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Chapter 1


When they arrived at the chaumiere Anne unlocked and opened the door. She lead Ann inside. They were still in their wedding outfits so Anne encouraged her to change into something more comfortable while Anne lit the fire. It was a bit chilly in the chaumiere by the time they reached it. Ann had found one of Anne’s AC/DC t-shirts. She had half a dozen and a pair of Anne’s tracky dacks. She looked so comfortable after wearing her wedding gown for hours.

Anne changed from her suit. They had hung their clothes on a coat hanger then on hooks near the main entrance to take up to Shibden tomorrow morning before they left to go on their honeymoon.

Ann was seated on the sofa. So, Anne sat next to her. She put her arm around Ann’s back and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. ‘Well, Mrs Ann Walker Lister, how does it feel to be married to this old thing.’

‘What old thing, Mrs Anne Walker Lister?’ Ann said seriously.

‘Me, of course,’

‘Miss Lister, you aren’t old. Haven’t you heard that you’re only as old as the person you feel?’

‘What do you mean only as old as the person you feel?’ Anne said in mock shock.

‘Would you like a demonstration, dearest?’

‘I certainly would.’ Ann rose and took Anne’s hand. She walked her into the bedroom. ‘Why are we here, Adney?’

‘Just take off your clothes and lay on the bed.’ Anne wondered what Ann was up to be she complied and was soon naked. Ann did the same. She laid on top of Anne. She reached around and cupped the back of Anne’s head with her left hand while her right hand cupped her left breast. She squeezed it gently and massaged her nipple until it was hard. She could feel Anne squirming beneath her. ‘Ann, please don’t tease me.’ Ann couldn’t help herself. She continued to naughtily tease Anne. Her wife’s hips were rising off their bed. Anne wanted more. ‘Ann, come on. This isn’t much fun when you won’t touch me.’

‘Mrs Walker Lister, you need to be patient. Isn’t that what you always tell me?’ Anne was stunned. Her own words were coming back to bite her. Yet, Ann could see she was desperate. So, she traced circles on her stomach all the way down to her clit.

Anne was so wet that Ann’s fingers slid over her centre. Ann massaged her centre before entering with three fingers. Anne moaned so loudly Ann thought everyone would hear what they were doing. What she was doing to Anne. She ran circles around Anne’s clit, tighter and tighter circles until she began massaging Anne’s clit with her tongue. She breathed in Anne’s scent. Anne was thrusting her hips up to meet Ann’s tongue. Then Ann stopped for a moment to watch Anne who seemed to realise her hips were only hitting air. ‘Ann, are you trying to kill me? Please, Ann. I was so close.’ Ann resumed her ministrations. Her face was glistening with Anne’s arousal..

Ann could feel Anne tensing under her. She knew Anne was about to come. Then with one last thrust and as Anne screamed out her name Anne came. Ann held her until her body stilled and she was back. ‘Hi there, dearest. Did you enjoy that?’ Ann said with a broad smile on her face.

‘i certainly did, Adney. Do you have any more surprises for me?’

‘I don’t know. You might have to wait and see. Now, if you don’t mind I would like you to fuck me until I cannot say your name or think straight.’

‘You know you can’t think straight, Adney. You’re gay!’

‘Oh very funny, Mrs Walker Lister, very funny. How many more pearls of wisdom do you have on you to impart today?’ Ann said with a smirk on her face.

‘Give me time and I will think of one. Until then just lay back and I will treat you to something special.’ Ann did as Anne asked. She laid back. Anne’s eyes widened when her wife laid down on their bed in the chaumiere. She was the most gorgeous woman she had ever met. ‘Oh, Adney, you are so beautiful.’

Ann smiled and said. ‘I bet you say that to all the women you bring here.’ Ann already knew she was the only one Anne had brought to the chaumiere. ‘Ann Walker Lister, you know you’re the only one I have brought here.’

‘I know, dearest. So please just fuck me. I feel as though I am going to exploded if you don’t.’

‘Be patient.’ Goodness Anne thought. There I go again. Telling Ann to be patient when I wouldn’t. Anne reached down and kissed Ann passionately. Then she traced kisses down her neck and collar bones, down her sternum sucking gently on both her nipples. Ann was moaning and groaning loudly. Calling out her name and asking her to get on with it.

Anne had no intentions of hurrying. She was quite happy to watch her wife squirm below her. ‘Dearest, come on. I am all heated up and I want you to fuck me.’ Anne kept going at the same pace. She had no need to go faster. She was really enjoying watching Ann squirm beneath her.

Anne finally relented and moved down to Ann’s clit which was swollen and ready for her. She touched her tongue against it ever so slightly. Ann moaned again so loudly. ‘More please, more of that.’ Anne couldn’t resist. She did it again and again and each time Ann moaned loudly. Then Anne inserted three fingers in Ann’s centre. While she licked Ann’s clit with her tongue her fingers went in and out of Ann’s centre. ‘Faster please, dearest.’ Anne complied she could feel Ann’s walls tightening around her fingers. She went faster and faster until Ann screamed out her name for one last time then she came over Anne’s face. Anne crawled up next to her and held her until the shuddering ceased and Ann was back in he body.

Ann licked Anne’s face. She wanted to taste her own arousal and she thought she tasted good. So did Anne when she put her fingers into her own mouth. They hugged for quite sometime. Then Ann asked, ‘Are we sleeping here tonight?’

‘We are. I thought you already knew that.’ Anne said surprised.

‘I did. I was just making sure. I didn’t’ want to look foolish and assume one thing when we were doing something else.’ Then Anne’s phone buzzed. She looked to see who was calling. It was Aunt Anne. ‘I had better answer this it could be important.’

‘Hi, Geraldine. It’s Anne Lister here. I was just wondering where you were. I have someone here who I am sure you would like to meet.’

‘If she is using that name again that means Mariana is still trying to get to you, Anne.’ Ann said.

‘We are in the chaumiere and she knows where it is. Just answer yes or no to the next question.’

‘Okay!!!’ Aunt Anne said.

‘Has she been there long?’


‘Have you tried to send her a way again by calling the police again.’


‘So, she stayed.’

‘Yes! What do you want to do?’

‘Put your phone on speaker so everyone can hear what we say to her. I will be on speaker phone here too. Ann is riled up and I am sure she will say something to Mariana that will make her leave for good. At least I hope so.’ Aunt and Anne put their phones on speaker and Ann went full commando on her. ‘If you don’t get out of our lives and leave us alone you will regret it. I know people in high places who can make your life so fucking miserable. I just wish you would go away and leave Anne and me alone. Can’t you just fucking do that, Mary Lawton?’

Mariana was shocked that Ann would speak to her like that. Anne’s family weren’t expecting meek and mild Ann Walker to explode when pushed beyond her limits. She could only take so much of this woman who continued to try and split them apart. ‘Oh, little Miss Walker, are you threatening me? I, too, have friends in high places. I can make your life miserable and I know when Anne gets fed up with you she will want me back.’ Ann looked at Anne when Mariana spoke those words. Anne cupped Ann’s face with her hands. ‘Adney, whatever she tries to do, darling, don’t let her poison you against me against us. I love you, Adney. I know she thinks you are just another plaything to me like I am to her. Yet, I married to you and not her.’

‘I trust you, dearest. I will always trust you to keep your promise you made to me today.’

‘Sorry, bitch. You lost that one. Now, go home to your husband and leave my family and me alone.’ Mariana stood up and yelled. Good fucking luck, bitches. I hope you are happy together.’

‘Very much so. Aren’t we, Adney?’

‘Yes, very much so, dearest.’ Then they heard the front door to Shibden slam shut. They hoped this would be the last they would see of Mariana Lawton.

‘Thanks, Little Ann. I think she has gone for good this time.’ Aunt Anne said. ‘Now, sleep well and I will see you in the morning for breakfast before you leave to go on your honeymoon.’

‘Okay!!See you in the morning, Aunt. Love you. Bye.’