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December Evenings

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It's the 6th of December, when Linus finds himself on the couch, beside a curled up Arthur, laying his head in the crook of his neck. Linus never thought it would snow at Marsyas, and that still remained true. It was still mainly sunny, though the air had a bite to it. Especially at night. Lucy had really been getting into the spirit of Christmas ever since the start of November, and Linus didn't bother telling him to stop singing carols. Linus was reading "50 Shades of Grey" and only because it was the only novel he could find. It's a horrible book, and that was just one other reminder that Linus needed to go to the bookstore the next time everyone was in the village. Linus wasn't sure if Arthur was awake, but his eyes were closed and he hadn't said a word for the past fifteen minutes, so he suspected he was. Arthur's arms were wrapped around Linus's chest, and he was breathing softly. Linus's gaze kept trailing off to look at Arthur, and to admire how fucking cute he was, just laying next to him. Which he didn't even notice he was doing until the door bursted open. He turned his head only a little bit, trying not to wake Arthur.

"Linus, it's your turn to help with dinner tonight, and not to mention I am starving, so I think that's our queue to get started on that." He hears Lucy say.

Linus rolls his eyes slighting and grins, and the little devil comes into view. He's scrunched up his face and his arms are crossed, and he looks impatient. Linus sets down the book he was kind of reading, and looks at Lucy, then the clock.

"Well, it's only 5:25 PM, how about we start on that in 5 minutes, alright?"

Linus said, trying to keep quiet. Lucy rolls his eyes and throws his hands up in the air.

"You're only putting it off because you want to stay here with Arthur!" Lucy singsongs, and he puts on that one devilish grin with narrowed eyes.

Linus notices he's starting to blush for some reason, and he feels Arthur's lips curve into a grin on his neck. What Lucy said was somewhat true. Linus was starting to become a bit hungry, but he didn't want to leave Arthur, even if he would be just in the next room. He never wanted to leave Arthur, in fact.

"5 minutes. Really," Linus repeats. Lucy sighs way to dramatically for a situation like this one, and marches up the stairs.

"Couldn't you have said maybe 8 or 9 minutes?" Linus hears Arthur mumble after a moment. He glances to look down at him. His lovely dark brown eyes are looking up at Linus fondly, and his lips are in a quiet smile.

"Well, I thought the sooner dinner was on the table, the more likely no one would become ravenous." Linus said. Arthur looks like he's about to say more, when he hears Lucy shout from up the stairs,

"I am ravenous!"

Linus snorts and Arthur lets out a chuckle.

"I suppose you better get on that then. Wouldn't want him to start eating human souls as appetizers." Arthur teases as he lifts his head up from Linus's neck.

"Alright." Linus says to Arthur, then presses a kiss to his forehead.