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Not Ready to Make Nice

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"Okay, I'm sorry. I've been good all night. I am stopping now."

Elena replies, sarcastically, "No, don't stop on my account. Rip away. I mean, it's only Damon, right?"

"Well, say what you want about Ripper Stefan, but at least he wasn't a man slut." Caroline retorts.

"Come on," Bonnie starts, trying to ease the tension.

"So, what exactly was it about him that made you jump right into bed with him as soon as you met him?"

"I was 16 and insecure, Elena. And as soon as I found out what he was? I didn't want it anymore,"

"Guys-" Bonnie tries to interject.

"No, Bon. This is bullshit! Elena can't expect me to forget what Damon did to me, and then throw it back in my face whenever she wants!"

Caroline raises her voice as she continues,

"You have no idea what it was like, Elena. I was trapped in my own body, knowing that something was wrong, knowing that he shouldn't be able to control me like that. I was USED by him, as a blood bag, as a spy for information on you and Bonnie, as a SEX TOY, AND YOU DON'T EVEN CARE!"

Bonnie looks at Caroline, shocked. She hadn't known any specifics about Caroline's hatred for the older Salvatore, only that he'd mistreated her when she was still human.

Looking over at Elena, Bonnie is bothered to realize that she doesn't seem surprised at Caroline's exclamation.

"Elena..." Both girls turn to look at the witch.

"Did you know how bad it was? What Damon did to Care?" A simple question, one that Bonnie foolishly hoped would be answered with a denial.

"Well, yeah. Once I found out about vampires, I put the pieces together. I asked Damon and he said he did what he had to do so he wouldn't hurt anyone else in town... And he's changed! He promised he wouldn't do anything like that anymore."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Caroline breathlessly asks.

"It was 'what he had to do'? He had sex with me WHILE I WAS COMPELLED TO OBEY HIM, ELENA! Not to mention the fact that he still killed people while feeding on me!"

Bonnie moves closer to Caroline, trying to offer some semblance of comfort to her friend.
Elena seems put off by this, huffing out an unneeded breath and taking a more defensive position.

"Why are you taking her side in this, Bonnie? It was a couple years ago, Damon has obviously changed and Caroline should be over it by now."

Bonnie looks at Elena, seeing her childhood friend in a new light. "What if a guy drugged my drink?"

"What?" Elena utters, confused by the change of topic.

"What if a guy we knew slipped something into my drink and made me compliant to whatever he wanted me to do?" Bonnie asks.

"Then I'd obviously support you...? I don't get what this has to do with anything, Bon."

"Caroline expected to spend her time with a normal guy, and ended up being made to do whatever Damon wanted her to, regardless of what she wanted. He basically drugged her and took away her ability to consent, Elena. That's rape. You don't just get over it." Bonnie says, noticeably frustrated by Elena's lack of comprehension of basic consent.

"Bonnie..." Elena starts, but gets interrupted.

"No, Elena. You don't get to basically call our friend a whore for being compelled into being someone's sex toy. You expected Care to get over her trauma, which she would have had to relive when she transitioned, but you didn't even try to think about what it was like for her be around her rapist every day because he's nice to you sometimes."

Both Caroline and Elena are staring at Bonnie now, Caroline because she never thought Bonnie would take her side over Elena's, and Elena because she's used to everyone bending to her opinion and/or prioritizing her over everyone else.

When Elena moves to speak again, Bonnie interjects yet again, saying "Elena, I'm done, okay? I'm taking Care and we're leaving because I refuse to listen to you defend the man that sexually assaulted your friend, and she shouldn't have to either."

Bonnie stands quickly, pulling a shocked Caroline up with her. They walk out hand in hand, leaving Elena in Damon's bathtub, contemplating whether she has any friends left apart from the Salvatore brothers who she's stringing along.