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Sweet Dreams

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You’re awake, and the sun has barely risen. Or maybe it hasn’t? You can’t tell. It’s bright, but not like… sunlight bright. You wouldn’t know, since you’re almost never awake this early unless you haven’t slept at all. Either way, you aren’t paying too much attention to that. You’re focused intently on your girlfriends, your loved ones, your most important two in the world. And in particular, the one moving gently in her sleep in your arms, her body rocking gently like the waves of the sea.

You hold her close, like she’s the most precious thing in the world, because that’s exactly what she is. Her body just warm and just cool enough against you, her touch the most wonderful sensation you’ve ever felt. It’s like every dream coming true, like every wish granted. A lifetime of unspoken words finally shouted out to the heavens and past them into the infinite space.

“Sheesh,” she mumbles, a bit of tiredness still in her voice. “I’m not going anywhere babe, no need to cling so tight.” And she gives you a little wink. Even in this deathly early hour of morning, she’s every bit as charming and witty as ever, and you can’t help but smile wide. Under that kind of pressure, even Neptune can’t keep up the cool and aloof act. She smiles wide too, holding two of your hands so delicately you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

She leans in, and she kisses you, and it’s like rushing waves. You can taste the ocean on her lips, like a gentle storm. And you can feel your face heating up as she pulls away. And she can’t help but crack another grin, watching you squirm with delight. “Wow,” you whisper. “Wowie.”

She gives a quiet little chuckle. “So what are you doing up?” she asks, tilting her head just a little. “You’re almost never awake before the clock’s hit double-digits, much less at this hour.” She adjusts herself slightly on the bed, careful not to wake the still-sleeping Venus, her wings gently rustling as her body drifts up and down, her arms wrapped around her pillow. A faint light radiating from her, warm and wonderful and beautiful.

“Bad dream,” you admit, a little nervous smile. You avert your eyes just a bit from the shame, but you can’t help but want to look back, back at the girl you love who loves you too, the one who makes you feel so safe and so happy. You look at her again. “I think I just get sad about the past sometimes. And stuff I had to leave behind, even if it was bad stuff… uh… y’know?” You attempt an awkward shrug from underneath the covers.

Neptune just smiles, leaning in closer to you and holding one of your hands in hers as she settles. She always seems to find the right one. “Not really.” And she gets a funny look on her face, and she sighs. “Maybe a little. But I know I shouldn’t. So I tell myself I don’t.” You nod, inviting her to continue. “My parents and my ex-friends were assholes. And I was fucking miserable. And I deserved better, and I got it.” She smiles at you, so warm and so beautiful and you think you’ll just melt. “And now I have you two,” she says.

You hug her even tighter. “Yeah,” you whisper. “You were always… and you’re still always, um… so strong.” And you try to hold back the tears you know are coming. “You’re so strong, and you never should have had to be.”

She looks like she’s going to protest for a moment, but she just returns your hug, a gentle and tight and wonderful embrace. “Don’t you dare blame yourselves for needing my strength,” she says quietly. “I never ever regret even a fucking second of it. Of being there for you. I’d literally do it over a million fucking times, I’m serious.” And you can feel she’s crying too. It’s not hard to tell, even among the many liquids she can form. There’s something about tears that just stands out.

“I’m glad you were strong for us,” you say after awhile. “We really needed it.” And you run another hand through her hair, your sleepy form still struggling to adjust to them all. “And I’m glad you don’t have to be as strong all the time anymore. I’m glad we can be strong for you sometimes.”

She reaches up and gives you a pat on the head. “Jeez,” she mumbles. “You’re still so good it’s absolutely sickening. Never change.” And she nestles back into her nest of covers, and settles into place. “I’m going back to sleep,” she mutters quietly. “You okay?”

You nod, and then remember she can’t see you do that. “It’s… okay,” you whisper back instead. “I’m safe, you’re safe. We’re both safe. It’s safe here.”

“We’re both safe,” she confirms.

And you close your eyes, and you hold her close, and you feel her body move gently in your arms. “This… feels right,” you whisper.

And you feel her arms tighten around you again, in the dark haze of sleepiness. “I’m just so happy,” she whispers back.

“You mean so much to me,” you whisper. And you’re crying again.

“You nerd,” she whispers. “I can’t believe you still remember.”

And you smile. And a sleepy hand forms to run through her hair again, your focus now just enough for that one. “Are my hands… still nice…?” you whisper.

And she chuckles, just a little. “Of course.” A pause, and she leans in closer until you feel her forehead against yours. “They’re yours, after all.”