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Hit me baby one more time

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The harbringers' day were simple, they get missions and tasks to do. But as a normal organization there's also some office work and planning to make sure they don't get lost and keep on the straight track. So they also do chores like packing boxes, signing papers. But the one who does the malewife work always happen to be Childe, he doesn't know why but he keep getting these tasks when there's no need to help around. He's good at it but he definitely didn't think his life will be turning out to be like this, out of the 7 days of the week he does house chores for almost every day even when he's busy tracking enemies and trade, they still make him do the chores. All because he failed killing everyone in Liyue? Is this his punishment? He was the one being dumbfounded at the end why is he the one having to do all of this to make up.

Whatever, he thought as he cooked the rice and checked on the chicken soup. Smells nice, good. He could poison everyone with all the power he has in the kitchen, but that would be dumb even coming from him so he decides to play it nice. 


It was another day of the fatui overworking him, he just finished giving orders and now he's the one being ordered around, so he's in the middle of box moving. The last box was on the highest level even for his own height which was tall enough, and as he tried to reach for it he accidentally tripped and fell over. How embarrassing. He was stomach down, tried to protect what little he has to protect in the fall. From the distance he heard a loud laugh and Scaramouche stepped next to him, looking down at him in pure amousement at the accident. 

"Don't be such a silly little boy" he smirked through the words as he looked down on the other harbringer, then went out to have a coffee. 


Something ticked inside him at the teasing Scaramouche did and he felt his protected one getting alive and moving to break out from the prison of his pants. All the while he freezed, keeping the same position as he blushed from ear to ear at his own reaction. 


Oh no. Am I gay? Please please don't be gay I beg I don't wanna be gay. He had his life flash before his eyes as his position didn't change which concerned a few fatui walking around but they were better off leaving the weird ones alone. 


When Scaramouche came back, he saw Childe in the same position from when he left. Pathetic little guy. Is he perhaps embarrassed? He though smirking to himself then went over and kicked his back. 


"Come on weirdo get up the box doesn't move itself." Scaramouche tried to hide his amousement at Tartaglia's reaction. But after he didn't say anything or move for a concerning amount of time he poked the man, worst case he have to bury more corpses today, but he didn't want to get his dress dirty so Tartaglia better not be dead or he's gonna kill him. 


Suddenly the man stood up which startled Scaramouche, and he went to the bathroom without a word. 


He could have just say he wanted to take a shit so much. Thought Scaramouche as he wore the most disgusted look on his face looking at the wind trace Tartaglia left behind hurriedly. What a fucking weirdo. He went back to drink another coffee. 


Tartaglia was hysterically jerking off in the bathroom stall, trying to muffle his moans as he thought of Scaramouche kicking him and calling him names. 


There's no way Childe was gay, not when he flirted with most of the women when he was in his golden times in Liyue. But now that he's thinking about it, even with all the flirting he's still a virgin. Fuck maybe he's gay. He came when he realized his sexual orientation and went to sleep, traumatized. 


He never felt so humiliated before and the fact that he liked it so much concerned him. Is he some masochist? Gay and masochist perfect, what next he has a degrading kink?.... Okay aside that because just thinking about Scaramouche looking at him disgusted and calling him names gives him a boner. 


The next day he woke up feeling satisfied after jerking off all night which he wasn't proud of but it did the job hopefully and he can act normal today. Today was an easier day so he went to have a breakfast. 


The harbringers shared a place where they could freely go in and out and do things like eat and read or talk shit about each other and fight. But they mostly ate and when that happened of course Childe was the one cooking so today he met Signora, waiting for her share of breakfast as if this was some homeless helping center. He sighed and sat to the table with her. 


"Do you think am I gay? " Childe asked curiously as he ate. 

"Yes" Signora said it almost right away and Childe chocked on his food, didn't think she would actually say yes. 


Scaramouche entered the room and Childe has a small flush on his face looking at the man as he looked back judgingly. 


"What a nice family get together. Now breakfast." He ordered as if this was some free restaurant, can't believe how impolite some people can get. Yet he stood up without a word and got him the food and he sat so far away, Childe almost thought he disappeared from how small he was. 


They never spoke again that morning and everyone went to do business. Except Tartaglia because he was done with everything for the first time in a while. He sat on the couch at the shared room, watching some harbringer go in and out for a coffee or bandage or weapon. That's when his eyes meet with Scaramouche, as the man poured his unhealthy amount of coffee inside a mug and sat down to drink it as he went through some paper. He looked at the side to catch Tartaglia's eyes from the corner, making the man nervous. 


"Will you sit there all day? You could cook like a good housewife if you have that much free time." Scaramouche smirked as he sipped his coffee, Childe was annoyed at first then a sensation went through his body as the man insulted him. 


"What a fucking weirdo" Scaramouche added then went away to do business. Not so later Childe also found something to keep himself busy, trying not think about Scaramouche. Yeah he definitely was gay. But since when? He probably will never find out. And what will happen next? Scaramouche isn't the ideal man to have desires towards whom, on top of that he's annoying and a bully towards most of the harbringers. And towards every living thing even the animals and plants doesn't escape Scaramouche's bullying. How can such a small body have so much energy in it, Childe wonders and smiles to himself. 


It was just his luck that he had to train with the man he wanted to avoid most, Scaramouche. Well it's called training but it's basically just fighting each other to see how much they improved, and since they were all very strong it was better to train with each other for more accuracy. 


So when he says he fucked up he means big time, Scaramouche easily wiped the floor off with him which is what usually happens when they're paired together but this time he was going so much easier because of his little... Frustration he had for the man standing in front of him. 

Scaramouche seemed unsatisfied tho and he looked Tartaglia up and down, making the man nervous. Please please not now little one. I take special care of you please listen to me just this once I beg. He chanted to himself and to his dick as he tried not to get a boner. 


Which happened to fail. 


As scaramouche looked at him with the especially disgusted face which was only used on rare occasions and Tartaglia was proud to say it was never used on him. Until now. He looked back at the man and he caught his eyes, making sure to give off how utterly disgusted he is and how pathetic he finds Childe. 


"Getting aroused during the training? I always knew you were a fucking weirdo but this easily takes the gold medal." He states as his face expression doesn't flinch once, like a disappointed parent but worse because Tartaglia just got a boner after training with Scaramouche which probably grew even more after the verbal assault and the man he got boner to saw it. 


"Uh.. Sorry" Tartaglia was so confident usually, clumsy but confidence so seeing him being this embarrassed and aroused makes Scaramouche's face lighten up, being impressed by the show. 


"What a pathetic little thing you are. Aren't you? Say it are you pathetic, Childe? " he smirked, testing the waters and Tartaglia blushed, not moving at all. 


"... Maybe I am." He said, looking at Scaramouche aroused which made the man smirk even more. 


"Maybe?" He steps closer to Tartaglia and he can see the man holding in his breath, looking around nervously at the closeness. 


"... " he doesn't talk after this just looks at Scaramouche and then at the floor. 


"Boring." Scaramouche says as he leaves the room to do his business, leaving Tartaglia there, aroused and blushing like mad with wide eyes. God he must look embarrassing. 


Of course he jerked off all night after this incident, thinking about Scaramouche, who else. 


Scaramouche never thought about anything sexual, he equally hated everyone so there was no chance he will get along with some pathetic woman just because he felt aroused sometimes. Which he managed to control nicely through the years, as best as he can. He really didn't like masturbating and maybe he gives off sadist vibes he never thought about getting a partner. So when he saw a boner first time in his life which was not his he felt a little taken aback, but then he realised it's no other than Tartaglia who has the boner so his face expression suddenly turned into a disgusted one. 


He didn't understand how can he have a boner so out of the blue, and maybe he played it off cool he was seriously concerned which was also the first experience in his life. He feels weird just thinking about experiencing this much firsts with Tartaglia. 


He searched around and found out that there was no serious problem with Tartaglia, he was just a fucking disgusting weirdo just as he first stated. He feels ashamed thinking about he was concerned for even a second over this weirdo. 


He found out this man must be some masochist, at least getting aroused after a fight and after calling him nasty names only gave off this answer and he's too tired of caring to give him the benefit of the doubt that he just has some penis cancer. 


The next time he saw Scaramouche Childe excused himself and went on a different way. So he's now avoiding him? He really should not care about what some elementary school level minded man do, he's too old for all of this bullshit. 


The next time he saw tartaglia was in the morning as he made breakfast. Which Scaramouche will eagerly consume. He sat down and ordered, he could get the food himself but Childe needs to face him finally, it's not like he cares about some harbringer but it's quite unpleasant even for working. And Childe is a weirdo but a gentleman so he probably doesn't ignore him this time. And he was right as Childe got his food and he sits down with him. 


They ate in silence and Scaramouche looked up to make eye contact with Tartaglia, which happened quickly because the other man was also staring. 


Scaramouche had two options, either he's especially rude about it or he tries to be a little more understanding. No question a pathetic silly boy like Childe only understands from the first option. 


"Listen here you little shit, dare to avoid me once more and I'll personally kill you. We have work to do and your whiny ass is just in the way of doing it, either get your shit together or only come back when you're acting like a proper adult." Yeah that will do. He looks at Childe and he's seriously starting to think what he did wrong in his life. 


It's not like he's being aggressive for nothing, he doesn't hurt anyone except every civil and innocent person who's in the way so he has no idea why did he deserve this. He can't even switch jobs at this point. Maybe he should just retire and enjoy his disability pension. But honestly, he thinks very deep about what he did wrong as the man in front of him sits there with a blushed face, looking like he just orgasmed who knows he doesn't wanna have any business with him and his pants. He decides to just ignore it this time, not worth teasing him. When he's about to get up Tartaglia grabs his sleeve and Scaramouche turns back with an unimpressed expression making sure Childe knows he's judging him very hard this time. Not like that helps. 


"Uh.. Sorry I must caused a lot of trouble." He says sincerely and Scaramouche gasps a little, he never thought he will see this guy say sorry without any sarcasm hidden behind it. Well it's not like he caused any problem it was just annoying for everyone especially him. He sighs. "Shut the fuck up." 


Yeah, that's not how you show empathy and kindness. He thinks but he just stands up and goes away to do his business. Hopefully Childe doesn't cause any more trouble. 


The more Childe thinks about Scaramouche the deeper he gets into the shit. The past few days he tried not to interact but honestly that was very dumb for him and he's not surprised he got scolded for it from no one else but Scaramouche. But he is surprised by the fact that he got a boner, again. He can't even count the times he randomly felt aroused or straight up got a boner thinking about Scaramouche and him scolding Childe so cold heartedly really gets to him. But he can't be so obvious, so he apologizes and Scaramouche disappears once again. 


He was a straight man once, and back then most of the people took him seriously. What happened through the time he thought about it as he jerked off to the last time he saw Scaramouche. He doesn't know what to do, he's so helpless about it, should he just go and politely ask Scaramouche to let him rail Childe? Not like Scaramouche is picky about who to judge, you say hi to him and he will take it personally so worst thing can happen is him insulting Childe which would lead another awkward situation... Should he just go for it? No Scaramouche is too strong for how small he is, he will probably break all Childe's bones before he can even touch him. Maybe he should just give small hints that he's not just a weirdo, he's a weirdo for Scaramouche, and Scaramouche only. Yeah that seems like a good plan. 


They met again a few days after and Childe sits down in front of Scaramouche, who's sipping coffee, what else would he drink. 


"I made some food." Childe suggested and Scaramouche looked up to face him, smirking. 


"Seems like you accepted my advice for becoming a housewife and cooking more." He said as he looked over to see what's on the menu. 


Childe got some food and the other harbringers also hopped in to steal some before going off killing everything. He sat with Scaramouche as they ate. 


"You know.. Uh. Your hair smells nice." He doesnt know how to compliment men. 


Scaramouche closes his eyes and prays for whoever to end his miserable life before he opens them back and looks at Childe who's apparently blushing like the tomato in his sauce. 


"If you have time to sniff my hair like a fucking creep you should invest that time into working." He said calmly as he kept eating. If he wouldn't be a good cook he would have already killed him off long time ago. 


Childe keeps quiet and goes back to eat. 


Bloody hell, now he looks like I just killed his whole family and dog off. Thinks Scaramouche as he's slurping the soup. Maybe he should give one compliment back. One. And run away. Never coming back. At least until he gets some work to do. He sighs. What a troublesome guy. 


"Your face. Seems less like a dog shit on it today." He says and Childe stares. That's the most he could get off, he has to keep balance between insult and compliment or else his tongue probably blow off, he doesn't know since he hadn't tried it yet but he's certain. 


Childe on the other hand isn't certain about anything. Did Scaramouche just..Complimented him? Did he forgot to take his meds today?? He thinks. A normal person would be mad at his lame excuse of compliment but Childe knew the man too much and it was definitely a good thing he just said. He feels so happy but he doesn't wanna get weird not when they have their bonding moment finally. 


Then Scaramouche stands up, put his plate away and goes wherever. He even put his plate away!! Childe can't believe this so he just sits there. He loves when Scaramouche talks nasty about him don't get him wrong but this is a historical moment in his heart so he has to treasure it. At least he didn't got a boner this time. 


Yeah he definitely wants this man to fuck him hardcore raw in every possible pose back to back for 2 weeks long with 5 minute breaks public car home bed floor ceiling everything. And Scaramouche seems to soften himself around Childe maybe this time it will work. 


Maybe he should let Scaramouche tease him, he's way more fruity when he's about to insult Childe in every different way. He can insult him in the bed too. Fuck. Childe chokes on his coffee as he hears Scaramouche's laugh from behind. 


"Early in the morning and you're already about to die." Scaramouche says as he keeps chucking. 


"Seems like it." Childe puts his coffee away and reads through some document. Scaramouche sits next to him. Wait. 

He's not supposed to sit next to him! He gets nervous but hides it as he tries to concentrate on the documents. 


"Never thought I'll see you work, I thought you never did that. Scaramouche says as he gets closer to read what's the document about. "So many troublemakers. Can't sit on their ass and follow orders. Always have to go around sniffing where they aren't supposed to." Scaramouche says and smirks. "Just like you, except you somehow know how to follow orders. Like a good little dog." He says and brushes Childe's hair behind his ears. 


Childe really tries to act cold and collected. It takes all his will but he will definitely not embarrass himself when finally Scaramouche got so close. 


"But following orders doesn't mean you're actually good at doing them, what a silly little guy you are. Always messing things up." This time Scaramouche definitely knew what he was saying as he watched Childe's reactions with pure amousement. 


Childe tried his best but this time he cracked as a blush spread over his cheeks, and he got the horny. 


Which Scaramouche noticed and his smirk spread even wider. "So you really get off to this. Childe, are you perhaps a masochist? I read they like being assaulted and you seem like that. Or maybe you're a submissive one? You should see your face right now." He said and caressed Childe's cheeks and he got tingles all around his own body when he saw how Childe melted into his hand. What a pathetic bastard. 


He decided to just go for it and so he kissed Childe to the man's surprise. He kissed people before but Childe was the first one who actually wanted to be kissed, and was hungry for his kiss. He feels a little weird, he knew the man was abnormal but even with him? He seriously is not normal. Originally he just wanted to check if Childe really is gross, and the answer is yes, but maybe he should have some fun with him, he got curious what Childe wanted from him. 


He saw as Childe's eyes widened at the kiss and it was cute, cutely pathetic. Yes. As if he's surprised they kiss after looking at the man like he was politely asking to get railed. What a weirdo. Scaramouche forced his tongue inside which made Childe moan and hold onto Scaramouche's shoulders. 


Scaramouche pushed the man away and dragged him into and empty room. He tossed Childe down the floor and continued kissing him as the man hissed a little but kissed back in the moment. He was so fucking loud, was he in a heat or the fuck? What a pervert. 


"Hold still Childe." Scaramouche whispered and bit his ears roughly.


"T.. That's my line" Childe panted out as he tried to unbuckle his belt. Stupid outfit why didn't he choose to wear a shirt and pants and be done with it. 


Scaramouche looked down at the man and smirked. "Not so fucking more." He opened Childe's mouth to spit in it which aroused Childe even more. A pathetic silly bastard he is. 


"On your knees" scaramouche ordered and Childe got on his knees, looking up at Scaramouche with his noticeable hard on. That's when Scaramouche thought about a fun idea. A perfect match for this nasty man in front of him. 


"Unzip your pants or take them off, whatever." He said and Childe pulled down his pants, good thing he got his belt off earlier. When he was finished he didn't even have time to breathe before Scaramouche's socked leg were pushed against his cock. He moaned out sweetly as Scaramouche kept stepping on his cock, putting pressure on it before teasing it. Childe leaned closer and nuzzled against Scaramouche's thighs, kissing them as he felt unwordly pleasure from his lower half. Scaramouche put his hand in the man's hair and stroked it softly as he mercilessly kept pressing his foot against Childe's cock. At this Childe moaned and he came pretty quickly. Scaramouche smirked. 


He looks almost cute when he's not talking shit out of his mouth. Just the sweet moans. Scaramouche thinks as he surprisingly feels his pants tighten. It's been a while since he even masturbated, but he feels so hot when he looks at childe being in such a bliss, he actually managed to get a boner. When he realizes this he kicks childe and exits from the room with a slight blush on his face. 


The fuck. 


So yeah, maybe leaving Childe alone there blue balled wasn't his proudest move especially after getting intimate with him but he had to think this through. He never done anything like this before, no woman got his interest and the rare times he got a boner he either did it quickly by himself or ignored it. Childe definitely lured him, yeah that's the only rational reason there's no way he was getting horny over Childe being a creep he is. Definitely not. 


But he felt a little bad for him, maybe it's because they crossed lines but he definitely need to make up with him for the sake of work, he's always rude but he will not let the fatui fail multiple works just because Childe slacks off and he definitely will. 


So the next day he pulls Childe away when he sees him to a quiet place and starts to agressively make out. 


Well yeah, that's not really how you make up with someone but Childe is a simple minded man when it comes to romance, so he will definitely treasure it. The thing he didn't expect is himself actually getting horny while making out, as he pushes his tongue inside Childe's mouth the man whimpers and embraces Scaramouche in a way the man never experienced yet. Not like he experienced any of this but it made Scaramouche slightly gasp internally as he kept violating the other's mouth. He even shoved his hand up Childe's shirt to get some reaction and boy he did, Childe moaned softly as he kissed back desperately. 


What a weird man. 


Scaramouche did this every day, pulling the man away in different environments only to make out with him then going back to work. It was a silly thing to do he admits but seeing how childe improved in his work and how he daydreams in the breaks, how he's waiting for Scaramouche when he's alone and how he lightens up whenever he sees him makes the man satisfied. Maybe a little too much. He even started to think Childe was being adorable but he immediately vomited internally. But he couldn't reject the feeling he gets when he sees Childe, how he started to notice every single thing the man did, how he starts to look forward to their make out and how he gets more and more passionate with their kiss, and how horny he gets when he sees Childe melt into every kiss and every small touch Scaramouche makes. 


Maybe he's gay as hell. But if he's gay why Childe? He's pretty sure there are way better people to be gay to. But just thinking about men makes him throw up, thinking about doing anything intimate with anyone else actually. Great so not just him getting horny to Childe but on top of that he's the only person he gets horny to. Did Childe's weirdness affected him? Maybe he was with the man too much now that he remember before this whole incident they only met a few times and only when they had a work to do together or when he went to the main hall. 


He should just go back to that, there's really no need for them to meet up so much. But for some reason just thinking about it makes him feel uneasy, he really doesn't get what Childe did to him but he better take his retirement and go to a vacation, he gets multiple years older every day he wakes up and is still in the fatui. 


He thinks as he's about to pull Childe away for their bonding moment. Just when Childe stops him. 




"The fuck is that name." 


Childe sighs and it takes all his will not to be horny this time. Good thing he's excellent at pretending.


"I want you to rail me into the floor until I can't get up."


Scaramouche looked at Childe dead in the eyes, saying nothing. 


"I want you to fuck me hard in every possible position my body can handle but please don't break my back because I have an important job tomorrow and rip off my clothes."




"I want you to breed me into nothing, rearrange my guts into a shape you would like and hopefully date me afterwards as aftercare."


"I heard that the first time." Scaramouche says as he stands there with Childe in front of him as the man said all these things confidently while wearing the most hideous blush he's ever seen. And it's not like Scaramouche doesn't thought about doing it, the first time they got intimate he almost dig into it but hearing Childe say all these things makes Scaramouche think how an absolute fucking creep this man was. He started chuckling as Childe stood there with a tomato blush. 


"You're really such a silly little boy." He smirks and Tartaglia blushes, licking his lips. Scaramouche watches it and swallows. 


"I'm not lonely, but maybe I'll keep you company for now." He said as he stepped closer to the man while throwing his hat off, putting his hand strongly against Tartaglia's waist to pull him to crash their lips together. As if it was his first kiss, Childe whimpered and shortly after, he melted into the touch and let Scaramouche take him and do whatever he wants with him. 


So the 'politely ask to be railed' strategy worked in the end, Childe thinks as Scaramouche kisses him in ways no other person kissed Childe before. For fucks sake it's not even his first kiss yet he can't help but melt into the man's mouth, he's acting so lame. When he feels the hands on his hips traveling down onto his ass he stiffens up for a second before exhales a soft moan into Scaramouche's ears. The man seems to like it because he grabs Childe's ass tighter and starts to basically rail the ginger's mouth with his tongue. Which was very hot but at this rate he will come like three times before they even get into business. So Tartaglia takes a move and pushes away from the kiss. 


"Uh.. Scara" he says awkwardly and tries to make the man understand what he wants without saying it out loud which seems to work because Scaramouche starts to take off Childe's and his own pants as he moves to kiss and bite his neck. Childe keeps moaning softly and he trembles when he's finally naked, the cold air doesn't even have effects on him with how hot he gotten. 



To be fair, Scaramouche already saw at least one dick in his life. His own, of course. He also had experiences with his own dick which he thinks will be useful in this situation. He doesn't know how Childe will feel but he just hopes they can get over it quickly and be done. 


He's looking at the dick in front of him, which is a whole new experience itself so he will take his time. Tartaglia has a nice cock 9/10 with his own being 11/10 not to brag about it. That's the highest and only score he ever gave someone. It looks a little weird but it got the spirit so Scaramouche puts his hands down and starts stroking it which made the man tremble and moan oh so sweetly. 


Scaramouche smirks and looks up to the man. "What a weird dick you have, and getting so turned on with just a touch? Pathetic." It seems Childe was a special creep with having the two opposite kink mix with each other, he doesn't know if he should praise him or bully him to death but the latest seems fun so he gives a shot. He's getting really satisfied when Childe reacts to his comment, his dick twitching in his hand and his face melting into pure bliss as he's pushing up against Scaramouche's hand like the horny dog he is. 


Scaramouche strokes the other's dick up and down slowly, almost at a torturing peace as the man keeps moaning and bucking his hips. 


This is getting intense, and Scaramouche still has no idea what to do exactly so he goes with the flow, hopefully Childe's desperateness helps in this situation to figure out exactly what role he has to play now. 


Childe comes not so long after, and of course he did it in Scaramouche's hand. He's looking at Childe judgingly all the while getting the cum soaked hand in freeze. 


"Back on your knees." He says and Childe does it but he still feels a little lightweight from his recent orgasm so he doesn't say anything unnecessary this time. Which pleases Scaramouche, after all Childe is a hundred times more likeable when he keeps his nasty mouth shut. He looks at his still hand and then looks at Childe's mouth. "Open up wide." He says and Childe obeys without a word, opening his mouth and trying not to look too excited all the while. 


"Good boy, now suck on these fingers you filthy creep." Three fingers gets pushed inside Childe's mouth and he surprisedly whines before closing his eyes to lick them clean. He tastes his own cum but it's a small price to pay for violation so he accepts it and swallows it. He tries not to shake while his hands are burried inside the floor, trying to hold himself still as his mouth gets fucked by Scaramouche's fingers. 


"Such a nice view, seems like the only time you look pretty is when three fingers are shoved down inside your throat to shut you up." His fingers push up and against the tongue, Childe desperately tries to suck on them without making a mess which happened to fail as his saliva was basically everywhere, dripping down at the side of his mouth and even on Scaramouche's hand. But the man didn't mind, the only thing he focused on was drawing every whimper and moan out of Tartaglia and to completely ruin him. When he felt bored he sweetly caressed Childe's face to sign them to let go of his fingers and he pulled them out. He decided to lick a stripe off his hand, smirking as Childe watched the show blushing with saliva all over his chin. 


"Tastes like saliva and sperm." He says the obvious and sits down at a table. "Come sit in my lap, let's hope you didn't eat too much shit today if you crush me I'll kill you." He teased and Tartaglia stood up, his eyes looking down then up to meet Scaramouche's as he sat down. He felt Scaramouche's dick brush up against him and he grabbed Scaramouche's face to kiss him messily. It was full of saliva and tongue and he moved his hands to stroke Scaramouche's silky soft hair while the other man grabbed onto his waist tight. 


"Scara.. You're so beautiful." He said between the kisses and Scaramouche blushed softly at this. What a joke, he better not get all soft and blushy with just some compliments. 


"Keep your compliments to all the girls out there." He says as he grabs Childe's ass, groping it a little before giving it a single slap. Not too hard but enough to draw a moan out of Childe as his body whimpers. 


"Nh..You're the prettiest out of them all." Childe smirks as he moans when he gets another slap, his dick twitching in need and finally he's shut down. 


Scaramouche really doesn't know how to handle Childe properly, and he has no idea how to react when the man keeps saying bullshit like this. He feels his heart throb but he doesn't listen to it as he keeps violating Childe's ass. 


He's a virgin but he's not dumb and obviously he knows what's happening with him. Yet he ignores it, after all there's no place for romance here, not when them living day after day is not promised at all. 


He ignores the fact that he's getting Childe railed right now, this is just the result of them being horny and that's it. 


He suddenly pushes a finger inside Childe which makes the man on his lap moan, buckling his hips desperately in need of more. After a while he's at the third finger, moaning and kissing Scaramouche while he's getting painfully hard at the front. 


Scaramouche ignores it, but he can't ignore his own erection so he pulls out all the fingers from Childe, making the man whine in the process. 


So they really will do it huh? He never really thought about it until now, after all he never had a person he loved enough at least not one he remembers. 




It's not like he has any romantic feeling for Childe, what even is he thinking. 


He brushes his thoughts away and replaces then with the sweet view of Childe looking at him with eyes filled with lust, his chest rises whenever he's breathing, showing off his slim figure and faint muscles. His cock standing desperately, probably came more times than Scaramouche noticed with how it looked. Really. Childe looks so fucking pretty now, but there's no way he gonna praise him and making his ego go even bigger. 


He takes his cock and strokes it in his own hands, looking up at Childe while he's staring back down at Scaramouche. There's something in the air when he stops stroking for a second as Childe moves closer and they capture each other's lips softly in a kiss. Fuck. This feels way different than the kisses before. Scaramouche thinks as he closes his eyes and pulls Childe closer. This supposed to be a quick get off what the fuck. His mind says as he kisses Childe some more, the other panting softly as he moves his lips in synchronization. Oh fuck. 


When they part Childe stays silent just looking at Scaramouche, his eyes searching the other's to make an eye contact, which happened but it was cut off shortly when Scaramouche pushed Childe away with a faint blush. 


He looked at the other's dick and started stroking it, making Tartaglia moan while he prepared his heart and dick for the entering. It was done quickly because of the preparation, and he felt all tingly and weird being inside someone. Childe moaned and came right away, his head resting on Scaramouche's shoulder as he keeps panting with each second he's getting filled. Scaramouche starts moving right away which makes Childe moan and move his hips a little in Scaramouche's arms, the other man helping him with his hands on his hips moving it in rhythm. 



"Fuck, Childe.. "

He says and Childe straightens his back, has a shit eating grin for someone who's getting fucked. 

"You already do it, sir." He smiles and chcukles to himself as if he's some big shot and Scaramouche looks Childe dead in the eyes. He's so gonna fuck the shit out of this man. He moves more roughly and faster and when he hits a certain spot Childe moans out loud and supports his head on Scaramouche, having another orgasm which Scaramouche doesn't even bother to count anymore. 


Scaramouche feels at the edge but he doesn't come, not yet. He lifts Childe's face up by his chin and kisses him once more, deeper than ever and tangles their tongue together while he moves at a medium speed so Childe doesn't accidentally vomit all over him. Nasty ass bitch. He thinks and kisses Childe more and more, stroking his hips as the other man took his role too and moved this time, his walls tightening around Scaramouche and he feels the urgent need to come. 



".. Ajax." He says and Childe looks at him in surprise with a blush. 

They usually know each other's real name, they know every name they have been given but they only call each other by their fatui name, and in Scaramouche's case he calls Tartaglia as Childe too, that's still acceptable. But calling each other by their real name is something no one usually do of they're not in an intimate relationship. 


Well, he though he should try calling him that just one time. See the reaction. But it feels awkward now, Childe looking at him so flustered. 


He kisses Childe to bring him back and Childe melts into him, and after a few trust Scaramouche releases inside, Childe moaning all the while. Scaramouche pulls out and sits there, waiting for Childe to get his shit together. When he does, Scaramouche drags him to the bathroom, blushing slightly. He should just leave him there, but he was the one coming inside the least he can do is helping him this one time. 


Childe trembles softly as Scaramouche touches him, and he helps him wash himself. 


After they're done and clean, Childe pulls on Scaramouche's side to kiss him, taking the man surprise but he kisses back. 


"Fuck, Scaramouche. I might be gay." He says as he looks at Scaramouche, the other man looking back with the most unimpressed face he's able to show.


"Well yes, getting your ass fucked by another man is not the most hetero so I figured it out." He says and Childe whines. 


"No, like, like you know. I'm gay, for you Scaramouche."

Scaramouche looks at him once again, a brow raised. 

"I think I might like you, Scara." He says blushing and Scaramouche froze. 


He should have know, there's no way Childe will just want to fuck another man just because he's a creep. Scaramouche looked at Childe and is thinking. 


He doesn't hate Childe, he annoys the shit out of him but this past few years he got to know him more and sometimes he's not so much of an asshole, and he can shut him up easily which is a good point.

And they basically just fucked so his pride can't accept him dumping the man. He definitely will not say the L word back, and they definitely will not start going out but the least he can do now is to accept Childe's feelings and see how it goes, he can always retire after all. 


He sighs and closes his eyes, pulling Childe into a kiss and the man jumps in surprise, just before he melts into Scaramouche's touch and kisses him back. 


So is this a yes or a I don't care what you do just don't annoy me? Childe thinks as he embraces Scaramouche tightly, sniffing into his neck to take all his scent in. 


"Sniffing? Fucking creep, what next, licking my toes?" Scaramouche says as he himself blushes a little and Childe kisses his neck before kissing him again. 


"Maybe. You can kick me after all." He says and Scaramouche smirks. 


"What a weirdo." 


Childe smiles at this just before he dresses and gets up to cook for dinner. 


Scaramouche also dresses up and joins him, ordering like he's at some restaurant. 


Maybe it's not so bad to have a malewife all to himself.