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A Good Guy

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“Hey Blake!”

When Sun raced into the room, Blake didn’t look up from her book.  Instead, she turned the page and mumbled a soft “hey” in return.

“I invited a girl over tonight.” 

That comment, however, pulled her attention away from her reading.  “Another date?” she asked while watching him buzz around the kitchen - checking the fridge, then the cupboards, then the pantry before finally nodding.

“Don’t tell her that.”  He chuckled at the ‘joke’ but quickly changed his tune when he noticed the look Blake gave him.  “I mean, she’s only coming over to watch the fight, but I’m hoping that spending a couple hours with me will sweep her off her feet.”

When he made a sweeping gesture with both arms, Blake tried her best not to laugh.  “Right...” was all she said instead, knowing exactly how Sun operated when it came to chasing girls.  Seeing as how he was attractive, easy-going, and friendly, he had no problem inviting a string of ‘dates’ back to their shared apartment.  It was converting those visits into a long-time girlfriend that seemed to be the sticking point.

“‘K, she’ll be here soon.  I gotta do my hair.”  Without another word, he hurried back to his room.

“You have like no hair,” Blake called after him before shaking her head and setting her book on the end table.  If he and his not-date were going to be out here watching TV, she would sequester herself in her bedroom to read in peace.  As much fun as it was to watch two people flirt incessantly with each other, she didn’t want to rain on his parade.

Seeing as how she didn’t know how long this ‘date’ would last, however, she went to the kitchen to find some food or snacks to take with her.  Sun wouldn’t mind if she interrupted to get some food, but sometimes what she saw upon interrupting was more uncomfortable for her than him.  Fortunately, it looked like he’d stocked up on groceries in anticipation of company, which meant there was plenty for her to choose from - one of the unexpected benefits of his womanizing.

In the midst of pulling a bottle of water from the fridge, she glanced towards the door when the doorbell rang.

“Can you get that?” he called out to her.  “Tell her I’ll be a couple minutes!” 

Rolling her eyes, she left the water on the island and went to the door.  Once upon a time, she thought only girls were late getting ready because they had to do their hair and pick an outfit.  Living with Sun had taught her otherwise.  Either that, or he was more of a girl than she’d thought.

Mentally preparing herself to greet yet another stranger and play ‘nice, forgettable roommate,’ she threw on a smile and pulled the front door open only for her eyes to widen.  Standing in the hall was one of the most attractive girls she’d ever seen.  

And the girl looked just as surprised to see her.  

“Um...hey,” the girl said with a shy smile before running a hand through her long, blonde hair in a casual motion that did nothing to lessen her beauty.

“Hi,” Blake got out, staring for several more seconds before remembering her manners.  “Oh, uh, you’re here to see Sun?” 

The question finally shook the girl out of her staring.  

“Um, if he lives here, yes.  If he doesn’t,”

Blake paused at the confusing response but quickly shook off the feeling and motioned inside.  “Come on in.  He’ll be out in a few.” 

Pushing the door fully open, Blake watched the girl walk through before closing it behind her.  While Blake was no stranger to the line of beautiful women Sun brought home, this one was on another level of attractive.  From her gorgeous blonde hair to her lively purple eyes and amazing physique that practically begged for closer inspection, she checked all the boxes.

“I’m Yang, by the way.” 

When Yang offered her hand, Blake shook it and blushed when she noticed the way Yang was looking at her.


“Blake,” Yang repeated before smiling.  “That’s a great name.”

Unsure of how to respond to the compliment, Blake walked into the kitchen and grabbed her water bottle in an effort to do something other than stare.

“Sun said he had a roommate, but I wasn’t expecting someone so…”  

When Yang’s gaze drifted across Blake in a slow, deliberate way, Blake felt another blush heat her cheeks.

“Female?” she offered, knowing that many of the girls Sun brought home expected his roommate to be another boy.

“Gorgeous,” Yang corrected with another irresistible smile.  And Blake saw it clearly now - a gleam of attraction in lilac eyes.  She nearly turned away from the look, but she couldn’t.  Not when the feeling was more than mutual.  Instead, she stared right back and felt her own desire grow.

But this was Sun’s ‘not-date.’  He’d invited Yang over so he could hit on her and try to sleep with her.  That hadn’t bothered Blake until right now, as an unfamiliar feeling bubbled up in her chest.  Was it...jealousy?  She’d never been jealous of Sun before, but she’d also never taken such an instant liking to one of the girls he invited over.  

“Want something to eat?” she asked in lieu of responding to the ‘gorgeous’ compliment.  Yang had to know she was gorgeous too.  Surely, people told her that all the time.

“I’m good.”  Waving off the offer, Yang leaned against the counter and grinned.  “I’m just here to watch the fight.  I didn’t plan on getting too...cozy.”

Something in Yang’s response struck Blake as odd.  If Yang wasn’t planning on getting too ‘cozy,’ why would she come over to a boy’s apartment by herself?  Blake could only imagine the level of charm Sun used whenever he and Yang met, and his intentions had to be obvious.

“You realize he’s going to try to sleep with you,” Blake said without thinking.  She wished she could take the words back as soon as they slipped out but, thankfully, Yang didn’t look at all surprised or offended.

“Yeah, I know,” she said before pointing to her hair.  “Blonde, not blind.” 

“Then...why come over?”  

As soon as Blake asked, she realized the answer - and realized that she didn’t want to think or talk about it.  If that’s what was going to happen in the apartment today, maybe she would just leave.  Good for Sun, but...  

“Because he said he paid for the fight,” Yang answered with an easy shrug that erased Blake’s aversion to the topic.  “And he seems like a great guy - I’m hoping we can be friends.” 

“Even though he’s trying to sleep with you,” Blake reiterated, surprised by how nonchalant Yang was with the situation.  Even now, she laughed and nodded.

“I have a lot of friends who, at some point or another, tried to sleep with me.”  After pausing for a second, she added, “guys and girls.”

Blake wasn’t blind or dumb either.  She understood exactly what Yang was saying with her words, eyes, and body language.  All three gave a very clear signal that Blake should go for it.  That Yang wanted her to go for it.  But she hardly opened her mouth when Sun walked into the kitchen.


Wearing the charming smile Blake recognized as his ‘talking to an attractive girl’ smile, Sun gave Yang a friendly hug.  His hair looked the same as when Blake saw him last, but she didn’t mention that his efforts were wasted upon her.

“Hey Sun.”  Yang returned the hug before stepping away and nodding to Blake.  “Quite the roommate you’ve got.” 

Blake’s blush returned, but Sun didn’t pick up on it while turning towards her with a big smile.

“Oh yeah, Blake’s awesome!  And the best roommate I’ve ever had - she’s so clean.”  

When Sun motioned at their clean and tidy apartment, Yang laughed.  “I don’t know why I expected you to live with another guy.  This is...way better.”

Combined with another subtle compliment was a look that sent butterflies fluttering through Blake’s chest.  She didn’t want to read into it too much, but that wasn’t the type of look she normally received.  Part interest and curiosity, it was the desire that really worked numbers on her heart.  And when that desire wasn’t one-sided...

“I agree,” Sun replied with a light laugh.  “But come on, the fight’s about to start!  We’ve got a bunch of stuff to eat and drink, so help yourself.” 

Proving his point, Sun brought out every snack they had, followed by every drink in the fridge.  While he poured a giant bag of chips into a bowl, Yang grabbed a bottle of water and winked at Blake.

“You want to watch with us?” 

Yang didn’t need to say much more to express which answer she preferred - it was written in her hopeful smile and searching gaze.  And Blake knew that if she declined, Yang would try to convince her otherwise.  There was no way she could turn down that smile more than once, not that she wanted to say ‘no’ to begin with.  

She had no interest in watching the fight, but she’d also never met someone so...alluring.  Sequestering herself in her room while Yang sat just outside sounded like a horrible idea.  Realistically, she’d come back out anyway, so she might as well just stay out here to begin with.

“Sure, I’ll watch,” she replied, smiling when Yang broke into a huge one of her own.

“Oh yeah?” Sun cut in.  “That’s awesome!  The more the merrier.”  After bumping Yang’s elbow and winking, he popped a chip in his mouth and gestured to the TV.  While he walked over and plopped down on the sofa, Yang sent a wink of her own Blake’s way.  

“I totally agree,” she replied before following Sun into the living room.

Blake watched Yang walk away and blushed when Yang glanced back and caught her in the midst of staring a little too low.  Fortunately, Yang merely smiled before taking a seat beside Sun.  Getting caught staring at someone’s ass wasn’t exactly the best first impression, but at least Yang wasn’t offended.  If anything, she looked pretty thrilled by the attention.  Blake’s attention, anyway.

After taking a deep breath, trying to reign in her nerves, Blake headed into the living room and found she had two choices in seating - the chair near the window, where she would have space to herself but a less optimal view of the screen, or the space beside Yang on the sofa.  The choice was made for her when Yang caught her gaze and gave the cushion a meaningful pat.  

“So Yang,” Sun said while Blake sat and tried not to overthink her and Yang’s sudden proximity, or the way Yang leaned towards her as soon as she sat down.  “Did you hit the gym this morning?”

“You know I’m there every morning.”

“Is that how you two met?”  

As soon as Blake asked, Yang turned towards her and smiled, but Sun answered.

“Yup!  We bump into each other in the morning.  Then a few days ago she needed someone to spot her while crushing the barbell, and I was more than willing to help.”

When Blake wrinkled her nose at the image, Yang shook her head.  

“He’s a great spotter,” she clarified.  “The only reason I asked was because I knew he wasn’t a creep.”

“Ugh, yeah.”  Turning up the volume a few notches, Sun shook his head.  “Some of those dudes are assholes.”

Yang raised her brow to say ‘see?’ while Blake nodded at what Yang was really trying to tell her.  Even though Sun brought a lot of girls home, he treated them respectfully.  And Yang’s insistence upon clearing up that potential misunderstanding only made Blake like her more.  Which made it even more unfortunate that Yang was one of the girls he’d brought home.

“Here we go!”  Tossing the remote onto the coffee table, Sun kicked his feet up and grinned once the fight took up the screen.  Right now, an announcer discussed the impending fight, but it looked like the fighters were already in the ring getting ready.

“Have you ever watched before?” Yang asked softly, so as not to speak over the TV. 

“Bits and pieces whenever Sun’s watching.”  

Noticing how Yang scooted closer, the two of them nearly sharing the same cushion now, Blake willed the blush away from her cheeks and focused on the screen.

“Does that mean I can explain the rules to you?”  

From Yang’s smile, it was obvious she wanted to do just that, but Sun piped in before Blake could respond.

“Good luck.  I’ve tried before - nothing sticks.”

Rolling her eyes, Blake didn’t bother pointing out that he fired rules and facts like he wielded a shotgun, spraying words that hardly made sense in context to what was happening on the screen.  Yang, however, glanced at Sun before turning back to Blake with an even brighter smile.

“But you seem smart,” she mused, her gaze dipping to Blake’s lips before her smile widened.  “You can probably learn anything if it’s presented right.”

“Well, I’ to suggestions.”  As soon as Blake said the words and Yang’s gaze dropped to her mouth again, her cheeks caught fire with another blush.

“I think I have one,” Yang said anyway, her voice nothing more than a whisper as she leaned closer.  “Interested in hearing it?”

If it was what Blake thought it was, she wanted to hear it.  She wanted to hear Yang suggest it, even though it wouldn’t work.  She wouldn’t learn a shred of information like that, other than what Yang’s lips tasted like.  And she really, really wanted to know what Yang’s lips tasted like...

When Sun popped another chip in his mouth and shouted a garbled “Showtime!” however, she leaned away from the temptation.

“I think just...telling me another time might work,” she said instead, noticing the flicker of disappointment in Yang’s eyes.  That disappointment made her heart race faster, adding to the steady drumming in her ears that threatened to drown out the commentator.

“Ok.”  Acquiescing to Blake’s request, Yang turned towards the screen.  “So this fight’s pretty big because both fighters are undefeated.”

“Until now,” Sun added in a deep voice that sounded like something off of a commercial.  Yang laughed at the imitation before continuing.

“Whoever wins gets like...ten million dollars or something.”

“Wow, that much?”

“They pay them with Sun’s money.”  Yang tapped Sun’s shoulder with the comment, and he laughed.

“Yeah, because I totally had ten mil to drop on this fight,” he joked before popping another chip in his mouth.  He offered the bowl to Yang, but she raised a hand to decline before turning back to Blake. 

“Up to five rounds, five minutes each.” 

“And the first round begins…”  Sun raised one hand while the screen zeroed in on the two fighters standing across from one another.  “Now,” he said when a bell sounded and the two men approached each other.

Because Blake had no interest watching two strangers hit each other, she looked at Yang and was pleasantly surprised to find Yang equally disinterested in what was happening on the screen.

“You win by getting them to give up,” Yang continued, lowering her voice to a whisper and leaning so close that Blake felt her side warm from their combined body heat.  “Or knocking them out.  Otherwise, the judges decide.”

It sounded simple when Yang explained it, but Blake still found the concept difficult to grasp when she was far more interested in Yang.  From this distance, she could see every fleck of gold in lilac eyes, and every perfectly curled lash adding to Yang’s overall beauty.

“Oh!  Damn!” Sun suddenly shouted, jumping back against the sofa and drawing their eyes away from each other.  On the screen, Blake saw that one of the fighters had pinned the other to the ground and now rained blows at the other man’s head.  It was a little vicious for her taste, but she was surprised to find Yang watching without hesitation.

“I’m surprised you’re such a big fan,” Blake commented, bringing that lilac gaze back to her.

“Why?  Because it’s kind of violent?”

“’re the first girl to come over to watch.  It’s usually just Sun’s guy friends.”

“Ah.”  Thankfully, Yang didn’t look insulted or put off by the response.  If anything, she seemed to already realize and accept that her interest in the sport was uncommon.  “I watched with my dad growing up.  It became something we always did together.” 

“That’s sweet...” 

“I guess.”  After looking momentarily embarrassed, Yang shrugged and smiled.  “But since he lives back home, I find other people to watch with.”

“Worked out for me.”  When Sun lifted his hand, Yang bumped her knuckles against his.  She then winked at Blake, as if to point out how the two of them were already acting like friends rather than anything more.

Blake had to admit that seemed to be true.  Plus, it was hard to picture Yang being more than friendly with Sun while sitting so close to Blake that their legs nearly touched.  But somehow, she knew that Yang wouldn’t move the last inch on her own.  She wouldn’t touch Blake without permission but was giving all the signals that she wanted to move closer.

So Blake turned around to look at the kitchen clock but, while doing so, twisted her knee so that it gently bumped into Yang’s.  When she turned around, still with no idea what time it was, she glanced at Yang to see if she should move away or not.  

Then Yang scooted even closer, until their legs were pressed against each other and their shoulders brushed.  She smiled at Blake before dropping a hand onto her own thigh and leaving it there.  Everything about the gesture shouted what Yang wanted to do next.  She wanted to move her hand from her thigh to Blake’s - but would she?  And could she without Sun noticing what was going on beside him?

“Dang,” he said when another bell sounded.  “What do you think?  Who won that one?”  When he turned towards them, Yang threw on a charming smile that matched his own and nodded towards the screen to move his attention away from them.

“Too close to call,” Yang replied confidently while she slowly extended her pinky and touched Blake’s leg.  “They’ll probably be about equal in points for the next round.”

It was a light touch, but Blake suddenly wanted much more.  She didn’t want to watch the fight, she wanted to be alone with Yang so they could continue this in private.  Not that they needed to do that already, but that’s where this intimacy was quickly headed.  And, while she wasn’t typically the one to rush into things, she couldn’t escape the growing desire she had for the girl sitting beside her.  If anything, she had the inescapable feeling that she would only like Yang more as they got to know each other better.

“You’re probably right,” Sun mused.  “Some of those kicks were brutal though.  I would not want to be on the receiving end of those.”

“Does this mean your fighting career is over before it even begins?” Yang teased.

“Please,” Sun replied with a scoff.  “I don’t have the arms to be a fighter.”

“Then why’re you always over at the punching bags?”

“Because you’re over there.”  When Sun winked, a flame of jealousy rose in Blake’s chest.  Yang, however, laughed and shook her head.

“Or because you get bored with the machines.”

“That’s not true!”

“Yes, it is.” Yang laughed even more now, especially when Sun sat back and started laughing at himself.  “I’ve seen you use the machines for all of five seconds before hopping off and talking to someone.”

“That’s because...they’re boring,” he admitted with a growing smile.  “Alright, alright.  I’m at the bags because I need to use my arms somehow.”

“Exactly.”  Satisfied with that response, Yang leaned back and looked at the television while the next round started.  With Sun’s attention zeroing back in on the fight, she turned towards Blake and smiled.  But it was a different smile than the ones Blake had seen so far.  It was one that asked if she was ok with the interaction that just happened.

While she hadn’t necessarily enjoyed it, the way Yang rebuffed Sun’s advance was actually quite skillful.  Although...maybe Blake should expect a person as beautiful as Yang to be skilled at turning down advances.  Which made her acceptance of Blake’s proximity all the more...exciting.

“Oh, who’s reading that?”  Yang leaned across Blake then - close enough that Blake got a good smell of her shampoo - and gestured towards the book on the side table.  Sun glanced that way and chuckled.  

“That would be Blake.  She’s always reading something.” 

“It’s a good one, isn’t it?” Yang asked, ignoring Sun in favor of smiling at Blake.  

“You’ve read it?”  Blake wasn’t sure why she was so surprised by that, but she didn’t typically associate a gym frequenter with an avid reader.  Maybe because she so rarely went to the gym herself...

“Yeah!  Last year, because my sister wouldn’t stop talking about it.  Do you like it so far?”

“I’m really enjoying it.”  Kind of like how she was enjoying Yang’s company...

“Ok, I won’t ruin it, but let me know when you’re done so we can discuss.”

Blake smiled hesitantly at the response, which sounded an awful lot like Yang expecting to talk after this afternoon was over.  “I might not finish it for another few days...” she began, but Yang nodded.  

“That’s fine.  Whenever you’re done.”

“Like that will take you more than a day,” Sun added with a laugh and shake of his head.  “You’ll have that thing done before bed tonight.”

That might have been true before Blake opened the door and invited in the most attractive girl she’d ever met, who seemed to have as much of a thing for her as she did in return.  But if Yang left now, Blake doubted she could think about anything else for the rest of the night.

“When you’re finished,” Yang repeated with a hopeful smile.  “We can talk about it?”

Sweet, gorgeous, funny, and willing to discuss books?  Somehow, Sun had pulled Yang right out of Blake’s dreams.

“I’d love to,” Blake replied in a whisper.  With those plans set, Yang smiled and turned back to the TV right as a commercial came on.

“Gonna get another soda,” Sun said before jumping up and heading into the kitchen.  Sensing an opportunity to speak with him somewhat privately, Blake quickly followed.  She’d just, kind of, made future plans that felt like they could be a date - she needed to know how Sun felt before actually going through with them.

“Hey Sun,” she said, glancing towards the living room to make sure Yang wasn’t listening.  Fortunately, Yang looked content to sit on the sofa and wait for them to return.

“Hey!  Want one?”  When he offered a can to her, she shook her head.  

“No thanks.  I was just wondering…”  There were hundreds of different ways she could ask this question, but she decided to go with the most straightforward.  Anything less, and she risked misunderstanding his answer.  “How much do you like her?” 

In the midst of opening his soda, Sun paused and furrowed his brow.  

“What do you mean?” 

“Like...if she doesn’t want to date you or, you know, hook up with you, will you be upset?”

“Naw.”  Sun chuckled and shook his head.  “I’ll just look for another.  Besides, it seems like she could be a cool friend.” 

Blake couldn’t even begin to describe her relief at that answer.  The last thing she wanted was to step in and hurt him, but she really, really wanted to spend more time with Yang.  And in a not-quite-friendly way...

“Why?” he asked with a growing grin.  “You wanna shot?” 

“Oh, that wasn’t -” she began, but he was already laughing at the attempted lie.

“Go ahead!”  He motioned towards the living room before picking up his soda.  “I should warn you though - she’ll probably be pretty tough to crack if I can’t get to her.”

For many reasons, Blake didn’t think she would have as much of a problem as Sun, but she didn’t want to say as much.  Instead, she smiled and said, “Thanks, Sun.”

“Isn’t that what roommates are for?” he whispered before walking into the living room and retaking his seat beside Yang.

Blake didn’t know if she agreed that roommates were supposed to set each other up or pass around each other’s dates, but she also wasn’t going to argue.  In typical Sun fashion, he wasn’t romantically tied to the situation.  At least, not yet.  And with his permission - his blessing, really - she felt far more comfortable keeping the plans she’d already made.

When she returned to her seat, however, she was more nervous than ever.  That feeling only increased when Yang scooted back to her side, their legs touching once more.  

“Who do you think will win?” Yang asked, ducking her head and leaning close enough that the words brushed softly against Blake’s ear and sent a tingle of thrill down her spine.

“I, uh...the blue one.”

When Yang chuckled at the flustered response, Blake felt her cheeks warm with an unmistakable glow.

“Wanna bet?” Yang offered.  “If he wins, I take you out to dinner?”

The invitation was more blatant than the first, and Blake immediately glanced at Sun to see if he’d overheard it.  From his posture and the way he continued watching the fight, he hadn’t.

“Sure,” she replied with a small grin.  “And if he loses?”

After sneaking a glance at Sun out of the corner of her eye, Yang leaned further forward and stopped only when her lips were tantalizingly close to Blake’s.

“Then you take me out to dinner,” she whispered.  Surely, she knew the proximity made Blake’s heart stutter and her palms clammy.  Surely, she knew how much Blake wanted to kiss her right then and there, regardless of whether or not Sun was in the room.  She’d walked in on him making out with his dates more times than she could count - he could handle this once.

Then Yang grinned and leaned away.  Was she teasing now?  Or was she unsure of how far she could push this when they weren’t alone?  Blake wished she would just go for it and see what happened.  

A ringing noise, which Blake recognized as Sun’s ringtone, drew the room’s attention while he scrambled to get his phone out of his pocket.  After glancing at the screen, he jumped up and motioned to it.

“I gotta take this,” he said with an apologetic smile.  “Be right back.”  With no other explanation, he hurried to his room and closed the door.  No sooner did the door close did Yang turn towards Blake.

“Ok, this is probably super forward,” Yang began, looking hesitant yet determined to say this while they were alone.  “But I really like you.  You’re gorgeous and witty and I’m so, so attracted to you.  But I know he’s your friend and I don’t want to make it awkward between you two, so I can leave, but maybe I can you later?  And maybe we can hang out sometime, if he’s ok with that?”

As if Blake needed another reason to like Yang, this was it.  Putting feelings aside to protect a friendship was enough to convince her not to ignore her own rapidly growing attraction.  And thank god she’d already talked to Sun.  Otherwise, this would be impossible to turn down, and she’d feel horrible afterward.  But he told her she could have a shot, and she was going to make the most of it.

“Actually...he told me he won’t be upset if you don’t want to date him.” 

“Oh.  Really?”  

“Yes,” Blake replied with a nod.  “He even said that I could, you know...take a shot at you...”

Put like that, it sounded borderline offensive.  Yang, however, grinned.

“ the interest of still being forward...can I kiss you?”


For a split second, Blake considered how desperate that response sounded, but any embarrassment evaporated when Yang kissed her.  Fireworks burst in her chest as Yang’s lips pressed against hers in a kiss so soft and sweet it couldn’t possibly be real.  It felt amazing.  She didn’t understand how it felt so amazing, but she wasn’t complaining.

When Yang started pulling away, however, disappointment surged through Blake’s veins.

“No...” she murmured, allowing Yang only a breath’s distance before bringing their lips together once more.  This time, Yang understood the permissions Blake was granting, and their kiss quickly deepened.  

Blake felt the desire Yang poured through her lips, and feeling just how much Yang wanted this made her own desire grow.  She felt Yang’s hand sliding up her thigh while she ran a hand through Yang’s hair and pressed even closer.  Their lips parted in unison, and her longing exploded as soon as Yang’s tongue slid into her mouth.

The room heated up, and her skin heated in turn, especially as Yang’s hand made it to her waist and played with the hem of her shirt.  Wrapping her hand around the back of Yang’s neck, she pulled them even closer, giving Yang all the permission she needed to continue.

“Are you - sure?” Yang got out between frenzied kisses.  Their lips locked together as the tips of her fingers slipped under Blake’s shirt, reinforcing just how sure Blake was that she wanted this to continue.  Before she could respond, however, she heard footsteps.  And then the footsteps abruptly stopped.

A blush started before she even pulled away and multiplied in intensity when she found Sun standing slack-jawed at the entrance of the living room.  From his stunned expression, there wasn’t a point in trying to play this off as anything other than what it was.

Yang moved slightly further away and glanced at Blake, clearly asking what their response to this should be.  Blake cleared her throat while trying to think of something to say, but Sun beat her to it.

“Damn,” he said, breaking into a bright smile.  “I should take lessons from you!”

Although still mortally embarrassed, Blake smiled when Yang laughed from beside her.

“Sorry, Sun,” Yang replied, setting a hand on Blake’s knee and sending her a warm smile.  Sun quickly shook his head and waved off the apology.

“Don’t worry about it.  I can tell when a girl’s not digging me - just didn’t realize you were digging Blake instead.”

“Yeah…”  Yang chuckled a little nervously while running one hand through her hair and turning towards Blake.  “I really am.”

That look of desire was back, and it relit the flame in Blake’s chest.

“Do you want to watch the rest of the fight?” Blake asked, feeling her gaze drawn to Yang’s irresistible lips.  “Or…?”

“Actually, I’m gonna take off,” Sun added before Yang replied.  “That was one of my friends - he said they’re watching the rest of the fight at a bar with some hot girls.”  He grinned and winked at Blake.  “And it looks like I’m in need of another.”

Her blush fully returned, but she didn’t argue while he grabbed his things and left the apartment.  She stared at the closed door for several seconds before smiling.

The moment Yang’s hand returned to Blake’s thigh, Blake decided they should move somewhere more private in case Sun came back sooner rather than later.  Grabbing Yang’s hand, she smiled when Yang immediately stood with her.

She couldn’t believe her luck.  First, that Sun had found someone so amazing.  Then that he invited Yang over to their apartment.  And finally that he happily stepped aside when Blake fell for Yang hard and fast.

“You know, you were right,” she said while tugging Yang towards her bedroom.  “He’s a great guy.”