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fit for a king(s)

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“Do you think I should do this?” Michael nearly whispered as he tugged at the bottom of his pitch-black suit jacket. He turned to the full length mirror and dragged his eyes up and down his own image, nearly squirming in discomfort. 

When he looked at Isobel through the mirror she was rolling her eyes.

“We’re not doing this,” she huffed. “You’ve seen enough rom coms to know that everyone gets cold feet.”

Michael didn’t even make an effort to quip back at her, partially because he knew it was true and partially because he couldn’t steady his mind enough to think of something.

“Look,” Isobel said soothingly as she spun him around so they were face to face, “this has been a long time coming, 13 years in the making. You’re not rushing into anything, and you know this is meant to be, we all know this is meant to be.” She slid her hands down Michael’s arms and interlaced their hands. “Plus, you’re not walking out on a wedding that I spent hundreds of hours planning so that every detail is perfect even though you only gave me a few week’s notice. You will not be ruining this, got it?”

A smile curled Michael’s lips, but the nerves kept it from reaching his eyes. He nodded, squeezing Isobel’s hands, thanking a god he didn’t believe in that he had a cheerleader like her on his side. Just as he took a deep breath and willed himself to remember how happy he truly was, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror again and the anxiety returned with a force. 

“I’m really not sure about this,” Michael muttered as he started pacing back and forth in the grandiose room at the local country club. “This is too much.”

“Michael, do not mess up your hair!” Isobel nearly yelled just as Michael’s hands were reaching for his hair. “You are stressing me out. If you make me sweat and ruin my makeup...”

“It’s my wedding day!” Michael shot back, though there was little bite to the words. His hands immediately found each other instead of his curls.

“Exactly. I will be in a lot of pictures and I need to look good,” Isobel smirked, causing Michael to snort while trying to hide his laugh. 

“I get it,” Isobel said, her tone comforting and calm as she sat them both down on the couch. “While you two have known this was your future, it is still a big step, a scary step. Do you remember my wedding? I was so nervous before it that I made you leave and park your truck next to the back door in case I wanted to run. I also made Max promise to go to the reception hall and bring the cake back to us if I walked out. It really is natural to be nervous.”

“Yeah, but you were marrying an abusive serial killer, we probably should have listened to your instincts,” Michael tried joking, it falling flat due to his near quivering voice.

“Alex is not Noah, we know that. He is your King. Literally.”

Michael’s breath hitched. “That’s the problem,” he whispered. 

“What do you-“ 

A knocking on the door interrupted Isobel and before either could respond, Alex called from the other side. “It’s me, Michael.”

Michael sighed, some tension leaving his shoulders though only a slight smile crept up. He used his telekinesis to open the door as Isobel shot up. 

“No! Out!” she yelled as she tried to shield Michael’s eyes while using her own telekinesis to shut the door in Alex’s face. “You cannot see each other yet. This is not happening!”

“Isobel, let him in,” Michael said assertively, his eyes focused on the door. Isobel huffed but let her TK fall, the door bursting open and hitting the wall dramatically. 

“Are you okay?” Alex said soothingly as he quickly approached Michael, barely giving a side glance to Isobel. He sat next to Michael on the couch and put his hand on his knee. “You’re worried, and nervous. I can feel it.”

“I knew you would, I’m sorry,” Michael nearly whispered, placing his hand on top of Alex’s. 

“Wait, what?” Isobel interrupted. She stood and towered over them, hands on her hips, giving them her best stare down. “You could feel him? How?”

“I could feel it ever since-” Alex began before kneading his forehead and taking a deep breath. “Nevermind.”

“Can you give us a minute?” Michael huffed to Isobel, shooing her out. “And close the door behind you.”

“And leave you two to fuck and ruin your suits? Hell no. But I will stand in the hallway with the door open and try my hardest not to eavesdrop,” she said with a smile as she waltzed out the door. 

“She is ridiculous, I love her,” Alex chuckled before turning his full attention to Michael. “So what’s going on?”

Michael sighed and tried to organize the chaos that was in his head. He went to pull his hand away and stand up, but Alex just anchored him, rubbing circles in his palm. He instantly calmed and knew this is what he wanted for the rest of his life. But there was still the unease.

“We don’t need this whole ‘show’,” Michael said quietly.

“We kind of do, to make everything ‘official’ on the Oasis, but that’s not a bad thing.”


“No,” Alex reassured him with a smile. “Showing our love for each other to everyone will be a long time coming honestly. And for the people on the Oasis, this will just prove our commitment to each other - forever. It’ll provide security and shows a level of trust, and that’s what we need. It’ll be easier to work as a team and be seen as a team.” 

Michael couldn’t help but smile. He always found Alex’s analytical mind sexy, and it especially was when he was talking about their wedding and marriage. 

“And I’ll officially become your King,” Alex added with a wink. 

Michael laughed before pouting, feigning worry. “Are you sure you’re not just marrying me so you can become King?”

“I’m not marrying you to become King,” Alex said sincerely, taking Michael’s face between his hands and locking eyes with him. “I am becoming King because I want to marry you.”

“Oh, gag!” Isobel shouted as she reentered the room, interrupting their near kiss. “And it’s not even like Michael is a real King, he’s a whole galaxy away.”

“We’ve been over this, the Oasis is not in another galaxy,” Michael groaned. He was more frustrated with her not remembering that fact than he was with the jab about him not being King. 

“Well, whatever.” Isobel rolled her eyes pointedly at Michael. “You’re still not on the planet and while you are King and the people want a wedding ceremony to officially welcome Alex into the royal family, it’s going to be mostly ceremonial.”

“Good pep talk, Isobel,” Michael grumbled, though there was little annoyance. 

“I’m actually saying this to help,” Isobel genuinely said as she pulled a chair in front of the men. “You’re not getting married for the people on the Oasis or because as King you have to. You are getting married because it’s about damn time that you two fully and formally commit to each other and show off your love to the world. Or galaxy, whatever.”

Michael smirked and tilted his head in question to Alex, who just nodded before rising off the couch. 

“You’re right, Isobel, us getting married is about just that - us,” he said with a smile as he pulled Michael up and grabbed his hand. “Which is why we got married two weeks ago.”

Isobel jumped to her feet, opening and closing her mouth several times while whipping her head between Michael and Alex. 

“I.. what?!” she finally managed to get out. 

“We just felt like we were under a microscope,” Michael explained, fully enjoying making Isobel speechless. “It started to feel like the wedding was more of a ceremony for our home planet and people than it was about us coming together to form a family. So we went to town hall, got a marriage certificate and got married that day.”

Alex leaned into Michael and placed a kiss on his cheek, his smile reaching his eyes. “Which I think is why I could feel Michael’s nerves today; when we got married it seemed to create some kind of emotional bond. It was almost instant and seems to happen when one of us has extreme emotions or reactions. And you know how your brother is, so it happens a lot.”

Michael laughed, but Isobel stood with her mouth agape. “We’re gonna have to look more into that but we wanted to get through this wedding first.”

“So why the nerves today?” Isobel squeaked out after a minute, some senses coming back to her despite her state of shock. “You had cold feet yet were already married…” 

“It’s just what this wedding feels like,” Michael said without hesitation. “And it has nothing to do with how you planned it, we are so thankful and I am so happy. But it didn’t feel like it’s for us. I am happy to have it and celebrate joining my life with Alex’s, that feeling will never get old, and celebrate with my people, but it felt robotic almost. And I just wasn’t sure if I could do it, if it was me; it feels like too much.”

Isobel sighed and took one of Michael’s hands and one of Alex’s. Rubbing their ring fingers, she looked them both up and down. 

“I can understand that,” she said quietly. “This is a lot, and it’s all so new. We only found out about the Oasis this year and it was only a few months ago when we were able to communicate with them and learned you were the King after your father’s fall. I am sorry if I added any pressure to you two, and I’m so happy for you.”

“Yeah?” Michael said with a smile.

“Of course! I mean, I’m pissed I wasn’t at your first wedding and you will definitely have to make it up to me, but I am unbelievably happy.” Isobel pulled Alex in for a quick hug before embracing Michael for several moments. 

“Now about this wedding…” Isobel sighed as she pulled back. “While it may seem more ‘official’ than what you’d like, this day is still for you. You are still going to be standing in front of your family and friends, making us cry as you confess your love to each other. So just remember that when you are up at that altar.”

“She is right,” Alex said, pulling Michael in for another cheek kiss. Michael rolled his eyes but stepped toward Isobel and gathered her in a hug.

“You are right, as much as I hate it. And you did put a lot of work into this wedding to make it exactly how we wanted.”

“You’re fucking right I did!” Isobel exclaimed, raising her hand to play smack him over the top of the head.

“Don’t ruin the hair!” Michael mocked as he ducked, Alex laughing beside him.

“You look damn good, by the way. Happy. You really do,” Isobel said sincerely, her eyes glistening. Turning to Alex a tear escaped down her cheek. “And you look like the goddamn King you’re becoming, too. But get the hell out of here, you’ve already seen each other for too long before the ceremony.”

Alex and Michael laughed, a truly carefree sound that echoed in the room. With a final hug and promise to see each other in just a few moments in front of their friends and family, Alex left to his own dressing room, both men overcome with love pulsing through them.