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Loona Dump

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I feel like Yeojin makes deez nuts jokes towards Jinsoul and she falls for them all the time.Like just imagine they're in the living room and Yeojins just like "Hey Jinsoul Unnie, have you heard OMG's new song Dun Dun Dance?".And Jinsoul being like "No whats that" and Yeojin just being like Dun Dun Dance on deez nuts and Hyunjin in the other room laughing or some shit like I just know Yeojin is a dank memer. Like if the girls had a weverse Yeojin would use that locked feature just to make orbits figure out the password just for it to say 'deez nuts lol' or 'ur mom lol'.Also I just know Yerim helps those two definitely bring hell to the dorm.