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There you go (making me a liar)

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It only took a ring for Sara's face to appear on the screen.

“Director Sharpe.” - She greeted the blonde with a nod and a smirk on her lips.

“Captain Lance.” – Ava smiled, eyes piercing and focused as a shiver took over Sara's body – “Will we debrief as scheduled?”

“Yes, Director. I'll be there in a minute" - Sara replied without blinking. That meeting had been scheduled for a week, but Sara didn't know if they were really going to do that talk about some mission or talk (or not talk at all) otherwise, given the look Ava Sharpe was giving her right now.

With a nod, Ava disconnected the call and with just a tap of the screen, another call was already being made.

“Gary? I'm about to enter the scheduled meeting with Captain Lance and I shouldn't be disturbed.” - She said in her authoritative tone.

“Yes, Director Sharpe” - Was all Ava heard before hanging up. She didn't have to wait a moment longer; Sara was entering her office and a portal was closing behind her. The blonde had a shy smile on her lips and a soft look, dressed in a black tank top and shorts, as if she had just come out of a workout. Ava approved of the look; it would suit her well for this... defrief.

“Director Sharpe?” – Sara asked silently what she should do next. Ava turned her chair to give the woman in front of her her full attention and allowed Sara to slid her gaze over her entire body and notice every detail of the outfit Ava had chosen for that moment: a plain white blouse with buttons that were hidden by a black tie that circled the directo’s neck, her blue pants, part of the Time Bureau uniform completed the look. Sara also noticed that the blue blazer was out of sight.

"Captain Lance... Take a seat, please." - As soon as the words left her lips, Ava parted her legs, making it clear where Sara was supposed to sit. That image made Sara's throat constrict involuntarily, a lust-filled sigh escaping her red lips.

In a few steps, Sara was between the Director’ knees, her chest betraying her slightly heavier breathing compared to her arrival. And then Sara had each knee circling Ava's hip in the spacious swivel chair. Ava gripped her hips to stop her from sliding her ass down to her crotch, holding her firmly on her knees, never leaving Sara's gaze.

“Did you want to talk about something, Director?” - Sara's voice now had a slight tremor.

“Yes, you are correct, Captain Lance. It is a matter of extreme importance.” – she began, feeling the trembling of Sara's body with her authoritative and low voice – “It is unacceptable that a respectable Captain like you leaves so little to the imagination with these clothes…” – Ava said very seriously, her fingers leaving fire trails across Sara's skin toward Sara's breasts beneath her tank top. Sara felt intoxicated, especially when Ava continued in a whisper close to her ear, her lips almost touching her skin – “Right in front of your boss.

"You are not the boss of me." - Sara replied automatically, but that certainty was not present in her breathless tone. Ava made a sound, as if questioning a veracity, clearly doubting that phrase. Her lips lightly kissed the skin of Sara's neck and she smiled when she heard the blonde sigh in her arms.

“Daddy then?” – She whispered again, biting Sara's earlobe making her moan.

"Yes, daddy." – The answer was also automatic, but now her tone was short, submissive and full of different emotions. Ava pulls away to meet Sara's eyes and waits a few seconds until Sara is able to meet her piercing gaze. They remain in this trance until Ava launches herself at Sara's lips, kissing her hard, her lips demanding submission. Her tongue rediscovered every place and every taste of her girlfriend's kiss and all Sara did was moan and kiss her back, in the same intensity.

When the kiss ended, they were both breathing heavily from lack of air, but Ava wasted no time, her fingers lifted the fabric covering Sara's torso and the blonde lifted her arms allowing the fabric to be discarded somewhere, to be soon after, kissed intensely again. Sara was already so aroused, so wet that her hips went in search for the friction she needed involuntarily, but Ava was already prepared. Her hands, which had come up to release the grip of Sara's breasts, still trapped in her bra, slide down her back, causing Sara to arch it in pleasure, pushing her breasts toward Ava's lips.

With the bra Sara wore completely loose, still in the way only because of Sara's arms, all Ava had to do was adjust her angle slightly to have a nipple between her teeth, eliciting yet another moan from Sara. But Ava's hands didn't stop on the captain's hips this time, continued up her ass, and reaching for Sara's warmer, wettest spot from behind, feeling Sara's hot and wet path into her panties.

"All this and I haven't even touched you yet, baby girl." – whispered the director, smugly with her lips against the lower one's nipple, her breath coming into contact with that sensitive skin. Sara found herself unable to respond, all her concentration focused on the feel of Ava's fingers on her most sensitive part.

Ava chuckled softly, clearly amused at the way Sara was so completely surrendered to her. Ava kept Sara's body in that position, her fingers of one hand moving lightly on Sara's lower lips, the feeling was not nearly what Sarah needed - that shorts and her panties had to go, soon. Sara’s back arched as further Ava took her free hand to the center of her back, pushing Sara's breasts to her, giving herself even more room for her hot kisses.

Sara unhooked her arms from her bra and discarded it. Her hands resting on Ava's shoulders as she let her body twist until her back was in contact with the Director’ desk, the icy surface affecting her more than she wanted to admit, but her moan gave it away. It was as if her body was under complete control of Ava's lips, of this woman's touch.

“Fuck, daddy!” – exclaimed the Captain of the Waverider when her skin was covered by bites that were soon soothed by a hot, wet tongue. The blonde who was now practically lying on Ava's desk but remained in essence, sitting on the lap of the Time Bureau Director, whimpered as Ava's lips stopped their way just above her navel, and the hope of attrition was postponed.

"Daddy will fuck you very hard, baby girl." - She said, and Sara felt another wave of pleasure wetting her panties that were already soaked. She moaned a little louder and Sara’s heart was pounding so hard in her chest that she had the impression it would jump out any time.

“Please, daddy!” - Asked Sara, her tone was that of a desperate woman.

"This needs to go away now, baby." - Her teeth tugged at the fabric of her shorts to emphasize her command and Sara sighed as she felt her body being easily manipulated by Ava, who helped her sit up again. Breathless and extremely aroused, Sara stared at the slightly swollen lips of the love of her life and her tongue darted out to lick her own lips that felt suddenly dry.

"Could I..." - She started to ask and a little voice in the back of her mind whispered to herself, are you sure she isn’t the boss of you? But she couldn't focus on that right now, not with the smile Ava had on her lips now.

"Come here." - And soon after their lips were again glued in a hot and long kiss. Sara broke the kiss and got up slowly as she didn't really trust her legs at that moment. Staring back into Ava's blue-gray eyes, Sara waited for Ava to give her permission, her fingers ready to remove any fabric that kept her from feeling Ava.

"Proceed." – Ava said and made herself more comfortable to watch the movement of the shorts and then Sara's panties slide down her delicious legs. Once Sara was completely naked in the middle of the Time Bureau's head office, Ava smirked, stifling a moan. With just a flick of Ava’s finger, Sara followed the same steps as before and was soon facing and between the Director’ legs.

Ava again manipulated Sara's body and made her sit back on her lap; however, this time Ava put her hands on each butt of that perfect ass that Sara liked to tease her so much, and forced Sara to feel her groin, earning a surprised and dazzled look from Sara upon feeling something different there.

“Daddy!” - Sara exclaimed almost shocked. Of course, they had used a strap on before, but never in Ava's office, in fact every time they had sex there, it was always at night, when very few people would be around, not in the middle of a work day, just a lock on the door preventing anyone from suddenly entering the room.

“I said daddy was going to fuck you hard, baby. I meant it." – Ava replied innocently and everything Sara's mind could formulate was between an Oh my God and Fuck, she's going to be the death of me – “Are you ready for me, baby girl?”

“Yes, yes, I am Daddy, please…” – The words die in her throat as Ava silences her.

"Shie, shie, daddy knows." – And Ava really knew, she felt the powerful swell of Sara's pleasure and her blue pants were already wet because her juices was running down her thigh and making contact with the fabric – “Unbutton my pants and get me out of there, baby.” - Commanded the Director between small kisses on Sara’s neck.

"Yes, daddy." – And in a few moments Sara had the strap on in her hand, it’s color matched Ava's skin color and just that image, Ava with an erect cock, still fully dressed and imposing and magnificent under Sara; it was almost enough for Sara to reach her peak. She moaned a moan deep that she felt coming from her throat and all she could think about was how completely filled she would be with that toy and how much she wanted it buried deep inside her.

Ava squeezed Sara's thigh, hard enough to get Sara's attention again. As soon as her gray eyes connected with Sara's, she began to speak, in her face a serious expression as her fingers slowly approached the blonde's pleasure center.

"You're not in control here, baby girl." – She made it clear – “You're mine and daddy is about to fuck you hard and you gonna be quiet for me, ok? You'll take whatever I give you without making a sound, alright baby girl?”

Sara just nodded, willing to accept anything as she felt the toy's head touch her entrance, her walls contracting in anticipation of engulfing it all. Ava accepted the answer with a smile and quickly pushed Sara towards her groin, causing her to bury herself in her cock, taking it all at once. The captain held her breath as her eyes rolled shut and her mouth dropped open, letting out a lusty sob.

"Fuck..." - She breathed, her body quickly adjusting to the size and thickness as a new wave of pleasure lubricated the entire toy inside of her. Ava waited a few moments.

"Look at me, now." - Commanded Ava, one of her hands circling Sara's delicate neck, holding her in that position, and the light pressure on Sara's jugular only took her to a new level of magnetism, but even then, her eyes flew open. She watched Ava lift her hips with just one hand, never taking her other hand away from the pressure on her throat.

Ava then buries the toy in her entrance, with force, as she releases Sara's hip, with the full weight of Sara's body, again against the dildo. And she did it again, and again, and again; every penetration echoed in the office and Sara tried, she tried very hard to remain quiet; biting her lip and nearly drawing blood from that sensitive skin, but her moans just… escaped. One higher than the other. And the more Ava manipulated her body as if Sara weighed less than a feather, her pleasure increased intensely and it actually became impossible not to moan Ava's name at such a loud volume that she was sure anyone in the building could have heard.

“You were being such a good girl to me…” - Ava exclaimed and the slight disappointment in her tone squeezed Sara's heart. She wanted to be a good girl, but Ava was so good, Sara was practically floating with pleasure and she had no control over anything anymore. Absolutely nothing.

“I'm sorry, daddy. I'll be good, I can do it...” - Babbled Sara, afraid that Ava would walk away and that pleasure would disturb her all day, after all, Ava has punished her like that before.

"It's okay, baby girl." – Ava said calmly, pulling her hands away just to undo the knot of her tie and the pause made Sara finally be able to draw air into her lungs, and her head getting the air it so badly needed, made Sara able to think for the first time, even though the trance Ava had over her body kept her from moving a muscle without permission. Ava places the fabric between her lips and without blinking, Sara allows the fabric to silence her and it wasn't until Ava was tying the tie behind Sara's head that the shorter blonde realized that in fact, Ava had already planned on wearing the tie, that she wasn’t expecting Sara to be a good girl and be quiet. Why else would she wear the accessory when said accessory wasn't part of her uniform?

“There, baby. Now let me hear your grumbles.” - And without waiting for an answer, Ava returned to command Sara's body and penetrated her with force at a faster pace than before, and soon Sara was babbling and mumbling incomprehensible words. The office by now had the scent of Sara's pleasure infused into every surface, and the sounds choked by the fabric of Ava's tie were the soundtrack to the Time Bureau Director's thoughts.

Ava was mesmerized by the smooth way the toy glided in and out of Sara. She wondered if it was possible to love a feeling she didn't feel herself, not really. The cock slid lightly across her clit with each penetration on Sara, but it wasn't enough to sustain the arousal Ava felt at that moment, not enough to justify so much pleasure.

Her eyes roamed over Sara's body, aware of every muscle that moved and pulsed in pleasure, watching the drops of sweat that trickled down her smooth skin. It was a more high-pitched whine and a strong tug on her hair that made Ava be torn from her reverie rudely. But Sara's desperate look cleared up everything. And even before asking, Ava knew exactly what Sara needed. She just wanted to hear Sara say the words, to observe the difficulty the woman had in communicating when her walls were so tight to the toy that each penetration was a little torture holding back the cum that promised to be explosive.

 “Did you want something, baby?” – and Ava allowed Sara to rip the tie out of her mouth with what little energy she still had; Sara takes a deep breath, moaning softly because Ava didn't slow her pace at all, nor did she diminish her strength with each penetration.

"I-I…need… Daddy!" - Sara muttered, her tone urgent and desperate, her gaze full of lust and pleasure.

“Oh, you want permission, baby?” - Sara shook her head quickly and Ava felt Sara's nails sinking into the skin of her shoulders that she used for support throughout that intense fuck. Sara felt her walls tremble and the precipice of climax approached her so dangerously, that Sara almost sobbed, tears wetting her gaze that pleaded with Ava.

"Baby, I didn't say you needed permission!" – Ava smiled, completely amused, but Sara shook her head again, denying it this time.

“Please, please, I-I…” – Sara fucking Lance very much begged her, and Ava wouldn't torture her much more.

“Come to me, baby girl. It's okay, I want your juice to soak me up, Sara. Now. I want it now, Sara." – Sara felt each word in her center, each word a delicious contraction and her mind short-circuited, her body contracted and paralyzed. For a second, Sara felt her leave her body and float away. She was about to touch the stars when Ava touched her clit putting the perfect amount of pressure there and then she was falling, hitting the precipice and trusting the strong arms that held her in position.

Sara didn't even hear her own scream, she just felt that her throat was sore and dry. She sobbed at the intense sensation of her walls being abandoned as Ava pushed the toy away and let it rest in Sara's stomach. Sara could feel how wet the cock was, and a proud shiver shook her body one last time.

Ava hugged her baby girl in her arms and Sara hid her tearful eyes in her neck, taking a deep breath of Ava Sharpe's unique scent. Her heart seemed to want to explode for new reasons. How safe, protected and loved she felt were some of the reasons her heart kept beating hard and fast in her chest.

“Are you okay baby?” - Ava asked, her voice dropping all that authoritative tone. Sara could only hear love in Ava's voice.

"Yeah!" - Sara whispered softly, her eyes closed and sleepy - "Thanks, daddy."

"I love you, my love." - Ava states and places a kiss on the side of Sara’s head and lets out a little laugh, the vibration tickling the captain’s skin - "I love breaking you so… No need to thank you’s."

And Sara didn't even have the energy to deny or argue how much Ava also lost herself in her touch, so many times before, but ‘confident Ava’ was one of her favorite sides of Ava. And the comfort of Ava's arms was all her mind cared about right now, so she burrowed deeper into the director’s neck, not caring where they were, and sighed contentedly.