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Kento gives Suguru's hair one final pass the comb, watching the silky weight of it slip down out of his hands to its usual resting place along the wide of Suguru's back.

He brings his hands up, slides through the full length of it a few times as a final check for tangles, savoring the texture, and then rests them against Suguru's scalp, massaging gently.

Suguru breathes deep and sighs long, relaxes even further into where he's sitting against the back of the couch between Kento's legs.

"Good?" Kento asks, curling his spine and gently tilting Suguru's head to press a kiss to his temple.

Suguru hums, turns ever so slightly into kento's mouth, a silent ask for another kiss, and loops his hand under Kento's knee to pet the outside of his thigh. "Always, love."

Kento loves Suguru like this. He loves all of him of course, but especially covets this end of day Suguru, who unwinds between his hands, melts into him like butter, honey slow and sweet.

Its been a long day for them both. They left together this morning for separate missions, and didn't return until well into the night. Kento insists Suguru needn't wait up for him considering the long hours they work. And Suguru smiles, eyes full of adoration as he takes Kento's hand and kisses his palm, his fingers, his half of their matching rings and says, "I'll always wait for you."

And Kento can't help but smile, lean in to kiss Suguru's full lips. Because he knows it's mostly Suguru wanting to see for himself that Nanami is safe and alive and breathing (feels it himself towards Suguru), and partly wanting his partner to be the last thing he sees before sleep. Focus on only Kento, his broad shoulders and quiet strength and secret smiles, just for Suguru, instead of the after images of curses and corpses.

Kento takes his time massaging Suguru's scalp, like he always does, slowly soothes the tension of the all day bun out of his skin, turns the headache-bordering-on-migraine into foggy relief.

Suguru's breath is deep and even as Kento moves across his scalp, then down behind his ears to his neck, then the top of his spine where he works his thumbs into the tight muscles there.

Suguru makes a sound low in his throat as the tension eases and grasps one of Kento's hands and leans fully into one of his knees.

Kento chuckles, "I thought youd fallen asleep."

"Not quite," Suguru answers, voice a deeper crackle and a tired smile. He holds the back of kento's hand to his mouth and sighs something like satisfaction. "I'm trying not to have you carry my sleeping ass to our bed later."

"I could." Kento kisses his forehead.

"I know," Suguru says, moving his hand from Kento's own to his cheek, looking up at him with a gaze so full of care and love its amazing Kento doesnt melt right there.

Sorcery is hard, bone breaking, flesh tearing work. But to have Suguru Getou? To hold this man close to himself, pour love into and have it returned just as fully, as fiercely, as Kento gives? To come home to him after the weight of the day, and curses, and life comes pushing in too heavy, and have suguru help him shoulder it, happily, for him?

Well, Kento would be a fool to not choose this life over and over.