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Make You Love Me

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A gold and emerald band twisted around the middle finger of Alex’s right hand. It marked him like he was a piece of property, and he supposed that was true. He’s been stripped of his title, guilty by association, when his father attempted to assassinate the King. That deed hangs heavy over his head like a dark cloud, but it was the fact that Michael had spoken up for him, claimed him during the hearing that had saved his life. Further pleading and begging from Alex had also spared the lives of his brothers, clearing their names so that they could remain living their lives out of the shadow of their father.

Life as the prince’s personal plaything wasn’t terribly hard to get used to, Alex had been in Michael’s bed before, they had met years ago as children when Alex’s father was a frequent guest at the palace, a member of Jim Valenti’s esteemed guard. Michael had been fascinated by Alex from a young age and as they grew older and more mature, they discovered the spark between them which led to secret rendezvous. Alex had tried to protect himself the best he could, for he knew that no matter what, he could never actually have Michael, he belonged to his people, he was a puppet of the kingdom and followed his father’s orders to a near T.

One trait Michael was sure to have inherited from his father was his possessive nature and shamelessness, which in equal parts frightened and excited Alex. Alex was also just contrary enough to test his limits, which wasn’t a hard feat. He seemed rather popular with all the other palace staff. It seemed no matter which corner he turned, someone was there making eyes at him or blatantly flirting with him. It was tiring. He failed to see what was so enticing about himself. He was barely worth the clothes that adorned his body; but Michael was constantly filling his head with praise about how gorgeous he was, how beautiful he was and sometimes Alex even believed him.

For the moment, Alex was blessedly alone in the castle’s massive library. Sunlight bathed him in a myriad of colors as it filtered in through the ornate stained-glass windows that decorated the higher part of the brick building. The words on the text before him began to swim together while a dull ache began to beat just behind his eyes. With a groan he pushed back into the chair and dropped his head along the back, his eyelids closed as he concentrated on his breathing.

He was just about completely relaxed when footsteps pulled him from his revere. He grinned as he opened his eyes, not caring to move his head as he tracked the newcomers’ movements, “Afternoon Forrest,” he greeted, the king’s historian beaming as he rounded a corner with stacks of books in his arms.

“Alex! Hi, I didn’t think you’d be here,” he grinned. Of all the other staff that liked to make eyes at Alex, Forrest was the most obvious and most brazen in his attempts. Alex had actually indulged him a time or two with sweet kisses stolen in dark corners and a very memorable mutual handjob deep in the gardens during a ball.

“I finished my duties about an hour ago so I decided to kill some time with recommendations from Rosa,” he replied and held up the thick tome he’d been mindlessly reading.

Forrest grinned as he dumped all the books, he had been carrying out onto the large table top. “Oh yeah, what is it this time?” he asked, taking the opportunity to sidle into Alex’s space, his hand coming to rest on Alex’s shoulder as he leaned over him to read the title.

“Something about the stars and the constellations. She’s obsessed and wanted to wrangle another member into the club she and Maria have formed. I’m afraid if I don’t stop them they’re going to try and dabble in alchemy next,” he huffed with a grin as he shoved the book away from himself to give Forrest his attention.

The historian hummed in thought as he moved around Alex to stand between his legs. There was a predatory gleam in his eyes as he regarded Alex, “Is that your secret Alex, are you a witch whose cast a glimmer to be one of the most beautiful people in this kingdom?” Forrest teased, his voice dropping as he moved to straddle Alex’s thighs.

Automatically Alex’s hands moved to grip Forrest’s hips. His cheeks bloomed with a deep blush at the compliment. He turned his face away, unable to keep looking up into such intense eyes, “Oh hush, I am no more better looking than…than the prince himself,” he tried to deflect while his fingers moved under the soft shirt Forrest wore to find his warm skin.

“Hey, none of that now Alex, you are a treasure to behold,” he murmured as he bent closer to tease his lips over Alex’s, “you are kind, thoughtful, and oh so talented,” he whispered, his eye lashes fluttered as he plucked at Alex’s lower lip.

Alex’s heart rocketed inside of his chest as he fell victim to the pretty words being directed at him. Unconsciously he pulled Forrest closer, “Please stop, I can’t…it’s too much to hear,” he murmured as he buried his overheated cheeks into the other man’s neck.

Before Forrest could snap back with something witty, he was bodily flung from Alex’s lap. As reality filtered back in, Alex looked up over the table into the angry gaze of his prince. His insides seized up as they stared each other down. Alex tried so hard to not let it get to him, but he could already feel himself becoming half hard and getting harder in his pants as Michael stalked towards him.

“You’re lucky I don’t behead you Long. I have warned against touching what belongs to me,” the prince seethed as he cut a pointed gaze to where the historian was picking himself up from the floor. To his credit, Forrest only looked slightly put out at the display of power and ownership.

“Forgive me m’lord. It won’t happen again,” he murmured, knowing better than to try and challenge the other man. He nodded quickly to Alex as he retreated from the large room.

“Michael,” Alex attempted to chastise the other man, but before he could say more than the prince’s name, he was being pushed back into the unforgiving backrest of the chair, his breath stolen from his lips as Michael bore down on him, his thumbs tight against Alex’s throat as he forced his head back to meet his gaze.

“Do not ‘Michael’ me Alex. You know how precious you are to me, that you are mine and mine alone. Do not play with me like this, it hurts when I see you let someone touch you like that, kiss you like that,” the prince sighed, his grip on Alex’s neck tightening slightly as he pushed closer to the other man, wanting to become a part of him.

Alex gasped and gulped as he fought for air. Tiny black dots danced across his eyesight. He blinked rapidly to try and hold off the tears he felt threatening at the loss of oxygen. His hands came up to grip Michael’s forearms, and just before he started to pull, Michael eased his grip. Alex’s chest heaved as he fought to draw in air, his skin tingled and his cock twitched while his lungs expanded.

“You are the most amazing treasure in this kingdom Alex, the only treasure that is mine,” Michael breathed as he ghosted his lips along the column of Alex’s neck. He peppered kisses over the smooth skin there, his fingers raked down Alex’s chest, scratching at his nipples through the material of his shirt.

“I may be yours, but you cannot be mine. I want more…I want to share my life with someone Michael,” he reasoned, but while he said one thing with his mouth, his hands displayed another as they pulled the prince as close as possible, their chests bumping against one another. He sucked in a sharp breath when Michael bit down on his corded muscle.

“But I am yours Alex, always, since that first day we met,” he murmured, his hands frantically pulling at the shirt Alex wore, needing to feel his skin, to gaze upon the bronzed glory of his chest, to trace his gaze over the well defined and hard earned muscles there. His mouth watered as he finally flung the infernal thing off to the side. A fine coat of dark hair sparsely covered Alex’s chest. Michael’s thick fingers roved through it, pulling and combing as he traced all his favorite parts of Alex.

“You belong to your people and your father’s laws…the laws of this country. I could never own you…your father would never even allow it,” he argued, sadness weighing his words down as his hips twitched with the feel of Michael’s ass dragging over his cock.

A feral growl erupted from Michael’s throat. He jumped off of Alex’s lap, but before the other man could move, Michael had wrapped his fingers around Alex’s wrist in an ironclad grip. Fire flashed in his gaze as he pulled Alex up.

“I will show you that I am yours just as much as you are mine. I don’t care what my father says or what he does or what the laws say. I am a prince. I have my rights and it is time that everyone learned exactly what is mine and that I intend to hold you forever,” he proclaimed as he drug Alex from the library.

Alex's heart and mind raced. He had absolutely no idea what Michael had meant with his statement, but he was equal parts excited and terrified to find out. He tried to pull at Michael's hold to slow him down, to talk to him, even to reason with him, but each attempt was met with a menacing growl. Alex feared he may trip and fall since it was difficult for him, since he was missing most of his right leg and wore a prosthetic, but Michael seemed to keep that in mind. Not once did Alex so much as stumble. It finally became clear once they rounded a corner that Michael’s destination was the throne room. Using his telekinesis, Michael pushed the large doors open. The light in the room was bright, almost white with its intensity as it lit across the gold, ruby, emerald, and amethyst decorations of the room.

This room never stopped stealing Alex’s breath for how grand and opulent it was. It reflected more so the queen’s tastes than the king’s. Their footsteps echoed through the room, hollow noises that bounced easily off the walls. A handful of workers were scatted through the room, each one carrying out their tasks in the same mindless manner they did day in and day out. Some stopped to regard the two men as they burst into the room, and upon seeing Michael dropped down into deep bows in greeting. Michael paid them no mind as he kept pulling Alex, ascending the steps up towards his father’s ornate and simply gaudy throne.

“What are you doing Michael?” Alex hissed as the prince fell back onto the chair, his thighs spread wide, a mischievous glint in his gaze as he tugged Alex down into his lap.

“I am doing something I have always wanted to do. Do you trust me?” he asked, his gaze softening into something that hit Alex square in the chest. He gulped, unable to break eye contact. Michael smiled softly as he raised a hand to cup Alex’s cheek, his thumb swiping just under his eye. “Please Alex, please say you trust me,” he pleaded.

Feeling as if he’d been flayed open, Alex had no choice but to nod. He did trust Michael, had always trusted Michael, but knew that he was bound by different laws and expectations given his station. He swallowed thickly as his heart beat an erratic staccato against his ribs. He reached out, mirroring Michael to cup the other man’s cheek, a soft grin on his lips, “Of course I trust you,” he breathed, and in that moment all he truly knew was that he and Michael existed together in their own little bubble.

Of course, in true Michael fashion, that bubble was soon decimated with a wicked grin as he used his TK to pull a box out from under the throne. An eyebrow shot up as Alex studied it. The box was made from some sort of black leather with a silver padlock on the front. Without reaching for it, the lid of the box opened. Once Alex got a look at what was inside his eyes widened and he looked around the room and noted that it seemed like a couple other workers had come in to complete various tasks.

“Michael,” he hissed in warning, his entire body felt like it had spontaneously combusted as he met the other male’s heated gaze.

“You said you trusted me and I want to be sure everyone knows you are off limits,” he reasoned as a ball gag floated up from the box. Alex flinched away from the object, but his heart hammered in excitement as he eyed the thing.

“But…there are people here Michael,” he hissed back. The hairs on the back of his neck began to stand up and the tips of his fingertips started to tingle. For as much as this seemed to be a way for Michael to truly assert his possession over Alex, it also served as a means to also show just how much Alex had possession of Michael.

“You say the word Alex and this all stops. We go no further,” he breathed. His hips shifted and brought Alex’s gaze down to where Michael’s cock was pressing hard against the inseam of his pants.

Alex swallowed thickly, “You’ll really stop if I say so?” he asked, wanting to be clear even as he slowly fell to his knees, his palms pressing into Michael’s thighs to push his legs even further apart.

Michael’s lashes fluttered, “Of course Alex, anything for you,” he hummed, the gag falling to drape over his hand. Alex eyed it wearily while his thumbs moved in circles on Michael’s thighs.

“I will wear and do what you want, but if I need us to stop, I will give you a thumbs down,” he finally conceded. He knew what they were about to do was deranged and bordered on mad, but he always seemed to fall under some sort of spell when Michael was around. His mouth watered as he arched his back, presenting himself to Michael.

Seeing Alex knelt before him drove Michael crazy. He scooted to the edge of the chair and carefully secured the gag around Alex’s head, the ball secured within his mouth. He made sure it wasn’t overly tight so he’d be comfortable. The only downside was that he couldn’t kiss him, but he looked so gorgeous and all at Michael’s mercy. He raked his fingers through Alex’s soft, dark strands. “You’re so fucking gorgeous Alex. I know that everyone sees it, they all want you, but none of them can give you want I can. None of them can treat you the way you want, can make it so good for you,” he breathed, his fingers moving over Alex’s face and neck as he floated a few more trinkets from the box into his hands.

Alex blinked at what Michael had summoned. There was a pair of extremely ornate nipple clamps and a set of golden shackles inlaid with rubies and emeralds, Michael’s favorite stones. With help from Michael, Alex stood before him, his skin prickled with gooseflesh as he focused on the prince. He didn’t care to think about the others in the room sneaking glances at them, he just wanted Michael to see him, to tell him what to do.

Cool metal clamped around Alex’s wrists, restricting the movement of his hands and arms as they were held in front of his body. He almost mourned the loss because he wouldn’t be able to explore all of Michael’s body, a body he knew almost better than his own. The gold contrasted nicely with his tanned skin and firm muscles. Michael seemed to think so as well if the heat in his gaze was anything to go by.

“All bound up like a gorgeous gift just for me,” Michael breathed. He used the slack chain between Alex’s hands to tug him closer. He blew a breath across Alex’s stomach causing the muscles to ripple under the attention. A soft whine sounded behind the gag in Alex’s mouth, his hands clenched and unclenched at the sensation. Emboldened, Michael laid a trail of kisses from one hip bone to the other before he came back to kiss and suck around Alex’s navel.

“You taste so good Alex, I can never get enough of you, no matter how often I drink you in,” he groaned softly, his hand moving to trace the dip of a hip as he slowly pulled Alex down into his lap. He drug his lips up the middle of Alex’s chest, nipping and kissing before he focused on one of his nipples. He closed his lips over the small bud and used his tongue and teeth to cause it to rise and become sensitive. Alex shivered at the ministrations; his shackles clanked as he curled his fingers into Michael’s shirt to hold on for dear life.

“Look at you, practically gagging for it aren’t you? I bet you feel so empty without me inside of you…I want to live inside of you Alex,” he growled, and punctuated it with a sharp nip to Alex’s tit. He pulled away from the abused flesh and secured a cool, silver clamp to the bud. A glittering chain of gems hung from the clamp and gently tickled over Alex’s pec when he moved.

Michael gave the same sort of manipulation to Alex’s other nipple before pinching it in the other clamp. Both toys were decorated to match Alex’s skin tone and just because Michael truly loved to dress him up in beautiful things. He reached up and combed his fingers through Alex’s hair and tugged his head to one side so he could assault the other with his lips, tongue and teeth. He bucked his hips up as he sank his teeth into Alex. He sucked violently at the flesh while he rolled his hips up against Alex’s ass. The other man held fast to Michael, whimpers and soft keens coming from his throat as he gave himself over to his prince.

“Fuck,” Michael moaned as he laved his tongue over the already violently dark, growing mark he’d sucked into Alex’s skin. He summoned two more items from the box, one item that was obviously a choker and the other something Alex had never seen before. His nostrils flared as he fought to control his breathing. Saliva trickled around the gag in his mouth as the choker secured itself around his neck. Like most things in the palace, it was made from gold. The band was two inches thick and a large sapphire gem encased in a frame of mini diamonds hung down and rested perfectly in the divot where his collar bones met. The metal was cool and almost too tight against his flesh, but the contrast was welcome since he had started to feel overheated.

Alex had even failed to notice the bottle of oil on the chair’s arm until Michael had grabbed it to keep it from falling when Alex shifted his weight. Michael drug his heated gaze over Alex body, his cock twitching in his pants as he drank in the gorgeous sight before him.

“Darlin’ I don’t think I will ever get tired of looking at you,” he murmured reverently, his hands smoothing up and down Alex’s sides, mapping out all of his hidden dips and curves. Michael seemed to be lost to the moment, until he twitched and gently shoved Alex off and to his feet.

“I need you naked, right now,” he uttered, his voice nearly wrecked. He unzipped his own pants and pulled his cock free, groaning when his own heated flesh was exposed to the cool air of the room. Somewhere behind Alex, a few of the staff had stopped their tasks and were watching the show being put on, though one sharp look from Michael had them scurrying back to work. Satisfied, he concentrated on carefully ridding Alex of his pants, socks, shoes, and even his prosthetic. He looked like a prisoner of war being presented to Michael to be used in any way he deemed necessary. Michael’s breath catches with just how gorgeous this man is, this man that has owned his heart since they were children, this man that he is bound and determined to keep.

“You’re so fuckin’ pretty Alex, I wish you could see what I do,” he sighed while he laid a soft kiss to the swell of Alex’s cheek. He unbuttoned his own pants and pushed them down to his mid thighs before he sat back down into the lush velvet of his father’s chair. His cock stood thick and long, twitching with the need to be buried inside of Alex.

“C’mere Alex, please, fuck, I need you,” Michael pleaded. Alex would never deny him anything so he jumped to settle himself once again in Michael’s lap. The seat of the throne was large enough to give them some room so Michael oiled his hands and wrapped his thick fingers around Alex’s cock. Alex’s hips jerked with the contact; a startled cry muffled by the gag in his mouth. More saliva fell down his chin as he tipped his head to watch the way Michael worked his hands over his cock. His eyes fluttered when Michael tightly gripped the shaft just under his cock-head and pushed his oil slick thumbs against the glans, squeezing and teasing. Alex hummed, his hips bucking for more friction.

“I’m gonna try something new Alex, something that I think is going to make you a mindless mess,” he whispered as he picked up the last item he’d summoned from the box. It was no thicker than a pencil, but made from silver. From one end more gems hung in a decorative pattern almost like a charm for a bracelet or necklace. Alex swallowed thickly; his brows furrowed in curiosity.

“This little toy goes inside of you, but not where you might think…it goes here,” Michael stated as he swirled his thumb around the divot in Alex’s cock. Alex gasped, well as much as he could with a gag in his mouth, and shook his head. He’d never heard of such a thing. It sounded painful.

“Hey, hey, hey, relax love, can I just…can we try it and if you don’t like it, I won’t push it?” he asked, his tone gentle as he smoothed his palm over Alex’s stomach to help calm him.

Alex hummed, his body relaxing at the soft way Michael looked at him. He inhaled a deep breath and looked from the small toy to Michael and back down to the toy again. After a moment he nodded very softly. Michael smacked a loud kiss to his cheek and oiled up the toy. He met Alex’s gaze as he teased the very tip along Alex’s hole. It caught a couple of times in the opening before Michael started to very slowly and very gently ease it in. Alex jerked and cried out at the intrusion, but it didn’t feel bad. It did feel wrong, in a sense, but it also felt filling. His nostrils flared as he breathed erratically, his heart beating double time as he watched the toy sink into his cock. Once it was settled inside of him his cock jumped, the gems drug over his shaft with the action and his head fell back as his hips bucked up into nothing. There is an overwhelming sensation low in his gut, but nothing seemed to sate it as he helplessly moved his hips.

“Christ, you just look better and better Alex,” Michael praised as he cupped Alex’s balls in one palm. He squeezed and kneaded the sac gently, rolling each between his thumb and finger. He eased Alex up onto his knees so he could move a finger along his taint and finally between his cheeks to tease at his furled hole. He leaned forward while he started to work a finger into Alex and mouthed over his stomach.

“You taste so fucking good like this baby, I can’t get enough,” Michael complained as he sank a digit into Alex. The other man cried out against the intrusion and also tried to fuck himself back onto the invading digit. He whimpered when Michael pulled back and only kept the very tip of his finger inside of him. He groaned; tears leaked from his eyes as desperation seemed to finally settle against his skin like a heavy cloak. Michael blew a hot breath over the wet patches he’d left on Alex’s skin and went back to working his tight entrance.

“I’m going to fuck you so good Alex, make sure everyone knows you’re mine and they absolutely cannot touch you,” he uttered as he sank a second finger into Alex. He pushed them in as far as they would go and crooked them to press and tease Alex’s prostate. He grinned when Alex fell forward, holding himself up by his bound hands as Michael finger fucked him. The soft ah’s of pleasure dripped thickly down Michael’s spine. Some of Alex’s saliva even dribbled down onto his cock, making him hiss at the drastic temperature change.

Once he was sure Alex was ready for his cock he pushed him back up onto a shaky and unsteady foot and turned him out to face the throne room. A handful of workers had stopped and were blatantly watching the spectacle. Alex couldn’t find it in himself to be embarrassed. He really didn’t want to stop, but a small part of him was ashamed by the public display, but a much larger part of him needed this, needed this display to secure his spot as the only person in the palace allowed to love Michael so deeply. He whimpered as cool hands pulled him back and he sank down onto Michael’s thick cock. He cried against the gag as he was split open, the burn felt so good. His cock jumped at the pleasure of it, but the toy inside of him added an underlying pain to the whole situation and it sparked like lightening up his spine.

“Look at them watching you, seeing what I do to you, how I am the only one that can reduce you to being such a mess. You’re so good to me Alex, and you look so fucking good riding my cock,” he whispers into his ear before he nips it. He keeps a slow and steady pace of fucking into Alex while his hands move over and caress his chest and stomach. Part of him hates that other people are sharing this sight with him, but the other part of him is finally satisfied that they see what he can do for Alex, how much he needs Alex to be his. He knows, going forward, no one will dare try to steal Alex from him.

“They all wish they could be the ones up here right now with you Alex. They all want a taste of you. They all want to take you apart, but I’m the only that knows how because I’m the only one that can put you back together again,” he murmurs into Alex’s ear as he pulls on one of Alex’s nipple clamps. His body shivers as he starts to edge closer to his release. He pushes at the top of Alex’s shoulders, forcing him to catch himself with his bound hands against Michael’s knee. Michael’s hands move down to his hips so he can hold Alex steady as he starts to fuck him harder.

Sweat soaked curls fall into Michael’s vision as he looks down to where his cock is swallowed by Alex’s greedy little hole. He moans loud and unabashed as his hips start to snap into Alex. He knows Alex is struggling to hold himself up, but Michael doesn’t care, in the moment all he truly cares about is chasing the horizon of his pleasure. He grunts and groans as his cock starts to thicken. His balls draw up tight to his body and his vision goes white as he braces to fuck into Alex with an unrelenting and erratic snap of his hips. He can hear the muffled cries that Alex wails out into the open room, the echoes gently stroke over his overheated body as he lets out a deep, guttural cry as he explodes inside of Alex, his seed buried deep into the man on his lap.

Blindly he reaches for Alex's dribbling cock. He pulls the toy inside of him free, uncaring of the way Alex seems to scream at the sensation. It takes only three pumps of his hand over Alex’s cock before he’s painting thick, white ropes of spunk across the immaculate golden floor in front of the throne. With no strength left in his body Alex falls back into Michael’s chest, his own heaving right along with the prince’s as he fights to pull his soul back into his body.

Gently, Michael uses his powers to remove the gag from Alex’s mouth, grinning at the way Alex’s jaw hangs slack, hot breath puffing out of his mouth as he fights to come under control. Feeling cheeky, Michael strokes Alex’s oversensitive cock a couple of times, enjoying the pained whimpers Alex emits as a bit of cum spurts free again.

“Fuck, you’re so good Alex, look at that mess you made. Your cum is staining the floor right where the king rests his feet,” he teases, but Alex has gone boneless, his brain has turned off. He can’t even think of words at the moment.

“Hmm, looks like someone managed to make it for the show after all,” Michael purrs, his arms tightening fractionally around Alex’s waist as he looks out across the room to where Forrest stands, his eyes wide and cock tenting his pants.

Alex follows Michael’s gaze, his cheeks heating. He turns to nuzzle his face into Michael’s cheek, “Yours Michael, I’m yours,” he finally breathes, meaning the words with every ounce of his being. The shackles on his wrists fall away and he smooths his hand over Michael’s arm to twine their fingers together.

“Only yours,” he adds with a squeeze to their joined hands. He loses the will to stay awake soon after and falls asleep against Michael’s chest, still naked and with Michael’s now soft cock inside of him. They remain there for a bit while Michael cleans up what he can before he gathers Alex close to whisk him away to his chambers where he has even more fun planned for them.

Alex isn’t sure what he’s in for, but he owns the prince’s heart, and that’s all he’s ever truly wanted.