hate.”

“You’re crazy,” [Y/N] hissed.  “You’ll turn into a kinshin, Soul!”




Soul looked strangely calm.  Shrugging he said, “If you’re with me, being a kinshin won’t be horrible.  I won’t fall to Asura’s madness.”

“You’ll still be a kinshin.  And Lord Death will send DWMA to kill you.  Do you really want to fight your friends?  To abandon everyone you care about?”

He lopsidedly grinned.  “You think Maka or Black Star will stay with Lord Death?  I can convince them to join me.  The madness after all, is more dazzling than sanity.”




Greif, dread, then rage flickers in [Y/N]’s eyes.  They charge up a powerful attack but a blade hovers by their neck.  Soul’s scythe.  “You’re my meister, and someday I hope my lover.  I’ll do anything to show you how amazing you are.  If it means turning into a kinshin and letting the world end in madness,” Soul grinned eerily.  “I’ll happily walk that path.  Maybe one day I’ll even be more powerful than Asura.”





























Chapter Text

Requested from Multifandom Treasury

Gravity Falls

Yandere Ford x Reader




                Paper balls and erasers bounce off of Stanford’s head.  His face is flushed red and distorted in anger.  Malicious rumors spill into school atmosphere.  If Stanley overheard he’d already be swinging punches –but of course he got detention again.

            Ford flees into narrow, dark library corridors.  Dusty volumes hold vast knowledge and shelter.  Deafening laughter eventually fades.

            He searches spines for a book to read.  A [color] hand briefly hovers over Ford’s and retracts.  Brown eyes land upon an old friend.  It’s [Y/N], the loner of the school.  

            “Sorry.  Didn’t know you were here.  What’s up Ford?  Did you get stranded upon the shores of endless adventures again?”
He laughed and a blush scorched his features.  “You could say that.”
“I really enjoyed your study about rocket engineering.”
“R-Really?  Thank you!”

            Besides teachers, nobody has really complimented his work.  It feels nice getting recognition.  “Your paper on tropical marine life was thrilling!  I didn’t think fish were all that interesting until hearing your report on it.”
[Y/N] laughed.  “That means a lot, coming from a genius like you.”

            For some reason, he feels comfortable around them.  [Y/N] is kind.  No scorching gazes like he normally receives from others.  Also, they’re not jumping Ford for cash or test answers either.  “Is that a book about submarines?”
“Yeah!  One day I want to explore the ocean depths.  Maybe find a mythical creature or two.”
“Huh.  My brother and I have the same dream…”

            “That’s awesome!  I never knew you guys wanted to travel the world.”
Bashfully Ford rubbed his neck.  “D-Do you want to be l-lab partners today?”
“Sure!  Hopefully you won’t create an explosion and accidently set off the fire alarm like Stanley.”
Ford chuckled.  “Not unless you want me to.”


            The three are inseparable.  They’d explore the beach, study together, play chess or cricket, go on paranormal investigations, or hang out in town.  [Y/N] even goes to the twins’ boxing tournaments.  Everything is perfect.
            Until recently.  Indestructible bonds can fracture from the slightest wounds.

            Ford wishes he had better social skills.  He can ace any exam, construct fantastic devices from nothing, and mesmerize academic minds.  But every time he’s alone with [Y/N], Ford stumbles over sentences.  Nervousness latches onto him like stage fright!  ‘Why can’t I just ask them out?’

            [Y/N] and Stanley seem to vanish into thin air.  A lot.  He fears that they could be dating.  The pair looks so happy together.  Like some cheesy romance.
[Y/N] always asks Stanley for advice before Ford.  What’s so special about their connection?  It’s an equation Ford can’t solve.

            The two inquire why Ford seems so hostile –more than usual.  Distant and cold.  Normally one or the other can break Ford’s shell but he’s now constantly bitter.  Who knew their heart-to-heart meetings were forging a sturdy jealousy in Ford?  The mood between him and them turns sour.

            One day the twins were absent.  [Y/N] is filling out college forms at one of their frequent hangouts. 
Prom was far from their mind.
Stand and Ford would wander when arguments got bad.  However, they’d always return and apologize, so [Y/N] expected them to show up like routine.

            The sun sets upon the [L/N]’s boathouse.  Stanley barges in.  Pure agony blemishes his strong features.  Vicious tears make his eyes puffy and red.  [Y/N] has never seen Stan cry.

            Wordlessly he jumped into their arms.
“What’s wrong?”
Between a dripping nose and sobs he answered.  “My parents kicked me out.”
“They did?  Why?!”
“I…I ruined Ford’s chances of getting enrolled into the university he wanted.”
“Still, I can’t believe your parents kicked you out!  That’s an asshole move!”

            “I didn’t mean to break his machine-”
The door opened again.  Ford is seething.  Tension sets faces rigid, brows furrowed, eyes glowering.  “Was this your plan all along, Stanley?  To sabotage me?”
“No way!”
“Because of you my life is over!”
            He knew it.  His brother had planned to ruin Ford’s future and sweep [Y/N] off of their feet too.

            “You ran.  Didn’t say anything to me about it.  I couldn’t repair the damage in time.  That single project could’ve changed everything for me!”
[Y/N] watched on, shocked and horrified.  Seeing that a fistfight was about to breakout they quickly intervened.

            “Stop!  Look, Stanley did screw up.  Badly.  But can’t we talk this out?”
“Not this time.”
“He won’t hear anything I’d have to say.”
“Please!  You guys are my best friends –my only friends.  I-”

            Ford interjected, “You have to decide.  It’s either me or him!”
“What?!  You can just ask me to pick-”
Silence.  Clearly, he is.  Wounded, [Y/N]’s gaze bounced from Ford to Stan.  They faced each of them.  “Why not just explain what happened?  It was an accident, wasn’t it?  You’re really smart Ford.  Surely there are lots of places that would want you to attend?”
            Stan crossed his arms.  “At least I’d have the guts to ask somebody to dance with me.”

            Stanley looked away sadly.  “He won’t believe me.  Ford thinks he’s better than everyone –including me.”
“At least I don’t have to use deceit to get anywhere.  I’m honest.  I’m also less likely to run when somebody needs me.”
“Tch.  Typical Ford.  You have flaws too!”

            That struck a nerve.  Ford had planned to ask [Y/N] to prom after he got accepted into college.  Stanley had been there, encouraging and helping Ford for weeks.

            [Y/N] doesn’t want to abandon either of them.  Both are trustworthy, valuable, cool friends!  The twins also needed someone to rely on.  Whichever [Y/N] picked, the other would feel betrayed.
            Silence followed.  Nobody moved.  No one breathed.

            “I’m sorry Ford but…”
Pain glints in his eyes.  “I guess this is where we depart then.”
Blinking tears away they say, “I guess it is.”

            Crickets and birds chirp symphonically among subtle tunes of rustling leaves.  Stanley and [Y/N] lie atop the car hood and gaze up at the sky.  “I’m sorry [Y/N].  I didn’t mean to break his machine and make a rift in our friendship.”
“I know.”

            He sighed.  “I felt a surge of…of all these emotions.  I was mad, sad, confused, worried.”
Stanley chuckled.  “Right?  So unlike me.  I…all my life people thought I’d amount to nothing.  That I’d be a criminal even…”

            A hand shoots into the sky trying to grab an invisible, momentary, thing.  “I hate how right everybody is.  How I’m just a loser.  I wish…wish I was as smart as Ford.”
“That’s not true.  You’re very smart!”
“Oh yeah?”  Stanley scoffed.

            [Y/N] sat up.  “You’re pretty crafty when you need to be, Stanley.  Your fighting moves tell me so.  You managed to fix the car when all three of us went on a trip and got stranded, remember?  Not even Ford could figure it out.  He forgot to pack tools.  Also, how many girls gave you their numbers after rescuing them from bullies?”
Stanley grinned.  “A few.”
“Yeah, about ten if I remember correctly.  See?  Not a loser.”
“Huh, thanks [Y/N].”
“No problem.”

            He eventually left.  Stan promised to keep in touch.  Though traveling far, he often visits bringing trinkets and new tales to tell [Y/N] about.


            “Thanks for meeting me so we could check up on my brother.”
“Of course.  Like I’d miss going out on an adventure with you, Stan.”  A frown unfolds on their face as they get into the car.  [Y/N] reads the letter.  “It must be serious if he’s asking for us to visit after a four-year silence.”
            Gravity Falls is a pretty town.  Dilapidated for sure, but it has magnificent landscapes.

            Up a dirt road the two arrive at a log cabin.  Stanley and [Y/N] are unsure of how things will go.  Neither expected a warm welcome.

            The door creaks as it swings open.  Dark and empty.  “It doesn’t look like anybody broke in.”  [Y/N] whispered.  “What do we do?”
“Stick together and take this.”  He tossed them a cricket bat while he equipped brass knuckles.

            Stanley found a secret entrance to a staircase.  An underground lab, he guessed.  The two friends descend into the shadows.  The bunker is alight with vast technology.  Machines scientists can only dream of.

            At the center is a giant metal disc.  Amazed, [Y/N] exclaimed, “Is this a portal?!”
“Probably what Ford had been working on.  But where is he?”

            Carefully they searched but found nothing.  [Y/N] picked up a coffee cup to look for a secret switch.  Suddenly it transformed in their hand.  Squishy like rubber, melting like wax!  The mug is now a pale, lumbering beast!

            Shouting, [Y/N] hits it with the cricket bat.  The thing strikes a glass panel and rolls unharmed.  Glinting shards explode everywhere.
“Fools!”  It gargles bizarrely.  “Your pathetic powers are no match for me.”

            Stanley collides into the shape shifter.  Punching had no effect.  In a blink the monster turned into a large, winged spider.  Lethal and agile.  Spitting webs it trapped [Y/N] and Stanley.  Neither had room to struggle.
            If only he could reach the switch blade in his pocket!

            The creature backs away.  From the shadows Ford emerges.  An eerie calm grin dresses his face.  In his hand is a heavy volume, one that looks handmade. 
“What the hell?!  Ford, you did this?!”
“It’s been a while hasn’t it?”

            “Why’d you call us out here?!”  [Y/N] shouted furiously.  “This reunion sucks!”
“Drag him away.  I’ll figure out what to do with my brother later.”
The shape shifter did so.  Flying, it pulled Stan further into the lab.

            “No!  Let Stan go!  You asshole!”
Ford cut away the netting.  [Y/N] fought back but he effortlessly dodged every swing.  It was an awkward dance.  He acted as if nothing’s wrong.  “I’m so happy to see you again, [Y/N].”

            “Shut up!  Release Stanley or-”
They’re pulled into a strong grip.  Ford lifts [Y/N]’s chin up, smiling smugly.  “Or what?  I’ve captured you both.  The shape shifter is a formidable ally.”

            “I don’t understand why-”
Reeling, [Y/N] found a futuristic handcuff on their wrist.  Ford had an identical one.  He tapped it.  “If you stray too far from me, it’ll explode.  Understand?”

            “Why’re you doing this?”
“Because my dear, I love you.”
“You –huh?  No.  That can’t be.  This doesn’t make sense!”
For a brief moment [Y/N]’s sees a faint reminder of the old, friendly Ford they knew so long ago.  “I loved you ever since high school.  I was going to ask you to prom after I got accepted into the university but, well…”

            “What?!  Then why did you act so cold to us?”
“I was certain you and Stan were dating.  I didn’t know what to do.  I was jealous.”  Hurt flashes in Ford’s eyes.  “Surely he was better than me in every way?  Cooler than I could ever be?”

            “Recently I realized that maybe, maybe Stanley ruining my machine created a better path than what would’ve been.  Gravity Falls has plenty of mythical and paranormal events.  I use it to my advantage.”
Horrified, [Y/N] lost all words.
“I’ll make sure I do things right this time.”

            Confidently walking towards them, Ford held [Y/N]’s hand.  It’s a comfort he had wished for, for so long.  “We don’t need Stanley.  You and I can travel across dimensions, study amazing things in Gravity Falls, and harness all the power for ourselves.  Sounds good, right?”

            What could [Y/N] do to defy this?  Who knows what other tricks Ford has up his sleeve?
A bright smile studs Ford’s face.  “We’ll be lab partners just like old times, [Y/N].”



























Chapter Text

Fire Emblem: Fates

Yandere Kiragi x Female dark mage Reader



An Archer's Heart

                Concealed within a patch of Nohr is a small village.  (Y/N) a dark mage was born here.  Her mother is a fighter and her father a mercenary; both are kind, strong, and courageous leaders of (v/n).  Through persistent combat practice and studying their daughter finally became a sorcerer.  They bestowed the title of leader to (Y/N).  Parting ways on good terms her parents wanted to go explore the world.  (Y/N) promised to take care of everyone.



            The (v/n) village is a famous place in Nohr that has outstanding training grounds and facilities.  So, when the woman decided to rebel, King Garon sent waves of troops to attack.  “It’s the only suitable punishment for such blunt betrayal.”  Also, Garon thought (v/n) was a valuable territory to gain back.  In fact, it is a vital resource that would guarantee his success against Hoshido.


            Why did the sorcerer refuse to obey the king’s commands, you ask?


            (Y/N) remembered words often uttered to her as a child.  ‘You may be ruthless in battle but a good human cherishes life and honor too.’



            When Corrin’s army marched into Nohr and stumbled upon (v/n), (Y/N) was surprised but excited.  Quickly the sorcerer joined his band, wanting peace between Nohr and Hoshido.  Corrin granted the mage access to his castle hidden in the astral plane.  She was allowed to visit anytime.  Frequently (Y/N) stopped by and was warmly accepted into Corrin’s group.



            The young prince advised that it would be a wise strategy for (Y/N) to be stationed at (v/n) to defend it.  The woman agreed adding, “My people and I know every road and veiled valley.  Nobody can ambush us.  And, there are twenty.  Perfect for movement, raids, or scouting.”



            Presently, (Y/N) was in a battle at Corrin’s stronghold.  It was under siege.  Split into small groups on each side, they all fought shadowy, spectral adversaries.  Casting spells from tomes (Y/N) effortlessly defeated many foes.  The prince’s army swiftly counterattacked the strange soldiers.  Few enemies remained.


            An archer prepared an arrow and the woman saw them aim at one of Corrin’s friends.


            The metal point flickered brightly in sunlight as it shot through the sky.



            “Watch out!”  (Y/N) shouted.  Opening a blue tome she summoned a powerful whirlwind.  Sharp gusts intersected the arrow’s path.  It landed in earth instead of flesh.  After all challengers were routed (Y/N) ran up to Kiragi.  Concern bled onto her features.



            “Are you okay?!”  She glanced at the limping soldier.  Turning around he gave a brilliant stunning smile.  “Thanks (Y/N)!  You saved my life!  I usually have awesome reflexes –and sight.   But, I couldn’t move in time.  My injuries weighed me down.”

“Let’s get you to Sakura right away!”



            “You should’ve seen it dad!  (Y/N) was amazing!”  Kiragi glowed in delight as he retold the story.  Takumi, Corrin, Sakura, Kaze, Silas, Jakob, and others listened to him.  “Her magic is so, so, so awesome!  And she’s fearless!  So cool!”

“I’m just glad you’re safe Kiragi.”  (Y/N) interjected.

Rinkah crossed her arms, a common habit whenever she started fuming.  “You could’ve died Kiragi!  That was very reckless to continue fighting with such wounds.  I’m proud you inherited my fiery spirit but you should’ve run to Jakob to get healed!”

“S-Sorry mother.”



            Takumi sighed.  “I had my doubts about your loyalty, (Y/N).  But I see that you care a lot about us.  Did you know that enemy’s arrow could’ve been lethal for Kiragi?  You saved my son.  I…I owe you.”

“It’s the least I can do.  Corrin and the Hoshido army have treated me like family.”

Sakura’s staff glowed as the shrine maiden repaired and inspected injuries.  “Even with my healing magic it may take a few days to recover.  However, you’ll be up on your feet again soon, Kiragi.”



            Day began to wither into dusk.  Surprisingly, not many people went to visit Kiragi in the medical station.  Most seemed too busy to stay.  A frown fractured the sorcerer’s features.  ‘But he brightens up my day.  I’ll see how he’s doing.’



            Entering the medical tent (Y/N) saw the archer on his bed.  Restless, he tried brushing up on his studies.  When he realized (Y/N) arrived, Kiragi’s face bloomed.  “What’re you doing here?!”

Grabbing a seat the sorcerer answered, “Nobody should feel lonely.  Besides, your expression tells me that you’re bored.”

Kiragi laughed.  “Is it that obvious?”

(Y/N) nodded.

“Well I’m happy you wanted to visit me!”  Tossing heavy books and scrolls aside he gathered a bunch of games in his arms.  “Want to play some games?”

“Of course!  How can I refuse?”



            After countless rounds of various games, (Y/N) looked at the archer’s wounds.  They were dressed in bandages yet she could tell the scars must feel infuriating.  “How do you keep smiling through everything Kiragi?  Those injuries must be really painful!  I wish I could be as happy as you Kiragi!”



            “Oh?  Why is that?”  Confusion painted over his eyes.

“Because!  You always mange to keep everyone’s spirits up.  Even in the gloomiest of situations.  I…” (Y/N)’s smile was brighter than pearls in a crystal clear spring.  “I really admire that!”

“Huh?  Really?”

“Yes!  And, no matter how many wounds you gain you never get sad or afraid.  It’s astonishing!”



            “Oh,” the archer bashfully rubbed his neck.  “It’s nothing!  I guess I’m just normally optimistic.  But (Y/N), if everyone was like me, or really just the same, then nobody would be fun!  You’re super interesting!”

“Y-You think so Kiragi?  Thanks, you’re the best!”

“You know it!”

Stretching, (Y/N) stood and yawned.  “I better get going.”

“Promise to come back tomorrow?”

Who could honestly say no to that adorable face?  “Sure!  Goodnight Kiragi.”

“Goodnight (Y/N)!”



            As the moon floated within a sea of stars, Kiragi’s mind drifted to the Nohrian sorcerer.


            Every time (Y/N)’s face appeared in his thoughts his beating heart was sent into a blissful frenzy.  A rhythm that no musician could decipher but him.  Kiragi wondered what that feeling was, unable to really grasp the meaning at first.  It was new to the archer.  ‘Have I fallen in love?’  The answer is yes, he has.



            Nobody captured Kiragi’s attention more than (Y/N).  She is so sweet, understanding, caring, and courageous.  When those sweet feelings bloomed a bitter cold sparked within his gut.  ‘Am I in pain from my wounds?’  No.  It was icy chips of jealousy.


            What if (Y/N) liked someone else?



            ‘That can’t be.  She said I’m the best.’  Doubt revived powerfully, however.  A few in Corrin’s army seemed interested in her.  Mozu, Kaze, even Silas.  ‘If they’re with her all the time she’ll forget about me!’  Eyes met bow, which rested against the medical tent wall.  Kiragi had an idea, and began to craft an unstoppable plan.  He is, after all, the best hunter.  Nothing can escape him.



            “Hey are you up?”  (Y/N) arrived at the medical barracks at dawn.  She tossed a peach at Kiragi.  Catching it, he swiftly took a bite.  “Thanks!”

“I saved some just for you.  So, how are you doing?”

“He should be in perfect health in a few hours.”  Sakura answered.  She, Corrin, Takumi, and Rinkah crowded the tent, checking up on Kiragi too.



            A permanent impressive smile was glued to the archer’s face.  “Yeah!  Mind helping me study?”

“That’s the first time I’ve heard you being excited about studying, Kiragi.”  Rinkah said.  Sakura giggled and the royal family shared gleeful expressions; as if they knew a secret. 

‘Huh?  Am I missing something?’

Takumi faintly grinned and glanced at his son as if saying, “Don’t get into too much trouble.”  Before him, Rinkah, and Sakura left the hospital barracks.


            ‘I don’t understand…’ (Y/N) thought.



            “Kiragi do you know what’s going on?”

Flashing a disarming smile he said, “No.  I have no idea.”  It wasn’t like the archer told family and friends that you two are dating to scare potential rivals away.  No, not the adorable, sweet, bright Kiragi.



            “Can you report to the strategy room after your visit?  I’d like to discuss new tactics with you.”

“Okay Corrin.”  (Y/N) nodded.  “I’ll be there in an hour.”

“Very well.”  Patting Kiragi on the back, Corrin exited the tent.



            “Welcome!”  Closing a book Corrin and (Y/N) exchanged friendly greetings.  “I wanted to talk about some changes for (v/n).”

“Sure.  What do you have in mind?”

“Garon is sending more reinforcements to try and capture your village again.  I think it’d be best for you to be stationed there for an extended amount of time.  I’ll send some of my friends to stay with you.”



            Corrin frowned.  “Sorry.  It must sound like I’m questioning your capabilities and strength.”

“Not at all.  Any help I can get I’ll take.  Besides,” the woman sighed wistfully.  “My small troop’s injuries have been increasing.  So much so that it’s getting difficult to jump back into battle quickly.”

“I understand.  I’ll gather anyone willing to travel with you, okay?”



            Outside, Kiragi listened closely.  All ailments had been cured thanks to Sakura.  Kaze and Saizo were busy with other tasks, so no one was guarding the strategy room.  Concealed in shadows Kiragi waited until (Y/N) left the meeting.  Then he bolted towards Corrin.



            The archer enthusiastically volunteered to be part of (Y/N)’s troop.  Corrin chuckled.  He thought Kiragi was absolutely adorable.  ‘How cute!  He doesn’t want to be away from (Y/N).’  Takumi’s son is very clever and sturdy.  Of course Corrin agreed to let him travel with the others he’s chosen for the journey.


            Returning to (v/n), (Y/N) showed Orochi, Caeldori, Dwyer, and Kiragi around.



            Kiragi didn’t seem to lack energy.  The archer completed every task he could think of to help (Y/N).  The camp was never low on food.  The cooks were sick?  Kiragi displayed brilliant cooking talent.  Was there one man short guarding (v/n)?  He instantly stepped up.  Need an extra hand healing the injured?  Done.  Out of weapons and armor?  Kiragi would run two towns over to find a smith.



            One night a half moon cast faint silver light upon earth.  (Y/N) and Kiragi were the last at a small campfire.  Eating roasted food she exclaimed, “This is delicious!  I could eat this every day!”

“Awesome!  I’m glad you enjoy it!”

“You do so much for everyone.  It’s okay to rest once and a while Kiragi.”

“I don’t need to.  As long as I’m with you I never feel tired.”

‘Now that I think about it, Kiragi is always there more than anyone else.  Not like that’s a bad thing!  But, I do wonder why…’ (Y/N) shook her head.  ‘We’re friends!  Maybe I’m just tired and overthinking things.’


            “And if I’m always by your side that means you don’t need anyone else.”



            “H-Huh?”  Gazes locked, an icy, bone-chilling wind fell over her.  Kiragi’s orange eyes were eerily piercing through the sorcerer.  (Y/N) instantly felt uncomfortable in the ominous silence.  Suddenly his orbs renewed back into vibrant sunset hues.  Kiragi chuckled.  “It’s just…you don’t see me as annoying or strictly as a prince.”



            Curling up the prince sighed and said, “Growing up everyone detested me going into the woods.  They refused letting me hunt because it’s dangerous.  Joke’s on them,” Kiragi snorted.  “I took that as a challenge.  Anyway, since I met you I’m thrilled!  I’m so happy someone appreciates me for who I am –and who I want to be.”

At that moment (Y/N)’s heart melted.


            ‘I had no idea that I’m Kiragi’s only friend.’



            The archer is naturally friendly and optimistic.  So, the sorcerer thought Kiragi had dozens of companions.  “Well, I’m delighted to be there for you Kiragi.  And I always will be.”

The man’s head snapped up and his eyes widened in disbelief.  “Really?!”

“Of course!”



            Returning to her quarters (Y/N) saw Caeldori organizing storage.  Dwyer began boiling water for tea. 

“(Y/N).  We must speak with you urgently.”  While placing every item in order Caeldori also listened for spies.  In fact, a particular one held the woman’s interest.  Being very skilled an apt, Caeldori never missed a thing.  Yet, she was unable to catch the intruder.



            “What’s up?”

“There seems to be an enemy among us.”

“Who?  I don’t think my village would betray me.”

“No.  None of them turned against you.” 

“Is the person hiding within (v/n)?  Are they waiting for the perfect moment to strike?”

“I would’ve easily captured them but they seem to know many tricks to stealth.  I know a person is here but I am unable to detect them.”

“Still,” Dwyer’s weary voice interrupted.  “Even if they are just quietly observing us they could relay information to Garon’s forces.”



            “Yes.  This isn’t good at all.  I’ll be on guard.”  (Y/N) said.

“They can’t hide forever.”  Caeldori added.  “I’m certain we’ll capture the intruder.”

“We’ll do our best to protect you, (Y/N).  Orochi, Caeldori, Kiragi, and I promised Lord Corrin to do so.”



            In the morning (Y/N) stood within the training grounds.  Bitter cold air stabbed the sorcerer’s skin.  The mystery of an invisible adversary in camp drained all of her focus.  Carrying a tome she summoned powerful thunderbolts.  All magic attacks missed their wooden targets.  Sighing, the mage closed her eyes.  ‘Today is not my day is it?’


            A scent of charred wood stabbed the woman’s senses.


            It wasn’t from lightning striking the pillars.



            Dark smoke floated in the horizon.  Dread dashed upon (Y/N)’s face.  This is no accident.  Someone started a giant fire in the woods just outside camp.  Flames swept over every tree and created an ominously red and orange sunset sky.  Fire surrounded (v/n) at every side.



            “(Y/N)!  (Y/N)!”  Orochi sprinted towards the startled woman.  “A fire – it’s spreading fast!  What shall we do?!”

Grave seriousness glinted in (e/c) eyes.  “You and Dwyer rescue everyone and get them to safety!  Tell Caeldori to gather a group and put out the fires.  If it’s too risky, flee!”

“U-Understood!  What about you?!”

“I’m going to the other side!  There maybe people stranded!”



            Orochi was about to protest.  Then, she snapped her jaw shut.  Instead she said, “The fire is more intense that way.  Be cautious of an enemy attack and be careful.”

(Y/N) nodded.  “I will.”


            A cluster of small cottages were now nothing but ruins.



            “No,” she wailed.  “This can’t be!”  Searching piles of ash, burning wood, and stone, (Y/N) found no one.  Anger rippled through just as powerful as anguish.  ‘How can anyone do such a thing?!’  Clutching her tomes close, (Y/N) promised to find the person who killed her friends.


            ‘It must be the hidden enemy Caeldori told me about!  They studied us so well that they adapted to Hoshidan and Nohrian tactics.’



            Surprisingly, the patch of forest she treaded in was clear of smoke.  Flames flickered brightly as towering trees fell.  Heavy smoke drifted up and away in the wind.  ‘Hopefully the others are doing better than I am.’  Pausing mid-step (Y/N) heard leaves rustle and branches snap.  Perhaps frightened animals were running from the disaster?


            An arrow struck earth inches from her.



            Running through a field of ash (Y/N) tried to get out of the archer’s range.  Arrows sunk into ground; some landing just behind or ahead of her.  Constantly changing direction (Y/N) started to feel frustrated.  ‘Are they leading me into a trap?’  Equipping a tome she saw an arrow fly above.


            Thunder turned the object into cinders.



            Pivoting on her heels the woman charged towards central (v/n).  Buildings would provide better cover.  However, sorcerer was not athletic like her opponent.  A silver arrow stabbed (Y/N)’s leg and she instantly collapsed.  Groaning in agony the woman struggled to crawl away.


            Five more arrows pierced her legs.



            Screaming, blood trickled down from fresh wounds.  Summoning all her strength (Y/N) tried to stand.  Wobbly, her legs buckled beneath her again.  They became weightless.  The scars burned form extreme pain if (Y/N) moved even slightly.  Warily looking around she saw someone darting from the world of endless fire.



            “Kiragi…it was…you?”

Light footsteps crushed brittle flora.  The man laughed.  “You’re my finest catch yet, (Y/N).  That’s for sure!”

“Why?!  Why did you kill my friends?!  I thought we were allies!”


            To (Y/N)’s horror, Kiragi looked genuinely confused.



            “What?  Why should I feel anything towards people that keep your attention away from me?”  A sweet smile replaced the archer’s astonishment. 

‘Is he even aware that we’re standing in the middle of a growing fire?!’  (Y/N) thought in bewilderment.  Glaring at Kiragi she watched him withdraw his bow.



            “I’m super smart huh?”  He asked.  “I started the fire to distract Caeldori, Orochi, and Dwyer.  Also,” Kiragi prodded an arrow stuck in (Y/N)’s leg.  The girl flinched in response.  “I knew I could outrun you if I needed to.  Luckily I’m the best archer in the Hoshidan army, right?”



            Leaning down Kiragi cupped (Y/N)’s face lovingly.  “Ah darling I couldn’t just let you run away from me.  Hmm?  Why are you scared?  I’m still the same happy Kiragi!”

Slapping his hand away (Y/N) ran only a few feet before falling.



            The archer followed, sympathy filling his soft gaze.  “Don’t move okay?  The more you move the worse those wounds will become.  Don’t worry though.  Your injuries aren’t severe.”

Refusing to sit still (Y/N) did her best to keep her distance from Kiragi.

“I’ll carry you back.  Just like you helped me when I was injured.  You’ll heal in no time, I promise!”



            “Stay…away…from me!”  The sorcerer’s hands were charging with purple energy.  (Y/N) began chanting and summoning dark magic.  “My spells are powerful.  Back off.”

Pausing, Kiragi smiled.



            Confidently the prince kept walking.  He was unafraid of (Y/N)’s spells.  “Hey.  Hey.  Don’t do that.”


Kiragi’s eerie smile never faded.  Writhing purple sparks emitted from (Y/N)’s fingertips.  The magic floated inches from the archer’s skin.  Yet, the archer didn’t flinch.  No fear.  No hesitation.



            “You won’t attack me.  Not one of Corrin’s allies.  Not Takumi’s son.  If you do, everyone will think you’re on Garon’s side.  Are you really going to ruin the trust you’ve built with our friends?”

Anger and shock flashed in (Y/N)’s eyes.



            “Don’t get mad at me!  Please?”  Crestfallen emotion spilled through Kiragi’s posture.  “I just want you to accept my feelings!  Now, we can be together forever.  It’s perfect, right?”

‘If I fight back or protest…I lose either way.’



            “And after the war you can live with me in Hoshido!”  Placing a hand on his heart Kiragi said, “You’re the only one who understands me.  I finally found a person that genuinely cares about my thoughts, feelings, and ambitions.  You clear my doubts and cheer me up when I get sad.  Now it’s my turn to return the favor, (Y/N).”



            Holding the woman in his arms he sweetly kissed her.  “I love you (Y/N).”  Kiragi had been waiting a long time for this exact moment.  He is going to cherish every second from now on and into the future.  Effortlessly the archer carried her over his shoulder.  “Let’s get those wounds fixed, yeah?”  Leaving a forest of tall flames Kiragi marched towards standing remains of (v/n).



Chapter Notes: This one is inspired by Corrin and Kiragi's support conversations.
























Chapter Text

Requested from Multifandom Treasury 
Yandere Kushina x Female shy Reader


Two Monsters

                Outsider, loser, freak, monster.  The torment never ends for Kushina.  People openly share their disgust.  Echoes of cruel laughter follow Uzumaki into the woods.  Tears blur her vision.

            Sobbing turns into silence.  Mystified, Kushina observes a figure hidden in shadows.  It’s [Y/N], the quietest ninja of the academy!  She can cast shapes from darkness.  Many say [Y/N] is cold and heartless.

            Kushina has sparred with her a few times but knows little else.  They are in different classes because hundreds of students entered the academy this year.

            Uzumaki watches her manipulate surrounding shadows.  A patch of trampled, withering flowers revive as darkness is pushed away.  [E/c] eyes drift to dark blue.  Bewildered, [Y/N] runs.

            “Wait!  I’m not going to hurt you!”
[Y/N] glances from behind a tree.  “Oh.  It’s Uzumaki.  Sorry, I thought you were-” she sighed.  “W-Why are you in the woods?”

            “I got into another fight.  Those guys were making fun of me again.  It’s really annoying, you know?”
[Y/N] sat beside Kushina.  “The things they say and do sting, doesn’t it?”  She drooped crestfallenly.
Uzumaki rubbed her neck, feeling miserable.  “Everybody calls me a monster –and a tomato!  Ugh!”

            “But…you’re very pretty Uzumaki!”
“Huh?  Me?!”  Kushina blushed.
“Yes.  Your hair is like an everlasting sunset.  And you’re so brave!  I just blend in and never stand up for myself.”
“That’s not true!  I think your jutsu is awesome!”

            [Y/N] giggled. 
Kushina huffed and playfully pushed her.  “What’s so funny?  You are cool!”
“Nothing it’s just…nobody has ever said anything kind to me before.”

            Branches snapping, loud footsteps, and voices startle the pair.
“Oh no, the bullies followed me!”
“Tomato face!  Fox witch, where are you?”
“Over there!  And look who she’s with!”
“So two demons are together, huh?  Probably going to curse the village!”

            “Leave us alone!  I already defeated you in a fight!”
“The elders say you guys are an omen for Konohagakure!  Nobody wants evil ninja to lead our village!”
“Yes, we’ll kill you monsters and be heroes!”  The students ambush Kushina and [Y/N].

            Sharp stones hit Kushina.  Blood drips from new wounds.  Stunned, she couldn’t endure the kids tackling her.  They kicked, punched, and yanked scarlet locks of hair.  The leader pinned Kushina and drew a kunai.

            A sinister smile adorned his face.  “This is what demons get, punishment!”  He and a female ninja cut Uzumaki’s long hair acrimoniously.

            “Stop hurting Kushina!”
The female ninja sneered.  “What’s a cowardly ninja like you going to do?”  The others chuckled.  One pushed [Y/N], who fell onto ground.

            [Y/N] secured her footing.  Uzumaki glimpsed at her seething friend.  The timid girl is no longer shy or afraid.  It’s scary!  Glaring, [Y/N]’s voice quivered violently.  “Apologize to Kushina or-”
“Or what?  You two aren’t as strong as us!”

            Soothing summer winds howl ominously.  A giant beast charges into view.  An injured jaw displays razor teeth.  Six eyes glow eerily.  The kids run screaming.  Silence returns, heavy like the roofs of leaves above them.

            “W-Was that genjutsu?”
“Yes,” [Y/N] helped Kushina up.  “I don’t think they’ll come back.”
“Thank you [Y/N]!”  Uzumaki hugged her.
Astonished, she hugged back.  “No problem.”
“Without you I’d be bald right now.  Or worse!”

            Piles of red hair lay scattered around their feet.  “What am I going to do now?”
“I have an idea.”  She put Uzumaki’s hair into a long braid.  [Y/N] also weaved in flowers as elegant décor. 

            “Wow!  I look amazing!  You know what?  I’ve decided!  With my strength and your wits nobody can stop us!”  Kushina exclaimed.  “I’ll become the first female Hokage and I’ll appoint you as my successor!”
“R-Really?  I’ll do my best to t-train then!”
            From that point on, Kushina wears her hair in a braid like [Y/N] made that day –a symbol of a brighter future.


            Childish optimism withers.  Life is ruthless –especially when Nine Tails is sealed in Kushina.  Whispers of dread and eventual destruction don’t fade over the years.  People are convinced that Uzumaki and [L/N] will curse Konohagakure.

            Kushina’s ambitions don’t waver.  ‘If I become Hokage, everyone will see me as a trustworthy ninja!’  She blushed.  ‘After today’s mission I’ll tell [Y/N] how I feel.’  These fluttering, happy emotions have stayed a long time in Kushina’s heart.

            A figure teleports to Uzumaki.  “Kushina, we’ve received a mission.”
“What about?”
“In the cover of night we must capture cloud ninja for interrogation.  They are trying to detect our village’s weak points.”

            Uzumaki laughed.  “You can count on me!  Let’s track them down!”  Departing, the two search for a camp.  “If the ninja are making quick raids they must be stationed close by.”  [Y/N]’s soft voice informed.

            Mice dart between groups of flora.  Kushina dashes upon branches, her gaze studying the depths below.  Lightning fractures sky.  An electric spear strikes the trees.  Kushina rolled, falling into thick smoke.  Metal stars cut through her armor.  Uzumaki collides into cold waves of a lake.

            ‘Nine Tails I need your strength!’
“You’re at a disadvantage.”  A man chuckled.  Three Cloud ninja are revealed.  “We are Shimo, Fubuki, and Tatsumaki.  Prepare for defeat!”

            Tatsumaki created lightning, hands placed on the water’s surface.  A barrier of shadows protect Kushina.  [Y/N] teleports, the two standing back to back.  Uzumaki summons chains and [L/N] equips a [weapon].  Kushina traps Shimo’s feet and pulls him forward.

            [Y/N] sliced his shoulder and stabbed him, casting an illusion.  Imaginary leeches cover his body, drawing blood.  He escaped Uzumaki’s hold and rolled around, thrashing.  Shimo screams.  Tatsumaki and Fubuki uncaringly watch their comrade suffer.

            Heavy mist coats the air.  The enemies blend in.  Shadows deflect shards of ice.  Tatsumaki dives, kicking Kushina.  Locked in hand-to-hand combat they struggled.

            Fubuki charges in.  His swords are aglow with electricity.  Pushing Tatsumaki away Uzumaki and [Y/N] face him.  Surprisingly, he can take on two opponents efficiently.  “I never thought I’d see the Nine Tails’ powers in battle!”

            Twirling, he sent adversaries flying.  “Do you know that your own village sold you two out?” 
“What?!  Lies!”
Fubuki parried shadows, [weapon], and chains.

            Tatsumaki and Shimo jump back into battle.  Weapons flash and lightning cracks loudly.  Darkness hisses, chains clash against swords, and metal stabs flesh.  “Hidden Leaf promised peace with Hidden Cloud if we kill you two.  They’d also pay us well.  How could any ninja refuse?”

            “O-Our own village betrayed us?”  [Y/N] faltered under a flurry of swings.  Kushina punched Tatsumaki.  Fubuki found an opening.  Shimo tossed [Y/N] into air –temporarily stunned by frigid numbness.

            Electric swords pierce [Y/N]’s back, another entering her side.  Blood vomits out of her mouth.  Uzumaki screamed.  Rage awakens Nine Tails.  The demon’s power surge.

            Like a wild beast Kushina slays Fubuki.  Claws of red energy shred his chest and swiftly decapitate the ninja.  Shimo and Tatsumaki disregard him.  They jump Kushina recklessly.  Vision blurred, she only remembers the kids that hurt her and [Y/N] ages ago.

            Sluggishly [Y/N] recovers.  Slight movement brings agonizing pain.  She summons shadows.  The shapes spear the ninja.  Blood turns the lake into darkening red.

            “Why?  Are we so evil that…we must…be destroyed?”  [Y/N] mumbled.
Adversaries gone, Nine Tails stays docile.  Kushina runs to and holds her friend, crying. 
“All I wanted…was to be a strong ninja.  To save others…”
“You’re an extraordinary ninja!  I won’t let you die!”

            Cold tears fall on [Y/N]’s face.  Uzumaki emits soothing energy.  Scars start to mend.  A small smile contrasts Kushina’s sad gaze.  “You’re always there for me.  Who needs Konohagakure anyway?”
“Then…where is our home Kushina?”
“We’ll make our own.  Let the world tear itself apart.”


            Three years.  Kushina and [Y/N] had abandoned Hidden Leaf forever.  They found a new village made of ninja betrayed like they had been.  [V/N] is small but powerful enough to be feared by leaders.  Nothing could make [V/N] disband.

            Days were bright and wonderful.  Until recently.  Minato confessed his love to Kushina, trying to get her back to Hidden Leaf.  She refused.  Venom is laced in Uzumaki’s voice to [Y/N]’s surprise.  Namikaze seems to really adore Kushina.

            Kushina is disgusted.  “I love [Y/N], you know?!”  Minato must’ve been tricking Uzumaki!  There’s a handsome ninja tagging along.  An old teammate of [Y/N]’s, he insists she also return with them.

            “No.  I won’t let the tragedy three years ago happen again!” 
Strangely, Minato and [OT/N] remain pleasantly peaceful.  Even though Cloud and Leaf are whispering of war.  Uzumaki is terrified [Y/N] will perish in combat.  An ambush or small group is no big deal –but a war?

            She hides [Y/N] in a facility.  A tower.  Nine Tails’ magic chains weigh her down.  Though [L/N] lives in modern comfort, the cold chains are painful.  Also, they restrict movement.  There must be a way out.
            Uzumaki is absent which gives her time to escape.

            [Y/N] isn’t known as the Soundless Ninja for nothing.  A key or outstanding strength isn’t required.  Her shadows dismantle Kushina’s jutsu.  Darkness works quickly like thousands of tiny spider limbs.  When the demon chains fade [Y/N] feels her other abilities return.

            Fresh air gifts extra stamina.  Though afraid of being recaptured she is thrilled by simply running down a tall hillside.  The beautiful moon is floating among shimmering stars.  Overpowering melancholy dawdles in the atmosphere.  Knees hit ground and the ninja is motionless.

            Tears fall.  [E/c] eyes see Kushina marching up from the woods.  Instead of anger, Uzumaki’s voice trembles with shock.  “Are you alright?!”
[Y/N] could escape now.  Sprint into the shadows.  Yet, she couldn’t move.

            For months [Y/N] has seen sheer, unshakable fear in Kushina’s eyes.  Frightened of losing her lover.  She loves [Y/N] so much, more than wanting to be Hokage, she is everything to Kushina.  Nobody cared that [Y/N] exists or what would happen in her future.  Kushina sees her worth past a shy personality.

            “I can’t leave.  I love you too much.  We’re branded as monsters by others.  Kushina, you see the real me.  My strengths, my flaws…” she sobbed.

            Kushina hugged [Y/N].  “I’m sorry.  I’m scared of losing you.  Without you I’d be alone in this horrible world.”
“I won’t leave as long as you don’t lock me up again.  I can’t take that.”
“But the war-”
“I’ll protect [V/N] if I must.  I’ll do all I can to stay alive.  I promise.”
“Alright.  Just…don’t go to the frontlines.  It’s dangerous even for me, you know?”
[Y/N] kissed Kushina, wearing a smile.  “I’ll never abandon you Kushina.  Believe me.”






            Chapter Notes: [Y/N]’s powers are inspired by the Soul Eater character Masamune.























Chapter Text

My Hero Academia
Yandere AU


Toga's Yandere School

           “Welcome to Toga’s Yandere School!”  The buoyant girl exclaimed.  There’s a lively bounce in her step.  “I’m so happy you all decided to join my wonderful program!  Unfortunately, none of the interdimensional students could attend this year.”

            Himoko wiped away a tear.  “I will do my best to help you and your darlings get together!”  Wielding a red marker she began writing on the whiteboard.  “Rule number one: everything is for you and your darling’s happiness!  Tell me what you admire about them!”

            “U-Um,” Izuku raised a hand.  “T-They’re supportive and f-funny.”
“She doesn’t mind my flaws and she’s so positive!”  Ochaco stated.
“She’s a night owl like me, and loves videogames.  And…doesn’t mind how I look.”  Shigaraki mumbled, enthusiastically tapping buttons of a Gameboy.

            “He doesn’t dislike my…emotionless exterior.”  Shoto added.
“They keep me levelheaded.”  Bakugo said with arms crossed.
“He’s so groovy!  Have you seen him dance?  Lively!”  Mina cheered.

            “Aw!  How adorable!  It has to be destiny!”
“Excuse me Ms. Himoko!”  Iida stood up.  “Why is this step essential?  Everybody already knows why our crushes are meant to be with us.  Surely we can skip such and unnecessary, self-explanatory lesson?”
“Because silly!  It’s important to be focused.  Right, Denki?”
“Err, yes ma’am!”  He jumped and dropped a pencil.  The drawing of his crush would have to wait.

            “I want you all to write nine pages on why your darling is so special to you!  Oh, and why you believe you two are meant to be!”
Tsuyu asked, “Can we write a musical?”
“Of course!”  Toga grinned.  “Pour every ounce of passion and effort into it!”
“Does fanfiction count?”  Fumikage wondered.
“But fanfiction isn’t realistic!”  Iida pointed out.
“If it meets the requirements I don’t see the problem…” Momo said.


Week 2: Competition

            “Okay everyone,” Toga and her class gathered around on an outdoor training ground.  “Show me how you deal with competition.  This,” she pointed to a row of statues.  “Will represent your darling’s love interest.”  Himoko winked and put an arm around one.  “Isn’t he handsome?”

            Bakugo stepped up first.  He could already picture his darling’s pathetic love interest.  The target is scorched, turned to ash as he launched explosions at it.
Toga nodded, examining strength and technique.  “Points for such power buuuutttt….”  Another figure snapped in half.  ‘Darling’ is painted on the torso.  Katsuki freaked out, yanking his hair and cursing.  How could he possibly have accidently destroyed his one and only?  Unacceptable!  Especially for the self-proclaimed greatest hero.
“You’ll get it next time bro!”  Kirishima shouted.

            Tenya aptly circled his target.  Summoning a mini whirlwind he kicked the statue.  Only shards spat out from the sharp drafts.
Himoko clapped.  “Excellent!”
Mina strolled confidently.  Acidic blobs melted the target.
Jiro’s sound waves shred deafeningly through the air –leaving nothing but a wooden stand behind.
Eijiro punctured the target’s abdomen.


Week 4: Protecting Them

            “How do you approach them?”  Toga asked.  “This world is full of dangers and evil.  Sure, they may be a hero, villain, or even a plain civilian.  You hang out a lot.  But, their safety is the most important!”

            “Follow them –to make sure they’re okay.”  Shoto stammered.
“Never leave their side!”  Izuku said.  “What if they find someone better?”
Dabi grinned ominously.  “Scare their friends away.”
“Nobody should get close to someone that perfect…” Shinsou agreed.
“Keep their schedule busy,” Kirishima dreamily suggested.  “So they can’t be distracted by anyone else.”

            Katsuki laughed.  “Show ‘em what happens if anybody gets between our relationship.”
“Hire bodyguards to watch them from the shadows.”  Shigaraki said.
“Wonderful ideas!”  Toga cheered.


Week 7: Rejection

            Not allowed.  Everybody played Red Flags instead.


Week 10: Capture

            “I want you all to work on a project.  You must make a plan to capture your darling.  And, what sharing a home together would be like.”  Himoko sipped on a blood flavored juice box.

            “This must be completed within two weeks.  A stealth exam will be the week after.”
“Are partners allowed?”  Izuku asked.
Himoko gave a thumbs-up.
Midoriya glanced at Shoto who offered a small smile.  Bakugo’s red eyes flickered to Kirishima’s briefly.

            Everybody worked diligently.  It’s vital every step went accordingly.  If not, the students feared their lover would hate them.  Or worse –run away!  Presentation is cherished.  Without high marks surely it meant devastating failure.


            “My quirk is tremendously powerful and I can’t really control it yet.”  Izuku bashfully rubbed his neck.  “So I’d study every detail about them and pinpoint weaknesses.  Strategy is everything.”  Midoriya opened a sleek suitcase with velvet interior.  Various tools are stored inside.  “Though I suppose a syringe would work just fine.”

            Todoroki stood next to him.  He exhibited a small model of a house.  “My powers can help capture our darlings but just in case,” he demonstrated what every string, flap, and suspicious tile did.  “Midoriya and I set up an elaborate security system.”
“Oooh, mischievous!  Love it!”  Toga exclaimed.
“Yes.  Our powers are more combative than anything so we must be very careful with our crushes.”

            “What is this Tsuyu?”  Himoko stared at an impressive fortress.
“An underwater base.”  She stated simply.  Its an metal orb studded by rectangular, thin windows and equipped with fancy tech.
Toga smiled.  “I adore, just absolutely adore the villainous flair!”

            “I call this my invisibility machine!”  Hagakure shouted.  Toru placed a hand on the metal cylinder, the size of two trash bins stacked on each other.  Whrrrr…
Everyone in the room started to disappear.  When Hagakure removed her hand the students and Toga returned to normal.
“Hmm, not as flashy but practical.”
“Right!  If I turn my darling invisible only I can interact with them.”


Week 20: Post Graduation

            Confetti created hills of colorful paper.  Balloons of all types and hues surround silver and gold streamers.  Striped party hats lay discarded on tables and floors.  “I’m so proud of you all!”  Toga sniffed cheerfully.  Tears clouded her marigold eyes.  She sat at her desk, looking at photos that her students mailed in.  “I’m happy that my program worked for them.”

            Attached to the stack of photos are letters.  “Thank you for your priceless and exceptional guidance Ms. Himoko!”
“Without you we’d never get this far!”
“Living happily –together.”
“I’ve been grateful to attend this fantastic program.”
“See you on the Class Reunion!”
“Aw,” Toga smiled.  “Such sweethearts!  Anything for love, after all!”



















Chapter Text

My Hero Academia
Yandere Shinsou x Reader


Your Hero


              “Wow Shinsou, with a quirk like that you could rule the world!”
“Totally!  You’re practically unstoppable!”
“Think about all the ladies you could-”
Hitoshi shut his book and stood up.  His emotionless exterior didn’t express his extreme frustration.
            No, his absolute disgust for his classmates.
            Scratch that.  For humanity overall.

            Hitoshi is going to ignore them as usual.  But another voice captivates his attention.  [Y/n] stood, [e/c] eyes wrathfully glaring at the small crowd.  “Are you guys for real?  You sound like villains.”

            They grin sheepishly.  “W-we just think-”
“Don’t give me such shitty excuses.  Anybody can be a hero if they want to be!  No matter the quirk –or lack of one!”

            “Really?  What good can a brainwashing quirk do?”
“A lot.  In the right instance you could diffuse a hostage situation.  Or if someone gets kidnapped you could quickly get info.  In a heartbeat you’d change the game.”

            Violet eyes latch onto [e/c].  [Y/N] looks away and blushed.  “Not all flashy quirks are advantageous.”  Flustered, they leave the classroom in a flash.

            The corridors are strangely quiet.  Its early morning.  Students are normally flooding the cramped space, chatting or rushing to the library.  Then he sees it.  [Y/N]’s locker studded with neon paper signs.  Colorful insults and threats are written all over in marker.  Brows furrowed Shinsou stares at it disbelievingly.

            Faint laughter drifts in from an open door.  A crowd sprinted as soon as Hitoshi wandered into view.  [Y/N] is covered in eggs.  Their school uniform is torn and shredded.  Books litter the ground as pages fly in the wind.  Shinsou runs and nearly knocks them over.  He gripped [Y/N]’s shoulders, eyes flashing with concern.

            “What’d they do to you?”
Startled, they stare at him.  “Hitoshi?”  [Y/N] finally let tears slip past.  Shinsou’s caring tone made their passive walls dissolve.  ‘Why do I always have to look so stupid in front of him?’

            “The other students don’t like that I defended you.  So they threw eggs at me, cut my clothes with scissors, and destroyed my books.”
“Why didn’t you fight back?”
“I d-don’t know.”
“[L/N] don’t lie to me!  Tell me!”  He shook them and they began sobbing.

            “B-Because they surrounded me by surprise.  I…I’d get bad marks and probably ruin my chances to get into UA if I fought back.”

            Seeing such distress on [Y/N]’s face cracked Shinsou’s heart in two.  His voice rang softly like cat pawsteps.  “I’m sorry.  It’s all my fault-”
“No.  Don’t.  Hitoshi, it’s them.  Bad people are bad, no matter what qualities they like to brag about.”

            He cupped their face.  Purple eyes twirl with dedication.  “I promise to help you reach your goals [L/N].  It’s the least I can do.  You…you’re the only one to believe in me.”
“Actually I want something else.”
“I want to be your friend, Hitoshi.”


            [Y/N] became Shinsou’s best friend but months later, their parents transferred them to another school.  Hitoshi blames himself.  The bullying had gotten worse.  The horrible events always happened out of his view.  He wanted to break their bones.  Yet all he could do was provide [Y/N] comfort.  He was afraid to be expelled and never see them again.

            [Y/N] remained his only companion through all the torment.  To him they are a true hero.  [L/N] always cheers Shinsou up when he’s downcast.  He hates how he’s unable to repay their kindness. 
“Don’t worry Hitoshi!  As long as you’re around I can endure it.”

            He thinks about that often.  Did he really mean that much to [Y/N]?  ‘Do I even deserve someone that wonderful in my life?’  Shinsou would ask [Y/N] but he’s afraid of revealing his feelings.
            Nobody could love him.
            He brings misfortune to anyone around him.

            “Still Hitoshi aims to get into UA to see [Y/N].  Also, to become a hero but that was sidelined for [Y/n]’s ambitions.  They continue to communicate through visits, texts, and calls.  It’s not enough.  Shinsou wants to see them smile, and to hear their praise as he destroys all their troubles-
Is that heroic?  Shinsou believes so.

            A few weeks later he meets them again at UA.  [Y/N] leaps into his arms, displaying a stunning smile.  They introduce him to Tsuyu, Uraraka, Iida, and Izuku.  Hitoshi keeps his natural lethargic disposition.  Inwardly he’s happy [Y/N] managed to find friends.

            However, he’s uncertain on how to interact.  Shinsou secretly wants to be like these guys.  Vociferous, proud, brave, and well…loud.  What if [Y/N] adored that type?  Like always, Hitoshi feels out of place.

            Midst their friendly conversations Shinsou studies other UA students.  He instantly recognizes some old bullies.  They avoid his piercing gaze and cower.  Blending into the crowds fearfully –some sneer back at him.  Disgust coats his throat venomously.  Heroes, what pathetic lies.


            “Thanks for lending me that book to study for the exam, [Y/N].”
“No problem Uraraka!”
“Hey!  Shinsou told me he wants you to meet him on the roof in ten minutes.”  Izuku said.
“I wonder what for?”
“Don’t forget to stop by Iida’s for training!”  Tsuyu reminded.
“Right!  I dislike being late.”
“That’s the spirit, [L/N]!”
[Y/N] laughed and waved.  “Thanks Iida.  See you guys later!”

            The winding stairs are cold.  [Y/N] couldn’t wait to reach the warmth of sunlight at the top.  The vast view of the city is remarkable too.  They’re envious of anyone gifted with a flying quirk.  [Y/N] arrives and pushes open the metal door.

            Shinsou is smiling.  Comforted by the familiarity [Y/N] also grins.  “It’s always a good day when I can see you, Shinsou.  What’s up?”  They really love seeing Shinsou’s smiles.
“I have a gift for you.”

            “M-Me?  Oh,” [Y/N] blushed and bashfully rubbed their neck.  “I didn’t expect to –thank you.”
He holds up his hands, palms to the sky.  “I’m going to give you justice.”

            Seven students are revealed.  They had been hiding around rooftop machinery.  Soundlessly they gather in a line in front of [Y/N].  Every expression is blank, emotionless.  ‘Why is Hitoshi using his quirk on them?’
            An icy cold lump sinks from [Y/N]’s throat into their gut.
            They realize these were their old bullies.

            “What are you doing?”
“This is all for you, [Y/N].  I’m repaying you for being my only friend.”  Hitoshi took a deep breath.  “I love you.”
“What?!  Shinsou I-”
“When humanity labeled me as villain you…only you brought me back from the depths of despair.”

“The seven of you, confess what you did.”

            “I threw eggs at [L/N].  I’m jealous of their quirk.”
“I pushed them constantly in gym class.  I hate anyone who can’t keep up with the rest of us.”
“They’re so ugly!  I stole cash from their backpack.”
“I wanted to fit in so I shredded their books.”
“It’s funny to watch them fail.  I cut their clothes apart so they could get in trouble.”

            “Are you sincerely sorry for bullying [Y/N]?”
Some didn’t reply.  Others responded with a simple ‘no’. 
“Humanity is so pathetic…” Shinsou mumbled.  “Most never change for the better.”
[Y/N] silently sobbed, heartbroken.

            Tears well up in [e/c] eyes.  Hurt, the memories flood in, powerful like sea waves.  [Y/N] wants to feel sympathy for them.  But really, they’d just be lying to themselves.  ‘I can’t forgive them.’

Sharp metal blades sprout from a boy’s body.  A few clatter to the ground.  Strong sunlight glints off the metallic surface.  Each one picks up a blade and slices their own throats.  Bloody tendrils spill from deep wounds.  Bodies flop over with heavy thuds.

            Crimson ribbons become a pool.  Gaps in the tiles carry the blood further.  No screams.  Blades deafeningly crash onto ground.  Quivering frightfully, a thousand questions reach [Y/N]’s lips.  Yet their voice is locked –soundless.

            He walked straight through the blood unbothered.  The students’ bodies lay in grotesque angles, eyes lifeless.  Shinsou reaches out to cup [Y/N]’s face.  Violet orbs impale [e/c], full of unreadable emotion.  Is he trying to figure out what to say?  Silence engulfs the air.
            “I want to be your hero, [Y/N].  Did I do well?  I’ll make sure nobody hurts my love as long as I’m breathing.”




















Chapter Text

Requested from Multifandom Treasury
My Hero Academia
Soulmate AU
Yandere Bakugo x Reader





                Soulmate AU:  Nobody has a heartbeat until they meet their soulmate.  One day, both people will glow the same pattern of colors for a brief time.
                    Quirk: Hex; touching an object or person and summoning a symbol, will put a status effect on said thing or person for a short time.  Maximum limit is two days.



            Bakugo is pissed.  How are all these extras finding their soulmates?  Everywhere in UA he sees foolish couples celebrating the news.  Where’s his soulmate?  Katsuki won’t outwardly admit the scorching jealousy he harbors.
            It’s pathetic!  Besides him the only others still lacking a pulse is Mineta, Denki, Tsuyu, and [Y/N].

            To ignore his doubts is almost impossible.  What if he never finds them?  He’s sure of whom it could be but-
What if it isn’t that person?  Surely the awesome, powerful, outstanding Bakugo Katsuki isn’t part of the rare population fated to have no soulmate?!  No, that can’t be.  He won’t believe it.

            ‘It happens in a single moment.  A rainbow of colors dance just beneath the skin.  Then our clear veins flood with blood and we start to feel a heartbeat…’

            ‘If one consistently rejects their soulmate, even before the connection is established or even possible, one may start to get side effects.  Though scientists haven’t firmly concluded what the side effects are exactly, there is one theory…’

            ‘Depending on the individual’s personality it can be rather docile or extremely dangerous…’      
            Bakugo can’t count how many times he’s read scientific studies of the Soulmate Customary.
            Is he doing something wrong?

            Whenever anybody gives him sympathy he blows a fuse.  Scowling, his anger surges, scaring friends and classmates.  He discards their pity.  Students’ gossip and he hear every damn word.

            That he’s too violent.  Too wild to ever be granted a soulmate.  Maybe they’re right.  Regardless, it doesn’t settle Katsuki’s nerves.  Kirishima, Seto, and Mina try and help but Bakugo feels silly.  His friends drag him around places like some dumb show pony.

            Class ends.  Katsuki is marching to the training facility when he pauses immediately.  UA students walk back and forth in the sunny courtyard.  [Y/N] is talking to Tsuyu.  He can’t hear their exchange but he can tell what’s happening.

            [Y/N] is blushing.  Shuffling their feet nervously they present a gift.  A plushy frog, red roses attached.
Tsuyu gasped –the usually straightforwardly calm girl now ecstatic and flattered.  She reaches out to accept…

            Gold, red, [f/c].  Light flashes beneath Bakugo and [Y/N]’s flesh like a kaleidoscope.  [E/c] eyes whip around and land on crimson hues.  They stare at each other wide-eyed.  Seconds feel like years.  People stop and gape, shocked. 
            At the same time they feel their hearts thump, thump, thump…

            Horror scars [Y/N]’s expressions. 
‘Why are they frightened?’
Tears well up in [L/N]’s eyes.  Flustered, they run from the courtyard, abandoning Bakugo and a concerned Tsuyu.  No.  He won’t allow his soulmate to run from him.  Katsuki has been waiting years for this special, irreplaceable, magnificent experience.


            “Bakugo?”  [Y/N] sat in a flower patch reading a comic book.  The child is frightened by the boy who had recently discovered his quirk.  Keeping their distance [Y/N] made friends with Izuku instead.  To them, Katsuki is too arrogant and rowdy.  He pushed everyone around and expected unwavering loyalty from weaker kids.

            Sticking out a pudgy hand he revealed a bag of [favorite candy].  Astonished, their jaw dropped.  [Y/N] narrowed [e/c] eyes at Bakugo cynically.  “Is this a trick?”


            “No.  Stop staring at me like that!  I’m sharing these with you.”
“What?  Really?”  [Y/N] opened the sack and gazed inside.  They expected insects to jump out on their face or something equally scary.  Nothing happened.  Plucking a candy from the bag they ate it.

            Delicious!  The [sweet/sour] flavor perked up [Y/N]’s mood instantly.  “Thank you Bakugo.”
“You’re my [boyfriend/girlfriend] now!”  He crossed his arms and smugly smiled. 

            Katsuki scoffed.  “Don’t you know it’s Valentine’s Day?  People give gifts to someone they like and they become a couple!  You accepted my gift!”
“I don’t think that’s exactly how-”
Grabbing [Y/N]’s hand he pulled them up to their feet.

            “So don’t hang out with quirkless Deku anymore.”
“Wait, Bakugo!”  [Y/N] tried to break free.  Katsuki’s grip is stronger than snake coils.  Yanking and tugging have no result.  Feet dragged painfully in the earth while [Y/N] clutched the comic book like a priceless treasure.

            “Izuku is my friend!”
“What?”  His glare made [Y/N]’s jaw snap shut.  Eyeing the book he snatched it from their grasp.
“Give that back!”
His voice rang sharp enough to cut steel.  “Stop hanging out with Deku or I’ll destroy your comic.”

            “No!  You’re a jerk!”  Kicking his knee, [Y/N] ran away.
Fuming and perplexed he watched them leave.  He didn’t burn the comic book.  Clutching it close he stared at the cover vacantly.  An agonizing pain tore through where he assumed the heart is.  It never moved, not for a single moment or breath.  But now it felt as if a tiger’s claws were slashing at his chest.  He didn’t understand what was happening.  Hell, not even doctors could solve the ailment during the time either –didn’t even know such things existed, associated to the Soulmate Customary.

            The next month [Y/N] and Izuku are playing with action figures at the park.  It had rained for days, so they were happy to finally get some fresh air.  Other kids refused to play with anybody that’s quirkless –except [Y/N].  Midoriya is so sweet!  Who wouldn’t want to be his friend?  The two cheerfully ran around with action figures, pretending to save the world from villains.  A shadow suddenly loomed over them.

            “Kaachan?”  Izuku shielded the blazing sun from his view. 
“Leave us alone Bakugo.”  [Y/N] doesn’t understand why he keeps interfering.  They’re tired of his insults and selfish attitude.  Over the past few weeks he’s been outrageous. 
He’s kicked sand in Izuku’s face.
He tore apart the artwork the two had spent hours making.
He chased them off of swing sets, jungle gyms, and almost everywhere else. 
Katsuki’s smile is maliciously eerie.  “Deku, I told you to stop being around [Y/N].”
“I-I know Kaachan but [Y/N] is really nice and-”

            In a breath he leaps onto Midoriya.  Wielding scissors Bakugo stabs him ruthlessly.  Twice in the arm and once in the leg.  Globs of blood mottle Bakugo’s face and clothes.  Izuku screams and thrashes in response.  Hideous gnarled wounds appear on his flesh.

            Pushing [Y/N] away he grabbed Midoriya’s action figure and destroyed it.  A small explosion turns the toy to ash.  The smell of burning plastic and iron stay.  Izuku’s green orbs met alarming, cruel red.  The boy trembled dreadfully.
            The scissors glowed under bright sunlight, the sharp blades hovering dangerously above its target.
            Bakugo is aiming for Midoriya’s chest.

            In a blink [Y/N] acts.  They tackle Katsuki.  Heavy punches hit his jaw.  “Quit being a bully!  You’re hurting Izuku!”

            Slapping him a ring forms.  One full of complex symbols and designs.  [Y/N] sprints and helps Izuku up.  Katuski tries to recover but fails.  Every time he manages to stand his feet tangle, weightless, and collapse under him.

            “I don’t want to be friends anymore Bakugo!  You’re a monster!”
Though dazed and motionless, Bakugo feels wounded by every word.  Just blades sinking into his heart.

            ‘How could I get rejected like that?’  He can’t believe it.  Didn’t want to accept the fact that quirkless Deku is more loved and admired than him.  ‘Why am I being treated like an extra?’



            Cornered and trapped.  [Y/N] cursed when ending up at a dead end hallway.  In a hurry they hadn’t thought out the best escape route.  Heartbeats later Katsuki caught up.
Angry tears spill from [e/c] eyes.  ‘Why him?’

            “Face me!”
It’s unwise to be stubborn.  Bakugo’s quirk outmatches [Y/N]’s in almost every aspect.  Even as they heard loud foot stomps wandering closer, [L/N] refused to acknowledge Katsuki.

The softness in Bakugo’s voice is unexpected.  Pivoting around they see pain reflecting upon his face.  He’s clutching his chest.  From the moment he laid eyes on [Y/N], Bakugou knew.  So why are they denying the connection?

            “My heart beats for you and only you.”  Briefly he studies them as if affirming something.  He hesitantly reaches out; afraid it’s all some trick or illusion.  [Y/N] slaps his hand away.  “Don’t touch me.  You’re a psychopath, Bakugo.”

            Brows furrowed he snarled.  “You can’t reject me.”  If one looked into the depths, they’d recognize a spark of hurt in red eyes.  “The Soulmate-”
“I don’t love you!”  [Y/N] pushed him and he stumbled slightly.  “I never will!”
            His world shatters with [Y/N]’s next words.
            “I’d rather my heart be stagnant forever than be your soulmate.”

“I said, ‘no.’” He pushed them.  [Y/N] smacked into the wall.  Bakugo embraced them.  Activating Hex was interrupted by an intense mini explosion.  The fire’s heat created a scorching glare.  Immobilized, [Y/N] is pulled close.  Burying his head in the crook of their neck he mumbles, “I promise to love you for all eternity, [Y/N].  I won’t disappoint you.”
            They can hear Bakugo’s heartbeat match their own.  Wild, frantic, and everlasting.





















Chapter Text

Gravity Falls
Reverse Falls AU
Dipper Gleeful x Goth Reader


The Strange Encounter


                During every performance frigid cold eyes sweep the audience.  Most of the crowd is a boring glob, an unamusing blur to Dipper Gleeful.  He could care less about fools who enter the show.  Except one.  A particular face he hopes to see.

            They’ve only showed up a few times before –captivated by the twins’ telepathic stunts and magic tricks.  Before he could introduce himself they dissolve into a wave of exiting guests.
            ‘I don’t know what draws me to you,’ Dipper thought.  ‘But I want to find out.’

            In the mansion he found his sister applying cosmetics to her plump face.  “Mabel,”
“Yes dear brother, what is it?  I’m preparing to ask my crush on another date.”
“Do you know how I can find someone in town?”
Facing Dipper she replied, “Of course.  I know everybody.”

            He describes [Y/N]’s features as if directing an artist to capture every perfect detail.  Gushing sweetly Mabel asked, “Does my baby brother have a crush?  How adorable!”
“I can’t help but feel that you’re mocking me, sister.”  Dipper hissed.
She giggled.  “It’s a little funny.  You seem too…cold to gain such warm feelings about someone.”

            “Just tell me who it is!”
“Okay, okay!”  Stifling laughter Mabel provided an answer.  “It’s [Y/N] [L/N].  They hang out with my flower princess Pacifica.”
“I…need advice.”
            Every word is a punch to Dipper’s gut.  He almost never asks for help.

            “Uh-huh.  Well first, you must be confident!”
“As I always am?”
“Yes.  Find common interests.  Be impressive.  Wow them like how we amaze tourists!”
“Hmph.”  Dipper adjusted his bowtie.  “I can accomplish that easily.”

            Mabel cheered.  “You got this!  And hey,” she winked mischievously.  “If you want me to capture your darling, just give me a call.
“Always going for extreme measures first, aren’t you, sister?”
She shrugged.  “It’s fun!”
“Where should I find them?”
“At the graveyard, usually.  I must leave now.  Good luck!”



            Stars shine distantly above a silent graveyard.  Dark tree silhouettes enclose rows of tombstones.  Gideon warned [Y/N] of spirits haunting the grounds but they really appreciate the peace.  It’s a perfect place to stroll around and just think.  Sighing contently, [Y/N] paced the single dirt road in Gravity Falls’ cemetery. 
            They didn’t expect to run into a popular idol here.

            Dipper Gleeful is walking up to [Y/N] from the opposite way.  It’s very rare to see him without his twin.  Mystified, [Y/N] raised a brow but kept walking, thinking he’d ignore them.  No, in fact he stopped right in front of their path.  [Y/N] blinked.

            For a brief second he looked nervous.  Dipper gathered courage.  “I got these for you.  Please accept them!”  It’s a bouquet of blue and white flowers, with hints of [flower] too. 

            “U-Um, for me?”
His dull cerulean eyes pierce straight through [color].  They shuddered.  Dipper’s smile is more cunning than handsome or elegant.  [Y/N] often wondered why many considered the twins’ Gravity Falls’ stars.

            He kissed [Y/N]’s knuckles.  Dipper didn’t blink at all.  It’s so surreal and unsettling.  “Yes.  You’re very eye-catching my dear.  I can’t look elsewhere.”
[Y/N] tried not to roll their eyes.  They chuckled.  “I didn’t know you were such a talented poet, Dipper.”

            Gleeful’s entitled arrogance shines through.  Matter-of-factly he replies, “Of course.  I did take classes for many things, art being one of them.”
‘I can’t tell if he’s trying to impress me or brag…’
Was this a prank?
“I see you visit our shows a lot.  Your beautiful [color] eyes glow upon seeing the more…dangerous stunts.  You and I share a love for blood, yes?”

            Baffled, [Y/N] tried nonchalantly shrugging.  “What are you, a vampire?  But yeah, I guess.  That’s why I watch horror movies, dude.”
They see a brief smile.  Wow, they didn’t expect Dipper to have a sense of humor. 

            “You and I also share distaste for humanity.”
“I mean, whatever, people are kind of horrible.  You know?  At least you have Mabel; trust is easily broken.”
“Still, you may not realize but I too, feel like an outcast.  Even with everything I have in life, I can’t ever connect with others well.”
“I’m not an-”
“Don’t lie.”  His intense look silences any protest.  “People clearly avoid you, as if you’re an agent for the grim reaper.”
“So what if I dress differently than others?  I don’t care what they say.”
Dipper tilted his head questioningly.  “I don’t mind dear, I think your style is quite flattering.  You may have Pacifica and Gideon as close friends but people whisper atrocious things about you, don’t they?  I know.”

            [Y/N] glared at him.  The Gleefuls know everything.  Not because of their telepathic powers either.  Their high status in Gravity Falls practically grants them everything –from luxuries to helpful gossip.  “Yeah, and no matter what I say, people still spread venomous rumors anyway, because it’s fun for them.  Where are you going with this, Gleeful?”

            Dipper narrowed his eyes.  Why isn’t anything working?  Admirers fawn over him all the time!  Why is [Y/N] so different?  But this is why he likes them, because they share a hidden fear or never finding acceptance, even among a society they despise.

            “I like you [Y/N].”
“Seriously?  You…you’re joking right?”  For the first time they see sparks of emotions in Dipper’s eyes.  Shock, confusion, and rage.  “Gleefuls never lie about such important things.”

            “I think you and I will make a wonderful couple.  We have different social lives but I understand the pain you experience.”
Alluring as Dipper is, he isn’t their type.
“Please accept my feelings for you.”
“I…I don’t know man.”  [Y/N] felt strangely motionless, a badgering dread rattles their nerves, telling them to get out as fast as possible.  They didn’t notice the amulet glow a faint blue, locking their feet in place.

            His blue eyes glint dangerously.  “Is…is there someone else?”
“No.”  [Y/N]’s head drooped sadly.  The town outcast never got any admirers, obviously.  “Not really.”
Dipper sighed in relief.  He displayed a rare, honest smile.  “That’s good.  I don’t particularly like competition.  You won’t regret dating me, I promise.”

            “Huh?  I didn’t-”
“I can tell we have a special connection.  Don’t you agree?”  He gave them a pale blue invitation.  Suddenly he leaned forward, his voice a mere whisper by their ear.
            “If you ask me to burn the world I shall do so for you, my dear.”

            Then, as if he hadn’t said a thing, he smiled brightly.  “My sister and I are having a ball tomorrow.  Don’t be late!”  In a heartbeat, Dipper fled.  Stunned, [Y/N] stared at the invitation doubtfully.  Were all Gleefuls so perplexing?

























Chapter Text

My Hero Academia + Death Note
Quirkless AU
Yandere Bakugo and Izuku x Reader


A Sword and Shield

                 UA Academy.  A renowned school full of the brightest minds plucked from all over the world.
What a joke.  Or at least [Y/N] thinks so.  Full of snobs is more accurate.  Wearing a disgusted scowl they march to the next class.  Their shoulders hurt from carrying so many books.

            The only cool thing here is education.  It’s the best anyone can afford.  A glaring flaw is the hierarchy involved.  Every school has outcasts and cliques.  Those deemed popular, rich, and smart use their attributes to step over each other for petty victories.
            [Y/N] is an outcast.  A quiet loner.  They don’t stand out therefore are spared from torment.

            This was the norm until recently.  Dread is etched on every bully’s face.  From queen bees, arrogant intellectuals, to muscular jocks.  Clamorous corridors are now mostly empty.  There’s less blood coating the interior than had been months before.

            [Y/N] enters their dorm.  Switching through channels on the TV they see repeated statistics and reporting.  Crime rates have plummeted.  People are celebrating the supposed savior of mankind: Kira.
            They don’t care for the title.  [Y/N] only wants to be a hero for those in need.
            Laughing, they remember when they found the notebook.


            Midoriya had been curled up in the halls.  He absorbed brutal kicks and punches from bullies.  His bag tossed aside.  A broken Gameboy next to it.  Blood and bruises cake his face and pale skin.  Yet, nobody responds to his cries of distress.  Those hovering above him only chuckle.
            Girls and guys shred his comic books apart.  The pages fall like snow.  He had tried to fight back.

            “Leave him alone.”
The crowd parts to stare at [Y/N] bewilderingly.  “Who’s that?”
“I dunno’.”
“Is…is that the quiet kid in our classes?”

            [Y/N] draws a switch blade.  Jumping alarmingly, the bullies take a step back.  “Whoa.  Put that down or-”
“Or what?”
“Don’t act so confident!  You probably don’t even know how to use that!”
“You’ll get expelled for having a knife.”

            “So?”  They scoffed.  “This place sucks anyway.  Now leave him alone.” 
No one moved.
[Y/N] faked a lunge and the bullies scattered.  They helped Izuku up.  He smiled.  His tormentors fleeing frightfully gave him revolting joy.

            “Thanks.  I owe you.”
“Don’t worry about it.  I’m surprised my plan even worked.”
Midoriya’s green eyes widened.  “Have you ever used it before?”
[Y/N] laughed.  “No way.  I just keep it for protection.”
Izuku slumped over, arms resting on his knees.  “Because you helped me you’ll get expelled.
“I won’t.  I’ll make sure nobody finds my knife.  Are you okay?  There’s blood –it looks painful.”

            “I’ll be fine.”  He grabbed scraps of a cherished comic book and sighed miserably.  “I can’t believe I lost it.”
“What comic is it?”
“My Hero Academia.  My father gave it to me as a present.  It’s an old one.”
“C’mon,” Lifting Izuku up, they let him lean on them for support.  “I’ll walk you to the nurse’s office.”

            Izuku had been very melancholy.  Next Saturday [Y/N] rode their bike to a comic shop.  In shadowy corners upon dusty shelves are classics.  Rare treasure too, if one searched hard enough.  [Color] eyes shine happily when finding the exact one Izuku had described.

            “Oh?  My Hero Academia?  That isn’t normally your genre, [Y/N].”
“I know.  It’s for a friend.”
Shigaraki grinned.  “Must be an exceptional friend.  This one is a collector’s edition.  Very expensive.”
“It’s okay.  I saved up.”  Waving cheerfully to Tomura, [Y/N] exited the shop.

            Their foot landed on something soft instead of bland earth.  “A book?”  The cover is black and printed with undecipherable letters.  No price tag.  No barcode.  Glancing side to side [Y/N] found no one.  Did somebody drop this?  “Well if it doesn’t belong to anyone I might as well keep it.”

            Izuku is ecstatic.  Like a teenager getting boyband tickets he jumps up and down.  “How do I repay you?!”
[Y/N] laughed.  Her friend’s happiness is very contagious.  “Don’t worry about it.”
Squealing, Izuku hugged them.  “Thank you!  You’re the best!  This is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me!”

            At the dorms [Y/N] explored the contents of the newfound notebook.  They thought it was some crazy person’s macabre prank. 
When Kurogiri appeared it convinced [Y/N] otherwise.

            The Shinigami explained everything.  At first, they’re shocked.  Shinigami exist.  One is talking to them; magically teleported into their room and telling them this surreal notebook is unquestionably real.
Kurogiri is nonchalantly friendly for a mythical creature.

            For a few days [Y/N] uses the notebook sparingly.  Only for the most awful criminals.  They notice the world gradually changing.  Sinister characters hide fearfully and crimes almost stop.  Others freely enjoy entertaining activities, knowing someone out there is defending the public.
            [Y/N] knows that this change is partly a façade.  If criminals stop dying the world will revert to its previous state.


            “It was fun!  Thanks for inviting me to the café today Izuku.”
“No problem!”
“We should do this again sometime.”
“Do you want Midoriya and I to walk you back, [L/N]?”  Shoto offered.
“No thanks!  You guys go ahead!”
“Yes.  The streets have been safer currently, even this late.”
“Thanks to Kira!”

            [Y/N] raised an eyebrow.  Kira is a popular subject.  But they’ve never heard Izuku express any views about it before.
“Really?  You think so?”
“I have to agree with Midoriya.  Because of Kira, good people are allowed to do things without worry.”
“Kira is my hero!”
“Even more than All Might?”

            Izuku nodded.  “Yeah!  I’d do anything for Kira if I could!  I want to thank them for all they’re doing!”
Shoto smiled –a rare gift to behold.  “So would I.  Society owes Kira a lot.”
“They’re the only ones with enough courage to re-create humanity into an immaculate world.  That’s a true hero!”
            [Y/N] smiled brighter than the sun valiantly appearing after a rainy day.  It’s heartwarming to hear!

            “See you in class tomorrow!”
“See you later, [Y/N]!”
“Remember to meet us in the library to study for Aizawa’s exam.”
“I will!”

            They often navigate a small forest to get back to the dorms faster.  Beyond leafy veils is the sports field.  Students jog or ride bikes.  The scenery exhibits serenity. 
A scream echoes, bouncing off of stone exteriors and striking [Y/N]’s ears like thunder. 

            On the field is a bunch of students brawling.  Some stumble from dizzying hits.  Their opponent is the infamous Bakugo Katsuki.  Though holding his ground steadfastly he falters.

            His fiery spirit keeps him enduring.  Yet an arm is gnarled, swaying limply next to his side.  Facing each adversary bravely he refuses to collapse.  Katsuki won’t last long.  Luckily [Y/N] recognizes one of the guys.  Dabi.  Making sure the coast is clear they quickly write his full name down.

            Dabi clutches his chest and falls face first, dropping a serrated knife.  Horrified, his gang scatters.
“Bakugo!  Are you okay?!”  Kirishima sprints towards him.  “You were late for training and when I got here I saw students surrounding you –what happened?!”
            Backing away [Y/N] takes a longer route back to the dorms.

            A few days later [Y/N] finds Mina and Denki exiting the infirmary.  Worried whispers pass their lips.  Unusual for the buoyant pair.  Knocking on the door, [Y/N] doesn’t expect a response.  Swinging open it reveals Kirishima.  “Hey man, here to see Bakugo?”

            “How is he?”
Kirishima bit his lip.  “Not good.  Doctor says his arm is terrible.  They just managed to fix it but…” Eijiro slapped a hand over his mouth, fighting tears.  “He won’t ever play sports again.  He can’t move it at all.”
“For real?!”

            “Hey Pointy Teeth, who is that?!”
Kirishima let them in.  [Y/N]’s astonished. 
Katsuki’s face is red and tear-stained.  Eyes are puffy too.  He’s clearly been crying.

            “The Mouse, huh?  What’re you doing h-”
Bakugo stares hard at them as if realizing something.  His mouth is left ajar.  A few heartbeats later Kirishima asks, “Bro, everything okay?”

            Blinking, Katsuki glares at Eijiro, crossing his arms.  “Of course!  What do you think I am?!  Some dumbass weakling like the rest?!”
It’s them.  His savior.  Who knew a loner had such guts?  Bakugo didn’t expect it but extraordinarily admires their fearlessness.
Clearing his throat he nudges Kirishima.  “Give us some time.”Eijiro blushed, figuring the two are dating.  He gets up from a chair and nodded.  “Totally!  I’ll bring you lunch, bro.”

            They’re alone.  Bakugo wants to sweep [Y/N] into their arms and thank them, to vow his everlasting affection and trustworthiness to the one who saved his life but he keeps his cool.
“What’s up Ba-”
“Call me Katsuki.”
“Okay…” Huh?  They hardly knew each other.  Kirishima is considered Bakugou’s best friend and even he’s not allowed to call him Katsuki.

            “I got let go from the team.”
“That’s terrible, what happened?”  [Y/N]’s surprised that he’s being so open about things.  Bakugo never lets anyone get close.  The window to his insecurities is blocked by aggressive overconfidence.
Katsuki leans back.  His arm sling starting being itchy and irritating.  Should he reveal what he knows now or later?

            “I pissed off Dabi.  He thinks he owns the whole school and town.  He was probably on hard drugs again.  Said I overstepped on his turf and he jumped me.”  Bakugo grinned.  “I gave that pyromaniac some outstanding punches before he ruined my arm.”
“What’re you going to do now?”
He chuckled.  “I have a new purpose now.  Something way better than being captain.”

            Katsuki glances at [Y/N] as if to say something.  “I-”
His phone rang.  ‘Shitty Deku!  Always ruining the moment!’  With swift movement he answered.  “What?  I know who-yes.  Stop mumbling damn it!  You think I’m slow?!  I figured it out.  Hm?  I can make it there, got it.  Bye.”

            [Y/N] sheepishly smiled.  “I didn’t know you and Izuku are friends.”
Red orbs study them.  “We…worked out our differences.  Listen I-”
The door opened, interrupting Katsuki again.  A nurse walked in.  “Visiting time is over dear.  Bakugo needs rest.”
“Alright ma’am.”  Standing, [Y/N] waved.  “See you around Katsuki.”

            Going to class they hear their phone ping.  Izuku asked to meet him in the forest outside UA grounds.  Monday night.  [Y/N] smiled.  ‘Did he find something cool?’  Sure they can go.  Midoriya is [Y/N]’s best friend.


                Briskly walking into a forest [Y/N] shivered.  The cold winds slice their skin, piercing through a baggy hoodie.  A flashlight guides a safe path among tangled roots.  Birds suddenly flying startled [Y/N].  The sky is hardly visible.  Gnarled branches and thick leaves are punctured by patches of midnight.

            ‘I hope sneaking out of the dorms was worth it.  I could be watching [show] right now…’   
Leaning against a tree [Y/N] searched for Izuku.  “Midoriya, are you around?”

            No answer.  Of course.  ‘I should just go back-’
Two figures step into view.  The light eerily adorns their faces. 
“Oh my –what the hell Izuku?!  At least say something before…you…”

            Warily [Y/N] observed the pair.  “Why is Katsuki here too?”  Resentment flashes in their eyes.  “What’s going on?  Am I being pranked?  Is somebody in a mask going-”
“W-We didn’t mean to scare you, [Y/N].”  Midoriya grabbed their shoulders.  Warm breath struck their faces in cloudy puffs.

            “I…I asked you to come here for something important.”
“What?”  They didn’t like how their eyes unnervingly glint in nightfall.  [Y/N] tries to disband dread with humor.  “Are you guys’ secret agents or something?”  Acting nonchalant might get them out of this unusual situation right?

            “Quit all this evasive bullshit!”  Bakugo spat.
Deku flinched.
“We’re here to talk about Kira.”
“Seriously?  Why?”  [Y/N] drastically stiffened.
“What Kaachan is trying to say is that-”
“You’re Kira.”  Katsuki pushed Izuku aside and revealed a Death Note.

            [Y/N] froze.  They refused to move or breathe.  What are Izuku and Bakugo thinking?  ‘I have to be careful.  If I’m not…’

            “Why are you so surprised?”  Bakugo scoffed.  “Didn’t expect anyone to have Shinigami eyes?  I can tell you’re Kira so don’t play any games with us.  At the-”
“You didn’t see my lifespan.”
He nodded.

            “Wait, wait.”  [Y/N]’s jaw drops astonishingly.  “How’d you get a notebook?  It couldn’t have been that long because-”
“Several day ago.  When Kaachan was still recovering in the infirmiry.”


            Bakugo furiously paced around UA.  The doctors said to go for a walk.  What bullshit.  He’d rather be training.  At least nobody’s bothering him with fake sympathies.  The revelation still troubles him, makes him restless.  Deep down he’s panicking.  No more sports.  His dominant arm is forever numb and useless.  It’s not the life he imagined at all.

            It’s all that dumbass druggie’s fault.  What an ass Dabi was.  He deserved that heart attack from Kira.
Kira.  Katsuki had never really cared about the whole thing.  Then fate intervened.  Whoever or whatever Kira is saved his life.  During sleepless nights worrying about the future, how wrecked it was for him, knowing his dreams were destroyed and unobtainable, he thought about Kira. 

            Instead of wallowing like the other weaklings around him, all those pathetic extras, Bakugo still aimed to standout.  He’d dedicate everything to Kira.  They gave him new life.  Hell, they’re daring enough to defy feeble laws that hinder society and renovate it for better.  But how would Katsuki be noticed by them if he doesn’t even know who they are?  Is Kira a single individual or an organization?

            Huh?  Bakugo sees someone sitting against a tree flipping through some notebook.  They’re mumbling incoherently.  Scowling, he walks up to them.

            Midoriya quivered.  He has a tremendous smile.  So this is how Kira is killing criminals.  Tokoyami tilts his head back and forth, perplexed.  Humans are strange.  The teen is overly ecstatic?  Hm, suppose it’s because humans don’t know much about such things.  Either way he wishes to help them.

            “W-With this I can finally g-get noticed by my hero: Kira.”  A dark smile scars Izuku’s soft features.  “I didn’t think you could do this much with a Death Note.  Soon the world will follow only one.”  Closing his eyes he laughs.  “I’ll show you that I will be your finest weapon.  Tokoyami I want to tra-”

            “Hey Deku, what the hell are you doing?!”
“Ah!  N-Nothing Kaachan!”  Laughing nervously he tried hiding the notebook.
“You’re such a freak Deku!  What do you have there huh?”  Bakugo swiped up the notebook despite Izuku’s pleas. 
“Kaachan no!  It’s nothing just some book I got from-”

            Ignoring Midoriya Bakugo looked up to see a Shinigami looming over him.  “Who the hell are you?”  Katsuki studied the creature.  Tall, cloaked in black feathers, and with a bird head.  Silver chains and trinkets adorn his shabby cloth. 
“I’m a Shinigami, Bakugo Katsuki.”  Tokoyami’s shocked that the kid isn’t intimidated at all.
“How’d you-” he peeked down at the notebook in his hand.  “Death Note?”
“No Kaachan don’t look at-”

            Even with his weak arm Bakugo is a robust force.  He pushed Izuku away.  “Shut up loser!  Stay out of my way.”  He quickly glanced at the rules.  He looked back up at Tokoyami.  “Tell me Shinigami, is this how Kira kills?”
“I don’t know.  Another Shinigami must’ve dropped one earlier.  Not all of us know each other, child.”  


            Screaming, Izuku tackled Bakugo.  They rolled, kicking up grass and leaves.  Midoriya punched him ruthlessly.  A cruel grin appeared and for a second Bakugo was afraid. 
“Just because you pushed me around and bullied me as a kid doesn’t mean I’ll let you do it again, Kaachan.”  A hand clamped down onto Katsuki’s face, as if to tear at his eyes.  Nails dug into skin and drew blood.  “I won’t let this opportunity go.  It means too much to me.”

            Rage energizes Bakugo.  Spinning he drags Izuku with him.  Now on top he swings brutally.  Midoriya’s back hit the tree and a hand upon his forehead kept him from moving.  Katsuki’s muscles twitch from the pressure.  “Shitty Deku, even when injured you can’t best me.  I’m taking the Death Note to help Kira.  It’s an opportunity I can’t let go.”  He laughed.  “Why don’t I just write your name down?”

            “If your goal is to assist Kira then why don’t you two work together?”  Tokoyami suggested.  “You’d have a better chance running into them if so.”
“Shut up!  Working with Deku is unacceptable!  He’s a freak.”
“But he’s right Kaachan.”  Izuku grinned.  “You have no composure to do anything strategic.”
Growling, he wrapped a hand around Midoriya’s throat and squeezed.  Bakugo is unnerved by how Izuku can just keep smiling.  Striking Katsuki’s arm it folded and the teen grappled his old childhood friend.  “So, let’s work together Kaachan.”
Wheezing, he felt his arm close to snapping.  “Fine.”

            The two stand and hold the notebook.  Tokoyami asked, “So you want to trade half of your lifespans for Shinigami eyes?  You can’t get it back if you lose ownership of the Death Note.”
“Yes.  It’s crucial that we get the eyes.”
“Of course we know that!  If we didn’t we wouldn’t be asking!”
“Very well.”  A lanky hand waves over their heads.
Cedar-brown and pine-green eyes open and ephemerally glow crimson.


            It’s a weathered old red color unlike [Y/N]’s.  But there’s no denying it.  That notebook is real.  Brows furrowed they ask, “Why didn’t you use it yet?  Trading for eyes means that you intend to use the Death Note.”

            “Well,” Izuku laughed nervously.  He looked so apologetic.  “Kaachan wanted to but I-”
“Of course I did.  Why wait when there are criminals that need to die?!  Only a true hero strikes when the iron is hot!”
“I told him to wait until we find Kira.  Fortunately for us you turned out to be them!”
            “Why is that?”  It’s bizarre that the two would work together but [Y/N] doesn’t question it.

            “I told you before that I’d do anything for Kira, right?”
“You’re kidding!  Support I can believe but-”
“Never.  Not about this.”
“What about Bak-”
“Katsuki.”  He interrupted abruptly.  [Y/N]’s jaw snapped shut.  The pair sure is a daunting duo.
“You saved me from Dabi.  I felt worthless when the doctors said I’d never play sports again.  Or do much at all with my useless arm.  You gave me a new purpose.  One that’s better than becoming a star athlete that’s for sure!”

            “So in short,” Izuku smiled sweetly.  “We want to dedicate ourselves to you and your ideal, [Y/N].  Anything you ask us to do, no questions, we’ll do it.”
“I don’t believe this.  The whole Kira façade is garbage.  I never chose it.  The public put that image on me.”

            Frowning, Katsuki said, “But you’re saving people!”
“I…I know.  I like helping others.  I just…it shouldn’t be a big deal.”
“Why not?  You’re changing the world!”
“Excuse Kaachan,” Izuku glared dangerously at him.  “But he’s right you know.  In time you should let the world know who is creating a perfect world.  Without Kira nobody could live freely.  Your justice is forcing society to actually do something about its…its vile decay.”
“I guess.  You have a point.  But isn’t that reckless?  If humanity finds out about the Death Note then it’s all over.”

            “Together we can transform humanity.”  Izuku clasped his hands over [Y/N]’s.  “Kaachan and I will be your weapons.  Your sword and shield.”
“Weapons?  You guys are my friends.  Not pawns.  I don’t-”
“Accept it.  We’re not leaving you.”  Katsuki said.  Melancholy glints in crimson eyes –shocking, yet [Y/N] can’t help but be moved by his genuine sorrow.

            “I still don’t understand.  Supporting Kira is one thing but to do this…sacrificing half of your lifespans is-”
“Don’t you get it?!”  Bakugo spat.  “We can’t lose you.  This way…” he glanced at his palm thoughtfully.  “Deku and I have the power to actually do stuff.  We’re not just pathetic weaklings anymore.”
“We love you, [Y/N].”  Midoriya’s mint-green eyes lovingly stare at [color].  “What you did for us, we want to do anything we can for you.”

            He giggled nervously again, yet his expression is one of intense glee and a hint on endless insight.  “You can’t do this by yourself.  With more allies you’ll be undefeatable.  We refuse to let you get killed.  If there’s a moment where you are can’t escape or make a move Kaachan and I will fall to keep you safe.”  A blush darkens Izuku’s cheeks.  “Naturally, that means we’d be your boyfriends too.”

            “What?!  Don’t I have a say in this?!”
“I won’t allow anyone to intervene.”  Venomous danger coats Izuku’s sweet voice.  His eyes darken extraordinarily.  “We’re yours [Y/N].  No way around that.”  Then, they flickered back into a lively spring-green.  Bouncing in place he grinned.  “I’ll do my best for you [Y/N]!  One day I know you’ll accept my love.”
“You’re such a weirdo Deku.  But he’s right.”  Bakugo gripped [Y/N]’s chin so that they looked at him.  “I’ll eliminate any obstacles in your way.  We’re meant to be together I’m sure of it.  Deku and I won’t let you down.”
“So let’s make a perfect world, [Y/N].  Just the three of us.”

























Chapter Text

Maze Runner
Yandere Minho + Yandere Newt x Reader


Nowhere To Run


                Another greenie.  Nothing new.  Routine initiation, tour, and celebration.  Minho and Newt hardly spared [Y/N] a glance.  There’s always so much to do.  Every month the Keepers have to evaluate the greenie’s abilities (or disastrous lack of) and quickly get them used to the Glade’s society.

            Somehow their shimmering qualities distinct them from the rest. 
The mischievous bright grin.
[Color] eyes that are brimming with patient insight.  Hell, even Alby considers [Y/N] to be the third in command, sealing any gaps left by him or Newt.

            Torches and orbs of fire stud the murky darkness of the Glade like stars.  Newt watches [Y/N] from the watchtower often.  He gets distracted by their laughter.  It makes his heart do cheery flips. 
This isn’t like him.  Newt can’t stop thinking about [Y/N].

            His crystal blue eyes catch Minho at a campfire.  His friend’s stare is very unnerving.  Dark clouded eyes attach to [Y/N] from across the Glade.  A calculating cold look.  Huh.

            Newt’s brows furrow.  It’s not uncommon for people to snap.  Being trapped in the Glade isn’t marvelous.  Being stuck here for so long can damage anybody.  He’d watch the Keeper.  Newt may have a limp but he’s not afraid to throw a slinthead in the maze if any of them hurt [Y/N].


            It’s a shocker when Minho confronts Newt in the forest.  The Runner hovered by the trees eerily still.  Newt expects a fight –the way Minho marched so seriously, his strides brisk.  He gets a proposition instead.

            Minho knows of Newt’s crush on [Y/N].  Newt’s fists curl in response.  Is it obvious?  Does Minho have a problem with it?
Glancing at his friend –it isn’t the same person.  No.  Minho still displays a playful grin and jesting outlook.  Teasing Newt about [Y/N].  Something sinister lurks under his smile, as if dangerously questioning Newt’s intentions. 

            Wrapping an arm around Newt, Minho pulls him close.  If they work together [Y/N] can be theirs.
Interesting.  Newt considers this.
They can’t stand seeing others with [Y/N].  As if they’ve been replaced.  What if other Gladers hurt them?  Some are super aggressive and clearly indifferent to Alby’s decisions.

            Anyone deemed an opponent is just Griever-food.  [Y/N] had found a circle of friends who followed respectfully like most follow Alby.  [Y/N] still hangs out with Newt and Minho, but their small group is withdrawing time from the pair.

            Minho tells some of his Runners to take a break.  The Keeper instructs that his adversaries fill in open positions.
Newt gives the old Runners new jobs and nobody objects the second-in-command’s orders.

            Newt stands next to [Y/N] who’s wishing the Runners luck out in the maze.  Minho turns and shares a sure look with Newt.
‘I won’t fail us.’  Minho conveys.  Of course he won’t.  Newt’s certain.  Minho’s the top cartographer of the maze and Keeper of the Runners.

            Pivoting around and walking away he rubs [Y/n]’s back reassuringly.  He adores how caring they are.  The Gladers usually stick together because everybody’s afraid of dying.  It’s pure survival.  If nobody supports the system in place, then it’ll collapse awfully.  It’s rare to find enduring friendship among a surreal deadly world.
In turn, when Minho gets back Newt will organize some time for him to hang out with [Y/N].

            Minho returns.  Believable grief tugs at his features.  Similar emotions reflect in the Gladers.
More have perished in the maze.
Newt hides a smile while Minho retells the events.

            One tripped and fell into the abyss.  That guy made fun of Newt’s permanent limp.
Another got lost.  He pissed off Minho by making him look bad in front of [Y/N].
A third got attacked by a Griever.  Why?  Flirting with [Y/N] persistently.
            Distraught by the news, the Gladers disbanded, going to work or eating a meal.  None felt like partaking in sports or other activities.

            Minho cracks open a drink from a flask and Newt plays a guessing game on what happened.
He lively retells the real story with chuckles in between.  How Minho pushed the guy into the abyss, feigning to help him up only to let go.  Some of [Y/N]’s friends noticed and tried to fight Minho.  After splitting from the main group momentarily they rushed him.  Minho obtained some crude scars but survived.  “It was worth it though.  The sickle you snatched for me really gave me an advantage.”

            The hugs Minho gets from [Y/N] he absolutely adores.  [Y/N] compliments his fearlessness in such scary situations.  How awesome he is for trying his best to save the Gladers from danger.  How cute it is when their face outlines in sympathy just for him.
“It’s all for them.”  Newt and Minho agree.
Neither realizes that they’ve become addicted to bloodshed.  It gives them adrenaline and thrill that they’ve never felt all the years being stuck in the Glade.  Spilling blood breaks the routine that’s become bland and torturous.

            Then Thomas comes along.  On a run he sees from afar Minho’s deceit.  Frightened, he backs away and pretends to have stayed with the original group.  Alby needs to know that there are psychopaths in the Glade.
He tries not to panic.  The eerie glee on Minho’s face had been alarmingly bloodcurdling to Thomas. 

            In the Glade he runs into Newt.
“Whoa.  You okay Thomas?”
“Uh, uh, yeah.”  He clears his throat and pats debris from his clothes.  “I need to talk to Alby.  Right away.”
“Oh.”  Newt rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.  “Is it important?”

            Minho jogs by and briefly gives Newt a questioning look.  Newt’s quick glare explains. 
“Hmm.  Well, because you know Alby doesn’t like to be bothered.  But if it’s important…”
“Yes.  It is.  Very.”
“Okay.  He usually takes a walk around Homestead at night.  You can meet him then.”
“Thanks Newt.”

            Thomas nonchalantly tried to get [Y/N] to stay away from Minho.  Wasn’t hard.  He was out of view most of the day.
He had to get rid of any evidence that Thomas or Alby could use to throw him and Newt into the maze.  Banishment is the worst any Glader fears besides being stung.

            Nightfall.  Thomas restlessly paces into woodland searching for Alby.  He lets [Y/N] tag along; afraid that Minho or another Glader was going to attack them.  Sticking together is better for an ambush. 

            “So,” [Y/N] yawned.  “Why do you have to talk to Alby?”
“It’s about the maze…and the Glade.”
“Oh?  Did you find something interesting?  A Griever nest?  A way out?”
“No.  I-”
The foliage is nosily rustling.  Thinking it’s Alby, Thomas walked over.  “Alby I-”

            Thomas is flung earthward.  Newt tackles him and they roll.  Vicious punches are swapped.  [Y/N] tries to interrupt the brawl.  Arms wrap around their waist and yank them back.  They struggle to break free.  A blade’s cool metal rests on their neck.  A sickle.

            “I’ve been waiting so long for the moment.”
He responds by kissing up their neck. 
Newt manages to pin Thomas –both dappled with bruises and fresh scars. 
“Killers!”  Thomas wails.  “You’ve been killing our-”
Newt slaps a hand over Thomas’ mouth.

            “You really screwed up, Minho!”
“Hey, I’m usually vigilant.  And we caught him, didn’t we?”
Fear drastically changes [Y/N]’s expression.  “You guys killed our friends!  Why?!”
Newt looked up at them and ignored Thomas’ fierce glare.  His eyes are apologetic, his smile sweet.  “I’m so sorry dear.  Really.  They are stepping all over our friendship.”

            “Don’t apologize!  We’re saving them.  Our enemies aren’t just Grievers, you know.”  Minho’s lips hovered by [Y/N]’s ear, a smile unfolding.  “Do you like my scars?  I got them fighting for us.”
“You’re both jacked!”
Newt nervously chuckled.  “No.  No, dear.  You just…just need to understand.  They’re evil.”
“What about Thomas, huh?  Or the others?”

            “Of course not!”  Newt shook his head.  “But he’s trying to get us banished.”
Minho rolled his eyes.  “Can we spill his blood already?”
Newt is torn.  He really likes Thomas.  Before this he’d consider him a brother.  “That’s only if Thomas is willing to cooperate with us or not.”
Minho chuckled.  “You’re kidding!  He’d never –just look at him.”
He’s giving a venomous glare.

            Thomas breaks free from Newt’s grasp.  He flips over Newt and cracks his jaw.  He staggers and screams, drawing a blade.  It plunges into Thomas’ leg.
Minho laughed while observing the brawl amusedly.  “Can’t even catch a greenie, Newt?  Buuut I must give you points for that wound.”
Thomas clearly obtained a permanent injury.  A med-jack could stitch it up but no way would the limb operate properly afterwards.
Minho shuffled restlessly.  “I’m impressed!”

            [Y/N] tries to rescue Thomas.  Minho senses this and drew the sickle closer. 
“Last chance, Thomas.”  Newt said.  A few missing teeth and a bloodied jaw are added from the fray.
He’s reluctant to give up.  Grabbing Newt’s knife, Thomas struggles to pry it from him.
Seeing Minho distracted, [Y/N] punches his face and strikes his arm away.

            Grappling Newt they manage to toss him off of Thomas.  [Y/N] pulls their friend up but can’t run.  Thomas shouts agonizingly when putting weight on his injured leg.  Instead they guard him warily as Newt and Minho close in.  “Did you guys get stung by a Griever or something?!  This came out of nowhere!”
            Minho and Newt’s eyes glint dangerously.  Jealousy.  Why is [Y/N] shielding the greenie?  Do they like Thomas more than them? 

            “You see, Newt?  This is what happens when you get too soft.”  He twirls the sickle.  “Everything starts falling apart.”
Newt’s gaze bounces from Minho to Thomas and [Y/N].  “I…I know.  Listen.  I just didn’t want them to know.  Y-You’re the one who can’t keep an eye on your Runners properly!”
Vehemence glows in Minho’s expression.  “At least I can distract people.  Do you know how hard it is to make sure nobody catches us?”  

            Thomas and [Y/N] run.  They grab hold of his arm and pull the bleeding Glader along.  If the pair can cut through the forest and make it to Alby-
A knife flies by and slices [Y/N]’s cheek.  Newt and Minho emerge from intertwined woodland.

            Minho hooks Thomas’ gut with the sickle, wearing an eerie grin, like he’s enjoying the chase.  The blade then drags into his neck as he desperately tries to block Minho’s attacks.  Blood explodes like fruits being sliced open.  Breathing heavily, Minho trembles from the adrenaline.  He gets up and tackles a crying [Y/N].

            Lifting them up, the blade rests where it had previously.  Concern and amusement sparks on his face.  [Y/N] can feel Minho’s chest heave as he laughed. 
“You had me worried for a second.  Then again…there’s nowhere for you to run.”

            Newt limps up and sheathes his knife.  He’s inches from [Y/N]’s face.  His hand cups their chin and a thumb rubs the fresh wound as if to say sorry.  He plants a kiss on their lips.  “I think Minho and I can agree,” he squeezes [Y/N]’s hand for a sign of comfort but all they can feel is pure terror.  “That you’re an outstanding person –the best thing that has happened in the Glade for a while.  And we can’t afford to lose someone so important to us.”























Chapter Text

Avatar The Last Airbender

Yandere Zuko x Reader


The Attack

“C’mon Zuzu.  You’re always training.”

“So are you.  Why’re we at a dingy circus?”

“Don’t you want to see Ty Lee or Mai again?”  She asked, ignoring her brother’s bitter outlook.


“Hurtful, Zuzu!  They’re our friends!”  Azula is manipulative.  Always looking for a way to cause a chain reaction of turmoil.  She wouldn’t visit a circus just for laughs.





“Azula!  Zuko!”  Ty Lee tackled them in a big hug.  “Are you here for the show?”

“Yes.  After my last visit I thought it’d be good to see the changes that were made.”

“You’re going to love it!  New performers.  New dangerous stunts.”

“Really?”  Azula smiled sadistically.  Is this another one of her reckless tests?  She even set Ty Lee’s safety net on fire before.

“I’ll see you two there!”





The crowd applauded as the newest performers are introduced.  They bowed and the show began.  Zuko indifferently stared at the acrobats that effortlessly fly through the air.  Where’s the adrenaline?  Chasing the Avatar was more intense and exciting, and unpredictable. 

Unexpectedly the torches are extinguished.  Zuko’s muscles tensed as he stands up –is it an ambush?!





Powerful [color] fire appears like waves, creating lively silhouettes and illustrations.  Acrobats leap bravely through the gaps.  Flipping and tumbling they land on either side of the arena.   Above on a wire is [Y/N].  A single flame is floating in their palm.  They grasped it and pretended to hurl in into the audience before winking.  The small flame exploded into shimmering flecks –like starlight.





Below the performers shoot serpent-shaped fire at them.  Elegant footwork helped them narrowly evade scorching flames.  If they fell metal spikes would heartlessly meet them.  It’d be a lot of bloodshed. 

[Y/N]’s arms swipe to capture the fire.  After collecting nine they opened their jaws –and nine dragon-like shapes blazed marvelously. 

Everyone stands and cheers.

Zuko is surprised.  He’s never seen firebending so artful.








Being a prince it’s hard to go anywhere unnoticed.  Wearing a disguise, Zuko can gather information easier.  He returns to the circus many times.  Observing [Y/N] from the shadows. 





[Y/N]’s dedicated to gymnast and firebending practice.  Small scars are affixed to their lean muscles.  Zuko isn’t sure why he’s so spellbound by them but his feet seem to move on their own. 

Then again, Zuko relies on gut instinct most of the time.

[Y/N]’s like a stylish rogue.  Carefree, agile, funny.  Zuko wishes he could just be one of the performers. 





He stays behind in a large crowd.  Zuko has memorized their route.  And every day he found out more info about them. 

They like [food], put together creative characters for new acts, go out for walks to get lost in nature –a very serene soul.  Something completely opposite of Zuko.  [Y/N] also has a talent for storytelling.  They came up with most of the shows.

Zuko would often steal things from merchants to drop for [Y/N] to find.  And seeing their thankful and encouraged expression –Zuko feels a rare heart pounding.

[Y/N] left military school to go to circuses instead.  Why?  Because they want to make people smile, make people laugh. 

Zuko cursed.  He’s been distracted lately and lost [Y/N].  Where’d they go?





They’re carrying supplies when an old man wearing Earth Kingdom clothing bumped into him.  There’s a loud crash as both fall.  The old man’s wooden cane goes flying.





“Are you okay?  I’m so sorry!”  On their feet [Y/N] quickly helped the old man and gave him back his cane. 

He chuckled.  “Such a kind youngster.  Most Fire Nation youths would leave an old man like me in the dust.”  The old man eyed [Y/N] a moment.  Zuko recognized it.  A well-hidden judgmental glare.

“Do you need help, mister?”

“No, no.  Thank you.”  He shuffled away and reunited with some other tourists.  Zuko narrowed his eyes.  The old man had a fake limp.  Is he a crafty vagabond gaining handouts as he traveled?  








Another wonderful show.  The circus gained tremendous popularity since Zuko visits a lot.

He’d exchange Fire Nation garments for the Blue Spirit’s.  Zuko watched from afar bitterly.  He wants to talk to [Y/N] but he knew his flaws would ruin introductions.  The prince is too aggressive, too socially awkward.  People are terrified of Fire Nation royalty.  And what about his scar? 





People screamed.  They ran in a disorganized, panicked direction.  Shoulders and elbows struck him as he pushed his way through.  At the entrance he sees rocks falling from the sky, stabbing and pinning people to the ground.

Unlike the military there is no order.  No commands to regroup and counterattack.  Only a few of the acrobats try and fight the earthbenders.  Shouting above the bone-chilling screams of agony and fear, an earthbender declares, “Revenge for the Earth Kingdom!  Kill all firebenders!”





Dodging and rolling away from bursts of fire and knife-like rocks he searches for [Y/N].  Hiding by a row of stacked crates he sees them.

And there’s the old man from two days ago!

The two circle each other warily.





The earthbender wildly fired rocks at [Y/N].  They resourcefully sidestep and jump out of the way. 

“Why aren’t you firebending?!  Heartless, barbaric, evil beings like you live for bloodshed!”

[Color] eyes glare at the old man.  [Y/N] hates that they were tricked.  “I only firebend for art.  I won’t ever use it for fighting.”

He scoffed.  “What?!  Liar!  The Fire Nation will fall when we wipe out all firebenders.  They’ll finally know how we suffered.  Perish!”





Zuko tackled the earthbender.  His swords created violent sparks as he tried to decapitate him but he rolled away. 

A rock trapped [Y/N]’s leg and they screamed.  Blood pooled from a dreadful wound.

Mercilessly Zuko’s sword hacked his enemy’s arm off.  He twisted out of sinking earth only to take a punch that sent him flying. 





Winded, he dropped his swords.  The earthbender laughed.  Heavy globs of blood dripped from his severed arm.  “You think this’ll stop me?  I won’t rest until every firebender is dead.  They killed the Avatar and they tortured us for fun.” 

The ground fractured around [Y/N], serrated slabs of stone dangerously looming over them.

“I’ll keep you alive, just barley.  A quick death is too generous for a firebender.”





The man was distracted and Zuko caught him off guard.  Sword blade hovered painfully against the earthbender’s throat.

“Please.  Mercy.  I’m only doing what I was ordered to.”

Pathetic.  Begging for mercy when you were so cruel to an enemy.

Shockingly for an old man he has inhuman strength.  He escaped Blue Spirit’s grasp and flipped him over.

 A stone nearly impaled him inches from the heart.  Zuko leapt up and threw a punch, sending a burst of fire at the earthbender.  He collapsed, his dying scream cut short as the glaring flames encircled him.  Smoke and a charred lump of flesh is the aftermath.





Removing the stone from [Y/N]’s leg Zuko carried them into the woods.  They sat across from each other –the distant warfare clamor muted slightly by the hissing wind.

[Y/N] looked at their leg.  “Not a deep wound.  I was afraid it’d be worse.”  They look up at the Blue Spirit.  “You saved me.”  They recognized that mask from the wanted posters distributed by Fire Nation soldiers.  Who are they?  First they free the Avatar and then they save a firebender’s life.  Maybe some vigilante?  Some wayward, lost soul? 





As if reading their mind, Zuko decided to reveal his identity.  He slowly removed the mask and [Y/N] noticed that his arms were quivering.  They think it’s from the adrenaline but in fact, it’s because Zuko is nervous. 

“Prince Zuko?!”  [Y/N] rubbed their face, wondering if this was some illusion.  “Am I asleep?  No.  This pain is too real.  This is the craziest day I’ve ever had –and I’ve had a ton of them.”  Their beautiful [color] eyes gleam underneath the night’s moonless darkness. 

Zuko’s heart pounded frantically.  Is that indebtedness?  Love?





The two hear a group running through the forest.  Zuko stood up and pushed [Y/N] by some trees for cover.  Their faces are a hair’s-length away as they watch silhouettes of earthbenders flickering by.  Scorching flames hungrily searched for things to burn, towering above the circus.





“C’mon.  It isn’t safe here.  Even I know when I’m outnumbered.”  Zuko whispered.

“But where?”

“To the ship.  My uncle and I are stationed nearby.”

It’s not like [Y/N] had any other options.  Zuko did save them, and they felt like it’d be better to travel anyway.  They really didn’t want to run into trouble without some friends.

Zuko lead the way, smiling.  If [Y/N] was going with him on his journey to catch the Avatar, he’d be able to keep them close and safe from any future danger.
















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Requested from Multifandom Treasury 2

Demon Slayer

Yandere Yoriichi x female reader





Yoriichi took every palladium for [Y/N] and their child.  When he’s gone a long time helping the Demon Slayer Corps Yoriichi buys wisteria powder for her and even offered to hire a bodyguard.  They’ve been married for two years and everyday [Y/N] is happy and thankful.  Sure, she’d love if Yoriichi could stay home more but his work is important.  The wedding ring is enough; it brings heartwarming memories until she can see Yoriichi again.




It’s a beautiful day.  Taking a bag of wisteria, she waddles into warm sunlight and fresh air.  [Y/N] loves visiting shops in town.  The people are kindhearted.  But now they are mournfully silent.




Waiting in line at her favorite food stand [Y/N] overhears apprehensive gossip. 

“Someone in town died yesterday.”

“Was it a demon?”

“I think it was a human.  But the Demon Slayer Corps sent out some swordsmen to investigate.”

“You think there’s a murderer around?”

“How’d they die?”




[Y/N] wanted to ignore the icy fear latching to her bones but she kept listening as she shuffled forward.  Maybe there’s information she could use to avoid encountering the murderer. 

“Split in half.  Burned.”

A man snorted.  “If they were burned then it was probably a terrible accident.”

“Then how do you explain how they were split in half?”  An old lady asked.

“Yeah, a demon would’ve eaten them.”

“The Demon Slayer Corps said it was a merchant.  They found his bags and broken earthenware on the road.”




Sitting on a bench [Y/N] ate her food but a delicious meal couldn’t distract her.  There’s only one merchant who visited town selling earthenware.  And she bought something from him yesterday.




Mr. Agawa is her neighbor.  An old man who paid [Y/N] to clean his house and water a garden.  Her husband always sent money from his job as a demon slayer but they now have their child to think about.  What if Yoriichi got injured and couldn’t work?  What if they got sick?  What if they needed extra supplies?  So every day, [Y/N] walked to Mr. Agawa’s house to work.




The old man has many scars on his face –conveying that he has survived many battles.  But he’s unlike his rugged exterior, sweet and generous.  He sits on the porch saturated in sunlight and often talks about his brother who worked as a sailor. 




Looking up she sees a bird circling.  Yoriichi’s bird! 

“Letter for [Y/N]!  Letter for [Y/N]!”

She caught a parchment and unrolled it.  Her fear vanished as she read the letter.  Yoriichi will be home for a month!




Mr. Agawa stood up with a cane, slowly limped over, and gave [Y/N] money. 

She looked at him in shock.  “I haven’t harvested the vegetables yet-”

He waved his hand and smiled.  “Go home.  You’ve been separated from your husband long enough.”

[Y/N] hugged him.  “Thank you Mr. Agawa!” 









It’s been ages since she’s cooked for another person.  Outside she hears footsteps marching up the road to their house.  She runs to Yoriichi and hugs him.  He’s silent as usual but his eyes gleam happily. 

“Welcome home.”




[Y/N] sat across from her husband and talked about how the days have been peaceful and boring.  Well.  Until today.  “People are saying there’s a murderer in town.  I’m happy you’re here.  I missed you.  I feel safe from anything when you’re with me,” she laughed. 




Tomorrow, [Y/N] started walking to their neighbors and hummed a tune.  Yoriichi stopped her.  He looked at his wife questioningly, seeing a basket in her hands.  “Where are you going?  To Mr. Agawa’s?”

“Yes.  I saved a hot meal for him since I made too much food for breakfast.  He doesn’t leave his house much.”

Yoriichi slung the pack over his shoulder.  “I’ll take it to him.  Can you go into town and get me some things?”

“Sure.”  She could go buy tickets too.  There’s a play at a theater.  It’d be fun to go see it with Yoriichi.




On the way back there’s a river that stretches across the outskirts of town.  Small glimmering fish swim between large stones.  In the distance is a dense forest.  [Y/N] stands on the bridge dropping her bags for a minute to rest.  Wind flew by her face carrying a scent of flowers and sereneness.  Shrubbery moved.  She expected to see an animal.  But it’s a man –Mr. Agawa!




Terror shines in his eyes.  Throwing his broken cane Mr. Agawa runs.  A long wound is across his chest.  Fire coils around his leg as he screams.  He falls and scrambled on all four limbs to crawl away.  Who’s chasing him?




Yoriichi emerges from the woods.  His beautiful eyes glint dangerously as he briskly walks up to his opponent. 

Mr. Agawa holds his wound.  He’ll bleed out soon and his scorched leg made it impossible to run away.  His frown turned into a bitter smile.  “To die by a demon slayer…not the way I thought I’d go.  You…are worse than any enemy or demon I’ve faced.”

A sword blade severs his head from his neck.




The demon slayer picks up Mr. Agawa and put him over his shoulders.  Yoriichi’s gaze sweeps the horizon –and he freezes when he sees his wife. 

“Yoriichi?”  She gripped the bridge railing to steady herself.  Heart pounding, [Y/N] wondered if running would really help.  Mr. Agawa wasn’t a demon.  He wouldn’t be in the sun.  Why did Yoriichi kill him?




She abandoned her shopping bags and ran.  Her legs, knees, and arms ached as she desperately tried to sprint to the town.  Crying, tears blurred her vision. 

Crackling flames shot past and surrounded her.  Yoriichi, calm as ever, walks up to his wife and offers a hand.  “Come home.”

“What?”  Intense heat and dark smoke swirl over them –a signal of looming death.  “No,” [Y/N]’s [color] eyes stare at the sword.  Blobs of blood dripped from the metal.  “I won’t.”




The smoke is scratching her throat.  How would she escape?  Nobody can defeat Yoriichi in battle.  Even the strongest and smartest demons are scared of him.




Patiently he waited.  Even as fire trapped them.  Tears sting [Y/N]’s eyes and her hair is waving from roaring winds.  “Why’d you kill Mr. Agawa?!  You’re a demon slayer!  Aren’t they about honor and justice?!”

Heartbreak is clear in Yoriichi’s voice.  “I’m still an honorable demon slayer.  You were in danger.”





“I came home earlier.  Before I sent that letter.  Did you know that merchant you bought earthenware from was a demon?”

[Y/N] is shocked.

“He had slowly gained a tolerance to wisteria powder.  I was surprised that he didn’t kidnap you.  He wore a disguise, said he actually liked humans.  Wanted to learn more about them and their society.  Made earthenware because he fell in love with the arts.  But a demon is a demon.  So I killed him.”




Sympathy grabbed [Y/N]’s heart.  It’s heartbreaking!  The merchant was a demon but he didn’t deserve to be killed.  If he had wanted to be friends with humankind, he should’ve been left alone, unlike the other violent demons that the demon slayers attack.




Yoriichi shook his head and smiled.  “You’re sweet, [Y/N].  That’s why I love you.”

Frowning she spat, “What about Mr. Agawa?!”

“He was a violent outlaw.  A bandit.  He stole from travelers who hardly had anything.  Society doesn’t need bandits like him.  And I couldn’t risk you getting hurt.”




“Now,” Yoriichi reached out for her arm.  “Let’s go home.”

She never doubted her husband.  Yoriichi always told the truth.  But he’s still a murderer.  “No!  I love you, Yoriichi.  But you’re a murderer.  I-”

His grip is intimidating and strong like stone.  “I can’t let you go.  You won’t be safe without me.”  So the pair leaves the fierce firestorm and walk back to their home.  [Y/N] felt her feet drag as she cried, her mind panicked as she unsuccessfully tried to wrench herself free.





























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Requested from Multifandom Treasury 2


Yandere Billy Loomis/Ghostface x Female Goth Reader



The Party



[Y/N] never had many friends.  Her unusual morbidly beautiful fashion scared others.  She ignores their stunned gaping stares.  Cruel (but equally silly) rumors spill from their mouths and withstand like the stench of death.  People think [Y/N]’s a witch.  They believe that she had poisoned or cursed a classmate who had been absent for a week, only for them to return healthy as before.




If it weren’t for her best friends Billy and Stu, [Y/N] would be sadder by how mean her bullies are. 

At her tenth birthday no one had showed up after handing out invitations.  Except them.  Instead of pink decorations, sparkles, and posters of boy band idols, it was a vampire’s paradise.  Red velvet cake, blood-red drinks with floating pastry eyeballs, origami bats, and a black-and-white movie marathon. 




The newest rumor is that [Y/N] is Ghostface.  So what if she likes wandering in graveyards at night?  Or loves horror movies?  Wouldn’t that be too obvious if she was Ghostface?  No matter how much she disagrees her classmates still glare and whisper.  Jerks.




People hover in the halls.  Their conversations are a hum, like wasps.  [Y/N] walked to her locker and found it stuck.  She cursed and yanked the door handle and it shrieked as it flung open. 




A pungent, revolting, venomous scent hit her senses and burned her eyes.  A bitter-sour taste coats her throat and her body’s response was to retch.  She jumped away and screamed at the bloodshed.  Dead mice and snakes fall from her locker in a pile of soil.  Like some awful science project they’re gutted and their lifeless eyes are terrifying.




Billy loves three things: horror movies, gutting overconfident and heartless people, and [Y/N].  She’s a gothic goddess.  He’s spellbound by her personality.  Billy loves her rare smile and those [color] eyes when she talks about [hobby].  He still had an origami bat they all made years ago –the initials “[Y/N], S, B” are worn but the ink is still there.




Stu and him are late.  Macher nonchalantly walks but freezes.  Billy eyes his friend sharply when Stu elbowed him.  Stu doesn’t look at him.  He stares at the crowd and Billy’s gaze follows.  Loomis suddenly realizes how quiet it is.  The two push their way to the front.




A group of popular classmates say, “I knew she was a psycho.”

“Stop faking!  You put those in your locker.”

“I bet she has a crush on Ghostface and this is her funny idea of getting noticed.”

“Or she is Ghostface.”

Billy’s heart broke when he heard [Y/N] cry.  How her voice cracked somberly.

“I wouldn’t do that!  Somebody put them in my locker!”

“What’s going on here?!”




Students parted as teachers appeared.  Their stern voice silenced any complaints.  Judgmental glares swerved from the dead animals to [Y/N].  “[L/N], did you do this?”

“No!  I-”

Angry shouts drowned out her words.  [Y/N] hugged the wall fearfully shrinking as her classmates seemed to effervesce violently. 

Billy and Stu walked up –the crowd immediately falls silent.  Loomis is very intimidating, his gaze alluring but also as sharp as a blade.  Stu is prankster but also a partier.  But when he stands next to Billy they make a frightening pair.




“Macher?  Loomis?” 

“[Y/N] didn’t do it,” Stu said.  “But these guys sure think it’s funny…”

“It has to be another Ghostface prank.”  Billy catches a brief flash of movement.  One person left the crowd.  He knows how to be flawlessly stealthy and he also knows when someone is bad at it.  Will they be laughing when the real Ghostface shows up?

A teacher rubbed his face and sighed.  All his patience is gone.  “Everyone get to class.  I don’t want to see anyone in the halls!”




[Y/N] cried and hugged her friends.  “Thank you.  It makes me so angry!  Why would anyone do that to those cute animals?”

Billy quickly looked at Stu.  Was it you?

Hell no dude!  Stu shook his head.  He raised his eyebrows.  Are we going as Ghostface?

Resting his chin on a head of [color] hair Billy wrapped his arms round [Y/N].  We are.




After school [Y/N] waited for Billy.  He said that he had to talk to Sidney and Randy and that Stu was with Tatum.  Macher wanted to host another party this week and asked Billy and [Y/N] to pick out a theme. 




A shadow loomed by the rows of vending machines, trash bins, and cropped trees.  The school was a big campus and [Y/N] avoided her bullies when she can.  Startled, she spun around and sees Peace.  [Y/N] took a step back.




Peace’s hair is tucked under a knit cap.  He’s tall, thin, and pale.  His eyes are unnerving.  Darker than Death’s fabric.  Peace smiled but it seemed a subpar facsimile.  Intangible.  “That was a pretty good act…”

“What?”  [Y/N]’s brows furrowed.

“I was watching you from the crowd.  To see your reaction.”  He stared at [Y/N] expectantly.

Resentment seeped into her voice.  “Were you the one who put those dead animals in my locker?!”




Peace chuckled.  “Everyone says you’re Ghostface.  Ghostface is so cool!  I want them to notice me,” he giggled.  “So I dumped all those animals in your locker.  You have to be Ghostface.  We could be legendary!”

This guy is crazy!

“Y-You killed all those animals?!  That’s horrible!  And I’m not Ghostface!”




This isn’t a movie.  There’s no main character.  No witty words said before a fight.  No way to foresee an attack from a psycho. 

Peace frowned.  “You’re not?”  A knife blade glimmered as he waved his hand.  “Then if I sacrifice you to Ghostface they’ll have to let me join them!”




[Y/N] raised her arms to her face and hears the knife ring –but she feels no pain.  The knife clatters to the ground and Peace falls.  His face is like a water color painting.  Peace’s jaw and eye absorb most of a hasty punch. 





“Stay away from her you sick piece of shit.”  Billy is shaking.  He wants to beat up this guy.  Payback is guaranteed.  Billy can’t wait to see Peace’s face as Ghostface buries the knife in his heart. 

Teachers run towards them and tackle Peace.  Police quickly arrest him and Dewey asked questions.  “Since we still can’t find Ghostface we’ll detain Peace until then.”  He worriedly looked at Billy and [Y/N].  “I hope this shit ends soon.  Would you like a ride back home?”

“I’ll stay with her,” Billy said.

Dwight nodded.  He sees that Loomis really cares about her, so he knew that if they did run into the killer, they’d be okay.




[Y/N] and Billy drove to the graveyard.  It wasn’t their destination but it’s a good place to let the soundlessness sink in.  Lying on a hill surrounded by leafless trees, Billy propped his head up with an elbow.  He isn’t used to giving someone comfort.  And he wishes he had Stu’s humor because Stu could always cheer [Y/N] up. 




“This is all so crazy, Billy.  Peace.  Ghostface.  Casey is dead.  I don’t want to die.  What if Ghostface kills me?”

He won’t.  He’d never.

[Color] eyes are fixed despondently to the contrasting cheerful blue sky.  She turned her head to look at him –and in that moment he knew she was the most beautiful person in the world.  Huh.  Maybe that’s what it felt like when a heart stumbled out of a body. 

“I don’t want to lose you or Stu.”

“Hey,” Billy gave his best grin.  “Remember when we were kids?  We dressed like monsters and pranked the others?”

[Y/N] laughed.  “Yeah.  That was fun.  The fake blood really sold it.  Tatum was really mad.  I never saw Stu run so fast!  Oh, and then we went to a shop and bought jelly-filled doughnuts.”  She hummed and closed her eyes.  “I miss those.”

“Then let’s go get some.  We gotta buy some decorations too.  Stu’s party is in a few days.”








Loud music roared from Stu’s house.  The strong scent of beer floated past along with fast food.  Macher pulled his friend into a hug, offering his best showman smile.  “Heeeyyy [Y/N].  How’s our local vampire?”

“Bloodthirsty.  I brought a playlist too.”

“Awesome.  Food’s that way.”

“Do you see Sidney and Randy?  I think they’re cute together.”

Stu’s jealous gaze latched onto the couple from afar.  They’re dancing and Sidney’s laughing at Randy’s jokes.  “She could do so much better than him.”


Macher looked back at [Y/N] and said, “Billy is looking for you.”

“He is?”

“Yeah,” he nodded.  “Just outside.”




Loomis is leaning against the house.  He looked bored until he saw [Y/N]. 

“What’s up?”

“Remember these?  I got you a pair too.”  He held up fake vampire fangs.  Wearing them Billy gave his best vampire act.  His arm lifts up to his face as he swings a gothic-looking cape.  Billy’s eyebrows lowered to his gleaming eyes ominously.  Or maybe charmingly? 




[Y/N] laughed.

“I command you to –turn around!”

She did.  Billy flourished flowers from the cape and quickly created a flower crown.




Eyeing the black [flowers] she smiled.  “These are beautiful!”  She faced Billy and froze.  He’s holding a black [flower] like a gift.  “I really like you, [Y/N].”

“You…what?”  All comprehension promptly left her brain and she’s shocked.

“I’m lucky to find someone like you,” Billy said.  “I…I love you.  I don’t think anyone else in the world would get me like you do.”




Recovering from surprise, [Y/N] smiled and took the flower.  Her heart is racing, her words are stuck in her throat, and her whole body is trembling.

Billy leaned in about to kiss her when a crowd of partiers ran outside and left. 

“What’s going on?”  [Y/N] asked.

They walked back to Stu’s house, Billy leading [Y/N] away from the garage –and Tatum.




Randy is passed out drunk.  Sidney, Stu, and Tatum are missing.  Billy conceals his smile coolly as they looked for their friends in the kitchen.  The movie’s music cacophonously encompassed the rooms.  It’s even more terrifying when the phone rings.  Billy picked up and faked fear and surprise when he heard Ghostface.  The phone dangled from the cord as the killer laughed.




“Scared?  I’m mad I wasn’t invited.  Good news though.  You’ll all probably star in a movie –thanks to me!”

Billy hung up.  He heard [Y/N] rattling through the drawers.  “What’re you doing?”

“Getting a knife.”  Terror and half-hearted confidence flickered in her eyes.  “I’m gonna Michael Myers Ghostface.”

He stifled a laugh.  Stu’s gonna have a hard time.




“Let’s go find our friends.”

“We’ll be stronger as a group,” [Y/N] agreed.  They warily climbed the stairs.  Billy and [Y/N] see Ghostface stabbing one of the guests.  Blood saturated the carpet, walls, and doors.  The killer stood up and wiped blood from the knife tauntingly.  Ghostface lunged and [Y/N] did too.  Billy pushed her aside and the killer’s blade sank into his shoulder.  “Go!  Find Stu!”  Wrenching himself free he runs down the corridor.




“Sidney?  Stu?!”  [Y/N] whispered as she warily checked the last closet.  None of her friends were in the house.  Where are they?  Outside?  There is a forest on the other side of the road.  Maybe they’re hiding until the police show up. 




Running, [Y/N] sees a police car recklessly parked on the road.  Tire tracks are in the mud and the windows are broken.  She enters the forest and looks around.  A human-shaped shadow startles her and [Y/N] jumps away, flourishing a knife.  ”Peace?!  How’d you escape?!”

“Wasn’t hard.  They don’t have great security.  I overheard the police radios say Ghostface is here.”  He grinned and swung his knife.  “I’m going to sacrifice you for Ghostface.  Maybe then they’ll see my potential!  You’ll be my greatest work!”




Panic and rage flickered through [Y/N]’s body.  She screamed and stabbed Peace’s side.  In return he slashed her face a hair’s length beneath her eye.  They rolled in a tangle of thrashing limbs.  [Y/N] desperately tried to attack but Peace tossed her knife away.  He endured every punch and drew the knife blade over [Y/N]’s neck.  “How should you die?  What do you think Ghostface would like?”




Gasping for air [Y/N] got up.  Peace was hurled away from her and he hit one of the trees.  She freezes and her mind is screaming at her to run.  Standing before them is Ghostface.  I’ve never seen the mask this close.  Sinister and sadistic.  Moonlight reflected off of the mask, making Ghostface seem illusory.




The killer tackled Peace and the knife split him in half.  The blade flashes through the air –shiny crescents that tear flesh apart like a guillotine to a neck.  Blood pools beneath Peace as Ghostface tears his heart from his ribs.   Hearing a sickening snap [Y/N] flinched.  Ghostface’s breathing is ragged, their body heaving from the attack. 




Billy’s arm shook from the fresh wound.  Shit, Stu.  Why’d you have to stab me so hard?

Tears fall down [Y/N]’s eyes.  Her legs are wobbly as she stands.  She collapses by a tree, using it to steady herself.  What’re they waiting for?!  Why’re they just standing there?!




Ghostface removes their mask. 

“Billy?!  Y-You’re-”

He smiled.  The fake vampire fangs are visible. 

“No.  No!  Why?!”

Words are lost in Billy’s throat.  He wants to tell her why he’s Ghostface but that would have to wait.  My life would’ve been so horrible without you and Stu.

Macher, dressed like Ghostface, appeared from the darkness and wrapped an arm around [Y/N]’s mouth.  A needle sinks into her neck.  The ominous night shrouds her eyes.




A vehicle hums as Stu drives down a dark road.  “Do you know how hard it was to lose Sidney and Dewey?  She almost shot me, man!”

“Sorry.  I didn’t think Peace would show up.”

Macher wiped blood from his face.  “What do we do now?  They’ll suspect us if we don’t go back.”




Billy turned in his seat and looked at [Y/N] who was tied up and knocked out.  He brushed [short/long] hair from her face.  “That’s why I had you buy that small cabin in the woods just out of town.  There’s some fake blood we can use.”

“Oh,” Stu grinned.  “We can stash our weapons and costumes there too.  And your darling –ow!”  He glared at Billy who hit him in his arm.

“We’ll wreck the car and run back to Sidney and Dewey.  Tell them that Ghostface attacked us.”































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Demon Slayer

Zombie apocalypse AU + Modern AU



Zombie Slayer


Tanjiro never imagined he’d encounter anything scarier than demons.  While traveling the countryside he, Inosuke, Nezuko, and Zenitsu see a fortune teller.  It’s a small booth in the middle of nowhere.  Zenitsu, quaking frightfully, tries to drag his friends past the shop.




“Guys.  What if it’s a trap?  Look how ominous it is!”  He isn’t wrong.  An old woman who looks like tree bark and smells like earth after rain, waved at them.  Her makeup was hastily applied and her white hair glows like spider silk.




“Fortune telling is a scam anyway,” Zenitsu muttered. 

“I don’t need any psychic’s advice,” Inosuke snorted.  “I know I’m already the strongest demon slayer!”

“But it looks cool and fun,” Tanjiro said.  “If you guys get your fortunes read too I’ll pay for our next meal.”

Everyone begrudgingly agreed and followed him to the booth.




The woman throws a bunch of flower petals and leaves into a bowl.  Fire flickered and burned flora.  Rainbow-colored smoke hovers around them.  Shining runes appear and spin around.  “I sense tremendous turmoil for your group.”

Tanjiro’s brows furrowed worriedly.  “What turmoil?  Can we do anything to stop it?”




A violent gust interrupts any helpful answers.  It feels like thousands of icy needles slapping them.  The demon slayers wield their weapons only to meet blinding light.  Swords clatter to the ground as the group is sent into another dimension.







Branches of sunlight stab grey clouds.  Tanjiro quickly jumped to his feet –and realized the trunk he’s carrying is empty.  “Nezuko?!  Zenitsu?!”  They’re gone!




His worried gaze sweeps the environment.  Inosuke is on the ground, knocked out but okay.  Tanjiro lowers to grab his sword, intimidated by the world around him.  Where are we?  Did the fortune teller send us here?




Light gleams off of towering buildings that look like a sword blade.  Beautiful but somber.  Besides a few trees and bushes there’s no nature anywhere.  Is it a quarry?  A city?  Ruins?  The demon slayer looks around for signs –something to tell him where he is.




Behind him is a metal sign.  Welcome to Sunflower Park!  Part of the famous Sunflower shopping center!

Tanjiro finds it funny that a place named after a sunflower has none.




Inosuke stands up and spins around.  “Where are we?!”

“I think we got separated…” Tanjiro explained what happened.  He points at the stores.  “Let’s see if we can find any information.”




Glass doors slide open and they enter a small convenience store.  Neon signs and freezers hum.  Most shelves are empty –but some delicious savory treasure still exists.  Tanjiro marvels at the technology but Inosuke arrows to the food. 

“Do you think we traveled to a different world?  Or into the future?”




Inosuke didn’t reply.  He rips a package of chips and flips his mask up, letting chips fall into his jaws. 

“We have to pay for those!”

“I don’t see a merchant.”  He paces down the isles like a wolf tracking food.  Inosuke picks up energy drinks and coffee cans.  Cracking one open he sips it, deciding if he liked the flavor or not –he does and drinks the rest of it.




Tanjiro sees a big screen that’s cracked and unusable.  A small box is on the counter.  Turning the nobs the box crackled.  The demon slayer listened to the voice inquiringly.  Inosuke shrugged a backpack over his shoulders and took all the food but also listened to the radio.




“Emergency Broadcast: Day five of monitoring strange paranormal entities.  People have been reported to have terrifying side effects after being bitten by another human.  Vomiting, bleeding, blindness.  It’s obvious though no one wants to admit it.  Zombies exist.”  The man laughed bitterly, as if he still didn’t believe it himself.  “What were just scary stories is now a reality.  The dead now live.  They have pale sickly skin and are flesh-eating.  And like the movies, they have terrible vision but somehow, great hearing.”





Tanjiro shook his head, feeling sick.  He lost his balance and leaned on a shelf as information seeped into his mind –the radio man’s voice providing knowledge of the modern world.  Was it magic?  Or was it because he and Inosuke have been teleported to this world and have been here for some time?




“Tanjiro?  You see this?”

Something’s wrong.  Inosuke never addresses Tanjiro by his name without some pun or insult.  And he’s never heard Inosuke whisper or look so vigilant before.  Tanjiro walks by the store window and sees stumbling grey figures.




He can smell blood.  Decay.  Tanjiro retched. 

Inosuke stared at the zombies getting closer.  “Cut them down and don’t get bit?”

“Y-Yeah.  Looks like our only way.”




Leaving the store the two steal everything an urban survivalist needs –food, water, med kits, medicine, and extra tools.

“Water breathing…” Tanjiro is surprised.  His breathing styles aren’t working!  At least nothing can sneak up on him with his strong senses. 




Three zombies.  Tanjiro’s demon slayer training hindered his doubts.  Survive.  Find Zenitsu and Nezuko.




Sword blade sinks into a zombie’s shoulder.  It staggers and Tanjiro decapitates it.  Blood splashes onto his clothes, a dark blue-green color.  Unlike demons, zombies don’t turn to ash.  Still he feels sympathy for them.  Zombies were human once.  He can’t imagine how heart-wrenching it is to turn into a zombie.




Carefully they search other shops in Sunflower Park.  They grab whatever supplies they could.  It’s sad I couldn’t see how beautiful this world was before the apocalypse…

Inosuke finds a dead man who’s sitting on the ground and slumped over.  Next to him are a pistol and a box of ammo.  Tanjiro held the bullets in his hand, amazed by how heavy they are.  He made a makeshift belt and stored the pistol on his side.  “I’ll take it.  Any weapon is a useful weapon.”




Returning to the center of Sunflower Park they see a zombie that’s two humans tall and more muscular than the others.  Its eerie red eyes blink slowly at the pair.  Screaming, it alerts other zombies, and lunges at them.

“Watch out!”




Muscular Zombie sprints into a building.  Rubble flies like shrapnel as the demon slayers are sent flying.  Inosuke recovers first and attacks, cutting it apart with violent slashes.  Counterattacking, Muscular Zombie swings a clawed arm across Inosuke’s chest.  Tanjiro jumps up and scratches Muscular Zombie’s face and throat.




Blue-green blood coats weapons, faces, and clothes.  Muscular Zombie withstands the shocking injuries, reluctant to die to weak humans.  At least the wounds can’t heal like demons.  Tanjiro traded his sword for the pistol.  He loaded bullets in and aimed.  A thunderous crack breaks soundlessness.




A bullet lodges in Muscular Zombie and normal ones are fascinated by the noise.  Tanjiro shoots three times.  Blood pours from fresh wounds and Muscular Zombie freezes before falling over dead.  He shook his head, deafening ringing in his ears muting the looming zombies.  Inosuke grabbed his arm and ran, “C’mon!  Let’s get out of here!  There are too many!”




Surrounded on all sides by zombies the two enter a car.  Unbelievably it’s still intact and not missing any essential parts.  “We’re trapped!  What do we do?!”

“Not give up!  I’m not dying to some lame weak ass zombies!”  Inosuke looked around the car for a key.  He finds one and puts it in the ignition.  The engine roars and they drive away from Sunflower Park.




Reading a map he found in a storage box Tanjiro directs Inosuke down a highway full of abandoned cars.  Maybe one day they could come back and visit some of the tourist locations like amusement parks and museums.  Ahead are the outskirts of the city.  He wondered if they’d meet any other people.  Except, of course, they run into murderous survivors.  Why run into anyone friendly in an apocalypse, right?




Bullets break the windshield as they ducked.  The car veered and stopped.  The seats smoked as they warily looked over the dashboard.  There are two people, one man and one woman.  She only carried a crowbar.  The man cursed as his gun jammed.




“We don’t need the gun,” the woman laughed.  “It’s just two people.  Another patrol will be here in half an hour.”

“Don’t be overconfident!”

“Why?  We captured two others –a girl with pink eyes and her anxious boyfriend.  Our group imprisoned them in the campsite just out of the city.”

Tanjiro and Inosuke glanced at each other.  Nezuko!  Zenitsu!

“These guys?  Killing them and taking their stuff will be a piece of cake!”




Relentlessly the two survivors attack.  Hatred gleams in their eyes and for a second, Tanjiro and Inosuke feel intimidated.  The survivors have sadistic smiles too. 

Clang!  Blade meets crowbar vehemently.  She probably guesses the sword was only for show or an improvised weapon.  It isn’t and Tanjiro quickly disarms her.  Inosuke kicks the guy in his ribs and there’s a sickening crack.  The woman frantically grabs her crowbar and hits Tanjiro’s leg and side.  He responds by stabbing her heart.  Her body falls aside.  The man lunges at Tanjiro and wraps his arms around his throat, ready to twist the demon slayer’s neck.

Then, the man slacks and falls over dead after a loud pop.  Tanjiro turns around and sees Inosuke holding the pistol.  Tanjiro gratefully smiled at his friend who handed him back the gun.




Bandaging their wounds, Tanjiro sadly looks at the dead survivors.  “We should bury them.”

Inosuke lifted his head to the horizon.  “I smell fresh forest.”

“So do I.  That must be where the camp is.  And our friends.”

“We don’t have much time.  Those other guys will show up soon.  If we bury them it’ll have to be well-hidden so they don’t know we’re going to their territory.”

Tanjiro sighed.  “You’re right.  Let’s rescue Zenitsu and Nezuko.”  
































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Maze Runner

Modern AU





It’s Halloween!  A day of candy, costumes, and scares.  Every year Thomas and friends dress in outfits and host a party with junk food and movie marathons.  But this year Thomas wants to do something different.  He told Minho and his friend had a roguish grin.  They quickly stop at a store and buy equipment.




They drive to Newt’s house.  Newt opens the door and his sweet smile drops to inquiring frown.  “What’s up guys?”

Minho and Thomas (both carrying armfuls of bags) met their friends in the TV room. 

“Hey.  These aren’t the food deliveries,” Gally joked in his usual cynical tone.




Minho grinned and gives his best salesman act.  Thomas opens the bags and dumps equipment on a table.  “We’re going ghost hunting!”

Gally blinked.  “For real?”

“Seriously?!”  Chuck paled.

Newt sighed.  “We could just play Phasmophobia instead.”

“That’s not fun!”  Minho protested.  “We need something real, something exciting!”

“I’d rather not have a heart attack thanks.”

Alby chuckled.  “Scared of ghosts, Gally?” 

Eyes wide, he shook his head.  “Not me!”

“C’mon guys!  We already bought the equipment!”

Newt rubbed his head.  “Fine.  We’ll go.”

Alby doesn’t believe in the supernatural but he wants to see his friends happy.  He decided to go ghost hunting with them.




Sunset waned to nightfall.  City lights vanish as they drive into unnerving darkness.  Car lights and a GPS is their only guide.  Its soothing hearing tires running over the road.  A reporter on the radio discusses what the weather will be for the week.




Gally looks out the window and sees tall grass and murky woodland.  No signs of life.  Apprehension clings onto everyone like hawk talons.  Parking the car, everyone gets out and stands before the haunted asylum.  A facility known as the Glade.




The Glade was established over forty years ago.  Scientists (now disbanded) would kidnap and experiment on criminals and travelers.  Sinister coldness seems to emit from towering walls.  The main building is surrounded by a maze.  Blades of tall grass eerily wave in a light wind.




Alby takes the first step onto the path.  Newt followed then Thomas, Minho, and Chuck.  Gally surveyed the landscape warily before running after his friends.

It takes two people to open a door.  Though weathered by time the metal plate is still durable.  A cloud of dust hits their faces.  The maze walls are made of rust-proof metal and block out most of the starry sky.  “You think something will chase us in here?”

“Minho, please.  We just got here and I really don’t want to think of terrifying monsters that could be lurking around the corner.”




Resting a hand on a wall they walked forward, their shoes crunching on earth.  Flashlights and body cams only provide a few feet of light.  “What do you think the maze was for?”

“Don’t know.”

“Hey, look!”  Newt craned his neck back to see a painted sign on the wall.  “Scorched?  And that wall over there says Griever.”

“Scorched?  Griever?  What do those mean?”

Alby’s eyebrows furrowed.  “Are those code names?”

“We’re gonna die.  We’ve walked into a deathtrap.”  Gally muttered.




Eventually they find the center of the maze.  Ominously the glade facility stands before them.  Wind eerily whistles through broken windows.  Vines, flowers, and plants reach out from the earth to grip the abandoned building revengefully.




It’s dark.  The main entrance branches into four corridors. 

“Four choices before them, the foolishly brave paranormal investigators stare ahead, wondering what evil forces they’ll encounter in the old asylum…”  Minho laughed evilly and his friends glared. 

“Which way should we go?”

Alby shrugged.  “Gally, Chuck, and I will go to the first hallway.”

“We’ll go to the last hallway.”




“Who gave Minho the spirit box?”  Newt muttered and Thomas stifled a laugh. 

Minho smiled.  “Don’t worry.  My handsome voice will make all the ghosts peaceful.”

They snorted skeptically.  “I’m sure the ghosts would love a tea party with such a gentleman,” Newt joked.  “And talk about the latest gossip of the century.”




“Can you move something?  Give us a sign that you’re here.”

Ahead of them a gurney violently shook and fell over. 

“D-Did someone move that?”  Newt asked, dropping his EMF reader. 

“No,” Thomas checked the camera.  “We’re all here.  None of us could reach that.  Nothing showed up on the night vision.”




“No way!  A real ghost!”  Minho cheered like a girl meeting boy band idols.

Newt glared at the gurney.  “Maybe it’s the wildlife.  Rats, raccoons, or opossums.  This asylum would be a perfect home for them.”

“They are strong enough to push something over,” Thomas nodded.

“Oh come on!  There is a ghost.”  Minho walked back and forth.  “Ghost?  Ghooooossst!  Are you angry?  Can you tell us how you died?”





“Wait.  Did you hear th-”

They stand around Minho, dread clear on their faces.


“Scorch?  Isn’t that one of the signs on the maze?”




The EMF shrieked.  Only two lights are on but the noise startled them.  “Which way?”

Newt waved the EMF, testing directions before deciding to go down another hallway.  “This leads to the lounge room.”




“I’m getting a reading!”  Newt stared terrified at the EMF.  All lights are on.  In the lounge are game tables, sofas, chairs, vending machines, and two TVs.  Minho raised the spirit box shakily.  “Ghost.  Are you-”

Hurt.  Pain.  Sacrificed.




Blaring sound.  Lights flickered.  Everything with glass exploded.  Newt dropped the EMF and Thomas gurgled as some invisible force latched onto his throat.


He’s dragged as the spirit box screamed. 

Experiment.  Life.  Scorched.




Newt screams as he’s thrown at a TV.  Glass fragments entrench into his skin.  Stunned, he collapses onto the floor.  Minho desperately looked around for anything that could help.  Good thing he bought some talismans –if they were real or a scam he doesn’t know but he hopes they work.




Tossing one at Thomas he is able to escape the violent spirit.  He runs into the door with his shoulder but it’s locked.  He looks for a chair while Minho lifts Newt into his arms.  Bam!  Clang!  Crunch!  The chair is destroyed but the door swings open.  Thomas and Minho sprint as fast as they can from the terrifying ghost.







“Spirit.  Yo.  Gonna say anything?”

“Maybe we’ll see more than one ghost,” Chuck said.  “A lot of people died here.”

“From what exactly?”

“What’s this?”  Alby reads old paperwork on a table. 




“Glade experiments of 1964.  Glade experiments of 1972.”  Alby shook his head.  “Wow.  The scientists were trying to give people superpowers.”

“Seriously?  What kind of sci-fi klunk is that?”  Gally asked. 

“They experimented on people to get them tolerant to elements like fire, water, or ice.  Even poison.  Some inmates died of a toxin called Griever, which made them look like zombies.”  Alby read more pages.  “A riot happened one year and a man got trampled after a Griever experiment.”

The EMF machine screamed.

“Do we have to track the ghost?”

Gally grinned.  “Why?  Afraid of ghosts Alby?”




Pools of blood on weathered tile lead them to a lab.  The door is open. 

“Is the ghost in there?”

Chuck nodded, looking at the room through night vision.  “There’s a bunch of white lights.”




Gally retched.  “Smells like death.”

“The EMF reader isn’t working.”

“Try the spirit box?”

“Spirit.  Why did you bring us here?  Is this where the scientists experimented on patients?”


Alby, Chuck, and Gally are surprised.

Griever.  Poison.  Scream.  Griever.  Poison.




“Guys?”  Chuck points up.  Blood pours from the ceiling.  A see-through figure appears behind Gally.  He turns around and stares terrified at a pair of dark eyes.  The ghost is pale but their veins are darker than death.





Gally, Chuck, and Alby sprint down the hall.  “Watch out!”  Syringes and surgical tools whistle as they fly at them.  Thunk!  Thunk!  Thunk!  Both groups meet at the main entrance, briefly glancing at each other in horror before going into the maze.




Guts burning and lungs heaving, nobody stopped running.  Thomas and Minho throw open the doors and everyone jumps into the car.  Thomas starts the engine.  Frantic and violent lights restlessly curl around the vehicle.  Just as the lights attacked, the car veered and drives down the road away from the Glade.




Cheerful city lights are muted by fear.  Would the ghosts follow them here?  Everyone slumped in their seats and stare at nothing.  “Did you guys see any ghosts?”  Alby asked.

Newt groaned and clutched his side.  Glass gleams from being buried in Minho’s knees.  Thomas had purple fingerprints on his throat.  Alby smiled halfheartedly.  “Guess we’re not the only ones.”




Alby told them about how they found information about Glade, and how some of the patients died.  Silence cloaks the atmosphere again. 

Minho looks at Gally with a mischievous grin.  “You screamed like a girl?”

Gally glared at him.  “Shut it shuckface!  At least I’m not full of glass.”

He chuckled.  “Yeah.  It hurts.”

Thomas looks back at his friends.  “Hospital?”


Minho frowned as he felt glass crack noisily.  “Let’s not go ghost hunting again.”

“Yeah, next year it’ll just be another movie marathon.”


































Chapter Text

Requested from Multifandom Treasury

Gravity Falls

Yandere Wendy x Trans male reader



Red Wraith


Dipper paced back and forth in the TV room.  Mabel and [Y/N] sat across from each other, a broken mask on the carpet. 

“Another mystery huh?”

“Do you think it’s the haunted wax statues?”  Mabel asked.

“No.  They’re all melted.”

She turned to her friend.  “What happened?”

[Y/N] recalled what she encountered.




Robbie’s a jerk.  [Y/N] is a chill person and not much gets her angry –except Robbie.  He’s the typical coward.  Always trying to act brave but he’s just selfish.  When Wendy isn’t around he declares himself the leader when nobody even cares.  Ever since [Y/N] moved to Gravity Falls he’s been subtly meaner to her than the others.  And she has no idea why.




Wendy had to go on a trip with her family and the group was trying to decide what to do.  “How about the arcade?”  [Y/N] asked.

Robbie shook a can and spray-painted a tree.  “No way.”

“The cemetery?”  Tambry reapplied her mascara.

“Or the movies?  Heard there was a new one.”

[Y/N] shrugged.  “Any of those sound good to me.”

Robbie grinned evilly.  “We should go into the woods!”

“Why?”  Tambry rolled her eyes.  She ignored him and instead looked up memes on her phone.

“To find something paranormal!”




Disagreeing murmurs hummed as they looked at each other.  “Wasn’t that haunted convenience store enough?”

Glaring, Robbie frowned and angrily paced around them.  He tried to look intimidating but he just looked like a scrawny bristling black cat.  “What?  You guys scared?”

“We almost died dude!”

“Oh come on!  Like there’s anything else to do in this tacky rural town!”




Robbie saw his friends leaving.  “If Wendy wanted to you’d all go!”

“Because she’s not a selfish jerk that would abandon us if we ran into danger like you,” [Y/N] muttered.

His eyes darkened.  Resentment rang in Robbie’s voice. “Yeah?  You’re not even part of our friend group!  You’re just a loser that Wendy felt sorry for, so she lets you hang out with us.”

“Robbie!”  Tambry hissed.

“Not cool man,” Thompson shook his head.

“What?  Someone had to say it!  She’s a fake!  Like those girls wanting to be all cute and different when all they are is shallow and brainless!”

“Shut it, man!”  Nate shouted. 




[Y/N] knows it isn’t true.  But somehow, Robbie’s pathetic insults still hurt.  Tears fall down [color] eyes.  She doesn’t know whether to run away or hit Robbie. 

“See?”  Robbie chuckled.  “You’re not so cool after all.”

She ran into the murky woods. 




Crying, [Y/N] aimlessly walks around.  Maybe she should just go home.  Above of a sturdy branch Robbie observed [Y/N].  His lanky form dropped down behind her and he shouted, scaring her.  He laughed.




“Not funny!”  She glared at him.  “There are dangerous creatures in these woods.”

“You hang out with that nerd and his sister too much.  There’s nothing paranormal in these woods.  Maybe.”

“Why’d you scare me?”

“It’s revenge.”

“Revenge?  For what?”

“Because!  You think changing yourself will make you less of a loser.  You’re pretending to be different but you’ll never be accepted by anybody.”




Her brows furrowed.  “I’m not pretending.  I don’t know what your problem is but I don’t dress like this for laughs or to get dates.”

“Why else would you want to be a guy so bad?”  Robbie pushed [Y/N].  “You’re trying to steal Wendy from me –and all the other girls in town!”

“Are you serious?!”

“I don’t understand why she likes you so much.  Why any of those guys like you.  Ever since you showed up everything changed!”




Clunk!  Clunk!  Clunk!

[Y/N] and Robbie turn to listen to a sharp chopping sound.  Warily they looked into a meadow ahead and saw something eerily illusionary. 




A tall humanlike figure cloaked in blood-red cloth.  A long red veil hid their hair and long sleeves and pants conceal any specific characteristics.  Sharp antlers crown their head and a mask gleams in sunlight.   It must be the Red Wraith!  There have been legends about a scary guardian of Gravity Falls’ woods.  A melancholy spirit that haunts whoever harbors bad intentions to forest wildlife –especially the mythical.

In their hand is an arm-length metal bludgeon.  The Red Wraith is striking a tree.  [Y/N] and Robbie slowly back away but the spirit’s masked face turns and looks at them.




Panic shoots through their arms and legs, screaming for them to run.  Staying here would only mean death.  [Y/N] sprinted, feeling like her feet were hardly hitting the ground.  Robbie isn’t as fast and is attacked first.




The metal weapon stabs his leg and drags him down.  He screamed –a dire cry.  [Y/N] flinched.  She may not be super strong but she won’t die without a fight!  Throwing a punch it landed on the Red Wraith’s mask and dislodged it.  Red Wraith screamed, recoiling and quickly covering their face with an arm.  Robbie and [Y/N] separated and ran.  [Y/N] escaped from the woods and collapsed at the door of the Mystery Shack.




The twins were shocked and brought their friend inside, Mabel offering some [drink] and Dipper asked what had happened.

“I need your guys’ help!  Tambry, Nate, Lee, Thompson, and Robbie are in danger!”

“Dipper and I will help you rescue them!”  Mabel ran to her room to get supplies.

“There isn’t anything about the Red Wraith in the journal but I know some banishing spells.  I’ll also bring some talismans.”







Dipper isn’t the only one knowledgeable about magic in Gravity Falls.  Wendy knew about the magic since she was a kid.  She’d explore the woods alone when she wasn’t hanging out with Tambry.  Something about the woods’ serene stillness, the ancient trees, and finding undiscovered places was something that drew her attention from the unexceptional days living in town.  Life is boring without some adventure.  Her friends were always scared of running into monsters or the unknown but Wendy?  She plunged into the unknown.




Magic creatures gave her powers in exchange for saving their lives.  And when [Y/N] moved to Gravity Falls she fell in love.  At first, Wendy had thought she was a guy but [Y/N] cheerfully said she was a girl, but wanted to transition.  Wendy was surprised but it didn’t change her views.  [Y/N] is caring and a lot kinder than most guys Wendy has dated. 

But she wondered why [Y/N] wanted to be a guy so much since they weren’t all that cool. 

[Y/N] said that she feels more confident dressing like men do.  That she doesn’t like feminine hobbies.  Girls at her old school never liked her because she isn’t girlie.  And most of her heroes are men.




From there, Wendy helped [Y/N] anyway she could.  Wendy never really fit in either, being taller than most girls.  A lot of guys were intimidated by her agility, talent for wielding axes, and watching lots of action movies.  On the surface Wendy looks cool (and everyone expects her to be the unfailing leader) but peoples’ insults hurt.  Not even Tambry or the guys understood her self-doubt.  She’s happy that [Y/N] does. 




[Y/N], Dipper, and Mabel return to the woods where the Red Wraith had attacked.  The meadow is masked in shadowy dim light.  At the center is a tree with runes cut into the bark.  Five holes surround the tree –holes for graves.

“Are they back?”

“We’re gonna die!”

“Did [Y/N] escape?  Maybe they’ll get help!”

“Guys!”  [Y/N] ran over to them.  She looked back at Dipper and said, “They’re all injured!”




Unable to climb out they waited for rescue.  Dipper, [Y/N], and Mabel were discussing a plan when the Red Wraith appeared and lunged at them.  Flipping through pages Dipper casted a banishing spell form the journal.  Magic cracked from the book and hit the Red Wraith who had crafted a new mask.  Lights popped when it smacked metal surface, swerving harmlessly from their enemy.  Red Wraith chuckled.

“They’re…they’re not a spirit!”

Mabel threw some talismans that hit Red Wraith with a clink before falling into grass.  “Charms don’t work either!”

Fear shines in the heroes’ eyes as the Red Wraith wielded the metal bludgeon.




Waving the weapon like a wand, red light outlines the bludgeon and the twins.  Mabel and Dipper float up, trapped in magic.  Red Wraith quickly disarms [Y/N] who had a [weapon].  “Are you mad that Robbie painted that tree?  If you let us go, I’ll fix it.  Okay?”

Wendy removed her mask.  It fell to the ground with a loud thunk.  Everyone stared, jaws agape and eyes conveying shock.





“Hey [Y/N].”

“We’re your friends!  Why would you do this?!”

Brief grief flickers in Wendy’s eyes but somberness replaced it.  Tears sting her eyes.  “I really like you, [Y/N].  Even my friends couldn’t understand me.  But you do.”

“A creature must be controlling her mind with magic!”  Mabel guessed.  “We’ll save you Wendy!”

She shook her head.  “I’m not being controlled.  The magic is mine.”

“But why’d you hurt our friends?”

“For a trade.  That and,” she laughed.  “Robbie is a jerk.”

“What trade?”




“I want to be your girlfriend.  We can live here.  The creatures can give you magic too.  And we could go on adventures again.  I’ll let them go, erase their memories of this day, if you stay.”

“It’s a trick!”  Dipper said. 

“What happens if she doesn’t want to stay?”  Mabel asked, glaring.

Wendy waved her hand, dark silhouettes flying in the air.  “You’ll all be trapped here forever until you turn into statues.  With a drop of Medusa tears it’ll take a year.  Its irreversible magic.  You’ll still be alive and see the world slowly change around you, eventually forgetting your existence.”




[Y/N] can’t leave her friends.  Being trapped like that, forever a statue, but seeing the world go on without living is scary and horrible.  [Color] eyes stare sadly at green.  “I’ll stay in the woods, Wendy.”

She waved the bludgeon and erased their friends’ memory.  Red portals appeared, sending them back to town. 

Wendy hugged [Y/N] and kissed her.  “Our lives will be full of love and adventure.  I’ll be yours forever.”  She smiled.  To her, the woods are full of future legendary adventures, but to [Y/N] a curse that she’d never see her friends or old life again. 












































Chapter Text

Requested from Multifandom Treasury 2

Halloween + My Hero Academia




Imagine if quirks were a bad thing.  Not rare.  But a flaw upon an individual.  In Izuku’s world, he’s lucky.  Lucky to be born quirkless.  Visionary heroes like All Might don’t exist.  Heroes and villains are seen as dangerous and the end to humanity because of their powers.




Ever since he was seven, Katsuki Bakugo has had a quirk.  His mother has a quirk too but his dad doesn’t.  How’d they discover that their son has a quirk?




It was a sunny day in the park.  Parents brought their kids to play.  Kids laugh as they run around.  Katsuki’s family had recently moved so he didn’t have friends.  He sees kids challenging each other to a game and he walked up to them to listen.




“Whoever can capture the flag atop the jungle gym will win all my candy!”  A dark-haired kid said.  He’s taller than the rest. 

“C’mon, nobody can do that!  It’s too high!”

“Yeah!  The last kid who tried couldn’t even make it past the climbing ropes!”

“I’ll try,” they looked at a green-haired kid who has a lot of Band-Aids on his arm and knees.  “If I win I’ll share with everyone.”

They cheered.  “Izuku!  Izuku!  Izuku!”

“Hah, if he’s gonna try this race will be a piece of cake for me!  I’m gonna win!”  Bakugo said.

The dark-haired kid grinned.  “What’s your name?”

“Katsuki Bakugo.”




Izuku and Bakugo’s feet are planted firmly in earth.  They’d have to run around the playground, go up vine climbers, cross a bridge to the monkey bars, climb up ropes and get the flag on the roof.


Midoriya being lighter than Katsuki easily ran past.  He climbs up vines and crosses the bridge, Bakugo being only a few steps behind.  He jumped and grabbed the second rung of the monkey bars and swings to the next.




Bakugo’s heart is racing.  He hears a loud thunk as Izuku safely falls from the monkey bars.  He’s winded but offers a big smile.  “You’re so cool Bakugo!”

Katsuki climbs up the net and reaches for the flag –but something happens.




Blinding light sparks and ignites in his hands.  The rope is burned and disintegrates.  Bakugo screams and flips, the rope tangled around his ankles.  Terrified faces look up at him from below.  Light shines in their eyes.

Panicked footfalls make their way towards him.  His father pulls him from the ropes as his mother runs to the car and starts the engine.




“What’s going on?  I’m not hurt.  I almost won the race!”

“We have to go to the doctors,” Mr.  Bakugo said.  Confused, Bakugo asks what had happened.  But no one answered his questions.  At the hospital they’re deposited in a room and wait for a doctor.




Katsuki looked at his mom.  She’s smiling but her eyes are dark with grief.  Like she doesn’t want to be here.  His gaze falls to her arm.  It has a fancy metal device.  The same ones displayed in front of him.

“Go on Katsuki.  Pick one out.  You can get any color you want.”

His brows furrowed.  He looked at the doctor and then back at the devices.  “Why?”

“Because,” his father scowled impatiently.  “You have a quirk.”

“But why?  If I have a quirk shouldn’t I be able to use it?”




The doctor narrowed his eyes judgingly at him then at Mrs. Bakugo.  “Shouldn’t you’ve taught him about quirks?  Our government gave out new pamphlets last year.”

She nervously laughed.  “I didn’t think he’d get his quirk so soon.  I didn’t get my quirk until after I got married.”

“His quirk is dangerous.  Only people with healing quirks can live in society without a device.”




Bakugo picked out a device.  The doctor put it on his arm.  He instantly felt something vanish, like a flame being extinguished.  He scratched his arm.  “It’s cold.  And itchy.”

Mrs. Bakugo smiled bitterly.  “You’ll get used to it.  We all have to.”

“Mom.  Can we go back to the park soon?”

“Yes,” she looked at her husband who was busy filling out paperwork.  “Maybe this week.”




Icy resentful stares attached onto Katsuki as soon as he arrived at the park.  An arm wrapped around and pulled him into a hug.  “You’re back!  I was worried!”

“Izuku?  Get off!”

“Sorry.”  He quickly looked at the new device.

Bakugo felt uneasy and glared at him.  “You think my device is strange?”

Midoriya smiled sadly and shook his head.  Both his parents have to wear them too.  He knew they tried to hide it, but he overheard them talk about how painful and horrible the devices are. 




“Want to play a game?”


A crowd of kids surrounded Bakugo, pushing Midoriya out of the way to stare at his device.  “Whoa!  It’s true!  Bakugo has a quirk!”

“Yeah!  He’s got a wrist band.”

“I’ve never seen another kid with one.”

“My parents say that quirks are dangerous.”




Like buzzing wasps they toss insults at Bakugo.  What had changed?  It’s obvious but to Bakugo, it still made no sense.  He’s not a monster or some crazy villain.

He’s about to throw a punch when Izuku pushes the attackers away.  “Leave him alone!”

Shocked, they angrily glare at Midoriya.  “But Izuku, you’re quirkless!”

“Yeah, why’re you defending Bakugo?” 

“Because!  He’s still a kid like us!”




Not one of the parent stepped in to help Bakugo.  Not even his own.  The parents with quirks just sadly looked away.  But this harmless-looking green-haired anxious kid has more bravery and heart than any of these losers.

“Then,” the dark-haired kid frowned.  “You can’t hang out with us.”





Words lodged in his throat.  Instead of grateful thank-you, he pushed Izuku.  “I don’t need your help Deku!”


“Yeah.  Means you’re stupid.”

Midoriya laughed and Bakugo raised an eyebrow.  Izuku sat next to Bakugo and dropped a bag of sweets between them.

“You stole those from the other kids?!”

Popping a candy into his mouth, Izuku shrugged.  “They’re jerks anyway.”




A smile replaced Bakugo’s frown.  He accepted a candy.  “You…you still want to be friends?  Even with my quirk?”

“Yeah!  We’ll be best friends!”

“Best friends huh?”  Bakugo fell back onto grass to watch clouds.  

Izuku smiled and watched clouds too. 




Years later they’re still friends.  Now twelve and thirteen, Katsuki and Izuku are excited for Halloween.  When they weren’t exploring town or studying, they’d always hang out at each other’s houses.  Izuku biked to Bakugo’s, his backpack full of decorations.  He was going to host a party at his house this year.




Bakugo jumped off his skateboard when he saw Izuku. 

“Morning Kaachan!”

“Hey Deku.”

“I sent out invitations.  Ochaco and Iida aren’t going.”

“Why?”  Katsuki didn’t care.  In fact, he hated whenever anyone else hung out with Izuku.  So he set Tenya and Uraraka on a date.

“They’re going on a date.  And Tsuyu has swimming practice.”




He has always resented society.  Why hide quirks?  And why were those with quirks being cowards and accepting wearing those devices?  Bitterly he wondered if there was another dimension where quirks still exist but he was a superhero. 




“Maybe we can invite Kirishima, Mina, Sero, and Denki?”

“They all failed their exams,” he lied.  “So they’re studying.”

“Oh…” Izuku’s already clear melancholy wanes into tears.

Bakugo sighed.  Izuku is too softhearted.  But I guess that’s why he’s my best friend.  He’d never say that though, not even if he was staring death in its face.  Bakugo didn’t want to be known as a sentimental guy.  “C’mon.  Let’s go set up the decorations.  Just because those losers won’t show up doesn’t mean we can’t party.”




Izuku poured drinks and Bakugo cursed.  “I forgot something at my house.”

“Okay.  I’ll wait to start the movie, Kaachan.”

Bakugo went back home but froze at the door when he heard his parents whispering.

“You mean…there’s a way to permanently remove our quirks?”

“It’s a new technology by the Todoroki Company.”  Mr. Bakugo waved a newspaper.




Didn’t that guy’s wife and two sons have quirks? 

“I didn’t think this would be possible.  Not for years.  This…this blemish on humanity can finally be fixed.”

“We can finally be a normal family again.  This is great news.”




Anger crashes through Bakugo.  Are quirks really that bad?  If he had had his quirk active, then he could’ve been a hero.  Anybody could have.  But with these devices, the quirks weaken slowly until they completely disappear.  He believed that people with quirks who are okay with removing their quirks are just as bad as the quirkless.  Why erase your gift?  For what?  People still attacked Katsuki, still insulted him, and still excluded him.  Except for Izuku.  And because of others’ decisions, he’d have to permanently remove his quirk too?




Kaachan has been gone for a long time.  Maybe I should call him.  Midoriya grabbed his cell phone when he heard blaring police sirens.  Red and blue lights flash.  Fear latches onto Izuku’s senses.  He runs outdoors and follows the police cars to Katsuki’s house.




From afar he sees a flash of familiar pointy hair and red eyes.  Bakugo’s covered in blood as policemen escort him to a vehicle. 

A policewoman patrolling around the house found Izuku and guessed he was a witness.  “What’s your name?”

“Midoriya Izuku.”

“Okay.  We have some questions, Izuku.  It’s too dangerous to be outside now.  We’ll bring you home.”




After a lengthy night of questioning, Izuku wakes up in the afternoon to a breaking news report.  He stayed home from school today. 

“Bakugo Katsuki, age thirteen, killed his parents with a knife.  He refused to answer any questions by police.  He has a quirk and will be sent to the Cloudy Hills Asylum.  We will update this shocking story when we get more information.”




Why’d you do it, Kaachan?  A mixture of fear, anger, and grief sap all of Izuku’s energy and usual cheerfulness. 

His mother and father came in with soup and placed it on the table.  She hugged him.  “I’m sorry Izuku.  I know Katsuki was your best friend.”

Mr. Midoriya frowned sadly.  “But we’re happy you’re safe.”  Their worries are clear.  They could’ve lost their son and they’re happy he returned home alive.







Ten years later Izuku is in college and everything is great.  Iida, Ochaco, and Tsuyu hang out with Izuku often and though life is mostly school work, it’s still exciting.  They visit amusement parks, museums, and cafes.  But he can’t discard an uneasy feeling.  Midoriya is always looking behind him, added extra locks to doors, and installed alarm systems. 




He was always afraid that Bakugo would return.  And today he’s heard the worst news in a long time.  Inmates escaped from Cloudy Hills Asylum.  Armed guards patrolled the streets through the city too.  Leaving a store, Izuku heard his phone ring and answered it.

“Izuku?  We heard the news.  Come home.”

“I will.”




On a bike, Midoriya went home.  Something’s wrong.  He doesn’t know how but it is.  The world is too quiet.  Tossing his bike carelessly on the lawn he enters the house –and finds blood drenched on the walls, floor, and ceiling.




Standing there like a morbid statue is Bakugo Katsuki.  He eyed Izuku’s dead parents emotionlessly, unsympathetically.  Glaring explosions are in his hands and like torchlight, ominous shadows flicker around the room.  The device is gone.

Izuku cries and Bakugo looks up at him.




“Bakugo…why did you…”

“It’s Kaachan,” his voice crackled.  He hadn’t talked ever since his arrest. 

Shocked and terrified, Izuku stared dumbly at Bakugo. 

“You and I were best friends, Deku.  Remember?”  His eyes flashed.  “I’m going to be mankind’s savior.  You and I were outcasts.  For what?  Their pathetic fear?  I won’t let my quirk be removed.  Because I have powers I should decide how the world will change.  And I decide that cowards should be erased.  You and I my friend are going to show the world that they undervalued us.”




Izuku didn’t run.  Bakugo shot an explosion at him and he dove out of the way.  Running he hit Katsuki and sent him flying.  Leaping out a window Midoriya ran –an armed guard had to be close by, right?  Bakugo recovered and tracked him down and fired another explosion.  The blast hurled Izuku far and when he fell it stunned him.  A shadow hovered over Izuku.  Bakugo shook his head and lifted his friend over his shoulder.




Blending into shadows Katsuki vanished.  He traveled through the city to a hideout called the LOV.  Not the League of Villains.  In this world it was called the League of Vigilantes.  He, along with Shigaraki, Toga, Dabi, Twice, Spinner, Kirishima, Kurogiri, Shinsou, and Shoto vowed to change the world.  Gathering an army of outcast like them, quirkless and with quirks, they planned to only let the strongest and kindest people survive.






























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Requested from Multifandom Treasury 2

Dead By Daylight

Yandere Frank, Quentin, and Steve x Reader


Magic Necklace


Legion again?  Steve sees Frank frantically swinging a knife and stab Dwight.  Blood drenches night air as the frenzied slasher changes targets to Claudette.  Luckily Steve’s not within stabbing distance. 




Murky fog winds around Auto Haven.  Stacked cars provide cover.  He wants to search for [Y/N] but Steve knows repairing generators are more important.  The faster they’re completed the faster everyone can escape.  Dwight is downed and machine lights turn on.  Going around the building Steve sees Claudette and [Y/N] in the garage.




After healing Claudette she thanked them and said, “I’ll save Dwight.  We’ll look for another gen.  That way we’re not all in one place for the Legion to attack us.”  She left.

The noisy generator can’t silence the familiar thump-thump-thump of a terror radius.  He pulled [Y/N] up and practically hurled them out a window as a red glare bleeds on tile.




Steve hissed.  An icy blade enters his shoulder.  Frank’s sadistic voice taunted him.  “What a knight in shining armor!”  They tumbled out and Frank dragged his knife across Steve’s side.  Agonizing pain shoots through his arm as he throws Frank overhead.  The Legion hits the dumpster and he’s stunned.  Quivering anger seeps into his senses.  He got up and twirled his knife.  “I saved a mori just for you!”




For such a scrawny guy, Frank is very intimidating.  Sheer brutality in a tall and lean body.  Like a coiled snake ready to strike.  He narrowly dodges a punch and stabbed Steve’s chest.  The survivor’s whole body trembled from the impact and he collapsed.  Frank laughed and hoisted Steve over his shoulder.




The worst part is when a hook tears through flesh and bone.  Warm blood trickles down his chest.  Searing pain made everything muted and blurry.  The Entity’s claws impatiently closed in on Its sacrifice.  Steve desperately fights back, his eyes glued to the serrated claw.




Sensing no terror radius, [Y/N] rescued Steve.  They ran to the woods creating an aimless path that Frank hopefully couldn’t track. 

“Thanks for saving me,” he tried to look attractive, removing his torn shirt and running a hand through his hair like a model.

“No problem,” [Y/N] grinned.  “Anything for my friends.”  They healed him and looked around worriedly.  “I hope the others are okay…”




What?!  Why isn’t this working?  Hot girls and pretty dudes always stare at me.  Steve is shocked.  They’re worried about Dwight and Claudette?

“I should face the killer; distract him while you guys get the other gens.”

Steve smiled.  “You’re crazy.”  [Y/N] is a loner but they’d do anything to keep their friends alive.  “You’re the only survivor who thinks it’s fun to be chased by the killers.”

[Y/N] laughed –and God, Steve could die for that laugh.  “C’mon, don’t waste time with that bastard.  If you and I work on a gen they’ll be done in no time.”




Claudette and Dwight are sacrificed.  One gen is left to power the gates.  Steve was limping to a pallet when a knife sinks into his lower leg.  He’s dragged back and knows what’s coming.  A mori.




When a mori happens, nothing can stop it.  It’s a gift from the Entity and a spell locks survivors in place.  Frank looms over him threateningly.  His grin mirrors the one on his mask.  “Hey prince charming.  You aren’t as handsome and cool as you think you are.  The [prince/princess] might fall in love with a bandit instead.”

Steve glared at Frank, the warning all too clear.  Frank tauntingly dragged the knife point down the survivor’s throat.  “It’ll be extra agonizing this time.”




[Y/N] crawled, listening for the hatch, and wondered why the killer had downed them and left.  It isn’t Frank’s style.  But they see him wander back at a casual pace.  Frank crouched besides them and is silent for a moment.  What should he say?  Morrison has never been good at sentimental emotions.  His heart races whenever he sees them. 




Lifting them over his shoulder he carries them over to the hatch.  He dropped them. 

“You’re letting me go?”

“Don’t get used to it,” Frank crossed his arms.  “It’s thanks.  For when you helped me out.”

[Y/N] smiled and Morrison felt his heart sputter.  They fell through the hatch.

Darkness swirled around his feet and he’s pulled into nothingness.  The Entity teleports him back to fake Ormond.




Frank remembered how he fell in love with [Y/N].  A necklace of theirs is in his hand, the jewelry glowing in flickering firelight of the lodge.  The Legion thought it was just some trinket he picked up but it was so much more than that.  A sacred treasure.  A soundless promise of devotion.  Morrison kissed the necklace.




The Legion, normally a mischievous and wild group, decided to spend a day relaxing at Ormond.  Frank was restless.  He left to explore alone.  Maybe he could hang out with Danny.  Not all slashers are friendly though, in fact, some are terrifying!  But hell, what else was there to do? 




So, Frank did what he does best: vandalize and destroy.  He swiped some trinkets along the way, thinking that nobody would miss them.  He was wrong.  Spirit, Wraith, Nurse, and Trapper chased him through killer camp.  I don’t get it!  They’re just some dumb props!  Items in this world aren’t actually real anyway!  Things in the Entity’s world are a counterfeit –and surprisingly realistic for imitations.  From the med kits to the charms, so what if they’re missing a bear trap, a sword, and some syringes?  They’ve got plenty.




The killers surround Frank and flourish their weapons.  They cruelly hack at him.  Metal sinks into his skin and tears it apart as they wrench it free only to attack again.  They take back their stuff and leave him to bleed out.




Out from the trees, [Y/N] warily stands over Frank.

“What’s a survivor doing in killer territory?”  Morrison will be fine.  Injuries never last here.  The wounds will heal, slowly.  [Y/N] carefully hoists Frank up on his feet and supported his weight as they walked back to Ormond. 




“I was bored,” [Y/N] replied.

“Bored?  Out of all the things to do, sneaking into killer camp as a survivor wouldn’t be my idea of fun.”  Morrison looked at a bleeding scar on their arm.  He didn’t realize that [Y/N] had tattoos.  And their eyes.  A captivating [color]. 

[Y/N] grinned.  “I was following the Shape.”

Frank is bewildered.  “You followed Myers?!  Why?”

“Because he’s cool.  And, I thought I could learn a thing or two if I studied stealthy slashers.”

God, those eyes are so beautiful. 




Morrison realized he never had anyone help him before.  He is always the one leading, ruling by intimidation and aggression.  Nobody would care about me otherwise.  That’s what he thought until now.  Frank noticed how [Y/N] is really funny.  Their jokes had him crying –crying!  His lungs hurt too.  Frank doesn’t have to act tough or fearless around them. 

The snowy world of Ormond is ahead.  [Y/N] left and Frank missed their warmth.  He had stolen their necklace and he thoughtfully stared at it in his palm.  Why was his heart hurting?







Quentin nervously waited for [Y/N] to return to survivor camp.  The fire is just a golden-red smudge in the distance.  He had retreated to the circle of tents and searched for something.  One of [Y/N]’s [jackets/hoodies].  [Flavor] scent emitted from it.  Quentin took a deep breath, his fears vanishing. 




Shadows run out from the endless woods.  It’s [Y/N]!  When Dwight and Claudette didn’t come back he got worried.  He thought they might be trapped in the ritual world, where the Entity keeps sacrificed and mori’d survivors temporarily.  Smith abandoned the [jacket/hoodie] and jumped into their arms.  “You escaped!”  Quentin gave one of his best cute, dazzling smiles.




“Hey, good to see you too!”

“Let’s go to the mess hall.  I’ve got a funny story to tell you.”

Steve scowled and walked up to them.  He pushed Smith away, acting nonchalant.  “Okay lover boy, at least give them some air to breathe.”

Quentin smiled and Steve wavered.  That guy is so unnerving!




[Y/N] raised an eyebrow.  They clearly feel the tension between Quentin and Steve but don’t know what it’s about. 

“Hey guys!”  Feng Min and Meg ran up to them.  “After we eat, we gotta help gather herbs for medicine.”

“Yeah,” the others followed Meg and Feng Min to the mess hall.  “Claudette won’t be back for a while and we don’t want run low on med kits or offerings.”




The Entity had been observing the three.  It’s amusing.  This hasn’t happened in Its world before.  Hissing and clicking, It summoned Steve, Quentin, and Frank to a small forest.




Shocked, Steve stares at Quentin and Frank.  He slowly puts things together. 

Quentin shook his head and said what they were thinking, “The Entity summoned us here.  I think it’s because we all like [Y/N].”

Frank looked up and glared at the Entity.  “Why?”




It gurgled ominously.  Frank, as a slasher, is the only one to understand the Entity.  He cursed.  Glaring at them he said, “Prince charming and the sleepy dope aren’t as strong as me!”

“Well if we aren’t a threat you wouldn’t be intimidated by us,” Steve grinned.

Morrison lunged at Steve who threw punches.

Quentin stifled a yawn.

Frank elbowed Steve’s face and tackled him, his hands clasped around Steve’s throat.

“Maybe you two aren’t their type.”

They looked up at him.  Steve scoffed.  “What?  And you’re the definition of stunning?”

“Maybe he is,” Frank muttered. 

Steve narrowed his eyes at Morrison.




“What did the Entity say?”  Quentin asked.

“That we should work together.  But I’m not going to!”

Steve sighed.  “Maybe the Entity can give us all what we want.”

“Can It?”  Frank looked at the necklace in his hand.  “There’s a way they’d be mine?”

Steve’s brows furrowed.  “Is that [Y/N]’s necklace?”

“I’ve got an idea,” Quentin smiled.  “Here’s what we’re going to do…”







[Y/N] and Steve repaired a generator.  He tried to steady his trembling.  The Entity enchanted the necklace.  Quentin, [Y/N], and him are the only survivors alive.  He put a hand on their shoulder when he heard Quentin being hooked.  “Let’s rescue him.”

They nodded.  “Stay and repair the gen.  It’s almost done.”




Steve completed the generator and followed [Y/N].  He took a step.  Then another.  They’re healing Quentin when Steve gives the signal to Frank.

Morrison lunged at them wielding his knife. 

[Y/N] started to run when Steve wrapped his arms around them and quickly put on the necklace.  Fog hissed as it cloaked the entire world.




I’m…in a clearing?  [Y/N] looked around.  It isn’t survivor camp.  I was healing Quentin when Frank attacked and then…what happened?  They don’t remember being sacrificed.  Dense mist floats around them just outside of the clearing.  It’s different than the regular fog: it glimmers with a dreamlike quality. 




A smaller campfire is at the center and ahead is a small cabin.  It looked pretty, unlike anything else in this world.  They looked up at the sky wondering how and why the Entity had made this place. 




Frank, Steve, and Quentin appear from the fog.  Wispy fog floats around Smith’s hands and [Y/N] realized that he was creating the dreamlike barrier.  They glared at them.  “This isn’t survivor camp.  Where are we?  And why were we pulled out of the summoning?”

“Because we like you,” Steve said.


“You didn’t know?”  He rubbed the back of his neck.  “That…explains a lot.”




Quentin smiled sweetly.  “The Entity helped us out.  We can be together.  Isn’t that great?”

[Y/N] felt an unnerving sense of fear –icy trepidation that screamed at them to run. 

Smith seemed to read their mind and said, “You can’t run.  I created the fog here.  It’ll just lead you back at this campfire.”

[Color] eyes glared at them.  “I’m trapped here forever?”

“Sort of,” Morrison laughed.  “You’ll still get summoned but you won’t see those pathetic survivors.”

“What?!  But they’re my friends!  You’re going to let me go.  Right now.”  Bitterness rings in [Y/N]’s voice. 

“You don’t need them.  You only need us,” Steve said.

“Screw off,” [Y/N] spat.  “Nobody tells me what to do.”  They ran into the fog but their necklace started to glow.  They’re flung backwards into Steve’s arms.  His grip is inescapable even though [Y/N] violently thrashed around.  Laying his chin on their shoulder he smiled.  “See, we love you.  A lot.  Don’t you think it’d be better being with us?”

Quentin jumped into their arms again.  “We’ll be so happy together, I promise!”

Frank grabbed their chin so they looked at him.  “And not a moment will be terrible.”

















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Gravity Falls + Persona 4 + Scream + Death Note



Bad Guys Club


Bill Cipher is an otherworldly demon trapped in a nowhere dimension.  A colorful emptiness.  The ethereal barrier between reality and other dimensions are thin.  Every time he makes a deal Cipher is able to withstand staying in the physical world for a longer time.  If he wants to take over Gravity Falls –and eventually the entire world, he’s going to need an army.  An army of bloodthirsty, mischievous, apocalyptic, and sinister beings.




Recruiting from other dimensions is integral.  With his cane Bill tears a portal through the endless colors and creates a door to multiple universes.  Should he summon monsters?  Cipher laughed.  No.  It’d be better if they were villains like him.




Snapping his fingers invitations are sent.  Elegant ebony envelopes sealed with golden wax.  What kind of villains would attend his party?  Giddy about earth’s eventual destruction he floats around his territory, creating the best party in demonic existence. 




A swanky nightclub appears.  Floor and walls are black marble outlined in gold.  Neon lights change color, shaped like mythological monsters.  Deafening music plays from pyramid-shaped speakers.  Drinks and snacks are important too.  Bill had prepared for every type of guest.  And hell, if they wanted to burn it all down afterword he’d be flattered.  All great shows end with explosions!




Five people arrive and are chucked out of the portal onto icy ground.  Each guest looked as bizarre as Bill Cipher.  The demon laughed and they all stared at him.  “Welcome!  Slashers, villains, antiheroes.  I’m Bill Cipher and this is my dimension.  I’ve invited you here because you have talent.  Tell me who you are!”




“Is this the afterlife?  It’s a lot better than I thought it’d be!”  A teenager with short hair and a wild smile exclaimed.  He looked at the club.  “Our host knows how to party!”

His friend crossed his arms and glared at Cipher.  “Are you a demon?”

Bill bowed, removing his hat.  “Yes, the best there is!”

“Is this just another part of the Other World?”  A bored-looking man sighed.  Yet underneath his dark eyes Cipher sees a glimmer of curiosity.  “None of you look like shadows though.  So other dimensions besides the Midnight Channel exist huh?”

“Ryuk,” a brown-haired man dressed in a red tie and beige suit asked the air.  “Is this the Shinigami realm?  It can’t be.  There are too many annoying colors.”




Bill snapped his fingers and a long table that could fit a whole kingdom floated down.  Seats followed.  “Drinks?  Snacks?  We have a lot to talk about.”

What does this strange demon have to offer?  The dapper triangle waved an arm, signaling the others to introduce themselves.




The tired cop is the last to talk.  “I’m Adachi from Inaba.  I’m a detective.”  He nonchalantly talked about shadows and the Midnight Channel.  He’s on the run from some meddling mystery-solving kids. 

Light narrowed his eyes at Adachi.  “You’re a detective and a murderer?”

He smiled sarcastically at Yagami and responded in the same mocking tone, “And you’re a police chief’s son and you kill people.”

“It’s for justice!  Only criminals and those who refuse to accept the new perfect world I’m creating are killed.”

Adachi chuckled.  “Good and bad?  What selfless morals you have, Yagami!  You’re like those kids blindly running around the Midnight Channel acting as if they know what true justice is.  Your ideals are funny.  Face it, kid.  You and me?  We’re the same.  Bored.”

Ryuk cackled.  “He’s got you there, Light.




“It’s cool how a notebook can do all that.”  Billy said.  “You can make people die however you want them to.”

“It’d be less fun though.”  Stu said, drawing his fingers over the knife thoughtfully.  “All you’re doing is writing names down.”

Yagami cleared his throat and looked at the demon.  “Why’d you invite us here, Cipher?”




The demon held a martini glass in his hand, heavy globs of blood swirling in the glass.  “With all of us together, as cliché as it sounds, we can take over four dimensions.  Completely destroy them.  And after, recreate it however we want.  Why do heroes win?  I say we’re heroes, not them.”

The guests murmured in agreement.

“I say we show them something to be scared of!  A true, inescapable, heart-stopping horror.  We’ll be the ones to change the worlds!”




“What do we have to do?”

Stu elbowed Yagami lightheartedly who just returned a resentful glare.  “Yeah.  Light over here can just write all our enemies’ names in his notebook.”

“We don’t want to give away all our moves.  Light will do what he’s doing in his world.  As Kira, he’ll kill those as a last resort –to scare any brave heroes that try to defeat us.  We’re going to start in Gravity Falls.”

“Yeah?”  Billy crossed his arms.  “Your world.  How do we know you aren’t going to trick us?”

Adachi nodded.  “It won’t be any fun if we don’t get our share of this new world.”

Cipher laughed.  “I wouldn’t trick anyone who’s as evil as me.  I need all of you if this is going to work.  Here’s our plan.”




Waving his cane, visions appear.  “Stanley Pines is the owner of the Mystery Shack.  Behind a vending machine are stairs that lead to a portal and a lab.  You can turn on the machine and get the interdimensional rift and use it as a door to your world, Adachi.  The shadowy substance that the machine emits will give me extra powers.  Stanley has been trying to rescue his brother from another world but we won’t let that happen.  Sixer would be a dangerous enemy to us.  Stu and Billy will enter Adachi’s dimension and stop the investigation team.  If the portal is open they’ll try and find a way through to Gravity Falls.  Then we…”







Adachi parked outside the tacky tourist trap.  He smiled, studying the Mystery Shack for a moment.  Gravity Falls is a lot like Inaba.  He opened the car door, got out, and strolled up the steps.  Entering the empty shop, Adachi met Stanley who gave his best showman persona.  And he’s like Dojima.  Adachi knew that look.  Stanley guessed he’s an agent.




“Looking a little fancy for stopping at an out-of-the-way tourist shop, yeah?”

Adachi gave a disarming smile.  “Oh I just got lost.  Looking for directions.”

Stan grumbled.  The faster this guy gets out of here the better.  “You’re pretty far from anything.  Maybe you should stop in town for the day.”  The conman walked over by some old TVs and flipped through dated maps. 




Quickly the cop looked at the TVs and found one that he could push Stan through.  Before teleporting to this world Bill had tested to see if their powers still worked.  His did and Adachi was excited to use it.  He leaned against a shelf as Stan handed him a dusty folded map.  Adachi grabbed hold and smiled.  “Thanks.  Stan Pines right?  This shop isn’t so bad.”

The man humorlessly chuckled.  He’s about to brusquely reply when Adachi lunges, pushing Stan back.




Pines expected painful contact with his jaw to the TV screen and sharp glass to cut his face –instead he leans through the screen and it felt like he was crashing through a pool into depthless darkness.  Losing his footing and surprised, Stan plunges into the Other World, screaming.  Adachi ran to the vending machine, copying the moves Dojima used when breaking through locked doors.  The metal screeched in protest but moved.




“Mr. Pines?  I heard you scream.  Are you okay?  I –oh my God!  Who’re you?!”  A red-haired lumberjack girl and two twins stared at Adachi, shocked.  He didn’t answer and ran down the steps, almost tripping.  Panicked footsteps followed.  Adachi’s heart is pounding and he wheezed, laughing.




The giant portal loomed over the capacious lab.  It’s cluttered with dusty old equipment and for a second he wondered if any of it even worked.  Adachi jumped to some controls, remembering what Cipher showed in the visions, and started the machine.  Energy hummed and popped deafeningly.  Stunned my immense light Wendy, Dipper, and Mabel are thrown up into the air, weightless.  Adachi leapt and grabbed the metal gate.  He dipped his hand into the white-blue light, changing it to swirling black-red stripes.  Dark bubbling energy leaked out from the energy and he collected rift fragments into a glass flask.




“Who are you?!”  Wendy shouted.

“What did you do with Grunkle Stan?!”  Mabel glared at the grinning cop.  Shadows escaped from the portal.  They gurgled menacingly as they crawled towards the heroes.  “W-What are those things?!”  Dipper hasn’t seen anything like this in his adventures or in his trustworthy journal. 

Adachi held a floating card in his hand.  He felt the atmosphere become dense and almost stifling just like the Other World.  Mist saturated the air too.  “Nice to meet you,” he grinned cruelly.  “I’m Adachi and I work with Bill Cipher.  Good luck surviving in the Other World!  Persona!”




Magatsu-Izanagi appeared behind the heroes.  Wendy hurls her axe at it only for the weapon to go through the demon harmlessly and hit the wall.  Mabel fired her grappling hook but Magatsu-Izanagi’s sword cut the wire and he flung them into the portal.  Adachi laughed.  “I wonder how much chaos will befall these heroes.  This’ll be fun.”  Looking up he shouted, “Cipher!  Send me back to your world.  It’s up to Ghostface now!”




In Inaba, Billy and Stu had been tracking their enemies for weeks.  They went unnoticed even in such a small town because Dojima and Yu were trying to find Adachi who had escaped.  Sinister mist from the Other World was slowly waning peoples’ minds and bodies.  Both dressed as Ghostface, Billy wiped blood from the knife.  Rise didn’t expect them.  She had sprinted down streets being chased, hoping to run into Yu and the others but met a knife to her heart instead.  Billy departed to Junes while Stu waited for the Investigation Team.




They had found pools of blood leading up to the tree –and Rise.  Ghostface tauntingly jumped off of the table and waved his knife.  Yu, Kanji, Yukiko, Chie, and Yosuke ran after him.  They lost him in the aisles of Junes but Yu saw a flash of dark cloth by a shelf. 




The TV they use to enter the Other World flickered with static.  Bill Cipher’s wheel glowed on the glass surface and Ghostface walks through the portal.  The Investigation Team jump in and fall down into Bill’s nightclub.  Shocked, they summon their Personas but eyeball monsters quickly turn them into stone. 

Light Yagami sat at a desk and flipped through the death note.  “Should I write their names down?”

Bill twirled his cane.  “Not yet.  They’ve turned to stone.  We’ve got other things to do.”




Demons and shadows sieged Gravity Falls.  Fires highlighted the darkening landscape as eyeball monsters turned citizens into stone.  Cipher had summoned a car to oversee the destruction.  Adachi, Billy, Stu, and Light got in and the car flew up into the sky.

The heroes might return to fight once more, as heroes often do, being stalwart adversaries.  But Bill and the Bad Guys Club are ready to fight if they somehow escape their eternal prisons.

Gravity Falls is no longer strangled by the laws of reality or society’s superficial ideals.  Now the villains are the gods of the new world. 











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Persona 4 + Ring



Movie Night Scares


A few weeks after Adachi was dethroned as king of the Midnight Channel and arrested, the Investigation Team decided to have a movie night.  What better way to celebrate surviving a psychopath’s world-ending plans?  Salty and sugary snacks clutter the small coffee table.  The classic buttered popcorn, candy bars and other chocolates, and there’s a rainbow of every soda flavor imaginable.  Truly the feast of royalty (and movie enthusiasts).  Everyone brought a movie and arrived early but Yukiko is late.  Chie was about to call her when the dark-haired woman knocked on the door.  Kanji answered and politely poured a drink for her.




“Sorry I’m late.  I had a hard time picking a movie.  So I brought two.”

“That’s fine.  I don’t plan sleeping anytime soon.  Hopefully the amount of caffeine and sugar doesn’t kill me either.”

“What genre is it?”  Chie asked, already knowing the answer.  “Horror?”

“Yes.  And you rented the newest martial arts movie?”

“Like she’d pick anything else,” Yosuke snorted.

Chie smiled, ignoring Yosuke’s observation.  “Yeah I did!  How else am I supposed to learn new martial art moves?”

Naoto smiled.  “I brought Death Note.  The detective in that anime is the smartest I’ve seen.”

Kanji flexed his muscles.  “I brought Rocky!  It’s the manliest movie ever!”




“What about you, Yosuke?”  Yu sat next to his best friend on the sofa.  Yosuke smiled like he had won the lottery as he tossed a handful of popcorn in his mouth.  “Reservoir Dogs.  Cool action, guns, and badass guys –what film could be better?”

Rise sat on the other side of Yu, held his arm, and batted her eyelashes.  Her entire face and eyes sparkled.  “I brought a rom-com –with a side of angst!  Aren’t romantic movies the best?”

“Oh, a rom-com!  I love those!”  Teddie laughed.

Everyone found some place to sit and turned on the TV.  Rise put her movie in first.




“Okay.  Yukiko’s up next!”

Naoto grabbed one of the movies from the stack.  Unlike the others this one is a VHS with a white sleeve.  “Where’d you get this, Yukiko?  It’s blank and there’s no title.” 

“It was at the inn.  We used to rent out movies before upgrading to DVDs.”

“A VHS?  Whoa.  I haven’t seen one of those in a while.  Nobody watches those anymore.”  Yosuke said.

“Let’s see what’s on it.”




Kanji set up a dusty old VHS player.  Everyone leaned forward, very curious.  At first it looked like a surreal black and white movie but it became clear how eerie it was.  A woman was brushing her long hair and her face was distorted by the tape.  Then the setting changed to people crawling uphill and writhing in pain.  A garbled voice dubbed over the entire film.  Lastly there’s a still view of a well in the middle of a forest.




What the hell was that?!”  Yosuke paled.  An icy uneasy sensation clung to their necks.  Paranoia saturated the air dense as fog –or the depths of the sea.

Frolic in brine, goblins be thine…

Chie jumped.  She hit Yosuke with an elbow, which was standing behind her, and glared at him.  “Quit it!  That’s not funny!”

“I didn’t say anything!”

“Wait.  Did we all hear that?”  Naoto’s smart gaze swept the room.

“We all heard that,” Yu confirmed.

“Teddie.  Does this have anything to do with shadows and the Other World?”  Rise asked.  Her voice wavered fearfully.

“No.  I’ve never seen anything like this before.”




“Did the inn staff say anything about the tape?”  Kanji asked.

Yukiko shook her head.  “Not much.  One of them said some teenagers left it years ago back when they stayed there.  I think…they were traveling around Japan on a trip.  No one ever came back for it.”

Naoto sipped her drink thoughtfully.  “Looks like we have a mystery.”




They replayed the tape.  This time the film changed.  At the end dark hair appeared just above the well.  Slowly, scarily slow, a girl climbed out of the well.  Long locks fell past her waist, obscuring any clear view of her face. 

Yosuke dropped his drink.  “Guys?  That wasn’t on the tape before!”

“She seems almost…aware.”  Naoto observed.

The unknown girl dressed in white took a step.  Then another.  She made her way towards them.  The background vanished as she took up the whole frame.    




And much like Yu, their leader, she stepped out of the TV.  Everyone screamed.  The girl collapsed and her body is sprawled out like a spider’s.  Black hair pooled around her pale frame.  She moved like the shadows they encountered in the Other World.  The girl crawled before standing up.

Yu drew his sword and lunged.

An inky eye glimpses out from parted hair, waving menacingly.  Yu’s sword goes flying and scrunches when it hit the wall.  It’s a useless weapon now.

“Who are you?”  It’s a miracle that his voice didn’t shake fearfully.  Yu, levelheaded as he is, was scared of this unknown adversary.




The girl doesn’t respond.  She’s as silent as a ghost town.  A few heartbeats of tense silence pass and she lifts up her arm.  Slowly she paints her name on the wall.  With blood?  Probably blood.

“Sa…do…ko.  Sadoko?”  Yosuke asked.

“Why does that name sound familiar?”  Naoto wondered.

Yukiko clapped her hands and smiled warmly.  “Want to join us for movie night?”

“What?!  She’s an evil spirit, dude!  Sadoko is gonna kill us!”  Yosuke cried.

Kanji measured her height with a hand hovering above her head.  “She’s like a scarier Nanako.”

“I say we let her join movie night!”  Rise jumped up and down.

“You guys have lost your minds!”  Yosuke narrowed his eyes at his friends.  “And that’s saying a lot.  I’m usually not the voice of reason.”

“I’d be terrified if I wasn’t so curious.  This is a real paranormal mystery!”  Naoto said.  “Do other dimensions besides the Midnight Channel exist?”

Yu shrugged, thankful that they were all still alive.




Rise hummed happily as she restored Sadoko’s weathered nails with fresh polish.  The girl seemed calm, fixated on the horror movie playing.  Yu gave her a soda with a straw.  The straw stabbed through dark locks.  Kanji knitted her a comfy-looking hat.  It was a cute.  Pastel colors and stitched with felt to mimic a cat’s ears and whiskers.  Naoto lost interest in the movies and instead noted everything about Sadoko’s telepathic and psychic abilities in a notebook.  How could a girl be trapped in a movie?  Why did she have these powers?  How did she travel through to this world? 

After all the movies were over, Sadoko vanished through the TV.  Yosuke sighed, clutching his chest.  “We’re not dead!  I totally thought Sadoko was going to kill us!”

“I guess scary spirits like movie nights too,” Yu said.











Chapter Text

Demon Slayer

💌 Yandere Demon Tanjiro x Reader


Demon King


            [Y/N] and Zenitsu sprint through unfamiliar woods.  Branches snapped under frantic footfalls.  Neither can hide nor be stealthy to escape.

They’ve been running for a long time.  [Y/N]’s guts agonizingly burn –shouting for respite.  Horror is the only thing keeping their numb legs from collapsing. 




            This morbid tale begins on a trip.  Inosuke had said they should go camping.  Tanjiro suggested new woodland that was established.  Popular for people to explore isolated wilderness.

[Y/N] had been so excited.  Living in an overcrowded, noisy city could be annoying sometimes.  Hiking, scary campfire stories, savory foods, and it’s all a bus ride away. 




            Until, like a dark comedy playwright, everything goes wrong. 

Only if it was a play.  It’d end in applause instead of screams and disaster.  Each character’s fates were inevitable.




            When the group arrived they set up camp and Tanjiro offered to gather fire wood.  Inosuke declared he’ll lead a hiking trip.  So they followed him.  For a small territory it had a whimsical landscape.  A multicolored treasure among a barren steel wasteland. 




            Shrubbery quivered.  “Wh-what’s that?!”  Zenitsu grabbed [Y/N]’s arm and hid behind them.  “A b-bear?!”

“I’ll fight the bear and win!”  Inosuke shouted. 

An answer appeared.  It’s no bear.




            A mask-wearing man jumped out from the bushes.  It’s a fox mask.  Blue haori dressed over midnight-black clothes.  He flourished a sword.

“Who’re you?”

“Yeah!”  Inosuke glared and pointed at the guy.  “Why’d you scare us huh?!”

Fox Mask surveyed the clearing.  Then he lunged at them.




            Inosuke bunched his muscles and braced for combat.  Grabbing Fox Mask’s arm, spins him around using the energy, and hurls his adversary into a tree.  “Run you guys!”  Inosuke retreats taking a punch and dodges another.  Dropping to the ground he sweep kicks Fox Mask.




            Zenitsu drags [Y/N] away. 

“What about Inosuke?!  We have to help him!”

“We have to get help!”  He yanks out a map from his backpack and shakily unfolds it, tripping over gnarled earth.  “There should be a path to-”




            Feet flip overhead, Zenitsu painfully smacks the ground.  The map flickers away.  [Y/N] can’t catch it.  Fox Mask slowly marches towards them.  A sword blade glints under flecks of scorching sunlight.  Shadows loom sinisterly above.  A weak breeze shifts leaves and quickly departs as if scared of approaching danger.




            Gold-colored eyes examine the mask. 

“Zenitsu!”  [Y/N] tries to help him up but he pushes them away.  Trembling fearfully, but his voice rings with a surprisingly brave certainty.  “Run, [Y/N].  I won’t let him hurt you.”

“No I won’t-”




            He grinned.  Zenitsu’s eyes never waver from Fox Mask’s.  Apprehension is muted by bitterness.  He’s pissed off.  “Whoever you are,” Zenitsu spat.  “I can’t forgive you for attacking my friends!”




            A thunderous war cry destroys silent atmosphere.  [Y/N] never expected Zenitsu to be this heroic.  An arm swipes at Fox Mask.  The sword swings upwards –Zenitsu evades it.  He tackles his opponent in a durable grip.  Zenitsu’s strength is nonexistent but he has marvelous agility.




            Stunned, the guy throws his sword and kicks Zenitsu away. 

[Y/N] dives to grab the weapon-

“Blood demon art: water wheel.”

Water transforms into serrated rings that fly through air.  Tossed at Zenitsu they sever his arms. 

Time freezes.




            Arms violently bounce away.  Blood drips from the wounds in heavy globs.  It trickles down his chin.  Zenitsu silently screams.  His lungs can’t inhale any air. 

[Y/N] only has time to look when a force knocks them over and recovers the lost weapon.  Fox Mask is just a blur in their view.




            Sword blade sinks into Zenitsu.  It stabs clear through.  He feels the lightweight metal cut past his ribs and grazes his spine and strike through the ground. 

Vision blurs.  His mind is cloudy.  But like a thunderbolt Zenitsu realizes who Fox Mask is.  He can’t say anything.  Can’t move.  The sword is violently wrenched free and his body fall aside.




            [Y/N] screams.  They run and catch Zenitsu.  Blood soaks into their jacket.  Frantically they try to hold him up.  Tears sting their eyes.  [Y/N] can hear him faintly breathing and they lean in to understand what he’s saying.

Zenitsu smiled halfheartedly.  “I’m…s-sorry…”

Then he sinks; his last breathe so weak it hardly reaches past his bloodied lips. 

“No!”  [Y/N] sobs.  They glare at Fox Mask resentfully.  “Coward!  Why did you…why?!”

“Blood demon art…” he muttered.







            “Where are we going?”  They doubt Fox Mask is going to let them go.  Icy cold water traps [Y/N] in an inescapable prison.  The magic moves like serpents latching onto a meal.  Fox Mask pulls his prisoner along a dirt path.  Astonishingly he’s patient.  Their struggles do nothing.  And he refuses to answer any questions.

Fox Mask leads them to a boulder.  Messages of fortune and wishes are taped on the stone surface.  He mutters a magic spell and the boulder splits in half, and there’s a portal.  They walk through it.




            [Y/N] guesses they’re in another world.  Landmarks are the same, like looking at one’s reflection in a clear pond.  But subtle distinct differences suggest the woodland stretches further out than it had.  Ancient buildings stick out from green rooftops.  “Hey!”  [Y/N] kicked their captor’s heel.  It’s a bad strategy but they’re irritated that Fox Mask won’t reply to any questions.  “Remove your mask!  Who’re you?!  Why’d you-”

He turns his head and side-glances [Y/N].

Wordlessly he walks on into dense woodland.




            They eventually reach a castle crafted out of smooth stone.  Plants ascent circle-shaped windows and garden statues of people [Y/N] doesn’t recognize.  Small water fountains stand at either side.  Most of the ground is sand.  Birds chirp lively songs.  Animals jump through the territory lightheartedly.  It’s too serene.  Too magnificent.




            A woman answers the door.  Are there no guards?  [Y/N]’s jaw dropped.  It’s Nezuko!  But she has longer hair, glowing pink-colored eyes, and elegant clothes embroidered in golden patterns.  “Brother!  You completed your mission.”

[Color] eyes dash towards their captor.  “Tanjiro?!”




            The three sit in a spacious tea room.  Nezuko dismisses servants who pour [drink] and smiled at [Y/N].  They warily eye their surroundings.

“Running away is impossible.  Only demons can travel between the human and demon world from here.”

[Y/N] begrudgingly sat and drank [drink].  If Tanjiro wanted to slay them he would’ve already done so.  They’re bewildered that magic and demons exist. 

But why did Tanjiro attack his friends and bring [Y/N] to the demon world?




            “I…thought you died, Nezuko.”

“She almost did.”  Tanjiro frowned.  “My family got attacked by thugs.”

[Y/N] remembers.  They had hugged Tanjiro as he cried.  It seemed as if he’d cry forever.  He hardly talked or ate for days.  [Y/N], Inosuke, and Zenitsu made sure to cook for him and help Tanjiro through his mourning. 




            He laughed bitterly.  Tanjiro’s eyes shine with unnerving venom.  “Just because we had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Nezuko and I survived but she was dying.” 

“The doctors fixed my wounds but I got weaker.  I…missed the beautiful blue days the most.”  Nezuko blinked tears away.  “That’s the last time I got to see any.”

“I searched for anyway that I could help her.  And to find out who did it.  Then I met Mr. Urokodaki.  A demon.”




            Tanjiro’s dispirited voice changes into a happy lighter tone.  “Mr. Urokodaki offered to turn us into demons.  To be immortal.  But we had to gather human blood for him.”  He laughed, unsheathing his sword.  His sinister smile could scare the bravest fighter.  “I got vengeance.”  His eyes shine violently.  “I slayed Muzan and most of his gang with this sword.”




            Nezuko smiled proudly at Tanjiro.  “We live in this castle now.  It’s amazing.  We have supernatural powers –ones people can only wish for.”

Tanjiro faced [Y/N], his features sophisticatedly polite.  Much like how an illustrious king sits at a throne.  “I made my own group.  Mr. Urokodaki, Giyu, Sabito, and Makomo are part of our army.”

“They’re wonderful friends.”  Nezuko nodded.




            [Y/N] dropped their mug.  It clattered loudly onto the table but didn’t fracture.  No one moved to clean the [drink] as the human abruptly stood up.  “Friends?”  They unsympathetically laughed.  “What about Inosuke?  Or Zenitsu?”

Tanjiro’s gaze met [Y/N]’s.  It didn’t convey any emotion.  “They were my enemies.”


“They liked you.  So I cut them down.”  If Tanjiro had saved them, he knows they would’ve never given up at escaping.  Because the two adversaries are gone, [Y/N] doesn’t have a reason to go to the human world.




            Blinking, Nezuko realized something.  “Didn’t Tanjiro tell you?”

He blushed, his eyes staring at flowers in an exquisite vase on the tea table.

“Tanjiro brought you to the demon world because-”

“I want us to get married.”

Nezuko giggled.  “He’s been talking about you nonstop!”




            [Y/N] stumbled away from the demons, baffled. 

Nezuko’s gaze despondently dropped.  “I know.  It’ll be a difficult change.  But,” she looked up and smiled kindly at her friend.  “I’m sure you’ll see this as your home.  Being a demon will be fun!  You can’t die.  Injuries heal quickly.  And-”

“I don’t want to be a demon!  Or marry Tanjiro!”




            Sorrow.  Tanjiro quivers, trying not to cry.  He’s too strong for that now.  As a demon king, he must never hesitate. 

If he spends more time together, [Y/N] will see how wonderful their new life will be.

Nezuko stood up and snapped her fingers.




A dark-haired man with deep blue eyes soundlessly appeared at Nezuko’s side.  He bowed.  “Yes ma’am?”

“Show [Y/N] around the castle and to their room please.  Thank you, Giyu.”

He smiled sweetly at [Y/N].  Their gaze didn’t convey any love.  Tanjiro’s eyes are unmistakably melancholy.




            “You,” [Y/N] glared at him maliciously.  “You hurt our friends.  I didn’t get to choose my own path either.  What if I had wanted to stay in the human world?”  They want to punch Tanjiro but they’re outnumbered.  A demon’s expertise in combat is incomparable to a human’s.

Tanjiro’s smile vanished, but a small existence of it remained.  The demon king never wanted his love to hate him.  But Tanjiro is a patient man.  He won’t give up.  “I’ll show you how I’ll be a wonderful husband, [Y/N].  One day I know you’ll love me.” 













Chapter Text

Demon Slayer

Yandere Demon Tanjiro x Reader



Demon King 2


Laughable.  This world is laughable.  Beautiful as a mirror but very deceptive under that flawless surface.  Everything is upside down and surreal.  A bloody fairytale.  [Y/N] had tried (and failed) to return to the human world.  When there’s a spark of hope in their gut it’s wrenched free from their shaking hands.




A magic spell traps them in the demon world.  Running is pointless.  The earth beneath their feet turns into water and they plunge into a murky nothingness.  The only way to escape is to wish to be by Tanjiro’s side.  The curse unceremoniously dumps [Y/N] across from him.  The Demon King always gives a warm smile upon their return.  How many days has it been?  [Y/N] has lost count. 




Tanjiro holds up an elegantly crafted bracelet.  Stones of [color] shine in candlelight. 

“I don’t want your trinkets or flowers,” they hissed.  [Y/N]’s shoulders sink sadly. “I want to go home.”  And, they added silently, I want my friends back.

A smile wanes into a somber frown.  “Do you want to go explore the rest of the kingdom?  I have a chariot.  Or would you like to go on a pic-nic?”

Silence engulfs the air.  Tanjiro’s sad gaze stares at [color].




A servant appears and delivers a meal.  Delicious and mouth-watering food covers the whole surface.  [Y/N] absentmindedly tears apart their food trying to ignore the bitter metal smell of blood.  It’s always there.  A bowl of it sits next to Tanjiro and he sips blood, his beautiful eyes never leaving theirs.  He looks to be in deep thought.  Cold wrath emits from [Y/N] and even here, Tanjiro feels so far from them.  When will you smile again?




Days later he finds them doing [hobby].  It’s morning and in the castle is in eternal darkness but the king kindly had servants build one room that let in sunlight –just for [Y/N].  Their back is facing him so he can’t read their expression.  Tanjiro guesses they are happy.  “Love?  Can I talk to you?”

[Y/N] freezes.  Wordlessly they put away their tools and turn to face him.




Tanjiro takes a step but carefully avoids the light.  Extending a hand he smiles.  [Y/N] stared at it baffled.  “You’ll turn to ash.”

The Demon King chuckled.  “It’s worth it if I can be by you.”

Heartbeats later [Y/N] takes Tanjiro’s hand.  He picked them up and spun in an elegant circle before sitting them in his lap.  [Y/N]’s surprised by how sturdy Tanjiro’s heartbeat is.  For some reason they expected it to be still. 

“Tomorrow we’re getting married.  I’m so happy.”

“So I’ll be a demon then?”

He nodded.

Bitterness bleeds into [color] eyes.  Their gaze is piercing and slighting terrifies Tanjiro.  Are they looking past him?  He knows [Y/N] is searching for something, but what?  The old Tanjiro?  The one they knew before he became a demon?




“Why not marry someone else?” 

“Because I love you.”

[Y/N] scoffed.  “Love is for fairytales.  No matter how much you try this isn’t going to be one, Tanjiro.”

The Demon King rested his chin on their shoulder.  “Do you know why I love you?”

[Y/N] didn’t answer.

“You’re smile.  It brought me out of the pain masking my senses.  And you were the first to help me out when I lost everything.”  Pain flashed in his eyes.  “Everyone else could only stare, slack-jawed, or whisper.  Like I was some funny thing to laugh at and not a human in agony.  You’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.”







[Y/N] stared blankly at their reflection in a mirror.  Nezuko hummed happily as she brushed [color] hair into beautiful trinkets.  Expensive fabric of [color] and [pattern] are embroidered with gold.  “You look wonderful!  Are you excited?!”

If I’m a demon could I even go home?  It won’t be the same without Inosuke or Zenitsu.

Nezuko looked sadly at [Y/N].  She too wanted her friend to smile again.

“I don’t belong here, Nezuko.  I don’t fit in.  I miss the old times when we were all in the human world.  I understand why Tanjiro got revenge.  But he could’ve left us alone.”

The woman blinked tears from her eyes as she lifted [Y/N] up to their feet.  “Come on.  It’s a long journey to the Demon Shrine.”




The chariot is very Baroque.  Giant monsters are connected to the chariot and patiently wait for the passengers to get in.  Tanjiro speaks a command in demonic language and the creatures gallop away into the endless forests.  The trees are taller than any structure and their leaves glow various colors.  After many hours the chariot emerged from the woods and onto stone floor.  Ankle-deep water covered the path.  The Demon Shrine is an inspirational speck upon the mountains, standing like an elegant crown upon a noble’s head. 




Eerie laughter descended upon the chariot, floating like smoke.  Demonic whispers.  Tanjiro commanded the beats to run at full speed.  Their powerful legs kicked up waves of water.  Branches of the element listened to the Demon King’s magic and mercilessly attacked these strange enemies.




A human doesn’t belong here,” one shadow said.

Especially one that rejects the very fabric of our existence!

Better hurry Demon King if you want to save them!”  Another taunted.

Turn back Demon King.  Or the human is dead.

“Never,” Tanjiro muttered.  Icy terror rattles his bones and senses.  The lighthearted disembodied laughter never silenced.




The carriage rattled so much that [Y/N] was harshly tossed around.  Shadowy monsters slammed against the sides and ceiling.  One tore apart the top and boney wispy hands pulled [Y/N] out from the chariot.  They screamed.  I wish Tanjiro had given me a weapon to defend myself!  

Lunging, Tanjiro skewered a monster with his sword.  Slashing at every adversary he then cut the ties to the carriage away after pulling [Y/N] into his arms.  The chariot veered off the path and crashed into the trees.  Tanjiro and [Y/N] tried to outrun these shadowy monsters on a beast as the others fled.




The beast is killed by a serrated arm stabbing through its heart.  The two riders are tersely hurled onto the ground and into battle.  Tanjiro staggered as the beings taunted him in sing-song voices.  He heroically parries every attack.  His demon arts don’t have any effect on them.  The enemies attack like an army of angry insects. 

One is more terrifying than the rest.  Like an arrow it whistles as it flies and pierces [Y/N] with magic.  [Y/N] shouts with surprise as they’re sent flying.  The shadows fall back and Tanjiro runs to his lover.




Holding [Y/N] is his arms, The Demon King cries.  Blood trickles down their mouth and their scary wounds saturate the fabric.  Blood colors the clear waters a murky dark red.  No demon arts could heal them.  [Y/N] wouldn’t be alive long enough to turn them into a demon either.

“Please…please don’t,” Tanjiro said through strangled cries of heartbreak.  “Don’t die!  I can’t lose you!  Not you!”

[Y/N] took in a ragged breath.  Tanjiro grabbed their hands wishing to anybody or anything that would listen, to save his lover.  But they just smile sadly at him.  With one final shaky breath they say, “In our next life let’s all be friends again.”

Time froze as [Y/N] stilled, their face a mixture of shock and pain.  The Demon King cried as his lover passed away in his arms.












Chapter Text

Avatar The Last Airbender

Azula x Sokka





Screams of the dying and injured create choric cacophony in a small, cluttered, wayward stone village.  Animated blue flames flicker high above rooftops.  Fire Nation soldiers shuffle from aisle to aisle, sending blast waves of fire, sweeping for survivors.  Azula smiled sadistically –the whole horizon is one artistic scorching masterpiece! 




A frown lowered her pretty lips into a pout.  “Strange.  All this violence isn’t exhilarating like it usually is.”  

“Princess Azula?”

“What is it?”  She acknowledges the kneeling solider behind with impatience.  “Can’t you see I’m watching the downfall of these pathetic resistance fighters?”

“What should we do with the prisoners?  Torture?”

“Fine.  Lead the way.”




At the center of the village is a stone courtyard.  Soldiers are busily rummaging carelessly through houses and buildings for loot.  Azula narrowed her eyes skeptically.  There are no prisoners lined up as is routine.  More soldiers emerge from shadowy corridors.  The princess quickly surveyed her surroundings, sensing a trap.  “What is this?  Where are the prisoners?”


Vigilant and quick on her feet, Azula easily dodged a towering wave of fire.




Firestorms swiftly fill the air and narrow gaps of the streets.  Azula scaled a wall and grinned at the angry men below.  “So a group of traitors thought they were wise enough to ambush me?  Too bad.  You suck!”  Lashing her arm, lightning cracked from her fingertips, and hit a soldier.  The man screamed, clutched his chest, and fell over dead.  The others raised their arms and shot fireballs or chained weapons.  The princess traipsed her way out of their range and ran.  Her attackers relentlessly followed.  Grinning, Azula faked turning another direction only to double back and send a serpent-like wave of fire at two more soldiers.  Ashes whip around a whistling wind and vanish.  That’s what traitors deserve!  But she underestimated the strength of their wrath and desperation.




A mace screams as it strike’s Azula’s leg.  Metal spikes bury into her leg and in reply she shouts.  The soldier violently tugs the chain back, pulling his adversary to him.  The princess used the momentum.  In an elegant round house kick she hit three with the chain and the original attacker.  The heavy weapon weighed her down and Azula hit the ground awkwardly; something snapped and she scowled.  Two arrows pierced her arm as she rolled.  Luckily the armor stopped the arrows from going through completely but it still sent agonizing shocks through her entire arm.




Looming overhead is a man wielding a big execution sword.  The metal blade coldly kissed the back of her neck before the soldier lifted up.  Azula barreled into the man with all her panic.  They rolled down hill at break-neck speeds.  She tried to right herself but the man’s hold is sturdy.  He got in two punches and she a searing burn on his side.  Unbelievably, Azula is spared a dreadful death.  Her adversary indirectly saved her life as a pointed stake stabbed through his heart.  They had landed in a forest.  Winded, the princess collapses and her gaze falls onto the man’s features.  Dark clouded eyes, a slack jaw, and a shocked expression like wax. 




There’s no time to rest.  She’s certain that the other traitors will be tracking her.  Fighting dizziness Azula wobbly stands up and stumbles through the woods.  Every muscle movement sends blazing zaps of pain throughout her body.  The only thing keeping her up is sheer willpower –and the fear of dying.  The princess’ reckless escape will obviously leave a trail and so will the drops of blood.




Her legs finally buckled at a pond.  Hurriedly Azula splashes water on her face and cups some into her shaky hands.  The painful scratchiness in her throat is unbearable.  The cold water is refreshing and clears her mind partially.  Azula’s face hovers over the grassy lip and she sees a ragged reflection.




The tie keeping her hair up is lost and her glossy, long, dark hair is disheveled, muddied by dirt and leaves.  The princess’ mascara is smeared and her pale skin is full of ugly lumps, bruises, and cuts.  For the first time in her life Azula recognizes fear in her eyes.  She’s never experienced any misfortune until now.  Or lost a fight.  Azula’s entire life has been survival is perfection, perfection is survival.  Being brutal and merciless is necessity.  Broken arrows stick out of her arm.  She knows removing them by force would be a terrible option.  What would father say?  Am I as useless and dishonorable as Zuko now?




Something rustles shrubbery to her left.  Like a demented and starving animal she sharply turns to meet –a Water Tribe boy?  He’s wearing the typical blue-plated armor with a moon insignia at the chest.  He’s carrying a boomerang and a sheathed sword hangs from a sash.  Wait.  It’s one of the Avatar’s friends!  The information from her father is dead on.




He stares at her bewilderingly.  Not what he expected to find! 

Azula sneered, equal to a wolf’s snarl.  Back off.

The Water Tribe fighter ambled up to Azula anyway.

“There she is!  Kill her!  Kill her!”

Sokka chucks his boomerang and clocks one soldier on the head.  Senseless, the man drops.  He catches the boomerang (that somehow didn’t hit a tree) and exchanges it for a sword.




Elegant sword strokes meet flesh and deadlock onto other weapons seamlessly.  Sword blade sinks into a shoulder and sprays blood.  Sokka disarms a man and stabs him in the chest.  The last Fire Nation soldier lunges and hooking Sokka with a punch, the Water Tribe fighter dropped his sword.  A serrated knife slices Sokka’s side and he fell backwards next to Azula.  In a flash she uses her good arm to hurl a wave of blue fire at the man.  He screamed and became a smoking lump of charred flesh.




“Whoa,” Sokka exhaled.  “Good one!  Thanks!  You saved my life!”  He hissed from the fiery bleeding wound and he placed a hand on it.  “Not fatal but it stings.  Are there anymore chasing you?”

“I don’t know,” she muttered.

“I was out hunting when I heard Fire Nation soldiers fighting something.  I didn’t think it was another Fire Nation soldier!  C’mon.  Can you stand?  I got a small camp and supplies.”

I don’t need your help!  Azula wanted to say.  I don’t need anybody!  She’s the feared and powerful daughter of the Fire Lord!  Accepting help from the enemy (and a poor born person nonetheless!) is disgraceful!  But Azula is smart; even she knows when survival is more important than stubbornness or warfare.  I have no choice.  I have to depend on him.  What kind of joke is this?  Is the universe cursing her with such misfortune for laughs?




He carefully sat Azula down by a tent and a surprisingly well-crafted campfire.  After a few painful moments of removing arrows and cleaning injuries, Sokka smiled.

Azula narrowed her eyes.  Why is he staring at me like that?

“I’m Sokka.”

“Azula.”  No point on lying.  Surely he doesn’t know who she is.  The Avatar and his friends most likely have run into Zuko though.  “It’s pleasantly misfortunate to meet you.”

He laughed.  “That’s a good one.  I should use that line next time.”

Pursing her lips curiously she intensely stared at Sokka who stared back perplexingly.  “Why is your smile so stupid?”

“For someone from the Fire Nation you’re pretty –pretty cold!  You must be fun at parties.”  Sokka fired back with a sarcastic grin.

“I wouldn’t know,” Azula shut her eyes and stuck up her chin indignantly.  “I’ve never been invited to one.”

“Oh.  Oh!  I’m sorry.”  Sokka’s eyes widened as he genuinely felt bad.  He almost forgot that the Fire Nation live under a tyrant.  Of course they wouldn’t know what fun is.  Or if they do, it’s probably those aristocratic parties Toph talked about.




Sokka rubbed his neck nervously.  “You’re in no shape to move so I’ll go hunt for food.”

Azula responded with a dangerous glare and pout. 

The angry pout is cute.  Keep it together Sokka!  She’s from the Fire Nation and a soldier no less!  She’ll probably try to kill you in your sleep!  He hopes his empathy doesn’t get him killed.  But when he, Aang, and Katara spent some time with Jett and the Freedom Fighters Sokka learned that not all Fire Nation people were as evil as their leader.




He came back carrying game and sees Azula hunched over by the fire.  Bright blue flames respond enthusiastically as she moved her hands.  He’s never seen such pretty fire before.  Usually fire is an omen promising death and anguish.  Sokka senses Azula watching him like a hawk as he puts food on a spit.  He tried to ignore it and instead inhaled a sweet-savory scent.  “Ah, meat.  Mouth-watering!  Could use some spices though.  I bet you guys make some intense flavors, right?”

A cruel smile appeared.  The princess leaned back with one arm and draped the other over a folded knee.  “Yes.  We live for the fieriest flavors.  Or smoked.  I could’ve hunted more than what you caught though.  I’m an elite soldier and never lose what I track!”

Sokka hummed.  “Really?  We should go hunting sometime.”  Yeah right.  Like that would happen.  But to Sokka it would be a fun time.  He wondered how the Fire Nation hunted and if it was similar to how the tribe does. 




He ravenously tore apart a leg with quick bites while Azula took small thoughtful bites. 

“So, why were your friends after you?”

“They weren’t friends,” Azula scoffed.  “They were soldiers under my command.”

“Okay.  Why’d they try to kill you?”

For a heartbeat the princess hesitated.  For once she was clueless.  And hurt.  Sokka eyed her worriedly but she recovered her composure.  “I don’t know.  Maybe they wanted to overthrow the Fire Lord.  I am close to him, a general, so I suppose it’d be like taking out part of his crucial military power.  But nobody can weaken the Fire Lord.  Or kill him.”




What a confident smile.  Has Azula met the Fire Lord?

“Yes Sokka, I’ve seen his powers first-hand.  How amazing and terrifying it is!  The Fire Lord’s firebending is unsurpassed!”

He frowned.  Right.  Many people of the Fire Nation see the Fire Lord as a hero.  He thoughtfully chewed another chunk of meat.  “I can see why.  At least from your view.”

“Can you?”  She asked doubtfully.

Seriousness and a glimmer of understanding shine in Sokka’s eyes.  He pictures his father and his leadership, minus the bloodshed and tyranny.  “The Fire Lord provided your people with endless wealth, strength, and protection.  But Azula, have you ever wondered if there’s more to life?  More than wars, I mean.”




Golden eyes strayed to the campfire again.  Her father had warned Azula her whole life about the Fire Nation’s enemies.  How they’ll try to manipulate her.  They’ll tell you that the mountains are always sunnier on the other side but they’re wrong!  Ozai never lies.  Not to his daughter, anyway.

Or so she thought.  Hell.  Azula knows war is unfair, vile, and somber.  Manipulation and violence are as dependable and vital as a soldier’s weapons. 

Don’t fall for the enemies’ tricks, Azula!

Questions spin in her mind.  She’s good at applying emotions when needed but not at understanding them.  The princess felt like the strongest flame but stranded in a dark, dark nothingness.  Why light up a room when there’s nothing valuable to see?




She looks at Sokka and asks, “What’s the Water Tribe like?”

“Oh.  Lots of blue.  Blue sky.  Blue water.  Tall ice floats.  Beautiful moon on clear nights.”

“Not the land –the people!”

“Warm.  Friendly.”  Sokka’s eyes are bittersweet.  He missed home.  And with a pang of jealousy Azula realized that she had never felt that.  Sure, she has pride as a Fire Nation solider but she never felt attached to anything.




“When we fight it’s a brotherhood.  We make these drinks too after some sparring.  Warms the spirit and chases the icy winds away.  And the boat races are legendary!  We sing, dance, make poetry –you name it!”  He offered another slab of meat and Azula took it.  “What about you?  What are some Fire Nation traditions?  Besides burning and pillaging.”

“You don’t know?”

Sokka snorted.  “We only know from what they do to us.  It’s not like there are any Fire Nation scholars traveling the world.”

At this, Azula laughed. 




Her laughter died and loneliness lodged in her throat.  Absentmindedly she summoned a flame on her palm.  “Strict.  Humorless.  We have Agni Kai, a show of force to settle arguments.  The all-girls academy is a boring place accepting nothing but perfection.  Not a hair out of place,” Azula sang the last part mockingly.

“Oh, that’s tough.”  A few heartbeats later Sokka said, “I bet you have a lot of expectations put on you from your family and society.”

“Death is better than failure in the Fire Nation.”

Sokka looked up past the trees to the sky.  He too, is scared of failure.  Ever since the Fire Nation attacked their village all those years ago and his father set sail to fight them, Sokka felt the crushing weight of responsibility.  He had to be tough and courageous not only for his tribe but for his sister, grandmother, and himself.  Now, the world and the Avatar’s journey to restore peace.  Maybe the Water Tribe and Fire Nation weren’t all that different.




“How did you get here?”

“Got lost,” Sokka shrugged.  “Looking for my friends.  You’re an exile now, right?  I mean if your own soldiers tried to kill you then…”

“I am not!  They just…I…I just wasn’t vigilant enough!  And they sealed their own fates by attacking a general.  So if I go home and explain what happened I…”

“You sure the Fire Lord isn’t just going to kill you instead?  If I was him, I’d just blame the general for the soldiers’ betrayal.” 

Azula’s eyes widened.




Sokka stood up and dismantled the campfire.  He held her gaze a moment.  “It’s okay.”


“It’s okay to be an exile.  Now you have all the freedom you want to do anything.  To change.  No more judgmental jerks either.  No more Agni Kai.”




The two slept across from each other each an equal distance from the ruins of a campfire.  Azula is bundled up in a generously offered sleeping bag.  The princess is restless.  Sokka’s words echoed in her dreams.

She’s standing in a dark room.  A single basin holds a tall flame inside.  Unlike before, it lashes out at her approach.  Azula can no longer command the fire.  The fire roars viciously overhead as she falls, plummeting into cold water that sucks the air out of her lungs.   Sputtering and frantic she claws her way to the surface –and realizes the fire is gone.




Golden eyes shot open.  Death loomed above Azula and so did a knife.  Quickly jumping up Azula delivered an uppercut, flames following.  The man screamed and his helmet clattered to the ground.  More Fire Nation soldiers emerged and Sokka slayed one with his sword.  “Run!”

The fighter and princess descend further and further into dense woods and find a wide river bank.  If they tried to cross, the current would only slow them down.  “Great!  We’re cornered!”  Sokka drew his boomerang and surveyed the tree line.

Azula glanced at his weapon.  “Don’t hit them.”

“And what?  Invite them for tea and talk about feelings?  I don’t think they’ll just happily give up.”

“Throw it right over their heads.”

The Water Tribe fighter gave her a bewildered look.  He had no time to protest –there are the rest of the Fire Nation soldiers!




Chucking the boomerang with a flick of his wrist it curved and circled.  Azula snapped her limbs around and lightning shot from her hands.  It’s so intense that the air felt dense and tangible.  Lightning struck the boomerang and exploded, contacting all the Fire Nation soldiers instantly.  Smoke poured out from their helmets like a quivering tea kettle.  Sokka flinched, knowing that they had to have been cooked alive.  The soldiers all fell at the same time, lifeless.

“That…was awesome!”  Raising an arm he caught his boomerang.  “I didn’t know firebenders could bend lightning!”

“It’s rare,” Azula grinned proudly.  “And one of the hardest elements to learn.”




They searched the bodies.  Nothing valuable was on them.

“So.  Are you going back?”

Azula could.  Paranoia entrenched her feet to the earth.  If these soldiers wanted her dead what about those in the palace or the army?  And what would Ozai say?  What would he do?  Would Azula be faced with an Agni Kai and banished like Zuko?  Or worse?  Half of her wants to go home but the other half never stopped thinking about what Sokka told her.  She saved his life which made her a traitor.  And Sokka helped her too, so she’s twice a traitor to the Fire Nation.  Not even her rank as the princess could save Azula.




Azula sighed.  She’s always been ambitious and dedicated.  Maybe seeing what else was in the world wouldn’t be so bad.  Hell.  Better than being executed.  Azula never bowed to others either, so why stop now?

Besides, her heart happily traipsed whenever she thought about Sokka.  “I’ll go with you.”

“Wait, really?!”

“You’re the one who said it wasn’t bad to be an exile.  You’ve…painted an extraordinary picture of the world for me and I want to see it.”

Sokka smiled.




Appa’s familiar calls are heard.  The flying bison circles and Sokka’s friends are peeking over the large saddle.  “Welcome to the gang, Azula!  It’s gonna be a crazy adventure!”

“Life would be boring otherwise, wouldn’t it?”

“I just hope the others will eventually accept a firebender.”

“I’m sure they will.  If you all were brought together by the Avatar then I know that I can be part of something great too.  Oh and Sokka?”

“Yeah, Azula?”

“Let’s go hunting sometime.”

Sokka laughed.  “Sure.  Anytime.”









Chapter Text

My Hero Academia

Yandere Bakugo x Reader



Who Needs Heroes?


Quirk: Poltergeist.  The user can throw objects, go through objects, and possess a person or inanimate thing.  Weaker in sunlight than in darkness.  The user’s powers get stronger if their enemy is terrified.




Why aren’t you looking at me?!  Sharp, intimidating red eyes glare at a [color]-haired student at the front of class.  Bakugo leaned forward in his seat.  It creaked in response as he continued to stare at them intensely.  Unlike all the other extras at UA they stuck out the most to him.  [Y/N] is incredibly shy and introverted, so when Katsuki heard them laugh it gave his senses bliss.  Except for the fact that Iida is the one making them laugh.




How did the aggressive, unfriendly, overconfident Bakugo fall in love?  By all means it should be impossible!  God he hates it!  The butterflies in his stomach, the endless thoughts of [Y/N] hitting him like a violent rainstorm, and in brief moments when their gazes meet, Bakugo loses all his snappy words entirely.

It was when the two were sparing.  Aizawa paired them up together and Bakugo was reluctant.  What kind of challenge would a ghost quirk be? 

He’s wrong.  Bakugo is floored.  And that sadistic grin [Y/N] gets when they spar has Bakugo’s heart racing.




Katsuki knows [Y/N] writes fanfiction and how they want to be an author.  He never liked reading but when he looked up their fanfiction (Y/N) writes under a pen name (but with some research Bakugo was able to find them) he was surprised.  He happily falls into those adventurous worlds, feeling a rush as the adventure and horror pulls him for a spin.  Who knew someone could create such nerve-wracking storytelling?  Bakugo sure didn’t.  




Why are you talking to Four Eyes?  He’s a dumbass.  He’ll never see you for how amazing you are!  Can’t you tell he’s as boring as a Popsicle stick? 

It’s early in the morning and hardly any students arrived for class yet.  Tenya left the room to do something and [Y/N] returned to writing. 




Sensing someone hovering behind them, [Y/N] slightly turns their head to look up.  Hands slam on their desk, trapping them from leaving.  “Your work is trash.”  Katsuki waited for a sharp reply but gets none.  He yanked the papers off of the desk and shuffled through them.  “What is it this time?  Horror?  Action?  Suspense?  Angst?  Or that sappy Romeo-and-Juliet-love shit?”


Katsuki read some pages out loud like a passionate opera singer and students started to laugh.  The part Bakugo read is a scene where a man loses his lover in a war, trying to survive a Mecha fighting a monster from space.  [Y/N] sank miserable in their seat and a blush covered their face.




Iida entered the room again and his features are stern.  [Y/N] smiled and Bakugo sputtered.

“Leave [L/N] alone, Bakugo.  We should all support each other in our hobbies.  For one we’re training to be heroes and two it isn’t very kindhearted to-”

“Shut it you extra!”  Katsuki crumpled up a page and tossed it.  It bounced off of Iida’s head and though unamused, he stayed calm.

“[L/N] will never be a good author!  Their shitty work is soooo puke-worthy!  They might become a hero but they’ll never be a great writer!”

“It is a difficult career.  Have you ever tried, Bakugo?  Who knows?  [L/N] might be a famous writer and capture the hearts of thousands.  Writers are truly extraordinary.  They don’t need brawn to inspire, just their heart and creativity.”

“Yeah,” [Y/N] muttered.  “Two things which you don’t have Bakugo.”

He clenched his jaw and burned the pages to ash.  “All your hard work is for nothing.  Ain’t like you got a fan club, [L/N]!”




The next day Bakugo wandered the halls checking his phone.  [Y/N] has posted another chapter –an AU based on one of his favorite fandoms.  Eyes tear away from what he’s reading, hearing [Y/N]’s name.  Bakugo’s heart lodged painfully in his throat as he realized exactly what is happening down the hall.




“I made a cake for you, Iida!”

“For me?  How generous, [L/N].  Thank you!”

It’s a small round cake with blue frosting.  On top is a cookie with icing that looked like Iida in his hero costume.  The pastry is nothing fancy because [Y/N] is new to baking, but they often shared with everyone –even Bakugo, to try and get better.  This time, they had baked something just for Iida.




“I really like you, Iida.  You stand up for me and you laugh at my dumb jokes –and you make me laugh too.  I like how you do your best at everything and care about your friends.”

No.  [Y/N] can’t like Four Eyes! 

“Would you go out with me?”




The blue-haired man blushed.  He smiled.  “So heartfelt!  I like you too, [Y/N]!”

“You do?!”

“I never thought someone as amazing as you would like me.  I know I can be too strict and overelaborate sometimes but I want to be the best hero I can be.  I want to do my best for you too.”  

No!  [Y/N] should like me! 

You don’t deserve it, Katsuki’s mind fired back.  You bully [Y/N].  Did you really expect them to like you? 

But I’m the best.  And I love them more than any of these dumbass extras!  Bakugo clenched his fists angrily.  Katsuki never lost at anything and he refused to lose now.







“Hey [nickname]!  Watch out!  Are you blind?!”  Katsuki shoved [Y/N] aside.  Usually they’d glare or fire back but ever since they started dating Iida, nothing has made them sad or angry.

“What’s with that look on your face?!”  Bakugo knows and he’s fizzing with rage.  A cruel smile crossed his features.  “I can’t believe a loser like you got a date!”

“Yeah,” [Y/N] sighed.  “Iida is so awesome!”

Freezing from shock, Bakugo then scowled.  He dumped soda over their head.

Startled, [Y/N] crashes back to reality.

Why aren’t you talking about me?  Good, bad, I don’t care!  Just-

“What the hell Bakugo?!”

“Later, extra!”  He laughed.  Katsuki acted as if he left but doubled back to watch [Y/N] go to their locker.




A somber frown restored into a bright grin.  Inside their locker are gifts.  Every few weeks Iida would get them one and [Y/N] would quickly buy or make him one too.

Bakugo would interfere and burn the ones Iida deposited in the locker and replace them with ones he got for [Y/N]. 

“Whoa!  These are expensive!  I love them but Iida didn’t have to spend so much on me!” 

Smiling, Katsuki held his breath.  He hated that Iida got credit but at least he’s able to repay [Y/N] for being such a jerk to them.  To Bakugo, [Y/N] is the greatest person in the world (besides himself that is) and anyone as great as him is certainly extraordinary.




Classmates gave [Y/N] strange looks as they happily skipped down the hall.  Iida smiled and pulled them into a hug.

“Thank you for the gift, Iida!”

“You’re welcome.  I hope that it is useful to you.”

“It is!  I can’t wait to write more stories with my new pens and paper.”

“What?”  Tenya stopped walking alongside his [boyfriend/girlfriend].  “I didn’t get you those.  I got you a jacket from that store you always go to.”

[Y/N]’s brows furrowed, mystified.  “What about that [animal] plushie?”

Iida shook his head.  “I got you a new book from [author].”

They become soundless as dread overshadowed their faces.




“…we’ll need all the clues before we can solve this mystery.”  Izuku wrote down notes hurriedly.

Iida held [Y/N]’s hand and smiled sweetly.  “We’ll find out who it is.  Count on Midoriya.  His observation skills are unsurpassed.”

“Maybe it’s a villain?  I heard some get crushes on heroes and try to get noticed.”  Ochaco guessed.

“Or maybe it’s another student from UA who likes [Y/N].”  Tsuyu added.

“It’s possible…” Izuku smiled at [Y/N] and Iida.  “Whoever it is we’ll stop them.”

“Thank you Izuku.”

“Yes, thank you, Midoriya.”




Aizawa entered the room.  He wrote more notes on the marker board and then turned.  “Tenya.  Bakugo.  You have a mission.  Mr. Yagi will give you the details.”

This is a new program at UA to prepare students for a villain attack and future hero work.  Two students are sent off in pairs to capture villains.   




A villain was robbing banks.  His quirk is turning things or people into wax.  Citizens panicked and ran as alarms blared.  The man is carrying a sack of stolen money and firing a gun into the crowd.  Gunshots are deafening, louder than the screams of those trying to escape.  Bakugo and Iida chase the no-name villain through the maze-like corridors of the city.  Tenya lunges and kicks the gun out of Wax Man’s hands.  The criminal tackled Iida but the speedy UA student dodged him.  Bakugo hurled explosions past them and junk collapsed between two buildings, removing any exits and creating a dead end.  Katsuki disarmed Wax Man and stomped on his gun, breaking it.  Iida spun around, around, and around, making the criminal dizzy from tornado-like wind.




Wax Man is stunned and retched, falling on all fours.  Iida smiled.  “Now we just have to apprehend him!  Do you have the-”

Fast as a snapping mouse trap Iida is captured in handcuffs that zap and weigh down whoever is wearing them.  Tenya stares at Bakugo incredulously as he looms over him, wearing a menacing smile.


“Shut up!”  A powerful kick stunned Iida. 




The villain scrambled on all his limbs to run away but Bakugo’s booming voice made him freeze with terror.  “Move again and I’ll blast you all the way to space!  Do as I say and I’ll let you go.”

“You’ll…let me go?”  Wax Man blinked, mirroring a frog.

“Turn him into wax.”

Iida’s eyes widened.  “You won’t!  We’re classmates and friends, Bakugo!”

“Think I care?”  Katsuki laughed.




Iida thrashed around uselessly.  Wax Man walked up and used his quirk on him.  Turned to wax, he’s unable to move, but he can still see and hear everything around him.  The criminal ran away but Bakugo blasted him with an explosion in the back.  “You really thought I’d let you go?  Seriously?  Why would I do that when you’re so essential?”




Tenya wants to speak, to shout, to say anything but his lips are sealed shut.  Stuck and inoperable.

Bakugo turned his head side to side, looking at Iida.  “This is great!  You know, I don’t know why [Y/N] likes you.  I’m so much better!  But now that you’re no longer a distraction their attention will be on me again.”  He laughed.  “You had me worried for a second.  But you’re just a boring extra!  So long, Four Eyes!”  Explosions melted Iida to nothing.  Bakugo returned to UA and reported back to Aizawa, carrying the apprehended Wax Man to the awaiting pro heroes.  Bakugo said that Iida is missing, leaving during the mission to join villains and get revenge on UA.




When the news got to the students, [Y/N] is heartbroken.  They attended classes but grief veiled them like a pall.

Bakugo found out Denki was a spy for the LOV and decided to team up shortly to betray UA.




[Y/N] walked home.  After closing the door they lazily drop their bag on the sofa and headed to the kitchen for a snack before studying.  Turning the lights on they see Bakugo sitting in the middle of the room!

A strawberry flavored cake sat in glass on the counter.  The top is gone and Bakugo swiped some frosting and tasted it.  “I hope you’ll make cakes like this for me every day.”




“What are you doing in my house?!”

Katsuki casually leaned back, draping an arm over the back of the chair. 

What an asshole!  Might as well kick your feet up too!

Bakugo smiled dreamily but something is off about it.  An intense violence glints in his eyes.  “I wonder what our future we’ll be like together.  You and me, being antiheroes.  You won’t have to worry about anything and you could be the writer you always wanted to be.  We’ll make a lot of money fighting side by side.”

“Get.  Out.  Of.  My.  House!”

“Don’t treat your soulmate like that.  We can do this the easy way, where you follow me out of here or I can just carry you over my shoulder.  I don’t mind the second option, either.”  Bakugo laughed villainously.

“Are you on drugs or just crazy?!”




Staring fearlessly at [Y/N]’s glare, Bakugo just stands up.  “Go on, fight me.  I miss sparring with you.  I will win, though.”

Understanding flickered on [Y/N]’s horrified face.  “You were the one who put those gifts in my locker!  I won’t go with you, Bakugo!  I want to be a hero.  And those gifts mean nothing to me.  You bully me all the time!  I could never love someone who bullies me.  I love Iida.  He’s missing and I’m going to look for him!”




Knives, glasses, silverware, and chairs all fly at Bakugo.  Even the one he was sitting on dumped him and started attacking.  But he’s ready.  Katsuki doesn’t use his quirk like he usually did when they sparred.  [Y/N] lunged, going through him and running out the door.  Katsuki tried to tackle them but [Y/N] stumbled down the steps and turned just in time.  He tripped and quickly tried to right himself and chase them.  If [Y/N] goes through the forest across the street they could lose Bakugo and make it to the shopping centers!




Katsuki feels his heart racing.  Not from fear.  No.  This is a test.  The chase is exhilarating!  His chest heaved, his lungs burned, working like a machine in overdrive. 

He tackled [Y/N] and this time they slipped through his grasp, literally.  Bakugo throws a small device sending out sound waves that shock those with ghost quirks.  He grappled [Y/N] and captured them with a quirk-cancelling net.  “I’ve decided not to be the number one hero.  Who needs heroes?  My new dream involves you, me, and an isolated fancy house in the woods.  As long as I have you, I am number one.”















Chapter Text

Yes, this story doesn't fall under any fandoms.  Any more of these short stories will be published here and titled like above.  Either way, I hope you enjoy reading!





Banished.  That is the fate of those who fail the king of Lux Dynasty.  King Ignis challenges all his knights to serve him loyally and one failure can cost a life.  Cruel?  Yes.  But that’s how Lux society is run.  Blood spilling like ocean waves upon stone streets are as common as sunlight covering every rooftop. 




Items of every kind are plentiful in Lux.  No starvation or lack of coin, even the poorest man or woman can find lodging.  The architecture itself is Baroque and extraordinary.  A stone paradise nested in alcoves of lively orchards.  Many bandits and armies have tried to plunder its riches but all have failed.




Cress has trained his entire life to be a knight.  He was amazed by the soldiers’ swordsmanship, strength, dedication, and brotherhood.  So he attended the academy and became one of the king’s guards.  It’s one of the highest honors a person can have in Lux.  At twenty-two Cress has a great life.  Until he realized that kindhearted actions are condemned and denounced.




Every year king Ignis hosts a party.  The whole kingdom is invited into the castle for two days.  The streets are busy with people excited for oncoming festivities –and that’s a perfect time for thieves to scavenge for pricey treasures.

Cress and his fellowmen are sent after a dangerous rogue, one that has been escaping capture for months.  Today the outlaw had been less vigilante because of the chaos, why be stealthy when everyone is absentminded?  By the outskirts of town he’s carrying a weighty sack over his shoulders when Cress and the others cross paths.  Startled, the thief sprints down a maze of corridors.  The stolen parcel weighs down his lightweight footwork.  Soldiers scream and shout, barreling over people, earthenware, stands, and crates.  Cress took a detour and tackled the thief.  Logar brusquely pulls the thief up by his collar.  Pulling an arm back he punches the outlaw in the face so hard the man’s head snaps back.




Dach swings his longsword and cuts the sack.  Fruit, bread, and cheeses fall out instead of jewelry.  He and Cress exchange shocked glances.  The two enrolled in the academy the same day and have been best friends since.  They felt a strange newfound sensation of empathy.  What kind of thief steals food over sparkling treasures?




“Let the man go, Logar.”  Dach said.

“Why?”  He spat back with an indignant glare.

“Because it is only food,” Cress said.  He looked at the outlaw who now that he saw him closely, noticed that the man was pale as death and scrawny.  “Why did you steal it?”

“F-For my family,” the bandit never drew his gaze from Logar’s weapon which rested on his neck.  “All are on death’s door from hunger sir, they are!”

“Lies!  What you lack in fitness you have hundreds in making poetry, fool!” Logar shook him and the man rattled like gambling man’s dice.  “The outside territories are as well as Lux Dynasty!”

“We should let him go,” Cress sheathed his sword.  “Food is valuable but at least it won’t go to waste.”

“You and Dach are the king of fools!  Any treasure stolen from Lux is an insult to the king!  And what if he’s tricking us?  He could’ve stolen this food to get your empathy when he could be hiding the treasure elsewhere!”

“That is a good point but if we search him and he only has food I say we let him go,” Dach added.




The thief is searched and Logar returns empty-handed.  Dach and Cress protest but Logar and the others outnumber their cries.  The outlaw is dragged back to the castle and frog marched to the gallows.  A heavy stone of resentment and sadness plants itself in Cress’ chest from then on, even as he attended the party.




All the kings’ guards must surround Ignis so Cress, Dach, and Logar are present at the main table.  The king raises a glass of the rarest plum wine and toasts his guests.  Many of them are dressed in gaudy jewels, silks with the craziest patterns, and clownish makeup.  Surveying the crowd, Cress finds no dangers but he starts noticing how surreal they all seem.  Their overconfident laughter is in sync, drowning out such wonderful music the bands are playing.  The guests’ words are crafted up of gossip and bragging.  None of them are tailors, smiths, artists, farmers, or scholars.  Strange.  Then what exactly are they?




“I’d like to make another announcement before the feast,” King Ignis stands up and the guards all stand single file at attention.  “Two people here have tarnished my gracious honor and hospitality.”

People gasped and muttered.  The sound reminded Cress of flies that gather by carcasses.




The king twirled his Verdi moustache, the beard strengthening his angular frame.  “What heartless people they must be!”

“Who betrayed King Ignis?!”

“An enemy of you, majesty, is an enemy of us!”




Tearing his calm gaze from the crowd he faced his guards. 

Cress froze, afraid to breathe or blink.  Fathomless darkness and wrath lurk in the king’s eyes.  He paced back and forth painfully slow.  “These two people defended and wanted a thief to be let go.  He stole valuable treasure,” from his sleeve and coat King Ignis extracted a shiny chalice and other valuables.

That is not what the man stole!  Cress wanted to shout but he clenched his jaw shut.  None have gone against Ignis’ word before.  His gut told him something bad is going to happen.  He can also sense Dach’s fear because he’s trembling next to him.

“Drag them to the gallows!”  A guest cried passionately.  More voices jumped in creating a thunderous chorus.  Baffled, Cress only stared back.  All his life King Ignis was portrayed as a humble, selfless, and charitable man of Lux.  And the king just lied!  Happily lied!  None of his muscles moved to convey remorse.




“No need for that my loyal citizens!”  Ignis drew a short sword from his belt.  For an old man he’s still entrenched with talent, agility, and unsurpassed swordsmanship.  He was once a king’s guard too, long ago, during the magic wars.  “I shall slay the traitors myself!”




In one stroke a soul is torn violently from a body.  Dach collapses and blood pools out from his neck as his severed head lands at the king’s shoes. 

No, Dach!  Cress fought tears.  Everyone cheered and applauded.  “Kill, kill, kill!”  The chant is one of the most terrifying things Cress has heard –and he’s been in a lot of fights, being a soldier.




King Ignis smiled as he dropped the bloody sword on Cress’ shoulder.  Cold metal sent pangs of dread throughout his body.  His mind is screaming, You’re going to die!  Do something!

But all Cress can do is stare blankly at the king.  What is death like?  Will he be dead before he feels the pain of a sword burying in his neck?




“One death, one banishment.  That is what I say.  My words are tangible and will be observed.”

The world blurred from shock and relief that his death is postponed.  Logar disarms Cress and with another guard they march him out of Lux.  Stunned, Cress doesn’t fight back and hangs numbly in his ex-army’s grasp.




Past stone arch gates, battlements, wooden stakes, piles of broken wheel barrows, discarded metal wheels, there is nothing.  The cheery bright world vanishes into something darker, drearier.  A vast nothingness below.  A chasm.  Fear ignites and Cress struggles up to his feet.  Logar and the guard lash out leaving cuts and bruises.  Metal boots contact Cress’ ribs and legs.  He tackles the other guard and gets in powerful punches only for Logar to pull him away and cut his chest with a blade.  They laugh and Cress backs away, holding his fresh wound.




“Why?  Why is the outside like this?!”  Cress finally asked with a cracked lifeless voice that sounded nothing like his own.  “Nobody of Lux has ever said the world looks like this!”

“We don’t question it,” Logar glared at him as if he asked why dogs bark or why cats chase mice.  “King Ignis is our leader for a reason.  His words are truth.”

“He lied and you know it!  You could’ve helped me and Dach.  Oh Dach…” tears burn Cress’ eyes.

“How pitiful!  A soldier crying?  Unheard of!”  The other soldier shook his head.

“You know why I didn’t help you?  Because I don’t like you,” Logar said brusquely.  He grinned and shifted his leg –he’s going to kick Cress into the chasm!  “What’s wrong?”  Logar asked mockingly.  “It can hurt that badly.  Oh well, then this will!” 

Cress is flung into endless darkness.




Painfully Cress toppled down rock surface.  Serrated stones cut him up like hundreds of blades.  Somehow Death was merciful and he landed, still alive.  I can’t move.  Maybe wild animals will eat him.  Blood pools underneath his body and surely they’d smell it.  Cress dreaded that, he’d rather die in combat.




Down here there is hardly any light.  Damp cold dirt, soundlessness, and murky shadows are Cress’ only company.  For now. 

The stories told to all Lux children is that scary men and beasts lurk in caves and chasms, fleeing from King Ignis’ shining heroism after the war.  Those mysterious monsters were changed by experimental magic and cursed to live in the night forever. 

But what could Cress believe now?  As it stands he can only trust his instincts.




Muscles and bones scream in protest as Cress stands.  Nothing’s broken at least!  One step at a time he blindly walks to wherever this path leads.  Cress entered a glade of earth and stone.  A small river runs through and small poles of light filter through gaps above.  The soldier kneeled by the river and cupped his hands, scooping up icy water.




“I wouldn’t drink that if I were you.”

A man his age left the shadows and appeared.  Short black hair frames a gaunt pale face and sharp nose.  Pointy ears are decorated with silver.  A weathered cloak drapes over light armor.  The most bizarre characteristic is the man’s white eyes.  He’s lacking pupils or irises.  How can he see?  Cress wondered.  But all he muttered was a baffled, “Why?”




As if to solidify the man’s warning, three dead fish bobbed down the river.  Sickly glinting scales and glassy eyes make all the brave warmth leave Cress’ body.

The man chuckled.  “You all act the same every time Lux throws another pitiful soul down here.  Though they are rarely alive.  Is it not so great in paradise?”

Cress’ brows furrowed and his jaw set rigidly.  He tried to look intimidating but failed.  “You could be lying.  How would I know?  You are ones of that live in darkness!  Lux’s enemy!  My enemy.”




White eyes softened understandingly.  “You were left to die, soldier.  We’re not actually that different –you just don’t want to admit it.  The king and your people hurt your pride.”

“Who are you?”  Cress spat.  Muscles tensed and he’s ready to fight or run.  He doesn’t know which would be better.




“Depends.  Do you want to survive?  Or do you want to desperately crawl your way back up the chasm and go back to Lux Dynasty?”

Gods this guy’s amused mannerism about my situation is making me mad!  But…he might be right.  Do I want to go back to Lux?  Cress stared at his hands helplessly.  “The king banished me,” anger returned with substantial energy.  “He killed my best friend and banished me for defending a hungry thief who only stole food.”

“So the townspeople will slay you with weapons and farm tools or the king and his army will behead you.”

“Right,” Cress nodded numbly.

“Can you stand?”




Cress shifted a leg and then the other.  Shakily he stands. 

The man nodded.  “Let’s get out of here.  I’ll heal you when we make camp.  My coven has a good healer though, so endure until we get there.  I’m Blue.”

“I’m Cress.”  They walked side by side further into branching corridors.  What if it’s a trap?  Cress’ brain prodded.  Either I die from my wounds, die by being eaten by wild animals, or die by a bandit.  He responded sarcastically.




“You said there were others from Lux.  How many?”

“Ten are thrown down here every generation.  Many of them are dead when one of the witches finds them.  But some had survived.  They have left to other territories after we healed them.  Do you not know?  I thought Lux celebrated the morbid and gory.”

“We do but I’ve never known of anyone to be thrown into a chasm.  Until today I didn’t even know the chasm existed!  I didn’t know life outside was so…”

“Barren?  Desolate?  Dangerous?”





Blue thoughtfully gazed at Cress.  “Must be magic.  Who is the king?”


The dark-haired man’s eyes hardened.  “General Ignis is the fake hero of the celestial suns.  A mad man.  He pillaged our covens and took our artifacts.  He is a crafty coward and holds his people hostage, putting an illusionary spell over the kingdom to make the outside world look like its old self.”

Cress stared back incredulously.  “How?  King Ignis is a human!  Humans can’t cast magic.”    




A bone-chilling inhuman howl startled Cress and Blue.  Automatically Blue drew a serrated sickle engraved with elegant designs.  A big monster two humans tall appears out of a narrow corridor, a mud-covered fur pelt scraping the sides.  A large tree branch blooming with flowers across sticks out from the beast’s neck, from side to side.  The beautiful flowers cover the monster’s head and shoulders too.  Nails and fangs glint dangerously.  The monster snarls and its eyes gleam viciously.




Weaponless, Cress felt brief terror.  This is no mere wild beast!  Its sheer size, claws, teeth, and agility alone would scare a small army!  “Here!”  Blue tossed Cress a lightweight hatchet.




The monster lunged.  Cress shouted as teeth snapped inches from his arm.  He could imagine how painful it’d be if the teeth sank into flesh and bone.  Luckily combat training gave Cress an advantage and he replied with a strong uppercut.  The axe ran across its face. 

Blue chanted and hurled serpent-like popping spell that hit the monster’s side.  It’s the first time Cress has seen magic and it reminds him of fireworks back at Lux.  




Agile and witty, Blue cut along the beast’s back with his sickle.  It roared and blindly lashed out, swinging its arms at them.  Claws dug in and tore apart Cress’ plated armor by his chest –and those metal plates saved him.  The new wounds aren’t deep but still painful.




Cress screamed and summoned the last of his waning strength to heave the axe and severed the beast’s arm.  It landed uselessly.  Blue took a gnarled cut to his arm and spun.  The warlock sprinted back to his enemy and disemboweled the monster with a complicated combat move.  The beast collapsed. 

“Tremendous talent, Cress!”  Blue smiled.  “For someone half dead, that was quite scary!”

“I was a captain soldier in Lux.  At least that I can be thankful for.”  For some reason he felt his heart flip and jump at Blue’s words –but why?  “I would’ve been dead without you too, so thanks Blue.”

The warlock saluted.




“We’ll camp here.  It’s still far from the coven but you need rest.  So do I.  This light stings. And in darkness I can heal faster.”  Blue set up a tent and gathered a bundle of branches from a light pack to make a campfire.  Firelight highlighted a big stump of a tree.  As the warlock healed Cress he looked up at it.  A way out!  Sunset spills through serrated gaps from above.  “We can just climb out of here!”

“That isn’t a normal tree, Cress.”  The sight is jaw-dropping once Blue strengthens the flames.  Bones of man and animal are entrenched within bark and tangled on sturdy limbs.  “It is a carnivorous tree.  The world changed a lot after the wars.”




Cress sat by the fire, chewing provisions sadly.  He held Blue’s gaze a moment and asked, “What happened?  And how can king Ignis cast magic?  He said that all mages were wiped out or they ran into the darkness when he defeated them.”

“Long before king Ignis mages, witches, elves, dwarves, orcs, and humans lived peacefully.  Now only small amounts of covens and societies survived and are scattered around the earth.  I am a warlock and I no longer look how I used too.  I looked more human.  Like you, Cress.”

“Why?  Because of experimental magic?”

Blue nodded somberly.  “The new spells were made by humans trying to learn something they never could use.  Then the others applied the humans’ knowledge and made it into the magic that caused the end of earth.  My coven and other territories adapted to this new world and survived.  Humans and other kingdoms tried to go back to how things were, like king Ignis.”




White eyes are overshadowed by grief.  “Lux Dynasty kings pillaged and burned everything to sustain that lifestyle.  It won’t last long.  Soon they’ll be forced to deal with the new world.  We all had to.  King Ignis is the worst so far.  He killed many of our covens and stole our artifacts.  That is the only way humans can use magic.  He probably wants to keep the illusion of success, of how things were.  Food will run out eventually, it can’t grow in the soil or by water anymore.”

Cress snorted humorlessly.  “Or maybe when it all ends for Lux, it’ll scare the citizens to follow him even more.  They’d be afraid of these monsters.  Even Logar would be.  But now what do I do?  I’ve lost my home, my best friend, and I’m an exile.”

Blue smiled and his blank eyes caught the firelight splendidly.  “You may be without magic but a good fighter is always welcome at our coven.  You and I would be a tremendous duo I believe.  The Sage would be happy to have a good soldier fighting the contemptible king.”

Bravery and warmth returned to his heart again.  He’d slay Ignis for Dach, for making him an exile, for his selfishness.  Cress smiled and Blue laughed.  “I see that rage and vengeance glinting in your eyes.  A friend of a warlock will never be friendless again, that’s for sure.  Let us fight for the new world!”











Chapter Text


I hate the sun.
“Good thing Lovecraftian horrors destroyed it two years ago!”  Sato said.
“Sure,” Curtis nodded, already feeling tired from carrying a big flamethrower modified as an air tank.  Oxygen became denser ever since The End.  “Sunlight bothered me anyway.  No more sunburn, no more heat stroke, no more annoying summer tourists…”
Sato and Curtis ambled up a hillside to survey the landscape.  They got separated from their scavenging group again.

Two years ago the sun exploded.  People panicked.  Fires, riots, and looting happened worldwide.  Everyone was supposed to burn up and turn to ash after the supernova appeared.  Nobody could possibly survive such strong radiation. 
Something unexpectedly, extraordinarily, horrific happened instead.  The earth is masked in complete darkness.  Chaos, bloodshed, and social peace were gone long before that.  Typical for an apocalypse.  Not one great mind could guess humankind would still be alive to witness the surreal horrors.  The visitors.  The otherworldly monsters.  They emerged from the fathomless depths of space.  Isn’t space just an ocean?

Hundreds of people are slaughtered by these forces.  Eaten alive by fishmen and other bizarre nightmarish beings.  Small factions survived and retreated into the halfhearted safety of harbor towns.  Only a handful of nations are left.  Nobody cares to remember the history of the lost civilizations. 
The tides are out of control, violent for weeks at a time and then for one day eerily still.  Moonlight is nonexistent either thanks to the lack of a star.  The air is no longer breathable alone, with such weak lungs.  If one goes out they must carry a tank.  Unlike the relentless monsters, humans haven’t progressed to get gills.  Physics are ancient certainties of the past.  Now magic and the interplanetary faiths have fashioned earth into something dangerously whimsical.

Sato and Curtis are adventurous and unafraid of spending hours in the new world.  Buried underneath endless crashing waves are treasures.  Treasures that’ll afford them a splendid home and hot meal –away from the paranoid masses that live in town.  Someday, they’ll get out.  They’ll leave the decrepit overcrowded town and its druggie mayor behind.  Maybe somewhere out there is paradise.  A house and lab of their own.  Sounds wonderful.

Curtis was a bank clerk before The End.  He lived a boring life but his passion is sailing and tinkering.  He wanted to explore.  Curtis didn’t want to be crammed in a box sealed with glass his whole life, counting all the riches others had.  Funny.  Cash is practically worthless now.  When The End happened he took his pocket watch, bowler cap, his stylish pencil moustache, trusty optimism, and set the bank ablaze.  Goodbye dead end jobs, goodbye bills, hello new life! 
When he eventually found the harbor town he met Sato.  Curtis had been eyeing the man across the bar, sipping on whiskey.  He didn’t miss the sophisticated tattoos on Sato’s arms.  Goggles rested in wispy dark locks and a cigar suspended from his lips.  How dazzling Sato’s eyes gleamed under the lamplight.  Not a single person here in this place had any sense of witty humor or lively fire.  But Sato, Sato had it all.  Curtis left his seat and strolled over to him –they’ve been together ever since.  They were the first to enter the scavenging program.  It paid well and it was better than rotting with the other desolate people.

Boots slosh through ankle-deep water as the pair descends the hill.  Sato cursed.  “We gotta make it back before nightfall.  The others took most of the water and food.”  Curtis probably isn’t listening because he’s captivated by piles of junk.  He scanned the piles with a device and traveled from one to the next.  Another noise drowns out his machine’s pings.

The clunky air tank is always in the way!  Sato twists his thin frame side to side to grab at a sonar device.  The brick of metal kept adding signatures and Sato doubts that it’s their crew.  Curtis drew his gaze away from Sato and looked up.  He always does.  The guy’s mind is always in the clouds.  Or like he’s looking at the distant supernova for answers.
Sato drew a long metal harpoon and frantically searched for danger.  Their tech is so broken-down and melded together with scrap that it’s often wrong.  Sato felt something was out here with them.  An unfriendly something.

Fear darkens Curtis’ eyes and he starts running.  “Eel!  Eel in the sky!”
Sato sprints too, knowing no amount of bravery or survival training could help him fight the monster eels.  A huge shadow descended on them.  The eel’s maw and violent eyes loom just overhead.  Icy panic shoots up Sato’s legs and his heart is racing.  His feet propelled him to follow Curtis to a big building.

Veering from large double doors Curtis made it to a broken window and acrobatically jumped through.  Sato clumsily vaulted and felt a flash of pain across his arm, side, and leg.  The big eel collided into the building and sent a shockwave through.  The whole place shook but withstood the eel’s attacks.  The monster left and the sonar stopped beeping.  “Ugh.”  Glass crunched noisily as Sato got up.  Curtis stared at small drops of blood appearing on Sato.  “You’re hurt.”
“Nothing can be done.  Those bastards took all the medical supplies.  I don’t mind being stuck with you, Curt.  You and me, we’ll be fine.  And hell when this is over I’ll buy you the best whiskey at the bar.”  He smiled and nudged him.  “Glass is nothing.  We’ve almost died from worse.”  Brown eyes swept the big room.  “Where are we?”
“Looks like a ballroom.”

The floor is marble with elegant insignias of gold.  Tall pillars surrounded a catwalk and torn weathered curtains cover most windows.  Murky shadows obscured the room under the catwalks.  Curtis took a step and narrowed his eyes skeptically.  “Is that a phonograph?”
It is.  A handsome sea God is holding up a whirlpool, standing as if about to hurl the might sea waves down on his opponents.  Unlike everything else it looks brand-new.  Sato lit a small lantern and swung his arm side to side at the dark.  He and Curtis stared at the morbid display, slack-jawed.

Corpses are highlighted, all sitting around frozen in time.  Their clothes are fancy but damaged from holes and tears.  The guests’ skin is gray and serried.  One man is holding up an empty teacup.  A woman has a metal harpoon through her head.  Others are fixed with sailing instruments.  A few of the guests are wearing robes with strange markings.  Sato and Curtis don’t get close –you can’t even trust a corpse in the new world.

Sato blinked.  “This old city never had a ballroom.”
“You’re right.  Then how did a whole building get here?  And these guys are human, not fishmen.  We’ve seen some crazy shit but this…”
“Do you think that worlds are merging?  Are there worlds like ours?”

Brusquely the phonograph played music.  Curtis and Sato jumped, startled.  Opera music blasted from the waves, a man and woman’s voice creating a duet.  But as the song went on it became unsettling.  It crashed unharmoniously, the voices sounding faraway and gurgling.  Ocean creature sounds thunderously overshadowed the opera singers and in the end, faint terrifying screams could be heard.  Then the music started again.

A sense of sea sickness latched onto their senses.  Sato retched.  Curtis staggered.  Flashes of darkness clouded their vision.  “We…gotta get out of here!”
Sato coughed so hard he thought his lungs would fall out.

Blue-silver figures emerge from the shadows, wielding scary-looking weapons.  Some are even decorated with human bones.
Gunfire won’t work on these monsters; many have tried and died shooting at them. 
The fishmen have uncanny expressions like real fish do.  A blank nothingness.  And their lips gape open like fish.  Sato’s lamplight gives their eyes a menacing shine.  In a heartbeat they lunge at Sato and Curtis.

One fishman falls to Sato’s jabs and swings.  The rest shuffle back and forth, faking attacks.  Curtis dove past a fishman’s axe that would’ve decapitated him to destroy the phonograph.  Alone, Sato shields his air tank from a frenzy.
Curtis is tackled by another fishman.  A mace’s points entrench in his side.  Screaming, he swings a bat at the fishman.  Blood and scales splatter on the floor as the human pulls himself back up to his feet.  The mace flies and lands on Curtis’ lower calf.  The fishman yanks the adversary back and flashes of agony clamp onto the man’s leg.  Curtis ignores the fishman and swings his bat at the phonograph.  It explodes into fragments and collapses onto marble floor.  The music stops and the spell vanishes.

Sato is thrown tersely onto ground.  He sees gleaming weapons overhead.  The tank on his back is too clunky so he can’t roll away. Serrated blades slash and sink into his sides, arms, and legs.  Thrashing around Sato fights to get back up and spins, hitting all the fishmen surrounding him.  Curtis lunges through the air and kills two more.  The last of the fishmen collapse, dead around them.  Curtis wrenches the bat free and limps over to Sato.

Curtis fell and sat against a pillar.  His leg is useless.  A medic could stitch it back together but the limb won’t work properly.  Blood pools underneath it.  Sato sits next to him, his fresh wounds surprisingly weighty.  He leans his head on Curtis’ shoulder and his eyes are losing focus.  Terror is numbed by pain.  “I guess we’re screwed.  Our group won’t find us in time.  They probably went back to town after the last monster fishmen attack.”
“We’ll bleed out before they can search for us I think.”  Curtis laughed somberly.

Morbid silence fills the ballroom.  Sato is numb but he could feel cold tears drip onto his suit.  He gave a pained smile at Curtis.  Warm memories entered his mind.  They sped by even though Sato tried to grab them, as if memories are tangible, to admire them for a little longer. 
Curtis and him trying out revolvers and shooting glass bottles.  Curtis informing Sato of all the working parts to a ship, even though Sato knew the knowledge wouldn’t sink in.
How they’d ditch the beer and go swing dancing late into the night.  Just because the world has ended doesn’t mean they want to be as miserable as the people around them.
Or how they’d find old riches buried in libraries or shops and bring them back, keeping the best for themselves.  Maybe that’s how Bonnie and Clyde felt.
And the last memory is bittersweet.

Sato had found wedding rings and took them home.  He took a laser and slowly inscribed them.  When he gave one to Curtis, the man’s eyes lit up.  He pulled Sato into a loving kiss.  The man was always emotional, but Sato loved him for that.  Curtis is a dreamer.  And his dreams made the world less lifeless.

The dark-haired man smiled sweetly and extended a hand to Curtis.  Melancholy and love glint in his light eyes.  He squeezed Sato’s hand.
“Let’s go on another adventure, Curt.  This won’t be our last.  I know it won’t.”
“We’ll be the best adventurers in history no matter which world we’re in.”
Sato took one more breath.  His chest is slick with blood and a gaping wound.  He stilled and tears sting Curtis’ eyes.  He slowly felt warmth vanish and be exchanged with a cold numbness.  Water saturated their lungs and bubbles of air escaped their lips.  Even on the surface, a person can drown if they die.  Air isn’t just oxygen anymore.  Curtis stared fearlessly at the imminent overshadowing darkness, never letting go of Sato as his lungs filled with freezing water.