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the quiet comprehending of the ending of it all

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popi’pa’s concerts really were something.

the audience wasn’t just…. a group of people, all there to see the performance. no, when the stage lights go on, the audience isn’t just thousands of people there to see a show. they are all one, united star in the night sky, bursting with energy.

that’s the special thing. everyone in the audience is connected with the heart-pounding feeling of their music.

popi’pa has had another successful performance, and the girls are winding down behind the stage of CiRCLE. wiping the makeup from their faces, undoing their hair, resting the instruments down. a quiet resignation, chests raising up and down with the effort of the singing and performance. poppin’ party worked hard, no matter what people thought.

being a good girls band, also means you attract large crowds.

this is usually seen as great. more people, the more people affected by their concerts. more people, more revenue for better concerts.

for tae hanazono, lead guitarist of popi’pa, this is a bad thing.

she adored poppin’ party with all her heart; almost as much as her bunnies. but sometimes the whole… performances could get too much.

she loved them, don’t get her wrong! tae loved to make people smile, to see people in the crowd cheering her on. it made her heart feel just a bit warmer.

but it could get a lot sometimes.

thankfully, popi’pa knew this. they made sure the back stage of CiRCLE was sound proof, and had sensory toys and it was always quiet and dim; the way tae liked it.

it felt good.

they never judged her, not once. sometimes, an occasional question would be asked from the other members or the other girls, but tae was never excluded. she was treated just like every other girl. it made her feel… safe. welcomed. it was a nice change, and she appreciated.

even when she was at the budokan, the biggest stage of her life. even when she was head to head with RAS, when chu2 screamed at her about how she’d squish popi’pa into a ball. even when her and roselia were fighting for first place.

even through all that, all of the girls would never treat her any different. no matter what.

no matter what, she was just like any other band member. maybe that’s what was special about the girls bands. no matter how much they fought, they never treated eachother different. none of them ever treated pareo different for being trans; or hagumi, for not having the best home life. and they didn’t treat tae any different for being autistic.

they listened to her. they helped her.

they were family.