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Love Finds a Way

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“I am so sorry Mrs. Gonzalez, but the injuries your husband suffered were to severe and despite our best efforts he died during surgery at five thirty-two this morning. I am very sorry for your loss,” Doctor Clarke Blake sympathetically told her patient’s wife.


“B…but it’s his birthday. He…he ju…just turned twenty-eight; we…we got married at eighteen, we..we were high school sweethearts and our anniversary was last week. H…how ca…can he be go…gone when he’s on…only twenty-eight,” Mrs. Gonzalez asked.


Sitting down next to Mrs. Gonzalez, Clarke comfortingly placed her hand atop the crying woman’s and offered her a sad smile.


“I know, this is hard, Mrs. Gonzalez; I’ve been in your shoes. Sometimes, there are no explanations for why things happen. Your husband did nothing wrong; he was obeying a traffic signal that allowed him to cross the street when a drunk and reckless driver ignored the traffic light and hit your husband. It’s not fair, but, your husband saved the life of a four year old little girl and her mother when he saw the car coming and threw the mother and daughter out of the car’s path. Mrs. Gonzalez, your husband died a hero and I only wish we had been able to be his heroes.”


“Y…you lost someone too? May…may I ask who?”


“I lost my wife and son,” Clarke said as she got choked up thinking about her wife and son who were killed seven months earlier in a tragic fire.


“Yo…you do understand then,” Mrs. Gonzalez said clearly not having expected her husband’s surgeon to have actually understood how she felt.


“I do, and I am so very sorry that you now have to know what it feels like to lose your spouse at a young age,” Clarke said as she comfortingly squeezed the woman’s hand.


“Th…thank you. C…can I see him, please,” Mrs. Gonzalez asked.


“Yes. If you’ll follow me, I can take you to him,” Clarke said before leading Mrs. Gonzalez to the room where she could say her goodbyes to her husband of ten years.





An hour later, Clarke was found to be crying in her office, clinging to a picture of her, her wife and their son from only a few days before her wife and son died.


“Clarke? Sweetheart, its Mom, can I come in?”


After not receiving a reply but being able to hear her daughter’s sobs, Clarke’s mother entered the office and immediately went to her daughter who was on the floor with the picture clutched against her chest.


“Clarke, sweetie, it’s okay, it’s all going to be okay,” her mother soothed her as she got onto the floor and hugged her daughter close.


“N…nothing wi…will ever be o…ok…okay again, not wi…without them,” Clarke sobbed into her mother’s chest.


“Clarke, what brought all of this up?”


“I…I lost a patient,” Clarke said before taking a deep breath, wiping her tears and composing herself. “It was his birthday, and he had been married to his wife since they were eighteen; they were high school sweethearts, just like…just like…”


“Just like you were,” her mother said as she found herself looking at the picture now too.


“Yeah…I miss them, Mom. She’s the love of my life and he’s my baby boy and now they’re gone…they’re both gone and I still feel like I’m only a shell of myself. How am I supposed to live the rest of my life without them?”


“You live every day for them; you make sure to live the best life you can because that is what they would want for you.”


“I just miss them so much. It’s been seven months and every morning when I wake up I say good morning to her, forgetting for a minute that when I open my eyes she won’t be lying cuddled into me. I thought I was getting better, slowly, but then I lost my patient and met his wife and our stories are so similar and it brought everything back. Today would have been her twenty-eighth birthday too…”


“And it’s the anniversary of when you met, I remember. I could never forget that day. You were twelve and had only just come to live with your dad, siblings and I when her family moved into the house next door on her birthday no less. Your sister had been following you around like a puppy, God she was so happy when we told her you were coming to live with us, but you liked your space from her sometimes so you decided to ask our new neighbor if she wanted to hangout so you could get a break from your sister. You ended up spending the entire day with her and you even destroyed our kitchen just to make her a birthday cake,” Clarke’s mother said as she smiled fondly remembering that day. “Then that night when you came home after walking her back to her house, your sister was still holed up in her room and pouting because you chose the new neighbor over her, but you looked like a lovesick puppy as you fell against the door and declared that you were in love and were going to marry that girl one day. Your dad and I thought it was just a school girl crush but you stayed together, got married and had a beautiful baby boy. I know today especially is hard for you, but she’d want you to be happy, Clarke, and so would your son. Why don’t you come over for dinner tonight?”


“I don’t know, Mom. It’s…it’s hard to see her right now. I know it’s not her fault but seeing my baby sister pregnant and planning her wedding, it just…it just…,” Clarke began before breaking down into tears again.


“It reminds you of what you lost because you were planning your wedding, or at the wedding we all were able to attend, while the love of your life was pregnant with your child, I know. But don’t worry, they won’t be there tonight. They’re house hunting today and I’ll make sure they don’t return until after you’ve gone home, unless you want to spend the night of course.”


“No, I…I…want to stay at my house. I know they never saw it, Mom, but I had started building it before the fire as a surprise and it’s the dream house we designed together so I want to sleep there tonight. I know it sounds weird but we planned that house together, right down to the last detail, so I feel closer to them when I’m there.”


“I understand, Clarke. Will you at least come for dinner then? It’ll just be us and your dad, I promise.”


“Okay, I can do that,” Clarke said softly, giving in to her mother’s will, as thoughts of her late wife and son were still on her mind.


“Good. Now, go home and Dad and I will expect you at six o’clock sharp, got it,” her mother asked with an arched brow that made it clear there was no room for discussion.


Sighing loudly, Clarke looked at her mother and opened her mouth to begin to speak when her hospital issued iPhone began blaring the ringtone that indicated she was be being paged. Looking at her phone, Clarke’s eyes instantly grew wide.


“What is it, honey,” her mother asked worriedly.


“There’s been a mass casualty situation. The L train has derailed where the line passes over Tower Drive. All but two train cars have plummeted onto Tower Drive and the two that haven’t plummeted are hanging down from the tracks. Vehicles traveling along Tower Drive have been completely crushed under the train cars. They’re asking for the Surgical Response Team to respond,” Clarke explained before taking a nervous breath. “I know you want me to go home, Mom, but I’ve got to go. SRT is my team, and I may not have been able to save my wife and son, but maybe I can save someone else’s. I’ll try my best to be there for dinner. I love you, Mom,” Clarke said before placing a kiss to her mother’s cheek and setting the picture back on her desk before rushing from her office to meet with her team and get to the crash site.


“I love you too,” her mother called after her, but Clarke was already gone, running towards where her team was to meet in the event they needed to respond to a scene.





A couple of minutes after Clarke left her office, her mother was still there looking at all the pictures of her daughter, daughter-in-law and grandson. She missed her grandson and daughter-in-law every day and couldn’t imagine how she would go on if she lost her husband or any of her children. Within seconds, she found herself lost in her thoughts. She was so lost in her thoughts in fact, that she didn’t even notice Clarke’s office door open and a figure enter the room.


“Aurora, where’s Clarke? I just heard about her patient and I know today of all days she’s going to feel that loss more than she would any other day.”


“Oh! Jake, sweetheart you startled me, I didn’t hear you come in,” Aurora said as she allowed herself to wrapped up in her husband’s embrace.


“You seemed pretty lost in your thoughts, love. Were you able to talk to our girl,” Jake asked as he placed a kiss to his wife’s forehead.


“I was. Jake, she was on the floor sobbing while she clutched that picture of the three of them together to her chest. It was her patient’s birthday and he and his wife were high school sweethearts who got married at eighteen, sound familiar?”


“Fuck and on today of all days. No wonder you found her in tears. Where is she now? I’m sure you comforted her but I want to see her for myself.”


“I tried to send her home. I know, I know, I’m not her boss but I thought she needed it but then the SRT got called to a scene. She’s coming over for dinner though, I just need to call Octavia and ask her and Lincoln to be elsewhere. I may have lied and told Clarke they had other plans; it’s just too hard for her to be around them right now,” Aurora said a little sheepishly.


“I know it’s hard for her to be around Octavia and Lincoln but Octavia called me this morning asking if we could do a family dinner tonight. She feels like Clarke is avoiding her because they haven’t spoken since she and Lincoln told Clarke about the pregnancy and she mentioned that Bellamy wanted to come too and he wanted to bring his new boyfriend. I thought it was a good idea because I thought Clarke would want to be with her family today of all days and it’s not like her egg donor or older sister are going to reach out to her,” Jake scoffed.


“Jake, I know you and Octavia mean well but Clarke only agreed to come if it’s just us and her. Please call them and cancel.”


“Okay, but I do want us to have a proper family dinner sometime, it’s been too long.”


“Jake, we will never have a proper family again and it’s going to be a long time before Clarke is able to be around her sister without feeling like she’s being stabbed through the heart. Octavia has everything Clarke had until seven months ago. Just, be patient, sweetheart,” Aurora told her husband gently.


“Okay, love, you do know best,” he said with a loving twinkle in his eyes.


“About time you admitted that,” Aurora said with a playful smile.


“Mmhmm, not to change topics but do I need to call someone in to replace Clarke on the SRT call?”


“No. I know you’re the Chief of Surgery, Jake, so you have to ask that but as the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, I am telling you that your Chief of Trauma Surgery is fit to lead her team on this call. She needs this, Jake. She said she couldn’t save her wife and son but maybe she could save someone else’s. We’ll check in on her tonight, as long as she is able to still come tonight, and we both know Meredith, Lexie, Alex and Murphy will keep an eye on her, Meredith especially; she knows the pain Clarke is feeling better than anyone.”


“I know, but, I’m not just her boss, I’m her father and I worry, today of all days.”


“I know you do honey, but our daughter is strong and she will be okay, eventually.”


“Clarke’s lucky to have you, Aurora. I will never be able to thank you enough for giving me Octavia, allowing me to be a father to Bellamy and for loving Clarke like she was your own flesh and blood from the day we found out she was coming to live with us; I only wish her sister would have come with her.”


“Jake, I have been telling you this for years, you never have to thank me for loving Clarke. The happiest days of my life are the day Bellamy was born, the day Octavia was born, the day you adopted Bellamy, the day Clarke came to live with us and the day Abby’s parental rights were officially terminated and I was able to adopt Clarke. As for Raven, I can only hope that one day she seeks us out. I know Clarke misses her and Octavia wants to meet the sister she’s only ever seen photos of. But, until that day comes, we can’t focus on the past or how Abby was able to convince Raven to stay with her or how she managed to win custody in the first place when you split, we have to focus on the now and right now our daughter needs her parents tonight.”


“You’re right. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I love you Aurora,” Jake said as he kissed his wife sweetly.


“I love you too. Now come on, we both have jobs to do just like Clarke is doing hers right now.”


“Okay. I hope being at the scene doesn’t make things worse for Clarke though.”


“Me too, but I have faith in our girl. If anyone can limit the number of deaths at that scene, it’s our little girl.”


“Yeah, she gets that from her Mom,” Jake said cheekily but seriously.


“No, she gets that from Lexa. Her drive to command death and laugh in its face comes from Lexa. They were unstoppable together, especially when they were at the same scene,” Aurora said as she grew emotional thinking about her daughter-in-law. “I miss them, Jake; I miss Lexa and Aden so much,” she said as a few tears began to fall.


“Me too, love, me too,” Jake said as he and his wife both shed tears thinking about their beloved daughter-in-law and grandson they lost to a fire, the very thing Lexa had been trained to combat as a firefighter.

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“Station Thirteen, this is a mass casualty situation unlike anything we have seen before,” Captain Lincoln Woods began when he and his station arrived at the scene. “Warren and Montgomery, I need you and the Aid Car prepared to transport to Seattle Grace. Herrera take Vic, Miller and Ryder with you to cover the northern quadrant. Bishop, take Michael, Echo and Emori with you to cover the central quadrant. Gibson, take Vasquez, Harper and Jasper with you to cover the southern quadrant. Tag victims accordingly and extract the most critically injured who have a chance at survival first once you start performing rescues. I know you all will want to help everyone but unfortunately, we have to pick and choose based on who we believe has the best chance of survival. SRT from Seattle Grace will be here soon as well to assist. Make sure your radios are with you and on at all times. You are to check in every fifteen minutes with status reports. If you believe you need SRT, notify me immediately. And under no circumstances are any of you to go off on your own and try to play hero. Go do what you do best and stay safe,” he finished effectively dismissing his team to begin their respective assignments.


After sending his team off to begin the search and rescue effort, Lincoln had been surveying the scene for only a couple of minutes before Seattle Grace’s Surgical Response Team arrived.


“Linc, where do you need us,” Clarke asked as soon as she saw her brother-in-law.


“We’ve only just begun searching. Seattle FD structural engineer corps are here and they are reporting that there’s a lot of structural damage to the train cars and the vehicles underneath are mostly crushed. I’m honestly not even sure if we’ll find many survivors,” he said sadly.


“I refuse to lose hope that we will find survivors. We’ll start helping tag victims and triage what injuries we can. We have our radios so if your team or another FD team needs us we can find them and help. Seattle Grace is prepared to accept as many patients as we can and Seattle Pres and Mercy West are on standby if we reach capacity,” Clarke said before turning to her team. “Alright, Mer and Little Grey you’re with me, Alex and Murphy you’re together, Izzy and George you’re together and Owen and Kepner you’re together. You know what to do and check in every fifteen minutes. Do what you can and don’t be afraid to get creative to save lives.”


“Clarke, can you hang back for a minute…please,” Lincoln asked when he saw Clarke about to head out with the Grey sisters.


Rolling her eyes, Clarke gave Lincoln a curt nod and turned to her friends, “I’ll be right behind you.”


“You sure, Clarke,” Meredith asked knowing why things were strained between Clarke and Lincoln at the moment.


“I’m sure.”


Meredith gave Clarke an understanding. yet worried, nod before taking her sister to begin moving about the site to tag victims and help where they could.


“What do you want, Lincoln? As you can see I have a job to do right now and it’s not talking to you,” Clarke growled as soon as they were alone.


“I just…I wanted to see how you are today of all days. I know it must be hard since it’s her b…”


“You do not get to speak about my wife,” Clarke yelled as she cut Lincoln off. “You know nothing of the pain I have felt every single day for the past seven months. You know nothing about how I feel today when my son and I should be out celebrating his mother’s twenty-eighth birthday! A son who I will never see again because firefighters, from my wife’s own station no less, couldn’t get to them in time.”


“Clarke, its been seven months and I know how much pain you fe…”


“You may feel pain because they were your family too but you know nothing of the pain I feel. She was my wife and he was my son, Lincoln! I couldn’t even kiss them one last time because by the time they were found there was nothing distinguishable left. I only found out they were gone hours later when your fucking sister showed up at my house and told me about a fire where dental records had to be used to identify the deceased and those records revealed it was my wife and son. So, no, Lincoln, you do not know how hard it must be and you cannot begin to understand what I felt then and what I feel now and I hope you never are able to understand because I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemy.”


“Clarke, I didn’t mean to upset you.”


“Tell my fucking sister to stop calling me. If I was ready to talk to her I would. If the two of you can’t understand why it’s impossible for me to be around you then you really don’t understand anything at all. Now, if that’s it, Captain, I have a job to do,” Clarke said with fury in her eyes before turning to storm off.


“She’s pregnant, Clarke, and all she wants is to share the experience with her sister who is the only person she knows, other than your parents, with kids. Can’t you suck it up for one phone conversation with her,” Lincoln demanded as he grew frustrated on his fiancée’s behalf.


“No, I cannot do that,” Clarke said leaving no room for argument.


“Why did you come back here if you didn’t want to be with your family? You could have stayed in Polis if you wanted nothing to do with us,” Lincoln grumbled letting his emotions get the best of him, despite how inappropriate it was at that time, because he missed them too; Lexa was his adopted sister after all.


Lincoln didn’t think he had spoken loud enough for Clarke to hear him, but he had because the second the words were out of his mouth, the blonde wheeled around with pure fire in her eyes as she stormed back to him and looked at him with a murderous glare.


“I came back here to build the house my wife and I designed and were planning to raise our children in. We had everything designed, right down to the nursery, and when I lost them the only thing I could think to do was to come back here and build that house so that’s what I did. If you don’t like this version of me you’re shit out of luck because the Clarke you all loved died seven months ago and she’s not coming back; she can’t come back without them,” Clarke said as the fire in her eyes mixed with tears welling in her eyes as she was forced to think about everything she had lost.


“N…nursery,” Lincoln asked with wide eyes and Clarke deflated instantly at that one word.


“Yes, nursery. We were trying to get pregnant when…when…we were trying, okay? Now do you get why I can’t be around my own sister?”


“Clarke, fuck! Clarke, I’m so sorry; I didn’t know, we didn’t know. I’ll make sure O knows you’ll reach out when you’re ready. I’m sorry, Clarke; I didn’t mean to upset you and wasn’t right to say anything while we’re at a scene either,” Lincoln said sincerely.


“I know. Today’s just…emotions are running high today. I’ve got work to do though, so I’ll talk to you later,” Clarke said before quickly leaving to find Meredith and Lexie.





Meanwhile, in Arkadia, nearly three thousand miles away, Clarke was on the mind of someone else as well.


“Mom, I want to find Clarke,” Raven said testing the waters.


“Why would you want to do a stupid thing like that, Raven,” Abby asked her daughter.


“Because she’s my sister and I miss her.”


“Raven, that thing is not your sister. You only have one brother, Wells, you know that,” Abby chastised her daughter.


“Mom, I know you have a problem with Clarke’s…with who Clarke is but you still gave birth to her. She lived with us until she was twelve. Hell, she even lived in the same city as us until seven months ago when we came back here and she vanished! I just…Mom, she lost everything and I…”


“You what? You want to find her and do what exactly? Walk up to her and say, ‘Clarke, hey, remember when your wife and son died in a fire? Well, guess what? I set of the explosion that caused it; I’m the reason your wife and son are dead.’ Do you really expect her to welcome you with open arms after discovering what you did?”


“What I did?! You and Thelonious and that fucking whack job Titus and his egomaniac wife Nia made me do that! I didn’t even know Lexa and my own nephew were inside! Had I known, I never would have done it,” Raven yelled at her mother while one thought ran through mind. At least it appears that she still has no clue what I’ve actually done.


“Lexa was too close to the truth and had to be dealt with; the boy was just collateral damage,” Abby said like it was no big deal that she orchestrated the murders of two people.


“I just want to find my sister, Mom. I know you don’t view her as your daughter but she’s still my sister and I miss her. Yes, I feel terrible about what I did and maybe finding her is my sick way of punishing myself by forcing myself to witness the pain and destruction I caused; but I also just need to know that she’s okay.”


“Raven, I will remind you that no matter how terrible you feel you can’t say a word if you want to keep receiving your treatments. Without those you wouldn’t be able to walk, let alone be a surgeon, because of the injuries to your leg and hip. So, if I were you, I would forget wanting to find that waste of space you insist on calling your sister. She disappeared after we took care of Lexa and it’s better for all of us if Clarke Griffin-Woods stays gone, just like her wife,” Abby said leaving absolutely no room for discussion.


“Is everything okay in here, ladies,” Thelonious asked as he entered the room.


“Everything is fine, darling. Raven just needed to be reminded that the past needs to be left in the past,” Abby told her husband before placing a chaste kiss to his cheek.


“I see. Well, Raven, I trust that you understand why the past should stay in the past,” Thelonious asked his step-daughter.


“Yes, I understand. I’m sorry for my transgression,” Raven said, placating her mother and step-father.


“It’s alright, Raven, we all falter on occasion. Now, why don’t you run on home and see that wife of yours. She truly has been a wonderful addition to our family; you chose well.”


“Thanks, Th…Dad,” Raven said knowing the man and her mother preferred her to call him that. “We’ll see you both at Sunday dinner?”


“Of course! Your brother is bringing his new girlfriend too, so don’t be late,” Abby said happily, back to her role as a perfect stepford wife.


“We’ll be sure to be on time, Mom. Have a goodnight,” Raven said before hugging and kissing her mother and step-father on the cheek before leaving.




As soon as Raven was gone though, Thelonious grew serious as he turned to his wife.


“Do we need to be worried about Raven?”


“No. She understands that even if she were to find Clarke, which no one has been able too, she would not gain the sibling back that she never wanted to lose. Plus, she has her own wife to worry about now and my daughter will not do anything that could result in her wife being at risk.”


“Good. The last thing we need is Titus and Nia showing up here. That was the agreement, we take care of Lexa and they get Polis while we got Arkadia.”


“You don’t have to worry. Raven won’t do anything that would put her new life at risk. Everything has worked out as it was supposed to and as an added bonus Clarke has disappeared.”


“I’m glad to hear it. Now, let’s go enjoy our evening; it’s about time we start to truly enjoy our lives, love.”


“I couldn’t agree more,” Abby said as she smiled at her husband as he led her from the room.





Back in Seattle, Clarke was finally going through the wreckage with Meredith and Lexie.


“Clarke, are you okay? You’ve been on edge ever since you talked to Lincoln,” Meredith said clearly concerned.


“I’m fine. I just...Lincoln hit a nerve and I let it slip that we had been trying to get pregnant again when the fire happened and it just…it just brought all my feelings and all the questions I have about that day back to the front of my mind. But, we have important work to do now and that’s what I’m focused on.”


“Okay, but I am here whenever you need to talk, you know that, right?”


“Yea, I know, Mer. Thank you, both of you actually. You both have been nothing but welcoming since I came here right after experiencing the worst thing a person could. Just, thank you,” Clarke said sincerely as she looked at the sisters.


“Don’t mention it. You’ve been here for us more times than we can count too,” Lexie said as she looked at her friend and teacher.


“Alright, enough sappiness let’s save some lives,” Meredith said just as the heard the distressed yells of a child.




“Do you guys hear that,” Lexie asked.


“Yea, it’s coming from right over there,” Meredith said as she pointed to a spot where two of the train cars had formed a crater and at least three cars were at least partially pinned.


“Let’s check it out, ladies,” Clarke said before turning to look at Meredith, “it’s a beautiful day to save lives.”


Smiling at her friend warmly as she thought about all the times she heard her late husband say that exact phrase the trio took off running towards the voice. As they got closer and the voice became clearer, Clarke felt like she was being transported to another time when that same voice would call out for her. Shaking her head, she tried to put thoughts of the family she lost out of her mind, so she could focus on the family she could hopefully save in the wreckage, but it was hard when the voice sounded like the one she knew so well.


When they reached the vicinity where the voice was coming from, it still wasn’t clear which car it came from. There was a sedan completely crushed by a train car, a SUV with a train car crushing the front of it and a black extended cab truck that was stuck fully in the crater caused by the force of the impact of the train, had a part of a train car crushing the truck bed, a steel beam from the train tracks above going diagonal through the cab of the truck and a smaller metal pole through the windshield. Their view of the driver’s seat was obstructed from their current position because of the beam but Clarke could make out blonde hair in the backseat.


Clarke immediately climbed atop of the rubble next to the vehicle, while Meredith and Lexie yelled at her to stop doing something reckless but she didn’t listen because she had to find the owner of that little voice. No other family would experience the pain of losing a child like she had, if she had anything to say about it. When she reached the top of the rubble though, the unthinkable happened.


“Mommy! Mommy, I knew you’d come save us,” the boy yelled as soon as his eyes fell on Clarke.


“A…Aden,” Clarke said in disbelief as she stopped dead in her tracks before the tears began to flow. “Oh my God, Aden!”

Chapter Text

“Aden, oh my God, Aden,” Clarke said in utter disbelief as she looked at her son, whom she believed was dead. Instantly, she slid into the backseat next to her son and engulfed him a hug.


“Aden! I love you so much! I’ve missed you so much! Are you hurt? Can you feel your fingers and toes,” she asked as she looked her son up and down trying to look for any visible injuries. Before she could speak further, to her son though, she heard groaning near him and turned her head towards the sound when suddenly blue met green for the first time in seven months in the rearview mirror. “Lexa,” Clarke breathed out in disbelief as tears of joy at seeing her wife and son began to fall.


“Cl…Clarke? Clarke, is it really you,” the brunette said groggily before wincing in pain as her hands flew to her abdomen but due to the beam and pole blocking her view, Clarke couldn’t see anything other than Lexa's face in the rearview mirror.


“Lexa, baby, yes, it’s me. I don’t know how this is possible that you're here right now but I’m going to get you both out of here, I promise,” Clarke said, her eyes never leaving the green ones in the rearview mirror.


“Scout too,” Aden asked.


“Scout? Who’s Scout,” Clarke asked as she began to frantically looked around for another person.


“B…baby,” Lexa said through her pain.


“I’m right here, Lex, don’t worry. I’m not leaving you and Aden, I promise, but who’s Scout?”


“The ba…the baby,” Lexa tried again as her eyes flitted downwards when suddenly it clicked for the blonde.


“Oh my God! You’re pregnant! Lex, how far along are you,” Clarke urgently asked.


“Eight months.”


“Eight months…eight months, that means…that means…oh my God, this is our baby,” Clarke realized as fresh happy tears welled in her eyes.


“Y…yes. I’d nev…never have a child with an…anyone else. I fo…found out a month after you had the di…divorce papers signed and served,” Lexa said, the emotional turmoil clear as day in her eyes.


“Divorce papers? Lex, what are you talking about? I never signed divorce papers; why would I do that? I love you and Aden more than anything. Yo…you left me…you left me when you died in that fire. Anya came and notified me herself. She said…she said the fire was so severe they had to use dental records and those revealed that you and Aden were…that you died,” Clarke said as the tears began to fall, the emotions of the situation finally catching up to her.


“I’m so confused, Clarke.”


“Clarke! Clarke, get out of there, it’s not safe to be in that truck,” Meredith yelled from just out of Clarke’s line of sight.


“Lex, I swear to you I never had divorce papers drawn up and I certainly did not sign any. I’ve spent every day of the past seven months grieving the loss of my wife and son. I haven’t even spoken to my sister or seen her since she revealed she and Lincoln are expecting because it hurts too much. You are my soulmate, my other half and the love of my life. I love you, Alexandria Jasmine Griffin-Woods and as soon as I can reach you I’m going to kiss you and our ba…you’re calling them Scout,” she asked when it clicked what name her wife and son had been using for the baby.

“It’s the perfect baby nickname, you said so yourself, so I used it…it made me feel close to you but Clarke, it hurts. I think something’s wrong with Scout and I can’t move my legs, they’re stuck.”


Composing herself, knowing she needed to be Doctor Clarke Blake…no Doctor Clarke Griffin-Woods, once more, the Chief of Trauma Surgery at Seattle Grace, the youngest department chief in the hospital's history, who was also triple board certified in trauma surgery, pediatric surgery and maternal fetal medicine, Clarke took a deep breath and allowed her doctor persona to take over.


“Lex, I’m going to get you, Scout and Aden out of here and you are all going to be okay. I’m going to get us some help, okay?”


“Okay,” Lexa said.


“Clarke! Are you okay?! You know we’re not supposed to scale the wreckage let alone enter the vehicles in situations like this! We're supposed to call for FD support and let them engage in the heroics,” Meredith yelled out to her again, but Clarke ignored her, her focus solely on her wife and son.


“Okay, buddy? I’m going to use this radio to call Uncle Linc for help and then we’re going to get you, Mama and Scout out of here. Sound good?”


“You won’t leave us, right,” Aden asked clearly scared as his bottom lip trembled.


“No, baby boy, I am never ever leaving you, Mama or Scout. We never should have been apart these past few months and I promise I won’t let it happen again. I love you and Mama and Scout more than anything,” she assured her son while Lexa observed the scene as best she could through the rearview mirror, unable to fight the small smile that graced her lips as she saw mother and son together again.


“I love you too, Mommy. I’ve missed you,” Aden said as he clung to every part of his mommy he could reach.


“I missed you too baby boy,” Clarke said before activating her radio. “This is Doctor Clarke Griffin-Woods and I need immediate assistance from Seattle FD. We are at the epicenter of the derailment in a black pickup truck. There are two injured, one four year old boy with what appears to be only minor injuries and an adult female who is approximately eight months pregnant and feeling distressed and given the situation there is the possibly of entering pre-term labor. There is a steel beam and metal pole making extraction difficult. We need assistance immediately,” Clarke said clearly, managing to stay calm as she called for help.


Having heard Clarke’s transmission, Meredith and Lexie quite literally said fuck the protocols and began climbing down the wreckage so they could help. At the same time, Lincoln was replying to the message.


“Copy that, Clarke. My guys are on their way but we’re going to have to get some equipment to help deal with the beam and pole. And Clarke, since when are you going by Griffin-Woods again instead of Blake?”


“Since the moment, I discovered my wife and son are alive and currently trapped in this damn truck,” Clarke quickly replied before focusing her attention on Lexa. “Lex, baby, I need you to tell me exactly what hurts and where.”


“Clarke, can you repeat that,” Lincoln asked, positive he must have misheard Clarke's words, but Clarke ignored him as she was focused on listening to her wife’s answer now that she knew assistance was on the way.


“My stomach, it’s like…Clarke, it’s like it was when I went into labor with Aden,” Lexa said clearly scared and worried.


“Okay, keep taking deep breaths, Lex and try to remain as calm and still as you can. If you’ve gone into labor hopefully Scout will take their time getting here just like Aden did. It’s going to be okay, love. No matter what happens, I'll be here with you. Now, without moving your neck too much, do you see any blood or obvious injuries?”


“There’s blood but I don’t know where it came from.”


Instantly, Clarke’s fears about her wife and unborn child’s health worsened and she knew she needed to get to the front of the truck but she didn’t want to leave her son alone in the back. Before she had to choose though, Meredith and Lexie appeared outside the truck.


“Clarke, did I hear you correctly that this is your wife and son,” Meredith asked.


“You did. I don’t know how it’s possible but it is. This is my family, Mer,” Clarke said as fresh tears welled in her eyes once more.


“Then let’s do everything we can to get them out of here so you can have a proper reunion. How can we help?”


“Can one of you switch places with me? I need to get upfront to check on Lex. She’s eight months pregnant,” Clarke explained.


“No! Mommy, you said you wouldn’t leave,” Aden exclaimed as he wrapped his little fists in her shirt tighter.


“I’m not leaving, little man; I just need to go up front to check on Mama and Scout, okay? You’ll be able to see me in the mirror and I’ll keep talking so you know I’m there,” Clarke assured her son while the confused looks from her friends didn’t go unnoticed.


“You won’t leave us,” the boy questioned to be absolutely sure.


“I’m never leaving you,” Clarke said before placing a kiss to his head.




“Okay. Aden, these are two of my friends, Meredith and Lexie; they're surgeons like me and they're sisters. Meredith even has a little boy your age and two daughters too. They’re both going to stay with you while I go check on Mama. Uncle Linc and his team will be here soon too, okay?”


“Okay, Mommy.”


With a final kiss to her son’s head, Clarke carefully climbed back out of the truck and onto the rubble before slowly making her way around the truck, and under the steel beam so she could reach the other side. After a minute or so, she was outside the driver’s door and finally looking at her wife’s face, and not just her reflection in a mirror. When blue met green, Clarke couldn’t help but lean in through the shattered window, not caring about the jagged edges scratching her skin slightly, and claim her wife’s lips as best she could in a needy, but love fueled, kiss that conveyed all of her love for her wife.


“I love you, Lexa, and I’m so fucking happy you’re alive! There’s so much I want, no so much I need to tell you, but first let’s get you checked out then get you and our boy to Seattle Grace. Mom and Dad are going to be so happy to see you both,” Clarke said with a huge smile on her face as she managed to pry open the door so she could properly check her wife for injuries.


“I love you too, Clarke, but I’m…I’m so confused. Y…you signed the papers but you also said you thought we were dead. I don't understand what's going on.”


“Babe, I really was told you and Aden died in a fire seven months ago. And I have no clue how anyone gave you supposedly signed divorce papers because I never signed any and I never would dream of signing any," Clarke said clearly confused by the situation as well.


"You signed divorce papers," Lexa repeated.


"No I didn't. Lexa, I swear to you I never signed divorce papers. You are the love of my life and you have been since the day we met on your twelfth birthday. You are my soulmate and you’re stuck with me, you got that?”


Lexa took a moment to search Clarke's eyes and she found no signs of lies and/or deception. Rather, all she found was confusion and love, so much love.


“Forever and always,” Lexa finally asked as she looked straight into Clarke’s eyes.


“Forever and always,” Clarke confirmed, never breaking eye contact. “Now, how about you let me listen for our little one’s heartbeat, okay” she asked as she removed her stethoscope from her pocket. 




"By the way," Clarke began as she placed the stethoscope on Lexa's baby bump, "do you know if Scout is a boy or girl?"


“I…I don’t know. They asked if I...if I wanted to know but...but I…I couldn’t fi…find out without you,” Lexa struggled to say through her pain.


“Try to take a deep breath through the pain babe," Clarke encourage her wife. Once it was clear the pain had subsided, at least temporarily, she continued speaking. "I like the idea of being surprised, love. No matter if they're a boy, girl or however they choose to identify, they'll be perfect and loved. And…oh my God,” Clarke exclaimed as happy and relieved tears began to fall.


“Clarke?! Clarke, is…is Scout okay,” Lexa asked clearly concerned.


“What? Oh! Crap, I’m sorry Lex, I didn’t mean to worry you. It’s just this is the first time I’m hearing Scout’s heartbeat and it’s the most beautiful sound in the world. It’s strong, Lex, so so strong.”


“It is,” Lexa asked hopefully.


“It really is. Hi, Scout, I’m your mommy. I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you before now but I promise you, you are loved, so so loved. Mama and I wanted you so much. We had been trying for you and these might not be the best of circumstances but I’m so happy to know you’re on your way, you’re our little miracle. But Scout, I need you to be strong right now for me. You, Mama and Aden were in an accident but I’m going to make it better, I promise. I just need you to stay right where you are inside Mama and keep growing big and strong. If you can’t wait to join us though, don’t worry because I’m going to give Mama some medicine to help you get stronger. I’m going to check on Mama now, and give her the medicine, but I love you, Scout,” Clarke said before placing a kiss to the side of Lexa’s bump. “Meredith, I need my personal bag,” Clarke shouted after placing a second kiss to Lexa’s bump.


“I’ve missed this,” Lexa said as Meredith appeared and handed Clarke her bag before returning to her sister and Aden.


“Missed what, love,” Clarke asked as she readied the syringe so she could give Lexa the steroid medication that would help mature the baby’s lungs just in case Lexa was actually going into labor and the baby came early.


“I’ve missed watching you talk to my stomach when I’m pregnant. You did it every day last time.”


“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to talk to them and take care of you this time, but I swear to you, Lexa, I’m not going anywhere,” Clarke said as she injected the medicine into Lexa’s thigh. “There, all done. Now, if you do deliver early, Scout’s lungs will be matured.”


"I'll never understand how you manage to give me shots without me even realizing it when anyone else has to practically hold me down to be able to give me the shot," Lexa said amused.


“Mommy! Mommy, are Mama and Scout okay,” Aden called as he just barely could see his moms heads in the rearview mirror.


“Mama and Scout are okay, bud. Mama’s a little hurt but we’re going to take of her, I promise. You keep being brave and we’ll all be out of here soon.




“And, Lexa,” Clarke said turning her attention back to her wife, “I know we got sidetracked for a minute but you are going to be okay. None of the blood is coming from your stomach or between your legs. It looks like the blood on your shirt is from that nasty cut down the side of your head.”


“But? I know there’s a but; I still know your facial expressions, Clarke.”


“Lexa, your right leg is jammed up under the steering column and, babe, can you feel your right arm at all?”


“My right arm? Um…no I can’t,” Lexa said as she went to move her head to take a look.


“Baby, please don’t move your neck. We need to be careful in case you have a spinal injury.”


“But what’s wrong with my arm,” Lexa asked clearly scared.


“Lexa, the metal pole that came through the windshield impaled your arm; that’s where the rest of the blood on you seems to be coming from. We’re not going to be able to move you until the pole is at least cut down some either. How are you feeling right now though? Do you still feel like you did when you went into labor with Aden?”


“No, not really. I’m just scared and I need you to promise me something,” Lexa said with pleading eyes.


“Anything for you, love.”


“If something goes wrong and you can’t save us both, save Scout.”


“No. No, we are not doing this. I do not accept that as a possibility, Lexa! I just got you back and I am not losing you again. You, Scout and Aden are all getting out of this alive and well and we’re going to live happily ever after like we should have been this whole time! Got that?”


“That’s what I want too, Clarke, but you’re a surgeon and you know we don’t always get what we want; Costia’s death was proof of that. So promise me, please,” she begged.


“Lex, what happened to Costia was a completely different situation and you know it.”


“Perhaps but what happened to her led us to have to make a choice, and we did the best we could, but we still could not save her too. So, Clarke, please, promise me,” Lexa implored.


Relenting, Clarke visibly deflated before saying, “I promise,” in a broken voice. “But, for the record, I command you to both stay alive.”


“I wouldn’t expect anything less; you are Wanheda after all,” Lexa said cheekily.


“You’re damn straight I am and, as the Commander of Death, I’m commanding death to stay the fuck away from you, Scout and Aden.”


“Clarke! Clarke, we’re here,” Lincoln yelled out.


“I’m just going to peek my head out so Lincoln sees I’m okay. Once his team gets in here though, I may not be able to stay right next to you but I will not let you out of my sight, you or Aden actually, I promise.”


“I believe you. Tell my brother he still owes me for fronting him the cash for dinner when he proposed because he forgot his wallet,” Lexa said with a slight chuckle.”


“I will, love. God, I love you and I’m so fucking happy you and Aden are alive and have come back to me, and brought our little miracle Scout with you too,” Clarke said as she looked at Lexa lovingly before carefully maneuvering herself so she could pop her head out of the truck and talk to Lincoln so Seattle FD could finally help Clarke rescue her family.


As Clarke moved to be able to see and speak to Lincoln, Lexa got a little lost in her thoughts. I’m so happy Clarke found us and still wants us but why was she made to believe we were dead and how and why was I given signed divorce papers I can tell she genuinely knew nothing about? Who did this to us? Who kept us apart these past seven months and why? What the fuck is going on?

Chapter Text

“She’s on the other side of the truck, Lincoln,” Clarke heard Lexie tell the man who immediately made his way towards the side of the truck where Clarke was.


“Linc! I’m over here,” she called out as her peeked out just enough to see him.


“Clarke, you know better than going into wreckage!”


“Linc, I love you, but nothing is keeping me from my…”




“No…no it’s not possible,” Lincoln said quietly even though he knew what Clarke said over the radio.


“Uncle Linc, it’s me!!!”


“Oh my God. Aden?! Holy shi…Holy cow. Buddy, are you okay, I can’t see from where I’m standing.”


“I okay! I just stuck in my car seat. Mama and Scout need help. Mommy’s helping but she said you had to come to get Mama and Scout out.”


“Scout? Who’s Scout?”


“Scout’s our baby, Linc,” Clarke yelled to the man. “Lexa’s eight months pregnant so can we put aside your shock at my wife and son actually being alive and focus on rescuing them so I can properly hug them? Oh and Lex says you still owe her for when she fronted you the cash for dinner when you proposed.”


“Oh my God; she’s really here?! They’re both really here. This isn’t a dream, is it?”


“It’s reality, Linc, but I want my family out of here before we allow ourselves to feel our emotions about this. If we give in to all our emotions right now we won’t be able to do our jobs and they need us to do our jobs right now. Can you handle that, or do I need to call Ripley and tell him to send Station Twenty-Three, the only station not here by the looks of it, down here?”


“You wouldn’t dare.”


“Try me, Captain Woods, this is my family’s safety we’re talking about,” Clarke said as she fixed Lincoln with her signature glare.


“Okay, okay,” Lincoln said holding his hands up in defeat. “What can you tell us about their injuries? Aden said he’s stuck and that Lexa is injured.”


“Aden is stuck in his seat; I think he needs to be cut out. Lex, is hurt. Her right leg is jammed under the steering column, the metal pole completely impaled her right arm, she has a nasty cut on her head and she at least was showing signs of labor when I first got here but that seems to have stopped for now,” Clarke rushed to explain.


“Alright, listen up! All Station 13 personnel get your asses up to here and get my nephew and pregnant sister out of there safely or you will be the ones facing Wanheda’s wrath and trust me the reality of that is so much worse than the stories I’ve told you.”


“Yes, Captain,” they all said in unison as the immediately got to work.





Half an hour later, Clarke had triaged Lexa’s injuries as best as she could with her wife still stuck in the truck. Station 13 had also stabilized the truck and were prepared to get Aden out before they began to work on getting Lexa out once her leg was free. Thankfully, the Aid Car had a mobile prenatal bag so, they were able to monitor Scout, who was doing well despite the less than ideal circumstances.


“Lex, I don’t want to leave your line of sight, but I…I…”


“You want to be with our boy when they pull him out, I knew you would. Go be with our son, Clarke, he needs at least one of us with him.”


“Mer! Little Grey! I need one of you over here with my wife; I’m not leaving her alone.”


“Lexie, stay here, Aden seems to like you. I’ll go with Clarke’s wife,” Meredith told her sister before carefully following the path made by Lincoln’s team to get to the other side of the truck easier. “Clarke, I’ve got your wife, go be with your son, he needs his mommy,” she said once she reached the other side of the truck.


“Thanks, Mer. When this is all over you better be prepared for playdates though because I’m sensing a best friend relationship between Bailey and Aden,” Clarke said with a smirk.


“Whatever you say, Blake.”


“It’s Griffin-Woods actually. I don’t have a reason to hide my true self anymore,” Clarke said with a smile before turning back to her wife. “Lex, I’m going to go be with Aden but I’m not leaving you and Scout behind. I love you so much,” she said before leaning in a kissing her wife once more.


“I love you too. Now, go be with our boy; I’ll be fine with your friend.”


“Mer, she’s my wife who just came back from the dead and she’s carrying precious cargo. I’m trusting you with them; please don’t make me regret doing so,” Clarke said seriously.


“Clarke, I’d give anything to have my husband come back from the dead so you bet your ass I’ll make sure your wife stays right here so you can have the lifetime together who thought you had lost. Now, go, be with your son, you’re that boy’s hero; all he’s done is tell us all about his awesome mommy who always saves people so go be with him.”


Smiling at hearing her son still thinks so highly of her, even after seven months apart, Clarke gave Lexa a chaste kiss, promised to be back as soon as she could and made her way to her son.





As soon as Clarke was gone, Lexa decided it was time to get to know what the past seven months had been like for her wife.


“You’re Meredith, right? We met a few times back when Clarke was a resident, right,” Lexa asked clearly, no longer feeling any pain thanks to some pain medication Warren was able to give her a few minutes earlier.


“I am and we did. It’s good to see you again Lexa, although I wish it were under better circumstances.”


“Me too but I have my wife back. You know, my mother-in-law always raved about you. She actually used you as a bargaining chip to try and get us to move back to Seattle from Polis.”


“Aurora did that?”


“She did. She’s a big fan and thought Clarke could learn from you while Aden could have some instant friends.”


“I’m sure my three will love him. They love Clarke, especially my son Bailey. I think Clarke likes hanging out with him especially because he’s Aden’s age. She’s missed you both more than you know,” Meredith said sadly.


“I’m just so confused about why she thought we were dead. Her sister brought me divorce, custody agreement and restraining order papers, all with Clarke’s signature on them.”


“Wait, Octavia gave you those things? She’s been torn up about your passing though. Clarke isn’t even speaking to her right now, she says it’s too hard, but Octavia still leaves her lunch or coffee or something every day, even when she’s not on shift. Granted, Clarke thinks it’s her mom doing it but it’s actually Octavia, and sometimes Lincoln. Why would she do all that if she knew the truth this whole time?”


“No, it wasn’t Octavia. It was Clarke’s older sister, Raven.”


“Raven? She’s never mentioned her before.”


“It’s a long story. They used to be thick as thieves but Abby, Clarke’s biological mother, couldn’t handle that Clarke is special, especially after she married Thelonious Jaha, so Clarke was sent to live with her dad and Aurora and Abby signed away her rights to Clarke and Auora adopted her the same day. Raven though, well, she stayed with Abby for reasons we may never know.”


“So, Raven isn’t a part of your lives yet she brought you the paperwork Clarke supposedly signed,” Meredith asked confused.


“She wasn’t always a part of our lives. Raven showed up on our doorstep about a year before…before everything happened and she and Clarke reconnected. She would come over at least once a week and it was like no time had passed. Raven also started dating my sister not long after they met maybe a month after Raven showed up at our house. We were all extremely close during that time. So, when Raven gave me the papers with Clarke’s signature, I left. I couldn’t believe Clarke would sign those papers but it was her signature and I couldn’t call her to ask or do anything because of the restraining order. It said I couldn’t be near Clarke, communicate with Clarke or any member of the Griffin family, in any way, and that if I violated the order I would be subject to criminal charges and I couldn’t risk being arrested when I was the only parent Aden had left based on the custody papers. I did have an attorney look the papers over and they said they were legitimate and that there was a court record of them being filed,” Lexa said while clearly fighting back the tears welling in her green eyes.


“Wow. Someone went to a lot of trouble to keep you two a part. But, why would you chance coming to Seattle then if there is or you were at least led to believe there is a restraining order,” Meredith asked out of curiosity and to keep Lexa talking as it was important she stay awake.


“I love Clarke, and always have, but I also hated her for seemingly not wanting our son or me. But, she never said she didn’t want Scout; she didn’t even know about Scout. As my due date began to creep up on me I just knew I couldn’t have this baby without finding a way to notify her. I figured Aurora would be the least likely to call the police to have me arrested for breaking the restraining order so I booked an appointment to see her, as a patient using a fake name of course. The appointment was for this morning; that’s where we were headed when everything happened. I had no clue that Clarke had moved back here. I couldn’t find any listing for her when I searched for her before coming here” Lexa said sadly.


“She’s been using her mom’s maiden name as her last name since she came here. I’m not sure why but I think it was too hard for her to keep using your married last name because she’d think of you and Aden every time she used it,” Meredith said.


“Oh. I never thought to search for her using the Blake surname because she’s never used it before. I just…I just don’t know what to think about all of this.”


“I don’t either but I know you and Clarke can figure it out,” Meredith began before hesitating to say more.


“What is it you want to say? I can tell you want to say more.”


“Listen, Lexa, I know you don’t know me well but I can tell you this, Clarke is so in love with you and your son. She’s been having a hard time with losing you both. She talks about you both every day. She cries, every day. She had a patient named Aden just last week and I had to take over for her after she left the room because she couldn’t stop crying and begging for you and Aden to come back to her. Then earlier today, she lost a patient. It was his birthday today, his twenty-eighth birthday to be exact, and when she told his wife, she told Clarke about their love story and it was very similar to yours and it broke her. I don’t know what happened in her office afterwards, but I know Aurora was in there with her for a long time. So, I may not know why what happened seven months ago happened, but I do know that there has not been a single moment where Clarke didn’t love you and Aden and wish she could have just one more moment with you. She would have given her own life if it meant you and Aden were here.”





While Meredith was talking to Lexa, to keep her awake and calm, Clarke was with her son, keeping him calm.


“Okay baby boy, this is Andy Herrera, but we just call her Andy or Herrera and she’s going to cut you out of your car seat. Then, I’m going to check you out and then Lexie is going to stay with you while I stay with Mama until she’s out too so we can all go to the hospital.”


“Where you work, Mommy?”


“Yes, baby, where I work. And you know who else works there?”


“Who,” Aden asked curiously.


“Aunty O, Grandma and Grandpa!”




“I do! Grandma and Grandpa finally got me to work there with them permanently.”


“Does Lexie work with you too?”


“Yes, Lexie, works with me too, don’t you, Little Grey?”


“I do! Your mommy is one of my teachers.”


“Mommy’s a good teacher. She teaches me lots of things.”


“Oh yea? What does she teach you,” Lexie asked the boy.


“My colors and numbers. And she and Mama taught me my ABCs and how to spell my name. Oh! Mommy taught me how to sew Mr. Bear back up after he got a boo boo too,” Aden said proudly.


“You taught your son to suture,” Lexie asked surprised.


“Of course I did and Lex taught him basic first aid skills and fire safety. He’s the son of a surgeon and firefighter after all,” Clarke said proudly.


“I’m gonna be a surgeon and a firefighter like my moms,” Aden then said confidently.


“Oh yea? Well I think you’ll make an excellent surgeon and firefighter with moms like yours to teach you.”


“My mommies are the best. Do you have a nice mommy, Lexie?”


“I do. Her name is Susan.”


“Is she Mer Mer’s mommy too?”


“Mer Mer,” Clarke questioned.


“Yea, Lexie’s sister duh. She’s her big sister like I’m Scout’s big brother.”


“Oh yes, how could I forget that,” Clarke said sarcastically but Aden just thought she was being silly.


“Meredith and I have different mommies, but, my mom loves Mer just as much as she loves me and she sees Mer as her daughter too.”


“So she is her mommy then, right? They’re like Grandma and you, right Mommy?”


“Yes, sweetheart. Susan and Mer Mer are like me and Grandma,” Clarke replied using the nickname her son had bestowed on Meredith.


“And you’re free, little man. Are you ready to get out of this truck,” Herrera said suddenly.


“You ready to get out, Aden?”


“Yes, Mommy.”


“Alright, see this yellow board?”




“Lexie and I are going help Herrera to put you on it then Hughes and Miller are going to take you down to the Aid Car so we can check you out. Sound good?”


“Do I gotta keep this thing around my neck?”


“For now, yes. We want to make sure your neck isn’t hurt so we’ll keep it on until we can get you checked out.”


“Okay. Will Mama come with us?”


“No, baby. While we get you checked out, Uncle Linc’s firefighters are going to work on getting Mama out. Uncle Linc is going to stay nearby too, supervising.”


“But Mama will come to the hospital with us?”


“Yes, buddy, she will.”


“Then we have big hugs,” Aden asked with his signature pout on his face.


“Yes, Aden, then we’ll have big hugs and when it’s time for Scout to be born we’ll have even bigger hugs!”


“Yay! I’m ready to get out now, Mommy.”


“Okay, Herrera, we’re ready to move on your command.”


“On three then. One…two…three,” Herrera said before she picked Aden up and with Clarke and Lexie watching, and serving as spotters, she moved him onto the backboard.


“Lex! Baby, we’ve got Aden out. How are you and Scout,” Clarke yelled loud enough for Lexa to hear her.


“We’re okay, Clarke. Go with Aden, please. I don’t want him to be alone; he needs family around him right now.”


“I know. I’ve got my radio so I can get back here right away if I have to. I hate that I can’t be with you and Aden both,” Clarke said as blue met green in the rearview mirror once more.


“I know, but our son needs you. So, go, Clarke.”


“I know. I love you, Lex and I love Scout too.”


“We love you more.”


“Not possible.”





They reached the Aid Car with Aden only a minute later. Clarke immediately began checking her son’s full condition. After nearly half an hour, Clarke was finally satisfied that her son did not have any major injuries requiring immediate attention. She spent a few minutes after that cleaning up the cuts on Aden’s body and stitching the one cut that needed it. Just as she was finishing placing the final stitch, her attention as drawn to a screaming voice.




“O,” Clarke asked hesitantly before peeking her head around the ambulance. “Holy sh…crap, O, what are you doing here? It’s not safe for you or the baby.”


“I heard that my big sister needed me so of course I came. Now, what’s going on that caused my fiancé to call me and say I needed to get here,” Octavia said as she reached the Aid Car but couldn’t see inside it yet.


Deciding there was no better way to tell Octavia of the miracle that had happened, Clarke scooped Aden, who was thrilled to no longer be wearing the collar, up into her arms, kissed him on his head and stepped out from behind the open Aid Car door.




Oh. My. God. OH MY GOD! Aden?! Oh my God! How is this possible,” Octavia asked as happy tears began streaming down her face.


“I don’t know exactly what happened yet, but, they’re alive, O, Lexa and Aden are alive,” Clarke said as happy tears of her own began to well as she held her son close.


“Lexa’s here too?! Where is she,” Octavia asked as she began looking around for the brunette until she saw her sister’s face grow somber. “Clarke, where’s Lexa?”


“She’s trapped in the truck still. She…she’s hurt but Linc’s team is working on getting her out now but we agreed Aden needed to be with family so I came with him.”


“So, that’s why Lincoln called. He knew you’d want to be with them both but that you’d never leave Aden if he wasn’t with family. I’ll watch, him, I need to catch up with my favorite nephew anyway,” Octavia cooed at her nephew.


“I’m your only nephew Aunty O, well maybe I’m not but we won’t know til…Mommy when will Scout be here,” he asked with his brows crinkled just like Lexa did when she was trying to figure something out.


“Mama’s eight months pregnant so we’ve got another month or so to go until Scout arrives.”


“Scout? Who’s Scout,” Octavia asked not having put the pieces together yet.


“The baby in Mama’s tummy! I’m gonna be a big brother,” Aden proudly said.


“But…but how?”


“I’m pretty sure you know how babies are made, sis,” Clarke said with a chuckle as her eyes flitted down to Octavia’s baby bump.


“Jerk. Yes, I know how babies are made but…”


“O, we started trying before everything happened. That’s part of why it’s been so hard for me to be around you guys,” Clarke quietly admitted.


“Clarke, I wish you would have told me that! I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with thoughts of what could have been alone but, to be clear, you guys are having another baby?”


“We are. I wish this tragedy had not have happened but I have my family back, O. I have my wife, my son and a new baby that will be here before we know it; I have them back, O,” Clarke said with a smile on her face as more tears welled in her eyes.


“Yea, you do. Now, give me my nephew and go be with your wife. We all know you don’t want your pregnant wife going through this without you there holding her hand. Plus, Aden and I need some aunty and nephew time, don’t we buddy?”




Clarke had an internal struggle going on in that moment. She wanted to be right there with Lexa holding her hand but she also wanted to be with her son after being apart for seven long months. Seeing her sister standing before her though, clearly desperate to hold her nephew once more, she felt a calming presence telling her it was okay to leave her son with her sister.


“Are you sure you’re okay staying with Aunty O, while I go be with Mama and Scout?”




“Okay. Lexie will be here too, buddy so if you need me, just have her call me on the radio, okay?”


“Okay, Mommy.”




After transferring her son to her sister’s arms and giving him a final kiss on his head, Clarke quickly made her way back to the truck and back to her wife. As she reached the truck though, she quickly realized something was wrong. Not only were the crew of Station 13 and Meredith present but so were the rest of Seattle Grace SRT. Just as she was about to say something though, Lincoln’s words stopped her dead in her tracks.



Chapter Text

While Clarke was with Aden, Lincoln and most of his team were still at the truck worked to get Lexa free. It had only taken a few minutes to tear apart the truck’s steering column and free Lexa’s legs but the metal pole was proving to be a tad complicated. If she wasn’t pregnant, they’d use the power saw to saw off enough of the pole so that Lexa could be extricated then transported to Seattle Grace for surgery to fully remove it. But, Lexa was pregnant and everyone was hesitant to use the saw due to the hot metal pieces that would fly while the saw was being used. They were running out of ideas when Jasper came up with a more creative solution.


“Guys, I have an idea.”


“What is it, Jasper,” Gibson asked the young firefighter.


“We can’t use any of the tools we normally would but we still have tools we can use.”


“Get to the point Jasper,” Bishop drawled.


“We have those heavy-duty bolt cutters in the rig and there’s plenty of fires going on. So, what if we heat the bolt cutters until they’re hot enough to soften the metal enough for the cutters to cut the pole on both ends?”


“Huh, that might actually work. Jasper take Emori with you and get the cutters and heat them up. Be sure to wear the heat protector gloves though,” Lincoln ordered.


“Yes, Captain,” Jasper said before he and Emori quickly made their way back to the firetruck.


“Lexa, we’re going to get you out of there as soon as we can. For now, though, we have the portable fetal monitor hooked up to you so we can keep an eye on the baby and we need you to tell us if your pain level changes or anything feels off. Can you handle that?”


“Yes. Hey, Linc?”


“Yea, Lexa,” Lincoln asked as he came closer to Lexa.


“How’s Clarke been since…”


“Since our sister knocked on your front door and told her you and Aden died in a fire?”




“It’s been rough. She left Polis in the middle of the night, changed her name and made sure no one could find her unless they truly knew her and knew where to look. When she showed up at Jake and Aurora’s in the middle of the night she was sobbing and begging them to wake her up from the nightmare she was living. Aurora kicked Jake out of bed that night so she and Octavia could hold Clarke while she cried for you and Aden. We didn’t start to see signs of life in her until a few weeks later when the trauma chief retired and they offered the job to Clarke, who accepted. She said then that she couldn’t save you and Aden but as chief of trauma she could save other people’s family members. Things got a little better once she started working, but, she’s still struggling. She hasn’t talked to Octavia in five months you know. When we told her we were expecting she shut down; it’s too hard for Clarke to be around but I can tell the separation is killing her and I know it’s killing O. It’s like she’s Clarke but she’s not really Clarke without you guys. With you being back though, I think we’ll get our Clarke back too.”


“I never should have listened to Raven. It all felt so wrong but then she gave me the restraining order too and I couldn’t risk being arrested and jailed, not with Aden. Then I found out about Scout and all I wanted to do was call her but I couldn’t find her. It…it…”


“Lexa, are you okay?”


“Scout’s just getting a little active. They’re kicking every time I say Clarke’s name or talk about her. I think Scout is trying to tell me they want their mommy,” Lexa said with a pained chuckle.


“As soon as Aden’s checked out, Clarke will be back here and then my niece or nephew can settle down some.”


“No, Clarke will stay with Aden; she won’t leave him with someone who’s not family, especially after being separated from him for so long. I’ll be okay with just you here,” Lexa said with sadness clear in her tone.


“Lexa, I know she won’t want to leave her son but I also know she doesn’t want to be away from her wife; her wife who she thought was dead but she just found pregnant with their second child. Plus, I may have called Octavia so she could stay with Aden and Clarke could be with you.”


“But I thought they hadn’t spoken in months?”


“They haven’t but I know Clarke needs her sister today.”


“We’re read to cut, Cap,” Emori suddenly said as she and Jasper appeared with the iron hot bolt cutters.


“Alright, Lexa, I’m going to cover you with the fire blanket then Herrera, Bishop, Vic and Miller are going to hold the pole steady while Jasper cuts it. Once it’s cut, we’re going to wrap it with duct tape to stabilize it; I know it sounds weird but it works. As soon as the portion of the pole we have to leave in is as stabilized as it can be we’re going to get you on a backboard and get you to the Aid Car so we can get you and Aden to Seattle Grace. Sound good?”


“Yes, let’s just get this done; I hate wearing this collar and I want to be able to hug my son and wife together.”





Only a minute later, everything was set and Jasper quickly but carefully cut the metal pole about three inches from the front of Lexa’s arm and two inches from the back. Once the cuts were made, the backboard was brought in and Lincoln’s team prepared to move Lexa.


“Lexa, it may be painful when we move you because we don’t know the extent of your injuries yet but we’ve got Scout on the fetal monitor so we can keep an eye on both of you but I need you to tell us if it hurts or something doesn’t feel right.”


“I know Lincoln. I am a firefighter too you know,” Lexa said with a slight half-hearted chuckle in an attempt to ease some of the tension in the air.


“I know you’re a firefighter too, Lexa, but right now you’re someone we’re trying to rescue. Bring it in, people, let’s get my sister out of this truck.”


“Yes, Captain,” Lincoln’s team said as the moved to their positions to extract Lexa from the truck.


With everyone in position, Gibson, Vasquez, Miller and Michael counted to three and then began to carefully move Lexa out of the driver’s seat. Lexa’s face scrunched up in pain as her legs were moved and Scout’s heartbeat briefly changed with each bout of pain their mama experienced. Before anyone knew what was happening though, Lexa screamed out in pain as the fetal monitor began to beep loudly indicating the baby was in distress.




“SHIT! Cap, the fucking steel beam had a portion that went through the driver’s seat and into her back and we just pulled her off of it. Fuck! There’s too much blood! It’s just pouring out of her back,” Gibson said as the extraction efforts halted.


“She’s unconscious too,” Echo said as she attempted to wake Lexa.




Immediately, the team moved Lexa out of the truck and onto her side on the backboard as they attempted to stop or at least slow the bleeding to no avail.


“The baby’s in severe distress. Someone give me the portable ultrasound,” Meredith yelled as the fetal monitor beeped like crazy, before being handed the portable ultrasound device mere seconds later. “Okay, the good news is Lexa’s uterus has not been compromised but I can tell there’s active internal bleeding now. It looks like that steel piece was preventing the bleeding from becoming a major issue but now there’s nothing to stop it. At this rate if we can’t get the bleeding under control soon we could lose them both.”


“Then we need to transport to Seattle Grace now so she can go straight to surgery,” Lincoln said.


“No, that won’t work. She won’t make it to Seattle Grace unless we get the bleeding under control here,” Meredith sadly replied.


“FUCK,” Lincoln yelled.


“Lincoln! What’s happening,” Clarke yelled not even two seconds later as she ran to Lincoln who instantly grabbed her and prevented her from getting any closer to her wife.


“Clarke,” Lincoln began growing so serious Clarke instantly knew something was seriously wrong.


“What happened, Lincoln?!”


“Clarke, the steel beam had a piece sticking out that went through the back of Lexa’s seat and into her back. When we went to move her we inadvertently pulled her off the steel beam piece and that allowed the bleeding that had been stopped by the beam to start again. There was a lot of blood instantly Clarke, and she became unconscious almost immediately after the bleeding started. We had no way of seeing it beforehand. She’s losing too much blood now and the fetal monitor is showing the baby is in distress. If we can’t get the bleeding under control we could lose Lexa and the baby. Clarke, you need to prepare yourself,” he finished explaining as he attempted to keep his own tears at bay.


“No! No, that is not an option. I just got her back and I am not losing her or Scout,” Clarke said, as new tears instantly welled in her eyes, before forcefully shoving Lincoln off of her and running past him to close the remaining distance between herself and her wife. “If you’re not trying to stop my wife from bleeding out get the fuck out of the way,” she yelled at the Station 13 personnel and her own SRT members who had gathered having heard Lexa’s screams. “Mer, fill me in.”


“The bleeding is too severe, Clarke. She’s bleeding through all our gauze supply and at this rate we will never make it even close to Seattle Grace before she bleeds out. The portable ultrasound shows that it missed Lexa’s uterus but the baby is in distress. I think we need to do an emergency c-section now, right here, so we can at least save your child,” Meredith sadly explained.


“NO! We are saving both of them. Keep packing the wound,” Clarke ordered before activating her radio. “Little Grey, I need to speak to my sister, it’s urgent.”


“Clarke, what’s going on,” Octavia asked a moment later.


“O, are you still carrying a water bottle and teabags around with you and if so do you have any with you right now?”


“Yes, I have like three dozen tea bags and a couple bottles of water,” Octavia said with a chuckle. “Why?”


“Give Lexie a bottle of water and all the tea bags now. Don’t ask questions, just do it.”


“Okay…Clarke, is everything okay,” Octavia asked in hushed tones, clearly worried but attempting to prevent Aden from overhearing, while she handed the requested items to Lexie.


“I’m working on it. Little Grey, I need those items now. Run as fast as you can back to the truck and O, stay with Aden and do not let him out of your sight.”


“Copy that,” the women said in unison.


“Clarke, what are you planning to do? You shouldn’t even be here right now, she’s your wife.”


“And that’s exactly why I’m here. I can save her and our child, Meredith, I know I can,” Clarke said while looking at her friend and colleague pleadingly. “If you were there when that resident failed to get Derek a head CT and you could have intervened to save him, would you have?”


“Of course!”


“And that’s what I’m doing now,” Clarke said just as Lexie appeared.


“Here’s everything you asked for. How can I help?”


“I need you to take the teabags out of their wrappers and dampen them before handing them to me. Mer, once she starts handing them to me, I need to you remove the gauze. Everyone else, give us room to work but be ready to move my wife as soon as I give the order,” Clarke instructed the clearly confused Grey sisters, SRT members and Station 13 personnel present. “Just trust me,” the blonde quickly added seeing her colleagues thought she was out of her mind a second later.


“What are you going to do with these,” Lexie asked as she began dampening the teabags.


“I’m going to use them to stop, or at least slow down, Lexa’s bleeding so we can get her to Seattle Grace without losing her or Scout,” Clarke explained as she began placing the dampened teabags once the gauze was removed. “Hang in there, Lex, I am the Commander of Death and I am commanding you and Scout to stay right here with me. I just got you back and cannot lose you again,” she softly pleaded with her wife as she worked to get the bleeding under control.





A couple of minutes later, Clarke had placed the final teabag and was pleased to see barely any blood seeping out from the wound. She immediately began to put bandages over the teabags while paying attention to the fetal monitor, which showed Scout’s stats were returning to normal, but she was still concerned about her unborn child’s health and knew they may still have to deliver Scout early.


“Alright, she’s stable enough for now. Let’s move her and get her and my son to Seattle Grace stat. Lexie, you’re coming with us but Mer, I need you to stay here and take over command of SRT. I want our team to continue tagging victims and helping where they can” Clarke said before realizing everyone was staring at her with their mouths agape. “Come on people, let’s get moving! We have jobs to do and lives to save! We do not have time for you to gawk at me.”


Immediately, everyone jumped back to their assigned tasks, and the group tasked with moving Lexa, got back into position while Lincoln still looked at Clarke shocked.


“Where did you learn that trick,” Lincoln asked.


“My dad. He used this trick when he was a combat surgeon in the Army and they had no other supplies or way to stop bleeding,” she replied with a shrug.


“Damn. That’s awesome.”


“Clarke, we’re ready to transport your wife,” Herrera said before anything else could be said between Clarke and Lincoln.


“Good. Linc, I’ve got to go but I need to make one thing clear first,” Clarke said seriously.


“What’s that, Clarke?”


“I know it’s a shock to learn that Lexa and Aden are alive, and I’m sure you want to call your parents and tell them, but I am telling you that under no circumstances are you to tell them, Anya or anyone else. If I find out that you or any member of your team told someone, there will be hell to pay. Am I clear,” Clarke asked as she fixed Lincoln with what the man had dubbed her “Wanheda glare.”


“Understood. I may not agree with that decision but I respect it because you’re her wife and Aden’s mother. My guys won’t say anything either.”







Before they knew it, they had moved Lexa away from the wreckage and transitioned her to a gurney before loading her into the back of the ambulance. Clarke had quickly explained what was going on to Aden, in kid friendly terms, before everyone jumped to action to get prepared to leave. Clarke and Warren quickly got into the back of the ambulance, one on either side of Lexa while Aden sat in his mommy’s lap. Octavia and Lexie meanwhile, got into Octavia’s car and would be following the aid car to Seattle Grace. As soon as Montgomery was situated behind the wheel, Aid Car 13 sped away from the wreckage. They had no more than begun to move when Montgomery, shouted out a question Clarke should have known was coming.


“Clarke, do you want to call this in, or should I?”


Biting her lip, Clarke said, “I’ll do it. The news of who our patients are needs to come from me.”


“I thought you’d said that.”


Taking a deep breath, Clarke picked up the radio in the back of the aid car and switched the channel to the one belonging to Seattle Grace Emergency Response.


“This is Doctor Clarke Griffin-Woods, Chief of Trauma, to Seattle Grace Emergency Response. I repeat this is Doctor Clarke Griffin-Woods to Seattle Grace Emergency Response. Over.”


“This is Seattle Grace Emergency Response. Doctor, we have you listed under a different last name. Please verify your ID badge number.”


“My name on your paperwork is Clarke Blake but my legal name is Clarke Griffin-Woods. My badge number is 307.”


“Copy that. What’s your report, Doctor?”


“I will be arriving in approximately five minutes in Aid Car 13. We have two survivors of the L train derailment. Patient one is Lexa Griffin-Woods, she is twenty-eight years old and eight months pregnant. She has suffered what appear to be moderate crush injuries to both legs, her right arm is impaled by a metal pole, a steel beam penetrated her back but was removed, she has internal bleeding and possible head trauma. The baby was in distress earlier and may need to be delivered via emergency c-section. Patient two is Aden Griffin-Woods, he is four years old. He does not appear to have any broken bones but should be checked for internal injuries and possible head trauma. I need the Chief of Surgery, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Chief of Pediatric Surgery, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery, Chief of Neurosurgery, Chief of Plastics, Chief of OB, a full NICU team and all our top residents and nurses to meet us.”


“Doctor, it is not protocol to page the chief of surgery let alone the chiefs of multiple departments unless it is absolutely necessary.”


“It is necessary. The patients are VIPs; they are my wife and son, and will receive the best we have to offer,” Clarke growled.


“Understood. Everyone requested is currently being paged and will be waiting for you in the ambulance bay.”


“Thank you,” Clarke said ending the conversation with dispatch.


“Mommy,” Aden quietly asked as soon as Clarke set the radio down.




“We go to your hospital now and get all better?”


“Yeah baby, that’s exactly what we’re doing,” Clarke said with a soft smile.


“And Grandma and Grandpa will be there,” he asked hopefully.


“Yea, Aden, Grandma and Grandpa will be there.”




“Hi sweetheart. God, I’m so happy to see you’re awake,” Clarke said happily as she gently squeezed her wife’s hand.


“I’m alive?”


“Yes, baby, you’re alive.”




“Scout too.”


“We’re gonna see Grandma and Grandpa soon, Mama!”


“Wh…what,” Lexa asked as she looked between her wife and son, clearly confused from everything that had happened that day.


“We got you both out, Lex. We’re in the back of the ambulance on our way to Seattle Grace. I had all of our best people paged because only the best will be working on my wife and son.”


“And we’re all okay?”


“We still need to get you fixed up, Lex, but we’re all going to be okay.”

Chapter Text

Jake and Aurora had forced themselves to go about their workdays as normal after Clarke and the Surgical Response Team left, despite their worry for their daughter. After Aurora’s 8:00 a.m. appointment failed to show, and did not respond to calls from the office, she found herself supervising Maggie Pierce’s first solo cardio procedure. The promising young surgeon had been flawless during the procedure but just as she was nearing the end of it, Aurora’s hospital issued iPhone began to blare her ringtone indicating she was being paged.


“Niylah, can you read me that page,” Aurora asked her favorite scrub nurse.


“Of course, Doctor Griffin. The page reads as follows: ‘Doctor Clarke Griffin-Woods enroute with two L train derailment survivors. Patients are four year old Aden Griffin-Woods and twenty-eight year old Lexa Griffin-Woods…’”


The second Niylah said the two names Aurora never thought she’d hear again, she tuned out the rest of the girl’s words as her thoughts ran wild. Is this a joke? Why would Clarke send out a page that lists her dead wife and son as the patients? And since when is Clarke using her married surname again?


“Doctor Griffin, are you alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Doctor Pierce said.


“I…I…Niylah what are the names of the patient’s Clarke is bringing in?”


“Lexa Griffin-Woods and Aden Griffin-Woods…oh my God, those are the names of Clarke’s deceased wife and son aren’t they,” Niylah asked finally having connected the dots.


“Y…yes. I…I don’t know how that’s possible. Lexa and Aden, they’ve…they’ve been dead for seven months.”


“Doctor Griffin, I cannot imagine what you’re feeling right now but I do know your daughter wouldn’t page you unless she needed you,” Maggie told her mentor.


“She wouldn’t but I’m needed here to supervise,” Aurora said clearly torn.


“Doctor Griffin, I happened to be checking in with dispatch when Clarke’s message came through. With your permission, I’d be happy to take over supervising Doctor Pierce’s surgery so you can meet the ambulance when they arrive,” Doctor Teddy Altman, a Cardiothoracic Surgery Attending said as she stepped into the OR holding a mask over her face a few moments later.


“Thank you, Teddy, that is appreciated; please scrub in,” Aurora told Teddy before turning her attention to Maggie. “You’ve been flawless thus far, Maggie, good work but I need to go.”


As soon as the words left Aurora’s mouth, she turned on her heel and sprinted from the OR. Everyone left behind then took a moment to send prayers and positive thoughts to Clarke, Aurora, Jake and their family having had front row seats to how difficult the past seven months had been on all of them.





While Aurora was in surgery, Jake went to the skills lab to teach his monthly skills course with the surgical residents. Jake, who was an accomplished neurosurgeon prior to becoming Chief of Surgery, was about half-way through his lesson on ultra-microsurgery techniques using sutures as fine as hair to be able to bypass vessels blocked by ischemic strokes or ruptured by hemorrhages. He also was discussing other applications for the technique.


As he was demonstrating the technique, the paging tone of his hospital issued iPhone blared through the room. Not able to pause his work though, Jake called out for one of his residents to read the page for him.


“Can one of you please read my page to me while I finish this demonstration?”


“Yes, Chief,” Jo Wilson, one of Seattle Grace’s most promising surgical residents said as she immediately moved to check the page as she was the closest. As soon as she read the page though, she gasped.


“What is it Doctor Wilson,” Jake asked curiously as he continued his demonstration.


“Chief, I think you may need to sit down for this,” Jo said as she locked eyes with Jake, who immediately stopped what he was doing when he saw the look on the woman’s face.


“Wilson, what is it?”


“The page reads: ‘Doctor Clarke Griffin-Woods enroute with two L train derailment survivors. Patients are four year old Aden Griffin-Woods and twenty-eight year old Lexa Griffin-Woods…’”


“No, surely you’ve read that wrong because that’s not possible. My grandson and daughter-in-law died seven months ago,” Jake said as he closed the distance and retrieved his phone from Dr. Wilson’s hands. Once the phone was in his hands, Jake read the entirety of the page five times before looking up at the faces of his concerned residents looking like he had just seen a ghost. “I’m sorry, everyone, but I need to cut today’s lesson short. Please report to the pit to assist wherever you are needed,” Jake said before sprinting from the room.


“What just happened,” Doctor Penelope Blake, a resident transfer, who only started at Seattle Grace that morning, asked.


“Chief Griffin quite literally just saw a ghost, or rather two ghosts,” Finn Collins, a fifth year surgical resident, who had known Clarke for most of her life, said.


“What do you mean,” Penny asked.


“Lexa and Aden Griffin-Woods died seven months ago so there’s no way they can be survivors of the train derailment,” Finn explained.


“But who are they to the chief,” Penny asked curiously.


“They were the chief’s daughter-in-law and grandson and our Chief of Trauma Surgery, Doctor Clarke Blake, whose actual name is Doctor Clarke Griffin-Woods, was Lexa’s wife and Aden’s mom,” Finn answered.


“Penny, I know you’re new here and trying to figure everything and everyone out but we need to report to the pit as the chief instructed. If they’re already bringing in two survivors of the derailment crash it’s likely more will be on their way, so let’s go,” Jo said as she led the residents from the skills lab and to the pit, effectively ending the conversation.





“Aurora,” Jake yelled as he saw his wife running towards the ambulance bay.


“Jake! Jake, did you get paged too,” Aurora asked having stopped running so her husband could catch up to her.


“I did. I just can’t believe Clarke would be coming in with Lexa and Aden. I mean, it’s impossible. Dental records proved they died in that fire so why would Clarke page us saying she’s enroute with Lexa and Aden?”


“I don’t know but I do know our daughter has refused to use her legal surname since they died and now suddenly she identified herself as Doctor Clarke Griffin-Woods. What if it really is them, Jake?”


“I would love nothing more than for Clarke to arrive here with Lexa and Aden alive and well, but Aurora, I don’t want us to get our hopes up only to be crushed if it’s not them,” Jake said gently.


“I know but, what if it is them?”


“If it is them, we need to be there when they arrive. Let’s go,” Jake said as he grabbed his wife’s hand and pair took off running towards the ambulance bay once more.





When Jake and Aurora reached the ambulance bay entrance, it appeared that all their top doctors were present. Doctor Arizona Robbins, Chief of Pediatric Surgery; Doctor Callie Torres, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery; Doctor Mark Sloan, Chief of Plastic Surgery; Doctor Amelia Shepherd, Chief of Neurosurgery; Doctor Lucy Fields, Chief of OB; Doctor Richard Webber, an accomplished General Surgeon and former Chief of Surgery, and even Doctor Miranda Bailey, who was Chief of Staff, as well as an accomplished General Surgeon, were all awaiting the arrival of Aid Car 13. It also did not go unnoticed by Aurora or Jake that a NICU team, their top residents who were not out with SRT and their top nurses were all standing near the ambulance bay as well.


“Someone fill me in on everything we know,” Jake ordered his doctors before they all even noticed he and Aurora had arrived.


“Chief, they should have been here by now. When Clarke contacted dispatch, she said they were five minutes out. Dispatch is attempting to get an arrival update as we speak,” Amelia said.


“Okay, but do we know…are the patients really Lexa and Aden?”


“Chief, we don’t know. SRT is busy at the scene so we haven’t received any responses to any messages sent to SRT members. But, I have no reason to doubt, Clarke. Dispatch said she sounded like a woman desperate to save her family when she contacted them,” Callie replied.


“Adele called me about five minutes ago. She said she went to the scene to see if she could help as her nursing license is still valid. Jake, Aurora, she said that she saw Clarke with a little boy in her arms, a little boy who looked just like Clarke. I can’t say for sure who the boy is but Adele said she thought she had seen a ghost,” Richard said.


“Alright. You all know my family’s history and what happened seven months ago. If there’s any chance we were lied too and Lexa and Aden are not only alive but survivors of the train derailment, we need to all be on our A games. Aurora and I will not take point unless it is absolutely necessary but we will be in the room and I suspect my daughter will insist on being in the room too, and you will let her so long as she doesn’t get in the way, understood?”


“Yes, Chief,” everyone said in unison.





While everyone was awaiting the arrival of Aid Car 13 at Seattle Grace, the aid car was stuck in traffic, with no way to get around it, about one mile from the hospital. The longer they sat in traffic, the more concerned Clarke got because her tea bag solution, to slow Lexa’s bleeding, was very much so a temporary one and the aid car was not equipped to stop the bleeding should it start back up while stuck in traffic. She had wanted to keep her wife and son’s living status under wraps but she knew she needed to do something soon if she wanted to ensure the best chance at the best outcomes for her family. Making a split-second decision, she turned to Ben Warren, who was a Surgeon at Seattle Grace before joining Seattle FD.


“Ben, were you able to clear Lexa’s spine? All of it?”


“Yes. There doesn’t appear to be any spinal damage. The metal in her back missed the spine and the portable ultrasound didn’t show any noticeable spinal injury, why?”


“Because, what I used to slow the bleeding from her back was a temporary measure meant to last long enough to get us to the hospital and at this rate it could be hours before we can get through this traffic even with the lights and siren going.”


“So you want to know if you’re going to permanently injure your wife if you carried her the rest of the way, right,” Ben asked knowingly.




“I don’t advise it because it’s against protocol, but, as a husband and father, I support that plan.”


“Good. If I carry my wife, can you carry my son? I cleared his spine myself.”


“Of course. Let me put some basic supplies in my bag that I can wear on my back then we can go. We’ll need to walk, and be as careful as we can be though,” Ben cautioned Clarke.


“I know. I wouldn’t suggest this plan if I didn’t think it was necessary,” Clarke said as she put her Bluetooth ear piece in her ear and made sure the device was connected to her phone.


“Clarke, what’s going on,” Lexa asked growing concerned based on her understanding of the conversation she just overheard.


“Do you trust me, Lex?”


“Yes, with my life and our children’s lives,” the brunette said without hesitation.


“I need you to trust me right now then,” Clarke began, “Babe, there is so much traffic that we cannot get through to the hospital, even though the lights and sirens are on, and I need to get you to Seattle Grace as soon as possible so that wound where the beam impaled your back can be properly repaired, the pole can be fully removed from your arm and a full check-up can be done on Scout. Your spine has been cleared so I’m going to carry you the rest of the way to Seattle Grace and Ben is going to carry Aden. We’re only a mile away so it won’t be too long.”


“I trust you to get me and Scout there safely and if you trust Ben with our son then I trust him too,” Lexa said firmly.


“I swear I will hold him and protect him as if he was my own son,” Ben said while he finished putting supplies in his bag.


“Montgomery, did you catch all of that,” Clarke asked the man driving the aid car.


“I did. Normally, I’d tell you your plan is against protocol but if it was Michael who needed to get to the hospital and we were stuck in traffic like this, I’d do the same thing. But,” he cautioned, “I’m coming with you so we can keep as many of the monitors as possible hooked up. I’ll radio FD dispatch and let them know what we’re doing.”


“Montgomery, you can get in serious trouble for abandoning the aid car,” Clarke said even though she was touched the man offered to go with them.


“That’s why all the medications, are going in a separate bag that Montgomery can carry. The medicines are what they really don’t want stolen so if we take them with us we eliminate that issue,” Warren said as he began dumping all the meds in another bag.


“Alright, I guess we’re doing this. I’m calling my brother though; he’s a detective with Seattle PD and he can have someone come and watch the aid car.”


“Sounds good, Blake,” Montgomery said before he moved to activate his radio to contact FD dispatch.


“It’s Griffin-Woods, actually. I no longer have a need to hide my true name,” Clarke said with a soft smile as she placed a kiss to Aden’s head before bringing Lexa’s hand she was holding to her lips too.


“Griffin-Woods, I like it. It suits you better than Blake,” Montgomery said.


“Yes, it does,” Clarke said before turning her focus to her son. “I’m going to call Uncle Bell then we’re going to walk to my hospital, and you get to be carried by Ben! It’ll be an adventure; how’s that sound buddy?”


“You and Mama will still be with me though, right,” Aden asked as he turned to look Clarke in the eye.


“I’ll walk right next to you with Mama in my arms.”


“Okay. Can I say hi to Uncle Bell?”


“Sure buddy,” Clarke said, as she dialed her brother’s number and placed the call on speaker instead of Bluetooth.


“Detective Griffin speaking,” Bellamy answered after only one ring.


“Bell, it’s me and you’re on speaker by the way.”


“Clarke? You’ve been radio silent for months so what’s going on, sis?”


“Bell, I need your help.”




“No…no it can’t be. Aden?! Clarke, what the hell kind of cruel joke is this?!”


“Uncle Bell! Mommy said you could help so we can go to hospital!”


“Oh my God. Clarke, is it really him,” Bellamy asked in utter shock.


“Yea, big brother, it is. Lexa is here too,” Clarke said as she felt herself becoming overcome with emotion.


“Holy shi…holy cow and please don’t kill me for almost swearing in front of your son, Lexa,” Bellamy rushed out.


“Still afraid of my wrath, I see. Nice to know some things haven’t changed,” Lexa said with as much of a chuckle as she could muster.


“Oh my God! It is them. I have so many questions. How? When? Where have they been?”


“Bell, please save the questions for later; I don’t even have all the answers yet, but, right now I could use your help.”




“Lexa and Aden were in the L train derailment crash and we have them in the aid car about a mile south of Seattle Grace but we’re stuck in traffic that isn’t moving and can’t move over for us even though the lights and siren are on. I need to get Lexa to the hospital immediately because I was only able to do a temporary fix on an injury in the field. We’re abandoning the aid car to walk the rest of the way. All medicines are going with us so there won’t be any here for someone to steal but can you or someone else from PD come watch the aid car until someone from FD can come get it? FD is still all tied up at the crash scene. I know it’s against protocol, but this is my family, Bell, and I’m not going to chance their well-being.”


“What’s the nearest intersection to you?”


“Main and Bleecker.”


“I’m only a couple blocks away, also stuck in traffic. I’ll leave my car and walk to the ambulance and stay with it. Be careful walking, Clarke, and I’ll join you at the hospital as soon as I can.”


“Thanks, big brother. I love you.”


“I love you too, all of you,” Bellamy said before ending the call just for Clarke to immediately call her sister, who answered on the first ring.


“Clarke, I can see Warren moving around a lot in the back, is everything alright?”


“For now. O, we’re walking to Seattle Grace. I won’t ask you to walk too given that you’re…”


“Lexie and I are going with you no ifs, ands, or buts about it. What about the aid car though?”


“We’re taking all the medicines with us and Bell is coming to watch the aid car. I’m sure he’ll keep an eye on yours too.”


“I could not care less about my car. All that matters is getting them to the hospital. We’ll meet you at the back of the aid car in a few seconds,” Octavia said before ending the call.


“Alright, we’re ready to go,” Warren said not even twenty seconds after Clarke’s phone call ended.


“Let’s do this then. We’ll be at Seattle Grace before you know it,” Clarke said as everyone began to move so Lexa and Aden could be taken out of the aid car and they could begin their trek to the hospital.




Less than five minutes later, Lexa was in Clarke’s arms, Clarke being careful not to aggravate the wound on Lexa’s back or the metal pole that was still impaling her arm. Meanwhile, Montgomery carried the fetal monitor and heart rate monitor, Aden was in Ben’s arms and Lexie and Octavia were immediately behind them as they began their trek through the packed Seattle streets towards Seattle Grace.





Back at Seattle Grace, no further updates had come through their dispatch, and Jake and Aurora were growing more and more concerned with each moment that passed without the arrival of the aid car, the aid car that was expected to have arrived already. Suddenly, they heard shouts coming from behind them though. Looking behind them they saw one of their dispatchers running towards them.


“They’re on foot! They got stuck in unmoving traffic and knew time was of the essence so they took off on foot. The aid car radioed in to FD dispatch to notify them. A Detective Bellamy Griffin is on scene with the aid car while Doctors C. Griffin-Woods, O. Griffin and L. Grey are on foot with the patients alongside Warren and Montgomery of FD Station 13. FD dispatch reports they were about a mile away as of about five minutes ago.”


“What the hell are Clarke and Octavia thinking,” Jake growled.


“Jake, our girls would only break every protocol in the book if they felt it was necessary to save those they love the most.”


“What are you trying to say, Aurora?”


“I’m saying, I think the page may be correct. I think Lexa and Aden are the patients because who else would Clarke and Octavia go to these lengths for and who else would Octavia go to a scene for when she’s not even on call today?”


“You’re right. It just…it just seems so far-fetched to think it’s them.”


“I know but …,” Aurora began before being cut off by loud screams coming from the ambulance bay driveway.


When everyone turned to look for the person screaming at the top of their lungs they saw the unmistakable blonde hair of Clarke Griffin-Woods, who was running towards them far faster than should have been possible given the heavily pregnant woman in her arms; the heavily pregnant woman who was bleeding profusely.



Chapter Text

Everything was going well for the first part of their walk to Seattle Grace. Lexa was securely held in Clarke’s arms, bridal style, with extra cushioning between her bandaged back and impaled arm and Clarke’s body so the wounds wouldn’t be aggravated as the moved through the streets of Seattle. Lexa would never admit it, but she loved being back in Clarke’s arms with her head nestled in the crook of the blonde’s neck for the first time in seven months. All the monitors were working perfectly as well and Montgomery was able to easily carry them as he walked alongside the reunited couple. Aden meanwhile, found comfort being cradled close to Ben’s chest, like an infant. Ben held him close, while being careful not to allow any of his cuts to rub against Ben’s clothes or his recently stitched cut to experience any friction. Octavia and Lexie then brought up the rear, but Aden talked to them nonstop. If he wasn’t asking Clarke or Lexa something he was talking to his Aunty O and his new friend, Lexie.


Just past the quarter mile mark, Lexa finally asked a question she had been wanting to ask for a while now.




“Yea, babe?”


“Do you still talk to Raven?”


“No, I haven’t talked to her since your funeral and even then, it was only a few terse words. Why do you ask?”


“Clarke, I know we have to have a long talk but I don’t think you should tell Raven about Aden and I being back.”


“Okay…what makes you say that though? Before everything you two were on good terms.”


“Clarke, we were, at least I thought we were, but Raven she…,” Lexa trailed off and her eyes rolled back into her head as her body began to seize.


“Lexa,” Clarke yelled as she immediately stopped and laid her wife on the ground on her side as she held her as still as she could while she waited for the seizure to end.


As the seize came to an end about a minute later though, Clarke realized that the jerking movements from the seizure had caused the wound in Lexa’s back to begin gushing blood out around the tea bags and through the bandage. Clarke rushed to pack the wound before attempting to move towards the hospital but just as she thought she had the bleeding stemmed just enough to move her wife, the fetal monitor began to beep wildly indicating that Scout was in distress. Moving purely on instinct, Clarke unhooked the heart rate monitor from Lexa while scoping up the fetal monitor from Montgomery’s hands before hoisting her wife into her arms again.


“Aden, I need to get Mama to the hospital now. I’m sorry baby boy but I need to run as fast as I can, but Aunty O is going to stay here with you so you will always have a member of our family with you. Can you be my brave boy while I go get Mama and Scout help?”


“I be brave, just like you Mommy,” Aden said as he tried to appear strong even though Clarke could tell he was scared and just barely managing to hold back tears.


“Everything will be okay, Aden. Stay with Aunty O at all times. O, protect him and don’t let him out of your sight,” Clarke said before placing a rushed kiss to Aden’s head and taking off at a sprint towards the hospital.




“Little Grey, what are you doing,” Octavia asked as everyone was still standing still, shocked by the unexpected turn of events.


“I’m calling my son’s mother,” Lexie replied simply as she dialed the one number in her phone she never used unless it had to do with her son.





When Lexie hit the call button on her phone she wasn’t sure if the woman she was calling would answer or not given their less than ideal history. To her surprise though, she answered on the second ring.


“Lexie? Is everything okay? Did something happen with Damian?”


“Damian’s fine, Addison. I’m actually calling for professional reasons. We need you here, at Seattle Grace, Addison. Chief Griffin’s daughter-in-law was a victim in the L train derailment that happened earlier this morning and she’s eight months pregnant. Her wife, Chief Griffin’s daughter, Clarke, is currently running through the streets of Seattle to get her to Seattle Grace because we got caught in unmoving bumper to bumper traffic. I know I don’t know if there’s actually anything seriously wrong but I just have a feeling that they need you. So, is there any way you could get here as soon as possible? I know we don’t have the best relationship and you don’t owe me anything but Clarke just spent the past seven months thinking her wife and young son were dead only to find out today that they weren’t and I don’t think she’ll survive if she loses her wife again or if they lose their unborn child. I…”


“Lexie, stop and breathe. We can talk about our issues later but of course I’ll come. I’ve always been fond of Jake and Aurora and I remember Clarke from when she was a resident at Seattle Grace herself. I am the one who got her to seek that third board certification after all.”


“Thank you, Addison! Thank you.”


“You don’t need to thank me. Given the traffic situation, have someone meet me on the helipad in say an hour. Now, while you text whoever to tell them I’m on my way, I need you to tell me everything you know.”





While Lexie was on the phone, Clarke ran faster than she had ever run before as she sprinted towards Seattle Grace Hospital. Lexa had not regained consciousness after the seizure and Scout continued to be in distress causing Clarke to push herself to run even faster than she thought she was capable of. Before she knew it, she could see the entrance to the ambulance bay driveway. Knowing everyone she had had paged would be waiting for them by the ambulance bay doors, she began screaming at the top of her lungs, as soon as she rounded the corner and entered the driveway.




“Oh my God! It’s Clarke,” Aurora said in disbelief as her eyes settled on brunette locks she’d know anywhere, “and Lexa. Oh my God, she’s alive!”


As Aurora was momentarily frozen seeing her daughter carry her daughter-in-law she believed were dead, Jake jumped into action and ran back into the hospital. He grabbed a gurney that was not being used in the hallway and ran back towards the ambulance bay doors while shouting orders.


“I NEED AN OR READY TO GO WHEN WE GET THERE! BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING,” Jake yelled as he ran straight through the doors and out to meet his daughter half-way.


As Jake ran past everyone with the gurney, they jumped into action too and chased after him. When he reached Clarke, father and daughter worked in tandem to settle Lexa on the gurney before running back towards the hospital and their quickly approaching colleagues.


“Clarke, what happened,” Jake asked as they ran back to the hospital.


“I don’t know…I don’t know, Dad! One second she was fine and talking in my arms and the next she was seizing. I don’t know what happened. But I can’t lose either one of them, Dad,” Clarke said as she sobbed.


“We’ll do everything we can for he…for them,” Jake corrected himself once it fully registered that Lexa was pregnant.


Within seconds, they were swarmed by the team Clarke had had paged and they quickly took over and rushed Lexa into the hospital and straight to Trauma Room 1 so they could evaluate Lexa before taking her to the OR. Clarke wanted nothing more than to be with her wife but when Ben arrived with a crying Aden in his arms minutes later, she instantly scooped her son up instead and cradled him close.


“Shh, it’s okay Aden, everything will be okay.”


“B…but Ma…Mama was shaking and…and there was blood. Y…you have it on you.”


“I know what you saw was scary but I promise you the very best doctors are working on Mama right now. We got Mama to the best place she and Scout can be. It’s going to be okay, baby boy, it’s going to be okay,” Clarke said just as much to reassure herself as her son.


As Clarke held her crying son against her chest as she told a resident, sent to gather information, how she found her wife and what injuries she had. While her colleagues worked quickly to evaluate her wife though, Jake and Aurora couldn’t help but smile at the sight of their daughter finally getting to hold her son again after thinking he was dead for so long despite the less than ideal circumstances.





Lexa had been in Trauma 1 for only five or six minutes when she was rushed out and to the elevator connected to the OR floor. Clarke knew that if they were doing that, her wife’s condition was serious and the look on Miranda Bailey’s face only confirmed that.


“Clarke, why don’t you have your sister take this handsome little man to get fully checked out then he can head up daycare so we can all talk.”


“NO! I no leave Mommy,” Aden yelled as he clung to Clarke as tightly as he could.


“Miranda, please. I’ve been separated from him and my wife for seven months and I can’t bear having him out of my sight. Please just tell me how my wife and unborn child are,” Clarke begged while Jake and Aurora wrapped their arms around their daughter’s shoulders from either side.


“Okay. She has a lot of internal bleeding from where the beam pushed into her back. Her right leg is broken as well, presumably from where it was jammed under the steering column. The good news is, the pole does not appear to have damaged any nerves, only the muscle which can be repaired and the beam does not seem to have caused any permanent injuries where it pushed into her back either.”


“But all that good news means nothing if you can’t get the internal bleeding under control,” Clarke said grimly.




“And the baby? How’s Scout?”


“The baby is in some distress but stable for now. We are concerned about the amount of internal bleeding your wife has though so we may have to deliver via an emergency cesarean but Lucy is keeping an eye on them.”


“Okay. Who’s taking the lead in surgery on Lexa?”


“I will be. We’ve also sent the chopper to get Meredith. We’ve got this, Clarke; we’ve got them,” Miranda assured Clarke as she gently squeezed the blonde’s hand that was on Aden’s back.


“Aurora and I will be in the OR, Miranda. You may be Chief of Staff but I am still Chief of Surgery and I say we will be in the OR and we will jump in if needed,” Jake said firmly leaving no room for argument.


“Jake, none of you can operate on her you know that. You can be in the OR but you have to stay out of the way. And Clarke, I know you don’t want to leave your son so perhaps your sister could watch him and stay in a recovery room right by the OR so you can be nearby too just in case we need to deliver the baby early.”


“Bailey, you do whatever it takes to save my wife and our child. Is that understood?”


“It is. We’ll do everything we can,” Miranda Bailey said before squeezing Clarke’s hand one more time and turning to follow the team that had taken Lexa to the OR. “And Clarke,” she said as she briefly turned around, “you gave your child the best chance to thrive by thinking smartly and giving the steroids to mature their lungs. That triple board certification paid off today.”





As soon as Bailey disappeared, Clarke slid down the wall, cradling Aden carefully in her arms, and began to cry as soon as her butt hit the ground. She clung to her little boy as the tears fell, the emotion of the day’s events finally catching up to her.


“Mommy, no cry,” Aden said as he moved his head back and used his thumbs to wipe his mother’s tears.


“Mommy’s just really emotional today baby boy. I’ve missed you and Mama so so much and I still can’t believe you’re here and I’m holding you in my arms. And I’m just sad Mama got hurt. But, God, I love you, Aden. I love you so much.”


“Mama and Scout too?”


“Yes, I love all three of you more than anything and anyone in the universe.”




Clarke held her son close for a few more moments, telling him over and over again how much she loved him. Eventually though, the sound of a clearing throat grabbed Clarke’s attention.


“We don’t want to interrupt but do you think Grandma and I can have a hug? We’ve missed our favorite grandson.”


“Grandpa,” Aden yelled, suddenly realizing his grandparents had actually been standing there the whole time, but he still refused to let go of Clarke.


“Hi buddy,” Jake said as he crouched down, noticing his grandson did not want to leave his mother’s arms. “I’ve missed you.”


“I miss you too, Grandpa. Grandma,” he then happily said when he noticed his grandma crouching down as well.


“Hi Aden. It’s so good to see you; I’ve missed my favorite little helper in the kitchen.”


“Mommy and Mama say I’m the best helper.”


“And they are right. We’ll have to make your mama some of her favorite cookies for her to have while she heals from her injuries. How’s that sound,” Aurora asked her grandson.


“Can I put the sprinkles on?”


“Of course! You put the sprinkles on better than anyone else.”


“Hey! I put the sprinkles on good too and you always said I was the best at it Mom,” Clarke huffed.


“Well, what can I say? Your son just has that extra ounce of talent for it. You should be proud, he clearly takes after you.”


“Nah, he may look just like me but he’s all Lexa otherwise and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Clarke said as she looked at her son adoringly. “Let’s go get you fully checked out bud then we can go hangout with Aunty O while we wait for Mama to get out of surgery,” Clarke said as she stood up and, after saying temporary goodbyes, went to get Aden checked out with her sister while her parents rushed to the OR.





As Clarke expected, based on her field assessment of Aden, her son only had minor cuts and bruises with the most serious injury being the cut she had stitched up in the field. Despite his overall good health though, it still took about an hour to check Aden because Clarke insisted on a very thorough check-up just in case.


By the time they reached the recovery room, that had been assigned to them so Clarke could be near the ORs just in case, Lexa had been in surgery for about an hour and a half. Lexie had come out to update them not long after they arrived in the recovery room and thankfully everything was going well. Bailey and Richard Webber had had some trouble finding the source of the bleeding but once Meredith arrived, about fifteen minutes into surgery, they were able to work together and find the source in Lexa’s back and successfully stop the bleeding. With the bleeding stopped, Scout’s stats immediately improved as well giving the team hope that they would not have to perform an emergency caesarian.


Once the bleeding had been stopped, Callie Torres and Mark Sloan began to remove the pole from Lexa’s arm. They were able to do so quicker than they thought they would be able to and together with Amelia Shepherd, they were able to conduct tests in the OR to verify that none of Lexa’s nerves had been damaged. With the arm injury just needing to be closed, something Mark insisted on doing so that Lexa wouldn’t end up with a nasty scar, the rest of the team moved on to repairing Lexa’s remaining injuries.


When they had been in the OR for two hours and fifteen minutes, all injuries had been repaired and they only had to finish closing. Everyone sighed in relief at the knowledge that fixing their Trauma Surgery Chief’s wife’s injuries had not been as complicated as they feared and they celebrated Scout becoming stable so that they did not have to deliver the baby prematurely. As Meredith was finishing suturing a small laceration on Lexa’s torso though, the fetal monitor began wildly beeping.


“What’s happening,” Jake asked as soon as he saw the worried look on Lucy’s face.


“She’s contracting but something else isn’t right. We shouldn’t be getting this much distress just for contracting,” Lucy said as she studied the monitor’s readouts.


“Guys, she’s bleeding,” Lexie said as soon as she noticed blood pooling in between Lexa’s legs.


“Get me an ultrasound,” Lucy yelled having a bad feeling about the situation.


Seconds later, Lucy was pushing her way through the sea of surgeons and running the ultrasound probe along Lexa’s abdomen. When she located the problem on the screen her face blanched and instantly everyone knew something was terribly wrong.


“Lucy, what’s happening,” Aurora asked, petrified of the answer based on Lucy’s facial expression.


“Lucy! What’s happening,” Jake shouted when Lucy stood still seconds later as she just stared at the screen.


Coming out of her stupor Lucy looked at Jake with terrified eyes before she began speaking faster than anyone thought she was capable of.


“She has a placenta abruption. The placenta has completely detached from the uterine wall and it appears there is a small tear in the uterus behind where the placenta was, likely caused by the train derailment. We, I, missed the tear and that tear has grown, which likely helped lead to the abruption. We need to deliver the baby now and attempt to repair the uterus within the next few minutes if she ever wants to have the option to have more children.”


“Well, what are you waiting for?! Get to work,” Jake ordered but instead Lucy stood frozen once more.


“Chief, I’m a little out of my depth here. I’ve never dealt with this situation before.”


“Then you can get the hell out of this OR and let someone who knows what they’re doing take over,” Addison Montgomery said as she entered the OR swiftly, having just finished scrubbing in.


“Addison,” Jake said in disbelief and relief.


“We can talk later, Jake; all I need from you or Bailey are privileges so I can save your daughter-in-law and grandchild.”


“You have full privileges,” Jake said without hesitation and Addison immediately had gloves put on her hands and got to work, after pushing Lucy out of the way.





While Addison got to work, Lexie was sent to update Clarke and the second she walked in the room, Clarke knew something went wrong.


“Lexie, what happened?”


“Clarke, can we speak privately, please?”


Sensing that whatever Lexie had to say was not age appropriate for Aden, Clarke assured her son that she was just going into the hallway but would be right back. Once the boy was settled with Octavia, Clarke followed Lexie into the hall.


“What happened, Lexie? I’m not stupid I can tell something happened,” Clarke asked worriedly.


“We were almost finished when the fetal monitor went crazy. Lexa has suffered a total placenta abruption and her uterus, behind the placenta, had a small tear that Lucy didn’t see before so it went unfixed. When the placenta detached, though, it made the tear larger. The tear has to be repaired quickly not only to save Lexa but if she ever wants the option of getting pregnant again and we have to deliver the baby via emergency caesarian if we have a hope of saving them both,” Lexie managed to calmly explain.


“No! I don’t want Lucy near my wife! If she is so incompetent that she missed a tear in my wife’s uterus, she is not competent enough to treat her or deliver my child,” Clarke said outraged as she moved to go to the OR.


“Clarke, I agree with you and so did your dad. Addison arrived as this was all happening and your dad gave her full privileges. She’s the one working on Lexa and who will be delivering the baby.”


“Addison as in Addison Montgomery, my former teacher and your fiancé’s baby momma?”


“Yes, that Addison. She’s the best there is so I called her the second you took off running with Lexa just in case,” Lexie said sheepishly.


“Thank you! Thank you, thank you! You are officially my favorite resident,” Clarke said as she pulled Lexie in for a quick tight hug. “I want to be in the room for the delivery though,” Clarke said growing serious once more.


“I figured as much. Go tell your son that you’re going to hold his mama’s hand while the doctors finish helping her then we’ll get you to the OR,” Lexie said but before she even finished speaking, Clarke was already back in the room telling Aden she was going to hold his mama’s hand but Aunty O would stay with him until she came back.





Less than a minute later, Clarke ran into the OR where she saw her former mentor part-way through delivering Scout.


“Clarke, you’re just in time,” Addison said, as she briefly looked up to meet Clarke’s eyes. “Why don’t you come closer so you closer so you can properly see your little one be born.”


Not needing to be told twice, Clarke practically ran to her wife, quickly reaching for and holding her hand, and watched in awe as Addison delivered her and Lexa’s second child. Moments later, Addison pulled her hands back and in those hands she held the most beautiful baby Clarke had ever seen, other than Aden of course. When the baby started crying seconds later, Clarke broke down in tears knowing Scout was okay.


“Would you like to cut the cord, Clarke,” Addison asked.


Nodding her head vehemently, Clarke let go of Lexa’s hand and quickly took the scissors, Niylah handed her and cut her little one’s umbilical cord. Before she could celebrate the birth of her and Lexa’s second child though, Lexa’s monitors went haywire and Clarke was quickly moved aside. She had just reached where her parents were standing when the one sound you never want to hear in an OR was heard, the monotone beep of a flat line on the heart monitor; Lexa’s heart had stopped.

Chapter Text

“LEXA,” Clarke cried as she watched her colleagues, her friends, attempt to restart her wife’s heart.


“Charge to two sixty,” Meredith yelled as everyone worked furiously to get Lexa’s heartbeat back.


“We need to find the source of all this blood,” Miranda said.


“It’s not the uterus,” Addison said a moment later.


“Paddles ready,” a nurse announced as she handed them to Meredith.


“Clear,” Meredith yelled as she shocked Lexa.


“Come on baby, come on,” Clarke mumbled under her breath before her attention was drawn to her newborn who was crying as Arizona and the NICU team worked on the baby.




“And we’ve got her back,” Meredith said clearly relieved before adding, “but we need to find where all this blood is coming from or she could arrest again.”


Jake and Aurora could tell their daughter was torn. They knew she wanted to be near Lexa, especially now, but they also knew she wanted to be with her child. They were about to tell her to go be with her child when they heard one of the surgeons yell that Lexa was crashing again while all the surgeons were working at exceptional speeds to try and contain and stop the bleeding to no avail. As Lexa’s heartrate continued to drop once more, Clarke was hit with an epiphany.


“IT’S HER LIVER,” Clarke shouted.


“What,” Callie Torres asked.


“It’s her liver. She endured blunt force trauma in her back from the steel beam and that trauma is causing her liver to bleed, there’s probably even a nick in her liver, and that blood loss is causing a strain on her heart,” Clarke rushed out.


Meredith, Miranda and Richard all began searching for bleeding from the liver but after two minutes, two minutes in which Lexa’s stats were still unstable and her heart rate kept falling before steadying out for a moment then falling again, the three surgeons were unable to locate the bleed. As Clarke’s frustrations grew, Arizona alerted her that the baby appeared healthy but they were taking the baby to the NICU to be fully checked out to be safe. Clarke desperately wanted to go with her child but she could not leave her wife in that moment. Thankfully, her mother understood and immediately went to follow the baby so the newest member of their family wouldn’t be alone.


About ten seconds after Aurora had left with the baby, the source of Lexa’s bleeding still had not been found despite three of the nation’s top general surgeons searching for it. In that instant, Clarke made a decision and she didn’t give a fuck who took issue with it. Without saying a worked she left the OR and walked directly into the scrub room where she began to scrub in but was quickly joined by her father.


“Clarke, what do you think you’re doing?”


“I’m scrubbing in, Dad. I am the best surgeon to locate the bleed and you know it. No one here knows more about trauma injuries than me and I will not simply stand by and watch as my wife gets closer to death with each passing second when I know I could save her,” Clarke growled.


“Clarke, I know you want to help but you cannot operate on her; she’s your wife!”


“Don’t you think I fucking know that?! She’s my wife and I vowed to always protect her and that is what I’m doing now. If you have a problem with it take away my surgical privileges but I will still operate anyway. I do not care if this costs me my job or even my medical license because nothing and no one is more important than my family and my wife needs me now,” Clarke hissed as she finished scrubbing. “So, what’s it going to be, Chief? Are you going to approve this or am I going against orders?”


“Clarke, I cannot allow…,” Jake began but before he was even half-way through speaking, Clarke brushed past him and into the OR.





As soon as Clarke was back in the OR, Niylah knew what she planned to do and immediately gloved her hands and put a gown around her. The moment she was ready, Clarke marched up to the OR table where her wife’s stats were once again falling.


“I am taking over. Unless I specifically ask for your assistance, I want your hands out of my wife’s body, are we clear,” Clarke asked as she affixed everyone with her Wanheda glare. “Good. Addison, you can continue closing from the c-section and Niylah I need my liver suture kit.”


“Clarke, you cannot operate on her, she’s your wife,” Miranda said.


“And I will tell you what I told my father; I am the most qualified surgeon to handle this patient’s trauma injuries. If you have a problem with it take away my surgical privileges but I will still operate anyway. I do not care if this costs me my job or even my medical license because nothing and no one is more important than my family and my wife needs me now.”


“Meredith, take offer for Doctor Blake, she is not to operate on this patient,” Miranda said clearly but Meredith did not attempt to do so.


“For the last time, it’s Doctor Griffin-Woods!”


“Meredith, take over for Doctor Griffin-Woods, now,” Miranda said again.


“I’m sorry but I cannot do that, Chief Bailey,” Meredith said as she took another step back from the OR table.


“And why the hell can’t you?”


“Because, Clarke is right. She’s the top-rated trauma surgeon in the country. If anyone can fix her wife’s trauma induced injuries, it’s her, just like Amelia or I could have saved Derek had we been there. We couldn’t save him, but Clarke can save her wife and I will not stand in the way of that. History is not repeating itself here, not on my watch. Fire me if you want, but I will not interfere unless Clarke requests my assistance,” Meredith said as every other surgeon, except Addison, stepped back from the OR table.


“Callie? Amelia? Richard? Mark? Will any of you take over for Doctor Griffin-Woods?”


“No ma’am,” they all said in unison.


“Doctor Griffin-Woods…CLARKE,” Miranda yelled, “step away from the patient this instant or you will no longer be a doctor at Seattle Grace Hospital.”


Ignoring the Chief of Staff’s words, Clarke continued to work on her wife. She quickly identified the source of the bleed to be a microscope nick in Lexa’s liver, likely caused by the force of the crash and steel beam slamming into, and through, her seat in the truck before partially impaling her back. Using techniques that only trauma surgeons were truly proficient in, Clarke just as quickly got to work repairing the liver while ensuring total functionality of the organ. As she worked, the argument about her actions continued.


“Chief Bailey, with all due respect there is not a single surgeon in this hospital that is not this woman’s family. You and Chief Griffin have instilled in us that we are all family and we took that to heart. We’re all her family, Chief, plain and simple. So, if Clarke can’t operate none of us can.”


“Amelia, there are rules,” Miranda began all the while Clarke worked at exceptionally fast speeds to save her wife.


“I have it! I have the bleeder and…it’s fixed,” Clarke happily exclaimed before anything else could be said.


Within seconds of Clarke declaring she had fixed the issue, Lexa’s stats all returned to normal and her strong and steady heartbeat was fully present once more. Everyone gaped at Clarke, surprised by how quickly she not only found, but resolved, the issue they themselves still didn’t fully understand. Satisfied that her wife was no longer in peril, Clarke walked to the head of the OR table and kissed her wife’s forehead lovingly.


“It’s okay, Lex, it’s all okay now. I made it better, I promise. We have a beautiful baby, Lex, you did so good. I love you, baby, and before you know it our whole family will be together again,” Clarke whispered to her wife before placing another kiss to Lexa’s forehead. Clarke then stood tall and took a look around the OR, turning to face both her father and Miranda. “Chiefs, my work here is done. Mark, I trust you can close without leaving my wife with a larger scar than necessary?”


“Of course, Clarke.”


“And Chiefs, you don’t have to worry about firing me, I quit. No job will ever be more important than ensuring my wife and children’s health and safety. But, let me leave you with this, had I not stepped in my wife could be dead because none of you knew where the bleed was nor do any of you know how to properly use the intricate suture technique I used. By wanting to prevent me from operating you were saying you were okay with my wife, the mother of my children, dying for the sake of following a rule. You need to check your priorities, both of you,” Clarke said before turning on her heel to leave the OR and check on her newborn. “Oh, and one last thing, Chief Bailey, as you may recall, you operated on your husband only a few months ago because you said you were the best surgeon for the job. Pot meet kettle.”


Not even a second later, Clarke was gone and everyone in the OR was shocked at what had just happened.


“Well, I’m done here as well. I’ll check on her once she’s in recovery,” Addison said as she turned to leave the OR as well. “For the record though, that girl just did what we,” Addison said as she looked at Miranda and Jake, “taught her to do when she was a resident. We taught her to fight for our patients and we taught her that the best surgeon for the job should do the job no matter what. Clarke Griffin-Woods was the best surgeon for this job and you both know it. Fix this or you can be sure St. Ambrose will be more than happy to make the top trauma surgeon in the country their next Trauma Chief,” she finished and then promptly left the OR.


“I agree with Addison,” Meredith said as she too was finished in the OR. “My mother would have applauded Clarke for what she just did if she were still Chief of Surgery. And Bailey, with all due respect, when I was a resident, you were our supervising resident, and then-Chief Webber made you determine Izzie’s punishment for cutting Denny’s LVAD wires and you chose to simply suspend her and then she was allowed back in the program after she attended therapy and Denny died. Izzie did what she thought she had to do to save her fiancé and he died yet you didn’t fire her. Hell, you even made her the Chief of Surgical Oncology just last month! Meanwhile, Clarke, the nation’s top trauma surgeon, saved her wife’s life in the field with that teabag innovation and then she operated on her wife, who had a trauma injury, and saved her life yet again and you told her she would be fired for it, thus causing her to quit. It’s not right and you know it.”





When Clarke left the OR, she had gone straight to the NICU. By the time she arrived, Arizona and the NICU team were just finishing their newborn examination on the baby, under the watchful eye of Clarke’s mother. As soon as the exam was over, Arizona turned around with the little one in her arms when she noticed Clarke.


“Congratulations, Mama, it’s a girl and she’s a perfectly healthy six pound, seven ounce and twenty inch long little girl at that,” Arizona happily said as she approached Clarke and placed the little bundle of joy into her arms.


“Lexa is Mama; I’m Mommy,” Clarke said softly as she sat down in a nearby reclining chair.


“My apologies. You have a beautiful baby girl, Mommy.”


“Wait…a…a girl? But I saw a…she’s intersex like me,” Clarke asked in realization.


“She is. I made sure to run the test immediately. I’m going to step outside to give you guys some family time alone with her. If you need me just call or text me,” Arizona said before leaving the room.


“We knew when we decided to have biological children that there would always be a chance that I would pass down the gene mutation but I always hoped none of my children would have to know the pain I knew growing up intersex.”


“Sweetheart, this little girl is going to be just fine with you and Lexa as her parents. And Clarke, she has something your dad and I could never give you,” Aurora softly said as she watched her daughter with her own daughter.


“What’s that,” Clarke asked curiously.


“Someone who knows exactly what it’s like being intersex. Your father and I tried our best to be there for you but we know we weren’t able to ever truly understand,” Aurora said sadly.


“No, no one understood fully but I had you and Dad and I had Lexa, though and that meant everything to me; having Lexa meant everything. Lexa was there every day and she never left. She was the first person besides you, Dad, O and Bell to tell me that I was perfect just the way I am. She has always loved me for me and we will spend every day making sure Scout knows that she is loved and absolutely perfect just the way she is too. I’m going to protect her until my dying breath and I will always fight for her,” Clarke said resolutely.


“And she’s very lucky to have you and Lexa as her mommies and she’s got the best big brother too. Aden will always protect her, I know it.”


“Yeah. She’s perfect, absolutely perfect, and I can’t wait until the four of us are together,” Clarke said in awe of her daughter who just so happened to be a carbon copy of her big brother when he was born.


“She is. This was all you used to dream of when you were a teen. You’d tell your dad, Bellamy, Octavia and I just about every day how you were going to marry Lexa and have what four kids?”


“Six. Six kids so there’s always a sibling to play with and when they had kids one day their children would always have plenty of aunts, uncles and hopefully cousins too,” Clarke said as a small smile spread across her face.


“Ah yes, six kids, how could I forget,” Aurora said with a slight chuckle. “I never understood how you settled on six kids at such a young age though.”


“It’s easy really. We both grew up with two siblings, which was great, but it meant there was an odd person out sometimes. When the six of us got together though, it seemed perfect so when we were sixteen and we got the confirmation that I could get a woman pregnant, we talked about kids and we decided six was the perfect number.”


“That’s really sweet actually. I can’t help but notice you only mentioned two siblings for yourself though. I know the past seven months have been unimaginable for you but I thought you and Raven had reconnected?”


“Mom, I know you mean well but can we table that discussion for another time, please? I just want to focus on Scout, Aden and Lexa right now.”


“I understand. How did the rest of Lexa’s surgery go? Since you’re here I assume everything worked out?”


“Lexa’s going to be fine; I made sure of that,” Clarke said, her gaze never leaving her daughter.


“What do you mean you made sure of that?”


Sighing loudly, Clarke took a deep breath knowing she was going to have to explain what happened to her mother.


“They were able to bring Lexa back but her stats kept crashing. She was really unstable, Mom, and I was afraid if her heart completely stopped again that we wouldn’t get her back,” Clarke said as tears welled in her eyes from just thinking about how close she came to losing her wife in the OR. “They couldn’t find the source of the bleed that was the cause of everything. But, then it clicked in my head that it was her liver. The steel beam partially impaling her back caused trauma to the liver and it caused minuscule cut. Unless you’re a trauma surgeon you likely wouldn’t think of the liver or be able to find the cut. I gave them a chance to find it after I told them it was her liver but they didn’t and Lexa’s stats were crashing so I did what I had to do to save my wife, I scrubbed in and took control. I found the problem and I fixed it and as soon as I did, Lexa’s stats returned to normal.”


“Miranda and your father let you operate on your wife,” Aurora asked with a disbelieving arched brow.


“I didn’t give them a choice. They both told me I couldn’t but I was the best surgeon for the job and they know it,” Clarke said but Aurora could tell there was more to the story.


“What aren’t you telling me, Clarke?”


“Miranda told the other surgeons to take over for me but none would; they all supported me. She then told me to step away from the OR table or I’d no longer be a doctor at Seattle Grace. I didn’t step away. After I was sure I had repaired the damage, and Lexa would be okay, I told Miranda and Dad they didn’t have to fire me because I quit because no job would ever be more important than ensuring the health and safety of my wife and kids. Then I left and came here after making sure those I trusted would close.”


“I can’t believe they took that stance!”


“It’s okay, Mom. St. Ambrose has been trying to get me to work there since the moment I came here so I’ll be fine. Plus, without having to worry about my service here, I can focus on this little miracle, Aden and Lexa. We can have some time just the four of us.”


“I suppose, but it isn’t right. Everyone in this hospital has treated a family member at some point.”


“I know but I will never regret my choice for even a second. I would do it all over again to ensure my wife lived. Once I have all of us in the same room, I don’t think I’m going to be able to let any of them out of my sight. It’s already killing me not having Aden and Lexa here with me now,” Clarke admitted.


“Do you want me to go get Aden so he can be here with you?”


“I would love nothing more, but Lexa should be here when Aden meets Scout for the first time. But, would you mind going to check on him? I know I can trust O with him but I’d just feel better if he was checked on.”


“I can do that. Can I tell them about the baby?”


“No, I want Lexa there for that too. For now, maybe just tell them that Lexa is in recovery and I’m making sure everything’s okay and you’ll bring them to us just as soon as Lexa is settled in her room. And tell Aden I love him and am so proud of how brave he’s been today.”


“I can do that. Have someone get us or text your sister or me when you want Aden brought to you. I love you, sweetheart, and I love you too Scout,” Aurora said as she placed a kiss to her daughter’s head and lightly caressed her granddaughter’s cheek before leaving the room, determined to make a pit stop before joining her youngest daughter and grandson.





As soon as Clarke was alone with her daughter, she carefully placed her in her cot so she could remove her shirt so she and Scout could bond via skin-to-skin contact. Once her daughter was lying directly on her skin, Clarke couldn’t help the tears that began to fall. She cried out of pure happiness at having her wife and son back and her perfect newborn daughter. She also cried out of sadness at having been separated from her family for seven long months and missing her wife’s pregnancy. And she cried out of frustration too at not understanding why they were kept apart and at her bosses who seemed to be okay with her wife dying on the OR table instead of just giving her permission to operate and save her wife’s life. Mostly though, she cried out of gratitude for whatever Gods saw fit to bless her and Lexa with not one but two perfect children. Clarke’s heart was overfilled with love for her wife and children in that moment.


“Hi little one. I’m your mommy and your mama will be with us soon, so will your big brother. You look just like he did when he was born which means you look just like me. As much as I love that you look like me, and so much like your brother, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping you at least look like your mama some. You’re a very special little girl Scout. Some people will be mean because of it but I will make sure you always know that you are perfect just the way you are. I’m going to guide you and help you with everything, my sweet angel. You will never ever feel alone and if you ever need to talk to someone who understands I will be here. You are perfect, absolutely perfect my little love,” Clarke said lovingly before placing a kiss to her daughter’s head.


Clarke continued to sit there for a long time, cradling her newborn daughter in her arms, taking in every detail of her little face. There was no denying that she was a carbon copy of Aden, meaning she was a copy of Clarke, minus their noses, they both had Lexa’s nose. After several minutes, Scout nuzzled into Clarke’s chest more, making a contented noise once she was comfortable. Clarke couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face as she watched her little girl and she felt her chest fill with pride knowing that her daughter was content in her arms. A few minutes later though, Scout began moving her head around Clarke’s chest and it took the blonde no time at all to know her baby girl was searching for her breast because she was hungry.


“I’m sorry, sweetheart, but you won’t find what you’re looking for here. Mama is the one who can feed you that way, but don’t worry, I know where everything is kept here so I can make you a bottle,” Clarke told her daughter as she rose and made her way to small kitchenette area and prepared a bottle for her daughter.


When the bottle was ready, she returned to the reclining chair and began to feed her daughter her first ever bottle. Scout quickly latched onto the tip of the bottle, which was made to imitate the nipple, and one hand came to rest on the side on the bottle. As she greedily drank from her bottle, it was almost as if she could sense her mommy was watching her closely. Eyelids began to slowly flutter until about a minute later, they slowly opened and looked directly into Clarke’s shimmering ocean blue ones causing Clarke to gasp as blue met newborn green for the very first time.


“Oh my God! You have your mama’s eyes, you have your mama’s eyes,” Clarke cooed as fresh tears welled in her eyes and she wished Lexa was there to witness the moment their daughter opened her eyes for the first time.”





Meanwhile, back on the OR floor, Miranda and Jake found themselves standing in the corridor together, after Lexa had been taken to recovery, when Richard Webber approached them.


“You both are lucky that Clarke stepped in when she did. Had she not, had she followed the rules, her wife likely would be dead right now because none of us were equipped to make the save she made. The rule prohibiting us from treating or operating on family members is there to protect us from being in a situation where we can’t perform to the best of our abilities because our judgment is clouded by our emotions. But, even the AMA would agree that sometimes, we have to operate on, or treat, our family members. Clarke’s judgment was clear. She was focused solely on her task and did not let her emotions get the best of her. She was flawless in there and she is the reason her wife is alive right now, don’t forget that. You both meant well by trying to enforce the rules but to be good chiefs you need to see the bigger picture. Miranda, you’re still learning how to be a chief of staff and Jake, you were acting as a father who was afraid of what would happen if things didn’t go well in there, but, you both are fools if you don’t try to get our chief of trauma surgery back,” Richard said before leaving the two chiefs alone once more.


“How is it that after all these years, he’s still teaching us,” Miranda mused.


“It’s just what Richard does. He was right though. I knew she was the best surgeon for Lexa in that moment but I was terrified, as her father, of what would have happened if she couldn’t save her and then she lost her wife all over again. I didn’t want Clarke to have to live with it if she wasn’t able to save her.”


“I understand that. When I became the chief of staff two months ago, I swore I would always uphold the rules. I think, in part, it was my way of atoning for times when I broke the rules or allowed those I supervised to break the rules.”


“You were trying to atone for Denny Duquette,” Jake said knowingly.


“On some level, yes. I’ve always wondered if I supervised them better if Izzie still would have cut his LVAD wires; I’ve wondered if he’d still be alive.”


“Izzie was blinded by love and was desperate to save her fiancé but cutting his LVAD wires was not what killed him. Denny threw a clot which caused a massive stroke after a successful heart transplant. Aurora blamed herself for his death for a long time, because she was his surgeon, but what happened to Denny in the end was no one’s fault, Miranda.”


“Logically, I know that. Jake, I was so focused on following the rules today that I did lose sight of who we really are as doctors and surgeons. I’m a general surgeon and I still can’t tell you what exactly caused Lexa’s bleed and I work on livers all the time! Meanwhile, it took Clarke all of what, ten seconds to figure out where the injury was all without even seeing the surgical field? She’s gifted, probably the most gifted surgeon I’ve ever seen, that’s why she became the youngest department head in the history of this hospital and I just caused her to quit.”


“Don’t beat yourself up too much, Miranda. We both contributed to the situation. We both tried to force her to stand down. The good news is that this can be fixed. Give my daughter some time to cool down and be with her family then talk to her.”


Before Miranda could reply though, a very angry Aurora stormed up to the pair.


“Which one of you would like to explain why my daughter just told me she quit her job to avoid being fired? Are you two fucking stupid?! I will never forgive either of you if my daughter leaves Seattle to work elsewhere and, Jake, you can expect to be sleeping on the couch tonight.”


“Aurora, we were trying to follow protocol but…,” Jake began before being cut off.


“No. I do not want to hear any excuses. You, of all people, should have been able to tell that Lexa made it to this hospital alive because of our daughter, or did you forget that you’re the one that taught her that teabag trick that was used on Lexa’s back?! I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed in the two of you than I am right now.”


“Aurora,” Miranda began.


“No. You may technically be my boss, Miranda, but I was your teacher and I know for a fact I taught you that rules are great and should be followed but only if they are not harming our patients. The rules mean nothing if they are harmful to our patients!”


“Aurora, we’re sorry. We had good intentions, I swear,” Jake began.


“No! I don’t want your excuses or apologies; I just want you to make it right. Now if you’ll excuse me, I promised my daughter I’d go sit with her son and sister while she enjoys some bonding time with her newborn,” Aurora said before storming off.


“Yea, we fucked up no matter how many good intentions we had,” Jake said solemnly.


“That tea bag trick was genius though. No wonder she chose to focus on trauma despite being triple board certified,” Miranda said.





Approximately two hours after Lexa’s surgery ended, Clarke had been notified that Lexa had been moved from recovery and into the VIP suite on the maternity floor. With Arizona’s approval, Clarke had placed her daughter in the plastic cot and wheeled her in it to Lexa’s room. Once in the room, she settled Scout in her cot, which was placed next to the chair Clarke sat in beside Lexa’s bed. Clarke then sat down herself and held her wife’s hand, patiently waiting for her to wake up.


It wasn’t until an hour later when Clarke felt the first signs that Lexa would soon wake when the brunette squeezed her hand. Ten minutes after that, Clarke watched Lexa’s eyelids flutter before finally blue met green.


“Cl…Clarke,” Lexa rasped.


“Hi baby,” Clarke said as tears welled in her eyes as her emotions got the best of her.




“Of course,” Clarke said as she rushed to get her wife some water to drink.


After Lexa sipped her water, her uninjured left hand subconsciously drifted to her stomach and Clarke saw the moment that panic hit her wife’s eyes.


“Sc…Scout? Where’s Scout,” she worriedly asked.


“She’s right here, Lex. Scout is right here,” Clarke said as she moved and picked up their daughter from her cot and then placed the sleeping little one on Lexa’s chest.


“She,” Lexa asked as tears streamed down her cheeks.


“Yea, she. She’s…she’s um like me, Lex, she’s intersex.”


“And just makes her even more perfect and special, just like her mommy,” Lexa said sincerely and without hesitation.


“She really is perfect. She looks just like Aden when he was born, except the eyes.”


“What do you mean, Clarke?”


“She has your eyes, Lex, and they’re gorgeous,” Clarke said just as Scout woke up and looked at her mama, and for the first time green met green.


“Oh my God, they’re beautiful. She’s perfect, absolutely perfect,” Lexa said as she looked at her little girl with so much love and adoration.


“She’s missing one thing though, Lex,” Clarke said with a wry smile.


“What do you mean,” Lexa asked clearly perplexed.


“A name, Lex, she needs a name.”


Smiling wide Lexa said, “I have the perfect name in mind, my love.”

Chapter Text

“The perfect name hmm? Care to share what that name might be,” Clarke asked with an arched brow.


“Clarke Scout Griffin-Woods,” Lexa said with a confident smile.


“Y…You want to give our daughter my name,” Clarke asked completely shocked.






“Because, you are the one who kept us both positive even after multiple negative pregnancy tests, you are the one who accepted and loved her the second you knew about her even though we had been apart for months, you are the one who made sure she was okay in the truck, you are the one who made sure I stayed alive to even get here so that our daughter could have a chance to live and you are the one who ran me to the hospital at the first sign of trouble. You are the reason our daughter and I are here and I cannot think of a better name for the most perfect little girl than the name of her amazing mommy.”


“I…I don’t know what to say,” Clarke said completely shocked.


“We can still call her Scout, but if you are okay with it I really would like to name her after you.”


Looking down at her daughter with nothing but love and adoration, Clarke was overcome with emotion at the knowledge that her wife, her amazing wife, wanted to name their daughter after her. As she took in her daughter’s features, that were identical to her own, minus her nose and eyes, she knew that the name fit her daughter perfectly. The greatest honors of Clarke’s life were being Aden and Scout’s mother and Lexa’s wife but having her daughter carry her name was a whole other type of honor, one she was humbled to be bestowed with.


With a smile spreading across her lips, Clarke looked at her wife and said, “Clarke Scout Griffin-Woods, is the perfect name for our perfect girl. I love you, Lexa, and I love you Clarke Scout Griffin-Woods, our little Scout.”


“I love you too, Clarke, and I love our little Scout so much; I hope you know that.”


“I do. I do know that, baby,” Clarke said as she leaned in and sweetly kissed her wife just as Scout’s disgruntled cries began to be heard. Pulling back from the kiss, Clarke said with a chuckle, “I think our daughter is hungry again.”


“Again,” Lexa asked perplexed as she didn’t know her daughter had already fed since being born.


“Yeah,” Clarke said sheepishly. “She was hungry not long after she was born so I made her a bottle. She’s an eager eater though, that much is for sure,” she said with a smile.


“Sounds just like her mommy,” Lexa said with a smirk. “Do you think you could help me pull my gown down and position her? It’s a little hard with just one working arm.”


“Baby, I will always help you,” Clarke said as she carefully helped Lexa get set to breastfeed Scout.


As soon as Scout was positioned against her mama’s naked breast, she rooted her little head around for a few seconds before latching on and beginning to eagerly drink her mama’s milk.


“You weren’t kidding, she really is an eager eater and she definitely inherited that from you, not me.”


“Hey, that’s on you that I’m an ‘eager eater’ as you put it. It’s not my fault that your mom introduced me to the amazingness of creole food and I had to learn to eat that fast if I wanted to stand a chance at getting a serving with you around because you always ate off my plate,” Clarke said in self-defense.


“I didn’t hear you complaining when you watched me wrap my mouth around your fork and suck everything from it,” Lexa said suggestively.


“Lex,” Clarke whined, “you know what you do to me when you talk like that and we can’t do that for a while.”


“I’m sorry, love,” Lexa said before growing serious. “Clarke?”


“Yea, babe?”


“Is Aden here at the hospital too?”


“He is. My mom and Octavia are with him.”


“Good, that’s good. Has he met Scout yet?”


“No. He doesn’t even know she’s been born. I knew you would want to be part of those moments and I wanted to share them with you,” Clarke said bashfully.


“Y…You waited so I could experience those moments,” Lexa asked as her hormones got the best of her and she felt herself tear up.


“I did. He does know you’re okay though. I told Mom to tell him that you were in recovery and I’d come get him as soon as you were settled in your room.”


“Can you go get him now, please? I really want all of us together,” Lexa said as Scout finished feeding and Clarke helped reposition her so Lexa could burp her.


“Nothing would make me happier than having our boy with us. But why don’t I call Mom or O and have them bring him up? I…I…”


“What is it, Clarke?”


“I’m afraid if I walk out that door that I’ll wake up and realize all of this was a dream,” Clarke quietly admitted.


“Oh, baby, no. Clarke, I swear to you, this is very real. We found our way back to each other and we will never lose each other again.”


“But, we still don’t know what happened seven months ago. What if…what if whoever kept us apart comes here while I’m gone and they separate us again,” Clarke asked clearly worried about losing her family again.


Sensing that Clarke would have a panic attack if she was separated from her and their daughter in that moment, Lexa made an executive decision.


“Okay, baby, call your sister, it will mean a lot to her that you call her, and ask her to bring Aden to us. And maybe ask that they keep us being here on the down low? Like you said we don’t know what happened seven months ago, or at least we don’t know everything, so it’s probably best that we keep this as quiet as we can, at least until we can fully talk.”


“Yea, I agree with that. I made it clear to Lincoln at the scene not to tell anyone, not even family because…well because it was Anya who told me you were dead and I don’t know if we can trust her because of that, and I hate saying that, but I just want to try and figure things out before too many people know that we’re together and that you and Aden are alive.”


“That was a good call. We will talk, Clarke, but do you think we can have right now as family time? I just want time together, just the four of us right now,” Lexa said as she worried her bottom lip.


“That sounds perfect. I’ll call my sister now,” Clarke said as she pulled out her phone.





About five minutes later there was a knock on the door before it opened and Aden came running inside.


“Mommy! Mama!”


“Hey baby boy,” Clarke said as she caught her son as he flung himself at her. “Where’s Aunty O,” she asked looking around and not seeing her sister anywhere.


“She walked me to the door and watched me come in. She said to tell you she gonna be in da waiting room with Grandma.”


“I see. Is anyone else waiting with them?”


“Grandpa is in his office cause Grandma is mad at him cause she said you quit your job cause Grandpa and Mandy are…what was the word Grandma used,” Aden pondered as he tilted his head to the side, just like Lexa did when she was thinking seriously. “Oh! yea she said Grandpa and Mandy is a tool! I don’t know what that means though cause Grandpa and Mandy isn’t a hammer or a wench and those are what tools are. Why would Grandma call Grandpa and Mandy a tool, Mommy?”


“Clarke? What does Aden mean you quit your job,” Lexa asked from her place on her bed.


“Mama,” Aden exclaimed as he leaned towards his mama from his place in his mommy’s arms, suddenly remembering that she was in the room also. “Whatcha holding, Mama,” he asked as Clarke walked them towards the bed before sitting down next to Lexa.


“Aden, Mama and I have someone very special we want you to meet,” Clarke said as they settled in next to Lexa but due to how Scout was positioned, the boy still couldn’t see her.


“Who do I get to meet?”


Just as Lexa was about to answer, the room was filled with the cries of little Scout. Aden looked completely shocked as he heard the cries and after looking around the room for the source of the noise he finally realized that his mama was shifting her arm so he could see what, or rather who, she was holding.


“Aden, Mama and I want to introduce you to your baby sister,” Clarke said as a smile spread across her face and Lexa shifted her good arm just enough so that when Clarke lifted their son on her lap, the four year old could see his sister’s face for the first time.


Hearing their son gasp, Lexa took over the introduction as she and Clarke both had tears well in their eyes at seeing their son’s reaction.


“Aden, this is your sister, Clarke Scout Griffin-Woods, but we’re going to keep calling her Scout.”


“Th…This is Scout,” Aden asked in wonder.


“It is. She knew how much we all wanted to meet her and she wanted to meet us just as badly so she surprised us while we were fixing Mama up.”


“She’s named after you, Mommy?”


“She is; it was Mama’s idea actually.”


“Mommy is the one who rescued us today and made sure we were all safe so I wanted to honor her by naming your sister after her. What do you think about that, baby boy?”


“So, she’s named after Mommy like how Grandpa’s middle name is my name cause he took you to the hospital when I was in your tummy but wanted out cause Mommy was in surgery helpin people, right?”


“Yes, buddy, just like that.”


“I like it. Hi Scout,” Aden began as Clarke tipped him so he could speak directly to his little sister. “I’m Aden; I’m your big brother and I gonna protect you and love you for forever. Mommy, I wanna kiss her forehead, can I?”


“Sure bud, just be gentle, okay,” Clarke asked as she tipped Aden just enough for him to place a gentle kiss to Scout’s head before Clarke settled him between herself and Lexa and the new family of four enjoyed some time together, just them.





Two hours later, both kids were asleep, Aden snuggled between his moms and Scout on Clarke’s chest. Seeing that this could be their only opportunity to speak for some hours, Lexa decided it was time to ask Clarke about something Aden had said earlier.


“Clarke,” Lexa asked softly.


“Yea babe?”


“Earlier, Aden said you quit your job. What did he mean by that?”


Looking sheepish, Clarke attempted to advert her eyes but Lexa wouldn’t let her and instead gently used her good hand to gently tip her wife’s head up so green could meet blue.


“Talk to me, Clarke. What happened?”


“Lex, you have to understand nothing is more important to me than you and our children. I will always do whatever I have too to keep you all safe.”


“I know that.”


“And if I talk to you about this it means talking to you about what happened today. Are you sure you’re ready for that?”


“Just tell me, Clarke, talk to me,” Lexa said sincerely.


“Okay. When we were walking to the hospital and you started bleeding and had a seizure, I ran faster than I’ve ever run to get here. You were taken to surgery almost immediately. Mom and Dad were allowed to be in the OR but they couldn’t operate because you’re family. They were almost done with surgery when you suffered a total placenta abruption; the placenta completely detached from the uterine wall. Lexie came to inform me. I had kept my word and stayed with Aden and Octavia was with us too but we were in a room close to the OR just in case. Anyway, I left Aden with O and I ran to the OR. Lucy, the head of OB here missed a tear in your uterus, a tear that got bigger when the placenta detached. Lexie had called Addison in because she thought we might need her and she showed up in the nick of time and performed an immediate emergency c-section then repaired everything in your uterus.”


“So, you were able to be there when Scout was born,” Lexa asked hopefully.


“Yea, I was and I was even able to cut the cord and talk to you and kiss your forehead after,” Clarke said as she looked at her sleeping daughter on her chest. “She came into the world, all six pounds, seven ounces of her, crying but she is perfect, completely perfect…”




“But, your heart stopped, Lex,” Clarke said as she felt herself growing emotional at just the thought of what had happened in the OR earlier. “Your heart stopped but Meredith shocked you and got you back. Mom went with Scout to the NICU because she knew I wouldn’t leave you and I’m glad I didn’t leave because you started to crash again and you were bleeding internally. No one was able to figure out what was wrong but I did. I knew without even looking at the surgical field and I told them it was your liver. Despite that they still couldn’t locate the bleed so I scrubbed in and I took over. I found the bleed and I fixed it; I repaired the nick in your liver and I made sure you would be okay but the whole time Dad and Miranda Bailey or Mandy as Aden calls her, who is Chief of Staff here now, but she was one of my teachers when I was a resident, were telling me to step back because the rules say you can’t operate on family. Dad wasn’t as adamant as Miranda though, but Miranda eventually said if I kept operating I’d no longer be a doctor here. I kept operating then quit when I was done to save them from having to fire me. And, before you say anything, I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat because absolutely nothing is more important to me than the health and safety of you and our kids. No job will ever be more important,” Clarke said deadly serious.


“Clarke, I heard the doctors when I woke up after we first got here before everything went dark again, they were talking about their trauma surgery chief being a hero; they were talking about you. I’m so proud of you for making chief of trauma at such a young age babe.”


“But? I can tell there’s a but, Lexa,” Clarke said knowingly.


“But when you decided trauma was going to be the specialty you focused on the most you dreamed of being a trauma chief one day and you dreamed of being trauma chief at this hospital working with your parents and Octavia. Clarke, this is your dream job you just walked away from.”


“Dream job or dream girl? It’s an easy decision, love. I pick you and our kids each and every time no questions asked. I love you Lexa.”


“I love you too, but, I don’t want you to throw away your dream because of me.”


“I’m not throwing anything away. I never would have forgiven myself if I didn’t step in and something had happened to you.”


“I know but…but what are you going to do now?”


“There are other hospitals in Seattle, and St. Ambrose across town has been trying to get me to be their next chief of trauma surgery since the day I came back here; so everything will be okay.”


“I just…Clarke, I don’t know if we can stay in Seattle,” Lexa said sadly.


“What do you mean? I…I thought you’d want to stay here, with me. We always said we wanted to raise our family here,” Clarke said as tears welled in her eyes at the mere thought of losing her family again.


“Clarke, I only came here to tell your mom about Scout, hoping she’d know where to find you to tell you. I didn’t come here to stay and I don’t think we can stay.”


“I…I…but you said…you said you loved me. Ever since I found you, you’ve repeated the words every time. You’ve talked about us never being apart again. I…I’m so confused, Lexa,” Clarke began as she started to panic and tears streamed down here face as she feared she was losing her family all over again. “I…I thought you wanted our family back? For seven months all I’ve hoped and prayed for was to have you and our son back and now…now after we’ve welcomed the most perfect little girl on the planet you’re telling me it’s a lie? You…You’re telling me you don’t want that? Wh…why bother coming here so I’d know a…about Scout if you had no in…intention of at least letting me be her mom?! What did I ever do to deserve this? I thought…you’re my soulmate and you…you’ve just shattered my heart,” Clarke sobbed, looking utterly and completely destroyed.




“I…I can’t be here right now. I…I need air…I can’t…I can’t breathe,” Clarke gasped through tears as she fully panicked and Lexa realized she was having a panic attack.


“Clarke, I need you to breathe, in and out,” Lexa said as she hit the call button for a nurse just as the kids both woke up due to what was going on around them.


Scout began to cry as she tightened her grip on Clarke looking for comfort and Aden looked terrified at seeing his mommy sobbing while heaving as she tried to breath all while shaking visibly.


“Clarke, I need you to breathe, in and out,” Lexa began again.


“N…no, this is a dream…it’s all a dream.  M…My wife would ne…never leave me and ta…take my kids from me. Th…this is a dream. I’m go…going to wa…wake up and we’re going to all be cuddled to…together ce…celebrating the bi…birth of our sec…second child and our re…reunion.”


“Mommy? Mommy, what’s wrong,” Aden asked worried about his mommy.


“Is everything al…Clarke! Clarke, it’s me, Meredith. What’s wrong,” Meredith asked as she entered the room having told nurses she’d answer the call for assistance.


“She’s having a panic attack. She was telling me what happened, how she quit, and I didn’t explain things right and she started panicking thinking that I didn’t mean it when I said I loved her and wanted our family all day today. She thinks I was saying that me and the kids can’t stay here but that’s not what I meant at all; I meant I don’t think we can stay as in the four of us.”


“Yeah, the thought of losing you guys again would trigger a panic attack. She’s had them on an off since she came here and they’re always triggered after she wakes up having forgotten you were gone and then she panics as soon as she realizes you were gone. I can help her but, first things first, I’m going to get the baby…”


“Clarke Scout Griffin-Woods, that’s her name but we’re calling her Scout,” Aden proudly said even though it was clear he was worried about his mommy.


“That’s a great name. So, alright, first things first, I’m going to pick Scout up and hand her to you Lexa, while I help Clarke come out of this,” Meredith said as she reached for Scout but Clarke just held her closer, as if she was afraid she’d never hold her again. “Clarke, I promise you I am not taking Scout away from you. I’m just going to hand her to Lexa so she can soothe her. Scout doesn’t like seeing her mommy upset so she’s upset too and we don’t want that, do we? And I’ll be right here so you don’t have to worry about Scout going anywhere. I need you to breathe, in and out Clarke,” Meredith said as she was finally allowed to pick up the newborn and settle her in her mama’s good arm. “Your mommy is just having bad memories of what it has been like missing you guys these past months, Aden, she’ll be okay soon,” she reassured the boy.


“N…not st…staying. Ne…never pla…planned to st…stay,” Clarke choked out.


“Clarke, sweetheart, that’s not what I meant. Baby, I didn’t know you were here so I planned to tell your mom about Scout and then leave Seattle before the cops were called. And when I said we couldn’t stay just now I meant us as in the four of us. We are never going anywhere without you again.”


And that was the statement, or rather one words, that brought Clarke out of her panic attack so quick it almost gave everyone whiplash.


“P…Police? Why would they have been called?”


“Clarke, this isn’t a conversation to have with little ears around,” Lexa said gesturing to their son who was paying close attention to them.


“I was actually on my way up here already to see if Aden might want to come for a little playdate with my kids and Lexie, Addison and Mark’s son.” Knowing Lexa didn’t know anything about the kids, Meredith quickly explained who they all were. “I’ve got two daughters, Zola, who’s six, and Ellis, who’s three, and I have a son, Bailey, who is four. My sister, Lexie, and her fiancé, Mark, have a son with Addison from when Addison and Mark were together. His name is Damian and he’s four. I’m still on shift for a few more hours but my kids are all at the hospital’s daycare and they’d be more than happy to have Aden join and I’m sure Damian would love it too.”


“I don’t know, Mer. I don’t really want to leave him with anyone who’s not close to us right now,” Clarke said hesitantly.


“I thought you’d say that. Lexie’s shift is just ending and normally she’d pick Damian up and head home today, since it’s her and Mark’s night with him, but she agreed to stay at daycare with him so there’d be someone you trust there with Aden. She could bring him back at any time too.”


“I could meet Lexie’s son,” Aden asked hopefully, clearly having bonded with Lexie throughout the day.


“You could. I know he’d love to have another friend too. I think he gets tired of primarily just having Zola, Bailey and Ellis to play with.”


“Can I go, Mommy?! Can I, Mama,” Aden asked hopefully, seemingly haven forgotten all about Clarke’s panic attack.


“You really want to go,” Lexa asked her son.


“Yeah! I wanna see Lexie! She made me laugh even when I was scared and Aunty O said that once the baby came you’d need lots of rest so if I go and play you can rest, Mama!”


“That’s very thoughtful of you, bud. If it’s okay with Mommy, you can go.”


“Can I, Mommy,” Aden asked turning to Clarke.


“Yea, you can go. I know all of Mer’s kids and I know Damian and they’re all great and I know you’ll get along with them. If you want to come back here, just tell Lexie, okay?”


“Okay, Mommy. Can we go now, Mer Mer,” Aden asked Meredith.


“Sure, buddy.”


“Yes! Bye Mama, Bye Mommy! Bye Scout,” Aden chirped before taking Meredith’s hand and leaving the room, Clarke’s panic attack clearly long forgotten.





As soon as it was just Clarke, Lexa, and a once again calmed Scout, in the room, Clarke turned to face her wife.


“Lex, I need to know the truth. Do you want this? Do you want me,” she asked with a tremble in her voice.


“Yes, more than anything I want this, I want us. I want our family Clarke,” Lexa said leaving no doubt that she meant every word.


“Then why weren’t you going to stay? Why weren’t you going to look for me directly? Why were you gone for seven months while I grieved your and our son,” Clarke asked with a trembling lip.


“I didn’t know you thought I was dead, Clarke, I swear. I wasn’t just given signed divorce papers though, Clarke; I was given a termination of parental rights affidavit that was also signed, a restraining order stating I could not be within two hundred yards of you or any member of the Griffin or Jaha families and a letter with pictures, that in hindsight I should have known were fabricated, but at the time everything combined just got to me and instead of finding you and asking for an explanation, I did what I did when I was ten, I ran, except this time I didn’t have a place to run to where I knew we’d be safe. In hindsight, I know my hormones only helped me act so irrationally and just believe what I was given but that’s not an excuse. I’m sorry, Clarke. I am so so sorry I let her get to me. I’m sorry I believed her, but at the time I had no reason to doubt her not after all the time she had spent with us and how close she had gotten to us all. I’m sorry, Clarke. I need you to know how incredibly sorry I am for falling for what she did; how sorry I am that we missed the past seven months together. I’m so sorry and I will spend the rest of my life making this up to you,” Lexa said as tears spilled down her cheeks that Clarke quickly wiped away with her thumbs.


“Alexandria Jasmine Griffin-Woods, I want to make one thing very clear. None, and I mean none, of what has happened was your fault. Someone clearly took advantage of you and made it impossible for you to not believe what was in front of you. It hurts knowing that you believed even for a second that I wouldn’t want you or Aden, but I believe you when you say someone made it impossible to believe anything but what they were telling you. But, babe, I need to know who did this? Who gave you forged paperwork and who gave you the letter? Who made you run, causing us to spend seven months apart? Who tried to destroy our family?”


“It was Raven, Clarke. It was Raven.”

Chapter Text

“Raven? My…my sister Raven,” Clarke said in utter shock and disbelief.




“But that means, that means it most likely wasn’t a coincidence that Anya was the one to notify me you and Aden were…that you were dead.”


“It likely wasn’t a coincidence. I don’t know why they would want to tear us apart or make you think we were dead though instead of just giving you divorce papers, a restraining order and something to say I had custody of Aden. Why give me papers but make you think we were dead? It makes no sense. I don’t know why they’d be so cruel as to say we were dead; I really don’t know why they felt the need to tell you we were dead,” Lexa said clearly confused by Raven and Anya’s actions.


“Because Raven and Anya both would have known that I’d never stop looking for you, it’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Lex, we need to talk about this, I know we do, but are you sure you’re up for it right now? You just had a baby and major surgery after suffering a major trauma.”


“I know, but I think we need to talk about it now so we can figure out a way forward together; a way that allows us and our children to be together and be safe.”


“You’re right but I need you to tell me if you feel tired or overwhelmed or even the least bit off so we can stop and table the discussion until you’re up for it again. Deal?”


“Deal. I guess I should start, huh?”


“Only if you’re comfortable, Lex.”


“This will never be something that is comfortable to talk about but we need to have this talk. I guess it all started that morning. You were at the hospital, I was on shift and Aden was still at school.”



Flashback – Seven Months Ago – January 11, 2021 – Polis


“Alright, good work out there everyone! That was a five alarm fire not even five minutes into our shift, with over fifty people inside and we did not lose a single one. I am incredibly proud of all of you and extremely proud to be your captain. Now, let’s get our gear sorted and clean everything up before we enjoy some of that amazing Louisiana Shrimp Dip Anya was kind enough to get our mother to make for us all before she left to head home this morning,” Lexa said after her team arrived back at Firehouse 51, the top-rated firehouse in all of Polis.


As soon as she had taken care of her own turnout gear, Lexa walked into her office, while her team continued to go about their post call cleanup duties, only to find her sister-in-law waiting for her.


“Raven?! What are you doing here? Are you trying to surprise Anya?”


“No. I’m actually here on Clarke’s behalf.”


Lexa automatically broke into a huge grin at the mention of her wife of nearly ten years.


“And what exactly is Clarke up to that she sent you here, hmm?”


“Lexa, I’m sorry but you’ve been served,” Raven said as she handed Lexa a large manila envelope.


“I’ve been…what the hell is going on?!”


“I’m sorry Lexa, but Clarke…Clarke would like this to be a clean break. Everything you need is in there, divorce papers, a termination of parental rights affidavit and…”


“And what, Raven,” Lexa asked as tears welled in her eyes.


“And a restraining order, ordering that you stay at least two hundred yards from Clarke and every member of the Griffin and Jaha families, specifically, Jake Griffin, Aurora Griffin, Bellamy Griffin, Octavia Griffin, Abigail Jaha, Thelonious Jaha, Wells Jaha and myself in addition to Clarke. You also cannot have any form of communication directly or indirectly with any of the named parties. The order went into effect today. I’m sorry, Lexa, but this is what Clarke wants.”


“No, I don’t believe you. Clarke and I have been together since we were twelve and married since we were eighteen. We have a son and we want more children. There is no way in hell Clarke would want this! I know my wife, Raven. We are soulmates and nothing can separate us, nothing,” Lexa said with certainty.


“Lexa, I’m sorry but this is what Clarke wants.”


“I don’t know what you’re playing at baby Jaha,” Lexa spit out, “but I know my wife and she would NEVER do this and even if things ever got so bad between us that she would, she sure as hell wouldn’t give up her rights to our son and she definitely wouldn’t include the Jaha’s in anything. Clarke hasn’t had anything to do with the Jaha’s since she was twelve, until you came back into her life a year ago at least. So why don’t you level with me and tell me what the fuck is really going on,” Lexa seethed.


“Lexa, there is a lot you don’t know about your soon-to-be ex-wife. Clarke reconnected with our mother and step-father recently and has seen the light. Clarke has finally come home to his real family where we will make sure he gets the proper treatment so he can be a real man and rise to his fullest potential and finally put this charade of being a woman behind him.”


“You’re lying. Clarke would never do any of that. What do they have on you to make you do this, Raven?”


“Lexa, I really am sorry but this is simply fact.”


“No, I will find Clarke and sort this out and even if you do manage to keep me from her, she would never just let Aden and I leave without her.”


“Perhaps you should read this before you choose to die on your ant hill insisting my brother, and get it through your head Lexa that Clarke is a man, wants you and your unnatural son,” Raven said as she set a letter sized envelope on Lexa’s desk.




“Lexa, he was created, in part by a person pretending to be a woman when they are a man. Those breasts he has should have been removed as soon as his condition was found. He’ll be fixed soon enough though and then he can have a proper relationship with someone who can recognize when something is unnatural and needs to be fixed,” Raven hissed.


“You are just like Abby, aren’t you? Once my sister knows what you just said she will dump your ass quicker than you can say her name.”


“Oh, I guess now would be the time to mention the clause at the bottom of the restraining order,” Raven said mischievously.


“What clause?”


“The clause that states the restraining order also applies to all immediate family members of the named parties and in Polis, where the order was issued, immediate family members include fiancées. As of this morning, Anya and I are engaged, so you cannot contact her or be near her nor can you contact or be near Lincoln as he is engaged to Octavia. So, good luck telling my future wife a damn thing. Now read the letter, Lexa, I’m so over this conversation,” Raven drawled as if she was bored.


Seething, Lexa ripped open the envelope and began to read the enclosed letter.





It is with sincere regrets that I inform you that your hold on my son is officially over. Clarke has seen the error of his ways and will be rejoining his true family. As you can see from the enclosed pictures, my son and I have reconciled after being estranged for far too long. Additionally, you will see him signing his contract with a new hospital where he will work alongside his sister, brother and I as he always should have been. Together we will be the unstoppable Jaha’s.


I understand that this may be hard for you to accept, but Clarke does not love you anymore and he wants nothing to do with you or that mistake you call your son. It is in your best interest to accept this fact and leave Polis immediately. And Alexandria, dear, do not think about seeking my son out in a last-ditch effort repair things and get him to change his mind. Should you violate the restraining order you will be subject to criminal charges and a lengthy stay in jail and who would take care of that mistake of a child of yours then?


If the above is not reason enough for you to leave quietly, you should know that we know you learned the truth and should you refuse to disappear, we will make sure you and your so-called child receive death by a thousand cuts; your ancestors had it right to eliminate their enemies in such a manner. Leave immediately or you and your mistake of a child will be dead before the sun sets tonight and you know we will do it. Disobey, and not only will you and your mistake of a child die but we will end everything and everyone you care about, even Clarke. And if you ever tell anyone what you learned, we will find you and death by a thousand cuts will await you and that thing you call a son.


Yours Truly,

Ex-Mother-in-Law Dearest



“No,” Lexa said as she began to panic as she flipped through the pictures included with the letter before reading the letter again and again. “No. They are cruel but they wouldn’t kill a child.”


“They would and they will. The clock is ticking, Lexa; so, what will it be? Will you and that child of yours leave quietly or will you both be dying by a thousand cuts today?”


“We…we’re leaving. My son will NEVER be harmed. And I’ll keep quiet. I won’t risk my son’s life or Clarke’s ever. I don’t know what you did to Clarke to get her to hug Abby in these pictures or sign that contract, Raven, but I have hope that one day my Clarke will return to me.”


“She won’t because she no longer exists. Now, I suggest you get moving because the clock is ticking and you must leave Polis. Oh, and don’t forget you can’t speak to Anya so you best leave without anyone seeing you. Goodbye, Lexa; I hope to never see you again,” Raven said as Lexa quickly gathered her bag, making sure to put a picture of her and Clarke on their wedding day and one of them with Aden, in it.


As soon as Lexa’s belongings were gathered, the brunette fire captain slipped out the door at the back of her office and left Firehouse 51 for the last time. She then immediately made her way to Aden’s school, and signed him out early stating he had a doctor’s appointment.




Within an hour of her world being turned upside down, Lexa was in her truck and speeding down the highway after crushing her phone and tossing the pieces out of the window, putting as much distance between herself and Aden and Polis as possible.





Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Lexa, Raven remained in Lexa’s now former office at Firehouse 51 where she was sobbing uncontrollably until another person entered the room.


“Babe, it’s okay, it’s all going to be okay,” Anya said in a soothing tone as she wrapped her arms around her fiancée, as best she could.


“I…I just ruined her life, Ahn. I…I…the things I had to say about Clarke, about Aden, God! She’s never going to forgive me and when Clarke…God when the day comes and Clarke learns of this she will kill me, she will literally kill me. I just destroyed my sister, sister-in-law and nephew’s lives,” Raven sobbed.


“I know, but you did this to save them all. Now, we just need to give Clarke her letter and divorce papers, that I forged Lexa’s signature on, and her restraining order. We have to make sure they’ll be apart and when the day comes where we find out what Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia are truly up too, and what they have on Lexa, we will find a way to lock them up for life. Then, we will find Lexa and we will find Clarke and we will tell them the truth. They will hate us, possibly for forever, but they will have each other again and that’s what matters.”


“I wish there was a better way, Ahn.”


“Me too, but we did the best with the hand we’ve been dealt.”


“I know, but it still hurts. I’ve…I’ve got to go and meet my mother and inform her how things went with Lexa and you need to get ready to go break Clarke’s heart.”


“It’s going to be okay, Rae. We will find a way to end this.”


“Even if we do, we still lose because we will lose Clarke, Lexa and Aden and without my…without Abby, I have no way to get my treatments and without those I can’t walk or use my hands. I can live without my legs but without my hands I can’t operate and I don’t know who I am without surgery.”


“You are the woman I love no matter whether you’re a hotshot surgeon or if you’re a stay-at-home mom to the kids we’ve talked about having. I love you no matter what, but I will move heaven and earth to make sure you continue to get your treatments, even after we take the four horsemen down.”


“I love you, Ahn,” Raven said as tears over the current situation continued to fall.


“I love you too. We’re going to get through this, Rae, and eventually Lexa and Clarke will be okay too, I just know it.


End Flashback – Present –  August 9, 2021 – Seattle



After Lexa explained everything that happened when Raven visited her at the firehouse, Clarke was silent for what seemed like hours, but was only about ten minutes. As the minutes ticked by though, Lexa watched her wife’s expression grow deadlier by the second.


“Clarke,” Lexa tentatively asked after they reached ten minutes of silence.


“I’m going to end them, every last one of them, starting with my sister…no starting with Raven Jaha because she is no sister of mine,” the blonde growled in what Lexa had always called her Wanheda voice.


“Clarke, we have to be smart here because something just doesn’t sit right with me about how things went down. Raven seemed so sincere in her efforts to reconnect and I’m usually amazing at reading people and so are you but neither of us ever suspected she had an ulterior motive. Part of me does wonder if she only reconnected with you so that she could split us up when she did but another part of me can’t help but wonder if maybe…”


“If maybe my birth mother and step-father blackmailed her into doing what she did?”


“Not just Abby and Thelonious, Clarke.”


“What do you mean?”


“I can’t help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, Abby, Thelonious and my birth parents blackmailed her.”


“Your birth parents? As in Titus and Nia,” Clarke asked in disbelief.


“Yes. There’s something I never told you, Clarke,” Lexa said as she averted her eyes.


“Lexa, what is it? You can tell me anything, sweetheart.”


“I didn’t just keep a little secret, Clarke. I discovered something that Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia are desperate to keep hidden. I swear I was going to tell you, Clarke, I just didn’t know how and then it was too late.”


“It’s okay, Lexa. I believe that you were planning to tell me whatever you found out. But Lex, this thing you didn’t tell me is what was mentioned in that letter isn’t it? It’s the thing you were threatened to keep quiet about, right?”


“It is.”


“Okay…so, what did you find out that those four heathens are desperate to keep quiet and how the hell did they ever meet?”


“I don’t know how they met but I would like to know. As for the rest, you know how much of the east coast used to be Kongeda lands belonging to the thirteen clans before it became part of the United States?”


“Of course I know, we both are descendants of members of the Kongeda, that’s how we ended up being called Heda or the Commander and Wanheda or the Commander of Death after all. Everyone said based on who our ancestors are we were destined for those roles and when we wed they said it only proved that we were Heda and Wanheda,” Clarke said with a chuckle.


“That’s right. As we both found out when those titles were first bestowed on us, we are the descendants of some of the greatest clan leaders the Kongeda ever saw. Abby is a descendant of council members for Skaikru and Jake is the namesake of and great great great great grandson of Chancellor Jacob Aden Griffin, the best chancellor Skaikru ever had, the same chancellor who founded Skaikru’s capitol, Arkadia, which is obviously still there today. Titus, meanwhile, is a descendant of leaders of Trikru and their capitol was Ton DC, which of course is Washington D.C. today. And lastly, Nia is a descendant of leaders of Azgeda and Azgeda’s capitol was Niagara Falls but they always wanted control of Polis, the Kongeda’s capitol, which obviously is also still around today.”


“I thought Nia was Trikru?”


“So did I but she’s not. Technically, you could say she became Trikru when she married Titus, like we each became part of each other’s clans when we wed, but she was actually born into Azgeda.”


“Okay, but what does this have to do with anything?”


“The Kongeda may no longer be what it once was but it is still recognized by the United States government much like the Native American tribes are. Kongeda’s presence is still heavily felt in Polis, what was Ton D.C. and Arkadia. When we moved to Polis, so you could begin your career as an attending trauma surgeon, I quickly noticed how much influence the Kongeda had over the city. We had talked about how we wanted to know more about our Kongedan roots, and the history of Heda and Wanheda, so we could teach Aden of our heritage; so I did a lot of research into the Kongeda which is how I found out where Nia actually came from and that she’s always wanted to run the Kongeda herself and she wanted the Kongeda to be separate from the US once and for all. She wanted the Kongeda to officially become the Kongeda again. Anyway, a month before Raven gave me the papers and the letter, I discovered that there was a coup in the works that had the ultimate goal of the Kongeda retaking control of what were the thirteen clans. I looked into the coup because I was curious and that’s when I learned that my birth parents, your birth mom and step-father were leaders of the coup attempt. Then a week before everything happened…”


“Diana Sydney, who happened to also be the great great great great granddaughter of Chancellor Jacob Aden Griffin of Skaikru, was assassinated,” Clarke said as the pieces slowly began to click into place.


“Yea, the President of the United States, who just so happened to be Kongedean like us, and fiercely opposed to the Kongeda taking over control of essentially the entire east coast from the US, was assassinated. But, that’s not all; I discovered who was behind the assassination.”


It took a few seconds but, eventually Clarke did figure out what Lexa was alluding too. “No, you can’t be suggesting? Lex, are you telling me that your birth parents, my birth mother and my step-father were behind President Sydney’s assassination? Are you telling me that my birth mother was part of the group behind the assassination of my father’s half-sister sister, of my aunt?!”


“Yes. Once I realized that Vice President, well now President, Cage Wallace was part of the planned coup too, it didn’t take much to uncover everything else. I couldn’t figure out which one of them gave the order, but the four of them were definitely behind it and somehow they found out I knew given what the letter said.”


“So, they sent Raven to get you out of the picture? Is that what you’re thinking?”


“I think it’s a possibility, especially when you consider that my sister, who is in a relationship with Raven, is the one who told you we were dead. Clarke, how did that come about exactly? I think I need to know to try and figure this situation out, and I think I need to know so everything is out in the open and we can both start to get some closure about what happened seven months ago.”


“You’re right. I didn’t even know anything was amiss until later that evening because I had been on shift…”



Flashback – Seven Months Ago – January 11, 2021 – Polis


Clarke arrived home around seven o’clock that evening after working a double shift at Polis General, where she was a trauma surgery attending. When she pulled into her driveway though, she was surprised to see it was empty. Typically, on days where her and Lexa’s work schedules overlapped, Raven would pick up Aden from school and watch him at their home until Clarke or Lexa returned home and that should have been the case that day.


“Hmm, I wonder where they are,” Clarke mused. “Rae must have taken Aden out for dinner or something but they’ll be back soon, bed time is in an hour anyway,” she continued talking to herself as she made her way to her front door.


Once inside her shared home with her wife and son, Clarke immediately pulled out her phone to message her sister. She had bonded with Raven a lot over the past year but she still couldn’t help be feel a little apprehensive, especially when her sister hadn’t left a note or called or text her to let her or Lexa know where she was taking Aden.



Clarke to Raven: Hey Rae, just wanted to check-in and see where you and Aden are. Remember his bed time is at eight and he still needs to take a bath so please bring him back soon.



When she still hadn’t received a reply by 7:20 that evening, Clarke began to worry. Instead of texting her sister though, she called her. Raven never answered the call or any of the ten other calls she made between 7:20 and 7:40, causing Clarke to leave a pissed off and worried message on Raven’s voicemail.



“Raven, I don’t know where you are with MY son but you need to be back in less than ten minutes or I swear there will be hell to pay!”



When eight o’clock rolled around, Clarke called her sister again and left another voicemail before calling Lexa, even thought she was supposed to be on shift and Clarke always tried her best not to disturb her wife during her shifts. As expected though, Lexa’s phone went straight to voicemail but Clarke made sure to leave a message.



“Hey babe. I know you’re at work but Raven still hasn’t brought Aden back yet and she’s not responding to my messages. When you get this can you ask Anya if she’s heard from them. I’ll let you know if they come back too. I love you, baby.”



By 8:15 p.m., Clarke had begun calling everyone in Polis they knew and she even called her parents in Seattle, who did their best to calm her down but with every minute that passed without Aden and Raven returning, Clarke grew more concerned. By nine o’clock, Clarke was beginning to fully panic. She had already driven around their neighborhood searching for her son and sister but to no avail. She had even stopped by the firehouse only to be told they were still out on a call from earlier in the day. As she was about to get back in her car to drive around in search of them some more, there was a knock on her door.


“Anya,” Clarke said perplexed to see her sister-in-law, who should still be on shift alongside her wife.


“Clarke, can we speak inside, please?”


“Anya, why are you here,” Clarke asked trying to maintain a calm exterior.


“Clarke, please; can we talk inside,” Anya pleaded.


“Anya, where is my wife? Where’s Lexa? She’s on shift with you so why isn’t she here,” Clarke asked as she began to fear the worst.


“Clarke, please,” Anya begged.


“No! My son is already missing already alongside your girlfriend and now you’re here instead of my wife who is your commanding officer so just say it! Say whatever it is you have to say to me, right here,” Clarke yelled even as tears began to well.


“Clarke, Lexa left the firehouse this morning to pick up Aden. She said his check-up with the doctor got moved up so she left and picked him up early. She didn’t want to bother you because she knew you had back-to-back surgeries today. But, Clarke, they never made it to the doctor’s office.”


“Anya. Where. Are. My. Wife. And. Son,” Clarke grit out, punctuating each and every word.


“Clarke, have you watched the news at all tonight?”


“No, I haven’t; I’ve been a little busy looking for my son who I thought was with my sister!”


“Okay. Let me tell you what I know then. I don’t know why but they stopped by the store on the way to the doctor’s, the one that you and Lexa helped set up that only employs the homeless to help them get back on their feet.”


“There’s nothing unusual about that, Anya. Lex and I shop there as much as possible to support the store and its employees, you know that.”


“Clarke, there was an explosion at that store at one forty-five this afternoon…”


“No…no no no no no! Where is Lexa?! Where is Aden?!”


“Clarke, I am so sorry but by the time we got there the fire was too severe and it wasn’t safe for any of our people to go inside. We had no idea that they…that Lexa and Aden were inside or I…I would have gone in anyway, we all would have. We never would have stayed outside if we knew our captain, our commander, and Aden were inside. I’m so sorry, Clarke; I am so so sorry,” Anya said as tears streamed down her face.


“No! I don’t accept this. No, you’ll see Anya, any second now Lex will pull up in her truck with a sleeping Aden and apologize for keeping him out so late. You’ll see,” Clarke said as she stared at her driveway.


“I’m sorry Clarke, but they’re not coming back. The explosion was so bad that not only the store, but several cars in the parking lot, including Lexa’s truck, were completely destroyed and everyone inside the store didn’t make it.”


“Until I see them in the morgue I will not believe it. Did you see their bodies Anya,” Clarke retorted as tears threatened to finally fall.


“No, because they were all so severely burned we could not identify any of the remains. Clarke, we had to use dental records to identify the deceased and…and two came back as total matches for Lexa and Aden a short time ago,” Anya said as she handed Clarke a folder which contained the report stating that both Aden and Lexa were two of the fire’s victim’s.


“No! No, I don’t accept this,” Clarke said as tears streamed down her face and she shook her head vehemently. “No, they can’t be gone. You’ll see, Anya, any minute now they’re going to pull into the drive way, you’ll see,” Clarke said as she stared at her driveway.


“I’m sorry, Clarke, I am so sorry but they’re gone. It hurts me too, Clarke; she was…she was my sister and he was my nephew and I miss them already but we’re not getting them back, Clarke. Lexa and Aden are dead,” Anya said as her own tears freely flowed.


“No, you’ll see; any minute now they’ll arrive home and Lexa will apologize for not telling me she had him and for being later, you’ll see,” Clarke said, clearly needing to believe her own words, as she continued to look at her driveway.




After a half hour of crying and staring at the driveway, a car did appear but wasn’t Lexa’s, it was Raven’s.


“Clarke! Clarke, I’m so sorry. Lexa text me that she didn’t need me to watch Aden because she was taking him to his appointment so I decided to work in my workshop and I left my phone in the house. I am so sorry I missed all your calls and texts. I came as soon as I saw Anya’s message. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, Clarke. If…if I could swap places with them I would so you could have your family back. I’m so sorry Clarke,” Raven said as she rushed to her sister before pulling her into her arms.


“They’re fine, you’ll all see. Lexa will bring our boy home any minute now,” Clarke said, desperation clear in her voice.


“Clarke,” Raven said as she pulled back enough to look her sister in the eye, “Lexa and Aden are gone and they’re not coming back. They died, Clarke. Lexa and Aden died.”


“No! No, they can’t be gone, Rae…they can’t be gone,” Clarke sobbed.


“I’m so sorry, Clarke but they’re gone. Lexa and Aden are gone,” Raven said as tears of her own began to fall, but not out of sadness but rather guilt for knowing that she was inflicting this unnecessary pain on her own sister.


“I wasn’t there to protect them…I failed them. I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I didn’t…I didn’t get to tell them I love them one last time. This isn’t fair, Rae. I want my wife back! I want my son back! Please, I just want my family back,” Clarke said through her sobs as she collapsed to the ground, begging for her family over and over again.





Three days later, Clarke sat in the front row with her closest family members at Lexa and Aden’s funeral. While Lexa’s death was not a line of duty one, Polis FD made sure she received a full firefighter’s burial. As they lowered the empty coffins into the ground, Clarke was presented with a flag and Lexa’s firefighter helmet by the Chief of the Polis Fire Department who shared a few kind words about Lexa before presenting Clarke with a picture of her, Lexa and Aden at the award ceremony held two months earlier where Lexa was recognized for her bravery. When the coffins were completely lowered in the ground, Lexa’s firefighters saluted their commander one last time and Clarke allowed herself to cry after trying her hardest not to. But, by the end of the services, Clarke had also made up her mind; she was going home to Seattle, the place she and Lexa had always dreamed of raising their kids. Lexa and Aden were gone but Clarke was going to try and make as many of their dreams a reality as possible as a way to honor their memory. Lexa and Aden were gone, but they would never be forgotten.


End Flashback – Present –  August 9, 2021 – Seattle



“I’m…I’m at a loss for words, Clarke,” Lexa said after several moments of silence.


“Me too. I can’t wrap my head around Raven and Anya’s actions,” Clarke admitted.


“Neither can I. I just don’t get why Raven would go to our house and perpetuate the story that we were dead when she knew we weren’t or why Anya would go along with the ruse.”


“I don’t know; I don’t know anything where Raven and Anya are concerned anymore.”


“Me either. None of this makes sense.”


“No, it doesn’t. I don’t know why either of them did what they did or how they fabricated those photos they gave you, but I’m sure as hell going to find out,” Clarke growled as she stood from the bed.


“Clarke, where are you going?”


“I’m going to Arkadia. It’s about time our so-called sisters explain themselves.”


“Clarke, we just found each other again and we just had little Scout, can’t this wait?”


“Lex, I love you and want nothing more than to be here with you, Scout and Aden, but the longer we go without knowing the truth, the longer I can’t properly keep us all safe and your safety and our children’s safety is my top priority. I’m going to get answers and then I’m coming straight back home to you where I swear I will keep you and our children safe. I know it’s getting later in the afternoon but I’ll take my jet so I can be back tonight, okay?”


“You have a jet?”


“A lot happened while you were gone, Lex, and I promise to explain it all to you but right now I need to get us answers so we can keep our family safe. Please tell me you understand.”


“I don’t like it but I understand. If our roles were reversed I’d be doing the same thing and we both know it. Go show them what happens when someone fucks with Heda and Wanheda.”


“You’ve got it,” Clarke said before kissing Scout and Lexa one last time and leaving the room, only stopping to ask her mother and Octavia to stay with Lexa and to check on Aden at daycare before leaving the hospital to head to the private airstrip where her jet was housed.




As she sat on her jet as it took off, Clarke stared out the window thinking about what she was going to do when she reached Arkadia, and she found herself uttering a phrase once used by hers and Lexa’s ancestors regularly, a phrase spoken in an almost dead language, “jus drein jus daun.”

Chapter Text

At six o’clock on the dot that evening, Raven and Anya arrived home from their respective jobs. Raven had just finished an eighteen hour shift at Arkadia Memorial Hospital where she was Chief of Orthopedic Surgery while Anya had finished a day full of meetings at Arkadia FD Headquarters where she was an Assistant Deputy Fire Chief. After returning to Arkadia with Abby and Thelonious, after Lexa and Aden’s supposed deaths, the then engaged couple were quickly married and officially given their current job titles, courtesy of Abby and Thelonious, who pulled some strings. They were both thriving in their respective jobs but deep down they knew they hadn’t earned their positions; they knew the fancy titles were a form of hush money in the event their guilt made them want to tell the truth about the role they played that day seven months ago. They did in fact both live with a tremendous amount of guilt over their actions in Polis and only hoped that one day the truth would be revealed and their sisters could be reunited again, even though they were also terrified of the truth coming out.


As they entered their home that night, they went about their usual routine of taking off their shoes and then proceeding to their bedroom so they could change out of their work clothes. Once changed, they made their way to their living room where they had planned to have a movie night, but, when they both had only taken one step into the dark room a lamp was turned on revealing a single person sitting in a chair dressed in a black t-shirt, black leather jacket, black jeans and black combat boots. She was the picture of Wanheda, and she was fixing both women with a down right murderous glare, causing the couple to jump backwards and gasp in shock and disbelief over the sight before them.


“Clarke,” Raven and Anya gasped at the same time. “What are you doing here,” Raven asked a moment later after the shock began to wear off.


“There was a train derailment today where I live and work. It was an above ground public transport train and it derailed and landed in the traffic of the street below. There were a lot of casualties and my surgical response team was deployed to assist on the scene,” Clarke began explaining slowly and intentionally.


“What does this have to do with anything? We haven’t seen you since the funeral and you come here to speak in riddles,” Raven asked annoyed while secretly scared shitless about why Clarke had really shown up unannounced.


“When we arrived, I deployed my surgical response team and not long after myself and the two team members I was with began our sweep, I heard a child calling out for their mommy. They were begging for their mommy to come to the rescue because their mama wouldn’t wake up. The whole time I ran towards that voice I was transported to another time when my little boy would call out for me. For seven months, I’ve wondered if he called out for me to save him and Lexa in that fire. I’ve wondered if he felt betrayed that I didn’t come to rescue. I’ve wondered if Lexa called out for me too. I’ve been haunted by the thought of what their final moments were like. Those thoughts were swimming in my head as I ran towards the voice calling for their mommy, the voice that sounded so familiar, and I vowed to do everything I could to save that child and their mama, but, the closer I got the more convinced I was that I knew the voice…”


“No,” Raven and Anya gasped so softly Clarke almost missed it, but she didn’t, she just chose to ignore it.


“When I reached the vehicle the child was in, I thought I had seen a ghost but it wasn’t a ghost and I wasn’t hearing things when I thought I heard his voice…”


“No,” Raven and Anya once again gasped as both feared that their actions from seven months earlier were about to come to light.


“Yes,” Clarke said clearly as she stared at Raven and Anya. “You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the child calling for their mommy, was in fact my child. And you can imagine how shocked I was to not only see my son, who I had been told was dead, but my wife, who I was also told was dead,” she continued before pausing for effect and to make Raven and Anya squirm for a few moments. “You both lied to me and I want to know why,” Clarke seethed as her murderous glare bore into the couple in front of her.


“How is she? How’s Aden,” Anya asked genuinely wondering about her sister and nephew’s condition.


“You DO NOT get to ask me about MY wife and son! You do not get to utter their names, not after what the two of you have done,” Clarke seethed.


“Clarke, you have to understand,” Anya began.


“No! The only thing I want to hear come out of your mouths is why you both chose to lie to me about my wife and son being dead and why you, Raven, forged divorce papers, parental right termination papers and a restraining order. Why did the two of you choose to destroy my family?”


In that moment, as it truly sunk in that Clarke knew the truth, or at least part of it, Raven and Anya looked like they wanted nothing more than for a black hole to open and suck them into it.


“Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. You two will sit your asses down and you will tell me why you both perpetuated this cruel lie for the past seven months. I suggest you start talking now before I simply deal with you myself and I think you both know that that option will be a fate worse than death for you both,” Clarke said with so much venom in her tone and in such a murderous way, that Raven and Anya visibly recoiled and had faces full of fear.


As Clarke stared Raven and Anya down, neither woman moved, not even an inch. Instead, they looked at Clarke with wide eyes, so full of fear that Clarke was sure they were going to pee their pants. As more time passed without the women making a move to sit as instructed though, Clarke grew angrier until it finally boiled over.


“I SAID SIT YOUR ASSES DOWN,” she bellowed.


Immediately, the couple sat down, falling flat on their asses as they had forgotten they weren’t standing near a seat in their haste to follow Clarke’s instructions. After clambering back to their feet, they made their way to the couch, that was across from the chair Clarke sat in, and sat down.


“Now that you two supposedly intelligent people have sat down, I want you to start talking and I want you to start talking NOW!”


“Clarke, we never wanted to hurt you but we did what we had to do,” Anya began.


“What you had to do,” Clarke scoffed. “You’re telling me the two of you had to rip my family apart? You’re telling me you had to fabricate photos, a letter, divorce papers, termination of parental rights documents and a restraining order to make my wife think I no longer wanted her or our son? You’re telling me that you had to fake dental records and make me believe my wife and son were dead? You’re telling me that you had to perpetuate this lie every day for the past seven months?! Are you fucking dense?! On what planet is ‘we did what we had to do’ a proper explanation for literally ripping my family apart,” Clarke said as her voice grew louder with each word while still maintaining a steely murderous tone that shot fear straight into Anya and Raven’s hearts.


“Clarke, please let us explain,” Raven tried.


“You better start talking fast Raven, or else this conversation with cease to be a conversation and more a meeting of the fists, if you catch my drift.”


“It was the only way to continue getting my treatments,” Raven said just barely above a whisper as years streamed down her cheeks and Anya immediately wrapped her wife in her arms to comfort her.


“Explain, Raven, now,” Clarke grit out.


“When I was seven and you were five, I was in the hospital for a while, do you remember?”


“Abby said you were sick and it was contagious that’s why you couldn’t come home sooner.”


“You’re a doctor yourself now, or at least you were, you disappeared after…well anyway, haven’t you ever wondered what really kept me in the hospital for months?”


“Not really, no. After I left Arkadia to live with my parents, after you chose to stay with the woman who wanted to mutilate me because being intersex didn’t fit with her picture perfect ‘unstoppable Jaha’s’ image, I didn’t waste my time thinking about you. And when you reached out wanting to reconnect, I was more focused on moving forward because I left my childhood before I moved in with my parents in the past and I don’t plan to revisit it. So, no, I didn’t wonder,” Clarke said with a bite in her tone that made Raven nod her head sadly in understanding.


“I wanted to go with you, Clarke, I really did. I had my bag packed and everything but Mom said she’d stop providing my weekly treatments if I left, so I stayed. I knew you’d be safe with our father and his family so I stayed so I could still function normally while you left to actually have a chance at a full life. It was selfish but my life as I know it would be over if I stopped my treatments so I stayed when you left just like I did what was asked of me seven months ago when threatened with losing my treatments for the second time. I’m sorry, Clarke, I’m so sorry but I need my treatments,” Raven pleaded with her sister, begging her to understand.


“What do you need treatments for, Raven? I don’t remember you ever having regular medical treatments at all when we were young or when we all lived in Polis,” Clarke said clearly not buying Raven’s explanation.


“When I was in the hospital when you were five I was diagnosed with advanced pediatric on-set multiple sclerosis. You were too young to remember but every time I fell when we were playing or I dropped something was because I had MS. I was in the hospital for months when we were kids because by that point my MS was so severe I had also developed Ataxia. I could no longer control my muscles in my arms or legs at all. Mom spent weeks on end in her lab at the hospital searching for a cure or at the very least a treatment. No matter how much time she spent in the lab though, she couldn’t create anything that would allow me to have even some semblance of a normal life. After two months, Titus Woods reached out and offered his assistance. He had wealthy contacts and I don’t know the details but together they created an injectable treatment. The catch was that the only way to get the treatment was through Mom and them. So, as long as I obeyed and did as told I’d receive my weekly treatment. So long as I had one injection per week, I could function as if I wasn’t sick. The MS and Ataxia are still there, there still is no cure, but these treatments let me actually live a life where I can accomplish anything I want. I’m sorry that my need for that treatment led me to do some questionable things but I had to do it for myself.”


“Raven, I’m sorry you have to deal with that. MS and Ataxia are no joke but tell me, while you were living your best life these past months…”


“We…we weren’t…I…I…wasn’t…,” Raven stumbled over her words.


“Do you really want to tell me you weren’t living your best life? Really, Raven? I may be blonde but I’m not dumb. I know you and Anya got married, and even if I didn’t one look at your ring fingers gives it away, and from the pictures online it looked pretty fancy. I also know you honeymooned in the Maldives before going to Italy. Oh! I also know about your trips to the fertility clinic. Since you’re sick, I’m going to assume Anya is going to carry? Maybe you already are? Geez, if that’s not living your best life I guess I don’t know what is. So, please spare me the sob story and tell me you have a better reason than that sorry excuse of one,” Clarke spat out.


“Clarke, she needs that treatment. Are you seriously saying she should have lived with debilitating side effects of her illness just so you could continue to be happy,” Anya asked incredulously.


“No, I’m not saying that Anya. I’m sorry you have MS and Ataxia, Raven, I truly am. However, your excuse is just that, an excuse.”


“Clarke, it’s not an excuse…,” Raven began before being cut off by Clarke.


“But it is. MS and Ataxia are central nervous system disorders meaning they’re a brain and spinal cord issue ergo they’re within our father’s area of professional expertise. Our father is one of the top neurosurgeons in the world and a world-renowned researcher, my mother who like it or not is your step-mother Raven, is a top cardiothoracic surgeon but she’s also a world-renowned researcher. God, together they’ve worked on stem cell research, individually tailored cancer treatments and wait for it, the use of robotic nanotechnology in treatment central nervous system disorders. Jesus Raven, you’re a fucking doctor and you went to a good medical school so I know you know of my parents’ work in treating central nervous system disorders, like MS! Dad’s own mother died from MS related complications and when I was twelve they came out with a treatment using robotic nanotechnology that has been proven to reverse the damage caused by MS and allow patients to live full lives. Right now, they have a clinical trial using that technology combined with stem cells to see if it could be a cure and so far, the results are looking really good. So, no, I do not accept that you had to do what they wanted to be able to continue living a full life because you had another option. So, try again, Raven, and this time you better give a legitimate reason or else you better kiss your happy little fairytale life you have here goodbye,” Clarke venomously said as she pulled out her wife’s famed dagger, that she had made sure to take with her when she left Polis, and began playing with it.


“Raven, just tell her,” Anya said quietly.


“Anya, you know why that’s a bad idea. If they find out…”


“I’m going to make this simple for you both. You can either tell me why you tore my family apart or I can call my brother’s contact at the FBI and report that you two falsified so many documents and faked two deaths and don’t think I won’t do it because you’d be amazed how far someone is willing to go when they’ve had their whole life altered because of others and what you can accomplish on a plane ride.”


“And what’s that supposed to me,” Anya asked.


“In short, it means jus drein jus daun, blood must have blood. It means I have proof that those documents given to Lexa were forged. Had I not been wracked with grief back then I’d have found that proof sooner but I have it now and you better believe I’m aching to live up to the ruthlessness portion of my Wanheda name,” Clarke said as she rammed Lexa’s dagger into the arm of the chair causing the women before her to visibly gulp.


“Clarke, you don’t understand…,” Raven began.




“Raven, just tell her. She’s going to find out one way or the other,” Anya begged her wife.


“Anya, we both know they’re always listening and if they find out we said anything…”


“You don’t have to worry about anyone overhearing this conversation, I’m not some dumb blonde, I swept this place for bugs and disposed of all fifty-five found,” Clarke said smugly.


“Raven, tell her the full truth or I will. Seven months ago, we said we’d tell them the truth if ever given the chance and this is our chance. If we don’t tell her now we may never get the chance too and maybe…maybe she can help us, maybe they can help us.”


“Me, help you? Why the hell would I help you when I’ve had to spend the past seven months, the past two hundred and ten days, without my wife and son?! I’ve spent the past seven months having nightmares about their deaths. I wake up in a cold sweat screaming their names. The past seven months have been utter torture so why the hell would I willingly aid those directly responsible for said torture?! Tell me! Tell me why I should help you, Anya! Tell me why I should help you, Raven!”



Chapter Text

“Come again,” Clarke said, clearly not having expected that answer.


“They have our daughter so we have to do whatever they ask if we ever want to see her again and we had to protect you and your family too. I’m sorry, Clarke, but we didn’t have a choice,” Raven said dejectedly as tears spilled down her face.


“So, what? Everything about needing Abby and co for your treatments was just another lie?”


“No, that was the truth, it just wasn’t the full truth,” Raven said quietly.


“I’m done with you two dicking around. I live by a code, you both know that and my code is simple, family first. From where I’m standing you both have more than violated that code; you’ve shit on it and said it means nothing so either tell me the truth, the full truth, or we can skip straight to me kicking your asses for what you’ve done to my family and all the unnecessary pain and suffering you’ve caused us,” Clarke said leaving no room for debate.


“What I told you about my treatment was true, or at least partially true,” Raven began. “I do need the treatments, but you’re right I do know our father and Aurora created a readily available treatment but I didn’t know if that treatment would have the same effect on me as the one I get from our mother…”


“Abigail Jaha is NOT my mother,” Clarke interrupted to say before adding, “Aurora Griffin is my mother, she raised me, she loved me and she adopted me when YOUR mother had no problem signing away her parental rights to me because I refused to be anyone other than myself.”


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend. But the truth is, I didn’t know if our father and Aurora’s treatment would work as well for me, not really, and I didn’t know if it would address the Ataxia I developed as a result of the MS. I didn’t learn of their treatment until I went to college because Mom kept me sheltered and by then I was accustomed to being able to live as if I wasn’t sick so I was selfish and didn’t want to risk losing the treatment I knew worked. So, yes, wanting that treatment is part of why I did what I did, but, the bigger reasons are that I wanted to protect you, Lexa and Aden; and Mom, Thelonious, Nia and Titus took our daughter and currently have her and if we didn’t do what we did they would have killed her. I’m so sorry I hurt you but you’re a mother, Clarke, can you tell me you would have risked Aden’s life just to spare me from pain?”


“I would do anything to protect my children, to protect my family; that’s the only reason I’m here. But we are not here to talk about what I would do, we’re here to discuss why you did what you did. Now, start from the beginning and tell the real explanation for why you two betrayed Lexa and I in the worst way possible.”


Raven and Anya shared a nervous look with each other before Raven visibly swallowed the lump in her throat and began her explanation.


“It started about a week before I showed up at your house looking to reconnect,” Raven began.



Flashback – Polis – December 30, 2019


“You summoned me, Mother,” Raven said as she entered the living room of the Jaha residence just outside of the Polis city limits.


“Yes, we have much to discuss. Sit down, Raven,” Abby ordered.


“Okay,” Raven said dragging out the “o” as she sat down in a nearby chair. “So, what exactly do we have to discuss?”


“Next Monday, Polis General Hospital is getting a new trauma surgery attending.”


“And how do you know about this hiring development when you don’t work at any hospital right now as you’re on sabbatical,” Raven questioned with an arched brow.


“I may be on sabbatical but I am still the chief of surgery at Arkadia Memorial; your brother is simply the interim chief in my absence.”


“Ah yes, how could I forget, your golden child was handed that opportunity even though he’s only one year out of his residency,” Raven scoffed.


“Your brother is a gifted surgeon and he is flourishing as interim chief.”


“Yea, if flourishing means having every department head and attending file complaints within his first week, then sure,” Raven said sarcastically while she rolled her eyes.


“Enough about your brother, Raven, we have more important things to discuss than your jealousy issues.”


“Yea, I’m so jealous of Wells Jaha, how can I ever compete with the guy you and Thelonious had pay the licensing board off for just so he could get his board certification. But do tell me, Mother, what is so important about the new trauma surgery attending at my hospital?”


“Thelonious is your father, first of all and second, the new attending is Clarke,” Abby said simply.


“Clarke as in my sister, Clarke?”


“Clarke as in your brother, Clarke.”


“Mom, we’ve been through this, she’s intersex and she’s a woman.”


“No woman has a fully functioning phallus, Raven, but that is beside the point. Clarke’s arrival in Polis means this is our opportunity to make things right. I gave up too easily when he was a child. I should have fought to have Jake’s rights terminated or at the very least tried for full legal custody so we could have taken care of the necessary surgery to correct Clarke’s defect regardless of his opposition. At the time though, Thelonious felt it was better to simply cut the blemish on our family’s name out of the picture so I let her go to Jake. However, we’ve had a change of heart and seen the error of our ways. It is time for Clarke, and by extension Lexa, to be part of this family.”


“I haven’t seen or spoken to my sister in over a decade but I do remember her making it very clear that we were all dead to her. What makes you think you can get her and her wife to come into the family fold?”


“It’s simple really. You will seek Clarke out and you will convince your brother that you want to reconnect. Once Clarke agrees to let you back in his life you will get close to him, his wife and their child. Then, when the time is right you will arrange for Clarke and I to meet at which point we will convince Clarke to have surgery to remove his breasts so he can be fully male as God intended. After that, we will welcome Clarke back into our family and your father and I will continue working towards our end goal with Titus and Nia.”


“What even is the end goal, Mom?”


“You don’t need to know what it is. You will do as told, Raven, and leave the rest up to me. Am I clear?”


“I hear you loud and clear but I’m not doing your bidding for you, Mother,” Raven spat.


“You will do what I say, Raven, or else you will not receive any more doses of your treatment.”


“Then I’ll call my father to receive the treatment he and Aurora created years ago.”


“Are you sure you want to do that? Their treatment has proven effective for MS but that’s not your only ailment. Are you sure you’re willing to take that risk because once you stop using the treatment we created for you, we will never give it to you again. So, I ask you are you willing to risk not being able to control your muscles again? Are you willing to give up surgery? Are you willing to give up your mechanic’s hobby? Are you willing to risk your ability to speak? Are you really prepared to take the chance you’ll lose all of that when all you have to do to keep receiving a proven effective treatment for you is reconnect with your brother and eventually facilitate a meeting between us? I’m really not asking for much in return for lifesaving medicine for you,” Abby said smugly, knowing she’d get her way.


Raven thought about her options for several moments before her personal desires won out over ensuring her sister and her sister’s family’s guaranteed safety from Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia. She knew she would come to regret her decision before she even voiced it, but she was only human and her selfish desires won out, even though she had read the case studies of her father’s treatment and knew it was very likely to be as effective as the treatment she was receiving from the devious foursome.


“Fine, I’ll do it.”


“I knew you’d make the right choice, Raven,” Abby said with what could only be described as a devious smile.


End Flashback – August 9, 2021 – Arkadia



“So, you’re telling me that your want to reconnect wasn’t even genuine,” Clarke asked clearly hurt by that revelation.


“I wanted to reconnect with you, Clarke, I did. If I had had things my way we never would have become estranged. You are my little sister and I have loved you since the day our parents told me you were on the way.”


“Abby is your mother not mine Raven,” Clarke grit out.


“Clarke, like it or not she’s your biological mother, just like she’s mine.”


“She’s my egg donor that’s it. When Abby left Dad, and took us away from him in the middle of the night, before Thelonious came into the picture and paid the judge off so that Abby got primary custody of us, I knew I’d survive because I had you. I had my older sister who swore to always be there for me and protect me. You broke that promise when you stayed with Abby though, but I can understand why you did that. However, you had a chance to keep your promise nearly two years ago and you willfully chose to break it again by doing Abby’s bidding and not telling me about it. And by the way, you just said you knew that my parents’ treatment was very likely to be as effective as the treatment that horrid foursome got you. So, tell me Raven, what is the real truth or are you not even capable of speaking the truth anymore?”


“Clarke, please don’t make me say any more,” Raven begged.


“Raven, just tell her. We’ve kept this secret long enough and we both know Clarke and Lexa won’t rest until they know everything,” Anya said defeated.


“Clarke, please, I’m doing this for not only mine and Anya’s daughter’s safety but yours, Lexa’s and Aden’s. Please, just go home, wherever that is these days, and be with your family. Please trust me to keep you all safe,” Raven implored.


“Me, trust you?! Are you out of your fucking mind, Raven?! All you’ve done since I got here was speak in riddles and half-truths. You haven’t been honest with me at all so no, I don’t trust you. Either tell me the truth, the full truth, now or I will beat it out of you if I have too,” Clarke said with a look that could kill.


“Clarke, it’s for your own good that you don’t know. Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia are into some seriously bad stuff and the less you know the better,” Raven tried again.


“Raven, I cannot protect my family or understand why we were ripped apart for so long unless I know the truth. So, start talking or I’ll make you talk,” Clarke said as she pulled the dagger from the chair and stood before slowly approaching her sister.


As Clarke menacingly approached Raven, the older woman still kept her mouth shut. When Clarke was within a few feet though, and raised the dagger, Anya stepped in knowing there wasn’t anything Clarke, or Lexa for that matter, wouldn’t do to protect their family.


“They’re planning to overthrow the government so the Kongeda can rule and eventually initiate the west coast as new clans. They arranged for the assassination of President Sydney and now President Wallace is part of the plan. But, for them to get what they want, Jake needed to be eliminated because he’s the rightful chancellor of Skaikru so they needed you to get to him since Raven has no relationship with him. They also needed Lexa because her grandfather disowned Titus after her birth so Lexa is the rightful Trikru leader, or so they thought. But, Lexa found out about them orchestrating the assassination so they wanted her killed but then Titus remembered that technically his brother, my father, was named their father’s official heir after he was disowned so they decided Lexa could live since my dad is the rightful Trikru leader. That means they need to eliminate my dad though because they need all clan leaders on their side if they want to maintain the total control they want. But, they also knew with Lexa around they’d never get you back into the fold because they blamed Lexa for Raven not being able to arrange a meeting with you and Abby for almost a year and they didn’t have another way to get to Jake that wouldn’t be noticeable. Raven intervened though and got them to agree to leave Lexa and Aden alone if we got them to leave town for good. From what Raven told me she also told them if Lexa just left you it would make you more amenable to reconciling with Abby. We knew you’d never stop looking for Lexa and Aden if they just disappeared though, so we prepared the same documents for you, just from Lexa, but after Lexa fled the city, they had a change of heart and wanted Lexa and Aden dead because there would always be a chance of her finding you or you her on accident and if she found you she’d likely tell you about your aunt’s assassination and then you’d come after them and they didn’t want that. They had been tracking you guys for months and knew you all stopped at that store that employs the homeless, so Raven told them Lexa and Aden were stopping there to get supplies and they bought it so Raven blew up the building and we faked their deaths,” Anya rushed out so fast that it took Clarke a few moments to comprehend everything she had just been told.


After several minutes passed without a single word being uttered by Clarke, Anya and Raven grew nervous, especially when the blonde began to tighten to grip around the dagger. But, instead, Clarke lowered her hand and looked at her sister-in-law, clearly studying her to see if she could detect any lies. Seeing no signs of deception, despite feeling there was more to the story, Clarke took a deep breath before addressing the women in front of her.


“So, you’re telling me that everything happened because those four deranged psychopaths want to overthrow the government and restore the Kongeda’s rule but to do that my father has to be eliminated and so does Gustus?”


“Yes,” Anya said.


“And you’re telling me that originally, you two planned to make me think Lexa left me and took Aden but you had to change tactics at the last minute?”


“Yes,” Anya said again.


“Why didn’t you just fake my death as well then and tell me the truth so I could disappear and find my wife? Why did you leave me at risk when you knew they would still want me,” Clarke asked coolly.


“I don’t know, Clarke. That day, Raven called me in a panic and told me what she had done mere moments before we got the dispatch alert at the firehouse. After that I just made sure to spin things on scene so it would be believable that Lexa and Aden died then I used dental imprints from two actual victims to run a dental records search and Raven hacked the system so the results said it was Lexa and Aden.”


“Raven, why did you handle things the way you did; why didn’t you just fake my death too so I could find my family and be with them?”


“Because they had an inside man at Polis General who would report to Abby when you were and weren’t at the hospital. They knew you were at the hospital that day so I would not have been able to fake your death too without them knowing it was faked,” Raven admitted.


“I can understand that, Raven, I can, but what I don’t get is why you never told me any of this, why you didn’t want to tell me even now, how exactly your child fits into all of this and why you say it’s best that I don’t know all of this.”


“Clarke, I don’t even know the full extent of everything but I know that people who find out more than they should know tend to wind up dead and I don’t want you dead,” Raven sighed knowing she was going to have to start explaining some things.


“I may logically understand that you meant well, Raven and you too Anya, but what you did is unforgivable. You watched me become a shell of myself at their funerals and you watched me fall apart all while knowing my wife and son were alive! You could have found a way to get a message to me! God, I fucking hate you both so much right now. And on top of that, actual people died in that explosion and the fire it caused, Raven. Innocent people died, like what the fuck, Raven” Clarke screamed in frustration.


“If I could have saved everyone, I would have. Had only Lexa and Aden been listed as casualties though they would have gotten suspicious and I couldn't have that. I know you hate us, Clarke, and I know you may never be able to forgive us but I swear we had good intentions,” Raven insisted.


“I don’t give a fuck about your good intentions right now, just answer my questions.”


“You don’t know what it was like to live with Thelonious and have Nia and Titus around. You either did what they said or there were consequences. When you moved to Polis, it was made clear to me that if I didn’t get you to meet with Abby, I would pay the price. After you had been in the city for a month, and I still had not facilitated a meeting, I paid the price. Nia showed up at my house one day and destroyed my treatment doses and I spent a week unable to control my muscles; it was the week I told you I was at another hospital helping out. It was torture that week so I knew they were serious about consequences,” Raven began.


“Raven, I’m sorry you went through that but that doesn’t answer my questions,” Clarke said as she grew irritated.


“I’m getting to your answers, I promise. You and Lexa introduced me to Anya in February 2020 and as you already know we got serious really quickly. By the start of March, I knew she was the one for me and by some miracle she felt the same. We never told you this but we started talking about kids very early in our relationship and by mid-March we had both had eggs harvested and frozen so we could start trying as soon as we found the right donor for us.”


“Okay, good for you but what does that have to do with anything,” Clarke sniped.


“It has everything to do with it," Raven screamed before quietly and desperately saying, "It has everything to do with it, Clarke.” 


“Then tell me how, instead of beating around the bush because all beating around this bush is going to get you is my wife’s dagger thrown at you and I don’t miss,” Clarke seethed.


“We had a few failed IVF attempts after we selected a donor but after the fourth failed attempt we were told we had no more eggs available. That made no sense because they were able to get eight eggs from me and ten from Anya so we should have still had a good number left. Anya and I did some digging and it turned out that they found out about our fertility clinic visits and they stole our eggs. Fast forward to the end of December of 2020, and I was called in to meet with all four of them. They were so pissed I hadn’t gotten you to meet with Abby yet and that’s when they brought out a newborn baby girl, mine and Anya’s baby girl. They told me that they were able to engineer a new procedure and managed to use one of our eggs to create artificial sperm that fertilized the other’s egg. They told me if I didn’t follow their instruction to the letter that they would kill my child. And that’s why I went along with the plan to make Lexa leave town. I was not willing to risk my child’s life. Tell me you understand that, Clarke, please,” Raven begged.


“I understand that but you still could have done something. You could have found a way to contact me or hell, you could have contacted Bellamy! You may not have a relationship with him but he loves you because you’re his sister and he’s a fucking cop! He could have helped. But instead, you kept your mouth shut and ultimately let me think my wife and child were dead. You could have found a way without risking your daughter's life and you know it. God, how would you feel if I made you think your child was dead?! Actually, for all we know she really isn’t your child,” Clarke scoffed.


“ENOUGH CLARKE,” Anya screamed. “That’s enough! Yes, we are partially responsible for all the pain you and Lexa have endured but you do not have a monopoly on pain. We were hurt too! We didn’t even know we had a child until after she was born; I didn’t even know until after her life had been threatened if Raven disobeyed. You have no idea what that feels like Clarke!”


“I have no idea what that feels like? I have no idea?! How fucking stupid are you two?! Because of you, I was separated from my son for seven months! For two hundred and ten days, I thought my son was dead. And did you not catch me use the world children earlier? While you all were living your best lives, my wife thought I didn’t care and had to go through the entirety of her pregnancy without me! When I found her and our son in that truck this morning, I discovered my wife was pregnant. And when I finally got them out, I ended up having to run my wife to the hospital because she was bleeding out. Then, we get her to surgery and our child had to be delivered via an emergency c-section and then I still almost lost my wife in the process. So don’t you dare tell me about pain and what I do and don’t know about it! I’m sorry you both apparently know pain too but as far as I’m concerned you both can go straight to hell for what you’ve done to my family.”


“Wh…What do you mean Lexa was pregnant and what the hell do you mean she almost died,” Anya shrieked.


“From what I’ve heard so far you two do not deserve to know that information. But don’t worry, unlike you two I take care of my family; I protect my family. Now, either give me the answers I’m looking for or we can skip straight to me beating your pathetic asses because as much as I may understand you were in a hard spot you handled this horribly and all I want to do is punch you both in the face.”


“Clarke, I didn’t believe them at first; I didn’t believe the baby was ours but they showed me the DNA results and I had no reason not to believe the results. I…I was overcome with so much emotion then and I couldn’t believe we had a daughter and then just like that they threatened her life if I didn’t obey. I told them I would comply but that first I needed independent proof that the baby was mine and Anya’s. So, the day after Christmas I told Anya about the baby and then we went to an independent lab and I watched all the samples be taken and the test be run. She’s mine and Anya’s, Clarke, there’s no doubt about it. The second I knew she was ours I knew I’d do anything to have her be with us and anything to protect her. Don’t you understand that,” Raven begged her sister to understand.


“I understand being willing to do anything for your children better than anyone but you didn’t have to do things the way you did. You say you couldn’t risk telling me and you couldn’t fake my death because of an inside man, but, you could have faked my death on a day I wasn’t at the hospital. You could have called Bellamy. You could have called Dad even. You had so many other options! All you had to do was tell us the truth and keep your fucking promise you made years ago,” Clarke said, the hurt clear in her voice.


“I…I…I …At the time, everything happened so fast and we just wanted you both to be alive when everything was said and done; we wanted to protect you guys while we also protected our daughter,” Raven said in a small voice.


“No, you were not trying to protect my family, because had you been doing that you would have found a way to keep us together or to at least let us know what was going on so that my wife didn’t think I didn’t want her and our family and I didn’t think they were dead for seven months. So spare me the ‘we were protecting you’ line because I don’t buy it,” Clarke spat out.


“Clarke, we were trying to protect the three of you and our daughter. After the independent lab results proved our daughter is our daughter, they made it very clear that we had to do everything they said or our daughter would die. But, they also said once we completed the current mission we would get out daughter back,” Anya said.


“We were going to tell you everything, we really we really were, but we just couldn’t,” Raven tried.


“That’s an excuse and you know it! You’re one of the best tech people I know so you could have found a way to tell me,” Clarke growled.


“Clarke, it was a very tense situation…,” Raven began before being cut off by Clarke.


I DON’T WANT YOUR EXCUSES! Just fucking tell me what’s going on with your daughter is and how this ridiculously cruel plan of yours was meant to protect my family!”


“They still have her. They say keeping her is how they keep us in line,” Raven said as tears streamed down hers and Anya’s cheeks. “At first I thought they’d let us have our little Jasmine after you disappeared but they said we had failed the mission so we couldn’t have her. They keep telling us if we do as they ask we’ll have our daughter before we know it, but they always have excuses for why we can’t have her no matter how much we do for them.”


“Jasmine,” Clarke questioned in disbelief.


“Yeah, we named her after Lexa,” Anya quietly said.


Clarke nodded her head in understanding before growing quiet as she thought about everything. After a few moments of silence though, Clarke knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Raven and Anya still weren’t telling her everything, she could just tell that there was something they weren’t saying. She also knew that the story she was told didn’t make complete sense because if she was needed for Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia’s plan, why had no one found her when she wasn’t that hard to find? The more Clarke thought in those moments, the more she knew that Raven and Anya had only scratched the surface of the whole truth and she wasn’t sure why they were still withholding information. But, she also knew no matter what she said or did they still wouldn’t stop talking in half-truths; so instead she decided to wrap her impromptu visit up so she could return home to her wife and children.


“I’m sorry they have your daughter, but, I can tell you both are still withholding information, information that you clearly have no intention of telling me. I only asked for the truth from you both and neither of you seems capable of actually telling me the whole truth. All I’ve gotten from you both is quite frankly a jumbled mess of half-truths and excuses and that’s not okay. Don’t worry though, you will be forced to tell the truth in due time. For now though, I expect you both to forget I was ever here. My family is my priority, it always has been, and if either of you do anything to jeopardize my family I will find you and I will end you. I do hope you get your daughter back though, because no parent should have to be separated from their child but I also hope you two rot in hell for the pain you inflicted on my family,” Clarke said with venom in her voice before moving to leave the home.


“Clarke, you can’t leave like this! You have to know this isn’t over. You didn’t ask but, Abby may have given up on finding you for now but you will never be free of her. You’re as stuck as we are,” Raven said as she grabbed Clarke’s arm in an attempt to stop her from leaving.


“Don’t you touch me,” Clarke roared as she spun around, fist cocked as she landed a punch square on Raven’s jaw.


“Clarke! What the fuck,” Anya yelled as she tried to pull Clarke from Raven as she went to land a second punch only for Clarke to pivot at the last second and clock her right in the nose.


“Seriously! What the hell, Clarke,” Raven yelled.


“Don’t you two EVER touch me again. Let me make myself clear, from this day forward you are no family of mine or Lexa’s. If you think those punches hurt, just wait until my wife has her say. Oh, and Raven, maybe if you hadn’t forsaken our family you’d know that our brother, Bellamy, is not just a cop, but rather is a cop with connections all over the country, and he’d be able to help you get your daughter back. Or, I don’t know you could always forge some more legal documents to ensure you had custody and hell you could even forge a restraining order against the unholy foursome while you’re at it too; you clearly have no problem doing that,” Clarke said with hatred clear in her tone as she glared at the woman she once knew as her older sister but who was now just a stranger she did not recognize.




Mere seconds later, Clarke was gone and Anya and Raven were left in tears at the knowledge that they had lost Clarke, and by extension Lexa, likely for forever, all because they were too scared to tell the full truth.

Chapter Text

“She’s not going to let this go,” Raven said as she and Anya laid in bed that evening.


“No, she is not. She’s hurt, upset and wants answers and retribution for everything she and Lexa have been through these past seven months.”


“We’re never getting our sisters back, are we,” Raven asked sadly.


“I don’t know, Rae. We didn’t tell Clarke the truth, at least not the whole truth, when we had the chance and that’s not going to bode well for us with them.”


“But if we told her everything they’d be in even more danger and you know it,” Raven huffed.


“I know, but they don’t know that and maybe just maybe if they knew the truth they’d be able to protect themselves better; I don’t know it’s a double-edged sword I guess. But, I do think it’s safe to assume Lexa told Clarke the truth about Diana’s assassination before Clarke came here because she didn’t seem surprised, and we both know she loved her Aunt Diana. They also don’t know that the real reason they wanted Clarke back in the fold is because they planned to use the ALIE chip on her so she’d be under their control and then they could make her eliminate Jake, even if she didn’t want too. And they don’t know that they plan to make Wanheda into a killer warrior like the legends described, except she’d be at their beck and call instead of fighting for what she thought was right for her people. They don’t know just how deep everything goes. One day they will know that we were trying to protect them, even if we didn’t go about it in the best way. One day they will hopefully understand,” Anya said.


“You heard Clarke though, we had other options, we didn’t have to separate them like we did. We could have faked Clarke’s death too at another time and that would have eliminated a lot of our problems. Why did we do things the way we did?!”


“We didn’t see faking all of their deaths as an option. I don’t know why we didn’t see it as an option. We were desperate and you had to pull something together quickly. I don’t know. I wish we had seen that option, but we didn’t and now we’re in the situation we’re in. Do you know what I can’t figure out though?”


“What’s that, Ahn?”


“Why is Abby so against looking for Clarke, when they need her for their plan?”


“I don’t know. I feel like there’s something they’re keeping from us. Maybe if we can find out what they’re hiding it can give us some good will with Clarke and Lexa and then maybe, just maybe, together we can end this and get my mother, Thelonious, Nia and Titus out of our lives for good.”


“I guess we know what we need to do then, Rae.”


“I guess we do. Lord help us because this could get ugly real fast.”


“It could but we’re doing this for our daughter and for our sisters and their family,” Anya said resolutely.





Meanwhile, Clarke arrived back at Seattle Grace just after 11:00 p.m. and immediately made her way to her wife’s room. After greeting her brother, who had taken it upon himself to guard the room, she quickly made her way inside and couldn’t help but smile at the sight before her. Aden was cuddled into Lexa’s good side rubbing his sleepy eyes, as if he had just been woken up, as he watched his baby sister be breastfed while Lexa spoke softly to both their children. Standing just inside the door, Clarke couldn’t help but stand there with a big smile on her face as she watched her family. Before she knew it though, she was drawn out of her reverie by Lexa’s soft voice.


“Aden, Scout, look Mommy’s back.”


The second the words left Lexa’s mouth, Aden’s head snapped towards Clarke and his face lit up like it was Christmas morning as he scrambled out of the bed and ran to his mommy.




“Hi, baby boy,” Clarke said happily as she caught her son when he launched himself at her.


“Did you have a good trip, Mommy?”


“No, not really. I missed you, your sister and Mama way too much to enjoy it. But, now I’m home and I won’t be going anywhere without the three of you, that’s a promise.”


“We’ll live together again,” Aden asked hopefully.


Looking at Lexa and seeing her brunette goddess nod, Clarke’s smile grew impossibly larger as she said, “Yes, we’re going to live together again. You, Scout, Mama and I are going to live together from now on and we will never live apart again.”


“Good, cause I don’t like it when you’re not with us,” Aden mumbled into Clarke’s neck.


“I don’t like when I’m not with you either, bud,” Clarke replied as she walked them towards Lexa’s hospital bed before settling in next to Lexa and Scout. “Hi baby,” she murmured as she pecked Lexa’s lips.


“Hi, love. Did you get the answers we were looking for?”


“Partially. They wouldn’t tell me everything but I left something behind so we can listen in.”


“You’re sneaky Mrs. Griffin-Woods,” Lexa said with a smirk.


“I learned from the best, babe.”


“That you did. Here, why don’t you take Scout; I think she wants some cuddle time with her big brother and Mommy now that she’s had her late night feed,” Lexa said as she helped transfer Scout to Clarke.


“Hi baby girl,” Clarke said as she laid Scout on her chest and Aden cuddled in closer so he could be close to his sister too.


“I could get used to this,” Lexa sighed happily.


“You better get used to it because this is our new normal, just as it should be. Our family’s back together and nothing, and no one, will ever separate us again,” Clarke said meaning every word she spoke.




After spending some more time with Lexa and the kids, Clarke fell asleep that night with her wife and son in her arms and her little girl in her bassinet next to the bed. It was the best night’s sleep any of them had gotten in two hundred and ten long days.





The following morning, Lexa woke with her head on her wife’s chest for the first time in nearly a year. But, as she fully awakened, it didn’t go unnoticed that her wife was speaking.


“And that is how Mama and I met. But, it took a little longer for her to agree to be my girlfriend.”


“More like it took me a little longer to ask you to be my girlfriend,” Lexa said as she fully woke up.


“Mama asked you to be her girlfriend not the other way around,” Aden asked from his place on Clarke’s other side.


“Well, I intended to ask her but Mama asked first,” Clarke admitted.


“I knew if I waited for you to ask I’d be waiting a long time,” Lexa said with a chuckle. “I knew I liked Mommy from the day we met and I just knew I wanted to be with her and I knew she felt the same and wanted to ask but she got all nervous and jittery when she tried to ask so I knew I had to do the asking.”


“How’d you ask her, Mama,” Aden asked clearly interested in the story.


“Mommy used to play paintball with Grandpa Jake and Aunty O and Uncle Bell, just like he used to go with his sister when he was a kid. One weekend, about two months after we met, I asked Grandpa Jake if I could join them and he said yes. What Grandpa Jake and Mommy didn’t know was that my entire family played paintball and we were pretty good at it. When we got there, Mommy tried to show me how it was done and I let her think she was helping me but then I said I wanted to show her something.”


“And show me something she did,” Clarke said with a smile as she remembered that day.


“What’d you do, Mama?”


“There was a wall in front of us and I started shooting at it, but I wasn’t just shooting at it, I was writing a message.”


“A message,” Aden asked perplexed.


“Yeah, baby boy, a message. When I was done, I took my goggles off and watched Mommy read my message once she realized I was writing something with each shot I took.”


“What did it say?”


“It said, ‘will you be my girlfriend’, but the words were shortened but I still knew exactly what she was asking,” Clarke said as she remembered it taking her a minute to realize what the dripping paint balls actually said.


“Yes, it did say that. I was so sure Mommy was going to say no because she was quiet for so long but then she looked at me and she kissed me and then she whined that she was going to ask me,” Lexa said with a chuckle that Aden and eventually even Clarke, joined in on.


“That’s so cool. Can I learn to paintball?”


“When you’re a little older you can,” Clarke quickly told her son, but before he could protest there was a knock on the door a moment before Addison and four children entered the room.


“Bailey, Damian, Zola, Ellis! Hi,” Aden squealed when he saw his new friends coming towards him.


“Hi Aden,” the kids quickly replied.


“Good morning ladies; I hope we’re not interrupting anything,” Addison said.


“No, it’s fine. What brings you by so early this morning,” Clarke asked.


“Mark, Lexie and Meredith had early surgeries today so I’m bringing the kids to daycare but they kept asking if Aden was going to be there to play with today. So, I thought I’d come offer to bring Aden down with us so you two can have some quality time together.”


“He had a lot of fun with them yesterday so if it’s okay with Clarke, it’s okay with me. But, um, no one will be able to take him from daycare without our permission right,” Lexa asked worriedly.


“I talked to Chief Bailey this morning and she’s going to keep a security guard outside of daycare as an added precaution given everything.”


“Okay, that’s good. So, yea, I’m fine with it if Clarke is.”


“Do you want to play at daycare with Damian, Bailey, Zola and Ellis today, bud,” Clarke asked her son.


“Yea! Can I go, Mommy,” Aden asked as he began to pout.


“Hey, put that pout away little man,” Clarke said with a chuckle. “You can go to daycare but if you want to come back here you tell someone and then I’ll come get you, okay?”


“Okay, Mommy! Bye Mama, bye Mommy,” Aden quickly said as he moved to leave with Addison and the kids.


“I’ll be back later to check on how you’re healing up Lexa. Enjoy your time with little Scout,” Addison called over her shoulder as she left with the kids.





As soon as the door was closed, Lexa moved to sit up and properly look at her wife.


“What happened in Arkadia, Clarke?”


“Honestly, it was a bit of a mess. They talked in riddles and half-truths and I could tell they weren’t telling me everything…,” Clarke began before telling Lexa everything that happened in Arkadia the previous day.


“So,” Lexa began after Clarke explained everything, “Anya and Raven have a daughter, who they named after me, but who they aren’t getting to raise because my birth parents, your birth mom and Thelonious Jaha are using Jasmine as a blackmail tool?”




“And Raven has MS and Ataxia and to create a treatment for her, Abby got into bed with my birth father of all people years before we even met and that’s what seemingly started this alliance of sorts between Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia?”




“And they said they did what they did because of their daughter; Raven’s need for treatment, even though Jake and Aurora have had a treatment available for years; and to protect us but they didn’t say how they were protecting us, not really at least.”




“And Abby needs you for their plan to secede to work but she’s stopped looking for you, supposedly at least?




“They definitely didn’t tell you everything.”


“I know. That’s why I planted bugs in every room of the house before they got home as a precaution in case they weren’t fully truthful. And I listened to some of the recordings that came through to my laptop after I gave Scout a bottle around five this morning,” Clarke said a little sheepishly.


“Did the recordings have any useful information?”


“A little. They said that Abby wanted me back in the fold because they planned to use the ALIE chip, whatever that is, on me so I’d be under their control and then they could make me eliminate Dad. They also said that the plan was to make Wanheda into a killer like the legends described. But they also said they know they haven’t been told everything because they don’t know why Abby stopped looking for me. This is all one big mess, Lex, and I’m worried about trouble coming for our family.”


“Are you sure they said the ALIE chip,” Lexa asked with fear in her voice.


“Yeah, why? Does that mean something to you?”


“It does. Do you remember how I told you my birth parents were involved in a lot of things ranging from the healthcare sector to technology to government and anything in between really?”


“I remember.”


“One of the technologies they worked on before I ran away was the ALIE chip. The chip was being designed for mind control. They claimed they were going to shop it to the military to help create better soldiers but I always thought they had more nefarious plans in mind,” Lexa said before continuing. “By Kongeda legend, we are Heda and Wanheda because of who we descend from and the fact that we fell in love only solidifies that legend. Heda and Wanheda were the fiercest warriors in all of the Kongeda and I know Titus and Nia believe in the legend and given that Abby and Thelonious are part of the coup, I’m betting they do too. If they wanted to give you the chip, they wanted you under their control so they could use you as Wanheda. I think the coup may be about more than simply returning the Kongeda to its former glory, Clarke.”


“Wouldn’t they want to chip both of us if that was the case though and what else could they have planned?”


“I’m not sure what else they could have planned but I have a bad feeling. And, No, they wouldn’t chip us both. I have nightblood thanks to those experiments they did on me when I was little so my body is no longer compatible with the chip. They found that out when they tried to give me the original version of the chip the day before I ran.”


“Alright, we need to figure out the actual scope of their plans. We also need to find a way to create synthetic night blood so if they ever find us they can’t chip me. We can use this to our advantage, Lex. If they ever find us and we were able to make night blood then I could simply pretend to be under their control and take them down from the inside.”


“That could work, but only as a last resort. I don’t want you, or any of our family, in more danger than absolutely necessary. How would we create nightblood though?”


“Well, thankfully both our kids inherited it from you; I had the test run on Scout as soon as I could, so it’s only me that needs it to be protected in our immediate family. I may need my parents’ help, but if we use bone marrow we should be able to create it and get my body to begin producing it.”


“Okay, that could work but how are we going to keep track of those four despicable people? Right now, they don’t know Aden and I are alive and presumably they don’t know where you are but if we’re staying in Seattle, we need to know what they know so we can be ready.”


“What if we found a way to get Raven and Anya their daughter back? If we did that we may be able to get them to plant listening devices for us or maybe Raven could plant something on their computers so we know what’s going on? Or, perhaps Bellamy’s contacts at the FBI, CIA and that secret off the books group could help us take them down before they can try anything else,” Clarke suggested.


“Maybe, but if we go with the first idea, Anya and Raven would have their daughter back but they’d probably have to go on the run themselves to make sure Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia don’t take her back. If we go with the second option, it could work but we don’t know how many people are actually involved so it might just be a temporary Band-Aid, so to speak. But…wait Jasper works at the firehouse that helped get Aden and I out, right?”


“Yea, he’s one of Lincoln’s guys now.”


“Is he still friends with Monty?”


“He is but even if he wasn’t, I am. Monty works here now actually; he’s our head of IT.”


“Monty Green, who swore all his IT genius was just a hobby and he wanted to be a hydro farmer like his parents makes his living doing IT work,” Lexa said in disbelief.


“Yep. He’s actually been a really good friend since I came back here. He got me set up with the best security at the house and he made me this really nice video of different moments with us and then us and Aden after…well you know. He’s going to be so happy to see you guys.”


“I can’t wait to see him either, it’s been way too long. But, Clarke, could he remotely hack into their computers and install whatever we want?”


“Maybe, I’m not entirely sure. We can ask though.”


“Let’s do that then. I know you’re going to tell me to rest but I want to get all of this done as soon as possible so we can just live our lives and put whatever plot those four have or ideally them, on the backburner until we have to deal with them or we learn something that enables us to end things once and for all.”


“So, you want us to be protected then just lives our lives,” Clarke asked curiously.


“Yes. We shouldn’t have to live on the run, that’s what I’ve been doing for seven months and it’s no life for our kids. So, if we can ensure we’re protected I think we should live our lives and deal with them when we have too or when we have enough information to end things once and for all. Ideally, we eliminate them now but either way we need to live. You are the one who said life is about more than just surviving, Clarke. So, does this sound like a plan?”


“Yes, it does. But, how do we want to handle telling those we trust, especially your parents, that you and Aden are alive and that we have a beautiful baby girl because that’s another situation we have to handle well now,” Clarke said with a nervous chuckle.


“I don’t think there’s any perfect way to tell them. Maybe we can call my parents, so Lincoln doesn’t have to keep the secret any longer than necessary, and then we can just text our friends here that we trust,” Lexa suggested.


“It’s better than any idea I could come up with. Shall I call them now?”


“No, can you call your parents first? I need our family to be safe, Clarke, and that means we need to find a way to make you and maybe even Jake, Aurora, Bellamy, Octavia, my parents and Lincoln nightbloods so everyone in our family is protected from the chip. After that we need to talk to Bellamy and see if he can reach out to his contacts, then we can call my parents.”


“Okay, I’ll call Mom,” Clarke said as she reached for her phone on the nearby stand and dialed her mother’s number and Aurora answered after just one ring.


“Hey sweetheart, how are you, Lexa and the kids this morning?”


“We’re good, Mom. Is there any chance that you and Dad could stop by Lexa’s room? We need your help with something.”


“I’m actually on my way to check in on you guys already so I will be there in a couple of minutes. Your father, however, spent the night in his office. I told him not to come home until he and Miranda made things right with you.”


“Mom, that’s not necessary. You know tensions run high in an OR and I know they were both trying to protect me in their own way, even though they were wrong. Can you get Dad to come with you, please? It’s important, Mom.”


“Okay. I’ll get your father and then we’ll see you shortly. Give all my love to Lexa and the kids.”


“See you soon, Mom, and I will,” Clarke said before hanging up the phone and turning to her wife. “Mom and Dad will be here soon and Mom sends all her love.”


“Good. Hopefully, by the end of today we’ll be one step closer to being as protected from the danger coming our way as we can be and one step closer to being able to live our lives again without fear because we’ll know that we’re protected.”


“Lex, I swear to you I will always do everything in my power to keep you and our children safe.”


“I know, you will, just as I will always do the same. We’re back together, like we’re supposed to be, and there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together. I only wish I had remembered that and gone to see you that day instead of running.”


“Lexa, I need you to hear this loud and clear. You were scared and they did a very good job at corroborating their story. I do not blame you for running but going forward we don’t run, we stand and fight together. We’re Wanheda and Heda and no one can defeat us.”


“We’re Heda and Wanheda and no one can defeat us,” Lexa echoed before kissing her wife soundly on the lips. “I love you, Clarke.”


“I love you too, Lex,” Clarke said as she leaned in to steal a kiss of her own moments before there was a knock on the door. “I guess it’s time to talk to my parents. Are you ready for this?”


“Absolutely. This is the first step towards ensuring our family’s safety.”

Chapter Text

“Not that we aren’t happy to see you both, but what do you need our help with,” Aurora asked not wasting any time.


“Long story short, we need your help to create nightblood.”


“And why do you need to create nightblood? Are you trying to make type specific reserves for Lexa and the kids so they don’t have to rely on O neg,” Jake asked.


“No, that’s not it; although that’s not a bad idea,” Clarke said.


“We found out that Abby and Thelonious are working with Titus and Nia,” Lexa began knowing they would have to at least somewhat explain things to her in-laws.


“Titus and Nia as in your birth parents,” Aurora asked in shock.


“Yes. We don’t know exactly what they’re up too but there’s been mention of using a chip their technology company created that aims to control your mind. Nightblood makes a person immune to the chip though. Because of that we want to essentially create synthetic nightblood for Clarke and the rest of our family to make sure we’re all protected in the event they attempt to use the chip,” Lexa explained.


“I immediately thought of using bone marrow but I’m not nearly as accomplished in research and developing protocols as the two of you so I thought you could help figure out how to create nightblood,” Clarke added.


“Why would you be worried about this chip though? You haven’t had contact with them in over a decade,” Jake said.


“We don’t know everything that Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia are planning but we have reason to believe that they wanted to use the chip on Clarke. We don’t want to live on the run though, so for us to stay here we need to create nightblood so I know my family is as safe as it can be,” Lexa said.


“I’m not going to pretend that we understand why you both are so worried about this chip, but I can tell you both are concerned, so I’ll help,” Aurora said without hesitation.


“So will I. You are our daughters and we will do whatever we can to help, even if we don’t understand everything. I have one question though, how did Abby get mixed up with Titus and Nia? From everything you’ve told us about your birth parents, Lexa, they’re not the type of people I’d expect my ex-wife, no matter how cruel she can be, to associate with.”


Sharing an apprehensive look with Lexa, Clarke sighed and said, “Dad, I went to see Raven. It turns out that she was diagnosed with advanced MS when we were kids and she developed Ataxia as a result. Abby tried to create a treatment for her but she wasn’t able to do so until Titus came to the rescue. I’m not entirely sure how they connected in the first place though.”


“I suppose that is a question for another day then as is a discussion of why you went to see Raven. Also, Lexa, we will need a sample of your blood to examine if we hope to be successful,” Jake said.


“That’s fine,” Lexa easily replied.


“Alright. We will send someone in to draw some blood shortly but in the meantime, we’ll go get a head start on research, but, don’t think you both are off the hook; I’m not stupid and I know there’s something you’re not telling us,” Aurora said before she and Jake moved to leave the room after stopping by the bassinet to give Scout kisses on her forehead.


“And Clarke?”


“Yea, Dad?”


“I know I messed up yesterday and I’m sorry. You were the right surgeon for the job and the proof it sitting there right next to you. Bailey will be stopping by at some point too, but the long and short of it is, she never entered your resignation into the system so you are still our trauma chief, if you want to be.”


“Thank you for the apology, Dad. I love you both,” Clarke told her parents.


“We love you too,” Jake said before he and Aurora left the room.





“Okay, that’s done. Shall we talk to my brother, next,” Clarke asked once Jake and Aurora were gone.


“Yeah. I really want to see my parents but we need to get this stuff squared away first or else I don’t think either of us will be able to rest easy,” Lexa replied.


“I think you’re right. Let me check and see if Bell’s still guarding the door,” Clarke said as she moved to get off the bed.


“Your brother’s been guarding the door,” Lexa asked curiously.


“Yea, since yesterday. He was there when I got back.”


“Why didn’t he come in then? I would have loved to see him and Scout would’ve loved to meet her uncle too.”


“You know Bell, he didn’t want to overwhelm anyone and he wasn’t sure if you’d want to see him without me there. Before you say anything,” Clarke began as Lexa went to interrupt her, “I already told him he was being stupid.”


“Good. Now go get the idiot so we can all talk.”


Nodding at her wife, Clarke quickly made her way to the door and popped her head out to find that her brother was in fact still there but he had fallen asleep in what had to be one of the most uncomfortable chairs ever made.


“Bell,” Clarke whispered in an attempt to gently rouse the man from his slumber. When Bellamy showed no signs of waking up after a moment though she repeated his name, only louder, but that didn’t work either. So, in true Griffin family fashion, she went to the ensuite bathroom, filled a disposable cup with water and promptly threw the ice-cold water over her brother’s head with a shit eating grin on her face the whole time while Lexa’s laughter could be heard from inside the room as the brunette knew what her wife was doing when she got the cup.


“What the fuck,” Bellamy yelled as he jumped to his feet. “Clarke! What the hell,” she shrieked when she noticed his sister laughing at him.


“I tried to wake you up nicely but your stubborn ass wouldn’t wake so I resorted to the one hundred percent effective water dumping method,” Clarke said smugly.


“Oh, just you wait, Princess, I will get my revenge.”


“You can’t call me Princess anymore, Bell,” Clarke said matter-of-factly.


“And why not? I’ve called you that since the day I met you.”


“Because, my daughter, Clarke Scout Griffin-Woods, is my little princess so the title now belongs to her.”


“You guys named her after you?”


“It was Lexa’s idea but yea. She’s perfect, Bell, but keep in mind we’re calling her Scout. So, how about you come meet your niece and then Lex and I wanted to talk to you about something.”


“I’d love to meet Scout but is everything okay? Usually you use that tone when something is wrong,” Bellamy said worriedly.


“I think everything will be okay, eventually, but we need your help and that of your contacts to make sure everything is okay and that my family is safe.”


“Okay, let’s get in there then cause I want to meet my niece and I want to know what’s going on both in regards to whatever we need to talk about and how the hell Lexa and Aden aren’t dead.”


“Come on in then, and we can get started,” Clarke said as she led her brother into the room.





“Hey, Bellamy,” Lexa said with a soft smile as soon as she saw her brother-in-law a moment later.


“Really? ‘Hey, Bellamy’ is what you chose to go with after just more than seven months of not seeing each other,” he asked playfully.


“Well, it was that or, ‘hey idiot who sat outside my hospital room since yesterday but never bothered to come say hi,’” Lexa said in mock annoyance.


“I’m sorry! I just wasn’t sure what the protocol was and I didn’t know if you’d want visitors and I knew Clarke had to run off somewhere and…,” Bellamy started to ramble before being cut off by Lexa’s giggles.


“I missed your rambles. But seriously, you could have come in yesterday to see us. Now get over here so I can have a proper hug. I’ve missed you,” Lexa said before Bellamy closed the distance and carefully bent down to hug her.


“I missed you too. Now, as much as I want to catch up and find out why we thought you were dead, what is it that you two wanted, or rather needed, to discuss with me,” Bellamy asked just as Scout began to cry from her bassinet. “Is that?! Is that her,” Bellamy asked in wonder as he turned towards the bassinet.


“Yes, that would be your niece, Bellamy, but be warned she’s already basically a clone of Clarke, except for a few little physical features that she got from me.”


“Oh, God, another Clarke? We already have a mini Clarke known as Aden,” Bellamy said with a chuckle.


“Hey! It’s not my fault the Griffin genes won out, but, I’m totally game to keep trying until we get one or two who are Lexa clones,” Clarke said with a seductive wink.


“And now I remember why I hated being in the same room as you two sometimes,” Bellamy said dramatically, even though it was clear he was enjoying watching his sister and her wife engage in banter like they always had before everything happened.


“Don’t worry big bro, one day you’ll meet someone who invokes these types of feelings in you,” Clarke said cheekily as she picked Scout up and began to soothe her little girl who was in need of a diaper change.


“I think I may have met that person,” Bellamy admitted as a light blush colored his cheeks even as he tried to get a glimpse of his niece who was not happy while getting her diaper changed.


“Clarke, babe, you’re missing this but your brother is blushing! Bellamy Jacob Griffin is actually blushing,” Lexa said with glee.


“Wait really,” Clarke asked as she turned her head briefly to witness the blush herself. “This is awesome! Scout, Uncle Bell is blushing! That means he lllloooovvvveeeesss someone,” Clarke cooed dramatically like only a younger sister could.


“Ugh, why do I even put up with you two,” Bellamy grumbled.


“Because you love us,” Lexa said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “So, who’s this person you met that causes you to blush, Bell?”


“ItsJohnMurphy,” Bellamy rushed out so quickly the words blended together.


“I’m sorry, can you repeat that, Bell,” Clarke asked as she finished re-dressing Scout.


“I said, it’s John Murphy,” Bellamy said as the blush on his cheeks deepened.


“John Murphy, as in my trauma fellow, John Murphy? John Murphy as in, my childhood friend John Murphy,” Clarke asked clearly shocked.


“About damn time,” Lexa said at the same time.


“Wait, why are you saying ‘about damn time’, Lex? Did you know my brother had a thing for our friend?!”


“Clarke, I love you and you may be a MENSA member but sometimes you’re a little on the slow side when it comes to picking up on romantic feelings,” Lexa said as her wife settled back on the bed with Scout in her arms.


“That’s not true,” Clarke pouted.


“Babe, I was very obvious with my flirting with you after we met and it still took you a month before you realized I might like you like you liked me.”


“Ugh fine, maybe I’m oblivious in the romance department sometimes, but, clearly it worked for me because I scored the most beautiful woman in the universe as my wife,” she said before leaning in to kiss Lexa sweetly.


“Good save, babe,” Lexa husked as Bellamy groaned at his sister and sister-in-law’s antics. “Now, Bellamy,” Lexa began as she turned her attention to the man, “we’re happy for you and John and we want to hear all about you two, but, there’s a little girl looking in your direction who really wants to meet her uncle,” Lexa said as she gestured to Scout.


“Bellamy, this is Scout, our daughter,” Clarke said proudly as she got up from the bed and placed Scout in her brother’s arms.


“Oh wow. God, she’s beautiful and she really is a mini Clarke! And she could be Aden’s twin too. Hi Scout, I’m Uncle Bellamy but you can call me Uncle Bell, that’s what your brother calls me. I am going to spoil you, Princess. We’ll read together and I’ll even go to the Disney store with you and we can have a dress up tea parties like every princess deserves. I didn’t get to do that with your mommy when she was little, so we’ll have to make her come to our tea parties too, okay?”


Clarke and Lexa watched on as Bellamy rocked Scout and continually talked to her. After several minutes though, she began to cry the cry both women knew to mean Scout was hungry.


“I…I don’t know what to do. She was fine a minute ago,” Bellamy said worriedly, clearly thinking he was the cause of Scout’s wails.


“Bellamy, you didn’t do anything wrong; Scout’s just hungry,” Lexa said with an amused smile on her face.


“Oh,” Bellamy said as his worry immediately subsided and he moved next to the bed so he could hand Scout to Lexa to feed. “I can give you guys some privacy if you want,” he added once Scout was situated in Lexa’s arm and Clarke moved to help Lexa with her gown so she could feed their daughter.


“It’s fine Bellamy. It’s not like you haven’t seen me breastfeed before and Clarke and I do have something important to discuss with you,” Lexa said as she grew serious.


“Okay. So, what’s going on,” Bellamy said as soon as he settled in the chair closest to the bed.


“We need your help eliminating a threat to our family,” Clarke said simply.


“And what threat would that be?”


“Abby and Thelonious Jaha and Titus and Nia Woods.”


“Woah, woah, woah, woah. Neither of you has had contact with them since you were kids. What’s going on,” Bellamy said, concern evident in his voice.


“Long story short, they are the ones ultimately responsible for what happened seven months ago.”


“Clarke, what do you mean?”


“Bellamy, I need you to keep a level head and not go running off with a halfcocked plan. What happens next needs to be carefully planned. Got it?”


“I understand but I want to know what’s going on now, Clarke,” Bellamy said seriously.


Instead of Clarke though, it was Lexa who began to explain.


“Bell, the day Aden and I supposedly died, I was on shift. We had just returned from a five alarm fire at the start of our shift and I directed my team, which included Anya at the time, to take care of their gear and clean everything up. After taking care of my own gear, I went to my office where Raven was waiting for me.”


“Raven as in the elusive sister I’ve never met?”


“Yea, Bell, that Raven,” Clarke said sadly.


“I thought she was there to surprise Anya since they were already dating then. But…But it turned out she was there to serve papers on me. She served me with divorce papers and a parental rights termination affidavit, both of which had Clarke’s signature on them. I also got a restraining order preventing me from contacting pretty much all of our family and a letter from Abby with pictures of her and Clarke and Clarke signing a contract. In hindsight, I should have seen through the deception but I didn’t and I ran with Aden. I was afraid if I tried to contact Clarke, I’d end up in jail for breaking the restraining order and I couldn’t risk Aden having no parent. But again, hindsight is twenty-twenty. I obviously now know those documents were forged and Clarke found proof that none were ever filed so they were definitely forged fakes.”


“Then obviously, later that night Anya came to tell me Lexa and Aden were dead. After finding Lexa yesterday and learning of Raven’s betrayal I used my jet to discreetly visit Arkadia. I snuck into Raven and Anya’s home, they’re married now by the way, and I confronted them. I know they didn’t tell me everything but what I do know is that Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia were behind Raven and Anya doing what they did. They have a plan to overthrow the government so the Kongeda can rise again. I know you’ve always rejected Dad’s attempts to teach you of our family’s history but our family was very important in the Kongeda. Abby wanted to get me back on her side so I could eliminate Dad because he’s the rightful Skaikru leader and they need all clan leaders on their side for their plan to work and…”


“And Dad would never go along with anything Abby has a hand in,” Bellamy finished for his sister.


“Exactly. I may or may not have also planted listening devices in Raven and Anya’s home and I may or may not have heard them having a private conversation about that unholy foursome and their intent to give me the ALIE chip.”


“What’s the ALIE chip?”


“It’s a mind control chip my birth parents created. They tried to test it on me but I have what we call nightblood as a result of another experiment of theirs and nightblood makes me immune to the chip. Before you say anything, your parents have already agreed to help us find a way to create nightblood so we can protect our family,” Lexa explained.


“Good, that’s good. For the record though, if I ever get my hands on any of those four I will kill them for what they’ve done to my little sisters,” Bellamy said resolutely before returning to the matter at hand. “So, what is it you two need from me?”


“Bell, that truly despicable foursome created a procedure to create artificial sperm from one woman’s egg that can fertilize the egg of another woman and they used that procedure on eggs Raven and Anya had had frozen towards the beginning of their relationship. We have a niece named Jasmine, Bellamy. Those horrid people have her and are using her as blackmail to get Raven and Anya to do their bidding. I’m beyond pissed at Raven and Anya right now but on some level, they’re victims too. We need to take Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia down. We need you and your connections to find a way to take them down legally and in a way that will stick and ideally we need those same connections to be able to get Jasmine and reunite her with her parents,” Clarke said.


“Jesus fucking Christ; I can’t believe this, actually I can because Abby’s a fucking cunt for the shit she did to you when we were kids and I know your birth parents were horrible to you too Lexa. This is why I say I’ll kill those sons of bitches for what they’ve done to you,” Bellamy ranted, clearly ready to go to war to defend his sisters like any good big brother would.


“We know, Bell, and we feel so thankful to have family like you who care so much about us. But, do you think you can help us take them down,” Lexa asked.


“I think so, yes. I’ll call Marcus Kane; he’s the director of a secret federal agency now. They’re off the books so they wouldn’t be as easily corrupted as say the FBI or even the CIA. Clarke, are you still on the Secret Service payroll?”


“Technically. I was never removed from the list of approved doctors after Aunt Diana’s assassination so I guess I’m technically still considered part of the secret service, why?”


“Because, that means they can say as a member of the Secret Service, you had probable cause to place the listening devices so everything recorded on them can be admissible in court.”


“Oh. I didn’t think of that. I just wanted answers by any means necessary,” Clarke admitted.


“I understand that; I’d have done the same. I’ll call Kane today and I’ll keep you updated. I really want to hang around more but I was hoping to catch Murphy before I have to head into the station. I’ll stop by later if that’s okay though? And maybe I could bring Murphy,” he asked hopefully.


“He already knows about Lexa and Aden and Scout, well he knows I found my wife who was heavily pregnant at least,” Clarke said with a small chuckle.


“I just didn’t want to overwhelm you. Is it cool if I swing by daycare to say hi to Aden too? He told me that’s where he was going with Addison and the kids.”


“Bellamy, you’re his uncle and he loves you so go say hi to him and feel free to come spend as much time with him as you want. He missed Clarke terribly all these months but he also never stopped talking about his aunts and uncles either. Plus, if I recall correctly you had promised my son a Mario Kart rematch and he’s been asking me when that can happen for seven months, so, maybe you could pick a date for that and put me out of my misery having to hear ‘Mama can Uncle Bell come see us today for Mario Kart please’ daily,” Lexa said with a smile and as a way of extending an olive branch to her brother-in-law.


Bellamy’s face lit up at the mention of the Mario Kart rematch he had promised Aden and he immediately said, “I can do that! I’ll stop by my place and get it and we can set up in here or…or we can use your office Clarke or Mom’s or Dad’s! It’ll be awesome!”


“Okay, slow down big brother. We can figure out what room you play in later but do you think you could let him win this time? You’re so competitive you blew him out of the water last time and he’s still a little kid,” Clarke reminded her brother.


“Fine, but he only gets one win given to him; after that he has to beat me fair and square,” Bellamy said as he crossed his arms on his chest.


“We can live with that,” Lexa said as Clarke nodded in agreement.


“Alright, cool. I’ll call Kane right away and let you know what he says and I’ll see you guys later.”


“Sounds good, Bell,” Clarke told her brother.


“See you later and thank you for helping,” Lexa added.


“It’s not a problem. I’m glad you both came to me so I could help. Those four need to be put behind bars where they can’t hurt anyone, especially our family, again. I’ll see you later,” Bellamy said before leaving the room.




After Bellamy left, a phlebotomist came to draw blood from both Lexa and Clarke for Jake and Aurora to use in their attempts to make nightblood. The couple then prepared themselves to call Lexa’s parents, Indra and Gustus Woods.  


About ten minutes after Bellamy left, Lexa said she was ready to call her parents. They agreed Clarke would at least start the call so the elder Woods’ would not faint or have an otherwise adverse reaction to hearing Lexa’s voice when they believed her to be dead. Clarke initiated the call as soon as Lexa gave the okay, and was sure to put it on speaker so Lexa could hear. After three rings, the call was answered.



Chapter Text



“Hi Indra, it’s me, Clarke.”


“Clarke! How is my favorite daughter this morning?”


“Favorite daughter, huh?”


“You’re the only daughter I have left; at least until Lincoln finally marries your sister then you can compete with her for the title of favorite daughter,” Indra said but Clarke didn’t miss the sadness in her tone.


“Indra,” Clarke began in a knowing tone.


“It’s okay, Clarke, really. Anyway, I hear you had an eventful day yesterday with the train derailment. Every one of my officers on scene says you and your response team helped make all the difference. I’m told you even found a pregnant woman and her child; I do hope they all are going to be okay.”


“That’s actually why I’m calling. Is Gus with you? I really need to say this to both of you.”


“You’re worrying, Clarke. Are you okay? Gus! Gus, come here please, Clarke is on the phone and I’m worried!”


“Clarke, sweetheart, are you okay? We heard you found a pregnant woman and her child yesterday; were you able to save them,” Gustus worriedly asked as soon as he joined the call.


“I’m fine, I promise. In fact, I’m better than I’ve been in seven months.”


“Clarke, what’s going on,” Indra asked.


“Indra, Gus, the woman and child you both heard about were not strangers to me.”


“What do you mean,” Gustus asked.


“Are you both sitting down? I’d feel better if you both sat down.”


“We’re sitting, Clarke. Please say what you have to say,” Indra quietly said, clearly steeling herself for potentially devastating news.


“The woman and her child were Lexa and Aden. They’re alive; they’re alive and they’re okay,” Clarke said as she smiled while looking at Lexa lovingly.


“I…What did you just say,” Gustus asked.


“I found Lexa and Aden, they’re alive.”


“No…No it’s not possible. They died. Clarke, they died seven months ago,” Indra said.


“Mom? Dad? It’s me; it’s Lexa. I swear to you it’s me and I’m alive and so is Aden,” Lexa said as tears welled in her eyes.


“L…Lexa, Lexa is it really you,” Indra asked emotionally.


“Yea, it’s me, Mom. Clarke found us and saved us, all three of us.”


“Alexandria, sweetheart, it’s really you,” Gustus asked emotionally.


“It’s me, Dad.”


“Oh my God! Where are you? Your dad and I will come to you, just tell us where you are.”


“We’re at Seattle Grace. The three of us are with Clarke and we have no intention of ever leaving her,” Lexa said resolutely.


“The three…what do you mean the three…oh my God! The woman Clarke found was pregnant! Lexa, are you pregnant,” Indra asked.


“I was but they had to do an emergency c-section but I’m okay and our baby is okay too.”


“Y…You have a baby? But how? You’ve been…we thought you were dead,” Gustus said.


“We can explain when you get here but Lex and I had started trying months before everything happened. We didn’t know she was pregnant then but we have a beautiful little girl now in addition to our amazing son. Our family is together again. Indra, Gus, we got them back.” Clarke said, the smile clear in her voice.


“What room are you in,” Indra asked immediately.


“We’ve got the VIP suite. I’ll text my parents and O to tell them you’re coming and one of them will meet you in the main lobby to show you the way up.”


“We’ll be there in thirty. Lexa, we love you so much and we’re going to be there real soon.”


“We love you, Alexandria. Clarke, I trust you to keep our little girl and grandchildren safe,” Gustus said.


“You know I’d die for them. We’ll see you soon.”


“See you soon, all of you,” Indra said before hanging up.


“They’re actually coming. I’m going to see my parents soon,” Lexa said in disbelief as soon as the call ended.


“Of course they’re coming, love. After me they’ve missed you and Aden the most. Your dad helped me build our house purely because he said it made him feel close to you. Your mom had dinner sent over at least three nights a week, and it was always a recipe you’d cook that I loved, because she said it made her feel close to you. We’ve all missed you and are so freaking happy you’re back. It’s a miracle, one I’m going to cherish for the rest of my life,” Clarke said with fresh tears glistening in her eyes.


“This feels like a dream. I never thought I’d get to have this again, but you’re right, it is a miracle. But, um, can you help me look a bit more presentable? I haven’t seen my mom in seven months and my dad in eight months so I want to look nice,” Lexa quietly said.


“Babe, you’re the most beautiful woman in the universe just as you are, but, if it will make you feel better I’ll help you put on some real clothes. I actually have some of your things in my closet in my office you can wear.”


“You have some of my things here,” Lexa asked curiously.


“Yea. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of any of yours or Aden’s things so I brought some to my office here so I have something of your both close to me at all times. I know it sounds stupid but it helped me,” Clarke said sheepishly.


“Clarke, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s sweet actually.”


“Okay, my office isn’t too far from here. Will you be okay if I run to grab stuff? I’d ask O to do it but she wouldn’t know what to grab.”


“It’s okay. Scout and I will be okay for a couple of minutes.”


“Okay, but I’ll be right back. I love you and I love you too, Scout,” Clarke said before placing a kiss to her wife’s lips and to her daughter’s head as the little girl slumbered in Lexa’s arm.





Exactly twenty-seven minutes, Clarke received a text from her sister that Indra and Gustus had arrived and would be at the room in a couple of minutes. With a final look in the handheld mirror, Lexa decreed that she was presentable and allowed Clarke to help her get re-situated in bed before her parents arrived. In only about twenty minutes, Clarke had been able to retrieve clothing and help Lexa get cleaned up and don a pair of her old Seattle FD sweatpants, from before she was a firefighter herself and instead was just the daughter of two legendary smoke eaters, and Clarke’s oversized University of Washington hoodie that she stole years earlier from Clarke’s first year of college when she was finishing up her high school education. Lexa had no more than gotten comfortable, and Clarke had no more than sat back on the bed after placing Scout in her bassinet, when the door to her hospital room burst open and her parents came running into the room.


“Oh my God! Lexa, it really is you. Oh my God, it really is you,” Indra said in disbelief as tears began to stream down her face.


“Thank the spirits for this miracle,” Gustus said at the same time as tears of his own streaked down his face.


“Mom…Dad…hi, it’s good to see you,” Lexa said with tears of her own falling free.


In the blink of an eye, Indra and Gustus were beside Lexa’s bed and hugging their daughter for the first time in months. Mother, Father and daughter all cried tears of joy at being reunited and after a few moments, Gustus held an arm out signaling for Clarke to join the embrace. Mother, Father, daughter and daughter-in-law continued to embrace for a several more moments as they all cried as they released their emotions regarding the situation they found themselves in.


When the hug finally broke, Indra and Gustus quickly took the seats closest to the bed where Lexa automatically cuddled into her wife. The family sat there for a few moment simply taking in the view of each other before Scout decided to make her presence known.


“Wah! Wah! Wah,” Scout cried, causing everyone’s attention to shift to the bassinet that had been moved to the side of the bed Clarke sat on so she could more easily pick up the little girl since Lexa wasn’t able to get out of bed unassisted.


“Oh my God! Is that her? Is that our newest grandchild,” Indra asked with awe in her voice.


“It is,” Clarke said as she shifted so she could pick up her little girl.


“Mom, Dad, this is Clarke Scout Griffin-Woods, our daughter,” Lexa proudly said as Clarke positioned their daughter so her grandparents could see her.


“She’s beautiful. If we didn’t already know you were pregnant before…before everything happened we wouldn’t have to ask who her other parent is because she is a mini Clarke through and through, just like Aden,” Gustus said with a chuckle.


“She is beautiful. You girls did good,” Indra said as she took in every feature of Scout’s face.


“She is perfect. She’s our little miracle girl, but um, you should probably know she is intersex like me,” Clarke said nervously, unsure how her in-laws would react to that while Lexa reassuringly squeezed her thigh to show her support.


“Clarke, you don’t need to be nervous telling us that. We’ve told you since the day we found you and Lexa going at it on our couch and learned you’re intersex that it doesn’t matter to us. You are Clarke Aurora Griffin-Woods and you are perfect just as you are and Scout is perfect just as she is. We will all be here for her and with you there to help her she is going to be just fine,” Indra said leaving no room for discussion.


“Thank you for being so understanding. I really lucked out when I fell for Lexa because not only did I get my dream girl but I got an amazing extended family. I’m just…God, I’m so happy we can all be together again,” Clarke said as she began to grow emotional.


“And we lucked out when our daughter fell for her dream girl because we gained another daughter and an extended family of our own,” Gustus said with a twinkle in his eye only a parent could display but before anyone could reply their attention was pulled to Lexa who was sobbing.


“Lexa? Sweetheart, what’s wrong?”


“I’m sorry. My hormones are all over the place and seeing you guys share so much love for each other and our family…I’m just so grateful that we can all be together again and our kids can grow up with both of us, their four amazing grandparents and aunts and uncles. I’m so grateful and so so happy.”


“Awe babe, I’m incredibly happy too. I love you, Lex,” Clarke said as she leaned in and lovingly kissed her wife.


“Mmmm, I love you too,” Lexa hummed into the kiss.


“Ahem,” Gustus said clearing his throat. “As happy as I am to see that you two are as sickenly in love as ever, can we hold our granddaughter,” he asked hopefully.


“Of course,” Lexa immediately said as Clarke moved and placed Scout in Indra’s arms as Gustus had gestured for his wife to be able to hold the newest addition first.


“Hi, Scout; I’m your Grandma Indra but you can call me Grammy like your brother always has. You are so beautiful little one. You look just like your big brother did when he was born; you’re both miniature versions of your mommy but I can see parts of your mama in you too. I can’t wait to spoil you! Girls, she really is perfect. I have so many questions but holding her makes me forget that the past seven months actually happened. I love you baby girl,” Indra said ruefully before transferring Scout to her husband’s arms as the man had been patiently waiting his turn to hold his newest grandchild.


“Hi sweet girl. I’m your Grandpa Gus but you can call me Grampy like your brother does. You are your mommy’s little clone but you do have some of your mama’s features. God, I can’t believe you’re here, it’s all so surreal! I always wanted more grandchildren though, so I’m so happy you’re here. I am going to spoil you. We’ll do all the fun activities I did with your mama when she was a kid and your mommy too once she was in the picture. You’re perfect, Scout, and I swear to you if anyone tries to tell you otherwise I’ll take care of them, provided I can get to them before your moms because they are fiercely protective. I love you, Scout.”


Lexa and Clarke watched on as Indra and Gus fussed over their newest grandchild and spent some quality time with the little girl. After about five minutes though, the couple looked at Lexa and Clarke, eyes glistening with unshed tears as Indra once again held Scout. In that moment, Lexa and Clarke couldn’t help the tears that welled in their own eyes due to the emotion of the moment. None of the four adults ever thought they’d see the day where they’d all be together again let alone together again and celebrating the birth of a new child. As they all sat there, they allowed the emotions of the moment to fully wash over them.




Ten minutes passed where the four adults reveled in their emotions and silently thanked the Gods for allowing them to be reunited. But, after ten minutes had passed Scout began to fuss and her moms immediately knew their daughter was hungry.


“She’s hungry. She definitely got Clarke’s appetite,” Lexa said with a chuckle as Clarke got up to take over Scout so she could bring her to Lexa for her feeding.


As soon as Scout was situated on Lexa’s breast, the brunette’s parents broached the topic they all knew couldn’t be avoided forever.


“Lexa, honey, what happened? Where have you and Aden been all this time and why did we think you were dead,” Indra gently asked.


“Mom,” Lexa said in a choked voice. “I…I…Raven came to the firehouse that day and she served me papers, papers I now know to be fake. In hindsight I should have fought more and trusted in Clarke more…”


“Lexa, we’ve been through this before, what happened is not your fault. They did an excellent job at making you think those documents were real and they played on fears from your past. This is not on you, it’s on Raven, Anya, Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia and only them.”


“Wait, you’re saying not only was Raven involved in whatever happened but so was Anya, our daughter Anya, Abby, Thelonious my despicable sister-in-law and my even more horrid brother were involved,” Gustus asked disbelief and anger clear in his tone.


“Yes, Dad, they all were involved.”


“You both better start explaining now,” Indra said.


“As I was saying, Raven came to the firehouse…,” Lexa began.




Thirty minutes later Lexa and Clarke had finally explained everything they knew to Indra and Gustus. To say the older couple was left speechless was an understatement. The pair remained silent for several moments before Lexa and Clarke saw their faces turn from shocked and disbelieving to furious.


“That’s it! I’m going to Arkadia and I’m wringing Anya by the neck until she tells the full truth! And then, and then I’m going to Polis and I’m going to handle my poor excuse of a brother and sister-in-law. When I’m done with that, I’ll take care of Abby, Thelonious and Raven. Actually, I’m calling Jake, he’ll go with me to handle these sons of bitches,” Gustus growled.


“Dad, going in with a half-cocked plan will get us nowhere. Clarke and I already spoke with Bellamy and he’s contacting his contacts at the federal level to see if they can help us take them down for good. Aurora and Jake are also working on creating nightblood so our family can be protected to the best of our abilities. We have to be smart about this.”


“I know you both want to run off and avenge every wrong that has been committed against Lexa, Aden, me and our whole family but Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia have a plan, a well thought out plan and we have to be smarter than them. We also have to remember that no matter how upset we are with Raven and Anya, they are victims too. Their child is being held as a black mail tool. We can’t do anything rash that may lead to Jasmine getting hurt,” Clarke said pleadingly.


“You’re right,” Indra said as she visibly deflated. What can Gus and I do to help?”


“We’re going to need someone who can get us access to Polis FD logs and files. Something tells me that it took more than Anya and Raven to fake those dental records and all the reports regarding the fire,” Lexa said.


“We can do that,” Gustus said.


“Lexa, you may not like to hear this but your once upon a time step-brother is our best option for a contact in Polis FD. He was named Chief of Polis FD right after we thought you died. He hates Nia as much as the rest of us and I think he’s help us,” Indra said.


“Mom, I know you may trust Roan but at the end of the day he is Nia’s son. I’m not comfortable with him knowing Aden and I are alive or that Clarke and I have a second child. I just don’t have the trust in him that you do.”


“Indra, with all due respect we don’t know if we can trust Roan. I recall he had the chance to stand up for Lexa years ago when Titus and Nia were performing experiments on her and he did nothing. He was already a legal adult by then and he did nothing. He also never made any attempts at contact after Lexa came to live with you and he never tried to contact any of us, even when we all lived in Polis. That track record does not scream trustworthy to me. So, please, if you are going to seek him out do not let him know the truth; make it seem like you’re just struggling accepting Lexa and Aden’s deaths, please,” Clarke implored.


“I understand your concerns, I do. I will be careful and I won’t let Roan know the true reason for our inquiry,” Indra said as Gustus nodded his head and added, “I swear on my life that justice will be gotten. Those responsible for what happened will pay the price.”


“You’re damn straight they will pay the price, but we will do it the right way,” Lexa said.


“Exactly. Now, how would you both like to see Aden,” Clarke asked with a smile that suddenly changed the whole mood of the room.


“Yes, please,” Indra and Gustus said at the same time.




Not even five minutes after Clarke left to get Aden from daycare, the mother-son due returned. Lexa, Indra and Gustus could hear Aden telling Clarke all about the amazing time he had a daycare with his new friends but when the little boy entered the room, the only sound heard was Aden screaming for his grandparents as he left go of Clarke’s hand and ran at them. Clarke and Lexa watched on as their son was finally reunited with his other grandparents and the reveled in the moment. In fact, they were so caught up that neither heard Clarke’s phone ring indicating she had received a new message.



Bellamy to Clarke: Talked to Kane. They’ve been investigating those four for a long time but never had enough arrest but now they do thanks to you guys. Kane got arrest warrants for all four of them and his team is moving on all four tonight and I’m going with them. I'm not sure how they are handling Raven and Anya. I will update you when I can. Love you, sis.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t until Indra and Gustus left shortly after dinner that Clarke finally checked her phone. Lexa was coloring with Aden on the bed, thanks to a tray Clarke had gotten a nurse to get them, while Clarke sat next to her loves with sleepy Scout lying on her chest. As soon as Clarke read the message from her brother though, she gasped and her phone clanked to the ground as the blonde dropped it in shock.


“Clarke? Baby, what’s wrong,” Lexa asked worriedly.


“Mommy, you dropped your phone,” Aden said as he crawled out from his place on the bed and promptly picked it up and handed it back to Clarke. “Here you go Mommy,” he said with a smile.


“Thank you, baby boy; you’re always such a good helper,” Clarke praised the boy before adding, “why don’t you go pick out a book or two for us to read? Your bag is in the corner.” As soon as Aden was on the other side of the room looking for books, Clarke turned to face Lexa. “Bell text me while your parents were here but I just saw it. Lex, according to him Marcus Kane’s people have been after the four wannabe tyrants for a while but they didn’t have enough to get arrest warrants, but, with what we told Bell they were able to get the warrants.”


“What does that mean exactly, Clarke,” Lexa asked, not wanting to her hopes up.


“It means that Kane and his team are making their moves tonight. I don’t know how they’re doing it, especially since last I knew Nia and Titus were in Polis while Abby and Thelonious are in Arkadia, but they’re going after them tonight and Bell was going to meet up with them. He said he’d update us when he can,” Clarke explained as she handed her phone to Lexa to read the message for herself.


“Not that I’m not happy about this, but, they do realize there’s no way it’s going to be this simple, right? I mean, we both know how volatile they are. Do you actually think they’ll be able to get them in one fell swoop?”


“If they’ve been after them for a while like Bell said they must know how crafty they are. They’ve got to know this won’t be a simple knock on their doors and slap the cuffs on them and haul them away operation. Bellamy seems to trust Kane, so maybe we should trust him and hope that his team is able to successfully get all four of them tonight,” Clarke said encouragingly.


“That’s all well and good but we don’t know him, not really at least, and I don’t have enough faith in people anymore to blindly trust that he and his team will be able to get the job done.”


“I know. I’m having a hard time believing this will all be over with after tonight but there’s a small part of me that still has hope.”


“I hope Kane and his team is successful, I really do, but, I’m scared, Clarke. If even one of them escapes they could come after you or they could even figure out that Aden and I aren’t dead. Clarke, what if this move puts our family in more danger?”


“No matter what happens tonight, we will do whatever it takes to keep our family safe. Our house has tighter security than Fort Knox and I even had a bunker installed underground just in case. Plus, the property is fairly secluded and on high ground. We will be safe there, I promise.”


“Clarke, where is your house,” Lexa asked curiously.


“I was hoping to surprise you,” Clarke said sheepishly.


“Clarke, what did you do,” Lexa asked with an arched brow.


“I built our dream house,” Clarke mumbled.


“What was that?”


“I built our dream house right where we said we would.”


“You…You built our dream house even though you thought we were gone?”


“Yeah. I was lost when I came back here and having that house, our house, built it helped in some weird way. It’s like building that house let me feel closer to you and Aden somehow,” Clarke quietly admitted.


“Oh, Clarke,” Lexa said as she pulled her wife closer.


“Mommy! Mama! Can we read this one,” Aden asked as he finally came back to the bed, a thick book held close to his chest.


“You want to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” Clarke asked curiously.


“Yep! We finished Goblet of Fire before Mama and me went away so now we can finally start this one,” Aden said happily as he climbed back up on the bed and settled in between his moms.


“You’re right, this was the next book for us to read,” Clarke said as she felt herself growing misty eyed.


“I guess you better get to reading then, Clarke; you know how seriously Aden and I take our Harry Potter time,” Lexa said with a grin.


“Oh, I know,” Clarke said as she opened the book to the first page and began to read.





Clarke ended up reading until it was time for Aden to go to bed. They had paused once for Scout to feed and then be put down for the night but all in all the family of four spent their evening enjoying time together. After Aden fell asleep, the couple enjoyed some time talking quietly before they too went to sleep. While they enjoyed much needed quality time together that night, Clarke and Lexa were almost able to forget about Kane’s operation to apprehend Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia…at least until Clarke’s phone rang shortly after 11:00 p.m.


“Hello,” Clarke answered half-asleep as she and Lexa had gone to bed not long before the call.


“Clarke, it’s Marcus.”


“Kane? Did you get them,” Clarke asked cautiously as Lexa fully woke and tried to surmise what was going on based on Clarke’s body language and words.


“We got Abby and Thelonious but there was a complication when we tried to get Titus and Nia.”


“What complication? What happened Kane? And why is it you calling? Bellamy said he’d call. Where’s my brother,” Clarke asked each question showing her worry more clearly.


Lexa watched her wife’s expressions very closely and the second she saw Clarke’s face go so pale that if it went any paler she’d be invisible, she knew something terrible had happened. A moment later tears began to stream down Clarke’s face and seconds later she shakily dropped her phone and completely broke down.


“Clarke, what happened,” Lexa asked quietly as she pulled her wife into her side as best she could.


“Th…They got Abby and Thelonious but…but…”


“But what?”


“Kane and Bellamy were with the team in Polis but something went wrong and Titus and Nia were waiting for them. A…A gun fight broke out and…and…,” Clarke said as she choked on her tears while she attempted to be quiet so as not to wake her children.


“And what?”


“Nia got away but Ti…Titus shot Bellamy in the stomach at the time same time Bellamy shot Titus in the chest. Titus…Titus is dead, Lex, and Bell…they took him to Polis General but it…it doesn’t look good.”


“Oh my God,” Lexa whispered in complete shock before her face turned serious and cold and she donned what had come to be known as her Commander face. In that moment, Lexa spoke in such a deadly calm voice, that even the toughest warrior would be afraid. “Jus drein jus daun. Blood will have blood, Clarke, I swear it. This is war.”

Chapter Text

Arkadia – Three Hours Earlier – 8:00 P.M.


While Clarke and Lexa was spending some much-needed time with their children as a family, Marcus Kane had assembled his team in Arkadia. They were using a top secret black site for their staging grounds before sending half the team to Polis to apprehend Titus and Nia and the other half to apprehend Abby and Thelonious as well as Raven, Anya and Wells in Arkadia.


“Good evening everyone. First, I’d like to thank all of you for getting her on such short notice. Before I continue, I would like to introduce you all to Bellamy Griffin, he is with Seattle PD but is close to this situation and will be on hand to assist in our apprehension of Abigail Jaha, Thelonious Jaha, Titus Woods and Nia Woods along with Raven, Anya and Wells Jaha. As you all know, we have been after these main four for quite some time on suspicion that they are planning an insurrection against our government. However, we have been unable to substantiate these claims until now. Bellamy, would you please explain what we now know,” Marcus Kane said as he turned the floor over to Bellamy.


“Hello. For those who do not know me, I am Bellamy Blake and my father is Abigail Jaha’s ex-husband and the father of her biological children Raven and Clarke. Seven months ago, my sister Clarke was notified that her wife, Lexa Griffin-Woods, who is the biological child of Titus and Nia Woods, and their son, Aden, had been killed in a fire. Yesterday, however, my sister was called to the scene of a train derailment in Seattle where she is Chief of Trauma Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital. While at the scene she discovered both her wife and son to be alive and well. We have now learned that Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia orchestrated certain events seven months ago. They fabricated documents meant to convince Lexa that Clarke was divorcing her, giving up her rights to Aden and had filed a restraining order against Lexa for the benefit of our family, including the Jaha’s. We learned that mine and Clarke’s older sister, Raven, and Lexa’s older adopted sister, Anya, are behind the fire and subsequent faking of Lexa and Aden’s deaths. Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia are blackmailing Raven and Anya in order to make them comply, but, it appears the fire, which the elder Jaha’s and Woods’ did make them do, provided them with the chance to fake Lexa and Aden’s deaths in a misguided attempt to ensure their safety, but I digress. Raven and Anya’s infant daughter is being used to ensure the pair do the bidding of the Jaha’s and Woods’. We also know from Lexa, that they wanted her gone because she discovered the plot to overthrow the United States government so the Kongeda could rise again. I have also received written documents from my sister and Lexa showing everything they know, including information uncovered by Lexa that the Jaha’s and Woods’ were responsible for the assassination of President Diana Sydney, who I should mention was my father’s half-sister. It is unclear if Thelonious’ son, Wells is involved in anything. We still do not know everything but we do know that Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia are extremely dangerous and need to be apprehended before they cause harm to or take any more lives,” Bellamy said before sitting back down while everyone else in the room sat stunned at the news they just heard.


“Thank you, Bellamy,” Kane said after a moment. “Due to this new information, we were able to secure warrants for Abigail Jaha, Thelonious Jaha, Titus Woods and Nia Woods. We also secured warrants for Raven and Anya Jaha for their parts. While they may have been coerced we simply do not have enough facts to support that that is the case. If, however, we bring them in and it is clear that they were coerced we will drop charges against them so long as they testify against the others. So, Brian Lock and Garrett Huddleston will move on their residence to apprehend them tonight while the rest of us move on the other four. Understood?” Once everyone had nodded their heads in understanding, Kane continued. “We have surveillance already set up at the Jaha and Woods residences which reveal that they are all at their homes. I will be taking a team to Polis to apprehend Titus and Nia Woods while Senior Agent Charmaine Diyoza will lead the second team to apprehend Abigail and Thelonious Jaha and their son Wells Jaha here in Arkadia. Bellamy and Agents Nathan Miller, Eric Jackson, Luna Floukru, Derek Waters and Monroe Fields will be with me. Agents Paxton McCreary, Miles Shaw, Charles Pike, Maya Vie, Tristian Leaf and Sara Lance will be with Diyoza. Comms are to be on at all times and if things go south you are to abort the mission. Additionally, Arkadia team, if you are able to located an infant baby girl at the Jaha estate, please bring that child back with you. Also, remember per federal mandate we are to identify ourselves as FBI agents so as not to give our true agency’s identity away. Now, let’s discuss the plan…”




Just over an hour after the teams separated, all three were in position and at exactly 9:30 p.m., all teams moved on their targets simultaneously.





Arkadia – Raven and Anya’s Home – 9:30 P.M.


Raven and Anya were on their couch, wrapped in each other’s arms, completely lost in their thoughts. Both women had put on brave faces throughout the day so that anyone paying attention to them on Abby, Thelonious, Titus or Nia’s behalf wouldn’t suspect anything was wrong, but, internally they were both devastated over the events of the night before. They always knew Clarke and Lexa would be upset and hurt when the truth came out but they had hoped for better reactions, as stupid and illogical as it was. Eventually though, the silence became too much for either woman to bear.




“Yea, Rae?”


“We messed up.”


“I know we did; but the past is the past and all we can do now is push forward and do better.”


“I know that but I mean we messed up from the very beginning, I, messed up from the very beginning.”


“What do you mean?”


“I mean that I should have stood up to my mother a long time ago. I should have gone to live with my father when Clarke did. Letting her manipulate me into staying with her back then, that was the beginning of her, Thelonious, Titus and Nia controlling my life. And then when we met, I dragged you right into this whole mess,” Raven said dejectedly.


“Raven, you were a child when you chose to stay with Abby. You were a child who was afraid of living without medical treatment you knew allowed you to live a full life. You did what anyone would do in your shoes. The rest…the rest is just the sad domino effect that could not be avoided. And honestly, Rae? Even if you had gone to live with Jake, they would have found another way to accomplish their goals,” Anya reasoned with her wife.


“Maybe, but I feel like we could have done something to put an end to this before splitting our sisters up for seven months.”


“We didn’t know who we could trust in law enforcement, babe. We both know that they have moles in every single law enforcement organization domestically. Had we pulled that trigger, we very well could have ended up dead, just like everyone else who defies them has, and she may not be with us right now but had we tried to report them, Jasmine could have become an orphan before she ever got the chance to know us. As selfish as it sounds, Jasmine comes first for me, and as much as I hate that I hurt my sister and Clarke, I would do it again if it meant ensuring that we stayed alive for our daughter. If the roles were reversed Lexa and Clarke would have done the same if it meant guaranteeing that Aden wouldn’t become an orphan,” Anya said firmly yet sadly.


“You are wrong, so very very wrong,” Raven said while shaking her head.


“How so?”


“Our daughter does come first, yes, but Clarke and Lexa would not have done what we did. They would have found a way to stay alive for Aden without presenting us as sacrificial lambs like we did them.”


Before Anya could say anything in response though, the couple heard a loud banging sound coming from the front of their house. Nanoseconds later they heard the sound of boots colliding with their hardwood floors, as if someone was running across it. Just as the confused and worried couple began to stand to check-out the situation, two men charged into the room, who were wearing full tactical gear and had their guns drawn.


“FBI! Place your hands above your heads, palms facing me,” Brian sternly said as his gun was trained on Raven and Garrett’s on Anya. When Raven and Anya failed to comply due to their shock at the situation, Brian’s tone grew more forceful. “I SAID HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEADS!!!”


The couple immediately complied upon hearing the agent’s no nonsense tone, but, it was clear as day they had no clue what was going on.


“What is this? What’s going on,” Raven asked.


“What is the meaning of this? You can’t just barge into our home,” Anya insisted.


“Actually, we can. Are you Raven and Anya Jaha,” Garrett asked smugly even though they knew from their research that the women in front of them were Raven and Anya.


“Y…Yes, but what is the meaning of this,” Raven asked even though she had a pit in her stomach telling her she knew exactly what this was about.


“Raven and Anya Jaha, you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit insurrection against the United States government and faking the deaths of Lexa and Aden Griffin-Woods. Additionally, Raven Jaha, you are also under arrest for falsifying legal documents,” Brian began as soon as he and Garrett had holstered their weapons and approached the couple. Once they reached the two women, they patted them down to check for weapons, or other contraband, and then forcibly placed their hands behind their backs and cuffed them. “You both have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can, and will, be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney and to have them present while being questioned. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. If you give up your right to remain silent but later wish to stop answering questions, no further questions will be asked. Do you both understand these rights as they have been read to you?”


“Yes,” a still shocked Raven and Anya quietly said, even as tears ran down their cheeks at the knowledge that their sins were coming back to haunt them.




As Brian and Garrett completed their perp walk with Raven and Anya down to their unmarked black SUV, the two women held their heads down while their neighbors watched from the street or their windows. While being pushed into the back of the SUV, seconds later, Raven and Anya knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that their sisters could not forgive them and instead had elected to see them punished for their crimes and as distressed as they were about possibly never getting the chance to raise or even see their daughter, they also knew they deserved whatever punishment was coming their way.





Arkadia – Jaha Estate – 9:30 P.M.


Abby and Thelonious were in their living room of their enormous 15,000 square foot home, that evening discussing the day’s events when Thelonious’ son, who Abby considered her own, rushed in.


“Dad, Mom! I think I know where Clarke is!”


“What do you mean, son,” Thelonious asked not having expected his son to come home with that news.


“Wells, how would you know where Clarke is? No one has seen or heard from Clarke since the fire that so kindly eliminated Lexa and that abomination of a child for good,” Abby deadpanned.


“One of my friends over at Johns Hopkins was telling me about a train accident yesterday that one of his old med school buddies was at the scene of. There was a surgeon who responded with a surgical response team and the particular surgeon in question was apparently some sort of Rambo-esque characters diving straight into dangerous situations to save people. Eventually, said surgeon had to call for backup and while using the radio self-identified as Doctor Clarke Griffin-Woods. How many Clarke Griffin-Woods’ do you think there are? It has to be our Clarke.”


“Son, where was this Clarke Griffin-Woods sighting?”


“It was in…,” Wells began before trailing off as as soon as they heard loud banging from both the front and back of the house.


“What the hell was that,” Abby asked.


“I don’t know,” Thelonious said as he grabbed his tablet and opened up the live feed for both the exterior and interior security cameras on the estate. “Fuck, it’s the feds but I don’t recognize any of the agents and none of our guys are there. Abby, Wells, get to the panic room then take the tunnel in the back down to the dock. The Abigail is there. Take it to the rendezvous point on Becca’s Island. If the feds are here, they are likely hitting Titus and Nia’s home as well but I’m sure they’ll get out and meet you there. I will hold them off and find a way to meet you at the island.”


“Thelonious, what about the baby?”


“Abby, we are going on the run, at least for now, so we don’t have time for an infant. Leave it here and I’m sure our friendly FBI agents will give it to Raven and Anya. Now go! There isn’t much time,” Thelonious urged his wife and son who immediately nodded and moved as quickly as they could towards the hidden entrance to the panic room that connected to an emergency escape tunnel.


“FREEZE,” Charmaine Diyoza yelled, gun drawn, just as Abby and Wells activated the hidden entrance.


“Abby! Wells! Run,” Thelonious shouted but before even a step could be taken, the rest of Diyoza’s team came rushing in from various directions, guns drawn and trained on the three Jaha’s.


“No one is going anywhere! Put your hands up, slowly,” Diyoza ordered the trio.


“What is this about,” Thelonious asked with a bite in his voice even as he raised his hands slowly. “You can’t just come into another person’s home!”


“Under normal circumstances, you’d be correct but these are not normal circumstances. Abigail and Thelonious Jaha, we have warrants for your arrest and Wells Jaha, you are being brought in for questioning. McCreary, secure Thelonious Jaha; Pike secure Abigail Jaha and Shaw, secure Wells Jaha,” Diyoza ordered.


As McCreary, Pike and Shaw moved to secure their assigned prisoner, Diyoza, Maya, Tristian and Sara kept their weapons trained on the three Jaha’s. Despite this, Thelonious suddenly dropped to the ground and reached under the coffee table. Based on their training and experience, every member of Diyoza’s team believed Thelonious was going for a weapon and not even a second later the man’s hand began to retract from under the table showing first what was known to be a handle of a pistol. Before anyone could get a shot off at the man though, Sara threw a small throwing knife at Thelonious’ wrist and her aim was true. As soon as the knife left Sara’s hand it flew in a perfect arc piercing straight through Thelonious’ wrist causing him to immediately drop the weapon, which was then secured by McCreary.


“That wasn’t smart, Mr. Jaha; now we can add more charges to your growing arrest record,” McCreary said as he patted Thelonious down after securing the gun.


“Theo? Theo, honey, are you okay?”


“Dad! Are you okay?”


“That bitch completely impaled my wrist but I’m okay. Don’t say anything to them Abby and you too Wells. Our lawyers will have us back home within the hour,” Thelonious said smugly.


“I’m afraid that won’t be happening, Mr. Jaha. Certain crimes permit us to hold you in a remote location and to withhold the services of an attorney for a period of time. McCreary, Pike and Shaw pat them down and then place them all in cuffs,” Diyoza ordered.


Once Thelonious, Abby and Wells had been patted down, McCreary, Pike and Shaw began to place the trio in cuffs while Diyoza formally arrested them.


“Thelonious and Abigail Jaha, you are under arrest for attempting to flee federal agents, conspiracy to commit insurrection against the government of the United States, conspiracy to commit the assassination of United States President Diana Sydney, the assassination of United States President Diana Sydney, amongst other charges, including attempted murder on federal law enforcement officers in the case of Mr. Jaha,” Diyoza said in a strong and commanding tone before turning to Wells. “Wells Jaha, you are now under arrest for attempting to flee federal agents. Wells Jaha, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney and to have that attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you. If you chose to give up your right to remain silent but later decide to stop answering questions, no further questions will be asked. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?”


“Ye…Yes,” Wells said nervously.


“Good. McCreary, Pike and Shaw, secure the prisoners. Everyone else, search the house, you know what we’re looking for.


“Aren’t you going to read us our rights?! My husband and I have rights too,” Abby shouted as she began to be hauled away.


“The US government says otherwise. Given the most serious of your charges, you have no rights at this moment in time,” Diyoza said drily.


“This is isn’t over Agent,” Thelonious spit out.


“I suspect not, but, it is the end of your reign of terror against the United States, Mr. Jaha,” Diyoza said before turning around and ignoring the man and his wife as the ranted and raved against the captors.




Once Abby, Thelonious and Wells were secured, with three team members guarding them, the rest of the team began to sweep the estate. Given the sheer size of the estate it would take some time to sweep the entire home. As they made their way through the home, they discovered several secret compartments and even a hidden room with documented proof of the couple’s dealings with Titus and Nia. When they finally reached the top floor, where the bedrooms were, though, they found something, or rather someone, that they had only hoped to locate in the final bedroom.


“Diyoza, we found the baby. I repeat we found the baby,” Maya said into her comm.


With a total of five of seven targets safely in custody, and the baby located, the mission was looking to be a total success…or so they thought not knowing yet of the horror that the Polis team faced.

Chapter Text

Polis – Woods Estate – 8:45 P.M.


“Mr. Woods, the telephone is for you; it’s urgent,” Marta, the Woods family housekeeper said as she rushed into the room.


“Very well, very well,” Titus said as she took the phone from Marta. “What,” he snapped as he answered the phone. Titus then proceeded to speak with the person for a couple of minutes before growing irate and slamming the phone to the ground, breaking into tiny pieces.


“Titus, what is it,” Nia asked her husband.


“Marcus Kane is deploying two teams, one to Arkadia and one here,” Titus growled.


“How long do we have,” Nia asked knowingly.


“Less than an hour.”


“That’s not enough time to get rid of everything and disappear. Do we know what that menace Kane, knows?”


“All our guy said was they received new information and the team was immediately gathered and deployed. But, he did mention that Bellamy Griffin was with the group headed here.”


“We can safely assume Clarke finally stumbled upon what her wife, our ungrateful child, learned about us, or at least part of it, then if her cop brother is coming with Kane’s team,” Nia said clearly irritated.


“It would seem so. Our inside man wasn’t in the room when they had their discussions so we don’t know what they know but it would appear that our daughter-in-law knows something. Perhaps this is our opportunity to get Clarke back. We allowed that ingrate Abby to try things her way and it failed but now, we can use this to bring her in.”


“That woman will never willingly come to see things from our perspective. Right now, we need to assemble our forces. We must use this opportunity to send a message to Wanheda,” Nia said menacingly.


“What are you talking about, Nia? We need to use our evacuation plan and get out of here,” Titus implored.


“No, we need to make Marcus Kane and his team regret coming here and we need Wanheda to see that if she wishes to reach her full potential to command death, she must be on the right side of this war,” Nia said as she pulled her phone out and dialed a number she knew all too well. “Code Azgeda. I repeat, Code Azgeda,” she said before hanging up.


“Nia, what have you done,” Titus asked clearly not having been part of planning “Code Azgeda”.


“I did what you have always been too weak to do, husband, I initiated a full-scale guerrilla attack on those coming to take us from our home and arrest us. We are Azgedans and we are going to fight for what is ours and when we win tonight we continue with our plan for the Kongeda to rise again with me, heir to the Azgedan throne, as the one true Kongeda Commander now that our daughter is out of the way,” Nia said deathly calm that it sent a shiver down Titus’ spine.





Polis – Woods Estate – 9:15 P.M.


At 9:15 p.m. exactly, Kane’s team, including the secondary team already stationed in Polis that no one except Kane and Bellamy knew about, was in position just outside of the Woods Estate. The woods Estate sprawled across five acres with a main house, staff house and stables on the property. The property had been under surveillance for some time so they knew their targets were home but what they didn’t know was that the estate was riddled with hidden underground tunnels that very few knew about. Those tunnels would come to haunt Kane’s team.


Miller, Jackson and Monro were positioned at the north entrance to the estate and Luna and Derek were positioned at the southern entrance. The secondary team meanwhile was split between the eastern and western entrances. Kane and Bellamy however, were making their way down an old railroad track that cut through the property. Once everyone was in position, they checked their gear one last time.


All team members were dressed in full tactical gear and armed with assault rifles, which were drawn, sidearm pistols holstered on their thighs, daggers also on their thighs, grenades, flash grenades and flares in case they need to call for an emergency air evacuation. They all also had night vision and thermal vision goggles. As soon as everyone verified that they had all of these items, Kane gave the order to move in.


“Alpha team is in position. Are all other teams in position,” Kane asked over their comm system.


“Beta team is in position,” Miller said from his group’s position.


“Delta team is in position,” Luna said from her group’s position.


“Epsilon team is in position,” the secondary team lead on the eastern side said.


“Lambda team is in position,” the secondary team lead on the western side said.


“Mission is a go. I repeat mission is a go; see you all at the rendezvous point,” Kane said and immediately all teams began their breach of the Woods Estate.




Each team barely made it five feet before the gunfire began.


Out of nowhere, perfectly camouflaged militia type individuals popped up from the ground and down from the trees, guns blazing. The Department of Special Operations (DSO) teams had to immediately get low and look for cover before they could begin to return fire.


“Beta team is under fire,” Miller called through the comms as he and his group took cover and began returning fire.


“Delta team is too,” Luna said as she and Derek also returned fire.


“Epsilon team too,” the eastern secondary team leader said while they too returned fire.


Lambda team as well,” the western secondary team leader said as his group also returned fire.


“We all are. They were waiting for us. They knew we were coming,” Kane said as he and Bellamy returned fire on the small contingent that had dropped down from the trees surrounding the train tracks.



All of the teams then went radio silent as they returned fire as fast as they could. But, the siege was over just as quickly as it began when the DSO teams were able to quickly put down each of foes.


“All teams report,” Kane said as soon as he and Bellamy had dispatched the last of their assailants.


“Beta team is okay. We put down all of the aggressors but it was almost like they weren’t trying to kill us. It’s like they were purposefully missing their shots,” Miller said.


“Delta team is all good. I agree though, they weren’t trying to subdue us,” Luna said.


“Epsilon team is alright and we agree with you all.”


“Lambda is okay and we also agree with all of you.”


“You all are right. This was too easy. We may be the best at what we do but this was still way too easy, especially considering who we are going after. Stay vigilant, something doesn’t feel right, especially since our night vision and thermal vision did not pick up anyone in the area. They must be masking themselves somehow. For now, go radio silent unless you encounter further resistance until you reach the house. Hold position outside the house until I give the order to move in. Over and out,” Kane said, ending all communication…for the time being.



Beta Team


“Alright, it’s radio silence from here on out. Move quickly but as stealthy as possible. Titus and Nia Woods are masterminds, especially Nia when it comes to covert operations. There is nothing these two won’t do, as proven by their experimentation on their own child. Stay close,” Miller told his people before they started making their way towards the main house.


As Miller, Jackson and Monroe made their way towards the northern entrance, they used the trees as cover and stayed low to the ground. They knew their goggles hadn’t picked up the resistance they faced earlier, but they kept them on just in case.


They had approximately 100 yards between them and the main house and the trees they were using for cover spanned the entire distance. They had made it about 75 yards when Monroe noticed a flashing light coming from the third story of the main house.


“Guys, look at the third story right side,” Monroe whispered causing Miller and Jackson to immediately look where directed.


“Some is up there; looks like they’re using Morse Code,” Jackson quietly said.


“It would appear so. Let’s see, three short dots, three longer dashes, three short dots,” Miller said.


“S.O.S. Whoever is up there is saying S.O.S.,” Monroe said.


“They keep repeating it too,” Jackson said.


“There could be someone needing help up there,” Monroe said.


“Or it could be a trap,” Jackson said.


“We know that they knew we were coming, so, we treat this as a potential threat. Once we get to the house we will continue with our mission and then we will check it out. Now, let’s keep moving,” Miller said as he and his group continued on their path to the house.


Beta Team then successfully made it to the house without encountering anymore hostiles, but that was what worried them the most, especially when combined with the light in the third story window going out as soon as they reached the house.


“Beta Team has reached the target. I repeat, Beta Team has reached the target.



Delta Team


“Let’s hope everyone stays silent until we reach the house. I’ve got a bad feeling about this, Lu.”


“Me too, Derek. Nia is a formidable opponent even in the worst of circumstances because she learned from the best, her grandfather. I still remember the stories my mother told of sparring against Nia at Nia’s grandfather’s training center. Nia is the reason my mother lost her left eye,” Luna said just loud enough for Derek to hear.


“Shit, Luna, I didn’t realize Nia was the woman that did that. She had to have been what fifteen or sixteen at the time?”


“She was fifteen and my mother was sixteen. Nia’s grandfather taught them in the manner Kongeda warriors were traditionally trained. They were using swords but since they were training, they weren’t supposed to go for hits above the chest. Nia, however, didn’t listen and when my mother went for a shot at Nia’s abdomen while Nia…she went for the kill and sent the tip of her sword straight into my mother’s left eye. She claimed she was going for the shoulder but that my mother’s move to get to her abdomen caused her to hunch down enough that her strike went into her eye. It was a lame excuse and everyone knew it was a lie but she still got away with taking my mother’s eye. There isn’t anything Nia won’t do.”


“Let’s make sure we get the bitch then,” Derek said as they made their way towards the back entrance to the main house.




The entire way to the back entrance of the main house, Luna and Derek didn’t encounter any resistance. They saw no lights and no signs of life the entire way either. When they reached the back door, which was glass as the entire back wall of the home was floor to ceiling glass, the still could not see any movement.


“Still no signs of life. Something definitely is not right. Why have fighters set to intercept us as soon as we stepped foot on the property then nothing the rest of the way,” Derek asked.


“It means Nia has something planned, something murderous most likely,” Luna said gravely before activating her comm. “Delta Team is in position. I repeat, Delta Team is in position.”



Epsilon and Lambda Teams


Both Epsilon Team and Lambda Team made their way to their designated side entrances without facing any further resistance or seeing any signs of others on the property. When they finally reached their points of entry, and announced their status to the rest of the team, they still saw nothing. As they waited for the order to move in, they all had a bad feeling about what was awaiting them inside.



Alpha Team


“They knew we were coming, Kane, there’s a mole.”


“I know; it’s the only explanation. But, no one except the two of us knew about the secondary team until we got here and I know the mole isn’t either of us so while the mole may have warned them of our arrival, something else told them where we all were positioned.”


“Their technology company. The Woods’ have a technology company. They must have some sort of undetectable tech out here that alerted them to our exact positions,” Bellamy said.


“Yes, but how did they move into position without our night vision or thermal vision picking them up? And how did we not see them with our own eyes,” Marcus pondered as he and Bellamy carefully made their way down the track.


“There’s something we’re not seeing here. We’re missing something. They have some way to move about undetected,” Bellamy said as he thought of possible ways for that to happen.


“I think you’re right. Stay sharp, Bellamy, because if they surprised us once, they could do it again.”


“Don’t worry, Kane, I’ve got your six.”


“And I have yours. Your aunt, may she rest in peace, would haunt me until the day I die if I don’t.”


“I’m sure Aunt Diana would, but, I’d be more afraid of my sister and sister-in-law. Wanheda and Heda are scary as fuck when someone they care about is hurt.”


“I have no doubt. Let’s get this done and begin to bring some justice to them.”




The pair made it the rest of the way up the track without facing any other opposition. About twenty yards from the house though,” Bellamy stopped in his tracks.


“There’s movement in the house, Kane.”


“What do you mean? I didn’t see anything.”


“The mood illuminated the window straight ahead just enough for me to clearly see something move in the house. We are definitely not alone.”


“Were you able to see if there were multiple people?”


“No. I just saw movement. This is Titus and Nia we’re talking about though, so the house could be filled to the brim with hostiles. Lexa used to always say they could have a hundred people at their house within minutes if they called for it, so, I think we should plan for that house being full of hostiles.”


“I know and we are prepared for this, we just have to be smart,” Kane said as he and Bellamy travelled the remaining distance to their entry point.


“Alpha Team is in position. I repeat, Alpha Team is in position,” Kane said once they reached their entry point.





Polis – Woods Estate – 9:30 P.M.


With everyone in position, Kane gave his final remarks before giving the order to breach the main house.


“Any reports before we go in,” Kane asked.


“Third story window had someone in it. They were using Morse Code and saying ‘S.O.S.’ over and over again. The light went out when we got to the house though,” Miller said.


“Alright. Once you and your team sweep your initial area, get to the third floor and see if you can find whoever was in that window. Any other reports?” Hearing no one respond after a few seconds, Kane proceeded with his final remarks before breaching the house. “We noticed movement in the house on our way in. We know the Woods’ are capable of amassing a large number of people on short notice. Stay safe, everyone. You are cleared to breach. I repeat, you are cleared to breach.”




As soon as the order to breach was given, all five teams breached the main house. Once the various entryways were breached, a flash grenade was thrown in to attempt to give the teams the upper hand should armed hostiles be in the house. When every team moved inside the residence, guns drawn, they expected to have the upper hand, but they could not have been more wrong.


While they didn’t see anyone as they entered the home, armed hostiles began pouring into the home. Some emerged from behind paintings that opened to reveal hidden passages, others came from under the floor where more passages were revealed, and still others emerged seemingly out of nowhere. Bullets rained down on all five teams and they returned fire just as quickly, but they immediately learned they were outmatched when they started going down.


“They’re using armor piercing bullets! Derek’s been hit,” Luna cried out into her comm as she watched Derek fall after being hit in his tactical gear, blood pouring from the wound.


“We know! Monroe’s been hit with one,” Miller yelled into his comm.


“They came out of the fucking walls! Jones and Smith are down,” the Epsilon team leader said.


“They came out of the floor here! Lopez is down,” the Lambda team leader said.


“There must be tunnels and hidden passageways that weren’t on the blueprints. Use your grenades. Bring the house down if you have too! We cannot let them defeat us. Does anyone have sights on the targets,” Kane said as he and Bellamy exchanged rounds with a small group that had emerged from the floor.




Within seconds, the sounds of grenades could be heard going off throughout the house as the whole building shook. Kane and Bellamy, however, did not throw a grenade but rather a smoke grenade. The pair had been lucky to find a sturdy cabinet to take shelter behind when the armed hostiles emerged from the floor. As soon as the smoke grenade went off, the pair charged from behind the cabinet and began firing into the smoke. For what felt like hours, but was only a few minutes, the pair fired into the room, ducking back behind the cabinet to reload their weapons. When the smoke finally cleared though, and barely any return fire had been shot at them, Bellamy and Kane discovered that they had successfully taken out each of the hostiles that emerged from the floor.


“Let’s check the bodies then keep moving. If Titus and Nia are still here they’ll be looking to get out as soon as possible,” Kane said.


Together, Kane and Bellamy checked the bodies in less than two minutes. They discovered that each of the hostiles were dead. They also noticed that each of the weapons used was the exact same caliber as their own, but with armor piercing bullets instead of standard ones. Knowing that they were likely to face more resistance the farther into the home they went, they quickly swapped out their magazines for those of their enemies before moving on to the next room.


They faced no hostiles in the next two rooms they swept, but, in the third room they heard voices seemingly coming from behind the wall. Immediately, both men stopped and tried to hone in on the exact location of the voices.


“I told you we should have left when we had the chance, Nia! They’re destroying our home and killing some of our best men,” Titus hissed.


“This battle is not over yet. They are not beating us!”


“But they are! And on top of that our masking technology has stopped working so they can now find our heat signatures! We need to take this passage down to the tunnel and out to the secret garage. From there, we can make it to the airstrip and get out of here before they can stop us.”


“That’s definitely Titus and Nia,” Bellamy whispered.


“It is. Let’s turn our thermal vision on and see if we can pinpoint where the passage they must be in is located,” Kane said.


Once both men had their thermal vision turned back on they split the room in half and each began scanning their half. It only took about fifteen seconds before Bellamy discovered where Titus and Nia Woods were hiding.


“Kane, they’re behind this wall,” Bellamy said as he pointed to the wall furthest from the entrance to the room where a lone large painting hung.


“Good work, Bellamy. Maybe we should steal you from Seattle PD, we could use you in the DSO,” Kane said seriously before activating his comm. “We’ve located the targets. They’re in a passage in the study. We are going to engage. All teams be aware that thermal vision should work now. Stay safe.”


“Ready to do this, Kane?”


“As ready as we will ever be. If they are armed, shoot to kill. Otherwise, attempt to deescalate and take them alive. Understand?”


“I understand, but for the record, they both deserve death for what they’ve done,” Bellamy grit.


“I know, son, but if we kill them unnecessarily we may lose our chance at knowing the full truth behind their plan and that could lead to more death.”


“I know, but, they hurt my family and that is unforgiveable. But let’s get this done; and when it is, I get to tell my sister and sister-in-law.”


“Deal. Open the painting and I’ll go in first,” Kane ordered.




When Bellamy pried open the painting, Kane immediately charged into the passage, with Bellamy hot on his heels. They did not immediately see Titus and Nia as there was a bend in the passage almost immediately, but, once they turned around the bend they found the pair standing in the center of the passage, their backs to them.


“Titus and Nia Woods! You are both under arrest,” Kane said in his authoritarian voice.


Not saying a word, the two Woods’ turned around, guns raised and fingers on the triggers. Without hesitation, Kane and Bellamy fired their own weapons first, Kane aiming for Nia and Bellamy for Titus. Just as they fired though, Titus pulled the trigger of his gun.


The next moments passed in slow motion as three bullets flew through the air as Nia turned to run and save herself. Seemingly at once three cries were heard in the air just before the sounds of three bodies hitting the ground were heard.


When the dust settled, Titus, Nia and Bellamy were all on the ground with various amounts of blood pooling from their bodies. Before Kane could react though, Nia, who appeared to have been shot in her shoulder, began to move and attempt to stand back up.


“Don’t move, Nia,” Kane yelled as he pointed his gun at the woman once more. “Bellamy! Bellamy, are you okay?”


“You have a choice to make. Either apprehend me or save your man. It looks like my husband have gravelly injured him based on that rather large and ever expanding pool of blood coming from his abdomen. So, what will it be? Will you arrest me or will you save my dear daughter-in-law’s brother? Clarke has lost so much already, are you willing to make her lose one more person she loves,” Nia taunted.


“Bellamy! Bellamy, say something, please,” Kane pleaded.


“Time is running out. So, what will it be? Perhaps you should let Bellamy die; then when Clarke undoubtedly comes to visit me in lockup I can tell her how you let her brother die when you had the chance to save him. That knowledge is sure to make her vulnerable to me. Maybe she will finally come home where she belongs. There’s so much waiting for her here, if only she were to come.”


“What are you talking about,” Kane asked even as it became clear that he was desperate to go to Bellamy’s side.


“Clarke may have lost her family, but my ungrateful daughter and grandson are not her only family. Should she come home, Clarke will learn she has family waiting for her right here,” Nia said with a wicked smile.


Before Kane could reply though, the sound of Bellamy writhing in pain ran through the passageway, drawing the man’s attention away from Nia and giving the woman the opportunity she needed to disappear around the next bend in the passage. Kane, meanwhile, looked back towards where Nia was a second later and seeing the woman was gone, he had a decision to make; chase after Nia or try and save Bellamy’s life. Choosing to save Bellamy, Kane ran to the man, only pausing briefly to verify that Titus was in fact dead.


“Fuck, Bellamy,” Kane said as soon as he turned the man on his back and saw that he was shot in the stomach. Immediately putting pressure on the wound, Kane activated his comm. “This is Marcus Kane. I need immediate medical evac. Bellamy Griffin has been shot in the stomach. I will meet you with him where the old train track ends by the house. To all other teams, Titus Woods is dead and in a hidden passage off of the third room on Alpha Team’s list to cover. Nia Woods is in the wind. Miller, you are in charge now. I’m going with Bellamy to the hospital,” Kane rushed out before ripping his pants, straight up the leg, then using the fabric to wrap around Bellamy’s chest in an attempt to slow the bleeding while he carried him to the medical evac.




Three minutes later, Kane was on the medical evac chopper helplessly watching as medics attempted to stabilize Bellamy long enough for them to reach Polis General, the nearest level one trauma center. Another five minutes after that they were less than a minute away from landing at the hospital when Kane heard his team through his comm that had a long-range feature.


“Kane, do you copy,” Miller said.


“I’m here. What is it, Miller?”


“We located the person using Morse Code in the window.”


“Are they hostile?”


“No. Kane, it’s a kid.”


“Did you just say there was a kid in that house,” Kane asked clearly shocked.


“I did. Titus and Nia were keeping a kid here.”


“Christ. What the hell were they up to? Get the child back to base and have our medical team check them out. As soon as I’m back we’re doing a full debrief.”


“Understood. Should I contact Bellamy’s emergency contact?”


“No. His emergency contact is Clarke and I think I should be the one to tell her what’s happened.”


“Okay. How is Bellamy?”


“He’s still hanging on. We’re landing at Polis General now. I’ll be back to base when I can. Keep the child you found safe at all costs, Miller. Has anyone caught sight of Nia?”


“No. A small plane did take off from what appears to be a hidden airstrip but as soon as it was in the air it’s like it disappeared. I think they have some sort of cloaking technology. I read a report that their tech company was working on such a thing and they must have been successful.”


“Alright. We will regroup and find a way to get her another day. I’ll see you all as soon as I can.”


“Roger that.”





Polis General Hospital – 11:05 p.m.


As soon as they arrived at Polis General Hospital, Bellamy was taken in for emergency surgery. Kane snuck into the gallery of the OR so he could keep an eye on Bellamy’s condition. At first, everything was going smoothly. The team operating on Bellamy was able to slow the bleeding, but, when they removed the bullet it was revealed that the bullet had nicked the left gastro-omental artery and with the bullet removed the artery began spewing blood everywhere. Everyone rushed to stop the bleeding, but the sudden extreme blood loss, coupled with Bellamy’s already weakened state, put a strain on his body, especially his heart. Within seconds, his heartrate began to drop and seconds after that, he flat lined.


“No! God dammit, Bellamy, don’t die on me now! Do not make me tell Clarke that a member of her family actually is truly dead; she’s been through enough…they all have.”


Kane watched on as the surgeons attempted to restart Bellamy’s heart. It took four attempts with the paddles, but finally, Bellamy’s heart began to slowly beat again. As he allowed relief to wash over him, it was instantly erased when he heard the lead surgeon say that Bellamy was not out of the woods. In that moment, Kane knew he needed to call Clarke now instead of waiting until after surgery because if he waited it may be too late. Slowly, he picked up his phone and dialed a number he had only gotten hours earlier from Bellamy, himself. He was not surprised when the call was answered despite the late hour.


“Hello,” Clarke answered half-asleep as she and Lexa had gone to bed not long before the call came in.


“Clarke, it’s Marcus.”


“Kane? Did you get them,” Clarke asked cautiously as Lexa fully woke and tried to surmise what was going on based on Clarke’s body language and words.


“We got Abby and Thelonious but there was a complication when we tried to get Titus and Nia.”


“What complication? What happened Kane? And why is it you calling? Bellamy said he’d call. Where’s my brother,” Clarke asked each question showing her worry more clearly.


“Clarke, Titus and Nia knew we were coming. There was a gun fight and ultimately Titus was killed but Nia got away and Bellamy…Clarke, Bellamy was shot in the stomach by Titus at the same time he shot Titus. We got him to Polis General and he’s in surgery now. But Clarke, I need you to know that things aren’t looking great. Bellamy is hurt bad. I am so sorry, Clarke.”

Chapter Text

The days immediately following Kane’s call to Clarke were torture for Clarke, Lexa and their entire family. With Nia in the wind, security at Seattle Grace had been increased tenfold. There were now eight of Kane’s most trusted DSO agents stationed on the floor of Lexa’s hospital room, all disguised as doctors, nurses and other hospital staff members assigned to the area, and countless others throughout the hospital. Octavia and Lincoln had essentially moved into Lexa’s hospital room during this time too, as the younger brunette needed to be close to her sister as they awaited news of their brother’s fate and Lincoln wasn’t going to leave his pregnant fiancée alone. Jake and Aurora, along with Bellamy’s boyfriend Murphy, meanwhile, had left for Polis the second they were informed of the shooting. The elder Griffins didn’t want to leave their family in Seattle, especially knowing that Nia was still on the loose, but they also couldn’t stay away from their son who was fighting for his life. Indra and Gustus however, took up Jake and Aurora’s station at the hospital so their children and grandchildren had as many family members as possible close by.


During those initial hours after the phone call, Clarke tried her best to act normally so that Aden didn’t know something was wrong, but, she could not help running through all the possible complications her brother could face given where he was shot. His case needed the best of the best of trauma surgeons, and Clarke knew that was her, but she had no choice but to put her faith in the woman who replaced her at Polis General, Dr. Callie Cartwig.


Doctor Cartwig for her part, with Murphy’s consent, as he was Bellamy’s health care proxy, called Clarke herself to update her as soon as Bellamy was out of surgery a full eight hours after he was brought in. Bellamy had survived surgery, but, due to trauma sustained when his head hit the wall as he fell after being shot, his brain was swelling and bleeding. So, although they had been able to fix the damage caused directly from the bullet, if the swelling and bleeding on the brain did not stop on its own, Bellamy would need risky brain surgery to attempt to save his life. Being the daughter of one of the best neurosurgeons on the planet, Clarke knew that the longer her brother’s brain swelled and bled, the more likely he’d suffer irreparable brain damage or possibly even die.




Twenty-four hours after surgery, Bellamy’s brain trauma was not getting any better and it was determined that brain surgery was needed. Jake could not operate since Bellamy was his son, but, Amelia Shepherd had flown to Polis from Seattle so she could perform the surgery on her boss’ only son.


When Clarke and Lexa had not received an update on Bellamy’s condition eight hours after Amelia began the surgery though, the couple, along with Lincoln and Octavia, began to fear the worst. The only Godsend to them during this time was Meredith, Lexie, Mark and Addison who took Aden as much as possible to hang out with their children so he was less likely to pick up on this parents’ distress while they awaited word on Bellamy’s condition. Aden was a smart boy though, how could he not be with two certified geniuses as parents, so he did know something was wrong, especially when his Uncle Bell didn’t come to see him. In the end, Clarke and Lexa explained to Aden that Uncle Bell was helping capture some really bad people but he got hurt so he had to stay in the hospital where he got hurt so he could get better, just like Lexa stayed at Seattle Grace to get better. Thankfully, the explanation satisfied his young mind and within two hours he, along with his new friends, had made get well soon cards for Bellamy, that Clarke and Lexa sent via overnight express so Bellamy could see them when he woke up…if he even survived his second surgery that is.


In the end, it wasn’t until twelve hours after Bellamy’s brain surgery began that Clarke received a phone call from Amelia. Once the call was placed on speaker so Lexa, Octavia, Lincoln, Indra and Gustus could hear, Amelia explained that Bellamy coded four times during surgery but had survived the procedure. There was a catch though; the swelling in his brain was so severe that Amelia was forced to completely remove a large portion of his skull and leave it removed for the time being. The bleeding had been stopped by the surgery though, which was good news, but the swelling seemed to have only gotten worse. Amelia was hopeful though that with the bleeding stopped, the swelling would stop too. Bellamy’s conditioned would be reevaluated the following morning, but Amelia cautioned Clarke that she and her family should prepare themselves, because if the swelling showed no signs of improving by morning, the chance of death increased significantly. When Clarke hung up the phone, she collapsed into Lexa’s good side and finally let all of the emotions she had been bottling up since learning of her brother’s predicament out.



“It’s going to be okay, Clarke, somehow it’s going to be okay,” Lexa cooed as she held her wife as best she could.


“You don’t know that,” Clarke sobbed while Octavia finally broke down in Lincoln’s arms while Indra and Gustus looked heartbroken and unsure how to help the two sisters who they loved as their own children.


“You’re wrong, I do know everything will be okay.”


“How,” Clarke asked as she looked at Lexa with big, tear filled cerulean eyes.


“Because, you, my love, are Wanheda. We may not subscribe to all the Kongeda legends, but I believe in the legend of Heda and Wanheda. Too many things have happened in our lives for me not to believe those legends. So, I believe you can command Bellamy’s soul to stay right where it is, just like you commanded mine to stay put when things took a turn for the worse during my surgery.”


“But I was there during your surgery; I was the one with their hands working on you then, Lex. I’m not there now and I have no control over the situation,” Clarke said through her tears.


“Sure, you do. Call Murphy and ask him to give Bell’s medical team permission to share his chart and all his scans with you. Then you can look at them yourself to reassure yourself that everything that should be done is being done and if something was missed you can catch it.”


“I…I didn’t think of that. I’ll text Murphy now,” Clarke said as she pulled out her phone and text her brother’s boyfriend.





Not even ten minutes later, Clarke had received an encrypted email with a link to access Polis General’s servers and all of Bellamy’s records there. Immediately, she began scanning through page after page and image after image. She spent about twenty minutes reviewing everything, thanks to her ability to speed read and her photographic memory, when she sighed in defeat.


“What is it, Clarke,” Octavia asked knowing the surgeon side of her sister well enough to know that Clarke saw something she didn’t like in Bellamy’s file.


“O, can you look at this, please? I just need to know that someone else is seeing what I’m seeing in the latest post-op scan,” Clarke said with worry clear in her tone.


Octavia immediately approached her sister and looked at the items on the laptop. It only took her about two and a half minutes to realize what it was her sister had found on the scan.


“Shit, that’s a small liver laceration, isn’t it?”


“It is. It’s almost identical to…,” Clarke began before she trailed off and her gaze settled on Lexa’s abdomen.


“Almost identical to the one you located in my liver,” Lexa finished for her wife who seemed to be stuck in her thoughts about that day, the day she almost lost her wife…again.


“Clarke, babe, are you okay?”


“Wha…Yes, I’m fine,” Clarke said as she shook her head and refocused. “Yes, it’s a liver laceration almost identical to Lexa’s. Unless you’re really looking at every detail it would be easy to miss.”


“But I noticed it and I’m still a resident.”


“You noticed it because you knew to look for it after everything with Lexa and because I taught you to look for it. I need to call Callie and tell her. O, can you call Owen and Meredith and tell them to get here immediately as it’s urgent in the meantime?”


“On it,” Octavia said as she pulled out her phone while Clarke dialed Callie Cartwig’s number.


“Clarke, what’s going on,” Indra asked.


“She noticed a laceration on Bellamy’s liver. If they don’t fix it he will die even if the brain swelling stops, Mom. She found a similar laceration on my liver and if it wasn’t for her catching it, I would have died after they delivered Scout via emergency c-section,” Lexa rushed to explain to her mother.


“Oh no,” Indra and Gustus said at the same time while Lincoln pulled out his phone to make his own call.


Before they knew it, Octavia, Lincoln and Clarke were each on their own respective phone calls. With everything happening at once, it was hard for the others in the room to keep track of what was being said.




When Octavia got off the phone she announced that Owen and Meredith were on their way. When Lincoln got off the phone a moment later, he announced that Clarke’s jet would be ready within half an hour for transport. Lexa was perplexed as to why her brother would ready her wife’s jet, but Octavia quickly explained that Clarke had given their family authorization to use the jet when needed. Clarke’s conversation meanwhile, was not going as well as her sister and brother-in-law’s had.


“Callie, I swear to God if you don’t listen to me and my brother dies I will make sure you lose your medical license! So, stop posturing and trying to prove you’re better than me and fucking listen so you can save your patient’s life,” Clarke yelled into the phone before pausing for several moments while Callie presumably spoke but no one could hear what the other woman was saying. “I understand that you are the surgeon on this case but you missed a liver laceration in his scans,” Clarke said before pausing again. “I know what I’m talking about; my own wife had the same thing and had I not caught it she would be dead! Just look at the damn scans again. If you don’t get my brother back into surgery within the hour he will die and if that happens not only will your medical license be sure to be revoked but I personally will sue you for everything you’re worth until the only thing you have left is your worthless medical school diploma that you’ll have to use to wipe your ass because you won’t have money to buy toilet paper or anything else! Now do your fucking job,” Clarke screamed before angrily ending the call and throwing her phone onto the bed just as Meredith and Owen walked in preventing anyone from asking Clarke about her call.


“Clarke, what’s going on,” Owen asked as soon as he spotted the blonde.


“Does your sister Megan still work at Walter Reed?”


“She does. Why?”


“I need you to call her and have her get to Polis General within the hour. My brother, Bellamy, was shot last night and his health care proxy gave permission for his records to be sent to me. On the latest scan, I found an active liver laceration that is similar to the one Lexa had. I just got off the phone with Bellamy’s trauma surgeon and she’s refusing to listen. So, I need someone I can trust operating on my brother and your sister is the only person who can get there in time and at this point, she’s the only one I trust.”


“I’ll text her now, but, why are Meredith and I both here,” Owen asked as he messaged his sister.


“I need the two of you to get to Polis as well. I need a team there I can trust. Amelia is already there handling the head trauma but I’d feel more comfortable if you both were there as well. And yes, I know I’m overstepping majorly, but this is my brother we’re talking about and I’d walk through fire if that’s what it took to save him and my parents and Murphy are not in the right state of mind to organize this themselves.”


“Clarke, with Amelia already in Polis, I can’t just up and leave, not with Christopher and Leo,” Owen said.


“And I have my three too. It’s not as easy to up and leave now,” Meredith said sadly.


“And that’s where we come in,” Lexie said as she, Addison and Mark entered the room.


“How did you know to come here,” Meredith asked her sister.


“Clarke text me,” Lexie said.


“The three of us can watch all the kids. Since we already live at the house Mer, we thought Addison could stay there too and then we could bring Chris and Leo there so all the kids could be at a home they’re familiar with and they could have one big cousin sleepover,” Mark explained.


“Are you sure you can handle all six kids,” Meredith asked.


“Yes, we can handle it,” Addison said. “You two need to focus on getting to Polis and helping the Chief’s son. This is what we do, we help people.”


“Okay,” Meredith said after sharing a look with Owen. “Since time is of the essence I assume you’ve sent your brother’s file to us and we’re headed for your jet?”


“The file has already been sent and the jet will be ready when you get there,” Clarke said.


“And I’ll drive you both. I have my work truck here so we can use the lights and siren to get there faster,” Lincoln said.


“Thanks, Linc,” Clarke said before turning to Meredith and Owen again. “I know I’m really overstepping, but I didn’t know what else to do. Megan is going to have to force her way in when she gets there and you two will as well. The surgeon who took over for me in Polis, Callie Cartwig is around my parents’ age so she’s bent out of shape that I outranked her and I think that’s causing her to dig her heels in a bit. If you run into any problems, call me. I know the owner of Polis General has been looking to sell, and if I have to I will buy the damn hospital to ensure my brother gets the best care possible. Understood?”


“We got it, Clarke. We’ll let you know when we get there,” Owen said before he, Meredith and Lincoln left the room followed closely by Lexie, Mark and Addison.


“Clarke,” Lexa softly said once the trio was gone.


“Yeah, Lex?”


“I know we were financially stable before everything happened but how do you have enough money to buy a jet and potentially a hospital?”


“Oh, um,” Clarke said as she began to blush, “a lot happened in the seven months you were gone, love.”


“You said that before, Clarke,” Lexa said rolling her eyes. “Can you please tell me what happened?”


“We’re going to go and grab some food so you two can talk,” Indra said, clearly knowing what happened during the time Lexa and Aden were gone. “We’ll check on Aden at daycare too, then when you’re ready we will bring him back here.”


“Thank you, Indra,” Clarke softly said just as Lexa said, “thank you, Mom.”





Once they were alone, Clarke turned to her wife.


“Lex, I know we need to talk about what happened during our months apart, but does it have to be right now? There’s just so much going on between Nia escaping and Bellamy fighting for his life and…”


“There is never going to be a perfect time to discuss what happened during those months, but, I do know one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt.”


“What’s that?”


“Everyone that we know was involved in what happened to us is either in custody, or in the case of Titus dead. Yes, Nia is in the wind, but, she is biologically my mother and I spent years living with her. I know her, Clarke, and I know that she will hide herself away in some far-off corner of the world for a longtime while she regroups. She will still come to finish what she started but we will be ready for that day when it comes. Until then, I want us to live, Clarke. You are the one who told me life is about more than just surviving and we need to practice what we preach. So, I want us to have this talk now and then we can focus on Bellamy’s recovery, my recovery and simply living our lives. Sound good?”


“Yeah, it does. So, you first or me?”


“I really want to know how you were able to afford a jet and have enough money to be able to even threaten to buy a hospital, so you first,” Lexa said with a playful smile playing on her lips.


“My story isn’t as exciting as you’re probably thinking. The financial situation was something I had started to work on not long before everything happened. We were trying for another baby, and now we have her,” Clarke began to say with a loving smile on her face as she looked over at the bassinet where their daughter was peacefully napping, “and I wanted to make sure we were financially stable enough that our children wouldn’t have to worry ever, but I ended up being more successful that I thought I would be….”


Before Clarke could continue though, there was a knock on the door a moment before a man entered the room, a man Clarke and Lexa instantly recognized.


“Kane,” she said completely shocked.


“Hello ladies,” Kane nervously said.


“Marcus, what are you doing here? Have you found Nia,” Lexa asked hopefully even though she knew it was unlikely.


“No, I’m afraid she has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth, but, I do need to speak to you both about two things that happened during the raids in Arkadia and Polis.


“Kane, just spit it out already, what happened,” Clarke asked clearly not wanting to beat around the bush.


“As I said in my debriefing email, we apprehended Abby, Thelonious, Wells, Raven and Anya Jaha in Arkadia as you know, but what you don’t know is that we were able to locate an infant female in the Jaha residence as well. We did perform DNA testing and it confirmed that the child is biologically Raven and Anya Jaha’s. We have spoken with Raven and Anya and they have signed over custody to the two of you. They asked me to give you this letter,” Kane said as he pulled a letter out of his jacket pocket and handed it to Clarke and Lexa who immediately opened it and began to read.



Dear Clarke and Lexa,


If you’re reading this, you know that federal agents found Jasmine. We cannot care for her given our current predicament, and we don’t know when we will be able to care for her, or if we ever will be able to care for her. We know we fucked up in the worst possible way, but our daughter is innocent. Jasmine didn’t ask to be born into this world and she deserves the chance at a normal life. She deserves to grow up with family who love her and will always cherish her. She deserves a life we cannot give her. You two are the only ones we would trust with raising our daughter. We have signed over custody to the both of you and if you accept, we ask that file the new birth certificate we have already filled out; Jasmine deserves to be a Griffin-Woods, not a good for nothing Jaha. We know we have no right to ask you to raise our daughter, but we are asking anyway. Please don’t punish Jasmine for our mistakes.


Love Always,

Raven and Anya



“They want us to raise their child,” Lexa asked completely shocked.


“Yes. They have been very cooperative with us since they were brought in, but, they both understand that they are still looking at serving time for their complicity at the very least. It is very likely that they will not be free until Jasmine is nearly fully grown, so Jasmine does need a home. However, before you two make a decision, we still need to talk about something that happened in Polis.”


“What happened in Polis that we don’t already know,” Clarke asked as Lexa held her hand as a form of comfort for them both.


“One of my teams saw someone using Morse Code in a third story window. The person was spelling out ‘S.O.S.’ Eventually, that team was able to locate the person using Morse Code. It was a child, a nine year old girl.”


“Titus and Nia had a nine year old at their house?! Whose child is she,” Lexa asked, clearly demanding answers.


“We ran the girl’s DNA through the system and thanks to her biological parents’ professions, their DNA was on file.”


“Kane, who are this girl’s parents,” Clarke growled having a gut feeling in the pit of her stomach that she knew who the answer to her own question even though she didn’t know how it would be possible.


“We don’t know how she came to exist, but we will figure it out,” Kane began before pausing.


“Marcus, who’s child is she,” Lexa asked firmly when he didn’t continue.


“According to her DNA, she’s your daughter, the both of yours.”

Chapter Text

“When is this girl’s birthday,” Clarke asked deathly calm, but with pain still evident in her tone, as Lexa’s face completely paled.


“March 7, 2012. We haven’t been able to find her birth certificate yet but she says she was told she was born here in Seattle actually.”


“Kane, you need to call the University of Washington Medical Center,” Clarke said brokenly.


“Clarke, it can’t be her, you know that. She was stillborn, we saw it for ourselves,” Lexa said as she became choked up.


“I’m sorry, but what are you two talking about,” Kane asked clearly confused.


“Aden is not our first child. I got Lexa pregnant when we were teenagers. It was a girl who born on March 7, 2012, at the University of Washington Medical Center but we were told she was stillborn...we weren't even allowed to hold her,” Clarke explained with tears in her eyes.


“She was stillborn, Clarke; she wasn’t crying when she was born,” Lexa said as tears welled in her eyes.


“I know, baby, I know, but we never saw what happened when they took her from the room to work on her. They left and less than a minute later came back and told us our little girl was gone. It can’t be a coincidence that Titus and Nia had a little girl at their house who was born on the exact same day as our daughter and in the same city.”


“I can’t get my hopes up, Clarke, I just can’t. It killed me when they told us she didn’t make it,” Lexa said through her tears as Clarke held her close.


“I know; it killed me too, but, Lex, either way this little girl is our daughter and we deserve to know if she’s the little girl you carried for nine months or if they created her another way,” Clarke emotionally said as she held Lexa close and placed a kiss on the top of her head before turning to look at Kane once more. “Kane, do you have a picture of this little girl?”


“I do. If I say so myself, the family resemblance is uncanny now that I’m standing in front of you both,” he said as he pulled up a picture of the girl on his phone that he showed the two women.


“Oh my God,” Clarke gasped. “Lex, she’s a mini you.”


“Sh…she is, except for the nose, that’s definitely your nose and…Clarke, when they held our daughter up that day after she was first born, I looked at her face, we both did, remember?”


“Of course I remember. I tried to memorize every detail and the girl in this photo shares the same features I saw that day.”


“That’s what I was thinking. Do you really think they lied to us, Clarke?”


“It’s possible. They did tell us there was a paperwork error and that’s why they cremated her even though we wanted to do a more traditional burial so we never got to see her body. God, we were so naïve back then,” Clarke growled, clearly beating herself up.


“Babe, we were still practically kids ourselves and our parents weren’t able to get to us until everything was done. We had no reason not to trust medical personnel then. Hindsight is twenty-twenty. We need to know for sure though is this is our little girl or if they created her like they did Anya and Raven’s daughter.”


“Kane, can you please look into our hospital records at UW Medical from that day? Can you try to determine if this little girl is our Madison Alycia Griffin-Woods?”


“Did you just say, Madison,” Kane asked clearly shocked.


“Yes. Clarke and I both liked the name and we really liked the nickname Madi so it was the perfect name for our daughter. Why do you ask?”


“Your daughter in that photo, her name is Madison but she goes by Madi.”




It was silent in Lexa’s hospital room for a solid three minutes before anyone spoke. But, during those three minutes, the sounds of Clarke and Lexa’s sobs could be heard as they clung to each other desperately. Both women were stuck in thoughts of the past, a past that broke them and it was only with each other’s support that they both came out the other side. After three minutes had passed without a single word being uttered though, Kane finally broke the silence.


“I know the two of you need time to process everything and talk about what you want to do next. I’m sorry to put this on you now, especially after you both just welcomed a baby and you underwent extensive surgery, Lexa. Both Madi and Jasmine are in Seattle; they’re at our safe house and I will be staying there with them. I’ll start looking into your medical records at UW now and when I find something I will let you know. If you come to any decisions before then or want to talk to me or the girls, let me know,” Kane softly said before leaving the room and heading to UW Medical Center.





A few minutes after Kane left, blue met green and instantly both women knew they were thinking about the same thing, the day Lexa told Clarke she was pregnant with their daughter, their Madi.



Flashback – August 9, 2011


It was Lexa’s eighteenth birthday, and the six year anniversary of the day they met, and Clarke had gone all out with her plans to make the day extra special for her girlfriend. It had taken a long talk with Indra and Gustus to get the pair to agree to postpone their celebration of the daughter’s eighteenth birthday, but, once they knew exactly what Clarke had planned they knew they couldn’t interfere with the blonde’s plans.


When Clarke arrived at the Woods residence at 9:00 a.m., the door was opened not by her girlfriend, but rather her father, Gustus.


“Good morning, Clarke. Do you have everything you need for today?”


“’Morning, Gus,” Clarke said happily, “I do have everything set. I just hope Lexa likes it.”


“Clarke, you showed Indra and I your plans and we both know Lexa will love the day you have planned for her. But, remember we expect pictures, and lots of them,” Gustus said with a smirk.


“Don’t worry, there will be plenty of pictures,” Clarke said before appearing deep in thought for a moment. “I really appreciate you and Indra allowing me to hijack your plans for Lexa’s birthday.”


“We can celebrate her birthday belatedly, but your plans need to happen today. Just promise me one thing.”




“Don’t focus on making today perfect; just have fun and enjoy being together. You two have endured so much over the past six years and you deserve today.”


“I can promise you that. Plus, as long as I’m with Lexa it’s a perfect day anyway,” Clarke said with a dopey lovesick smile on her face.


“Ah to be young and in love,” Gustus said with a chuckle.


“Dad, don’t tell me you’re harassing my girlfriend already,” Lexa groaned as she came down the stairs. “Hi, babe,” she said as she greeted Clarke with a kiss.


“Hi, love. Happy Birthday. You’re beautiful,” Clarke murmured as she took in her girlfriend who was dressed casually in black skinny jeans, marching black ankle boots, a black v-neck t-shirt and thin black and blue tied around her waist.


Blushing Lexa said, “I’m just wearing my usual clothes.”


“Doesn’t matter, you’re always the most beautiful person in the room,” Clarke said with so much sincerity and love in her voice, Lexa couldn’t help but smile.


“Okay, before you two become even more sickingly in love and make me want to gag, I must insist that you get going and enjoy whatever it is you’re doing today. Now shoo,” Gustus said as he pushed the young couple out the door as Indra chuckled at her husband’s antics from her place on the stairs.


Giggling at Gustus’ antics, the couple quickly linked hands and made their way to Clarke’s car.





Clarke spent the morning taking Lexa to some of their favorite places in Seattle. First, Clarke took them to the stone garden so they could engage in some indoor and outdoor rock climbing, which was a favorite pastime of Lexa’s. The spent a couple hours climbing as many of the walls as they could and by the time they finished, both girls had big smiles on their faces and were wore out from the exercise but they couldn’t care less because they were together and that’s all that mattered. Once they had cleaned up some, Clarke drove them to Lady Yum, where they enjoyed the best macarons they had ever tasted before heading to Kubota Garden, where unbeknownst to Lexa, Clarke had arranged for them to have a picnic under the Japanese Maple tree, the “Acer Palmetum” after they had explored the garden and taken in all its natural beauty.


Lexa had always wanted to visit the Kubota Garden but, even after living in Seattle for years, she had never been. The brunette loved every second of their tour of the garden. They walked on the footbridge, took in the view of the water, smelled all of the flowers and took in every ounce of the beautiful nature present within the garden. After seeing everything there was to see, except the Japanese Maple tree, Clarke finally led her love there where their picnic was already set up and waiting for them under the tree. When Lexa saw there was a picnic set up under the tree though, she immediately backed up, not wanting to disturb whoever was using the area.


“Babe, where are you going,” Clarke asked amusedly.


“Clarke, someone is clearly using the tree for a picnic and we shouldn’t disturb them,” Lexa whispered shouted.


“I don’t think they’ll mind if we take in the tree and then go sit on that blanket laid out so perfectly.”


“Clarke, what are you doing?!”


“Come on, Lex,” the blonde encouraged, causing Lexa to follow only so she could drag Clarke out of there. When Lexa reached the picnic set up though, she realized that Clarke didn’t seem surprised to find it there and she seemed to know exactly what was in the picnic basket as she opened it and started pulling items to. “Clarke, what did you do?”


“Today is a very special day, Lex. Today, you turn eighteen and we celebrate the sixth anniversary of meeting each other. So today, we celebrate you, my love. You changed my life the day we met and in my perfect world we’d celebrate your birth every day of the year because you are truly a gift to this world. I love you so much, Lexa,” Clarke lovingly said before pulling her brunette love in for a passionate, love fueled kiss.


“Clarke,” Lexa said in awe when their kiss broke, “you didn’t have to do all of this. I would have been happy cuddling on the couch all day before the annual family birthday dinner.”


“I know, but I wanted today to be filled with things you love. I know we’re young but you are my everything and I will always want to make your birthday extra special. So please, come sit; I made sure to pack your favorite summer meal.”


“You…You…Clarke Griffin, did you actually cook for me?”


“I did. You know I’m generally a disaster in the kitchen but you told me that this dish I made was your absolute favorite, so I made it for today,” Clarke said as she revealed the Greek Kale Salad with Lemon Olive Oil Dressing that was made with kale, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and feta cheese. “And before you ask, yes, I put on extra feta and I made the dressing from scratch. Then we have grilled zucchini and squash and watermelon on the side, just like you like it. And to drink, we have sparkling water because I wasn’t able to sneak anything out of my the liquor cabinet,” Clarke said with a chuckle.


“I’m perfectly happy with the water. Thank you for putting this together, Clarke, today has been perfect. I love you.”


“I love you too, Lex, so much. Happy birthday, my love,” Clarke said before joining their lips together once more.




When the kiss ended, the couple dug into their food. Both Lexa and Clarke loved the food and it was all gone in no time at all. As they sat, cuddled together, enjoying the view of the garden from under the tree, Clarke stealthily moved one hand just enough to pull and envelope out of the back pocket of her jeans.


“Happy Birthday, Lexa,” Clarke said as she slid the envelope into Lexa’s hands.


“Clarke? What is this? I though we agreed no birthday gifts this year?”


“You agreed to that, not me. Plus, it’s a gift for both of us in a way.”


“Now, I’m really curious about what it is,” Lexa said as she opened the envelope.”


“You…You got me two first class tickets to Washington, D.C. in just a few days?”


“I did. I know you’ve always wanted to see the capitol, the monuments and the museums, so I thought we could make a little vacation out of.”


“What about our parents?”


“We’re eighteen so we don’t need their permission, but, I spoke with my parents and yours and they all agreed to let us go on this trip so long as we check in at least once a day.”


“You really thought of everything, didn’t you?”


“I did. Do you also know what time it is?”


“It’s 3:13 in the afternoon, why?”


“Because at 3:13 in the afternoon on August 9, 2005, I spotted the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen, and will ever see; it was the first time I ever saw you,” Clarke said with so much love in her voice that Lexa couldn’t help but feel emotional.




“Lex, six years ago you changed my life. When I moved to Seattle, I was broken and my family tried to put my broken pieces back together again but they weren’t able to. With one look though, you were able to heal me. You accepted me for who I am from day one. You didn’t care that I’m intersex. Your love and grace have gotten me through more than you will ever know and I can only hope that my love does the same for you…”


“Babe, of course it does,” Lexa said with tears in her eyes from the sincerity behind Clarke’s words.


“I love you, Lexa, and I cannot imagine my life without you. I know they say young love doesn’t last, but, we’ve been together officially for almost six years and I know our love will last forever. I’ve known you were it for me from the day we met; I even told my family that I was in love and would marry you one day when I got home the day we met. They thought I was crazy then, but I knew; even if it did take a bit for us to get together. You are my everything, Lexa, so, Alexandria Jasmine Woods, would you do me the incredible honor of becoming my wife? Will you marry me,” Clarke emotionally asked with tears in her own eyes as she was before Lexa on bended knee holding an open ring box with the perfect ring for Lexa, a stunning 1.95 carat black pear shaped diamond ring set in a solitaire setting in a 14k black gold infinity band with small black diamonds within the infinity symbols making up the band.


Lexa looked at Clarke with so much love in her eyes as tears beginning to fall down her cheeks. Both women were so overcome with emotions but Clarke was not expecting the answer she got.


“Clarke, I’m pregnant,” Lexa rushed out before hiding her face behind her hands as Clarke’s jaw dropped to the ground.


For what felt like an eternity, but was only a moment, Clarke remained down on one knee with her mouth a gape. Lexa wasn’t sure how to take Clarke’s reaction but when the blonde closed the ring box, stood and walked over to her bag, Lexa feared the worst, that Clarke was leaving her because she got pregnant. Instantly, Lexa began sobbing and just as she was about to beg Clarke to stay, the blonde turned around with the ring box in one hand and the container where they placed their wishes for the future that they made while watching a shooting star just after the new year.


“Clarke…Clarke please don’t…please don’t leave me. Please don’t leave us,” Lexa choked out as a hand subconsciously went to rest on her still flat stomach.


Without saying a word, Clarke opened the container and pulled out the piece of paper labeled “Clarke”.


“Lexa Woods will become Lexa Griffin-Woods and, despite our age, I also wish for a daughter or son who is just like Lexa.”


“Clarke,” Lexa asked confused.


“Babe,” Clarke said as she placed her wish back in the container and placed it on the ground so she could take Lexa’s free hand in hers, “when we saw that shooting star right after new years’ we wrote down our wishes for the future and put them in that box. I wished for you to become my wife and I wished for us to be blessed with a child who would be just like you. I wished for this.”


“You…You want a…a family with me, now, even though…even though I’m still in high school?”


“I want everything with you, Lex. Yes, we are young, the timing may not be ideal and it’s probably crazy that I’m so happy about having a baby at eighteen, but there is nothing we cannot handle together. Babe, this baby, our baby, is a blessing and I cannot wait to meet him or her,” Clarke said so genuinely that there were no doubts she meant every word. “But, Lexa, if you don’t want to go through with this pregnancy, I will support you. I don’t want my desires to impact your decision. It is your body and your choice. I will be sad if you don’t want to have this baby, yes, but it won’t change my love for you.”


“I want this baby, Clarke; I’ve wanted them since I saw the two pink lines yesterday.”


“So, we’re having a baby,” Clarke asked hopefully.


“We’re having a baby,” Lexa confirmed as she moved Clarke’s hand to her stomach.


“God, I love you, Lexa,” Clarke said as she crashed her lips against Lexa’s for a passionate kiss that conveyed all of her feelings before shifting her body so her face was level with Lexa’s stomach. “Hi little one, I’m one of your mommies and I am so excited to meet you. I love you so much,” she said before lifting Lexa’s shirt just enough so she could place a tender kiss there.


Lexa was overcome with emotions as she watched Clarke talk to their unborn child for the first time. Thoughts of how Clarke would be during her pregnancy and how she’d be with their child played through her head, causing her to get lost in thought so much so that she didn’t register Clarke getting back on one knee until her love began to speak again.


“Lexa, you haven’t given me an answer yet, and I don’t want you to feel pressured to say yes because we’re having a baby, but I do want to marry you. You are the love of my life, my soulmate and the mother of my child, so Alexandria Jasmine Woods will you marry me,” Clarke asked again as she opened the ring box once more.


“Oh God! I got so wrapped up in telling you about our baby, I left you hanging,” Lexa exclaimed.


“That’s not an answer, Lex,” Clarke said nervously.


“Baby, the day we met I told my parents, Anya and Lincoln that I was going to marry you. It seems we both knew from day one. So, yes, a thousand times yes, Clarke! Of course I will marry you!”


End Flashback – Present



“I was so happy the day you told me you were pregnant with our little girl. Not only did I get to celebrate your eighteenth birthday with you but you agreed to marry me and managed to outdo me by giving me the most precious gift of all,” Clarke finally said after about twenty minutes.


“I was thinking about that day too. I was so nervous to tell you I was pregnant. I had been having bouts of nausea for a few weeks but I managed to hide it from you. But, the day before my birthday you caught me throwing up but believed me when I said the fish in the tacos I got from the food truck must have gone bad. That was when I knew I needed to take a test,” Lexa admitted.




“Yea. I knew I couldn’t keep lying to myself and I didn’t want you worrying that I was sick if you caught me throwing up more. I snuck out and got the test as soon as you went home and the three minutes I waited for the results were torture. When I saw those two lines though I was so scared but then when I told you, God your words that day were everything I needed to hear. I had so many dreams for our little girl, Clarke. I keep thinking back to when I told you I was pregnant and all those dream we had for our child and…Clarke, I don’t think I’ll survive the pain this time if this little girl isn’t our Madi. I know the girl in the picture is our daughter and I know she has the name we gave our daughter and was born the same day but I’m scared she won’t be our Madi,” Lexa said as tears streamed down her face.


“I know, babe, I know. I’m scared too. I know we will love this little girl no matter what but I don’t know what I’ll do if she’s not our Madi. I don’t know what I’ll do having a daughter with our little girl’s name but who isn’t the little girl we were told was stillborn. I mean how do we move on having a daughter who is alive with the same name and birthday as the daughter we wanted so much?”


“We’ll be okay though, right? No matter what happens, we’ll be okay?”


“Yes, we will be okay. I love you, Lexa,” Clarke said before kissing Lexa lovingly.


“I love you too. So, we’re doing this, going from one kid to three overnight?”


“I mean technically we’ve had two kids this whole time we just didn’t know it,” Clarke said dejectedly.


“We didn’t know, Clarke. We will make this work and we will be the parents she deserves. But…”


“But what about Jasmine, right?”


“Yes. I’m going to be recovering for a while and we have a newborn and Aden already plus M…Madi now. Can we really handle four kids, especially with two being infants?”


“I think…,” Clarke started to say just as her phone began to ring. “It’s Murphy,” she said in shock before rushing to answer and place the call on speaker. “Murphy? Is everything okay?”


“Thank you, just thank you,” Murphy said in awe.


“What are you talking about specifically, Murphy,” Clarke asked even though she was fairly certain she knew what Murphy was talking about.


“About half an hour ago this woman dressed in full Army fatigues came storming into Polis General with a contingent of military types behind her. She identified herself as Captain Megan Hunt and said she was a trauma surgeon. The second I heard her name, I knew she was Owen’s sister. She asked to speak with the family of Bellamy Griffin, so I stepped up to her. Long story short she talked to me and your parents and told us what you found in the scans and that her professional opinion was the same. She explained the issues you had with the Doctor Cartwig so I gave her permission to operate on Bellamy. But, when she asked to speak to the Chief of Surgery, he came to the waiting room where we were and he told Doctor Hunt no. Next thing I know the other military guys she brought with her are handing the Chief documents saying they’re prepared to file a lawsuit against the hospital for denying a war veteran proper medical care and then Doctor Hunt said she spoke to you and you were prepared to buy the hospital to ensure the best surgeons for Bellamy were able to operate. I swear to God, the Chief looked like he was going to shit himself! But, he gave Doctor Hunt privileges. She’s operating now and Doctor Shepherd is there as well. So, thank you…just thank you,” Murphy said emotionally.


“I’m glad it worked out. When I saw the scan, I just…I just went into action. I know I overstepped, but…”


“No, Clarke. Had you not done what you did Bellamy may not be getting the surgery he needs as we speak. You saved him, Clarke. I’ve got to go, I promised your parents I would join them to grab something to eat but we’ll make sure you’re notified after surgery.”


“Thanks, Murphy. Can you ask my parents to call Lex and I when they have a chance though?”


“Of course. I’ll talk to you soon, Clarke, bye.”


“Bye, Murphy.”




“I guess Megan got there in time,” Lexa said a moment after the call ended.


“It would appear so. I didn’t even think about Bell’s two years of service being able to help gain her privileges. I’m glad she got there in time.”


“Me too…I don’t mean to change topics, but before the call we were talking about Jasmine. Clarke, I know it will be a lot and that I’m not going to be able to help as much for a long time but I think we have to take her.”


“I’ve been thinking the same. It’s going to be hard having two infants, a nine year old who doesn’t know us and Aden but I think we can figure it out. I could take a maternity leave because of Scout and I have a month’s worth of vacation time so I could stay home for the next six or seven months at least.”


“I should have expected you to say that,” Lexa said with a soft smile. “You did take the maximum amount of time allowed off when Aden was born and after…after Madi you stayed home with me for months too,” she said emotionally before growing serious. “So, we’re doing this? Raising four kids?”


“Yea, we’re doing this, but, I think we should get a therapist for Madi and Aden. They’re both old enough to understand this change in our family and a therapist might help them both so they don’t end up resenting each other or having internalized feelings about the situation, especially if Madi is our Madi. She’s not going to understand why she wasn’t with us these past nine years while her brother was with us from the moment he was born.”


“I think that’s a good idea. Let’s get Aden up here now though, because I need Aden cuddles and Scout cuddles too,” Lexa pouted.


“I’ll make the call love.”





Just after 6:00 p.m., Clarke’s phone rang once more. This time however, the caller idea simply said, “Polis General Hospital”. Looking at Lexa with worrying in her eyes, Clarke answered the call and placed it on speaker.




“Clarke? It’s Megan, Megan Hunt. I have news on Bellamy.”


“Hi Megan, you’re on speaker and Lexa and our children are here too. How is he,” Clarke rushed to ask, but making sure to give Megan a warning that little ears were listening too.


“He made it through surgery. I got here just in time, thankfully. You saved his life catching that liver laceration, Clarke. He was crashing when I got here and that Doctor Cartwig was doing nothing. I understand from Owen that you made your own threats towards her so I hope you don’t mind that I already reported her to the medical board.”


“Thank you, Megan, for getting there when you did. God, you dropped everything to help my brother and I will forever be in your debt.”


“Clarke, your brother gave two years to this country and he moved up the ranks so quickly that by the end of year one he was leading a squadron. That squadron saved countless lives and Bellamy took a bullet in the spine to jump between a bullet and a pregnant woman and her toddler child. If he hadn’t have been medically discharged, I have no doubt he’d still be in the sandbox saving people there. I’d do anything I could to save a hero like that, and to top it off he’s the hero cop brother of the woman who paid to bring me home and then bought a damn jet so my son could be brought to the US from overseas. So, for all intents and purposes, if you say jump, I will always say ‘how high’ And even if none of that was the case, my brother personally asked me to help his boss who he adores like a sister so, either way I’d have helped.”


“But you didn’t have to bring a contingent of soldiers with you,” Clarke said with a chuckle. “Bellamy’s boyfriend, John Murphy, called and told me all about it.”


“From what Owen told me I figured there would be some resistance here and there’s nothing us military types can do better than pull a plan together in no time at all. I’m just glad it all worked out. And I will admit, selfishly, it’s nice to see my brother. I know you didn’t send him and Meredith here for a social visit but it’s good to see them.”


“Megan,” Clarke said growing serious once more, “do you have any updates on his brain swelling?”


“Amelia, Owen and Meredith are actually in with your parents and John now. The swelling has stopped increasing but it isn’t decreasing as of yet. But, the fact that it has stopped and hasn’t started back up for hours is a positive thing. Things are looking up for Bellamy, Clarke. His stats have been improving and his post op scan shows no more internal injuries. The scans are all in his chart now so you can login and take a look. I’ve got to go do my routine post op check, but one of us will call you with updates and, Clarke, congrats on getting your family back and on the birth of your newest little one. I’m glad your family was made whole just like you helped make mine whole.”


“Thanks, Megan. When you, Nathan and Farouk come to Seattle to visit next make sure to come see us.”


“Will do. Talk soon,” Megan said before ending the call.


“Did you hear that, guys? Uncle Bellamy’s slowly getting stronger! His brain still needs time but things are looking up,” Clarke said with a relieved smile on her face.


“Uncle Bell’s getting stronger just like Mama is,” Aden asked hopefully.


“Uncle Bell and I have very different injuries to recover from, but, yes, he is getting stronger,” Lexa said.


“But, just like Mama, Uncle Bell is strong and he’ll fight to keep getting better.”


“Okay. Can we watch Frozen now? I think Scout will like it,” Aden asked with a smile.


“Sure, bud,” Clarke said as she got up to get the movie ready.




Once the movie was ready, and the family were all cuddled together again finally having the room to themselves, Clarke pulled out her phone to alert Kane of their choice regarding Madi and Jasmine. She and Lexa were confident in their decision and they agreed to tell Kane sooner rather than later so Clarke made sure to quickly fire off the text.


Clarke Griffin-Woods to Marcus Kane: Kane, we’ve talked about the kids and we’re taking them both. But, we do need to know the truth about Madi. Please let us know when you know something.


Instead of getting a reply text, Clarke’s phone lit up with Kane’s name a few seconds later. Excusing herself so that Aden wouldn’t overhear, Clarke stepped into the hall to answer the call.


“Kane, what’s going on,” Clarke answered, not wasting time with pleasantries.


“I got your text and I’m thrilled you and Lexa are taking both children, but, I have news about Madison.”


“What did you find out?”


“The nurse present for your daughter’s birth still works at UW. She was nervous and didn’t want to speak to me, so, we looked into her financials and…Clarke there’s no easy way to say this, the nurse received a two million dollar payout the day your daughter was born. One million came from a shell company owned by Nia and Titus Woods and the other…the other came from Abby and Thelonious Jaha. Every year since, on your daughter’s birthday she’s been paid an additional five-hundred thousand. One year the funds come from Nia and Titus and the next from Abby and Thelonious. It appears she only kept working at UW to keep up appearances.”


“Kane, you need to choose your next words carefully. What are you saying,” Clarke grit out.


“Clarke, your baby wasn’t stillborn. Yours and Lexa’s biological parents paid to have you lied too. I don’t know what the purpose of this deception was or how they even knew about your child, but the Madison we found at the Woods Estate is the little girl your wife gave birth too. She’s your Madi, Clarke.”


“Oh my God,” Clarke said as the tears began to flow.

Chapter Text

When Clarke re-entered Lexa’s hospital room, the brunette could tell something had happened on her call. Clarke looked disheveled with pale skin and a faraway look in her eyes that said she was having a hard time believing whatever she had been told. Lexa wanted nothing more than to ask Clarke what happened when she stepped into the hall, but she knew she couldn’t ask until after Aden was asleep. Instead, Lexa simply held her good arm out, encouraging Clarke to come cuddle with her, and as soon as the blonde was situated on the bed Lexa held her close and placed a kiss to her head while murmuring words of love just loud enough for Clarke to hear. For her part, Clarke sunk into her wife’s embrace and affectionately ruffled Aden’s hair, as the boy now laid on his stomach in front of his mothers, while running her free hand along Scout’s back as the newborn slumbered on Lexa’s chest.


For the next few hours, the Griffin-Woods family enjoyed a movie night together before reading Aden and Scout a bedtime story, aka the next three chapters of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”. By the time both Aden and Scout were sound asleep, Clarke had almost banished her feelings regarding her phone call with Kane…almost. Being with her wife and two of her children helped distract the blonde, but her anger, sadness and self-loathing were still there and with her children asleep, those feelings came back full-force.


“Clarke, what happened when you took that phone call earlier? You’ve been off ever since then,” Lexa quietly said.


Instead of replying though, Clarke broke down in tears and buried her head in the crook of Lexa’s neck.


“Clarke, baby, what happened? Talk to me love. No matter what it is we will fix it, together,” Lexa cooed as she soothingly stroked her wife’s hair.


“We can’t fix this, Lex,” Clarke choked out.


“What do you mean?”


“Kane…he…he called after I sent the text that we’re taking both girls,” Clarke said as she wiped her tears and sat up so she could look Lexa in the eye.


“Okay…is there a problem with us taking custody of both?”


“No,” Clarke said as she interlaced her fingers with Lexa’s, “quite the opposite actually. Lex, Kane found the nurse who was there when you gave birth to our Madi. It turns out she still works at UW, but, when Kane tried to talk to her he got suspicious so he looked into her and he found something.”


“Clarke, what did Marcus find out,” Lexa asked timidly, afraid of the possibilities.


“The nurse received a two million dollar payment when our daughter was born. One million came from Titus and Nia and the other million came from Abby and Thelonious,” Clarke slowly said, a storm of emotions clear in her eyes.


“Clarke, why did my birth parents, your birth mom and stepfather pay the nurse off,” Lexa asked needing to hear Clarke say the words so she knew it was true.


“I think you know why, Lex. Every year on our daughter’s birthday that same nurse receives a five hundred thousand dollar payment. One year Titus and Nia pay it and the next Abby and Thelonious do and so on and so forth. Babe, they paid off the nurse so we would be lied to. Kane doesn’t know all the details yet, but, he knows one thing for sure,” Clarke said as she looked at Lexa as fresh tears spilled down her cheeks. “Baby, our daughter, our Madi, was not stillborn. The little girl they found at Titus and Nia’s home is not just biologically our daughter, she’s our Madi who you carried for nine months and gave birth too. She’s alive, Lex, Madi’s alive.”


“You…You’re sure? Please tell me you’re sure, Clarke, because I won’t survive losing her again,” Lexa said as her own tears began to fall.


“I’m sure. When I was looking at my phone during the movie, I was looking at all the proof Kane found that he sent to me. They took Madi’s fingerprints and footprints after they told us she was stillborn and those prints are a total match for the Madi they found at Titus and Nia’s house. The heart shaped birthmark we were told was on her right hip is also on the Madi they found. And as of about an hour ago, the nurse has confessed to faking our daughter’s death. A doctor was in on the ploy as well and Kane found financial proof of that too. Kane is having the doctor picked up while he continues to question the nurse. He’s going to call us when he knows more.”


“I…I don’t know what to say right now. I can’t believe this is happening and I have so many questions. Why did they make us think our daughter was stillborn? What have they been doing to Madi this whole time? Did Titus and Nia experiment on her like they did me? Where is Madi right now? When can we see our little girl? When can she come home with us? God, how are we going to explain this to Aden? How do we explain our absence these past nine years? What’s Madi like? Does she even want to meet us and live with us? Do we even have rooms for Madi and Jasmine too at the house?”


“Lexa, babe, take a deep breath. You may not be pregnant anymore but this kind of stress still isn’t good for you, especially while you’re healing.”


“But, Clarke, we need answers to those questions and so many more. We know nothing about our own daughter! They stole nine years from us! Our own daughter doesn’t even know us and what if she thinks we didn’t want her or don’t love her and that’s why she’s gone through Lord only knows what hell with Titus and Nia?!”


“I want answers to all those questions too but we need to try and stay calm. If we are freaked out both Madi and Aden will be too; thankfully Scout and Jasmine are too young to understand what’s happening but Madi and Aden will understand to a degree. As hard as it’s going to be we need to focus on making this okay for them. We will get answers to all of our questions and we will get justice for our daughter but her needs and the needs of all our kids have to come first.”


“You’re right,” Lexa said as she released a large sigh. “Clarke, our lives have changed so much within the span of a few days. We just found each other again and Scout was just born and now we’re adding two more kids to the mix. How are we going to handle all of this and how are we going to make things okay for Madi, especially?”


“I think we start by meeting Madi. Hopefully we can learn more about her then and we can start to figure out what happened while she was with Titus and Nia and begin to tell and show her that we love her and want her and have felt that way since the second we knew she was on the way. Then, I think we probably should get her an appointment with a child psychologist. After that we need to talk to Aden and explain things to him. After all of that, we bring our girls home and the six of us go live our best lives together as a family.”


“That sounds like a good plan,” Lexa said as she nodded her head clearly in thought. “When can we meet her? We’ve already missed so much time.”


“Kane is going to bring Madi here tomorrow.”


“He’s bringing her here?! Clarke, I cannot let the first time our daughter sees me be like this! I look so weak and God, I can only imagine what my hair looks like! She’s going to want to run in the opposite direction if she sees me like this!”


“First, you are the most beautiful woman on this, and any, planet, even when you’re confined to a hospital bed. Second, our daughter will never want to run away from you because you are the best mother ever. Third, you won’t be meeting Madi in this room. I thought you might prefer if Madi saw you more mobile, so as long as you’re comfortable and not in any extra pain, I’ll get you situated in a wheelchair and then we will go to my office where we can have privacy and hopefully make things more relaxed for Madi. What do you think?”


“I think that sounds perfect, but…”


“But what?”


“I wish our Madi box was here so we could show it to her so she knows we’ve always loved her. Then again, maybe you don’t have it anymore. I’d understand if you threw it away or something after you thought I was dead.”


“I could never get rid of that box. I know we still haven’t talked about the months we were apart but, you should know that the first thing I moved into our house was Madi’s box and the box we made for Aden. It wouldn’t be our house without those boxes.”


“Babe, I don’t want to offend but is there even enough space in your house for all of us?”


“It’s our house, not mine,” Clarke corrected. “There’s plenty of room for all of us and even a few more kids there though.”


“Can you tell me about the house, in detail, please? I need to be able to picture it. If I can picture it maybe I can start to feel calmer about all of this.”


“Babe, I wasn’t kidding when I said I built our dream house. Every last detail of the house is just how we planned it.”


“I know you said you built our dream house but I guess I thought you’d have changed some things…”


“I didn’t. Every room is just as we planned.”


“Clarke, how did you afford all of that? How do you have so much money now? My mind is racing with the knowledge that Madi is alive but I think I need to know what our financial position is so I can be an active partner in this relationship, especially now that we have four kids.”


“And you deserve an explanation but I would prefer it be a private conversation without a risk of our son overhearing.”


“Did something happen you don’t want Aden to know about?”


“More like, telling you about how I have the money I have means telling you everything about the past seven months and I don’t want Aden to know how bad things got right after I was told you two were dead. How about we head to my office early tomorrow and I can tell you everything before Kane brings Madi?”


“Okay. Clarke?”


“Yes, love?”


“Madi’s really alive, right? This isn’t some cruel fantasy world that we’re going to wake up from only to realize our daughter was stillborn?”


“She’s really alive and we are finally going to be able to hold our little girl tomorrow,” Clarke said as a smile spread across her face just as her phone pinged indicating a new text message. “It’s from Kane,” she said as she opened the message.


Marcus Kane to Clarke Griffin-Woods: I went to check on Madi and found her sound asleep clutching a photo to her chest. I don’t know how, but it seems that your daughter may know exactly who you are *insert picture of Madi sound asleep with a picture of Clarke and Lexa on their wedding day clutched against her chest*


Clarke Griffin-Woods to Marcus Kane: Oh my God! I can’t believe she has that photo! Only a few people have copies of that one. Has she spoken yet though? In your email, you said she hasn’t really spoken.


“Marcus Kane to Clarke Griffin-Woods: No, she hasn’t said anything yet. I thought you’d appreciate the picture though. Hopefully this means tomorrow’s meeting will go well. We’ll be at Seattle Grace at noon, does that work?


Clarke Griffin-Woods to Marcus Kane: Noon is perfect. We’ll meet you in my office. When you arrive, reception will have you brought up.


“Kane sent us a picture of Madi,” Clarke said with a smile after she fired off her final text to Kane. “It appears that someone gave her a photo of us from our wedding day, the first one,” she continued as she handed Lexa her phone so she could see.


“Oh my God, she’s so beautiful. I can’t believe she has a photo of us and that photo especially.”


“Me either, but hopefully this means she’ll be more receptive to us entering her life.”


“I hope so. I can’t believe this is happening, Clarke. I’ve missed our little girl every day for nine years; I’ve made up stories in my head about what she’d be like, who she’d look like, what she’d want to be when she grows up and so much more and now I learn that Madi’s alive and we will get a chance to see her grow up now. It feels surreal.”


“It really does. I have had those same thoughts about Madi as you but I can’t help but feel guilty. I feel like we should have fought more at the hospital to see her and should have asked more questions. I can’t help but wonder if we could have prevented her being taken from us.”


“Clarke, we were so young when we had Madi and growing up with you having two surgeons for parents and me having two first responders for parents, we had so much faith in the medical professionals at UW because we were raised to trust them. We didn’t know better and even if we had known, we both know that when Titus, Nia, Abby and Thelonious put their minds to something they tend to get what they want. I wish we had been able to stop what happened but all we can do now is move forward the best we can,” Lexa said before chastely kissing her wife.


“You’re right.”


“I’m always right, Clarke,” Lexa said with a devilish smirk that caused Clarke to softly chuckle.


“How could I forget? But, why don’t we try and get some sleep so we’re well rested for tomorrow?”


“That sounds like a good plan,” Lexa said as she settled in the bed and cuddled closer to Clarke.


“Goodnight Lex, I love you and our family so much,” Clarke said as she lightly kissed Lexas’s head on her chest.


“Mmmmm love you too,” Lexa sleepily murmured in reply.





While Clarke and Lexa fell into a deep sleep, filled with dreams of their daughter who they would meet the next day, Clarke’s phone was lighting up with a series of messages just after midnight, Seattle time.


Amelia Shepherd to Clarke Griffin-Woods: I didn’t want to call in case you and/or Lexa were asleep already but, I have good news; the swelling in Bellamy’s brain has started to come down. We’ll re-assess in the morning but if the swelling keeps receding at this rate I’ll be able to close his skull within the next day or two. He’s almost out of the woods.


Mom to Clarke: Sweetheart, I’m sorry Dad and I haven’t called much since we went to Polis but I have great news! Bellamy’s brain swelling has begun to go down! Thank you for having the forethought to send Amelia, Megan, Meredith and Owen here. Your father and I weren’t in the right head space to do it ourselves. I love you, Clarke. Give all our love to Lexa and the kids and hopefully we will see you soon.


John Murphy to Clarke Griffin-Woods: THE SWELLING IS COMING DOWN!!!! Sorry if this woke you, but I’m so fucking happy!!!


Megan Hunt to Clarke Griffin-Woods: I know at least Amelia already messaged you but I wanted to let you know all of Bellamy’s bloodwork and scans are coming back great. Combine those with the swelling on his brain coming down and I think we could have your brother back in Seattle within a couple of days.


Meredith Grey to Clarke Griffin-Woods: Bellamy is getting better every minute. I swear you Griffin’s have some sort of freaky disposition for being able to heal quickly! Oh and I thought you’d like to know your former boss is pretty much stuck up our asses making sure we have whatever we need or want. I think Megan’s threat of a lawsuit and dropping the bomb that you could buy the hospital scared him.


Dad to Clarke: I know your mom already messaged you but I wanted to tell you thank you myself. Clarke, you have had so much change in the last few days yet you still made sure to take control of this situation and make sure your brother had the best medical team he could. I honestly don’t know if he’d be alive right now had you not gotten them all here. You’ve made me a very proud father. Aden and Scout are very lucky to have you as one of their mothers. I love you, sweetheart.





Clarke woke just before 5:00 a.m. the following morning when Scout woke for her morning feed. As she watched her wife peacefully slumbering, she was glad that Lexa had been pumping and storing the breastmilk so she could feed Scout without having to wake Lexa. While Scout greedily drank from her bottle, Clarke checked her phone and was taken aback by the number of messages she had received. She found herself getting happier with each message she read until she chuckled when she reached Meredith’s text and then grew emotional reading her father’s. Before she could think about her father’s words too much though, another text came through.


Marcus Kane to Clarke Griffin-Woods: Madison woke up early this morning still clutching the photo of you and Lexa. I told her I had some very special people for her to meet today and she simply pointed at the picture. I nodded my head yes and it’s like she a new person. She’s smiling and I even heard her humming and right now she’s drawing. I think someone on the inside made sure she knew of the two of you because it seems clear to me she’s excited to meet you both.


“I hope Kane is right, little one. I hope your big sister is happy to meet Mama and I. One thing I know for sure though is she’s going to love you, how could she not? God, there’s nothing like the bond between sisters, Scout, and I hope you and Madi have a bond as strong as the one Aunty O and I have.”


“You’re really good with her,” Lexa said while clearly still half asleep.


“I still can’t believe she’s ours. All of this seems like a dream. Every day for seven months I prayed to and begged every deity known to man for a do-over so I could find a way to keep you and Aden safe so we could have this and I can’t believe my wildest dream came true.”


“And what was your wildest dream?”


“For us to be together with Madi, Aden and the little one we had been trying to create, our little Scout. I always wanted you and Aden back but my true dream was to get you both back and to get Madi back in addition to our newest addition,” Clarke said with a soft smile spreading across her face.


“I dreamed for that too. I can’t believe we’re going to see Madi again in only a matter of hours.”


“Me too. Speaking of, Kane messaged me while I was feeding Scout. He said Madi was still clutching that photo when she woke and when he told her there were some special people she’d be meeting today she simply pointed at the photo. He told her yes and she’s been smiling, humming and even drawing ever since. He thinks someone on the inside told her about us because it’s clear to him she’s excited to meet us.”


“I’m glad she seems excited, but I wonder who could have told her about us?”


“I don’t know but if someone did and they were truthful and ensured or little girl knew we love her and didn’t abandon her, I will be grateful to them.”


“Me too,” Lexa said deep in thought before continuing. “Who is going to watch Aden and Scout for us while we’re away this morning?”


“Octavia and Lincoln. They asked if they could have some aunt and uncle time with the kids. Is that alright? I’m sorry I didn’t ask if it was okay before agreeing.”


“No, no it’s fine. I’m glad our siblings want to spend time with our kids. I was just wondering if there was something more presentable I could wear.”


“Don’t worry, I’ve got it all figured out and as soon as we eat some breakfast we’ll start getting ready.”





After eating breakfast together with their son, Clarke and Lexa got ready for the day and reached Clarke’s office just after 9:00 a.m. Both women were dressed casually with Lexa wearing loose boyfriend style jeans, despite Clarke’s assertion that sweat pants would be better given her injures, and a simple white t-shirt that didn’t aggravated her arm injuries while Clarke wore skinny jeans and a Buffalo Bills t-shirt version of Quarterback Josh Allen’s jersey. She may have never lived in or near Buffalo, but her late Aunt Diana had been a fan and she passed her love for the Bills on to Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia when they were children. Despite their casual attire though, it was clear that there was tension in the air between the women, tension that Lexa attempted to ease once they were settled on the couch.


“I can’t believe you are still wearing Buffalo Bills apparel. You do realize we have our own football team here in Seattle right,” Lexa said with a chuckle.


“The Buffalo Bills are a true underdog story, Lexa, and you know how I love a good underdog story.”


“But you have no connection to the team.”


“Um…well…you see…”


“Clarke? What aren’t you saying?”


“It has to do with how we have so much money now, babe.”


“Oh,” Lexa said clearly not expecting that answer.


“I guess it is finally time to address the elephant in the room before Kane brings Madi, huh?”


“I guess it is. But first, I need you to know that nothing you tell me will change how I feel about you and our family. I love you, Clarke.”


“I love you too, Lexa, so much,” Clarke said before joining their lips in a sweet kiss.


“So, what happened, Clarke? What happened after you though Aden and I were dead?”


“It started before that day. When we decided to try for another baby, we had talked about how we wanted to ensure not only our financial future but that of our children. So, I began looking for ways to increase our net worth. I increased investments and I began working on creating a medical device I could sell. A few days before…well before everything, I had a breakthrough with my device but I wanted to make sure it would actually work before I told you. The day everything happened I had a successful test run on the device and I was going to tell you that night but obviously, I never got the chance.”


“I had no idea you were doing all of that just to make sure we were in the best possible financial position when we had another child. You really are perfect.”


“Just perfect for you, love,” Clarke said dreamily.


“Charmer,” Lexa replied with a loving smile as a light blush covered her cheeks. “Tell me about this device you created.”


“You know how I’ve never been big on sports, minus football because of Aunt Diana?”




“Well, professional athletes get injured all the time and while they may not always get classified as trauma injuries they area. Think about it. A football player gets tackled too roughly and ends up with a compound fracture, that’s painful and it’s definitely a trauma injury. Or a basketball players sprains their ankle severely while blocking an opposing player. The list goes on but all those injuries are painful. Red light technology has been proven to help with some chronic pain, so I wanted to come up with a device that could help ease athletes pain when injured to make it easier both for them to endure treatment and for the team doctor and other medical professionals to evaluate and treat the injury. So, I created a light therapy that not only helps with pain but stimulates our bodies natural healing abilities. It can be worn or in the case of more serious injuries the hand-held version can be used.”


“That’s amazing, Clarke!”


“Yeah, it is. I wasn’t sure if it would work well but the results have been great. Provisional FDA approval came through a couple weeks after everything and final approval came through eventually too. The NFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and NWSL heard of my device through the grapevine and they all partnered together and offered to buy it for 750 million dollars.”


“You made 750 million dollars on your device,” Lexa asked completely gobsmacked by the amount of money.


“No. I refused to sell.”


“What?! Why?”


“Because, I was in a really bad place after you and Aden supposedly died. I closed myself off from everyone, Lex. I drank a lot to numb the pain and I…I…”


“Clarke, baby, I am so sorry you had to go through that. I am so sorry,” Lexa said as she enveloped Clarke in the best hug she could with only one good arm.


“It’s not your fault, Lexa. I just…I was lost without you and Aden and I didn’t want to live in a world where you two didn’t exist. I kept thinking that the universe was telling me something because first they took Madi before she had a chance to live then they took you and Aden and I thought…God, please don’t think less of me for this Lexa,” Clarke brokenly said as tears welled in her eyes.


“Baby, nothing could make me think less of you. I know how much we both hurt when they told us Madi was stillborn and I can only imagine how much it hurt being told Aden and I both were gone too, but we are here. I’m here, Aden’s here and Madi is here too and in just a few short hours we’ll see our little girl. So, whatever it is, it’s okay, sweetheart. Things are only going to get better for us.”


“Lex, I…I…ugh they offered me the 750 million I said no because I created the device to make our lives better and to ensure our children were financially secure and with my family gone I saw no point in having money so I declined the offer and then I emptied our bank account, donated everything to Griffin-Woods Foundation I had started as a way to honor you and our family just like you dreamed of doing. I put all of our liquid assets into that foundation and I made sure there was a board in place that was trustworthy. They even broke ground on a school in Thailand a few weeks ago.”


“Clarke, I can’t believe you made that dream of mine a reality, thank you,” Lexa said in awe of her wife.


“It was the one thing I could do to honor you and make sure your legacy was solidified, but, I was broken. I was so broken and then they came back and offered one billion dollars for my device and I said no to that too because I was drowning and did not want to be on this earth without you. I was all alone, Lex. After the funeral, everyone went back to their lives but I was completely alone. So, I decided I was going to end it all so I could be with you, Aden and Madi in the afterlife. I…I know you always hated guns but I bought a handgun and I…please don’t hate me, Lex,” Clarke begged as tears began to stream down her cheeks.


“Clarke, I could never hate you. I love you more than anything and you are the love of my life.”


“I love you too, Lex, but I…I used the gun and I tried to end it. I tried to end my own life.”


Lexa sat in silence looking at her wife in complete shock at her confession. Lexa could not imagine the pain Clarke went through when she was made to believe she and Aden were dead but she never would have thought Clarke would actually try to end her life. As she processed her wife’s words she found herself growing angry, but not at Clarke, at their family members who weren’t there for her wife when she clearly had so desperately needed their support. Clarke, however, took her wife’s angry visage to mean that she was upset at Clarke, so the blonde move away from Lexa and began pacing the room before she desperately tried to explain further.


“Lexa, you have to understand that I was all alone. My parents, Bellamy, Octavia, your parents and Lincoln all went back to Seattle where they had jobs and their own responsibilities and Raven and Anya stopped trying to contact me after I ignored their attempts at communication for a week. Our friends did try but after a week of me ignoring them they stopped too. I think they all thought I just needed space but I felt so alone. Everywhere I looked I was surrounded by memories of you and Aden and I couldn’t stand being here without you. So, yes, I drank a lot and bought the gun, but only after I made sure the foundation you dreamed of starting was set up. Yes, I put the gun to my temple but when I pulled the trigger nothing happened. The gun had jammed and in that moment, I broke down because I suddenly realized that you wouldn’t want that ending for me. I knew that you would want me to live so I took the gun jamming as you watching over me and making sure I wasn’t able to end things. After that, I was still depressed and so so lost but I decided I’d try to live so I packed up and I moved back to Seattle and that’s when things began to change. Please don’t hate me…please don’t leave me over this. Please, Lexa, I can’t lose you again,” Clarke emotionally said through her tears and that was what pulled Lexa out of her thoughts.


“Hate you…Clarke, I could never hate you and I could never leave you. I won’t pretend to understand what you were feeling then but I know if the roles were reversed and I was left all alone like that, that I’d be completely lost and I wouldn’t want to go on either. I do hate that you almost died, because this world would be a much darker place without you, but I do not hate you for what you did. I am so grateful that the gun jammed though because I would be devastated if you were gone. Clarke, I love you, now please come over here so I can hold you.”


“You…You’re really not mad at me?”


“No, baby, I’m not. Come here, please,” Lexa soothingly said as Clarke finally rejoined her on the couch and fell into Lexa’s one armed embrace. “Shhh, it’s okay, Clarke, it’s all okay. We are together again and no one will ever separate us.”




For the next hour, they sat on the couch as Clarke let out all her emotions at finally unburdening herself and telling someone she had tried to take her own life. Until she told Lexa, she had not told anyone what she tried to do, but, telling Lexa took the weight of that situation off her shoulders. Lexa meanwhile, cried for her wife and the time they lost. She hated that Clarke had to go through that but she truly hated that none of their family and friends realized what was happening. After an hour though, the pair dried their tears and Clarke spoke.


“Thank you for loving despite what I did,” Clarke quietly said.


“Baby, I don’t love you despite what you did, I love you because you are you. For better or for worse, that’s what we vowed and I will never break that vow just like I know you never will break it.”


“Never. Our vows are sacred,” Clarke said confidently.


“That they are. But, Clarke, if you used all our liquid assets to start the foundation, how the hell did you end up with enough money to buy a jet and to be able to threaten to buy a hospital?”


“I had been in Seattle for a couple weeks when I got a call from Addison. A doctor she used to work with in L.A. had become the team doctor for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team and Megan Rapinoe had suffered an injury during a friendly international match. With the Olympics being only a few months away they wanted to make sure she’d be in tip top shape for the games and they hoped my device could help. They flew me out to Chicago where the match had been and long story short, my device did help. A few days later, NFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and the NWSL contacted me about selling my device again but this time the US Soccer Federation, that oversees the MLS, NWSL and the national teams, joined them. They were impressed by how well the device helped Megan Rapinoe so they upped the offer to 1.5 billion dollars. I was still depressed and missing you and Aden so much but I knew you’d want me to live and I have promised myself I would live for you so I accepted the offer.”


“You made 1.5 billion dollars?! As in billion with a ‘b’,” Lexa asked with her jaw on the ground convinced she had not heard Clarke correctly.


“You heard me right, love,” Clarke said as a smirk spread across her lips.


“Holy shit! We have 1.5 billion dollars?!”


“No. I invested a million, used about a million to build our dream house and I may have spent two hundred million to buy a thirty percent stake in the Buffalo Bills,” Clarke rushed out.


“I’m sorry did you just say you bought a thirty percent stake in the Buffalo Bills?!”


“I did. I lost you and Aden so soon after Aunt Diana was assassinated that I didn’t process my grief over her death but she loved that team and I wanted to honor her in some way. I reached out to the Pegula family that owned the team to ask about buying naming rights to the stadium and they mentioned they were looking for a minority partner in the team so they could free up some assets for a new venture. It seemed like a sign sent from above so we made the deal and now I own thirty percent of the team and the stadium is officially the President Diana Sydney Memorial Stadium.”


“Wow, that’s a lot to take in.”


“I know it’s a lot. We are projected to make about ten to twenty million each year on the Bills, dividends from stocks vary but it tends to be a few hundred thousand since we have the new stocks plus the ones we had before everything and I’m making 1.3 million a year here as a department chief so we’re in a very good financial position now.”


“That explains the jet,” Lexa said with a chuckle.


“Yeah…that was an impulse buy you could say. I don’t know how much you know about Owen’s sister, Megan, but she was held captive in Afghanistan for years. When she was rescued though, it was discovered that she had essentially adopted an orphaned boy but because he wasn’t hers biologically and she hadn’t legally adopted him the US military couldn’t bring him here with her. There was so much red tape that we didn’t think we’d be able to get her son here, and Megan was going to go back there so she could raise him and we didn’t want her going back so I may have had Dad make a few calls and use the ‘brother of the recently assassinated President’ card to get the State Department to allow Farouk to enter the country legally. We weren’t able to secure a flight for him though so I bought the jet so we could get him ourselves. Owen and Megan’s fiancé, Nathan, went and picked him up. Afterwards I decided to keep the jet in case it’s needed and that’s already proven to be a wise choice,” Clarke explained nonchalantly.


“I am in awe of you Clarke. Your heart is so big and so pure and God, I love you,” Lexa said before crashing their lips together.


“I love you too, Lex, so damn much,” Clarke lovingly said against Lexa’s lips.


“I guess it’s time I told you what happened with Aden and I while we were apart,” Lexa said after their mini make out session ended a few minutes later.


“Only if you’re ready.”


“You were brave enough to tell me more about what these past months were like for you so I can be brave and tell you about what it was like for Aden and I.”


Before Lexa could continue though, there was a knock on the office door and it was only then that they realized how long they had been talking.


“Oh, my God! It’s noon already. Lex, our little girl is on the other side of that door,” Clarke said as she looked at the door longingly.


“Let’s let her in then, love; let’s finally meet our little girl.”


Nodding her head with a smile on her face, Clarke stood and made her way to the door. It was finally time for Clarke and Lexa to be reunited with their firstborn child, their precious Madi.

Chapter Text

When Clarke opened the door, she was immediately greeted by the smiling face of Marcus Kane, but, Clarke’s face didn’t mirror his smile until she noticed the young girl standing behind him and slightly to the right. She was even more beautiful than the pictures Kane had sent and looking at her face, Clarke was swarmed by memories of seeing Madi right after her birth, before they took her away when she wasn’t breathing immediately. Her face had changed over the years but Clarke still saw the baby she never got the chance to hold. While Aden and Scout favored Clarke, Madi favored Lexa. Madi could easily pass as a younger Lexa, but there were hints of Clarke in her features as well; there was no denying that Madi inherited Clarke’s nose or that the blue-green hue of her eyes was a clear combination of Clarke’s blue ones and Lexa’s green ones.


“Hello, Clarke, thank you for being able to meet with us so quickly,” Kane said after a moment, jarring Clarke from her thoughts.


“Hi, yes of course! Lexa and I were shocked by the news but we’ve been thinking of nothing besides this meeting ever since finding out,” Clarke said before moving slightly so she could see Madi better. “Hi Madi, I know this is probably scary but I’m so happy you’re here and I can finally meet you.”


“M…Mom,” Madi said questioningly with a little nervous stutter.


“Yea, that’s right, I’m your Mom, sweetheart.”


Instead of saying anything further, Madi shot out from behind Kane and launched herself into Clarke’s arms. Clarke was caught by surprise by Madi’s movement but she caught her little girl and held her close as she wrapped her legs around Clarke’s waist.


“Baby, I am so sorry Mama and I weren’t there all these years. I swear to you that if we had known you were alive we would not have rested until you were with us. God, I love you, Madi, I love you so much,” Clarke said as tears streamed down her face while Kane watched on in awe as he hadn’t heard Madi speak more than a couple of words the entire time he was with her.


“I know. Uncle Ro told me. He said that the bad people took me away when I was born and that they told you and Mama that I died. Uncle Ro promised that one day he’d find a way to get me back to you but then…then he told me that Mama and my baby brother died and you disappeared but he promised to find you but he never did. I didn’t think I’d ever get to meet you,” Madi said as she began to cry into the crook of Clarke’s neck.


“Madi,” Clarke said as she pulled her head back just enough to force Madi to look her in the eyes, “has no one talked to you about your mama and brother since they got you from the bad people’s house?”


“Uncle Ro told me they died and the bad people, Uncle Ro said they’re names are Titus and Nia and Abby and Theo, said that Mama and my brother died too so what else is there to say,” Madi asked through tears.


“I didn’t know what to tell her, Clarke, because I didn’t know what she knew or of she knew anything, I’m sorry,” Kane said.


“It’s okay, what’s done is done. Madi, I need to tell you something, okay,” Clarke said fully focusing on her daughter once more.


“What is it, Mom?”


“Mama and your brother, Aden, are alive. They didn’t die. Not many people know they’re alive because we don’t want the bad people to know but they are alive,” Clarke assured her daughter.


“Really,” Madi asked skeptically.


“Yes, really. Mama is just inside my office, see,” Clarke said as she stepped into the office and turned enough so Madi could finally see a teary eyed but softly smiling Lexa on the couch.


“Mama,” Madi said in disbelief.


“Yea, that’s your mama. You can go say hi if you want, but, be careful; Mama and Aden were in an accident so Mama’s a little hurt right now but she’s getting better every day.”


“She’s not going to die for real this time, right?”


“No, sweetheart, she’s not,” Clarke assured and instantly Madi began to squirm in Clarke’s arms so the blonde let her down and immediately Madi ran to Lexa.


“Mama,” Madi said as she took off running to the couch before launching herself into Lexa’s good side. “You’re here,” she said in awe after a moment.


“I’m here, baby girl, God, I can’t believe I’m actually holding you. I love you, Madi, and I am so happy you’re here,” Lexa said as more tears streamed down her face.


“I didn’t think I’d ever meet you; Uncle Ro said you died,” Madi said through her own tears.


“I’m sorry you had to think that. The bad people won’t be able to hurt us again.”


“We’ll be together now then,” Madi asked as she looked between Lexa and Clarke who was still standing by the door simply watching her wife and daughter interact for the first time.


“I’ll let you guys get acquainted. If you need me, just call or text. I’ll leave it up to you guys if she starts staying with you tonight. Let me know what you decide,” Kane quietly said before leaving the two mothers and their daughter alone.


“Yes, we will be together now,” Clarke said easily a second later as she moved to join her girls on the couch. “We won’t force you to stay with us tonight or even move in with us right away, but we are never ever leaving you.”


“But, I can live with you if I want now, right?”


“Of course you can! Your mom and I would love to have you live with us, your brother and your new little sister,” Lexa said with a smile on her face that only grew when Madi gasped at hearing she had a sister.


“I have a sister,” she asked surprised.


“You do. She was born a few days ago, on Mama’s birthday actually so we haven’t gotten to celebrate yet. Maybe you, me and your brother can plan a little party to celebrate Mama’s birthday, even though we’re a little late, what do you think?”


“Clarke, you don’t have to do anything; being reunited with you that day and welcoming our newest little one was more than enough for one birthday.”


“I’ve never been to a birthday party,” Madi quietly admitted as the smile fell from her face.


“We are definitely planning Mama a belated birthday party then and when it’s your birthday we will make sure you have the best party ever,” Clarke said enthusiastically.


“Really,” Madi asked hopefully.


“Yes, really.”


“Yay! Can we invite Uncle Ro? He said you’d be the best moms ever and so far he’s right! I think he’d like to come to a birthday party too! The bad people were mean to him too because he was nice to me; that’s why he was never allowed to visit for too long.”


“Madi, when you say ‘Uncle Ro’, are you talking about Roan Queen,” Lexa asked carefully.


“Yea, he said he’s your brother, Mama.”


“I guess you could say that but it’s a little more complicated than that.”


“How’s it complicated, Mama? Uncle Ro said the main bad lady, Nia, is yours and his birth mom, so that makes him your brother, right?”


“Biologically, yes, he’s my half-brother. But Madi, the bad lady, Nia, she was not a good mom to me. Roan is older than me so he was already grown up when I was a kid so I don’t know what Nia was like as a mom to him but she and my birth father…”


“The bald bad man, Titus, right?”


“That’s right, Madi. Nia and Titus treated me really bad. They did experiments on me and treated me really bad. They were so mean to me that I ran away and went to Titus’ brother and his wife’s home.”


“That’s Grandma and Grandpa, right? Uncle Ro said Titus’ brother Gustus and his wife Indra adopted you and became your mom and dad so they’re my grandparents, right, Mama?”


“That’s right. I don’t view Titus and Nia as my parents and I don’t really have a relationship with Roan so it’s complicated. I do have a brother and sister though; they are my parents, your grandparents’ children. I know this is all complicated but Mom and I will explain who everyone in our family is so you’re not overwhelmed or unsure of who someone is to you, okay?”


“It’s okay, Mama, I know all about our family already,” Madi said proudly.


“Madi, what do you mean by that,” Clarke asked curiously.


“On Mama’s side, there is Grandma Indra, Grandpa Gustus, Uncle Lincoln, Aunt Anya and Uncle Ro. On your side, Mom, there is Grandma Aurora, Grandpa Jake, Uncle Bellamy, Aunt Octavia and Aunt Raven. But, Grandma Indra and Grandpa Gustus aren’t Mama’s birth parents, Titus and Nia are and Uncle Ro is my uncle because he’s Nia’s son too. And Grandma Aurora isn’t your birth mom, the mean lady Abby is and her husband Theo is your step-dad and Theo has a son Wells but you don’t have a relationship with him, and Grandma Aurora is your mom just like Grandma Indra is Mama’s. You and Mama don’t have a relationship with Titus, Nia, Abby, Theo, Uncle Ro, Aunt Anya or Aunt Raven. Oh! And Aunt Octavia and Uncle Lincoln love each other like you and Mama do and Aunt Anya and Aunt Raven are married like you and Mama. Aunt Anya and Aunt Raven have a daughter too, her name is Jasmine after Mama cause that’s her middle name and Uncle Ro has a daughter too, her name is Ontari. I think that’s everyone,” Madi said clearly proud of herself for remembering everything she had been told about her family.


As Madi looked between her moms with a proud smile on her face, Clarke and Lexa were completely dumbfounded that their nine year old daughter not only knew so much about their family dynamics but was able to articulate her knowledge so well. They apparently remained silent for too long though because Madi began to ramble, something her moms would later argue about who she inherited that trait from.


“Mom? Mama? Did I get something wrong or miss someone? Did I mix people up? I learned who everyone is from pictures but I…I’m sorry if I messed things up…”


“No, no sweetie, you got everything just right,” Lexa rushed to say, suddenly jarred from her own shocked silence.


“Yea, you may know more about our family than I do,” Clarke said jokingly.


“Your silly, Mom,” Madi said through her own giggles which brought smiles to her mothers’ faces.


After a moment though, Lexa and Clarke both grew more serious, each having questions to ask their daughter.


“Madi, you mentioned that Roan told you about us,” Lexa carefully began. “Can you tell us about your relationship with him?”


“Uncle Ro’s the best! I’ve known him for like ever! When I was at Abby and Theo’s house he’d come visit me at least once a month but when I was at Nia and Titus’ he’d visit as much as they’d let him and after ‘Tari was born he’d bring her sometimes too! The best days were when he’d visit but his visits were always too short and then they, the bad people, would take over again and then it wasn’t good anymore,” Madi explained growing sadder with each word.


“Madi, we will never force you to tell us what they did to you or what your life has been like but, you can always talk to us. Mama and I will always be here for you, no matter what and nothing, and I mean nothing will ever make us love you any less. Our love for you is unconditional,” Clarke said seriously.


“The only happy memories I have are when Uncle Ro would visit. Sometimes Wells would visit too but that was it. All my other memories involve…them and I…I’m not ready to talk about that; is that okay,” Madi asked nervously.


“Of course that’s okay,” Lexa rushed to assure her daughter. “Titus and Nia did bad things to me when I was a kid before I moved in with your grandparents and it took me a while before I was comfortable talking about what happened.”




“Yes, really. And when I was ready, it was your mom I told first because she made me feel safe so I knew I could tell her. When you’re ready to talk, your mom and I will be here for you but if you feel more comfortable talking to someone else, that’s okay too.”


“Okay,” Madi said with a soft smile.


“Hey, Madi,” Clarke asked cautiously a second later. “How did you know about Raven and Anya’s daughter if you never met them? I was under the impression that barely anyone knew about Jasmine’s exsistence.”


“I didn’t say I never met them,” Madi said as she held her head down.


“What do you mean,” Clarke asked with furrowed brows.


“They always made sure I was hidden when Aunt Raven and Aunt Anya were around but I was at Abby and Theo’s house, I don’t know how long ago it was cause they never let me have anything to tell the day or time with but I was at Abby and Theo’s and there was a baby. Wells was there too and he told me the baby was Aunt Raven and Aunt Anya’s daughter and then Aunt Raven and Aunt Anya were there and they were saying the baby’s name was Jasmine after Mama. They were arguing with Abby and Theo; it sounded like they took their baby like how they took me from you. When they noticed me in the room they asked who I was and Abby said I was Theo’s great niece or something like that on his first wife’s side and Wells rushed me out of the room.”


“I see,” Clarke said before turning cheery. “Let’s leave the bad in the past alone for now though. How are you feeling about all this, Madi? About seeing Mama and I and coming to live with us? Kane said you weren’t really speaking when he was with you.”


“Uncle Ro said that if strangers are around I should stay quiet so I didn’t get in trouble because you never know who works for Titus, Nia, Abby or Theo. I didn’t know Mr. Kane so I stayed quiet just in case cause I didn’t know if he was really bringing me here til I saw you in the door.”


“That was good advice and I’m glad Roan was there for you. You should never talk to strangers, Madi. Did Roan give you the photo of Mom and I that Marcus told us you have?”


“Yes! He told me lots of stories about you and he’d show me pictures on his phone so I asked if I could have one of the pictures to keep with me and we picked out your wedding picture. Uncle Ro says you had two weddings, is that true?”


Chuckling, Clarke said, “Yes, it’s true.”


“Why’d you have two weddings?”


“Well it’s a bit of a story. I asked your mama to marry me on her eighteenth birthday but do you know what else happened that day?”


“No! What happened,” Madi asked as she inched closer to Clarke, clearly interested in the story.


“Your mom asked me to marry her and instead of telling her yes like I planned, I blurted out that I was pregnant with you,” Lexa said with a smile as she remembered the moment like it was yesterday.


“Wow. But then you told Mom, yes, right?”


“Of course! I’ve been with your mom since we were kids so there was no way I wasn’t going to marry her.”


“You’ve been together a looooonnnnnngggg time! But, I don’t get what that has to do with you having two weddings,” Madi asked with a scrunched brow.


“Like I said, it was your mama’s birthday so I didn’t just propose, I gave her a gift.”


“Ooooh presents! Uncle Ro would bring me a present for my birthday every year! Presents are so cool!”


“They are. Can you guess what your mom gave me for my birthday?”


“Um a sketch pad with colored pencils? Uncle Ro got me that once cause I really like to draw and just last week he got me charcoal so I could try drawing with that, do you like to draw too,” Madi asked Lexa.


“I was never much good at drawing but your mom loves to draw and she’s really talented. You’ll have to have her show you some of her drawings and even her paintings sometime.”


“Can I see them, Mom? Please?”


“Of course! And we’ll have to draw together sometime too!”


“Yay! But, wait, what’d you give Mama for her birthday,” Madi asked remembering what they had been talking about a moment earlier causing her moms to chuckle.


“Your mama always wanted to go to Washington D.C. and see the monuments and museums so I got us tickets to D.C.”


“I’ve never been there; I’ve never really been anywhere,” Madi sadly confessed.


“Hey, don’t be sad baby girl, your mom and I will make sure you get to see new places, I promise,” Lexa told her daughter.


“Could we go to a waterpark? Uncle Ro showed me pictures he saw on…on I don’t remember what it was called but it was an app on his phone with different people and they’d post lots of pictures, and he showed me some of you two when you were younger and you were at what he called a waterpark and it looked like lots of fun. So, can we go to one,” Madi asked hopefully.


“Sounds like he was showing you Instagram but, yes, we can go to one. Waterparks are only open in the summer though but we happen to have a nice indoor waterpark in Seattle so we can go there after Mama is all better. How’s that sound?”


“An indoor waterpark?! Like with pools and waterslides inside,” Madi asked in shocked amazement.


“Yep! I think you and your brother would really enjoy it,” Clarke said.


“What your mom means is she’s a big kid at heart and she would really enjoy going down all the water slides with you and Aden,” Lexa said teasingly.


“I won’t deny that, but don’t you worry, Madi, Mama’s a big kid at heart too and she’ll go on all the slides too. It’ll be great!”


“That sounds awesome!!! But, wait, you still didn’t tell me about your two weddings,” Madi said, once again bringing them back to the topic of Clarke and Lexa’s multiple weddings causing her moms to chuckle.


“You really are your mama’s daughter; she brings us back to the topic at hand when we get distracted too,” Clarke said causing Madi to beam at hearing she was like her mama.


“To answer your question though, it was our trip to DC that led to us having two weddings.”


“How though?”


“Well…,” Clarke began but before she could finish her sentence her phone began to chime the tone she had set for her sister. “I’m sorry baby girl, that ringtone is for your Aunt Octavia and she and Uncle Lincoln are with your brother and sister right now so I need to check this real quick, okay?”


“Okay. Are the okay,” Madi asked clearly already a protective older sister concerned about her siblings’ safety.


“I’m sure they’re fine,” Clarke said as she opened the message.


Octavia to Clarke: Hey sis, I don’t know what you and Lexa are up to but Aden’s getting really nervous and upset because he doesn’t know where you are. He says the last time he didn’t know where you were he didn’t see you for a long time. I think he’s close to panicking. Any chance you and Lexa will be back soon or can at least tell me where you are exactly so maybe his worry can lessen?


“Madi, sweetheart, remember how we thought Mama and Aden died but they didn’t?”




“Well, Aden’s only been back with me for a few days and he doesn’t know where Mama and I are right now. We didn’t want to tell him we were bringing his sister home until we knew you’d be comfortable with us but because of us not being with him and him not knowing what we’re doing, Aden’s scared. Do you think you’re up for meeting your brother, Aunt Octavia and Uncle Lincoln right now and then we can tell you, your brother and your baby sister the story of our two weddings so Aden isn’t scared anymore?”


“My brother and sister are here, like in this building here,” Madi asked as her eyes grew wide.


“They are. I have a nice big room here while I begin to heal and your mom and siblings have been staying there with me. You can stay too, if you want, there’s plenty of room then when I can leave we’ll all go home to our house.”


“I really want to meet my brother and sister. Is it okay if I don’t talk much though? I…I get nervous around new people and I know I know who they are but Uncle Ro mainly told me stories about you two and he even showed me videos of you Mama when you were little and he found some online of you Mom, so I felt like I knew you already but I don’t know Aunt Octavia or Uncle Lincoln, not yet.”


“That’s okay, Madi. You only have to talk if you want too. Would it make you feel more comfortable if we had Aunt Octavia and Uncle Lincoln leave as soon as we get there so it’s just us and your brother and sister,” Clarke asked softly.


“Yes, that would make me feel better.”


“Okay then, that’s what we’ll do. Do you want to help me wheel Mama back to her room,” Clarke asked conspiratorially?


“Yes,” Madi exclaimed moments before the trio left Clarke’s office and began moving back to Lexa’s room.





As they walked through the halls of Seattle Grace, Madi concentrating very hard on helping steer the wheelchair, Clarke quickly replied to Octavia.


Clarke to Octavia: On our way back now with a surprise addition. When we get there though, I need you and Linc to take off for a bit. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but what’s going to happen when we arrive needs to be a private moment between Lexa, myself and our kids. I hope you understand.


Once that message was sent she quickly sent one to Kane as well.


Clarke Griffin Woods to Marcus Kane: Madi is going to start staying with us immediately. We do need to discuss when Jasmine can be brought to us so we can all start to bond together as a family. Jasmine needs to be with her family too.


As soon as the final message was sent, Clarke slipped her phone into her pocket and continued on her way to Lexa’s room with her wife and daughter. For the rest of the walk to the room, Clarke joined Lexa in thinking about their day thus far and how they were going to explain their wedding story to their kids.

Chapter Text

“Mom? Mama?”


“Yea, sweetie,” Lexa said as they turned onto the hallway where her room was located.


“Will Aden like me,” Madi nervously asked, causing Clarke to stop them in their tracks.


“Of course he will like you,” Clarke rushed to reassure her daughter as Lexa turned her head the best she could to look at Madi.


“Madi, why don’t you think your brother would like you,” Lexa asked a moment later.


“Nia would come to my room every day and she said…she said you ne…never wanted me and th…that’s why you had Aden cause…cause I wasn’t…wasn’t what you wanted but he was and she said…she said since you didn’t want me th…then A…Aden and anyone else in…in our family wouldn’t either,” Madi choked out as tears began to well in her blue-green eyes.


“Oh baby, no, that could not be further from the truth. We wanted you from the moment we knew Mama was pregnant with you. God, the first time we saw an ultrasound picture of you we were both in tears because of how happy we were to see that you were real, that we really were going to have a baby,” Clarke emotionally said as she knelt down and pulled Madi in for a hug and the little girl succumbed to her tears as she buried her head in the crook of Clarke’s neck.


“Madi, Nia used to tell me that I was a mistake that she wished was never born,” Lexa quietly said as she remembered how cruel her birth mother would be with her words. “Nia has a gift for making people feel bad, but what she says is never the truth. I know how hard it is to overcome what Nia says but whenever her words start to make you feel bad or doubt our family remember that Mom and I love you so much and all of our family is going to love you too. Heck, you were the inspiration behind Mom and I having our first wedding because we wanted to be a real legal family before you were born, especially after we saw the first ultrasound,” Lexa said.


“You had a special wedding just because of me,” Madi asked as she wiped her tears and peaked her head out from its place in Clarke’s neck.


“We did, baby girl. Mom and I wanted us to all have the same last name before you were born,” Lexa said with a small smile.


“And you both love me? I know you’ve said it but…but I’m going to need to keep hearing it cause all I’ve ever been told was no one loved me unless Uncle Ro was there and he said he loved me and that you loved me but I’m just…I’m just going to need to keep hearing it,” Madi timidly admitted.


“My parents had to tell me they loved me multiple times each day for months before I finally truly believed them because of the things Nia said to me, so I completely understand and so does your mom. For the first year we were together she had to remind me daily of how she felt about me and reassure me that Nia and Titus would never touch me again. I know it’s hard right now but I promise you that Mom and I love you more than you will ever know and we will always protect you. Never again are the bad people going to hurt you, okay?”


“Mama’s right. You are safe now, Madi. We love you so very much and we will never let the bad people hurt you again.”


“Okay. I’m sorry I’m so messed up…”


“Hey, you are not messed up,” Clarke cut her daughter off. “You have been through something no one should ever have to go through but you are home now and Mama and I will help you through this. We love you just the way you are.”


“I could not agree with your mom more and if you need more proof of how much our family loves you and will love you, how about we go meet your brother? I know he’s going to love you, and even though you’re older, I just know he’s going to be protective of you; he’s like your mom like that.”


“Okay, can you hold my hand though, Mom? It makes me feel safe,” Madi quietly admitted.


“Of course I can. Now come one, let’s finish pushing Mama to the room; it’s just at the other end of this hall,” Clarke sweetly said before the trio began moving towards Lexa’s room once more.





“Aunty O, when will Mommy and Mama be back,” Aden asked from his place at the small table where he was drawing a new picture for his moms.


“Your mommy said they’re on their way back so I’m sure they’ll be here soon,” Octavia told her nephew before turning to Lincoln and speaking just above a whisper so Aden couldn’t overhear. “Clarke said they’re bringing a surprise addition, any idea what the hell she’s talking about, Linc?”


“I have no idea, but it must be important for Clarke to allow Lexa out of bed already. We both know how protective she is, especially after everything that has happened. Maybe someone important to them from before has turned up?”


“No, I doubt Clarke would let Lexa gallivant around for that. It has to be something bigger. I just hope there isn’t anymore bad news; I don’t know how much more I can take,” Octavia said as she subconsciously rubbed her five month along pregnant belly.


“I know you’re worried about Clarke, Lexa, Bellamy and our whole family, but babe, you need to try and stay as calm as possible. Stress isn’t good for you or the baby,” Lincoln said clearly concerned.


“I know and I promise I’m managing stress as well as I can but this is a lot for anyone, pregnant or not.”


“I know, love. Bellamy, is improving though and we have Lexa and Aden back plus the surprise addition of Scout, so maybe it’s time we really plan our wedding instead of pretending to plan because we couldn’t imagine getting married without Lexa and Aden there,” Lincoln said hopefully.


“Yea, I think that’d be nice. If Clarke and Lexa can plan not one but two weddings while Lexa was pregnant with…,” Octavia trailed off suddenly saddened as thoughts of the unbelievably difficult loss the couple suffered all those years ago.


“Hey, don’t be sad. Yes, they suffered an unimaginable loss after their weddings but that won’t be us and they will be thrilled that they can be at our wedding together. Clarke will be your maid of honor, I presume, and Lexa will be my best person and Bellamy will be groomsman, it will be perfect.”


“Do you think Mommy and Mama will like this,” Aden suddenly asked from across the room where he was holding up his latest drawing.


“Is that you, your moms and Scout,” Octavia asked.


“Yep! It’s our family portrait. Mommy and Mama are each holding my hand while Mommy holds Scout in her other hand, cause she really likes holding Scout, and this is the dog we’re going to get and I’m going to name him Picasso cause Picasso was a famous artist and Mommy likes his work,” Aden said proudly.


“Do your moms know you’re already planning to get a dog,” Lincoln asked.


“No, but I overhead Mommy tell Mama we should get a dog once, before Mama and I had to go away, so I know she’ll say yes and Mama can’t say no to Mommy,” he said matter-of-factly.


“He does have a point. Lexa may be the Commander and a total bad you know what, but, when it comes to Clarke, she’s a softie who can’t say no,” Octavia said causing Lincoln to chuckle just as the door to the room opened and Clarke and Madi wheeled Lexa inside.


“It seems we missed something funny; what’s got you two chuckling,” Clarke asked her sister and brother-in-law.


“Mommy! Mama! You’re back! Look at my draw…who are you,” Aden asked curiously when he spotted Madi still holding Clarke’s hand which caused Lincoln and Octavia to hone in on the girl’s presence as well.


“Hi baby boy,” Lexa started, “why don’t we all come sit for a minute so we can talk and introduce you to someone very important to us.”




Once everyone was seated in what served as a small sitting area in the room, the couple shared a look and silently agreed to rip the band aid off so that they could get Octavia and Lincoln out of the room sooner rather than later, just like they had promised Madi.


“Aden, this is Madison Alycia Griffin-Woods but she goes by Madi. She’s nine years old and she’s your older sister,” Clarke said as she wrapped Madi into her side tighter as she felt the girl begin to tremble from nerves.


“I don’t understand,” Aden said as he looked at Madi and Madi hesitantly looked at Aden.


“Buddy, when Mommy and I were first married we had a baby that we told you passed away and watched over us all from above, remember?”


“I remember Mama.”


“Well, Mommy and I just found out that the same people behind us being separated from Mommy for so long stole our baby and made us think our baby, your big sister, died,” Lexa began and paused when she heard the shocked gasps from Octavia and Lincoln in the background as Aden looked at his moms with wide eyes.


“The team Uncle Bellamy was working with when he got hurt, found her at the house they were searching and they brought Madi to us. Madi’s your sister, Aden,” Clarke finished explaining.


For a few moments, Aden simply looked between his moms and Madi, clearly processing what he was just told, as best as any four year old could, but then a big grin spread across his face and she charged at Madi, hugging his big sister tightly. Madi was clearly taken by surprise at the sudden hug but after a moment, she let go of Clarke’s hand and fully returned the hug as she began to cry.


“I never thought I’d get to meet you, baby brother,” Madi cried as she held Aden close.


“I always knew I had a big sister but I thought you were my guardian angel. Are you really real,” Aden said through sniffles as his head was buried in Madi’s chest.


“I’m real. I promise I’m real and Mom and Mama said I get to stay with you forever now.”


“You promise to stay,” Aden asked for conformation as the fear of being separated from his family again was still in the back of his mind.


“I promise. I love you, Aden,” Madi said as she placed a kiss to the top of Aden’s head, much like their moms would do, causing the adults in the room to all tear up at the sweetness and joy of seeing the siblings meet for the first time.


“That’s really her, the baby you lost when you were teens,” Octavia quietly asked her sister and sister-in-law.


“Yea, that’s really our Madi. We don’t know all the details but Nia, Titus, Abby and Thelonious paid off the nurse and doctor who were present for the delivery and ultimately told us our little girl was stillborn,” Clarke whispered low enough that the kids wouldn’t here.


“I…Actually no, I can’t even say I’m surprised because at this point nothing those four do, or did in Titus’ case, surprises me,” Lincoln said.


“Me either, but, it’s like everything we’ve gone through not only made us stronger as individuals and a couple but it restored our family to what it should have been all along,” Lexa quietly said as she watched her eldest children still hugging and whispering to each other.


“I don’t have words strong enough to convey how I feel right now but seeing them together, especially when I thought that would never happen, is one of the absolute best feelings in the world,” Clarke said with adoration for her family clear in her tone and the way she looked at her children.


“This is a miracle. Do Mom, Dad, Indra and Gus know yet,” Octavia asked.


“No, the two of you are the only ones we’ve told. We’re hoping to get some family time and let Madi get more accustomed to being with us before really introducing her to everyone,” Lexa said.


“That makes sense,” Octavia agreed as Lincoln nodded his head.


“Which brings us to something else,” Clarke began a little uncertain how to best handle what she had to do next.


“What,” Lincoln asked.


“Madi gets nervous around new people. She knew you two would be here but she did admit that she’d be more comfortable if you guys weren’t here. I’m not trying to be rude but we need to ask you both to leave. Madi wants to get to know you both but right now it’s too overwhelming for her.”


“No, Clarke, we completely get it. We know what Nia and Titus did to Lexa so we can only imagine what Madi has been through, so all of this has to be a lot for her. We’re just so glad we could just see her. I mean, God, if I didn’t know better I’d think I was looking at my sister’s nine year old self,” Lincoln said as he looked at Madi with absolute awe.


“Yeah, we completely get it. We want to know her though so give us a call when we can formally meet her,” Octavia said with a warm smile just as Madi and Aden finally broke their long embrace.


“Hey kids, Aunt Octavia and I are going to head home so you can have some family time. Madi, we’re really looking forward to getting to know you when you’re ready,” Lincoln said with a soft smile.


“Enjoy your time together as a family, but know that Uncle Linc and I are here for all of you, and we mean all of you,” Octavia said with a matching smile.


“Kay, bye,” Aden chirped happily as he waived before attempting to pull Madi further into the room but the girl stopped her brother and looked at her aunt and uncle.


“I don’t do so well with new people but I do want to know you both and…are you pregnant,” Madi asked Octavia when she noticed the small swell of her aunt’s stomach.


“I am. In about four months you will have a baby cousin,” Octavia answered with a smile as her hand caressed her stomach.


“Can I play with her? Uncle Ro would bring Ontari, she’s my cousin too, sometimes and we’d be able to play sometimes too even though she’s littler than me. It was fun having a cousin to play with.”


“We don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl yet, but when they’re old enough, yes, you will be able to play with them,” Lincoln told his niece.


“Cool…,” Madi began but the couple could tell the girl had more to say. “Thank you for not being mad that I’m not ready to really get to know you yet.”


“Madi, I know you don’t know us, but please believe me when I say you do not need to thank us for that. We do this at your pace and your pace only. We want to get to know you so much but we would never want to do that at the expense of your comfort,” Octavia stressed to her niece.


“I couldn’t agree with your aunt more. When you’re ready to talk to us and get to know us just tell your moms and we’ll come right over. Enjoy your day with your moms and siblings, Madi, and speaking of, I think your brother wants you to follow him to meet your sister.”


Hearing her aunt and uncle both stress that it was okay that she wasn’t ready to get to know them yet and that she alone could choose when she was ready did something to Madi and made her feel nothing but affection for the pair. So, before joining her brother by Scout’s bassinet, Madi ran up to her aunt and uncle and quickly hugged them both before turning around and joining Aden.


“Enjoy this time with them; Madi’s special, I can already tell,” Octavia said as she wiped a tear from her eye over receiving a hug from her niece.


“She is special, just like her mom,” Lexa said with a twinkle in her eye as she looked up at Clarke and reached for her hand.


“I love you,” Clarke whispered as she kissed the knuckles of Lexa’s hand she was holding.


“Okay, before this turns into a full-on love fest, we’re going to take our leave. Let us know when it’s okay to visit again,” Lincoln said before he began pulling Octavia towards the door.


“What he said, but, God, we’re so happy for you both. If you need anything we are only a call or text away,” Octavia said as she and Lincoln left the room.





Once Octavia and Lincoln left, Clarke and Lexa couldn’t help but watch their eldest children peering over the edge of Scout’s bassinet. They still couldn’t believe that all three of their children were alive and well and that soon there’d be another little girl to their family. So much had changed in a matter of days for the young family but they couldn’t be happier because they were together.


“Can you believe it, Lex? This is our family. Those are our kids and they’re all together, all three of them; we actually have our two daughters and our son together,” Clarke said in awe.


“When I realized I was pregnant with Aden I cried for at least an hour over knowing that Madi would never meet her brother and vice versa. Then when I found out about Scout I cried about it then too. God, Aden used to come wrap his arms around me like he had seen you do a thousand times because I cried so much during this last pregnancy. I cried over Madi not being here; I cried over you not being with me. But now…now we’re all together and I know I keep saying it, but I can’t believe this is real.”


“We just have to remind ourselves this is real until our minds catchup and realize it’s the truth and by then all of us being together will just be normal again.”


“It won’t just be the five of us though, Clarke. Jasmine will be with us too.”


“She will,” Clarke said as a smile spread across her face. “I know it’s unclear if Raven and Anya will ever come asking for their daughter back or not, but as far as I’m concerned, Jasmine will be our daughter just as much as Madi and Scout are our daughters,” Clarke said resolutely.


“I couldn’t agree more. God, we must be crazy having four kids like this. We literally went from one kid with us to four in less than a week,” Lexa said with a slightly nervous chuckle.


“It may be crazy but we will get through it. We’re stronger together, right?”




“Mmm, want to go join our kids and fawn over our youngest some, babe?”


“Yea, let’s do that,” Lexa said as Clarke began to push her wheelchair further into the room so they could join their children by Scout’s bassinet.


“She looks like you, Mom,” Madi said as soon as her moms were near.


“That she does. Your brother and sister both look a lot like your mom, but you have some of your mom in you too.”


“I, for one, love that you look so much like your mama, Madi, and I love that Scout and Aden have Mama’s ears,” Clarke said with a wide smile.


“Is she really named after you, Mom? Aden said her name is Clarke Scout Griffin-Woods.”


“That’s right. Mama came up with the name.”


“How come she’s named after you, but Aden and I weren’t named after one of you?”


“You were named after the very special woman who married us the first time and Aden is a family name. My great great great great grandfather was named Jacob Aden Griffin. Ever since then variations of the name have been passed down. We decided we wanted to name Aden, Aden so we could honor the family name but also put our own spin on things just like we wanted to honor the woman who married us by naming you after her,” Clarke explained.


“And Scout was named after your mom because she found Aden and I after we had been in an accident. She did whatever it took to get us both out alive and to get us here. Then when your sister was born, I needed some extra help and it was your mom who saved me. Because of that, I thought it was only right to name Scout after your mom. As for her middle name, Scout is the nickname your mom had picked out for whenever we were blessed with another child so I called her Scout the entire time I was pregnant and the nickname stuck.”


“Wow,” Madi and Aden said in awe, before Madi shuffled her weight between her feet nervously.


“Madi, what is it,” Clarke asked.


“Can I…can I hold Scout? I’ve never gotten to hold a baby before,” Madi quietly said.


“Of course you can! Mama or I will need to help you though, so how about I get Mama situated back on the bed then you and Aden can sit next to her and I’ll bring Scout over, sound good?”


Instead of answering Madi nodded her head quickly and practically dragged Aden to the side of the bed, before waiting as patiently as possible for Clarke to help get Lexa situated on the bed. As soon as Lexa smiled at patted the bed next to her, Madi scampered onto the bed and cuddled in close on Lexa’s good side while Aden sat carefully on her more injured side. Clarke struggled with deciding where she should sit, as she didn’t want her children thinking she was picking a favorite, but seeing her son smile at his big sister so widely, she knew he would be okay with her occupying the small portion of the bed on Madi’s other side. As soon as Clarke was seated on the bed, with an awake and gurgling Scout in her arms, she turned to face her family.


“Mama and I will help you hold her, okay baby girl?”


“Okay, Mom.”


“Alright, can you hold your arms out like how mine are?”


“Like this,” Madi asked as she tried her best to copy Clarke’s arm positioning.


“Almost, just move your right arm like this,” Lexa said as she used her good arm to move Madi’s just right so the girl could properly support Scout’s head. “Perfect.”


“Remember, you have to support Scout’s head and Mama with use her good arm to help with that and I’ll be right here to help too. Are you ready to hold your baby sister?”


“Yes,” Madi practically squealed as Aden smiled at his sister and eagerly watched on.


As Clarke carefully placed Scout into Madi’s arms, everyone had huge smiles on their faces and Aden began offering words of praise and encouragement to his sister. When she was finally holding her sister, Madi gasped as the baby girl wrapped her tiny fist around Madi’s finger and became cooing at her.


“You are doing such a good job, Madi,” Clarke encouraged her daughter.


“You really are, baby girl, and Scout loves you so much already,” Lexa lovingly said.


“She loves me,” Madi asked with a scrunched brow.


“Ya, you can tell cause she’s holding your hand, duh,” Aden said. “Mommy and Mama say holding hands is a way for babies to show they love someone.”




“Yes, sweetheart. Scout can’t talk yet so she used touch to show how she feels,” Lexa sweetly said.


“And look at her face, Madi. Do you see how relaxed and content she looks in your arms? She loves being held by her big sister,” Clarke added.


“Wow,” Madi said in amazement. “Hi Scout. I’m Madi and I’m your big sister. I’m going to love you forever and always protect you and if anyone is mean to you I’ll take care of it cause no one is mean to or hurts my baby sister. I love you sissy,” Madi said before carefully bending her head down to softly kiss Scout’s head.




The family stayed cuddled together for some time as Madi continued to hold Scout. Eventually though, she noticed her brother looking at them longingly and she asked Aden if he wanted to hold Scout, to which he nodded his head vehemently. Clarke, then took Scout from Madi’s arms and moved to the other side of the bed so she could help Aden hold his sister. After about ten minutes though, Scout began to fuss and her moms immediately knew she was hungry. Once the little girl was fed and burped, they all settled on the bed once more, with Scout now cradled in Clarke’s arms. As the family simply enjoyed their time together, Madi finally decided to ask something she’d been wanting to ask.




“Yeah, baby,” Lexa said.


“You and Mom told me you’d tell us the story of your weddings so is it story time yet?”


Chuckling, Clarke and Lexa looked at each other lovingly and then looked at their eldest children who were both clearly hoping it was in fact story time. With a quick kiss to her wife, Clarke decided to start the story.


“Well, the story of our weddings really starts with the day we got engaged, specifically when we returned home after I proposed.”

Chapter Text

“Well, the story of our weddings really starts with the day we got engaged, specifically when we returned home after I proposed.”


“What happened,” Madi and Aden eagerly asked at the same time, already enthralled in the story.


“When I asked Mama to marry me, she told me she was pregnant with you, Madi, instead of saying if she’d marry me or not. I was so happy to find out we were having a baby even though we were young and that happiness only increased when Mama finally told me she would marry me.”


“I was so nervous to tell your mom that I was pregnant because we were young but I had decided I was going to tell her that day so when she proposed my brain just overloaded and I blurted out that I was pregnant instead of saying yes right away, but clearly it all worked out. What I didn’t know though, was that your mother had told my parents about her plans to propose,” Lexa said as she rolled her eyes in mock annoyance at Clarke.


“Hey, I wanted to be respectful and ask their permission before I proposed. Kids, listen up if you ever propose to the person you choose to love, ask their parents’ for permission, it’s tradition and it’s respectful,” Clarke said matter-of-factly.


“Okay, it was sweet and even romantic in a way that you asked both my parents for permission, but I had hoped to celebrate our engagement and baby news just us for a bit,” Lexa pouted.


“We celebrated plenty good on our own later,” Clarke said cheekily.


“We did but I will admit our celebration with everyone was nice too and a total surprise.”


“How did you celebrate with everyone,” Madi asked.


“After we celebrated for a little bit where I proposed, and Mama told me about you,” Clarke said as she playing bopped the tip of Madi’s nose with her free hand, “we went back to Grandpa Gus and Grandma Indra’s house. Mama thought we were going back just for dinner with everyone for Mama’s birthday since it was her birthday too after all and then she thought we’d leave and have a celebration with just us.”


“But that’s not what happened,” Lexa said.


“No it is not…,” Clarke agree with a smile.



Flashback – Beginning on August 9, 2011 – Seattle, WA


“Clarke, do we have to go to this dinner? Can’t we just go get a room somewhere or even go to your parents’ cabin and celebrate properly,” Lexa whined as she and Clarke walked up the steps to Lexa’s parents’ home.


“We will have plenty of time to celebrate later, but first we have to have dinner with everyone. We may want to celebrate our engagement and the incredible little miracle we made, but, it is still your eighteenth birthday and everyone we love wants to celebrate that, my love,” Clarke said before kissing Lexa sweetly.


“Fine, but I better get a proper private celebration later.”


“You will, baby, you will,” Clarke assured her as she opened the front door and led Lexa inside.


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” Indra, Gustus, Jake, Aurora, Anya, Lincoln, Bellamy, Octavia and even Clarke’s aunt, U.S. Senator Diana Sydney, shouted as soon as Lexa entered the home.


“Thank you guys,” Lexa sweetly replied, hiding her annoyance at not being able to be just with Clarke.


“Come, come, let’s get straight to it and eat because if I know my little girl, she’s dying to celebrate her birthday solely with Clarke some more,” Gustus said as he and Indra hugged their little girl before leading her and Clarke into the dining room.




Once everyone was in the dining room, dinner was immediately served. While she wasn’t technically Lexa’s aunt, Diana Sydney loved Lexa just as much as she loved Bellamy and Octavia, so, after some initial resistance from Gustus and Indra, she had arranged to have Lexa’s birthday dinner catered by the girl’s favorite restaurant in Seattle, The Capitol Grille. Diana had gotten everyone’s orders ahead of time while Clarke provided her with both hers and Lexa’s. Lexa and Clarke had the same taste in food so when they went out to eat, the would each order a dish the other also enjoyed then share both meals and that night was no exception. For their appetizers, Clarke had the Lobster and Dungeness Crab Cakes while Lexa had the Pan-Fried Calamari with Hot Cherry Peppers. The two naturally shared, and both were highly satisfied with their first course. While everyone dug into their appetizers, small talk was exchanged until the main courses came out, which ended all conversation as every enjoyed the truly phenomenal dishes. Clarke had ordered the Bone-In Kona Crusted Dry Aged New York Strip with Shallot Butter and the Double Cut Lamb Rib Chops that were honey crusted with mint gremolata as well as shareable size sides of Grilled Asparagus with Lemon Mosto and Au Gratin Potatoes for her and Lexa to share; a choice Lexa was more than thrilled with.


Everyone had eaten about half of their entrees when, Clarke whispered in Lexa’s ear.


“Babe, is it okay if I tell everyone our news? We won’t be able to hide your ring much longer,” Clarke whispered.


“Go ahead, love, tell them about our shareable news, I know you’re dying to tell everyone; your excitement is literally radiating from your body,” Lexa whispered back lovingly, knowing Clarke would understand she didn’t want their pregnancy to be disclosed yet, before kissing Clarke, chastely.


Clearing her throat as she stood and clinked her fork against her glass, Clarke gathered everyone’s attention.


“I’m sorry to interrupt everyone’s dinner, but I would like to say a few words. First, Lexa, my love, today is my favorite day of the year because it is your birthday, or as I like to refer to it as, the day the world became infinitely better than it was the day before. You have changed my life for the better, babe, and I am so incredibly honored to be the person you have chosen to love. I hope today has been nothing but amazing for you and I cannot wait to spent a thousand more birthdays with you. I love you, Lexa and happy birthday,” Clarke passionately and lovingly said causing Lexa to grow a little emotional from hearing the pure love in Clarke’s voice.


“I love you too; and today has been the perfect birthday, Clarke.”


“Alright, enough of the mushiness, let’s get back to eating and then we can party,” Bellamy said from his place at the other end of the table.


“Actually, I have more to say,” Clarke said as she sent a subtle wink Lexa’s way. “As you all know, today is also the anniversary of when I met Lexa. Six years ago, today, I met the most beautiful girl on the planet, and I even told my family that I was going to marry her one day, and I still stand by those words. In fact, earlier today, Lexa and I visited the Kubota Garden, where we had a little picnic under the Japanese Maple Tree there. While sitting under that tree, I kneeled in front of the love of my life and I asked her to marry me,” Clarke said as her right hand extended for Lexa to take in her left, “and she said yes,” Clarke finished as they moved their entwined hands enough so that Lexa’s engagement ring was fully visible.


“We’re getting married,” Lexa squealed happily as she proudly displayed her ring and kissed Clarke passionately.


“Yes! I knew you’d say yes,” Gustus exclaimed with glee as he rushed to engulf his daughter and soon-to-be daughter-in-law in a bone crushing hug.


“Congratulations, girls, I could not be happier for you or ask for a better wife for my little girl,” Indra said as she too hugged the couple, all while everyone else, minus Diana, looked at the newly engaged couple with slack jaws, not believing what they just heard.


“Congratulations,” Diana happily said as she took her turn to hug the couple. “And I must say, the ring looks even more gorgeous in person. I’m so glad everything worked out and they were able to create the ring exactly as you designed, Clarke.”


“You…What…Clarke, you proposed,” Jake said in utter disbelief having had no clue his daughter was planning to propose. “And wait, you knew but I didn’t,” he shot at his sister.


“What can I say? My niece called me, like she does once a week, and she asked if I knew anyone who could help her design a black diamond engagement ring. What kind of aunt would I be if I had not connected her to the best jeweler I knew in Seattle?”


“I…I can’t believe this. My little girl is getting married! Oh my God! I’ve been waiting for this moment since the day Clarke came home and said you were officially girlfriends,” Aurora exclaimed before making her way to the couple so she could hug them as well.


“Holy shit, my little sister is getting married,” Lincoln said in shocked awe before the reality of the situation dawned on him. “Oh hell no! You’re only eighteen, Lexa! You’ve barely experienced the world! How can you settle down so soon.”


“Lincoln, I know Lexa and I are young but this has been a long time coming. We’ve been together for nearly six years and our love for each other only grows with each passing day. We are going to get married, but getting married doesn’t mean our lives end; if anything, the start of our marriage is the start of our lives. I will support Lexa in her dream to become the youngest Chief of the Seattle Fire Department in history just as she will support my dream to become Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace. This is just the start of our happily ever after and I hope you will come to support us as much as your parents who gave me their blessing to marry Lexa.”


“So, to be clear, I’m getting another sister…officially,” Octavia asked hopefully causing Clarke and Lexa to chuckle.


“Yes, Octavia, I will officially be your sister. Does this mean you approve?”


“Absolutely! We were raised that love is love and when you know you know. Plus, you two are so perfect for each other, I’m surprised you didn’t just run down to the courthouse and get hitched today,” Octavia playfully said. “Seriously though, I’m so happy for you,” she said before getting up to hug the couple too.


“I’m happy for you both, truly. I don’t like to think about my little sister growing up but I am glad she’s chosen to grow with you, Clarke. I know you will have an amazing marriage,” Anya said before she rounded the table to hug the couple.


“Congratulations you two! The way you look at each other is enough to tell me that you are soulmates and I cannot wait to see what you accomplish as wives. And Clarke? As your big brother, I must say I’m proud of the woman you’ve become and Lexa, if you hurt my sister I will hunt you down, Commander or not,” Bellamy said before he too hugged the couple.


“Noted, but I will never hurt Clarke; she has my fealty just as I have hers, always.”


“I just can’t believe I didn’t know my little girl was going to propose. You’re really getting married,” Jake asked his daughter.


“Yea, Dad, I’m really getting married,” Clarke said with a soft smile.


“And here I thought you were crazy when you came home six years ago today and declared that you were going to marry Lexa one day,” he said as he finally got his chance to hug the happy couple.




Everyone continued to congratulate the couple for a few more minutes before Lexa’s birthday cake was finally brought out. As everyone ate their slice of the chocolate cookies and cream cake, they finally returned to the topic of Lexa’s birthday.


“So, sis, I know getting engaged is one hell of a way to celebrate your birthday, but please tell me Clarke got you more than that huge rock on your finger,” Anya teased her sister.


“She did. I’ve been telling her how I’d love to see all the monuments and museums in Washington D.C. so she got us first class tickets to go,” Lexa said with a huge grin on her face.


“Now that surprise I did know about,” Jake said with a chuckle.


“Damn, Griff, you really went all out this year,” Lincoln said.


“Only the best for my queen,” Clarke replied sweetly as she chastely kissed Lexa.


“When do you leave and how long will you be gone for,” Octavia asked, clearly not looking forward to her sister going away without her.


“We leave in a few days and we’ll only be gone for a week,” Clarke answered.


“Where are you staying,” Bellamy asked.


“I booked us at a little bed and breakfast just outside of D.C.”


“No, that will not do. I’m going to get you the Oriental Suite at the Mandarin Oriental right in the heart of D.C. The suite has views of the Jefferson Memorial and the marina,” Diana said as she pulled out her phone and dialed a number. “Yes, this is Senator Diana Sydney and I would like to book the Oriental Suite starting tomorrow through the end of the month…Yes, that’s correct…The guests will be my niece, Clarke Griffin and her fiancée Alexandria Woods…Yes, this is to celebrate both their engagement and Ms. Woods’ birthday. Yes, that would be wonderful, thank you…Yes I will covering the full bill including any amenities, room service, etc…Yes, the bill can be sent to my office, thank you…You as well, goodbye.”


“Aunt Diana, what was that,” Clarke asked after her aunt disconnected the call.


“I’ve booked you and Lexa in the Oriental Suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Instead of one week, you will be staying there tomorrow through the end of the month. Can you send me your flight information so I can switch that as well?”


“Diana, you really don’t have to do all of this,” Lexa insisted.


“Of course I do! It’s your birthday and you and Clarke just got engaged. Consider this a little engagement present,” Diana said moments before Clarke and Lexa rose to hug her.





At 12:45 p.m., eastern standard time, Clarke and Lexa touched down in Washington D.C. the next day. After Diana had confirmed their new flight details, everyone remained at the Woods residence to continue celebrating for a couple of more hours. Lexa was showered with birthday gifts and the couple received continuous congratulations on their engagement. When the celebration finally died down, the couple separated in order to pack for their flight the following morning. Once they were packed though, they were whisked off to a nice hotel near the airport so they could enjoy the evening together and not have to worry about traveling too far to the airport. However, since the couple had not been able to properly celebrate both their engagement and pregnancy together, they stayed up most of the night making love to one another. Tired, but sated, when they awoke for their flight, the couple ended up sleeping through most of the flight, minus the time they took to sneak into the lavatory and join the mile high club of course.


As soon as they landed, the pair were taken straight to their hotel and to say Diana had outdone herself was an understatement. The Oriental Suite was the most luxurious space either girl had seen. It occupied part of the hotel’s top floor and featured an intimate dining room, a living room with one wall consisting of floor to ceiling windows that allowed for beautiful views of the water, a bedroom with a king sized bed and chaise longue that overlooked the Jefferson Memorial, a guest powder room and a large master marble bathroom with both a glass-enclosed double shower and large soaking tub. The happy couple ultimately spent most of that first day enjoy all the rooms of their suite.


The next day was spent visiting the Jefferson and Washington Monuments; the Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Titanic, Taft and Butt-Millet Memorials and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Clarke and Lexa had both had to increase their iCloud storage to hold all the pictures they had been taken of their adventure and themselves as both Lexa and Clarke ensured they took dozens of new couple pictures as well. The first two days of their trip had been more than either Lexa or Clarke dreamed it would be.


The day after visiting some of the monuments, the couple turned to the plethora of museums on their fourth day in D.C. Diana had been able to get them tickets to the National Museum of African American History and Culture which blew them both away. Next, they had gone to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to sate Lexa’s fascination with all things space. Clarke blamed her grandfather for Lexa’s fascination with space as every time he would visit he had a new story to tell her fiancée about his time as an astronaut with the Apollo Program and Lexa ate every story up and always had a million questions. Clarke couldn’t help but smile as she watched Lexa go from exhibit to exhibit though with a huge grin on her face. After Lexa and Clarke, even if she didn’t want to admit it, had enjoyed every single exhibit at the Air and Space Museum they visited the National Museum of Women in the Arts because of Clarke’s love of art. Lexa had always admired Clarke’s artwork but would be the first to admit that she wasn’t really a fan of anyone else’s artwork but for Clarke she happily explored the museum. When they reached their last exhibit to explore, Clarke became captivated with a single painting that featured a mother holding her young child tenderly.


“That will be us in only a matter of months,” Lexa said as she wrapped her hands around Clarke from behind.


“It will, but, it also got me thinking,” Clarke replied as she continued to look at Mary Cassatt’s “Maternal Caress”


“What did it get you thinking about?”


“We’ve known about our little miracle for almost a week now but we haven’t gone to the doctor yet. Seeing this work made me think about that, so I was thinking maybe we could find an OB here and get you checked out?”


“Do you think something’s wrong,” Lexa asked suddenly afraid.


“No, no, nothing like that. I just think it’d be a good idea to have you checked out; at the very least we could figure out how far along you are so we can plan for our little one better,” Clarke said as she spun around so she and Lexa were face-to-face.


“You’re right. Maybe when we’re done here we can head back to the hotel and look for a doctor instead of going to the spy museum today,” Lexa suggested.


“Yeah, that sounds like a good plan,” Clarke said as she placed a chaste kiss to Lexa’s lips.





The next day, the couple found themselves sitting in the waiting room of a top rated local OB who had Saturday appointments available. They only spent about five minutes in the waiting room before they were called in by none other than the doctor herself.


“Hello, I’m Doctor Zoe Hart, it’s a pleasure to meet you both,” Doctor Hart said when Clarke and Lexa had reached her.


“You as well. Thank you for being able to see us on such short notice,” Lexa said.


“Not a problem. If you both will follow me we can chat for a few minutes and then do a quick ultrasound. How’s that sound?”


“That sounds perfect,” Clarke said as both she and Lexa grinned, both clearly excited at the prospect of seeing their baby for the first time.


As soon as they were settled in the exam room, Doctor Hart got straight to business and began asking the young couple questions. After asking basic questions about Lexa and Clarke’s medical history, as she had been informed ahead of time about Clarke being intersex and the baby’s other parent, Doctor Hart got the ultrasound machine out.


“This will be a little cold,” Doctor Hart said as she put the gel on Lexa’s stomach and became to move the probe around for a few moments before finding what she was looking for. “And there’s your baby mommies.”


“That’s our baby,” Lexa questioned in shocked awe.


“It’s so tiny,” Clarke said already completely taken by their baby.


“That is your baby. They’re about the size of a raspberry right now. I’d say you’re about two months along.”


“Oh my God,” Lexa and Clarke gasped at the same time as they locked eyes.


“It was..,” Lexa said at the same time as Clarke said, “It was when…”


“It was the weekend I found out I got accepted into Johns Hopkins Medical School as a transfer student. They didn’t give me an admission decision right away because they wanted conformation that their eighteen year old applicant actually successfully finished her first year of medical school at UW but that Friday, the last Friday in May, I got the official acceptance and we…”


“Yea, we celebrated all weekend long. I guess our little one is the product of our celebration,” Lexa said with a small smile.


“I guess so. So, Doctor Hart, that would mean our little raspberry is due in what March?”


“Yes. I’d say you’re due right around the third of March,” Doctor Hart said as she fiddled with some buttons on the machine right before the most beautiful sound Clarke and Lexa had ever heard, their unborn child’s heartbeat.




“Oh my God! That’s their heartbeat! We can hear their heartbeat, Lex,” Clarke said happily as tears welled in her eyes.


“I can’t believe it. They’re real! Our baby’s real with their own heartbeat, Clarke. It’s the best sound I’ve ever heard.”


“It really is. We’re having a baby, Lex; we’re really having a baby,” Clarke said with a huge grin on her face as she cupped Lexa’s cheeks and crashed their lips together.


Ten minutes later, the couple had pictures of the ultrasound in hand and many thoughts about their future running through their heads.





Later that evening, after taking in a stroll around the National Mall, Clarke and Lexa were cuddled together on the couch in their suite, enjoying the view of the marina when they finally broached the topic they had both been thinking about since their doctor’s appointment.


“I want to get married before the baby’s born,” they blurted out at the same time causing each other to chuckle.


“Well, I’m glad to see we feel the same way,” Clarke said after a moment.


“Me too, but, Clarke, how do we make that work? I know we planned for being apart this year if you got into Hopkins but not we have a baby on the way and we want to get married sooner rather than later and…Clarke, how are we supposed to do it all if we’re not even in the same state?”


“Babe, we’re going to be in the same state. I’m going to defer Hopkins for a year. I already emailed my contact in the admissions office and explained our situation and she understood and agreed that I could defer a year and enter Hopkins as a third-year student. There’s no way I’d miss a moment of this pregnancy or leave you to deal with it alone and there’s definitely no way I’m getting married and then spending most of our first year of marriage away from you.”


“Clarke, I can’t…no I won’t ask you to do that and when did you even have time to contact Hopkins?”


“You are not asking me, I’m simply making the best decision for our family and I emailed them while you went to the bathroom at lunch.”


“Hopkins is your dream though.”


“And it’s a dream that I will still achieve but right now I’m more concerned with this dream right here,” Clarke said as she gently brought her hands around to Lexa’s still flat stomach.”


“You’re sure?”


“Completely. When I told you I loved you for the first time, I told you I wanted everything with you and I meant it then and I mean it now. Nothing is more important to me than us and our family. If the roles were reversed we both know you’d be doing the same.”


“I love you, you know that, right?”


“Mhmm and I love you. We are going to have an amazing life Lexa, all three of us.”





The next day, the couple found themselves at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum which had been on both Clarke and Lexa’s “must see” list. As they made their way through the museum, they were horrified with things they learned that they had never known about the holocaust before. Towards the end of their self-guided tour though, they encountered a woman who would change their lives forever.


“My mother was one of those babies in the camps,” a woman said as she came to stand next to Clarke and Lexa who were looking at a photo of children in one of the concentration camps.


“I can’t imagine what that must have been like for both your mother and grandparents,” Clarke said without a second thought.


“I honestly don’t know. My grandparents were engaged to be married when the Nazi’s took control and began putting our people into the camps. They tried to get married immediately but they were taken from their homes and when they arrived at the camp they were separated. It was taboo back then to have a child out of wedlock but when the world goes to hell, things happen,” the woman said with a humorless chuckle.


“What happened to your grandparents and mother, if you don’t mind me asking,” Lexa asked.


“I don’t know what happened to my grandfather. Since they were never married my grandmother had a difficult time gaining access to any information about my grandfather and with no living members of his family my grandmother had no way to prove my mom was his child either. We believe he was killed in the camp though. My grandmother made it out with my mother. Others in the camp helped my grandmother hide her pregnancy and my mother once she was born. Thankfully the Allies arrived before anyone found out about my mother. The camps haunted my grandmother until her final moments though. She always told me she regretted not marrying my grandfather as soon as possible instead of trying to plan the perfect ceremony.”


“That’s heartbreaking,” Clarke said as she and Lexa both felt deeply for the woman before them and her family.


“It is…if you don’t mind me asking, are you two married? I couldn’t help but notice the ring on your finger,” the woman said as she gestured towards Lexa’s engagement ring.


“We’re engaged as of only a few days ago actually,” Lexa said with a smile as she made heart eyes at Clarke.


“Congratulations. Don’t let the desire for a perfect wedding delay your happiness though. I often wonder if things could have been different if my grandparents had married instead of planning the perfect ceremony.”


Hearing the woman’s words, and her story, Lexa and Clarke both couldn’t help but feel their hearts break at the thought of what they would do if something prevented them from marrying and ending up in a situation like the woman’s grandparents. Life was far too short and they didn't want to waste it. Both women knew they wanted to be married and they knew they didn’t care about the ceremony itself because all that matter to them was being the other’s wife.


“Clarke, I don’t want to wait to get married. I don’t want to risk us not being married when our child is born and I don’t want to live another day without being your wife.”


“I feel the same, Lexa. I’ve wanted to marry you since I was twelve years old and I would gladly marry you right here, right now.”


“Then marry me, Clarke, marry me tomorrow.”


“Lexa, we’d need a marriage license and there’s probably a waiting period between getting the license and being able to get married and…”


“Clarke, do you want to marry me tomorrow?”


“Absolutely,” Clarke said without hesitation.


“Then we will figure it out and make it happen.”


“Actually, I can help you ladies out with that,” the woman, who the couple had almost forgotten was there, said.


“How,” a stunned Clarke and Lexa asked.


“Allow me to properly introduce myself, I’m Madison Anastasia Behr and I’m a Superior Court Judge here in D.C. I’m authorized to perform weddings here and I can tell you there is no waiting period after obtaining your marriage license. If you’d like, I’d be more than happy to marry you and I can arrange for you to get your license first thing in the morning too.”


“You would really do that for us,” Lexa asked stunned.


“Yes. I felt the need to visit the museum today and I couldn’t understand why I felt drawn here because I usually only come on my grandmother’s birthday, but now I know. I think I was meant to meet you both so I could give you what my grandparents never had.”


“Thank you, we really appreciate it,” Clarke said genuinely.


“Here, meet me at this address at eight tomorrow morning and we will get you your license. Then you’re going to go here and get ask for Hector, he will get you both the best wedding apparel you can dream of. Once your outfits are squared away, we’ll perform the ceremony in the ceremonial courtroom,” Madison said.


“We can’t ask you to do all of that for us,” Clarke said.


“You are not asking, I’m offering. I believe I was meant to meet you today so I could do this for you, so please let me.”


After having a silent conversation with their eyes, Clarke and Lexa agreed to Madison’s terms, but on the condition that she allowed them to take her to dinner that evening as a thank you. They would ultimately spent that night learning much more about Madison and her family, especially her grandparents. It turned out that her grandparents had been childhood sweethearts just like Clarke and Lexa. By the time they said their goodbyes for the evening, the couple knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that being married on Monday, August 15, 2011, was meant to be. 





When Clarke and Lexa woke on August 15th, they woke happier than ever because they were getting married that day. True to her word, Madison ensured they were able to obtain their marriage license at 8:00 a.m. and immediately after the met with Hector, who made sure both women left with the perfect wedding attire, attire he also made sure the other didn’t see.


They had arranged to meet Madison at the courthouse at 1:00 p.m., but they arrived at noon to get ready. Each had their own room to get ready in and by 2:00 p.m. they were both ready to get married. Judge Behr was standing at the front of the courtroom, dressed in her black robe while Clarke came to stand to the judge’s left wearing navy three-piece pinstripe suit, a look Lexa had always said would look amazing on her, with a white button-up shirt and a simple black cross-over tie. Her hair was left primarily down with one braid on either side of her head that joined at the back of her head then flowed freely with the rest of her soft blonde waves. As soon as Clarke was in position, the judge’s two clerks, who were acting as the witnesses, hit play on the traditional wedding march song they had set up on a computer and Lexa made her entrance. Lexa was wearing a beautiful Stella York gown that was an updated and modern take on a sexy silhouette and carrying a simple bouquet of white lilies while her brunette curls hung loose and over one shoulder. Lace and tulle created a figure slimming shape while shimmering beadwork and scalloped lace set the dress apart from anything Clarke had seen before. The neckline was plunging, showing off all of Lexa’s assets, and was adorned with bugle beads and shimmering water pearls. Clarke would have sworn Lexa was a literal Greek goddess in the dress. As soon as she was close enough, Clarke reached for Lexa’s hands and both moved to stand before the other, huge grins on their faces.


“You are a literal goddess, my love,” Clarke whispered to her soon-to-be wife causing her to blush.


“Thank you, Clarke, but you…you truly are a work of art. I knew pinstripes would look good on you.”


“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join these two women in holy matrimony. Marriage is a truly sacred union between individuals who love each other unconditionally and is not to be taken lightly. Clarke Aurora Griffin, do you stand before us and God today with the intention to marry this woman before you?”


“Yes,” Clarke easily said.


“And do you, Alexandria Jasmine Woods, stand before us and God today with the intention to marry this woman before you?”


“Yes,” Lexa said without hesitation.


“Before we proceed, if anyone here has just cause for why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace,” Judge Behr said before pausing for a moment before continuing when no one spoke. “It is my understanding that you both wish to recite your own vows. Clarke, you may begin.”


“Lexa, they say getting married on a Monday means wealth, and it must be true because you’ve already made me the wealthiest person in the universe. We may not be the richest, but we are the wealthiest because of the love you give me, and have given me since we were twelve years old. I was ashamed of who I was for my entire childhood. My biological mother and step-father made their disgust over me being a girl with a penis known and they made sure I knew I wasn’t normal and that no one would ever love me. Then I finally got to live with my dad, true mother and siblings and that led me to you. You accepted me, all of me, from day one and you showed me each and every day how much you cared for and ultimately loved me, even before you said the words. You are my best friend, the love of my life, my soulmate and now the mother of my child. You have given me so much more than most ever get in a lifetime and because of that, we will always be wealthy. I have loved you since I was twelve and I will love you until the end of time. No matter what challenge life throws at us we will face it together. For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, I will be by your side, this I vow to you. And it may not be traditional, but, I have a vow for you and our little raspberry too. I vow to be the best mother I can be, every day. I vow to be your equal partner in parenting and I vow to wake up in the middle of the night with our little miracle, change diapers, feed them, bathe them and clothe them. You will never be alone in this Lexa, not during this pregnancy, the birth or any of it. I vow to truly be your equal partner in this. I love you both so much and I vow to do so until the end of time,” Clarke passionately said even as tears welled in her eyes.


“Lexa, you may now recite your vows,” Judge Behr said after wiping her own tears from hearing Clarke’s words.


“God, how am I supposed to follow that up,” Lexa said with a chuckle as Clarke gave her a reassuring hand squeeze. “Clarke, you told me that the day we met you told your family you were going to marry me one day; what you don’t know is that I told my family I was going to marry you one day that night too. We’ve known we were meant to be from that very first day and every day since I’ve known we would end up here one day. Before meeting you, I thought love was weakness because of what my biological parents did to me but from day one you showed me that love is strength. Your love for me and mine for you makes me strong, makes us strong, and I know there is nothing we can’t accomplish together. My love for you grows each day and now, not only will I finally be able to call you my wife but I get to call you my baby mama. Clarke, for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, I will be by your side, this I vow to you. And as you so beautifully said, I vow to be your equal partner in parenting. I vow to share the workload with you, although I think I’ll be holding you to those vows about getting up in the middle of the night,” Lexa said with a chuckle. “I vow to be the best mother and partner I can be and I vow to love you until the end of time. I love you and our little raspberry so much,” she finished as tears welled in her eyes.


“I have presided over many weddings in my time and I must say those may be the most genuine and heartfelt vows I have ever heard. Now, it is my understanding that you each have purchased rings for the other,” Judge Behr asked as the couple looked at each other surprised and then began to chuckle not at the least surprised they each had found time to buy rings.


“Clarke, repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.”


“Lexa, I knew this ring was meant for you the second I saw it. The same designer who created your engagement ring created this so it would pair perfectly with your engagement ring and I hope you like it,” Clarke said as she slid the black gold band with small black diamonds around the band on Lexa’s finger before turning to smile at the judge and finally repeating the words she was told to repeat. “With this ring, I thee wed.”


“It’s beautiful, Clarke,” Lexa gasped as she looked at the new ring on her finger.


“Not nearly as beautiful as you,” Clarke said back as she placed a kiss to Lexa’s knuckles.


“Lexa, repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.”


“Clarke, I have two rings to give to you. First, your engagement ring. I saw this one day a couple months ago, and knew it was meant for you, so I used the money I had been saving up and bought it and its matching wedding band, but you proposed to me first so I thought I’d save these for another special occasion and well, what’s more special than our wedding,” Lexa rhetorically asked with a slight chuckle as she slid the 14k rose gold princess cut diamond engagement ring that featured delicate vines adorned with sparkling round diamonds and marquise diamond buds that reached for the center gem on Clarke’s finger. “Second, I have your wedding band,” she said as she slid the matching rose gold band with small diamonds around the band on Clarke’s finger. “With this ring, I thee wed.”


“Lex, these are beautiful,” Clarke said in shocked awe, not having expected Lexa to have rings for her.


“Their beauty pales in comparison to you, love.”


“The love between you both is a beautiful thing to witness and I feel honored to be a part of this moment for you. Having stated your intention, exchanged your vows and rings, by the power vested in me by the District of Columbia, it is my honor to now pronounce you wife and wife. You may kiss your bride.”


As soon as the words were out of Madison’s mouth, Clarke and Lexa crashed their lips together in a kiss full of fiery passion. When they finally broke apart, due to their need for air, both women were grinning at each other widely.


“We did it! We’re married, Lex!”


“You’re my wife, Clarke!”


“For the first time anywhere, it is my pleasure to introduce Mrs. and Mrs. Griffin-Woods!”


End Flashback – Present



“Wow,” Madi and Aden said in awe.


“Yea, had Aunt Diana not been there that night we may have never met Judge Madison Behr and we wouldn’t have had the most perfect wedding for us,” Clarke said.


“What do you mean,” Madi asked.


“Originally, we were only going to be in D.C. for a shorter period of time, so we didn’t think we’d have time to go to the Holocaust Museum but when Diana extended our trip, we were able to go there and meet the woman who changed our lives,” Lexa said.


“Why did you get married without Grandpa Gus, Grandpa Jake, Grandma Indra and Grandma Aurora though,” Aden asked.


“You both are too young to really know what the Holocaust was, but a lot of good people died because of bad people who couldn’t accept that everyone is different and only wanted to be surrounded by people like them. Meeting Madison, and hearing about how her grandparents never got to get married because they were separated in the Holocaust made us realize that planning a big lavish wedding was not what was important; what was important was being married and being a legal family,” Clarke explained.


“All we needed was each other and our love to have the perfect wedding and we had that and so much more,” Lexa added.


“And you named me after the lady who married you?”


“We did. Madison changed our lives the day we met and she taught us to always cherish our loved ones and to not waste time on material things like big fancy weddings because that’s not what’s important in life. So, when we found out you were going to be a girl we knew we wanted to name you after her,” Lexa said.


“What about my middle name? Aden’s middle name is Jacob and comes from Grandpa Jake but what about mine?”


“Your middle name comes from Grandma Aurora’s mom. Her name was Alycia and she was the person who always encouraged your grandma to fight for her dreams which is something she made sure was instilled in me, Uncle Bellamy and Aunt Octavia so Mama and I decided to honor her by using her name as your middle name.”


“Wow, that’s so cool,” Madi said, clearly happy with the explanation of where her name came from. “What about your second wedding though?”


“The full story of our second wedding is one that should be told when your grandparents, aunt and uncles are here. But, what we’ll tell you now is that we didn’t hide that we were married when we returned to Seattle at the end of the month so we could both begin the school year. Aunt Anya and Uncle Lincoln picked us up from the airport, and since we were not going to hide our marriage our rings were proudly displayed on our ring fingers, and your aunt noticed we both had rings immediately. She thought I had just gotten Mom an engagement ring but then she noticed the wedding bands. Let’s just say she freaked out and the second we walked through the door of Grandpa Jake and Grandma Aurora’s house, where everyone was waiting for us for a surprise welcome home party, Aunt Anya yelled that we had eloped and all hell broke loose, but in the end, everyone was happy for us. You’ve already heard how excited they were about our engagement so you can imagine how much they had already been looking forward to our wedding so, the next day, your grandmothers decided we were going to have another wedding so they could attend and the rest is history,” Lexa explained.


“Was your second wedding better than your first,” Aden asked.


“No, our first wedding was the best because that’s the day we actually got married. It was simple yet beautiful and will always be one of the happiest days of our lives,” Clarke said as she looked at Lexa lovingly.


“Our second wedding was nice, but, it was more for our families who wanted to watch us exchange vows in person. Our first wedding was for us and when you both get married one day, remember that your wedding is for you and no one else. Only your love for your partner matters, okay,” Lexa said.


“Okay, Mama,” Madi and Aden said at the same time.


“Now, how about we pick a movie and enjoy a nice movie together,” Clarke suggested a moment later.


“I’ve never seen a movie before,” Madi quietly admitted as Aden cheered his mommy’s suggestion and reached for the remote so he could pick a movie like his moms usually let him do.


“You’ve never seen a movie,” Aden asked his sister completely shocked at her admission.


“No,” the little girl sadly said.


“Here, Madi,” Aden said as he handed the controller to his sister, “you can pick the movie then. I can show you how to use this to find the good movies too.”


A soft smile spread across Madi’s face at her little brother’s gesture and before she could express her gratitude, Aden was already showing her how to use the controller to find a movie. Lexa and Clarke watched on as their children looked for a movie, their hearts full of love for their children and pride in Aden for his heartfelt gesture towards Madi.


Ultimately, Madi selected Frozen after she saw Aden’s eyes light up when he saw the title and she was not disappointed by the movie. Movie night with the Griffin-Woods clan was a huge success. For their very first night together, there wasn’t anything any of them would change. But, as they went to sleep that night, Clarke’s wheels were turning because her wife may not have realized the date, but, the following day was their tenth wedding anniversary and she was determined to make it special for her wife.

Chapter Text

“Good morning, Chief,” Clarke greeted Dr. Miranda Bailey the second she walked through the doors of Seattle Grace’s main entrance at 4:00 a.m.


“Clarke! God, you scared me,” Bailey said as she looked up from her phone, clearly not having expected anyone to be waiting for her.


“I’m sorry; I just wanted to catch you before your six o’clock surgery.”


“I see. What is it I can do for you, Clarke?”


“Today is mine and Lexa’s tenth wedding anniversary and I really want to make it special but I need your help to make that happen.”


“How exactly can I help with that,” Bailey asked with an arched brow.







After a very successful talk with Chief Bailey, Clarke returned to her wife’s room just before 5:00 a.m. As she entered the room she heard Scout’s soft cries indicating that her daughter was waking up and ready for her next feeding. While approaching the bassinet she looked over to the bed Madi and Aden had elected to share the night before to make sure they were still asleep when she realized Madi was no longer in the bed. Before she could panic though, she heard her youngest daughter stop whimpering again and the sight that met her eyes melted her heart. Madi had lifted Scout from her bassinet and was already feeding her a bottle. Clarke couldn’t help but silently watch her eldest daughter take such careful care of her youngest.


“Shh, I’ve got you Scout. You really like your bottle, don’t you? I’m glad you like it. I watched Mom make it last night and made sure to copy her exactly. I hope I can be a good big sister to you, but I’m scared. I’ve never been a big sister before and I wanna be a good one so Mom and Mama don’t send me away…”


As soon as she heard her daughter brokenly say that she wanted to be a good big sister so they didn’t send her away, Clarke’s heart broke and she immediately jumped into action.


“Madi, we love you unconditionally and nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever make us send you away. You are home now and home is where you will stay,” Clarke said in such a heartfelt, yet serious, manner that Madi had no choice but to believe her mother’s words. “And for the record, you are already an amazing big sister. Thank you for feeding Scout.”


“I wanted to be helpful and I watched you make it before so I knew what to do.”


“I know sweetheart. I love that you want to help, but you don’t have to help with Scout to earn your place in this family or make us love you. You have been a part of this family since the moment you were conceived and we love you because you are you. I love you, Madi,” Clarke passionately said as she carefully pulled her daughter in for a hug, being mindful of her youngest still cradled in her eldest child’s arms.


“I love you too, Mom,” Madi said tearfully as Scout finished her bottle. “Can you show me how to burp her? I watched you and Mama do it but I’m not really sure how to do it myself.”


“Sure, sweetie. Let me take Scout and then you can go sit in the glider chair, okay?” As soon as Madi had followed Clarke’s instructions, Clarke, who now had Scout in her arms, approached the glider chair. “Okay, Madi, I’ll help you, but, you’re going to hold Scout like this,” she said as she laid Scout over her shoulder, “and then you lightly tap her back or rub circles on it, like this,” she continued to explain as she demonstrated the burping technique. “Now you try,” Clarke said as she positioned Scout properly on Madi’s shoulder and kept a steady hand on her little girl to help hold her as Madi began to try and burp her sister. “That’s it! You did such a good job,” Clarke praised her daughter a few moments later when Scout burped.


“I think she’s sleeping again already,” Madi said as Clarke took Scout over again and placed her back in her bassinet.


“She is. She tends to fall back asleep after her morning feed. Mama says she gets it from me because I can fall asleep just about anytime and anywhere.”


“I can do that too,” Madi happily said, thrilled to know she had something in common with her mom.


“You are my daughter so I am not surprised at all.”


“Where’d you do this morning, Mom,” Madi asked a moment later. “I heard you leave so I stayed up to make sure everyone was okay but I got scared when you didn’t come right back,” Madi admitted as she nervously bit her bottom lip.


“I’m sorry I woke you; I thought I was being quiet.”


“You were. It’s just…I had to learn to be able to be aware of stuff around me even when sleeping so I’m kind of a light sleeper I guess.”


“So is your mama. I think the only reason I could slip out of bed without waking her was because she’s still on medicine to help her sleep at night after the accident. To answer your question though, I went to talk with my boss.”


“Why’d you have to talk to your boss so early?”


“Well, today is August 15th and do you remember what that day is?”


Madi crinkled her brows in thought, much like her mothers did, when suddenly a lightbulb went off and she remembered the importance of the day.


“It’s the day you married Mama,” Madi whispered shouted, being mindful of her sleeping mama, brother and sister.


“That’s right. Mama and I have been married for ten years today and I was hoping my boss could help me make it extra special for Mama.”


“Can your boss help?”


“Yes, she can, but, I need yours, Aden’s and Scout’s help too. Do you think you guys can help me?”


“We get to help?”


“You sure do. Do you think you and your little brother and sister are up for the challenge,” Clarke asked conspiratorially.




“Awesome. So, here’s what we’re going to do…”





Lexa woke just after 7:00 a.m. and instantly frowned when she felt cold sheets next to her. When she opened her eyes, her frown only deepened when she realized Clarke, Madi, Aden and Scout were all nowhere to be found.


“Where are they and how did Clarke manage to get all three kids ready and out of the room without waking me up,” Lexa mused as she continued to look around the room until her eyes settled on a note on the bedside table she was able to reach.





You looked too peaceful to wake, my love. The children and I have gone to get us some real breakfast to enjoy since it is our first morning all together. We’ll be back by 7:30. We love you.



Clarke, Madi, Aden & Scout



“Leave it to Clarke to manage to wrangle three kids early in the morning just to make sure we don’t have to eat hospital food for our first breakfast all together,” Lexa said with a chuckle while shaking her head.





True to her word, Clarke and all three children returned just before 7:30 a.m.


“Look, Mama’s awake,” Clarke beamed at her children as soon as blue met green.


“Mama,” Madi and Aden exclaimed as they rushed to their mama’s side.


“Good morning, my loves.”


“Good morning, Mama,” Madi said as she leaned in to kiss Lexa’s cheek.


“’Morning Mama,” Aden mumbled as he copied his sister and kissed Lexa’s other cheek.


“Good morning, baby,” Clarke sweetly said after she set the bags of food down on the nearby table and then approached Lexa, leaning in gently to peck her lips before handing Scout to her as she was holding her good arm out, clearly wanting to hold her youngest child.


“It is a good morning, isn’t it? I haven’t been this happy in a long time and it’s all because we are all together. But, your note said you were getting us a real breakfast and it smells amazing and Mama’s hungry,” Lexa said with an adorable pout on her face at the food not yet being taken out of the bags.


“We got soooo much food, Mama,” Aden exclaimed.


“Yea, Joe said you and Mom used to beg him to make you breakfast so much that now he opens for a few hours early in the morning for the doctors, first responders and their families in the area,” Madi added happily.


“Wait. Clarke, did you take our kids to a bar,” Lexa asked incredulously.


“I mean technically, but, it’s Joe’s, Lex, it was our spot and I know how much you loved when Joe would make us breakfast and…”


“Babe, I’m not mad; a little sad I missed the kids meeting Joe, but not mad. I think it’s really sweet you got us breakfast from there,” Lexa said with a chuckle. “But, you better have gotten me…”


“Joe’s special farm fresh egg omelette with crisp bacon, sautéed tomatoes, fresh spinach and parmesan cheese? Yes, I got one for you. In fact, I got one for all of us because Madi and Aden insisted we all have one. I also got us seasoned breakfast potatoes, triple berry pancakes and an extra helping of bacon. Oh! Joe also sent us back with a pitcher’s worth of fresh squeezed orange juice and your favorite French vanilla latte for you,” Clarke said with a smile as she began moving things around so everyone could cuddle together on the bed and eat their breakfast from the various tray tables about the room that could reach across the bed.




“Oh my God! I forgot how amazing this omelette is,” Lexa moaned as she tasted her first bite a few minutes later.


“It’s so good,” Aden said around his mouthful of his omelette.


“Aden, don’t speak with your mouth full; chew and swallow first, bud,” Lexa gently chastised her son.


“Sorry, Mama,” he said once he had swallowed his food.


“Madi, do you like your omelette,” Clarke asked a little worried about Madi’s state of total silence.


“I’ve never had a real breakfast before,” she quietly admitted. “They only fed me twice a day, but Uncle Ro would bring me extra food when he visited; that’s why I’m so little. After Uncle Bellamy’s people got me they gave me breakfast bars or cereal but never something like this. This is…this is the best thing I’ve ever tasted,” Madi exclaimed, pure happiness clear in her voice as quickly shoved another bite into her mouth.


“We’re glad you like it, sweetheart; this is just the first of many amazing breakfasts you will have because every day we have a proper breakfast in this family. Joe’s may not actually be a breakfast restaurant but he does make one heck of an omelette and his triple berry pancakes are the best I’ve ever had too,” Lexa sweetly said.


“I like breakfast; it’s the best! Can we have these pancakes every day,” Madi asked with a wide grin.


“You truly are your mother’s child,” Lexa said gleefully as she shook her head. “She used to ask if we could have those pancakes every day after Joe made them the first time for us.”


“What can I say, I have great taste in pancakes,” Clarke said with a grin.


“I think the omelette is the best. Can we have it every day,” Aden tried with a girn.


“And you are truly your mama’s child,” Clarke said with a chuckle.


“At least one of our kids takes after my preferred breakfast choices.”


“Well, I happen to think our children are all a perfect mix of us and most importantly, they’re all amazing and perfect just the way they are,” Clarke said lovingly as she looked at each of her children with a smile full of love and adoration.


“That they are. I love you all so much,” Lexa said sincerely.


“And we love you just as much,” Clarke replied sweetly as Madi and Aden nodded their heads and Scout gurgled seemingly in approval.





At 9:00 a.m. on the dot, Chief of Staff Doctor Miranda Bailey strode into Lexa’s hospital room, effectively ending the tranquil family time the Griffin-Woods clan had been enjoying, all while Clarke and the children continued to not tell Lexa what day it was.


“Good morning,” Bailey cheerily said as she took in the scene of Clarke and Lexa telling their children a story, character specific voices and hand gestures and all.


“Morning, Chief! What brings you by this morning,” Clarke asked even though she knew exactly why Bailey was there.


“I had some news that I wished to share with you myself.”


“Is everything okay,” Lexa asked worriedly.


“Everything is more than okay. Your incision is healing quicker than expected, you are only taking the minimum dose of medication and you have passed every test to be discharged. We’ve also reviewed all of Scout’s test results and she’s ready to go home too. So, congratulations you all are officially discharged and can finally go home,” Bailey said with a huge smile.


“Really? We get to go home, all of us,” Lexa asked completely not having expected that news.


“Yes, Lexa, you all get to go home. And, per your wife’s request, Lexie stopped and picked up clothes for all of you as well. I’ll leave them and your discharge papers here and as soon as you are ready, you can finally go home.”


“Thank you! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be told I can go home,” Lexa said with a beaming smile.


“Thank you, Bailey; I’ve never been so happy to be told to leave here,” Clarke said with a chuckle eluding to how she had to be forced to leave the hospital since returning to Seattle as she hated going home to a house that didn’t have her family in it.


“I trust this means your father, mother and I will no longer have to force you to leave after your shifts or send you home when you come in on your days off,” Bailey asked with an arched brow.


“Nope! I’m going to be running out of here at the end of every shift from now on, eager to get home to my amazing wife and children,” Clarke replied as her grin grew impossibly wider.


“I’m glad to hear it. I'll leave you to it. Clarke, I assume you will want to wheel your wife out yourself?”




“Alright then. I hope to see you all at the next Seattle Grace family day, if not before then. If any of you need anything though, Ben and I are only a phone call away and our boys would be more than happy to watch the kids if you ever need a babysitter.”


“Thanks, Bailey,” Clarke said before Bailey left the family to their own devices.


“Mom? Mama? Do we really get to go home now? Like a house that’s just for us?”


“Yes, Madi. We get to go home, our forever home, where we are going to make so many good memories together,” Lexa assured her daughter.


“But, Mama, how do we have a house here? We just got here the day Mommy found us.”


“Mama and I grew up here, in Seattle, remember? Seattle is where we fell in love and it’s where we always wanted to truly settle down. It’s where the three of you were born too. Seattle is home. We even planned out what our dream house would look like here when the time came,” Clarke said.


“Then why did we live in Polis?”


“Sometimes it’s hard for girls to have the same opportunities that boys get because some people think boys do things better,” Clarke began to explain.


“But that’s silly, Mommy; girls can do what boys can do and boys can do what girls can do, right?”


“That’s right, baby boy. Sadly though, not everyone believes that and a lot of boys think girls can’t be firefighters. I had gotten promoted to Captain only a few days before my twenty-fifth birthday. I was the youngest Captain in Seattle FD history, but not long after my promotion I was told by the man who was the head of the Seattle Fire Department back then that I would never get promoted again because firefighting was ‘work for men and not little ladies’. Mommy and I then decided that I would look at other fire departments to see if one would give me a chance for further promotion with the goal of one day returning here. A couple months before we moved to Polis, the Polis Fire Department offered me a job that allowed me to keep my rank as Captain and guaranteed promotion if I earned it. Mommy was on track to be Chief of Trauma Surgery here at Seattle Grace, but as soon as she heard I was offered the chance at further promotion in the future, she tendered her resignation and started looking for a job in Polis. Thankfully, she was able to find a position at Polis General a few weeks before we moved.”


“And I’d like to correct the ignorance of my predecessor, if you’ll allow,” a tall and muscular blonde man, who Lexa and Clarke hadn’t seen since before they moved to Polis, said as he stepped into the room.


“Chief Ripley? What are you doing here,” Lexa asked in complete shock.


“Lincoln finally filed his report from the train derailment and you can imagine my surprise when he listed you and Aden as survivors.”


“We’ve been trying to keep it under wraps as much as possible,” Clarke was quick to say.


“I understand that and I understand if you don’t want to hear me out, but, I was hoping to speak with you before you’re discharged about returning to Seattle FD once you’re medically cleared.”


“I honestly haven’t even thought about returning to work anywhere yet. In all honesty, I’ve been focused on my recovery and making up for lost time with my family,” Lexa began before taking a deep breath. “Chief, with all due respect, you were a fantastic Battalion Chief who didn’t treat me any differently for being a female, but I can’t come back knowing that I hit my glass ceiling already. What example would I be setting for my children if I returned knowing that I can never break through the glass ceiling set by Chief Williams?”


“I guess it’s a good thing that Chief Williams was forced to retire last week and the new Fire Chief is more progressive and believes women are just as capable as men.”


“Who’s the new Fire Chief,” Lexa asked skeptically.


“Me,” Chief Ripley said with a grin.


“No way,” Clarke said at the same time that Lexa said, “Is this for real?!”


“It’s for real. I am no longer Deputy Chief Lucas Ripley; now I am Fire Chief Lucas Ripley. I run the show now.”


“Congratulations! I always said you’d make an amazing Chief of Seattle FD.”


“That you did Chief Griffin-Woods,” Chief Ripley said with a smirk.


“I’m sorry, can you repeat that,” Lexa said positive she had to have misheard.


“I called you Chief Griffin-Woods, as in Battalion Chief for Station 13. With my promotion came a few others and now Station 13 is in need of a Battalion Chief and you are my top choice.”


“Why me? I haven’t been active in nearly a year.”


“Lexa, you were not only the youngest Captain in Seattle FD history, you were our best Captain, and according to Polis’ current Fire Chief, they were preparing to promote you to Battalion Chief of their busiest house but then…well you know what happened. You’ve earned this, Lexa. So, what do you say?”


“I…Clarke, can we swing this?”


“Baby, you always wanted to be Chief of Seattle FD one day and this promotion brings you one step closer to that goal. I can work my schedule around when your shifts and off days are, just like I did before, and if we both have to work the hospital’s day care can be used or I’m sure one of our family members or friends would be happy to watch the kids. I support you, no matter what decision you make, but you deserve this.”


Lexa knew she wanted to accept the position, but she didn’t want to give up time with her family. Looking at her wife and children though, she couldn’t ignore their encouraging faces full of beaming smiles. Seeing her children’s faces she knew what the right choice was and slowly a smile spread across her lips.


“I expect my salary to be one hundred percent equal to my male counterparts with comparable experience.”


“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


“And I want my contract to include guaranteed time off on Christmas Eve, Christmas, my children’s birthdays and my anniversary unless there is a situation severe enough that I truly am needed. My family is the most important thing to me and I won’t miss those special days with them.”


“I can agree to that.”


“And Lincoln does not get transferred out because he’s my brother. If Captain Herrera and his daughter can work out of that house together then so can my brother and I.”


“I couldn’t agree more. Does this mean you accept,” Chief Ripley asked hopefully.


“Yes,” Lexa said as her smile grew wider.


“Yay Mama,” Aden squealed.


“Congrats, Mama,” Madi cheered.


“I’m so proud of you baby,” Clarke cooed as she kissed Lexa passionately, but chastely.  


“Welcome back to the Seattle Fire Department, Chief Griffin-Woods. Your swearing in will be next Monday. Before you ask, I’m having you sworn in now so you can be placed on maternity leave and earn your salary while you spend this crucial time with your new addition and focus on your recovery. Chief Williams was unfair to you so this is the least we can do.”


“Thank you for this opportunity, Chief.”


“No need to thank me; you’ve more than earned this, Lexa. Oh, and one last thing, you’re a Battalion Chief now, you can call me Ripley instead of Chief.”


“Okay then, Ripley,” Lexa said with a grin.


“I’ll talk to you soon,” Ripley said before leaving the room.




“I can’t believe that just happened,” Lexa said a few moments after Ripley left.


“You’re a boss lady now, Mama,” Aden chirped.


“Where did you hear that term,” Clarke said with a chuckle.


“Uncle Linc used to say Mama was a boss lady cause she had a fancy title at work and she just got a fancy title so she’s a boss lady.”


“I can’t argue with that logic. God, I am so happy for you, Lex, and so so proud of you.”


“Thank you, baby. This feels like a dream.”


“It’s not a dream, Mama, it’s real,” Madi said with a shy smile as Scout gurgled as if to agree with her sister.


“You are very right, Madi, it is real. I do wonder about one thing though.”


“What’s that, babe,” Clarke asked.


“Ripley said the Polis Fire Chief told him they were going to promote me there, but according to Mom, Roan is the Polis Fire Chief. He got the job right after everyone thought I died.”


“So, Roan knows you’re alive unless Ripley made up an excuse for why he was asking about you,” Clarke said in understanding.


“Don’t worry, Mama, Uncle Ro won’t let any bad guys hurt you,” Madi said confidently.


“What makes you say that, sweetheart,” Lexa asked her daughter.


“Cause he said he had to do his best to protect me because he didn’t protect you when you were a kid and he said he wished he had been able to protect you from the fire so if he knows the truth then he’s gonna protect you to prove himself,” Madi state matter-of-factly.


“Uncle Ro was really good to you, wasn’t he,” Lexa asked.


“As much as he could, yeah. I love Uncle Ro and I miss him, but I’d rather miss Uncle Ro and ‘Tari and get to be with you, Mom, Aden and Scout than be with them and not be with you guys,” Madi admitted making her mothers’ hearts melt.


“Maybe one day we can all be together again,” Lexa said as she and Clarke shared a look that both knew to mean that they would need to talk to Roan sooner rather than later if for no other reason than to see if any semblance of a relationship could be salvaged for Madi’s sake.


“That’d be nice,” Madi quietly said before looking at both her moms. “Can we go home now?”


“Yes, baby girl, we can. Come on, let’s get ready and then we can all go home,” Clarke said as she and Lexa shared a soft smile.





Clarke’s Jaguar F-Pace, in matte finish British Racing Green, pulled up to their home just before noon. Lexa, Madi and Aden were all taken away by the large two story home surrounded by natural forestry that overlooked the city below it.


“This is our house,” Madi said in disbelief.


“It’s huge,” Aden added.


“It is our house and all the land you see around it is ours too,” Clarke said with a smile on her face as she watched her children’s expressions in the rearview mirror.


“I’ve never seen a house like this,” Aden said as he continued to take in every detail of the exterior of the home he could see.


“Mommy and I actually designed this house years ago. When we decided we wanted to ultimately live in Seattle we started designing our dream house and this is what we came up with,” Lexa said.


“Can we see it,” Madi asked.


“Yea, babe, can we? I haven’t gotten to see our vision come to life yet either,” Lexa said sweetly.


“I think that can be arranged. Come on, let’s go explore,” Clarke said excitedly.





Leading her family to their front door, Clarke was pleased with the adjustments her brother-in-law and co-workers had installed earlier that day. When Clarke spoke with Bailey early that morning she asked for help to not only make their anniversary special but to make life easier for Lexa while she was confined to the wheelchair. Where there once were only steps leading to a wraparound deck that spanned the length of the front and right side of the home, there was now a wooden ramp over the left side of the steps, that somehow was the exact same shade of wood as the steps and deck. Inside the house, Clarke knew there were other modifications for Lexa.


Walking into the home, the family was immediately greeted by an open floor plan featuring a large living room area with a built-in fireplace, dining room and large kitchen with an eat-in breakfast bar and a pantry off the side of it. The far wall, that had the best view of Seattle, featured a floor to ceiling bullet proof privacy glass window that allowed Clarke and her family to look out the window but others could not look inside.


“This is so cool,” Aden said as he rushed to the floor to ceiling window to take in the view. “Madi, come look! You can see everything from here.”


“There’s so much green and you can see all the buildings but they look so tiny,” Madi said in awe as she came to stand next to her brother.


“Clarke, this is amazing. It’s just like we pictured it.”


“I tried to keep everything just how we planned it. Some things have been updated like the appliances and some of the furniture to keep with the times but I made sure to only pick things I knew you’d approve of too. Oh, and before you ask, yes everything in the kitchen is the absolute latest and greatest, including two ovens, to ensure absolutely anything can be made in it. All the appliances are even fingerprint and smudge proof, which will definitely come in handy with the kids in the house,” Clarke said with a twinkle in her eye.


“It’s perfect Clarke, and look the kids love the floor to ceiling window. It really was an excellent choice.”


“It’s probably my second favorite thing about this house,” Clarke admitted.


“And what could possibly beat that view,” Lexa asked with a quirked brow.


“That,” Clarke said as she pointed to the wall just above the mantle of the fireplace where a large framed photo of her, Lexa and Aden hung.


“Clarke,” Lexa said as she felt herself growing emotional.


“Looking at that picture kept me going. Every time I wanted to give up and just end it so I could be with you and Aden in the afterlife, I’d look at that picture and I knew you wouldn’t want that for me. On other days, that picture filled me with all the good memories we had. That picture was my reminder of the life and love we shared, but now I need one with all of our kids in it.”


“I like the sound of that. Can we see the rest of the house,” Lexa asked hopefully.


“Of course. Madi, Aden, come on let’s go see the other rooms,” Clarke said cheerfully.


“Is there a movie room like you built me before,” Aden asked with the excitement only a four year old could muster.


“Do I have a room here,” Madi shyly asked.


“Yes, sweetheart you do,” Clarke rushed to reassure her daughter.


“Mom and I ordered furniture we thought you’d like the day we learned you were alive and Uncle Lincoln and Mom’s friend Mark came over and set it all up for you. If you don’t like what we picked out though, you tell us and we will get you something you like. The same goes for you Aden; if you don’t like what’s in your room just tell us and we can get something you do like.”


“The only thing we didn’t have done in your room Madi, is painting the walls. When Mama and I designed this house, Aden told us what his dream room was so I painted his walls in accordance with that, but I wasn’t sure how you’d want your walls done so I haven’t painted them yet. I’m a decent artist, so if you want something special painted on your walls I can do it or I can paint it a single color, okay?”


“Okay, Mom,” Madi mumbled clearly not completely believing she had a room in the house that she could make her own.


Hearing the doubt in Madi’s voice, Clarke wanted to go straight upstairs to show her little girl her room, but she knew it would be easier on Lexa if they looked at the rest of the first floor before going to the second floor, or even the basement that held a large indoor gym, that Clarke had decided to add herself. So, Clarke led her family down the hallway that was next to the stairs. Walking down the hallway, everyone could see there were three doors on both the right left side of the hall and a set of double doors at the end of the hall.


“We’ll start here,” Clarke said as she opened the first door on the right, revealing a large playroom with floor to ceiling windows identical to those in the living room along the back wall that was already full of toys, and even a baby jungle gym she had had added for Scout and Jasmine.


“It’s a playroom,” Aden squealed happily as he ran into the room and began checking out all the toys.


“A room where we can just play,” Madi asked in awe.


“Yes, sweetheart. You and your siblings deserve a room where you can just play. Mom and I will buy you guys new toys too as you outgrow some or develop new interests.”


“I know you didn’t get to play a lot before, but I thought you might enjoy Legos. I always loved Legos as a kid. Since you’re a little older than the others, I ordered you the Harry Potter Hogwarts set, a Star Wars set, a Supergirl and Superman set and a Marvel Avengers set. I hope you like them.”


“These are really cool,” Madi said as she looked at the Lego sets Clarke had pointed out. “I think I’d like Legos; Uncle Ro brought me a few Lego blocks once and they were cool.”


“Madi, come look! We have matchbox cars so we can race each other,” Aden squealed in joy as he called his sister over, who immediately went to her brother.


“I think it’s safe to say the playroom is a success,” Lexa said knowingly.


“Yea it is. I can’t wait until we can see all four of them playing around in here. I bet Aden and Madi are going to be so good with Scout and Jasmine.”


“I think it’s a safe bet that they’ll both be amazing with the youngest members of our family. Speaking of Jasmine, do we know when Kane will bring her to us yet,” Lexa asked quietly so Madi and Aden wouldn’t overhear.


“He said we’ll have her today. I’m just waiting for call or text with a time. He’s allowing Raven and Anya to have some time with her since we okayed it. I hope we did the right thing allowing them this time with her.”


“We did. It may be hard for them to let her go but now they can at least have some time with her to tell her they love her, hold her and memorize every detail of her face.”


“Yea, you’re right. I hope our kids react well to the news of another sibling.”


“They will Clarke. Aden may demand a brother though since he’s surrounded only by women, but, just look at how he and Madi have gotten on in the short time she’s been with us. If they can be this close so immediately I have no doubt they will take to Jasmine too and Scout will never know a time when she didn’t have two big sisters and a big brother.”


“I hope so,” Clarke said. “Let’s get the kids and continue our tour,” she added a few moments later knowing if they didn’t pry the kids from the playroom then they would be there for hours.




After wrangling the kids out of the playroom, Clarke showed her family the library and her art room, both of which were on the same side of the hall as the playroom, so they too had floor to ceiling windows on their back walls. Then she showed them the rooms on the left side of the hall. Those rooms were Lexa’s dark room where she could develop photos as she had always had an affinity for taking beautiful pictures, the downstairs bathroom and then finally the movie theater room, which was fully sound proofed and clearly a favorite of the kids. After Aden and Madi tried out every single plush reclining chair and couch in the theater room, they looked at the room at the end of the hall which was a junior master suite intended for guests.




Once they had checked out every room downstairs, they headed to the second floor where the rest of the bedrooms were. To Lexa’s surprise, she found that Clarke had had a stair lift installed so she could easily travel up and down the stairs while her leg healed. Upstairs there were a total of six bedrooms, including Clarke and Lexa’s master suite that featured an extra-large walk-in closet and a large ensuite bathroom with an extra-large soaking tub with every fancy jet feature imaginable and a separate large shower stall with a rain shower head and massaging jets. Madi and Aden didn’t care about the bedrooms that didn’t belong to them or Scout though, so for the time being the master suite and room that had been set up for Jasmine remained unexplored.


The first room they visited was Scout’s, which had a woodland theme with a beautiful mural of the forest and all the woodland creatures on three of the four walls. The fourth wall was where the crib was and Clarke explained that she thought they could put Scout’s name on the wall as well as her first and last ultrasound picture and then a baby picture. The furniture, consisting of a crib, a changing table, a dresser, a small bookshelf and glider chair, was all white and looked beautiful in the room. It also didn’t escape Lexa’s notice that the stuffed lion Clarke had purchased when they started trying for another baby was in the corner of the crib. Madi and Aden meanwhile didn’t really care about the furniture in the room but they were enthralled with the mural their mother had painted. Both traced the outlines of various animals and trees, completely in awe of the display before them.


After the eldest Griffin-Woods children had taken in every detail of the mural, they moved on to Aden’s room. His was Harry Potter themed with a mural of Hogwarts and the castle’s grounds (including the Quidditch pitch) on four walls. He also had a full sized bed that was designed to look just like the beds seen in the dorm rooms in the Harry Potter movies, and naturally his bedding was all Gryffindor themed because they had Griffin in their last name so obviously they were Gryffindors according to Aden. He also had a small bookshelf that was full of his favorite books, a desk with a drawing pad and crayons on it and his favorite stuffed animals from before were laid out on his bed just the way he had always liked them. Needless to say, Aden was in love with his room and hugged both his moms tight telling them thank you over and over again because he remembered them saying they designed the house together.


Next up was Madi’s room, and it was arguably the reveal both Clarke and Lexa were the most worried about. They had selected the furniture together, but how it was arranged and what decorative items were in it were all choices Clarke made and their friends executed for them. As soon as the door was opened and they saw Madi’s slacked jaw and look of amazement, they knew the room was a success even though it still had white walls. She had a full sized bed with an upholstered headboard and Supergirl themed bedding. There was also a small bookshelf filled with books Clarke and Lexa thought their nine year old daughter would enjoy, a desk almost identical to Aden’s that had a drawing pad and colored pencils instead of crayons and a picture of the five of them that was taken at the hospital on the nightstand so Madi would always have a reminder of her family nearby.


“I noticed that you drew Supergirl and her crest when you and Aden were drawing so Mama and I thought you might like a Supergirl room. I thought I could paint either a mural of Supergirl flying over National City on three of the walls then her crest on the remaining wall or a mural of Supergirl saving the day or something else,” Clarke said.


“You paid attention to my drawings,” Madi asked in disbelief.


“Of course we did. Mom and I love your drawings! Mom even put them in a folder so we could put them on the fridge when we came home,” Lexa said with a smile.




“Yes, really. We love you and want to show of your drawings. And Aden, we’re going to hang yours on the fridge too,” Clarke said, making sure her son knew he wasn’t being left out.


“Thanks, Mommy. I really like your blanket, Madi, Supergirl’s really cool,” Aden said.


“Uncle Ro told me about Supergirl. He said she lost everything but then found her family just like he knew I would one day. He also said she saves people and gives them hope. And he said you’re both like Supergirl cause you always help people. He tried to show me an episode of her tv show once too, but Nia stopped him but I was able to see what she looked like, that’s how I knew what to draw. I like her story so I think I’d like a Supergirl room. Can my walls be painted to show her helping people and with her crest on a wall?”


“I can do that. I’ll start working on some sketches so I can get it painted in the next few days. While the paint dries though you’ll need to sleep in one of the guest rooms though, is that okay,” Clarke asked.


“But I’d come back to this room when the paint dries?”


“Yes, baby. This is your room and it always will be,” Lexa assured her daughter.


“That’s right. This is your room,” Clarke added.


“Okay. I’d like that then. Thanks Moms,” Madi said with a soft smile.


“Good. Now, I need to show Mama our room. Do you guys want to see it or do you want to go play in the play room or watch something in the theater room?”


“We can watch Supergirl, Madi! I know how to use the remote to find it,” Aden said wanting to do something nice for his sister.


“Can we do that, Moms?”


“Yes, you can. Mama and I will be down soon, okay?”


“Okay,” the kids chirped before running off to the theater room.





“And this is our room,” Clarke said as she pushed open the double doors and Lexa gasped at what she saw.


The room was designed exactly how they had planned, but what took Lexa’s breath away was what she saw had been added to the room. On their Alaskan King bed was a heart made out of red rose petals, and a tray of chocolate covered strawberries was sitting next to it. There were also ten bouquets of red roses, each with a rainbow rose in the center set up throughout the room creating quiet the romantic setting. When Lexa turned her head to look at her wife, she saw Clarke had grabbed a wrapped package from somewhere and was smiling shyly at her.


“I have loved you for sixteen years and have been lucky enough to call you my wife for ten of those. We may have been kept apart for the past seven months, but my love for you has only continued to grow. Happy Anniversary, Lexa; I love you,” Clarke lovingly said before passionately kissing her wife and handing over the anniversary present she had managed to get on such short notice.


“You remembered,” Lexa said surprised.


“Of course I did. We just told our kids our wedding story, babe, but even if we hadn’t there is no way I would forget the anniversary of the day I finally got to make you my wife.”


“When you and the kids brought me Joe’s for breakfast I thought you were going to tell me happy anniversary then, but when you didn’t I thought maybe your days had all blended together with everything that’s been going on and you didn’t realize what the date was so I didn’t want to say anything and make you feel bad.”


“Breakfast was part of my anniversary plan, yes, but I wanted to be able to tell you happy anniversary when it was just us. And while we’re talking about forgetting dates, don’t think I forgot that the day I found you was your birthday. We will be having a belated birthday celebration once we’re settled in here a bit.”


“Clarke, that’s not necessary.”


“Yes, it is,” Clarke said leaving no room for discussion. “Go ahead and open your gift, Lex.”


Lexa immediately tore the shimmering blue wrapping paper away from the small package before pulling the top off the box inside. When she saw what was inside though, she couldn’t believe her eyes.


“Clarke, how?”


“After I knew you were okay, it dawned on me that we would be spending our anniversary together so I started to think of gift ideas. You mentioned once that even though you don’t like jewelry, you thought one of these necklaces would be nice to have and what better way to celebrate our ten years of marriage by celebrating the life we have built and the children we get to call ours?”


“Clarke, I can’t believe you did this. Seriously though, how?”


“Mr. Henri still runs his family’s jewelry shop downtown and I asked if he could make you one. He finished it within a day or two but then we learned about Madi and Jasmine so I called back and he somehow managed to add them to it before today so it’s complete. Octavia picked it up this morning and dropped it off so I didn’t have to try and sneak out to get it. Do you like it,” Clarke nervously asked.


“Do I like it? Baby, I love it,” Lexa said with so much love and adoration in her voice as she looked at the platinum open heart necklace with Madi, Aden, Jasmine and Scout’s names and birthstones listed in the order the children were born. “Can you help me put it on,” Lexa asked after she admitted every detail of the necklace.


“Of course, love,” Clarke sweetly replied before hooking the necklace around Lexa’s neck.


“Thank you for this, Clarke. I know this isn’t how we normally spend our anniversaries, but what you’ve done with our room with the flowers and the strawberries and this necklace and just bringing us all home today of all days, it’s just…I couldn’t imagine spending today any other way; this is perfect. I love you, Clarke, so so much. Happy Anniversary, my love,” Lexa said with so much emotion before extending her neck forward just enough to capture Clarke’s lips in another kiss that ended all too soon because Scout began to cry in Lexa’s arms.


“Oh, based on that smell, I’d say someone just made a mess in their diaper and needs to be changed. I’ll be right back, babe, and then we can enjoy these strawberries while the other two are still watching Supergirl.


“That sounds like the perfect ending to our mini celebration,” Lexa said lovingly.


“Lex, this is only just the beginning of our celebration. You haven’t seen anything yet, love,” Clarke said before swiftly leaving the room to change Scout’s diaper, leaving a stunned Lexa in her wake.

Chapter Text

While the Griffin-Woods clan was getting acquainted with their home and their matriarchs were beginning to truly celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, two members of their extended family were experiencing one of the most painful days of their lives.


“I can’t do this, Anya; I can’t say goodbye to our little girl,” Raven said through tears as she held her nearly eight month old daughter close to her chest.


“Baby, I don’t want to say goodbye either, but this is what’s best for her. Sometimes being a parent means making difficult and painful decisions; sometimes it means letting go,” Anya said through her own ears as she stroked Jasmine’s dirty blonde hair.


“This is too hard. Why can’t we keep her with us? I read that some women are able to keep their child with them in prison, so why can’t Jasmine stay with us?”


“Raven, we could be in prison for a lot of years and a prison is no place for a child to live. She deserves two parents who can take her to the park and go to her school concerts and plays. She deserves to have siblings too. Babe, she deserves to have the life Lexa and Clarke can give her,” Anya said even though each word broke her heart a little bit more than the last.


“My head knows you’re right, but my heart…my heart just want to keep holding her and never let go.”


“I know. I feel the same, but we have to be strong for Jasmine so she doesn’t get upset. She may only be a few days shy of eight months old but she can tell when we’re upset and it will make her upset too.”


“What if they never tell her about us, Ahn?”


“That will be their decision to make. They are adopting Jasmine and as soon as a judge signs off, they will officially be her parents and it will be up to them. We can only hope that they will tell her about us, but, Raven, you have to be prepared for them telling her why we’re not there and why they adopted her too.”


“She’s going to hate us,” Raven said as her tears began to flow faster.


“Perhaps, but we made our beds. What matters is that Jasmine is going to have an amazing life with two moms who will love her unconditionally and siblings who will adore her. Aden will be an amazing big brother and teach her how to be the best big sister to Scout she can be. Jasmine is going to have everything we ever dreamed of for our child.”


“Except us,” Raven murmured quietly and bitterly.


“Yes, except for us,” Anya agreed before both fell silent. “Rae, I know we don’t have much longer with her, but can I please hold her? I just…I need to be able to hold her too before…before it’s too late,” she admitted as her own despair began to take over.


“I…I…okay,” Raven relented even though she wanted nothing more than to hold her daughter until the last possible moment. “I love you, Jasmine,” she whispered as she placed a kiss to the infant’s forehead before transferring her to Anya’s arms.


“Hey baby girl. I know you’re really confused right now and probably scared. I would be too if I was spending time with people I don’t know. I wish you knew us and I wish we truly knew you. You are one half me and one half Raven and yet we don’t know each other. We may not have carried you, but you are part of us and you are the child we wanted,” Anya told Jasmine as she grew emotional looking into her little girl’s baby blues that were actually more of a blue-green color. “We made mistakes though and those mistakes caused our sisters, Lexa and Clarke who are your mommies, a lot of pain and suffering that was unnecessary. You may share our DNA but they…they are your mommies,” she choked out painfully each time she referred to Lexa and Clarke as Jasmine’s moms and not herself and Raven. “They will love you as if you were biologically their child. You’re going to have an amazing life, little one and I hope one day we can be part of it. I love you, my sweet sweet angel,” she said before placing a kiss to Jasmine’s head.


“Prisoners, stand with your backs against the wall,” a guard announced a moment later as Kane came to stand in front of the cell door of the underground DSO black site just outside of Seattle. “Keep your hands where we can see them at all times,” he continued a moment later.


“Ladies, I’m going to come in now and you are going to hand Jasmine to me so she can go meet her family,” Kane said as the guard opened the cell door. “Please hand her to me,” he said to Anya only a moment later when he came to stand in front of her.


Anya and Raven’s tears only worsened in that moment as they both took a final look at their infant daughter’s face, making sure to commit every detail to memory. Eventually though, Kane’s patience wore out and he scooped Jasmine out of Anya’s arms causing the woman to begin to sob with Raven joining her moments later.


“Please don’t take our little girl. We can’t lose her again,” Raven sobbed.


“Please, I know you have to take her but, please, just give us five more minutes,” Anya begged.


“We’ve already given you more time than any other prisoner would get. All I can do is assure you that she will be loved and cherished by her moms and three siblings,” Kane said before leaving the cell and walking away and out of sight without ever looking back.


As soon as Kane was gone, Raven and Anya collapsed onto the floor and held each other tightly as they sobbed. As they let all their emotions out they didn’t think about the words Kane spoke before taking Jasmine from the cell. After an hour of sobbing and begging for Jasmine to be brought back though, Kane’s words clicked in Raven’s head a moment before they clicked in Anya’s.


“What did he mean by three siblings,” Raven questioned as she wiped her tear stained cheeks.


“I don’t know, but I’d sure like too.”





As Kane was leaving the black site with Jasmine, Clarke and Lexa were in their bedroom finishing the chocolate covered strawberries Clarke had gotten for their anniversary. While feeding Lexa the final strawberry, her phone dinged indicating a new text message. Pulling out her phone, she instantly saw that it was a message from Kane.



Marcus Kane to Clarke Griffin-Woods: They agreed to allow you to adopt Jasmine instead of just having custody early this morning. We’re headed to you now and I have all the paperwork. ETA 30-40 minutes. Am I bringing her to Seattle Grace or your home?


Clarke Griffin-Woods to Marcus Kane: Thank you. We were hoping to adopt given…well you know. Please bring her to our house. I trust you know the address.


Marcus Kane to Clarke Griffin-Woods: I do. See you soon.


Clarke Griffin-Woods to Marcus Kane: See you soon.



“Babe,” Clarke said as a smile spread across her face.




“They’re letting us adopt her. Kane’s bringing the paperwork and they’ll be here in about thirty to forty minutes.”


“They’re actually letting us adopt her instead of just having custody,” Lexa asked completely surprised by the news.


“They are. I don’t know how they came to that decision but I imagine that as hard as it was to decide they realized Jasmine deserves a family that will permanently be hers especially considering that they’re facing up to life in prison as accomplices to Aunt Diana’s assassination,” Clarke said as she grew sadder with each word as she thought about her own sister being involved in the assassination of their aunt, the President of the United States.


“I know it hurts knowing Kane’s team has found evidence to suggest both our sisters played some role in the assassination of Diana, but justice will be served.”


“I know. It’s just…I can’t believe Raven would play any role in the murder of her own aunt. I know she wasn’t as close to her as us, Bellamy and Octavia were but she still spent time with her before Dad and Abby split and Aunt Diana was still her aunt…her family. And…and Anya…Anya had a relationship with her. I don’t understand how they could be involved in her murder,” Clarke said as tears welled in her eyes.


“We may never know the truth, Clarke, but Diana would want us to be the best versions of ourselves and leave this world in a better condition than it is now and that’s what we will do, starting with raising our four children to be the best people they can be. That is how we honor her and ensure that the story of Diana Sydney, they first female President of the United States, isn’t one that solely focuses on her assassination. So, why don’t we pause whatever plan you have for our anniversary and go tell our kids that they have another sister who will be here in less than an hour.”


“Yea…okay, let’s do that. I know we were both scared and unsure about taking Jasmine in at first but the more I think about it, the more I can’t imagine our family without her and we’ve never even met her.”


“I know what you mean. It feels like she was always supposed to be our daughter, but I do hate that the versions of our sister we did know, and have relationships, with won’t get to raise their child when they wanted one so badly. It feels like we’re celebrating while they suffer a loss we know the feeling of all too well,” Lexa admitted.


“Except for us the pain ended because we got our little girl back but they won’t get Jasmine back.”


“No, but perhaps the day will come when she’s able to get to know her birth parents. We will tell her about Anya and Raven when she’s old enough to understand and if one day she wants a relationship with them, we can help foster a relationship between Jasmine and them and I know we’ll do that because that’s who we are. Now, come on, let’s go tell our other kids about our newest addition.


“Okay,” Clarke said as her smile returned. “I love you, Lex.”


“I love you too, Clarke. Forever and always.”


“Forever and always.





When Clarke and Lexa, who was now holding a sleeping Scout, got downstairs, they didn’t find Madi and Aden in the theater room as they expected. They didn’t have the chance to worry about where their eldest children were though because they could hear them talking quietly in the living room. When they rounded the corner into the living room, the sight that met their eyes truly melted their hearts.


“HAPPY ANNIVERSARY,” Madi and Aden exclaimed as soon as they saw their moms.


“Sweethearts, thank you,” Lexa said as she felt happy tears well in her eyes as she chuckled lightly at the sight of her children holding a misspelled construction paper sign that read “Happy Annaversesry”.


“Madi, Aden, thank you. This is so sweet of you,” Clarke said as she too grew emotional at the sight.


“We made you these,” Aden said as he and Madi lowered the sign and instead each held out two other construction paper creations.


“You didn’t have to make us anything,” Clarke said.


“We wanted too,” Madi said shyly as she and Aden handed over their creations.


The first creation was a card that Madi handed them. It was made out of blue construction paper they had found in the corner of the playroom that had been set up for the kids to draw and paint. The front read “Happy Annaversesry” just like the sign had and inside it simply said “to the best moms in the world. Love, Madi, Aden and Scout” and next to their names was a big red heart.


“This is beautiful, thank you,” Clarke said, clearly touched by her children’s gesture.


“This is the best card we’ve ever received. It’s going to go on the fridge, that’s how amazing it is,” Lexa proclaimed as Clarke nodded her head in agreement causing both Madi and Aden to slightly blush.


“And what do you have, little man,” Clarke asked Aden.


“We drew this for you,” he said as he handed over the drawing.


Looking at the drawing, Clarke and Lexa both felt themselves once again overcome by emotions. It was clear by the differing levels of artistic abilities that the kids had drawn the picture together. The picture depicted Clarke, Lexa, Madi, Aden and Scout, who was drawn across Lexa’s chest, standing outside with what looked like their house and the trees behind them. Clarke and Lexa could tell Madi had drawn the figure of them as they were actual people drawn, not just stick figures like Aden would have done. They also couldn’t help but notice their hair and eye colors had all be done perfectly. Next to the family though was what looked like a golden retrieved that Aden must have drawn. It was a yellow rectangle with a yellow circle for a head, four yellow lines drawn that looked like legs and a yellow line at the end of the rectangle that looked like a tail. The dog also had to brown dots, that looked like eyes. To complete the picture, a heart had been drawn around the family of five and the dog.


“Is this our family,” Lexa sweetly asked.


“Yes! It’s my favorite thing to draw! Madi drew us and I helped with our house and the trees and I drew Picasso, that’s our dog that we’re gonna get,” Aden proclaimed.


“You’re still determined that we’re going to a dog and name him Picasso, huh,” Clarke said.


“Yep! You told Mama we should get a dog once, I heard you, and you can’t take it back.”


“I did tell Mama that once but there’s a difference between should get a dog and will get a dog. Mama and I will talk about it, but no promises, okay?”


“Okay,” Aden grumbled.


“This is a very beautiful picture though,” Clarke said genuinely.


“It’s so good. You both have inherited your mom’s artistic talent it seems.”


“Of course they have! We’re going to make so many pretty drawings and paintings together,” Clarke proudly said. “I say we hang this and the card on the fridge with the other drawings. What do you think, Lex?”


“I think that sounds like a fantastic idea. Could you go hang them up, love?”


“Of course. Do you two want to help me find the perfect spot for each of the drawings and the card,” Clarke sweetly asked her eldest children.


“Yes,” the squealed before practically dragging Clarke into the kitchen to hang the drawings and card with the magnets that were just waiting to be used on the side of the fridge.





After Clarke and the kids finished hanging the drawings and card, they made their way back to Lexa and Scout in the living room. Once the kids were situated on the couch with Lexa sitting in front of them in her wheelchair and Clarke next to her on the coffee table, the couple took a deep breath before telling their kids their news.


“Mama and I have something we want to talk to you both about.”


“Is it something bad,” Madi nervously asked.


“No, it’s nothing bad,” Lexa assured her little girl.


“Do you both know what adoption is,” Clarke asked.


“It’s when a mommy or daddy who doesn’t share NDA with you but loves you as if they did share NDA with you and they get to be your mommy or daddy just like a mommy or daddy that shares NDA with you,” Aden said.


“It’s DNA baby boy, but yes. Adoption means someone loves a child as if they were their own biologically. Mama and I both were adopted. Grandpa Jake is my biological father but Grandma Aurora isn’t my biological mom. She loves me just as much as she would if she were my biological mom though so she adopted me and now is my mom.”


“And it’s the same for Grandma Indra and Grandpa Gus. They aren’t biologically my parents but they adopted me so they are my mom and dad. Does that make sense,” Lexa asked.


“Yes,” Madi and Aden said.


“How would you guys feel if Mama and I adopted a baby?”


“Is it a boy?! I need a brother; I’m outnumbered, that’s what Uncle Linc said,” Aden said with an adorable pout.


“You’d still love us the same if you adopted a baby, right? You wouldn’t love the new baby more than us,” Madi nervously asked.


“Oh, sweetheart. No matter how many children Mom and I have, we will always love each of you equally. You are our children and we love you unconditionally, all of you, and that will never change.”


“Mama’s right. We could have a dozen kids and we would never love you any less. We love you unconditionally and absolutely nothing will ever change that.”


“Okay, but why would you adopt a baby now,” Madi asked curiously.


“We didn’t plan on it, but sometimes things happen and life takes you in a direction you never saw coming and that’s what’s happened now,” Clarke began before pausing and nervously looking at Lexa before continuing. “Sweethearts, Aunt Raven and Aunt Anya have a biological daughter. Her name is Jasmine and she’s about eight months old.”


“Like, you were Madi, Jasmine was held by the bad people. When Uncle Bellamy’s team rescued you, another team rescued Jasmine,” Lexa continued. “Aunt Anya and Aunt Raven can’t raise Jasmine though because they did some bad things that helped the bad people. They were trying to get Jasmine back from the bad people when they did what they did, but, actions have consequences and now Jasmine needs a home; she needs a family.”


“Your aunts sent us a letter asking us to take care of Jasmine and now they’re letting adopt her. How do you feel about that,” Clarke asked.


“So, we’re getting another sister,” Madi asked.


“Yes,” Clarke said simply.


“I was lonely for as long as I can remember and being lonely didn’t feel nice. Now I have a brother, a sister and two moms and I like having a family; I like having people who love me and who I can love and spend time with,” Madi admitted before quietly adding, “I think it’d be cool to have another sister to play with and Jasmine won’t have to be lonely like me if we adopt her.”


“And we love that you are finally with us and we can all be together as a family; you won’t have to ever feel that loneliness you felt ever again and neither will Jasmine,” Lexa said sweetly.


“Aden? Buddy, what do you think about all of us,” Clarke asked a moment later when Aden still hadn’t spoken.


“I like being a big brother but does it really have to be another sister,” he grumbled. “I’m outnumbered and it’s not cool! Can I have a brother, please?”


“Well, that’s not exactly how it works, bud. Jasmine is already born and she’s a girl,” Clarke said.


“But can’t you give me and us a brother too?”


“Mommy and I always talked about having six kids, so maybe in a year or two we will consider having another baby, but right now we want to focus on the three of you and Jasmine. There’s been a lot of change for our family in such a short period of time so we want to spend some time together, just us, before we even think about bringing another child into our family, okay?”


“Okay, Mama,” Aden said.


“So, are you okay with having another little sister, Aden,” Clarke gently asked.


“Yes, but I hope she likes Harry Potter and football and soccer!”


“I’m sure she will with you here to teach her,” Clarke said.


“Cool! But, if Jasmine is our new sister, where is she,” Aden asked.


“Did the bad people hurt her? Is that why she didn’t come to you when I did,” Madi asked clearly beginning to panic over Jasmine’s wellbeing.


“She’s okay. We all agreed to let your aunts spend a little time with her since she is their biological daughter; that’s why she didn’t come home to us when you did,” Lexa explained easily.


“Jasmine will be here really soon though. Marcus Kane, the nice man who brought you to us, Madi, is actually on his way here with Jasmine now,” Clarke said just as the doorbell rang. “Or, maybe that’s them now,” she added before getting up to answer the door as her wife and children watched on.





Opening the door, Clarke was greeted by the smiling face of Marcus Kane and next to him was a high-end stroller and an absolutely beautiful almost eight month older little girl sitting in it, eyes wide open and taking everything in before her eyes settled on Clarke.


Seeing Jasmine for the first time, Clarke couldn’t help but gasp at seeing how much the little girl looked like her and Lexa despite not being their biological child. She had expected some similarities given that Raven was her biological sister and Anya was Lexa’s biological cousin, but genetics were unpredictable. Jasmine had beautiful dirty blonde hair that resembled Anya’s, but the blondest of locks were just as golden as Clarke’s and her eyes were blue-green almost as if Clarke and Lexa’s eye colors had been mixed together. Her skin tone was just a tad darker than Lexa’s lightly tanned skin though but also shade lighter than Raven’s. The rest of her features were a clear mix of both the Griffin and Woods sides of the family. The second her eyes fell on her, Clarke knew Jasmine was tied with Madi, Aden and Scout for being the most beautiful child she had ever laid eyes on.


“Hi, Clarke. I trust this isn’t a bad time?”


“No, it’s perfect. We actually had just finished talking to the kids about her. They both took the news well and I’m sure they’re staring at us chomping at the bit to meet little Jasmine here. May, I,” Clarke asked as she gestured to Jasmine.


“Of course! She is your daughter, after all,” Kane said with a soft smile as Clarke immediately crouched down, unbuckled Jasmine and picked her up.


“Hi Jasmine. I’m your mommy. You are so beautiful, yes you are,” Clarke cooed as Jasmine giggled while laying the palm of her left hand against Clarke’s cheek. “Yea, that’s right baby, I’m your mommy, I’m your mommy,” she continued to coo even as she felt herself growing emotional knowing that “mommy” was the title that was supposed to have been reserved for her sister.


“She may not understand what’s going on, but it does appear she knows who her mommy is,” Kane said gently.


“I already love her just as much as my other kids, but I can’t help but feel like I’m stealing what’s supposed to be Raven and Anya’s,” Clarke admitted.


“That’s understandable, Clarke. You always thought you’d be Aunt Clarke to any child Raven and Anya had and yet you find yourself being the mommy. It’s reasonable you’d feel that way but Jasmine is your daughter, yours and Lexa’s, and Raven and Anya are simply her birth parents.”


“I know, it’s just going to take some getting used to is all,” Clarke said before taking note of the bag next to the stroller. “Is this all of Jasmine’s belongings?”


“Sadly yes. It appears she only had a few change of clothes and basic supplies. I picked up the stroller, I hope you don’t mind.”


“Thank you for doing that. I don’t want to rush you out of here but today is my wedding anniversary and we are on a bit of a tight schedule,” Clarke quietly said to ensure Lexa didn’t overhear and get suspicious about what was to come that day.


“I completely understand. Let me help you bring this stuff in and say hello to everyone and I’ll be on my way.”


“Thanks, Kane.”





A few minutes later, everything had been brought in and after saying hello to everyone and hearing Madi thank him for bringing her to her family, Kane left the Griffin-Woods home so the young family could get acquainted and Clarke could keep them on schedule.


“Jasmine, this is your mama,” Clarke cooed as she angled Jasmine so she could see Lexa, who was still holding Scout with her one good arm. “And that little cutie, is your little sister, Scout, and these two are your older siblings. You have your big sister, Madi, and your big brother Aden. Kids, this is Jasmine.”


“She looks like you and Mama,” Aden said perplexed.


“She does. Since her biological parents are biological relatives of Mama and I, it’s natural she’d resemble us but that means she resembles all of you too. How cool is that?”


“Really cool,” Aden said.


“I like that she looks like us but it’d be okay if she didn’t; love makes a family not just blood, right, Moms?”


“That’s exactly right, sweetheart,” Lexa said. “Would either of you like to hold her? Then maybe, you could trade kids with me, Clarke,” she asked hopefully, clearly wanting to hold the newest addition to their family.


“I would really like to hold her,” Madi said with a shy smile, her eyes never leaving Jasmine.


“Me too! She’s bigger than Scout so could Madi and I hold her together without help? Madi’s older than me so we could hold her together, right,” Aden asked hopefully, clearly enthralled with his older sister and wanting to do as much with her as possible.


“Yes, you can hold her together,” Lexa said with a smile.


“Jasmine is almost eight months old so she can hold her head up on her own but you still need to make sure she’s supported, okay,” Clarke said.


“Okay,” Madi and Aden said in unison.


“Since it’s your first time holding her you’re going to hold her like you did Scout, except Madi, you’ll hold her head and upper body while you will support her lower body. Do you remember the proper way to hold your arms,” Clarke asked as Madi and Aden demonstrated the position properly. “Good. Now Madi, you’ll keep your left arm in position and Aden, you’ll keep your right arm like that. Perfect! See how together your arms form the proper position?”


“Yes,” Madi and Aden replied.


“You two are doing so well. Jasmine is going to love being held by you two so much,” Lexa encouragingly said.


“Okay, Jasmine, your big brother and sister are going to hold you now and I just know you’re going to love being in their arms,” Clarke said as she carefully placed Jasmine in her eldest children’s arms.


“Hi sissy! I’m Aden and I’m your brother and I love you. I really wanted a brother but having another sister is cool too. I hope you like Harry Potter and sports though; so please like Harry Potter and sports,” Aden begged Jasmine causing his moms to laugh.


“Hi Jasmine, I’m Madi, and I’m your sister,” Madi softly began once the laughter died down. “I know it’s scary coming to live with your family after being with the bad people but we got the best moms in the world. They love us and accept us like automatically. You won’t even have to remember the bad people but if you get scared, or think you’re not enough, I’ll be there for you. Our moms are helping me with my feelings and I wanna help you too cause you’re my baby sister and I love you,” Madi sweetly said, bringing her mothers close to tears, before placing a gentle kiss to her sister’s forehead. “Mama, I think it’s your turn to hold her,” she said a few moments later.


“Here, let me put Scout in the portable crib and then I can help you get Jasmine situated,” Clarke said as she took Scout over for her wife and place her in the portable crib before carefully taking Jasmine from Madi and Aden’s arms. “And here’s your mama, baby girl,” Clarke said as she helped position Jasmine against Lexa’s chest so she could be supported with Lexa’s good arm a moment later.


“Hi sweetheart. I’m your mama. God, you are so beautiful, just like your sisters and brother. I’m so happy you’re here with us, Jasmine. I love you so much already,” Lexa cooed before placing a sweet kiss to the top of her little girl’s head.


“Mama,” Aden asked a few moments later, effectively rousing Lexa from her staring at Jasmine.


“Yea bud?”


“What’s Jasmine’s middle name? And does she have the same last name as us?”


“I guess, Mommy and I haven’t gotten around to tell you her full name, have we,” Lexa chuckled.


“Well, she wasn’t given a middle name when she was born so Mama and I came up with one. We decided on Jasmine Hope Griffin-Woods. What do you guys think?”


“Jasmine Hope…hmmm…I like it,” Madi said after taking a few seconds to really consider her opinion on the subject.


“I like it too! It sounds pretty,” Aden added.


“We thought so too,” Lexa sweetly added just as their doorbell rang once more. “Babe, are we expecting anyone else today?”


“Yes, we are,” Clarke said simply as she walked to the door, a smile plastered across her face.


“And who, prey tell are we expecting and why,” Lexa called out to her wife’s retreating form.


“I told you I was just getting started on celebrating our anniversary and I meant it. Happy Anniversary, my love,” Clarke said with a genuine smile as she looked over her shoulder at her wife before turning back and opening the door to reveal the visitor.


“Oh my God!”

Chapter Text

“Oh my God!”


“Hello, ladies. It’s good to see you both,” the visitor said loud enough for Lexa to be able to hear from the living room.


“Hi, Madison,” Clarke said with a wide grin as she hugged the woman who had married her and Lexa a decade earlier.


“Clarke, it’s so good to see you. I take it Lexa doesn’t know what’s going on,” Madison whispered in Clarke’s ear.


“Nope,” she replied popping the “p”.


“Well, let’s get to it then,” Madison said cheerfully.


“Yes, let’s,” Clarke said as she led Madison into the living room.


“Madison, I can’t believe you’re here! How are you here,” Lexa said completely shocked by Madison’s surprise visit.


“I received a call early this morning from a Doctor Miranda Bailey. She told me she was calling on behalf of Clarke Griffin-Woods, so of course I had to hear the woman out.”


“Wait, why was Miranda calling you?”


“We’ll get to that, I promise, love, but first we have some introductions to make,” Clarke said seeing that Madison and their eldest children were curious about each other and waiting to be introduced.


“Oh! Yes, of course. Madison, we’d like to introduce you to our eldest children; Madi, and Aden,” Lexa said proudly.


“And Madi and Aden, this is Madison Behr. Do you remember Mama and I telling you about her,” Clarke asked.


“You’re the Madison I’m named after! You married our moms,” Madi squealed excitedly when all the pieces of the puzzle came together in her young mind.


“That’s right. It’s so nice to finally meet you, Madi and you too Aden. Over the years your moms have sent me periodic updates about your family and it is such a pleasure to finally meet you both. Who are these two little cuties, though,” Madison said with a smile as she gestured to Scout and Jasmine.


“This is Jasmine; she’ll be eight months in a few days,” Lexa said as she smiled down at Jasmine who was still cradled in her good arm.


“And this is Scout; she was born a week ago as of tomorrow,” Clarke said with a smile as she picked Scout up from the portable crib.


Seeing Madison’s confused expression at hearing the youngest Griffin-Woods children’s ages, Lexa quickly explained.


“I trust you heard that Aden and I died in a fire seven months ago?”


“Yes, I had heard. I made the trip to Polis for the services in fact,” Madison said before pausing before continuing. “Clarke had Doctor Bailey gave me a synopsis of what occurred to you both though. She didn’t mention your newest additions however.”


“I wanted to surprise you,” Clarke said sheepishly.


“It is a welcomed surprise, children are life’s greatest blessing, but I am still a little confused given the events of the past seven months.”


“Mommy and Mama adopted Jasmine. Our aunties are her biological mommies but they did some bad things that helped the people that kept Mama and me from Mommy and Madi from all of us so they can’t be her mommies so Mommy and Mama adopted her and now she’s our sister,” Aden explained, with a defensive tone in his voice as if he was daring Madison to challenge Jasmine’s position as his sister.


“Jasmine is very lucky to have you all. You truly have a beautiful family.”


“Thank you. It wasn’t the easiest path getting here, but I wouldn’t change anything because it led us here with our four amazing children,” Lexa said with nothing but love and adoration for her family in her tone.


“Life is full of surprises, that’s for sure,” Madison said.


“That it is,” Lexa began before asking the question she’d had at the tip of her tongue since seeing Madison in their doorway. “Madison, not that I’m not happy to see you, but why are you here exactly?”


“I think I should let your wife explain.”




“Lex, Madison is here because it’s our wedding day,” Clarke said plainly.


“I know it’s our anniversary, Clarke, but I still don’t understand,” Lexa said as she furrowed her eyebrows.


“Do you remember what you told me on our wedding night, Lex?”


“I said a lot of things that night, Clarke,” Lexa said with the double meaning clear as day to Clarke.


Choosing to ignore the double meaning of her wife’s words, Clarke chose to simply tell Lexa what she was talking about.


“That night you told me that you wished our baby could have been able to witness our vows. I told you that even though our little one wouldn’t remember our wedding they were with us since you carried them in your womb but I still made you a promise, do you remember that?”


“Of course I remember,” Lexa said softly before Clarke continued her explanation.


“I promised you that we would renew our vows so our child could be there with us and remember it. Unfortunately, with everything that happened, we never did renew our vows. After everything we’ve been through this past year especially, though, I thought that there was no better time to renew our vows, than today, our tenth wedding anniversary.”


“Clarke…,” Lexa said clearly growing emotional.


“I love you, Lexa, and I would love nothing more than to marry you again, right here in our dream home, with all of our children here with us. As for Madison, well she was kind enough to catch the first flight here so she could officiate our vow renewal. So, what do you say, Lex? Will you marry me again?”


“Say yes, Mommy,” Aden chirped, excited at the idea of his mommies having a wedding he could be at.


“Yea, say yes, Mom,” Madi added with a hopeful smile.


“Of course I’ll marry you again, but I don’t have anything to wear,” Lexa exclaimed through her happy tears.


“You didn’t look in the closet of the guest suite earlier, did you,” Clarke said knowingly.


“Clarke, what did you do?”


“I didn’t get rid of anything of yours or Aden’s, including your wedding dress. When I spoke to Bailey early this morning, I made sure everything could be done for today since I knew you’d be getting discharged as long as your labs came back good, which they clearly did. Since very few people know about everything going on in our lives, there weren’t a lot of people I could ask for help with the details but Bailey was more than happy to call in reinforcements to make everything happen.”


“But my dress was form fitting, babe. There is no way it will fit with the cast.”


“Fun fact, surgeons may not technically be seamstresses but we do know how to throw a mean stitch and make alterations,” Clarke said with a smirk.


“But when did you have time to do that?”


“I didn’t. Arizona and Callie came over before their shift and placed a slit in your dress so there’s room for your cast and since the straps are thin it won’t be an issue for your arm either.”


“I know you said you had a plan for our anniversary, but I never imagined this,” Lexa said in total awe of Clarke.


“Well, believe it. So, how about we go get ready and have us a vow renewal?”


“Let’s do it,” Lexa said with a beaming smile.





Two hours later, the Griffin-Woods clan was ready for Clarke and Lexa’s vow renewal. While the couple and their children got ready for the ceremony, Lincoln, Lexie, Mark, Addison, Bailey and Ben and their two sons, Callie, Arizona and Richard and his wife Catherine got to work to transform the Griffin-Woods backyard into the perfect wedding venue while Addison watched the children of those helping with the set-up back at Meredith’s home. The surgeons had all cancelled their elective procedures or handed them over to other surgeons so they could gather all the supplies necessary to make the vow renewal everything Lexa and Clarke could have ever dreamed of and the final product was absolutely breathtaking.


The backyard could be seen perfectly from the floor to ceiling windows on the first floor, with the one in the living room providing the best view. A white wooden arch was present in the center of the backyard with candles, that formed the shape of a heart, surrounding the arch and where Clarke, Lexa and Madison, as the officiant, would stand. Outside of the heart, were standing bouquets of roses and lilies and two wooden logs had been made into benches where Madi and Aden could sit. There was also enough room for Octavia and Lincoln to sit, as they would be present to hold the youngest Griffin-Woods children during the ceremony. At the far end of each of the two logs were two large screens that had been set up so that Indra and Gustus could watch the ceremony from their home and Jake and Aurora could from Polis General. The screens had been positioned as they had though, so that neither couple would see the children, or anything other than the area where Clarke and Lexa would be positioned, since they did not know about Madi or Jasmine. When they had discussed having a vow renewal as newlyweds, Lexa had mentioned she’d like to include their families since they’d already had the perfect wedding that was just for them, so Clarke made sure to include their families.


Madi, Aden, Jasmine and Scout meanwhile, were dressed by Clarke. She had managed get a suit identical to hers for Aden and Madi, as Madi had chosen to wear the suit instead of the matching dress she had also picked out for her, while Jasmine and Scout were dressed in blue dresses. For their hair, Madi donned a style identical to Clarke’s while Aden elected for his short hair to be styled in a side swept manner with a high taper fade and young Jasmine and Scout each got blue bows on their heads that matched their dresses.


For her part, Clarke re-created her original wedding look. She had acquired some more muscle mass in the past ten years so her original suit no longer fit properly, but with some help, she was able to get a new suit that was just about identical to the original. Her hair was styled differently though. Over the years, she learned that Lexa loved to see her embrace her natural waves and let her hair hang loose, so Clarke chose to allow her luscious wavy golden locks hang loose over one shoulder. With a light dusting of natural looking makeup added, Clarke was ready to renew her vows.


Lexa meanwhile, accepted help from Octavia to get ready. With the slit that had been added to her dress, it fit her perfectly and modernized the dress some. Unlike Clarke, Lexa had already been muscular when they originally wed, and thanks to her uncanny ability to seemingly instantly loose her pregnancy bump, her dress still fit properly. Her hair meanwhile, was put into a half-up/half-down style with intricate braids weaved throughout. Her sling had also been swapped out for a white one that matched her dress and her wheelchair was decked out with flowers to complete Lexa’s preparations. Lexa too was more than ready to renew her vows with Clarke.





When Clarke took her place, she didn’t even register anything around her; her entire focus was on the backdoor of her home as she awaited her children and wife’s entrance. She was so focused on those entrances that she didn’t even spare the two screens any attention.


As soon as the music began to play, Madi and Aden entered throwing rose petals all the way from the backdoor to the beginning of the candle outlined heart and Clarke felt herself tear up instantly at the sight. She may have already been married to Lexa, but seeing her eldest children with such beaming smiles as they threw rose petals was an amazing sight to behold and when they each gave Clarke a thumbs up when they reached the end of the aisle, Clarke completely melted. Up next was Octavia holding Scout and Lincoln holding Jasmine who were carrying pillows with their mothers’ wedding rings. As Clarke watched her sister and brother-in-law help her youngest children hold the pillows she couldn’t help but shed a few tears. She could not believe that she was blessed enough to not only have Lexa as her wife, but four amazing children.


Once all four of the Griffin-Woods children were seated alongside Octavia and Lincoln, the sound system began playing Grant Gusten’s “Runnin Home to You”, a song Clarke had chosen as she felt it was extremely fitting for her and Lexa, and immediately there was not a dry eye in the house.



…Can’t say how the days will unfold,

Can’t change what the future may hold

But, I want you in it

Every hour, every minute


…This world can race by far too fast

Hard to see while it’s all flying past

But, it’s clear now,

When you’re standing here now

I am meant to be wherever you are next to me



As the first two verses played, Lincoln, who had slipped back into the house after handing Jasmine to Octavia, appeared in the backdoor pushing Lexa’s wheelchair. He pushed Lexa, who was already in tears as she looked at Clarke’s tearstained face with a beaming smile that was bright enough to power all of Seattle, down the ramp to the start of the aisle. When the chorus hit, tears began to flow more fiercely as Lexa made her way up the aisle, with a bouquet of lilies held in her good hand and Clarke mouthed the words of the chorus to Lexa, meaning every single word.



…All I want to do

Is come running home to you

Come running home to you

And all my life I promise to

Keep running home to you

Keep running home

To you



By the time the chorus ended, the song faded out as Lexa had reached the candle outlined heart that had left enough space for her wheelchair to enter through. After handing her flowers off to Lincoln, who quickly gave them to Madi who had been eying them with want, Clarke took Lexa’s good hand and the two wives looked at each other with so much love that even their family members shed a tear or two…or fifty in Octavia’s case, but she would blame her tears on her pregnancy hormones later. After giving the couple a few moments to look into each other’s eyes and whisper sweet nothings, Madison began to officiate the wedding of Clarke and Lexa…again.


“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the recommitment of Clarke and Lexa Griffin-Woods. Ten years ago today, I had the honor of joining these two exemplary women in holy matrimony. At the time they were eighteen, fresh-faced and had learned days earlier that they were expecting their first child. They had so many hopes and dreams and standing here today, I am happy to say they’ve accomplished almost all of those hopes and dreams. They have built a beautiful family, filled with love for each other and their children, and that love is reflected back clear as day in their children’s eyes. Like any marriage though, there have been good times and bad, but no matter what has been thrown at them, one universal truth always remained: Clarke Griffin-Woods is head over heels in love with Lexa Griffin-Woods and Lexa is just as deeply in love with Clarke. All of us here can see the love these two women share, and while this is unconventional, there are a few people joining us by livestream who wanted to say a few, brief words,” Madison said as she directed an emotional Lexa and Clarke to look at the first screen where a teary-eyed Indra and Gustus were.


“We’ve known there was something special between the two of you since you were twelve years old and we could not be happier that we were right about that. Lexa, your father and I could not have chosen a better life partner for you and we are so incredibly proud of the woman you have become and Clarke, thank you for loving our little girl. We love you both so much and we are honored to be able to witness this ceremony,” Indra said the most tenderly anyone had ever heard her speak.


“Happy anniversary, girls, we know you’ll have many more,” Gustus added.


“Thank you, Mom and Dad, we love you,” Lexa said tearfully.


“Clarke,” Jake began as both Clarke and Lexa’s attention was drawn to the screen showing Jake and Aurora, “your mother and I only wanted two things for you in this life. First, for you to live your absolute best life and second, for you to live that best life alongside the love of your life. We are so happy you have achieved both of those. We have loved watching the two of you grow into the amazing women, and couple you are, and we cannot wait to watch you continue to grow as you raise your family. We love you both more than you know.”


“I know you’re already married, but seeing you both look at each other as if you’re being married for the first time, just shows how true your love is and it’s been an honor to watch that love blossom. Happy anniversary, we love you and there’s one more person who would like to say something to you both,” Aurora said as the camera was moved and as soon as the person came into view both women gasped.


“Bellamy,” Clarke breathed out as fresh tears began to flow as she looked at her brother’s face for the first time since the shooting.


“Hi,” Bellamy hoarsely said as she smiled at his sister and sister-in-law.


“You’re awake,” Clarke said as she continued to cry and Octavia broke down into tears as she too saw her brother for the first time since the shooting.


“Co…couldn’t miss your we…wedding. Happy An…Anniversary.”


“I’m so happy you’re awake,” Clarke said as Lexa rubbed soothing circles into the back of Clarke’s hand she was holding.


“My si…sister, my resp…responsibility, so could…couldn’t miss this. So…Some’s gotta ma…make sure you don’t screw it u…up,” Bellamy said with his best attempt at a smirk even though it was clear he was in pain.


“I’m already married to her, you doofus, and I have been for ten years,” Clarke chuckled as she rolled her eyes playfully.


“Lo…love you.”


“I love you too, big brother.”


“I think we can all agree that not only do these women share an incredible love for each other, but they are surrounded by so much love from all of you. I believe you both wanted to recite your own vows once more. Lexa, last time you said you shouldn’t have let Clarke go first, so it’s only fair you go first this time,” Madison said.


“Clarke,” Lexa began with fresh tears already welling in her eyes, “we have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows since we first wed ten years ago. No matter what challenge we’ve faced though, one fact has always remained true; I love you. I used to say I couldn’t imagine my life without you and then I was forced to do just that and it was horrible. But, you are my home and I was eventually led home to you. You are my best friend, the ying to my yang, my love and my soulmate but my favorite title for you is wife. You are the best wife anyone could ever ask for and I strive to be the best wife I can be in return. I vow to continue to love you until the end of time. I vow to always support you, to be there for you no matter what and to never allow us to be separated again. You and our children are my whole world and without you I am incomplete. I love you and will love you always and forever, my love.”


“Lexa,” Clarke began even as she finished wiping her tears from Lexa’s beautiful words, “ten years ago I told you that getting married on a Monday meant wealth and we have that in spades because the love we share is all the wealth we will ever truly need. But, today as we renew our commitment to each other, we are getting remarried on a Sunday. They say that getting married on a Sunday is a sign of a fortunate union and while we’ve had some very low lows, especially these past months, we’ve also been blessed beyond our wildest dreams. We have the absolute best children,” she said as she turned her head and smiled at their four children, “and we have a love that many never get to experience in their lifetime. Despite, the hardships we’ve faced, I think we’ve proven to already have a very fortunate union. I love you, Lexa, and I always will; that is my vow to you. Nothing will ever tear us apart again, my love. I love you, always and forever.”


“This is my second time officiating for these two and both times they’ve brought me to tears,” Madison chuckled as she wiped her tears. “While you may already be married, I know you wished to re-exchange your rings as a symbol of this new beginning you’ve been given. Lexa, you’re up.”


“Clarke, I gave you this ring ten years ago and just as much as I meant it then, I mean it now; with this ring, I thee wed…again,” Lexa said as she placed Clarke’s wedding band back on her finger.


“Even when I thought you were gone forever, I wore my ring as a symbol of my undying love for you just I know you did the same. So, Lexa, please know I mean this just as much today as I did ten years ago; with this ring I the wed…again,” Clarke said as she slid Lexa’s wedding ring back on her finger.


“With the power vested in me, it is my honor to once again pronounce you married. You may kiss your bride,” Madison happily said as Clarke leaned down and Lexa closed the distance, crashing their lips together as their family members cheered for them.




As soon as the couple ended their kiss, both with goofy smiles on their faces, Madi and Aden rushed to their moms with Lincoln and Octavia handing Scout and Jasmine over to the happy couple. Lexa and Clarke remained in the candlelit heart for several long moments, simply basking in the joy of having renewed their vows and being together. They were so lost in their happiness bubble that it didn’t even register for them that Indra, Gustus, Jake, Aurora and Bellamy all saw that four children were present, not the two they expected. In that moment, even though he was still groggy from having woken only about half an hour before the ceremony, pieces from the night of the shooting began to click in his head as he connected the dots and realized who the two extra children were the moment he laid eyes on their faces. While he may not have definitively known who the older of the two new children were, as he felt himself being pulled back to sleep due to his meds, Bellamy couldn’t help the smile on his face seeing that the older girl, and who he assumed was Raven and Anya’s daughter, had found a home with his sister and sister-in-law.


“Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Griffin-Woods,” Clarke murmured as she pecked Lexa’s lips once more as they hugged their children close inside the candlelit outlined heart, still oblivious to the world around them.


“Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Griffin-Woods,” Lexa echoed back. “I love you.”


“I love you too, forever and always, Lex.”


“Forever and always.”




For the rest of the evening, Clarke and Lexa enjoyed time together as a family before falling asleep in each other’s arms that night. It may have been an unconventional anniversary celebration, but for Lexa and Clarke, renewing their vows was the best way to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

Chapter Text

With each passing day, the Griffin-Woods family only got stronger. Madi slowly came out of her shell more and the family truly bonded. Before they knew it, it was like the family of six had always been together.


They belatedly celebrated Lexa’s birthday one week after they returned home. While she had been healing well, Clarke had known her wife wasn’t up for a big celebration, so instead she and their eldest children made Lexa breakfast in bed and then they spent the day doing whatever Lexa wanted before they presented her with a large homemade cake and presents. For Lexa, it had been the perfect celebration. Only a week after that, both Madi and Aden were officially enrolled in homeschooling with the plan being for them to enroll in the Eton School, an elite private school not far from the Griffin-Woods home either for the spring semester or the following fall, depending on the status of Madi’s integration into society and the Nia situation. Homeschooling for the time being also seemed to only strengthen Madi and Aden’s bond as they helped each other with their studies and it also bonded them to their mother’s more, who painstakingly took the time to explain everything and make sure their children truly grasped the material.


During those first two weeks home Meredith, Addison, Lexie, Mark, Amelia and Owen also became frequent visitors to the Griffin-Woods residence so that all the children could play together. Aden had told Madi about all the fun he had had with the children of their mommy’s friends and seeing how happy Aden was just talking about his adventures with the children, Madi bravely told her moms that she wanted to invite the kids over for a playdate, even though she knew she was older than them. Clarke and Lexa were extremely proud of Madi’s courage and after only five minutes with the children of her mother’s friends, it was clear that inviting the kids over was the right call because Madi had a blast with the kids and would even help the youngest of the bunch play with various toys.


At first, Meredith, Addison, Lexie, Mark, Amelia and Owen would take turns simply dropping the kids off for playdates but slowly Madi began to interact with them and within only a matter of days she seemed to let her guard down some around the group of doctors after realizing they were good guys that worked with her mom and helped people. Within a week and a half, it had become common for whoever brought the children over to stay at the home and spend time with Clarke and Lexa while the children enjoyed each other’s company.


While those first two weeks at home truly helped the family of six bond, they did lead to the family being isolated them from their extended family. Their family understood that they needed to focus on their children and bonding as a family so they could move forward after everything that had happened, but Jake, Aurora, Indra, Gustus and Bellamy all had questions about the two “extra” children they saw on the vow renewal livestream and with every day that passed without answers they began to grow impatient; impatience that only grew each time Octavia and Lincoln refused to explain by stating it wasn’t their place and each time Clarke or Lexa abruptly ended a call or didn’t respond to a text for hours on end. Their impatience and frustrations only continued to grow when they learned that the children of some Seattle Grace surgeons were making frequent visits to the Griffin-Woods home. Logically they understood though, especially after catching Octavia and Lincoln talking about how things were going well at the Griffin-Woods home and the periodic playdates were really helping the children fully integrate into Seattle living. The frustrations of their parents and Bellamy were not lost on Lexa and Clarke though, and three weeks after returning home, they made arrangements to surprise their family and have a much overdue conversation.





Three weeks after returning home, Lexie and Mark brought the kids over for a playdate and agreed to watch all the children while Clarke and Lexa went to finally have a long overdue conversation with their family. After assuring Madi and Aden they would be home in a few hours, the couple arrived on the street they grew up on shortly before 11:00 a.m. Knowing their parents still had brunch together each Saturday, they made their way to the Griffin household as Jake prided himself on his brunch cooking abilities and as such always insisted on hosting Saturday brunch.


After pushing Lexa’s wheelchair up the front walk and ringing the doorbell, it only took about thirty seconds for the door to swing open and Jake’s face to go from his traditional grin when he greets guests to a look of utter shock to see his daughter and daughter-in-law at the front door.


“Holy crap, you two do still know where we live,” Jake said as he exaggeratedly held a hand to his heart to show his disbelief.


“Haha funny, Dad,” Clarke said sarcastically.


“Well, you two haven’t exactly come around lately,” he attempted to say defiantly but it was clear he was actually a little hurt.


“Dad, we never meant for you or Mom or Indra and Gustus to feel left out, we just had to focus on our family and making sure they were okay because even thinking about bringing others around.”


“You had no problem letting your friends come over,” the man grumbled.


“Dad,” Clarke said in a warning tone.


“I know, I know. If you’re here, I’m assuming you’re ready to finally explain everything?”


“We are. I trust my parents are here too,” Lexa said.


“Yes, everyone’s inside so come on it,” Jake said as he stepped aside for the two women to enter the home.




“Look who I found at the door,” Jake said as he led Clarke and Lexa into the dining room and quickly removed a chair so Lexa’s wheelchair could be pulled up to the table.


“Oh, this is a good day indeed! My babies, you’re home,” Aurora said in pure elation as she rose and quickly engulfed the two women in a tight hug. “Where are my grandkids,” she asked a moment later as she looked around for Aden and Scout as she still wasn’t sure who the two mystery children were.


“Our children are at home with Lexie and Mark. They brought over all the kids for a playdate while we came here,” Lexa explained.


“I see,” Aurora said quizzically as Indra and Gustus then Octavia and Lincoln took their turns hugging the couple.


“So, does this mean the two of you are finally going to explain why you’ve been so secretive the last few weeks and why we haven’t been able to come to the house,” Indra asked.


“Yes, but where’s Bellamy,” Clarke asked looking for her brother.


“Right here, Princess. Are you going to come give me a hug or make me limp all the way across the room,” Bellamy said with a smirk as he re-entered the dining room from the direction of the downstairs bathroom.


“Bellamy,” Clarke said with a huge grin as she closed the distance and engulfed her brother in a tight, but careful hug. “I missed you and thank you for killing Titus, now I at least know there's on less person out there wanting to hurt my family,” she whispered into his ear as everyone allowed the brother and sister to have a moment.


“I missed you too. And I was just doing my job; but for the record I will always protect our family,” Bellamy whispered back as he placed a sweet kiss to the top of his sister’s head. "I love you, sis."


"I love you too big brother."


“Hey, Bell, are you willing to cross the room to give me a hug,” Lexa said after a moment with a grin of her own.


“Of course! Anything for my favorite sister,” Bellamy said gleefully as he broke away from Clarke, and the seriousness of their words, and slowly made his way to Lexa and hugged her carefully.


“Hey,” Clarke and Octavia said at the same time, both equally outraged that Bellamy referred to Lexa as his favorite sister.


“What? She’s the one responsible for giving life to the kids who made me an uncle so of course she’s my favorite,” Bellamy quipped.


“Um, pretty sure I’m equally responsible for the creation of those kids,” Clarke said as she rolled her eyes.


“Yea, but you didn’t carry them or birth them, did you,” Bellamy countered.


“Fine, let Lexa be your favorite. I’m sure I’m Lincoln’s favorite sister,” Clarke tried.


“Oh, no you don’t. I am not getting dragged into this,” Lincoln said with his hands raised in surrender causing everyone to laugh.


“Alright, enough children, it’s time for you two to start talking,” Aurora said as her patience ran out.


“Sorry, Mom,” Clarke murmured as she, Lexa and the others took their places at the table.




“So, who were those two other children we saw on the livestream,” Aurora asked when neither Clarke or Lexa offered an explanation after several moments.


“We’re not really sure where to start,” Lexa said honestly.


“Start from the beginning. We will sit here and listen to you explain, for however long it takes for you to explain,” Aurora said as her voice softened seeing the struggle in her daughter and daughter-in-law’s eyes.


“I guess we should just say it,” Clarke said nervously as she clutched Lexa’s good hand and shared a look with her.


“The four children you saw at our vow renewal are our children. The oldest girl you saw is Madi, she’s nine years old and the first child Clarke and I were ever blessed with. The older infant you saw is Jasmine, she’s Anya and Raven’s biological child but they signed away their rights and asked us to adopt her, which we have done. Then Aden and Scout you already knew about,” Lexa said simply, knowing it was better to rip the bandaid off.


“How is that possible,” Jake said after several moments.


“Which part,” Clarke said humorlessly.


“Madi and Jasmine both, how is it possible,” he said more clearly.


“It appears that the devils incarnate kept tabs on Lexa and I, even after we both came to Seattle as children. They knew we were expecting Madi and together they paid off the doctor and nurse involved in her delivery.”


“THEY DID WHAT,” Gustus bellowed as Jake, Aurora and Indra looked both shocked and all four looked ready to tear down every federal law enforcement agent until he found out where Abby, Thelonious and Nia were being held so he could kill them himself.


“They paid them off and continued to pay them yearly in exchange for their silence. Marcus and his people haven’t been able to definitively say why they took our daughter from us and made us believe she was stillborn but from what Madi has told us about her life before coming home to us, it seems clear to me that they were using her to continue the experiments they ran on me,” Lexa said sadly.


“I don’t think I’ve ever been happy to shoot someone on the job, but I am so happy I killed that son of a bitch, Titus and I only wish I had been able to kill Nia too. Abby, Thelonious and Nia need to die in the manner their precious Kongeda would have had them killed for their crimes. They deserve death by a thousand cuts,” Bellamy seethed having his suspicions confirmed that the older girl was in fact the girl his team found at the Woods estate in Polis.


“Bell, it’s okay. Kane will ensure we get justice the right way,” Clarke rushed to assure her brother.


“No punishment will be enough,” Bellamy said.


“No, it won’t, but what matters to Lexa and I most right now is ensuring our daughter is okay,” Clarke said as she locked eyes with each member of their family individually.


“That’s why we’ve been so isolated these past few weeks. We’ve wanted to ease Madi into our family dynamic and allow us time to truly become a cohesive family of six. Yes, Octavia, Lincoln and some of Clarke’s friends have come to the house but they were all people Madi at least saw at Seattle Grace. And in the case of Clarke’s friends, well they have young children and we stand by our decision to arrange playdates so that our children could have friends and have the chance to simply be kids,” Lexa said making clear in her tone that she and Clarke firmly believed in how they handled things.


“We’ve established a routine now and next week Madi and Aden will begin seeing a therapist so we thought it was time to finally come here and explain everything to you,” Clarke said.


“I won’t pretend that I like that you waited nearly a month to tell us, but I understand a mother’s need to protect her children and I know the two of you only had the best of intentions and have handled things in the manner you thought was best for your children,” Indra said sincerely.


“I agree with Indra,” Aurora said, “but how did it come about that you were asked to adopted Raven and Anya’s biological child and how was this child even found?”


“I made sure Bellamy and Kane’s team knew of the Jasmine’s existence and when the Arkadia team conducted their raid they found her at Abby and Thelonious’ home,” Clarke said.


“How did you two end up with her though? I mean, I know they’re your sisters but Octavia and Lincoln are their siblings too so why was Jasmine given to you,” Jake asked curiously.


“They left us a note,” Lexa said before pulling the note out of her pocket and reading it.


Dear Clarke and Lexa,


If you’re reading this, you know that federal agents found Jasmine. We cannot care for her given our current predicament, and we don’t know when we will be able to care for her, or if we ever will be able to care for her. We know we fucked up in the worst possible way, but our daughter is innocent. Jasmine didn’t ask to be born into this world and she deserves the chance at a normal life. She deserves to grow up with family who love her and will always cherish her. She deserves a life we cannot give her. You two are the only ones we would trust with raising our daughter. We have signed over custody to the both of you and if you accept, we ask that file the new birth certificate we have already filled out; Jasmine deserves to be a Griffin-Woods, not a good for nothing Jaha. We know we have no right to ask you to raise our daughter, but we are asking anyway. Please don’t punish Jasmine for our mistakes.


Love Always,

Raven and Anya”


“We can only speculate as to why they chose us and not O and Lincoln or Bellamy, but I think they chose us because we were already parents. It’s unclear if they knew the two of you are expecting,” Clarke said as she looked at Octavia and Lincoln before continuing. “I also think it was their way of show us that they trust us enough to raise the person most precious to them, the daughter they had wanted practically since the beginning of their relationship.”


“We’re not upset they didn’t pick us, just to be clear,” Octavia said.


“Me either. We all know you two are awesome parents and Jasmine is lucky to have you and her new siblings to grow up with. Plus, it makes sense she’d be raised by her namesake,” Bellamy said with a shrug of his shoulders.


"So, what, Raven and Anya will never know their child," Jake asked trying to understand his eldest daughter's choice.


"She's our daughter, Jake," Lexa said solemnly. "We agreed to tell Jasmine about them when the time was right though," she added.


"And if the time comes where they are released from prison, we will leave it up to Jasmine to decide if she wants to meet them and have a relationship with them. If she does, Lexa and I will do everything we can to foster that relationship so long as we know they are not a danger to our daughter," Clarke said seriously.


"Do either of you know how long they could be in prison for," Indra asked.


"Evidence has been found that they play some sort of role in Aunt Diana's assassination," Clarke said as she grew emotional and locked eyes with her father. "If they're found guilty of any charge in connection with her murder they will be imprisoned for life without the possibility for parole at the least."


"They...They took part in that? Raven took part in the murder of her own flesh and blood," Jake asked as his heart broke and tears welled in his eyes.


"That's what the evidence suggests, yes," Lexa sadly answered.


"But, Dad, we do know that they weren't participating because they wanted to; Abby, Thelonious, Titus and Nia used Jasmine and Raven's medication to get them to help. I have to believe that somewhere the sisters I loved are still there," Clarke said as tears welled in her own eyes and she moved to the other side of the table to hug her father.


"I just...I can't believe this," Jake said quietly.


"I know, Dad, but we will get answers."


"What about the others? What kind of sentence are they facing," Gustus asked a moment later after Jake had composed himself some.


"They're being charged with the murder of the President of the United States so they are facing the possibility of the death penalty if convicted and because Abby is considered to have a familial relationship with Diana since she was her sister-in-law once and biologically she is the mother of two of Diana's nieces, the charge is considered aggravated and the death penalty is almost guaranteed if she's convicted," Lexa said solemnly.




“This is a lot to take in,” Gustus said clearly trying to process everything.


"I just don't know what to think," Jake said quietly.


“It is and you’ve only heard the cliff notes version,” Lexa said.


"We'll get through this as a family though," Clarke added.


“How are you two holding up,” Aurora asked.


“Honestly? We’re stronger than ever as a couple and we’re finding our way as we navigate suddenly having four kids but we’re okay,” Lexa assured their family as she gave Clarke’s hand a reassuring squeeze.


“Things are getting better and they will continue to get better,” Clarke added with a soft smile as blue met green.


“This is a lot to take in,” Jake said a moment later.


“We know and honestly, to a degree we’re still processing it too, but we’re happy. We’ve been given a second chance,” Lexa said as she looked at Clarke with heart eyes.


“We’re together and we have four amazing children. There isn’t much more we could ask for,” Clarke admitted.


“When can we meet Madi and Jasmine,” Bellamy asked.


“I’m not sure, Bell. We were hoping the therapist could help us with figuring out the best way to introduce you to Madi, especially. She has a hard time with new people. The first time she met O and Lincoln she didn’t want them to stay because she was uncomfortable. She got over it the more we told her about them, but we don’t want to overwhelm her,” Clarke explained.


“I understand that. As much as I want to meet my nieces, I’m proud of you two for thinking about your daughter and what’s best for her. Think you could send me pictures and videos until I can meet them though,” Bellamy asked hopefully.


“I think that can be arranged,” Clarke said with a soft smile.


“I think I can speak for everyone when I say we still have questions, but those can wait for the time being. Right now, I think we really just want to hear about the girls. Tell us everything, please,” Indra implored.


“Well…,” Lexa began before she and Clarke spent the next couple of hours telling their family all about Madi and Jasmine and how things have been for the kids over the past few weeks.




When Clarke and Lexa finally went home, their family members who had not met Madi or Jasmine yet, were looking forward to the day they could meet the two girls. They were hopeful that a meeting could be arranged not long after Madi started seeing a therapist. In the end though, it would take another month before Madi would tell her moms she was ready to meet her uncle and grandparents for the first time.

Chapter Text

A month after the family was reunited, and a week after Clarke and Lexa met with their family, Madi and Aden had their first appointments with Dr. Kelly Olsen, a world-renowned therapist who had an affinity with working with children. Dr. Olsen had come highly recommended by every doctor known to the Griffin-Woods family and, after only one meeting with her, Lexa and Clarke could not have been happier with their choice of therapist for their eldest children. After just the first appointment, both women could see that a weight had been lifted off their shoulders. What surprised them though was that Dr. Olsen asked to speak with them after she had finished up her individual sessions with both children.


“Doctor Griffin-Woods and Mrs. Griffin-Woods, may I speak with you both for a moment?”


“Sure but please, call us Clarke and Lexa, no need to be so formal,” Clarke said before she and Lexa exchanged a confused look as they had not expected Dr. Olsen to speak with them due to HIPPA.


“Aden, Madi, can you both stay here while Mommy and I speak with Doctor Olsen for a few minutes?”


“Okay, Mama,” Madi said quietly.


“Otay! Can we play with the toys,” Aden asked hopefully.


“Of course you can, Aden,” Dr. Olsen said before Aden ran over to the toys. “Madi, you mentioned liking Legos, there are some Legos in the corner if you’d like to play too,” she then sweetly said when Madi hadn’t moved to follow her brother to the play area.


Seeing Madi’s nervousness and hesitance to move from her mothers’ sides though, Clarke and Lexa knew what was wrong and immediately sprang into action.


“Sweetheart, Mama and I are just going to talk to Doctor Olsen for a little bit and then we will go to Aunt Meredith’s house and pick up your sisters before going home where we will make homemade pizzas just like we promised, okay?”


“I’m not in trouble,” Madi asked with a trembling bottom lip.


“No, you are not in trouble,” Lexa rushed to tell her little girl.


“But, the doctor wants to talk to you after she talked to me so doesn’t that mean I said something bad?”


“No, Madi, no,” Lexa rushed to say.


“Madi, you know how I told you about my job,” Clarke asked her daughter.


“Yeah, you help people.”


“That’s right. After I help someone though, I always talk to their family so they know how things went and that’s all Mama and I are going to do with Doctor Olsen so we know that everything went okay. Does that make sense,” Clarke asked as she knelt down to be eye level with Madi.


“I…yes. So, I’m really not in trouble?”


“No, you’re not. Mama and I will never be mad at you for talking to Doctor Olsen. We want you to talk to her. Doctor Olsen’s office is a safe space for you to talk about everything and anything, even stuff you’re not ready to talk to Mama and I about yet. You never have to be afraid to talk to her or afraid that we will be upset with you for talking to her, okay?”




“Madi! Come play Legos with me, please,” Aden begged from the far corner of the play area.


“Go ahead, sweetie, go play with your brother,” Lexa encouraged.


“Okay. I love you,” Madi said before hugging Clarke, who was closer, then Lexa.


“We love you too, Madi, so so much,” Clarke said as Lexa said, “we love you to infinity and beyond my sweet girl.”





After making sure that both Madi and Aden were okay in the play area, under the watchful eye of Dr. Olsen’s receptionist, Clarke and Lexa joined the doctor in her office. They both knew they shouldn’t be worried that their children’s therapist wanted to speak with them, but they couldn’t help the nerves they felt as they sat in the chairs across from Dr. Olsen’s desk and waited for her to begin to speak.


“You don’t need to be nervous,” Dr. Olsen said with a slight chuckle.


“Sorry, we just weren’t expecting you to speak with us because of HIPPA,” Clarke answered.


“Ah, yes, you would automatically think of HIPPA.”


“Professional hazard I suppose,” Clarke said with a shrug.


“Yes, I suppose it is. I like to meet with the parents or guardians of my patients after the first appointment so they can know what to expect going forward.”


“Oh, okay,” Clarke said nodding her head.


“So, what can we expect,” Lexa asked.


“First, I’d like to talk to you both about how today went. As you know, typically I cannot speak to you about what happened in therapy unless I believe either child is a danger to themselves or another or that a crime has occurred. However, both Madi and Aden have told me it’s okay to speak with you about what occurs during our sessions.”


“Okay,” Lexa said nervously as she reached for Clarke’s hand with her recently fully healed hand.


“It’s okay, I assure you,” Dr. Olsen began. “I’d like to start with Aden, if that’s alright with you.”


“It is,” Clarke quickly said as Lexa nodded her head.


“You both have an amazing son. For someone so young, he shows incredible maturity and strength. The way he speaks of his siblings, it’s just incredible to see in a four year old. He’s incredibly protective of his younger sisters and fiercely protective of Madi even though he’s the younger brother in that dynamic. He even loves that he has three siblings now, although he did express his desire for a brother and not only sisters,” Dr. Olsen said with a chuckle which Clarke and Lexa shared. “However, Aden is also battling a lot of fears. While he doesn’t truly understand the danger posed by the individuals you told me about when you asked me see your children, he understands that bad people want to hurt your family and that those bad people are why he and you,” Dr. Olsen said nodding towards Lexa, “were separated from Clarke. He’s afraid of being separated from his mommy again and he’s also afraid the bad people will take Madi and Jasmine away again.”


“He’s very protective just like his mama,” Clarke said as she smiled fondly at Lexa.


“No, he’s protective like you,” Lexa said back with a soft smile of her own.


“From the conversation we had prior to today’s session, and what I know of you both from reputation, I think it’s fair to say he gets his strength from both of you and that strength will help him get through this. What I’m most concerned about is his fear of being separated from you, Clarke, and his fears of his sisters being taken away. I know you have been trying to shelter your children from what’s happening, but I think it would help Aden with his fears to know some of what’s going on. Before you object,” Dr. Olsen said as she could tell that Clarke and Lexa wanted to object, “please hear me out. Right now, Aden is afraid that the bad people can come at any moment and rip your family apart. He needs reassurance that that isn’t going to happen and I know you have tried to give him that, he told me you have been reassuring him, but he needs proof.”


“How do you suggest we do that,” Lexa asked as she clutched Clarke’s hand tighter.


“I think you need to make sure he and Madi both understand that they are safe. I understand that Nia is still out there, but Aden especially needs to know he’s safe and won’t have to face being away from his family or having his family taken from him. Make sure he knows about all the security at your house and I would strongly suggest getting both he and Madi something so they can check-in with you throughout the day if they are not with you.”


“You want us to get our nine and four year olds cell phones,” Clarke asked incredulously as she firmly believed children didn’t need cell phones.


“It doesn’t have to be a cell phone. There are several devices on the market that would enable communication between you and the kids without all the apps and features of a cell phone.”


“Is there any device in particular you would recommend,” Lexa asked.


“I noticed that you both have Apple Watches. Assuming you have cellular plans for yours, I would recommend a kid version of a smart watch. With that you can limit who they message through the watch and what apps they have but it would also be GPS enabled too just in case.”


“Hmm that does seem manageable. What do you think, Lex?”


“I think we should do it if it will help our kids. Plus, I think we’re going to want to be able to check on them when we go back to work and aren’t with them all the time or almost all the time.”


“I agree. Okay, so we’ll get them smart watches. Is there anything else we can or should be doing to help Aden,” Clarke asked.


“We’ve only had one session but for now, get the smart watches and keep doing what you’re doing and I think Aden will be okay.”


“What about Madi,” Lexa asked nervously.


“With only one session under our belts I can’t fully understand the extent of trauma Madi has had to experience. Today we mainly spoke generally but it is clear that she was used by her captors and given her reactions I would say she was physically abused as well. I hate having to ask this, but was an examination done to determine if she had ever been sexually assaulted?”


“Yes, a full examination was done before we came home. Thankfully, there were no signs of sexual trauma,” Clarke said.


“That’s good. As I said, we didn’t really talk about what happened to her while she was kept away from you today but we did talk about her fears. Madi is terrified of being in trouble all the time. She’s also afraid that she will be taken away again or that you will decide she’s too much trouble and send her away. But, the good news is that even as she told me about her fears, she admitted that the two of you tell her you love her and are never leaving her all the time and that she believes you when you say it. While her fears still easily take over, as we saw earlier in the waiting room, she does know that you love her and have pledged to never leave her and that’s huge. You need to keep reminding her that you love her, are never leaving and that she’s not in trouble. It is going to take a lot of time for those fears to subside, and they may never completely go away. I worked on some strategies for dealing with those fears with Madi today but she’s going to need your love and support more than anything.”


“What strategies did you work on with her,” Clarke asked.


“The first was meditative breathing, so deep calming breaths. It may seem simple, but that technique has been proven to work. I also worked with her on how to remind herself of the facts she knows to be true when she gets scared, such as that you love her and you will keep her safe. I also worked with her on understanding that it is okay to seek you both out when she’s afraid so you can help her with her fears. So, if she does that simply support her and reassure her like you have been doing. I know she’s a little old for it, but she may even come to your bedroom at night and want to sleep with you to feel safe; let her do that if it’s what she needs right now. The key here is going to be a lot of love and patience.”


“We can do that,” Lexa immediately said.


“Absolutely, anything our little girl needs, we’ll do,” Clarke added.


“I know you will. Now, there are two more things I would like to discuss with you pertaining to Madi. First, I know when we spoke ahead of today, you both expressed your desire to have some help figuring out when and how to introduce Madi to the rest of your family. Today, she actually mentioned that she hasn’t met her grandparents or uncle yet and she’s scared to meet them because she doesn’t know them minus a few stories someone she calls ‘Uncle Ro’ told her. Given Madi’s thoughts on the subject, I don’t think we can put a timeline on when it will be okay to introduce her to the rest of your family. It is my professional opinion that Madi needs to hear stories about her grandparents and uncle and see pictures and videos of them to begin to feel comfortable with them. Once she’s comfortable with that, I believe she will tell you on her own when she’s ready to meet them. Madi said she heard a lot of stories about her Aunt Octavia and Uncle Lincoln and that made her feel okay to be around them so I think the same will happen with the rest of your family. You may even be able to have short phone conversations between them and Madi to help her familiarize herself with them but it will need to be on Madi’s terms.”


“Of course! We don’t want her to be forced to meet them before she’s ready,” Clarke said.


“I know and Madi knows that too.”


“What is the other thing you wanted to discuss,” Lexa asked curiously.


“The person Madi calls ‘Uncle Ro’; who is he?”


“He’s…He’s my biological half-brother; we have the same biological mother, Nia,” Lexa softly admitted.


“I see. I take it you are not close?”


“No. He’s sixteen years older than me and we don’t have a relationship. As far as I know he still thinks I’m dead.”


“Is there any chance at reconciliation?”


“Doctor Olsen, with all due respect, what is it you’re getting at,” Clarke asked clearly not happy with the direction the conversation was going.


“Madi seems to have a bond with this man and I think seeing him may help her heal and ultimately move on from what happened to her over the past nine years.”


“We knew we’d likely have to contact Roan at some point but there’s a lot of bad blood there. My birth parents performed experiments on me and Roan was legally an adult by then but did nothing to stop it or help me and I don’t think I can forgive him for that.”


“I can appreciate that there are a lot of layers to this situation, but I do think seeing him at least once more could be helpful for Madi. Perhaps, when you’re ready you could try to talk to him and see if there’s any way you’d be comfortable allowing him near your daughter or even just comfortable enough for him to have a video call with her?”


“Clarke and I have discussed that possibility but we need some sort of proof that he’s not actually working with those who have harmed our family. We would do anything for our daughter though so perhaps we can ask Marcus to look into Roan more and go from there,” Lexa suggested as she looked at her wife.


“I think that’s reasonable, love.”


“Good. Now going forward, you can expect both Madi and Aden to begin expressing their emotions more and they may have emotional outbursts as they try to work through their internal emotions. Remember to be patient with them and I promise you things will get better. I won’t keep you both any longer today, but I do think in the future the two of you may benefit from some sessions yourselves. I know you two are doing everything you can to make everything okay for your children but it’s important that you make sure everything is okay for you both as well.”


“Thank you, Doctor Olsen, we will take everything you’ve said into consideration and we’ll make sure to follow-through with your recommendations for helping our kids. Should we bring them back the same time next week,” Clarke asked.


“Yes. Normally, I’d want to see them twice a week at least but I don’t want to overwhelm them. If anything comes up and you need, or want, to talk to me between now and then though, please do not hesitate to give me a call.”


“Thank you, Doctor Olsen,” Lexa said as she and Clarke moved to leave the room.




For the rest of the day, after picking up Jasmine and Scout from their Aunt Meredith’s house, a title Madi and Aden had chosen to bestow on the woman after they witnessed her children continually call Clarke and Lexa their aunts, the family of six enjoyed a family day full of movies and cuddles before making homemade pizzas together. It had only been one therapy session but as Lexa and Clarke spent time with their eldest children, they could already see that some of the weight on their shoulders was disappearing. It would take many more sessions and a lot of time for things to be truly better but the Griffin-Woods matriarchs were confident things were only going to get better for their family even if they were still unsure about what to do about Roan.

Chapter Text

As Clarke and Lexa laid in bed that evening, they were both lost in their thoughts as they considered Dr. Olsen’s words, especially her words regarding Roan. After hearing yet another sigh from Lexa, Clarke decided to shoot her shot and see if her wife was ready to talk about it.


“You’re thinking about Roan, aren’t you?”


“Yes,” Lexa grumbled after a moment.


“Me too. Do you want to talk about it?”


“No, but we need to. Did Marcus get back to you yet?”


“He did. His people are going to look into Roan and he said he’d be in touch as soon as they learn anything but intel gathered after the raids does suggest that Roan wasn’t involved in their plot.”


“That’s good, both that Marcus will look into him more and that it doesn’t appear he was involved in their plot…,” Lexa said before getting lost in her thoughts for a moment. “Do you think bringing Roan to see Madi, even once, may help her?”


“I’m not sure, but I do know that despite the past we do owe him a thank you for doing his best to protect our daughter for nine years and if there’s any chance bringing him to see Madi can help her we should take it but first we should speak with him ourselves and…”


“And what, Clarke,” Lexa prompted after her wife had trailed off mid-thought.


“And I think I should speak to him alone, at least at first,” Clarke said as she looked nervously at her wife.


“No, absolutely not,” Lexa firmly said as she sat up in bed fully.


“Babe, as far as we know, he still thinks you and our son are dead,” Clarke began as she too sat up. “If I meet with him alone, he may be more candid with me and maybe I can get some answers about when you were a kid and still living with Nia and Titus and answers about what happened to Madi. If we approach him together though, he’ll know you are alive and he may get defensive and still try to defend his actions from when you were younger and he may not be as forthcoming with the truth. But mainly, I want to talk to him first to get a feel for him myself and make sure you and Aden will be safe if he knows the truth.”


“I think I deserve to be able to interrogate my so-called brother,” Lexa insisted as she began to grow angry.


“I couldn’t agree with you more, babe, but I think I need to speak to him alone first. I want to make sure he’s not a threat to you or our family if he knows the truth. Please tell me you understand that,” Clarke implored.


“Clarke, I don’t need protection I can take care of myself,” Lexa growled angrily.


“I know that, but you are my wife and I will always fight to protect you just as you fight to protect me. Please, let me protect you this time, please Lexa.”


“I’m not weak, Clarke.”


“No, you are not weak, quite the opposite in fact. You, my love, are the strongest person I know but sometimes being strong means letting other people help. Please, let me speak to Roan alone first; please let me do this to help ensure yours and our family’s safety.”


“I don’t know…”


“Please, Lex. If the roles were reversed you know you’d be doing the same thing I am. So, please, let me do this and then, after we know it’s safe, you can say or do whatever you need to do where Roan’s concerned.”


“Fine,” Lexa begrudgingly said after thinking things over for a few moments, “but I don’t want you going to Polis to speak with him. You may be concerned about my safety, but I am concerned about yours too. Could you maybe just video call him and I can be in the room but off camera?”


“I think that’s an agreeable compromise. Shall we call tomorrow then?”


“Yes, please. I love you, Clarke.”


“I love you too, Lex,” Clarke replied before kissing her wife sweetly and settling the both of them back in bed so they could get a good night’s rest before Scout woke for her next feeding.





The next day, Clarke and Lexa had planned a “field trip” for Madi and Aden. Even though their eldest children were being homeschooled, neither woman wanted their children to miss out on the joy of field trips and the field trip they planned was perfect for both children’s learning level. With the natural forestry and even a small stream on their property, it was the perfect location for a little fieldtrip to not only explore the property but learn about nature and Lincoln had volunteered to lead Aden and Madi throughout the property while teaching them all about the nature they would find. Meanwhile, Octavia had offered to watch Jasmine and Scout, claiming that Clarke and Lexa needed some alone time and that she needed all the practice she could get before her little one arrived in December.


With Lincoln and Octavia watching their children, it provided Clarke and Lexa with the perfect opportunity to attempt to contact Roan. As soon as Lincoln and Octavia were squared away with the kids, Lexa and Clarke retreated to the sitting area in their master suite, where Clarke had already set up her Macbook to call Roan via FaceTime. After making sure Lexa was situated comfortably, with her still healing leg elevated, in a chair across from Clarke, but behind the Macbook so she couldn’t be seen, Clarke sat down herself and initiated the call. To their surprise, Roan answered immediately.


“Hello, Clarke,” Roan greeted with a small smile.


“Roan,” Clarke replied in a neutral tone and an unreadable expression.


“How about we skip the pleasantries and get straight to why you’re calling.”


“That’s fine by me. My daughter seems to know you quite well. I want to know everything you know from the time your waste of a human existence mother, step-father and my waste of space birth mother and step-father paid off medical personnel to lie to Lexa and I nearly ten years ago and make us think our daughter was dead until federal law enforcement rescued my daughter and brought her to me,” Clarke said evenly while also conveying her disgust at what had been done.


“Clarke, I cannot imagine the magnitude of the pain you have endured all these years or the heartbreak I am sure you are feeling at having your daughter back but still being without your wife and son. I truly am sorry, Clarke. I know I failed my sister and that is something I have to live with for the rest of my life, but after Lexa fled and found her true home with Indra and Gustus, I had a come to Jesus moment and fully recognized my failures. After that, I swore fealty to Lexa, even though she never knew it, and I’ve honored that every day since. Making sure Nia and Titus didn’t attempt to get Lexa back from Indra and Gustus and being there for Madi as much as I could be was the least I could do to uphold my vow of fealty. I am just so sorry I wasn’t able to do something to save Lexa and Aden or get Madi to you myself. I’m sorry, Clarke; I am so so sorry,” Roan said as tears welled in his eyes and threatened to spill over.


“You swore fealty to Lexa,” Clarke asked unable to hide her shock.


“Yes. I’m no fool; I knew Nia wanted the Kongeda to rise again because she ingrained in me from a young age that it would be my duty as her eldest son to lead the Kongeda one day. I don’t subscribe to many of the Kongeda’s beliefs but I always liked the oath of fealty. If a man cannot stand by his word, he is no man in my book and I swear on my daughter and unborn child’s lives that I have not betrayed my vow for a single moment since taking it,” Roan said with such conviction that Clarke couldn’t help but begin to believe him and from the indiscernible glance she gave Lexa, Clarke knew her wife was beginning to believe him too.


“Roan, I want to believe you but you didn’t stand up for my wife, your sister, when you had the chance so why should I believe you now?”


“Because I have regretted that every day since,” Roan said dejectedly before launching into an explanation before Clarke could say anything else. “When I was younger, I had taken summer school courses every summer since entering high school so I could graduate early and be free of Nia and Titus, but then…then I found out Nia and Titus managed to conceive when I was fifteen and I knew I’d never be free because I couldn’t abandon the half-sibling I was about to have. I hoped Nia would be a better mother than she was to me since she was older; she was only sixteen when she had me after all. Anyway, I had just turned sixteen and was preparing to entering my final year of high school, thanks to those summer courses, when Lexa was born. From the time of her birth until my graduation they didn’t do anything to her that I know of, so I moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA thinking that maybe Nia really was going to be a better mother this time and that maybe Titus would be a better father since Lexa was biologically his.”


“Roan,” Clarke tried but Roan continued to speak, seemingly not having noticed Clarke’s attempt to speak.


“When I came home four years later I expected to find my happy four year old sister but instead I found my baby sister locked in the basement. I confronted Nia and Titus, I did, but it turned out they knew about my girlfriend, who had moved to Polis with me to seek treatment for her cancer she had been diagnosed with just before our graduation, and they threatened to withhold the treatment Ontari needed. I said they couldn’t do that and that’s when I learned that they had the power to block treatment. I was twenty then and I was weak and I gave in and ultimately, they arranged for Ontari to receive the best treatment available. I couldn’t let Ontari die back then and I thought with me being back in Polis I could protect Lexa, but I was wrong. There was always a new threat from Nia and Titus and I just didn’t have the strength to fight back; I wasn’t strong like Lexa. Lexa was the bravest and strongest person I’ve ever known, Clarke. She ran away at eleven years old and set herself free. Her strength is what gave me the strength to take a stand though. After Lexa left, I swore fealty to her, yes, but Ontari’s cancer also returned and I knew I had to stay in Nia’s good graces to ensure she got the lifesaving treatment once again. In exchange for Ontari getting the best medical care possible, which ironically your biological mother helped provide, I agreed to work for Nia. My conditions for working for her though were that Ontari get her treatment and they sign away their parental rights to Lexa and let her be free. Nia and Titus didn’t want to agree to my terms so I threatened to go to the media and expose them, and believe me I had plenty of evidence against them by then, so they agreed to my terms. My oath of fealty to Lexa gave me the strength to fight back and I wish I had had that strength sooner. But, Nia and Titus were always looking for ways to even the playing field again. Two years later they got dirt on me and we’ve been locked in this holding pattern of assured mutual destruction ever since.”


“That’s a lot to unpack, Roan,” Clarke said as she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.


“I know it is. I’m sorry I never reached out and told you, but I thought it was safer if Lexa, and then you after she passed, didn’t know anything.”


“You said assured mutual destruction. What does Nia have on you?”


“Despite receiving the best, and most cutting edge treatment on the market, Ontari’s cancer became terminal two years after it returned. We were told she was going to die and she was going to die within a month. She was so sick by then, Clarke, and it broke me to see the woman I loved, and believed I’d marry and have a family with, so sick. I…I still can’t talk about the horrors I saw her live through, that’s how bad it was,” Roan said as he grew emotional once more.


“Roan, I’m sorry you went through that but I suppose that means you know what I felt losing Lexa.”


“I do and I’m so sorry you have to know that pain too.”


“Thank you. The pain you feel when you’re told the person you loved most is gone…well it’s a pain I wouldn’t wish on anyone,” Clarke said as she began to grow emotional as she was reminded of the pain she felt when Anya told her Lexa and Aden were dead. “But, I don’t understand what Ontari’s passing has to do with Nia and Titus having dirt on you,” she said as she brought herself back to the present moment.


“Ontari wanted to die on her own terms. She didn’t want to slowly slip away and experience the excruciating pain she had already begun to experience. And…and she didn’t want me to have to see her that way…”


“She wanted to end her life, didn’t she,” Clarke asked knowingly.


“Yes. She wanted physician assisted suicide but it wasn’t legal in Polis at the time. Ontari decided she’d commit suicide herself by using the pistol she received as a gift when she turned eighteen, but I was weak and could not bear the thought of her having to do that. So, I found a doctor who would provide the drugs needed and teach me how to administer them so Ontari could have the death she wanted; the death that would allow her to die with dignity. Ontari was smart though and made sure everything would be done in a manner where it wouldn’t be able to be traced back to me. Nia and Titus found out though and they held that over my head knowing I’d be facing a lengthy prison sentence if the police found out and I was charged and convicted.”


“I really am sorry you had to go through that Roan, but Madi says you have a daughter named Ontari,” Clarke said hesitantly.


“I do,” Roan said as a soft smile graced his lips as he thought of his young daughter.


“How,” Clarke couldn’t help but ask.


“Ontari’s younger sister, Ash, who’s about five years older than you, came to the funeral and she weaseled her way into my life and quickly became my rock as I grieved and I became hers. A year after Ontari passed, Ash and I officially became a couple. We were married eight years ago and six years ago we had our daughter. As soon as we knew we were expecting a girl, we knew we wanted to name her after Ontari. Our second child is due in the spring; if it’s a boy we’re naming him Alexander and if it’s a girl, we’re naming her Alexandria…,” Roan said before trailing off, unsure how Clarke would react.


“You…You’re naming your unborn child after Lexa?”


“We are. Ash knows how much it means to me to honor Lexa in some way and naming our child after their incredibly strong aunt feels right.


“I…I don’t know what to say,” Clarke said completely at a loss for words and another indiscernible look at her wife showed that Lexa was as shocked as Clarke.


“You don’t have to say anything, Clarke,” Roan said seeing how shocked Clarke was to hear the news.


A few moments later, Clarke had recovered from her shock and refocused on the purpose of the call.


“I am truly sorry you went through what you did, but, Roan, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that you chose to protect your girlfriend at the expense of your little sister who was a child and unable to fight for herself at the time. I understand that Ontari needed treatment, but there are thousands of doctors in the world and surely you could have found a way to get her treatment while you protected Lexa,” Clarke said exasperatedly.


“At the time, I didn’t see that as an option, but I did think I could protect Lexa by simply being there. Obviously, I was wrong but I did the best I could at the time,” Roan said remorsefully. “Look Clarke, I know I failed my sister and I will regret that and wonder if she would still be alive if I had just fought for her and that…that kills me Clarke. Every time I’d see Madi after Lexa and Aden’s deaths I just wanted to breakdown and apologize to her over and over again for failing her mother. I know I cannot make up for what I’ve done but I will do whatever I can to help you now. I know you didn’t call me to simply listen to be talk about my past; I believe you wanted to know about Madi?”


“Yes. I want to know everything you can tell me about her life, no matter how bad it was, from the day she was born until the last time you saw her.”


Nodding his head in understanding, Roan grew solemn before he began to speak again.


“For the first year of her life, I was her primary caregiver. They didn’t have much use for an infant,” Roan said with a humorless chuckle. “Just after her first birthday though, she was running around the small room that was hers and she fell, scrapping her knees in the process. Unfortunately, her scraped knees bled and one of Nia and Titus’ cronies told them that Madi had black blood; specifically, they realized Madi had nightblood, the very blood Lexa had as a result of experiments performed on her. From that point on, I was only allowed to see Madi when they allowed it.”


“Roan, what did they do to my daughter,” Clarke growled knowing that something had happened based on Roan’s words and facial expression.


“I don’t know everything they did to her; Madi never wanted to talk about it and it was very rare that I’d catch them in the act. What I do know is that when she misbehaved they put her in this room and played videos of you and Lexa being a happy family without her. She thought you didn’t want her, that’s why I started telling her stories. I refused to let her believe you didn’t want her or love her. I hope I was successful in that…”


“You were,” Clarke rushed to assure the man. “Do you know anything else that they did to her?”


“Have you noticed the small scar on her right hip?”


“Yes,” Clarke said already not liking where things were going.


“One of Nia’s favorite experiments was to see how powerful the nightblood really was. She…she would hurt Madi to test its healing abilities,” Roan said sadly.


“What. Did. She. Do. To. My. Daughter,” Clarke seethed.


“Nia and Titus were hoping to perfect what they called the ALIE chip so they could sell it to the military to create super soldiers but they were hoping they could also unlock all of the nightblood’s power to create truly super soldiers, specifically super soldiers who would heal faster when injured in combat. Once that a fully functioning chip, they planned to test it on Madi, but they never got the chance to test the chip on her to my knowledge. They did finish perfecting the chip though.”


“What did they do to my daughter, Roan,” Clarke screamed unable to take him beating around the bush for one more moment.


“They shot her, Clarke. It was a graze, just enough to make her bleed but it never should have happened. They shot Madi to test what the nightblood was truly capable of,” Roan said as he averted his eyes and hung his head in shame for not being able to stop his mother and stepfather from shooting his young niece.


“How old? How old was my daughter when they shot her in the hip?!”


“She was seven, Clarke, she was seven,” Roan said as tears welled in his eyes and began to fall.


“THEY SHOT MY DAUGHTER WHEN SHE WAS ONLY SEVEN,” Clarke roared, ready to unleash Wanheda’s wrath on every single person involved in shooting her precious baby girl.


“I’m sorry, Clarke; I am so sorry. By the time I knew what they were planning, I didn’t have enough time to get there and try to stop it. I heard the gun go off and ran to the room and when I got there I rushed to Madi’s side and I flew Abby out to check on her personally after having the doctor Nia kept at the house dress the wound. I’m so sorry I couldn’t stop them…”


“YOU BETTER START NAMING THE NAMES OF EVERY SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED IN HARMING MY DAUGHTER AND EVERY SINGLE ATTROCITY COMMITTED AGAINST HER, ROAN OR ELSE HEDA AND WANHEDA’S WRATH WILL RAIN DOWN UPON YOU AND YOU WILL WISH YOU COULD HAVE HAD A DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS WHEN WE ARE DONE WITH YOU,” Lexa screamed in her cold and commanding “Commander” voice as she hopped on one foot until she collapsed in the chair next to Clarke and stared at her brother for the first time since she was eleven years old and with the deadliest stare known to man.



Chapter Text



“Start talking NOW,” Lexa growled as Clarke had her best poker face on while internally thinking of every possible outcome of the current conversation and how she would protect her family if Roan turned out to be a threat on top of having a strong desire to personally kill every single person who hurt her precious baby girl.


“I…I…How,” Roan finally stuttered out as his mouth more often than not open and closed without making a sound as he looked completely shocked and as if he was seeing a ghost.


“Stat talking Roan!”


“You…You’re supposed to be dead,” Roan gaped.


“Clearly, I’m very much alive so START TALKING,” Lexa growled again.


“No…No this isn’t real and you’re not really there. You’re dead…They made sure you and Aden were dead. I saw the dental records; you’re dead,” Roan started rambling as if he was trying to convince himself that Lexa and Aden were actually dead.


“The records were faked and you don’t deserve to know the details,” Clarke said simply.


“They died…Clarke, they died so why am I seeing Lexa,” Roan asked with the face of a haunted man.


“Roan Atticus Queen, for the final time I am alive,” Lexa said in her Commander tone, catching Roan’s attention because Lexa had always been the only one to use his middle name when trying to get through to him.


“H…How? How are you here? And…and…Aden…is he…,” Roan asked, clearly struggling with his words.


Sensing that they would never get anywhere so long as her wife and Roan kept dancing around each other with variations of the same sentiments, Clarke knew she had to step in and step in she did.


“Aden is alive too,” Clarke calmly said even though she was still seething on the inside over the knowledge that her little girl had shot and didn’t believe Roan deserved to know anything at this point.


“You…But…You didn’t tell me,” Roan said with an air of hurt in his voice.


Hearing Roan act as if he was owed the truth from Clarke though did something to her and suddenly all pretense of attempting to be the levelheaded one between herself and Lexa went out the window and she went into full verbal smackdown mode.


You think I owed you the truth?! What about me? Didn’t I deserve the truth from you when you had the audacity to come to my wife and son’s funeral and hug me and tell me you were sorry for my loss but knew that they were with my daughter now and at peace?! You could have told me the truth then; you could have told me my baby girl was alive and I hadn’t lost my entire family! You could have told me she had been shot a little over a year earlier. You could and should have told me!”


“Clarke…,” Roan tried but was shut down immediately.


“Fuck you Roan! You could have told me my daughter was alive so I didn’t become so depressed that I tried to end my own life because I believed my entire family was dead! You owed me the truth and you didn’t give it to me. I did not owe you a damn thing but you…you owed me everything,” she said coldly.




“No! You told me you swore fealty to Lexa and as her wife that fealty would have extended to me under Kongeda tradition, correct,” Clarke asked knowingly as the shock of Roan’s admissions about his past finally wore off as her anger fully took hold.


“It…yes it would,” Roan quietly admitted.


“This keeps getting better and better,” Lexa said murderously with a humorless chuckle. “First, you don’t protect me when I was too young to protect myself, then you don’t protect my daughter fully and then you don’t tell my wife that our daughter was alive when you fucking hugged her and could have whispered it in her ear without anyone being the wiser?!”




“Pick a side Roan! You’re either trying to help us or your helping Nia; there is no middle ground,” Lexa growled.




“You betrayed your vow of fealty by not telling Clarke the truth! Lord only knows what atrocities she could have protected Madi from had she known! And if she knew maybe she wouldn’t have nearly killed herself due to her grief. Had she gone through with it her death would have been blood on your hands,” Lexa roared.


“I couldn’t tell her the truth then! Nia knew that I thought you both deserved to know your daughter was alive and when I found out you and Aden were dead I got into an argument with mother dearest and told her I was telling Clarke about Madi,” Roan said to defend himself.


“Then why didn’t you,” Clarke hissed.


“Because, before I left for the funeral, Nia made sure I knew that an experiment she had done on me was still in my body, and ready to be activated, so I needed to stay in line or the device would be activated.”


“What are you talking about,” Clarke asked.


“Nia didn’t just experiment on Lexa and Madi, she experimented on me too,” Roan said plainly.


“What did she do to you,” Lexa asked not entirely surprised to hear that news.


“I’ve told you she had the goal of creating super soldiers but it was more than that. She wanted them to be physically better than regular soldiers but she also wanted to be able to control them.”


“That’s what the ALIE chip was for,” Lexa drawled.


“Yes, but as they learned with you, it is possible to beat the chip. As soon as they knew that, they worked on a failsafe measure.”


“What was it,” Clarke asked.


“A two-part implant. The first part was a removable ear implant that allowed Nia or whoever was manning the controls to listen in to anything said by, to or around the person with the implant. The second was a brainstem implant. If you were overheard disobeying the chip’s commands or did something they didn’t like the brainstem implant would set off an electric charge that was guaranteed to kill you. And before you ask, yes the implants worked even if you weren’t under the chip’s influence because they still could hear you. They put the implants in me about two years ago when I started moving up the ladder at Polis FD. Nia said I would help her accomplish great things if I continued to move up the ladder but she needed to make sure I didn’t color outside the lines, so to speak.”


“Jesus,” Clarke muttered while Lexa looked at her brother clearly appraising him.


“Nia wasn’t apprehended during the raids, so how do we know she’s not listening in now,” Lexa asked after a moment.


“Nia and Titus were having a hard time perfecting the implants, something they realized when it came to their attention that sometimes they couldn’t hear me. Anyway, someone suggested a doctor may be able to help. Long story short, Abby was brought in and she still couldn’t figure out how to make the implants do what they were supposed too so she brought Raven in because of her medical background and affinity for mechanics. Ultimately, it was Raven who perfected the implants but she put in a failsafe of her own not long before you and Aden supposedly died.”


“Wait, my sister was involved in this too,” Clarke asked.


“She was, but before you start thinking Raven’s gone to the dark side or whatever, remember what I said, she put a failsafe in the implants herself. That failsafe was a code that only she knew that rendered any implant she wanted useless. She used the failsafe on mine after the funeral.”


“And why didn’t she use this failsafe before the funeral? She tried to make me feel like she regretted ever being part of something that hurt me or my family and she acted like she wanted to tell me the truth about my wife and son so why didn’t she use the failsafe before the funeral so you could have told me the truth about Madi? And if you talked to Raven did she know about Madi too?”


“I don’t know why she didn’t use the failsafe earlier. I didn’t even know there was one until she saw me after the funeral when Nia called a meeting. As far as I know though, she did not know about Madi. Madi’s existence was a closely guarded secret.”


“I see,” Clarke said clearly deep in thought.


“I will admit that it appears you had difficult choices to make, Roan, but you still haven’t even begun to tell us who was involved in harming our daughter and what exactly was done to her,” Lexa said sternly, knowing both that Clarke needed time to process everything they just heard and, like her, still needed answers about what happened to Madi.


Hanging his head in shame, Roan sighed before beginning to tell his sister and sister-law what he knew.


“I tried to protect her as much as I could, I swear. It was easier in the beginning, before my daughter was born. After Ontari’s birth though, Nia would threaten her life if I got too involved. At first, I called her bluff but then she’d reminded me that it really was because of her that you and Aden were gone and I couldn’t risk my daughter’s life no matter how much I wanted to save Madi from all harm…”


“Keep going,” Lexa instructed as she gripped Clarke’s hand for dear life, fearing what they would be told.


“Other than the shooting, I know they tried to use the ALIE chip but were unsuccessful, used electrocution to test if the nightblood gave her a higher pain tolerance, other physical abuse and emotional abuse. They were also developing something akin to an exoskeleton that they planned to test on Madi, but as far as I know they never finished it and I don’t know what they ultimately planned to use it for. They had planned to shoot her again as well, but I managed to stop that one, it’s how I got this,” Roan said as he moved the collar of his shirt over so Lexa and Clarke could see what was clearly a gunshot wound scar.


“You took a bullet for our daughter,” Lexa asked clearly surprised while Clarke echoed that surprise with her facial expression.


“I did. I meant it when I said I tried to protect her. I can never makeup for my failings as a brother but I have tried my best to do better by Madi, I swear,” Roan said earnestly.


Nodding their heads, deep in thought, Lexa and Clarke considered Roan’s words and let them sink in for a few moments before Clarke turned to the remaining question Roan had yet to answer.


“Who was involved in putting our little girl through all of that and who shot her when she was seven?”


“I don’t know everyone involved, just as I don’t know the full extent of what they did to her. I however, know that Nia, Titus, Abby, Thelonious and Cage Wallace were the most heavily involved.”


While the couple weren’t surprised to hear the four devils incarnate were involved in the torture of their daughter, they were surprised to hear Cage Wallace’s name mentioned.


“Roan, to be clear, are you saying that Cage Wallace, the current President of the United States was involved in the years of torture Madi was forced to endure,” Lexa asked for clarification even though she knew the answer already.


“He wasn’t just involved, he’s the one who pulled the trigger when Madi was shot and he pulled the trigger when I took the bullet for her too.”


“Do you have proof,” Clarke asked as her blood boiled at the knowledge of who shot her daughter.


“I have undeniable proof. I have the original security footage from both incidents.”


“We need to talk to Kane,” Clarke said as she locked eyes with Lexa.


“We need to talk to Marcus,” Lexa immediately agreed while Roan looked at both women completely confused by what was happening.

Chapter Text

After abruptly ending their call with Roan, Clarke and Lexa called Marcus Kane. By the end of their conversation with Kane, it had been decided that he and a small team would travel to Polis as firefighters attending the Northeast Firefighters’ Conference that happened to be beginning the following day. They would meet Roan at the welcome reception and discreetly move him to an undisclosed location for interrogation where they would hopefully not only learn everything they could about Cage Wallace’s involvement in Madi’s torture and Nia and company’s plan but also whether or not Roan was involved in the plot or if it was safe to allow him around Madi for the sake of her treatment and recovery. They also planned to get the security footage Roan mentioned to his sister and sister-in-law while in Polis. Lexa, being the cunning Woods that she was though, knew that it was likely Roan was being watched by Nia from a distance or Cage himself, in light of the recent raids and suggested that instead of simply taking Roan, they leave behind a decoy so no one would realize Roan has left the conference.


In order to make the switch believable, Kane and his team would be utilizing technology that Clarke and Mark Sloan had developed together for burn patients and other with severe disfigurements who wished to look as they did before the trauma. Clarke and Mark’s technology was new and the clinic trial hadn’t even begun yet, but since this was a government operation they were able to get through the red tape so the technology could be utilized for the mission. This technology would ultimately be used in conjunction with DSO voice modulator technology.


Clarke and Mark’s technology was something straight out of a Mission Impossible movie. By using a photograph of the person, a specialized 3D printer would essentially create a blueprint for printing a new face, or skin for another part of the body, for the individual. With the blueprints prepared, Clarke and Mark would know the exact amount of their synthetic skin that would be needed. They used a complex procedure involving fish skins, collagen and coloring agents so the synthetic skin not only looked real but the skin tone was correct. With the ingredients all together, the specialized 3D printer would literally print the new face that once applied would graft itself permanently to the surface it was applied too thanks to advanced nanotechnology. In this case though, they did not want the “Roan face” to permanently graft to the decoy’s face so a mold would be applied to the decoy’s face first so that the “Roan face” attached itself to that rather than the decoy’s face.


With the plan in place, it was decided that Clarke and Lexa needed to call Roan back under the guise of setting up a meeting between the three of them so he hopefully wouldn’t be expecting anything to happen at the conference. When Roan undoubtedly questioned why they abruptly ended the call, and ignored his numerous attempts to call them back, it was agreed that they would tell him they were in shock hearing that Cage had been involved and they needed to speak to their attorney immediately to ensure legal protections could be put into place to ensure Cage could not get near Madi without facing prison time. 


In the end, Roan believed the story told to him and told the couple that he understood if they never wished to speak to him again but he hoped that one day they would be able to understand that he did the best he could in an impossible situation but would still always regret not doing more. When the call ended without Roan trying to learn their location or see the kids, Clarke and Lexa were left wondering if it was Roan showing he meant no harm and respected boundaries or if he was attempting to manipulate them into thinking he meant well so that they would let him in and let their walls down enough for him to strike, for him to prove he was Nia’s son.





The next day, Lexa and Clarke woke full of anxiety knowing the mission would be happening that day and it could possibly be not only the first step towards not only apprehending Cage Wallace, but possibly even Nia herself. They both knew they weren’t trained law enforcement agents but they still wanted to be part of the mission because this was their family at stake; it was their daughter who had been kidnapped at birth and tortured; it was their aunt who had been assassinated; it was part of their biological and step family who tore them apart for seven months and it was their family that had been harmed the most. No matter how much they wanted to be involved with the day’s mission though, logically they understood why they couldn’t be involved.


Knowing they needed to stay busy to distract themselves, they chose to spend the day with their children. They spent their day studying all the rocks Madi and Aden collected on their field trip the day before, teaching their children about ecosystems and how they could help preserve them, working on their reading skills, getting plenty of tummy time in with Scout and sensory learning playtime with Jasmine and simply spending time together as a family. Being with their children all day helped remind Clarke and Lexa that no matter what happened during the mission, they had their family intact and all of their children were home with them where they belonged.


By the time, the couple put their children to bed that evening, they had almost forgotten about the Polis mission…almost. They knew not to expect news until the following day, due in part to the time difference, so when Clarke’s phone rang and Marcus Kane’s face appeared on the screen, the couple gasped and Clarke rushed to answer the phone.


“Kane? What happened,” Clarke asked as soon as she answered the call and placed it on speaker.


“Clarke, is Lexa there with you?”


“She is.”


“Good, I need you both to sit down and remain calm,” Kane said causing fear to course through both their veins.


“We’re sitting down…Kane, what happened,” Lexa asked.


“Everything started out according to plan but then…well then things took a turn…”




Two Hours Earlier – Polis


Kane and his team, which consisted of his most trustworthy and loyal agents, namely, Charmaine Diyoza, Nathan Miller, Miles Shaw and Luna Floukru, entered the Northeast Firefighters’ Conference that was being held at the Polis Grand Hotel. Each of the five were dressed in firefighter’s dress uniforms for different departments so they could blend in easier. Their sixth team member, Paxton McCreary, meanwhile, was hidden away in a hotel room, ready to take over as Roan Queen, the Chief of the Polis Fire Department.


Once inside the reception area, Kane, Diyoza, Miller, Shaw and Luna began mingling with the conference attendees while they subtly got the lay of the land, began looking for Roan and looked for any other agents or mercenaries that may be at the event to keep an eye on Roan on behalf of Nia or even Cage Wallace himself. It only took thirty seconds before the first report came in.


“We’re not the only feds here, boss. Secret Service is here,” Miller said just loud enough for his ear comm to pick the sound up.


“We need to move quickly then. If Secret Service recognizes any of us, we will be on our own since this is off the books. Find the target and initiate the switch asap,” Kane replied with a steely voice.


“There’s a private team here too. I recognize one of the men from when I was still with Black Ops,” Diyoza said.


“Try to stay of sight then, Diyoza; we don’t want anyone to know we were here if we can avoid it,” Kane replied.


“Copy that.”


“The secondary bar is in a blind spot, we may be able to make the switch there,” Luna said.


“No need. I have eyes on the target. He just said he left something upstairs. I’m going to intercept in the elevator and rendezvous with McCreary,” Shaw said as he made his way to the elevator bank where Roan was waiting.


“Copy that, good work, Shaw. If any of you can get close enough to drop a listening device on any of the other agents or the mercs here, do it. We need all the intel we can get,” Kane said.


“One of the Secret Service detail are making their way to the elevator bank,” Diyoza said a second later.


“I’ll intercept; I’m the newest to the team and it’s unlikely they’d recognize me,” Luna said.


“Be careful, Luna,” Kane said.


A moment later, Luna “accidently” bumped into the Secret Service agent, spilling her drink on his suit.


“Oh my God! I am so sorry; I knew I shouldn’t have worn new heels tonight, I always trip,” Luna convincingly said as she attempted to wipe the evidence of her spilled drink from the man’s suit jacket.


“It’s fine, no harm done. Have a good night,” the agent said as he attempted to brush Luna off before deflating when he saw the elevator doors close behind Roan and Shaw.


“Problem solved with an extra reward for us,” Luna said cheekily after the agent had walked off.


“What do you mean, Luna,” Kane asked.


“I cloned his cell phone while I pretended to try and help clean his jacket off.”


“Well done, Luna. Everyone keep your eyes open. Shaw and McCreary, facilitate the switch asap.”





While Kane, Diyoza, Miller and Luna continued to work the room and determine if they could leave any listening devices behind on the other agents and mercs, Shaw entered the elevator behind Roan and quickly deactivated the elevator’s camera but placing a small device on it that would force the camera to play the footage from before they entered the elevator on repeat.


“What the hell,” Roan asked as Shaw carefully covered the camera.


“Roan Queen, I’m a federal agent and you’re going to have to come with me,” Shaw said.


“And I’m Santa Clause,” Roan drawled.


“We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”


“I guess we’re doing this the hard way then,” Roan quipped.


“Are you sure you want to do that? Refusing to cooperate will not earn you brownie points with Lexa or Clarke or my boss, Kane,” Shaw said as he showed his badge.


“Wait, did you say Kane as in Marcus Kane,” Roan asked remembering that both Lexa and Clarke spoke of a Marcus Kane.


“That’s correct. We’re here because of Clarke and Lexa. It is our understanding that you may have information regarding the kidnapping and torture of their daughter as well as security footage depicting President Cage Wallace’s part in said torture. Will you willingly come with me to discuss that and turn over the security footage?”


As soon as Roan realized what was actually going on, he immediately began nodding his head, knowing this was both his chance to tell the truth and possibly even begin proving himself to his sister and sister-in-law.


“Yes, I’ll go with you and give you the footage, but I should warn you I noticed a few of my mother’s associates in the reception hall. I imagine they’re keeping an eye on me because of what I know and they will notice if I disappear.”


“That won’t be a problem,” Shaw said as she and Roan stepped off the elevator and made their way to the room where McCreary was waiting. “McCreary, you’re up,” he added once they were in the room and the door was fully closed.


“Roan Queen, pleasure to meet you,” McCreary said sounding just like Roan thanks to a standard issue voice modulator.


“Holy shit! You look just like me and you sound like me too!”


“Good, I’m doing my job then,” McCreary said before leaving the room and making his way to the reception. “The Eagle has landed,” he said to alert the rest of the team that he was on his way.


“Good. Shaw and Diyoza exfil in five minutes at exfil point A with the package. Miller and Luna, remain as lookouts for McCreary and McCreary, you know what to do.”


“Copy that,” the team said into their comms.





Kane, Diyoza and Shaw had successfully left the reception, with Roan in tow, but an hour after arriving at the black site, everything changed. McCreary had been impersonating Roan perfectly, having watched every recording of the man he could prior to the mission. In fact, he had been playing the role of Roan so well that someone who knew the man quite well approached him.


“Room 410, five minutes,” the person said as they briefly made eye contact with fake Roan and disappeared again.


“We have a problem; Nia’s here,” McCreary quietly said into his comm.




Exactly six minutes later, McCreary’s comm went dead and all contact was lost with him.






“You have Nia in custody then,” Lexa asked hopefully even though she feared what the answer truly was.


“We don’t, I’m sorry. McCreary went to meet her and she took him somewhere. His comm and tracking device are both not working; we believe she’s using a short range EMP or scrambler to block the signals.”


“So we’re not any closer to apprehending Nia then,” Clarke asked clearly frustrated.


“Not necessarily. The comm went out a minute after he entered the room but during that minute, Nia said something about going to their secret place so they could discuss things in private. Lexa, is there any chance you know what their secret place is or where it is?”


Lexa searched her memories, hoping to find even the smallest of memories that might point them in the right direction but after several moments she still didn’t have any clue where Nia could have taken McCreary until suddenly she did.


“Home. She took him home.”


“We’ve had the estate under constant surveillance since the raid; they’re not at the estate Lexa,” Kane said sadly.


“Not that home, Marcus, home to Azgeda. She took him to Azgeda.”

Chapter Text

It was now October 31, 2021, the first Halloween Clarke and Lexa would get to spend with all four of their children and a few surprise additions. The day also marked two and a half months since the family of six went home. It was also six weeks after the Polis mission in which McCreary, pretending to be Roan, disappeared after being taken by Nia.


After Lexa said she believed Nia would have gone to Azgeda, Kane sent every team he could to search properties known to be owned by Nia or which she frequented to no avail; it was as if Nia and McCreary had disappeared into thin air. They hadn’t even been able to learn anything from the darkweb or the Secret Service agent’s phone Luna had cloned either. Despite the amount of time that had passed and the chance of McCreary being found alive decreasing each day, Kane, his team and Clarke and Lexa tried to remain hopeful. The media however, had declared their belief that “Roan” was likely dead after he had been missing for only four weeks.


Twenty-four hours after the Northeast Firefighter’s Conference reception ended, it had been leaked to the press that Polis Fire Chief Roan Queen was missing and the media had been covering the story ever since. Forty-eight hours after fake Roan went missing, Polis Grand Hotel security footage was released showing “Roan”, aka McCreary, being shoved into a windowless black van by four big and muscular men while a tall, blonde haired woman, held a gun to his back. The media hadn’t realized the blonde woman was Roan’s own mother, but Lexa recognized her birth mother immediately. Unfortunately, all traces of Nia and the van disappeared less than a block from the hotel when the van somehow evaded further CCTV camera detection.


Immediately after news broke of “Roan’s” abduction, Kane sent two agents to retrieve Roan’s wife Ash and their daughter Ontari. Clarke had begged Kane to tell Ash before authorities told her that her husband, and the father of her daughter and unborn child, was missing as she knew firsthand the pain Ash would endure otherwise, but Kane regrettably had to deny Clarke’s pleas. He had said that Ash was likely being watched and if Nia hadn’t figured out the man she took was not her son, Ash not appearing distraught when notified of her husband’s disappearance would surely give McCreary up and put his life in even more danger. When Kane’s agents were able to go to Ash though, she and Ontari were immediately placed in protective custody at an unknown location where the real Roan had been waiting for them. Although they had no real relationship with Roan and didn’t know his wife and child, Lexa and Clarke were extremely grateful that Kane was able to reunite the family at an undisclosed safe location so they did not face the type of separation they did on a few short months earlier.


During his time in protective custody though, Roan had worked hard to prove himself. He gave numerous sworn statements on everything he knew, handed over all video evidence he had, provided Kane with addresses of properties Nia owned under fake names and helped Kane however he could all without any promise of immunity. By the time Halloween rolled around, Kane determined that while Roan technically could be charged as an accessory because of the knowledge he possessed, he would not be charged and would instead be offered full immunity due to the amount of credible intel he had provided. Roan had provided so much tangible proof of his claims in fact, that as of Halloween morning, Kane was presenting a federal judge with an emergency application for a warrant of arrest for President Cage Wallace, on charges ranging from conspiracy to murder in the first degree as an accomplice, a first in United States history.





Despite everything going on, Clarke and Lexa were determined to have the best Halloween ever for their children, especially Madi who was very excited to celebrate Halloween for the first time. They both worried about Nia still being in the wind and about not knowing if she had discovered Lexa and Aden were alive and/or their location. However, they both agreed that they could not allow their fears to control their lives, so they had planned a brilliant Halloween for their children that was sure to be memorable.


Due to Lexa’s nightblood, she was healing at an exceptional rate; so exceptional in fact, that not only was her cast removed early but as of the Friday before Halloween, she was walking with the assistance of a cane. Wanting to keep her ability to walk months earlier than expected a secret until it was time to leave for trick or treating though, Lexa continued to use the wheelchair. Just before they were to begin getting their costumes on however, Madi knocked on her mothers’ door.


“Mom? Mama,” she called out.


“You can come in, sweetheart,” Lexa called out.


“What’s wrong,” Clarke immediately asked seeing how fidgety Madi was as she tugged on her fingers nervously while shifting her weight between her feet in her parents’ bedroom doorway.


“Can we talk about what I talked to Doctor Olsen about this week,” Madi asked timidly.


“You can always talk to us about anything,” Lexa rushed to assure her little girl.


“Your mama is right, you can always talk to us about anything, but it is okay if you don’t want to talk about what you talk to Doctor Olsen about.”


“I know, but I wanna talk about it this time.”


“Okay, we’re listening,” Clarke said as she sat down on the chair nearest Lexa.


“Okay,” Madi said before she crawled up to sit next to Clarke in her chair. “I was talking bout stuff that happened before I found you and I don’t know how but we ended up talking bout Uncle Ro and that led to talking bout our family and I realized something,” Madi said as she worried her bottom lip just like her mothers both would do.


“What did you realize,” Clarke gently asked.


“I…I want to meet my grandparents and Uncle Bellamy but…”


“But what,” Lexa prompted when Madi didn’t continue to speak.


“I miss Uncle Ro and ‘Tari.”


“Oh,” Clarke and Lexa said in unison before Lexa took a deep breath and began to speak further.


“We know you miss them, but baby, they’re at a safe location right now so the bad people can’t get to them just like they can’t get to you here.”


“But I miss them,” Madi whimpered.


“We know, sweetheart, we know,” Clarke cooed as she pulled Madi into her lap and held her close while rubbing her back. “What if you drew a picture for Uncle Ro and Ontari and we could take a picture of it and send it to Mr. Kane so he could show them and then the next time we see Mr. Kane we can give him the drawing so Uncle Ro and Ontari get the original too,” Clarke suggested as Madi began to calm.


“Can you help me write a message too?”


“Absolutely,” Clarke said with a smile that Madi instantly mirrored as she burrowed herself in Clarke’s chest, hugging her mom close.


“Thank you,” she squealed before jumping down from the chair and running towards the door before stopping abruptly. “What about my grandparents and Uncle Bellamy?”


“You talked about meeting them with Doctor Olsen, right,” Lexa asked.


“Yeah and she said as long as I’m comfortable it’s okay to meet them.”


“And you’re absolutely sure you’re ready to meet them and you’re not just wanting to meet them because you’re sad you can’t see Uncle Ro or Ontari,” Clarke asked.


“I miss Uncle Ro and ‘Tari but I do wanna meet the rest of my family. They seem really nice from the stories you and Aden tell me and in the videos you let me watch. And, I think I got the same hair as Uncle Bellamy! It’s the same color as yours Mama but my curls are wilder than yours and Uncle Bellamy has wild curls too,” Madi said clearly excited about having a physical resemblance to another family member.


“I never thought about that but you’re right my sweet girl,” Clarke said with a soft smile before continuing. “You do know it’s okay to not be ready to meet him or your grandparents, right?”


“I know, but I promise I’m ready and if it’s too much I will tell you, I promise.”


“Okay, then. Mom and I had discussed you meeting one set of grandparents then the other and then Uncle Bellamy. How does that sound,” Lexa asked after she and Clarke had had a silent conversation with their eyes.


“I wanna meet them together Moms. I…I thought maybe they could all dress up tonight and go trick or treating with us,” Madi nervously said. When I talked to Doctor Olsen about it she thought maybe with us all being dressed up it’d be easier ‘cause it’d be like I was meeting who they dress up as instead of meeting them and then maybe I’d be more comfortable around them ‘cause it’d take pressure away from meeting them.”


“Are you sure, sweetie,” Clarke carefully asked.


“Yes. I…I think it’ll be easier if they’re dressed up. Like I can get to know them without having to feel like I’m really with them ‘cause they’ll have costumes and…and it’s not fair to Jasmine to not meet them just because I needed time,” Madi said bashfully.


“No, no, Madi, you do not need to force yourself to meet them sooner than you’re ready too just because of Jasmine. Your grandparents and uncle understand and they are willing to wait however long it takes for you to truly be ready to meet them. Right now they are thrilled to just receive the video messages and pictures you’ve been making them and asking us to send right now,” Lexa said.


“I know but I think I’m ready. Plus, I know you and Mom will have them leave if it’s too much for me.”


“You’re right, we would do that. Are you sure you want them all to come tonight,” Clarke asked to be sure.


“Yes. Aunt Octavia, Uncle Lincoln, Aunt Meredith, Uncle Mark, Aunt Lexie, Aunt Amelia, Uncle Owen and Aunt Addison are coming with all our cousins and Dr. Torres and Dr. Robbins promised that they would meet us while trick or treating with Sophia, so it’ll be like I have all my favorite people with me to support me when I meet Grandma Aurora, Grandpa Jake, Grandma Indra, Grandpa Gustus and Uncle Bellamy.”


Clarke and Lexa couldn’t help but smile at hearing their little girl say that having their extended chosen and biological family present would help support her as she met the rest of their biological family. The happy couple was so proud of how far Madi had come in such little time.


“If you’re sure, I’ll call my mom and she can tell the others,” Clarke said.


“Yes, please,” Madi begged.


“Make the call, Clarke,” Lexa said with a soft smile, indicating she was on board with at least trying to introduce Madi to their parents and Bellamy.




Picking up her phone, Clarke dialed her mother’s number and placed the call on speaker.


“Clarke, hi! How is everyone today? Are the kids excited to go trick or treating,” Aurora asked as soon as she answered the call.


“Hi, Mom. Yes, they are excited; we’re actually getting ready to get our costumes on.”


“Oh that’s wonderful. Please be sure to take lots of pictures and send them to us. You still haven’t told us who the kids are all dressing up as and we can’t wait to see,” Aurora said happily, clearly looking forward to seeing her grandchildren in their Halloween costumes, even if it was only in picture form.


“Actually, can you, Dad, Indra, Gus and Bell come to our house around four thirty or five?”


“I’m sure we can; we’re all off shift tonight, but are you sure? We don’t want to pressure or overwhelm Madi if she’ll be there.”


“We know and it’s okay.”


“What do you mean,” Aurora asked confused.


“Mom, Madi wants to meet you all…tonight.”

Chapter Text

After spending about half an hour convincing Aurora that Madi truly had said she wanted to meet her grandparents and uncle that night, everyone was confirmed as attending. The only rules given were that everyone attending had to wear a Halloween costume and agree to allow Madi to choose when to approach them and how she’d be introduced to them. With assurances that everyone would adhere to the rules, Clarke and Lexa put all their attention on getting their children and themselves ready for Halloween.


Lexa and Clarke knew that this Halloween was not only special but important for Madi’s continued healing. It was a big step forward for the little girl that she wanted to go trick or treating despite her fears pertaining to strangers and new people so her parents wanted to ensure the best costumes were selected for their family. With Madi and Aden as enthralled with Supergirl and other superheroes as ever, Clarke and Lexa decided on a Supergirl tv series themed family costume with Madi and Aden helping decide who was who.


Madi and Aden, and their mothers secretly too, believed that Supergirl aka Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor were actual soulmates so to the eldest Griffin-Woods children, it was a forgone conclusion that their mothers would portray the iconic pair. After a heated debate, Madi decided that Lexa would be Supergirl because she’s the commander and she obviously had super healing abilities just like Supergirl while Clarke would be Lena Luthor as she had a gifted scientific mind and helped people with devices she made. Aden meanwhile, would be J’onn J’onzz aka the Martian Manhunter, Jasmine and Scout would be the children of Supergirl and Luna Luthor because Madi and Aden said the pair would totally have kids and finally Madi would be Alex Danvers aka Sentinel because she was the older sister in their family.


In an effort to make everyone’s costumes the absolute best they could be; Clarke called in a favor from Amara Williams, an instructor at the Seattle Fashion Academy. During the seven months she believed her wife and son to be dead, Clarke had completely thrown herself into her work, resulting in her performing more surgeries than any other surgeon in the hospital. One surgery she performed a grueling nineteen hour procedure on a fourteen year old boy who had been struck by a drunk driver while crossing the street lawfully. Paramedics were surprised to have delivered him to Seattle Grace alive and had a lesser surgeon been on-call that day, the teen likely would be dead. After repairing the extensive internal damage and working with Dr. Callie Torres to repair the teen’s shattered pelvis, tibias and left ankle, he began to code. Clarke, immediately recognized that his kidneys had both sustained too much damage and were failing, meaning he needed an immediate transplant. The teen’s mother had been out of town for work and there were no other living family members so Clarke went rouge and ran the teen’s blood against the Seattle Grace employee log and discovered that her father was a match. Jake, despite his position as Chief of Surgery, went along with Clarke’s rogue plan and donated a kidney to the teen right then and there. Clarke put her entire career on the line to save that child and Miranda Bailey as Chief of Staff read Clarke the riot act for her rash actions but before she fired her in accordance with hospital policy, the teen’s mother arrived. She thanked Clarke up hill and down for her actions and signed every legal document presented to her stating she would not sue the hospital or Clarke for their actions. The mother, Amara Williams, told Clarke if she ever needed anything she would be there so Clarke called Amara and the woman was more than happy to make the Griffin-Woods family Halloween costumes.


Ultimately, the costumes were so well made that you would have sworn they came straight from the Supergirl Costume Department at the CW. Amara even had another instructor, who was also a talented hair and makeup artist, go to the Griffin-Woods home and dye Clarke and Lexa’s hair the appropriate color and ensure all of their makeup was on point, especially Aden who wanted to look just like the Martian Manhunter when in his natural Green Martian form. By the time the six members of the Griffin-Woods family were fully dressed for their night of trick or treating, they looked like they belonged on the Supergirl set.


With the family of six ready to go, all they had to do was await the arrival of their guests.





When the four o’clock hour rolled around, Madi and Aden were engrossed in watching the 1993 cult classic “Hocus Pocus”. They were just reaching the ending when the doorbell rang, but the kids were so focused on the movie’s ending that they didn’t even bat an eye at the prospect of their first guests arriving, leaving Clarke to answer the door as Lexa was yet to reveal her ability to walk with the cane.


“Happy Ha…oh it’s just you,” Octavia instantly deflated seeing her sister answered the door instead of one of the children.


“Hi Octavia, Happy Halloween! It’s so good to see you too; I missed my baby sister so much! How have you been,” Clarke drawled with a playful roll of her eyes.


“Sorry. Hi Clarke. Happy Halloween. You look fucking phenomenal! Like holy hell you can actually pull dark hair off but who are you?”


“Seriously? You don’t know who I am? Linc! There you are,” Clarke exclaimed as her brother-in-law finally joined his fiancée on the porch. “Please tell me you know who I am?”


“Um…,” Lincoln stalled as he looked past Clarke and into the house to check out the other costumes when he caught sight of his sister and it all clicked. “Oh my God! You’re Lena Luthor, Lexa is Supergirl, Madi is…wait is Madi Alex Danvers as her alter ego Sentinal? And Aden, he’s the Martian Manhunter but who are Jasmine and Scout?”


“Uncle Linc, Aunty O,” Madi and Aden squealed when they realized their uncle and aunt had arrived.


“Hi munchkins,” Lincoln said as he caught both children with a practiced ease when they threw themselves at him.


“You figured out our costumes! I heard you,” Madi happily said, clearly thrilled that their family costume had been recognized.


“I did! But, I’m not entirely sure who your baby siblings are.”


“They’re Lena Luthor and Supergirl’s kids because they’re really each other’s soulmates so of course they have kids,” Aden chirped.


“Of course! How could I not think of that,” Lincoln self-chastised earning a chuckle from his fiancée.


“Do you like our costumes, Aunt Octavia,” Madi nervously asked.


“Do I like them? I love them! You all look amazing! If I didn’t know better I’d think you came straight from a movie set,” Octavia said in awe as she took in the costumes more fully.


“Mom had a friend who designs clothes make our costumes and then she had one of her friends do our hair and makeup,” Madi proudly said.


“Wait a friend who…Clarke, did you seriously call in your favor with Amara Williams to have her make your family’s Halloween costumes,” Octavia asked in disbelief.


“Yes, I did,” Clarke said bluntly.


“Really, Clarke,” Octavia said as she rolled her eyes.


“Yes, really. This is our first Halloween together and I wanted it to be perfect. Plus, this is Madi, Scout and Jasmine’s first time celebrating Halloween so it has to be amazing. The real question is, what exactly are you two this year,” Clarke asked with an arched brow as she led everyone into the living room where Lexa was with Jasmine and Scout.


“I’m a doctor and Linc is a firefighter, duh,” Octavia said.


“Linc, O,” Lexa said by way of greeting as everyone entered the living room.


“Hey sis.”


“Hi Lexa. Do you like our costumes? Clarke doesn’t seem too thrilled.”


“Are you two really wearing your work attire,” Lexa said as she rolled her own eyes.


“Yeah, you’re not wearing costumes; you’re just dressed for work,” Aden chirped.


“Yeah, so you gotta go change! Mom and Mama thought you would do this though so we got you costumes too,” Madi giddily said, barely containing her excitement.


“Wait, you guys were planning on us not planning real costumes,” Lincoln asked only slightly offended.


“We know you,” Lexa deadpanned.


“Touché. So, what did you pick for us,” Octavia asked.


“Oh, you’re going to love it! I picked them out,” Madi said mischievously.





“Please tell me this is a joke,” Octavia grumbled about ten minutes later.


“No, pretty sure it’s legit,” Lincoln said as he met Octavia’s eyes in the mirror and chuckled.


“So not fair,” Octavia grumbled.


“Uncle Lincoln says you’re the light of his life so this is perfect,” Madi declared as she stared at aunt who was dressed in a black leotard with electric wall plug with a cord that led to the lightbulb head piece she had on and her uncle who was dressed in a black leotard with a wall outlet on it.


“I can’t…this is too perfect! God, there’s no denying she’s Clarke’s kid,” Lincoln said as he collapsed in a fit of laughter over the costumes his niece selected for them.


“Lincoln, we look ridiculous,” Octavia pouted.


“Isn’t that the point, babe? Plus, do you see how happy Madi is seeing us wear these? Tonight, is going to be full of her meeting new people and right now she is so relaxed and getting to be a regular kid so let’s just have fun with this and make tonight the best Halloween ever,” Lincoln whispered to his fiancée while locking eyes in the mirror once he stood back up.


“You’re right,” Octavia said as she softened seeing her eldest niece and nephew in the back of the room still giggling away over the costumes they actually got their aunt and uncle to wear. “Next year they’ll be trying to involve our baby in their shenanigans even though they’ll still be too little.”


“I can’t wait. I love you.”


“I love you too, Linc.”


“We love you too,” Aden yelled, having caught the tail end of the couple’s conversation.


“And we love you both and your sisters,” Lincoln said.


“Yes, we do. And thank you for our costumes, they are really funny,” Octavia said with a smile on her face as she looked at Madi.


“You really like them,” Madi asked nervously.


“Yes,” Octavia and Lincoln said without hesitation.


“Yay! Mom, Mama and Aden let me pick them!”


“You did a great job! You captured the fun side of Halloween perfectly.”


“Yes! Do you want to see our pumpkins? Mom and Mama helped us carve them yesterday,” Madi said shyly.


“We’d love too,” Octavia said before she and Lincoln followed Madi and Aden to the kitchen where their pumpkins were displaced on the table in the breakfast nook.




Everything was relaxed in the Griffin-Woods home as their eldest children enjoyed time with their aunt and uncle, but all too soon the care free atmosphere would disappear as five new family members arrived, all of whom had been waiting patiently to meet Madi for more than a month.

Chapter Text

At 4:45 p.m., the doorbell of the Griffin-Woods front door rang again, signaling the arrival of more guests. Instantly, Clarke and Lexa noticed their eldest daughter stopped laughing with Lincoln, Octavia and Aden and began fidgeting nervously. In that moment, the couple knew their last minute decision to slightly change their plans was the right call.


Originally, they had arranged to meet Meredith, Mark, Lexie, Addison, Amelia, Owen and their children at Seattle Grace, where they would participate in the Halloween event the hospital did on the pediatric floor each year for the patients and many of the doctors, nurses and staff would bring their children so the patients could have some true childhood fun. Afterwards they were going to go trick or treating around Meredith, Lexie, Mark, Amelia and Owen’s neighborhood where Callie and Arizona were going to meet them with their daughter Sophia, since they couldn’t attend the event at Seattle Grace as Callie’s father and Arizona’s parents had flown in for a visit and wanted to take Sofia out to dinner first. However, after Madi asked to meet the rest of the family that night, the couple thought it might be better if their friends and their children met them at the house instead so Madi was in a comfortable environment, surrounded by people she was comfortable with when she met her grandparents and uncle. They also hoped that having her friends and chosen aunts and uncles around would help alleviate some of the tension that was sure to be present once the rest of the Griffin and Woods families arrived.


As Clarke went to answer the door, Lexa reassured Madi that everything would be okay. With a final reassuring smile to her daughter, Clarke opened the door and immediately was greeted by the smiling faces of their friend’s children who all immediately ran into the house.


“Madi! Aden,” the children exclaimed as they raced to the living room where the four Griffin-Woods children were with Lexa, Lincoln and Octavia.


Seeing their friends, Madi and Aden rushed to them and immediately started talking all about their Halloween plans. Since Madi had never been trick or treating before, Aden and their friends also told her all about their favorite candies and their favorite Halloween activities before the conversation drifted to their costumes. Watching their children, and eldest daughter especially, look so free as they talked to their friends brought smiles to Clarke and Lexa’s faces and they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt having their friends meet them at the house first was the right call.





At five o’clock sharp, while the children were busy making construction paper pumpkins with supplies Clarke and Lexa gave them, the Griffin-Woods household doorbell rang once more. This time though, Madi didn’t look as nervous because she knew she was safe and surrounded by people she loved and that helped lessen some of her nerves.


After both Clarke and Lexa reassured Madi that everything would be okay, Clarke went to answer the door and was immediately greeted by her parents, Lexa’s parents and her brother.


“Mom, Dad, Indra, Gus, Bell; it’s good to see you. I’m glad you all could make it on such short notice.”


“Of course we came! We’d do anything for any of the kids,” Aurora quickly said.


“Yes, we would do anything and we’re all just so happy to finally meet Madi and Jasmine both,” Gustus added.


“Are you sure Madi’s ready for this? We don’t want to overwhelm her,” Indra said, her grandmotherly concern clear in her voice.


“We’re ecstatic to be here but if it’s too soon for her we do understand,” Jake said.


“Whatever she needs, we’ll do it,” Bellamy added.


“I appreciate how willing you all are to do whatever is needed to help, Madi, really, but Lex and I actually spoke to Doctor Olsen ourselves after we invited you over and she said as long as Madi is comfortable it’s okay. They’ve been talking a lot about Madi’s desire to meet you all and how that may happen and they agree that this is the best way. By the way, did you all plan your costumes together? And how did you pull this off this quickly?”


“Um well…,” Jake stammered causing Clarke to arch her brow impossibly high.


“You see, we…,” Gustus tried.


“We were planning to go to the hospital’s Halloween event so we could watch the kids from a distance without them noticing us. We just really wanted to see them in their costumes and enjoying their first Halloween together,” Bellamy sheepishly admitted.


“I should have known,” Clarke chuckled as her heart warmed hearing her family’s original plan. “But, your costumes do go with the rest of the family’s…well minus Linc and O.”


“Linc and Octa…oh my God! What are they dressed as,” Aurora asked through laughter as she looked around Clarke to see her youngest child and soon-to-be son-in-law.


“Madi picked them out. We knew they’d come dressed in their work attire, which they did, so they had to wear the costumes my baby girl picked,” Clarke said smugly, clearly proud of her little girl.


“I can’t wait to hear the story of why she picked out those costumes for them,” Bellamy said while still chuckling.


“I’m sure Madi will be more than happy to tell you once she’s more comfortable around you. Before we head over to everyone, please remember not to approach Madi. Let her decide when to come to you or when to speak directly to you. Also, please know it’s possible she may decide to indirectly speak to you around others or speak directly to you as the characters you are dressed as. Please just go with the flow and interact with Madi however she sees fit. After you’ve said hello generally to everyone Lex and I would really like to introduce you to Jasmine though; she’s definitely more than ready to meet her grandparents and Uncle Bell,” Clarke said as she began leading her parents, in-laws and brother to the living room.





“Mom, Dad, Jake, Aurora, Bell, hi; I’m glad you all could make it,” Lexa greeted her parents and in-laws.


“Grandmas! Grandpas! Uncle Bell,” Aden squealed once his grandparents and uncle were close enough.


“Aden! How’s our favorite grandson,” Jake said as he lifted the young boy up and hugged him close.


“I’m your only grandson, Grandpa Jake!”


“And you’re my favorite. Who are you dressed as this year?”


“I’m J’onn J’onzz the Martain Manhunter! And Madi is Alex Danvers aka Sentinel, Jasmine and Scout are the children of Kara Danvers aka Supergirl and Lena Luthor, Mama is Supergirl and Mommy is Lena Luthor. We’re the SuperCorp family!”


“The SuperCorp family,” Indra asked not being familiar with what SuperCorp was.


“SuperCorp is the couple name for Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor ‘cause they shoulda been a couple and they’re called SuperCorp ‘cause Kara is Supergirl so she’s super and Lena Luthor ‘was a CEO of a big company before the multiverse ended and we’re the SuperCorp family cause we’re all part of their family,” Madi explained without looking directly at the newcomers but they could tell the little girl was making an effort and testing the waters.


“Well that seems like a very appropriate costume theme for you all then and I think our costumes complement each other,” Indra sweetly said.


“Who are you all dressed as,” Madi asked.


“I’m Wonder Woman and your Grandpa Gus here is Superman. I guess we are one of those superhero couples that should have been but never were on tv or in the movies too. We always thought Wonder Woman was a better fit for Superman than Lois Lane,” Indra explained.


“And we know you kids like superheroes so we thought we’d stick with that theme,” Gustus kindly added.


“Cool! But Supergirl is better than Superman,” Madi insisted as she crossed her arms across her chest.


“Yeah! Supergirl is the best,” Aden added as he threw his left arm around his older sister’s shoulders, melting everyone’s hearts at the adorableness of the moment.


“I couldn’t agree more. I actually wanted to be Supergirl but Grandma Aurora here told me I couldn’t pull off her suit or long hair,” Jake pouted causing his eldest grandchildren and all the other children in the room to giggle.


“Are you Batman? Aden showed me Batman on the Netflix,” Madi shyly said.


“I am Batman and Grandma Aurora is Catwoman because they’re totally meant for each other,” Jake said with a big smile.


“Uncle Bell, who are you,” Aden asked, stumped by his uncle’s costume.


“Really?! You don’t know who I am,” Bellamy asked clearly shocked his nephew didn’t recognize him.


“I don’t know who you are,” Aden replied.


“Me either,” Madi added.


“I’m the Crimson Avenger guys!”


“Who’s the Crimson Avenger,” Zola asked because she too had been trying to figure Bellamy’s costume out to no avail.


“Is he part of the Avengers,” Damian asked.


“He kinda looks like Zorro but with a red cape,” Mark added as even he didn’t know who the Crimson Avenger was.


“Seriously? None of you know about the Crimson Avenger?! Ugh! He was the very first masked superhero in the DC universe. When he was first published in 1938 he was a wealthy newsman who wore this red trench coat, black fedora and black eye mask to fight crime. Later his story was changed and he was a war vet who donned the costume to fight crime. He was so cool,” Bellamy explained as he geeked out talking about one of his favorite comic book superheroes.


“I’ve never heard of him,” Aden said as he shrugged his shoulders while Madi and the other children nodded in agreement.


“I can’t believe this! Where is my baby niece I haven’t met yet? She’ll learn to love the Crimson Avenger as much as me,” Bellamy grumbled.


“I suppose we should formally introduce you all to Jasmine,” Lexa said before reaching into the portable crib that was next to her and carefully lifting her second youngest daughter into her arms. “Mom, Dad, Jake, Aurora, Bell, this is Jasmine Hope. Jasmine these are your grandparents and Uncle Bellamy,” Lexa cooed to her daughter who was trying to take in the sight of everyone and everything around her.


“Oh my, she is gorgeous. Just like her three siblings, she has the perfect mix of Woods and Griffin genes,” Indra said totally in awe of her nearly one year old granddaughter.


“She’s perfect, just like all her siblings,” Aurora echoed.


“I can’t believe how big she is! She’ll be walking before we know it,” Jake said.


“She can stand on her own already,” Madi supplied as she puffed her little chest clearly proud of her sister.


“I’m sure it helps that she has you and Aden there to help show her how to walk and run around,” Gustus said.


“Can we hold her,” Bellamy asked.


“Of course,” Clarke and Lexa said in unison.




For the next twenty minutes, the four grandparents and Bellamy took turns holding Jasmine and fawning over her. Madi watched on, happy to see her baby sister meet the rest of their family but she was clearly still apprehensive about everything even though she had been talking to her grandparents and uncle since they arrived, just without ever actually being introduced which somehow made it easier for the girl. As Madi reminded herself to focus on her grandparents’ and uncle’s costumes instead of who they really were, she felt her nerves lessen and as she looked at her moms who were so relaxed and carefree she knew she didn’t need to be so nervous. Despite knowing she didn’t need to be nervous though, she still wasn’t quite ready to actually formally introduce herself or have the rest of her family introduced to her. She, and her moms, were hopeful that the Halloween event at the hospital would help make everything much more laid back and casual to take off any pressure regarding meeting the family.


Before they knew it though, it was time to pile everyone into their vehicles so they could head to Seattle Grace for the Halloween event and the whole way there Madi couldn’t help but think about how to actually meet the rest of their family. As soon as they stepped foot onto the pediatric floor though, all of Madi’s worries were stripped away as she was met by the sight of amazing decorations and so many kids in the process of collecting as much candy as they could from all the different trick or treat stations. Formal introductions would have to wait because Madi was in full nine year mode and trying to decide which station to go to first to make sure she got the best candy possible.

Chapter Text

Walking onto the pediatric floor of Seattle Grace Hospital was like walking into a Halloween wonderland for kids. The floor had been expertly decorated and all the staff, parents and children were wearing full costumes. The playroom for the patients had been transformed into a Halloween carnival of sorts with classic Halloween party games such as bobbing for apples, Halloween bean bag toss, shoot the skeleton game (with toy water guns instead of the traditional toy guns that would discharge a projectile like those used at fairs), Halloween trivia, Halloween tic tac toe, the eyeball spaghetti dig, Halloween charades and mummy sac races. Outside of the playroom, the rest of the floor had various trick or treat stations, each with a wide variety of candy to choose from and at the end of the ward, the staff lounge had been turned into a light hearted haunted house, for those who liked a bit of fright on Halloween and who were not suffering from ailments in which fright could aggravate their medical condition. There was also a photo area at the nurses’ station with all sorts of silly props that could be used.


Unsurprising to Clarke and Lexa, their eldest children wanted to scope out the floor before deciding what to do first and their friends were quick to say that’s what they wanted to do too. So, everyone did a lap around the floor before doing anything else. They saw doctors, nurses and staff dressed up as witches, police officers, firefighters, superheroes, Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse, Barney, Power Rangers, Pokemon characters, Snow White, the Evil Queen, characters from Disney’s Descendants movie series and so many other costumes, all of which had the children oohing and ahhing. They also saw children dressed as their favorite Disney and Pixar characters, dinosaurs, transformers, doctors, witches, characters from Harry Potter, princesses, animals, ghosts and so much more.


While checking out all the costumes on the floor, Zola managed to run ahead of the group, eager to check everything out and then begin trick or treating. Before Meredith could even call out for her daughter to return though, the young girl came running back to them.


“Aunty Clarke, one of the little kids is dressed as you for Halloween,” Zola squealed as she attempted to drag Clarke in the direction of the child.


“Really,” Clarke asked surprised.


“Yep! I asked and he said he’s ‘Doco Clawk’. Come see,” Zola said as she once again tried to drag Clarke towards the child but this time she received some help from Madi and Aden.


“Mom! We have to go see! It’s so cool someone decided to be you for Halloween,” Madi said gleefully.


“Come on Mommy we have to see,” Aden added.


“Well, who am I to deny my children and niece their wish? Let’s go see,” Clarke replied with a huge grin as she and everyone else in their group followed Zola until she located the child in question once more.


“Doco Clawk! Doco Clawk, you air is diffent,” a two year old little boy yelled as he came running towards Clarke as fast as his little legs would take him, a nurse trailing behind with the boy’s IV tower.


“Wes? Is that you buddy and yes, my hair is different because it needed to be darker for my costume just like yours needed to be lighter,” Clarke said sweetly to the little boy she’d recognize anywhere.


“Wes no hee ight now. I Doco Clawk,” the little boy who was dressed to look just like Clarke when she’s at work, with a blonde wig matching Clarke’s hair completing the look, said.


“You look just like my mom,” Madi said finding Wes’ costume endearing.


“Doco Clawk you mommy,” Wes asked with wide eyes.


“Yeah! She’s my mom, my brother’s mom and my two little sisters’ mom.”


“Wow…Doco Clawk eal nice. She gives me teats an eads me stoies an she saved me.”


“My mommy helped you,” Aden asked.


“She did,” a woman in her early thirties said as she joined the group. “Wes, honey, I told you you can’t just wander off,” she softly chastised her son.


“I sowwy, Mommy, but look it’s Doco Clawk!”


“It’s okay baby and I see that,” the woman said before turning to the group. “Doctor Clarke, it’s good to see you again; it’s been awhile.”


“It’s good to see you too, Melanie. How’s Wes doing with everything?”


“He’s doing really well. If everything keeps going as it is, I should be able to bring him home before Christmas.”


“That’s amazing! I will still be on leave then but please let me know how everything goes.”


“Doctor Robbins said you were out on maternity leave because you and your wife had welcomed some new little ones, congratulations!”


“Thank you, we’re very happy,” Clarke said as she laced her hand with Lexa’s. “Melanie, Wes, this is my wife, Lexa and these are our children. This is Madi and Aden,” Clarke explained as she gestured to each person, “and these two are Jasmine and Scout,” she finished as she gestured to her youngest children who were in their stroller that was being pushed by Lincoln.


“You have a beautiful family and such great costumes! But, don’t let us keep you from enjoying everything here. Wes, honey, can you say goodbye to Doctor Clarke and her family?”


“Bye bye Doco Clawk,” Wes waved as Clarke and her family and friends bid their farewell and continued on, the kids wanting to go to the photo station before trick or treating.





After everyone had had their fill of the photo station, the group finally began visiting the various stations for trick or treating. The adults hung back and allowed the kids to go throughout the floor in their quest to find the best possible candy. Watching the kids move about the floor, Clarke and Lexa couldn’t help but smile at how much Madi was coming out of her shell; it seemed that being around all kinds of strangers dressed up made things easier just like Dr. Olsen had theorized.


They watched as Zola, the most experienced trick or treater at the hospital event amongst the group, led her siblings and friends around the floor. First, they stopped by the nurses’ station, where the staff manning the photo area always kept a hidden stash of full size candy bars. From there, they systematically moved their way around floor collecting the best candy they could while doctors, nurses, staff and other adults fawned over their costumes. Eventually, after collecting a wide variety of candy, and even some baby approved small toys for both Scout and Jasmine and soft snacks for Jasmine, the group reached the final trick or treat station for the night.


The final station was by the entrance to the floor near the playroom, where Chief Bailey and her surgeon turned firefighter husband Ben Warren were handing out their specialty homemade candy balls. Bailey would never reveal her recipe to anyone but all the children always seemed to love the candy balls. As soon as they reached the pair and all said “trick or treat” they were each given a candy ball. At the urging of all their friends, Madi and Aden bit into theirs immediately and from afar Clarke and Lexa saw the moment their son remembered that he had tasted a Bailey-Warren candy ball before.


“I’ve had this before! I was really little and afraid of trick o treating but you came up to me and handed me a big ball and told me it make me feel brave an it tasted jus like dis,” Aden squealed excitedly as he looked at Chief Bailey and Ben, who were dressed as Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, respectively.


“That’s right! I can’t believe you remember that, Aden,” Bailey said with a huge smile on her face.


“Madi! These are magic candy balls! Dey make you feel sooooooooo brave and you won’t be afraid of anything anymore.”


Even though Madi had been locked away and hidden for most of her life, she knew that candy didn’t actually have the power to make a person brave and unafraid but, like any good big sister, she didn’t have the heart to ruin the magic for her little brother. Deep down, Madi knew Aden was telling her so she’d feel less afraid about actually meeting her grandparents and uncle even though they had been with them all night and talked to Madi during group conversation. So, deciding to keep the magic alive for her little brother and hoping the illusion of bravery and fearlessness would be enough to help her, Madi played along.


“Really?! That’s so cool,” Madi said as she took another big bite of her candy ball. “I think I can feel it working already,” she added after swallowing her bite, causing all the adults to smile at how sweet the nine year old was with her almost five year old brother.


“We’re so glad you like them. Here, don’t tell any of the other kids but seeing as it’s your first time at our Halloween event, I think you should a second candy ball and because fair is fair all of you can have a second one too,” Bailey said as Ben handed Madi, Aden and all of their friends a second candy ball.


“Thank you,” the kids all chirped before running to their parents to hand off their respective candy bags and buckets so they could finally go enjoy the games in the playroom, their final room to visit as they had agreed to skip the haunted house this year, until it was time to leave to meet up with Sophia and her moms.





When the children entered the play room they didn’t know what game they wanted to try first. In the end, they split off in their various sibling groups. Zola, Bailey and Ellis started with the mummy sac races; Christopher and Leo went to the eyeball spaghetti dig and Madi, Aden and Damian, who wanted to stay with his best friend Aden, made a beeline to bob for apples as that’s where the two boys wanted to go.


Aden and Damian immediately started bobbing for apples when they reached the station, but Madi hung back, clinging to her moms. After the boys each got their first apples, Aden called his sister over to try but the little girl shook her head no and instead burrowed in closer to her moms causing Clarke and Lexa to have a quick silent conversation before they turned to Madi.


“Sweetheart, why don’t you want to go bob for apples with Aden and Damian,” Lexa softly asked.


“I just don’t wanna,” Madi said as she looked at the station, and more specifically the water in the buckets, apprehensively.


“Madi, are you afraid of having to put your head in the water,” Clarke gently asked knowing that she herself had a fear of the water when she was a child. Instead of replying, Madi simply nodded her head and then buried it in Clarke’s leg. “It’s okay to be afraid of the water, honey. When I was younger, I was terrified of it.”




“Yep,” Clarke said popping the “p”.


“How’d you get over your fear?”


“Your mama helped me,” Clarke said as she smiled at her wife, who was yet to reveal she could walk.




“Mama went in the water in front of me and showed me that everything turned out okay with her getting in and then she stayed with me and held my hand while I tried. Once I realized I was okay, she helped teach me to swim. As long as I knew she was there, I knew I’d be okay.”


“You did that, Mama?”


“I did. Do you think you’d like to try bobbing for apples if I go with you and show you how to do it, and how to do it without getting your head soaking wet like your brother and Damian, and then hold your hand while you try,” Lexa asked her daughter.


“But you can’t, Mama, it’s too low and you can’t get out of the wheelchair yet,” Madi said sadly.


“You’re right; an adult size wheelchair doesn’t work for the station, only a child sized one does but I don’t think that will be a problem,” Lexa said knowing it was finally the right moment to reveal she could walk again.


“I don’t understand, Mama.”


“Who am I right now, Madi?”


“You’re Supergirl!”


“That’s right and what power of Supergirl’s do I have even when I’m not dressed as her?”


“Ummmm,” Madi said as she thought for a second, “super healing! Our nightblood lets us heal quicker, just like Supergirl,” she squealed a moment later while their family watched the exchange from a distance so as not to frighten Madi.


“That’s right,” Lexa said as Clarke retrieved the cane from the back of the wheelchair, just as Aden and Damian came running over.


“Madi, come play with us,” Damian asked, giving the older girl his best pout, which caused his moms and dad to chuckle.


“Please, Madi, we really want you to bob for apples with us; we wanna see who can get the most,” Aden added.


“Boys, if you can wait just a minute, I think Madi might be ready to bob for apples,” Clarke said.


“I just need to show her how it’s done first,” Lexa said as she accepted the cane and Clarke’s help standing from the wheelchair.


“Mama! You’re standing,” Madi exclaimed.


“Mama not in the chair no more,” Aden gasped.


“Oh my God,” Aurora and Jake said in unison.


“Holy shit,” Bellamy said.


“Linc, look, Lexa’s standing! She’s fucking standing way before we expected her to,” Octavia said in awe.


“Oh my God! Gus! Gus! Our little girl is standing,” Indra said.


“Mama, you really are Supergirl,” Madi said in total awe as she watched Lexa take slow steps towards the apple bobbing station with the help of her cane, and Clarke who was right next to her just in case.


“Mama you’re walking,” Aden squealed excitedly as he, Madi and Damian followed Lexa and Clarke to the apple bobbing station.


“I am. Now,” Lexa said as she carefully lowered herself to sit on the small bench next to an apple bobbing setup, “I have to show you kids how apple bobbing is really done. Babe, can you hold my hair back,” Lexa asked Clarke, as her hair was down just like Supergirl’s when in Supergirl mode.


“Of course.”


“Thank you. Okay, kids watch this,” Lexa said as she slowly lowered her head until her mouth hovered just above the water before moving her head slowly until she had an apple lined up under her mouth. Then she opened her mouth slowly and lowered her head just enough for her teeth to clamp down on the apple and then Lexa swiftly raised her head and dropped the apple into her waiting palm. “And that’s how it’s done; you don’t even have to submerge your head if you do it right,” Lexa said with a smirk before ruffling Aden and Damian’s hair as the little boys and completely dunked their heads in search of an apple earlier.


“Do you think you want to try now, Madi,” Clarke asked.


“Will you and Mama hold my hands?”


“Of course we will,” Lexa said without hesitation and seconds later Madi stepped up to the station, along with Aden and Damian as they began bobbing for apples.




Five minutes later, the three children had ended their bobbing war and it was determined that Madi had retrieved the most apples. With a proud grin on her face she turned to her moms and hugged them tight, thanking them for giving her the extra strength to enjoy the game with her brother and Damian.


Not wanting to risk defeat again, the boys decided they wanted to try out a different game, but this time they let Madi choose. After looking around the room, the little girl’s eyes settled on the bean bag toss. With help from their parents, the kids quickly caught on to the right technique to toss the bean bags and get them in the little holes. The trio were giggling something fierce as they enjoyed throwing the bean bags and they truly laughed when they’d make really bad throws. After having their fill of the bean bag toss, they moved on to the next station.





Madi, Aden and Damian, made their way through all the game stations until they only had one left, the shoot the skeleton game. Until then, they had had a ball at each station. It seemed that with each station, Madi came out of her shell a little bit more and she even let Lincoln hold her high in the air and run around the charade play area to demonstrate the “flying plane” charade card. Jake, Aurora, Indra, Gustus and Bellamy were a little sad as the night wore on without Madi making a direct attempt to meet them though, but, they were happy to be able to watch the girl come out of her shell and get to simply be a kid, enjoying things children enjoy. Everything changed at the shoot the skeleton game station though.


When the children reached the shoot the skeleton station, Zola, Bailey, Ellis, Christopher and Leo were already there and having a fun time trying to hit the skeletons with their water guns. Madi, Aden and Damian watched them for a few minutes until it was finally their turn to try the game out. When the nurse manning the station, ushered the trio forward and began showing them how to use the water guns though, Madi no longer looked carefree like she had most of the night. Instead, she looked afraid and it only took her moms a second to realize why; the water guns were reminding Madi of being shot herself and to a lesser extend of her Uncle Bellamy being shot when his team ultimately rescued her. In that moment, the two women internally berated themselves for not seeing this station as a potential trigger for their daughter earlier.


Before Clarke or Lexa could reach out for their daughter though, she began looking around the room and ran off towards the playroom entrance. Lexa and Clarke feared she may be trying to run away from the playroom, but instead, she ran to the Crimson Avenger aka Uncle Bellamy and tugged on his trench coat.


“Madi,” Bellamy said shocked when he looked down to see who was tugging on his trench coat while he was in the middle of a conversation with his father.


“Uncle Bellamy,” Madi whimpered.


“Hey, hey, what’s wrong, sweetie,” Bellamy cooed as he crouched down to be eye level with Madi.


“Aden and Damian wanna play the skeleton game but…but…”


As Madi trailed off, Bellamy looked around the room until his eyes settled on the skeleton game and he instantly realized what specifically had scared Madi. One of the water guns was black and while it didn’t look like a real gun, for a child who had been shot it was enough to scare her.


“Oh sweetheart, those can’t hurt you; they’re just water guns. The only thing that will come out of those is water and water won’t hurt you, okay?”


“I know but…but I heard the bangs that night. I heard the bangs and they sounded like the bang I heard before my hip hurt really really bad and you were hurt because of the bangs too and I didn’t see you when I saw the man showing Aden, Damian and me how to use them and it made me think of when the bangs hurt me and then when I heard them the day they hurt you and I knew you came here with us but I couldn’t see you and…and…,” Madi rushed out without taking a single breath, clearly close to having a panic attack.


“Madi, I’m sorry you couldn’t see me right away. Your grandparents and I wanted to give you your space tonight so you didn’t feel pressured to talk to us until you were ready so we’ve all be hanging back here so we could watch you and Aden play the games without being in the way. I promise you that I am okay and so are you. You don’t have to play the skeleton game if you don’t want to, but if you do want to play, I can hold your hand or I can even carry you and you can play while I hold you if that will make you feel more comfortable, okay?”


“Can you hold my hand? Mama and Mommy held my hand when I bobbed for apples and it made me feel strong and brave,” Madi quietly said.


“I would love to hold your hand,” Bellamy said as he held out his hand to Madi, who immediately took it and began leading them back to the shoot the skeleton game where Clarke and Lexa had been watching the scene unfold in total awe.


As soon as Bellamy and Madi reached the group, the girl accepted a bright orange water gun and she, Aden and Damian tried their very best to shoot the skeletons, all while Bellamy never once let go of Madi’s hand.


Aden and Damian had both used water guns before, so they were easily able to hit the skeletons but Madi struggled a bit. Clarke and Lexa knew what their daughter’s aiming problem was but before they could intervene, Madi turned to Bellamy with an adorable pout on her face and asked for help. Thrilled that his niece wanted his help, Bellamy helped Madi aim her water gun while explaining to her how to aim. With Bellamy’s free hand helping guide Madi’s movements, the little girl was able to successfully hit a skeleton square in the chest, causing her to cheer and hug her uncle without even thinking about what she was doing. When Madi’s thoughts caught up to her though, she feared she overstepped by hugging Bellamy because the man did not immediately hug her back but before she could pull away, Bellamy wrapped his arms around Madi and whispered in her ear that he was proud of her and knew she could hit the skeleton.


For the next few minutes, Madi continued playing the game with her brother and Damian, all while Bellamy still held her hand but gone was the scared little girl and in her place was the strong, carefree nine year old who was finally getting to enjoy being a kid.





After all the kids finished playing all the games, the group returned to the parking lot so they could get in their cars and make the trip to Meredith, Lexie, Mark, Amelia and Owen’s neighborhood where Callie and Arizona would meet them with Sophia for a final round of trick or treating.


Clarke and Lexa had parked next to Aurora, Jake, Indra, Gustus and Bellamy who had carpooled in Aurora’s custom Land Rover Discovery Metropolitan Edition. As a result, Clarke, Lexa and their children walked with the rest of the Griffin-Woods clan to their vehicles. When they reached the cars however, Madi hesitated and didn’t immediately get into Clarke’s custom Jaguar F-Pace.


“Madi, hop in so we can meet everyone for more trick or treating,” Clarke said as she noticed her daughter standing between the two cars. “Madi,” she called again when her daughter didn’t answer her.


“Can I ride with Uncle Bellamy?”


“Uncle Bellamy rode with your grandparents sweetie, he didn’t drive his car.”


“I know, but I want to ride with him.”


“Madi, are you sure you’re okay riding with your grandparents too? We just don’t want you to push yourself too hard or make you feel like you have to open up with people before you’re really ready,” Lexa said, having gotten out of the car when she overheard her wife and daughter’s conversation.


“I know, but Uncle Bellamy is in the back row alone, see,” Madi said as she pointed to the car. “So, I could sit with him and just be with him.”


Clarke and Lexa shared a hesitant look but remembered what Dr. Olsen had told them about letting Madi set the pace for interacting with their family. So, despite their hesitations, they nodded their heads and, seeing that Aurora had overheard the conversation and was nodding that it was okay, let Madi climb into the Land Rover and settle into the seat next to Bellamy.





The car ride in the Land Rover was silent for the first half of the journey to Meredith, Lexie, Mark, Amelia and Owen’s neighborhood. Indra, Gustus, Jake and Aurora were afraid to speak as they didn’t want to say something wrong or push Madi before she was ready. Bellamy meanwhile, didn’t want to push things with Madi when the girl had just started talking to him earlier that night. When there were about five minutes left of the car ride though, Madi spoke, oblivious to the tension amongst the adults.


“Uncle Bellamy?”


“Yes, Madi?”


“How’d you know I was at the house that night?”


“Honestly, I didn’t; we didn’t even know you were alive then. Your moms had just been reunited and they had proof that the bad people who had you were behind them being kept apart. I work for the Seattle Police Department but I wanted to help get the people who hurt my sisters so we had two teams go to the houses to try and get the bad people and we got lucky that we were able to find you and Jasmine during the raids.”


“So you didn’t come because of me?”


“No, I didn’t sweetheart. I had no reason to even think you were alive, but like your moms, I swear to you that had I had any reason to think you were alive and in that house, I would have stormed it by myself just to get to you. You are part of this family, Madi, and we fight for our family.”


“But you got really hurt that night. They…they shot you,” Madi said as she worried her bottom lip.


“I did and I will carry the physical scar as a reminder for the rest of my life, but do you know what I think of when I see that scar?”


Shaking her head Madi said, “No.”


“I see the proof that I survived and I’m reminded that while I got shot, you were rescued that night and I’d gladly take a thousand more bullets if that’s what it took to get you home where you belong,” Bellamy said sincerely.


“I have a scar too,” Madi quietly said.


“On your hip?”


“Yeah…Nia and Titus’ friend, they called him Cage, shot me. I almost got shot a second time another day but Uncle Ro ran into the room and jump in front of the bullet for me. He has a scar now too…”


“I’m sorry you had to go through that, Madi. I swear to you that we will all protect you and your siblings no matter what. The people that hurt you will never hurt you again.”


“I know. Mom and Mama will always protect me; they’re Wanheda and the Commander so no one can beat them and you’ll protect me too; you already have cause you helped get me out of that house.”


“That’s right. You’re home now, Madi, and you don’t ever have to worry about the bad people again, okay?”


“Okay…Uncle Bellamy?”


“Yeah, sweetie?”


“Are you and Doctor Murphy together like Mom and Mama?”


“What makes you ask that, Madi,” Bellamy asked curiously.


“Doctor Murphy was dressed the same as you and I saw him looking at you like Mama looks at Mom and you looked at him like Mom looks at Mama.”


“You, are very observant, just like your moms. I never could get away with anything when I was a teenager because one of your moms would always catch me,” Bellamy chuckled.


“So, you are with Doctor Murphy?”


“I am. Is that okay with you,” Bellamy nervously asked.


“Yeah! Love is love and Doctor Murphy was one of the doctors running the mummy sac races and he helped me be the best mummy so I won my race; he’s so cool! Did you see me win my race?”


“I did! You’re a good little jumper! I even got a few pictures of you and Aden during the race.”


“You should send my moms the pictures; they like to print them and add them to our photo albums.”


“I’ll be sure to do that. Are you excited to get to do more trick or treating?”


“Yeah! It was so much fun at the hospital! My moms said we’d get free candy but I didn’t know it’d be good candy, like really good! I just wanna eat it all now but Mom and Mama say we can only have two small candies a day or one big one,” Madi pouted.


“I know that candy is so good and you just want to eat it all up but if you did that your tummy would get upset and then it wouldn’t be fun anymore but if you eat it slowly it will last longer and you can keep enjoying it for longer. And if you have too much candy, you can always share it with me,” Bellamy said with a chuckle but instead of joining Bellamy in his laughter, Madi dug through her bucket and pulled out two smaller pieces of candy that she held out towards Bellamy.


“Here, Uncle Bellamy, these are for you,” Madi said as she handed the candy to her uncle.


“Thank you, Madi,” Bellamy said touched by Madi’s gesture. “You gave me two mini Reese’s Fastbreaks? How did you know I like these?”


“Mom really likes them and she said she learned to love them from her big brother and you’re her only big brother so it wasn’t hard to figure out,” Madi said with a shrug of her shoulders.


“You, my dear niece, are very smart, do you know that?”


“Mama and Mom tell me all the time,” Madi said plainly.


“You truly are your mothers’ daughter,” Bellamy said as he unwrapped one of his pieces of candy while giving the other to Madi to enjoy.





When everyone, including Callie, Arizona and Sophia, arrived at Meredith’s house to begin their last leg of trick or treating, they decided to conquer the neighborhood as one group, with the children alternating getting to pick which adult or adults went with them to knock on a door.


The group made quick work of the neighborhood, so much so that the parents had to empty their children’s buckets into larger bags so they could keep trick or treating. Madi was consistently chatting away with Aden, her moms and all her friends but she also occasionally specifically spoke to Bellamy too. Her grandparents tried not be discouraged by this change but they couldn’t help but be disappointed and a little envious that Madi was opening up with Bellamy and not them. When they reached the last house though, it was Madi’s turn again to choose which adult or adults accompanied them to the door. Previously, Madi had chosen her moms and on her second turn she asked Bellamy to go with them. Everyone expected that the young girl would choose her mothers again but her decision took everyone by surprise.


“I want Batman, Catwoman, Superman and Wonder Woman to go with us,” Madi said confidently causing her four grandparents’ jaws to fall to the floor at hearing Madi ask for them, or rather their Halloween alter egos.


“R-Really,” Catwoman aka Aurora asked.


“Yep! Come on! It’s getting late but they’ll have good candy for superheroes and their friends,” Madi said as she grabbed Aurora’s hand and began dragging her towards the house, causing everyone else to follow.




It may have been a simple gesture, but to Jake, Aurora, Indra and Gustus, their granddaughter asking their Halloween alter egos to accompany her and the other children to the final house for trick or treating meant the world to them. Madi may not have been ready to consciously refer to them as her grandparents but they knew she was getting closer to that day. All four grandparents had huge grins on their faces as they walked up to that final door and even bigger grins when Madi turned to them to show them the full sized candy bar she had gotten from the homeowner.


When everyone went their separate ways to return home a short time later, Madi once again stunned her grandparents and uncle. After hugging her friends and chosen aunts and uncles, Madi hugged Lincoln and Octavia, and even placed a kiss to Octavia’s baby bump and told the baby goodnight but then, instead of getting into Clarke’s car, Madi ran up to her grandparents and Uncle Bellamy and gave each of them a short hug and thanked them for coming. Then, as she turned around to join her parents and siblings, Madi turned back to her grandparents and uncle and asked if she could FaceTime with them sometime like she did with her Aunt Octavia and Uncle Lincoln. In that moment, the extended Griffin-Woods clan all knew that everything was going to be okay; they knew that Madi was going to be okay and they would be one big happy family.

Chapter Text

The day after Halloween, the Griffin-Woods family were enjoying a Harry Potter movie marathon, after the eldest Griffin-Woods children finished their home school work for the day, when Clarke’s phone began to ring. The blonde was going to ignore it, but when she saw Marcus Kane’s face on the screen, she picked it up instantly.




“Clarke, it’s Marcus. Are you home right now?”


“Yes. We’re all here, why?”


“Turn on broadcast tv, any channel.”


“Okay,” Clarke said suspiciously as she paused the movie and switched the television to the first channel she found.


“Kane, I’m not sure why you wanted me to switch the channel; I’m watching UBA now and they’re airing daytime television. No offense to you or UBA but I could less about what’s happening in wherever this soap opera takes place.”


“Just give it a moment, trust me.”


Before Clarke could say anything else though, the breaking news alert sound blared through the tv a second before the screen broke from regularly scheduled programming and turned to the anchor of the station’s news program.


Good afternoon, I am Alex Levy and we are interrupting your regularly scheduled programing for breaking news. Moments ago, Air Force One landed at Andrews Air Force Base, following the conclusion of the World Leaders Summit in London, and we are being told that federal law enforcement agents have the plane surrounded and have an arrest warrant for President Cage Wallace. My Morning Show co-anchor, Bradley Jackson, is on scene at Andrews Air Force Base; Bradley what can you tell us about what is happening right now?”


“Alex, as you can see, Air Force One is right behind me and the entire plane is surrounded by federal law enforcement agents. As this is an active scene, no law enforcement agents are able to speak with us right now but we have obtained a copy of the arrest warrant for President Cage Wallace from the FBI.”


“Bradley, does the warrant indicate why federal agents are arresting the President of the United States?”


“It does. I have to caution everyone though; I’ve read this warrant and the allegations against President Wallace are not only severe but highly disturbing. I would caution viewers to not have young children in the room while I read the charges I anticipate President Wallace to be arrested on momentarily.”


“Viewers, on the advice of anchor Bradley Jackson, we do caution young viewers from being in the room at this time. Bradley, what will President Wallace be arrested for?”


“Aden, Madi, maybe you both should go to the playroom for this,” Lexa said hesitantly, clearly unsure if it was wise for their eldest children, who would understand what was going on, to watch the broadcast.


“No, Mama; I need to hear this, please,” Madi implored.


“Madi, this may be triggering for you,” Clarke carefully said.


“I need to watch, please,” Madi tried again.


“And I wanna be with Madi,” Aden determinedly said.


Sharing a hesitant look, Clarke and Lexa nodded their heads in understanding and decided to allow their children to remain in the room as all eyes returned to the broadcast.


“Alex, United States District Court, District of Columbia Justice William Cadogan signed an arrest warrant for President Cage Wallace on the following charges: Murder in the First Degree as an accomplice, Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Attempted Murder in the First Degree, Assault in the First Degree, Accessory to Kidnapping, Conspiracy to Commit Insurrection, Obstruction of Congress, Accessory to Kidnapping, Gross Official Misconduct, Torture of a Minor and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.”


“I think I speak for the nation when I say I have no words,” Alex said after being stunned silent for a few moments.


“I too was shocked when I read the list of charges. Never before have we had a sitting president formally charged criminally. President Ulysses S. Grant was arrested in 1872 for speeding with his horse and buggy but officers were unsure if they could charge a sitting president so he was simply fined. However, nothing in our constitution states a sitting president cannot be charged nor has the United States Supreme Court ruled on the issue. This is truly an unprecedented situation.”


“I turn now to Harvey Specter, our Chief Legal Correspondent. Harvey, what is your take on this? Can a sitting president be criminally charged?”


“Alex, we’ve never had a court of law examine this question, but, it is important to note that a sitting federal judge signed an arrest warrant for President Cage Wallace’s arrest. By signing the warrant, Justice Cadogan is stating that there is authority to arrest the president.”


“Harvey, what will happen next once federal agents are able to execute the arrest warrant,” Alex asked.


“The case will proceed as if President Wallace were any other person. He will be arraigned and given the nature of the charges, where he will likely be held without bail. From there, the U.S. Attorney will need to indict the case and then both parties will have the opportunity to litigate the matter before Justice Cadogan. I also anticipate the House of Representatives introducing impeachment articles in the coming days.”


“If convicted in a criminal court, what is the maximum sentence President Wallace would face?”


“If convicted of the most serious charge, Murder in the First Degree as an accomplice, President Wallace could face the death penalty. If convicted he would also be officially removed from office. Even if he isn’t convicted in a criminal court though, he could be removed from office if the House impeaches and the Senate convicts. Once the arrest is made though, presidential powers must be transferred to the vice president as President Wallace will be unable to carry out his duties.”


“Alex, Harvey, I hate to interrupt but federal agents are now moving to board Air Force One. We can hear agents yelling for everyone to lie on the floor with their hands behind their heads, but it is unclear if those inside Air Force One will comply.”


“Bradley, do we know who all is aboard Air Force One?”


“We know that President Wallace and his staff are aboard but we do not have a passenger manifest. It is also worth noting that a motorcade has just driven onto the tarmac, just outside of the perimeter set up by federal agents and it appears a figure is getting out of the middle car,” Bradley said before pausing for a moment, waiting to see who exited the vehicle. “Alex, Vice President Lorelei Tsing has arrived on scene just as federal agents storm Air Force One.”


The next several moments passed by in slow motion as federal agents disappeared inside Air Force One. After what seemed like hours, but was really only a few minutes, federal agents reappeared with a handcuffed Cage Wallace in their grasps.


“Oh my God! They actually arrested him,” Clarke said in surprise as tears welled in Lexa’s eyes.


“They got the bad man,” Madi said as tears welled in her little eyes seeing the man who shot her in handcuffs.


“Yes! Bad man go behind bars like on tv,” Aden cheered in the way only a four year old could.


“Kane,” Clarke said realizing the call was still connected, “is this what you wanted us to see?”


“Partially. Keep watching,” Kane replied through the phone.


“President Wallace! President Wallace, what do you have to say about your arrest,” Bradley shouted as she attempted to get a statement on the record from the newly arrested President Cage Wallace.


“I’m innocent! This is all Nia’s fault! I’m innocent,” Cage yelled as federal agents practically dragged him to the waiting prisoner transport van.


“Vice President Tsing, do you care to comment,” Bradley shouted to the vice president who was watching everything unfold mere feet away.


Turning to face the reporter, Vice President Lorelei Tsing composed herself and stepped forward, ever the picture of political power.


“I am appalled to hear of President Wallace’s arrest. I trust the justice system to prevail and ensure justice is done…”


“Mom, Mama, I know her! I know that lady,” Madi screamed, fear clear in her voice.


“Madi, Madi, you’re okay; you’re safe,” Lexa rushed out as Clarke asked, “Madi, how do you know her?”


“Clarke, Lexa, you need to watch the broadcast,” Kane could be heard saying through the phone seriously.


“…I vow to uphold the United States Constitution and serve the American people to the best of my ability and to restore faith in this office,” Vice President Tsing continued to say as federal agents could be seen approaching her from behind.


“She was there! When…when the other bad lady, Abby, couldn’t help them with their experiments she came. She…she caused this,” Madi said as she lifted her shirt and turned around showing her moms a scar on the back of her hip bone, a scar that Clarke and Lexa knew the cause of but never broached the topic, not wanting to push their daughter to talk about it before she was ready.


“Lorelei Tsing…,” a federal agent began before being cut off by the woman in question.


“It’s Madame Vice President, at least until the presidential powers are passed to me,” the woman sneered.


“Lorelei Tsing, you are under arrest,” the agent continued, completely unphased by the vice president’s words.


“On what grounds?!”


“You are under arrest on charges of Murder in the First Degree as an accomplice, Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Assault in the First Degree, Conspiracy to Commit Insurrection, Obstruction of Congress, Medical Assault, Accessory to Kidnapping, Gross Official Misconduct, Torture of a Minor and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney; if you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided to you. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?”


“You can’t arrest me! Nia and Cage are the ones you want! You can’t arrest me! I’m supposed to be President now,” Vice President Tsing yelled as she was handcuffed and dragged away towards a second prisoner transport van.


“They got her too; they got the bad lady too,” Madi choked out as relieved tears began to fall seeing two more of her tormentors arrested.


“They did, Madi; they arrested them both,” Clarke said as she pulled her eldest child close while sharing a look with Lexa.


“Alex, as you just saw, not only has President Cage Wallace been arrested but so has Vice President Lorelei Tsing.”


“Bradley, are you hearing anything at Andrews Air Force Base about the specific allegations of these charges? Never before have we seen both the president and vice president arrested, let alone for nearly identical crimes.”


“Alex, everyone here is very tight lipped but we have been told there will be a press conference later today. I anticipate that we will learn more then and I will be there to report on what we learn at that time.”


“Thank you for covering this evolving story, Bradley. We will be seeing you again later today for the press conference,” Alex said as Bradley signed off leaving only Alex Levy and Harvey Specter on the broadcast. “Harvey, I’m sure we will have a lot to discuss with you after the press conference but what happens now that both the President and Vice President have been arrested?”


“These are certainly unprecedented events but our government has fail-safes in place so that our nation is not left without a leader. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Representative Jacapo Sinclair will be sworn in as President of the United States, should both the president and vice president be held without bail, which I expect to happen given the nature of the charges. If Representative Sinclair is sworn in as President, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Senator Nyko Ocean, would be sworn in as Vice President.”


“When could we expect this transfer of power to occur?”


“Both President Wallace and Vice President Tsing are required to be arraigned within twenty-four hours. A more permanent transfer will occur immediately following arraignment, if they are both held. A temporary transfer will occur as soon as both Representative Sinclair and Senator Ocean are able to be located and sworn in.”


“Harvey, thank you for joining us for this breaking news coverage and we will see you again for the press conference,” Alex said dismissing Harvey from the broadcast. “As you just heard both President Cage Wallace and Vice President Lorelei Tsing have been arrested on multiple charges with the most serious being Murder in the First Degree as an accomplice. Both are scheduled to be arraigned later today and authorities will be holding a press conference at that time. We will bring you coverage of that press conference live. Until then, I’m Alex Levy, signing off.”




As soon as the broadcast ended, Lexa grabbed the tv controller and turned the device off before turning to her wife and children.


“Are you two okay,” Lexa immediately asked Madi and Aden.


“They took them both away,” Madi said still shocked.


“They did. How do you feel,” Clarke asked.


“Clarke, Lexa are you still there,” Kane asked through the phone, which was not on speaker.


“Oh crap,” Clarke said before placing the call on speaker. “Kane, we’re here and you’re on speaker now.”


“I’m sorry I couldn’t call you earlier; everything came together very quickly once we learned that Air Force One would be landing hours earlier than planned.”


“It’s okay; we’re just happy you called so we could watch the broadcast,” Clarke said.


“Mr. Kane,” Madi questioned.


“Yes, Madi,” he replied.


“You got them both?”


“We did, all thanks to you and your Uncle Ro. You both remembered so much that we were able to get them both.”


“Really? I helped,” Madi asked shocked.


“You did. I can’t make any promises about what will happen now but we will do everything we can to keep them in prison for the rest of their lives,” Kane promised.


“Thank you,” Madi said as fresh tears welled in her eyes.


“You’re welcome. Madi, do you think I could speak to your moms in private for a few minutes?”


Seeing her moms nod their heads, Madi said, “Aden and I can go play.”




As soon as Madi and Aden were out of the room, and Jasmine and Lily had each been picked up out of the play pen as they had started to cry, Clarke and Lexa began to speak.


“It’s just us now, Marcus,” Lexa said.


“Good. Again, I’m sorry I couldn’t give you advance warning.”


“It’s okay Kane. Is there anything else we should know?”


“Yes. I wasn’t lying when I said these arrests happened because of what Madi and Roan were able to tell us. Roan especially gave imperative information and I don’t even think he realized that little things he had observed or overheard mattered so much. But, some of what Roan told us may expose the fact that the real Roan is with us and not with Nia wherever she has disappeared to with McCreary. We still have no leads about their location nor do we know if Nia has figured out she doesn’t actually have her son with her. If Nia knows she does not have her actual son with her or Cage and Tsing’s arrests tip her off, it is possible she will attack in an attempt to retrieve Roan and shut him up. But, it is also possible that she will come looking for you, Clarke, and you won’t be hard to find, especially now that you are using your real surname again. Honestly, I’m not sure why they never found you before; it shouldn’t have been a surprise that you went to Seattle or chose to use your mother’s maiden name,” Kane said beginning to ramble.


“Kane, what is it you’re trying to actually tell us,” Clarke asked.


“I’m saying that while these arrests are a huge step forward, you all need to be on high alert.”


“How do we keep our family safe? What do you suggest,” Lexa asked.


“I’d like to have a team of my trusted agents guarding your home. They will stay out of the way and you won’t even notice they are there. I also want to post a few more agents at the hospital as that will be the first place they look for Clarke when they realize she’s in Seattle, and once you return to work, Lexa, I want agents at the firehouse as well.”


“While I firmly believe Clarke and I can protect our family, I don’t think your suggestions are unreasonable.”


“No it’s not and I think Lexa and I will discuss hiring our own private security team for us and the kids as well,” Clarke added.


“Good. I will have my agents in place by tomorrow. Stay alert though and call me if anything out of the ordinary occurs or if something seems suspicious; we cannot be too careful now.”


“We will. We’ll talk soon, Kane. Bye,” Clarke said before disconnecting the call.





After ending the call with Marcus Kane, Lexa and Clarke called Dr. Olsen, knowing that it would be a good idea to have both Madi and Aden meet with their therapist to ensure they expressed all their feelings about Cage Wallace and Lorelei Tsing’s arrests. Thankfully, Dr. Olsen was expecting their call, having seen the breaking news report too, and had cleared the remainder of her afternoon to meet with the kids. Knowing that emotions would be running high, Dr. Olsen agreed to meet with Madi and Aden for individual sessions at the house.


Aden was drawing in the playroom after his session, while Jasmine and Scout napped in their nurseries, when Clarke and Lexa saw the breaking news banner come across their television screen once more.


The couple had purposefully retreated to their bedroom to await the next news update, not wanting their children in the room for the broadcast should the news be that Cage Wallace and/or Lorelei Tsing made bail. With fingers interlaced and a final reassuring look at each other, the couple unmuted the television and held their breaths as news anchor Alex Levy appeared on their screens once more.


“Good afternoon, I’m Alex Levy and we are interrupting your regularly scheduled programing for breaking news regarding the arrests of President Cage Wallace and Vice President Lorelei Tsing. Following their arrests earlier today, UBA sought permission to air the arraignments of both the president and vice president live and Justice William Cadogan approved our request. We now go to my co-anchor Bradley Jackson, who is live at the United States District Courthouse in Washington, D.C. Bradley, can you tell us what is about to happen?”


“Yes, Alex. We are currently inside the main courtroom of the United States District Courthouse here in Washington, D.C. where in just a few minutes Justice William Cadogan will arraign both President Cage Wallace and Vice President Lorelei Tsing. We know that President Wallace will be represented by attorney Carl Emerson while Vice President Lorelei Tsing will be represented by attorney Quint Greene. Assistant United States Attorney Priya Desai will be the lead prosecutor. Assistant US Attorney Desai, will be known to most as the young prosecutor who secured convictions against the notorious Lightbourne crime syndicate five years ago. Following the arraignment there will be a joint press conference with the US Attorney’s Office and FBI. Alex, we’re receiving word that the arraignments are about to begin,” Bradley said as she muted herself and took her seat.


“For those watching at home, we will forego further commentary until after the proceedings have concluded,” Alex said as she too muted herself and joined everyone else awaiting both the arrival of the defendants and judge.


Only a few seconds after the news anchors muted themselves, the two defendants were escorted into the courtroom. Both were still dressed as they had been when arrested, but now they were not only handcuffed but their legs were shackled too. After they were standing at the defense table next to their attorneys, Justice William Cadogan walked in.


“All rise, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia is now in session, the Honorable William Cadogan presiding,” the bailiff said as the judge approached the bench.


“Please be seated. First, I am calling the case of the People of the United States of America versus Lorelei Tsing, case number 21-55592. Will the defendant please rise,” Justice Cadogan said, pausing only long enough for Vice President Tsing to stand. “You stand accused of multiple heinous crimes carrying a maximum sentence of the death penalty. Do you wish to have the charges and specific allegations read or does counsel waive a formal reading of the accusatory instruments?”


“We waive a reading and enter a plea of not guilty on all counts,” Attorney Quint Greene stated.


“Very well. Your plea of not guilty has been recorded. Moving to the matter of bail, do the matter of bail, do the People wish to be heard?”


“We do Your Honor. As the Court is aware, the defendant has been charged with a multitude of crimes, including several violent felonies, with the most serious being Murder in the First Degree as an accomplice. If convicted of that count, the defendant would be required to be sentenced to twenty-five years to life in prison at the minimum and the death penalty at the maximum. This fact alone, makes the defendant a flight risk in our opinion. Additionally, due to her position of power in the federal government and her own personal wealth, the defendant has ample assets making it easy to flee the country, again making the defendant a flight risk. Further, while the allegations were not explicitly read in court today, the defendant is charged as an accomplice with the murder of the late President Diana Sydney and assault charges against a member of the late President’s family among others. We further respectfully submit the defendant is a danger to the community given the nature of the charges. Given the seriousness of these offenses and the reasons previously stated, the People respectfully submit that this situation warrants the defendant being held without bail. With that being said, the People are respectfully asking that the defendant be held without bail and further be required to relinquish her passport in the event she is released on bail at a later time or escapes custody.”


“Thank you, counselor. Mr. Greene, do you wish to be heard?”


“Yes, Your Honor. Vice President Tsing is an upstanding member of our society. She was born and raised in D.C. Prior to serving our nation as Vice President, my client was a doctor at Polis General Hospital, a metropolitan hospital not far outside of D.C. Then she became a member of the House of Representatives where she became the youngest Speaker of the House in our nation’s history. It was that position that led to my client becoming Vice President after the tragic death of President Diana Sydney. My client has never been arrested before nor does she have any motive for committing the offenses charged. My client categorically denies the allegations against her and awaits her day in court before a jury of her peers. Due to my client’s desire to fight these charges and her lack of a criminal history we ask that my client be released on her own recognizance.”


“Thank you, counsellor. Counselors, I appreciate both your arguments, however, when considering bail, there are certain factors I must consider, namely, the seriousness of the offenses charged, the severity of the possible sentence if convicted, the defendant’s risk of flight, any danger the defendant may pose to the community and the defendant’s criminal history. Attorney Greene, while you state your client has no criminal record and this is her first arrest, that is not accurate. In 1999, your client, then a doctor at Polis General Hospital, was arrested for administering unauthorized medical care. She ultimately plead to a non-criminal offense after completing five hundred hours of community service, but the fact remains that she was in fact arrested for a crime that is eerily similar to one currently charged. Furthermore, the court agrees with the People. Given the possible sentence, seriousness of the charged crimes and the risk of flight, it is this court’s opinion that the risk of flight is high. Therefore it is ordered that the defendant, Lorelei Tsing, be held pending trial without bail. Furthermore, the defendant will relinquish her passport immediately. If the defendant does not have her passport with her, she is to tell Capitol Police where it is and they will retrieve it. Anything further, counselors?”


“Nothing from the People, Your Honor.”


“Your Honor, my client will not survive general population! Surely, she should be eligible for some form of bail,” Quint Greene said.


“Your client has been given a bail status, remand without bail and the decision of this court is final. Please remove the defendant from the courtroom and transport her to the Central Detention Facility,” Justice Cadogan said before pausing until after a ranting Lorelei Tsing was removed from the courtroom. “I am now calling the case of the People of the United States of America versus Cage Wallace, case number 21-55591. Will the defendant please rise,” Justice Cadogan said, pausing only long enough for President Wallace to stand. “You stand accused of multiple heinous and violent crimes carrying a maximum sentence of the death penalty. Do you wish to have the charges and specific allegations read or does counsel waive a formal reading of the accusatory instruments?”


“We waive a reading and enter a plea of not guilty on all counts,” Attorney Carl Emerson stated.


“Very well. Your plea of not guilty has been recorded. Moving to the matter of bail, do the matter of bail, do the People wish to be heard?”


“We do Your Honor. As the Court is aware, the defendant, along with his co-defendant Lorelei Tsing, have been charged with a multitude of crimes, including several violent felonies, with the most serious being Murder in the First Degree as an accomplice. If convicted of that count, the defendant would be required to be sentenced to twenty-five years to life in prison at the minimum and the death penalty at the maximum. This fact alone, makes the defendant a flight risk. Additionally, due to his position of power in the federal government, easy access to Air Force One and the Wallace family private jet, and his own personal and familial wealth, the defendant has ample assets making it easy to flee the country, again making the defendant a flight risk. Further, while the allegations were not explicitly read in court today, the defendant, like his co-defendant, is charged as an accomplice in the murder of the late President Diana Sydney and is charged with attempted murder and assault charges against a member of the late President’s family among others. The seriousness of these offenses warrant the defendant being held without bail as he is a danger to the community given the nature of the charges and an extreme flight risk. With that being said, the People are respectfully asking that the defendant be held without bail and further be required to relinquish his passport in the event he is released on bail at a later time or escapes custody.”


“Thank you, counselor. Attorney Emerson, do you wish to be heard?”


“Yes, Your Honor. Quite simply, my client is innocent and should not only be released immediately, but the charges against him should be dismissed. President Cage is the best President this country has ever seen. He has single handedly made this country great again. The prosecution has no way to prove the charges filed and even if they did, my client is still innocent. Plain and simple, my client must be released so he can get back to running this country,” Carl Emerson said smugly.


“Attorney Emerson, I suggest you check your arrogance at the door before entering my courtroom next. While the allegations made are just that, allegations, at this stage, the evidence is quite extensive. Furthermore, the risk of flight is extremely high and I cannot in good consciousness release your client today. If you wish to have the charges dismissed however, you must file a motion, as you should be well aware. With that being said, it is the order of this court that Cage Wallace be held pending trial without bail. Your client will also relinquish his passport immediately. Court is adjourned.”




As soon as they heard that not only Lorelei Tsing but Cage Wallace were being held without bail, Clarke and Lexa tuned out the remainder of the broadcast. They would remember vaguely hearing the press conference where it was stated that the only comment they would be making was that it is an active case with significant evidence but that the investigation was still ongoing.


By the time Madi was finished with her session, Clarke and Lexa had composed themselves and recovered from their relieved shock that Cage and Dr. Tsing were being held. When they told Madi and Aden that the bad people who were arrested would be in jail for the foreseeable future they could see the relief wash over them, especially Madi. To everyone’s surprise though, instead of commenting about Cage and Dr. Tsing being held, Madi asked if they could invite their entire family over for dinner so they could all be together after the news. That night would be the first of many family dinners with the entire extended Griffin-Woods clan in attendance.